Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) Script

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island


ALEXANDER: In the 19th century...

...Jules Verne wrote some of the greatest adventure stories ever told.

Novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea...

...Journey to the Center of the Earth...

...and The Mysterious Island.

Most consider these works of science fiction.

Vernians know otherwise.


SEAN: Not good!






Ha-ha-ha. Aah!

Whoa! Good boy!



Here we...




Evening, officers. Anyone up for a late night swim?



Hey, buddy. Missed you at poker this week.

Thanks for the call. What's going on?

We didn't want this going out over the radio.

Kid broke into a satellite facility.

Then he drove...

...his dirt bike into...

...the McGillicuttys' pool. I talked them out of pressing charges.


Your stepfather's here for you.

No. Legal guardian.

HANK: If it weren't for me, you'd be in juvie for the next six months.

Rather do the time.

Do you want to explain to me...

...why you were breaking into a satellite facility in the middle of nowhere?

Don't worry about it, Mom. It's nothing, really.

The police calling in the middle of the night is nothing?


What was he doing there? What was he looking for?

HANK: Honey, I don't know. All we can do is ask him.

Hey. Sean, we gotta talk about this.

I'm confused. Who gave him a speaking part?

Hey. Without my speaking part, we'd visit you... jail right now. I'm already in jail.

LIZ: What is that supposed to mean? Sean?

I didn't ask to be taken away from my school and friends, and dragged all the way to Dayton.

It's okay, Liz. No, it's not.


Sean! HANK: It's gotta be tough on him...

...with his father gone. LIZ: That still doesn't excuse his behavior.

SEAN: Okay.

Now that I got you, I just gotta figure out what you mean.


SEAN: Not here.

Hey, it's me. You busy?

SEAN: Yes.

I was looking to talk to you.

You know, very concerned adult to somewhat troubled youth.

Which one am I in that equation?

Cracked up the walkway to my door Brought you as a...


Hey, buddy.

What's all this?


That's a cryptogram, right? Looks like Morse code.

SEAN: Mm-hm.

Yeah, look.

One syllable words, dots. Two syllable words, dashes.

I learned that in the Navy.

Okay, then. What's it say?

What's it for?

It's complicated.

So is the code.

Okay. Here's the deal.

A few nights ago, a radio signal got sent out.

Could've been anywhere. It was these words on a loop.

HANK: "Pip, Zorn, Strux."

All characters from the books of Verne. The message was by a Vernian.

And my equipment wasn't powerful enough to receive the whole message, so...

So you broke into that satellite facility to boost your signal.

Someone sent this message and I'm gonna be the person to solve it.

This is really important to me.

Hey, you know what? Why don't we solve this together?



The first part of the message reads, "The...




R-E. "Real. The island is real."

You're serious? You're not messing with me?

No. That's what it says. "The island is real."

I can't believe it. I can't believe somebody actually found the island.

What island?

The Mysterious Island. Vernians have been looking for this for years.

What's the rest say?

"Child of Steve, born...



"Born 1883."

Child of Steve. Child of Steve.

Maybe "son of Steve"?

Steven's son. Stevenson.

Robert Louis Stevenson. The author.

He was born way before 1883. Gotta be somebody else.

Maybe it's not a somebody.

Maybe it's a something.

What are we looking for?

Come on.


Treasure Island, written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1883.

What's the next part of the riddle? All right.

"The name that's last is going fast.

He hitched his tale to Lemuel's mast." Okay, so his...

...last name is going fast. A runner? What if his last name... fast?

Fleet or Quick. Swift.

Swift. Jonathan Swift.

Another author.

Writing about another island.

HANK: So "Lemuel" must be...

Nice. Lemuel Gulliver.

We have three different books. By three different authors.

HANK: About three different islands.


Maybe all three books are about the same island.

Maybe that's why nobody else has ever found it...

...because they haven't used the other two books.

Treasure Island's got a map.

SEAN: Yeah, Swift has one too.

These are different than Verne's. I don't get it.

What are you doing?

You know what I did in the Navy, Sean?


I won the esteemed...

...Rochefort Award...

...three years in a row...

...for code-breaking.


HANK: We found your Mysterious Island.

Uh, what are those?

HANK: Coordinates.

Longitude and latitude.

And that'll put us right about...

That's 100 miles off the coast of Palau, in the middle of the South Pacific.

What are you doing?

I gotta go. Go where?

To Mysterious Island.

All right, cool. Hey, can you stop by the moon and grab me a Slurpee?

Joke all you want.

Yeah, I will, and you're gonna be here to listen to it. You're not going to Palau, Sean.

Why not?

Number one, you're grounded. On top of that, you got school.

