Jesters: The Game Changers (2019) Script

In the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, only confirmed facts and events were recorded.

40 strange events were recorded in the Annals during King Sejo's reign.

Please forgive us, Your Majesty!

KING SEJO You haven't found the original yet?

HAN MYEONG-HOE Jesters who are spreading the story are being arrested.

We should find it soon, sire.

If I die like this, I'll be recorded as the king who killed his nephew and punished by heaven as in that book. Please do not mind it, sire.

THE SIX LOYAL SUBJECTS You're a hero who reformed a chaotic country and established proper order.

History will record you as so, sire.

I only fret that my faults will affect my son.

That his father took the throne by treason.

Please do not worry.

I will see to it, sire.

Though you knew that book is banned, you've been spreading it around the country?

If a book on your deeds is banned, what are you?

Forbidden seeds?

Shoot me properly!

I'll give you one last chance.

If you go back to the streets and say the book's story is untrue, your lives will be spared.

Everyone knows traitors gained power and are destroying Joseon!

Rather than be stoned to death for lying, I'll die here!

Some king...

Though his illness is becoming worse, he worries about history?

He hasn't said a word about abdicating.

He wants to be king till he dies!

Enough with the useless talk.

The king's record will be a record of us as well.

It is our history, too.

The legitimacy of his reign must be recorded before he dies.

Only then, will our future be promising.

Spare my life, sir!

I'll do anything you say! Please...

CHO Jin-woong SON Hyun-joo PARK Hee-soon GO Chang-seok



I see your daughter's rumors are disgraceful.

I don't have a daughter.


Then your son was born with a female nature.

He likes men.

I don't have a son, either.

Why you!

How dare you try to fool me!

Actually, I didn't come for a fortune reading.

I heard you have the talent to change one's reputation.

Whatever do you mean?

Recently, my husband brought in a concubine and has been avoiding me.

Please spread ill rumors about her so my husband can return to me.

Dung! Coming through!

Oh my!

Do you know what day it is?

It is March 3rd, sir.

We were together for a moment on March 3rd, 1464.

When the moment passes, it is gone forever.

Though you may soon forget, I shall never forget you.

They say there is a bird without feet.

When exhausted from flying, it rests in the wind.

It touches ground just once in life, when it is time to die.

I lived like the wind. Now, I'm ready to die if only I may rest in your arms.

Look there! Isn't that Sir Cho's new concubine?

She's having an affair with another man already?

We must tell Sir Cho right away!

Let's go!


They're a gang of jesters that roam through the nation's markets.

Their specialty is deceiving people with their crafty talents.

They're racketeers who spread false rumors.

Help! This is heavy!

A young man can't lift that?


His name is Pal-poong.

He's a skilled acrobat.

He's nimble, flexible, and can move in a flash.

He moves like the wind.

He's Chun Hong-chil.

He used to do puppet shows.

With ghost strings made of whale tendon, he can make people fly like puppets.

She's Geun-deok, a famous shaman from Pyeongyang.

Having lost her psychic powers, she now lures people for business.

She can play any instrument and make all kinds of sounds.

He's Jin-sang.

He was a court painter who quit, saying the palace didn't suit him.

He makes perfect replicas that are true to life.

Unless you look very closely, it's hard to tell it's a painting.

No! Stop!

Last but not least, he's the head of the gang, Ma Deok-ho.

Why you!

He's a famous storyteller.

He has a way with words.

Why I'll rip your balls and...

You deserve to be castrated!

Once, while acting as a villain, a spectator charged at him with a knife.

What is happening?

They're what I've been looking for.

Especially many reports of devoted daughters and sons came from here.

So I came to see, but it's from your stagecraft?

I'm quite disappointed.

You don't look disappointed much, sir.

He's the premier! Bow down!

The premier?

Should not the one with a request bow?

If you saw us as measly jesters, we'd already be dead or thrown in prison.

But as you've set the stage to talk, you must need something.

He's crazy! I like your nerve.

You're a gang of racketeers?

I heard you're highly skilled in changing rumors and reputations.

I knew you had a reason for coming, sir.

But, sir, we choose our jobs.

With this?

This thug-like nature, sir?

I reckon it will be hard to work with you.

Stop it.

Of course.

My humble nature is nothing to boast about.

But our king's nature is second to none.

Our dear king, though he rules with much benevolence, he is misunderstood by the people due to various lies and slander.

I wish there was a way to show His Majesty's cordiality.

Why that's easy, sir.

Like the great King Sejong, he can lower the taxes and do away with corrupt subjects.

Of course, that's one way.

