Johnny Tsunami (1999) Script

BOY: Hey, Johnny, check out your grandpa.

JOHNNY: Yeah. He's the best.

That's okay, Jakey. We didn't want any.

(CHUCKLES) Sorry, brah.

Oh, hey, there it is. There.

Oh, see, I told you it was real, dude.

Hey, Johnny, tell him the story.

Oh. Well, it happened a long time ago. My dad was still a baby.

There was a small plane that crashed over there past the reef.

Grandpa paddled out there, he found those people barely alive.

Yeah, but I thought that was just a story someone made up for the tourist books.

Oh, no. For real, dude. That's how he got his name. Johnny Tsunami.

Those were the raddest waves ever.

And he rode in with those people on his board. Saved all three of 'em.

Eh, Pono, you never get tired of looking at a messed-up old book.

-Can I show Jake the medallion? -Yeah, all right! Can we see it?

-You know where it is. -Yeah!

The Tsunami medallion. Given to the best surfer in Hawaii.

-Right, Grandpa? -Well, I don't know about the best.

But it's been handed down for years to the person who best exemplifies what surfing is.

Respect for nature. Courage to surf. Brotherhood.

Go and win.

And maybe, some day, if you're lucky, one of you might win it.

It's cool.

COMMENTATOR: The young Johnny Kapahaala snags yet another wave during the finals.

He is the only Am from the semis to make it to the finals.

Not surprising when you consider the fact he is the grandson of the legendary Johnny Tsunami.

Well you couldn't ask for better conditions today, here.

A slight texture chop on the water, but the offshores prevail...

-Look now. There's Johnny. -MEL: Hey, he looks good.


Hey, Johnny Tsunami. How is it, brah?

Hey, Big Mike.

Came by to make sure the tadpole carries on the family's good name, eh?

-How are they doing? -(LAUGHS) Aww, looks kinda close.

Think your boy's gonna need a ten-point ride here.

Hey, Mike, how much time?

-Uh, 20 seconds. -20 seconds?

-He's never gonna make it. -Dude, don't send him the negative vibe.

It's okay, Jake, you get plenty of time.

There's a set, but he's only got 10 seconds left.

He's got to get up before that horn blows or he's out.


-That's too big. -No way, that's perfect.


Just made the wave.


It's almost closed out.

He's gonna get worked.

-ALL: Jake! -Sorry.

Come on, where is he?

Right there.


Yeah! Good job!

Dude, that was insane.

-Thanks, guys. -Yeah, dude.

Hey, Jake kept saying that you got slammed.

I didn't say that, Eddie.

It's okay, Jake, I thought I was too.

See? He thought he was too.

BOTH: Hey!

Hey Mom. Grandpa. You guys came.

Pono. When was the last time I missed a major surfing contest?

Especially one with my grandson in it, eh?

Hey where's Pop?

Uh... He had to work but I know he wanted to be here, honey.


It don't matter. (LAUGHS)

No aloha for the old man?

Oh. Hey, Pop, I... I didn't want to interrupt.

I heard you had a good day.

Oh yeah, there were some rad waves.

Sorry you couldn't make it. Again.

Unfortunately, I was stuck here, writing some rad code for the Net Study project.

I'll try to get there next time.

Hey, um... So, Net Study.

That's the one where you hook up all the schools and they like, share the same files and stuff?

That's the one.

You want to see how it works?


Since we're only connected here on the island, let's go with something local.

PETE: $34,000?


You'd think these guys would be earning a lot more than that.

Real subtle, Pop. You know what? No matter what you say, I'm not giving up.

I'm just laying out the facts.

Maybe it'll save you from ending up like my father.

Why wouldn't I want to be like Grandpa? That would be awesome.

-You know what would be even more awesome? -What?

If some day, when you decided to have a family, you'd have a job that would allow you to support them and be there for them when they needed you.

I'll let you get back to work.

Hey, kiddo.

You hungry? I saved you some dinner.

Nah. I already had some at Grandpa's.

I'm just going to go upstairs and do my homework.

Hey, listen...

I'm really proud of you. You did a great job today.

Thanks, Mom.

You're never going to win that argument with him, you know?

There's got to be something that can counteract the influence my lunatic father has on him.

Hey, I love that lunatic and so does Johnny, so watch it.

Johnny spends too much time with him, Mel.

Pete, your dad is a good man. He would never do anything to hurt Johnny.

He would never mean to.


I take it you haven't told him yet.


It's never easy to deliver news you know is gonna break someone's heart but we have to tell him.



Morning, Pop. I'm going down to Grandpa's. There's a killer swell.

We need to talk to you first.

Can't we do it later? Jake and Eddie are already out there.

Johnny. This can't wait.

-Is everything okay? -Yeah, we just, um...

Well, we have some news.

We just got our first really major Net Study contract.

That's rad, Pop.

Yeah. It'll be the pilot programme in a series of prep schools.

Starting with one called Skyline Academy.

It's private. Great teachers. And very exclusive.

-Oh. So you have to go and set it up? -Exactly.

So how long will you be gone?

It's not just a matter of a quick trip.

It's more like a move.

-A move back east. -Moving back east?

Like where? Kauai?

Back east like the east coast of the United States.

New England.

And not just me. All of us.

When are we leaving?

In a week. Everything's been arranged for us already.

The house. The car.

I know how you must be feeling right now but I really think you're gonna love it there.

You'll get a great education, you'll make--

Can I just... Can I just go surfing now?

You're sure you're okay about this?

Yeah. Yeah.

-JAKE: What a rip-off! I can't believe it. -Yeah, man.

Like, why didn't you say something?

Wwll what was I gonna say?

"Have a nice trip? Write me when you get there?"

Hey, you never know. That could work.

-Maybe it won't be that bad. -Dude!

There's no waves there. No surfing. It's freezing.

It's like the North Pole.

Hello? I think he knows that, Jake.

Let's just go surfing. I want to forget about this.

-If it were me, I'd run away. -Jake...


I really don't want to go, Grandpa.

You know, when you were born, your mom and pop named you Johnny.

But I named you Pono, you know why?

-'Cause it means goodness? -Exactly.

And no matter what, you always seem to find the good in everything.

Well, I'm looking, Grandpa. I just don't see it.

Remember a couple of days ago? The TV said a storm was gonna come ashore.

