Joshilaay (1989) Script

Shankar, who is coming?


What news have you brought, Manohar?

Jogi Thakur, there's a bad news.

A police station is opening in the village.

This is all because of that doctor in the village.

Oh! So this is the matter!

He must have requested the Collector to stop the menace of the bandits... and open a police station in the village.

That doctor will stop us later first let us stop him.

You be here and others get ready to go to the village.

We will go with them, come on!

Papa, what have you brought for me?

Nothing. You are lying. ls it? Okay, check my pocket.

Did you like it? Yes.

This is a nice sari. l know you're saying to please me. l know that l don't have a good choice.

That's true, if you had a good taste... then you would not get for Karan a noisy toy.

Stop him. - Okay, l will go and stop him.

Leave me!

Stop!...What are you doing?

Don't you know him, he is a very famous doctor.

He had taken an application so that a police station can start here.

To curb us, bandits.

Very good, doctor. Please forgive us.

Wasn't it your suggestion?

Please let my wife and child go.

What are you saying, doctor... until you're alive, your wife and kid will be with you... but you won't be alive for too long to see them with you.

But don't worry, after you, there will be many to take care of them.

Come here! Leave my child!

Take her away.

Someone please help us! What can l do now?

Tell me. l will do as you say.

Leave my wife and child. - l want to see how much guts you have.

Take this doctor, pick up the gun... aim at me and shoot me. l've not killed anyone in my life. you mustn't have got into such a mess before in your life.

How could you go against the bandits?

Take him away!

Don't be afraid, your life will revolve around this toy... until l can hear this toy revolving and making a noise... you will be alive, once this noise stops... then only God can save you... if you value your life then go, run!

Now start this toy, and begin running.


Son, you run away from here, quick!


Loot them all! Burn their houses, they should not escape!

Don't spare anyone!

Hey! Where are you going?

Leave my son!

Hurry up!


You betrayer! Traitor!! l will not spare you!

What is the matter, Baba? He has run away from the jail.

The police has kept a reward of fifty thousand for him... dead or alive.


Leave me!

Nobody will find him! Jogi Thakur will die at my hands!

Manohar, didn't you recognize me?

l am Jogi Thakur.

Many years have passed by, even l have changed... l have toiled for years in the jail... and you have gathered a lot of loot and are living peacefully.

Sunny boy! What is your name?

You both go out.


Why have you come here? Where is Raja Singh? l don't know.


Manohar's wife and kid are sitting out?

Yes, they are.

Kill them... Wait! l will tell you.

Don't be afraid, sit down.

Now tell me, where will l find Raja Singh?

Kishanva, you go.

Raja Singh has become a rich landlord... there's a village 100 miles away from here...

Akalgadh, the entire land there belongs to him.

He has a mansion, horse, elephants, armed bodyguards... nobody knows him as Raja Singh, he is called Rajasaab.

Rajasaab!...Very good!

What was that...? Kishanva is a little mad...

l asked him to go and he thought he is supposed to go and shoot.

That man is crazy!

That man died a dog's death and now it's Rajasaab's turn.

No, master! Blind man! Can't you see?

Let him go, master. Please forgive me, master.

My son was coming under your cart. lf he was going to come under... then you will try to stop me?

Please leave him, master!

A cheap lowly man tries to argue with me!

Remember everyone... if you wish to stay in Akalgadh, you have to be under my feet. lf anyone raises his voice or looks into my face... then along with your wife and child, l will slaughter you!

Sir, l thought that you'd stay in Palangadh with your friends.

Sir, this man is not ready to put his thumb print.

His father too will put a thumb print.

Listen, you cannot return back my money... l am telling you, it's better that you write your land in my name.

A land is like a mother to us. You save yourself or your mother.

Circus lovers, once again, in front of you... we present the brave young man who is the pride of this circus...

the one and only...brave and courageous... this young man performs the tricks... can sit, stand, jump from a running horse.

Watch his tricks.

You must have never seen such marvels...

his acrobats are unique, my friends... they are unmatched!

While he is riding, the girl rotating all around.... now he will burst the balloons on her one by one... look, how this brave girl has risked her life.

Look how this talented man will extinguish the candle on her head.

Look at the marvel!

lt's a new place, l thought of going for a change.

Daga, l get scared when you go for such outings.

You went out in Bhopal too. l will not fight always, manager.

You are strange, now come on, give me some money.

Son, l have gathered all your money but...take this.

Manager, did l tell you, yesterday l saw the same dream again.

Oh, the one which you've been seeing since childhood? - Yes!

One lane and a big snake. l was thinking of one item. you with a python, a horse and one...

We will talk later. But listen... this is a new town, don't get into a fight with anybody.

Double your money! Hey! l bet for 10 rupees.

The red one will win. Why are you pushing?

Double your money. Put my money on the black one.

Come on, very good!

Hit that one! Come on!

Don't push!...Yes, come on, hit!

Now watch the fun!

Hey! Let's bet on them instead!

Give the money you bet. Bet on them now!

Give money. Here, bet on him!

Come on, get up!

Get up! You wanted to hit me?

Hey! What about my money? l have lost my money, let me go!

One..two...three...four... eight...nine...where is everyone?


Enough. Come on.

