Johnny Mnemonic (1995) Script



COMPUTER: Good morning. This is your wake-up call.

Thank you for staying at the New Darwin Inn.

The time is 10:30 a.m.


COMPUTER: You have no new messages.


Yeah? Never mind.

WOMAN [ON TV]: NAS: Nerve Attenuation Syndrome.

So where is home, Johnny?


Would you believe I don't even know?

Yes. l would.

Going out?

Just getting some ice.

We've got...




Pick it up, Ralfi.

How about it, Ralfi? You said you'd lock down a date for the procedure.

And hello to you too.

Ralfi. The date. When?

I'm sorry, Johnny.

The Shiba neurosurgeons changed their quote.

You told me 800K would cover it.

The fee for removing the implant is now one million-five.

That is complete memory recovery.

If you don't want it all back, I think they will come down.

If l just wanted the silicon dug out of my brain, I could go to Mexico City.

I want a full restoration.

I want it all back.

Johnny, the Shiba boys, they set the price.

I've done what l can. Come on, Ralfi.

One more run, Johnny.

And then you could cover it, provided it's a rich one.

So, what have you got? It depends.

Did you get that upgrade we were discussing?

Yeah. Very good.

Pickup is in Central Beijing tomorrow night, 1 0:00.

This is a big one.

Don't be late, Johnny.




WOMAN [ON PA]: Paging Mr. Smith. Paging Mr. Smith.

MAN 1 [ON TV]: NAS, the so-called Black Shakes, first identified in 201 0 in a small population of Norwegian information--

MAN 2: Snatch back your brain, zombie. Snatch it back and hold it.

MAN 1: Sorry, technical difficulty. ELEVATOR: Please come in.


COMPUTER: Activating Pemex memory doubler.

Your present capacity: 80 gigabytes.

Doubler loading.

Your storage capacity is now 1 60 gigabytes. Warning: Do not exceed capacity.


The courier is late.

Be calm.



Double cheese, anchovies?

You are mister...? Smith.

You are late. Right.



You don't look like the kind of people I usually work for.

We are new at this. No shit.

Heh. We approached you through the correct channels.

We paid half to the Swiss account exactly as your agent instructed.

Here's your ticket. First class.

Let's see what you wanna upload.


Motion detector.

How much am l carrying?

320 gigabytes.

Your storage capacity?

Where am I taking it? Newark.

Your storage capacity?

More than adequate.

MAN [ON TV]: So you'll take him to Las Vegas?

WOMAN: I just started...

It is extremely dangerous if the upload volume exceeds storage capacity.

Synaptic seepage can kill you in two or three days.

Plus, the data may be corrupted and coherent download will be impossible.

We don't have a problem, okay?

We loading or not?

Your ticket.

Ralfi, your agent in Newark, will arrange the meet for the download.



When the counter approaches zero, click on three frames off the TV.

Any three. They'll meld with the data. I won't know what they are.

That's the download code.

You get a hard copy.

You fax one copy to your connection on the other side.

When I get there, we feed in the code and download. Understand?



Upload begins when you press here.

BALD MAN: Who's the target?


PharmaKom R & D people.


Hit me.





The access code.



MAN: Mr. Smith?

Where's the bathroom?

What? The toilet.

Destroy the original.

Fax the images to Newark.



Oh, Jesus! Jesus. Shit!



FAUCET: Water temperature is 17 degrees.




JOHNNY: Next time, knock, baldy.



FAX MACHINE: Transmission commencing.


FAX MACHINE: Transmission interrupted.


Get him!



Where is he going?

Where is he taking the data?




COMPUTER: Immigration control. Please insert passport.

Beginning scan.


Warning: lmplant detected.

Scanning dyslexia prosthesis implant.

Government approved. Warning: detected synaptic seepage.

Neural failure within 24 hours. Seek medical attention immediately.

Thank you. Welcome to Newark.

MAN [ON PA]: Final boarding call for Western Pacific Air Flight 86, Gate 1 1 3.



Tokyo wants me to recover the stolen data for PharmaKominat Industries of Zurich.

Our operation in Beijing met with limited success.

The PharmaKom traitors are dead.

The courier escaped with the data.

He's on his way here to Newark.

