Jing wu ying xiong (1994) Script

[Man]My country men, our voice must be heard.

Japan belongs to the people, not the military.

We must end the military occupation Of Shanghai!

Hey, look. The Kokureeu Clan is coming.

Memorize this.

Point one... concerns the dispersion of lubricants around the engine.

Point two is the mechanics, the pistons And the function of the carburetor.

All the functions I have covered today Will be included in the final exam.

That's all.

What's going on here? Chinaman, get out!

You can't do this!

Japan is only for the Japanese!

Take your war somewhere else! What?

[ Grunts ] [ Laughing ]

You've got no right to do this. Oh, yeah?

Stop it! There was no reason For you to push him like that.

What? I'll push who I want to.

My uncle will hear about you.

Then we'll see just how tough you are.

[ Gasps ]


All right. I couldn't care less About you or your uncle.

You've got till three to get lost. One!



Get him! [ Groans ]

[ Groans ] [ Yells ]

[Man] Let me help!

M-Master Sensai.

He's the Kokureeu Sensai, and he's also my uncle.

So, I hope you've learned something from your visit to this class.

Brutality, as I've taught you, has never been the way to win a battle.

Professor, I do apologize.

[ Gagging ]

[ Neck Cracks, Groans ]

[ Groaning ]

Be still. You're lucky that you weren't seriously hurt.

Aah! What happened?

It was my fault.

Oh! Is it really?


I am Funakoshi Fumio. And you are?

[ Gasps ]

[ Groans ] Don't tell me that's the one your father gave you?

Oh, yes, it is. He paid a lot for this pen. Now look at it.

What will we tell Daddy? Dear, let's not tell him anything.

There's really no need to make him angry.

My students will take care of it.

Mitsuko, dear, here you are. That's better.

You're just as demanding as your father, and just as stubborn.

Young men don't like stubborn women.

Thank you, but I know One young man that does.

-[Funakoshi]Him? Sir. My name is Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen from Jing Wu? Yes.

Who was your Master there? It was Master Hou.

Oh, no.

What is it, Uncle?

I-- Last night in the local newspaper--

The article said that your Master was killed... in a match.

He fought with one of the Niguchi Clan... to his death.

I don't believe it!

I am sorry. I know you must be deeply hurt.

Excuse me, sir.

Master Hou's death is a very great loss.

[ Girl Giggling ]

Chen Zhen? Where are you going?

To Shanghai. Master Hou was like a father to me.

It's because his killer was Japanese. That's why you're so angry.

Stop the occupation of China! Free Shanghai!

[ Cheering ]

Do you know just how badly I want to come along with you on your journey?

Chen Zhen!

I'll wait for you. You know I will.

When the Japanese soldiers are out of Shanghai, then I'll return.

Our leaders can be very hard to persuade, you know.

Then we'll be extremely persuasive.

We'll make your leaders listen to us.

Chen Zhen, don't hate us all.

I don't hate.

Mitsuko, it must be this way.

I have no choice.

Take care.

Chen Zhen!

[ Chattering ]

[ Excited Chattering ]

Sorry, kids. That's all I have.

Go away now.

I'm just a student. Money, please, sir.

I don't have anything else for you.

Please, go and find someone else. Go on. Get out of here!

Ohayo. I am not Japanese.

You're not? Excuse me.

Okay, right this way.

Where are you going? To Jing Wu.

To Jing Wu, the kung fu school?

That's right. I study kung fu.

What's the matter? Where have you been? Haven't you heard?

You better find a new place to learn kung fu.

Since their number one Master died, their reputation is in the gutter.

Absurd. I'll find another rickshaw. Take it easy.

I'll drive you there.

Just don't be surprised if the doors are closed. Okay, here we go.

You know, the Master here was killed... and now the pupils are leaving.

Hey, don't you know? The Japanese want this place real bad.

You hear? Forget it.

Chen Zhen! What are you doing here?

Let me help. Thank you.

Ah, so you're-- Chen Zhen from Jing Wu.

The best.

Keep the change.

You heard what I said!

[ Excited Chattering ]

Master Ngai, this place is sacred to us.

If you want to fight, let's go outside.

[ Yells, Groans ]

[ Groaning ]

Master, are you all right?

A good fight. Thank you, sir.