Yeah, I thought it was going to blow out the championships.

Look what happened.

The storm stalled and probably sent you the killer wave you rode for the win.


I just don't want to stay there for ever. In Vermont.

You better not.

You gotta come back for this. (EXCLAIMS)

Gotta make sure it stays in the family, eh?

Johnny! Come on. We're going to miss the plane.

And I don't think they give them for surfing the Internet.



I'm gonna miss you, Pono.

I'm gonna miss you too, Grandpa.

Remember, you always got a home here. Always.

Hey, Johnny.

Did you remember to leave something warm unpacked?

It might be pretty cold when we get to Vermont.

I'll be okay. How bad can it be?



Wow! Vermont sure has its own beauty.

Is it always gonna be this cold?

You'd be amazed at how much warmer it is after you put on the right clothes.



What do you think?

Well, it's different.

That's for sure.

That's right, New England. Surf's up.

Hey, Pop, can I call Grandpa? I wanna let him know that we're here.

I'm sure he knows, Johnny.

-But I told him that-- -Tell you what.

Why don't we try looking forward to what's in front of us instead of what's back in Hawaii?

Besides, your grandfather is not going anywhere.

Except maybe the beach for a couple of hours. (CHUCKLES)


And, uh, speaking of what's ahead...

Here's your class schedule.

There's also some information about the Academy in here.

(SIGHS) I wish I could have gone to a place like this when I was your age.

You don't have to sell me, Dad.

-We're here. -(LAUGHS) Right.

Look at this, will ya?

Your pop's got his very own parking space with his name on it and everything.

Yeah, that's great, Pop.

Come on.

-You've got your class schedule? -Yeah.

Want me to take you in before I hit the computer room?

No, I can do it.

-You're sure? -Pop, I'll be fine.

I'm not gonna make a break for it or anything.

All right. Remember, I'm staying late so you have to catch the bus.

No problem, Pop.

-Miss Arthur? -You must be Johnny.

-Yes, ma'am. -Welcome to American History.

Why don't you have a seat over by Brett.

What planet did he beam down from?

Hawaii, brah. It's actually a state, not a planet.

As long as we're on the subject, Brett, could you give us some information about the Hawaiian islands?

Cultural, historical, anything you can muster.

-They all wear lame clothes. -(BOTH LAUGH)

I'm sorry, Miss Arthur. It won't happen again.

Why don't we just start with the basics?

Could you please name the principal islands of the Hawaiian chain?

Emily, how about you?

Hawaii, Kauai, Niihau, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and I think it's Kahoolawe.

Very good, Emily. Very good.

Johnny, why don't you tell me something about Hawaii?

Hey, have you ever seen a volcano blow up?


What? I was just asking.

Well, there are two volcanoes on the Big Island that are still active.

But I've never seen one actually erupt.

Well why don't you tell us what you like to do for fun back in Hawaii?

Uh, well, there's lots of stuff. Um...

Surfing, I do that every day.

I mean, unless it's blown out or flat. Or if I'm sick.

But I mean, I have to be really, really sick. Like I'm dying!

Or there's also windsurfing, fishing. There's great hiking on the North Shore.

Kayaking, waterfalls. I go to the beach a lot.

Uh... Girls in bikinis.

-Pineapple or peaches? -Pineapple, please.

Oh, I'm sorry. I asked for pineapple.

And that is what you got.

LUNCHLADY: Who's next? Pineapple or peaches?


Sorry, Hawaii, this is my seat.

No problem.

I'll just find another one.

(LAUGHS) Bye-bye.

No way this is pineapple.

-BRETT: That guy's a loser, huh? -Yeah, what a loser.

Uh, you can take a look at it if you want.

-That zine rips, brah. -Rips? Brah?

You're in America now, boy. Try speaking English.

Oh, sorry, dude.

I just meant that it was slamming. You know, totally nectar.

Do the girls look like this in Hawaii?

-I mean, like every one? -Pretty much.

You can give it back to me when you're done. Okay?

-Hey, Brett, look. -And?

It says here that "Johnny Kapa-whatever, "the most promising young rider on the North Shore, "goes Richter at Backdoor."

-Hey, Brett, how do you go Richter? -Does it look like I care?

What's going on?

Oh. Not much. We were just welcoming the new kid.

-So, are we skiing? -Yeah, let's go.

Hey, Hawaii! Wait up a sec.

You ever skied before?

Uh, well, um...

Yeah, a couple of times.

Well, uh, we're doing the summit this afternoon if you want to join us.

-Sure. -All right.


How hard can it be?

-EMILY: Okay. -JOHNNY: Whoa, what's with these boots?

You're sure you've done this before?

Oh, yeah, I'll be fine once I get the skis on my feet.

-Well, here you go, then. -Thanks, Mr. Edison.

Yeah, thanks.

-Whoa, whoa! -Oh no, Johnny!


I'm sorry, I really am. I'm sorry.

Forget it. Just go.

This guy's never been near a mountain that doesn't have lava coming out of it.

-(SCOFFS) -Come on.


So where did you say you'd skied before?

Um, well...


Yeah. That's a great place.

Oh, man. I hope you don't get bored. I mean...

The runs can be pretty tame for somebody who's skied out west.


I don't think I'll get bored.

-What's wrong? -My binding's loose.

I'm gonna see if the lift guy has a screwdriver.

All right. We'll wait here for you.

Hey Brett, do you think you could give me a hand?


-Sorry about that. -Bye-bye.


Whoa. Whoa.

Coming through. Heads up.


Legs, don't fail me now-- Woah!

Watch out!

Coming through.

-(ALL EXCLAIMING) -Sorry. Sorry.


-Hey Brett, maybe we should stop him. -No way.

What's the matter, Hawaii?

Don't they teach you how to stop in those Hawaiian ski schools?

Mind telling me how?

I'm sure you'll stop before you hit the highway.

Or maybe not!

That's funny.

I'd be laughing too if I wasn't about to lose my life.


-He's totally out of control. -Tell me about it.

We tried to stop him.

If he doesn't watch out, he's gonna get somebody hurt.






Returns are on the other side.



-Are you okay? -Oh. Yeah, I'm fine.

-I didn't hit anybody, did I? -No, but you should try being more careful next time.

I don't think there's gonna be a next time.

