Joe Kidd (1972) Script

Got some nice breakfast for you boys.

Hey, Joe! Wake up and eat something.

You're gonna appear before the judge.

MAN: He's stinking drunk.

Why you put him in here for? We don't want him.

Güero son of a bitch woke us up. He don't give a damn.

Hey, Joe, you hear me?

You're gonna appear before the judge.

Bob Mitchell hit me?


Who else? Some others.

It took three of 'em to get you in here last night.


I'll be back for you.

Smells good, huh?

Güero, you would like some?

You say, "Please, Señor Naco."

Say it!


MAN: I want to remind you, we're not suing anybody yet.

We're here to see if any of you people have a legal claim.

If you do, then a suit will be filed.

I want you to think before you act.

I don't know whether or not the land grants you claim to have, signed by the king of Spain or the emperor of Mexico are gonna stand up against the deeds and titles on file in this courthouse.

I do have some other court matters to attend to before adjourning.

So I'm gonna postpone these hearings until tomorrow.

Give careful consideration to what you're doing.

I advise you to be prudent before you take legal action that's gonna set some people's teeth on edge.

Calvin? Yo.

Give me Joe Kidd right now.

Come on, Joe. They're waitin' on ya.

Hey, güero, want some?

Go ahead. Take it.


You want some?

Calvin, what in the hell's going on in there?

Nothin'. Boy just spilled his breakfast.

Shouldn't have hit me, Bob.

Next time I'll knock your damn head off.

Let's go see the judge.

Your Honor, I've got three warrants on Joe Kidd here, poaching, disorderly and resisting arrest.

You said "poaching"? Yes, sir.

A witness saw him carrying a buck off the Jicarilla Reservation.

You arrested a man for shooting a deer?

I warned him before. He admits killing it.

What did you do with this deer?

I ate him.

You know it's against the law to hunt on reservation land?

The deer didn't know where he was, and I wasn't sure, either.

Saying you plead guilty?

I'm sayin' I shot a mule deer over south of Monero.

That's on the reservation.

Last night, your Honor, I told him he had to pay a fine, and he got nasty.

That's the disorderly charge?

No, sir.

On the disorderly, I had to arrest him for something else.


He was standing out there, and he claimed he was gonna urinate over the courthouse.

You do just about whatever you feel like?

Is that it?

Anything else?

Yes, there is.

Whether you want to pay a $10 fine or spend 10 days in jail.

I'll take the 10 days.

Your Honor?

This court's adjourned until 2:00.

You think you're gonna sit in that jail while Calvin waits on you?

No, siree. You're gonna paint, you're gonna scrub floors.

I'm gonna work your... (DOOR OPENS)

I want to inform you people, you're at a United States Territorial Court.

We have listened to you enough.


Now, it is our turn.

When the Anglo first wished to build a house in Sinola, he asked permission. Yes, yes.

The old people, our grandfathers, say, "It is all right."

"There is enough land. Let the Anglo have a home."

Then you build more houses.

You bring in the railroad.

You make the courthouse.

Yes. That is when we begin to hear you say strange things.

Two years ago, we start to see about our land claims.

We go to the record office in Santa Fe and ask the man for the copies of our deeds and the titles.

You know what he say?

"No, we don't have any records like that anymore."

"There was a fire in the courthouse."

"All the records, they got burnt up."

I told the people before.

If you feel you have a legal claim and can prove it...

We have heard all that!


We let you use our land. But you are pirates. You wish to steal it all!

Look, mister, whatever your name is...

I am Luis Chama.

JUDGE: So you're Chama?

Personally, I feel you're a lot more trouble than you're worth.

But I'm still gonna inform you, you are committing a criminal offense before a witness in a court of justice.

That is the word... Justice!

Later we will have much time to talk about it.

What are you staring at?

I want to make sure I remember your face, honey, when you come to trial.

I want to show you something.

Anglos claim they own all the land now, big cattle and timber companies.

One day, one day there was a fire.



Stay where you are! He's going with us.

Talk to him a while about the law and the land rights.

What do you want him for? Why don't you take Mitchell?

Mitchell's an expert on rights.

Think they'll shoot us?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Luis, he's got the judge!

Who's with him?

Joe Kidd. He was in the jail.

I don't care about him. Get the judge!

I suggest you go right on out back, your Honor.

Yes, precisely.

Hello, Joe. How'd you make out?

I'm not sure yet, Harry.

Güerito, you're thirsty, huh?

Where is he?

He went home.

LUIS: Naco!


Your friends are calling you.


I guess I'd better go.

I guess so.


Maybe we'll see each other in jail again sometime, huh?

That's possible.


