Jiao zhu zhuan (2017) Script

A long, long time ago, humans coexisted with the Winged Tribe who lived in a city in the sky.

The King of the Winged Tribe wanted to be the supreme ruler and declared war on the humans.

In the end, the city in the sky fell.

The Winged Tribe lost their life dependent Stardust Flower and were unable to fly again.

Humans took over the ruins of the city in the sky and built Uranopolis.

Come out...

Come out...

Stop! Who said you can bully the new kid?

Go away!

What's your name, kid?

Don't be afraid.

Ni Kongkong.

We're brothers from now on.

You don't trust your brother?

I do.

Remove this. Let me protect you.

Come on!

Give me your hand, brother.

Kill him! Pin him down!


No... beat him up! Kill him!


Hungry again? You just ate.

This is getting expensive.

Come on, let's go eat.

What a bunch of morons!

We sold this piece of trash to four people.

That's enough to feed us for a few months.


Thanks! It's nothing.

I can't support you if I don't con them.

How many times have I told you?

People con each other all the time.



Hurry up!

Customers are waiting. Hurry...

Yes, boss!

Take our order.

Can you eat all this?

Do you have money?

Do you know who I am?

I don't care!

I just want your money!

Serve him right away!

Yes, boss!

Get back to work.

Get back to work.

Whoever has money is my boss.

Ni Kongkong!

What do you want?

You'd con anyone in sight.

You got the wrong man.

Cough up the money or leave behind a hand.

No... let go of me.


Stop him! Don't let him get away.

Got him!

You're not going anywhere!

The famous God of Thieves, Ni Kongkong!

These goods are from you, right?

Chop him up!

Killing me won't do you any good.

God of Thieves What do you think I should do?

I'm the Saint of Thieves.

I have a plan.

I sold the real goods and I know I owe you.

I'll do a job for free.

A perfect plan.

I have a big job for you.

The chance of a lifetime.

The Prince likes to collect rare treasures and keeps them heavily guarded.

In two days, he will let his family and friends view his collection.

Every item is priceless.

Security will be weaker.

It's the best time to make your move.

Look at that...

The Prince has quite a collection.

His Highness is here!

Step aside!

Sorry to keep you waiting.

During my recent travels,

I have picked up a few new items.


This time, I found a genuine treasure.

According to legend, an almighty supernatural artifact.


Who's up there?

Crane, Thunder, you're too slow.

Master didn't send you out here to play.

No one is as fast as you are.

You asked for it.

Let her go, Storm.

Don't get cocky with me.

You're the cocky one.

He's Master's favorite.

He's going to Winged Mountain to find the box.

It's an important mission Winged Mountain box Master sent him.

Obviously Master thinks highly of you. Are you going to fart?

That's because I have never failed him.

You better stay away from him.

Don't forget his sister is a running dog for humans.

You have a point.

What the hell?

Let's have a go!

Come on!

What's that sound?

What's that smell?

Who's up there? Show yourself.

What the hell? It stinks!

Master is here.

What the hell? Get to work!

Carry on!

I'll check it out.

According to legend, this piece bore witness to the downfall of the Winged Tribe.

The Winged Tribe have never fallen.

Or, have you forgotten?

They used to rule over humans.

What a joke!

Dressed up like this just to serve wine?

This thing... does not belong to you You... are so rude.

Step aside!

Your Majesty!

What is it? Calm down!

Everyone was slaughtered.

Judging from the marks left at the scene, it's the doing of the Winged Tribe.

Your Majesty!

It must've been that evil remnant.



Your Majesty, you spared his life out of benevolence, but this devil is vicious.

He's a known trouble maker around Uranopolis.

Put Tiger on the case and apprehend the killer.

Commander, 7 servants were killed in the backhouse.

They all sustained only one fatal blow.

23 guests in the lobby, 8 servants and the Prince himself were murdered in cold blood.

There were over 200 items on display, every one of them an invaluable piece.

Raven you can't be here.

Why didn't you tell me you're here on a case?

I'm also a constable of the Tiger Bureau.