I'm a straight-A student. I can afford to miss a couple days. This is Mysterious Island.

Slow down. Okay?

You think you'll travel...

...around the world... up with some lunatic...

...messing around on a ham radio? It's not some lunatic.

It's Alexander Anderson, my grandfather.

How would you know he sent that?

Makes sense. He's the original Vernian in the family...

...he's been looking for the island half his life and nobody's heard from him in two years.

I think he's in trouble. I'm gonna find him. Sean, stop. Sean.


I'm not letting you go on a rescue mission by yourself. Whether you like it or not...'re still a kid.

Look, I understand your situation, okay?

You wanna make my mom happy and I appreciate that. I really do.

But you need to just focus on running your construction company...

...and paying the mortgage and asking her how her day was...

...because I'm okay.

And like it or not, this is bigger than you.

Apparently the message was sent by his grandfather.

Sean said he's been missing for a couple years.

It's hard to be missing if you were never around.

I wouldn't trust one word from Alexander Anderson.

Sean seems really convinced.

Oh, it's always convincing from Alexander.

I see. So in Sean's mind, Alexander's this glamorous adventurer.

LIZ: When in reality...

...he was a man that wasn't there when his family needed him the most.

That's why we need to let Sean...

...go on this trip. Why?

Sean needs a man in his life.

Somebody who'll be there for him and connect with him.

We were cracking that code, that was the first time...

...that we were on the same page.

Then bond with him on some non-mysterious island, like Hawaii.

Ah, Hawaii. Our honeymoon.

[SINGING] Aloha oe Yes, but I'm serious, babe.

I'm serious too.

We'll fly down to Palau.

When Sean realizes the island's not real, his grandfather's not there...

...I'll be there to cushion the blow, and done will be done.



Good morning, buddy. 0700 hours.

I'm busy.

I don't think you're gonna be too busy for this.

I'm going to Palau?

Ha, ha. Close.

We're going to Palau.


I know you've won the esteemed Rochefort Award...

...but I've been on these adventures before so let me handle this.

Easy, buddy. Just remember who's financing this whole trip.

Queen Isabella didn't tag along with Columbus.

Okay, Isabella. I'll let you handle your thing. We'll see how...

Wait, watch the lizard. Watch.

Big man's afraid of a little lizard?

Big man's not afraid. I love lizards when they're boots and belts.

SEAN: Excuse us.


Hey, how's it going? We, uh...

We Americans.

Uh, you...

...tour guide?

Sean. I got this.

You... You take us on boat.

On water.

You wanna charter a boat?

The official language of Palau?


Thank you.

Uh, yeah, we need someone to take us to an island located here.

Absolutely not.

Wait, why?

TOUR GUIDE: Because there is no island, just a bunch of storms.

It's a graveyard for ships.

We'll pay you good money, $1000!

Only a fool trades his life for money.

Excuse me, excuse me. Today is your lucky day.

Hey, I'm Gabato Laguatan, best captain in Palau.

I understand you in need of transportation.

That's great. We need someone to get us here.

A thousand bucks if you can.

Ooh, baby! Easy-peasy, easy-peasy. Let's go.

Here we go.

Let's go. Man, this is gonna be...

...good. You won't be disappointed.

I've taken hundreds of people out to sea. I come back with them almost every time.

Nice ride. Nice ride.

GABATO: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

HANK: What in the blue heck is that?

That's the finest helicopter in Palau.

Hate to see the worst.


That's my security system. Heh, heh.

I'd rather take the Titanic. GABATO: Kailani!

We have customers here.

You simply must meet my daughter.

She's a real beauty.

Looks just like me.

This chopper's not gonna work out.

Actually, Hank, you know what?

Now that I get a better look at it, this chopper's...

...pretty freaking gorgeous.

This daughter looks like you?

Look. Same nostrils.

Who are these guys? Uh...

I am a scientific explorer. Hi.

And he's a...

Hank. Hank.

Right. So we need to get to these coordinates.

Not on this helicopter.

That's the deadliest part of the ocean.

Time-out. Sweetness, sweetness.

Sweetness, look.

They agreed to pay us 1000 American dollars, okay?

I could help with college for you then.

Make it 2000.

No way. We had a deal.

Then make it 3000. And good luck finding someone else to take you there.



Do you take Visa?

GABATO: Good afternoon, folks, and welcome to Gabato Luxury Tours.

Please sit back, relax and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

And now a word from our pilot.

This is your pilot, and...


HANK: Here we go.


GABATO: Gotcha!

If you look out your window on your left... will see what is known... the Pacific Ocean.

On your right side, you will see...

...the other side of the Pacific Ocean. You gonna do that the whole trip?