But what you must worry now is whether to die here or by His Majesty's grace, try to paint once, then die.

Paint, sir?

I wish for the people to know heaven's will is upon our great king.

Who knows?

If you're successful, our noble king may pardon you of your sins.

Do you know who that was?

He's Han Myeong-hoe!

He hammered fellow subjects and put a new king on the throne!

But you yapped without thinking!

We almost died!

What does he mean?

Heaven's will?

What did he mean by a great king?

He wants us to present a tyrant as a good king.

He became king by treason.

But no one accepts him as the king.

As he's about to die, he's anxious to change that.

Listen carefully.

I got a plan.

I'll burn this sleeping herb.

When they sleep, we'll run.

Okay? Wait!

For now, Let's give it a try.

Because of them, we lost our tickets to Ming.


We can't go to Ming if we're dead!

Don't worry.

They can't kill us.

They're the ones in a rut.

And we're the only ones in Joseon who can do this.

My vote goes to Deok-ho!

I'm against this.

I don't want to work for traitors.

What do you sense?

It could be good.

It could be bad.

I can say that, too! Call that spiritual force?

It's better than your peeing force! Why you!

So you two are out, we are in, and Geun-deok is a maybe.

Then we have to decide our way.

If I throw this up and it stands still, then we do it.

If it doesn't stand, we won't. Okay?



It's standing.

We risk our lives for every show.

Let's put our lives on the line for a big one and bet big!


His Majesty visits different temples to pray these days.

He'll arrive at Beopjusa Temple at Mt. Songnisan in 3 days.

Let's see what you can do then.



You have a plan, right?


Over there! And there!

Now, let's pull!


They're here!

All stop!

A pine tree's branch is blocking the way, sire.

Pull harder!

Go past, already!

March on!

Hong-chil! What's that?

We're all dead.




Are you all right?

I'm fine.

You scared us, fool!

Good work.

That's it?

That won't do to have your sins pardoned.

Have patience, sir.

We just planted seeds, but you seek the fruit already?

You know the old pine tree by Beopjusa Temple?

VILLAGE NEARBY BEOPJUSA TEMPLE the tree's branch blocking the path lifted and cleared the way!

It takes 2 people to see a miracle for a village to know the next day.

But over 100 people saw our act yesterday, sir.

GYEONGSANG-DO, SOUTHERN JOSEON The tree waved his branches like this to welcome the king.

Then it lifted the branch to make way for the king to pass.

HAMKYONG-DO, NORTHERN JOSEON Words can travel a thousand miles.

News of this will be known throughout Joseon in 5 days.

After the carriage passed, the tree waved like this.

Our planted seeds will sprout, grow, and explode, sir.

When the king said," Move," the tree made way.

When the king said, "Enough," the rain stopped falling.

At last, the people will know heaven's will is upon our great king.

His Majesty must be a king sent from heaven.

Of course!

I shall pardon your sins.

Continue doing your best for the king and this country.

Do you hear me?

But how much will you pay us?

Your lives have been spared in return for your work.

You want us to continue this with no pay?

That's preposterous.

Kill us.

We live hand to mouth, sir.

It makes no difference dying today or tomorrow.

However, I'll stress one thing.

We're the only commoners who don't do as told.

We're artists!

If we don't want to, we won't do it at any price.

We'd rather starve to death than draw against our will.

If our prides are hurt, we'll bite our tongues to uphold our cause!

Even with swords to our necks, we say what we must!

Don't you know!

You've misunderstood.

I meant I wish to work with you till death.

If it is to console an exhausted and worrisome king, money is not a problem.

Tell me what you want.

We want a... nice house.

And become... middle class.

Is that all?

Need anything else? Say it.

You have my word.

Let's go to the capital now.

Now, sir?

Sir Jeongipum Pine Tree!

May you live forever!

Give a tree a Class 2 rank?

Isn't that too high?

For it to last in history, it should be ranked high.

Must we get off our horse each time we pass this tree?

We must not only get off, but bow to it.

MIDDLE CLASS STATUS We're middle class now!

Oh how I missed the scents of Seoul!

The scent of sweets!

The scent of wine!

And the scent of ladies!

Everybody come and sit.

It's Mal-bo!


Don't be mistaken. It's about Ming not Joseon.

Emperor of Ming, who took the throne by killing his nephew, starts to punish subjects who admonish him.

Go on!

You fool!

If you call me His Majesty just once, I shall spare your life!

You killed your nephew and plotted treason.

You're no king, sir!


You won't address the emperor as sire?

As there is but one sun, I serve but one true king.

