Jimi: All Is by My Side (2013) Script

[ Stamping, Clapping ]

- [ Drumsticks Tapping Out' Rapid Rhythm ] [ Stamping, Clapping Continue]

[Crowd Murmuring, Scattered Booing ]

[ Man On P.A. ] Ladies and gentlemen, please remain patient.

We apologize for the continued delay... in this evening's performance by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

- We hope to bring you the show presently. [ Stomping, Clapping Continue]

[ Woman] There's so much competition right now-

Cream, The Who-

No, no, no. No, no.

I wouldn't-I wouldn't say “competition,” no.

Well, do you think you're better than all of them?

♪[ Rock: Drums, Guitars ]

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ Got a good reason ♪

♪ 'Cause this is the season ♪

[Chattering ]

♪ To do that dance ♪

♪ To get that groove ♪

♪ I got that feel ♪

♪ To get that groove ♪

♪ I got that feel ♪

♪ To do that dance ♪

♪ Everybody ♪

♪ Everybody, ha ♪ Hey, sorry to bother you. Um, Linda Keith?

You are Linda Keith. Fantastic!

I was over there with my buddies. I knew it was you!

Can I have your autograph, please? Can you make it out to Ted?

Wouldn't you rather kiss? ♪[ Continues ]

♪ They're doin' it on the beat ♪ Then you can tell your friends you've done the closest thing... to sucking a Rolling Stone's cock.

And that's what you really want, isn't it?

♪ Oh, let's dance Ha ♪

♪ They're doin' it in the daytime ♪

♪ They're doin' it in the nighttime ♪

♪ This is the nighttime ♪


♪ You got it ♪

♪ [ Ends ]

[ Smattering Of Applause ] [ Chattering ]

[Chattering Continues]

Mark, can we go over, um-

[ Man ] What do you say? Well, I don't know.

Nice set. [ Man ♪2 ] Thank you.

Listen, I'm here with a couple of my friends over at this table here... in case you want to come over, grab a few drinks or something.

[Woman Chuckles] [ Man ] You got some lemons?

[Woman ] Oh, sweetheart, I forgot the lemons. - No lemons?

Come on. You know you need lemons.

Gin, gin, gin, gin. Can you pass me the gin out there, please?

[ Laughs] Not too much.

I won't put too much in. [ Door Opens, Closes ]

Howlin' Wolf?

Robert Johnson?

T-Bone Walker?

It's a promotional copy. It's completely fresh.

Whatever's cool.

I trust you.


Dylan, huh? Yeah.

Well, I dig his hair. [Chuckles]

- Jimmy? ♪[ Record." Blues ]

Do you want to try something?

♪ [ Continues ]

[ Bob Dylan] ♪ Well, I see you got your ♪

♪ Brand-new leopard-skin pillbox hat ♪

♪ Yes, I see you got your ♪

♪ Brand-new leopard-skin pillbox hat ♪

- ♪ [ Continues ] One thing.

First time, you don't look in the mirror.

All right.

♪ Under your brand-new leopard-skin pillbox hat ♪

♪ Well, you look so pretty in it ♪

♪ Honey, can I jump on it sometime? ♪

♪ Yes, I just wanna see ♪ J" If it's really that expensive kind ♪

♪ You know, it balances on your head ♪ f Just like a mattress balances on a bottle of-I."

[Audio Stops ]

These guys are setting themselves on fire. You know?

Taking a stand for what they believe in.

Close your eyes for me.

Really? Yeah. [ Laughs ] Yeah.

I really, really like it. Yeah?

Of course I do, because it's your real name.


You know, I think Jimmy James sounds very-

Well, that's just- Singsongy.

It's just for the act, you know.

Why do you need an act?

Well, I get on stage and I gotta perform.

Yes, why can't you just... get on stage and perform?

Why do you have to be a character?

Just a thing, you know. It's not.

It's not a thing. it's nothing. it's- it's you just sort of standing up there with processed hair... and a leopard-print jacket. I do think- maybe that could be you. [Jimmy] it's not leopard. it's cheetah.

Oh, really? Yeah.

You know, Cheetah Club, cheetah jacket.

Really? Yeah.

I didn't get that.


You know what Johnson said?

You're gonna have your cheetah jacket and you're gonna be in hiding.

[ Mark] He said the suicides were tragic and unnecessary.

And I just really-I don't see the-

Why not? Why not?

[ Roberta ] Semi-literate kids are being-

I know where this goes. Where does it go? What do you mean?

Nowhere. [ Sighs ]

You're so serious. We're just-just having a good time, you know.

[ Roberta, Mark Continue Talking ]

Do you think I'm wrong?

We all have situations. Yeah.

Do we?

Yeah, we do.

[ Roberta ] At least we have each other.

[ Mark] Most of my friends have burned their cards.

No, if you were done with... the sort of cheetah and leopard-print... aspects of it all-

You mean, done with Curtis? Yeah, I mean-Mm-hmm.

I mean, why? Why would I want to-

I think that the act at the moment is perfectly adequate.

But I think that that's, um... the best thing that I can really say about it.

You can't get down on a man's hustle. That's his thing.

I'm not. I've got nothing against his hustle.

But... how much hustle... does it take to get you and your cheetah jacket booked into an empty club?

[ Jimmy] Well, that's how it is. Right?

- ♪ [ Record." Blues ] You got Curtis, and it's a gig for me.

So I'm makin' the bread.

We all have our own situations.

Yeah, but if you were done with him-

- Do we? [Jimmy] You're high.

I'm-I'm asking you... if you were done with Curtis... what sort of music would you play?

I don't know.

It's like asking, if I had a spaceship would I go to Venus or Mars?

No, it's not!

I'm asking you, if you could play your music... how would you do it?

If I could do things my way, like-

[ Record: Man ] ♪ I didn't know where to find my baby ♪ I-I'd do that, you know. I'd just do something new.

You know, do my own thing. You know?


♪ When the sun set this evenin'♪ But I can't split Curtis now, so-

♪ I was steppin' in the same old place ♪ it's his guitar, so I'll just-

I don't even have a guitar. You know?

♪ [ Blues Rock]

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ [ Blues Rock Fades ]

[ Choral Hymn]

- ♪ [ Choral Hymn Fades ] ♪ [ Orchestra: Classical ]

[ Classical Continues ]

[ stops I

[ Pipes Groaning ]

[Woman ] Jimmy.


I wanna go to the village with you.

There's nothing down there.

Can I borrow me a couple of bucks?


I'm not gonna be able to play tonight, so I need to eat.

You spent my last dollar buying that goddamn record.

It's Dylan. It is my money.

And you take it and you run around and do whatever with it?

I'm not borrowing you anything.

Are you listening?

If you want something, you take me with you.

There's nothing down there.


Better bring me some food.

Thank you.

Don't come back with any more goddamn white boy albums.

Jimmy. [ Door Opens ]

Jimmy! [ Door Closes ]

♪[ Guitar: Feedback]

♪ [ Blues Rock: Guitar]

♪ [ Continues ]

♪[ Blues Rock Continues ]

♪ [ Guitar: Flourish ]

♪[ Ends ]

And you weren't impressed at all? He's nothing.

You didn't see the way he plays?

No, he's less than that. He's rubbish. Watch his hands.


His hands... are amazing.

He is an incredible guitar player.

It's not like the world's short on guitar players.

And what was he playing? A bloody hodgepodge full of nothing.

I'd lose more money on him than I'd ever make.

He's brilliant. - Look, what am I to do? I'm your boyfriend's hire.

When he comes off tour, shall I inform him... that you'd have me divide my time between him and your friend?

[ Chuckles ]

Linda, I understand more than you know.

I'm sure I tire of being simply the Rolling Stones' manager... as much as you do of being described as Keith Richards' girl... as though that were a job description.

[ Chuckles ] Identity is a wonderful thing.

I encourage you to have one.

But for God's sake, a little discretion wouldn't hurt either.

[ Sighs ]

Come on.

Linda. Have a good night.

- Oh, come on! [ Linda ] Why should people bother?