Congratulations, Hawaii.

Your first day and you've already gotten your first clue.

I couldn't have done it without you, Brett.

-I wanted to stop him. -What?

-Hey. -Hey.

So, how was school? Did you make any new friends?

Yeah, they took me skiing.

Really? How was it?

A lot harder than it looks.

-Did you fall? -Only once, but... I made it count.

-Are you all right? -Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

-Hey, Can I go upstairs and call Grandpa? -Sure.





Your grandfather not home?


You know him.

He's probably camping out on the other side of the island, chasing some huge swell.

I think I'd better do my homework.

Mom told me you had a rough day on the slopes.

Yeah, so did everyone else who got in front of me.


-Hopefully you learned something from it. -Like what?

That you need to concentrate on what's important.

Like that stack of books in front of you.

Otherwise, you might as well be back in Hawaii surfing.


I was just trying to fit in. You know, do what the other kids were doing.

Honey, that's great.

It's just that maybe you should start small and build to king of the mountain.

Hey, look what finally came.

You look like you grew up here, son.


You'll definitely blend in a little better.





I never thought I'd see you in here. What did you do?


Oh. Nothing, he's my father.

The principal's your dad?

-We like to call him headmaster. -Wow!

I thought it was intense my dad working on the computers.

Must be brutal for you.

Let's just say I have to study twice as hard and never be late for class.

It's weird, though.

Out of all the rules here at Skyline, you know what's the one thing that sends my dad over the edge?

-Do I even want to hear this? -Dress code violation.

Oh, well, better get going.

I'm gonna get worked.

-It's Johnny, isn't it? -Yes, sir.

What is it I can do for you, Johnny?

Um. Uh, well...

Miss Arthur said that I wasn't dressed right.

-I think it's my shirt. -Well, Miss Arthur may have a point.

Not that that isn't a fine shirt, mind you.

Thank you.

Has anyone told you why we have a dress code here?

No, not really.

We've found over the years that if students don't have to think about who's wearing the latest or the most expensive fashions, it sets everyone on an equal footing right from the start.

The only thing that's important is the person inside the uniform and what they achieve.

-Make sense? -Yes, sir.


Then if you think you can show up in your full uniform tomorrow, we have nothing more to discuss.

So... That's it?

Yes. Unless there's a question you have for me.

No, no, no.

-Thank you, sir. -Quite all right.


Did you enjoy totally freaking me out?

Maybe just a little.

It was professional, man. It was professional, it was sweet. It was nice.

You know, you get props on that.

(INDISTINCT) Taking my seat?

-Uh, is it cool if I sit here? -Oh. Sure.

Hey, you're the Hawaiian kid who banzaied the peak yesterday, right?

(LAUGHS) More like kamikazed it. You were there?

Nah, but everyone was talking about it on the hill today.

Oh. Oh so you go to Skyline?

Maple Valley.

It's the public school. My name's Sam.

Johnny Kapahaala.

So, uh, you any good on that thing?

(CHUCKLES) Well, I have been known to get a little air.

-Is it hard to learn? -It's a lot easier than skiing.

Think you could teach me how?

-I guess they didn't tell you the rules. -What rules?

Academy kids ski. Public schoolers board.

It's been that way since snowboards were invented.

(SIGHS) Well, this is me.

Good luck, Sky. Keep your tips up.

Sky? Whoa!

Not bad. You're actually starting to look like a Sky.

Hey, uh, some kid called me that yesterday. What's it mean?


That's what they call anyone from the Academy.

Kids who go to Maple Valley are the Urchins.

They definitely got ripped when they came to picking names.

I never thought about it.

Hey, Emily, you ever go snowboarding?

-Of course not. -Haven't you ever wanted to try?

We don't snowboard, Johnny.

-Why not? -Because we ski.

Urchins board and stay at Air Summit, we ski and stay at the resort.

That's the way it is.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. I got to pull that 360 today.

You know, just to show you who's the champ.


-Can I talk to you for a second? -Oh. Yeah, no problem.

Dude, did you miss your stop or something?

No, it's cool, brah, I just need a minute.

Yeah, go ahead. I'll catch up.

Sam, he's a Sky.

(SNICKERS) Chill, Aaron. It's not contagious.

-So what's up? -Well, here's the thing.

I've been on a board my whole life.

And if I don't get on one soon, I'm gonna lose it big time.

Since there's no big wave beach in Vermont, figure I gotta do the next best thing.

-That's where you come in. -Wait a minute...

Look, I don't care about the Skies or the Urchins or whatever.

I just wanna learn how to ride.

What's up with that?

-I'm just checking your balance. -Oh.

Yeah. Follow me. There's someone you gotta meet before we head up the hill.

All right.

(CHUCKLES) You thought I was going to kick your butt, didn't you?

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, right. You could try.


Hey. You better button that coat up.

We're on the other side of the mountain now.


-Randy! -Free Sammy! What's the haps?

I've found you a new customer. Randy, this is Johnny Ka...

-Kapahaala. -Yeah. What he say.

-He just came in from Hawaii. -Oh, aloha, brah.


Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?

-Have you ever been to the islands? -Oh, I wish!

Wasn't there an outrageous surfer over there named Johnny Kapahaala?

Dude was an animal, man.

They used to call him Johnny Tsunami.

They still do. He's my grandfather.

No way. No possible way!

-Yes way. -Oh, man, this is truly phenomenal, dude.

I'm gonna fully hook you up. Whatever you need, no charge.

You know, take a look around. Pick it out. I'll be back.

Thanks, Randy.

-I don't have to wear one of these, do I? -Don't touch!

No, you're not cool enough yet.

Maybe when you get your first big air. Maybe.

So this is just like surfing. But with snow, right?

(CHUCKLES) If you say so. Go for it.




I've never surfed, but all the magazines say there are two big differences.

You know, you could have told me that before I ate all that snow.

Yeah, but it's better to learn first-hand, dude.

-So you gonna tell me? -Yeah.

First, steering.

In the water, you steer with the front of your board, right?

-Basically. -On the snow, it's a 180 the other way.

You steer with the back of your board.

You try to do it with the front, you'll munch.

So I guess walking the board's out of the question?

Yeah. That's the other big difference.

Now try again. But go slow.

All right.


No. No, no.



Well, at least this wave doesn't thrash you after you fall.

