Jue dai shuang jiao (1979) Script

Many people ask...

Where is the most beautiful place on earth?

It is the Yi Hua Palace Many people ask...

Who is the girl with the best kung fu?

The girl with the best kung fu is Princess of the Yi Hua Palace Right now there are festivities in the palace for the number one scholar Jiang Fung She has fallen for him... but unfortunately Jiang Fung has his eyes on her maid Hua Yuet Lao The two of them are secretly in love and talk of love in the romantic environment Unfortunately their love is discovered by the princess and they were forced to the leave the palace They hid in Man Hua Cliff, and bore 2 children They led a very blissful life But happiness doesn't last Jiang Fung was betrayed by Jiang Chin The princess was outraged and killed them both at Man Hua Cliff Her rage however could not be suppressed Looking at their children she thought of a most cruel plan As Yin Nan Tien, hero of Jiang Nan did not yet know Jiang Fung had two children she ordered one of the children to be taken to Yin Nan Tien, blood brother of Jiang Fung and told him that Jiang Chin who betrayed Jiang Fung escaped to the Villains' Valley Yin Nan Tien went there immediately

"The tablet of Yin Nan Tien"

Who attempts to kill me?

I'm here

I've said sword of all swords Yin Nan Tien is not to be meddled with

What are you doing here?

Looking for Jiang Chin who betrayed my brother Give him up at once or I'll flatten your Villains' Valley What a boast!

Let's go

"The tablet of Jiang Fung"


We have thought the only one who could harm Yin Nan Tien is his best friend Jiang Fung As expected, the dead Jiang Fung could also strike your Yu Chuen pressure point, and stab you twice Who are you?

I am sex-starved Bai Hai Sin I am demi-devil Yin Jiao Yau I am transvestite Tao Jiu Jiu Wow, you're good You must be man-eater Li Da Jue So what?

There's Smiling Dagger Ha Ha Er Yin Nan Tien, you've been lured by Jiang Chin to be killed by us

How come you have 3 hands?

One is the remains of someone I ate

Ha Ha Er, catch

You don't mess with those in the Villains' Valley Kill him Wait Wan Chuen Liu...

Hand him over to me Why?

He's hurt seriously, even if you don't hit him he won't make it to tomorrow If you give him to me you'll have benefits What?

You brought me here to cure rare diseases If you surrender him to me I'll use him as a guinea pig wouldn't that be a benefit to you?

Boss What do we do with this?

Simple, I eat it Wait You said that there're too few villains in this world we should teach this fish to become the biggest villain, what do you think?

What a good idea

Your stance should be lower it's not yet two hours, so don't think of resting

Uncle, I'm so tired So you're tired Yes

Uncle, it hurts What? You hurt?

Yes, uncle

Does it hurt?

Very much...

To learn to hit others you've to learn to take pain Don't cry, smile I can't, I'm suffering You must force yourself Smile, more Right, smile sweetly Like this

You must remember as you grow up the most opportune time to strike your enemy is when he is happiest Tighten your fist Approach your target then make your first strike

There's a dog inside, kill it for me This is the way of the world If you live, he dies. Go


Drink more... Triple five... Drink...

You have dog's meat, leave me alone Xiao Yu Erh Come ALEXANDER FU SHENG - Jiang Xiao-Yu Xiao Yu Erh Come ALEXANDER FU SHENG - Jiang Xiao-Yu What's up? Killing dogs again?

That's easy job, ten or twenty?

Needn't use knife to kill a dog, this grass sprig is ok Uncle Li, boil the water

Tiger... tiger

Secure enough?

Of course, otherwise the tiger will escape What to do?

Uncle Li, let me go Xiao Yu Erh, remember uncle Bai's words when you're in a disadvantageous position don't beg for help, go Go Go in Lock up

Wait What's the matter?

Many of the poles are loose I fear the tiger might come and eat you Really?

Go in and see Alright

What are you doing?

Nothing, please...

Go and feed the tiger yourselves I have the key You...

To learn to hit others you've to learn to take pain

It's your fault, & you worried it wasn't secure enough Stop grumbling and think of a way


I won't dare again...

Xiao Yu Erh, you...

I've finished this net I've waited for you for 2 months

Quick... quick...

