Johnny Cool (1963) Script


Really think he'll be here?

Well, everybody say so.

He's to be best man at the wedding.

Everybody else knows he'll be here, then the police ought to know it, too.

They do, all the way up to the chief of police, who gets paid more from Giordano than he does from the government.

Million lira reward and the man enjoys a wedding feast.

Sure, but it's only for the living.

The man who tried to collect that reward wouldn't live an hour.

Giordano's like a king here, beloved by all his subjects.

Why not?

He steal from the rich and he give to the poor.

You really believe that?

Look at the feast he prepares for them.

They'll remember this day, and talk about it for years.

All this land, they remember for lifetime, and for generations after.

Of course, to Girodano, the people own the land.

Like Robin Hood?

Is he there?

The one with the chief of police.

Get a picture of both of them.

, you're crazy.

Welcome to Monte Piazza, SenorAnderson.

I'm honored to have you here.

How did you know my name?

I tell you what you had for breakfast, or name of a good chambermaid, if you like.

Mr. Giordano, do you mind if I?

No, you go ahead, use your machine, it's okay.

Thank you, I didn't know that you spoke English so well.

Your American GIs in war, I learned from them.

In Sicily, always like that.

From each invader, we take something.

My mother could sing in Greek, French.

Always invaded.

My grandfather, he could sing the songs of the Arabs and Moors.

All of them dead now.

From German, we get this.


How did you get it?

Same like GIs, killed Germans.

You're saying that you fought with the Americans against the Germans?

No, in war, you fight for yourself, for your own people, nobody else.

But the war is over.

As long as people are hungry, there will be war.

I have high honor of first dance with bride.

Army troops in helicopters.

Listen, you can hear them.


4:30 this afternoon, local time, a special task force of government troops cornered and killed the legendary Sicilian bandit chieftain Salvatore Giordano.

In order to overcome any superstitions the peasants might have about his mortality, Giordano's riddled body and that of his chief lieutenant are being displayed in the mountain villages of this primitive area, to prove conclusively to his own people Salvatore Giordano is, in fact, dead.

Any problems?

Everything went as you planned.

Captain Volga, you've done your job well.

I will see you are promoted to major.

The great Giordano?

The wild king of the hills.

I'm Johnny Colini.


We are in Rome, safe, the way only a dead man could be safe.

The world thinks Giordano is dead.

We left a man in your place that looks very much, well, enough like you, especially when he has very little face left.

The only way I can get you out of the hands of the army.


Because you're.

I have a particular use for your kind of violence.

Tomorrow, they bury you, Giordano.

There are not very many men who can weep at their own funeral?

Don't you say thanks for saving your life?

You say how much you want, and I pay you.

For what?

In I have...

In you have nothing!

You're dead.

What do they say in your village when they speak of Colini?

That he's like a king in America, a king of murderers.

No more, no more.

For over a year now, I've been in Rome.

You know what deported means?

What would you do if one of your men informed to the police.

That could not be.

But if it did happen?

That man would be found and killed if it took a whole lifetime and the sons had to do it after.

I have many children.

I do not know the names of most of them or what happened to them, but I have no son I would show as my son.

What do you want of me?

Here, you will live and live well.


While you are here, you will go through a process of polishing designed to make you civilized, a little, not too much, on the surface, not inside.

When I decide you're ready, you'll do a job for me, a job no other man could do.

I want you to go to those who betrayed me, take back what they stole to make them dead.

Do that and what is mine is yours.

You will be my son.

I am no son of Colini.

You disgraced us in America.

There is a streak of decency in you.

We've got to get rid of that streak.

They teach you to murder in Chicago and then they send you back to us.

And you, who taught you to murder?

I am no criminal.

I never murder for money.

All I have done, I have done for my people.

Yes, I'm a criminal, I know it.

I am not kind, I know that.

I'm not even a generous man.

I go to church and lie to God.

What's mine is mine because I'm selfish, mean, and cruel.

There's no one I can point to and say, this is the reason why Colini is a murderer, but you, you have the people, poor people.

Listen, Giordano, you're a liar to yourself.

The people, the poor people, aren't you weary of taking vows?

You ate well, you've stolen everything you wanted.

When your belly was full, you gave the rest away.

I know you, my young friend.

I am no friend of yours.

You will be, you have no other choice.

I'll put you in the streets, you'll be dead within the hour, or you'll do the job I picked for you, and you'll become rich!

More money and wealth than a peasant can dream.

Tell me in lira.

You are not to understand a number that big, but you'll learn.

Take you a long time, but I will teach you, I'll teach you America, the clothes, how to walk, how to act, who has the money, where it comes from, which are the important names and where the power lies, and when I've finished, you'll be one of three men in the world who knows it all.

This I'll teach you but, in the end, what will count is what's in here.

In your hills, you have been a glorious success.

We'll now see what you do with a mountain, America.

You prove you can be the son of Colini, in a few years when I am gone, you will inherit my kingdom.

I don't know how long I'll be, just wait.

Yes, sir.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, sir.

Your table's ready now, sir.

I'll have the drinks sent over.

Follow me, please.


Imported brandy, make it half sour.

Yes, sir.

What do you say we have another drink?

It's empty.

No, nothing for me, thank you, Adrian, and I think you've had enough.

Do I know you?


Then what are you looking at?

I'm looking for the action.

I hear you know where it is.

I'm afraid you've got the wrong impression.

I'm in guided missiles, myself, and my friend is in shopping centers.

Yeah, and I recognize the bartender.

He's Al Capone's sister.


George, give me a ♪&B on the rocks.

Make it a double.

I'm sorry, Mr. Guiness, I told you, no more service this evening.

Come on, what are you playing with, kids?

Look, buster, you heard the man, blow.

I beg your pardon?

I said blow.

Come on, honey, let's get out of here, shall we?

