Jenny's Wedding (2015) Script

Rendezvous, a little nest for two Just up the road from True Love Avenue The skies are blue And winter daisies bloom where old plants grew I'll stay for you And we will wait to see the sunrise with a top of hill of gold And we will kiss beneath the ruby rain...

Oh, we will hear the wind before the call Catch flying stars before they fall Someday When skies are blue Will you meet me there on True Love Avenue We will kiss beneath the ruby rain again And when the wildflower bends, oh, with the wind We'll see the red sunrise on True Love Avenue Will you meet me there on True Love Avenue We will kiss beneath the ruby rain again And when the wildflower bends, oh With the wind we'll see the red...

...begin today our celebration of the sacrament of baptism.

We pray for these children, set them free from original sin make them a temple of your glory and send the Holy Spirit to dwell with them.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Look at Jenny with that baby. Reject sin.

Don't start, Rose. Start what?

You know.

Well, look at her.

And that clock has started ticking. What's she waiting for?

A husband. I know that, Eddie.

I just don't understand why she hasn't found anybody yet.

Profess your faith in Jesus Christ. This is the faith of the church.

This is the faith in which these children are about to be baptized.

Do you reject Satan? I do.

And all his empty promises? I do.

And all his works? I do.

You have to answer.

What if I don't believe in Satan?

Or that all the works attributed to him are evil?

Oh, just answer, will you?

I do.

What was that all about? I don't know.

She feels guilty about something.

Guilty? About what?

I don't know.

But she feels guilty.

And the bread's on top of the microwave and it goes in the blue basket.

I know where the bread goes, Mom. I used to live here remember?

And I already put it in the red basket. But I always serve it in the blue basket.

They're exactly the same. But... they aren't.

They're two different colors.

Okay, I'll put the bread in the blue basket.

Where's Jenny? Who knows?

Mom and I are doing all this ourselves. I offered to help.

We don't want your help, it's your day. And it's almost done anyway.

Hey, where you been? I got somebody I want you to meet.

I don't have time, I have to help Mom and Anne with the food.

No, you don't, you can help us clean up.

All you have to do is say hello.

Hey, Tommy, I want you to meet my sister Jenny.

It's nice to meet you. Your brother's told me so much about you.

Tommy just transferred here from our New York office.

New York, that's a big change. But I'm sure you'll love Cleveland.

It's got a very rich cultural heritage.

I've got to leave but... would it be alright if I called you sometime?

Yeah. Sure. Sure.

Yeah, don't bother calling. Why not?

She won't call back.

Strike 43. Oh, shut up, Anne.

I don't know why we keep trying. That guy is cute.

If you keep on being so picky you're going to end up alone.

You know... did it ever occur to you that I might actually be in a relationship with somebody?

No, are you?

It doesn't matter if I am or I'm not. Why does everybody always assume I'm not?

Because you never bring anybody home and you never mention it.

The only people we've ever met are your roommate and that pack of friends you do everything with.

If there is somebody, what's wrong with him?

He's married, isn't he?

She said it? No, but she didn't deny it.

And I could tell from her face.

I just don't believe she'd do something like that.

I hope he doesn't have kids. Do you know how long it's been going on?

What are you doing out there, Frankie?

Just making some phone calls.

She's not going to tell me anything. I have everything she wants.

Two kids and a husband.

I know.

I am not involved with a married man.


Not that you're going to do what I say anymore.

At your age what you do is... is your business.

Like me. Sitting here.

Having a quiet smoke that nobody needs to know about.

Have I ever told on you?


That Anne has such a big mouth.

If she has to gossip about something she should at least get her story straight.

You should leave Anne alone.

You don't know what it's like being married to a guy like Frankie.

I don't know what it's like to be married at all.

You sound like that's what you want. Doesn't everybody?

I guess.

It's probably why they don't always do it for the right reasons.

What's the right reasons? Somebody's got your back?

What are you, a Marine?

No, it's because you... you meet the right person.

And when you meet the right person, you... you go the distance.

And let me tell you about the distance.

Everybody changes.

But if you're with the right person and they change... you meet the right person all over again.

Well, Anne did get something right. I am seeing somebody.

Yeah? Who?

Just somebody but... it is the right person.

So when's the wedding?

I don't know.

And I'm cold. Going in, okay?


Jenny? Yeah?

Come here, I wanna talk to you.

Anne got it all wrong. I told her she didn't know anything about my private life, not that I was dating a married man.

Oh, well, I'm glad to hear that.

You believe me just like that? Of course I believe you.

You never lie.

You know... it's time for you to start thinking about what you want.

What? The china or the crystal.

I'm giving the silver to Michael and Lorraine so you and Anne have to decide who wants the china and who wants the crystal.

You mean when you're dead? Yes.

You know I don't wanna have this conversation, Mom.

Well, maybe not but this isn't something you can just leave till the last minute.

What are you doing? I'll drop the glasses.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too.

But if you don't let go there won't be any glasses to give away.

The truth is I'm hoping you take the crystal.