For what? Target practice? Hey, understand something.

If you're looking for a fight At Jing Wu, you are asking for trouble.

You or the Japanese.


Is school out?

Welcome. Glad you're back.

Uncle Nang.

I was hoping to tell you about him when school was over.

How'd you hear?

A Japanese newspaper.

They printed it with pleasure!

Well, pay your respects to him.

Let's go.

Wait a minute. You can't.

He shouldn't wear that. He's not family.

Uncle, Chen Zhen was raised as a son. You know that.

He has the right, same as you and me. Ah.

He should not have fought that day.

I knew something was wrong.

I saw it.

We all did.

Go ahead, now.

What are you doing? That's our symbol for acceptance.

Hey, Uncle.

Chen Zhen's right.

Our enemies have taken away our Master.

They control our leaders.

So, there can no longer be acceptance. They have proven that now.

Where are you going?

To the Niguchi.

Chen Zhen, revenge is against the law, you know.

Well, then... I'll break the law.

Chen Zhen! No. Chen Zhen!

Ting En, you know, you've been there before. It's a fortress.

They must have a hundred men.

Don't forget that you're the Master. But, Uncle--

Hey, that's enough.

I'm responsible for you.

Cheung, Biu, take some men and follow him.

[Biu] Yes, sir.

[Phone Ringing]

Sixth precinct. May I help you? Ah, that looks good.

All right, go on.

Captain, for you.

Ah, what now?

Captain speaking.

Niguchi Arena?

By himself? Yes. Got it.

To the Japanese compound.

One! Two!

Three! Four!

Idiot! Practice! Yes, sir.


Look! Look!

Take your Chinese shoes and get out of here!

I am Chen Zhen. Where is Akutagawa?

Hey, you. Niguchi owns this place. Go!

I'm not going anywhere till Akutagawa comes.

What? Ooh, come on!


Where is your Master now?

I want to see him.

We shall challenge each other... openly and fairly.

If one of us dies, there will be no revenge.

Master fought you with the Hou Fist.

It would be his wish for me to do the same.

[ Yells ]

[ Bones Cracking ]

[ Yells ]

[ Yells, Groans ]

[ Yells ]

He'd have beaten you If he had been healthy.

[ Snarling ]

[ Groaning ]

Only Japanese citizens and those with special passes are allowed to enter here.


You heard what he said. Chen can't be in there.

But I swear I saw him go in there myself!.

Yeah, so did I. Hey, there he is!

Tell us what happened?

You Japanese? Chinese.

-[Horse Neighing] -[Soldier]Attention!

Is there a problem? No, sir.

Not at all. General Fujita, sir.

Mr. Ambassador, it's nothing. Move it, now.

Yes, sir.

Company, march!

Did you beat him? I did.

Go tell Ting En to meet me and the others at Master's grave. Right. I'll go.

But it isn't finished yet. I know.

That's it. Keep it even. A little higher.

Watch the back. Watch the side. Up.

Come on. More. Steady.

A little more. No, down there. Careful.

Ooh. Ooh.

Doctor, go ahead.

[ Groans ]

I'm a doctor, not a pathologist.

Let me.

What doyou need? I need the liver ifyou want me to check for poison.

Stop them! Huh?

What are they doing here? Testing. Why?

Testing for what? What do you think?

Chen Zhen believes the Japanese might have poisoned him. What?

Chen Zhen, I can't believe that he was poisoned. Why not?

If I beat Akutagawa easily, he would have done it also.

Captain, do you think that he was poisoned?

The first time he got hit really hard, did you notice how weak he became?

All right. But do we have to do this in public?

Here. What?

Take this. You'll have to kill me If you want me to stop this.

I want to know the truth.

Master would want us to know who took his life.

Hey! Uh, uh--

Thorazide. A most deadly poison.

-[Woman] What? -[Man]He was poisoned.

Uh, but who could've done this?

It's up to you to find that out.

Now give us a hand. You can see the Master needs our help. Sure.

All right. Let's go. Come on, you guys.

I knew it. Akutagawa couldn't have beaten him so easily.

That's right. Now we have to find out who did it.

You know, it's a good thing Chen was here. Otherwise, we wouldn't even know.

It makes no sense that someone would do this.

Maybe somebody slipped him poison while he was outside the school.