I didn't want to disturb you in your time of grief.

It must be very difficult to lose an only child.

I'm not at liberty to say.


I've been charged with recovering the head of the mnemonic courier, cryogenically preserved.


Traitors wiped the PharmaKom mainframe.

If we lose the courier, they've lost the data forever.

If the courier is in Newark, it's my responsibility.

You have part of the courier's download code.


JOHNNY: Just what's the deal here? RALFl [ON MONlTOR]: Johnny boy.

Johnny boy, my ass. What's the fucking score here?

I'm way overloaded, man.

You would not believe how much.

You told me you got upgraded. Yeah, yeah, I did.

I got the goods. I just wanna get them out of my head.

Did they get the code out? Don't worry.

They said they can extract.

Extract? Ex--?

What's going on, Ralfi?

This feels like a blown deal, man.

You say you have to get the data out.

They are the only ones who can do it.

There's no other choice.

Trust me. I will tell the driver where to take you.

Yeah, sure.


Spider, I need to get some work.

About these episodes you've been having, I wanna get you to the shop for tests.

Hey, are you listening?

No more playing doctor, remember? Oh, that's not what I meant.

Look at them. They must be the oldest bodyguards in town.

I'm twice as fast as they are.

Not worried about speed, worried about your nervous system.

Especially if you wanna continue being a bodyguard.

Get out of here, bitch.

RALFl: Take it easy.

Your hired muscle is aging on you, Ralfi.

I could've done you. Time you hired yourself some young and fast, hm?

You mean, like you?

You're the best agent for bodyguards in town.

I'm the fastest thing, now Spider's jacked my system.

Hold out your hand.


Fine. Just hold it there.

So? Just hold it there.

You can hold it there, baby, can't you?

Yeah, sure.


RALFl: Cheap street implants.

You're damaged goods, bitch. Spiderman jacked you up, all right.

Jacked her up so tight, she shakes.

RALFl: I cannot use you. Not for muscle.

Ever considered something a little less actively physical?

Like on your back, babe?

Ah. Ooh. Or on your knees.

I'll get a gig, Ralfi.

Then I'm coming back for you.




Yo, J-Bone.

What you clocking, man?

Some suit out from the city.

What for? I don't know.

Suits don't come out here.

MAN: You're Johnny?

Am l? I sure hope so.

Come on in. We're here to help you.


BALD MAN: We've gotta stop meeting like this.

JOHNNY: Baldy. Doctor will see you now.

You lied.

Yeah. Heh, heh.

Time to die. Time?


We've got all night, asshole!

Let me see-- Yo, Toad, I said shut up, man.


Yo, J-man.

J-BONE: Toad.

You weren't on the menu.

I want you to do something for me. Do?

Yes. Say bye.


MAN: Hold it right there.



Tooling up for an evening of this stuff, huh?

As long as you understand one thing.

We're even. I don't owe you shit.

Who are you?

I'm J-Bone.

I run Heaven.

The Lotek headquarters.


RALFl [SINGING]: Easy as apple pie Easy as--

Johnny-- They were waiting for me, Ralfi.

Two big nasty men.

Johnny, please. Let me explain.

Johnny. You set me up, my friend.

Johnny, it's not my fault.

There's been a screw up.

You're dead if you don't get this batch out of my head.


Not on the head!

Don't tell me you hit him on the head.


This way.

Hooky, give me my shit.

Come on.

RALFl: Looks like he's coming round.

How are you feeling, Johnny?

What'd they upload, Ralfi, the goddamn Library of Congress?

Feels like my brain's gonna explode.

I think your friend here can take care of that.


Ralfi... you lying sack of shit.

Let's work this out like gentlemen. Johnny, in this business, you only fuck up once with yakuza. SHlNJl: We'll need a bucket.

Put it here beside the table.

JOHNNY: Can we talk about this? Talk?

I have one image of the access code. You have the two.

I'll give you the data. Everybody happy.

SHlNJl: You don't understand.

They don't just want the data, everything it's ever been stored in.

There's less danger of information decay.

And we don't have to worry about anyone going in with mnemonic sensors.

These days, you see...

dead men can tell tales.

There's gotta be a way to work this out.

There is.