Adiós. Naco, vámonos.



Where in the hell have you been?

They broke those two fellas out of jail!

I said, where the hell have you been?

Locked up.

Where? In jail.

Form a posse. Get mounted up! Get your guns!

God damn!


I'll take the posse out. You stay here.

Will you try to keep some law and order in this town while I'm gone?

Bob, how are we gonna find him?

He just left some fresh tracks, didn't he?

They scattered tracks all over out there.

How in the hell are we supposed to know which ones are Luis Chama's?

He gets up in them mountains, he'll be home! He can stay up there for good.

Now just a damn minute!

I'm not begging any of you to go with me.

You want to sit home on your fat asses while that wild son of a bitch is roaming loose, that's up to you.

If you don't mind him cutting your fences, running your stock, that's all right with me, but get the hell outta the way, 'cause I'm riding and I'm gonna bring back him or his hair.

Joe, what are you doin' standing over there?


Serving 10 days.

Bob, you know Joe's the one we need.

You wanna go?

I haven't got anything against Luis Chama.

Posse couldn't get him. You think that's gonna work?

Joe, you take your broom, that shovel, that rake and that bucket.

You get over to courthouse square and you pick up everything that's not nailed down or painted.

Howdy, Mr. Harlan.


Go to the Grand Hotel.

You bet.

Go on. Wait there.

Good morning, Mr. Harlan.

These telegraph messages come in last night and this morning, one of them, I noticed, all the way from Chicago.

Mr. Harlan, I want you to know what a pleasure it is to have you and your friends.

It's been how long? Two, three months.

Time goes so fast. It seems like yesterday.

Oh, my, no. I'm glad you weren't here yesterday.

I guess you heard about the excitement we had here.

I've reserved the governor's suite for you and two other rooms. Will that be it?

Mr. Harlan?

I want the whole second floor.

Oh, I've got guests in the other rooms.

I mean, I don't have extra space anywhere.

What am I supposed to do?

I can't very well tell them to get up and get out, can I?


Gimme $10 a head. I'll throw them out the window.

Why don't you just say the rooms are spoken for, and there's nothing you can do about it?

If they give you any trouble, give me a holler.

I don't see what's wrong with saying the rooms are spoken for.

Send this out for me.

Hello, Mr. Harlan.


Is there anything I can do for you?

I want to see a man name of Joe Kidd.

Joe Kidd's locked up in jail.

If he weren't, I doubt we'd be talking.

You knew we had him locked up in jail, huh?

I'd like to pay the fine on him.

I want you to send him over to me.

Didn't know he was a friend of yours.

Just send him on over. We'll be on the second floor.

Joe, Mr. Harlan wants to see you.


Mr. Harlan.

I don't know the man.

Do you know his name?

Never heard of him.

He knows you, and he's paid your fine.

He wants to see you right now.

Yeah? Where is he?

Over at the hotel.

And he's paid my fine, huh? Mmm-hmm.

Well, he can't be all bad.

Joe Kidd? Yeah.

Be with you in a minute.

Hey, aren't you gonna wait?

You sure don't look like you're supposed to.

Just how am I supposed to look?

You're all dressed like some town dude.

Were you really leavin'? Not going to wait?

He asked to see me, but if he's busy, maybe some other time.

(GASPS) You don't know Mr. Harlan very well, do you?

Is that what you call him?

Mr. Harlan?

I call him Frank and a few other things. Why?

Well, you don't look like his daughter,

and I don't think you're his wife.

I'm not his mother, either.

But you do take care of him at times?

Ask him, if you'd like.

Or find out for myself?

How long have they had you locked up?

Two days.

What would you be like after two months?

We wouldn't even be talking now.

Mr. Harlan can see you now.

Mr. Harlan, Joe Kidd.

Kidd. Joe Kidd.

I'll say this. You come well recommended.

Judge Vince Brennan, 4th Territorial Court, spoke highly of you.

Man with the Indian Bureau, name of Wattles, I believe, said you used to work up at the Jicarilla Apache station, know the mountains and game trails better than anybody.

You were supplying their meat for 'em?

Yeah, I worked for them a few years.

Before that, I understood you hunted men, anybody with a price on his head.

Good at it.

That was a long time ago.

You got a one-loop outfit on Big Wash, you work when you're not out hunting?

I get out now and then, yeah.

We propose to spend about a week, 10 days.

Pay you whatever your rate is.

A bonus for everything we shoot worth mounting.

Get us some mule deer, some elk, maybe one of them mountain cats, if we see one.

You think this piece of iron will stop one of them big old cats?

I suppose it would if he lets you get close enough.

If you get close enough. Hear that, Mingo?