Sir, you did pay for the luxury tour.


It's a beautiful sky, huh? KAILANI: Mm-hm.

I mean, today just seems especially...




I have to finish this in-flight safety check. Yeah.



We have to go around the storm.

Uh, according to these coordinates, that's where the island is.

There is no island there.

We're about to find out.





We gotta get out of here now!

I was thinking the same thing!

No, no, no. Wait!

The Mysterious Island, chapter one!

"The passengers...

...had been taken into...

...the movement of a column of air."

We're about to fly into a Category 5 hurricane! Now's not the time to take the book literally!

We have to go into the eye of the hurricane to get to the island!

Are you psychotic? We'll never survive!

We gotta trust Verne!

You know what I trust? Gravity. Gabato, get us out of here now!

You're right, I agree with you. But here's the deal:

I'm not flying this helicopter anymore!

The throttle's...



We're going down!

Hold on!

Here we go!

No! Not like this!





Hang on! Hang on!


HANK: Sean!


Come on, buddy.

Come on.

It's okay. It's okay.

Try and sit up.


I told you it'd work.

HANK: You were right.

I can't believe we made it.

It's Jules Verne, man.

You gotta believe.

Where are we?

Where's my father?

GABATO: Somebody help me!

Help me!

My body's been cut in half!

Your foot's right there.

My severed foot.

And it's moving!

It's moving.


Oh, and I'm still in one piece. Yay.

Well, you were right. There is an island.

Not much of one.

This is not what I was expecting. HANK: All right, guys, listen up.

We have to gather up everything that washed ashore and take stock of our supplies.

We need to find shelter. Let's go.


There you are, baby. I thought I lost you.


Oh, yeah. My girl.


Hey, I think I found a way off the beach!


What was that?

It's a scary noise in a dark cave. Keep moving. Keep moving. Go, go.



GABATO: If this is heaven, I'm checking in.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

The Mysterious Island.

KAILANI: What is this place?


This island, it shrunk us!



Or turned us into giants?

Sean, what does Verne say about this?

It's one of the first laws of island biogeography.

Small animals become large and large animals become small.

Lilliputian. Swift alluded to it in Gulliver's Travels.

I'd like to keep him as a pet. I could knit him a little trunk-warmer.


HANK: See you, buddy.

Hey, check it out. You guys see that smoke?

That's gotta be my grandpa's campsite. KAILANI: How do you know?

What else could it be?

The natives sparking up a barbecue, getting ready to cook us for dinner.

Only one way to find out.

Whoa, time-out!

I hope your grandfather's okay, but my father and I aren't going.

We're headed back to the beach. To do what?

Spell SOS with seashells and maybe kelp.

Kelp? There's a boat-eating, plane-eating hurricane out there 24/7.

Nobody's gonna see your kelp.

HANK: Sean's absolutely right.

We stick together, find his grandfather, use his radio to call for help.


Just know that if we get torn to bits, I'm blaming you.

I'm blaming you too.

Real smooth.

What did I do?

Seriously, what did I say? What did I do?

SPF 100?

You squeeze it and a sweater comes out?

Yeah, that's funny, Navy man.

Don't come crying to me when you're as red as a tomato.

Do I look like I burn?

GABATO: Oh, man...

...that's one gooey rock.

No one move.

These aren't rocks.

They're eggs.

Get out. Why don't we crack a couple open and make some omelets?

Not a good idea.

Come on, man, I haven't had breakfast yet.

Shh! Where there are giant eggs, there must be a giant mother.


It had to be a lizard. Why couldn't it be snakes?

SEAN: Okay.

Okay, we just need to move quickly but carefully.

Lizards have incredible hearing and an acute sense of smell.



Let's move. Just move.

We are literally walking on eggshells.



Don't take another step.

Papa, be careful.

Don't worry, honey.

I got this.

See? No problem. Oh!

Oh, man!





Run, run, run!

Head for the jungle!

Faster! Faster!

Let's go! Go! Go!


Come on!

This way!

Let's go!


GABATO: Go, go, go! Move!

HANK: It's right behind you! Hurry!

KAILANI: Come on!



SEAN: Hey, Godzilla!

Oh, crap.

Oh, man!

GABATO: Oh, go, go, go!



Come on, come on!

Come on, keep moving! Hurry!


HANK: Back! Back! Back!

Sean, get behind me.

Sean, backpack!

Back! Back!

Hank! Hank! HANK: Back!

Not now, Sean. She's scared!

No, she's cold-blooded and attracted to heat!

That's emasculating.

Now what?

Now there's only one thing left.

The thunder cookie.


I think I just made it worse.



Hope she doesn't like Polynesian food.

