Juan of the Dead (2011) Script

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Holy shit!

You scared me to death, man!

There's nothing down there.

I think we're leaving empty-handed.

This isn't about how many fish we catch.

It's about having a good time.

Don't you just want to paddle to Miami sometimes?

What for?

There, I have to work.

Here, I'm a harvester like the Taínos.

It's just a matter of sitting and waiting. Something will come up.

Besides, I'm a survivor.

I survived Mariel, I survived Angola, I survived the Special Period, and that thing that came later.

Just give me a chance, and I'll sort it out.

Look, my luck is getting better. What did I tell you, Lázaro?

This is paradise, and nothing will change that.

Is he dead?

This stays between us, okay?

Doesn't El Neni owe you money?

What a bastard! Here.


You're a sucker! Neni!

My dad is better than you.

Who's your dad?

Pick that up. Come on! And count the chips.

Your dad is a sodomite.

What's a sodomite? A chemical substance.

Can I help you, Yiya? Thank you, Sonny.

Juanito, what would I do without you?

With Rogelio who hasn't stood up for years!

Whoops! Again!

I'm going to lift you up, Yiya. Careful.

Don't take advantage! I'll try not to.

That's it.

Now the other knee.

Did you just touch my burn?

I couldn't help myself.

Hey! What's up, Sara?

Listen, the other day, you left the window open.

What a sublime show.

When he told me, I had to touch myself.

By the way, you look good in those red shoes.

Sara, what if you and I --?

Please! You'd have to be the last man on Earth.

Those chicks are crazy about me, man.

How do these chicks know when they're done?

I'll tell you how.

I jerk off, I come, and that's it.

But their hands get tired, and their tongues get numb.

What does Sara do, man?

She's a blogger.


One of those people who write nonsense on the Internet.

JUAN OF THE DEAD You're getting your family in trouble, and then you'll feel bad.

Show me that watch, shit!

Hey, you! What are you looking at? Beat him up and shake him down.

There's a meeting today, right? I've already told them.

Look, you have to get your kid out of this.

He should study something. Not be a crook.

That's it, California. That's my son.

Give it to her. Hey!

He can do much better, man. You can't let him follow our footsteps.

He likes it, Juan. What the hell can I do?

What the hell do I know?

You should've paid more attention to him.

Play ball with him more often. I don't know.

At least he's here with me, in Cuba.

Wouldn't you like to have been raised better?

I don't complain about ourselves, but there are different ways to move forward in life.

What's up, Mommy-in-Law? Did you miss me?

Thank God it's been a long time I haven't been your mother-in-law.

Why did you come? Camila isn't here.

Grandma, who is it?

Come in. Thank you.

I'm in the shower. I'll be right there.

I was surprised you didn't come before.

I thought you were in prison.

Why would I be in prison? Because nature is wise.

Has it been a while since you arrived?

Too long for you not to have known already.

When you do that, you steal my heart.

The last time I saw you, you stole many things from me.

You're just like your mother. Thank goodness I came out like her.

Cami, I swear, I've changed.

No, Juan, you're like this country.

Many things happen to you, but you never change.

By the way, I'm going to Miami.

Things aren't easy in Spain, and mom has decided to start from scratch.

Damn it, Camila, you can't do this to me.

I can't live without you.

You've been doing pretty good all this time, so get used to it.

I'm being honest.

Give me a chance.


Let's go for a fifth time.

Damn! My husband!

The boy doesn't want to play ball with me.

Where were you, man?

Holy shit, that's a hot brunette. Great move.

Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo The motherland looks proudly to you Do not fear a glorious death Because to die for the motherland is to live...

Why do we always meet here? -It's a tradition.

Good evening. Good evening.

Mario isn't feeling well today, so he asked me to talk with you.

Okay, let's get started.

Yudmila says we need more whiskey, so get it from Loco.

Darling, don't you know Loco died?

With your habit of fishing in that little raft of yours, you're eating more shit every day.

Like Alice... "in the Wonderland." Careful!

Eight radios have been stolen this week from parked cars. Here!

We need to pay attention to any irregularity.