Why spend the night coming to see you play?

Do you think that was entertaining?

Do you think it's attractive to watch somebody picking at their face?

[Jimmy] My skin's all messed up.

[ Linda ] No one is looking at your skin.

You're standing up there, and you don't say anything.

And on the occasion that you decide to talk, it's an inaudible mumble.

I'm not Keith though. I'm not asking you to be Keith.

I'm asking you to go up there and take the stage... like you actually wanted to amount to something.


Okay. Okay.

You know, I've actually run out of people to come and see you play.

Can you look at me when I'm talking to you?

[Applause ]

[ Linda ] Please?

[ Linda ] I've-I've run out of people.

Th-Thank you, um-

Does that resonate with you on any level whatsoever? - Yeah, I hear you.

Really? I don't believe you. -I hear you!

Hey, keep it down! We've still got a show going on.

Thank you! Yes!

[ Match Strikes]

You know, I've never been to Harlem.

I go around pitching rhythm and blues the whole time... and I've never even been to Harlem.

So you could invite me.

You wouldn't like it.

There's nothing- There's nothing up there for you.

Running around New York.

She's some kind of just-

[ Exhales]

Everybody knows about it. Everybody.

They all talk about the two of them.

It's humiliating. Bloody humiliating.

For you, it must be. And I regret that. I do.

And he's a drug addict. Did you know that?

He has her strung out all the time.

Are you just-

You're gonna let her run around over in America, her and her-

I'll check the diary, but they'll be free at some point-


Chas, hi. I'm, um-I'm Linda Keith.

I'm, uh, Keith Richard's girlfriend.

Oh! Hi. Hi.

Keith's lass. Yeah.

How are you doing? Fine. You?

I'm really good.

I think it's pretty much it for me after this tour.

Gone anyway. We've, uh, lost Alan.

What, temporarily?

No. He's uh-He's got a fear of flying.


Now you're gonna do the new record for us?


And it's called? “The House of the Rising Sun.” Right. Here we go then with- [Audience Screaming ]

No, it's-it's done.

I can see the writing's on the wall.

And that manager ripped us off something shameful to boot.

Well, can't you sue him?

Spending money to make money to- it's money I'll never see.

No, it's-I'd rather manage a couple of acts of me own.

Treat them proper, start stacking up the bills.

How about you? You still modeling?

Occasionally, yeah. Much to my father's consternation.

Good little British girls don't model.

I'm not really sure what we're supposed to do... but apparently modeling... and shacking up with the Rolling Stones... aren't among the options.

Aye, well, things come.

You know, they always do.

Or so I've been told.

Are you serious about giving up performing in order to manage?

[ Chuckles ]

Because I may have something for you.

Do you think you might try putting something else into it?

'Cause you're going up on stage for a reason.

I don't know. Maybe.

Do you think you're gonna sing?

I think you'd have a lot more to offer if you were to sing.

My voice is-Oh, it's terrible.

But so's Dylan's. And he's doing all right, isn't he?

Chas really, really likes the blues.

So if you had the mind to, you could play something-

Bluesy? Yeah, I'll play-However you want me to play, I'll play it. Yeah.

Do I sound like your mother?

I wouldn't know.

Your thing, Jimmy.

Your way.

[Linda ] He's quite a quiet son'.

So if he doesn't say much to you afterwards, I wouldn't take it personally.

- It's not' really in his nature. [ Chas ] Sure.

He thinks he can't-

Well, he doesn't like to- He doesn't like to sing.

And he thinks that he has this sort of dodgy-

[Laughs] dodgy voice.

But I don't think it sounds funny at all, so-

I fancy another. Do you want another? Um, absolutely.


Wanna welcome everybody to the Cafe Wha.

A real good show for you. A very good show.

Your starter this afternoon...

Mr. Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.

[Applause ]

[ Feedback ]

All right.

[ Cheering, Applause ]

[ Fades ]


-[ No Audio] [ Fingers Squeaking Across Frets]

So you don't play in any of the R & B clubs in Harlem?

No, man. Those cats are way too strict up there.

They don't dig cats stretching the blues out up there.

I don't know what's going on with them. Well, fuck them.

Yeah, fuck them. You know, I like him.

You're fucking brilliant. Thank you.

Did Linda tell you what to play?

No, she just said play.

Look, I've heard pretty much everything there is to hear... and, uh, I've got to say... you're taking it, you're tearing it apart in your hands, man.

Jesus Christ. No one's got you signed?

Jimmy, you're not really one for commitments, are you? - No.

Has Linda told you that I'm looking to, uh-

Says you're looking for people to work with.

I wanna manage, but I've never managed an act.

I've never been managed, so- Well, that's even Stephen.


I'm off the tour in three months.

I think it'd be a hell of a thing if you came over to London.

London? There's so many great cats over there already playing though.

Well, they haven't got you. Eh? That's for damn sure.

There'll be no stick-in-the-ass about this chord or that.

They'll be mad for what you're doing over there. Eh?

I mean, e-everybody there, everybody who's doing owt... they're all working off the blues structure.

I don't wanna get caught up in those kind of labels though.

I don't want it to be, “He's playing the blues”... or “He's playing R & B or soul,” all that kind of stuff, those cages, man.

I'm not saying it has to be- It's not about style.

You know, it's-

I want my music to go inside the soul of a person.

You know, for me it's colors.

I want people to feel the music the same way I see it.

It's just colors. That's it.

The rest is just painted with a little science fiction here and there.

I don't wanna freak you out this early.

I've gotta get you over to London.

Have you ever met a real pimp?

Yeah, man, the pimps wear these things out in the street.

Yeah. They do.

[Giggles] I'll wear a hat on stage.

“Oh, man, look at that pimp with that backwards guitar.” Linda, guy looking for you. Says he's Keith.

Richards? Alan.

Oh, um, send him back, I suppose, yeah.

Who's Alan?

He's my father. [ Laughs]

You're joking, right? No.

You for real? Yes.

Oh, shit.


You didn't want to ring or anything before you arrived?

This is Mr. Jimmy Hendrix.

[Woman Singing Onstage ]

It's a pleasure.

Collect your things.

[Whispers ] Let's go.

Hey, man, come on.

♪ We were all outside ♪

♪ Smoking ♪

[ Linda, Alan Arguing ]

♪ You in the headlights ♪

♪ Yeah, in the headlights ♪

♪ Yeah, in the headlights ♪

[ Knocking ]

[Chas] Well, it's all taken care of.

I can get you your working papers and some decent gigs.

There won't be much money, not at first, but I'll take care of expenses.

I don't know, man.

You were keen on coming to London before. Yeah, but that was before.

Aye, so, wh-what's changed?

[Sighs ] You don't have much to say for yourself, do you?

Knowledge speaks.

Wisdom listens.

Do you know Eric Clapton?

What, have I heard of him? No, do you know him?

Sure. [ Chuckles ]

Clapton's a mate.

If I go to London, can you set me up with him?

Him, Beck, Townshend.

No, no, just Clapton.

Okay. Soon as we get you over.

Have you got a passport?

No, man.

Have you got a birth certificate? No.

Well, do you know how to get hold of a copy?

Does your family have a copy?

I'm not calling my pops. No, no. I'm not calling him.

If we don't get the birth certificate... we can't make the application for your passport.

I don't know. I'm not calling him though.

[ Guitar: Folk, Man Singing]

Aye, okay. I'll make some calls.

Fucking families, eh?

I bet you my pop wouldn't even recognize me if he saw me now.

I haven't talked to him in so long.

I don't even know if they know I'm alive or not.

[ Continues ]

♪ Don't let me down ♪

[Airplanes Passing ]

[ Folk Guitar]

[ Jimmy] ♪ You ain't nothin' but a hound dog ♪

♪ Barking up my tree ♪

♪ You ain't nothin' but a hound dog ♪ if you're looking for trouble, then you've come to the right shop.

