Jewel Thief (1967) Script

Now | request the queen of sheyat to distribute the prize.

The first prize for acting and dancing goes to Miss. Shalini

Lot of people among st you must be aware of the fact-

That her father, who has recently passed away.

Had spent his entire life in rendering his services to the royal court.

You dance very well-

We will definitely organize a program-me of yours in our royal court Yes, definitely.

Ay, what are you doing what are you doing?

Sister... Sister... Sister.

The entire police force on one side-

And this Robber on one side.

It is indeed a shame on us-

That we are still unsuccessful

Sir, this Robber is now-a-days under my jurisdiction.

| asure you, that he will not be able to survive for a long.

Till the 26th of January, if I don't produce him in front of you-

Wheter alive or dead-

| swear, I'll resign myself from this job


Call up Mr. Vishambardass, | want to meet him.

| want to sell this.

Sir, The business of selling is our's If you want to buy something, please order But for selling-

You must be purchasing-from somewhere or the other, isn't it?

He is there, you can talk to him

He will sell the thieved merchandise somewhere or the other is'nt it May be he comes at your place.

You don't worry, If something like that happens-

You'll be informed immediately.

But, Mr. Commisioner, the only thing which scares me-

Is that, he might land up here for his robbery.

That worry, you leave it on us-

There is a very tight surveillance in the city Okay, Greetings Greetings.


Sir, who | am, and what | want, these Questions are of no importance to you.

The only interest should be that you need me, as much as | need you-

There is no jeweller like you, and no assayer like me.

Leaving Bombay, for the four shops in Delhi and Bangalore-

You do a purchase of 40 lakhs Every year.

| give you a guarantee that if you pay me a salary of 5000 per mensum Then | can increase your profit by 5 lakhs per year.

Look, this Mr. has gone out of his senses-

Show him the way to outside.

The inside story is that I'll myself look for the outside way Actually | thought, that you were a very good assayer-

You are always in search for diamonds-

But | regret-

That a priceless diamond has himself come in search of you-

And you are not able to assay him Probably for this alone you require an assayer like me Daddy in the evening I'll not be available in the house In the afternoon we are going to our farm house Come back soon I'll come back

Just see, what has happened to him?

Arey, he is not getting up at all Come let's go and see.

Arey, he has become unconcious.

Now, what to do?

See if he is breathing or not?

Come, Come let's take him inside A little forward, a little forward my house is there Have I told something wrong?

Alright, I'll go, I'll go

| extend my thanks to all the ladies-

That with so much of love and affection-

You have all made me reach here-

If next time you do something like this...

Is this any new fashion of wearing an-ear-ring only in one ear Even you have only one ear-ring for it Was it very costly?

Costly...? it was a pair worth Rs.12000.00-

Now what will daddy tell?

12000.00 Even if anybody pays you even 1200.00 for this-

Think that you have made a profit of Rs.200-400

1200.00 What did you say? Tell it again The truth is always bitter Even, if it is worth a penny less than 12000.00-

Then, I'll loose on whatever you say You bet it.

Done If it is worth a penny more than 1200.00-

Then I'll loose this innocent heart of mine.

Do remember my address

| stay here only near your neighbourhood.

Sir, it is absolutely genuine-

That man is absoutely tacking non-sense That man, who is absolutely talking non-sense-

Has proved.

That you all people are talking non-sense In spite of looking into it so minutely-

You could'nt get to know of that defect-

Which his eyes could look into it from far


Sometimes a thirsty. goes to the well-

And sometimes the well comes to a thirsty Tell me, how did you search of this poor dwelling?

Even you are interested in catching fishes-

And even | am

Have you got hold of any fish

| have thrown the hook; let's see It will get caught 5000. Rupees

Yesterday the worth of the well was more-

And Today its of the parched

6,8,10 Enough, enough, enough Sir, you are throwing the hook or are you spreading a net

If | get to see a golden fish-

Then nobody can say this-

That | am not an assayer

Sir, the rates you have charged are very high Sir, but how?

Sir, what | mean is that how can | charge for a single pearl-

You are an old customer of mine Altogether it's worth Rs. 1,25,000 Alright. I'll finish the deal with you for Rs. 1,00,000 Sir, Beleive me, this time | have gone to palaces-

For collecting diamonds, emeralds and pearls-

With a great difficulty Have patience be seated Yes. of course. |I am seated

| have written the rate for each and every diamond-

Putting altogether, the deal is worth Rs.72,450 You can carry on But, if you pay a penny more-

Then you are paying me my salary for no reason My dear, what's all this talk to me Rs. 72,450 Sir, | beg of you Don't do this to me Here, please correct it

Without the ear-rings the ears look how much desolated So, you have even reached here

| have come, but still not reached You look to be very clever Your blessings are there Do you work over here?

Tell me, how can | serve you

| need a necklace Definitely I'll show you such a necklace-

That, once it touches your neck It will double it's glitter

On this velvety fair neck, this white necklace of genuine pearls looks as if Like, the sky which is dissolved by the moon light Is waving a flag

10,000 Probably, the priced is a little high for you Very less, show me something costly Definitely

How do you like this?

It seems like a lake of milk Upon which, it has golden leaves with red lotuses blossomed on them

25,000 That's all, not so cheap, show me something more costlier

And...Look at this

Sparkling rays have condensed and have contracted on your neck

These diamonds wanted to compete with your eyes-

But | think they are now feeling shy And it's also right Because there is a saying, that for a woman, shiness is her real jewel

1,00,000 That's the price Beyond the diamonds are your words And you are beyond my words

Look that...

Sir, look at this even he would remember-

On the very first day itself | have increase the sale by Rs.1,00,000 Very good, very good Look, that negotiation has been settled for Rs.80,000 What is your suggestion on this?

Immediately settled for it

| knew that he would agree on 80, that's why | told 72 Very good, very good.

| see, by selling a thing for Rs.1,00,000 You want to make me insolvent What?

Don't you know, that she is my daughter Anjali

Arey, Amar, | am talking to you Tell me, How are you?

Do you know me?

Do | know you? wonderful... are you joking with me?

When did you come to Bombay?

From where?

Where else? friend, from Delhi where else You are under mistaken. My name is Vinay and not Amar


Amar, good that | found you, here. Take back your money It was very helpful at the right time.

Who told you that I am Amar?

Alright, today you may not be Amar But at least you keep your money Listen...

Why are you so much preplexed He has given you some thing not taken

The evening was good, the food was good, and your company too Don't forget my party Never Does anybody stay in your shed now-a-days, the light is on

Yes You are holding my book in your hands

I am Shalini Probably you want to meet your father, he is there

Daughter, how did you come here?