The public health inspectors were also here to warn us about a possible epidemic.

Apparently, there's some new virus or something.

What? One has to make a living.

Listen, you don't shit where you eat.

Girlie, if I get caught because of you...

This asshole's asking for it.

Look, tell your boyfriend that no one talks to La China like that because if I lose my temper, I'll let Primo loose.

And he didn't eat yesterday.

There's chocolate here for the whole winter.

I dare you! They call me the Normandy Butcher.

Why's that?

Because I minced steaks at the Normandy Restaurant.

All right, Gentlemen, we didn't come here to see who's got a bigger one.

We came to organize ourselves.

We need all these people to forget about the radio thing.

Mario? What's wrong, darling?

Oh, Mommy!

Oh, shit!

They bit Emilio! He's a pussy! Such a pussy!

Check this out...

But what the hell is this?

Oh! He can't stand the sight of blood.

Let's move it. This is getting ugly. We won't help those people?

No, no, no. Fuck them.

They must have forgotten all the robbery stuff.


Hey, aren't you going to help me with this giant?


Hey, Papa Smurf! Fuck you!

Official report.

There have been some problems with social discipline in different areas of the capital.

The police investigate isolated riots apparently caused by some dissident groups paid by the U.S. government.


Don't fuck with me. Mario isn't a dissident.

I've never seen a bigger fat pussy squealer in my life.

That's true.

What I don't like is all this quiet everywhere.

It's not good for business.

There aren't even tourists.

This is all crumbling.

I want to leave this place and travel around the world.

If anyone asks where I'm from, I'll say I'm from Cuba.

If they ask me what Cuba is, I'll say it's a small socialist island in the Caribbean.

If they ask me what socialism is, I'll say it's a system established by Fidel Castro 50 years ago.

If they ask me who Fidel Castro is, I'll stay there forever!

That's my boy. Just so you know!

Son, your words have moved me deeply.

Holy shit, California, keep it up.

You'll do better than your father.

Wait here for me for a moment.

It seems something's up with that crazy old bastard.

What happened, Yiya?

Juanito, I think my old man died on me!

He looks the same as always.

I took him to the polyclinic yesterday to get an injection.

He'd been complaining all day, but since he always complains, I ignored him!

I called the family doctor, but he told me he'd come when he had a chance.

He had lots of patients because there's some kind of flu or something going on.

I won't lie to you, Yiya. I think you're right.

He's no longer with us.

Don't do this to me! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my God!

No, calm down. Take it easy. I'm not a doctor.

You should call an ambulance first.

I wanted to see you like this since I was a kid, you old fucker.

I have the number here!

No, don't worry.

Looks like he was just sleeping soundly.

Old man, you scared me so bad!

Yiya, call an ambulance anyway. Just to be sure, okay?

Oh, dear, what would I do without you?

When did Rogelio stop walking? -15 years ago. Why?

A miracle!

No, no. I don't believe it's a miracle, Yiya.

A miracle, a miracle!

Call my house and tell them to come down.

Rogelio, what's wrong with you?

Yiya, call my house, please!

It's Yiya, the neighbor from 8B.

Oh, sweetheart, not too bad. You know how it is at this age.

Yeah, I saw the boy the other day. So cute.


Juanito wants you to come down for a moment. It's urgent!

I don't know what's wrong with him! He's never been violent!

This is because of the expired drugs they give away at the polyclinic!

Rogelio! What have they done to you? What happened to you?

Help me, damn it! -You know me, Rogelio!

Take it easy on him. He's very old.

I've got an idea. Dad, the two of us can't hold him!

Rogelio, look at me! It's me, Yiya!

Step aside, Juan. What are you going to do with that?

It worked yesterday. -Give it to me, man.

You are not going to harpoon the old man.

Yes, I am -- But it's Rogelio, damn it!

He's a crazy bastard!

I will never let you touch that harpoon again!

This is not a dissident.


I told you to get a stake! This scares them.

Go find a stake, damn it!

Juan, don't shout at me because I get stuck.

This building is very weird, man, it's very weird.

Hey, the garlic thing is not working.