RALFl: Would you hurry it up, please.

What the fuck is going on? I'll slit his fucking throat, bitch.

So? Other guy gonna cut his whole head off.

Jane. Jane, what say we pay you for a night's work and you just walk away? I'll pay you 20 grand.

RALFl: You wouldn't believe the shit you're in.

Fifty. Deal.

Ah! You bitch! Ah!

It's okay. I got the gun. Let's go.

Time to go! Bitch.

You could have fucking killed me.

Get out of the way.


What are you doing? My gear.


JANE: In here.





Back door. Thanks, J-Bone.

SHlNJl: We'll find you again.

Count on it.


SHlNJl: You Loteks will regret this.

I have to get online. Must be somebody I can talk to, square this. Fifty thou, you said.

Time I see the color, right? Right. You were terrific.

So if you'll just point the way out and give me an account number for--

Account number? I'm on you till you pay, mister.

How come they wanna cut off your head?

Usually, they just off people around here.

Long story.

Well, l'm gonna be around until I get paid, so...

I can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head. One sixty if l use a doubler.

Somebody stuck in a lot more. I don't know how to get it back out.

Okay, so wait a minute. Wait a minute. You're a smuggler? ln your head?

JOHNNY: Ugh! Hey. What's wrong?


Come here. Sit down. Sit down.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Shh. Shh.

Oh, man, you are fucked up severe.

Argh! Shh.

Stay quiet, boy.

Shh. Okay?



GIRL: Papa.


ANNA [ON TV]: Takahashi. How sad.

The loss of a child.

They know that your purpose in life has been lost.

It died with your daughter.

You have become a risk to them.

Take a good look at their errand boy.

The one who wants the courier's head.

He's plotting to destroy you.

You must neutralize him, Takahashi.

I promise you, the courier, what he carries can give you new a purpose in life.

I was PharmaKom.

And l...

They're listening.

They're everywhere.



Oh, it's just my stuff.

Mace, throwing spikes, grenade.

Everything a girl needs.

You let me sleep?

You needed it.

I told you I was in a hurry.

I'm a dead man if l don't get this out of my head.

Hey. Do you ever sneak a look at what you carry?

Usually, there's a code.

Like a lock.

Well, when there isn't? No.

It goes with the territory.

Safer for me, safer for the client.

How come you knew those...?

Oh, call them Loteks.

I sort of hung with them when l was a kid.

Say, how do you fit all that shit in your head, anyway?

Must have been pretty good at memorizing, huh?

Implant. Wet-wired. l had to dump a chunk of long-term memory.

You had to dump a chunk of what?

My childhood. Your childhood?


All of it?

You can't remember a thing?

Maybe there's some residual traces.

Every now and then, there's something, but I can never hold onto it.

That's a seriously weird-ass thing to do.

Maybe I didn't lose anything I wanted to keep.

I needed the space for the job.

You got parents and stuff?



But I haven't seen them in years.


Anyways, l don't think about it much, okay?

Well, what do you think about?

When you're alone.

I think I want to get out of this rat hole.

I want to get online. I need a computer.

JANE: Where'd you learn to do that? I used to have a job, breaking and entering.


I need a Sino-logic 1 6, Sogo 7 Data Gloves, a GPL stealth module, one Burdine intelligent translator and Thompson iPhones.



COMPUTER: Password, enter.

Welcome to BRT online.


Global Net selected.


What are you doing? Making a long-distance phone call.

Beijing. A hotel.


COMPUTER: Beijing selected.


Access denied. Ugh!

Access granted.

Hotel Beijing selected. General accounts selected.

Fax charges, Suite 2571 , 1 5 January, 2021 , 7:1 5 p.m. to 1 1 :30 p.m.

SHlNJl: He'll try to make a move.

He'll use his connections on the Net. Narrow the bandwidth. Go low rent.

Online translation. Translator selected.

Shit. It's just an all-night copy shop.

They were sending the fax to a copy shop here in Newark.

Local Net selected.

Hold it. Hold it. Command terminated.

Come on, baby. All the way back to Newark.

Yeah, it's here.

Fax buffer selected.

JOHNNY: Part of it is here in the buffer of their fax modem.