This place is rapidly deteriorating.

Miss, may I have a check, please?

You go ahead, Adrian, I'll call you tomorrow.

All right, if that's the way you want it.

You sure?


Well, how 'bout it?

Look, I don't know you.

My name's Colini, Johnny Colini.

You any relation?


Because if you're using the name and you're not, you got pus for brains.

Brother, you better get out of here while you still can.

Okay, have one on me.

It'll probably be your last.

I hope all of that wasn't because of something Adrian might have said.

Adrian, you mean the beard?


Are you always so vicious?

Are you a fight fan?

Why do you say that?

You look like you enjoyed watching it.

Well, it was something to see.

My name's Dare Guiness.

Won't you tell me your name?


Johnny Colini.

Johnny Colini was that man they had on television during the crime investigations.

The one they call Johnny Cool.

There's a lot of Colinis.

Your name really Johnny Colini?

Okay, we got a bad start, where you from, Chicago?

I'm there.

You know anyone?

A few people.

Russ, Frank, Vito.

Who do you know in Florida?

Steimann boys.

You want more names?

You know mine?

Jerry March.

That's right.

Well, you made quite an impression.

My friend's hurt pretty bad.

You hurt a man's friend, you hurt the man.

But that's old country talk.

I went to school in Rome, two years.

About the action, I'll let you know.

Where do I get in touch?

I'm out at the track.

I'm out there every day.

You're not waiting to see how your friend is.

Well, there's nothing I can do for him.

I'm not a doctor.

You don't really care if you know me or not, do you?

Honey, I'm not buying.

You couldn't.

Then it's easy.

Just forget it.

Take me to Jilly's.

After I heard Colini, I called right away.

There were hotel records in Vegas and Miami, but nobody knew him, nobody.

He's tough, he's got money.

He knows all kinds of things he shouldn't.

Look, Mr. Santangelo, you give me the green light and I'll put him where the fish will eat him.

You, you, Mr. Kromlein, you're so big in your mouth?

A man comes into a bar, makes trouble.

Don't you know enough to walk away?

When are you gonna learn, nothing happens in public!

Look, Mr. Santangelo...

Stop with the Mr. Santangelo!

When things are running smooth, it's Vince, and when it's a little trouble, it's Mr. Santangelo.

You go to the movies, we wanna talk.

The horses are nearing the starting gate.

Number six, 10 times.

Number six, 10 times.


Well, it can't be a coincidence.


I heard you say that you were going to be here.

I wanted you to know that I thought it over, and you can buy me a drink.

Why not?

Right over here.

And there they go.

Lucky Judy right behind Tom Turkey.

We don't really have to have a drink if you want to watch the race.

What will you have?

I don't know, anything, whatever you're having.

Whisky and water, two.

That was the $100 window.


What horses?

Number six.

Are you that rich or are you just that sure of yourself?

You want to try for both?

He's at the bar with a sharp-looking broad.

He must have a couple of thousand on the six horse.

You stay with him, find out who she is.

I'm 27, I grew up in Scarsdale with all the advantages, braces, dancing school, riding lessons, the whole bit.

I've been divorced for about a year from a boy who grew up the same way.

He, well, you've seen Adrian.

Yes, so what do you do for kicks now?

There haven't been many, until last night.

I want to know you.

All men look like men, but so few really are.

What kind of work do you do?

I'm a missionary.

Oh, you want a mission now?

Why all the questions?

Are you a gambler?

Well, what do you do?

I do my best.

Who got it?

Six horse won all by himself.

Six, that's your horse.

Let's get out of here.

I can cash these in tomorrow.

Bartender, it's been a lucky day.

100 bucks?

Hey, what did the six horse pay?

It's not up yet.

All I know, he was 10 to one, and I didn't have him.

Give me a double martini.

Here, start with this, pal.

I gotta see a man about a horse.

Hello, Jerry.

I checked all over.

In Vegas, there was a Johnny Colini, registered at the Sands.

He calls himself Johnny Cool.

The name made their ears go up.

Yeah, big tipper.

A lot of money, all cash.

He troubled nobody.

They said there's a million like him.

He's traveled all over, left his mark, everybody remembers him, but nobody knows him.

Boy, that fettuccine is the wildest I've had in a long time.

How 'bout the?

Sicily, that's where you're from, isn't it?

Good night, Dare.

Johnny Cool, that's what they ought to call you.

Late date?

No, it's probably Adrian.

Come on in.


Well, yes, he is.

It's for you.



Now, sure.

Berner Garage, Northside, Andrews 18.

Okay, I'll be there.

How would anyone know you'd be here?

I don't know, do you?

Shall I wait?

Forget it.

You clean?


Rules of the house, I have to check you, okay?


Okay, go in.

Red's the loser.

Here we go, let's go, come on, Jones.

200 lines.

300 line.

Glad you could make it.

You fellas operate in style.

This is a permanent game.

We own this garage and the hotel above it.

Come to the table?

Game is open craps.

Make the book.

Here we go, boys.

And it's seven. - And he's seven.

So, another winner.

Here we go, let's go, come on, Jones.

200 line.

300 line. - 300 line.

300, he's covered

200 more with them.

200 here.

Got it covered, here's the bet.

That's five, that's five, all right, shoot, new point again.

Come on, dice, let's go, dice.

Why'd you come here?

Take your cover. - 200 on the cuff.

Two more hundred on the cuff.

Now I know you'll shoot that, right?

Shoot. - 200 coming.

200 coming. - Right, here we go.

Seven, a winner.

200. - 200 more to come.

He's a good shooter.

1000 he's wrong.

You got another thousand, boy?


That's 200 here, no more bets, let's shoot, let's go, guys.

Seven one time.

Craps, a loser.



You Dare Guiness?


What's wrong?

It's about Johnny Colini.