Don't push me. You cannot escape me. l will not spare you. We will see.

First listen to me and then get angry.

That man fought with me, what could l do?

Whenever you go out, how come someone fights with you?

The same happened in Bhopal too. That man abused me in Bhopal.

And in Jabalpur? That man dashed against me.

And in Gwalior? l was drunk there.

Shut up! lt is never your fault.

Manager, you wait here, let me talk to the constable.

Sir, listen... l have already spoken to him.

He has already understood everything.

He knows it's not your fault. Shall we go then?

Let's go...listen, say thanks to him.

He is the boss of this station. Good bye, sir.

Tomorrow, his five kids and wife will come over to see the circus.

Let's go now. - Manager, is he the same Jogi Thakur... whose men had left me near your circus when l was a kid?

So what even if he is? Will you go in his search?

No Manager, l have to meet this Jogi Thakur.

Where will you find him?

We have the news that Jogi Thakur has gone towards Akalgadh.

You come with me.

You will not listen to me? l'm sorry if l was wrong. l never thought that you'd leave me and... - Yes manager.

The police may want Jogi Thakur dead or alive but l want him alive.

Because, only he can tell me who my parents were and who l am?

But Dara, before you catch him and ask about yourself... what if someone kills him? No, until l don't get my answers... l will not let him die!

Who threw that stone?

Who could dare to do this?

See who is there? Who threw a stone up?

Sir, along with the stone, there was a note too.

Read it...Don't look at me!

'Raja Singh alias Rajasaab, let me tell you... that l have come back from the jail... now even God cannot save you from dying... your father, Jogi Thakur'

Come on, quick!


You betrayer! Traitor!! l will not spare you!

How did he know that l am here?

Hey! ls there a place here where l can spend a night?

There is! Go further to Lajja Dada's inn.

A good breed horse. - Yes, his father has won many races.

Forget the father, you talk about him. l'll give you a good price for him, l have big business.

Hey Junior! Will l get a room to stay here?

Yes, can l take your horse there, we have a stable.

Okay but where is the room? That side.

How far is Akalgad from here? l've never been there but, l've heard it takes 3 days to reach there.

So now even you're going to Akalgadh?

Here, once or twice in a month someone would come... to go to Akalgadh but now, there are three people in one day.

Now even you asked, everyone wants to know how to reach Akalgadh.

Can you see that black horse who is being fed grass?

He too is going to Akalgadh, that boy is your age.

Look there...he is coming down.

How can he catch Jogi Thakur?

Why do you think it is difficult...

Jogi Thakur is just a man, so what's the big deal... we are four of us and my three men are already there... let me tell you, if Jogi Thakur is a thug we are bigger than him!

Only we will kill Jogi Thakur! l am sure we will get the reward money. l hope someone else does not kill him before you do... and win the reward money.

Who can kill him? Whom are you talking about?

Answer me, who could it be?

That one?

Hey! Are you going to Akalgadh?

Hey, you! What's your name?

Hey, kiddo! l asked your name.

You didn't tell me what's your name?

lt's very late and l want to wake up early in the morning.

You will not tell me your name?

Listen, you are drunk, you should also go and sleep.

When l ask for a name, people answer me, you too will answer.

Anyone else wants to know my name?

My name is Karan!

Let me bandage you and come along with me. l will kill the rascal! How dare he attack you? l was caught unaware, l didn't realize when he removed his knife.

He too is going to Akalgadh and there's a dense forest on the way.

We will find him and kill him there.

We will deal with him on the way. Take it easy... if we kill him, we may foil our further plans.

Don't you want to go to Akalgadh? No!

Who are you? Chief, was he the one? - No! lt was not him. Hey! What's your problem?

My problem is that you are not going to Akalgadh!

lt won't be right if he goes to Akalgadh in this state.

Are you mad? - Listen, you may insist as much you want... but, he cannot go to Akalgadh in this condition.

You will return back before tomorrow morning... back to where you came from.

Neither you will go to Akalgadh nor he!

Hey! Check if someone is taking the horse!

Hey, Parsuram! - What is it early in the morning? l am selling a horse, will you buy it?

You can sell it after sun rise too... you found this time to sell the horse? l can sell it later but then, you will not get him so cheap.

Not this one.

Oh, wow! Okay, now l understand!

Sir, you choose any one horse out of these, let that one go.

Look at this one, he is a beautiful horse.

His ancestors have fed only on the royal family fodder.

Now there is no royal family and they have sold all the horses. lt was so small when it came here, l raised it up like my son. l have fed him whatever l have eaten. l must have worked like an ass but, l raised him like a horse.

So you like him, l was sure that you can identify pedigree horses. lt runs like lightning and it costs only two thousand rupees.

Hey! What are you doing? How much did you pay him?

What do you mean? l've not come to buy a horse.

But he gave me only three hundred ...okay, now l understand...

Take this three hundred rupees.

''These spirited young men, they own this world''

''When they set out, the skies travel with them''

''The angry young men with unyielding intentions''

''They travel with the pace of the lightning''

''They can break the mountains which come in the way of their destination''

''They can turn the course of rivers in their path''

''Nobody can stop or halt this caravan of life''

Who is this?

Nanku, look, Jogi Thakur is here!

