Jerichow (2008) Script

Sorry about your mother.

Damn it!

You know my father? He was a stupid pig.

But he was right about one thing.

If a friend asks to borrow a thousand, give him a hundred.

Otherwise he'll cross the street when he sees you.

You'll feel guilty that you want your money back.

That's how I feel now, lousy and guilty.

Why didn't you say, "my mother died, I have to leave"?

You just disappeared, that's not right.

I planned to return tomorrow. Don't give me that crap!

I'll pay you back. How?

They took everything yesterday: Ice machine, espresso machine, the stereo.

Eight months rent due, that I 'm stuck with.

How are you going to pay up?

How much did she leave you?

Don't give me that look, Thomas.

Jewelry, savings account... Meisner porcelain, something!

Should we search the place? Thomas, want us to do that?

I'm going to renovate the house.

Why? I want to live here.


I'll fix the house, look for work, pay you back.

How much per month, 75? Maybe 100 for Christmas?

What was wrong with her?

Something with her stomach. Cancer?

Where was your room?

Lutz, let us talk alone.

It was hard to find you.

I thought you were up to something.

Is this her?

A lemonade tree! What?

Pippi Longstocking.

You probably didn't know her in East Germany.

The lemonade-tree didn't have a house.

It had lemonade inside, as much as you wanted.

Let's climb up there. The wood has rotted.

Come on, Thomas.

Leon, the wood is totally rotten. Come on.

You'll come crashing down. You didn't used to be so scared.

I needed it to renovate the house.

You lied.


You don't need to come here in work clothes.

I'm renovating. At your own house?

Otherwise it'd be illegal employment.

Harvest helper, starts June 25th.

Harvesting what?

Cucumbers, on a machine.

And until then?

I have absolutely no money left.

We have to check that.


We'll send someone on Monday.

I can prove my bank account is at zero right now.

You own a house, we have to estimate its value.

You were in Afghanistan.

Didn't you receive a discharge bonus?

I got a dishonorable discharge.


I have to fill out your profile.

For a cucumber harvester?



You give me that now? I have to re-do it.

You have to pay for alcohol and cigarettes yourself.

Take them out, please.

I didn't know.

Should I call an ambulance?

Absolutely not.

Can you get this thing out of here?


Mr. Ökzan?

I'm calling the station and you'll have to give us a breath test.

I wasn't driving.

He was driving!

Is that true?

Whose bags are these? Mine.

Why are they standing here? They fell out.

They landed quite nicely.

You were lucky this time.

Behind the forest is a side road, where that asshole is waiting.

If I drive by, they'll stop me and take away my license.

Can you drive for me?


Overthere, on the right.

What happened?

Where were you? I couldn't reach you.

My battery died, I didn't have the recharger.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I'll leave the keys in the car.

Should I call a taxi?

No thanks.

Wait a minute.

Foryou. That's not necessary.

Come on, it's okay.

Excuse me.

Do you have a minute?

The damn cops caught me, on Wednesday...

...with 1.9% blood alcohol. My license is gone for a year.

So now?

I own 45 snack bars around here. I make a daily tour, take orders...

...deliver, pick up the receipts, check up on the business.

Now I need someone to drive me.

Six days a week, with overtime.

You'll earn 2 to 2.5 thousand.


Tomorrow morning. 8 A. M.

8 A. M.

You know where.

Here's an advance.


Good morning.

Good morning.


Good that you watched her. She's doing your job.

Putting together orders, loading the truck.

Come an hour earliertomorrow, to get the details.

This is my wife, Laura.

He should come earliertomorrow. That's what we just said.

Fine, I have to finish up.

Did you bring your papers?

We'll do that tonight.

You deliverthe orders, and they sign here, okay?

Laura gets the new orders, she does the accounting.

She gives you the delivery forms and you put the orders together.

Got it.

You'll learn the fine points in due time. You have to load the truck properly.

You can't screw around loading up, that costs time.

Should we drive first to the furthest delivery point orthe nearest?

Is this a quiz?

I'm curious.

They sent me six candidates from the job center.

Not one of them got it right.

Are you thinking or don't want to play the game?

The nearest one. Correct.

Why? You'll save gas.


Forthe longest leg the truck is empty, it's lighter and uses less gas.

Perfectly correct.

Perfectly correct.


For what?

The stupid quiz.

I was just acting bossy. I'd be angry too.