♪ Barking up my tree ♪

♪ Well, you ain't never brought no rabbit back home ♪

♪ How in the hell you gonna feed me? ♪

♪ Well, you said you was high class ♪

- [ Jimmy] Yeah. [ Linda] How was the trip over?


You know, I-I'm not ready, and I look a bit of a mess.

Next time you're a mess it'll be-

♪ Sleepin' in the morning ♪


How's he doing? Life of the party.

♪ Yeah-eah-eah ♪ Do you fancy meeting up tonight then?

♪ Whoo-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Yeah-eah-eah ♪ About 9:00.

At The Scotch.

He hasn't got his work visa yet, so he can only play for about a minute.

♪ Two old maids laid in bed ♪

♪ One looked at the other one and said ♪

[All Laughing ] Shit, I forgot the words.

Hey, Jimmy, let's get you back to the hotel.

Wait. Kathy's got to meet him.

[ Sighs ]

Come on. Get up. Come on.

You've got to see what Chas has brought round.

He looks like the Wild Man of Borneo. Get me a drink.

[ Man ] Rita! I want her to meet Jimmy!

Stop screaming. Rita!

We'll meet you at The Scotch!

No, it's an interesting... evening. N' [ Electric Guitar Strumming ]

I'm just gonna be one second.

[ Patrons Chattering ]

[ Guitar Continues ]

Hi. Hi. How are you?

Hey, Linda. What's going on?

You doing okay? Yeah. Yeah. You all right?

Yeah, yeah. So, you guys found it.

Yeah, yeah.

Is he already here? Yeah. Let's go inside.

I'm very sober.

Won't get too drunk tonight then. Oh, I know.

[ Continues ]

Oh, my God, that's the guy I was telling you about.

I like his hair. He's wild.

He does look wild though.

- [ Laughs] Do you want a drink? I'll have white wine.

Two white wines, please.

It's a good crowd tonight.

What's his name again?

[Applause, Cheering ]

I don't know whether I should try and get it all done this evening... or whether I should get up early tomorrow.

You should.

I mean, don't procrastinate.

I'm just gonna pop to the loo.

Have you got a light on you?

Chas has probably got one.

Let me go and find one from him and I'll be back in a minute.

I'm sorry, darling. Excuse me.


Do you know Jimmy? Hiya. No.

This is Kathy. Kathy. Nice to meet you.

Where are you from? Well, I'm from Seattle originally.

Seattle. Where's that then?

You know California? Yeah, I've heard of that place.

Well, it's north of California.

I like your scarf. Oh, thank you.

That's quite cool. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Yeah, I like that. Thank you.

I like your shirt as well. Did you get those clothes from America?

[ Kathy] What's it like?

Well, no. I've heard of it. Haven't been there.

[ Kathy Laughing ] I like your laugh.

Yeah, Seattle, Washington. That's where I'm from.

Oh, Washington! Where the president lives.

No. No, it's the other Wash- That's Washington DC.

Do-Do you mind asking that woman to move out of my seat?

[Jimmy] That's how we are. [ Kathy Laughing ]

You're silly. I like that.

[ Kathy] I know. I like that about you too.

[ Kathy] I don't understand geography.

Can you ask her to move out my seat? She's just having herself-

I didn't ask you.

Just being social, love.

Why don't you be social elsewhere. Sod off, you posh cow!

Do you know her? Yeah, she's a friend.

Tell your fucking friend to fuck the fuck off!


Anyway, no, I haven't been.

[Jimmy] You have a beautiful, beautiful mouth.

Hey, can I tell you something? Yeah, go on.

[ Laughing]

Move out of my fucking seat!

[ Patrons Yelling ] Fucking hell!

Can you just-Can you just- -♪[ Electric Guitar Feedback]

♪ [ Feedback Continues]

[Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Radio Switches On ]

[ Man On Radio] From a point at sea to the circles of your mind... a new force is at work for planetary transformation.

New radio for a new world on 96.3 kilohertz medium wave...

Europe's voice of love and awareness is Radio Caroline.

♪ [ Blues Ballad]

[ Man] ♪ You can catch it if you want a ride ♪

♪ Don't you worry' ♪

♪ If it pass you by ♪

♪ You can catch it' if you want' a ride ♪

♪Don't you worry' ♪

♪ If it pass you by ♪

♪ Lord, you know the reason why ♪

♪ On this train ♪

♪ Till I die ♪

♪ The train I ride ♪

♪ Goes to God knows where ♪

♪ I don't know ♪

♪ And I don't care ♪

[ Screams ] Jesus! Fuck!

Jesus Christ. What are you-

Linda, no!

♪ The train I ride goes to God knows where ♪ What the fuck was that?

It was my guitar. ♪[ Fades ]

[ Chattering ] [Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Rain Falling ]

I apologize for last night.

I think I just let my emotions, urn... get the better of me.

That's cool. Yeah, no problem.

You've had one day, Jimmy.

You've had one day in London, and you've just made such a royal mess of things.

Well, I-l didn't plan it.

You know, I don't have experience.

You're putting things out in some kind of order?

I mean, you pulling me from a club, that wasn't a plan.

There's no way I could have planned for that.

It's just how it is. There's no accounting for people.

I mean, sometimes they're-

You know, they're just like, whoo, and everything's cool... and... sometimes they'd rather just get high... than be a mother to their kid.

Well, that was a very short travel... from your mother leaving you... to you fucking every girl that you see.

Is that how you intend to hobble along?

Is that gonna be your crutch?

I got no intentions. I see how intentions do people.

They're like, “I'm gonna plan to do this and I'm planning to do that.” And as soon as things don't work out, it fucks them all up.

I'm not with that, man.

I have my own thing, my own time, in its own space, and everything is beautiful.

All this other stuff is just-

Well, it's reality.

But you can't change the world.

If I could, only thing I'd probably do is just put-

I'd like a little bit more color on the streets.

Other than that, man, just take shit how it comes.

But your problem is that you're gonna stumble around and you're gonna think that... that's enough... that genius is enough to win the day for you... and that you're gonna take things how they come.

But this is what I'm trying to tell you, Jimmy.

You can't leave it to other people to sort out your life.

This is your life.

Please, will you just have at it.

You say- I do, yes.

I'm s-supposed to listen to you, huh?

Listen to you tell me about being more myself?

But what's the alternative?

You don't listen to me, so you listen to everybody else?

Why should I listen to you though?

Because I love you.

When I saw you at the Cheetah Club... there were about 20 people in a space for a thousand... and those 20 people, they just- they were chatting and they were drinking... and they were completely ignoring what was happening on stage.

And I wanted to turn to them all and I wanted to say...

“Are all of you completely mad?

Can't you see him?

Can't you see what he can do?” I don't think any of this even means anything to you.

You never listen to anything I said.

You never have.

I always do.


What? What?

[ Laughing ] What?

The first night that we spent together I said to you...

“Whatever you do, don't look in the mirror.” But you were giving me junk to get high on.

Then you gonna tell me don't look in the mirror, and when I do you freak all out.

Man, I mean, that's- Come on. That's not fair.

But every experience doesn't need to be a reckless one.

And being on the bad end of a freak-out... that's not the way to discover that I speak the truth.

What did you see when you looked in the mirror?

Oh, man. Crazy shit.


I looked like Marilyn Monroe.

Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

Mind the press, Jimmy.

They can be absolutely voracious.

It's best to curry a little favor with them.

Do you know Keith Altham? He's a really clever one.

Wouldn't do you any harm to stay close to him.

Chas has probably already thought of that.

He's so good, Chas. You know, you're in really good hands with him.

Just make sure you listen to him.

[ No Audio]

♪[ Strums ]

♪[ Electric Guitar: Notes ]

You wanna hang out?

♪[ Continues ]

[ Amplifier: Humming, Feedback ]

♪[ Continues ]


Well, it's changing. it really is.

There's definitely room to make moves.

I mean, the Beatles, they're done touring, so that leaves this gap.


Then you've got the Kinks, the Small Faces.

Everything's become more straight-edged rock 'n' roll.

Or harder-edged.

I think people are more responsive to that right now.

I mean, look at where the world is.