Hold him tight.

Silver bullets?

Do you have anything to shoot them with?

Do you even have any silver?

Maybe he's possessed?

Demon, leave this body in peace. Demon, leave this body in peace!

Demon, leave this body in peace!

That's not a prayer! Do you know any?

Demon, damn the entrails' blood of the mother who gave birth to you!

Fuck you, Demon! Leave this body in peace, Demon!

Let him go, damn it!

Get out of there! Get out, damned Demon!

Fuck you, Demon!

Son, these dissidents are well fed!

And what do we do now?

More careful with the old lady! What's wrong?

Boy, the old lady was nice.

The least we can do is to treat her with respect.

What's that?

Jump! Jump!


I'll start working out tomorrow with the old guys at the park.

I'm telling you, man, this neighborhood is really weird.

Stop breaking my balls! I don't know what's going on.

This is the quietest place in the world.

Don't look at me.

She was so hot.

Come on. The cops are coming.


This is bringing out the good neighbor in me.

Thank you, God!

Mari, I don't know what happened.

She was feeling ill... She was trying to bite me.

We fought. I don't know...

It was an accident.

I believe you.

Come with me if you want to live.

Let's go!

This is what I can offer you.

Relax. Take a bath.

The revolutionary police force warns all citizens about some incidents produced by antisocial people in collusion with the empire.

The population has come out on the streets...

What does "collusion" mean? It means we're gonna get fucked.

...to hold a protest in favor of our country.

It is through this media that we're encouraging you to participate in a demonstration tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. in front of the anti-imperialist tribune to protest recent aggressions by the United States government.

What's going on? Anything new?

Nothing. There are no cars. The stores are closed.

Like in the Special Period.

Maybe this will bring those dissidents down a peg or two.

I very much doubt it.

It looks the same to me.

You think so?

Take a good look.

What's he doing?

He was acting so mature last night.



Shit! Can't these people shut up when they see someone's working?

You're a boy, man.

I'm going to get rich with all this.

I don't think it looks like anyone can get rich.

What? We have to be ready. They're not American, man.

I have the feeling that this requires a plan of some kind...

...which I don't have right now.

Go wait for me at home. I have to do something.

Juan, Juan!

You have to climb! I can't lift you up on my own!

Can't you see that I'd die without you?

Juan, don't start with that, okay?

Did you see my grandmother? More or less...

How is she? She looks just the same.

They taught me that in Angola. It's a long story.

Hey, California, I need a favor.

Take care of her.

And you are...? Camila.

California. Vladi California.

My daughter, Camila.

You have a daughter?

She doesn't look like you at all.

If you lay a finger on her, I'll rip your balls off and stick them up your ass.

Be careful with this guy. He has herpes.

And my deck chair? My dad took it.

Where to?


Stop, asshole!

Keep going. You and I are going to start a new life... together.

Stop, asshole!

You shut up! You can't just fucking leave.

Don't break my balls, Juan.

It's impossible to live in this country, man.

Over there, you'll have to work for a living.

This situation will pass. Yeah?

But what if it goes on like this another 50 years?

I have an idea. We'll get rich with this.

You're indispensable, man. I can't do anything without you.

Don't say that, man.

Sara, I...

And how do we get out of here?

Like we always do.

We just need a chance. That's all we need.

The first thing we have to do is arm ourselves well.

We need to be careful.

From now on, we just go out for the bare essentials: rum.

And food? Yes, well... That too.

The dissidents are not very smart. That's our advantage.

I think they look drugged... like in "Scarface."

The one with Muni or the one with Pacino?

The one with Rocco Sifreddi.

We have to take advantage of the fact that everyone's very busy fighting or trying to escape...

...and they still don't know what's going on.

And what's going on?

Not a clue.

We're facing a crisis, and there's only one thing we can do.

Help them? No.

Charge them.

30 a head.

50 if we clean the place up and get rid of the bodies.

Discounts for old people and children under 12.

Foreigners and anyone with relatives abroad pay double.

I think we also need to find a catchy name for the business.


This is another long story.

