Joy House (1964) Script


Lovely car!

Do you love me?

I love your car.

And me? You don't have a car!

See you tonight for dinner.

Which floor, please?


So, Don Juan... you shouldn't have done that.

McKeen is jealous and powerful.

His wife didn't warn you?

Go on.

McKeen wants proof you suffered before...

You called?

Five whiskies. Yes, sir.

Start talking.

McKeen loves details.


I, Marc Borel, admit I seduced that big swine McKeen's wife!

He's a real swine!

Be polite.

A swine! McKeen!

I seduced Diana McKeen because I like danger, she's rich and has a heart of gold.

Hot water's really something...

It softens tough guys, they become sincere. Right, Harry?

The charmer's coming round.

Empty his pockets.


Give him his papers back. McKeen wants his mother to know.

What mother?

Hey, you Frenchie! I'm not French.

I'm Corsican, like Napoleon.

That's not your fault.

Is your ideal spot far? 20 minutes.

You'll have my head, McKeen.

But your Wife hates you!

You can go to hell!

Smooth talker, cheat, two-bit pimp, but you got guts.

Keep the money. A present from me.

You don't need it any longer.

And we don't do things by half.

Are you crazy?

What are you doing? Don't even think about it!

You brute! You've a nerve!

My brothers, are you ready to stand before God?

Yes, of course you are.

Why am I so sure?

Because you are here every night for the comforting words of the Bible and the promise of a better life in the next world.

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits you.

Poverty is not a crime.

You are the last ones now... the last ones.

But one day, you will be the first, up there in the sky.

You are like humble wildflowers who neither work nor run.

But I'm telling you, King Salomon, in all his glory, was not as fine as you.

Archimède, please come and help me.

Who are they?

A couple of real nutcases. But they bring us food.

When I see them with their baskets, I start drooling.

Tinned crab, mayonnaise, chicken and warm bread...

Always the same.

Is there someone somewhere you'd like to write to?

Would you like to write to someone?

An envelope?

Maybe there's someone you'd like to write to?

An envelope?

It seems they like you.

Why are they nutcases?

Don't you read the newspapers? It happened 2 years ago.

I wasn't in France.

Ah, OK... There was some serious shooting.

What kind of shooting? Barn barn!

The husband, an American billionaire named Hill, was killed by a guy who came to rob him.

And the other one with her?

She's just the maid.

I see.

Thank you for all your help.

You too, Miss Melinda. Thank you.

Excuse me, I've a delicate question I'd like to ask you.

Go ahead, sir.

Do you have a criminal record?

No, sir. I swear.


Do not fear, man's justice is no concern of mine.

Do you fear God?

Yes, sir. I fear everything.

Here are some clothes for you from someone very pious, that dear Mrs Hill.

A lady who knew how to rise above idle gossip, scandal and adversity.

Does she often come here?

Twice a week, without fail.

Twice a week.

Victory Victory For us, this day ls the happiest of days Vision of joy When the Lord appears And like a dream Fades away Our footsteps...

May the Lord's blessing be upon us. Amen.

Take a seat.

I see that God isn't the only one you fear.

Relax, I've sent them away.

But I can't let you stay longer than five days.

Those are the rules on the Côte d'Azur.

You understand, don't you?

By the way, somebody asked me if you know how to drive.


Very well.

You're an extremely careful driver.

Where did you learn to drive?

In Paris.

Down on your knees?

No, Melinda will do it.

The lock is capricious.

You have to tame it.

May I? Of course.

Thank you.

Come to my office later. Very well.

Melinda will show you... Yes.

...your room.

How many servants?

Just you and me.

That's all?

We live all alone. Come and see your room.

Won't I be living in the house?

No, above the garage. And you?

Am I to understand there's just the two of us to take care of this huge villa?

No, only a part of it.

And we never have guests.

I'm very strong, hard work doesn't scare me.

Waxing floors, polishing...

It's wonderful having a man around.

I get the impression Mrs Hill feels the same...

Tell me something.

Just between you and me, she's so pretty, she must have someone in her life?




You really do think of everything.