He looks like a city bred boy but, he has a gun too.

Hey!..Halt! Did you call me out?

Yes, who are you? And where are you heading with this gun?

Brother, perhaps you're unaware, an escaped convict Jogi Thakur... has been seen in this region, there is a reward of fifty thousand on him. l thought that Dara... my name is Dara... l have a horse and a gun too... l should go to Akalgad, who knows, l may be fated to get that money.

Look at him!

Show him what we are!

He has scampered off!

l've seen a kite on the pillar many times but a man for the first time.

Where did you get cut? Can l get a place to stay here?

You have come and hung on the right place, my friend!

Till l come out, you get down.

Now where is he hanging?

You've come to the right place, in Akalgadh, you'll find only... tea, milk, biscuits in Bachoomal's shop and sometimes, l even cook. lt's like a hotel in the city.

Enough from my side now you say, who are you... where are you from and how long you'll be here? lt will take a long time to answer so many questions, Bachoolal.

Can l first see the room. That's right, my friend.

You'll have to come inside, l cannot get the room out.

Come after me.

l don't say l don't trust you but, you look like a city bred man.

That's why, l would like my rent in advance.

Someone has said right, cash today, credit tomorrow.

So my friend, this is the room.

This is the room.

Bachoolal, l will be here for quite a while... is five hundred rupees fine? What, five hundred?

My friend, l am fine with it.

Bachoolalji! Coming!

Who are those men there? - Don't point, they're Rajasaab's men.

And who is this Rajasaab? That was a good question.

You stay in the jungle and ask who the lion is?

Hey look, he is coming again!

You've come back again? Didn't we ask you to go back?

And where is your horse and gun?


The horse you are asking about, l've come to talk about that. l told you my name but, l forgot to tell you the horse's name.'s a nice horse but, it has one problem. l don't joke...the way you were shooting, l thought you were joking.

But Jamura felt bad, l tried to explain to him... don't feel bad about what these three donkeys tell you.

Why is my stuff lying here? Why are you asking me?

Pick up your stuff. But you gave me a room?

What room? Strange man!

l plead to you, when you could not spare Rajasaab's men... then l am nobody but, if you stay here... then along with my shop, Rajasaab will burn me too. l plead to you, go away from here, l don't know who you are.

Alright, is there another inn around?

My friend, after what you have done, nobody in this village... will make you stay with him and get killed.

You do not know Rajasaab, l know him. l suggest you leave this place.

Jamura, atleast we found a place to stay.

But what will l eat...that's the advantage of your being a horse.

You can go and feed yourself anywhere... but what will l do, never mind... sometimes it is alright to sleep empty stomach.

Rest for sometime, l'll go and check if l can get tea here.

No, l don't feel like having.

Father, it will get your fever down, l will be back right away.

Cover yourself properly.

You think you're a strong man that you can fight him?

You are too smart, you keep all news.

Will l get tea here? - You will. How much. - One cup.

l think she stays close by.

Where are you coming from at this hour, my dear?

Don't you know, you're here and your mother has done a second marriage. l am coming from there.

You wretched woman! What did you say?

Say that again!

You are talking too much!

Hey! What are you doing?

Tea. Getting it.

Take this blanket.

No, this is fine.

My father is very sick. l had taken him to the neighboring village for treatment and got late.

You also look like a traveler.

Yes, l am heading towards Akalgadh.

We too live there.

Do you know someone there?

No, l have some other work.

We will leave tomorrow morning, you can come with us.

You will reach early.


lt is quite cold, keep this.

Jamura, once in a while, you should also wash your face.

Gulabo, come. Wait, Sharbati.

Gulabo look, a man...!

Man?...Where is he...? l am here, lady! Sharbati, is he a bandit?

Wait!...Who are you? l am a man. Man...? lf you don't trust me then ask Sharbati, Gulabo.

Sharbati, he knows our names, he is surely a bandit.

Are you a bandit? No!

Don't you have a mother or a sister at home? - No!

No?...Gulabo, he has no mother or sister.

He must not be having, bandits don't have mother or sister.

Okay listen...if you're not a bandit then what are you doing here?

Can't you see, we have come to bathe here. l came to see just that.

Aren't you ashamed? l am. l am a bit shy. - We must complain against you to Rajasaab.

Oh! So you too are the subjects of that Rajasaab?

We are nobody's subjects... there's a fear of bandits there that's why we stay here.

We were passing with our company from this area.

Your company? - Yes, my father owns a drama company.

We both have same lifestyles, you're from a drama and l'm from a circus.

What, you work in a circus?

You're not a bandit? - l am a circus guy and you're a drama girl.

We both do the same thing, entertain people.

That's true but...

Now you find anyone else, let us entertain each other.

Hey move! Go wash your face. l have just done that.

Coming, father. - l am looking for you, where were you?

Don't you know that bandits roam here?

Look here, there's a man!

A man?...Banke come, let's see who this man is.

Wonder who he is? Who are you and what do you want? l am new here.

You be may new or old but, stay at a distance.

Child, hide behind me. No, behind me!

What do you want? Father, he is from a circus.

What? - He does acrobats. Oh, l see.

So what acrobats were you showing to my daughter? l was just talking to her.