You told me you'd change! -And I have changed.

Juan of the Dead, we kill your loved ones.

How can we help you?

What? I am just trying it out to see how it sounds!

You're going to charge people?

Cami, we're Cuban!

It's what we do when things get tough!

If that's what you want to do, do it to help, not for money!

Girl, you're the one living abroad with your mother.

Because there's nobody here worth staying for.

Juan, you know I didn't mean that.

You're right.

Tell me what I can do to show you I've changed.

Well, most of you have already been in this kind of class.

It's like Preparation for Defense, only this time, the bad guys are not the Yankees, but a real enemy, and they're here, among us.

As far as we know, there's no stopping these people.

They want to eat.

Just like in the Special Period, but they don't eat just cats.

Let's see, what else can you tell me about them?

If you cause them a severe brain trauma, you'll destroy them.


Okay, anything else? Some are fast and some are slow.

Right. Some are slow and others are fast.

Can anyone tell me why?

What a pity. I was eager for someone to clarify that for me.

Behave yourself!

We're gonna teach you amateur techniques to arm yourselves and be able to survive without any problems.

Let's take this, for example.


I told you not to bring any students' relatives.

Shit, Juan, it's getting harder and harder to capture them.

These are from the neighborhood.

Sprinkle some water on the old lady.

And when she's better, you charge her 30 pesos.

No freebies here for anyone. We're already altruistic enough.

Okay, it doesn't matter.

From now on, we'll call the fast ones "hares" and the slow ones "turtles."

In a combat situation, the hares are your primary targets...

You should be proud. He's doing this for you.

I'll be proud when he does it for them or for himself.

You haven't spent too much time together, have you?

You eventually get used to it.

I remember that when the dollar was penalized, my dad had me carry them for him.

In case they arrested us. They would never arrest me.

Yeah? Well, that's nothing.

My mom told me he dressed me up in old clothes and dirtied my face to take me to Old Havana --

To beg stuff of tourists! Yes!

And, well, because all that crazy stuff Juan did, my mother decided we had to leave.

I used to have fun.

Your company would've been nice.

Juan told me about you. Yes? And what did he say?

That I have what?

Let's go, Juan! We have work to do.

Juan of the Dead, we kill your loved ones.

How can I help you?

What do we do with these people?

Can you handle the three in front?

I can take care of them with just a shoe.

Let's go! This is self-defense.

Hey, look!

Come here.

Come here.

Come here!

So you don't get this wrong, I want to tell you that La China will not stay home nursing the eighth wonder while you line your pockets with money.

So, let's go.

Don't fuck with me. This guy can't even stand the sight of blood.

70-30 the first few times.

Don't be greedy, Mister. 50-50.

No way, dear China.

Go back to your nest in Canton. It doesn't work that way.

-60-40. It worked. Come on.


Knee to the north!


China! Get away, bitch! Get away!

I don't know what to do with this one.

He doesn't bother me.

I give up! I give up! Please! I'm a teacher! I don't know where I am!

Sorry, Brother. Come with me. -You're just not normal.

So sorry, Brother.

What's going on? Where am I? What did he do?

Lázaro, don't! Damn it, Lázaro, don't! Lázaro!

Lázaro! Lázaro!



He owed me money.

Come on.

Hey! Cut it out with that bell! Vladi cut it out, asshole!

Skinny fucker! What's wrong? They're slow!

What do you mean, "slow"? Can't you see they're behind us?

Hurry up, China! Hurry! Move it! Move it!

A helicopter, Juan! They're coming to save us!

Keep your voices down because they're upstairs.

And if we don't make any noise, they won't get upset.

So, Ma'am, how many people are we talking about?

Well, I rent four rooms... Yes...

...but I only declare two.

You know how things are. And are the rooms full?

I have four Spaniards.

That's 60 CUCs. And if you want us to take care of --

But that's not all. No?

The Spanish must not be on their own, you know?

Don't worry, but you will have to pay for every extra person.

How shall we do it? Like always.

We go in and see what we can wipe out.

With ax in hand.

Fucking Spaniards!

It could be worse. Really? How?