All right, try again.


When do we get to do that?

You gotta learn to stand up first.

Yeah. That'd probably help.

Put your hand up. Here.

-Come across. -Okay. With this hand.

Yeah. Come across. Then...

-You got it. -(BOTH EXCLAIMING)

Yeah, there you go.

You gotta be kidding me. Hey, Brett, look at this.

Oh, you've never seen one before?

Oh, that's right. They don't have snowboards at Skyline.

Wow, I guess no matter how much you dress up an Urchin, the true loser always comes out.

You know, it's like dressing up a bunch of snobs in real clothes.

Man, I don't see what the big deal with these things is anyway.

I mean, where's the challenge?



Yeah, man. Nothing to it.


Hey, Johnny, you want a ride?

Gotta go. Keep your tips up.

Those guys from school?


See? I told you you'd make new friends.

Hey, it'll happen. You're the first one from the Academy who's crossed the mine.

You're sort of in no-man's-land.

Maybe if we got more Skies to go boarding, things would change.

It's not about boarding, dude. Dad says it's like any other war.

-It's about land. -What do you mean?

Well see, the whole mountain used to belong to this one dude.

When he died ten years ago, his family divided it down the middle.

Boarders on this side, skiers on the other.

Only problem is the best runs are on Skyline.

And we're not allowed to go over there.

-That's completely bogus. -Fully.

But what are we supposed to do?


You're still letting the hill work you. You gotta work the hill, baby.

I can't wait to get you out in the ocean. We're talking some serious payback.

I hope you do. The only large bodies of water I've ever seen were frozen.

-No way! -I'm serious.

This is the first place I've lived that hasn't had the words "glacier" or "ice" in its name.

I think my core temperature is like five degrees lower than most humans'.

So, just remember, you know, put your weight on your front leg and whip it around with the back.

-You know, just be aggressive. -All right.

There you go. That's it.

When you gonna bail on this dude?

Hey, come on, man. At least he didn't face-plant this time.

-Whoa! -Ooh!

Sure it's cool with your dad that I came over?

Oh, absolutely.



Do those planes fly over all the time like that?

I guess so. I've been living on bases my whole life.

I don't even notice any more.

-Where they all going? -Oh, everywhere.

South Carolina, Texas, Montana.

-Hawaii? -I don't know. Probably.

Oh. Is this your mom?


She passed away a couple of years ago.

-Oh. Sorry, man. -Me too.

Don't you ever get tired of moving around so much?

Yeah. My dad promised me we'd be staying here for a while, though.

Oh hey, Sarge, what are you doing home?

I finished up early today, Sammy.

Figured we'd head into town, catch a movie.



This must be the famous Hawaiian surfer I've been hearing so much about.

Yes, sir. I'm Johnny.

Aloha, Johnny. Pleasure to meet you. You kow, you're welcome to join us.

Uh, I wish I could, but I gotta get back home.

Hmm. Well, maybe another time then.

Tell you what. You give me a minute to change into my civvies, -I'll give you a ride. -That'd be great.

Dude! Your dad's so cool.


Um... So, tell me. What's it like?

What's what like?

-Hawaii. -Oh!

It's so cool. Just think the exact opposite of this town and you got it.

-If you come over tomorrow, I'll show you. -Cool.

That is a wicked big wave!

That's nothing. Winter of '94, Waimea had 40-foot swells.

It was insane.

-You surfed 40-foot waves? -I was too little. My grandpa did, though.

-How about your dad? -He doesn't surf.

How come?

Well, he's about as much like me as this place is like Oahu.


Next time it's raging like that, I'm gonna be there. No matter what.

Well if you end up snowboarding like that, you'll be getting bigger air than anyone around here.

Except me, of course.


Hey Sam, thanks for doing all this.

-What? -You know. Teaching me and hanging out.

I know what it's like to be the new kid. But it gets better.

Hey. It's all good, brah.

-Something wrong? -I don't get you.

-What's to get? -Why are you snowboarding?

Well, I guess because it's fun.

You're not gonna try to convince me your father has a problem with that too?

Very funny.

-Is it hard to learn? -Yeah.

-You probably wouldn't be able to do it. -What do you mean?

Well, it's just... Just trust me.

You would never be able to get up on one of these things.

Why not?

No offence, but I heard the longer you've been a Sky, the harder it is to board.

From what I can tell, you were born a Sky, so you might as well stick to skiing.

And besides, you wouldn't want Brett to get mad, would you?

Surf's up, brah.

Can you believe he went Urchin? How pathetic is that?

You're getting better, except for that Superman dive you pulled on the hill.

-Yeah, right. -But you caught your toe on that one.


-Sure no one followed you? -Very funny. Now what do I do?

Sam, this is Emily. Sky number two to bail on skiing.

-I'm not bailing on anything. -Then why are you here?

-I have to have a reason? -No, I just thought that...

Are we going or not?

Okay, I'm ready for a real run now.

No, Emily. You're doing pretty good for your first time, but I don't think...

EMILY: Can't keep up, I'll wait for you at the bottom.

Wait, Emily. Don't!


No, no, no, no, no!




Oh, no.

Wait here.

Where is she? Can you see her?

Yeah. Yeah, I see her.

-Emily! Are you okay? -Yeah, I'm fine, but I'm stuck!

Okay, just hang on. Just hang on.

We gotta get her some help.

We're gonna get you some help. (SCREAMS)

Sam! No!


-Sam! You all right? -Johnny!

You're gonna have to ski down and find the ski patrol.

All right. Okay. All right.

Okay. All right. I'll be right back.

Are you all right?

I guess it depends on your definition of all right.

I guess this is the advanced class.

-Are you sure he can make it down? -Yeah, yeah he's good enough.


How you doing, Emily?

I can't get my footing with the snowboard.

Okay. Just hold on. I'm gonna try to reach down and get you out, okay?

Just hold on. It's gonna be all right.

Hurry up, Sam. I can't hold on much longer.


Whoa! Check it out, dude!

BOY: Is that the Sky?

Did you see him stomp that landing?

-My friends need help. -Where are they?

-Up at the cornice. -Climb on.

Hold on.



They're over there!

Sam! Emily!

-You all right? -Yeah. Did you bring help?

Right here. Just hang on, guys. I'm gonna grab a rope. I'll be right back.