Of everything.

And nothing.

You're not telling me our pretty widow leads a nun's life?

That she only loves the poor and charitable visits?

She's a good heart.

She gives me all my dresses.

Those men talking to Father Nielson... are they after you?

Can't you make a bed? What did they teach you in the army?

How to crush stones.

It's hard to accept this.

Is there no way around it?

Can't we do things differently?

Find another way?

It's not easy to eat a rabbit you've domesticated.

Come in.

Come over here.

Show me your passport.

Certainly, madam.

I see you've been to New York.

Yes, madam.

And to come back, did you swim?

No, I dropped it in water by accident.

What do you mean?


I was messing around with a girl and she pushed me.


I fell into a pool with my clothes on.

Born in Bi...

Billancourt? ls that in Paris?

Yes. Apparently.

Do you have a family?


Do you like travelling?

It depends where.

Would you entertain the idea of going back to America?

The climate doesn't agree with me.

Born the 14th May.

A Taurus.

You're 28 years old.

And 13 days.

You mean 16.

If you want to play the wise guy, count correctly.

Very well, madam.

Profession: Manipulator.

What does that mean?

It means I know how to manipulate.

I know how to manipulate tennis rackets, golf clubs, racing cars, irons...

I can manipulate many things.

I see. But things don't seem to be going very well at the moment.

That's right.

But madam is aware that by manipulating certain things in a certain way, it is possible to win millions.

Talking of millions, does 1,000 a month, with full room and board, suit you?

I'd hoped for 3,000.

You have high hopes.

I'm sorry.



You'll have one day off a week.

Which day, madam?


So be it.

And every night?

Listen, don't forget who's the employee and who's the employer.


Where did you grow up?

On the streets, madam, in Paris.

In the gutter, you mean.

You may leave.

Leave this with me.

Have many chauffeurs already worked here?

Taste this.


It needs more salt?

It's hot.

I like you because you're poor.

Yes, but not for long.

So there haven't been any other chauffeurs?

I'm poor too.

Like all maids.

I'm not her maid, we're cousins.

Why didn't you say?

Her last chauffeur left two years ago, just before I arrived.

Eight days after Barbara's husband's death.

Just wait till you see the state of the car!


What is it?

Be ready in an hour to go shopping.

OK. Bring me loads of sponges and soap first.

Open the window.

There you go.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Yes, right...


I intend to buy you a uniform.

That suits me fine, madam.

Drive carefully, chauffeur, we're in a hurry.

This one looks good. It'll do.

It's well-cut. The broadcloth is very solid.

There's no breadth across the back, see?

And the collar's too tight.

Too tight?

I have a short neck but it's not your fault.

And the padding makes me look like a scarecrow!

It's obviously off-the-peg.

Sir is extremely difficult.

What's this? A unwanted made-to-measure.

Not bad.

There's a flaw in the back.

It doesn't matter.

I'm comfortable. It's perfect for driving.

It's for flying planes. It's a pilot's uniform.

So what?

What do you think?

Very nice, but you'll have to change the buttons.

That will take 10 minutes. I'll wait.

I'd like another one. It's better to have two.

That's feasible. It'll take 3 or 4 days.

Not before? We'll do our utmost.

The grey flannel suit you promised him?

You think it's necessary?

For when you go into town. That's not my thing.

By the way, I have sensitive eyes too.

You'd look great in grey!


Marc... tell me, have you read War and Peace?

Of course, several times.

Then explain to me who Anna Pavlovna is.

I keep mixing her up with Anna Mikhailovna.

It's the same with Nikolushka... and Nikolai.

The prince. ls he a Rostov or a Bolkonsky?

I'll explain later.

I know you lack style but you could get out and open the door!

To the Venezuelan consulate.

Very well, madam.

Your driving is appalling.

You think it's cooked?

Why do you worry about that?

Just give her some tinned food.

You think that would do? You don't know her appetite.

That's 24.

Your cousin won't die of hunger!

You never eat with her?

I prefer being alone with you.

Which wine goes with that?


I'm fed up.

