J'entends plus la guitare (1991) Script

The Man... the sea.

The Man. the sea...

Do you want to have a baby?


Not for now.



Love yes, but a baby not right now.


We have to wait.

Wait for what?

Martin, do you want anything?

Do you want anything?

Yes, some milk.

Grazie mille.

Aren't you working today?

Why don't you make me a portrait?

Too real.


What do you mean "too real"?

You're either real or not.


No, you're wrong.

You're deceived, abused.

There are many levels of reality.

An infinity of different levels.

You're saying there are things more or less real?

No, equally real.

But we're more or less accessing reality. we're more or less close to it...

And I'm too close to you to be... even close to grasp you completely.

You're not able to grasp me completely?


So you don't love me completely.

That's why you never say you love me.

What does loving mean?

It means meaning something when you say it.

Yes, it does.

That you have the will to say it, for example.

Saying something you don't know what it means Is like saying nothing.


But if you question it all you say nothing and do nothing.

Like that.

Do you say that for me?


When I speak I say something to someone.

You're wrong.

Come here a little...


If you think a kiss solves everything...

You say I don't do anything but now I did...

If you make Lolla's portrait you'll see she exists by herself I know, but there's maybe another one Women are replaceable for you.

Yes, thatís' why I don't change.

Even if there were another one, she'd be the same.

But you'll never stop chasing the ideal woman.

Changing, without realizing that it's you who can create your ideal woman.

Your fear of the end of love is the fear of death.

Not just the great things have a great ending, said Heidegger.


Another Martin.

You live by quotes, but those are in the books And life...

...is in the books -You're an idiot!

You'll see...

Love was invented by troubadours It started in the books and will finish...

.. when books will have gone. -Well said, my dear.

We're maybe the last generation to love or to speak about it For you they're the same You're not so dumb. You got it.

Don't worry, your "Gretchen" won't leave you...

Only if you want it

What came next?

I'll go see.

Do you want some?

Did you sleep well?

Is that OK? Yes.

I didn't like waking up too much.

If this is love then I've had enough.

Lolla doesn't exist for me She's my friend's wife. That's all.

You're wrong about her too.

I'm her lover's friend. That's all.

You know it very well.

I don't understand why you're saying this.

What a nutcase!

You can't think that. It's impossible.

Oh, yeah?

And what do you believe I think about alone, all night while you're "stuck" in her under the stars?

Caught, not stuck, my love.

Do you think he'll come back?

Yes, in a couple of days.

And if he doesn't?

Why not?

I donít know.

...maybe because he's angry.

You're crazy.

He can't stop bugging me with his love for you Bugging?

Yes, I'm getting fed up with that.

That doesn't say anything.

I always have the impression he's like a bird... ready to fly away.


Otherwise you wouldn't love him.

Love is nothing more that this:

Fear of no being love any more.


It's many more things.

Millions of other things.

Many more things.

Love is...

All that you can't say

No doubt about it.

Don't listen to me. I'm an old cynic.

What's that?

What? A cynic.

Greeks who were always right.

Today nobody cares about what's right What they want is...

...is what?


To love, love, love?

You don't love me much, eh?

Not much. No.

But I do love you.

I don't understand.

I wanted to say I'm happy you're here.

Because if you weren't here I wouldn't be here...

And all this wouldn't be here and neither would they.

Yet still this paradise, isn't it?

I wonder when will this end.

Are you in a hurry?


But I'm afraid.

Because you're happy.

If you weren't happy you wouldn't be afraid.

Happiness isn't much more that this: the fear of not being happy any more.


It's about many more things.


But don't mind what I say.

I'm a sinister old lady.



Sinisters were Greeks who were always right.

"Sinister" means "not cheerful".


It's true that I'm not cheerful.

I'm serious.

It was Gerard who said that.

What's the difference between serious and sad?

Serious doesn't' mean sad.

Serious means that when you're happy, you know why.

It's the story of an elderly man

who sat in front of a window,

and waited for this lover.

One day he dies, but that wasn't important...

It's very, very beautiful...

We talked often of you.

We love you a lot.

We're parents, so we love you.

Do you understand?

That's life. It will be happier later, you'll see.

He'll become a beautiful boy.

You made him beautiful, intelligent He's very kind. We love him a lot.

Will you still be here after tomorrow?