You may know him as Johnny Cool.

Could we come in, please?

Yes, of course.

Is he in some kind of trouble?

He sure is, lady.

How well do you know him?

Barely at all, I only met him yesterday.

What did he tell you about himself?

Not much, really.

Where's he from?

Italy, I think.

What makes you think that?

Well, we went to a little Sicilian place and...

He told you he was from Sicily?

Well, no, not exactly.

Miss Guiness, if you know something you're not telling us... - I don't.

What's he doing in New York?

I don't know.

Suppose I tell you.

Save your breath.

Can't you see he's got here lined up, too?

What do you mean?

That's right, that's what he does.

Besides girls, he pushes dope.

I don't believe that.

You better get in here for a while.

Why should I?

If you don't tell us anything, then we don't tell you anything.

Now go on, get in there!

Go on!

All right, we've got a new shooter.

Put your bets down.

500 line. - $500.

I got 2,500 says he's right.

Yeah, 2,500 says he's right.


All bets are down, shoot.

Let's go dice, one time, baby.

Eight, the point is eight.

Let's make that 500 more.

Okay, George, my pleasure.

Okay, now let's go, dice.

You can do it.

Seven, you lose.

Well, that taps me out.

Yeah, that taps us out.

Say, you're pretty lucky, boy.

New shooter.

The dice are mine.

Next shooter.

Educated, the dice are yours, if you want them.

Yeah, that's something else.

The dice are mine.

Ain't that terrific?

My dice.

Okay, we got a new shooter coming out.

What do you want?

Two he's wrong.

1,000 he's right.


And, five for me.

No, allow me.

Seven, a winner.

Sure, we've been perfect gentlemen as cops go.

No, not a thing.

Strictly legit, she works for some designing house.

There's eight checks here, made out to her from this guy Guiness, all uncashed, alimony I guess.

Are you sure you're getting everything?

I don't know, she could be holding out.

Muscle her and find out.

How much muscle?

I don't care.

Leave her something to remember you by.

It'll be a pleasure.

Says we should leave her something to remember us by.

All right, Miss Guiness, you can come out now.

Miss Guiness.

You needn't be afraid, we're not going to hurt you.

Seven, a winner.


You're a good mechanic.

I enjoy watching you work.

I got 8,000 left, want it?

Why not?

I figure Educated's gonna stay lucky.

Now we swing.

11, a winner, 11.


Yeah, ain't it?

How much do you want?

Scared money never made money.

You want the 16?

Nothing, I'm sitting this one out.

Yeah, well save a dance for me, pretty boy.

How 'bout it, Johnny, you got your sister booked busy tonight?

Laugh it up, we'll each owe you two bits.

Now we're going to play a different game.

Come on, help them out.

All right, let's finish the game.

I got a little left over.


Only this time, I'm betting the shooter wins.

Open craps, like you said, I can bet win or lose, right?

Pick them up.

You better know what you're doing, friend.

Not only what but to who.

When you asked me names, you didn't ask me New York, but I'll give you a name, Don Vincenzo, only you call him Mr. Santangelo.

Shoot, little man.

And stay lucky, hear?

You never can tell what the dice are going to do.

Roll two fives back to back.

He can't roll two fives back to back, gun or no gun.

You're wrong, Mr. March.

Right now, at this moment, the only number I can't roll is one.

I'll work on it.

Cover me.

10, two fives.

Five, five, nice conventional start.

10, a winner.

Two fives.

My, you are talented.

The 12 rides.

Come on, Kromlein, get a piece of the action.

Something tells me to stay with him.

Seven, a winner.


Anytime you get bored, we can quit, Mr. Colini.

Well, Educated hasn't given us the full show yet.

One roll, and we call it a night.

24,000, that's what's lying there.

Let's see an 11.

You wouldn't settle for a seven, would you?

No, baby.


11, winner.

Hey, hey, guys, you know, you win some, you lose some?

Craps, a loser.

You know, I could think of worse ways to spend the night.


Who did this to you?

Was it because of me?

I didn't know anything to tell them.

That's all for tonight, see you in the morning.

I'll wait for your call, sir.

Good night. - Good night, sir.

Want to stop for breakfast? Yeah, I'm starved.

I'm buying.

Hey, mac.

You forgot something at the girl's apartment.

What girl?

Either you can handle your own people or you can't.

The boy hurt them, Vince.

Well, take care of it.

Don't come to me.

What's so important?

The boy comes here and uses a name, and uses a gun at a crap table.

The gun he used was a berretta, and he called you Don Vincenzo, and here in the papers where they say mutilated, the men were marked.

And they made tricks with her, and that's why the boy marked them?

No, no, no, he couldn't have done it, Vince.

He didn't know who they were, he didn't know where they were.

He couldn't be in two places at once.

Now, Vince, that's what worries me.

How do we know how many people this Colini has with him?

Don't use that name!

There's only one Johnny Colini, and that's an old man in Rome.

Vince, I never turn my back on instinct.

Now what if Cool sent him?

You know how he feels about things, how he feels about you.

We'd better have a meeting, I'm telling you.


I'm telling you, you bring this boy to me.

That's what he wants, I'm sure.

Very nice.

That's very nice.

So we give him what he wants.

You don't look like him.

How are you related.

I'm not.

You're his man.

I'm no one's man.

I'm Johnny Colini.

You want in.

I already am.

You're a stranger to it.

Not anymore.

Not after the last few days.

Very violent.

He chose you well.

All right, we'll use you.

It'll do us all some good.

I'm not here for a job.

You're like we were in the beginning.

We drink on it?

I'm here to take it all.

All of what?

I thought you knew something.

Your names, places.