If I'm to be a tin opener, I'll ask for a raise from the angel!

By the way, who hit her?


The angel... who gave her that black eye?

She bumped into a door.

Barbara, it's ready.

What was she doing at Cook's today?

Then at the Venezuelan consulate?

I don't know, I was with you in the car.

She might have said something to you?

She doesn't tell me everything.

The lamb's going to heaven!

Sometimes angels do earthly deeds.

Did I frighten you?

Looking for something? Yes.

My head.



What's that?

It's to help you start off your day in a good mood.

Feeling better?

My head's clearing.

One sleeps well in here, don't you think?

I sleep well anywhere.

With a little help. What do you mean?


You have beautiful legs, you know?

You really think so?

For a young girl.

I adore you.

What's today's schedule?

This morning, rest.


But we have a busy afternoon.

We have to go to the butchers, then to the grocery store for 50 tins of crab.

That's all?

No, we'll go and visit the Sanctuary of Redemption, the Evangelical Centre and then the Holy Innocents Orphanage.

That last one... that's where the two of us should be.

Barbara wants all the shop owners to know you.

She's proud to have you and wants to show you off.

Yes, she's right, let's visit the whole town.

Well, what a surprise.

A bump! That's going over the top!

Is anybody here?

Is there anyone around?

Anybody here?


Hello? ls that you, Gisèle?

- Who is this? It's Marc.

Good grief! What a surprise!

Where are you? Australia?

In a rather unhealthy place.

Listen, can I drop in at your place?

Are you alone?

Not now.

I'll be there tomorrow morning.

I apologize for disturbing you, madam.

You're not disturbing us.

What I'd like to ask you is rather delicate.

I'm listening.

Would you be so kind as to give me a small advance on my wage?

I don't have any money on me.

Do you need something?

As madam pointed out, things weren't going my way.

You have any money on you?

I'm afraid I'm not rich.

This morning, I'd like to go and buy some things for myself.

My entire fortune.

Is it enough?

It's exactly what I need.

Thank you.


A 2nd class ticket to Paris. 95 francs.


Hey! What is this?

A ticket for Paris.

You want to leave?

We're out of danger. Sit up.

Either drive on the left or the right.

I'm driving the best I can. You sure you've got a license?

I've got to find a way to keep him here.

I could try to seduce him.

No way.

I've a good memory. I know what that means.

The only thing I want is to get out of here!


I know jealousy is your vice, your madness, your passion.

Sometimes I want to cheat on you so you have real reason to worry.

Talk money with him, but here, before my eyes.

You know that's not possible, it makes me nervous if you watch.

Let me talk to him in the bar, I'll be calmer.

Maybe. We'll see.

If you hadn't heard his phone call, and Melinda hadn't followed him, you know he'd be far away by now, with his passport.

All this is new for you, but money isn't everything.

However, we could fix that. Let's talk.

I'd like a drink.

Yes, madam.

Coke, gin, whisky, banana liqueur?

Whisky, neat.

What shall we talk about?

Your salary. You wanted 3,000 francs.

To go to America? No, thanks.

No, South America. OK?


You often change your mind like that?

You wanted to go to Paris?

I see.

Melinda told you?



It's the chateau of intuition.

You took your passport.

I hate leaving my things lying around.

What do you want from me?

Kiss me.

Is madam satisfied?

Her wish is my command.

Your insolence is without limit.

Yes, madam.


Not bad.

But you can do better.

You must learn to clean everything.

Everything that has been used.

I'd never be finished.

If I was a flower, which one do you think I'd be?

I've never been good at those games.

One can learn... like how to be a manservant.

Of course, it's not well-paid.


You'd be a pretty rosebud.


And if I was a cat?


A cat.

A kitten, starting to sharpen your claws.

I'm trying.

And if I was... a chauffeur?

I suppose you'd be in love... with Melinda.

You're good.

And if I was a widow?

You wouldn't be Barbara.


lam Melinda.

And Melinda is nothing, right?

And if you were...


If I was Barbara, I'd have what I want, when I want.

Who is it?

It's me.

What do you want?