Impossible. He stayed inside the gates here for one whole month.

We were right beside him. That's right.

Then somebody from Jing Wu must've done it.

Ah, Xiao Wei. Huh?

You cooked for Master sometimes, didn't you?

Uh-huh. So what? Mm-mmm.

Uncle Nang, you don't think it was Xiao Wei?


But it could be someone else from the kitchen.

I do!

So now you want to start slinging accusations? Accusing me?

Cheung, go search my kitchen to see If there's any poisons in there.

Uncle, don't be so angry. Stay out of this! Go on!

[Cook]Just see for yourself if I have anything poisonous in there.

Go on! Take a good look!

Uncle, this is crazy.

Damn right, suspecting people like me!

Do you think it might be the cook?

I don't think so. The cook has been around a long time. He loved my father.

Hey, now, no one is blaming you for it.

Why not? I'm responsible for all the food that we eat!

All the food that is served. Every bowl of rice on this table.

So why don't you accuse me directly, face-to-face?

-Just a minute. All right, that's enough. Let's eat.

Chen Zhen, the food could be poisoned.

Yes, it could be. That's true.

Since we all eat what Master ate, why aren't we all dead? Huh?

This is true. What do you have to say about this, huh?

Accusing me. Sit down. Eat with us.

All right. By all means, let's enjoy the food.

It is safe to eat. Yeah, go on.

You know, I wanna go see Dr. Smith.

I wanna know exactly how Master was poisoned.

Then what? Then we'll know who did it.


[Jump Rope Whirring ]

What's he doing? It's new.

[Student] Did he learn it in Japan?

What is it? Good!

I don't know. In Japan.


Master Chen, if you're through warming up, let's do some sparring.

Yeah, let's go. Come on. All right!

Okay, yeah. Let's go.

Power, precision.

And don't forget about speed.

If you practice every day with these things in mind... then you'll begin to develop a fighting mode, see?

What I'm trying to say is, it's instinctive.

All of these things will allow us to take a hit.

But what about attacking the opponent first?

Let's say you attack an opponent with a strong defense.

What happens? Bang! He hits you. Now what? Have a strategy.

Sister, they want to enroll here.

Uh-huh. There's so much talk of Master Chen's ability.

Yeah. We want to study with him, okay?

Students here must learn from Ting En. His style has as much power as Chen Zhen's.

[Chen Zhen] What's that?

Four leg form. It's too unstable.

Try to kick. Go on, kick. Yeah, right.

Now, try this. Put your weight here.

It's very simple. There's strength. All right, you've got it.

-Japanese style. Yeah, sure, go on. Show us.

[ Excited Chattering ] Okay.

Here, bring it over. All right, get set.

[ Groaning ]

[Man]Amazing. See what I mean?

Great! You're great! Now you try it.

Ting En?

What is it? Where are you going?

It's late. Mmm. Don't go yet.

I have to. I'm the Master.

If you'd let me move in with you at Jing Wu... you wouldn't ever have to go anywhere, would you?

I know, but you can't live there.

Ooh, you promised me... that you'd tell them about us soon.

So, will you? Hmm?

At the right time. Mmm.

I want to know everything they're doing.

Oh! You're spying on our own people!

There will always be traitors who will try to go against us.


I'm late. So you're here.

I thought you'd be too tired, or even too embarrassed.

I don't know why you came. No one wants you around here.

I just wanted to know about the autopsy.

[ Burps, Gulps ]

The Jing Wu Master, Master Hou, was he poisoned?

All of you, you can leave now.

[ Together] Yes, sir.

What? It's something they can't hear?


You poisoned The Jing Wu Master!

The Chinese Resistance was led by their Master.

We knew that without him... the Resistance would be quickly annihilated.

We were depending on you, my friend, to destroy the Fist of Legend.

You couldn't. You'd have failed.

Therefore, we did it ourselves.


But you must admit...

-it gets the job done. You have no conscience, but I am a samurai.

I thought we would do battle according to our honor!

You made him sick with your poison.

You are not worthy Of the samurai spirit!


[ Back Cracks ]

Mmm. Ooh!

Let me tell you about samurai spirit.

It has nothing to do with honor, but survival... and the total domination of our enemies.

It's good, but then-- Watch.

That's it. Here. I'll show you the right way to do it.