-Yeah, Johnny! We're gonna be all right! -Way to go, Johnny.

Let's just hope this reaches.

All right, here it comes, guys. Watch your heads.

Grab an end.

Wrap the loop around her wrist. We're gonna pull her up first.

All right.


Here, Emily.

Good. All right, Emily, hang on. Here we go. Ready?

One, two, pull!


And pull!

Good, Emily. Good. Keep hanging on.

Ready? One, two, pull!

Ready and... Pull!

Good, Emily. You're doing great.

One, two, pull!

Almost got it. Here we go. Pull her! Here we go.


-You all right? -Yeah.

I think so.

Oh, okay. That's real touching, but I'm still down here, guys.

Sam, just hang on. We'll be right there.

Daddy, I'm fine. Yes.

No, I promise I'm not hurt.

You all right?

No, I don't need to see a doctor.

-Thank you, you know. For everything. -No problem.

Make sure you tell your friend to watch the signs next time.

Daddy, that's not fair.

Let's go.


Look, Hawaii, if you want to hang with these losers, that's up to you.

But you don't need to drag Emily down with you.

Why don't you chill, Brett? It was an accident.

-Stay out of it, Urchin. -Hey.

Look. Stay away from Emily.

You know the only reason she's been nice to you is because her father made her.

-That's imposs-- -It's true.

But now you got her grounded, it's not gonna be a problem.

You're an Urchin now, Hawaii. You made your choice.

Why don't you just stick with your little maggot pals and leave Emily alone?

-Just forget about it. -Sammy! Down here.

You know, you two were lucky there was a patroller with the snowmobile.

I'm sorry, Dad. I was just trying to help Emily.

I thought I could get to her.

Well, I guess in a way I should be proud.

But just be careful from now on.

I'd really hate it if anything bad ever happened.


You know why I'm upset, don't you?

'Cause of Emily and Headmaster Pritchard and your job.

That actually hadn't crossed my mind.

-Until just now. -Johnny...

We were worried that something had happened to you.

This isn't Hawaii.

You know your limitations there and you know how far you can push it.

It's amazing. You just can't help acting like my father.

-Cool. -I didn't mean it as a compliment.

Now, why don't you... Go upstairs and do your homework?

Why did you drag your father into this?

Because he's a part of the problem.

No matter how many miles I put between the two of them.

Please don't tell me that's what this move was about.

Getting Johnny away from his grandfather.

Of course not.

But it was a plus.

Look, the kid needs to understand that my father is not a role model, he's not a hero.

He's a surf bum.

And I don't want Johnny ending up like him.

I refuse to allow that to happen.

He's a kid, Peter.

How can we predict what he's gonna end up like?

Today he wants to be a pro surfer.

Tomorrow he could ask us for a drum set so he can be a rock star.

Oh, please! Don't even joke about that!


I really hoped that coming here, taking away some of the distractions, would bring us together.

As a family.


Whatever closeness we're missing has nothing to do with surfing.

Or your father.

Why do you think Johnny loves his grandpa so much?

I couldn't begin to tell you.

It's because he doesn't try to turn him into something he's not.

He encourages him to be the best person he can.

He celebrates who he is right now.

I know I'm supposed to find the good in things, but I miss home, Grandpa.

-I miss you. -I miss you too, Pono.

Look, one thing you can count on. You always know where to find me.

-How's the surf? -(EXCLAIMS) They big as ever!

I got a big swell coming in this week.

-Oh, man! -Pono.

You can come visit any time you want. Got a hammock here with your name on it.

-Say the word, it's yours. -(KNOCKING AT DOOR)

Uh, Grandpa, I gotta go. I'll call you back soon.


How is he?

Good, I guess.

So, am I grounded?

Why would you think that?

-I just thought... -Honey...

I think you pretty much learned your lesson, huh?

I did.

Mom, why does Dad hate Grandpa so much?

He doesn't hate him at all.

They just...

See things differently.

Like what things?

Life, for one.

-That's a pretty big thing. -Yeah, it is.

You know, your dad and your grandfather used to have a lot more in common.

It's weird thinking of Dad any different than he already is.

I mean, caring about stuff besides work.


There are a lot of things that your dad cares about more than just his job.

-Like what? -Like being a good father to you.

I think that's the most important thing in the world to him.

I better start my homework.

Yeah. You need some help?

I'm okay.


Excuse me, sir.


I really need to talk to you about what happened on the mountain yesterday.

-How's it going? -Fine.

Well, I just got back from your dad's office and I just wanted...

-You talked to my father? -Yeah.

Why'd you have to do that? You're just gonna make everything worse.

-Emily, I just wanted... -Johnny, listen.

What happened yesterday, we were lucky. We were really lucky.

I know, Emily, but everything worked out okay, didn't it?

Please. We can't see each other for a while. Can't you understand that?

-But I-- -I have to go now.

That was insane!

You know that dude?


Let me guess. No Skies allowed?

No. What you did yesterday.

You got massive air off that jump to help Sam and that Sky girl.

Mad props, dude. You're a real charger.

Oh. Thanks, brah. I didn't even know you saw that.

Huh. What's this?

Hey. Now you're cool enough.

-(LAUGHS) -We're going on a Sky raid.

-What's that? -There's new powder on the back summit.

The phattest runs on the hill, man.

-You wanna come? -Can't we get busted for that?

Hey. Only if they catch us.

Urchins' motto, man. Go big or go home.

All right.

All right, come on, y'all. Let's go.


-Don't these guys ever stay home? -Yeah, we should bail.

You know, my grandpa always said that the waves are for everybody.

Why should this be any different?

-You're not supposed to be on this run. -Really? Is that written somewhere?

-It doesn't have to be. -Brett.

This is getting really stupid. Just let it go.

No, we're not letting it go.

Look, if you guys wanna join 'em, turn in your jackets and learn how to snowboard.

Not me. I'm never getting on one of those things again.

Look, Hawaii, take your bunch of rejects back to Air Summit now.

We're not leaving. These are the best runs on the mountain and we should be able to ride 'em too.

I'm serious. Take a hike! Are you gonna leave or what?

EMILY: Brett, I'm serious. Stop it now.


You're dead, Urchin!

Smack him!

Yo, yo. I know you don't wanna take me on!


Guys, stop fighting!


The ski patrol, man!