Fuck your mother's heart.

Everyone, everyone...

Don't touch my ass!

We rocked. And where is...?

The poor lady! She seemed like a good woman.

What happened?

Check the house because I'm not leaving without my money.

Okay, Juan, take it easy. Come on.

Juan of the Dead We kill your loved ones.

Juan of the Dead, we kill your loved ones.

How can I help you?

No, Ma'am. This isn't the hairdresser.

You know he faints easily.

Juan of the Dead, we kill your loved ones.

How can I help you?

You mean the Paralympics champions?

No, that'll be expensive.


ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BUILDERS OF THE FUTURE it wasn't me, damn it! That wasn't my fault.

Come on, man. Keep moving and don't stop!

Hey, wait for me! Don't get mad at me, shit!

Juan of the Dead, we kill your loved ones.

How can I help you?

A cow? No, no, no, man, that's a big mess.

No, no, no.

Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!

The old man! Help him!

And the old man? He died. We had to leave him behind.

Not necessarily in that order.

Juan of the Dead, we kill your loved ones.

How can I help you?


No, no, friend, that's your own business.

It's a nice view, isn't it?


It's a shame that building blocks out the sunset.

The situation is under control again.

Shut up!

Vladi, what's wrong with you?

He told Camila that I have herpes.

That's not a big deal, boy.

Let's see, raise your hand if you don't have herpes.

All this bitching, and at the end of the day, the only thing that works is public transportation.

Do you think it's safe to get on? Was it ever safe?


We'd better walk.

Come on.

I don't know why it is that every time one finds a way to survive -- ta-daaah -- things get ugly...

...and as tough as the Russian steppes.

And why don't you just leave, boy?

Step aside!

Mother of God!

Nothing but dick when God created that guy!

Put your weapons down!

Identify yourselves! We're altruists.

Take your clothes off.

You could've waited a minute.

What do you mean take our clothes off?

Take your clothes off or we'll open fire.

There's no need to intimidate.

Come on, turn around. Let's go.

Move! To the truck!


Juan, if you cover that with a scarf, it becomes a boy scout.


Come on, we're going!

What's the reason for this, friend?

We have to pick up everyone in the streets.

There are just a few of us left -- half a dozen -- and we've decided to start from scratch.

We're rescuing all survivors and supplying them with arms.

You will build the walls of our community.

Darling, you have such a beautiful voice.

What's your name?

Gabriel. I can't believe it.

Gabriel, like the archangel!

I don't know if you've noticed, but even though they call rne "La China," my hands were not made to build walls.

If you're not with the community, you're against the community.

Boy, it's always the same thing in this country!

Look, this is part of the world heritage and showing it for free is a waste.

You could at least let us put our clothes back on.

Don't worry. You don't need clothes where you're going.

Sergeant, I think you're doing your job very badly.


The keys! The keys! Quickly!

The gun! The gun! The gun!

All right, let's organize things.

Vladi, food. Lázaro, rum.

And you, Primo, find something to cut the handcuffs.

I'm sick of being tied up to the little girl here.

Excuse me? "Little girl"?

You didn't see the camping tent between my legs, did you?

Camila! Ow...


Juan, don't shout. Camila!

Juan, lower your voice! Camila!

Juan, stop yelling, man. Take it easy.

I'm looking for my daughter. Camila!

Look, listen to me. -Camila!


It hurts here... Take a look and see what I --

Juan, look what I have to do to surprise you!

Juan, I'm not feeling well. Me neither. What the hell?

What's that?

What, Juan?

Oh, man, a scratch. I must have hurt myself in the truck.

Are you sure?

Juan, don't make a fuss. Of course I am.

Camila! Juan, don't shout.


Juan, don't shout! I'm not feeling well.

Quickly, find something to cut his handcuffs! He's dying!

No offense, China.

Hurry up! I don't want to be next to him when he gets annoying!

China, I'll give you a bigger share in the business, but, please, don't do this to me.

China! China!

Do you know what's going on?