Is she Anju?

Yes, yes She has grown up so much After how many years am | seeing her?

I think, after 1955 Which means 12 years have passed-

How fast does the time pass away At that time, she used to roam about wearing a frock-

Do you remember Daughter, you don't know-

That your father and | are childhood friends We did our education together started our business at the same time-

Now look, how big a business man he has become

Did you meet Shalu?

What happened? Why are you standing aloof like this?

Come here She is my younger sister, Shalini she has come first time to Bombay Show her the city Will you?

Yes, definitely But Daddy, why didn't you make them stay in the flat?

Here, who will take care of their food?

| had very much told them Actually, we people are from the highlanders We get disturbed with the fast city life Here, there are no mountians covered with snow, like in Sikkim But, here there is at least fresh air water-

But this time you must definitely come to Gangtok

| will definitely come And...

And, I'll also bring Anju along why Anju?

You'll come, is'nt it?

Yes definitely The necklace that you are wearing is realy beautiful-

Who gave it to you is it daddy?

God bless you Come let's go that side Come

So finally you got the time

| have got little delayed

Now, your friends have also started this joke with me

Amar, | went mad waiting for you And you didn't even write to me-

As to where are you, what are you doing, and when will you come back?

You forgot me so much Miss. Shalu, his name is Vinay and not Amar Oh Gosh, as if | don't know my fiancee's name

Amar, from when have you become Vinay?

Madam, | am called Vinay right from my birth-

You are forcing me to become Amar

Why do you want to ridicule me infront of every body?

What exactly do you want to prove?

Why are you addressing me with so much of respect?

| am your Shalu.

My Shalu

Is there any specific reason for not recognising me today?

Madam, | would feel very happy in recognising you-

But unfortunately, | haven't met you before

Why are you joking?

| am not joking, but you are getting deceived

| am getting deceived or | have already got

What's this?

The ring which was given by you-

The sign of our engagement

Anju, just tell her how few people have earlier got deceived like this The talk is between me and you-

Why are you dragging this innocent in between?

That's because you don't beleive on what | say That's because | am not Amar

Amar, after the engagement is over, it can be broken-

But, this is not the way how decent people should behave Madam, men can be made to get entrappet But, this is not the way how decent girls should behave

Amar, why are you insulting me infront of so many people?

Whats this when | haven't met you, how can | know you?-

When, I am telling that I am not Amar You are Amar and only Amar-

You are not revealing your name, may be because of any specific reason Look, if any other girl has come in your life-

If | am longer that Shalu to you-

Without whom you were not interested-

In spending even two moment's of your life If you feel happy in destroying melike this-

Then tell me clearly even I'll call you Vinay from today Anju please, somebody stop her-

| haven't seen her met her, she is forcibility imposing her on me Imposing on Amar, this means at this time you don't want to even recognise me Why are you looking at that side?, look here Who is he?

He very well knows, who | am But he is pretending Either you are a brilliant hooligan or you are trying to act.

Look brother either you are struck to some misunderstanding or...

Don't blaber Infront of so many people-

| have done the engagement of my sister with you-

Every child of Gangtok is a proof of this-

And now you are planily refusing

| don't understand, what trap is being plotted against me?

What trap is being plotted...

Tack decently. There is a height for tolerance By more, physical strength, if you want to prove-

That | am not what | am and somebody else Then don't forget, that even | have two hands But Amar, why are you doing like this?

If you want to break the engagement, then tell us clearly-

We will not pressurise you in any way But, among st so many people you are...

That's because | am not Amar you are lying, your sister is lying

No brother no... Brother no...

Leave me-

It is better | get hanged after killing such a person-

Atleast he will not be able to insult somebody else.

You are insulting me Neither | have met you, nor do | know you-

And you say that | am related to your sister Amar, | am sure, decently you will not tell the truth No, brother What are you doing? leave, leve.

Leave me, I'll not do anything.

| say leave me...

| just want to ask you one question-

You say that | haven't seen you anytime before It's a fact.

It means that, | know about you only much-

As | can know about you, us of now What exactly do you want to say?

That right now you have worn a shoe-

But still, | can tell that trace of your leg-

Which may be known, to only those who are very close to your-

And what's that?

Your right leg has sir finger's-

And if it's there, then Amar,-

You are not disclosing your true identity, with some special intention And now you remove your shoes in front of everybody and prove That | am a lier

Look Mr...What ever your name is...

| don't have to prove anything about myself-, but...

By your talk, | have started believing-

That you had been connected to such a person-

Who in looks was as identical as me-

Now in the capacity of my decency-

| want to make you believe That | am not that person, you are badly under deception Which means you are scared of removing the shoes-

You may think the same But, the truth is-

That, in such a big party like this-

Removing shoes will be against manners-

And secondly, | am scared-

If my sock's are torn-

This is nothing, but an excuse What do we understand from this?

What should we understand-

He is scared that the truth will be unveiled if he removes his shoe Vinay Why don't you show your leg?

Now you will definitely have to remove your shoe

Not left but right

Two people can resemble so much Shalu, we must seek forgiveness from him l...I am very much ashamed

Brother, forgive me.

Your face resembls Amar to such great ex tent-

That what myself, anybody can get decepted

Who is it?


Is daddy in the house?


My child, my son, you have come after so many months But Mother, this time | haven't come empty handed;look

Where have you brought this from?

It is a stolen one...

I'll hit you, if you utter something like that This is of Genuine pearls-

| have paid my entire month's salary on this-

So, you have started woring, thank's to God-

After all he gave you the wisdom If you would have listened to your father, initially itself What loss would have you made?

IF | had listened to my daddy-

Could | had ever bought for you in my entire life A necklace worth Rs.10,000

10,000 You earn 10,000 rupees in one month Ask daddy, he has spent 40 years in the service-

What salary does he get now?

He has wasted his life, and was bying to parcel mine too Who is there inside?

Whom were you talking to?

| was talking...?

Are your ears echoing?

I see, I thought as if I could hear Vinay's voice Saw this only happens-

When you ask a good young boy to leavefrom the house Even if rats make a noice-

It looks as if the voice of the son is heard By giving such an unless child-

For what has the derting taken it's revenge againt me?

By your telling, will anybody become useless one year he failed in metric One year he failed in Inter One year he failed in B.A.

Alright But still by God's grace I at least had that much of influence-

That | could have got that Ass a job for 300-400 somewhere or the other-

But only if he had got time other than collecting stones Whenever seen, he'll be found only collecting stones Alright, as one sow's so he reaps If he collects only stones-

Then even in his destiny only stones will get deposited Then what?