Pull me...

Pull me up

There are more tricks up the sleeve

I want to eat people

I dare not next time, have mercy See where you can run to Don't come near...

Don't come near

Let me out now You want to die?

Uncle Li Uncle Tao used this water for washing his feet Not a bad taste It stinks, let me out It stinks Let me out now Uncle Li, it's cooked, eat by yourself This means either you live, or I live Good bye So hot, Xiao Yu Erh Get me out Still can't get up, need my help?

Come on...

Xiao Yu Erh, I beg you let me go This trap is called 'Draw the bridge after crossing'

I've worked for 3 days

3 whole days, I beg you...

Uncle Bai, didn't you say when you're in a disadvantageous position do not beg for help Xiao Yu Erh

When I was a kid, didn't you frequently make me smile?


Smile more sweetly

Like this Do you want to get out?

I do...

I f you really want to, I have a plan I'll release the tiger then you must come out Tiger, don't!

Help! No!

Xiao Yu Erh, you're hurt again?

No, I've subdued them I'm going You're going?

Do you want to go with me?

No, I wanted to go a few times but was grabbed by them to cure rare diseases, I'd better not involve you Besides, your uncle Yin's sickness have been almost cured by me I really hope to cure him completely

Is what you surreptitiously told me about my dad true?

It's all true

This money is for your use on the road You must find two people for revenge The first one is your dad's housekeeper Jiang Chin Who is the other one?

Princess of the Yi Hua Palace at the Soo Yue Valley

Hua Mu Juet

Yes Be careful

Your kung fu is now quite good you can leave these premises now Do you remember the reason for this?

Of course, I should go and kill a person Why?

I need not know What aunt has asked me to do, I will Whoever aunt has asked me to kill, I will What's this person's name?

Jiang Xiao Yu

I'll kill you Why hit others?

What's the matter?

Who are you?

What do you care?

Why do you hit children?

They mess with my goat, of course I'll hit them It's none of your business Of course it's my business, they're my brothers If they're your brothers I'll hit you too Bastard What?

Damn you, go to hell

Busy body Bastard, scram I'll mark you, you bully You bully me

Go on... what's there to look at?

It's cheap...

Boss, I'll take this, wrap it up Okay


Here it is, thanks Thank you Take care

Boss, do you have precious porcelain?

Yes, inside please Okay What do you think of this?

Is it valuable?

Yes, it's been used by the previous emperor Yes, that's right

Why did you smash it?

Relax, these days porcelain has to be broken to be valuable They could be sold as antiques from ancient times With these pieces I will be rich These silver pieces are for you, I'm rich I'm rich So much silver Could it really be true that smashed porcelain is valuable?

Let me smash it

This is valuable So is that

Where's my silver?

Where did you put it?

I had it on me Now it's gone Look for it quick Look for it quick Can't find it Look again Can't find it Old sir, have you dropped your wallet?

Yes Is it golden in colour?


It's been stolen from the antique shop keeper Yes, let's go find him quick

So he really stole my wallet Nonsense, these silver pieces were given me by a man who bought smashed porcelain Are you such an old fool?

Would anyone use so many silver pieces to buy smashed porcelain?

That's right Believe it or not Only smashed porcelain is valuable now Look how much I've smashed He's crazy Beat him... Why are you hitting people?

Beat him Brothers Good, hit him Your game is quite fun You again?

Make way Have you seen a young man in white?


Hey, I'm here You want me? Follow me Chase

What do you want with me?

We want a piece of paper you have on you Alright

You want something from me? Come and get it Attack

Good Well? Do you want it or not?


Mo brothers Right Are we Mo brothers good enough to get it from you?

No Neither are you

The Green Fairy Yes, it's me

Let me take care of them then get it from you

Let's go


What's wrong? I saved you and this is the way you thank me?

Sorry Thank you You dare to save me from her you've got guts Who is she?

She is the famous Green Fairy She's been around for only a year and fifty to sixty martial artists have already been defeated by her I don't care who she is it's her rotten luck to have bumped into me Show me what you have on you What?

What they've risked their lives to get It's not on me Not on you?

You can at least tell me what it is A treasure map I don't want such things I have treasures everywhere Why waste my energy?