Didn't you hear me?

This is the doing of your lot.

Get out!

Get out!


I mean no disrespect.

Commander, forgive me.

Remnants of the Winged Tribe are implicated.

You were left out in order to avert suspicion.

Vlad has laid low for years.

There must be a reason for his comeback.

Commander, Raven's brother might be involved.

Please make a decision.

You're off this case.

Sir! You heard what I said.

We better strike first.

Let me try again.

Step aside!

Oka, come up.

You're so heavy. What have you been eating?

What is up with today?

I'm a genius!

We struck gold!

I will get this opened.

Put it down!

Take it easy...

Who else knows about this box?

I fell down by accident.

I don't know.

Can you get me out?

Tell me the truth. You want to die?

I want to live...

What is that?

Where have I seen it before?

You've seen it alright.

You also smelled it! What did you say?

I said...

Go to hell!




No way!

I'm not your brother.

Never too late to turn back. Come with me.


You don't look it.

How come Winged Mountain and the Prince's mansion both bear the same mark?

Why did you come back?

He came for my box.

Give it to me.


Look what has become of you!

I want you to give me the box.

Give it to me.

What do you need it for?

This marks doomsday for Uranopolis.

Then I must destroy it.

The Swooping Catch Thanks!

Don't make me!

Hurry! Over there!

Don't let any of them get away.

Come back!

You got the wrong man.

Aren't you the thief?

I'm the Saint of Thieves.

Take him into custody.


I'll do it myself.



What are you doing here?

I'm on a case.

After him! Yes!

Follow me.


Who was that?

Storm, Vlad's henchman.

This box marks the doomsday of Uranopolis.

Who is he kidding?

A tiny box like this?

I'm Ni Kongkong. People call me the Saint of Thieves.

What's your name, gorgeous?

You're a constable of the Tiger Bureau.

Your brother is a fugitive wanted by Apocalyptus.


Luckily I arrived just in time or else you'd be dead.

More and more people want me dead.

I wouldn't let someone who can't fly kill me.

What did your brother want with the box?

What's your interest in it?

It's mine. I'm the Saint of Thieves.

I'm warning you.

What's inside the box is dangerous.

It must be destroyed.

You know how hard that is?

I know someone who can open it.


Your pet is coming.

All you do is eat, eat, and eat.

Are you blind?

I can't believe Raven is working for Vlad.

Because of the Commander's support, she has a quick temper.

Look at her now. Humbled.

Let's not waste the space.

Stay away from me.

How is that possible?

Room for one more? It's crowded enough.


Are you Raven?


Where's Vlad?

I don't know Vlad.

Go to hell!

But you're from the Winged Tribe.

So everyone from the Winged Tribe is Vlad's accomplice?

I know where he is.

You do?

Tell me.

Where is Vlad?

I'm the Saint of Thieves.

You don't know me?

You have been wasting your life.

The Saint of Thieves is famous.

You're still a thief.

The Saint of Thieves can find anyone.

Here's your deposit.

That much?

I should have taken up your line of work.

I know everyone within the Tiger Bureau.

Who are you?

That doesn't concern you.

This is from the Palace.

Where did you get it?

Not bad!

What do you want with Vlad?

I'm helping my Father apprehend these fugitives.

Your Father is a state official?

That's none of your business.

Look, pal.

I want to know if and when we find Vlad, will I have a bit...

Fine! If you help me find Vlad, you'll get as much as you like.

No problem!

I want this job.

First, you must get us out.

Let's go!

Not in broad daylight. I have a plan.

What kind of plan?

A perfect plan.

Only the Naga Pearls can unlock the Eye in the Sky.

The key for the Winged Tribe to regain their dignity.

But you lost it.

I beg your pardon, My Lord.

Your sister Raven appears to be very interested in the Naga Pearls too.

I have no sister.


I bet you saw her today, that's why...

She means nothing to me.

My Lord!

We just confirmed Ni Kongkong is a cat burglar.

The Naga Pearls are locked up inside the Tiger Bureau.