Nothing but a name: Dr. Allcome. Nothing came through.


Let's go, okay?

No, I'm gonna try something else. A guy called Strike.

He runs a board in this sector. Maybe he can find this doctor.


We locked on him. He's using a Sino-Logic 1 6 GPL stealth module.

Crazy Bob's Computer Shop, 5326 Sutton Plaza, backroom.

Initiate the virus.


COMPUTER: Access denied.

Let me in.

Come on, let me in!

Access granted.

STRIKE: Get off my board, man. You are too hot.

You're a hit waiting to happen.

Off. You owe me, Strike.

I don't owe you that much.

I could crash you from here, man. Wipe out your entire board.

Johnny, don't, man. That's my livelihood.

Then stop bullshitting me. l need to know what l'm holding, Strike.

Why is the yakuza after it? Who's Dr. Allcome?

All l know is, you've got a head full of PharmaKom data and they've hired the yakuza to get it out.


Shit. They put a virus on us.

Shit! Get out of here, man.

I never heard of any Dr. Malcolm.


Hurry, Johnny. They're coming!

Who the hell are you?

JANE: Gotta go now. Come on.

JANE: Watch this.

Inform Takahashi.

His tracker was late in locating the courier.

It seems he's already departed.

WOMAN [ON lNTERCOM]: Mr. Takahashi, Shinji has failed again to locate the courier.

TAKAHASHI: Get me Karl.

COMPUTER: Church of the Retransfiguration. Thank you for calling.



I need your services.

We hold services nightly.

You should join us.

A special one.

You need someone brought to Jesus?

Or to you? Only one part: his head.

And who is this lost soul, this sinner unrepentant? A courier.

Last seen at The Drome. Name is Johnny.

If you get me the head in 24 hours, triple the fee.

Karl... do not fail me.


Hey. What are you doing?

Mind if I use this? Man owes me 50 thou and he's scamming my phone card. And it's still our first date.

PHONE: Welcome to AT&T.


PHONE: Enter password, please.


This is an unlisted number. How did you get it?

Don't like surprises? No.

And it's a federal offense to hack shielded lines.

I have 320 gigabytes of PharmaKom data.

Don't bother.

I'll be out of here in 20 seconds.

So, what exactly is it that you want?

Your data out of my head.

That can be arranged.

Let's meet. Where?

JANE: They'll chop your head off. JOHNNY: No.

They'll negotiate. They're corporate. So is the yakuza.

Listen, if you don't come, fine.

It's a business meeting. It's not your scene.

If it works out, I'll pay you the money I owe you.

If it doesn't, you're one dead Johnny is what.

I'm gonna be dead anyway if l don't get this shit out of my head.


I know this guy Spider. Used to be a doctor.

He could help you. He...

He could fix you up.

Hey, what's with you?

JANE: I'll be all right.

Jesus, you're sick.

You strung out or what?

You got NAS. JANE: No.

You have the Black Shakes. Whatever it is you have, you're sidelined, right?

I've gotta make this meeting. Hey! Hey, can you hear me?

JANE: Spider. He could help you.

He could help me.




SPIDER [ON INTERCOM]: If you're not expected, you're not invited. So fuck off, okay?

It's Jane. She says you know her.

Get down here, man. She's sick.


Look, l gotta run. SPIDER: Shut up.

Give me that muscle relaxant over there. The red one.


It's NAS, right? Yeah, the Black Shakes.

Like half the people on the planet.

Let me tell you something so you get this.

It's not my work that got her this way. My work is clean.

You don't get this shit from amp jobs. That's a myth.

So, what does cause it? What causes it?

The world causes it. This causes it. This causes it. This causes it.

Information overload!

All the electronics around you poisoning the airwaves.

Technological fucking civilization.

But we still have all this shit because we can't live without it.

Let me do my work.

MAN: Whoa. Street Preacher's out.

J-Bone, you copying?

That son of a bitch doesn't have one natural bone left in his body.

He really a preacher, J-Bone?

Preacher? That motherfucker's got God and technology ass-backward.

He'll kill for anybody money to keep his body full of implants.

Want me to follow him? J-BONE: No, stay away from him.

He's too crazy.

Anna Kalmann, founder, former CEO of the multinational PharmaKominat lndustries, Zurich.