Anne's like your father, they're careless. It'll all be broken in a month.

But you take care of your things. You're like me.

What makes you think the guy isn't serious about her?

I don't know. She... she didn't wanna talk about it.

I'm a fireman, you know, I know men.

I can hear these guys on the phone stringing these girls along.

I'm telling you, even if she's ready, this guy hasn't stepped up to the plate and she doesn't think he's going to.

I wonder why she didn't tell me.

Oh, she didn't really tell me, it just kind of... slipped out, and then she was sorry it did.

She's always been so secretive.

Not when she was little.

She was really open when she was little.

Yeah. She was.

I wonder what happened.

Who knows?

Potato chips? Bad time at the old homestead?

It was okay.

You didn't have the traditional fight with your sister?

No, but we came close. She told everyone I was dating a married man.

And your brother didn't try to fix you up again?

He did. With a very cute guy this time.

I need to talk to you.

I hope you wanna talk about getting another roommate in here because I don't think I can afford this place much longer if we don't.

No, that's not it.

I've decided...

I want to get married.

And have a family.

I never thought I would hear you say that.

What happened?

I was talking with my dad tonight and the things he said, it... it made me realize how much I'm missing.

Did you tell him who you wanna marry?


Well, don't you think you should tell them you're marrying me before the ceremony?

Marian's daughter is back in rehab.

Son-in-law disappeared and they have the grandchildren.

Poor Marian.

It's her own fault, she never put the time in.

We've been lucky with our kids, Ellen. It wasn't luck. It was hard work.

Who else is gonna teach them right from wrong?

This would look good on Anne. I'll get two.

How are she and Frankie doing?

Oh, the same, and she has to put up with that family of his too.

That girl's got her crosses to bear.

Has Karen found a job? Not yet.

It's hard with two kids.

I said I'd take care of them, but she is a good mother.

She wants to be with them. What about Bobby?

Well, he can't... take a job while he's trying to raise money to open his own repair shop.

It takes all his energy.

But at least they are a happy couple and that's the most important thing.

How's Jenny? Jenny's fine.

And I think she's finally found someone.

No! Is it serious? I think it is.

She said she wants to talk to us about something.

Then it's serious.

The guy's a bum, that's all I know.

How do you know that? Because we haven't met him.

What kind of guy doesn't want to meet his girlfriend's family?

A bum. Yeah.

What's he do? I don't know.

She doesn't talk about him. I don't even know his name.

Anyway she does say she's got something important to tell us.

Well, it sounds like this is it. He popped the question.

Maybe. It could be okay, Eddie.

Jenny's a good girl.

You know, you gotta lose some weight.

Why? I don't climb ladders anymore.

They'll bust you. Yeah, well.

You coming over for a drink later?

Ellen and I wouldn't miss your anniversary party.

Little taste.

More onions. Okay. I'll see ya later.


No, I'm not okay. I'm still... carsick. Once it starts it just doesn't stop.

You're not carsick, you're just afraid to go in there.

So what if I am?

So you won't be able to do this if you're going in ashamed of who you are.

I'm not, I'm not ashamed of who I am.

You always say that, but I'm still kind of confused as to why you've told everybody except your family.

Because they... they live in a small world and they like it in there and I've just never found the right time to... drop the bomb.

You've been lying for a long time.

That's what you're really afraid of.

When you tell them it's gonna change the way they see you.

You need to do this on your own. What?

It's between you and your parents. I'll just be in the way.

Just call me when it's done.

Jenny? Yeah. It's me.

Yeah, I know. Where's Kitty?

Oh, she... she had to go 'cause there was... an emergency at the school. Yeah, I think.

What kind of emergency? A flood.

A flood? What's she gonna do about a flood?

I don't know. Happy anniversary. Oh, thank you.

Alright, come on. Okay.

Jenny's here, everybody. Finally Jenny's here.

Jenny. Where's Kitty?

She had to take care of a flood at the school.

What does Kitty know about floods?

Can I talk to you upstairs? There's something I need to tell you.

Please say something, Jenny.

We thought you were going to tell us you're getting married.

But it doesn't look like that now. What happened, honey, did you break up?


Then what is it?

What do you wanna tell me? This isn't gonna be easy for you.

Are you sick? No.

Then what is it, honey? What could possibly be so hard for me?

I'm gay.


I'm gay, Mom.



I'm a lesbian.

I'm gay.


But what about the guy?

There is no guy. There's never been a guy.

All these years... you made them up and I...

I just went along with it.


But I don't... I don't understand.

How long have you known this?

Always. And I missed it?

How did... how could I miss something like this?

You wanted to. You didn't want to know and I knew that.

Didn't you ever wonder why you never met any of these boyfriends?

You always broke up with them before I could.

No, I didn't. I just... let you think what you wanted to think.

I thought you were... you were waiting. I...

For what? I thought...

What did we do wrong? Nothing.

You didn't do anything wrong. This is just... how I am.

But you're... but you're... you're like me, you know?

We even like the same things. I always...