Let's get outta here!

Don't even bother showing up to school tomorrow.

If you do, you're toast.

Let's go, Emily. Remember what your father said.

-Hey. Are you all right? -Yeah.

-You guys all right? -BOTH: Yeah.

It must be the altitude.

You might wanna head back to Air Summit.

Yeah, that's where we were going.

Dude, if my dad finds out about this, I'm gonna be toast.

Maybe he won't find out.

But that's not what happened.

He started it. I was just defending myself.

I can only go by what the other kids told me.

There was a fight which you and the other kids on snowboards started.

That's completely bogus.

Did you talk to Emily? What did she say?

We're getting away from the point. Which is...

Like our dress code, which we've been over already, we have a behavior code that says you can't start a fight with another student.

-No matter what the circumstance. -Yes, sir.

According to the Skyline bylaws, I could expel you.

After talking with your parents, I've decided I'm only going to give you a warning.

But from here on out, you're on probation.

Thank you, sir.

You have to make a pivotal decision, Johnny.

-About what? -Where do you want to fit in around here?

I'm sorry, sir, I don't understand.

Your friends, Johnny. I'm talking about your friends.

Are you saying you want me to choose between the Skies and the Urchins?

Skyline has the reputation it does for a reason.

The children that go to school across town will never have the same opportunities that you will have if you stay here.

But that's not fair.

I mean, it shouldn't be that way, just like the mountain shouldn't be divided in two.

It may not be fair, but it's reality.

In the real world, it's exactly the same.

Good or bad, right or wrong, it's fact.

You have the chance to be a winner, Johnny.

I would hate to see you give up that chance just for a few rides down the mountain strapped to a piece of wood.

At least I didn't get kicked out.

You see that as some sort of victory?

Can we please wait till we get home to talk about this?

I'm telling you the truth. I didn't start it.

Hey, Sam.

Look, I can't really hang out right now.

Me either, but I gotta talk to you.

Sam, whatever it is, it's gonna have to wait.

I know, sir, but it's important. If I could just--

-Sam. I said... -Peter?

Why don't you and I go inside and give these guys five minutes?

Yeah, yeah that's all I need.

Fine. But that's it. Then inside.

-You're in it deep, huh? -Majorly.

I don't even want to think about it.

So what were you gonna tell me?

(SIGHS) You know how my dad said we'd be staying here for a while?


Well they gave him a new post and a promotion to sergeant major.

-We leave at the end of the week. -For?


Man, I am so over being cold!

That is way harsh. I can't even believe it.

You can't believe it? How do you think I feel?

My dad promised. I mean he promised me!

-I'm sorry, brah. -I mean, I like it here.

Hanging with you, boarding.

I don't wanna move again.

We gotta do something.

Too late. It's over.

What was so important?

-Sam's moving to Iceland. -Oh, Johnny, I'm so sorry.

You may not wanna hear this, but Sam leaving is probably for the best.

(SCOFFS) How can you even say that?

You have to learn to get along with your peers.

Until you do, I want you to stay away from those... Urchins.

-Pete! -And I don't want you snowboarding.

-I can't believe my own father's a Sky. -Johnny!

I thought moving here was the worst day of my life.

I tried to fit in. I tried to get along.

And finally I start to, and my best friend moves away.

And now you're telling me I can't even hang out with the only other ones I have?

(EXCLAIMS) This reeks so bad I can't even take it.

Someday you'll understand why I'm doing this.

No, Pop. I never will.

There's nothing right about this, and you know it.

I wish Grandpa was here. At least he understands me.

Hey, it's me. Let me ask you a question.

Exactly how cold are you?

Look at this.

"Mom and Pop, I'm sorry for everything, for letting you down, "but Sam and I can't live here any more.

"Please don't worry about us. We'll be fine where we're going."

-Where is he? -I don't know.

I don't believe this.

I do. I have no problem believing this.


Did you get one of these?

Can you think of anywhere they would go?

They're two 13-year-olds with no money. How far can they possibly get?

I still think my dad is gonna have me court-martialled once he finds out we snuck onto one of their planes.

Yeah. But tell me this isn't worth it.

All right, it was worth it, it was worth it!

Hey! Pono!

-(GRANDPA EXCLAIMING) -That's my grandpa!


You gotta hand it to him, Pete.

Hopping a military transport and flying halfway around the world shows some serious ingenuity.

No, Dad. What it shows is some serious stupidity.

And I can only imagine that you welcomed them with open arms.


Look, I hate to stop this fight before we get to the later rounds, but, you now what, it's not about you and me.

-You better let me talk to him. -Nah, they're sleeping. Let 'em rest.

Fine. Then you will get them on a flight back tomorrow.

I guess I could, but I'm not going to.

What do you...

-What do you mean you're not going to? -Just what I said.

I'm not gonna force them to go back.

This isn't a game.

You are going to send those two back. Do you understand me?

Look, I'll make sure they get back, Pete.

But only when they're ready.

Otherwise they'll do it again. You don't want that.

-Listen to me. -Just give it a try.

It'll be okay.

It'll work out, son.

You just worry about what to do when they get back to Vermont.


-But Da-... -(LINE GOES DEAD)

-What's the matter? -(PHONE BEEPS)

SARGE: Are they coming back tomorrow?

My dad thinks they need to make that decision on their own.

He makes me absolutely crazy.

The boys are in good hands. Really. Don't worry.

Are you sure?


You know, when Johnny was born, we said that no matter what, when it came to what was best for him, we would stick together, we'd be a team in raising our son.

And it's worked pretty well, up until recently.

It has. But something's changed, Peter.

What's changed?

What? You think it's me?

Somewhere along the way, I lost the boy from the North Shore I fell in love with.

I couldn't stay a kid for ever, Mel.

Not if I was gonna provide for this family the way I have.

Well, I would gladly give some of it back to spend one day with the Pete Kapahaala who was so happy.

Who loved life so much.

Don't you think you're being a little melodramatic?

All I can say is, I can't sit by and watch you strip our son of the same joy you used to have.

Can you believe, within this two-mile stretch of beach, there are 15 of the best waves in the world?

-Hey. -Hey!

Hey, good morning.

Hey, uh, Grandpa?

You're not gonna send us back, are you?

Yeah, Mr. Tsunami. I really like it here.