- She wants to kill me -She wants to kill me

- She wants to hit me -She wants to hit me

- She wants to make me sleep -She wants to make me sleep

- And I won't let her -No, no, no

- She wants to kill me -She wants to kill me

- And I won't let her -No, no no

- What's going on? -Come on up, come on up

- She wants to kill me -She wants to kill me She wants to hit me

And what happened here?

What the hell!

Hurry! Find something to cut this!


No, no, no! Don't even think about it!

No, no, no! Are you high or something?


What's this for? For his hand.

Oh! Okay.

Leave me alone, fucking China!

Good idea. Thanks!

Did you get what I asked you for?

Listen, man, I got to the place and my mind went blank.

What is it that I had to do?

Official release.

Once again, our people have proven that they're invincible.

We have rejected another aggression from the United States.

To all citizens: You may continue with your daily routine.

Everything is back to normal.


Are there many of them?

Like the last few weeks. They're all infected.

There's no one normal left.

I bet I can smash the skinny one's head.

Take this!

Fuck, Lázaro! Can't you distinguish the good ones from the bad ones?

Girl, it's always been difficult to do that in this country.

Here comes Vladi.

Did he make it? Yes.

It looks like he found food.

Juan, your hot neighbor is a dissident, too.

Fuck! I'd forgotten about Lucía.

Juan, you have to see this!

Change of plans. Let's get the fuck out of here!

Should we go to the mountains and start an uprising?

You're joking now, but that's what we should've done from the beginning.

Fuck, don't look at me like that! It's the truth.

I won't stay here waiting for things to get better while Havana burns down.

Juan, we can't fight them all.

Plan B, let's look for a boat to leave.

To Miami?


To Miami if there's no other choice.

Fuck, in the end, capitalism will take its toll on us.

Get ready! Arm yourselves well! We have to get out of here!

Where is everybody? In their homes. Can't you hear them?

Will they stay there forever?

It won't be much different from what they did before.

If we're going to do this, let's do it with style.

Juan, step aside!

Should we just leave her?

What better place for her to spend the rest of her life?

Let's go to that car!

Come on.

Don't tell me you guys can't drive!

Later, we'll all have a very serious chat!

Juan, hurry up! They're already coming.

Hurry, Juan! Hurry, Juan! They're getting closer!

What's going on?

Juan! Hurry! They're getting closer!

Juan! Juan, they're getting closer!

Please, hurry!

Fuck! Leave me alone!

Fuck you!

Juan, hurry. Hurry, hurry! Please!

God damn it, Juan!


We fucked them! Hell, yeah!

Dissidents, imperialists, slaves, faggots, pieces of shit!

Motherfucking Russians that brought these fucked-up Lada cars to Cuba!

Juan, please, forget about the car!

Primo, don't even think about taking the blindfold off or you'll faint.

What should we do now?

What can we do? Follow her!


Plan C, there's a shelter at the corner.

A shelter? Yeah, man, a shelter!

Go underground and come out armed when the enemy attacks.

Up, Primo. This got good.

Vladi, you protect Snow White.

Hey, people, can you tell me what's wrong?

Calm down, Primo. Juan is taking us to a safe place.

Step aside, Juan. This is a man's job.

See? I opened it!



Juan, enough of your great plans!

We went from being an orchestra to a garage band!

We just need a chance. That's all we --

Please! Don't start with that now, okay?

Camila, everything I did was intended to help you.

Look, when I first saw you in your mother's arms, from that moment, you've been the love of my life.

Sorry to interrupt this cute love scene.

Look that way.

No fucking way!

Get down!


What is he saying?

I don't know, but let's get in the car.

He was a fucking pain in the ass!

Vladi, did you get that? No, I only speak Italian.

Don't look at me. You were the English student.

But that was in high school!

Well, that's more than the rest of us know.

Didn't they teach you English in Spain?

Juan, I'm really bad at languages.

Juan, ask him what's going on. That's all I can say in English.

Juan, our lives are at risk, so cooperate.

What are they?

Possessed people? Werewolves? Vampires?

Dissidents? Lobsters?

And? What did he say?

Something about Old Havana.

Yes, I understood that, too.

Yeah. Okay.