I want to come in. Here?


But... Not in the bar.

Have you finished being childish?

Isn't that what you expect of me?


I have a favour to ask.

What favour?

See how you treat me!

In the past, you wouldn't have spoken to me like a maid.

Haven't I helped you in the past?

Yes, I know, you've been very good to me.

But I helped you, so we're even.

Lend me one of your dresses from before.

Before what? Before John's death.

I thought we'd agreed not to speak of that.

I'm sorry.

I gave you one three days ago.

Why do you need all these dresses?

To please Marc.

May I? No.

Why not? Forget about all that.

You wore it when you met Vincent, remember?

It's no dress for a widow. You can't wear it now.

Then take it.

Thank you, Barbara.

You're an angel.


The specialist is being called.



Who else?

Could you come upstairs?

With a brush and shovel.

I've broken the Ming.

Do I glue it back together or throw it away?

Sweep up all the pieces then throw them in the bin.

Marc, Melinda would like to go outwith you tonight.

With me?

What is madam insinuating?

That I'm counting on your morality.

You may leave.

You're really counting on it?

It's a club that's always had a good reputation.

Barbara often went there.

You really don't want to go dancing?

No, thank you.

Marc, tell me about your parents.

Dead, both of them.

It's better that way.

And your childhood?

I didn't have one.

I understand.

You know, this house was built in 1904 and its style is neo-Gothic.

I think it's splendid.

It will be mine when my cousin gives it to me when she goes to America.

South America, you mean?

You're sure she'll go?

That's what she told me but... it's been 2 years and she's still here.

You're the poor cousin who's treated like a skivvy.

Do you like my dress?

It's from Paris.

I love French things.

I'm counting on you to teach me about wine.

Now, will you listen to me?

All my life.

You've such a beautiful voice.

Can you just shut up?

I know a way.

I'd like to know more about the tearful widow story.

You think I'm so innocent I'll believe a woman as beautiful as Barbara lives the secluded life of a saint?

A saint? She runs after all the men she's attracted to.

You followed me to the station.

I thought you might need me.

It's bedtime, baby.

The sandman's been.

I hate you.

You've forgotten your coffee.

Sleep well?

What do you think?


Take a seat.


I think your coffee knocked me out.


Wasn't it rather the fresh air?

But I don't understand why.



I won't be drinking coffee tonight.

I'm going to the cinema.

Are you taking me?


Not you.


All by myself.

Am I in disgrace?

Up to here!

Why? What have I done?

First of all, your coffee gives me nightmares.

I left you in the sun, you turned up at the station.

And I don't get any answers to my questions.

I'd like to be able to answer them.

I love this kind of case.

Especially this one.

Here it is, step by step.

She was his mistress, I'd bet my life on it.

Whatever the verdict, Barbara is a broken woman

"Mrs Hill swore under oath

"nothing happened between her and the ski instructor."


"The official version states Vincent broke into the house to steal..."

Yes, but... she's a sensual woman, right?

Maybe she deeply loved her husband.

A man so much older than her? Look at his photo.

I see why she preferred water skiing!

The police never found the ski instructor, Vincent?

There's nothing in my archives.

I know the police looked for him.

They searched the house twice!

In my opinion, Mrs Hill got out of all this because she's very rich... billions!


I'd like something to help me sleep.

I've a cough, it keeps me awake all night.

You need a sedative, something soothing.

No, I'd like some powder to put in my coffee.

Your coffee? Yes.

Here you go.

One teaspoon and you'll sleep like a baby.

Like a baby?

Exactly what I need. Thank you very much.

I knew you'd look wonderful in grey.

What are you doing up there?

Go on, it's time for bed.

I'm not sleepy.

You will be.

Careful you don't collapse with exhaustion.

You've run a red light, scraped a taxi and you've no papers.

Isn't that enough?

I haven't driven in two years.

I need to practice. Get in.

Take the small car, it's less conspicuous.

We want the opposite.

And you know it.

People need to think I'm him.

But it's stupid!

You've waited 2 years. You've only 2 more days to go!