The whole world's got an edge to it, hasn't it?

Hasn't it?

I dig your hair. I do hair.

Yeah? Yeah.

I dig it a lot. I know all about it. Yours is cool.

Is it natural or a permanent? Be honest. Don't lie to me.

No, it's God's own. Look.

[Chuckles] it's cool. it's like Dylan's. I dig it a lot. Really.

Yeah? Cheers.

The way the advertisement was worded-

Does this look like a crane to you? No, baby.

[Jimmy] it doesn't have to be anything.

It's beautiful the way it is.

Th-The way it was worded, I thought I was auditioning for the Animals.

[ Laughing ] Animals? Why would you think that?

No, not the Animals.

I am an animal, but not the Animals. He's an animal.

[ Noel ] Is-Is the pay okay?

I'm skint.

“Skint”? What's “skint”? It means broke.

Oh, I dig that word.

W-Well, no- The gig doesn't pay that much.

We're skint too.

[Jimmy] Man, we're broke, but we're cool.

[ Kathy] Yeah, we have a right laugh.

Might as well hang out with us and be broke and cool.

Better than being just broke.

What do you think? Yeah.

- [ Woman Vocalizing ] - You're selfish. You didn't even bring me a smoke.

Right. Here, I'll bring you a fucking smoke.

- [ Phone." Line Ringing ] JV' [ Continues ]

[ Chattering, indistinct]

[ Line Continues Ringing]

♪ [ Continues ]

[ Line Continues Ringing]

[ Line Continues Ringing]

- [Man] Hello? H-H-Hello?

[ Operator] I have an international collect call... from Jimmy Hendrix to Mr. AI Hendrix.

- Mr. Hendrix? Uh, y-yeah.

- Will you accept the charges? Well, who is the call from?

Hey-Hey, Dad.

- Will you accept the charges? Uh, y-yeah.

- [ Operator] Go ahead with the call. It's Jimmy.

- Who? It's your boy Jimmy. Can you hear me?

- Who? It's Jimmy. it's your boy Jimmy.

- [ Mr. Hendrix Stammering ] Check this out. Guess where I am.

[ Laughing ] Guess where I am.

I'm in London.

I'm in London, man!


Wh-Where? I'm in London, England.

This cat, he pulled me out of a club where I was playing.

- He's managing me now, and I got my own thing together. - And that's funny?

I'm making a record.

- That's funny to you? [ Chuckles ]

No, I'm not trying to be funny.

[ Mr. Hendrix] Think I'm some kind of fool.

Y-You know what?

B-Babe. H-Ho-

Dad, someone wants to talk to you. Hold on for a second.

Come on. Tell him. T-Talk to him. Talk to him.

Hiya, Mr. Hendrix. This is Kathy.

- Ana' who is this now? Friend of Jimmy's.

It's wondrous to finally speak with you. Jimmy's been going on about you.

Wh... - He's over here doing some quite sensational things.

He's got a manager now. He's starting a band.

I've heard him play, by the way. You should be, urn, quite proud.

[ Scoffs ]

Quite proud.

- Yeah. So he's in England? Yeah.

If he's in England, why the hell is he calling me collect?

I'm not paying for any goddamn collect call.

He wants to talk to me from England, you tell him to write me a goddamn letter.

[ Scoffs ]

Stupid boy must think I'm crazy or something.


Jim? Hello?

There's nobody there. Hello?

Hello? Yeah.

Where in the hell did you get that kind of money?

If you're there, it's 'cause you stole a goddamn bank.

No. I didn't steal anything, man.

I'm really doing something here.

Yeah. [ Scoffs ]

You callin' me collect.

I gotta go. Okay? I gotta go. All right?

I-I'll talk to you later.


- All right. Yeah.

[ Receiver Rests In Cradle]

[ Michael ] Right. All right then, gentlemen.

Let's take stock of the situation.

So then it's this Redding fellow for bass guitarist, yeah?

He's a good lad. He's good for it.

Right. What about the drums?

We are keeping the ensemble to a three-piece, are we not?


We're still looking for drummers.

Well, get to it. Squandering time.

You squander time, you squander money.

Uh, there's a- there's a couple of things we need to, uh-

Jimi Hendrix and the Experience.

Yeah. I like that. Quite like it.

Yeah? And it's Jimi?

It's J-I-M-I. Yeah, yeah. I like it that way.

Well, it was my pleasure to come up with the idea. - No, I thought-

Your success will be thanks enough.

We've got a couple of other things we need to discuss actually.

Do tell.

Well, I've got some contracts out there.

Stuff I signed when I was trying to make a break.

We were listening to some old records, and Jimi reveals that he's-

Just stuff that I was doing. I was just kicking around.

Nothing really serious. Right.

When you say “some contracts”-

I did a recording with Curtis Knight, and I had to sign something.

It was just-I was doing background work. [ Chas ] A couple of contracts.

Technically, he's still signed on with these blokes.

And I got one with this cat- I was just doing session work.

It's nothing you need to worry about.

When you say “this cat”... who do you mean?

Juggy Murray.

Juggy.- Yeah.


We find ourselves in a bit of a situation.

And I suppose I'm off to America to handle it.

Handle-How are you gonna- The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Yeah, it's better like that. It's sharper, it's cleaner, it's faster.

Says it all in a few words.

You appreciate that, yeah, Jimi? The economy of vocabulary?

Yeah, sure.

When I return from America...

I may have a recording contract for you over there as well.

So, uh, let's get on with putting the Experience together.

[ Door Opens ]

♪ [ Blues Rock]

- [ Chattering ] ♪[ Continues ]

[ Man ] ♪ Well, I had a little dog and his name was Bob ♪

♪[ Continues ]

[ Jimi ] Hey. Sorry, man.

Hey.I-I-Is that-Is that him, man?

There he is. God himself.

I'll go and see if he's all right with a quick chat.


How's it going? Listen-

[ Kathy] Look, there's Serena. Give a big smile and a wave.

Hi, love. What are you doing?

She said you'd sleep with anything that plays a guitar. - [ Gasps ] Cheeky bitch!

Keith Moon doesn't play guitar!

Fuck if I'm waving at her. You fucking cheeky bitch! Got my eye on you!

Do you wanna pop over before they start? Yeah.

And, hey, ask him if I can jam with them.

Yeah, I wanna play with them.

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ [ Continues ]

[Amplifier Buzzing ] Go on, get your guitar.

♪[ Fades ]

♪ [ Guitar: Random Notes ]

♪[ Blues Rock, Muffled ]


[Cheering ]

♪ [ Ends ]

Go on. Yeah, go on.

And, Jimi, he's doing this as a favor to a friend, okay?

Favor to a friend. Yeah, okay.

[Jimi ] Thank you.

Hey, man, really big, big fans of you guys, man.

Thank you. Hey, really big fan.

You can plug in over there.

Oh, no, no. Here's fine.

[Amplifier Buzzing ]

♪[ Chord ]

I was just thinking, we could just jam a little bit, if that's good.

Or do you know “Killin' Floor”?

“Mannish Boy”?

You know “Mannish Boy”? I don't much know those.

Come on. You're a blues man. You've gotta know these songs. I'll teach you.

♪ [ Dissonant Chord, Feedback]

We've a guest who's gonna sit in with us... who brought himself all the way over from America.

What's the name again, mate?

Jimi Hendrix.

Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

♪ [ Intro: Blues Rock]

♪ [ Band Joins In ]

♪[ Continues ] [ Inaudible]

[Cheering ]


♪ [ Continues ]


Is he really that fucking good?

♪ [ Ends ]

[Audience Cheering, Applauding ]

♪ [ Brass: Somber]

♪ [ Continues ]

[Jimi ] I don't need any.

Give me some. [ Laughs ]

Now, ladies and gentlemen, your favorite, my favorite... the King of the Cockneys, Tommy Pudding!