You'll even call a diamond to be a stone You'll call a coral also to be a stone And, you'll call those pearls also to be stones Wearing a necklace, are you in your senses Arey, where did this come from?

Where ever it has come from? it's value is Rs.10,000

10,0007 Arey, Rs.10,000 didn't even come in your dowry But, where did you bring this from?

From where ever-

May be my useless son had given this to me Did Vinay come?

| am asking you, did Vinay come here?

Who allowed him to enter this house?

What did you say Rs.10,000-

How did he get Rs.10,0007?

From where ever, How does it concern you?

Look, let me make it clear-

That In my house such a thing should not enter May be it is a stolen article Yes, yes, in the house of a police commissioner-

Will a Robber take birth or an inspector of an police But, where did he get such a huge sum from?

Why, can't your son earn such a huge sum?

My son, never-

If he blabbers that he has bought this from his salary-

Then its worth can-not be more than Rs.10 If it's worth Rs.10 let it be-

He has given it to me, why are you feeling so jealous

| am feeling jealous, my God | am feeling jealous In his entire life he has not earned a penny-

He'll buy a necklace worth Rs. 10,000 and come

| am feeling jealous

Please come

Why did you take the trouble of coming?

You should have ordered me, | would have come Nothing, | had a small work

What will be the price of this necklace

Till yesterday. it was in my shop Was it stolen?

No no, | have appointed a new attendant-

Yesterday, when his first salary was given He told me sir, in lieu of my salary | want to buy this necklace

| told him, what's the matter?

Whom are you giving this necklace what Rs.10,000 He told me, it's for someone's special What is his name?

Mr. Commissioner, that boy is simply superb-

His eyes can pierce the heart of the stone and see And regarding diamond's and other precious stones-

He says from the childhood he hasn't filtered mud-

Has filtered only pearls I have given him a start of Rs.10,000-

Let's see, how far he grows?

Okay, how I'll take leave Will you not meet him and go?

No, whatever | wanted to know, | have known-

Vinay, the necklace which you had bought yesterday-

How did it reach to Mr. Commissioner?

Sir, Mr. Commissioner is my father

Excuse me is Shalu here?

What will she do coming here?

Is everything alright?

I can't say,in the night when I woke up-

| saw that she was not on her bed

Since yesterday she is behaving very indifferent-

| am scared if she does something stupid I'll go, I'll search for her.

And, when Dawn arises

On somebody's tears, It's not good to laugh I'll laugh, that's because a mere dream made you cry The one who see's a dream-

Only that person can understand the pain of it's breaking When the dream breaks, then one should open the eyes To see. What, the darkness No, to see, that the night is passing off-

The Dawn will definitely arise

But still, the wound takes time to get healed If the remedy is given it get's healed up faster

Have you come here as a doctor?

For such wounds, instead of a doctor a friend is required

Saw, how | scared you?

When a guest is in the house, one shouldn't look into the time

Come here, sit closer to me-

Talk something romantic with me The night will pass off within a flick Come on, leave this room-

Otherwise tomorrow your daddy will sack me from my job It would be good, I'll make you my secretary

What salary would you charge?

Now, what will you take for leaving from here

Will you give?

Look, you got scared Look, your coming here like this is not at all good That's because, you are a man and | am a woman

For sometime, why don't you forget on the fact-

Of you being a man and me to be a woman Even in the scriptures it is written-

That the sout has no sex Learned person, shower your grace on me-

Tomorrow it's sunday, the whole day I'll do your slavery But at this time, you better leave this place Alright, leave me till the car Come I'll not get up Then?

Then what carry me-


No, this bed

Alright, come.

Is the weight more?

Till now | am alive

Come, drop me till my house Till your house; and how will | come back?

Take the car along with you In the morning anyway's you have to come for slavery Or have you forgotton now itself-

Only if you make me forget Alright, get inside

I'll pack food in the lunch box and tea in the flask We'll take 24 bottles of beer with us-

Let's make this picnic which we never forget Why?

For me Only if you accept it

| have no courage to refuse it Please come But suddenly, how did you feel that | am worthy of this?

You gave me the strength to compete with the life-

In return, it's a very small gift Sit down

Can | open it and see?


You didn't like it Miss. Shalini if you want to make me Amar-

Then you are mistaken-

If you want to grow your friendship with me-

Just because you find Amar in me-

Then you can understand that how much my self-respect will get hurt

If | give you the rememberance of Amar-

Then I'll indeed feel happy in staying away from you But yes, If | can help you in forgetting of Amar's rememberances-

Then you can consider me as your friend

By mistake, | understood you as my friend

Not Amar, But Vinay You felt bad of my talk and walked away Not at all, | have no such rights Tell me, how do I look?

Absolutely the same


Even this just like that Don't feel bad But, on one condition Tell me

| became Amar for your happiness For my happiness, you think me to be just like Amar

Atleast for today, agreed Agreed

If Amar was there, had anybody dared to overtake him like this

If we had met with an accident, then?

What happened?

Last year, the aeroplane tragedy that took place in Kashmir-

My mother and father were in that

| couldn't even see their dead bodies

Do you have any other brother or sister?

There is only one brother, | am alive only for him Only for him Your brother is very good

Brother, we don't object on romance, but in the middle of the road Search for a better place Okay tell me, the difference between me and him?

There's no difference at all-

But still, there's a lot of difference For example For example

He had the same eyes-

But, when he used to look at me,-

Something used to happen within He had the same voice as yours-

But, when he used to speak-

Then something used to happen within He had the same style of walking as yours-

But when he used to walk-

Then something used to happen within He had the same lips as yours But when...

But when he used to use it Yes, when he used...

What do you mean?


And when he used to recite a versification He used to do versification too And, when he used to sing in a tune He also used to sing Like he used to wassail the world of love Just let me hear any of his poetry-

Let me also know what kind of world he used to wassail For example, he only told this-

Beneath the sky. Today we are back of us-

We have wassailed the world of love-

We have made the prints of our foot-steps This looks like a cheap poetry What do you mean by cheap-

What do you know about versification Why do you get angry for this?

May be it sounds good in a tune

| see... very good What do | know-

Had | heard it, | could have give my opinion Nobody needs your opinion Your wish



Madam, This is a song or a kawali (frolic)

You anyway's look like a funster If you even sing a clasical song it will look like a kawali (frolic)


The incident is of the last year-

Those days | used to stay in pune-

There was a theft which took place in my house The report of which is recorded in that station The jewels which had got theived among those this ring was also there The one whom you saw in that girls finger Yes.

Is there anybody?

Find out, where will Mr. Vishambar das be available at this time

Shalu, just give me the ring?

Give a deep thought, and think once again

Let me know, What the matter is?