Born the 1 st of August, 1 965. Died the 3rd of September, 201 5.


Six years ago?

She was imprinted to PharmaKom's neural-net installation in Zurich prior to onset of morbidity. Imprinted?

Her neural-net persona has Swiss citizenship under the artificial intelligence laws of 2006.

She advises the current board from this state of being.

WOMAN [ON MONlTOR]: PharmaKom, Newark.

ANNA: Johnny. SPIDER: What are you doing?

Just looking. Don't touch anything.

Who the fuck are you anyway?

Johnny. Johnny who?

Just Johnny.


It looks like a full-service shop here. How are you on brain implants?

Silicon implants, neural overlays, memory augmentation?

We don't get much of that out here in Newark, Just Johnny.

Kind of upscale for us, you know?

Got mine in Singapore.

Oh, yeah? What's your deal, Just Johnny?

I got this problem.

Up here.

KARL: They err in vision. They stumble in judgment.

For all the tables are full of vomit and filthiness.

So that there is no place clean.

You should have seen it before.


Isaiah? Mine's Hooky.

Hey. Hey.




The girl. The girl that took Ralfi's boy out of the backroom.

Who is she? You expect me to remember half the shit-- Heal!


Oh, man. Why did you have to do that?


Who's the girl? A wannabe.

She's always hanging around here looking for a job.

Name? Jane.


One of Spider's jobs. Spider?

He's a flesh mechanic. Implants and shit, you know?

They said he used to be a legit doctor once, but--





They did some serious shoehorning to get that in there.

Skip the technical critique. I need help.

You don't know the half of it. Must be hurting like hell.

Think l need you to tell me that?

I got 320 gigs in here.

Oh, yeah?

What is it exactly? What kind of stuff?

I haven't got a clue.

And l don't have a download code either.

JANE: Hey.

You doing okay?

SPIDER: Good girl, Janie.

You brought him to the right place. You can fix him?

I don't know.

With his seepage, if l could work a download, l don't know if the product would be coherent.

JOHNNY: Fuck the product.

I just want it out.

I wish it was that simple.

Allcome. Dr. Allcome.

Ever hear that name?


Where is he? I said maybe.

Why do you wanna see him? Oh, come on, Spider.

I'll make sure Just Johnny gets to see who he needs to see.

But you, you need bed rest, downtime.

He's my client.

SPIDER: I'm telling you, you gotta sleep.

Just tell me where to go.

All right. l'll drive you.



Halt, sinners. Fuck!

JANE: Spider, look out!

Who the fuck was that?

You don't wanna know.




JOHNNY: Where are we?

SPIDER: You'll see.




DOCTOR: He's been this way for an hour now. I don't know what to do with him.

SPIDER: If we still got Paralon B, give him 20 mgs.

Fucking PharmaKom, man.

That shit costs 2 grand per clinical unit.


SPIDER: Keep him warm and bring me his charts when you can.

Here are the charts, doctor.

Where's Dr. Allcome?

Dr. Allcome is a name used in hospitals when we got a major problem and don't wanna spook patients.

What? "Doctor all come to Ward 7," and we drop everything and haul ass to wherever.

Usually means we got a crazy, somebody violent.

But I saw it on the fax buffer. That fax was meant for us.

Who's us?

Hey. Hey, wait a minute.

Who's us?

The NAS underground. People who keep this place going.

People like me.

Get on the table.


Don't be a bigger asshole than you have to. Just get on the table.

All right.

Jack in.


Lie down.

Let's take a look at this shit.

No access code? Except for one image out of three.

It won't help. What did they use? Random images?

JOHNNY: Yeah. From the TV.

I've got decryption codes. I'll run them, see if we come up with anything.

Janie, you should really lie down.

Can you break the code, Spider? If l get lucky.

Really lucky.


Fuck. No dice?

No. But I can get it out. How?

With a general anesthetic, a cranial drill, and forceps.

And l could die, right? It's gonna kill you anyway when it ruptures. I take it out, you'll probably survive.

You'll lose some fine motor skills, you might not remember anything for more than three minutes. Fuck that.

Let me tell you something. Let's start with what you got and what it's worth to the world.