I always thought you were like me. That hasn't changed.

I am like you. I'm still the same person, Mom.


You're not.

You've been lying to me for years.

Your father will have to know and you should tell him.

I was going to tell you both at the same time but everybody was staring at me.

He needs to know before... before I tell everybody else.

You're telling other people? I have to tell Anne and Michael.

I'm going to tell everybody.

Kitty and I wanna get married, Mom.

You're marrying your roommate?

She's not my roommate.

We've been partners for five years now and... we wanna start a family. A family?

Yeah. It's what you're always talking about, isn't it?

And we want a big wedding. With everybody there.

Friends and family. We want a wedding like Anne and Michael had.

I want... I want you and Dad to give me away.

Do what you're gonna do.

But I'm asking you, for my sake... not to tell everybody else.

Not yet.


'Cause if you do, nothing will ever be the same again.

Nothing is the same anymore, Mom.

Maybe not for you but... but your life isn't here anymore and if you don't like what happens you can go away. I can't.

This place, these people... they're my life and I have to stay here. I have to live with them.

Oh, I love you, Jenny. Nothing could ever change that.

But I have a life too and you can't just change my life on me.

It's not like I'm living in the past, I'm not.

I know times have changed, anything goes these days.

I read the papers, I watch TV.

But... but I don't know personally, anybody in this neighborhood whose children have... you know...

Maybe they all left. What?

The neighborhood, maybe they left the neighborhood.

I'm sure they did. And the lying, all that lying.

Even though I know why you did it, it's still a hard pill to swallow.

And now a wedding.

Starting a family.

I mean... we're... we're ordinary people, not, you know... rebels.

Neither am I.

I just want what you gave Anne and Michael.

I only did this because of you.


You told me if you meet the right person you should go the distance, and I did.

I met the right person.


That's why I asked her to marry me and now you're asking me... to hide it from my own family.

If you tell them you'll hurt your mother.

If I don't it will hurt me.

What would you do?

I don't know.

Will someone please tell me what's going on here?

You really wanna know? Why else would I ask?

The married man and I broke up.

I knew I was right about that.

How come?

He decided to stay with his wife.

Well, I'm sorry, Jens. But... he sounds like a bastard to me. I think you dodged a bullet.

You don't wanna spend the rest of your life living with a liar, do you?


But sometimes you have to.

I'll fill the water glasses. I knew I was right about the married man.


You did it. I did it.

Are you... okay? Yeah.

Even though I lied to my sister. I am.


Telling my parents feels like... being let out of prison.

Look... if you've changed your mind about getting married...

I'm okay with that.

Why would I change my mind about getting married?

Your family. I know how important they are to you.

No. My family is not marrying you, I am.

And I have never been more certain about anything in my entire life than I am about marrying you.

I wonder who proposed.

She did.

She did.

She said... "Kitty, will you marry me?"

"Kitty, let's start a family."

All these years living a secret life.

I thought I knew her.

Then I find out I don't know her at all.


She's the same person. She just left a few things out, that's all.

Eddie, what she left out is who she is. Being private isn't the same as lying.

Well, you just asked her to keep on lying so let's stop talking about the lying part.

I never asked her to lie. All I did was ask her not to tell everybody.

She didn't have to lie to Anne.

And now that she's ready to tell the whole world the truth, we're just supposed to go along with it.

You remember our daughter Jenny, don't you?

Guess what, she's a completely different person.

Yeah, well, let's just drop it, okay, because you know, she's doing what you wanted her to do and that's that.

We have a life too, don't we?


This isn't just about her.


What do you think I should have done?

All you can do... is what you do.


All you can do... is what you do.

What does that mean?

It means what it means.


Hi, Mom. It's me. Jenny. How are you?

I'm good, how are you? I'm fine.

How are things? Great. Things are great.

How are things with you?

Things are great.


I... I better go.

Okay, dear. Have a nice day.

You have a nice day too.

I love you.

Love you too.

Why are we doing this? I'm freezing.

It was your idea to get more exercise. No, it wasn't. It was Jenny's.

Okay, I'm done.

How is Jenny by the way? Jenny... Jenny's fine.

She looked strange at your anniversary party.

Did she? Unhappy.

I didn't see it.

Anne told Karen about the married man.

Anne has a big mouth.

They weren't gossiping. Our girls are like sisters.

Did you ever meet him? No.

Well, at least it's over.

Anyway, that's what Karen said.

It is, isn't it? What?



Why are you acting so weird?

How am I acting weird? All secretive.

Like, I'm sticking my nose in your business.

We've been talking to each other about everything for 45 years and Jenny is like one of my own. I know that, Ellen. I know.

Then why are you acting like I'm a busybody?

I'm upset.

About the married man.

It's probably just a phase.

Is it somebody she works with?

Not her boss? No, not her boss. It's another...

Another social worker.

Any kids? No, no kids, let's go.

Well, that's a blessing.

Oh, don't worry too much, Rose.

She's gonna be fine, she's got you.