I called the consulate. His visa's ready in 2 days.

You want to spoil everything?

He went to the cinema, he could arrive any minute now.

I'd kill him, then it would be settled.


I'm frightened.

There must be another way.

No, there isn't.

You're very nervous.

You seem very attached to your tamed rabbit.

I'll come with you.

He must have come out from somewhere.

Good morning, Marc. Morning.

Isn't my breakfast ready?

Where's Melinda?

She's still sleeping.

At 10:30?

Maybe she drank too much coffee last night.

Be ready in one hour to go into town.

Thank you.

At your command, madam!

What are you doing?


You wish to say something?


You're impossible.

I love the way you laugh.

You sound like you're about to bite.

Me, maybe.

Someone might see us.

The tamed rabbit... is that me?

I chose the wrong animal.

You're more like a wolf.

But you can't eat a wolf.

I can.

Yes, a wolf!

Listen to me...

Close your eyes.

I saw Vincent.

Where is he hiding?

So you and Vincent wanted to kill me?

Just like that.

We're not the only ones.

Us or them... same difference.

That's true.

Does Melinda know about your plans for me?

You're crazy, she's a child. She believes what she hears.

What does she hear?


She thinks Vincent killed for me and finds that wonderful.

And about me?

You'll go back to where you came from as you'll have no ID.

I'll have no ID?

But I'll grumble, get angry, cause a stir and blow the whistle.

Oh, yes.

If I understand correctly, you visited the refuges to find a tramp with no future and no family.

Two years of patience and waiting.

You kill him, take his ID and off to Caracas!

I didn't know the tramp could be you.

Mrs Hill is here, Your Grace.


Dear Mrs Hill, I'm so happy to see you.

Mrs Hill, so glad you could come.

Marc, go for lunch. Pick me up at 3 o'clock.

Yes, madam.

Mrs Hill, what a pleasure.

If you wouldn't mind...

What are you doing?

Looking at myself.

Don't you have a mirror in your room?

Aren't they back yet?

What time is it?


She said she's meeting with the archbishop's secretary.

Then she's going to the consulate.

So what?

Why didn't you go with them?

I was sleeping.

You think my legs are too long?

Too skinny?


The weather's beautiful today.

If only you could see the sun.

Do you like my dance?

You know what it is?

The twist?

The twist...

No, it's... the surf.

What did you dance before you were shut up in here?

The foxtrot?

The tango?

The waltz? Shut up!

As you like.

Why are you looking at me like that?

So you do like me?

Why not?

How do you like me, Vincent? Say it.

If only he would look at me like that.

Who's "he"?


We don't care about Marc.

Let go of me or I'll tell Barbara!

Then tell me, why did you come here?

He doesn't look at me, only her.

Help me, Vincent.

It affects you too, you know.

What do you mean?

When you did water skiing, you were handsome, tanned, muscular and popular.

But now, it's simple... you're the colour of a turnip.

And the cat's become a lump of fat.

You remember how sweet it was when we gave it to you?

Leave and take her with you as soon as possible.

What do you know?

What's going on between them? What have you seen?

I don't know. Leave me alone. What's the matter with you?

Have you been drinking?

Go and do your cleaning.

Bring me the newspapers and a drink.

Vincent, what does she have that I don't?


What she has?

She makes decisions.

She takes. She doesn't need help.

She gets what she wants.

Try keeping a man like me caged up for two years, with a cat.

You... your problem is about leaving.

You have two men but only one passport.

What a problem!

You drive me crazy.

In Venezuela, maybe I'd fit the bill better than him.

At night, that's for sure.

In the day as well.

What can we do about Vincent?

Am I right to understand it's either him or me?

And he'll have no scruples.

We could almost say it's... a case of self-defence.

But... in the eyes of the law, Vincent is already dead.

That is conceivable.

It is even appealing.

Give me your passport.

Not so fast.

If you want us to leave together, you must trust me.


I don't like that word.

You must give me proof of your sincerity.

I've just given myself to you.

Isn't that enough?


You know, it comes... and goes.

Show me the entrance to Vincent's lair and I'll give you my passport.