Nice big hand, ladies and gentlemen. [Applause, Cheering ]

♪ [ Piano: Jaunty]

♪ Oh, slap a bit of treacle on your pudding, Mary Ann ♪

♪ Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Mary Ann ♪

♪ Oh, smother it, cover it ♪ -♪[ Fades ]

[Guitar: Folk]

[ Man] ♪ Over Bridge of Sighs ♪ I To rest my eyes in shades of green I

♪ Under dreaming spires ♪

♪ To Itchycoo Park, that's where I've been ♪

♪ >4' What did you do there?' ♪

- ♪ I go! high ♪ ♪ What did you fee/ there?♪

-♪[ Continues ] [ Jimi ] Hey, Kathy. Hey, babe.


Wh-What do you think?

[ Chuckling ]

Excuse me. it's stopped.

[ Male Clerk] What's that?

It was working a moment ago and now it's stopped.

Broken. Cheap little thing.

Can you fix it? Yeah.

Wouldn't be worth the money you'd spend to make it right.

♪ Be nice and have fun in the sun♪

♪ I'll tell you what I'll do ♪

♪ What will you do? ♪

♪ >J' I'd like to go there now♪ Don't you think it's groovy?

You look handsome. Thank you. Should I get it?

Yeah. Hey, how much does this run?

♪[ Rock: Electric Guitar]

He's aggressive, I'll say that.

In a good way or a bad way? He just-

Did you see how he was giving Jimi the eye the whole time?

He just is. He's aggressive.

What did you make of Aynsley? Well, he's solid.

Well, I liked him too. I didn't say I liked him.

He's solid, but he follows a bit much.

Look, Chas, I'm thankful for the gig... but I'm still learning my way around the bass.

Might be good to have someone who's a bit more up-front.

Might be good to find someone who shows a bit of bloody respect.

Oh, 'cause it's your band now, eh?

It's called the Jimi Hendrix Experience... not The Two Pillocks and a Bloke From America Experience.

As long as we all know our place.

I don't wanna have a big freak-out about it.

He's fierce, yeah. You can't knock a cat for being fierce.

It's like Elvin Jones or something like that.

Yeah, he's more jazz orientated.

Yeah, so it won't be that same, you know, kind of rock thing everybody else is trying to do.


What were you saying about getting a bit more experience in the Experience?

Mmm, he's right.

I can say what I bloody well want, you know.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Look.



[Chattering ]

[Jimi ] Yeah, a bit of Little Richard.

Yeah, it's kinda cute. Thanks.

Why do you call yourselves The Breakaways?

[ Noel ] This is the ultimate...

Jimi Hendrix Experience singing experience.

I think we should all sing in it.

Kind of choral. Choral singing.

[Jimi ] We should have-Hey, Breakaways.

We should have The Breakaways sing, like, the lead and then-

Not too very high. Yeah.

How high can we sing, Jimi?

[ High-pitched Voice ] En-joy.

[Girls Giggling ]

[ Chas ] Forty, 45, 50, okay.

So all-in-all that's 500.

So it's-That's three hours, aye?

Two hours, Chas. [ Scoffs ]

Oh, come on, you're breaking me heart. I'm doing you a favor.

Got the best equipment here. Best studio- I can see that.

Look-Three hours.

I'm gonna be counting it, Chas, 'cause I know you. - You do know me.

So you don't need to count it. That's 500.

He's not even tuned up yet. I can see that!

You've not got anyone booked- Two hours.

If you're finished within two hours-


[ Jimi] Can we turn the lights down a little bit?

Can we?

To create just a little mood, you know.

What's my voice sound like in there, on the microphone?

We've gotta lay the track, Jimi, so- All right, all right.

Lights or not, however you need to get over yourself and sing... while I've still got the bus fare to get home, that'd be grand.

All right, man, sorry.

- Okay, h-here we go. No. Do you wanna tum the lights down?

Yeah, please. Yeah, I think it would help.

- Thank you. Okay.

[ Chuckles ]


♪[ Strumming Guitar]

[ Door Opens ] What are the bloody lights doing off?

[ Men Groaning ] [ Chuckling ]

Jesus Christ Almighty! We're recording!

Who records in the fucking dark? I didn't know.

Oh, that's grand to know! So, you're not completely stupid!

You're just plain ignorant!

Now, would you bugger off out so we can stop wasting money and get something done... you clingy fucking bitch!

-♪[ Strumming Guitar] [ Jimi ] S-Sorry.

All right. [ Chuckling ]

Okay, here we go. This time no laughing, man.

[ Clears Throat]

[Chattering ]

Yeah, that was a nice one.

Nice job. That was great, ladies. See you all later.

I like what you did. That was out of sight.

♪ [ Vocalizing ]

It was nice.

Hey! HEY-

You let him talk to me like that? “Clingy bitch”? You don't say a word?

W-What are you talking- I'm your bloody girlfriend.

What was I supposed to do? You're supposed to stick up for me.

Well, fuck you! You ruined my take, woman. What are you-

Fuck you! Fuck you!

You fucking- [ Shouting ]

You wanna hit me?

For fuck's sake, get off her, man. Get off her. Come on.

It's all right. it's done, man. it's done.

Bastard! Where were you?

See? Sh-She's just crazy.

Where fucking were you? She's crazy.

[ Crying ] No, let her play.

Fuck you. [ Grunting ]

[Crying Continues]

Fucking crazy. [ Panting ]

Fuck is wrong with you?

[ Woman ] People see the, uh- the energy that you perform with on stage.

E-Energy. Is that what you call it? Energy?

[ Chuckling ] But it looks exhausting.

Are you having fun? Well, yeah, yeah.

It's work just like anything else... you know, getting on stage every night-it is.

I! takes a lo! out of your energy- Is that' what' you call it?

But, I mean, if you-if you don't put your all into it, you know... if you don't put your whole entire self into it, why do it?

You know?

[ Woman ] You have your new album coming out, your first album-

Yeah. Yeah, everybody go buy it too.

[ Laughing I There's so much competition right now.

Cream, The Who-

No, no, no. No, no. I wouldn't say competition, you know.

[ Woman] But the Beatles have a new record due.

It's meant to be amazing.

Uh, do you feel worried at all?

[ Chuckling ] That's right. French fries, right? French fries and eggs?

Yeah, chips. Why do you all drink so much tea?

What's up with the tea thing, man?

Tea. it's what we drink.

It's because we were invading India.

That's why you all stay up all the time. You never go to fucking sleep.

There isn't-Tea doesn't make you stay awake.

Yes, it does.

Alcohol makes you stay awake. No, alcohol makes you go to sleep.

It makes me go to sleep. Doesn't take much for you to go to sleep.

I have to drink alcohol when I take your cooking.

Hey, horse.

What are you about? What are we about? What do you mean?



Something. [ Chuckling ]

Cheeky bastard. Is he giving you trouble?

No, he's not giving me trouble, as you can see.

Cheers, mate. All right, thanks, mate.

[ Officer ] You together? Is that any of your business?

He your ooga-booga man? Sod off, you gobshite.

You talk like you're pissed. Are you drunk?

You want a public morals charge?

You in the military?

Yeah. I'm a soldier.

Which war?

All of them.

I'm in a constant, constant struggle against... the color gray, fat mattresses, you know, small minds.

I'm always losing that one though. [ Giggling ]

Having a laugh? Yeah. Yeah, we are. We're having a laugh.

Off the path, please, sir. Sorry, sir.

My pa was in the military. Yeah.

God bl-God-God-God bless him.

Died wearing that jacket.

This one? 'Cause this is from the Veterinary Corps.

Your pa died, like, handling donkeys and asses or something like that?

Don't you- It's all right, mate.

Don't do that, 'cause it ain't worth it, is he?

You're a disgrace to every man who wore that uniform.

Take it off.

Take it off.

Bop it. On your bike.

Bike? We don't have no bike.


You shouldn't have given him your jacket.

You shouldn't have given it to him.

You don't know what it's like. You don't have to go through it.

Don't even need to talk about it.

[ Chas ] It was a hell of a show... on paper.

- [ Jimi ] Yeah? McCartney phoned up himself.

Says he's recommending you personally. [ Scoffs]

There's only two acts representing the UK.