Dad. What are you doing here? Well, I was in the neighborhood.

You never come over here.

Well, I... I had to buy some equipment.

What kind of equipment do they sell around here?

Well, you know, just equipment stuff. It's not worth talking about.

You wanna have some lunch or is this a bad time for you?

No, I'm starving... and it is always a bad time around here.

The last stop for kids nobody wants and...

I'm supposed to find homes for them all. Well, you always do.

You have too high an opinion of me, Dad.

Michael's coming around to help re-build the fence next week.

Yeah, he mentioned that. Yeah.

What about Anne and Frankie, you seen them?

Not in a couple of weeks.

They're... they're going away next weekend they asked us to look after the kids.

But we've got the bowling tournament so... so I guess they'll ask Michael and Lorraine.

They asked us.

Well... those kids are crazy about you.

No, it's Kitty that they love. She's really fantastic with kids.

So... it's almost Turkey Day. Your favorite holiday.

Yeah, I hope I can cook one as good as Mom does.

Well, you're gonna cook your own?


Yeah, Kitty and I are gonna have a couple friends over.

So... what do you want, Jenny?

What do I want?

Don't you know?


What? Yeah. I know how much you love ribs.

I was thinking maybe, you know, Chinese but if you want ribs...

I'm happy with that.

Yeah, yeah, ribs. Let's do ribs then.

Okay. Okay.

Come on.

She's always been here for Thanksgiving.

Not this year.

I don't get what you mean when you say... she looks happy.

I mean, she looks happy. What else does happy mean, it means happy.

How can she be happy with everything that's going on?

This is bad, Rose.

What's bad? Wanting her to be unhappy.

I don't want her to be unhappy. Why would I want that?

Because we are.

I couldn't believe that they're screaming, "My baby, my baby,"

I climb all the way up to the top of the stairs, and all I find is a dead cat.

Jesus. Who was that?

The two bull dykes on the top floor.

Don't call them that. What?

Bull dykes, don't call them bull dykes. Why not?

Because they're people, that's why. People like you and me.

Oh, I'm sorry, I should have said the two bull people on the top floor.

What's eating him? Bobby, just let it go. Eddie.

Eddie, listen.

Ellen told me what Jenny wanted to talk to you guys about.

I'm sorry. How does Ellen know?

Well, you know... stuff gets around, but, you know, I'll be there if you ever want to punch this asshole's lights out.

Punch Kitty? The married guy's name is Kitty?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ted... Ted Kitty.

Mrs. Farrell? Oh, my God!

Barbara Ellen, you scared me! I'm so sorry. Do you remember me?

Of course, I remember you. You went to school with Jenny.

And you didn't scare me, I was just staring at this dress.

It's beautiful, isn't it? It's not right on me.

You're getting married? Yeah. I'm meeting my mother inside.

How's Jenny? Jenny is just great.

I haven't seen her since high school. Is she married?

No. No, she isn't. No.

She's just... completely caught up... in her career, she's... she's a social worker.

She handles very disturbed children.

Complicated cases, the ones no one else can touch.

She's wonderful at it.

I guess some women are just like that. Like what?

More caught up in their work than their emotions. Born career gals.

I don't... I don't know what makes you think that... career gals don't have emotions. Jenny is picky even about food.

But she has strong emotions and not throwing herself at the first person that comes along is a sign of character. Not a lack of emotion.

I'm sure. The truth is...

Jenny is... is very involved with a highly respected man in her field and I wouldn't be surprised if it led to a wedding.

So you don't need to worry about Jenny. I wasn't.

No, of course not. Why would you be?

You know, my mother's waiting for me inside Mrs. Farrell, so I better go.

It was very nice to see you, Barbara Ellen. All the best.

Thank you, Mrs. Farrell.

You're late.

I know.

You take 90? Yeah.

What time? 4:30.

You never take 90 after 4:00, you know that.

Always take Carnegie. It's longer.

Less traffic. I always take Carnegie after 4:00.

It's my fault, isn't it?

You're the one who took 90.

I mean Jenny. It's my fault.

I know they say, it's how you're born now, but...

I don't know, I wonder.

And I was her role model. I'm what she's rejecting.

Now, don't hog all the glory, Rose. I'm the man she grew up around.

If she's rejecting anybody, it's me.

I know you.

Excuse me?

I know you, and I know what you're thinking.

What's that? You're blaming me.

What for? The lying!

I'm not blaming you for lying. I'm... I'm just doing what you wanna do.

Why do you keep saying that? Because it's true.

Then... then let's do what you wanna do, Eddie. You never say what you wanna do.

What do you wanna do? I wanna eat my dinner in peace and quiet.

That's what I wanna do. No, it isn't!

You... you... you want me to be the bad guy, that's what you want.

It's always been that way.

I look like the bad guy when all I'm doing is exactly what you wanna do, but I end up getting blamed for it!

I kind of like that it's not white.

Looks like a cantaloupe.

What about that?

Oh, my gosh, that dress would be perfect on you.

Jenny! I love that. I love it.