Now watch this.

Uncle, according to the doctor's report...

Master was poisoned with a drug that affected his lungs.

-[Student]See, it's easy. That's right.

He would have found it impossible to breathe at all.

Doyou still think someone from Jing Wu did it?

Chen Zhen, why are you here?

Uncle Nang, what are you saying?

For the last two days, all of the students here have done nothing but admire you.

You see that?

How do you think Ting En feels?

About what?

Everything that you've been teaching... goes against what Ting En has taught.

Chen Zhen...

you do realize that Ting En... is still the only Master at this school.

Keep it in mind.

Master Chen, are you going jogging? That's right.

At this hour?

Master Chen! Hey, slow down. Yeah?

I brought all my friends. Look, they all want to run with you.

[ Chattering ] Let's go.

I don't believe this.

That's what I heard, anyway.

What's it say?

Akutagawa! He's dead!

Stop! Don't do this. Violence is no solution.



-[Student]Good morning, Master. Mmm.

You've been gone the whole night.

Chen Zhen? He's gone out running.

If you see him, let me know.

[ Sighs ]

They're here! The Japanese are here!

Over there.

It's the Japanese. I see.

Lin, go and get the police. Hurry up now. Right.

What do you want? Chen Zhen. Hand him over.

Chen Zhen? Impossible.

He might be... Out beating someone.

A karate master or a samurai.


You will hand him over to me to be punished... for the murder of Akutagawa.

That's not possible. You know he didn't do it.

So you say. Give him to me and I'll prove it. Or let's fight!

That's why you came here? Draw your weapons.

Close it!


Help protect the shrine!

[ Screams ]

Arrest him! You are not in command.

[ Gunshot ]


Hold your fire. Hold your fire.


You're Niguchi students. Go home! But why? Send them to jail.

Then I have to arrest you. Is that what you want?

We won't go... till you give us Chen.

Show me some respect.

[ Chuckles ] Bullshit!

Chen! Huh?

[ Yelling ]

Nobody move.

Yeah? You will shoot me ifI move?

Oh, not me. But my pistol might misfire.

Put down your weapons. Arrest Chen.

Go! Why are you arresting him?

We want to question him in connection with the killing.

Hey, why me? I didn't-- Let's go!

Wait! Wait! Move! Move!

Go! Go! Get out!

Go back to Japan! We'll see who the murderer is!

Don't worry. It'll be okay. You'll see.

Hey, everybody, listen to me.

The captain is in charge, so how can we lose, huh?

Hey, what are you doing here?

I'm sorry. The judge-- He's so unreasonable. Huh?

I'm not on the case anymore.

But wait! What about Chen? Uh, I have to go.

No, wait! Hey, hey!

[Judge] Order! The Court is told... that the prosecution will present four witnesses.

Your Honor, that is correct.

Each of them witnessed the defendant commit the murder.

And where did these so-called witnesses come from?

Defendant had a knife! And he stabbed Master Akutagawa...

-right through the heart, and ran away before I could stop him. He was unreliable.

I recognize his face. Are you sure?

It was him. I'm certain.

I recognized him clearly. [ Clears Throat ]

Tell me. How many fingers do you see? Um, nine?

Uh, wait a minute. Six?

[ Crowd Murmuring ] [ Sighs ]

Um, you moved your hand. Can you come closer? No.

This proves we're right. These witnesses are lying. What a story!

I was at Jing Wu working with Biu Shin.

Your Honor, Biu Shin's testimony... or that of any other Jing Wu students cannot be trusted here.

Liar! [Gavel Pounding]

[Judge] Silence! Order!

Sir, the witness Has just arrived.

Your Honor, I'd like to call a witness now.

Your Honor, Chinese testimony cannot be trusted. The witness is from Japan.

[ Whispering ] You should allow it. Mm, okay.

[ Giggles ]

Now, miss, please identify yourself.

My name is Mitsuko Yamada.

I live in Kyoto, where my father is Minister of Education.

Miss Yamada, you heard the suspect say he was atJing Wu at the time of the murder.

Do you agree with that testimony? I do not agree.

I was-- We went to a hotel together.

We spent the night. You and Chen Zhen?


What is she trying to say?

Isn't it possible that after you fell asleep...

Chen Zhen could've left? No, that's not possible.