I hope she don't like food with poop in its pants!



Go, go, go!




Everybody okay?



Well, don't just stand there. Applaud!


That was amazing.

A pitch-perfect frill-necked lizard mating call. They fall for it all the time.

Gabato and Kailani.

Their helicopter brought us here. Pleasure. Pleasure.

And I'm Sean's stepfather, Hank Parsons.

I helped Sean crack your code.

ALEXANDER: You're the stepfather?

Well, maybe that's why it took so long, eh?


After all, how hard can it be to crack a code... converting a string of Vernian characters into a list of dots and dashes.

Or you could have just sent a message not in code.

There it is, definitive proof that you are not an Anderson.

SEAN: Mm-hm.

Ooh. Ooh!


I think it's best we get out of here.

After that mating call, she may have ideas about making you her husband.

Oh, witty. Good for you, Henry.


The name's Hank. It's never Henry. Just Hank.

Ah. I see you're a man of incisive decision. Why don't you lead the way?

Oh, actually...

...we want to live through the night. Yes.

So maybe you should all...

...follow me. Come on.


I'm following you.

All right, come on. Go ahead.


That's awesome.

Here we are, folks.

Come on up.

This is my place.



We've got a working elevator, indoor plumbing.

And I've even got...

...a 75-inch...


How'd you build all this stuff?

I made it out of the sailboat that brought me here. Old Blue-Eyed Lucy.

She gave her life in that hurricane so that I could discover...

...the ever-glorious...

...Mysterious Island.


Oh, thank you.

This the radio you used to send the signal?

Yes. I made it myself...

...out of an alarm clock...

...some copper I mined in the hills over there and a teaspoon.

You know how long it took me to make it?

Oh, I don't know. Probably a little less than...

...who cares?

Three months. You know how long... would've taken you?


Forever. Ha-ha-ha!

KAILANI: Let's just contact...

...Palau, get off this island.

It's not that easy, darling. You have to wait for the satellite... come around to the proper position.

How long's that gonna take?

Oh, about two weeks.

Wait, do you mean we're stuck here for two weeks?

"Stuck here"? I think it'll be fun. We can get to know each other better.


Surviving here won't be fun.

How will your mom feel if we're off the grid for two weeks?

By the time you get back, she's probably gonna be remarried.


You gonna let him talk to you like that?

It's okay.


Okay, so, what's the plan, Colonel Sanders?

How about you show us more of your trinkets...

...that won't get us off this island?

Anyone else thinking about the eggs hatching?

If you're afraid of a few critters, maybe you shouldn't have come, Henry.

It is called the Mysterious Island.

Should've expected mysterious things. It's right in the title.

HANK: I know what the book says.

You wanted to find Mysterious Island. Mission accomplished.

You wanted to find your grandmother.

Mission accomplished.

At daybreak we're out of here. And for the last time, it's Hank.

What's the hurry?

Tomorrow, I am gonna show you a place...

...that will take your breath away.

Like forever?

You're all gonna find out.

So let's get some shut-eye.

It's a big day tomorrow.

Good nighty, honey.

Good night, Papa. Good nighty.


Hey, how's it going?

Well, apart from you stranding us on this stupid island, just fine.

Good. Good.

So, hey, I was thinking, you know, sometime we could hang out or something...

...if you wanted to.

I have a feeling that your idea of fun and my idea of fun are two very different things.

What do you like doing on the weekends?

Collect and label mollusks.

No way! Me too. I'm way into mollusks.

Really? Yeah.

Well, which one's your favorite? Mine's the Mxyzptlk snail.

You're not gonna believe me, but that's my favorite too.

I just made that up.

Mxyzptlk isn't a snail.

It's one of Superman's archenemies.


Way to slay the heart.

Whatever. Getting the attention of a woman... one of the hardest things to do.

All right.

So, what do I do, Casanova?


I been waiting a long time to have this talk with you, buddy.

There are three things to know about understanding girls.

Number one: Don't follow your instincts.

Any other area in life...

...instincts will get you there. Not with women.

So whatever you think you should do, do the opposite.

Number two: You need to be open, sensitive.

Women don't want a man just because he's big and strong and has abs like mine. No.

They want a thinker, they want a feeler. They want someone who can understand them.

Women want a man who is in touch with his most inner emotions.

And the third thing is the most important.

It's something that women have responded to for thousands of years.

Well, tell me.

You have got to do this.

What is that?

That is the pec pop of love. Now go on and throw a berry.

No. Throw a berry.

There's some behind you. Grab one and throw it.

Don't be afraid, they're not gonna bite.



Go ahead, grab a bunch. Rapid-fire, now.