All these dresses are so beautiful.

Well, you gotta pick the one you love the best because you only get married once.

Oh, my gosh, I love this one.

This is the dress for me. I love this.

I never thought we'd be doing this.

Did you? No.

I may have grown up in a trailer park, Bryce, but I'm warning you... if I don't get Worthing Manor in the divorce everyone will know about you. Hello?

Anne. What're you doing here?

Are you busy? No, just... ironing.

Camilla told Bryce... if she doesn't get Worthington Manor in the divorce settlement, she'll expose his past.

I saw Jenny this morning. Oh, yeah. Where?

Nordstrom. Oh, was there a sale?

No. Something happened.

I don't know if I should tell you... but...

I figured somebody else will sooner or later so it's better if it comes from me.

She was outside the bridal suite with Kitty.

They're a couple, Mom.

They were kissing each other in public.

I should've gone up to them, but I... was so blown away, I couldn't and then I didn't know what to do. If I should... if I should tell you or not tell you.

And then I thought, well, you should know before anybody else does.

How could we have missed it all these years?

No boyfriends, hanging out with all those girls all the time.

And it looked like they were picking out wedding dresses, Mom.

Wedding dresses!

They probably were.

They're getting married.


They're getting married.

You knew about them? Yeah.

Since when? Since... our anniversary party.

So all that stuff about the married man was a pack of lies?


It wasn't the truth.

You two and your conspiracies. Conspiracies?

When we were growing up, you and little miss perfect belonged to a club I couldn't join. It didn't bother Michael, he was the boy.

But I was the outsider and I still am.

You were never the outsider even when you wanted to be.

Wanted to be! You were always testing us.

Breaking the rules to see what would happen. Jenny was easy.

You have never loved me as much as you love Jenny!

That is not true!

Oh, I love all my children the same. No, you don't!

God, if you did you wouldn't have lied to me.

You made a fool out me!

Letting me go on and on about all that married man bullshit just to keep your secrets!

As usual, the two of you against me.

What kind of love is that?

Mom. Whatever you've got to tell me you gotta tell me fast.

I've gotta be in court in an hour, and you wouldn't believe it.

This couple left their 5-year-old son locked in their apartment while they went on vacation, and now of course they...

Anne knows. Knows what?

About you and Kitty. She saw you this morning at Nordstrom.

She's... she's very angry about being lied to.

I know I got it wrong, I know.

But... ever since you were a little girl...

I've thought about your wedding.

I imagined helping you pick out your silver and flatware, your china and helping you pick out your dress.

Now, I don't even know if you'll wear a dress.

Maybe you'll wear a suit or maybe you'll wear a dress and Kitty will wear a suit...

We're both wearing dresses. And where will you get married?

Not in the church, it won't allow it. That doesn't mean God won't allow it.

The thing is...

I'm not good at making things up.

When I cook I use a cookbook.

And the way you dance, I don't like dancing like that.

I like steps. I like... I like dances with steps.

Like, that one, you know that one... The conga line?

Yeah. It doesn't have steps.

Well, but I always do the same ones.

I love the conga line.

I know the steps to that one but I don't know the steps to this one.

And you think I do? Really?

I don't like making it up as I go along any more than you do, but I don't have a choice.

Oh, Mom, you can pretend all you want, that nothing has changed. But I have.

And I'm not lying about who I am to anybody... ever again. Not even for you.

Because if I do...

I'll ruin what's good in me.

You... you raised me to... to do the right thing.

And be proud of myself.

Don't you want me to be that person anymore?

The lying is over. You and Dad are gonna have to make up your mind about me because I am getting married... and I'm going to have children.

I'm going to have a happy and full life.

And I'm not hiding it... anymore.

So if you can't handle that it'll have to be your problem from now on.

Not mine.

You knew? Well, I...

I mean, not for sure, but yeah, I knew.

Since when?

High school.

Well, then why were you always trying to set me up with your friends?

Mom and Dad asked me to.

Well, in case you're wondering they are not coming to the wedding.

And you don't have to either if you don't want to.

Why wouldn't I want to come to your wedding?

Because it doesn't stop there.

We want a family, and I'm sure you do not approve.

God, Jenny.

Sometimes you are really dim. I mean, has it ever occurred to you that if you spend your life, lying to people about who you are... you never get to know who they are.

Look, I don't disapprove. Okay?

I'm coming to your wedding. You're my sister.

You know, I just... I really was dreading telling you.

Why? Because you're the most like Mom and Dad.

No, I'm not, Jenny.

You are.


I'm sorry. For what, being the favorite?


Do you think you'd be getting away with this if you weren't?

First of all, this isn't a stunt, Anne. This is my life.

Secondly, I'm not getting away with anything.

I am nobody's favorite, not anymore. So you need to just... get over it.

Feeling unloved is not something you just get over.

Yes. It is. You just have to grow up.

Why did you come here, Jenny, to pick a fight?


No, I... I wanted to say I was sorry for not telling you.

I wanted to, but Mom, couldn't handle it.