My Lord, I'll go.

My Lord, let me make up for my mistake.

You just want to see your sister again?

That's enough!

Thunder Yes?


Don't let me down again.

Hurry up, Oka!

What's this?

That's none of your business.

Wait outside. I'm busy with the ladies.

Get lost!

What are you doing?

Helping you stop the bleeding, ingrate!

What's this?

A remedy you must have when you're on the go.

It'll cost you.

That's gross!

Hang in there.

Wing holes?

You're nobility of the Winged Tribe?

You're asking too many questions.

Why can't you fly?

That's none of your business.

I couldn't be bothered.

Who can open the box?

What's your interest in it?

I'm an orphan.

Vlad killed my parents.

Count me in if you want to destroy the box.

No monkey business from you.

Can you tell me now?

Who can open the box?

Night Marsh Cavern.

Night Marsh Cavern?


You'll soon find out.

Let's get the box from the evidence room.

Remember, I'm the Saint of Thieves.

What's in your glove?


Here, wear this.

From now on, we're partners.

Where can we find Vlad?

The pier. We need a boat.

I've been waiting for a chance.

And this is it.

I'm so excited.

Everything looks good, right?

Will you shut up?

I can't stop talking when I'm excited.

Then don't get so excited.

You have a big mouth!

Turn left.

Did you see that? His mouth is enormous!

It's true! Look!

Thank you.

Thank you for your hard work.

What is this?

Winged people got into a fight downtown.

I had them arrested.

This one is particularly ugly.

What are you staring at?

What are you staring at?

What the hell?

Say that again! Brother Don't get mad!

Take him away!

Wrap this up so we can all go home.

We should have thrown you and your lot out of Uranopolis.

Someone up ahead.

I'm not blind.

What's with the crowd?

Don't worry! I'll handle this.

Nervous? We're getting closer.

It's alright! Shut up!

Watch where you're going.



What are you looking at?

Having fun?

This is particularly fun.


You touched me.


Turn left.

The Winged Tribe has stirred up trouble and people are running scared.

Tell everyone to tighten security.

Yes, Sir!

The man who escaped from the tomb?

Any word?

Commander, we have dispatched our scouts.

We'll catch him in a few days.

Who is he? What's with the crowd?

What are you laughing at?

Let's go up!

What the hell?

Are you sure the box is in here?


Until we find the box, no one gets out alive.

We can only leave by getting on that lift.

No other way out?

I have a plan.

What plan?

A perfect plan.


Who's on duty today?

I am, sir!

The prisoner escaped!


The Saint of Thieves.

Who's the Saint of Thieves?



Don't move! Arrest him!

Follow me. Don't let him get away.

I'm over here. Come and get me.




I hear something.



Stop him!

Am I cool or what?

Who are you? How dare you barge into the Tiger Bureau!

Arrest them.



What the hell?

Give me the box!

Come and get it.

Arrest them. Yes!


Where is he?

Hurry, raise the lift!

Raise it!

Hurry, raise the lift!


This is so much fun!

Do as I say when we reach the top.

Still alive?

Go up.

This is wonderful!

What the hell?

This is so exciting! One each...


Which one should I use?


This is way too high!

Follow me. Isn't this exhilarating?

Run! No...

This is so much fun!

After the long night, I still don't know your name.



Nice name.

Where are we going?

Night Marsh Cavern.

Night Marsh Cavern?

Vlad is there?

Vlad is not that easy to track down.

I have a plan.

This is the box he wants.

Let's open it and destroy whatever is inside.

Then we use it to reel in Vlad.

A perfect plan.

What's inside this box?

A weapon Vlad wants.

If it's a weapon, then let's use it on Vlad.

Drop it.

You'll get us all killed.

I thought you knew who can open it.

Don't tell me it's Vlad.

You Winged people are from the same lot.


Are you afraid?

I'm afraid he's not coming.

I'll be the first to catch him.

You'll probably be the first to beg for your life.


We're in the same boat.

Show a little good faith, alright?

Can you do that?