No. You see, we didn't ever actually go to sleep that night.

Then what were you doing if you weren't sleeping? We--

Chen Zhen and I are in love.

[ Laughing ]

Hey, what does she mean? Don't know. You?

She meant they were fooling around together. Really?

With a Japanese girl? That's right.

I find these proceedings ridiculous, besides being a waste of my time.

Case dismissed. [ Pounds Gavel ]


Let's go.

Pathetic fools. This isn't over yet.

Why did you lie?

I did it to save you. Now we'll be together.

Not from my kitchen! She can starve for all I care!

We sent you to Japan to go to school, huh?

Not to fall in love with a Japanese woman.

What do you suppose the Master would say?

Here at Jing Wu... we have been greatly dishonored by the Japanese.

Chen Zhen... you are part of Jing Wu.

You must give up all ties with the Japanese.

Chen Zhen, tell me. Have I ever once dishonored you?

No, you haven't.

Uh, Chen Zhen, now that's a foolish mistake.

Finish school, and then find a wife.

Better still, find a Chinese wife.

Don't you see? Mitsuko had to give up everything for me.

Her home and her family in Japan.

She even lied in court. Mmm.

I've always heard that Japanese women are born to lie.

[Girls Giggling]

It's simple. She's just not welcome here.


She can leave by herself, Or you both leave Jing Wu.

But, Master, why can't Mitsuko stay?

What side are you on? The Chinese or the Japanese?

That's not it. Now you're a traitor to your own people.

You try saying that again. And what?

Wait! Chen! All right, that's enough!

There's something that we have to decide... or Jing Wu cannot go on.

It would seem you and I are in a battle... for the leadership position.

I don't know what you mean, Ting En. Don't play games.

Listen, if you want to be in charge, then fight me for it.

I can be Master... only by beating you.

If you win, Jing Wu is yours.

Yeah! Hey, come on!

[ Groaning ]

Help get him up.

Master, are you hurt?

Is it finished?

It's yours.

Take Jing Wu. No!

I don't want Jing Wu, but I won't leave Mitsuko.

If we have to leave together... then I guess it's good-bye.

Chen told me. It's a real mess. Uh-huh.


Wait here. I'll get us a room. All right.

Sir, any rooms?

Sure. Right this way, sir. Okay.

Let's go. [ Chuckling ]

Oh, she's Japanese. Please, not in my hotel.

We're together. You understand.

Look at them. That's Chen Zhen!

He's a traitor. Look, I'm sorry.

You don't belong here! Go back to Japan!

Get out of here. Go away before any of you gets hurt.

Come on. Let's go. -[Man]Getouttahere!

Traitor! Japanese!

[ Sighs ]

[Mitsuko Screams]

A mouse? What's the matter?

In there. I saw it!


Where? I don't know. I saw it over there.

Ahh! I don't see it.

[ Screams ]

You probably scared it away.

Oh! I know it's silly.

But I'm the one who's scared. In Kyoto, aren't there any mice or rats?

Mm-hmm. But I was afraid of them.

I'm sorry. I thought you'd really like it living here.

I'm sure I can get used to it.

Oh, we have a great view! Much nicer than a hotel.

It's beautiful here. I know you'll be very happy.

And what about you?

Jing Wu was my family.

Without them, it's almost like starting over.

Do you think you can? Why not?

Jing Wu is your family, and you can't live without your family.

You know you can't.

I think I know you a little better than you do.

Is that so? Mm-hmm.

[ Tinkling ]

Here's your tea. Hmm.

Hey, have you eaten?

Not since breakfast.

Heard from Ting En?

Ah, I knew it.

It was hard for him to lose, especially to Chen Zhen. They were really close.

Ting En's pride is still hurting. I'm afraid we'll lose him.

Then what are we supposed to do?

Forget about our school's future and our good name?

Suppose someone challenges us.

Hey, who else can teach? Cheung and Biu.

[ Groans ]

Were we to receive a challenge, we're in trouble.

My mother wrote to me.

She said Jing Wu Angered Japan.

She told me to come home.

If there's trouble, you'll be safe here. It still worries me.

Don't worry. We watch out for our people.

We protect them all, everyone.

You Chinese are wasteful.

So few of you, and all this food!

What's this?

We're here with a proposal for the Jing Wu Master.