We're sisters! Why didn't you tell me years ago?

Come on, Anne. We never really shared our secrets with one another.

And for good reason.

Instead of just coming to me when you saw me with Kitty you ran straight to Mom.

Fair enough.

Can I come in? No.

You'll over excite the kids, and Frankie's asleep.

But have a seat.

So there's something I wanna ask you... My wedding gown won't fit you.

I don't wanna wear your wedding gown.

I wanted to know if you would be my maid of honor.

If you don't want to, it's okay but... it would mean a lot to me if you would.

You want me to be your maid of honor? Well, yeah.

I was yours, and you're my sister.

I know, but...

I don't know. I always felt like... you acted like I wasn't in your league.

Anne... it was never that.

Okay, it was never that. I just...

I was in hiding. And I just really couldn't afford to get close to you.


I can't talk about this... right now. I have to go.


I'll call you later, okay?

How long have you been with Kitty? 5 years.

When I saw you kissing, you looked really... really happy.

That grass is completely dead.

It's winter.

Yeah, I know, but... it's always dead. Even in the spring.

Dad! Dad!

I gotta go.


What are you doing? I don't have any cash.

Get it out of the bank like I do. I'm not an ATM.

Why are you all dressed up? Where are you going?

Didn't I tell you? Pete called. He wants to talk to me about something.

Business probably. Business?

You and Pete are unarmed security guards.

Don't wait up. You know Pete.

Why don't you ever water the grass?

Why would I water the grass in the winter?

Because you never water it even in the summer and it's always dead.

If it bothers you so much, why don't you water it?

Because it's not my job!

I do everything else around here! You could at least do that!

I gotta go.

I don't understand why she hasn't called. I've left 6 messages, you've left 4.

5. 5.

Just things went a little too far, that's all.

She'll call when she calms down.

You weren't there, Eddie. I've never seen her like that.

No, no. She'll calm down.

What's she gonna do? Never call us again?

I don't... I don't wanna go in there.

I want you here.

Hi, everybody.

Kitty. Hi. Mrs. Farrell, Mr. Farrell.


When you didn't call back, I didn't think you were coming.

Of course I was coming. Mrs. McMahan was my favorite neighbor.

Kitty, you remember Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary. Oh, yes. Yes, nice to see you again.

Nice to see you, Kitty. Kitty is Jenny's roommate.

Oh, right. Kitty isn't my roommate, Mrs. O'Leary.

She is my partner, and we've been together 5 years.

We're getting married.

We're a little bit old fashioned so we figured we'd tie the knot before starting a family.

Can I talk to you a minute?

I was just gonna go in... I wanna talk first.

What are you doing? Are you trying to hurt your mother?

How am I hurting her? By making a scene at a funeral.

Stutzman's is a place for grief.

If you wanna humiliate your mother, go try and do it someplace else.

I'm sorry if telling people who I am and how I live is humiliating.

But I am not gonna pretend to be somebody else anymore just to make you feel okay.

Why is it always about you? It's about her too.

We called you over and over again, why didn't you reply?

How do you think she felt when you walked away from her in the arcade the other day?

Why is it always about her? Isn't there a you in this?

Why don't you stop hiding behind Mom and tell me how it's about you?

Well, I will... I will tell you about how I feel. It's not how I live.

I don't understand any of it. And I don't understand you.

You're getting married, but I...

I don't know who's who.

Who's who? Yeah, yeah. You're both feminine girls.

And I don't know. I don't know who's... I don't know what you do.

What we do? And I don't want to. I just...

I mean, you're my daughter and... I just don't wanna think about it.

I mean, I spend enough time at that firehouse. Men are animals.

It's what they think about when they look at porno movies.

But if you were marrying a guy, I wouldn't think about it. I'd know what you do.

When I was a kid, I used to hate to think about you and Mom in bed.

It gave me the creeps, so I think I know how you feel.

Let me put your mind at rest. Hey, Kitty.

My dad wants to know if one of us straps it on in bed.

I'm so sorry, Dad. She's a little bit funny.

She doesn't like to tell people what she does or doesn't do in bed!

I don't know who you are anymore.

And I don't know if I care.

What's happened to you? I'll tell you what's happened. I grew up.

I used to care so much about what the two of you thought but not anymore. Why would I?

How dare you talk to me about meeting the right person.

Do you know who you meet every time you or Mom change?

The same couple of lying cowards.

From now on, I only care about what I think and what I do.

And if you don't like it, then you can get out of my life.

Believe me, I will not miss you, it will be a relief.

If all you can do is tolerate me I will be happier when you're gone.

Well, it was nice... seeing you all again.

I have to go.

Your mother will come around. No, she won't.

They never do or say anything without the other and now he'll never come around.

Give him time. You don't know him.

He lets a lot of stuff go but...

I called him out tonight. I...

I made him look like a fool in public and now he'll never get over that, and... he hardly ever shuts the door but when he does, it stays shut.

Not that I care. Because I'm not apologizing to anybody for anything.