Tell me what's in the glove?

Leave my hand alone.

Our problem is how to open the box.

I'm not interested in your box.

We're a team!

Can we stop arguing?

We have reached a temporary consensus.

We're not a team.


I want none of your monkey business.

Release the messenger wasps.

Tell all Apocalyptus members to report back once they spot Raven.

We must have the Naga Pearls before they find out about the Eye in the Sky.

I must do this myself.

What are you thinking?

That's none of your business!

You should smile. You're ugly when you keep a straight face.

Don't touch me.

Who's the asshole who gave you this?

Give it back!

I only want you to forget this heart breaker.

That's just wishful thinking.

Be patient.

Where's the necklace?

Don't you think we make a nice couple?

In your dreams.

Give me my glove!

Is this your secret?

That's none of your business.


Stardust Flower?


I made a mistake, Raven!


Can't a man get some sleep?

I've had it with both of you!

Where are you?

This is...

Where are they?

How did you get up there?

That's incredibly dangerous.

I'm going to die...


Ni Kongkong!

Ni Kongkong!

Now I know how it feels to fly.

Guess I'm out of luck now that you can fly.


You didn't know.

No need to apologize.

Your first drink?

Sorry about that.

This is the only thing my Father left me.

My Father advocated peaceful co-existence with humans.

But the Winged Tribe wanted war.

In the end, he was considered a traitor.

At least you still had your family.

I never knew where I came from.

Didn't you tell me, Vlad murdered your Father?

As far back as I can remember, I have been stuck with this shiny hand.

Everyone called me a freak.

A freak! He's a freak!

No! He has a glowing hand.


I'm not a freak.

Until I met Oka.

After all these years, he's the only one I can trust.

What's the connection between your hand and the box?

I don't know.

Never mind that now.

Don't you think we're very much alike?

No friends.

We should hang out more.

You can fight. Now you can even fly.

We'll be a team.

I'll drop the name Saint of Thieves.

I have a new name for us.

Let's call ourselves the Dashing Duo.

That sounds cool. What do you think?

Let me remind you, whatever is in the box, must be destroyed.

I know.

But I must tell you the first time I saw you, I was deeply attracted to you.

I could think of nothing but...

You want to kiss me?

Wait until you're dead.

You're insane!

Where is she off to?

The novelty will wear off.

That shiny thing inside your glove...

I saw that too.

What of it?

You use it as a light, right?

You're the Blue Light Bandit!

This is very dangerous.

Here we are.

This is out in the boonies, a colony of casinos and black markets.

It's a well-known place for shady deals.


Look at that!

Look! This is so exciting!

I have heard so much about the Night Marsh Cavern.

This is paradise!

I like this place.

You're maybe a woman, but she's is so much hotter.

You're right at home.

I'm a gentleman.

Here we are.

A casino?

I'm sure this is it.

We're looking for an elderly ape man.

Ape men like to drink and gamble.

They'll never leave this place.


Let's split up.


We have confirmed Vlad only took one item from the Prince's mansion.

It's a piece that doesn't stand out among the rest of the collection.

According to legend, the golden disk was forged by ancient Winged people.

Does Raven know?

We offered a bounty.

We'll let you know once we have word.

Come on...

Come on...

Come on...

Red wins.

Come on...

Ugly face...

What are you doing?

That's enough!

We came here to look for someone.

I don't need a lecture from the Winged Tribe.

You're drinking?


Why not? I'm excited!

Tastes great!

Take a look at yourself.

No wonder your Father thinks so little of you.

What did you say?

I dare you to repeat that.


I dare you to...

Let's go!

My Father looks down on me.

You look down on me.

Everyone looks down on me...

Why did I follow you here?

Nobody looks down on you. Where's Vlad?

You brought me here looking for clues.

What clues? Where's Vlad? Go find him.

Trying to send a message?

Is he the one you were talking about?

Who's this?

The Apocalyptus insignia.

You almost got us killed.

I almost got you killed?

I came here to look for him.

Forget the plan.

That's right.