You will never be a king to me, sir!

Strike a hot iron through his legs and cut his arms!

Then a palace guard takes a smoldering iron and walks slowly toward the loyal subject.

Then the guard puts the red, hot iron up against the loyal subject's leg!

Oh no!

I need great strength to do this next part, but as I'm starving, I'm too weak to shout.

Fool! Not again!

He always stops when it's getting good!

What happened? Tell us!


Despite the smell of burning flesh, the loyal subject doesn't even blink!

Then he says, "The iron has cooled."

"Go heat it again."

"Sir, your torture is pungent!"

He's good!

Why, who's this? The best of the market shows!

Master Mal-bo!

Why, who's this?

It's the mutt of the court, Ma Deok-ho!

I'm no mutt.

A tree made way for the king to pass?

How'd you know?

Who else can do that in Joseon, but you and your gang!

I'm disgusted enough by those damn traitors' lies.

I can't believe you put on a show for them.

Did I teach you to do that?

What? I learned on my own.

And what traitors? That was 10 years ago.

10 years, 100 years or a 1000!

Traitors are traitors!

Are you sure they plotted treason?

Yes, of course!

Did you see it?

You saw it, too.

'The Six Loyal Subjects'.

I saw the book, not the treason.


I only believe what I see.

Deok-ho! Please.

Your disciple has come to offer you drinks.

Isn't this great, Uncle Mal-bo?

Come on!

Jesters! Let's dance!

Make the people know heaven's will is upon the current king.

Tie it tightly!

Then Dharmogata Bodhisattva rises to the sky!

Go higher!

So heavy!

What the!

Lose some weight.

There's nothing for me to lose!

Then go run around or something.

Where can a woman go to run around in this world!


Golden clouds fill the sky!

Then flowers rain all around!

Don't pick the white ones.

Just the red!

It must look real like heaven's doing.

We've never failed once, sir.


May 2nd, 1464 During a ceremony at Hoeamsa Temple, bright lights and colorful fog filled the sky, then Buddha appeared.


June 19th, 1464 Yellow clouds surrounded Wongaksa Temple, then floral rain fell and filled the air with sweet fragrance.

...all those in the city had seen the sight.


March 28th, 1466 While the king traveled through Mt. Geumgangsan, the earth shook and floral rain fell from the golden sky...

Go forward! A bit more!

Wait! Go back more!

Right there! Pal-poong! Stop!

Dharmogata appeared with 12,000 other Bodhisattvas and filled the sky.

Hence, the king issued a decree to pardon all sins excluding robbery.

He bestowed grain and silver to the people to share the joy.

Long live His Majesty!

Thank you.

You're older, right?

So beautiful!

I'm here!

Sir! Welcome.

Everyone in the streets is talking about the miracles!

I'm dying to say we did it!

It's hard to keep this mouth shut!


I want to act like Guan Yin.

Could I fly in the sky, too?

Holding this lovely Bodhisattva of course!

Son of a bitch! I'll kill you!

You wench.

What did you say?

How dare you, lewd bastard, lay a hand on me!

I'll chop you with a straw cutter and feed you to the dogs!

You wench!

Why you!


She wasn't speaking to you, sir.

She is a shaman.

She's scolding the erotic ghost within you.

It must be trying to use your body and shorten your life.

She chased it away for now.

Do you feel less carnal lust, sir?

I guess...

Please sit, sir.

Sir Han Myeong-hoe has arrived.

Take your seats.

Calm down and sit.

Well done. You are amazingly gifted.

I have another request.

Recently, boils started to form on His Majesty.

Now, they are all over his face and body.

Treatments aren't working, and physicians have given up.

But we're not physicians. Of course.

I want to assure the people who are worried about his health.

I want them to believe that he is healed with heaven's help.

Can you do that?

That is a big job, sir.

How much do you want?

Please, sir.

Do you think all we care about is money?

King Sejong kept Jang Yeong-sil, a slave, close to his side and gave him a post.

You want a post? Well, the job requires class, sir.

How can a mere commoner deal with His Majesty's health?

Such an eloquent tongue!

As expected of Mal-bo's disciple.

Isn't he a famous market jester?

He's still alive?

Not only that, he changed 'The Six Loyal Subjects' to a story on Ming and ridicules our court!

I wouldn't say I'm his disciple.

When I was young, I stayed with him briefly.

Why you! Trying to cut ties with a troublemaker, huh?

That's right!



What? That's it?

Well, for our young Deok-ho, it's a bit frustrating and scary, right?

But why did the strange man give this to us?

He's no strange man!