We have to talk about this, Eddie.

I already told you. I got nothing to say.

I'm not trying to defend her. She said ter...

Rose. Are you deaf? I just told you, I've got nothing to say. I mean it.

So don't bring it up with me again. Ever.


Rose. Shit!


Hi, Ellen. Hi.

I've been so worried.

I left messages all week, but you never called back.

Are you okay? I'm fine.

How can you be fine after that disgraceful incident at Stutzman's?

The things she said were... unforgivable.

I just hope you're not blaming yourselves for any of this because... you've both been great parents.

Did you know about them before?

We knew before.

I'd have lied about the married man too.

Well, you're doing the right thing.

What am I doing? Turning your back on all of it.

I can't talk now, Ellen, I have to go.

Christmas will be hard, but just remember you're doing the right thing.

And any time you wanna talk, I'm right here.

Hey, Eddie. How you doing? Yeah. I'm fine.

Did you tell the guys what happened at Stutzman's the other day?

No. Come on, Eddie.

I'd never talk about your private business with anybody. You know that.

They don't... they don't know anything. But...

Listen, Eddie, I gotta tell you. I think this whole thing stinks.

As good as you and Rose have been this is the way Jenny turns around and pays you back?

Yeah. I don't wanna talk about it.

No. Okay.

You know, it's funny. Her name is Kitty.


The girl's name is Kitty.

I mean, first Jenny was with a married man, and his name was Kitty.

Now, her name is Kitty.


Hi, honey.

Hi, Mom. What's up?

Nothing, I just called to see how you are.

Fine, and you? I'm fine. How are the kids?


And... Frankie?

Frankie's fine.

Mom, did you call for a reason 'cause I'm standing in the... driveway, and it's raining.

And I have a pile of groceries and a sleeping baby.

No. No reason, it's not... raining here yet though.

I just called to say hello.

Okay. I'll call you back later.

I love you, Anne. Yeah, okay, bye.

Okay. What do you think?

It's perfect.

I've always dreamed of wearing a dress like this.

Oh, you look beautiful.

Well, now I don't know who looks more beautiful.

Is this a double wedding? Yes.

Then I'll leave you alone to think. I know you'll want to come back with your mothers.

This dress isn't right. It's not right. It's too traditional.

Well, what's wrong with traditional? You wanna wear the tux?

My mother's not here either, Jenny.

I know.

Your mother's in Portland. Mine is 20 minutes up the road in rush hour traffic.

Tell me something. If it's about Mom, I don't wanna hear it.

It's not about Mom. I know you live in a condo... but if you had grass would it be dead or alive?

It would be alive.

Just as I thought.

Happy people do not have dead grass.

I quit the bowling team.


They're talking behind my back.

Can you do that?

Do what? Quit the bowling team.

You're the treasurer.

Yes. I can do that.

Don't you wanna know what they're saying behind my back?


You can't just not talk about this, Eddie!

We've lost our daughter!

Hello. Hi, Anne. It's me.

Hi, Mom. How are you? I'm fine.

Doing a little... house work.

How are you? Oh, I'm fine.

How about Frankie and the kids? They okay?

They're fine.

Have you seen Michael and Lorraine at all?

For God's sake, Mom, if you wanna know how Jenny is, call her. Don't call me.

I know that's what all these calls are about.

Listen, there's something I...

I have to do. I'll call you later, okay?

Okay. I love you, Anne.

Oh, my God. Will you please stop saying that, it's turned into your personal greeting!

I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know. Yeah. I know, I know, I know, I know.

We all love each other, and I have to go. Goodbye.

And they never talk about it. Not a word.

I wouldn't either if it was my daughter.

They were such good parents.

Well, they must have done something wrong.

We've all had problems with our kids, but nothing like this.

I really feel sorry for them.

And this wedding is embarrassing enough but those two are planning on having children.

How can they have a normal life growing up in that house?

It isn't right.

Since when did you two become such big experts on what's normal and right?

Rose. We didn't mean anything. We're just worried about you.

Tell me, Marion. Is it normal and right for your daughter to get pregnant by every passing stranger and leave you to raise the kids?

Or for... for Karen and her bum of a husband to never get a job and... and rob you and Denny of every last penny of your retirement savings!

That's all normal and right just because the men sleep with women!

And the women sleep with men!

But Jenny, who is... who is... who is... is generous and kind and has never hurt anyone... isn't normal and right, because she wants to marry the woman she loves.

Jenny is good. And I love her.

And the only thing that isn't normal and right is... is me turning my back on that.

Oh, my... Oh, my God.


It's Mom. Can you come down?

I saw a dress.

Months ago, I saw a wedding dress.

I knew you'd look good in. You still might be able to get it.

I'm sorry, Jenny.

I'm so sorry for all of it.

And if you'll let me. I'd like to help you pick out your wedding dress.

I wanna be part of your marriage.

I wanna be part of everything you do for the rest of your life.

You're late. You take 90 again? No. I took Carnegie.

Oh, well. Traffic on Carnegie can be pretty bad after 3:00 too.