How about I give you the locations in Turkey and Mexico where it's grown, or the name of the importer in Marseilles, and which of his ships brings it in, the pharmaceutical houses in Milano that process it into H, or, if that's all too far away, how about the name of the wholesale jobber over in Jersey who handles over a ton of benzedrine a month.

You talk like a mystery story.

Here, we're a legitimate business, everything legal.

I know, that's why I want the unissued stock in the six corporations, all of it, signed over to me.

The New York contracting interests, the Vegas setup, the post store you can keep, if you retire.

And if I don't?

Then I take that, too.

You won't get what you want by using violence with us.

You got yours with a gun.

Way back in the beginning, yes.

Then I'll get mine as you got yours.

I'm giving you 24 hours to deliver the unissued stock to the trust department of the Chase National Bank in my name.

If I lift my hand, you die, here in this room, right now.

What difference would that make?

You think I'm here alone?

He is from Cool, isn't he?

I want Rome, Italy. - Yes, sir?


Yes, sir.

By tonight, we'll have a man here who'll tell us for sure.

Meantime, I want you to arrange to pick up the girl.

But I told you, she doesn't know anything.

He cares for her, or he wouldn't have done what he did.

Yeah, and what about him?

Well, he'll be here for at least 24 hours.

He promised.

The men who did this to you are dead.

I killed them with a knife I took from your kitchen.

Who are you?

I'll tell you my real name even though it won't mean anything to you.

I'll tell you why I'm here and what I'm going to do.

And after I've told you these things, I want you to come with me.

Will you come?

Apartment 334, right around the corner.

How's she going to open up if she already took the pills?

Miss Guiness, open up, Miss Guiness.

You better use your passkey.

You're just wasting time.

They came to get me, didn't they?

It's true, all those crazy things you told me.

Johnny, what do you expect to do alone against all this?

They'll kill you.

No, I'm the one who'll do the killing all over this country in the next 48 hours, and, when I'm finished, they'll think they've been hit by an army.

Everything depends on time now.

You know what you have to do.

I may never see you again.

We'll be together by noon tomorrow.

Okay, driver, the airport.

United Airlines, flight 819.

That's your mainliner flight they're calling now, Mrs. Miller.

Your husband's ticket will be ready for him when he arrives.

Thank you.

I tel you, you cannot afford to miss these bargains.

We are not selling cars today, we are giving them away.

We are overstocked.

I tell you, come down here, take any freeway, but get down here.

If you're cooking, stop cooking, if you're on the couch, get off that couch and come down and see these bargains.

I won't be responsible if you get down here, there's no cars left.

These are the bargains, I tell you.

You come down here and you deal with me.

You will find that I will give you, you don't need anything at all, no references, no credit, just an honest face.

Bring your honest face right down here to the lot today, and now back to our movie.

Very good, Mr. Holmes, let me unplug you.

Be a half hour to the next spot?

Thank you.

I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

We do these TV commercials. That's all right.

You really gotta drive it in.

It's not like something where you go out and just talk, you know, you gotta sell these cars, and you'd be surprised how many people recognize me just from doing these TV commercials.

They think I'm a TV star or something, but all I am is a used car salesman.

Now this is the car that you have picked out, is that right, Miss Goodman?

Yes, that's right. - May I tell you you are a very lucky girl.

You will love this car, and drive with the roof down, and have you ever driven in California before?

Yes, no... - You haven't, well then listen to me, because the California drivers here are just like maniacs.

They're driving those sports cars, they come zooming by right through the right, you'll never even know they're there.

Now you have my personal check.

Oh yes, yes, ma'am. I signed this, please.

Yes, ma'am, if you'll just sign right here, Miss Goodman.

That's it, that makes it a consummated deal.

Yes, thank you, thank you.

Have a nice time and enjoy yourself.

I'll put the sticker in and you can drive away.

Oh, um. - Yes?

There you are, Miss Goodman, you are all set.

Any trouble at all, don't forget, you contact me and not the mechanic.

Yes, of course, oh, could you tell me the quickest way to the Beverly Hilton?

Beverly Hilton?

Is that where you're going to be staying, Miss Goodman?

At the Beverly Hilton?

Just asking.

Just asking.

This is a very goo attache case in top grain cowhide.

That's the one I want.

Fine, the price is $65.

Will that be cash or charge?


I can have this monogrammed right away?

Of course.

May I have your name, please?

Lawrence Martin.

The initials?

Just I.M.

So, either we begin pouring concrete at eight o'clock Monday morning or we're liable for penalties.

$40,000 a day, gentlemen.

The councilman's committee is public service, Lou.

Your problem is with the building code.

Pouring delays have put us behind schedule at least a month.

Now, 31 days at 40,000 per, that's a million and a quarter down the drain.

Now, we went over the city charter.

No attorneys, just Miss Connolly and myself.

But we found something I think that might interest you.

Section three, paragraph 7A.

That's the section on condemnation procedure.

You're not suggesting that 300 feet of public street be condemned?

According to city charter, it's the council's duty to condemn.

When it's in the public interest.


But how do you consider this the public interest?

Mr. Murphy raises a very interesting point.

It's worthy of consideration.

Thank you very much, Mr. Councilman.

That's all we ask.

Can't tell you how much we appreciate you taking time off from a very busy schedule.

That's what we're here for.

Can I buy you a drink before you leave?

No thanks, I don't believe so.

Good day, Miss Connolly.

I have an appointment at the office.

Say, did you hear the story about the Democrat and Republican went in the Turkish bath and the rubber had cold hands.

Oh, it's precious.

That's it.

Put it back in.

Do you think it's all set, Lou?

Honey, if there's one thing that old hack knows is that he couldn't get elected dog catcher without Santangelo.

Can't hardly find campaign contributions, all cash, undeclared, unrecorded anymore.

That reminds me.

What were those calls from Vince today?

Some fishing expedition.

He thinks the man from Rome is behind it.


It's nothing.