He was teasing us. -How dare you? My name is Hariprasad Chatpatia. l own Rangbirangi drama company! l am a very strict man!

Banke, get my gun. Father, this is a gun. ls it loaded. - Yes, it is but, the bullets are fake.

Move behind! Child, l've told you not to talk to strangers.

Move behind l say!...Baanke, run!

Run, child!

Hey! Come to Rajasaab with us.

Again the same Rajasaab? l am eager to meet this man!

We have to take you to him, sunny!

That's nice, after all we all turned out to be friends.

Alright, let's go.

Bachoolalji, make tea for me, l will be right back.

Hey! Why are you getting into a fight with me without any reason? l was going to come here on my own, l think you like getting into trouble.

Hey! Didn't l thrash you enough yesterday, do you want more?

Rajasaab is here.

Rajasaab, he had a gun too.

Roopchand, is this the army you've made to kill Jogi Thakur?

This boy alone could take three of you to task... and he doesn't have a single scratch on his body. lf you cannot save yourself from this boy... then how will you combat the Thakur.

Rajasaab, you don't need an army for Jogi Thakur... l have come here chasing him.

Come chasing Jogi Thakur? Actually for the reward money.

But Rajasaab, Jogi Thakur is destined to die at my hands. l thought that people in Akalgadh will welcome me with flowers... but what your men did, l did not hit them back much in my defense.

And by thrashing these three mice, you think you've become very strong?

First, let my men flex your muscles... after that, l will talk to you.

l've not seen you in action since a long time.

Raajasaab, l am willing to fight this man... but... That's it? lt's not like that, every fight has it's own style and set of rules. l want to know the style and the rules of this combat. l mean if we come this close...can l hit him like this?

And if he slouches down then can l box him like this?

And if he falls like this then can l kick him?

And Rajasaab, is it a fault to punch him in his stomach?

What if l thrash him on his back or kick on his shin? l just wanted to ask you this.

What is your name? My name is Dara.

Banwari, give his gun back to him.

You have to combat the bandits with a gun, not with your hands.

Like your hands, do you know how to use a gun?

You can stay in Akalgadh.

lf you kill Jogi Thakur, you will get a reward from the police...

l will also give you a reward.

Trust me, until l am here, nobody else can kill Jogi Thakur.

They are Rajasaab's men.


Be careful! Pilu, son what are you doing?

There's only one hotel in Akalgadh, l swear it, you won't find another. l have one room and l swear, it is vacant.

But you tell me how long you'll be here then l will tell you the rent.

Perhaps two days or perhaps, two months. l understand, give me five that a lot?

No. - Alright then, let me take your baggage up.

You are back? Take this five hundred.

But my friend, you were there and now you are here?

We had a talk yesterday, this is my stuff.

Sorry sir, l already fixed the deal with him yesterday.

That's why his stuff... Bachoolal, the room you gave me... only my baggage will go there. l'm sorry, l've fixed with him now.

That's why his stuff... l you move a step ahead... then you will not be able to walk on your feet hereafter.

Come here and pick up my baggage. Alright.

Bachoolal, if your both hands break... then you will not be able to lift anything hereafter.

Keep my stuff in my room. Okay.

Bachoolal! - l swear it, there's a ditch here and a valley there... what do l do? My hands and legs both are dear to me... is the ground rotating or am l feeling dizzy?

Come on, pick up my bags. You are a strange man.

Why did you come without saying anything? ls this your baggage?

Bilu, pick it up.

Come and stay with us.

How can you stay here, this is not allowed in our village.

Let's go.

He's gone but he has taken your three hundred along.

That was his, now you stop trembling... and take my stuff upstairs.

Come...Bilu, you open the room upstairs... and keep his baggage in that.

There's no need for that, l can stay anywhere. lf you can stay anywhere then why not here? Come.

Surkhiya, what are you staring at?

Run along! Watch out from him.

You've done a very good thing by telling me.

But let me tell you, do not be afraid.

Nobody can harm me, ask me why?

Ask! Why, Jogi Thakur?

One day, l was sleeping in my cell... and in my dream l see that a Goddess is in front of me...

and She said, listen to me...

destroy the enemy! Wipe them out!

And l said, as you please, O Mother!

So Damru, now you can think that nobody can save that Raja!

Nobody can kill me!

Help!!..Leave me!

How can l leave you, l have got you in my hands.

Help me, someone! Nobody is here to save you now!

Help, someone!!

Hey, weakling! You were trying to tease my Gulabo!

You rascal, scoundrel... You weakling, feeble man!

Why baldy, how are you feeling now? - Stop him right now!

How dare you tease my Gulabo?

Hey! Who is it? What are you trying to do?

You're asking me? Ask this weakling what he was doing?

Whatever he was doing, he was doing on my behest.

What are you saying? lnspite of being a father, you were...?

Stop, you fool! You intervene and spoil our rehearsal... and now you are arguing with me?

Rehearsal? - Then what did you think, was this my final rites?

This ape of the circus does not know what a drama is... what art is and what an artist is?

Hey, Khatpatia! - Yes? Take me in your refuge.

How can l do that? lf you bless me... then l can get everything.

Just give me one chance.

Just once. Give you a chance for what?

To act in your play. To act in the play?

You'll act in a play, do you think it is so simple?