So thirsty Great, there's a well out there

Here is a bowl I'll get you some water You wouldn't run away, would you?

Why would I?

The water is nice

What are you doing?

I just saw a rat You said you were thirsty, why aren't you drinking?

I fear the water might be poisoned If it were, I would die first Right

So sweet

Oh no

The water is poisoned It's not But I drugged your bowl of water


Because I'm going somewhere you can't

I'm fainting, why?

Of course

You drank your own drug What?

When I threw the branch I switched the bowl

I tell you frankly I knew this trick since I was two What... do you want?

Nothing Just to get from you the treasure map

This fool... why is he sleeping here?

Who's this?

Who is this?

You don't know him I don't know him at all Strange, why is he sleeping here?

Fool, he is not asleep He's been drugged Drugged?

Get me a bucket of water Yes You...

Am I very old?

No, miss You're not to call me miss

Why are you still standing there like a dummy?

Get some water, go

Hitting people indiscriminately

How come there isn't any?

Water's here...


Why have you numbed my pressure point? what do you think I would do?

For someone as ugly as you, say, even if you strip I would have no interest I struck your pressure point to take revenge

Who are you? why should I tell you?

I'll never forget you That's good I'll leave you another sweet memory


Your pressure point... will automatically resume normal in 4 hours, you must remember me Fondly remembering the day we were happy that year...

Don't ever let me see you again

Hey, you...

You're awake What did you do to me?

Nothing much, I took off your clothes and searched all over I searched everywhere What?

You searched everywhere?

Yes Why didn't you tell me you're a girl?

Had you told me I would not have stripped your clothes Had I not stripped your clothes I would not have...

Would not have what?

You know, though I'm young I'm essentially a man That's why...

That's why what?

That's why I made a mistake

What's done is done, it's meaningless even you kill me You might as well just marry me I'd rather marry a pile of logs What did you say?

You're as skinny as a log, if I marry you wouldn't I be sleeping with a log?

You want to die?

What do you want?

Do you want to kill me or marry me?

Who is marrying you?

So you have a man already Heavens It's my first time and I've got second-hand goods What rotten luck

You heartless bastard You second-hand item You've cheated my feelings and want to kill me too?

Shut up I swear to the Heavens I have never met a man as heartless as you Just my damn luck Wait, before you die hear me out You want to say something?

Yes I swear to the Heavens I have never touched a woman including you

Then... you didn't...

Though I know you would be disappointed I really didn't But my clothes...

Your clothes were indeed stripped for you said something about a treasure map Right

My shoes?

I threw them away, they smelled Where did you throw them?

Into the sea The middle of the sea, they can't be found anymore Damn, you'll be the death of me Why? I didn't do that thing Did you know the map was in my shoes?

That piece of stinking, yellow rotten paper?

What? Rotten paper? Over these ten years many have used different tricks to get it Then the Green Fairy you mentioned was also after this?

Not really She is Miss Mu Yung Ching from the Mu Yung family The owner of the map was her mother's childhood friend Some say her mother's lover She's come to get the map and return it to its rightful owner Who's that?

Yin Nan Tien So the treasure belongs to uncle Yin It's not yours, why do you want it?

I want to exchange it for my father's life Who's your father?

I am Tieh Sin Nan My father is one of the Ten Villains, Tieh Chin Ten Villains? Where are they?

Villains' Valley, naturally Who says so?

A renowned martial artist You've been fooled, I'm Jiang Xiao Yu from Villains' Valley Your father is not there What proof do you have?

None I speak the truth and need no proof Alright... I'll tell you frankly I took your map, it's here Take it and find your father if you don't believe me

Where are you going?

To find the person who has cheated me

You should take this with you if you're leaving If someone knows I had the treasure map I'll be in trouble

I'll swallow it Then I'll eviscerate you to get it

Don't move Your kung fu is very good May I ask what school...

Have you heard of Villains' Valley?

You're related to my grand teacher, cannibal Li Da Jue?

Happens to be my teacher Then how is my teacher the smiling dagger Ha Ha Er related to you?

My junior brother One big family...

Greetings, senior uncle...

Quick Yes

Quick... Yes...

So tiring to ride in a sedan for so long So itchy...