The way I put old Col out, he'll stay out.

But Vince never calls unless he's worried about something.

He's getting old, they all are.

Except you, you old goat.

Peter, you're well named.

The angel of mercy himself.

Thank you, Mr. Murphy.

As the drunk said, you don't eat the stems, they're the best part.

Here's another sinner, needing your help.

Snatch a little salvation, my boy, while you can, you understand?

Thank you.

What'll it be?

Martini, please.

Such small time for wee pleasures, and the little lady's waiting in the station wagon.

Here you are, Peter, get yourself a woman.

Thank you, Mr. Murphy.

Thank you, my boy, very nice of you.

You married?


Play it smart.

Well, keep charging, yeah, that's it.

Put it back.

Hey, hey, look, I'm sorry.

I gave you the wrong briefcase by mistake.

You've got mine.

Oh no, no, no, son, this is mine.

You see, it's got my initials on it.

I.M., those are my initials, too.

Yeah, well that's a coincidence, but I'm sure this is mine, I can tell you.

No, you're wrong, I'm telling you.

Look, let me open mine, I'll show you.

Yeah, but you better hurry, see, I don't want to miss that train and the little lady with the station wagon.

The martinis will get hot.


Johnny, where are you?

I'm at Idlewild now.

I'm leaving in a few minutes.

The car is a 1957 two-toned Ford convertible.

It's parked on the roof level of the garage at the Hilton hotel.


What happened?

Everything went all right.

The camera and everything you need is on the front seat of the car.

When you get here, will you come up?

I'll come up if I have time.

Johnny, what happened?

You'll read about it.

To be called away from Rome without time to invent a proper excuse for Colini?

My army commission, my whole position there could be ruined.

Your position?

Well it's given you enough so you could grow rich.

You had a job.

Tell us about Colini, see.

How's an old man?

He lives on his hill like a retired citizen, and every day has his vitamins and hormone injections to make him young.

And every night there is a new girl, never is the same one.

And how about this young man he sent?

What young man?

I know nothing about any young man.

We will see.


Oby Hinds, please.

I warn you, Mr. Hinds, if you don't open that door and let me out of here this instant, I'll...

You'll what?

I don't think you quite realize whom you're dealing with, Mr. Hinds.

Oh, I think I do.

Margaret Huntington, Santa Barbara, right?

Quite right.

I've got here four checks, totaling $1,250, signed Margaret Huntington.

They're no good.

That's impossible.

There must be some mistake.


It's for you, Mr. Hinds.

Hello, what is it?

Where from?

From Rome.

From Johnny Colini.

I've got to talk to you and Ben Morrow.

Colini wants to make a deal.

There's nothing to talk about.

I think you're wrong, there's a lot to talk about, like what happened to Louie Murphy.

I'll get Ben, you come right up.

Well, you better make it about 15 minutes.

I'm calling from downtown.

It'll take me that long to get to your joint.

All right.

Someone's coming up to see me in about 15 minutes.

I don't know who it is, so check him good at the elevator.

Yes, sir.

I can make those checks good.

Yes, I think you can.

All right, I have some jewelry in my room.

It's beautiful glass.

And that Jaguar you've got parked out there is rented.

I hate grifters.

They live in your rooms, they eat your food, they buck your tables, and then they don't pay.

Well, you're going to make those checks good.

1,000 in 100s.

No 50s.

2,000 back in 100s.

300 in 20s.

Mr. Morrow, Mr. Hinds would like to see you in his suite as soon as you can, please.

Just a few minutes.

Thanks, Pete.

300 is right in 20s.

Come on, dice.

Come on, dice!

That's it, I'm through.

I'm a born loser and I know it, so I'm going home.

Hold it, pal.

I'm a winner, and I'm popping for a couple of belts.

I'll never say no to that.

And look at these two chicks.

We're not gonna let them go to waste.

How about a couple of drinks?

Well, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

You sit right over here.

You sit right over here.

I'll take the blonde.

The brunette reminds me of my wife.

All right, what will it be?

Hi, Ben.

Mike Singer, remember?

Yeah, yeah sure, Mike, how are you?

In the old days in Detroit.

Yeah, yeah, how's it going?

Well, not so good, you know.

No, no, Ben, this is no touch.

I just wanted to say hello.

Yeah, I understand.

I appreciate it.

Forget it, I'll see you.

Thanks, Ben.

There's one of the sweetest guys you'll ever want to meet.

You know, the is right.

They don't make them like Ben Morrow anymore.

I'll be back before you finish these.

And hurry, I left my money at the crap table.

Are you the gentleman that come to see Mr. Hinds?

That's me, there's a special pocket on the inside of my jacket on the left-hand side, permit's in my wallet.

I'm sorry, but I'll have to keep this anyway.

You can pick it up at the desk on the way out.

Anything you say.

Can I go in now?

Yes, Mr. Hinds is expecting you.

Checked him out and he's okay.

Thank you, Pete.

Don't you trust your own security men?

They just went over me outside.

Oby, please, we just wanna talk.

Go ahead, talk.

Not this way.

Stand still, you.

There's no need for trouble.

Let's find out who this gentleman is.

Then, if necessary, we can call the police.

What's your name, boy?

Johnny Colini.

You hear that, Ben?

This is the one we got the call about.

The new Johnny Cool.

Why are you here, what do you want?

What you took from Colini.

What we took?

Stand aside, Ben.

All right, I'll give it to you for him,

both barrels right in the belly.

Oby, no.

I've tried to live in such a way that no man could have reason to hate me.

I know, I've heard about what a saint you are.

No, I've done plenty wrong, but I've tried to make up for it.

How do you make up for informing?

Oh, so that's it.


He told you I betrayed him so I could steal.

Colini lied.

You lie.

Johnny Cool, he gave you his name.