What's the other? Well, The Who is the other.

Of course, yeah. [ Laughing ]

Monterey. I've never even been to Monterey.

Is it warm?

No, it's Northern California, but you don't have to worry about that.

I think I'd better bring a proper coat.

Do you think I'll need a new coat? We should get new coats.

Hey, who-who else is playing?

Uh, Otis Redding, he's on. The Mamas and the Papas.

John Phillips, it's his thing. Yeah, yeah.

Uh, The Who, like I said.

Jefferson Airplane.

And you.

[ Laughing ]

Jimi. Come on. Give us a smile, son, huh?

This is a good day. Yeah.

It's a hell of a day.

[Woman ] You know, talk about the guitar and, I mean, it's about what you do on stage.

I mean, you are just electric up there.

I mean, we don't even care- it's what you do, essentially.

You can feel this vibe. We all feel it.

Can you feel it? I think we should just-

[ Loud Chattering ]

It's the herald of a new age.

[ TV: Chattering, Audience Laughing ]

[ Sighs ]

Hey, hey, hey. Put that back. Come on now.

What are you doing?

What time is it?

I don't know. 2:00, maybe.


The Salvation Army band's playing outside.

Do you want to go have a listen?

I want to go out.

Yeah, okay.

I want to go out with you.

IFS 2:00!

I heard you the first time.

It's 2:00 and you're just sitting there. You never want to go out.

Woman, I gig every night.

You play music. That's not socializing.

Don't lay this shit on me now.

I want to go out with people.

W-Well, go- I don't wanna go out with people.

It just make me uptight. They're always just-just bullshitting.

Everyone makes you uptight. They're not always bullshitting.

But if they're not talking about Dylan or Howlin'

Wolf, you don't wanna hear what they say.

There are more things to talk about, you know.

Wh-Wh-Okay, what?

What do you want to talk about? Speak.

- [ TV: Audience Laughing]

- One way or the other, man. There was no middle of the road.

I've got friends.

Who? [ Chuckling ] Right.

I've got people that I can hang out with.

Fuck's sake. Fuck does he think he is?

“Ooh, oh, my God. You're so fucking cool.” You're not fucking cool. You're fucking boring is what you are.

Uptight fucking bastard.

Thinks the fucking sun shines out of his fucking ass.

Who does he think I am, for fuck's sake, an old maid?


- Fuck you. [ TM" Audience Laughing]

Stay-at-home bloody girl.

[ Footsteps Stomping ]

You know what? Get the fuck out of here.

[ Door Closes ]

I don't need this shit.

[ TV: Chattering Continues, Audience Laughing]

[ Woman] It's good? You like it?

[ Jimi] Yeah, I dig it. I-It's cool.

What's it about?

It's about this star child, this super-intelligent being out in the universe.

Right. Okay.

And it's just out there, just waiting.

Then one day it's gonna come down from outer space and save us all from ourselves.

You know, teach us, you know, not to hate, you know, and how to really, really love.

Well, that's-that's heavy.

You know, it's for real. Yeah?

Yeah. There's all sorts of things out there we don't even know about.

Like, other people in the solar system that have the same feelings that we do.


Without the bad feelings, you know.

You know, like, our negative vibrations upset their way of living, for instance.

Yeah. And they're a whole lot-

Nothing but negativity bringing us down.

But the solar system is going through this huge change.

It's gonna affect Earth in about 30 years, yeah.

And our space brothers, they're gonna come down... and they're gonna show us the way.

The way? Yeah.

I dig that.

Oh, hey. What are you doing?

We were just hanging out. What have you done to him?

Jimi, wake up! Open your eyes!

What have you given him? Nothing.

Come on. Get up now. Wake up. He's good.

We just smoked some weed. You've got to get up now.

Get out! You have to get up now. Come on.

No, no. it's cool. We were just hanging out.

I missed you.

W-We were just talking.

You know, he was going on about the star child and science fiction and all that.

He just wanted me to stay with him until you got back.

You want this?

He just bought it.


I get it.

You're all right. You can stay.

No, I'm gonna- No, you're all right.

All right.

I've seen him play. He's good.

He's great. Yeah, he's gonna be a rock star one day.

He is a rock star. He already is one.

All right.

Where's that accent from? Milwaukee.

Don't know it. [Chuckles] There's nothing to know.

You been together long? Since he arrived.

Since last September.

Really? That's a long time in groupie years.

I'm not a groupie. I'm his girlfriend.

All right, girlfriend. Okay.

What's your magic?

I'm a bloody good time.

We have a laugh. That's my magic.

Should have seen what I got him away from. God.

All fixed teeth and plummy talk.


Easy's always boring. Hmm.

You ever been with any rock 'n' rollers then?

Yeah, I been with plenty.

What was the longest?

Uh, one time I was with the same cat for, uh... five and a half months.

Five and one half. Yeah.

What happened?

Oh, he met a better-looking girl. Wasn't no thing.

Then I met a bigger rock star.

It's all about the bigger, better deal.

But you don't gotta worry about that.

I'll never meet a bigger rock star?

He'll never meet a finer-looking girl.

[ Jimi] We're not even on the damn charts, man.

Top 100, and we don't even make any kind of ripple or nothing, man.

[Chas] People need to put a face to the music.

You know, you need to get seen over there.

What you said-You said if we wanted to win, we have to take London.

You have. You have taken London.

But we've got nowt if we don't take America.

It's always something with you, man.

You start with one thing and then it turns into some other bullshit.

What is that, man? I'm not bullshitting you.

Not with the record where it's at.

Look, I've broke my back to get us this far.

I've spent my every last pound to get us where we are.

So its about you? It's about the payoff.

For me, aye. For you. For us.

For the lads.

A hundred songs, man. Not-Not one, man, like-

Just hold it together until Monterey.


Okay? Yeah, yeah, man, yeah.

[ Both Laughing ]

I like it though. You know what?

You sh-You should let it, like, like-like, grow huge.

- Like an angel. I'm gonna grow it.

I'm not gonna cut it anymore.

Like when I had it before, I just put loads of pomade in.

Yeah. You know, to flatten it down, but- it shapes your face up really nice.

We were going this way. Oh, yeah, yeah.

You know what I mean?

When you started. Yeah?

Brought somebody to see you.

As-salaam alaikum. How you doing, man?


Come in, come in.

[ Man Speaking] The government of America has failed you!

You know Jimi, right?

Jimi's gonna be a rock star one day. [ Chuckling ]

Oh, no, he is a rock star.

That's what your girl would say, right?

Wanna give Jimi some of that good weed you got. - Yeah.

[ Man] There are Negroes now who preach to you... that the way to freedom and equality is through nonviolence.

Goddamn. Yeah, we have a lot of guests.

Where's your rolling paper at?

It's in the drawer where it always is. All right.

[ Man Continues Speaking ]

Ah. Seen you play.

Jimi Hendrix, yes. You hella good.

So, how are you liking London?

Uh, it's a good scene.

Yeah, “a good scene,” yeah?

So, um, where is this “good scene”?

Been playing at The Scotch.

Uh, I played down at The Bag of Nails the other night, man.

Some really cool people there.

Yeah? Yeah.

They relate to music differently here than they do in America.

In America, it's still-Everything's all split up still, in America.

You know, you have, like, one scene for this type of music... and a whole another scene for another type of music.

And the moment you try to put it all together, you know, they get all uptight with you.

Here they just- they give you more freedom to play... and I love that.

You know, they let you do what you want to do any-any time you want to.

[ Chuckles ] What? “Let you”?


I'm sorry, but you just said you had freedom to play.

Well, if you have freedom, people don't “let you” do anything.

You just do it.

There's nothing in the drawer.

It's in the bloody drawer, man. Look for it.

But, you know, good on you... for coming over, enjoying yourself.

On behalf of England- Well, on behalf of Black England, welcome.

Thank you.

I would think that maybe you hadn't had much chance to see Black England.

You know, Brixton, Notting Hill.

I don't break it down like Black England or White England.

But it is like that.