He shouldn't be bothered. Let me look at it.

The great Funakoshi, a Sensai... issues a challenge to Jing Wu.

-[Woman] What do we do? We should find Master!

For this fight, we need Chen Zhen, not Master! He's gone over to the enemy.

You'd better watch what you're saying! Or what?

That's enough of this foolishness. Go and fight somewhere else.

Get out there and find Ting En. Go! You help him.

Uncle? Uncle?


He doesn't want us to find him. That's for sure.

So what's going on?

What's going on? Where's the money? Shh.

Try to show some patience, all right?

If I wait much longer, they'll discover me. No, they won't.

The Japanese can keep a secret. How will anyone know?

Because it's traceable. No, it's not traceable. Not to you or me.

It isn't right.

I did give the drug to Master Hou, didn't I?

You did your job, so don't worry!

You'll get your money. And you know what's better?

When the Japanese take over, then we'll be set.

Then there'll be lots of money. Do you understand?

I wish I had known.

You should've told me that Thorazide was poisonous!

I never would've Given it to him.

[ Gagging ]

[Woman Screams] Help! Help!

It's the cook!

Someone help me get him down!

[ Sobbing ]

Lift him off the rope! Now!

Come on. Let's move it along.

We found traces of Thorazide on this. Really?

That's the bark Of a ginkgo tree.

It's used for asthma. What did he say we do with it?

Wait, the Master had asthma. And the cook used to treat it.

Oh, he did? Uh-huh.

That means the cook's the one who gave him the poison.

That's very interesting.

Hey, listen, Captain. Let's keep this quiet, okay?

Makes no difference. He's dead anyway.

We can't keep a murder a secret!

For all we know, there may be others involved.

We're really gonna have to investigate to find out for sure.

An investigation.

The school will never survive this scandal.

Ask him.

Captain, so now what?

Go investigate some more.

How 'bout these? What now?

Get an analysis done right away.

Captain, could you help me look for Ting En now?

Don't worry. I'll find him.

Excuse me. Are you looking for someone?

I wonder if I could please talk to Mr. Nang?

He's right here. Follow me. Mmm.

Uncle, this lady's here to see you.

Can I help you? I hope so.

I know that you and the whole police force have been looking for Ting En.

Do you know where I might find him?

Uh, the Star House. A whorehouse?

[ Gasps ] Mmm.

Is he staying with you?

He is.

How long have you been seeing him?

About a year, maybe longer.

For the first few months, he seemed to be happy.

Now he fights all the time. He talks about Jing Wu.

About how he misses his home.

I think-- Won't you try and take him home?

[ Grunting ]

Ting En!

Let me go! No!

[Ting En] I'm gonna kill 'em! I wanna fight!

Let me go, you--

Here, drink some tea.

Mmm. [ Sighs ]

Let's go.

You're here.

There must be a reason.

The Niguchi Clan came to see us.

They've challenged you.

What about Chen?

You are the Master of Jing Wu. You represent us.

You try talking to him.

When is it?

I'll fight.

You'll come back?

Of course.

My home will always be Jing Wu.

Hey, Ting En.

What about Miss Shien?

You're going to leave her after all she's done?

You buy her out.

Get the Madam. Yes, sir.

We'll pay.

I guess you won't be wearing all those fancy dresses anymore.

No, but I really won't miss them.

That one fits you well, and it looks so good on you.

I've investigated. Funakoshi is the best warrior of his clan, in fact, in all of Japan.

But don't you worry. He's getting old now.

Uncle Nang. -[Girls]Uncle Nang!

Hey, she looks good.

Hey, listen, I think you'll fit in Really well here.

Thank you.

You could be as kind to Mitsuko.

That's different. Mitsuko is Japanese.

Ting En, the challenge is on for tomorrow. Practice.


[ Grunting ]

Mmm. Thanks.

You, come on. Okay.

Let's go. Drink later. Thankyou.

Come on.

He looks strong.

The challenge is tomorrow.

Ting En against the Niguchi Master.

Then he must be the best At Jing Wu now.

He is.

Better than Chen?

It's not important. They're both good.

Master, I'm sorry. Are you hurt?

I'm fine. Hey, I'm okay.

What's wrong? He isn't the same. Hmm.