Did he also tell you you would be his son?

Me, he told I would be his brother.

But in the 20 years, all he did was use me, like he's using you now.

You are only his delivery boy.

And when you are finished killing for him, he will pay you as he is paying me now.

I won't be alive to pay off, but I'll lay you even money I'm right.

And I'll give you a price on how long before he gets you, six to five, three days.

Hi, we all set to leave?

Any minute, sport.

How'd you do?

I got some wonderful pictures.

Did you win any money?

I don't gamble, it's against my religion.

Oh, I wish it was against mine.

I wouldn't have to push this bus.

Get in the end of the line.

I could buy this bus.

Boy, I murdered them here.

How did you do?

I did all right.

Hold it, Larry, hold it.

Hey, what's wrong?

I got my usual line of chickens here.

Well, somebody really rocked the town.

Yeah? - Yeah, got Obi Hinds and Ben Morrow.

Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Well, I'll have to check out your people.

Are you kidding?

Larry, those are my orders.

Now don't kibbitz, we're not playing poker.

I'm not kibbitzing.

Get a load of that line.

I'm used to farmers and hayseeds, but these guys take the cake.

Get a load of Charlie Camera over there.

He don't gamble, he's got religion.

Frisk him, maybe you'll come up with a Bible.

And, while you're at it, search that Indian.

I'm very sorry, folks, but this is a necessary delay.

You, is that a Nikon?

It's something like it, except for the rangefinder.

You know, it looks just like a Nikon.

Everybody's imitating everybody.

You, you're too good to be true, come here.

Wait a minute, wait. Never mind, cowboy.

Wait a minute, you're making a mistake. I want to talk to you.

Now just come along.

Now don't give me any trouble.

Larry, take the rest of the good people home.

They all look a little bushed.

Yeah. - Wait a minute.

Please, will you get in there, please.

How you been, those things happen, you can't help it, you know, hiya, kid, you're looking great, yes.

Oh, Pop, you're fine, you're good, you're in great shape, you got wampum.

That's it, yeah, okay, you all set?

Everybody all set, all right, here we go.

No, don't leave me.

Don't leave me!

No, don't leave me alone, no.

Don't leave me alone.

All right, all right.


I dreamed, I dreamed you wouldn't be back.

I dreamed they killed you.

Listen to me!

When I saw you down there last night and you didn't come up, I died.

All night, waiting!

I didn't know I could even think such things.

Johnny, it doesn't matter what you do.

Nothing's real anymore except you, do you understand?

What is it, what's the matter?

I've got to go away.

I'll get dressed, it won't take me a minute.

No, I'm going alone.


Mexico, and then back to Sicily.

Johnny, you didn't hear me.

You can't leave me, I'm nothing without you.

We are both nothing.

Tell me what happened, tell me!

Less than nothing.

That's what he called me when I killed him.

What does it mean?

Colini's delivery boy of death.

It doesn't matter what he said!

You should've seen what he looked like when he died.

I believe him, Colini lied, he used me.

All he wanted was for me to do for him what he couldn't do for himself.

Johnny, you have to take me with you.

I was Giordano!

I'll go back to Sicily.

In Sicily, Giordano is dead.

Running there is not going to bring him back to life.

Here, be Giordano here.

What the hell do you know about anything?

Intelligence is not confined to men!

Three days ago, my life was concerned with getting to the beauty parlor on time, getting my laundry ready for the cleaners, making my mind up about a new shade of lipstick.

Well, there was something hidden deep in me that I didn't even know existed.

Whatever it was, you freed it, and now my life is yours, and I'm telling you, Giordano, that you've got to finish what you started.

Not for the man in Rome, but for yourself.

Johnny Cool is a name, Giordano was a man!

Be Giordano again.

Do what he would do.

Why not?

Why not?

Johnny, I need you, I need you right now.

Giordano we'll find, but there'll always be another Giordano.

A different face, a different name?

The only way to make sure that a thing ends is to dispose of the principal.

That's impossible!

I was in Rome last year.

Colini's villa is like Fort Knox.

Anything can be done!

Three men are dead, and the decision is very, very clear.

The man in Rome dies or we die.

All right, let's see what he wants.

He knows the rule, let's see if he takes the warning.

Do you know what it means to be very rich?

Hello, Vince, how are you?

How's the family?

Hey, Johnny, I haven't got too much time to talk to you.

I gotta get out to Vegas.

Murrow and Hinds, you know.

Yeah, I know.

You heard about poor Louis?

I can't understand what's happening there.

Ben didn't have an enemy in the world.

Well, that young man from Sicily, you know, the one who's dead.

Well, Johnny, he's here, and he says that you sent him.

Me, no.

We thought that you could tell us what the young man wanted, Johnny.

How, Vince?

I'm here, how would I know?

We're meeting, Johnny, and we've decided that this can't go on.

Of course, Vince, I agree, do what you have to, and right away.

You understand we had to check with you first.

I understand everything, and I'll say it, Vince.

And by the way, Vince, give my best to Virgo?


You heard him.

Now are you sure?

First, Giordano.

I checked the suitcase a couple of months ago in a hotel on Kuanga.

We'll have to pick it up.

Johnny, about the car, you know I had to use my own license to rent it.

I told you, it doesn't matter.

We'll be back in New York when it happens.

The FBI's been checking, but so far, that's all we know.

What you see is a group of interlocking corporations.

Garment manufacturing, construction, oil, soft drink distribution, vending machines, import, export, and metal processing.

The attorney general's office has been watching this complex grow since the end of World War II, but so far, that's all we've been able to do, watch.

The corporate and tax structure is the model of legitimacy.

But now, with these murders, Louis Murphy in New York, Oscar B. Hinds and Benjamin Morrow here in Las Vegas, is the break we've been waiting for.