Six times 70...

597.54 that adds up to...

In summer?

Gina Mango-Nectar.

Send me Murath then! As soon as possible.

Of course he needs papers, are you stupid?

Send him to Mustafah, he knows everything.

You did well. What did I do?

Everyone here cheats on me.

Did you ever do that before? What?

That martial-arts move.

Were you in the army?

Are you busy on the weekend?


You passed the test. We should celebrate.


Laura is a pretty woman, huh?

Why shouldn't you look?

I was watching you this morning.

Turn around. That's the road to Stendal.

Turn around!


Hello, where are you?

I'm picking up an extra delivery.

Which delivery?

From the beverage company.

Oh yes.

I fired Halid, he was cheating.

Mustafa gave me the tip, he'll take overthe place.

Will you take care of the termination papers tonight?

See you later, I love you.

Come on.

Come on, Thomas.

Laura, come on.

You dance like a Greek.

How'd you know, how a fucking Greek dances?

From Zorba-the-Greek.


Show me how the Germans dance.


Come on, Laura.

Come on German Thomas, dance.

Show me how the Germans dance.

Put your hand here.

Relaxed, not so stiff...

...and listen.

You can do it.

Keep dancing.

I'll be right back.

Damn, a nice friend you are.

Why don't you help him, he's completely plastered.

Give me your hand.

I'll take care of him.

The key is over here.

You can take the car.


See you tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

Did I oversleep?

Do you have coffee?

One minute... I'll make it.

I made one foryou too. Thanks.

Did you hurt yourself?

I sanded down the doors yesterday.

Last night? I couldn't sleep.

That's a damn long stretch.

Why didn't you take the car? Want me to lose my license too?

Thomas, you can help me out.

I have to leave on Thursday for a few days.

I'll show you the ropes and you take over while I'm gone.

Of course you'll earn more.

I brought property in Turkey for me and Laura.

In Arslankoy, in the Taurus mountains.

I have to go there, talk to the architect, etc.

A vacation house?

No, it's going to be forever.

Do you have a cigarette?


Pretty funny.

What will you do there?

I was born there.

I was two when we left.

Six months ago I buried my fatherthere.

He wanted to be buried there.

First time that I returned to Turkey.

Fucking military draft, I couldn't be buggered with that.

Have you ever seen orange trees blossoming?

It's unbelievable.


What street is this here?

Friedrich-Engels Damm.

Ökzan here.

I need a taxi at Friedrich-Engels Damm.

Which number?


There's no more wine. The miniatures are finished too.

We just got a delivery last week. I'll check again.

Find any?

Nope. We have to order more.

The receipts. Here.

The change. You count it, enterthe sum here.

Give it all to Laura in the evening.

She goes to our suppliers and makes purchases.

Check the kitchens.

The health department pigs have their eyes on me.

Here are the numbers from last week. Look at this guy, Chien Tháng.

Each week a little less, bit by bit.

He's giving it a try. Trying what?

Look, 14th week: 1,286 Euro.

15th week: 1,167 and the weather was good.

Drinks alone make you a thousand. Got it.

Are you hungry?

We'll drive there and you order something to eat...

...something expensive.

When you pay, see if he enters it in the register...

...or just gives you change with no receipt.

Take away, or eat here? Take out, please.

Something to drink? Two colas.

Two colas.

Makes 13.50.


Don't do that.

Sorry, don't say anything.

Here's the change, 6.50. Please say nothing.

Did he beg?

"Please say nothing, please say nothing."

You have a good heart.

I have one too, that's the problem.

Next time, you stir-fry that guy.


Keep the carfrom now on.



See you tomorrow.

Wait, I'll carry it.

Everything okay?

What was that? Some kind of animal maybe.

Where are you going?

Probably that damn raccoon.

It was back there. Where?

He's gone, fucking beast.

What are you doing? Nothing, I thought I heard something.

Careful overthere.

Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow?

Of course.

I'm okay.


Are you okay?


Let's go.

Turn it off.

The discount store in Tangermünde is going to close.

We have to find a new location forthe snack-barthere.

What do you think about this spot?

There's no discount store here either. Still it's a hot-spot.

Where would you put a snack-bar?

Are you serious? Sure.


At the bus-stop?


The most traffic is overthere.

What time is it now? Just before eight.

So people are going to work.

Who stops to eat or drink then?

We have to be on the side where they return from work.