Kidd, I'd like you to meet my associates, Mr. Olin Mingo, Lamarr Sims, this is Roy Gannon.

These gentlemen are A-1, first-class hunters, my friend.

I'd bet them against anybody at any distance.

You believe that?

If he says so, it's all right with me.

Whatever he says, that's it.

Let me show you something here, buddy.


Shut the window, Lamarr.

We're gonna need four head of horses, which we'll buy off you, if you want.

Come to your place tomorrow night after dinner and start first thing in the morning.

You're asking me to guide for ya, huh?

What do you think I've been talking about all this time?

I don't hire out to guide.

Either hunting for animals or men.

You don't believe we're after mule deer at all, do you?

You're after Luis Chama.

Seen through it right away, didn't you?

You got a keen eye.

It's simple enough. You deal in land, and he wants to take it away from you.

If the Sheriff here can't stop him, I will, mister.

I got claim to 935 sections, nearly 600,000 acres.

I'm not gonna permit some sheepherder by the name of Luis Chama to get away with cutting fences and stirring up the Mexican population with talk about land reform.

I'm not gonna waste time arguing it in court.

Here it is.

I'll give you

$500 to help us track that man.

If it's your shot that gets him, it's all right with me.

$500. What do you say?

I already said it.

Wait a minute, sir.

Sir, I paid a fine on you, got you out of jail.

If you want your $10 back, I'll serve out the rest of the time.


He's going on a huntin' trip.

I'll be back.

Emilio? Vita?

WOMAN: Joseph!


They take him. They take the horses, too.

When did this happen? Where?

This morning, early.

Emilio say, "Stay home." And they take him.

There. Arriba. Up there.


Joseph, where you been?

Did Chama do this?

With some of his men.

They take some horses and shoot the rest.

The one say you kill a friend of his, so he do this.

Say he's gonna kill you, too.

Where the hell do you think you're going?

Come on in.

You want Luis Chama?

Got thinkin' about the money, did ya? Changed your mind?

Do you want him?

I told you the deal.

$500, and I don't care who pulls the trigger on him.

The price will be $1,000.

All right. Anything else?


I'll meet you downstairs.

You want something?

You know how many holes I can put in you with this gun?

Lamarr, I got a dollar says I can break your neck before you get that rig moved a half inch.


Mr. Harlan wants you around.

That's the only reason I don't plug you right now.

When Mr. Harlan doesn't want me around anymore, you let me know, huh, boy?

FRANK: If I was to say my prayers, we might get lucky and find him sittin' home, waitin' on us, Mingo.

MINGO: Right.

FRANK: Walk in there, "How do you do, Mr. Chama? For a dumb-ass sheep dipper, "you sure been bothering me."

"Causin' all kinds of discomfort."

There's supposed to be a road west of here.

We could save some time.

JOE: Game doesn't walk down roads.

We're supposed to be hunting mule deer.

FRANK: If we find somebody walking down the road, which don't seem likely, does it?

JOE: We've had company now for about a mile.

Where at?

Both sides of us.

I don't see a goddamn thing. How many of 'em?

Three, maybe more.

What the hell's going on?

JOE: Why don't you keep your mouth shut?

We got people going along with us. Maybe Chama, maybe not.

FRANK: I don't see anybody.

I see 'em, Frank.

You bet. Right where he said.

Listen, I could wing one of those fellas, if you wanted to talk to him.

They're not much for staying hid, are they?

No, they're showing themselves, showing they don't give a darn.

They know they've got us outnumbered.


Nice looking string you have there.

Still green. They'll be all right.

You rope 'em?

Yeah. We chased them three or four days.

You haven't by any chance seen any elk around, have you?

No. Some deer. You out hunting, eh?

You haven't been home for a while?

No, not for a few days.

Listen, you want some game?

Go in the San Juans. Maybe you get a bear.

My friend, I want to ask you a question.

I want to ask it only one time.


Where's Luis Chama?

Luis Chama. Yeah, I saw him sometime.

Are you looking for him?

Well, we gotta go. If I see Luis Chama, I'll tell him you're asking for him.


Mingo, I want him alive.

I got him through the arm.

He must have jumped some, though, 'cause I was aiming for his shoulder.

Now then, you say you saw Luis Chama where?

I don't know anybody that name.

We can cut your ears off if you want.

I don't know him.

We can cut somethin' else off, too.


He says, tell you anything. Why get chopped up?

Chico, the only way you're gonna stay alive is if you answer my questions.

You understand that?

Now the question I'm asking is, where is Luis Chama?

I don't know him!


I came to hunt Chama, not kill people in cold blood.