I'm not doing rapid-fire.

They will not stop until you feed them.

Feed them? No.

They're hungry.

I'll feed them.

Attaboy. Get some.

Okay, you ready? Ready? Here we go.

Ooh. Ooh.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

Ooh. Ooh.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.


Ready? This one's special.

Make this one count.

Mmm. No way, that's awesome.

Stop encouraging him.

It's a gift.

It is a gift. He has a gift.

Sean, it works every time.


Come on, Gabby. Get a move on.

Where's he going?

I don't know, but if this goes on much longer, he'll blow a hip. Come on.

Oh! I'm going.

Come on, come on. We're almost there.

Get ready, Gabby. I'm about to take your breath away.




ALEXANDER: How do you like Grandma now?

GABATO: Hello!

ALEXANDER: No one's been home for thousands of years, Gabby.

Can anybody guess...

...what all this is?

Do you know?



SEAN: Well, that's Poseidon.

Can you move this? HANK: Yeah.


I can't believe it.

We're standing in the lost city of Atlantis.

ALEXANDER: The same Atlantis that Verne wrote about, down to the last detail.

But wasn't Atlantis underwater?

Oh, when Verne wrote about it, it was, but it has a 140-year cycle...

...and spends half its time above the water.

What about the other half? SEAN: It's called tectonic recurrence.

The ocean bed buckles due to volcanic activity...

...pulling land to the surface.

Then the entire island sinks back to the bottom of the sea.

SEAN: Nobody's ever seen it on this big of a scale.

This is amazing.

Come with me.

I've been looking for this piece of paradise for 30 years.

I promised your old man that we'd find it together.

But he's not here to enjoy it... I made sure that his son would be.

That is why I encoded that message.

I wanted an Anderson to see this place...

...before anyone else.

Some men get to put their names on stars, species...

...plants. We get to put our name...

...on this gorgeous island.

In two weeks, we'll contact the authorities to pick us up...

...and in three weeks, we'll be on the cover of TIME magazine.


We got a problem.


You see this? It's saltwater.

The only way saltwater gets this far inland is if it enters the subsoil from below.


This island's about to go under.

The only saltwater here is on your brain.

I've analyzed the samples...

...and I've calculated the numbers.

This island isn't due to sink for 14 years.

Alexander, your numbers are wrong.

And how would you know that? HANK: I've come across this... we build over runoff areas. It's called soil liquefaction.

Look, you can see it in the cracks in the confining beds all along here, along here...

...over there, back here.

ALEXANDER: Okay, you made your point.

GABATO: Well, how long do we have?

If I had to guess, based on all this water...

...two, three days max.

Then what? Because I ain't no flotation device, man.

You will be, we don't figure this out.

There must be some way off this island.

GABATO: We could build a boat.

HANK: The storm around this island will chew it up, spit it out.

I've got something.

What about the Nautilus?

How is an exercise machine gonna help us get out of here?

No, no, the Nautilus. Captain Nemo's submarine, built in 1870.

ALEXANDER: Well done, Sean.

Chapter 16, Verne wrote it is hidden on the island.

If we can make it there in time, we can ride it under the hurricane back to Palau.

HANK: Okay. One question:

Where is it?

There's only one man who can tell us that...

...and that is Captain Nemo himself.

The Dakkar Grotto.

The final resting place of Captain Nemo.

Legend has it his crew buried him there.

I'll tell you what had better be in there:

Nemo's journal.

It could tell us the location of the Nautilus.

I've never been able to crawl in there on my own. Too many fried eggs, I'm afraid.


I'll go.

I'm the only one who can fit.

No way. It's too dangerous.

Sweet, but I don't need your permission.

GABATO: Honey?

Papa loves you. You remember the drill.

Be careful. Who knows what's down there.


Honey? Honey? You okay?!

I'm fine.

I'm inside!



What was that?

So that's what a sinking island sounds like.



GABATO: Pull her out! Pull her out!



GABATO: Man, that guy had some terrible handwriting.

Looks like Sanskrit. Close. It's Hindi.

Yeah, Nemo's from India.

It says here...

...that the Nautilus is in a basalt...

...cave on the other side of the island, just...

...under Poseidon's Cliffs.

I know...

...this place.

That's where we gotta go.

What's the best way there?

Well, now, that depends.

The safest way is around the shoreline...

...but the fastest way is across the heart of the island.

What do you think, Hank?

I think we got no choice. The quickest way. He's right.

I'm in. ALEXANDER: Yeah, but...

...let me warn you.

The heart of this island... full of jagged mountains, dark jungles and terrifying creatures...

...who will give you nightmares.


...who's up for an adventure?




GABATO: Are we there yet?