Scratch it... Scratch... Yes

So fragrant

Here's the food Uncle, please eat Okay Wipe my feet clean Yes Help me put on the shoes

Uncle, is this okay?

Yes Why aren't you eating?

You go first Good etiquette...

Have some wine

Feels good Wash your face Good Have some tea Good boy

Why aren't you eating?

It's finished We'll eat later I have some business, I have to go out wait for me here Okay... take care

I only have gold on me, do you have any silver?



Yes... pay you back later No need You would be thirsty on the road have another sip of tea for the road Alright

I've found the treasure at last Strange, why am I dizzy the whole day?

It's still early, why have so many people died?

You'll dead soon too You've come too, did you kill them?

No, we only want to kill you We have been looking for the treasure Having seen you swallow the map We disguised as Li's students and wait upon you Do you know who I am?

Who are you?

We are the last two of the ten Villains the "money maniac" Au Yeung Ding I'm Au Yeung Don. I've to see money before my eyes open So, it's senior uncle, that makes things easy We can simply divide the treasure into 3 parts What, three parts?

Do you remember the tea you drank before you went off It's been drugged Damn... I am dizzy the whole day Don't procrastinate, go and kill Right... before the three of us die take a last look at the treasure we'll not get We three must die. Why?

You don't know I know you two aren't good characters so I put in some slow-working poison in the food Poison?

If you don't believe me, that's fine we'll meet in hell anyway You're lying, if you've put in poison why aren't we dead?

Is it noon now?

Yes Put your hand on your fifth rib Don't tell me, there's a slight pain

Give me the antidote Give me the antidote, quick I am confused, how can I remember?

Give him the antidote Yes

Your antidote is effective Where's our antidote...

With me Look for it No

Give me some I'm the big brother, I should eat more I'm your junior, I should have it too Give it here... I need more Give it to me

None left The pain seems to be gone

It's alright Naturally, it's noon your blood circulation is just at your fifth rib that's why when you pressed there you felt numb Noon has passed and the pain should be gone You have not poisoned me You only cheated us to relieve you from our drug Wrong again, I've poisoned you Give it to me The antidote you fought over was made by Yin Jiao Yau, one of the ten Villains The Eight-step Killer

I don't believe you lying bastard One two three four five six You've walked 6 steps Two more left I don't believe you


Never mind him, you have seven steps left I'll kill you before I die Don't come near, you have only 5 more steps Four, five, six, seven, eight

Ten Villains

The three swords of Jin Ning Black crow Blood-sucking Red Bat

These people died by your hands

Indeed a young hero I am chief of the security bureau of the18 counties With super human strength and fist of iron to conquer Invincible golden sword, the hero Chiu Chuen Hai Thirty one words in your name that's over doing it a bit People around give me face Your name sir...

I am the king of swords and the father of blades King of kings, who conquer all I am invincible all around the famous Jiang Xiao Yu My name has thirty five characters four more than you

It does not appear I have heard your name You must have started your career recently Go ask your teacher He'll know Right, he's bound to know Attack...

Stop Stop, please, everyone Hero Chiu, my greetings Thank you Why did you fight?

They've come for the treasure and started fighting at the foot of the hill I have the map... So do we...

It is rumored there is only one treasure map how come there are so many?

There is something wrong You mean...

The treasure might be inside Come in with me to take a look Right, let's take a look Alright...

Let's go

This is where each leader of the Er Mei School resides It doesn't seem right for us to enter like this Why?

This is a trespass and if Er Mei knew about this they are sure to come after us

If the man with the false map has tricked you here so you and Er Mei would kill each other wouldn't you have fallen into that trap?


Who dares to trespass this sacrosanct ground?


What are you doing?

Trespassers will be killed Don't fight, you don't know who has come today Who is he?

He is Hero Jiang with 35 characters to his name His kung fu is excellent He brought us in here I... You...

So you're the master mind

Is it true you know different kinds of kung fu?

Yes Why then are you unable to fight off a few ordinary guys?

You haven't seen the real thing

So close

It's a close shave

I bite you

Sorry, this is the decree of Er Mei School I cannot show any mercy

Why has Er Mei endeavored to kill today?

Who are you?