He's Kim Si-seup!

The greatest author who saw the treason and wrote this!

Why did he give this to us?

He wants the story to be spread far and wide.

Who would do a better job than us?

You're not planning on spreading that, are you?

You said it's interesting. We should do it.

The hidden truths unveiled!

Doesn't it make your heart boil?


Uncle Mal-bo! You want to drown in boiling water?

Whether it's true or not, I don't care and I didn't see that.

If you go around telling the story, you and I are through! Got that?

"Go heat the iron!"

Snap to it!

"Go heat the iron!"

This is amazing!

It looks delicious! Let's eat.

Are we going to do it?

The leprosy that worries the people.

That's retarded.

After all the auspicious things that happened to the king, it makes no sense that his leprosy isn't healed.

Since treatments won't work, they'll need us to put on an act.


Must we do this? Let's say that we can't.

It's getting out of hand. Let's do it.

Since it's a bigger job, we'll get a bigger reward.

But I'm happy with the way things are now.

What more do we need?

The king's trust.

If we succeed this time, we'll have the king's favor and no one will be able to touch us.

Not even those three bastards.

My vote goes to Deok-ho.

Thanks. Eat this.


How will we heal the king's leprosy?

Do not see or hear anything from here on in.

The only thing you can say is, 'Yes, Your Majesty.'

Was it you?

You created all the lucky omens?

Yes, Your Majesty.

An owl is crying.

Owls symbolize being hung by a tree.

My grandfather, the great King Taejong, was afraid of owls.

He believed the ghost of Queen Shin-deok, the mother of his half brothers he killed, returned as an owl.

I also saw my sister-in-law in a recent dream.

King Danjong's mother, Lady Kwon.

Su-yang, you fool!

How dare you kill my son to become king!

Annihilating your entire family won't do you justice!

Mark my words! I'll kill you and your sons miserably!

Since then, I've become ill.

Lift your head and look at me.

You'll make the people believe that I am fully healed?

Then first, you must see me.

Yes, Your Majesty.

History is bathed in the sun while tales are stained in the moonlight.

Do you have a plan to make good history of my illness?

Inform him of your plans.

Yes, sir.

Your Majesty will visit Sangwonsa Temple, to treat a sudden illness.

- Sangwonsa Temple? Yes, sire.

SANGWONSA TEMPLE, MT. ODAESAN It's where Manjushri, the teacher of all Bodhisattvas, is enshrined.

To cure Your Majesty's illness, it must be a powerful Bodhisattva.


Your Majesty's procession will draw attention from many people.

People who have heard about Your Majesty's illness will be curious and gather around the palanquin.

The spectators must be stopped, but not chased away, sire.

When Your Majesty arrives at the temple, bow 1000 times to the Manjushri.

When the sun sets, Your Majesty will go alone to Odae River near the temple It's the king! to wash the wilt of your illness, sire.

Why you!

You expect me to show my bare body to the people?

Your Majesty!

Please do not fret, sire.

The body... will not be yours, sire.

Who... Who are you?

Why do you need to know?

It's hot. I'll soak in water, too.

Wasn't Pal-poong doing this? Why'd you come?

Pal-poong is at Jin-sang's spot.

Then where's Jin-sang? I don't know.

But... Focus!

Look at all that!

Why do you have so many dead skin cells?

You should exfoliate!

Turn around.

I shall scrub it all away.

Look at all this!

It's all coming off! That's better!

Turn around.



Say your line.

Oh my!

My sores are coming off!

My boils are... Arms up. Louder!

My illness is being healed!

Good. Great!

My illness is being healed!

My illness is...

Not there!


What's this?

Not there! Go that way.


You mustn't tell anyone that you saw the king's body! understood?

Or my subjects will kill you according to the law!

And you, great king!

Don't tell anyone you met Manjushri!


Are you Manjushri?


Are you truly Manjushri?

That was Manjushri?

Good work!

The king's leprosy was healed by Manjushri who appeared in the flesh?

That's right!

Manjushri scrubbed all the boils off the king's body!


Our king must be really special.

Heaven must've sent him and is taking care of him.

That's right.

So let's stop cursing him or we'll be punished by heaven!


Wow! Han Myeong-hoe's mansion!

Close your mouth.

Act normal.

Let's go inside.

No surprise acts today! Got it?

Here are your promised posts.

It's no longer a promise with me, but with His Majesty and the court.

Class 9?

Royal tomb keeper?

This is the lowest post of all. With all that we have done...

You share secrets with the king. Who cares about the rank?

You will be treated highly. Don't worry.

And read this.