ALEXANDER: We get there when we get there, Gabby.


SEAN: What was that?

The tectonic plates are starting to pull apart underneath the island.

We gotta move. Let's go. Move.


Wait, what is that?

Volcanic ash?

It looks like...


Pure gold.

The treasure Stevenson...

...talked about in Treasure Island.

Volcanoes are made of what they erupt. So if that thing's erupting gold, then it's...

A mountain of gold.

SEAN: Must be massive gold deposits.

Let's go check it out.

Hold on. That'll take us days out of our way. We don't have the time.

Let's make the time. Volcanic gold? That's a huge scientific breakthrough.

I understand, but we gotta get to the Nautilus.

Hank, I'm not just a little kid. Okay? I get a say in this too.

Sean, I am responsible for you. I'd never take a chance with your life.

Hey, hey, you can't tell him what to do.

You're not his father. HANK: From what I hear... haven't been much of a grandfather.

I have given him something to live up to.

Science, adventure, wonder.

What have you ever given him?

I've given him a lot of things, a sense of responsibility being one of them.

Something clearly you don't have.

You're not going.

We're getting out of here. End of discussion.

Sean, please. We have to get off this island.

GABATO: Bye-bye, gold.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah. Fine.

It's just, you know, I don't need Hank trying to tell me what to do all the time.

My dad's always trying to get involved too, but he usually ends up embarrassing me.

Yeah? How?

Last summer I was trying to get a job... he flew all over Palau dropping thousands of copies of my résumé from his helicopter.

That's embarrassing. Isn't that the worst when they try so hard?


I mean, the worst would be if they didn't try at all.

Alexander, are you sure your compass readings are correct?

Of course I am. Why? Why? Because we're down here...

...and we need to be all the way up there. ALEXANDER: To every problem, there is...

...a solution, my large friend...

...and I think this might be a fun one.

[IMITATING ALEXANDER] You think this might be a fun one, eh?

[IN NORMAL VOICE] Does anybody have an umbrella?

Because Mary Poppins is gonna fly us up to the top of the cliff.

I knew you'd be good for something.

Better wait here, Henry.


Where's he going?

I don't know, but that guy's out of his mind.

ALEXANDER: Whoa! Ha, ha!

Oh, I most certainly am.

It turns out that mounting the bee is easy if you don't look into its eyes.

That is so sick.


You get down now.

Why would I get down?

Well, because Medicare doesn't cover old ladies falling off of giant bees. Get down.

Suit yourself.

But make sure you're wearing swimming trunks when this place becomes the Pacific Ocean.

Whoa! Ha-ha-ha!




Can we fly together?

This is amazing!

Like riding stallions across the Serengeti.


This is beautiful! Talk about paradise!


Oh, man.

Is that...? Bird poop?

Oh! Oh!

That must be one giant...



HANK: Into the trees!



That thing looks hungry!

A white-throated needletail.

It feeds on worms, aphids...

...and, yes, bees!


There's another one!


Hold on!

Watch out!


Stay in your own lane!

HANK: Are you familiar with Chicken?

ALEXANDER: These aren't chickens!

HANK: No, the game! Chicken!


I like the way he thinks.


Not yet.

Not yet!





Yeah! How cool was that, little buddy?

I love you, Hank! I love you so much!

I love you...

Too much happy. That's too much happy.

SEAN: Hold on!






You saved me.

Yeah, I guess I did.


Or maybe not!

Go, go! Get out of here!

Sean, what are you doing?

Come on, bird!

Let's do this!






Sean. Talk to me.

It's my ankle. I can't move it.

This could be serious. I need to look at it.

Not here.

This part of town is even more dangerous after dark.

Okay. I'm gonna get you up, on three.

One, two, three. Up.

That's it.

ALEXANDER: Give me your arm. Okay.

HANK: Now come on.

Has the swelling gone down?

It's dislocated pretty bad. We might be here a while.

Well, we'll go get some water.

We're gonna have to pop it back in, buddy.

Okay. Let's do it.

Alexander, I'll brace him. You do it on three?

Got it.

Ready? Yeah.


SEAN: Aah!

What happened to two and three? Yeah.

Two, three.

Wasn't so bad.

It wasn't very good.

Do we have anything for the pain?

There's nothing in here.

All right, buddy.

There you go. Okay.


We have this.

No, no, no.

Don't worry. I don't sing to dudes underneath the stars in front of a cozy fire.

It's not my style. Good.

You can sing?

A little bit.


Music is nature's painkiller. Sing him a song.


Come on.


Don't worry.

I got something special for you.


SEAN: God!

HANK: All right.


Oh, that's gonna make me feel better?