Well if you two really wanna stay, I'm not gonna stop you.

Are you serious?

As far as I'm concerned, you can crash here as long as you want.

All right!

-Hey, have fun today, man. -Oh hey, Sam.

You sure it's okay? I can stay and teach you.

Go for it. Your grandpa's gonna have me riding before you get back.

-Ready, Sam? -Yeah, man.

Johnny K! Hey, we heard you were back but we didn't believe it!

Hey, guys.

It's like that movie The Rock.

They're in that brutal prison and they barely escape with their lives.

Jakey, it wasn't that bad.

-You guys hear the report? -Yeah, it's raging at Pipeline.

Let's go before it gets zooed.


Look, you guys go ahead. I gotta take care of something.

Yeah, right! Funny man.

I'm serious.

I'm staying.

Oh! Hey, Pono!


SAM: Man, that was so awesome!

I wish my dad could have been here to see me.

Your dad would have been plenty proud, Sam.

(SIGHS) I can't believe I ever left Hawaii.

Yeah, sometimes I wish I could have gone in your place, Pono.

No way. Why would you ever want to do that?

Think about it.

You always know you can ride waves as good as anybody in the islands.

But you, you got to go to a world the complete opposite of here.

You ride waves there?

Grandpa, I'm pretty sure there aren't any waves there.

And... Well, at least I didn't see any.

-You sure, now? -Yeah, I've lived there for a while.

And I'm pretty sure Johnny's right on this one.

There's no waves. No.

Well, sometimes they don't look like waves, Sam.

Sometimes they look like mounds of snow and sometimes they look like things you don't like to do.

I think what my grandpa's trying to say is that you gotta deal with everything that's happening.

You know, kinda like a raging swell.

Yeah. Something like that.


Mr T, is it all right if I go call my dad?

Sure. Help yourself, Sam.

It's a righteous thing you did, Pono. Staying, helping your friend.

Well that's what you would have done.

You know, Poppy says I get more and more like you every day.

-That's what you want? -Oh, sure.

-That's okay, isn't it? -Yeah.

But I'm not perfect, Pono.

But I guess you heard that somewhere before!


Look, don't get me wrong, Pono.

I'm proud that you want to bring big-wave glory to the family name.

But I want you to find your own dreams.

I guarantee, when you do, it'll be far better than anything I ever did.


Is Sam still asleep?

Guess that lesson yesterday must have taken a lot out of him.



When I was first learning how to surf, was I any good?

(LAUGHING) What? You don't remember?

-Not really. I was kinda little. -Yeah.

Well, Pono...

It wasn't a pretty sight.

It took you a long time to get up, but you never gave up, and that's what counts.

It's just like, everything back in Vermont is just so hard.

Well, for some people that'd be reason enough to stay here.

It's probably a better reason to go back, though, isn't it?


This is one of those times I'm certain you're my grandson!

So you're not mad at me, then?

Nah. No way!

In fact, you remember I said I wanna go in your place?



LADY: Watch your step.

Whoa, it's beautiful!

You can do this place justice, Pono. (EXCLAIMS)


-Mom! -Hey!

-Hey, Pete. -Dad.

You could have just put 'em on a plane.

What, and miss this look on your face?

Hey! How are you?

-Is this us? Okay. -Yeah.

So, uh... You must be really mad at me. Aren't you?

We'll talk about it later.

Once I get over the shock of seeing your grandfather.

GRANDPA: You know, Pono, I think the stars are even brighter here than back home at KÄ«lauea.

Yeah, they are.

Well, better get to bed now.

You better rest up. We got a big day tomorrow.

We do?

Wat? You think I came all this way to sit on a porch and look at stars with you?

-Good night, Pono. -Good night, Grandpa.

-Night, Pop. -Night.

How did you get him to come home?

I didn't have to do much, Pete. Smart kid.

More like his father than he'll ever admit.

Well, whatever you did... I appreciate it.

I really thought moving here was gonna be the best for him.

I wanted to give him a great opportunity.

Know why you did it?

You didn't want him to end up like me.

-That's not true, Dad. -Ah...

'Course it is.

It's okay.

-Dad, listen... -Look.

He's just a kid.

But a kid who does something better than just about anybody.

You take that away from him, you take away part of him.

I never had the passion for surfing like you or Johnny.

Well maybe it skips a generation.

Your grandfather couldn't even swim!

If I could go back, there's a lot of things I would have done to be a better father to you.

But there's one thing I wouldn't change no matter what.

What's that?

You know when you quit surfing?

To me that was like quitting school.

No matter how much I wanted to force you back in the water, I didn't.

It's good that you didn't.

-Nothing could have changed my mind. -Exactly.

Like nothing's gonna change Johnny's. He's gonna do what he's gonna do.

With our blood running through him, not even Kamehameha could stop him, uh?

What's done is done between us.

But I'm proud of you, son.

I just hope you'll be proud of Johnny when the time comes.

Maybe we should get home.

I mean, I'm still supposed to be grounded, and I'm for sure not supposed to be over here.

Did your dad ever teach you to listen to your elders, Pono?

-Yeah. -I'm definitely your elder. So listen up.

I'll take care of your dad.

You just worry about showing me the best run in the mountains, okay?

-You got it, Grandpa. -Okay.

Isn't this cool?

Hey, Grandpa, check this out.

Oh! Long board's back!

Oh, no way, dude!

Johnny Tsunami right here at Randy's Riders!

Aloha, Randy, I just wanted to come by personally and thank you for taking care of little tadpole here.

Not a problem.

May I say, it is completely out of control to have you in my humble establishment.

Sorry I don't carry any surf gear, but we don't get much call.

But you can help us with snowboards, eh?

Oh, this is epic!

Johnny Tsunami going huge, busting out the big air show stick!


No worries. I'll... I'll get that later.

-Randy, we'll take two of these. -(METAL CRASHING)

So you ready to catch the big wave east-coast style, Pono?

Uh, Grandpa, don't you think you should learn a few of the basics first?

Don't worry about me. Just see if you can keep up.

I'm ready, Pono. Yee-hee!



No way did that just happen!


How come you never told me you knew how to snowboard?

-How come you never asked? -(BOTH LAUGH)

Hey, Hawaii, who's the freak?

Johnny's grandfather. Nice to meet you, Brett.

How do you know my name?