The thing is that this ring is thevished Shalu, was this also left to be heard of Amar Who is this Amar?

Mr. Commissioner...

Is this the time for a decent man to come home-

Ask him, what he wants?

Tell that, | have come to return the car back Take the keys And tell, thank you so much for using the car Ask him, what was the hurry?

He could have used it for 3-4 days more Tell her, that | am feeling very thirsty-

Will she ask for something to drink or should | leave?

Ask him if he has come here to quench his thirst-

Then what was he doing the whole day with her?

Tell her that | was increasing my thirst-

Now | have come to quench it

He's come to quench it

Has the thirst got quenched?

Pour a little bit on yourself too-

So that the fire of your anger also gets extinguished

Why do you trouble me so much?

In reality if this Amar's face is identical to my son-

Then to catch hold of him, should not be of a difficult task Meanwhile, you keep this ring with you-

If required, you'll have to take pains of coming to the station Yes, definitely Shalu, take it


Hear there are uncut diamonds worth lakhs Everynight the job of cutting used to take place But, from few days one of my crafts man has fallen sick-

And the other has gone on a holiday Now you suggest me as to what should | do?

Because, | cannot trust upon a new person

Will you be able to trust me?

Vinay, from today your salary will be double From tomorrow you can take an off in the morning Because this work will be done in the night after the shop closes From when are you starting?

You tell me Tomorrow by 9 'O’ clock I'll wait for you outside the shop

The time is 8:30 So I have to reach by 9 'O' clock

Should | leave?

Your wish

| thought that you would tell me to stop for some more time

Had | told, would you have stopped?

Why don't you say once and, see it for yourself What will | do telling?

What ever | had to say the destiny has told it

And what about that which | have to say?

It's better if you don't say

Is your name Shalini?

Yes, tell me This letter

Brother Yes Where is he?

Please come

Shalu, what's the matter?

Arey, we have to go to the party, where is she going?

| don't know, one man had brought a letter What letter, just read it

| immidietly want to meet you come with this man

| am not waiting in the car That scowndrel has again come

| don't know when this girl will get matured?

She has again gone to him His intentions are not good-

Otherwise, wouldn't he had come into the house Why did he call her outside?

Go and stop her, otherwise she'll again come into his trap I'll change my clothes and come

Leave me, leave me, brother... leave me

My ring The same ring Did you see any of the Rowdies face?

Okay I'll leave-

Otherwise sir would tell-

That | am late by one and a half hour, on the very first day itself

Is sir in the house?

Come in

Is he angry with me?

His eyes were showing the anger Actually | got late

Sit down, I'll just send him


You, here Sir, | came here for appologising | couldn't reach at the right time What are you blabbering?

For the last 2 hours you were sitting with me and cutting diamonds Just 10 minutes ago, | dropped you outside and left-

Because you told me that I'll work till the morning Sir, what are you talking?

For the last half-an-hour | was here Yes, daddy BY 10:30 when | reached the shop, the door was closed

| thought probably you had left after waiting for a long So, | took a taxi and straight away came here You are lying It was 5 minutes to 9, and you reached there

| told, Vinay you are very puntual You told me sir, how could | come late on the very first day?

After which we had closed the door from inside Sir, | was not there | was not there IF you were not there, then who was there?

I am ruined Sir.

I am ruined I am ruined I am ruined I'll call the doctor Not the doctor but police, police

He was seated there, and | was hore How did | know, that he was Amar

Vishambar do you remember-

That in your party myself and Anju mistook Vinay to be Amar Yes, From the time Mr. Commissioner has told-

That the ring given by Amar was of thieved-

From then, my mind is only pondering on Amar's movements He used to avoid giving answers for so many questions For exemple, where does the hail from?-

Who his parents were, what work he does?

And the second thing was that he never used to stick on to one place Sometimes in Delhi, sometimes in Calcutta sometimes in Bombay-

Sometimes here sometimes there-

Suddenly he used to come, suddenly he used to get disappeared But there is no doubt that now-a-days he is in Bombay The moment he came to know-

That the ring which he gave has become the evidence of his theft-

He has sent rowdies to attac on Shalu Now Mr. Commissioner, you yourself think There were gold bangels, a costly watch and a diamonds necklace He didn't touch on those-

He only snatched away the ring You mean to say, that this Amar is the same jewel thief-

But why?

Whom we are in search of

How can | tell this ?

May be he is the same, may be not

Leave me, it's not my fault How long have you been here? who are you?

I am a small robber, I'll not do it again You are not a robber but you have come here for hearing our talk-

Who has sent you here? whom do you work for?

Tell me, otherwise I'll strangle your neck I'll tell, I'll tell, but leave my neck, leave my neck

| am a poor man, | was given money How much money?

100 Rupees.

Who gave it to you?

| didn't see his face, it was dark there was a mask on his face You know it, you are lying

Tell, otherwise I'll break your bones My hand...

And if you tell me the truth, then even I'll give you 100 rupees

100 Rupees

100 Rupees First give it

First give the answer.

His name his name is Amar

Although his friends call him by the name Prince

| have no relation with him

| haven't net him till date, his Girl friend has sent me here Who Girl friend?

By the name Roman night club those in a night club On every sunday night the Girl...who dances there...

Sir, the lift has gone till the 5th floor

First, switch on the light

Arey, yesterday how did you forget your pipe?

Even | was thinking that where did it get disappeared/

Darling, you make a drink, I'll freshen up and come

Change your clothes later Not the clothes, | was just changing my shoes Come let's sit outside

You haven't made the drinks

Darling, take out some ice pleace

Sir, What will you take?

Madam, what ever you give

Drink, and remember me I'll sit and drink and remember



First you drink

The entire wearines vanishes in your arms

Who could be at this hour?

Did you send a telegram from pune?

Let me see

n this it's written that you are going to come to night 2 'Q' clock How did you come early?

My intention was this-

But after sending the telegram, | thought Why don't | reach a little early to see you Lier, come let's finish our drink, and then we'll go to sleep

Please open the zip Open it

Close your eyes.

Who was he?

The same Follow him Daddy I'll be with his girl friend, I can get to know a lot about him Alright, take care of yourself, go

Hallo who is it?

Early morning somebody is in a mood jokes-

He says himself to be Amar Look, look, look.

He is one scowndrel who is following me Ask him where is he speaking from?

Talk a little sweet Hallo, who, Amar darling, where are you speaking from?

All this I'll tell later-

First tell me, that last night who was in your room?

In my room, no one Look ourling, last night | couldn't meet you-

And now I am again leaving to pune, I am speaking from V.T station In another 20 minutes my train will leave

| called up to inform you only this-

That last night there was someone in your room-

| am scared, if the police is chasing us Just take care of yourself-

The moment | reach pune, I'll contact you

Now where will you escape?