Slow it down. Just gotta get in tune.

Takes a big man to play a little guitar.

And an even bigger one to listen.


HANK [SINGING]: I see trees of green Red roses too I see them bloom For me and for you And I think to Myself What a wonderful world

I see giant bees and I could have told ya Don't trust Alexander He's older than Yoda And I think To myself What a wonderful world

The island That we stand on Well, it's currently sinking Sending those secret codes What the heck were you drinking?

But it's All in the past We wiped the slate clean We're going to find Nemo's Submarine

And you'll think to yourself What a wonderful World

Oh, yeah Oh, that was extraordinary.

What, my multiple talents?

No, after all these years, finding the elusive singing Sasquatch.


No, but seriously, where'd you learn to play like that?

My dad used to sing it to me when I was a kid.


Remind me to buy him a drink when we get back.

Yeah. Good luck finding him.


Where is he?

Don't know.

He left when I was 8, and I haven't seen him since.

At least I got a good song out of it, right?


You like him, don't you?

Who, Sean? No.

Yeah, he's a little hotheaded, you know. But he seems to be a good kid.

It can never happen between us.

I mean, if we get off this island, he'll go back to America...

...move on with his life and go to college.

And I'll go back to tiny Palau.

You could go to college someday if that's something you really want.

Who's gonna help you at work?

Plus we can't afford it.

Don't say that. You wanna go to college, you can go to college.

Okay? I can make that happen.

I promise.

Thanks, Papa.



Hank, get up.

Something's wrong here. Everybody up!

Where'd this water come from?

The liquefaction rate tripled overnight.

What's that mean?

It's sinking a lot faster than we thought.

I thought you said a couple of days.

Now more like a couple of hours. A couple of hours?

We need to get to that sub or we'll all be 20,000 leagues under the sea.




He's gone. ALEXANDER: Stay calm.

He's probably gone for a pee.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

SEAN: What?

Ugh. Last night, he promised me he'd send me to college.

Now I know what he meant. He's going after the mountain of gold.

Look, I gotta go get him.

You guys head to the sub. If we're not there in time, leave without us.

No way. You're not going alone.

I'll go with you.

You have a dislocated ankle, that's four miles.

It's fine. I can do it. It'll be okay.

No, Sean, he's right. You're in no condition to make that trip.

Well, she can't go alone.

Then I'll go with her.

I'm the one who...

...called you to this island.

It's my fault you're in this quagmire.

If this map of ours is right...

...then the Trident Cliffs should be about...

...a mile and a half in that direction.

You get to the Nautilus as soon as you can and then meet us...

...on the shoreline. We have one map.

HANK: Let me see your phone.

Let me see this thing.


Now we have two.

Hank, well done.

Thank you...

...for calling me Hank.


Be careful.

ALEXANDER: Come on, darling.

I'll see you soon.

I promise.

Ready, Sean?


Come on.



Ow! Ooh!

Oh, not that there! Ow!

That hurt too!




Our prayers have been answered.



There's Poseidon's...

...Trident, right where it's supposed to be.

We need the cliff. This is just shoreline.

The Nautilus is supposed to be inside of a cave right here.

Maybe the map is wrong.

Let me see it.

Sean, we are in the right place.

Well, then where's the cave? Where's the Nautilus?

Down there.

The sea level's risen over 100 feet in the last 24 hours.

I can't believe this is happening. We're too late. It's over.

No, it's not. It's okay. It's okay.

We just gotta think. We just gotta think of a way to get...

I got it.

What? Scuba tanks.

Are we listing things that we don't have?

Okay, a jet pack, a girlfriend, calligraphy paper.

No, no, listen to me. We just...

"Calligraphy paper"?

It popped into my head.

We have a couple of dry bags, right? Yeah.

Okay, so we take what we salvaged from the beach, and we build makeshift scuba tanks.

No short breaths... wasted movements.

Make sure you equalize ear pressure as you go down.

You know...

...if we die down there...

...Mom's gonna kill us.

Then let's do this.





What are you doing here? You're supposed to be back at the Nautilus. I'll meet you...

...back there.

Papa, stop.


Papa, stop!

Baby, this is our one chance. Our one chance to send you to college.

To give you a different life, a better life.


We'll have all the wealth we'll ever need...

...just as long as we're together.

Let's go home.

All right. All right.


ALEXANDER: Double-time, Gabby.


Okay, it's only 100 feet down, and we've got two hits of air with this.


Are you ready? Am I ready? Are you ready?

Oh, I'm totally ready. Well, I'm totally ready.

Well, I'm probably more ready than you.

No, there's no way. I'm, like, twice as ready as you are.