But he has worked in a circus. But who'll say the dialogue for him?

Give me a chance then l will show you what l can do.

Okay, l will give you a chance, try and understand the scene.

She is the girl... That l know. l am her father. That also l know.

And l am the chief of this hamlet, what am l? - Chief!!

And you love this girl. l do!

But l am against this.

Me too! Your name is 'crazy lover'

And this girl's name is... l hope you understand? l did. Then let's start the rehearsal. l will quit if he acts in this play.

Phulmati.. Khatpatiya, l am quitting! lt will be a mistake if you think about your 'crazy lover'... don't think he will ever reach here!

Love is not a sin, he is a tyrant, not my father! l am here Phulmati! - My 'crazy lover' you have come? l was sure your eyes would await my arrival!

And your heart must be yearning for me.

Not yearning, say love. Yes, you love me!

But this cruel world has created a wall between us.

Never mind, Phulmati... today your 'crazy lover' will take you away from here. l can hear someone approaching. Let the rascal come.

'Crazy lover' you? Yes my love, it's me.

Naive man! Listen, O guard of the chief... l am taking Phulmati from here today.

Soldiers, hand me over my sword.

Give me my shield, blacken his face and throw him out of here.

Get ready! l am ready for a combat!

Hey someone! Please help me!

Hey! What are you'll doing?

Wait, l will come, let me finish here Nobody can stop us today.

Hey! He is actually taking her away. Don't watch me, save my daughter!

He has taken my daughter! Someone get my gun!

Phulmati, are you hurt? To hell with Phulmati!

Listen to me...

Are you mad? Yes, l am.

And l am a lover too. To hell with such a lover.

l think l broke my leg. ln love, even the heart breaks...

And you have only broken your leg! - Shut up!

Now sit and act alone in that play, l am going!

Wait, l am coming.

''O my love, don't go away''

''Come here Get lost!''

''Where are you off to?''

''l am waiting here for you''

''Go away from here, O silly man''

''Leave me, let me go''

''l will never belong to you''

Oh my! That far? - lf you try, you can hit even farther.

Try. - lf l learn to play so well then all the boys in the village...

Only l can teach you how to play to win a game!

Give that stick to me, what is your name?

Bilu, a man should only play the games he is good at.

First see the direction of the wind... if the direction of the wind is there and if you swing this side... then how far can this stick go, now you understand?

Yes. Now watch me playing.

Bilu, did you see, how far that stick flew without my touching it.

Just think, had l touched it, where would it reach?

Come with me.

What is beyond this ground? A river.

And beyond the river? A ground.

And beyond that ground? Mountains.

Mountain...okay friend, now you will find this stick on that hill.


Go Bilu, go and get that stick from that hill.

And learn to play properly.

Because, a man should play the games he is good at.

What happened then? Then a strange thing happened. l was watching the stick and it flew far away, in the air. lsn't it great, he aimed at the stick from such a big distance.

Okay Bilu, tell me one thing... you talk to him a lot, does he ever talk to you about himself?

What can he say about himself?

That, who he is, where he is from?

Which town is he from? He must have told you something...

l want Jogi Thakur and that too, alive.

Why do you want him alive, will you keep him in a cage?

Bachoolalji, whatever reward l will get, l will give you half.

Really? Even if l get one fourth of that fifty thousand... l'll never stay in Akalgadh, l would straight go to Sarangpur... and put up a new hotel there.

Okay but first find a way to reach Jogi Thakur.

Okay listen, let me tell you when l went to the neighboring village... l heard a rumor that Surkhiya gives the news of this village to Jogi.

Get that?

Surkhiya, where will l find Jogi Thakur? l don't know. You know, Surkhiya.

You're breaking my fingers. l will cut them too.

Leave! - Whom should l leave? Leave me!

Where will l find Jogi Thakur? l will tell you.

l don't know where he will be at the moment... but tomorrow is 'naagpanchami' and he will go the temple surely. ln the temple? - Yes he has immense faith in Lord Shiva.

Whatever it may be, he will surely...

Offer milk to the snake.

The snake will protect you, Baba.

Where is he? Who??

Tell him that l had come and enough of playing games now...

now whatever he has to talk, ask him to talk openly. l will come again!

He has come.

l heard that you came to talk to me.

So tell me.

l came to tell you that Akalgadh is such a small place... that, only one of us can stay here.

And let us decide today who that person will be. lsn't this place quite small to decide that?

Let's do one thing, today, after sunset... let's meet in the ground behind that hill.

Alright. l will wait for you.

lt is decided that either one of us can stay here... but how can we decide which one of us? lt is simple... the sun which is setting here will rise from there tomorrow.

The one who can stand on his feet and watch the sun rising... will stay here.

l will not let Jogi Thakur die.

So let me also tell you, nobody is born in this world... who can save Jogi Thakur from me.

Bachoolalji, never underestimate anybody.

Karan is really very mean, if he lays his hands on Jogi Thakur... then we will be left with nothing!

My friend, the way every morsel is predestined... the same way, every bullet too is predestined. lf your bullet is predestined to kill Jogi Thakur... then my friend, Karan may try whatever he wants... only you will kill Jogi Thakur.