You're carrying the cure for NAS.

You're telling me I got-- PharmaKom's R & D on their cure for Nerve Attenuation Syndrome.

Plus the records of the field trials to prove that it works. And it really works.

You mean, like, a real cure?

They could have you straightened out in weeks.

You and everybody else.

Everybody's trying to cut off my head. They can take it to Saigon and run quantum interference detector.

They would have the cure, we wouldn't.

You keep that in your head and nobody can save you.

Plus, the cure is gone forever.

I can save the cure. Even if we had the code, the seepage is so bad, it would come out as garbage.

What's it supposed to matter to me if l'm dead? Follow me?

The cure can save millions.

You're gonna die anyway if we don't get it out.

All I know is that whatever's in my head is worth a lot of money.

Why should I trust you?

You're supposed to be my bodyguard here. Bodyguard.

SPIDER: You're not walking out. Not with that cure in your head.

That cure is mine!

Behold your savior.


SPIDER: Jane, get him to Jones, it's your only chance!

Go! Get him to Jones!


Who's Jones?

He's that guy who fucks your mother.


Where are they?


JOHNNY: I couldn't make the meeting but I'm up for it.

Are you?


This time, on the bridge, Landfill 5.

Bring the rest of the code. I'll find you.

I'll be there.

I want to negotiate.

Yes, sir.

Great. Now, if they don't kill you, J-Bone will.

Listen, Takahashi, before it's too late.

We're running out of time. He's carrying the cure for--




I told her if she wanna get with me, then I wanna get with her.

Screw the physical disability. JOHNNY: Hey!

You know what I'm saying? Because it's about the feeling, right?

What's up?

Wind maybe.


What do you think?

It's crazy, but if it's really the cure to NAS in my head, it could save you.

I mean, it could save everybody.

Well, who--

Who is this Jones guy Spider said was our only chance?

Um, he's, uh...



He was in the Navy.

Yeah, in the war. They put a lot of stuff in his head, kind of like you. Oh, yeah, like memory augments?

I don't know.

You'll see.


Man, somebody crazy down there is getting on my nerves.

Rat lands are full of crazies, Stick. Ignore it, man.

JOHNNY: Come on! Hey!

No, man.

Right down there. It's Spider's van.

Yep. Better tell J-Bone.

I got an idea.

Let's drop a bug on Spiderman.

MAN: Forget it, Stick.

STICK: Check it out. l'm gonna do it. Don't say that.

J-Bone will shit if he hears. I'm going to do it.

Hey, wake up, damn it!

Shit, man. Nothing, that's what they're for.

Hey, why don't you--? JOHNNY: Hey. Hey!

Fuck! Shit!

What the fuck is going on?

What the fuck is going on?!

You know... all my life I've been careful to stay in my own corner.

Looking out for number one, no complications.

Now, suddenly, I'm responsible for the entire fucking world.

Everybody and his mother is trying to kill me if--

If my head doesn't blow up first.

Maybe it's not just about you anymore.

Listen. You listen to me.

You see that city over there?

That's where l'm supposed to be.

Not down here with the dogs, and the garbage and the fucking last month's newspapers blowing back and forth!

I've had it with them!

I've had it with you.

I've had it with all this!

I want room service!

I want the club sandwich.

I want the cold Mexican beer.

I want a 1 0,000-dollar-a-night hooker!

I want my shirts laundered.

Like they do at the Imperial Hotel...

in Tokyo.

We gotta see Jones.

Spider sent us.

Where's Spider?

He's dead.

Not in there. Earlier.

At the hospital.

If Spider sent you, come on.

JOHNNY: Ugh! JANE: Whoa.

JANE: J-Bone, help me.

Come on. Keep it together.


JANE: Come on.

WOMAN: Hoist it up. Help. Right here. You two.

JANE: I got him.

He'll be all right. Go on.

WOMAN: We need some help.

MAN 1 : Okay, okay, hold there.

WOMAN: You're pulling too hard, stop it.

MAN 2: I've got it.

TAKAHASHI: Tell Shinji to meet me at the bridge.

He's on his way, sir.

My helicopter. It's waiting, sir.

You okay?

I saw--

I almost saw... as if it was... a memory.