It means, gentlemen, that war's broken out, a war for the control of syndicate dominated legitimate business.

And the general directing the attack is the one we want.

He goes by the interesting and familiar name of Johnny Colini or Johnny Cool.

For the individual described, we find no fingerprints on file, no draft registration, no record of previous military service, no record of arrests, no hunting, fishing, driver's license issued ever, no social security number.

Maybe there's no such man.

There is, and he's not alone.

That's all we have, gentlemen.

Not a hell of a lot, but we've got to find Johnny Cool.

You drive.

Why upside down?

The dynamite in this suitcase would take out half the block if opened right side up by the wrong person.

It's three o'clock now.

14 hours will make it five in the morning.

When it goes off, we'll be in NewYork having an eight o'clock breakfast at Reuben's.

What's he like, Johnny?

Among other things, he's in the oil business.

That's all I know.

Have you ever seen him?

We got two miles to go to Sunset.

I'll tell you when to turn.

What's his name?

What difference does it make?

Crandall, Lennart Crandall, okay?

Why don't you try telling the truth just once?

You know you came out because you thought I wasn't home.

Len, I swear to you, all I want is to see the children for a half an hour.

You have no visiting privileges except those the court designated.

Oh, Len, please.

Now look, you were supposed to have them all of August.

Now, it's not my fault you were in Madrid.

Say, incidentally, how'd the picture go?

There was no picture, you know that.

Well, that's too bad.

However, that's show business, as you people say.

Oh, is that what it is?

Don't you think I know all about your oil interests over there?

Len, I want my children.

Well, they're mine, too.

Or do I presume too much?

Len, they need their mother.

Unfortunately, the court decided that their mother was unfit.

Yes, you arranged that very nicely, didn't you?

Yes, I did, didn't I?

Daddy, Daddy, is Mommy here?

Timmy said he heard Mommy.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Crandall, I was...

It's all right, Miss Stewart.

Well, you can see for yourselves, boys, she isn't here.

Come on, boys, you better take a nap now.

That's quite all right, Miss Stewart.

Say, instead of a nap, boys, why don't we take a swim?

Now go in the bathhouse and get your suits.

Come on.

Hey, boys, I'll go in the garage and get the boat, okay?

Come on, please, you know how mad he gets.

Hurry up.

Come on, love, you're so tense.

We're just tourists looking at the view.

Over there, Beverly Hills, home of the movie stars.

And I'll plant it right down there so the cliff holds the blast in.

Tomorrow, they'll hear it clear back in that penthouse in New York.

What if somebody sees you?

They won't.

Johnny, is that him?

Come on.

No, Johnny, not now.

Now is sure, later is maybe.

Drive up the canyon about 100 yards, make a U-turn and come right back down to here.

Keep the motor running, and leave it in drive.

Get in.

Get in.

Hurry up, boys, I'm waiting.

Timmy, Bobby, I want you out here right this minute.

We'll be right there!

Come on, boys, on the double.

Hey, Timmy, Bob, come on, boys.

Get down!

Slow down.


That's good.

Now just keep on like this until we get to Mulholland.

I'll get out there.

You... - Watch the road!

Now, listen, I'll get a cab in front of the hotel.

You drive into Beverly Hills and park the car for a few hours.

Where will I go, what will I do?

Go shopping, get your hair done.

Don't bring the car back til after five o'clock.

Check out of the hotel and take a cab to the airport.

Buy a ticket on the first flight to New York.

Johnny, please let me go with you.

I'm afraid to be alone.

I'll meet you at the Real Tony's tomorrow at seven o'clock.

Please, Johnny!

Pull over and stop, not here, at the corner!

I'm sorry, Johnny.

It's all right.

Tomorrow night, seven o'clock, the Real Tony's.

That would work out if you want a manicure.

Oh, that would be perfect.

Okay, all right, Miss Johnson, thank you.

Yes, may I help you?

Yes, please, my hair shampoo and set.

Oh, the name, please?

You do have an appointment?


Oh, the earliest we could take you would be...

Oh, no, no, it's not important, thank you, thank you very much. - All right.


Dare Guiness.


Oh, isn't this marvelous?

When did you get into town?

No one said anything about your coming.

Is anything the matter?

No, just tired, I guess.

I just got in this morning.

That makes it perfect, you can drive back down to Newport with me this afternoon.

Well, it all sounds wonderful, but I can't.

Why not, Bill's got the boat down there.

The whole crowd's going to come down for the weekend, Tess and Rory and the Burfords.

Can't you postpone whatever it is and come down?

I told you, Suzy, it's impossible, I can't!


We'll be back in town on Monday, will you call?


Would you like me to make an appointment?

No, no, thank you, thank you very much.

Bye bye, Suzy.

Bye, Dare.

Same time next week?

Can I give you a lift?

You still want me to go?

To Newport?


Bill will be so surprised.

Come on, my car is right down here.

I have a confirmed reservation to New York on flight 818, the name is Johnson.

It's in Wilke Hall.

Oh, here we are, Mr. Johnson.

Thank you.

They're boarding in area 75, you better hurry.

Thank you. - I'll phone and tell them you're on your way.

She sure isn't feeling any pain.

Did she tell anything?

Not a word.

Dare, honey, it's time to twist with me.

Well you play it again and I will.

Oh, watch it.

A most attractive man over there has just asked me to dance and I may just oblige as soon as he recharges the record.

Well, now, don't you think we should sit and talk?

We haven't a chance to.

Oh, Billy boy, Billy boy, charming Billy, I've got nothing to say, except being here with you has saved my life, and that's the truth, believe it or not.

Come on, honey, lets' twist, come on.

I've got a run on a 1961 gray Ford convertible that answers the description on the want urgent.

Under the front seat, I found, I don't know exactly describe it, but it looks like some kind of explosive device.

Hi, we all set?