It's a fair deal, right?

It's true... you are formidable.

Here it is.

But remember, I'll pick it up at the consulate.

Are you crazy? Why did you do that?

I had to.

Lock the wardrobe from the inside, we'll use the chimney.

Why are you doing this?

What are you two up to?

You wanted a passport?

You've got one.

You wanted a uniform.

You've got that too.

What's going on?


I got the wrong room.

What's that?

A hairpin?

Where did you find it? Here?

Marc, her perfume is everywhere.

The room's full of it!

Come on, Melinda, calm down.

Listen, there are things you can't understand.

It's probably better that way.

Of course it's better.

I don't care if you stay for her.

The most important thing is you stay.

Marc, I love you.

I love you.



Why not?

Put this on.

And get up.


Get up and I'll tell you.

I'm leaving in three days.

You're going to Venezuela with Barbara?

That's right.

No! There's someone who will stop you.

Yes, I know. Vincent.

Marc, he'll kill both of you.

Don't worry about that.

I've solved that problem too.

You understand?

No, you don't understand.

After all, maybe it's better that way.

Can I call New York from here? Yes, ask the concierge.

Thank you.

Hello, New York?

American Express?

I'd like to send a telegram to Barbara Hill.

Yes, in Villefranche-sur-Mer.


"Come back to New York

"the 26th of this month.


"Glad to know problem solved.


"L still love you.




Your lunch.

It's 2:30.

Without windows, I lose sense of time.

Even the cat's fed up with this diet.

I've had an idea.

There's no need to get rid of the body.

We can hide it here, in these walls.

The police haven't found this hideout in two years.

Let's change the subject.


This house reeks of death.

I said so the first day I came here.

There's no other way? Enough!

The visas?

At four o'clock.

So your dream, Melinda, is to live alone in that imitation Venetian chateau for the rest of your days?

Of course.

And I'll do it!


No, in my handbag.

Good grief!

Barbara Hill, is that you?

Villefranche, that's here?

"Come back to New York the 26th of this month. Stop.

"Glad to know problem solved.


"I still love you.


The problem!

That's me?

And that other idiot caged up in his attic?

You tricked him too.

We kill each other and the problem's solved?

Marc, I think I'm going crazy.

That might work with him.

But not with me!

No, Marc! No!


Open the door! Barbara!

You'll pay for this! It's not true!

Vincent, it's not true! No! It's not true!

It's not true.

Vincent, listen to me.

I'm going to kill you!

And I'll kill him too!



You're not hurt?

Vincent's killed Barbara.

What do we do now?

I know a deserted bay...

There aren't many of those near here.

This one is.

Someone tried to shoot me there.

Nobody heard anything.

I don't like this any more than you, but it's got to be done.

Then what will become of us?

I'll leave with the Rolls-Royce.

And me?

You have your chateau.

The chateau without you?

You can't have everything, baby.



I want to buy flowers for Barbara.

Honestly! As if we're going to the cemetery.

I want flowers!

If you don't stop, I'll make a scene.

Go buy some flowers!

You really are a nutcase.

I'll take these.

Just a minute.

There you go.

Happy now?

Now let's get this over with.

Move back, leave her some room.

Come on, ladies and gentlemen, move back.

Are you hurt?

He was driving too fast.

Move back now.

Are you blind? It's a one-way street.

You've a flat tyre.

What? A flat tyre!

You've got a spare tyre? No.

You don't? Yes, we do.

We have two spare tyres.

In the trunk.

I'll help you, miss. I don't have one.

Why did you do that?

It was the only way of keeping you here.

You sent the telegram?

Barbara didn't love you.

I'm going to kill you.

You need me.

Why did the police let you go?

You ran away.

They think you're guilty and know you want to go to Venezuela.


I'll go anyway.

You can't keep me here.

Where will you go with them on your heels?

I haven't killed anyone yet.

Then why are you hiding?

The police are here. Convince them.

A present.

To keep you company.

Come in.

Are you from the police?

Yes. We'd like to ask you a few questions.

How can I help you?