And afterwards?

I'll always be here.

How do you know?

I know because I want it.

Thomas, come here!

Put your jacket on! It's chilly, darling.

Come to your granny!

No? Fine. You'll catch a cold.

It's for you...


See you soon!

Bye, Thomas!

Oh, crap...

Shall we go?

It's nothing...

Let's go!

Why not have Thomas live with us?

He'd be happier.

It's not possible? Why?

Because his grandmother won't give him to me.

What's that supposed to mean?

She hasn't got the right. You're his mother.

No one can ban you from keeping your son.

It's a mater of paperwork, nationality. Complicated, that's it.

What's nationality have to do with it?

Cut this out!

I just want to understand.

Do you love me?


How much?

Very much.

"Very much" says nothing.

You can love spaghetti very much too.


In French, You only love people very much.

I'm not "people".

I Agree...

Then I love you... madly...

Like a madman.

I don't want.

Because when you'll stop being crazy you'll stop loving me.

Then let's say I love you to death.

What's that supposed to mean?

That I could love you until death.

It means... that I love you...

...that I will love you... until death...

...more that death...

...and beyond death.

I told him to get his stuff.

Can you believe something like this?

But what you'd believe even less is the guy.

I swear.

In a way it's actually comforting.

You've seen him...

Hair till here, filthy, the ponytail, the rings,

Leather vest, cowboy boots...

You know what he tells me?

"OK, mate"! I swear...

I'm not lying.

"OK, mate, I'll take my stuff".

That would be a suburban type of thing, but "cool"...

Like... "I'm cool, you're cool, he's cool... "

"Everything is good"

It's incredible...

The world collapses, you have the guts spread on the pavement everybody stamps merciless on them and he goes: "OK, mate"!

I don't think so.

I swear I can't believe this.

"OK, mate"!

It's like having a hole in the middle... which...

A well... without bottom,

with which I go round. All day I think: just don't look inside,

avoid even the slightest glance so not to fall...

And how are you?

Very well.

I was spared his type. It's a nice thing.

He hasn't written me, nor phoned me.

Even a quick call would have done.


Love comes and goes... you don't know why...

Anyway you've mattered a lot to me.

We remain friends...

It'll be better that the first time, like saying "OK, mate"...

You were really wrong.


You said women never leave.

It's true.

And, I might add, because they're disillusioned.

And left because we didn't love then any more.

Yes, it's like that.

They've flushed us like crap for not loving then any more.


The only problem is... we didn't know we didn't love them any more.

They could have warned us, we'd have been less surprised

They warned us but we weren't cautious.


How is that?

Wait two months, you won't see one of them.

In a month you won't love him at all.

How did he know it before me?

Because it's not a man... it's a woman.

Women are sensitive and...

...very quick!

Yes, funny how quick.

See you tomorrow here, same time?

No... I have an appointment.

Later then.

I don't know... Iíll try...

Try, please... I really need... all this.

Phone me tonight!

If my husband answers say you called about the armchair.


I'm late.


Want to go out for a coffee?



It's me.

It's you? Yes, it's me..

Is there no one with you?


Shit, never mind...

Is that all you had to say?

But... it's you who phoned.

You have something to say, right?


How are you?

Fine... And you?



Well... it's fine if we're both doing fine.


Anything new?

What new things?


I'm living...

And you?

I'm living too.

It's fine then... Not everybody can say that.



Never mind...

Excuse me!

Can I phone you again?

Yes, of course. Why not?

Then.. I'll phone you again.

I'll phone you.

I love you very, very much!


He's in prison.

You want to live here till he gets out?

I come to live here till you won't want me any more.

For life, then?

For life.


Is there no toilet paper here?

Why not?

I'm out of.


Come to see...

It's heroin...



How are you?


Anything new?

Marianne has come back.

Oh, really? Yes.

So you're happy. Yes.

I'm glad for you. We don't see each other any more.


Come look for me when you want, OK?





I'm with Marianne.

Wait... I'll ask her.


It's Linda.

Can she come around?

Why not?

Marianne I present you Linda.

Linda... Marianne.

Good evening! How are you?

Good evening!

Go ask her to come...


...to come and sleep with us.

Go ask her!

She doesn't want to.

She says it's you who she wants.

Stay with me.

Why don't you join us?

I don't want to.

She's been me asked but I've refused.