If the building public relations man hadn't already okayed this, I couldn't go for it.

How long you going to be up there?

I don't know, it depends on the light.

Well, if you could wait til tomorrow morning, I'd have a man free to go up with you.

I wish I could, but I got a deadline.

You'll have to sign this release.

This clears the building of responsibility in case of accident.

Say, we're not disturbing anyone?

Oh no, no, the window's are all sealed.

The offices are completely soundproof.


Can I take that freight elevator up?


Thank you.

He'll come, he said he would.

He said?

What is he, a boy scout, always keeps his word?

This one is.

But he's done everything he said, Vince.

He was at the bank, right on the minute.

Four men dead, all in one day.

One man who walked in the sight of 1,000 people, he's dead.

Two men who waited to kill this Johnny Cool, they're dead.

And another man died in the privacy of his swimming pool.

Get out?

What good are you doing me in here?

Age 27, height five feet six, weight 117.

Color of the hair is light brown, color of eyes, blue.

The description is from a New York driver's license issued in the name of Dare Guiness.

Spelling on that is ID-A-R-E G-U-I-N-E double S.

There will be no more 24 hour waiting periods.

The time for you to choose is right now.

Either you act with sense or wherever you go, wherever you hide, my people will find each one of you, like they found Murphy, Hinds, Morrow, Crandall, Santangelo.

Tell us, what do you want of us?

What's mine, what I've taken.

But you are Colini's man.

If we let you keep for yourself what he sent you to get for him, there will never be peace as long as he lives.

With one phone call, he dies.

Tomorrow, when the great Colini gets his usual injection of hormones, there will be a bubble of air in the needle, and when that bubble reaches his heart, he will die peacefully, quietly.

Hi there.

Anybody out here?

It's alive.

Yeah, well, just barely.

Look here, have this.

Bill made it this morning for everybody, guaranteed to bring you back among the living.

Yeah, sure it is.

That's a rather fetching outfit.

I'll get you some clothes.

Suzy, was I awful last night?

No, it's good for you to unwind.

What did I say?

Nothing, darling.

Be patient with me, baby?

You're the first sane people I've been with in...

My God, can it only be three days?

Dare, we don't to pry, but if you're in any kind of trouble, please let us help you.

Pair of shorts be okay?

Isn't it terrible?

You wonder what kind of a person could do a thing like that.

It's sick.

It's a miracle those little boys weren't killed.

What little boys?

These little boys right here.

I didn't see any little.


Dare, what's wrong?

Dare Guiness.

Suzy, do you have any idea what goes on out there?

Well, you couldn't.

Underworld, I always thought it was a word for the movies.

Well, it's not, it exists right out there, just below what you can see.

A whole world full of monsters.

Dare, I don't know what you're talking about.

I met a man three days ago.

I was with him 10 hours, maybe.

I had just left him after he killed Crandall when I ran into you yesterday.

I drove him up the hill with the dynamite, and now the police have the car.

I'm going to get Bill.


Bill will know what to do.

Maybe, if it weren't for him.

There's nothing anyone can do.

When he wants to, he'll find me.

Not that I really want him to, it's just that I know that if he walked through that door right now, I'd want him so badly, I'd crawl to him.

I'm going to get Bill.

Operator, may I help you?

Hello, operator.


I'd like to call New York, long distance, person to person to Mr. Louis Murphy.

Yes, I know Mr. Murphy is deceased.

To whom am I speaking?

This is Miss Connolly.

I was Mr. Murphy's personal secretary.

All right, if you want the man who killed him, he'll be in a restaurant called the Real Tony's at seven o'clock tomorrow night.

The Real Tony's?

And tell them he'll be alone.

Who is this, please?

He's always been alone.

Please, who is this?


How long, Mr. Cool?

Not long, wait for me.

Good evening, Mr. Cool.

Good evening, Mr. Cool.

The young lady's waiting in the back.

Thank you.

Put some champagne on ice.

The best you've got.

For this, you'll die, every one of you.

In 24 hours, me men will kill you!

You have no men, Giordano.

You are alone.

I have an army out there!

Yes, an army of ghosts.

We know.

The same we knew where to find you.

Your woman told us.

You will not die.

We have special plans for you.

I'm the only one left who knows it all!

Without me, you can do nothing!

True, but you will tell us.

I will tell you nothing, I'm Giordano!

You will tell us.

It will take time, but there's a way even for Giordano.

Poor Verdo, a city man, weak, but you're strong.

I will tell you nothing!

We'll lock you up here in the morgue without food or water, and we'll beat you, hard, day after day.

And when you're hungry enough to eat even goat droppings, we'll give you salt fish.

When you're met with thirst, we will give you wine, sweet wine, a drop of wine for each word of truth, and then you will tell us, and then you will join the living dead.

Glass of booze here.

Cocktail never hurt anybody.

Well, looks like we have company.

A police car just drove up.

Now, we know what we're going to say.

You've been with us for the past four days.

Now, let me do all the talking.

Drink up, drink up.

Yes, sir?

Mr. Blakely?

That's right, what can I do for you?

I'd like to see a Dare Guiness.

Miss Guiness is aboard.

Why, what's this all about?

Well, it seems she rented a car yesterday and...

Oh, yes, she told me about that.

Well, you see, she met my wife in the beauty parlor in Beverly Hills and they came right down here and she left the car parked at the beauty parlor.

It must have seven tickets on it by now.

Well, it seems that car was involved in the killing of Lennart Crandall yesterday in Beverly Hills.

Oh, that's terrible, it must've been stolen.


But I would like to talk to Miss Guiness about a certain Johnny Colini or Johnny Cool.

Johnny Colini, no, I...


It's no use, Bill.

The man you're looking for, he's dead.

I killed him.

I think you better come with us.

We'll wait while you change your clothes.

No, let's go now.