Okay. Then ask him how to stop them.

You asshole!

I didn't mean to.

Juan, these friends of yours give me the creeps!

So, what did he say? He had a plan.

Fuck! Don't look at me like that!

This cocksucker killed him before he told me what it was!

Juan, apologizing won't bring him back.

Take it easy!

Let me sit and think about our next move.

Kids, I -- Lázaro...

...you're disgusting!

Man, you sure know how to screw things up!

Boy, why don't we take one of those cars and we arm it -- I don't know -- like a tank.

We add on some metal sheets...

I mean, an amphibian.

And there must be enough food in this building to take with us.

Fuck, Brother, that sounds like something we can do.


Juan, there's something else.

Tell me, tell me. If you're going to go on like this, shoot.

No, Brother, no.


I don't care if I die.

What I would hate is waking up next to you guys like this.

Lázaro, you can't ask me to do that.

And why not? I'd hit you with the machete without mercy.



Well, okay, I'll do it.

Is there anything you want to do before?

I'd like to see one last sunrise.

How do you want me to do it? -I don't understand.

Should I smash your head with my paddle, drop you from the building, chop you with a machete?

How do you want me to do it?

On the head, with the paddle.

But, please, don't hit my face.

I was in more than 25 brawls, but no one ever hit my face.

If when the sun comes up, you're still not dead...

...should I kill you?

Juan, you're a real pain in the ass. Wait until I die, would you?

Will you take care of my kid?

As if he were mine.

Juan, there's one thing I always wanted to tell you.

Tell me.

I love you.

I love you, too, Brother.

No, you don't understand. I love you.

Come on, Lázaro...

I hid this from you this whole time, but now, who cares?

I love you. I really love you.

Are you angry at me? No, not angry. Not at all.

Would you let me give you a blow job?

Be careful, man!

Be careful or you won't see the sunrise!

I'm sure I won't see it. So, who cares?

Come on, just a taste.

Juan, you can't refuse a dying man a favor.

Come on, don't be mean.

Okay, go ahead! Nobody will know anyway.

I fucking gotcha, Brother!

Man, you're a huge faggot!

You shit-head!

You're a real dirty bastard.

You're just like those metrosexual men.

You're a good friend, Juan. No doubt about that.

Don't touch me. I'm not totally convinced yet. free havana

Fuck, dickhead, faggot! You hit me hard!

But what happened? Why aren't you dead?

What the fuck do I know, man?

Are you a 100 percent sure they bit you?


Come on, let's go. We have to make sure the kids are okay.

Get up. Move.

We have a lot of things to search for.

I have a plan.

Of all the crazy ideas you ever had, I think this is the worst one.

I know.

Do you think the same thing is going on outside?

I don't know.

Do you think Mom is fine?

I don't know.

We'll get out of this, right?

Are you sure about this, Juan?

In the end, this is a fucking island and the only way out is by sea.

How are you feeling?

Just like when I came into the world. Full of shit and piss.

Let's see what we're made of.

Iconoclasts! Faggots!

Anarchic dissidents!

Will it be enough with these guys? I hope so.

Help! Help!


Motherfucker! Help!

You go on, and I'll reach you later. You sure?

Are you okay? Did they bite you?

My dad tried to bite me, but I escaped.

Okay, close your eyes.


Cross your fingers.

Damn it, Juan!

Get in, Juan.

Juan! Juan, you can't do this!

Actually, I should've done it from the beginning.

Maybe things wouldn't have turned out so bad.

Juan, don't be such a jerk. Get in the car. Come on!

I'm a survivor.

I survived Mariel, I survived Angola, I survived the Special Period, and this thing that came afterwards.

And I will survive this.

Maybe people will see me and join me to help.

I'm fine here. I like it here.

Over there, you have your mother.

She'll take care of you.

Will you give your mom a kiss for me?

Dad, please...

It's the first time you call me that.

Take care of her, okay?

Shit, you make a good couple.

If you touch her, I'll cut your dick off!

And now, get the hell out of here or I'll start crying.

I'll be all right.

I just need a chance.

I am Juan.