'The Six...'

'The Six Traitors'? Right.

It's a record of six men who disrupted His Majesty's will to save the country.

Why give this to us? To fight fire with fire!

The story of 'The Six Loyal Subjects'!

A grotesque tale of slander against the king and us is being spread.

We must stop it at once.

How, sir?

You made stories of Buddhist gods' incarnations.

Likewise, let the ghosts of King Danjong and the six subjects appear and speak.

The opposite to what is known.

Han Myeong-hoe, you fool!

Though born prematurely and weak, how much did you eat to get so fat!

How many bribes did a mere gatekeeper give to become the premier!

You okay? Get up.

Come on.

Great Jin-sang!

Good thinking. I like it!

They're lines for the six subjects as they die, sir.

We get into our characters and think of lines like this.

Whenever lines come to mind, we say it no matter what.

It's great. Good acting, too!

They're just lines from the play.

Lines from the play?

Well, then.

Here's the beheading scene!


That's enough.

They are the king's subjects, too.

We can't kill them like chicken.

Now, as loyal subjects, you must watch your words and actions.

Do your utmost in your posts. If you don't, you will pay for this.

We apologize, sir.

Let's go.

Get up!

Where is your will to say what you must even in death?

You're not in this alone!

We almost died because of you!

Let me ask you one thing.

'The Six Traitors'? Will you do it or not?

Silly fool!

I apologized to him for the first time! Do you know what that means?

We don't have a choice now!

Still, I won't do it!

I won't work for those who hung and dismembered my father!

My master...

Sir Seong Sam-mun...

Though I was scolded for drawing as a slave, he took my side.

Rather, he bought me brushes and paint.

He supported me to become a court painter.

He was like a father to me.

From those vicious wolves, he died unjustly in trying to protect the young king!

Everyone has a sad story here!

You think anyone does this because it's fun?

What do we get for working to death?

We're treated like scum!

We're doing this to break free from that!

Let's live like normal people for once!


You're free to choose.

But I'm not doing anything more for the puppet king and the traitors.

Though I must go back to being a slave and starve, my duty...

I want to uphold my duty as a man.



Jin-sang! Wait!

Then the palace guard takes a smoldering iron and walks slowly toward to the loyal subject.

He puts the red, hot iron up against the loyal subject's leg!

I need great strength to do this next part.

The fool wants more money.

Pay him.

Kid! Come and collect it!

Golly! I could use a bowl of hot beef soup right now.


Ever tried the beef soup from the new pub called Nam-won?

It has thick pieces of beef and colorful vegetables!

The taste is to die for!

NAM-WON PUB What nonsense all of a sudden!

Let's go.

I'm sick of you slandering the king all the time.

But the beef...

Stop the weird advertising!

You'll go to hell for slandering our king sent by heaven!


Hey, kid.

Pack everything. This lard, too.

Let's go for a bowl of soup at Mokpo Pub.

Nam-won Pub's food is salty.

Come here, fool.


Come here now!

Go in. Okay, okay!

Jeongipum Pine Tree, flower rain and healing boils?

How far will you go?

Well, we go the way we choose.

You go your way, and I'll go mine.

You said you loved being free!

That you can say anything and go around everywhere!

Since you landed a post, are you happy?

Happy to be on a leash like a dog?

A leash?

Why you!

It's here, isn't it?

Look! I knew it'd be here!

Falling for a mere book!

You lived like this for 10 years! Are you happy and free?

If this isn't a leash, what is!


But if this was a lie, why are they so eager to get rid of it?

Why are they killing the jesters who go around telling this?

It was over 10 years ago!

Who knows if they're traitors or not?

Why ruin your life over something no one remembers?

We must make people remember. It can't be forgotten!

Forget it.

What do you want me to do?

Stop working for them.

You're sinning against the country and history.


I grew up sleeping in the gutters and eating bark.

The country? History?

I don't have the luxury to worry!

I told you. I only believe what I see!

Deok-ho, listen to me.

Do me a favor!

Don't say you know me.

I don't want trouble.

And hide that book or someone will get hurt.


There's trouble!


Where were you?


This isn't because of us, is it?


Excuse me! Wait!

How will they live? Why burn their homes?

Buddha's holy spirit spread here and it rained flowers.

We received orders to demolish the homes and expand the temple.

The incarnation and flower rain were all fake!

Fool! How dare you say that!

I'll knock some sense into you!

Look! Deok-ho!

You don't know what you're doing!

Let go!

Your Majesty.

Your worries and illness have been wiped away by heaven's miracles.

Congratulations, sire.