I wasn't stuck in traffic.

I was with Jenny.

I want us to be a part of the wedding.

We've always done everything together for as long as we've been married.


I'll do this alone if I have to.

At least talk to me about it. No.


No, you've made your choice, I've made mine.

I don't wanna explain it to anybody.

What are you so happy about, Eddie? What?

Nothing. Just a joke.

Why isn't Denny O'Leary here today? He changed his shift yesterday.

How come? I don't know. Said it was personal.

I've been on with him since we were probies together.

Lieutenant said he asked to change his shift and wouldn't take no for an answer.

I've known him since we were in first grade together.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

That's a long time.

Yeah. It is.

What's that? Oh, look, you're awake.

What? Get up. I want to show you something.

Are you crazy? Do you have any idea what time I went to bed last night?

I said, get up.

Look outside.

At what?

The grass. What about the grass?

It's green.

You think I care what color the grass is?

No. I don't.

What are you doing? Packing your stuff. You're moving out.

What? I don't wanna be married to you anymore.

I would leave, but I don't think it's good to move the kids so you have to go.

Come on, Anne, I know things haven't been...

Stop. I'm not interested in anything you have to say.

You can't just kick me out without talking about it.

Why would we start talking now. We haven't talked in years!

'Cause I have a right to know why you're doing this.

The grass. The grass?

Yes. When I looked at the dead grass, I realized...

I was unhappy. Happy people don't have dead grass.

And... and then it was like, the chicken and the egg.

I couldn't figure out which came first. Happiness or green grass.

So I started watering it. And the more I started watering it, the happier I felt.

And then it came back to life.

I don't blame you for kicking Frankie out. The guy's a bum. But... you know, grass is grass.

No, it's not. You don't have dead grass. Michael doesn't have dead grass.

No. Happy people don't.

And I never saw it until Jenny came over and she was so happy.

I saw the dead grass for the first time.

I'll be right back. I just have to change my order.

She wouldn't have dead grass any more than you would, Dad.

She doesn't settle for less either.

I don't know where to seat anyone.

We're having twice as many as we planned on having.

I know. Does it really matter? Isn't everyone just gonna be moving around anyway?


It's my father's birthday today.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

They're throwing a party for him at my parents' house.

I'm gonna take a break, okay? Sure.

He should know. I should tell him.

Michael should tell him. He's the one doing it.

I don't wanna put... I don't wanna put...

What are you guys talking about?


Are you sure?

Yeah. No, I'll tell him.

Hey, listen, Dad...

Jenny asked me to walk her down the aisle.

And I said yes.

What are you staring at? Nothing.

I saw Rose leave for the wedding. She looked pretty.

That is not a real wedding.

Okay. I saw them leave for the fake wedding.

No sign of Eddie.

Well, at least he's got his head screwed on right.


We were there the night Jenny was born.

We'd always thought that we'd be at her wedding.

What makes you think two women getting dressed up in wedding gowns and prancing down some hotel aisle is the same as getting married?

Jenny does.


Jenny makes me think it.

What are you doing here? I saw you drive up and... door was unlocked so...


Maybe Ellen deserved it. I mean, we both know how she can get.

But you know, Rose said some bad things to her and... when something really bothers me...

I'm like you. You know, I... I dig in.

We've known each other a long time and... if I don't dig myself out...

I lose.

And that's why I'm here. To dig myself out.

How do you do that?

I don't know. I never had to do it before.

I guess I start with me, I mean... and that's why I'm here.

To dig myself out of me.

Are you sure that this isn't too much? This dress isn't too much?

It's a beautiful dress. Okay.


I don't know if you want me here, but...

I decided to come.

Why wouldn't I want you here? Well, I...

I turned my back on you.

Oh, Dad, I...

I know how hard it is for you to accept who I am, and...

I lied for so long, and then, I said those horrible things and I made you angry.

No, no, no. This has nothing to do with it. I...

I wasn't angry. I...

I walked away because...

Because I was hurt.

You said you wanted me out of your life and you'd be relieved when I was gone.

You said... you said you... you wouldn't miss me.


You wouldn't miss me.

I'm your dad.

Nobody has ever loved you more than me, and nobody ever will.

How could you not miss me?

You see... when... when people hurt me, I...

I don't talk about it. I...

I walk away.

I always walk away.


I can't walk away from you.

So... if that's okay...

You're my daughter.

And I would like to walk you down the aisle.

Living in a moment I would die for.

These words best describe every minute of everyday of the last five years.

That's why I'm standing in front of our family and our friends... but most importantly, in front of you... and in the presence of God to vow... to be your faithfully committed... lifetime companion.

Do you know what I mean about the grass, Aaron?

Yes, I do.

When I move away and sell that house... that grass will die and I know it will.

But my grass... the grass that is inside of me will always be green.

Do you know what I mean? I do.

Are you a lesbian? No.


That's mine.

Okay, everybody. This is it. It's time for the conga line.

Oh, my God! I love the conga line!