I told you once before, I don't have time for court hearings.

If these people want to fight me, then I'll blow 'em straight to hell.

Anybody home?


Well, well. Look what I have found.

FRANK: Evenin'.

Honey, I want to ask you something.

You know a man name of Luis Chama?

I know him.

You see him lately?


When was the last time?

About a week ago.

Are you a friend of his?

I see him when he goes by here.

On his way to Arroyo Blanco?

You know where that is?

It's over the pass.

I don't think he lives there anymore.

Honey, we're friends of his.

If he's around here, we just want to stop in and say, "Hello."

Is that why you have all those guns?

This is a huntin' trip, sweetheart.

You gotta have guns.

Why don't you ask her how come she's got so many guns!

They belong to my father and my brother.

Where are they?

They went to see a man about work, I don't know when they come back.

Leave you out here all by yourself, do they?

I don't mind being alone for a few days.

Pretty girl like you shouldn't be left alone.

Maybe we ought to camp out here tonight, if she was to invite us.

What's your name, honey?

Helen Sanchez.

Helen, what would you think if we stayed out here with you tonight?

I think you're going to do whatever you want.



They'd like some more coffee.

Have you told them yet?


Why not?

I didn't figure it was any of their business really.

But you are with them.

Let's just say that I made a poor judgment, but I'm gonna have to live with it for a while.

When I was in jail there in town, there was a man named Naco.

He died two days ago.

He shouldn't have come at me. I didn't want him to.

But you want Chama, so you joined them.

Everybody wants Chama.

He's gonna get shot or hanged. I think he realizes that now.

There are some people who will give their lives for what they believe.

You understand that?

I guess so, if they want something bad enough.


Even if there's no chance, but to do it for others, like a soldier gives his life.

You don't know Luis Chama!

Maybe you never met anybody like him.

Maybe not.

Were you with him when he came by my place?

Yes, I was there. You want to kill me, too?

There was a man named Emilio. He was with my horses.

I remember him.

Ramon went back to see if he was following us.

Ramon, huh?

Next stop, Bandera station.

Isn't anything there but stock pens.

Wanna bet?

Mr. Harlan, where you been?

Took our time to give you a chance to rest from your train ride.

We expected you'd be here waitin'.

We're here now, Eljay.

Yes, sir. Let's go! We're ready.

All those guns to kill one man.

Yeah. If they find him.

They're all hidin'.

Call everybody out in the street.

All right! Everybody out! Everybody out in the street!


Hold your fire. They're way up in those rocks.


You hit one of my men, I'll kill 10 of your people!

Good morning, Padre.

I want you to call all your people out here.

We're gonna hold services here in the street.


Bring 'em out, bring 'em out in the street!


Now, then, I don't want to take up much of your time.

I just want to say that we're gonna shoot five of you if Luis Chama don't come down off his mountain by sunup tomorrow morning!

If he don't show by noon, we shoot five more.

Still doesn't show up by supper time, we put five more against that wall.

Now the next day, if we have to, we'll start all over again.



Do you have a horse? I have a horse.

I want you to get on your horse and go upstairs, there, and ask Luis Chama if he heard what I said, in case he didn't understand me.

Padre, get 'em all inside the church.


Now repeat the whole sermon, in case any of them American citizens don't understand English.


Stake out your men, Eljay.

Put the horses down at the other end of town. Leave the saddles on.

Me and the little girl will bunk in here.

Kidd, you're fired. Take his gun, Mingo.

Put him in the church.

Look at him.

Without his gun, he looks like a big, dumb farm boy.

Go ahead, farm boy. Take your pick.

I know it's a crappy deal, buddy, but that's all you got.

What's the matter? You run out of nerve?

Go ahead. Grab.

'Cause I'm gonna blow your head off.

I said, make a grab.


Jesus! That boy don't ever learn.

Well, the fun's over and he's gone to church.


Are you thirsty?

Yeah, what do you got there?

Holy water.

I've drunk just about everything else, I might as well have some holy water.

Today is the feast of St. James the Apostle, one of the first martyrs.

I will tell the people, "Pray to him"

"for his strength and courage."

St. James was beheaded rather than deny his faith.

You wouldn't have a gun around here, would you, Padre?

Good time of day, Eljay.

Day's work's done, man's waiting on a good supper.


Open the door, Mick.

What about these people? Are you gonna feed them?

Feed 'em.

Roy, let him get some food for these people in here.


Hey, Lamarr, how're you feelin'?

That medicine easing the pain any?

You just keep talkin'.

You'll be spittin' teeth all night.

That's a high-priced waiter you got there, Roy.


You gonna eat all that?

It's for the glutton outside.