Congratulations, sire.

Well done.

I'll recover quickly and make new history with you.

Your Majesty.

I have a request, sire.

What is it?

You have legitimacy of the throne and the people revere you now.

Please relinquish the throne to the crown prince and spend the rest of your life in peace, sire?

Very well.

I like your honesty.

You mean 12 years are enough for me to be king?

I mean we'll serve the crown prince as we did you, sire.

You'll eliminate me and break the pact we made with blood?

Please refrain, sire.

Your actions now are endangering our pact.

If you harm him, we can't guarantee the crown prince's safety.


Is this where people who lived near Wongaksa live now?

Yes, it is.

I see.

You cast people out to build a temple?

Is that heaven's will?

We can't just leave the places where heaven's miracles took place.

You said everything was to clear misunderstandings of the king.

Then why stab the people in the back, sir?

This is...


I knew I made the right choice.

You're feeling the same thing as I am.

That's why I called you here.

You're a jester and must know about the revolt.

All those who died were loyal subjects.

A revolution can't be achieved without bloodshed.

History requires the choice of one over the other.

Strike a hot iron through his legs and cut his arms!

Do it, you bastard!

We all worried about the young king.

But they chose their creed, while we chose the security of our country.

As we severed a sovereign's relation to subject, we needed a new cause to bind ourselves to.

That is the pact.

We all drank cow's blood and vowed that anyone who breaks the pact shall die.

But I know very well from history that vows between king and subjects don't last.

Joseon being swayed by the king's madness isn't the revolution we dreamed of from the start.

Will you plan a grave matter with me?

What grave matter?

To bring down a mad king and create a true world of the subjects.

What an outrageous joke, sir.

I'm not joking.


You mean treason, sir?


I'm just trying to complete what I started.

I'll stop the mad king's sword dance to stop innocent sacrifices.

What do you need me for?

Will you create a story that'll make the king kneel before me?

Can you put the king's fate in my hands?

Once all is done, I'll appoint you to the court.

Damn sons of bitches!

They wanted the shows not for the king, but to rule the court themselves!

They used us to get it!

Did you say we'll do it?

If he said no, he wouldn't be here.

Hurry! Let's pack!

It's no use.

We're already being watched.

So you'll do it? It's treason!

I vote against that.

Whether we do it or not, we're dead.

Whether we succeed or not, we're dead.

What do we do?

Let's find a way... live.

Will you create a story that'll make the king kneel before me?

Can you put the king's fate in my hands?


What is this?

That's my plan.

Explain it in words.

Ah... Yes, sir.

First, select a good day.

To unveil a new Manjushri statue for healing the king, take the king to Sangwonsa Temple.

When he arrives outside the main temple, a group of cats will block His Majesty's path.

Then pretend to be suspicious and send the soldiers to inspect inside first.

Then our planted assassin will be dragged out.

People will see and think heaven saved His Majesty again.

Then you must act angry and interrogate the assassin.

The assassin will say the crown prince ordered him.

Then, at last, the king's fate will be in your hands, sir.

My clever man, indeed!

You are truly gifted!

Why you!

Is that the truth?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Did they suggest that you proceed to Sangwonsa Temple?


How did you know that?

Your Majesty, it was a part of my plan.

What is your plan?


This, sire.


Explain it in words.

Explain it in words?


The king will go to Sangwonsa Temple in three days.

When the king arrives there, a group of cats will surround him.


Hong-chil and Pal-poong round up male cats in heat.

Let's say we get the cats. How will they surround the king?

Geun-deok will soak the king's robes with female cat secretions.

It will lure the male cats.

When he arrives at the temple, release the male cats from behind it.


Where's Pal-poong?

Where are they when you need 'em!

There must be a reason for cats to block His Majesty's path.

Something must be inside there.

Search inside at once! Yes, sir!

I'll play the assassin.

I'll say Han Myeong-hoe ordered to kill, not the crown prince.

Then the king will behead them for treason, and we'll leave here.

Don't hit me for real!

Stay still!


If you don't do as told, your gang is dead!


Let's go.

It's an assassin! Oh no!

Heaven saved His Majesty again! Yes!

What good is cutting the wrist for stealing something?

I shall punish the brain that moved the hand.

Who ordered you to do this?

By chance, is he here?

Yes, sir.

Tell me. Who is he?

He is...

The crown prince.

What did you say?

I said it's the crown prince!

No, sire!

I did no such thing!

You fool!

Seize the crown prince and the assassins at once!

Yes, sir!

Father! Please!

I misjudged you.

It's all my fault.

So let the crown prince live.