On the left side. I'm convinced.

In front or behind the traffic light?

Behind it. Why?


There's Laura.

That's her, right?

I can't tell...


Follow her! What?

Do it, drive!


Don't lose her.

Slow down, slow.

She shouldn't see us.

What the hell are we doing?

Keep driving.

Take the second right.

Let's go.

You complete idiot!


Listen... Enjoyed yourself, feel better now?

How long has it been going on?

Been fucking him a long time?



Fuck yourself!

I cheated on you but not like you think.

I made a deal with him.

He charges more and we split the difference.

Why did you do it?


First he wanted me, but got absolutely nothing.

I was just afterthe money.

You think that's not so bad? It isn't!

How much have you put aside?


How much? 3,450. He got the same.

How long has it been going on?

Since December.

Where did you put the money?



We made up.

Can you handle everything?


I can take that myself.


You get going with the deliveries.

I made us something to eat.

Where are you going?

What's wrong?

Turn it off. Where are you going?

How often did you fuck him?

With Ali?

You don't seriously mean that beverage dealer?

You're jealous.

Don't give me that shit.

Do you have some dry clothes?


Why didn't you drive?

If the damn neighbors notice, Ali will hear about it in no time.


I'm an idiot.

What's wrong? No!

What? Nothing!

Lucy, come here, little Lucy.

Come to mama.

I made you one too.


I have to tell you something.

I did two years of prison.

I have 142,000 Euro in debts.

I'm 34 years old.

When I got out of prison I started working.

In a hot-food stall.

Then in a bar.

That wasn't good.

I met Ali in the bar.

He got me out of there.

Married me.

He had lots of money.

He was the first guy I met who was respectable.

You call that respectable?

Can you get the car?


Because of the neighbors.

We have to start work.

You want to start work?

Please, Thomas.

We're not going to work.

We're picking up yourthings.

Say something!

It's impossible.


He beats you.

He beats you!

You didn't listen to me.

Who do you owe money to? What?

To him?

Your debts.

No, I owe it to the bank. Ali took overthe debts.

Then everything is fine. Nothing is fine.

He's rich and stuck with your debts. He's rich and he's not dumb.

I don't get it, can you explain?

We made a deal.

There's a pre-nuptial agreement.

If I leave him I get nothing...

...except my debts back.

You see?

Now you've clammed up.

Always the same, the savior shuts up and gives up.

Stop talking crap, Laura!

If it's free you heroes are all gung-ho...

Stop it!

I love you, Laura.

Just look at yourself. You live like a bum.


I think you should quit work.






You can't love, if you don't have money.

That's something I know.

He should nevertouch me again.

Why didn't you let him fall?

Why didn't you let him fall?

He got right behind the wheel.

I put the picnic basket in back, he had already started the car.

I always hated his impatience, and I get a face full of exhaust.

Suddenly the car lurched forwards and overthe cliff.

I saw the explosion, a burst of flame.

I ran to the road.

I tried to flag down a car.

I stood at the road, screaming and waving...

...until finally someone stopped.


I'll hide here.

You go with him to the sea and wait until he's drunk.

You both come back and I'll knock him out...

...put him behind the wheel, shift into "D" and close the door.

There's a train station 10 km away.

You've landed already.

I'll take that. It's okay.

You can get in... I'll put it in the back.

It was supposed to be a surprise.

I want to go to the sea with you.


How's your brother?

Just fine.

And the children?


The harvest must have started.


I'm so scared of dying.

I wasn't in Turkey.

I was in Leipzig, in a clinic.

My heartbeat is irregular.

It's been like that for six months.

The heart specialists tried, it was my big chance.

But it didn't work.

I've got two months to live, Laura.

Maybe three.

They leave you lying there after the diagnosis, imagine that?

You just lie there.

I live in a country that doesn't want me.

With a woman...

...that I bought.

In the clinic I only thought of you.

Can you stay with me?

I forgot to lock the car.

What's wrong? Impossible, we can't do it.

Go home. Laura?

I'll explain later.

You have to send my brother 2,000 a month.

Otherwise he can't keep up his farm.

I'll put the company in your name.

We'll do that next week, at the public notary.

We'll take care of your debts too, of course.

Thomas will help you.

He's okay.

I'll be right back. Where are you going?

I'll get us something to drink.


What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Do you want to drive home?

Come out.



Get out of here.

Get lost.


You pigs!