Brother, I...I...1 I am Vinay Where are you going?

To catch Amar, that wicked, the son of there's Even you Even you, how do you know that he is in Pune.

In Pune Yes, But, first tell me that how did you come to know of this?

Look at that rascals gut's, he again wrote a letter to Shalu-

Telling her to come in this brain and meet me in Pune station-

And Shalu also got ready-

| come to know of it I locked her in the house-

And told her, dare you go?

I'll go and punish him-

Brother, we'll not have to go till Pune-

Amar, is in this train only In this train He is in this train and going to Pune But...

How did | get to know, it's a long story First let's catch him, later I'll tell you It's good that all the compartments of this train are joined-

The entire brain can be searched off This is really very good-

Do one thing, you go that side, I'll go this side And look if you get him, inform me, after that I'll take him to task.

Even you do the same thing Yes, yes, yes.

You didn't get him, isn't it Somebody has lied you, he is not in Not lied, but may be he has changed his mind.

| am sure he will definitely come to Pune station, to meet Shalu Even | think the same

Your estimation was rightly-

Instead of Shaly, his brother has come It's good that you came 30 Otherwise, he'll start the fight again unneccessarily And we should leave from here immediately

Yesterday you were wearing the same coat?

Yes...Yes...absolutely the same Oh..Come..

Prince! sweet drink!

Prince! What you had written in the letter has come true And Mr. Radha has reached Calcutta-

And he wants to sea the jewellery worth 80 lakhs Prince!

As instructed by you. We have printed your visiting cards He is from france, representing a famous jewaller-

And he is here to buy diamonds and jewellery from India

From all the corners of the world buyers have reached Calcutta

But this word has been put into Mr. Rana's ears-

That if you like the jewellery, You are carrying 80 lakhs cheque in your pocket Your new dresses are stitched with latest French fashion As written by you Mr. Rana is a flirt Wonderful Prince! you have again hit the bull's eye!

In two meetings he has been charmed by Julie!

First, he was going on interviewing, modern girls!

Now, he says...

If anyone is going to wear my jewellery. It will be julie!

So, Prince...

Are we going to kindnap Julie by our selves from the hall

I will think... I will think...

You all may leave now, and let Prince take some rest

Darling, | suspect that | am pregnant This is happy news!

Then, when are you going to marry me?

As soon as | get a chance...

Poor Mr. Rana, how restlessly, he must be waiting?

What happened?

| am ruined, | am ruined!

Why will | do like this boss?

Oh! jagga!

Girl with 80 lakhs jewellery.. Kidnapped...

For the first time jewel theif see for first time jewel theif

Yes, yes, he is the same.

Look here brother he is indentical with this Yes...yes...he is the same

He is the same thief he is absolutly the same thief...

Why don't you show your face and then go.

Vinay...stop...Vinay Come in... Come in Elder brother, is it you?

What did you do? Why are they chasing you?

What are you doing sir?

| thought they would have killed you.

| don't know what has happened to all of them?

What has happened? Didn't you see today's newspaper?.

Every newspaper has printed Amar's photograph!

Yesterday night he has committed a big robbery Look at this...

How identical his face is with yours!

Brother!, it's me!


They think thatl am Amar, and made me to commit the robbery You are talking of which time?

Yesterday night!

What has happened to you? You were with me the whole night Aey, me...

Are you drunk?

We had seen the 9:30 show together last night After that, we went to hotel and slept.

About whom are you talking?

After Poona's train, | am meeting you for the first time Vinay, What's wrong with you We have come to-gether from Poona to Calcutta.

Booked a double room in the hotel,-

We were not separated even for a moment.

In the morning, up to what time I was with you™?

You were sleeping when | left, Why?

Drive immediately.

Arey | should also Know what's the problem?

Because, the person with whom you spent 2 days, he is Amar Amar!!

Driver quickly.

Drive immediatly, he has once again deceived me-

You, cheat!

Amar! he is not here How will | know his where abouts. Look there.

What is this?

Looks like,it will be in the letter!

This is the paper from his pad Read what is written?

You think, you are very clever? but you are a fool Amar.

How dare?

You think, you are very clever I am a fool, | will wring the neck of that rascal Come, we will ask the manager; he might know

| think it's him only


Beware, don't come forward , | will shoot you Suddenly, what's happened to you?

| have been deceived once-

That does mean, | will always be deceived Deceived? How were you deceived?

You are not our Prince Amar-

Your name is Vinay.

Vinay! Who told you that?

Don't try to act smart.

Now |, know every thing.

You made a fool of me, you made a fool of my friends.

The theft that Amar was to have committed, you did it.

Tell me where are those 80 lakhs worth of jewels.

Otherwise you won't be spared.

Tell me, who told you all this?

| won't tell.

Tell me, who is that?

Leave me, | will tell you.

Tell me quickly.

| saw it with my own eyes.

What did you see?

Both of them Amar and Vinay.

Where did you see Amar?

He was also with me.

And he told me that you are impersonating him.

And he also told me,-

That | should catch you.

Where is he now?

He has gone Where has he gone?

Gangtok, Sikkim.

Did you see?

You were always cursing him.

To-day that son has stood in good stead Now you understood?.

Why | wanted him to join the police force.

He has my blood in his veins Darling! where is this Gangtok?

In Sikkim.

The thief is very clever.

He knows that our police can't do anything there.

But how | will pressurize that govt. through our govt, That they should help us.

Anyway There the swimming pool is very beautiful-

| will take you there.

That is north hill hotel and it is the best hotel of Gangtok.

It's a very beautiful city.

I will write to shalu and ask her to come with daddy.

Yes, as it is she will be coming in a few days.

Is in't daddy's jeep.

How are you son?

He is my son Vinay.

You look at him and understand-

As to what type of a person are we looking for?

Brother has shown me all the places, which he used to visit.

Had I not seen your feet even I would have been deveived.

Has anybody told you before that how beautiful you are.

Has anybody told you before that you are more handsome than him.

With Amer!

His hair has started greying here.

And wrinkles have appeared here.

What's your name?

If any body sees then, You will be in trouble yourself, and put me in trouble too.

Then let's go some where else.

If he comes to know then...

You are so scared of him?.

Till am in his clutches | have to be scared.

But once | extricate myself, | will be free for ever What is your relationship with him?

He is an expert in making false promises But once he can grab a girl, Then he makes her dance to his tunes.


Every girl thinks that he will marry her.

But | have become wiser At the first opportunity | will disappear.

Where will you go?

Delhi, Bombay wherever | wish...