They break it down.

Or maybe you haven't had your share of hassles over here.

I read in the papers how they talk about your music.

“Wild and tribal and violent.” Words, man. Just words.

They're all just words. I don't get uptight about them words, you know.

But they don't use those words when they're talking about Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton.

You know, when they play the blues, it's acceptable.

But when you play the blues... you're a violent, black abomination.

Thank you.

England is different to America.

You know, our-our race issues are more... subtle.

This new England was built on the Windrush.

You heard of that? You know what it is?

Windrush? I've never heard of that.

After the war, right... uh, Caribbeans-well, West Indians got, um- they got lured to England, you know.

Lots of signs all over the place advertising work and jobs.

“Come on, come over. Work hard for a better life.” Yeah, possibilities.

Yeah, but there were no possibilities. Hmm.

No housing. No decent pay.

There's a class system here in England. Notting Hill, man.

There was hard work. - Those Teddy Boys were fucking black people up.

But there's no better life.

But it's hard all over now for everybody. Right? You know.

I mean, people are just people. You know, just like animals.

Animals are gonna be animals, right?

Picking-Picking their noses, picking their asses, you know.

Animals are animals. Yes, yes.

To other animals you'll never be eaten.

And, look, you know-

I'm saying this brother to brother, all right?

You'll never be nothing to them but a curiosity.

And that's-that's the truth.

They don't “let you” up on that stage. They want you up there.

Their electric wog.

Oh, that's cold, man.

You're fooling around with all these white kids... but it's black British who need someone to inspire them.

[ Chuckling ] “inspire,” man. Why is that funny to you?

You're putting things on me I don't even wanna be. - You could be a symbol.

I don't even understand. What are you talking about? - You could be a symbol.

I'm just playing my guitar. Play music to your people.

My people?

They're all my people. What-What-

Every last one of them, they're my people.

[ Sighs Sharply]

Jimi, the people you got around you now, they don't get it.

If you are going up on that stage just so you can go up on that stage... you're wasting yourself.

Your music should be notes of protest. Right the hell on, man.

Protest is all over with. Everybody wants solutions now, you know.

You're getting up on stage with your gyrating, your gimmicks-Is that your solution?

I'm sick of everybody talking about these “gimmicks,” man.

You know, the world is nothing but a great big, fat gimmick.

Wars, you know, napalm bombs and all this kind of stuff.

You know, you got people getting burnt up on television, right in front of our faces.

You know, all this violence. And that's not my scene, man.

So what is your “scene”? Laying back and doing nothing?

And I should be like you? Do exactly what you're doing, huh?

Talking shit and smoking weed, huh?

'Cause, yeah, the weed is good, man... but this shit that you're talking, man-

You-You really wanna change things?

When the power of love takes over the love of power, that's when things will change.

♪ [ Guitar: Dissonant Chord]

♪ [ Feedback]

[ Chattering, Murmuring ] ♪ [ Guitar Continues ]

Play something!

Play a fucking song! [ Man] Get off!

Go on, then.

Where's the fucking show?

Paid a bloody pound for this shit!

Just shut your bas-

“Greeted by near silence, obsessive guitar-tuning and foul gestures... fans may have wondered what they missed musically during the”-

[ Mitch ] Jimi. I'm not in tune, man.

Just play something, man. Man, fuck you.

I'm gonna get this guitar in tune if it takes me all fucking night.

“Having listened to their first album, the answer is, little.

Jimi Hendrix is neither a notable songwriter, nor an accomplished vocalist.

He is sullen when not outright angry... vague when not utterly arcane.

The rank quality of his songs, the puerile nature of the lyrics... the sum total of the record is unrelentingly, lyrically and inartistically primal.” You'd just rather play any old kind of shit, huh?

And you don't care what it sounds like.

Well, leave then, man! That didn't take them very long, did it?

[Sighs] Single didn't even chart in the States.

You toss in a review like that-

But they don't know anything.

[Chas] I can hear the clack already.

People going on about whether he deserved the Monterey invitation.

What the fuck are we here for?

What-What-What do we do all this shit for?


Where's your old lady?

I don't know.

Girl runs around a lot.

[ Chas] Ah, there's others.

Whispering in his ear, filling him up.

Ah, just ginning him up.

It's disrespectful, you know.

Running round on you like that.

Jimi and the lads are supposed to be playing the Saville Theatre.

Brian Epstein's chucking this big do... to celebrate the new Beatles disc and the boys are gonna be there.

If Jimi has another performance like that last one...

[ Sighs ] we could lose Monterey.

We'll be done before we're started.

[Chattering ]

Where's your girlfriend?

She's-She's at home tonight.

She's not coming out?

[ Laughing ] [ Jlmi ] Hey! Hey!

Come here.

C-Come on. Come here. Go on. Go ahead.

Come over here.

Okay, one minute.

Sit down. Sit down with me some.

Come on, sit down. Sit down.

[Women Laughing ]

- [ Speakers: Man ] ♪Gimme some lovin'♪ ♪ Gimme, gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Gimme some lovin'♪

♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Every day' ♪ Hey. You wanna come grab a drink?


No, she's all right. She's fine.

Yeah, I'm fine. I'll see you in a minute.

All right.

♪ Well, I feel so good, everything is getting higher ♪

♪ You better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire ♪ I'm just gonna go and ring someone up, all right? I'll be back in a minute.

♪ So glad we made it ♪

♪ So glad we made it ♪

♪ You got to ♪

- ♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪ ♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Gimme some lovin' ♪

♪ Every day' ♪

Hiya. it's me.

You all right, darling? You gonna come down?

Yeah, place is all right. It's about half full.

There'll be-There'll be more people down later-

♪ Well, I feel so good, everything is getting higher ♪

♪ You better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire ♪

♪ Been a hard day, nothing went' too good♪

♪ Now I'm gonna relax just like everybody should ♪ Hey, Jimi. Great show.

Oh, thank you, man. Yeah, love your stuff, man.

Wow, thank you. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

[Women Giggling ]

What is this, huh? What is this, huh?

[Woman Screaming ]

[ Ida ] Get off! You disrespect me!

You disrespect me? Huh?

Who are you talking to, huh? Who you talkin' to, huh?

You disrespect me! [ Ida ] Keep him away!

No, I'm all right. I'm all right.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

I said get him away! You disrespect me?

Are you gonna be okay? Yeah.

You gonna be all right? Yeah, thank you.



I'm supposed to take, um-

I'm supposed to take these for the pain... and then, uh, these to help me sleep.

Mmm, um, later, not now.

I'm not-not supposed to sleep tonight.

I wrote these for you.

You write out lyrics you can't even read yourself... and that's supposed to make everything all right?

I never doubted you. That wasn't me, that was you.

You were the one. That was your shite.

[ Ida ] You got no one to blame but you. [ Chuckles ]

That's the bitch of it.

When it comes down to things-

[ Sighs ] it's your own goddamn fault.

You know, you think getting it on with a rock 'n' roller... is gonna be nothing but good times.

They're the ones that make this shit real, but it never gets real for them.

Their whole life- a big motherfuckin' blowjob.

Can't keep thinking it's something that it's not.

Him fucking around... and sooner or later he's gonna fuck his way back to you.

He ain't gonna fuck his way back to you. He's just fucking with you.

Why would you say that? Why would you say something like that?

'Cause I'm your sister.

I'm not gonna let you sit there and fall apart, thinking he loves you... when he don't love anything but himself.

You worn out, baby?

[ Chuckles ] You look worn out.

Know what you need?

Hold on.

You have any, uh-Let me see right here.

Yeah, you got some.

You know what? You just need to take a couple of these, man.

You know?

Just take a couple of them.

Help you sleep that shit right off.

Maybe take a few. [ Pouring Drink]

When I'm feeling all- [ inhales]

[ Groans ]

[Sobbing ]

If you need anything, I'll just be outside.

♪[ Guitar: Chord, Feedback]

♪ [ Piano ]

♪ [ stops I

[ Jimi Exhales ]

[Chattering ]

♪ [ Electric Guitar: Blues ]

Hey, lads, thanks for coming.