I wish I could, sire.

But the arrow has left the bow, it will only stop upon striking someone, sire.

But you're the crown prince's father-in-law!

Will you break family ties?

What family ties in the court?

You killed your brothers and nephew, did you not?

How dare you!

You hold me in contempt!

You've won.

The crown prince...

Please let him live.

He's my last remaining son.

If you do, I'll do anything.

Please be calm, sire.

There is a way.

What is it?

Pass the throne to the crown prince, then make a pact not to meddle with him or the court.

You have my word.

I'll do it a hundred times.

However, how will you save the crown prince from this?

If the arrow must strike someone, we can just change the target.

How does it feel to be trapped in a story you've created?

It's devastating.

However, it's not as tragic as dying without killing a traitor like you!


He did what you told him to!

It's only right to free him!

If a rotten traitor like you has a conscience at all!

No! I refuse!

I'm angry at my foolish self for believing this wretched traitor!

I was about to bite my tongue and die anyway!

Of course!

Jesters have always been like moths to a flame.

You roll your tongues in thirst for fame and cheers.

Not knowing your tongues are choking your necks!

Good riddance.

Well, you're the best jester I've ever seen!

You're full of nothing but lies!

While the lies of jesters are for fun, your lies are just plain evil!

Good! Right!

Hang them.

I'm sorry, Pal-poong.

It was an honor to work with you.

Even in heaven, let's be jesters.


Out of my way!

Sir Han! Look at this.

THE SIX LOYAL SUBJECTS Where'd you get this?



I have the original of 'The Six Loyal Subjects'.

'The Six Loyal Subjects'?

If you let them live,

I'll give you the rest.

Want me to hold it up for you? It's heavy.

I got beaten a lot, too. Him, too.

You all right?

It hurts.

How'd you know to come here?

That's not the original, is it?

How stupid! Giving the book won't save us!

Think they'll let us live?

Why'd you come?

I had no other choice.

It was to buy time.


Buy time for what?

Of course!

This is the original!

It states everything we did word for word!

Why, who's this?

Sir Han Myeong-hoe, the back arse of the court!

Who's this?

The puppet king Su-yang of Joseon!

No one compares to Sir Han's resourcefulness!

He did away with the king and the gang of jesters in one blow!

A mere palace gatekeeper!

I let you become the premier! Such an ungrateful fool!

How dare you!

You wretched bastard! I let you become the king!


Kill the jesters at daybreak!

Pick a good day to make a pact for the crown prince to be king.

The most important thing at the assembly will be to burn this book in front of everyone!

Of course!

They escaped!

The prisoners escaped!



If you're planning to kill them, why didn't you call me?

Why you...

They must not be far! Find them!

Yes, sir!

Who are you? Show me your tags.

It's them!

They're escaping on stolen horses!




It's a hole!

Let's go! Hurry!

That way!



Bear with me.

It hurts!

Hurts? Sorry! Put it back in.

I can't do it.


Why'd you come? Why!

It beats me.

When I left my wife and kids, why'd I do this to save you?

I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

You're the last gang of jesters left.

Though we go around putting on shows, if there were no truth to what he said, our pride won't allow it.

Stop talking, please...

Fellow jesters...

With your great talent,

won't you tell the truth?


I can't. I have to go.

Deok-ho. Hurry...

You're not going anywhere.

Hold my hand.

Hold it like this.




At last, you'll drag me down your path?

Now what?

We go our separate ways.

Our gang is no more.

You're going to do it, aren't you?

Bring down the subjects? Then I'll join you!


Now's my chance to repay Master Seong!

I said we should get rid of them from the start!

Great! You're back to your old, nasty self!

Damn, wretched traitors! I'm coming for you!

Your evil buttocks are mine!

I said our gang is finished!

Then we'll start a new one! No problem!


Jesters! Let's dance!


The assembly is important to the king and the subjects.

We'll make them turn their swords at each other.


With a story.

I have something to tell you!

You fool! Su-yang! Is that all?

What do we do?

For now, please eat all you want.

Now, the king, the crown prince, and the subjects have become one.

The subjects will serve the king and assist the crown prince.

We will not think or do anything that is disloyal.

If anyone goes against this pact, may heaven not forgive him!

Please do not forgive!

Drink it.

It smells like burning jimson weed.

Jimson weed?

It's a hallucinogenic.


It's the gang of jesters.

Look there!

Isn't that Sir Seong Sam-mun?

Seong Sam-mun!

How dare you betray me?

Betray you?

You're no king, sir!


You won't address the king as sire?

As there is but one sun, I serve but one true king!