Will you come with me?


Go away. You want me to do something under false pretexts.

Yes, there is some work if you wish to do it.

Once, | want to meet him.

Why do you want to put your life in danger?.

Think it over, you do my work, | will do your work.

Okay listen! he comes to my house in the night.

Where is your house?

Oh God! he is Amar's man, he is looking for me.


You probably thought | am Amar, that's why you were running away.

| want you to go away don't follow me like this.

Why are you scared?

If someone sees then.

If brother comes to know he will be very angry.

Your brother was saying-

That you were going to come after 34 days.

| have come just now, I haven't met him.

He wasn't at home He doesn't even know.

1 will go.

You are a strange girl.

| have come to your city-

You don't have the courtesy of offering me a cup of tea Why don't you understand?

It's not proper for us to be seen to-gather Go away Vinay.

They are all excuses there is something behind it.

There is nothing.

Tell me

| tell you there is nothing

| don't belive it.

You leave me.

You'll have to tell me

| won't tell.

If there is something only | can tell you.

You are unnecessarily troubling me.

Then, why did you run away after seeing me?

If you ask me unnecessary questions, | won't answer.

Brother has forbidden you to meet me?

| won't answer.

Will you meet me again?

| don't know.

You don't like to meet me?

| will not answer.

Okay go.

We might not meet again.

You know, what a dangerous man | am chasing.

Good Bye.

You won't hate me, is'nt it .

| thought | will love you...

No. Don't say like that don't think like that.

Shalu come with me for a little while.

| promise you that | shall not ask any such questions.

Which you may not wish to answer.

Make one more promise.

That you will not mention this to brother.


Where do you wish to go?

Wherever you want to take me.

Actually brother it's all my fault Shalu, said that she didn't meet you till now.

| dragged her forcibily Oh!

Why are you getting scared like this Shalu.

| haven't prevented to you from anything till to-day.

If I had known that whom are you going with-

And when are you going to return, | wouldn't worry.

Actually Vinay, Shalu is my only sister.

And you know, this poor thing has been deceived once Have faith in me, | am not one of them.

Who break the betrothal, If you give the blessings, | am prepared to make her mine for ever.

Really! wonderful.

If Shalu has the same intention, then | would be very happy.

You also come inside.

Vinay, Vinay. Not there here, here.

| couldn't come to-day understood...

Hey stop.

Take me away from here. He will kill me.


He came to know, all that | had talked to you yesterday.

Who came to know?

Amar who else?

Come on Vinay | will tell you everything on the way.


Come Vinay please come.

You can drive the jeep, is'nt it?

Whose is this jeep?

It is his. What are you thinking Vinay come soon there is no time

Come on.

We will go home for a minute, you pick up your bag from there.

After that... Go ahead and then right.

You wait in the jeep, I will come just now.

Amar what are you doing? Leave my hand.

» getting worried, that | have come to the enemy's But here | found my own friends., There are more, come.

Gentleman, our guest has come.

Come, Come sir.

Mr. Rana.

You made us wait for a long time friend.

At least he has come.

Come on Sir!, will you have a drink?

Taste this.

Taste it from my glass because he has special affection for me.

He doesn't know me, but | know him very well-

That's why | will embrace him.

He has ordered that he (Vinay) should'nt have any problem.

He'll have no problem.

If you feel hungry, these are the things to eat.

If you feel thirsty, this is here to drink.

That means, | am a first class prisoner Prisoner no no. Don't utter such a bad word.

You are our special guest.

If you need anything, we are at your service For that purpose. This man will be at your service for 24 hours.

Finished? | will drink more. Any body here? any body here?

What is it?

Bottle is empty | will drink more-

| am your special guest, serve.

It's enough go and sleep.

1 will drink more, I will drink more.

Pick him up.

He has drank a lot. Take him.

Keep it that side, It may go off.

He has drank too much.

Is not bothered about...

Come on friend... Come on ...

Amar it is useless to hide now. | know you are inside.

Come out.

Open the door otherwise...

You had promised that the day Vinay reaches here.

The same day you will return my brother to me.

Sister! where were you?-

They were not allowing me to play or to go out And you also left me.

No., no Shishu, I will not go, I will never leave you and go.

Listen whoever has troubled you, I will punish him severely-

You don't worry.

Sister let's go home.

Yes we'll go home, | have come to take you.


What's all this? Why are you closing the door?

| am telling you to open the door.

Open the door- open the door...

Don't you know.

Brother, gave the permission to go.

Open the door otherwise | will beat you to pulp...

Don't worry, | will open the next door.


Vinay are you listening Who is it?

| am Shalu.


Where are you speaking from?

From under your room there is a tunnel.

How did you reach here?

If you remove the carpet of your bath room You will find the way to get down

Make fast!

Make fast | am waiting for you.

Shall we go!

Vinay, Vinay will you forgive me?

If you will ask for forgiveness like this-

Then it will be difficult to refuse.

But | have not understood so many things till how.

We will get lot of time to understand and explain.

But if we are caught, now the life of 3 of us will be in danger.

Who is third one?

Come there.

Sister!, come to me.

My brother, Shishu.

Once | had told you is'nt it.

I am living for him.

And that brother of yours.

He had kidnapped this poor thing.

By threatning to kill him-

He forced me do, whatever he wished.

You know from the begining itself that | am not Amar.

You haven't come to know till now.


That there is no person by the name of Amar.

Is there is no person by the name of Amar?.

There is no other person looking like me?

There is no other person looking like you.

You have been deceived.

I, Helen, Julie and the rest of them who work with that thief.

All of them combimned to-gather and tried to prove.

That there is another person who looks like you.

And whose name is Amar.

But there is no such person.

The business man, who sells all the stolen goods, He is also in our group.

And the theft that was commited there?

There was no theft commited, it was all a lie, a deception.

It was just a drama, It took 6 months to enact it.

Each and every one moved by the word of mouth.

But, don't worry come!.

There is a hole in the carpet.

It seems someone has cut it with scissors.

Where can he go?


Yes Please.

How long will it take?

Prince! a person cannot be given more then 1 electric shock a day There are some people who with a single shock itself.

Loose their memory There are others, who have to be given even six shocks.

That means you are convincing me that in six days-

Vinay will forget all about his life.

What are you talking?

He won't remember even his name.

So you are the jewel thief.

| was...but now you are what's your name?.

Vinay, Amar.

Police commissioner of Bombay has sworn, By 26th Jan, he will definately arrest the Jewel thief.

I am very much hurt by this.

It's a pity that the punishment for the sins of the father, Is being borne by the son.

Do your work.

Forget... forget...

Forget that you are Vinay You are not Vinay.