We have a room especially for that.

It's time to meet Jones.

MAN: All right, here. WOMAN: Thanks.

J-BONE: We built Heaven completely out of straight-world junk.

All hauled up here piece by piece.

We work with Spider and his people and anybody else fighting the system.

We out shit for them.

What do you mean out?

Heaven. The heart and soul.


J-BONE: This is where we fight back.

We strip the pictures from their 500-channel universe, recontextualize it, then we spit the shit back at them.

Special data. Things that'll help people.

Like stuff we get from Spider.

We wide-band it.

JOHNNY: Wide? J-BONE: Broadcast it. Go global.

Bounce it off the satellites that Jones hacks.

The way Navy got him hooked up, he cuts encryption like a knife through butter.

Code breaker. Good. I can't wait to meet him.

Right this way.



It's a fish.



It's a mammal.


He's a friend. He's a friend, sailor.

This was Spider's best bet?

Hey, one thing Spider wasn't was stupid.

Jones is set up to sample software from enemy subs.

Infrasound scan.

Right through the hull.


Jones will feed you can opener codes.

We'll try to get you out in time. Wait, have you done this before?

Has the fish?


How dangerous is this? Just keep your head still.

Move around too much, could microwave your frontal lobe.

Forget it.

Look, man, at least you got a chance.

It's up to you.

Do what you gotta do.


Give me what you got of the download codes.


COMPUTER: Inputting first image.

J-BONE: Set up the broadcast antennas.






STICK: We were just having a good time. Just fooling around.

I don't wanna do nothing no more. I don't care what it takes.

Hear what l'm saying, buddy? Hey, buddy.







Stations. You all know the drill.



What did you get? We didn't get it.

We're not gonna get it right now.

The only way left is to hack your own brain and loop it through Jones.

MAN: J-Bone, the fuel tanks.

J-BONE: Shit, it's the yakuza.

Give me that bow.


MAN: Hey, hey.

I was almost there.

I could feel it starting to...



TAKAHASHI: Not really.

You can't shoot me.

Not in the head.


Do you know what this man is carrying in his head?

He's carrying the cure for NAS.

Your daughter died to protect PharmaKom's profit margin.

Treating the disease is far more profitable than curing it.

They had the cure eight months ago, Takahashi.

PharmaKom, the company that l created let your daughter die.



Hello, Johnny.

Raise your chin.

Let's make this clean.


If l fall, you don't get the head, right?

If you lose the head, you're fucked!



Jesus time.


Come to Jesus.

The cure.

He's made you the vessel of his mercy as l am the vessel of his wrath.



What spawn of Satan?





I'm all right.

Piece of shit.

Hook me up.

The second image.

Get the power up.


ANNA: Johnny.

The dolphin can take you into the data.

Find the third image.

I knew their secrets.

The image the company has forgotten for me.

Now they erase me.

Burn me out of the mainframes.

One memory after another.

How very kind of them.


Look, if we gonna do this download, we gotta do it now. We're out of power.


J-BONE: Remember, we gotta loop it through Jones.


JOHNNY: Okay, let's do this.

J-BONE: Watch your ass, man.

No telling what defenses PharmaKom stuck in there.

Probably got virus programs.

You ready?

Loop it.


Listen up, world.

This is the blast from Lotek World Headquarters.

We're going out with a bang, baby.

Get your VCRs ready because we got what you need.

We got the cure to NAS. That's right. The cure to the Black Shakes.

It's coming to you live from the labs at PharmaKom.

And believe this. They did not want you to get this information.

So here it is, coming at you, Lotek style.

Hit me.


J-BONE: He's on his way in.



COMPUTER: Unauthorized interface attempt.

Intruder alert. lntruder alert.

Final warning.

Initiating virus program.

J-BONE: He's doubling himself.

COMPUTER: Launching virus.

J-BONE: That's the double. Don't worry.

J-BONE: The only way is to hack your own brain.

Loop it.


J-BONE: Get ready.

Send it out.


COMPUTER: Initiating download.







KlDS: Happy birthday, Johnny. WOMAN: Happy birthday, Johnny.

JOHNNY: Thank you, Mommy.


It's payback time.


Just garbage.

Get that out of here.