Stay with me! You'll go to her later.

I need you tonight.


The marks... he beats me.

What a bastard!

Well, if it gives him pleasure...

Fuck me now.

I can't...

Well it's over, then.

Be happy, you two!

Do you have it?

This is all?

Give me back the money.

I don't have any left.

Are you saying you paid him 500 francs?

It's normal.

Normal, normal...

Is that all you can say?

I'm gonna crack and you find it normal?

Calm down!

We can always find some.

And the money?

Money too. For this we can find it. Always.

Did you see what it said there?

That they're cutting the gas.

It doesn't matter. And electricity...

It doesn't matter.

Do you think we can pay it? How much have we left?

I don't know. This is not important.

Cut it out already!

We'll die from freezing, hunger and drugs

...all in the dark and it doesn't matter...

What does matter then?


What would matter... That would be what?

If we wouldn't love each other any more.

Because love warms us, lights us, feeds us and gets us high.


You've just defined love precisely.

The most precise I've ever heard.

Do you really believe what you say?

Of course.

So you really love me?

Of course.

Otherwise you would have been dead for a long time

You know, I do believe that's true.

And me? Do you think I really love you?

The proof... Is what?

I'm still alive.

I think that would be less true.

Why don't you try...

...I'm thinking...

Try not to love me any more.

You'll see...

All right.

I'll try.

Stop it!

I feel bad already.

Cut the crap, OK?

I'll die then!

I'll end up dying for real.

So what do you say?


"Paris, Tuesday, April 15th. "

"Marianne. "

"I love you, Marianne. "

"I'm dumping you to make you react. "

"I prefer you alive and away rather than dead and close. "

"I don't want you to have doubts later. "

"I'll always love you. Always. "

"Lovingly, Gerard. "

She has retuned to Germany.

Close the envelope and keep the letter.

If something happens to me, give it to her.

I don't want her to think I'm a bastard.

I told her that you were leaving Yes, but not for the reason you believed.

Do you know what matters in life?


You can change the words but music stays the same.

And I know music...

You know shit... You get bitter you get tired, old...

That's all you know.

Sorry but what happened to me is powerful, serious, beautiful.

It's not something you can write for your music Yes...

Wait a moment!

Wait for what?


You'll see.

That's all you say.

Keep waiting then, if you want.. meanwhile I'm going to live my life.


Are you all right?

Why not?

Everything all right with you?


I don't want to talk about it. It's not worth it.


Do you want a coffee?


I'm a friend of Catherine's.

Do you want to eat?



Not bad.

It's tender.

You can cut it with the fork.

Here you go..


A little bit here.


Here you go...

Can't you hear it?

No, itís nothing.

Here you go... Thanks!

Hello? It's me, Marianne.

Can you come?

I'm sad... Alone... -Who is it?

It's Marianne. She's at the cafe, in front.

You go... I don't want to see her.

Can you wait? I'm coming. Yes.

How are you?

Can I have the same thing?

How did you come with?

By train.

By train?

It's tedious.


Isn't it too hard?

Martin gave me this on your behalf.

I had blood poisoning.


They cured it.

Now they cure these too.

You're better now?

Yes, I do.

You know what?

I don't take that stuff any more.

Only the medicine they give me.

Just like you now... I stay clean.

That's good.

Yes, it's good.

Did you have a baby boy or girl?

A boy.

Remember how you told me you'll love me forever?


Why do you ask now?

Can't you see how you talk to me?

Like I were you grandmother or something...

Do it look that old?

Am I that far from your life?

Cut it out! You're only saying it to say something.

You are going lower and lower.

OK, shall we go?

Listen, let's look for a hotel.

Aline doesn't want you at home.

It would be nice if you stayed with me a while.

I can't.

Go eat and come back afterwards.

No, I can't.

See you tomorrow!

Excuse me for bothering... but I'm worried. I'm Aline, wife of...

Gerard didn't come. I wondered if you've seen him.

Do you think so?

Sorry to bother you for this...

You don't love him any more?

No, It's OK. I don't know you but I was also embarrassed.

We can meet if you want.

Good bye!


Aline called.

She's looking for you.

I'll call her now.

This hotel of yours is disgusting.

Yes, but it's not expensive.

There are cockroaches in the bed. I found them last night before bedtime.

We'll find another one.