You are Amar. You are Amar.

You are Vinay's enemy, Amar

Police commissioner's enemy, Amar!

Julie's husband, Amar!

Prince Amar!

Enemy of the police, Amar Enemy of the police, Delhi Amar.

Daughter, | was helpless.

| am also helpless daddy.

| thought that at least four shocks have to be given.

What did you say?.

| thought at least four shocks have to be given.

But in two shocks only His condition became compatible to your requirement.

How are you feeling Prince?

Who are you?

Doctor, My ten year old associate does not even recongnize me-

Please do something.

You be assured that he will remember everything soon Which place is this?

Prince Amar. This is your head quarters.

To escape from the police Your entire group hides here.


Dr. he doesn't even remember his name.


Police is looking for you from every corner of the India.

You are blamed for thousands of thefts-

There is a reward of lakh's of rupees for your arrest.

Just try to remember prince we are all your accomplices.

How did | get into this condition?

Bombay's police commissioner shot you!

You had a severe head injury! Doctor saved your life by operating.

This doctor!.

Doctor!... Why my legs are also paining?

Prince Amar!

Don't you remember that you had six toes on your right leg.

You always wished to get The sixth toe removed.

long with that operation doctor has removed your toe also.

Amar-Amar you have become alright.

You don't know how happy | am.

What nonsense they are talking.

They say that you don't remember anything.

| Don't belive it You can forget everything even your wife-

But you can never forget your Neena.

3 most enchanting years of my life | have spent with you

| have brought some thing for you, come.

See how beautiful these flowers are!

Let God punish that police commisioner, who shot you.

It seems he has reached Sikkim in search of you.

| am very much amused!

When he comes face to face with you | fear he will meet his end.

Oh! Amar, | could never forget you.

You are again here!

Oh! Mrs. Amar. | was just...

You shameless!

How many times | have warned you to stay away from my husband.

Julie Madam...l came here, just to enquire about his health.

| know you very well.

Under false pretences, you meet him to entice him.

You want to take advantage of his situation.

You are mistaking me!

Get away from here.

Get out!

es she know? Doctor said your room should be p But couldn't control my self after seeing that wretched Look here!

Till we weren't married all the girls had equal rights on you!

But, even after having a child they are still desiring!

Only one point should be brought in when Vinay is there-

A child!

Okay, leave it!

How do you feel now? My, love!

That, he is Prince Amar known as "Jewel Thief"

Until he is fully convinced-

Our work is half finished.

An excellent theft was committed in Amritsar!

The police were outwitted in broad day light!

Prince cleaned all the bank lockers in no time.

And that Mysore, robbery! was it any inferior?

How tightly secured Maharaja's museum was Even then, nobody got the wind of it,-

Nobody ever knew where that costly antique jewellery vanished.

| consider the robbery of seth bishambar Das's shop as the best.

Prince was cutting diamonds right in front of him!

And that fool thought that he was his employee Vinay.

What brothers? Is it true that...

This Vinay's face resembled with our Prince.

Except this, that his right foot had 5 toes and Prince had 6.

There was not even a bit of difference between the two.

Can any one tell me? whether this Vinay is alive or dead.

If our Prince targets can anyone escape.

That's why his father, Bombay's police commissioner-

Is after the life.

First he said that he would catch him alive-

Now, he says that he will drag the corpse up to Delhi.

Is it a joke!?

Let our Prince get better...

This police commissioner will forget all his lofty ideals He will run for his life.

What do you all think!

Will Prince be alright before 26th January.


Don't you people remember?

On 26th January, the near-by hill estate Maharaja-

Was to hand over his throne to his Prince.

Yes, Yes...

Prince planned to steal his crown on that day.

10 lakhs worth of jewels are engraved in that crown.

Prince, Prince you have become alright-

Long live Prince!

Long live Prince!

Long live Prince! Long live Prince.

Yes, he was staying in this hotel,-

But he is missing for so many days now.

Neither he has taken his luggage, nor has he paid the bill.

Hey! where have you lost in thoughts?

Julie, come near me.

Tell me the truth darling.

I am in such a position that | can't tell anyone-

| can't trust anyone All this wealth and treasure belongs to me.

Amar, my Prince, what has happened to you?-

Be brave, gather your wits even now.

This is your earnings of 12 years of your blood and sweat By putting your life in thousands of dangers-

You have stolen every single jewel And for this 1 crore worth of wealth, you are asking-

Whether it belongs to you Think hard and try to remember, This wealth is all yours. this palace is yours And they.-

They are your servants who live on the morsels thrown by you Doctor, had said that slowly | will remember everything.

What do you mean by slowly you after you loose every thing by then.

| tell you, our people have revolted When they have no faith in your strength-

How will they respect you?

If you don't remember, it doesn't matter.

At least you act in front of them That you are the same jewel thief; the same Prince Amar-

Who was a terror to the police.

Who has revolted?

Tell me his name | will beat him into a pulp Who is that brown fellows? who can confrent me?

Nobody should think that I am sick

| am not an ordinary man

| am jewel thief, | am jewel thief

"The Jewel Thief"

Arey what's this?

Did | impres?

Plenty, Now watch.

26th January.

Do you people remember that we have to do something on 26th Jan.

We do remember, Prince;

How can you remember?

Whole day you are drinking and playing cards

You tell me, what was our plan?

We were to raid the court of shaito, Prince.

And the crown that was to be put on Prince's head-

| have been entrusted the task of drawing the map of the court.

As per your order | went in disguise-

And went through every nook and corner of the court.

If you permit me, Then on 26th Jan, what type of function is going to be held Shall | say something about it You are permitted.

Prince big personlaties are coming there.

Foreign ambassadors will also be there So, the security will be very tight.

Can succed in entering only in disguise of dancers.

Without invitation, a bird also can't enter there There is only one way to go inside.

There is a dance program-me there.

You and your associates.-

You already know that once the king...

Has requested our Shalini To perform a dance in his court.

Do you remember Shalini?

Yes | remember very well Then, tell Prince Amar.

King has specially asked that time...1...

No. No, | will not let this game be successful Vinay. Vinay they are all your enemies...enemies You are not Amar these people have made you mad-

So that you should think, yourself to be the jewel thief-

Whatever you are listening, thinking and understanding-

Is all false.

Except me, nobody is yours here, Don't beleive anyone Recognize me? recognize me I am Shalini, Shalu You are not Amar, you are Vinay, Son of Bombay's Commissioner of police, Vinay.

What nonsence this girl is talking-

The person who is my deadliest enemy,-

She is calling him my father.

Who has entisted this mad girl in my gang.