We're procrastinating out of fear, aren't we?

Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

Wait, which way are you going?

Frankly, I'm not sure.

You're not sure? Look, we're running out of time.

Well, which way's north?


This way. No.


No, that's not it. It's this way.

We're getting too much magnetic friction.

What does that mean?

It means we're lost.





We made it.

The Nautilus.

Come on.

Sean, give me the flashlight.

Let's power this up and get to the others.

KAILANI: How do we find north without a compass?


GABATO: Oh, oh... Heh, heh.

I already rode a giant bee. I ain't getting on no spider.

Spiders build their webs...

...facing south.

Uh, guys?

I think I found our spider.


And we go the other way.

The ballast control panel's gotta be around here somewhere.

Where's the power switch?

I think this is it.

How do you know?

It's right there in chapter 17.

Someone's reading their Verne.

Let's fire this baby up.


Come on, come on. Wake up!



The engine's dead. We gotta get under the hood.

HANK: These batteries are 140 years old.

It's gonna need a jump-start.

Yeah, but that's gonna take thousands of kilowatts of electricity.


You thinking what I'm thinking?

That's completely insane.


Cable attached to the harpoon? Yeah.

Great. One good charge from that thing out there, we're gonna be on our way.

Okay. But I need you to come back.

Of course. Somebody's gotta help you pilot this thing.

No, I mean...

Look, if anybody ever asks, I'm gonna deny that I ever said this.

But I need you to come back.

I've had a lot of people take off on me in my life...

...and I don't want you to be one of them.

Before we left, I told your mom that I was gonna take care of her son.

You're not just her son.

You're my family too now.

I promise you I'll come back for you.




...who's up for an adventure?


Where are they?

They're not here.



GABATO: Bumpy!


They'd better get here quick!

We're running out of real estate!


Hey, over here!

Where are you?


Come on, Hank.

Come on!

HANK: Where are you?

Come on, show me...

...that 1000-watt smile.

Do it now!




KAILANI: I love you, Papa.

I love you, baby.


Down we go!


We made it.

Not yet, we haven't!


Up ahead.

We're gonna be blocked.

Gabato, I need you to captain us out of here.


You brought us to the island, you can take us back.


Sean, on my signal, hit that button.

Yeah, you right. It's like flying in my helicopter. Like... Okay.




Fire it!



Hey, hey, man, we did it! We did it!


GABATO: Yeah! Yeah!

SEAN: Yes! Yeah!



And we're on cruise control.

Nice work, man.

You too.

Can't believe we made it off the island.


[WHISPERING] Pop your pecs.

[WHISPERING] I'm not gonna pop my pecs.

Now's the time. She's gonna love it, believe me.

I'm not gonna pop pecs. Do it, do it. You can do it.

She would love it, believe me.


You two done yet?

Pop your pecs.

Thank you.

For everything.

[IN NORMAL VOICE] That works too.

I'm so happy right now.

I don't know how...

...this moment could get better.

ALEXANDER: Well, the one way... could get better is if you steer us away from this coral reef.



That's a good idea, good idea.

Good afternoon, folks...

...and welcome to Gabato Luxury Tours.

If you look out the window on your left... will see what is known as the Pacific Ocean.

HANK: Ugh. Here we go again.

BOY 1: Pass it! BOY 2: Car!

BOY 3: Game on!


For the third time today, Papa, I'm fine.

Yeah, but I heard there was a 2.3 magnitude earthquake in Ojai.

Is that anywhere near Ohio?

It's 2000 miles away.

You don't need to worry about any earthquakes.

What about volcanoes? No.

Giant birds?

Goodbye, Papa. I love you.

I love you, sweetness.

Hey, can you wish Sean a happy birthday for me?

And maybe I'll call you later. Say, in five minutes?

Bye, Papa. I love you, baby. Bye.

Okay, are we ready for the journey?!



Yeah! Yeah!


Hey, guys.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Hey, darling. Hey.

You look wonderful. Good to see you.

Come here for a second. KAILANI: Okay.

Happy birthday. You raised a great man.

No. KAILANI: So sorry I'm late.

We are raising a great man.

Open this one first.

Postmarked Cameroon?

Oh, it's from Grandpa.

He wants to give me...

...his present next time he sees me.




Well, don't just sit there. Applaud!




Can't believe you're here.

I wouldn't miss your birthday for the world.

I wanted to give you this.

A book?

Oh, it's not just a book. It's a trip I want us to go on.

All of us, as a family.

From the Earth to the Moon.

What do you say?

Well, I think there's only one thing to say.

So who's up for an adventure? LIZ: No, no, no!

HANK: Oh, honey, what could possibly go wrong? It's only the moon.

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