But it'll be farther away.

It's not worth it.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I didn't imagine you like this.

How then?

More like you?

Yes... perhaps.

You know...

It's hard to imagine how people change.

To the point of being with someone different from you?

Maybe, I don't know.

You can say whatever you want.

Yes, maybe it's that.

I just wanted you to tell me...

at what point did Gerard change.

He never talks about you.

Was he happy with you?

Maybe I didn't make him very happy...

But those were other times.

What do you mean?

Maybe we didn't need to be happy.

Maybe that wasn't what we were looking for.

What was it then?

Being heroes...

Changing life, perhaps...

Oh, is that it?

And now that he doesn't try to be a hero, or change life he lives with someone like me.

You wanted to argue from the beginning but it won't help you.

I could make it if that could do any good but I think it wouldn't change anything.

Nothing can be done about the past.

Maybe we were very happy.

Maybe we were very unhappy.

Maybe we were heroes...

Maybe not...

Either way you wouldn't know anything, because neither do we.

We were and we weren't.

That's it.

It sounds like a good closure.

Good bye, heroine... Very nice wordplay...

Will you pay? I don't have much money...

So that hasn't changed? No, it hasn't.

Hi, Marie!

How are you?

Hi. How are you?

Fine. This is Gerard. Hi!

Do we know each other?

Adrienne... Aline... Gerard

Excuse me but it have to go. Bye!


She's a friend.

It was great you called.

I'm glad you accepted my invitation.

You are?

If we start this way who knows how will it end.


When we'll screw.

Oh, yeah?

Have you thought of me since the last dates?



What do you mean by "strongly"?


You're really disgusting.

No, it's natural.

And you? Me too.



Look who it is!

How are you? Fine.

Sorry for not warning you! It's OK, I understand.

What do you understand? That you didn't want to warn me.

It's like that sometimes.

Like that? What do you mean by "like that"?

You know what you have to do but you don't.

There you go...

You're right after all. It's simple...

That's all? You won't ask me what I've been doing? No.

Not if you don't want to tell me.

Don't say you understand, because... Well I do.

Beat me if you want... Enough! God dam it! Shut up!

Marianne has died.

How did it happen?

She was cycling...

They found her dead on the roadside.

Did she have an accident?


She was feeling ill.

It's unclear.

She was at Ibiza, did you know?

Yeah, yeah...

...I know.

They called me just now.

How is painting?

I sell everything I do.

It's not luxury but nether misery.

Just in the middle.

I can live on just painting.

What more could you want?

I don't know if you recall..

...when we were meeting more often...

We just spread our arms and got everything

Love... Glory...

Happiness... Money...


Nowadays it's exactly the opposite.

You need to close your arms like this and hold them tight. so life won't take all that you don't hold very well.

And you?

I have a son.

Oh, yeah, it's true.

How old is he?

Six months.. and a half.

It's incredible how a son changes your life...

I didn't even offer you a drink. What do you want?

Is it true what I've been told, that you lost someone important to you?

It's possible.

What do you mean by "it's possible"?

What you said is possible, that it's true,

but I don't want to talk about it right now That's it.


You have very nice shoes.

Yes, but they make me feel bad Next time I'll screw you with them on.

It would be better if you left me.

Excuse me?

You've heard me very well.

Just for a while. Go live with her,

And when you'll be fed up come back.

Because I can't stand not seeing you any more.

How can you be so sure of yourself?

I'm not sure of myself, but of you...

You were feeling bad when I met you, And I love you for what you were not for what you could have been one day I'm not very smart nor cultured but I know a man doesn't leave a woman who loves him like this.

It's like that. I'm your lady, your wife. I'm your weakness.

You can be such a bitch when you want to.

Only when I need to, ...just make you see the problems.

If I stay with you it'd be only for Ben. Of course!

Ben means me too.

That's how you wanted it.

Having a baby isn't like buying potatoes.

You wanted to have him with me.

Why, do you think?

To be more free?

To sneak off whenever you want?

Or to be more sure about not being able to leave me?

I'm taking changes, Aline. No.

Yes, I do.

You know I'm saying all this because I love you, and because I think it's for your own good.

Oh, that's just like listening to my mother...

Yes, you do...

So this is it, you leave?

Don't forget to pick up Ben from the nursery!

This film is dedicated to NICO