Lucky guess.

Yeah, well, don't even think about going down this trail.

It's just been declared Urchin-free.

-You have a right to do that, Brett? -You're right. I do.

Of course. Until someone else earns their place, that is.

Newsflash for you, Gramps. That's never gonna happen.

You see, this side of the mountain's for skiers only.

You know, the sport with two boards, poles, and no tattoos.

-And you think that's fair? -Sounds fair to me, Hawaii.

I mean, you get to hang with your brahs in the snowboarding park out of the way, where hopefully you won't bring complete and total shame to the winter sport community.

And, well, we get to stay right here, where we've been...


Hey, you know, back on the island, we used to have this contest.

The best surfer from each group would catch a wave, and whoever got the best ride got to keep the beach for the day.

So how about it, Brett?

I'll race you from the cornice to the bottom. Just you and me.

-Yeah, right! -No lie, dude.

If you win, the boarders stay off your side for ever.

But if I win, we share the mountain. All of it.

That's stupid. If I win, things stay just like they are right now.

Why should I even bother?

'Cause the winner gets this.

-Grandpa, no! -What is that?

It's a tsunami medallion. Given to the best surfer in Hawaii.

Yeah, but it's not a part of this. Just forget it.

I'll do it.

The winner gets the medal and the right to whatever side of the mountain they want.

Fine. First thing tomorrow. Here.


-Hey, what's up, Sam? -Hey, John-John.

-What's going on? -I came to say goodbye.

Didn't you hear about tomorrow?

The race?

Yeah. Sarge says we gotta leave early in the morning 'cause of his orders.

I'm gonna have to miss it.

You can beat that guy, Johnny.

Just remember, go big or go home.

-Right? -Right on, brah.

No way that bonehead's ever gonna wear my medal.


All right. Later, man.

-Hey, Sam. -Yeah?


You're welcome, brah.

Sam not staying?

Oh, nah. He just came to say goodbye.

Did you have fun with your grandfather today?


Yeah. Look. I know I'm supposed to be grounded, Dad...

Listen, Johnny.

Why don't we just forget about the grounding?

-Really? -Really.

Pop, I know I messed up. With the fighting and the running away.

I don't know what happened or why I did it, but things will be different from now on.

And I'm really sorry.

I'm the one who should be apologizing.



I never could have imagined how tough it would be on you.

Moving here, leaving home.

It's not that bad.


I know you may find this hard to believe, but your dear old dad isn't perfect.

-Sure you want to admit this? -(BOTH LAUGH)

Believe me, the older you get, the harder it is to admit.

And, um...

The harder it is to apologize.

So, if there's anything I can do to make it up to you...

Well, there is this race tomorrow. It's something I really wanna do.

If it's okay with you, that is.

As long as you win.


That medallion needs to stay in the family.

Hey. You know?

-Now go wash up for dinner, huh? -All right.

I need an eight-letter word for "miracle".

Very funny.

Sounds like you reached a treaty.

We did.

Was it painful?

Only when I think of all the time I've missed with my amazing son.

GIRL: Oh, Brett! You own this mountain.

I'm gonna put some money down on you.

BOY: Forget those Urchins.

So. You here for Brett?

Not really. Mostly I wanted to apologize to you.

For what?

My dad finally admitted you tried to take the blame for what happened.

Emily, look--

Now I realize what you were trying to tell me the other day.

I should have listened to you.

-It's okay, really. -It's just that after you went to my dad, he got even madder.

And he and Brett and everyone were telling me to stay away from you.

Emily. Look, it's okay.

Believe me, I understand when your dad wants you to do something that you really don't want to do.

You're really sweet.

Well, good luck.

And be careful.

Yeah. I will.


SAM: Hey, Urchin!

What happened? I thought you were gone already.

Sarge got his orders changed when he realized how epic this all was.

We leave in the morning!

Hey, got your stick, dude. Prepped and ready to rock.

I even used a special wax in my private stock. Totally nectar.

You haven't seen nectar until you've seen these.

Hello, Randy.

Hey, Ronnie.

Wait a minute. You guys... Are you...

Are we gonna do this or what, Urchin?

-Hey, you the man. -After you.

-Great day for this. -Hey, there he is.

Hey, Pono!

Pomaika'i, Brett.

-What's that? Some Hawaiian swear word? -It means good luck.

Oh. Well, pomi-whatever to you too.

Look, first one to the bottom of the mountain through all the gates and the train park wins.

-You ready? -Say the word.

See you at the bottom, loser.


JOHNNY: Dude, lay off! Whoa!


-Hey, get off, man. -Get out of my way, Hawaii.

BOTH: Whoa!


-This is mine, Urchin. -Not a chance, Brett.


-Hey, Brett, you all right? -I'm fine. Back off!

Yeah! That was amazing, man!

You rode the wave, Pono. The medallion is yours.

MAN: Boarders rule.

Emily, what are you doing? He's still an Urchin.

He won, Brett. He earned it.

She's right. It's over, Brett.


GIRL: Don't be such a baby, Brett.

We're gonna have a big party at our house this afternoon, and everyone's invited!


You know, your dad and I were talking last night and we came to a decision.

About what?

We decided that if you want, you can go back to Hawaii with your grandfather and spend the rest of the school year there.


-For real? -For real.

Well, it's not so bad here.

And I think I'd miss you guys too much.

I told you he was smart, eh, Pete?

And besides, the Urchins may need me. You know, in case Brett wants a rematch.

Hey, Johnny, dude, that was killer.

-We just wanna thank you. -For what?

For showing us how bogus this whole fight's been.

Brothers shouldn't go so many years without speaking.

No matter how, uh... Different they are.

No way. You guys are brothers?

Dude. You're looking at the last remaining original Sky and Urchin.

When we were kids, our folks split up.

I went to Skyline, Randy went to Maple Valley.

Yeah, ten years ago, our Pop passed away and left us the mountain.

Split it down the middle.

-Boarders on my side. -And skiers on mine.

It's been that way ever since, but we think it's time to put things back together.

That's why next month will be the grand opening of Edison Brothers' Air Summit.

All access for everyone, all the time.

That's pretty catchy, bro. Did you come up with that?

I knew you'd win all along.


Think the world's ready for the next Johnny Tsunami?

Well, I think they'd better be, Grandpa.