Funakoshi, you will fight Ting En tomorrow.

Fujita... don't even dare try to tell me... who I will challenge.

So it's Chen Zhen. Then let me tell you something.

I know all about him... and your niece.

[ Scoffs ]

So? Mitsuko is in no way any of your concern.

I'll make her my concern If she's your weakness.


Whatever weakness is that the General is perceiving would have to be his own.

I have none.

You're up early today.

Good morning.

Oh, look, isn't that Uncle?

It is you! Oh, Mitsuko!

If I'd known you live so far from town, I'd have hired a carriage.

Did my father send you? No. In fact, he doesn't even know I'm here.

Then why'd you come all this way?

To see him. Chen Zhen?

Are you married? Not yet.

Do you want to be? I think so... if the Chinese and Japanese ever stop fighting.

It's good you're not married.

You're much too young... to become a widow.

What's that?

And if you should die, I'll send your ashes back to Japan.

You sound very confident.

Why didn't you tell me you're gonna fight my uncle?

Well, he didn't want to worry you.

Chen Zhen, come.

So anxious. Why don't you show me what you've learned?

It's about the energy. About focusing on a single point in time.

So, it's about energy.

But tell me something. Does a rock have as much energy as an opponent would?

You need a more powerful stroke When you're fighting a human being.

Let's see how I can put it into action.

Hmph. What else has Master Hou taught you?

Simple. Observe your opponent.

Attack him. Learn to exploit his weakness.

Ah! Sounds to me like you've been learning karate... becoming samurai.

Not from Master Hou. He taught us the art of kung fu.

Just because the principles are similar, does it mean we learn karate?


So tell me what lessons you've learned about controlling one's anger.

Don't tell me your Master forgot that one?

You didn't come here to talk. It's time.



Hold it!

I need to warm up.

[ Yells ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunting Continues ]

Huh? What style is that?

Don't worry. I'll show it to you.


Can you see? I'll manage.

We'll make it even.

[ Grunting Continues ]

The battle's done.

Are you all right?

I'm surprised. You're still So young... yet so skillful.

Your talent... is astonishing.

In Japan, there is a proverb... that says experience should fear the strength of youth.

But you won!

Sure, because I adapted to you.

With your ability... if you learn to be fluid, to adapt, you'll always be unbeatable.

It seems I have a lot to learn about fighting.

You're not alone.

But try to understand.

When you learn how to adapt... you'll be unstoppable.

See, Chen Zhen?

When you redirect your opponent's energy... you force him to change.

So, in essence, he defeats himself.

See? That's it.

Are you going back to Japan?

Chen Zhen, our fight is over.


However, there is another Japanese Master... who is known as the ''Supreme Killer.''

Chen Zhen told me you were the best ofall the clans.

He is a man of dignity and a samurai warrior... but that does not make him a killer.


Now your Master would surely be proud of his disciple.

The most powerful fighter at the Niguchi Arena... is a man called General Fujita.

Take care when you fight him.

Oh, white wins out.

[ Both Laughing ]

Your skill has improved a lot since the last time.


You know, I think General Fujita has become... obsessed with conquering all of Jing Wu Mun... and eventually Shanghai.

It's become important to him... as the first step of... conquering all of China.

I-Is he serious?

That's impossible. He must be crazy.

I tell you, that's what he's doing!

If you observe his troop movements... his plan becomes obvious.

There's just no way.

Japan is like an insect whose objective... is to destroy an elephant.

While the elephant is asleep, The insect has the advantage.

But as soon as the elephant wakes... it has the strength to eliminate the insect!

And, yet again... if the military can take control of Shanghai... it will weaken the elephant in a big way.

But it is still impossible!

Okay. Let's say the parable is about a venomous insect... and it can strike the elephant's heart.

Before it wakes up, it's already paralyzed.

Japan has such insects.

Just look at General Fujita.

There are far too manylike him.

If that's true, then a war will be unavoidable.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears Throat ] You're back!


Chen Zhen?

He'll be back.

Ah... please, have a seat.

Some tea?


Are you happy here?

Mm-hmm. We are.

That's good.

Oh, Chen Zhen! Look, it's Ting En.

Still practicing, quite a bit?

Whenever I can, of course.

And Jing Wu?

What about it? I miss it, but... as you can see I have a new life.