I found the person you were looking for.

It's filthy!

Look at him!

He looks funny!

This one?

That one?

Uncle Orang!

Big ape.

Uncle Orang!

His smell is worse than Oka's fart.

Don't look so stunned. Get him out.

We're on the same side.

Don't fight!

Stop it!


How dare you start trouble on my turf!


What a character!


We wouldn't dare start any trouble.

But our friend is locked up.

We're too anxious to break him loose and broke your rules by mistake. Sorry!

Are you trying to kiss me?


If I'm not mistaken, this pretty lady... is from the Winged Tribe.


Winged people not allowed here?

Don't mind her bad temper.

I'll apologize on her behalf.

I know.

Who says you can't?

Of course you can.

That's enough of that.

I like you.

You know why?

Because in this place to talk to me like that, you must have...


It's better to make friends and not enemies.

Considering, you're such interesting characters, especially you.

I'll make friends with you.

Let's go!



I want to take him with us.

If you can help him, pay off his debts, You're welcome to take him with you.

How much does he owe you?

Not much. Including interests...

10,000 gold pearls.

Don't look at me.

Nobody carries that much money.

It doesn't matter. We're open for business.

You're always welcome.


Let's go!

I have a plan.

A perfect plan.

Shall I leave?

I almost didn't recognize you in those clothes.

You look much prettier.


I came here for a drink.

You dressed like that to have a drink with me?


It shakes me like thunder.

I can't help but feel attached to you.

I want...

You want a drink!



Something wrong with your eye?

I'm good at this.

Let me blow it for you.

That's good enough.

Don't move.

It hurts!


Open up. Let me feed you.

Go to your Master.


Your turn.

This is not the plan.

Where are you going, gorgeous?

Want to go lie down in my room, gorgeous?

My room is big and comfy.

I know the rules.


Whose rules?

What's the deal?


Get out!

Don't drink if you can't drink.

Try flirting.

I'll drink him under the table.

With what?

With my life.

Put it down.


Where did you get this?

It's mine.

I asked you where you got this.

I came from Uranopolis.

That's good enough.

I'm asking you where the jade is from?

I had it since I was born.

Is that the truth?


Your Highness!

I didn't think I'd see you again.

How did you know?

There's justice after all.


Your Highness!

I was a saber guard in Uranopolis.

My name is Jiang Chengzi.

I was outside the chamber door when you were born.

I heard you cry.

I was later dismissed for whoring and drinking.

I've tried very hard to turn over a new leaf.

I'm not my old self anymore.

Come on, get up...


Get out!

Bring it on!

Come out!

Come out!

Come out!



What's the big deal!

I need this sweet release!

Come out, lecher!

That's enough!

What a coincidence!

The crotch is wrinkled.

The crotch...

Come on now.

Let me help you... Get up!

Protect the boss!

Get out!

Get out!

I said get out!

Get out!

Get out!

I'll release your friend.

Get him.

Actually, we were...

I don't want to know.



Let's go!


Don't you have some questions for me?

Everyone has secrets.

It's not easy.

What the hell was that?

It slipped.

Who are you?

Uncle Orang!

Uncle Orang, it's me.

Who's your uncle? I'm talking to you.

Raven, what are you doing here?

We came looking for you.

We want to know how to open this box.

Follow me.

Where's your pet?

He drank too much.

Uncle Orang, you have been hiding all these years.

After your Father died, I spent my days drinking and gambling.

I wasn't expected to see you.

I'm sorry about this.

Life goes on, however you live it.

As long as you're free.

Here we are...



Don't touch that! Put it down.

Don't touch anything.

I have traps.

Here it is...

What is it?



That's it!


Naga Pearls!

Naga Pearls?

In the ancient times, the six tribes... coexisted peacefully.

During the epic battle between humans and the Winged Tribe, the King of the Winged Tribe slaughtered the Merfolks, seized the Naga Pearls and the golden disk, unlocked the Eye in the Sky and summoned thousands of flying tapirs from the dark.

People were thrown into a living hell with massive killings.