Bachoolal, l have told you that l want Jogi Thakur alive. ln this attempt, my Sarangpur hotel will shut before it starts! lf l ever find Jogi Thakur, l swear, l will fall at his feet... and tell him that brother, you've been to jail even before... and can stay even now but Bachoolal cannot stay in Akalgadh. l plead to you, please get caught! lf you really plead to him l don't think Jogi Thakur will refuse you.

But...Hey! Gulabo.

But what? - We have to find Jogi Thakur somehow.

You go to the village and talk to people, you may find something. l will go the other side and find out.

My friend, you think Jogi Thakur is hiding behind this girl's veil? lt's better to look in all directions.

That's right, you must not leave out any corner.

Go, you go and search that girl's veil... l will go to the village and find out.

l am coming, Phulphuli!

Gulabo, why are you so angry?

Leave me. - Don't shy from me or l will come to your place tonight.

Let go of me!

What are you doing? What happened to you?

Tell me, what is wrong with you?

Tell me. Don't ask.

Did you meet him on the river side?

Don't ask.

Now l know, what did he say?

Did he say something?

Don't ask.

Tell me...then what happened?

What did he do?... Did he do something?

Don't ask.

Don't ask! Go, l will not ask!

But tell me something, what happened?

''My heart is beating... my anklets tinkle with joy''

''l went to bathe on the river side, l met that boy''

''He smiled and said that he finds my face pretty''

''When he smiled at me, l said... my heart was beating fast and my anklets tinkled''

''When l went to see a fair, l met that lover''

''He said, let me touch you, my touch won't taint you''

''l smiled and l was trapped''

''When l went to fill water, l met that silly boy''

''He smiled and said that he would get drunk and visit my home''

''When l smiled, l was trapped''

''He wet my sari''

Why, is your heart beating fast?

Why are you all laughing?

What is the matter?

Don't ask.

When they'll be thrashed, they will pay the tax for the land.

Mansingh, till l come back from Palangadh... this job should be done, understand? l have understood, Rajasaab.

Please have mercy, master! Please don't do this!

Get up!

Please have mercy on him, master. l will not let you take this. l am a poor man, have mercy on me for God's sake.

My children will starve to death. Did l ask you to sire kids?

Come on!

Leave me! Wait!

Remove these grain sacks from the cart. - What?

Dara, you do your work, if you interfere in Raajsaab's work... then you will regret. Why didn't you say it before?

Now l have already interfered, come on, don't watch me, remove the sacks.

l will shoot you if you step ahead!

Attack from the front, only cowards attack from behind!

l will deal with you later, Dara! Alright.

Thank you for saving me. Have a long life.

That's alright, Gangu.

A man should only play the games he is good at.

What is it?

What's the news?

Jogi Thakur, today l have got the informer along with me.

Come forward, Surkhiya.

He is the one who gets the news from Akalgadh.

He wanted to meet you since long.

Meet me?

To meet me, the police has sent new men in Akalgadh... didn't you get them along?

How are they?

Jogi Thakur, you're the boss but let me tell you that they are deadly.

Why have you bandaged your hand? One of them broke my fingers.

Now l understand things clearly.

Yes, now l understand everything clearly.

That, why you call them so deadly. lsn't it because they broke your fingers?

By the way, l too am very dangerous!

They broke your fingers now l will break their necks!

You don't worry at all, did you get that? l have him...him...that one... all of them with me... we all are in these ravines and we all need food. l was thinking which night l should attack Akalgadh.

That way l can get food and kill those two supposedly brave men too.

What do you feel?

Answer. - The houses in Akalgadh will not have much grains now.

After a week when the harvest is cut, there'll be a lot of crop.

You're right...Damru, this Surkhiya is quite intelligent.

Am l right, Surkhiya?

Jogi Thakur, l am just your...

This Surkhiya told me that his fingers were broken... but it was he who informed those two about my visit to the temple.

But before dying, he gave me a right advice.

Come on, let's go to Akalgadh... let us go and cut the crops growing there!

''The drums and cymbals play''

''A beautiful damsel's flared skirt swirls in the air''

''The drums and cymbals play... the bells of my anklets sparkle like the stars and the moon''

''Your beauty is oozing from the urn of your body''

''The soothing beauty of your youth and the radiance of your eyes''

''l was naive, didn't realize what was love''

''lt struck me when you came in front of me as my lover''

''l reside in the world of love, come and hold my hand''

''Take me wherever you want, l am with you''

Where are they?

Wait there, you cannot escape me!

Are your bullets over?

Now tell me.

Let's go!

Let's run from here!

A man should play only the games he is good at.

Jogi Thakur escaped my hands once again today.

Once again, l was not successful in my attempt.

But for how long, till l am alive, Dara or Jogi Thakur's men... cannot save Jogi Thakur from me!

You know that and yet, you've come to rub salt over my wounds. lf you've come to see my tears then look, l have no tears in my eyes.

Now go and leave me alone!

Alright, l will go and leave you alone.

As it is l feel that you have spent all your life alone... that is why you don't know how to...

l don't know how and where you have spent your past life... that is why you understand only hatred and violence.

But everyone in this world is not like you. l came to bandage your wounded hand... and l will go after l do that!

Sit down!

Now you can be alone as much as you want.

Whatever you said about me was right.