Oh, yeah.

How's he treatin' you?

We're going to get married. What the hell do you think?

You wouldn't by any chance have a loaded gun around here I could use, would you?

Don't do anything foolish. Wait for Luis.

I've been wondering about that. The boy they sent out, he seems to be having trouble finding his way back.

He's probably still hunting for Chama.

Think so?

Luis is up there. He knows, and he'll come.

With a gun or without one, but he'll come.

I certainly do hope so.

If he doesn't, he's gonna disappoint an awful lot of people.

You don't blink soon, your eyeballs will fall out.

Hey, how 'bout somebody else comin' up here for a while?

You wanna take that, Lamarr?

Why not?


Come on, Lamarr.

Let's get up here.

When this is over, we finish it.

From the table where they put the guns.

I don't even know if it fires.

Don't worry, it fires.

I have lived here with my people 33 years.

And this morning, I can't look in their faces.

I can't bless five of them and send them outside.

Well, Padre, we'll see.

He's dead.

Yeah, I believe you.

Send up his gun and hat, will ya?

Hey, Lamarr, now don't you fall asleep up there.

(MIMICS LAMARR) Why don't you go screw yourself?

That sweet boy's fallen asleep, or either he's fallen off the tower.

Oh, let him alone. He's had a bad night.

Okay. Let's get five of 'em out here. Come on.

I want Chama to see the facts of life starin' him in the face.

Roy. Mingo.

You fellas get out in the field.

Get against the rocks where you can do some good! Come on!

There they are, Chama!

Are you gonna come down now?

Chama, you've got one minute!

Now, that's not much of a shot for you, is it, Mingo?

Where do you hit 'em?

I'll pick a spot.

First man, second button. For six bits.

But you gotta hit the button.

For six bits, I'll hit the second button on both men.


Mingo, shoot two of 'em, right now.

How're you doing?

Don't touch it.

You would've let them kill those people.

I'm going to tell you something, and you must listen and try and understand.

If our people are killed for what we are doing, they will become names. They will live forever.

Martyrs? I think we have enough of them already.

Then why do you want me to become one?


We only win if I stay alive.

If those men kill me now, who will take my place?

Do you understand?

You'd let people die for you?

For themselves. For what they believe.

They believe in you.

I am telling you how it is.

There is no other way!

I know another way.

Come with me, back to Sinola.

Give yourself up, take your chances in court.

Stay out of it.

You brought me into it when you stole my horses and barbwired my man.

And you killed one of ours.

So, you help her. Now we are even. Go home while you can.

Luis, he is right. We must give ourselves up.

Don't you see? There is no other way.

I do not care what you think.

I take you along for cold nights and days when there is nothing to do, not to hear you talk.


You want Chama?

You'll find him in the Sinola jail.

Let's mount up.

Just like that, huh?

Straight up or draped over the saddle, either one.

And what about my men?

I don't much care about them.

They can come along or stay, whatever pleases them.

Listen to this Anglo son of a bitch!

Luis, say it, we throw him off the cliff. Ramon.


All right. This isn't the time. We will settle this later.

The train stop here, Mr. Harlan?

It'll stop, Eljay.



Hold your fire. They're way out of range.


There'll be 11.


Hey, little girl.

Oh. You don't let a person get a chance to breathe.

I'll get you breathing again so you're never gonna stop.

You miss me? Did ya? 'Course I did. Yes.

Stayed right here in the room like I told you? I sure did.

Like hell you did. I did, too.


Mr. Harlan, ma'am, how was your huntin' trip?

Mitchell, how you been? Just fine.

Listen, someone's gonna bring Luis Chama in, probably tomorrow, and I want you to hand him over to me.

You understand? What'd you say?

I want you to hand him over to me.

Mr. Harlan...

Why don't you take a few days off and go get drunk somewhere!

Mr. Harlan...

Mitchell, tomorrow's Sunday. Now, why don't you go to church and pray that I don't see you again till this is done!

Little girl, find some whiskey. Pour me a drink.

Good morning.

Let's open up.

We're closed. You're open.

We're open.

All right, I say Chama goes to jail, pleads his case.

What do you say?


Not you, Ramon.


Lead off, huh?


I figured we might be too close.

Come on in, Kidd.

Nobody's gonna hurt you.

Hey, Kidd. Bring Chama over here.

Come on in, Kidd.


Got a prisoner for ya.

Jesus, Joe!

Here. Give me some cover. Start with the hotel.

Bob, get out of here.

Good luck, huh.

Well, that settles that.

Anything I can do for you, Joe?

Come on.

Joe, you shouldn't have done that.

Next time, I'll knock your damn head off.