The human King sent a warrior to infiltrate Uranopolis.

When the Naga Pearls were once again radiant, the warrior risked his life and seized the pearls.

Humans and gentle Winged people seized the opportunity and defeated the King of the Winged Tribe.

The Naga Pearls were sealed up and the warrior disappeared.

Some say he was dead.


The circle represents the Naga Pearls, the square... is the Eye in the Sky.

I have seen that pattern before.

It's on the box.

Use your brain!

Uncle Orang!

Where did the Naga Pearls come from?

Why is it each time my hand goes near it...

Someone is coming.

Don't force my hand.


How did they find us?

It's about time. I've been waiting for you.

You tipped them off?

You can go if you're scared.


Vlad, I'm Herley, the Crown Prince of Uranopolis.

It's time I took out a traitor like you.

Your Highness!

How dare you trample on my turf!

Jiang Chengzi, saber guard of Uranopolis at your service, Your Highness!


Give me the box.

Cut the crap!

Give me the box.

Raven, you better leave!

After them!

Yes, My Lord.


You killed my Uncle.

I will apprehend you for my Father.

You won't get away.

Tell your Father to send more kung fu masters.

I am the best in Uranopolis.

How dare you!

Go to hell!

Ni Kongkong, are you still alive?

Ni Kongkong!

I'm still breathing.

You care about a human?

You are the scum of the Winged Tribe!

That's none of your business.

Give me the box.

I guarantee you'll die together.

Since when can you fly?

Tell me! Why is he partial to you?

The only chance of flying... He gave it to you and not me.

That's good enough.

You don't understand him.

Of course I don't.

He was trash! A stain on the Winged Tribe.

I forbid you to badmouth Father.

The best kung fu master of Uranopolis is weak like a dog.

My Lord, I retrieved the Naga Pearls.

Wake up...


Are you alright?

Ni Kongkong!

I'm here.

And the Naga Pearls?

Your brother took them.

You're hurt. Don't try to be a hero.

I must send a message back to Uranopolis.

It's too dangerous.

Are you all right?

You still want to go back?

Jiang Chengzi!

Jiang Chengzi!

Jiang Chengzi!

I order you to get up!

Get up!

Look! Do you see that?

Happy now?

I finally understand I'm nothing but an idiot.

You're completely blind and brain dead.

A prince who's full of himself.

You think you're better than anyone else because other people let you win.

You're right... and so is my Father.

I'm an idiot who aims high but shoots low.

I'm sorry!

The only thing to do now is hurry back to Uranopolis.


We take the boat.

It should be smooth sailing from here.

We should be there soon.

I have really seen that pattern before.

In Uranopolis.

In a deserted temple.

They already have the golden disk.

Now they took the Naga Pearls.

Next, they will unlock the Eye in the Sky.

I must alert Father right away.

Let's go!

Vlad used his wings.

What about you?

What about me?

Just spit it out.

I'm not a hero, I'm a thief.

A thief from nowhere.

I was bullied as a child and had no friends.

I thought you were my friends.

But now that the box is opened, do you even care about me?

Of course we do.

We've been friends.

We're not friends.

We have reached a temporary consensus.

You're the Prince of Uranopolis.

And you're a righteous constable.

Do you know why I'm here?

I only wanted to know why I have this horrible hand.

But when you opened the box and saw the Naga Pearls you knew then.

What does that have to do with my hand?

How is that related?

Of course it is.

I know you just don't want to go.

You're a coward.

I'm a coward and you're the hero?

You're hopeless.




I see.

Just our luck. When it rains, it pours.

There's someone up there!

Ni Kongkong!

I'm back!

Ni Kongkong!

Ni Kongkong!

You're back!

Ni Kongkong is back!

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?



Come down!

I was thinking after you left about how long it would take the boat to get back.

We must have a plan for everything.

Right, Raven?

We're a team.


Don't bite me!

How did you do it?

There's nothing the Saint of Thieves can't handle.


So bright!

I guess I was right.

The Blue Light Bandit uses it as a light.