You will never be a king to me, sir!

If you call me His Majesty just once, I shall spare your life!

You killed your nephew and plotted treason!

You're no king, sir!

You'll never address me as king?

Do you not feed off my allowance?

Search my storehouse!

Your allowance is as is, sir!

Cover your noses and mouths!

They're burning hallucinogenic weed!

You plotted treason against me!

I did no such thing!

I'm not like you, sir!


Strike a hot iron through his legs and cut his arms!

Do it, you bastard!

The iron has cooled!

Go heat it again!

Sir, your torture is pungent!

Good work, Deok-ho!

Sir Seong...

Give it to them, Chief!


It's the gang of jesters!

Go and seize them at once!

What's that sound?

Never heard them hold a pact? What?

They bow and put blood on their faces.

It's crazy!

It won't open!

Open the gates!


Damn weasels!



Su-yang, you fool!

How dare you kill my son to become king!

I'm sorry, Queen Hyeon-deok.

I fell for treacherous subjects' lies and made a mistake.

Annihilating your entire family won't do you justice!

Mark my words!

I'll kill you and your sons miserably!

What's she saying?

It wasn't in the script.

Oh no! Geun-deok inhaled the smoke.

Ma Deok-ho! Stop this at once!

Foolish Su-yang! This is it?

You shed all that blood to be king for just a dozen years?


What have you done with all the loyal subjects?

You're surrounded by only incompetent, greedy fools!

Who killed your eldest son?

Do you really not know it was them?

There is no forgiveness for sinning against heaven!

Your only atonement is to punish the evil subjects and repent!

If you don't wish to lose your only remaining son to them!

Close your mouth!

You wretched jester!

Come to your senses!

Drink the blood to complete the pact!


Something must be wrong.

Shouldn't we go check?

They're always like that.

The meeting must be heated today.

The pact exists no more!

If you drink blood, I'll try you as killers of my eldest son!

Go on! Drink the blood!

Your Majesty.

Put the sword down and...

Your Majesty!

You just broke the pact!

Who killed my eldest son?

Was it you?

Was it you?

Was it you!

Han Myeong-hoe! Was it you?

You killed my eldest son?

I should've known.


You were merely my mask.

Something to decorate and groom, not to uphold as king!

I've decided to make a new king, so step aside and wait to die. understood?

Listen all!

It's not the mad king's sword that we must be afraid of!

It's this book!

It's a record of our deeds that we so wanted to have erased!

All those miracles and lies were made because of this!

Yes, sir!


History is made by those with power!

If our history is passed on to future generations, it'll last forever!

If we burn this book, nothing will taint our great history!

Long live our history!

Long live our history!


The book... has been switched.

Who did this?

Looking for this?

It's a record of your deeds you so wanted to have erased!

It's the reason why you had to lie so much!

Seize him!

It's just the wind.

Let's go.

Lift me up!


Pull! Hurry!

Wretched traitors!

Hear the words of righteous jesters who died by your hands!

Seize him!


A beautiful name will be known forever!

But your evil names will reek forever!

You fool!

Drop that book now!

And all descendants will know heaven's will was not upon you!

Seize him at once!

Erase our faults with miracles?

We've done nothing but build on foolish lies!

History will record us as traitors and the six loyal subjects will be revered.


How'd you know to act like Queen Hyeon-deok?


The late king's mother. You said her son was killed!

Me? I never said that.

You and your damn stories!

I'm telling the truth!

A ghost appeared and said, "I'll annihilate your family!"

Then the king lost his mind!

The king's illness is the curse of Queen Hyeon-deok?

It's true!

Lightning struck and the fog rolled in.

Then the ghosts of the six loyal subjects appeared.


They scolded the king and the evil subjects.

The subjects and the king were scared to death!

It turns out they were the loyal subjects after all!

Then the subjects now are traitors?

That's right!

Damn bastards!

Then we cursed the loyal six because of wretched traitors?

Those rotten weasels!

Damn scoundrels! I'll rip their hearts out!


Geun-deok! It's been so long.

Please let this book be known for generations to come.

Who are you, sir?

I'm Ma Deok-ho.

Jester Mal-bo's disciple.

The faithfulness of the six subjects remains today as a book called, 'The Loyal Six'.


We come to Ming and barely eat to stay alive?

Let's go back to Joseon.

You want to die? They're dying to catch us.

I told you all to go. Why follow me here?

We have a customer! Get ready!

How may we help you?

I heard you were quite good.

Well, we're good at many things.

I'm in love with a man.

I want you to make him love me.

Let's just go back.