But l want to tell you something which l've never told anyone before. l've learnt this language of hatred and violence in this world.

And l can only speak the language l have learnt.

However deep the wound is, it can be healed.

But you can never heal if you hide the wound.

l want to talk to you. lt is about Jogi Thakur. l can give you Jogi Thakur's whereabouts.

Damru, you were Jogi Thakur's accomplice since many years...

so why have you come today to give me his whereabouts?

Only for money? - l need money because l'm leaving this village.

But what l have come to tell you is not for money.

Then why? Surkhiya used to drink a lot... however useless he was but, he was my friend... and Jogi Thakur killed him brutally.

Today it was Surkhiya, tomorrow it can be me too.

Behind the hill is a dilapidated house... tomorrow morning Jogi Thakur will come there... he hides there for days together.

Karan, who was this man? Why? l have seen him before, Dara was with this man.

Who is he? - He is a man who sells one thing at two places.

Keep your hands on the rein.

Oh! So it's you? So you too like to wander around in the morning?

Get down.

Alright if you insist.

Now tell me. Wait here for me.

Here? Yes.

Because, where you wanted to go, l will go instead of you.

You mean that man sold the information to both of us?

Walk straight.

l am going. Karan, you're making a mistake.

Jogi Thakur will have many men with him.

Take me along.

l will help you. You have helped me enough.

For today this is enough, you stay here.

You will repent.

Have you changed your mind? l remembered that a man should only play the games he is good at.

Sunny, you want Jogi Thakur?

Pick him up! Kiddo, you can meet Jogi Thakur later...

first combat Jogi Thakur's men!

Hit him so much that his bones break!

Tie him up!

Now you wait and see what l do to you! l will take your corpse to Jogi Thakur.

Pull him up!

lsn't this sad, some time back, l was tied up... and now it's you. lsn't it strange?...So this is the backside of that hill?

My hands are tied back. ls it? My hands were tied in front. l met a man there who untied me... or else, l would be tied there and would be hung on this!

Why, what happened?

Didn't you find Jogi Thakur?

But whoever met you instead of him, l can see they met you with love.

Will you untie my hands? l should not be doing that... but yet l will, you should have not come here alone... but yet, you insisted.

We will settle our scores later but remember this Damru... he duped both of us today.

Take this.

Tell me one thing, l want to kill Jogi Thakur and you want him alive... if l would have died today then wouldn't your path be clear?

That is true.

Then why did you save me? l made a mistake.

And l made this mistake because, once, you saved my life.

l don't like taking favors or anything from anybody.

Besides, l wanted to tell you one more thing... a man must play the games he is good at.

''They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies''

''Their objective is to risk their life''

''They have fire in their belly and thunder in their eyes''

''These spirited young men, they own this world''

Dara, tell me one thing... why do you want Jogi Thakur alive?

Karan, the manager of my circus told me... that when l was small Jogi Thakur's men left me near the circus tent.

So, when l saw Jogi Thakur's poster... that he had escaped from the jail, l decided... l will catch him alive and find out about my parents.

That is why, until l don't come to know about my parents... l will not let Jogi Thakur die.

Karan, why do you want to kill Jogi Thakur?

Do you want to know why?

Listen, in front of my eyes, Jogi Thakur humiliated my mother.

He killed my father...

my mother saved me and sacrificed her life.

Dara, l have grown up with these memories.

The only objective and destination of my life is...

Jogi Thakur's death.

Karan, l promise you that... even if l don't get the answers to my questions... but you will surely find Jogi Thakur.

Yes, my friend.

Shall we go now?

Dara, watch out from Raajasaab's men.

By saving that farmer's life you have invited their wrath.

And you have made them your foe by saving my life.

Anyway, we will deal with them later.

Bachoolalji, one tea.

What's happening here??

lt's you...?

Get the rascal here!

Come on!

So he is the other one?

l've heard that you both sympathize with these poor villagers?

Never mind, today these villagers will also empathize with you.

You swine! How dare you look into my eyes?

Look down!! l said look down!

Look down l say!

You won't look down!

Rajasaab...just untie my one hand... then let me show you what l am!

You will show me?

Leave me!

Lay them on the horses and throw them out of the village.

And hereafter, if you see any one of them in and around Akalgadh... then shoot him!

Help me. Leave him!!

Leave him, you rascal! Mother!!

Mother, save me!


Lie down. No, l am fine.

How did all this happen?

How did l come here? - Our men found you both badly wounded.

And where is he? He too is here.

He got up just now, he is outside.

Good that these men went out for a walk there... or who would visit those ruins?

l will arrange for some food for both of you.

Nothing has happened to me.

How did you reach here so late in the night? l could not come in the day, Rajasaab's men are all around.

Nobody can step out.

Karan, he is meting out injustice on those poor villagers.

His days of atrocities won't last too long.

You're right, to end Rajasaab's atrocities and him... we both are enough.

We will attack his mansion tomorrow.

Unarmed?...His mansion is guarded by armed bodyguards.

She is right Karan, we have to get back our guns at any cost.

Your guns are in Rajasaab's mansion... and reaching there would be... l can think of one way... that is if Gulabo helps me.

How? - lf you help me then we can support both of them.