How did you lose your glove?

I tossed it.

Raven was right.

Knowing the answer is not important.

Cut the crap!

Let's get a move on it.


How do you ride one of these?

Just climb on.

Now It's time to stop Vlad.


I have a plan.

Have you no shame? You stole my line.

I have a plan.

Stop horsing around.

Cut it out.

Tell us about the plan.


Vlad's target is the Eye in the Sky.

But the barracks are above it.

Vlad will do anything possible to get the soldiers' attention.

No matter what happens, the barracks are our only target.

That's right!

A perfect plan.


Stop horsing around, Dragon.

That's what you get!

Get rid of that sour face.

I'm glad... we're fighting alongside each other.

What? I didn't hear what you said.

What did she say?

I didn't hear her.

What did you say, Raven?

Raven, wait up!



Any word?

We have dispatched our men.

Nothing so far.

Come back now or don't come back at all.


Do you know why we're here?

Why we can't fly?

Humans have destroyed the Stardust Flower we depend on and stole Uranopolis from us.

Tonight, let's reclaim our honor by turning the humans' festive day into their doomsday.


Protect His Majesty!

Protect His Majesty!

Fighting broke out in the barracks.

Looks like we're just in time.

But they started attacking the Palace.

Change of plan. I must head back to the Palace.


Sorry I'm late.

How dare you defy my order?

Another one hereto die?

My Lord!

Vlad, are you here for this?

I don't want to see them.

Yes, My Lord.

Watch out, Father!


Scum of the Winged Tribe.

You're lucky to be alive.

Let them finish talking to each other.

Saint of Thieves!

You remember me?

Go find Vlad. Leave this to me.

Let's go!

Stop them. I'll go find Vlad.

Why should we listen to a thief?

Vlad will soon release the flying tapirs.

Hurry! What are flying tapirs?

A weapon of mass destruction.

Hold your breath!

Don't move! Kneel down!



How I envy you!

You can fly.


Let go of your claw.

Run, Oka!



This is just the beginning.

Wake up, Oka!



Get up, you idiot!

You can have whatever you want for dinner.


Please don't leave me.


Don't leave me!


Ni Kongkong!

Remove the Naga Pearl. Hurry!


I'll help you.

Humans are stupid.

No one can resist the power of the Naga Pearl.


General Yu!

Your Majesty?

Pass my order.

Tell the troops to evacuate the civilians.





I have to save someone.

Be careful!

I won't let you down again.

Take care, Father!


Don't tell me you wish to rule by extermination.

You're just as pathetic as your father.

The death of humans is not worth mentioning.

No way!

Who are you?

The Naga Pearl has no effect on you!

I'm the ancestor of the Naga Pearl.

Here I come!

Get up...

Is this all you got?

This is more than enough to handle trash like you.

Close it!


Ni Kongkong!

Ni Kongkong!


Help him up.


Ni Kongkong, wake up!



We agreed.

It's time for a kiss.

Ni Kongkong!

I waited long enough.


Hear ye...

Prince Herley came to the rescue of Uranopolis at its time of need.

The Crown Prince title is hereby conferred upon him.

Please come forward to accept the conferment.

Our little friend is lucky to be alive.

Right when Vlad released the energy of the Naga Pearl, it was nearby.

The Naga Pearls were tears of ancient Merfolk.

Legend has it when its energy is released, it has the power to raise the dead.

Oka and the warrior were brought back to life because of the Naga Pearl.

If that's the case, Ni Kongkong must be the descendent of the warrior.

I guess you're not the Blue Light Bandit.

That's wonderful!

Herley, you're such a moron.


Stop calling yourself the Saint of Thieves.

From now on, I bestow upon you the title of Blue Light Hero.

No thanks.

Raven and I want to be the Dashing Duo.


The three of us will form a trio.

Count me in. I can protect you for the four seasons.

That day...

You were very concerned about me.

What day?

You know...

When you held me in your arms.

I knew deep down, you already...


That's good enough.

Like it?

I'll let you be my wife as a reward.