What's happening?

[ Laughing]

[ Man ] ♪ All your love I miss lovin'♪

♪ All your kiss I miss kissin' ♪

♪All your love I miss lovin' ♪

♪All your love I miss kissin' ♪

♪ Before I met you, baby ♪

♪ I didn't know what I was missing ♪

♪ All the love, pretty baby' ♪

♪ I have in store for you ♪

♪ All the love, pretty baby' ♪

♪ I have in store for you ♪

♪ The way I love you, baby ♪

♪ I know you love me too ♪

♪[ Continues ]

[ Chuckles ] Sorry, man.

Have a good show.


Have a fucking good show.

♪ [ Fades ]

Hey, put-put this on. We're gonna open with that.

The title track.

If we put this in the key of E and go to town with it, man- it only came out two days ago. Half an hour before the show, you want us to learn a new song?

We're a band. Come on, man. The Beatles are in the audience.

It's a fucking insult.

Only if we fuck it up.

[ Chuckling ] Come on. Let's have fun with living, man.

[ Mitch ] Oh, that's cool, man. [Chuckles]

[Jimi ] All right, so Mitch, you start it off... and you give us a little rhythm and then- I'll give you four, yeah?

[Audience Clapping Rhythmically]

You-You start it off with the beat, right. Gimme four.

[ Imitating Beat] Let's keep it groovy.

Yeah, I like that.

And then I'm gonna do a solo act after the first verse.

Okay, yeah. Just on the chorus.

[ Man On P.A. ] We apologize for the delay... in this evening's performance by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

We hope to bring you the show presently.

Hey, Jimi, listen.

Mmm? Yeah. Yeah.

[ Murmuring, Yelling ]

[Jimi ] Hey, I like those pants, Noel.

Beautiful, man. [ Chuckling ]

[ Man On P.A. ] Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests...

The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

[Applause ]

Hey, your ears. Watch out for your ears, man.

Yeah, your ears. Watch out for your ears.

Hey! ♪ It was 20 years ago today ♪

♪ Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play ♪

♪ They've been going in and out of style ♪

♪ But they're guaranteed to raise a smile ♪

♪ So may I introduce to you ♪

♪ The act you've known for all these years ♪

♪ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ♪ Whoo! Look out!

♪ We're Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ♪

♪ We hope you will enjoy the show ♪

♪ We're Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ♪

♪ Sit back and let the evening go ♪ Yeah!

[Applause, Cheering ]

♪ I don't really want to stop the show ♪

♪ But I thought you might like to know ♪

♪ That the singer's going to sing a song ♪

♪ And he wants you all to sing along ♪

♪ So let me introduce to you ♪

♪ The one and only Billy Shears ♪

♪ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ♪ Look out! Whoo!


Get in to it, man!

♪ [ Ends ]

[Audience Cheering ]

Oh, yeah. Hey, Mitch, you see them up there?

I'd like to go.



I'd like to go with you.

We've got touring right after, you know.

If it works out, you know, we'll see.

Well, just for the festival then.

I'll just go for the festival. Then I'll come straight home.

[ Stammers ] You should rest.

No, I'm fine. Rest.

I'm good enough to sit and watch you.

I've never been to San Francisco before.

It's Monterey.

There's nothing there for you. You wouldn't like it.

You know, I'm gonna go and then come right back. it's no big thing at all, okay?

There were like rats and everything. Yeah.

It was very-Didn't smell too good.

Big, awful smell.

[ Man] ♪ Run, run, get your gun ♪

♪ Tom Tom, na-na-na-na ♪ I- I think it's, um- it's really-it's really just finding bars now... that you can sort of switch off in.

There are not many around. No, I guess everyone's-

Everyone's so aware of, um-of it.



But, hey, I'm going to just grab something from my coat.

Be back.

Where did I put my... handbag?

Over here.

♪ Tom Tom, na-na-na-na ♪

♪ Bang, bang, you low-down thing ♪

♪Tom Tom ♪ Are you nervous?

No, of course not. [ Giggling ]


Are you excited?

It's still crazy to me.

All these acts are gonna be on stage.

I mean, Simon and Garfunkel, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin. Come on, man-

And you. Yeah.

Hey, can you believe that?

Yes, I can.

You wanna go? To Monterey?

Yeah, you should go.

What would your girlfriend have to say about that?

Or perhaps you wouldn't tell her.

Perhaps we'd just secretly run off together.

Did you hear “Red House”?


You know I wrote that for you, right? Could you tell?

And Keith wrote “Ruby Tuesday” for me when we broke things off.

Got all these men writing songs to me.

Then I go home and I listen to them alone.

What is it with you rock 'n' rollers?

You can perform for a thousand people... and you can't be honest with one.

You can sing it all, you just...

can't say the words.

Why do you want me to go with you?

Doesn't really bring me any closer to packing my bags.

Good times.

We could have had good times here.

No, it's-Here wasn't our thing.

Here was just way too restricted, man.

It was too formal? Yeah.

So what would it be like there?

Just looser. Looser?

Like unsteady?

You know, the minute things take off for you...

I wonder if you're going to notice that I'm not around anymore.


Of course.

Things you love, they stay with you.

If you want them to or not.

You have a very annoying way of being...

quite simply profound.

[ Man] ♪ I gotta have your love every day ♪

♪ One that's real and will stay ♪ I don't think it would be a good idea... for me to come to Monterey.

♪ I can't seem to make you mine ♪

♪ Can't seem to make you mine ♪


♪ Can't seem to make you mine ♪


♪ Come back, baby, to me ♪


♪ End my misery ♪


♪ I give you love night and day ♪

♪ Never ever go away ♪

♪ Can 't' seem to make you mine ♪

♪[ Strumming Guitar]

[ Woman On PA] BOAC is pleased to announce the early arrival of flight number 12.

The plane passengers can be met at gate number three.

They're gonna love your accents. They're gonna go crazy, like the girls-

You're the one with the accent, Jimi.

[Chattering Continues]

[ Laughing]

[ Woman] So do you think you're better than all of them?

[ Jimi Chuckling ] No, no.

It's not about being better, you know, or anything-anything like that.

You know, it's about being inspired.

And I'm inspired by everybody. I'm inspired by all kinds of people.

You know, it's art to me. You know, and with art- it's just showing something that you've never seen before.

Or-Or even if it's something that you see every day... just showing it in a new way, you know.

So I should-I should be able to take, like, any song and-

I should be able to take “Auld Lang Syne”... and do it in a new way you've never even heard it before.

You know what I mean? So- it's all inspiration and inspiring other people.

♪[ Guitar: Rock]

[ Jimi] Come on! Everybody sing along with me.

M Wild thing m Yeah!

♪ You make my heart sing' ♪

Oh, yeah, I see you.

♪ You make everything groovy ♪

♪ Wild thing♪

Wild thing, I think you move me.

♪ But I wanna know for sure♪

Come on, just... sock it' to me one time again.

[ Clicks Tongue ] You move me.

Look out!

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ [ Guitar Solo ]

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ Wild thing ♪ Yeah!

♪ You make my heart sing' ♪

♪ You make everything groovy ♪ Come on!

♪ Wild thing♪

Yeah! Yeah!

♪ Wild thing ♪

Yeah! Yeah!

♪ Wild thing ♪


♪ Wild thing♪


♪ Wild thing ♪

♪[ Continues ]

♪[ Continues ]

♪[ Ends ]

♪[ Guitar: Blues]

No letter today.

Not even a call on my telephone.

♪ A little love and understanding, yeah' ♪

♪ Yeah, that's all in the world we ever need ♪

That's all we need, yeah.

♪ A little love and understanding' ♪

♪ Yeah, that's all in the world we ever need ♪ That's all we ever need.


♪ Misunderstanding and a no-good woman ♪

♪ They both have caused my heart to bleed ♪ Bleed, yeah, bleed.

♪ No-good woman leavin' me all alone ♪ In, all in.

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Mm-mmm ♪

♪ [ Ends ]