''My heart beats out loud... thinking where is my love, wonder what will happen today''

''l am also apprehensive. l do not know where to go''

''l have to meet him some day''

''His intentions are not clear''

''He has been eying me''

''He teases me every time l pass by... whenever he sees me alone''

''He embraces me in the shade of the banyan tree''

''Why does he do this, someone please tell me?''

''When he holds my arm... my bangles tinkle with fear''

''His touch makes me quiver with excitement''

''What feeling is this which keeps me awake the whole night''

''l have saved myself but lost my heart''

Friends, from now on, you are free from Rajasaab's clutches!

Burn these books!

Yes, let's burn them!!

These books are penned with your blood.

Jogi Thakur, there's a good news. - What?

Those two have captured Rajasaab's mansion and he has run away!

And where is he? He is hiding in Palangadh.

That's like it, now l can settle my scores!

There won't be a better chance than this.

Those ungrateful, spineless farmers of Akalgadh, l will kill them all. l will perish entire Akalgadh!

l have destroyed many villages in my life, one more won't matter!

Dara too is a victim of your destruction, master.

What do you mean? - His parents were from Nambi village.

He saw the ruins and remembered his village.

What are you trying to say?

The bandits had abducted him when he was small. l've heard that they left him outside a circus tent.

Master, he has not come here to kill Jogi Thakur... he has come to find out who his parents were. lf you tell about this to anyone, l will cut off your tongue.

This boy's life is very dangerous.

Master, Jogi Thakur has attacked us.

Now let me see who can save you today!

Stop firing! Nobody will shoot!

Hey! Why did he stop firing?

Kishanva, wait a minute.

Here l am!

This is not the time to show our rivalry.

Well said! Didn't you think about this on that day... when you took all the loot and ran away?

And left me at the hands of the police? l still have the loot with me, Jogi Thakur.

lnfact it has multiplied over hundred times. l will give you everything.

lf you want to talk to me then come inside... but come unarmed.

What are you thinking, Jogi Thakur?

What will you achieve by killing me?

l am willing to give you the loot you wanted.

Hold this.

And listen, you can shoot him later.

He thinks he is too smart. l am coming!

Rajasaab, l am coming!

So Rajasaab, what do you have to tell me now?

Jogi Thakur, our business is such.

Sometime you gain, sometime you lose.

But why do you consider me as your enemy?

Okay but first let me see what's in your hand?

This is nothing, Jogi Thakur... if you wish you can get more.

But before that, we have to kill them.

Who?...Those two?

Yes, those two. Jogi Thakur, if we join hands... we can easily crush them.

After that, we can share the wealth l have. lt was your bad luck that you went to jail and l managed to escape.

But we have spent years together looting villages... we have spent great times together.

Just trust me once.

Once, you tried to kill me and l was saved.

But today, nobody can save you from me. lf you value your life then tell me where is Jogi Thakur.

lt's useless! This man won't talk.

He is a man who will not open his mouth fearing any power... that is why, it's no point asking Damru about Jogi Thakur.

He will not speak even if you shoot him.

He knows that l am going to shoot him but yet, he will not talk.

Wait, l will tell you.

Don't shoot me, Jogi Thakur is with Rajasaab.

Where are they?

They both are old friends.

And Dara, Rajasaab killed your parents... his men left you near the circus.

Don't spare anyone! Hey! Where are you going?

Leave him, you rascal!

Come here l say! Mother! l plead to you, leave my son!

l'm saying the truth, they both have joined hands again.

They are friends again.

They are conspiring to kill you both!

So the killer is not Jogi Thakur, it is Rajasaab.

One man go that side, they can come from a shortcut too.

Jogi Thakur, everything is fine.

Lock them up, nobody should come out.

''They reside in the shadows of death''

''Their life is in danger wherever they tread''

''They are pursued by bandits, wherever they go''

''These spirited young men, they own the world''

Shoot the rascals!

Dara, are you fine? - l'm fine, it's just a little cough.

Oh God, l have only four bullets, you have some more? l don't have any.

Now what?

Dara, look there! What?

We cannot kill them with four bullets, they are heavily armed.

You cover me, l will get that knapsack.

Surround them!

Go after them!

Rajasaab and Jogi Thakur are in Bachoolal's hotel... we have to get them out.

Let's go.

Kill them! Come behind me.

Shoot them, they should not escape.

Why is that man running away like a coward?


This snake was haunting my sleep since many years. l could not remember anything clearly.

But when l saw this village, this lane and this house... and when Damru told me that Jogi Thakur and you were friends... l remembered who my parents were. l remembered who l am and who you are.

Raja Singh, l will not spare you!

You think you can kill me?

l will not leave you!

Don't watch, take him away!

Hey you! Now you wait and see how l shoot you!

Now tell me...Let him free!

By killing me you will get fifty thousand...

but today, Rajasaab has given me a lot of money. l can give you double of the amount you will get in reward.

Drop the gun.

l don't want fifty thousand, l want you, Jogi Thakur!

Remember...the way this gun is on the ground... you too kept the gun like this, in front of someone.

Remember the noise of this toy.

As soon as this noise stops, try to pick up the gun, Jogi Thakur.

Son, run away!


l made a huge mistake of letting him go when he was a kid.

How did this happen?