This is not your gang Ask her to keep quiet Otherwise gag her mouth and take her out No you are not Amar, no you are not Amar.

Where is this police commissioner these days?

And see this. And this photo is...

No not this, that one You are the commissioner?

If you love your life then get away from my path.

Otherwise the way | have sent your son to hell..-


The same way | will send you there too.

| have come to tell you this only That if you don't disappear from here by to-morrow Then you take it that your death Will be caused by the bullet of Prince Amar Take away their pistols.

Come on, come on


You are the daughter of Bishambhar Das.

Yes Sir.

And | have to tell you something.

It is 26th January.

Police commissioner has been informed That a theft will be commited in the court today He will leave nothing to chance, but Prince I still think, That it is risky to give a loaded pistol to a mad person.

The Pistol will be loaded but with empty cartridges Police will try to catch jewel thief alive. Get my point But we want the corpse of the jewel thief to go out of the court How is it possible?

Police will start firing only When the first attack will be from the jewel thief And our jewel thief has threatened the police commissioner That if he comes forward he will be shot dead In spite of this if police tries to catch Vinay alive. Then...

Under no circumstances Vinay can be left alive If the police misses Then anyone of you, who gets a chance, has to do this job What are you thinking Shalini?

| have told you before and | repeat it again.

1 will not dance,l will not dance You can kill Vinay you can kill me But by using me you can never kill Vinay

| am fed up with your attitude Shalu If you refuse once again,-

Then in front of you your brother will be shot dead You will dance You will not only dance, but you will keep your mouth shut also

Hey brother look here, how am | looking

No one will move out from here!

Prince, we have entertained you won't you give us our presents.

What do you want?

| have no temptation for money and wealth...but...

A shining diamond or emerald is always more tempting!

Yes, you'll be put to inconvenience!

For which | am extremely sorry?

But,the crown that is on your head...

Please, remove it and place it on my head.

If you behave like this in a loving and affectinate way...

Our relationship will be very cordial.

A small inconveniance once again!-

Take this prisoner and show him the door One of your guards may make a mistake-

And | may be forced to shoot

Come on...Come on...

Amar, your game is over now.

Drop the pistol! drop it!!

Come on Second one also!

Hands up!

Place the crown, once again on prince's head.

Turn this side, see and then recognize the person-

...Who has vowed to catch you before 26 January

When bad times come man looses his senses

| had told you once before also

...That, if you love your life you should leave this place.

It seems that you don't love your life!

Now, | will see, who is going to catch whom Amar, you have been arrested.

Now, you cannot escape from here.

If you fire one bullet on me...

...Serveral bullets will be rained on you Look up Look!!

| don't have the slightest intentian of shooting...

But, if it starts from your side...

... Don't blame me for it vorld knows that. | don't have any connection witt You have blocked, my every move...

And you have tried to spoil all my plans

| will settle that account some other day...

But now...

You, Please take the trouble of escorting me outside safely

| have never considered my life more precious than my duty.

If you shoot me...

Our people will take your corpse to Delhi.

1 will feel very sorry about it.

Because, | always wanted to take you alive.

Give it. Hand over the pistol.

It seems you are a dull headed person-

...And you prefer not to take those 4 steps with me.

Okay! | will go alone.

Good bye!

If you want the safety of Mr.Commissioner-

Then withdraw your guns Don't bother about me, spray the bullets on him.

Beware, Start firing.


After to-day, the police force in India will sleep peacefully.

Because the jewel thief is killed And we will sleep peacefully,-

Because the police will sleep peacefully.

It was not possible to do this job. without your help The job that all of you have done, Can't be rewarded by money.

Even then, in front of each of you

50 thousand rupees Consider this as a small parting gift from my side.

Good bye

| also can't belive it but it is the fact

| am alive But | saw you dying with my own eyes.

Can empty cartriges be loaded only in your pistols And not in the guns of the police ?

Empty cartriges!.

But, how did your father come to know?

Sir on the paper from you pad only, Written by your pen only.

In front of four of your own people.

Your servant handed over the letter tohis father That means you were not effected by the electri at all.

Why not?

But | understood that you will definitely make me mad Irrespective of the number of shocks That had to be given. but, | thought it would be better-

That | should start acting as mad after getting shocks And after being associated with such good actors, One leasns a bit of acting

What's the plan now?

My father has plans.

Today's date is related to 26th January

Will you take these jewels with you or leave them here Without the jewels, the jewel thief won't be complete

You are 20 and we are 50, Even then you want to fight we are ready for that But it will be better for you to Drop your weapons and come out with your hands up

Where did you go?

| thought | would arrest him myself But he, escaped We have surrounded the place and laid a strong seige Even then he slipped away

Sir look, up there, up there.

No Don't shoot him We have to catch him alive

Daddy, you leave this job to me

Keep the plane ready

Start the plane | am coming

Vinay now you can't harm me Don't try to enter unnecessarily Fate has saved your life a number of times, Protect it.

If people like us are worried about our lives-

Then people like you would have ruled the world.

It's you who has to save himself, not me.

| coming in Don't come Vinay my plan has failed-

I will get nothing by killing you now If | had wanted to kill you | would have killed you long back But | have vowed to catch you alive Then you fulfill your vow Bobby get ready to take off Before you shoot, Just think, Till now you have not been accused of murder.

Today, To-morrow or the day after you will definitely be arrested.

Why do you want to be hanged after killing me You are a kid Vinay As you watch I will be from the Indian Border Hundreds of miles far away.

Where even the angels of Police won't reach.

You have been useful person that's why | won't kill you-

But you will always remain my prisoner You have already made me your prisoner once With the result you are running away-

Like a coward to save your life Shut up. | am not running away

| am going away like a Prince This is my plane, this is my wealth

| am the master of my own life And you... you are at my mercy When empty bullets didn't work-

You started giving empty threats.

Just check. may be the gun is also empty.

You think by your talk...

Bobby, how is this empty?

Now we are ready to fly You please sit on your seat and tie the belt Anju, what are your doing here?

Who is there with you!?

Where are you going?

Bobby can't meet you now Thank you. Timing was good You please come here, people are waiting for you Could you hand over this to me Move on

Every body has already assembled here Yes. They are all here, but now it will be more interesting

Instead of becoming interesting-

It has become indifferent Prince you sit here.

No, No, Prince, not there. Here In between these three goddesses,

Prince should not have any trouble

The game is over here go to your seat, Myself?

Yes, yes come

Come Sishu we will sit there

Why are you all so sad like this?

Winning and loosing is apart of life Come on, sing a song., You sing.

What happened? Sing a song.

Alright, if not a song narate a story.

Listen the story from me.

There was a "JEWEL THIEF"....