But we need you there.

Shien Han, she has moved in.

From the brothel? Mm-hmm. It's working out.


You could bring Mitsuko too.

They'll accept Shien Han, but not Mitsuko.

It's really too bad.

She means a lot to you. She is a good woman.

Not everyone believes that. If I were to bring her there... it would cause too much trouble.

I can't be that selfish. -[Ting En]It's your decision.

I learned a new style.

What is it? I'll show you!

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunting ]

This is the same as the Hou style.

Yes. The Hou Fist Method.

I remember. But it's only for the Hou Clan.

That was true, but now things are different.

The whole school has to learn it.

Chen Zhen, listen.

Tomorrow I fight at Niguchi. If anything happens... teach this style to the others.

[Mitsuko's Voice] ""My dear Chen Zhen.

I have decided To return home.

I understand why this fight is important to you and your country... and I think my being with you is hurting your cause.

Fulfiill your promise.

And when the soldiers return to Japan...

I will be waiting for you in Kyoto. ''

[ Both Yelling ]

Lun will come with me.

Ting En, I'm worried. Maybe you should have more men with you.

There's nothing to worry about.

They know the rules. Only two men can fight.

Yes. That's right.

Xiao Wei, take care of her... please.


Wait. Ting En.

I'll go with you If you want.


Let's go.


How about those two? Together again!

Sensai Funakoshi left Shanghai early this morning.

He's a stubborn old fool.

With or without him, the fight goes on.

I will deal with him another time.


General, then we are still going to fight Jing Wu Mun?

Yes. We can't rely on Funakoshi for everything.

I'm going to personally handle this matter.

So you've accepted. That's good.

First, though, I have something you should see.

I have Master Hou's murderer.

[ Shouting ] Come here!

Mr. Cheung accepted a bribe.

He and the cook soaked the bark of the gingko... in poison.

[Running Footsteps]

It's over. Take him away.

Move your men out. Move them out. Yes, sir.

All right, everyone out.

I've made a little sign For you. It reads...

''Jing Wu is closed.''

You'll get your chance to keep the gates open and destroy the sign... if you defeat me.

[ Yelling ]

[ Grunting ]

Here, catch this!

[ Laughing ]

[Funakoshi's Voice] If you learn to be fluid, to adapt...

you will be unbeatable.

[ Groans ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Coughs, Groans ]

Can you walk? Come on. Yeah.

[ Gagging, Gasping ]

[ Ting En Groaning ]

Halt! General?

Ambassador, the General, he's dead.

[Running Footsteps]

Come on! Police! Don't move or I'll shoot!

We okay here? Are you all right?

Freeze! You are all in the Japanese compound.

You have no authority here.

Soldier, these weapons are all the authority we need.

These men are Chinese, and they're in our custody.

What? I order you to turn them over!

Don't move! Freeze! Hold it!

Now we'll see who gives the orders in my country.

Stop it!

Everyone, hold your fire!

Now then, this argument will be solved in a peaceful manner.

The General is dead.

But there will be no more lost lives!

Sergeant! Yes, sir?

Remove your platoon!

But, sir!

I'm the one that's in charge now. Understand?

You will all do as you're ordered!

Yes, sir. Company, move out.

Captain, A Japanese general is dead.

I must know who killed him.

Someone will be held responsible.

Otherwise the military won't let it go.

You need a scapegoat to prevent our countries going to war.


All right. I'm going to be that man.

[Man] No! He can't do that.

China will be in your debt.


[ Shouting ] Let us in! Let us in!

Open up!

[Man] Tell us what's happened.

[Man] Tell us!

[Woman] Who is it?

[Woman] What's going on?

What did I tell you? I knew the Japanese forces would--

Lives were lost this time. It's terrible.

You know the Japanese soldiers are responsible for this.

I knew there'd be killing. I tried to tell. No one listens to me.

Chen Zhen, he was the real hero. Let me tell you.

He took on the Niguchi warriors, and he beat them all!

I know. I saw it myself.

Ahh. Then the soldiers shot him.

What's wrong? Who is it?

No one, no one. Go on.

I can't believe you have to leave Shanghai and start all over.

Are you going to be with Mitsuko? Mm-hmm.

[ Chen Zhen ] If I no longer have a country... at least I can be with the woman I love.

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