How dare you trespass the sacrosanct ground of Er Mei I go anywhere I want

Yi Hua kung fu That's right, Ah Yeuk, Chao Kuk, retreat Yes

Have you also come from the Yi Hua Palace at the Soo Yue Valley Yi Hua Palace That's right, I am Hua Mu Juet of Yi Hua Palace Er Mei & Yi Hua Palace aren't connected whatsoever Why have you insulted us by trespassing the sacrosanct ground I have been secluded for a number of years and don't know the rules I heard many heroes have come here and I wanted to find out the whereabouts of a person hence my intrusion, please forgive me I am leaving Wait, the decree holds, respassers must die You cannot leave The what can I do?

Unless I am not the chief and I don't have the order in my hands

It isn't anymore Now, can I live?

You bully Not really, I was only saving my life and yours too I don't need your help Return the order immediately Do you want to grab it from me?

To get near your enemy you must strike first I dare not

Old Chiu I'm dead Old Chiu...

Don't worry you're not dead yet

I've thought about it I've killed many men today See all those corpses outside So I don't want to use weapons again but I'd like to make a bet with you On what?

I'll use three moves I've learnt If you can do them, you win If you can't, return Er Mei's order Well?

Right, I'd like to know if there is anything I cannot learn Right, let's start You must smile before you kill First, the Golden snake stick out tongue

No, this is like a hungry cur after shit Going after shit Second, Nimble cat catches rat

No, it's the Monkey going up a tree Monkey going up a tree

Hungry cur after shit, and Monkey going up a tree I've seen them I am confident I can learn them What's the last move?

Master Hua remember uncle Bai's words when in a disadvantageous position don't ask for help

I have one more move, I'm sure you can't learn that

This is called Dog taking a pee

Feels good

Hua Mu Juet, it's your turn

Take off your pants Alright, your intention is friendly in any event I can't learn this move, you win



Heroes we've been fooled regarding the treasure With the order in my hand I am the leader of Er Mei I announce I won't kill you Please leave Quick In a moment I won't be Er Mei's chief Quick Go quickly...

Let's retreat to the outside

Priest Shun Sek, take it Now we're outside the forbidden ground the order is returned to you You can get on with your business Good bye Wait Still want to fight?

No... Young hero, you not only preserved Er Mei's reputation but also avoided a bloody battle I'll never forget this favour Please leave your name so I could repay you one day Right, I always do such things Forget it, my name has thirty five characters and it's too long Just remember I have two fishes on me Hey, let's go Priest, sorry for what happened just now Let's go

He saved us...

Wow, I never realised behind Er Mei there is such a beautiful place It's really beautiful Right Sorry for just now May I know your name?

My real name is Jiang Xiao Yu What? You're Xiao Yu Erh?

Do you know me?

Yes, I have come all the way to look for you So you need help from me Just tell me how I could help Strange, though this is the first time I see you I like you Yes, I like you too How can I help you, tell me I'm not here to ask for help but to kill you What? To kill me?

I don't even know you, why would you want to kill me?

I don't know either I only know someone has asked me to kill you


Princess of the Yi Hua Palace Oh, so I understand now She killed my father I was looking for her too I'm afraid you won't have the chance

So, your kung fu is not bad even I cannot defeat you You've given me leeway Don't... come near Do you want to kill me with your own hands?

Yes, I have to follow my orders

If you don't kill me with your own hands then the princess of the Yi Hua Palace would not be happy Why couldn't I kill you with my own hands?

Because as soon as you move I'll jump down the cliff and you won't be able to kill me with your own hands

Well? I don't think you can kill me today Let's arrange for another day

Jiang Xiao Yu...

Jiang Xiao Yu

Help me, young fellow will you?


Thanks Where's your home?

Right here

Hey, what place is this?

A man's paradise One doesn't have to do anything here One can play the happiest game What would that be?

You really don't know?

You wouldn't know such things How would you serve the emperor tonight?

Your highness

How's my palace?

Your highness Good What?

That's her Why have you brought me here?

What are doing?

Haven't you heard that among the ten Villains one doesn't live in Villain's Valley Siao Mi Mi?

What? The ten Villains again?

Why are there so many villains in this world?

I always bump into them But this villain is different from the rest It's your romantic fortune that you've bumped into me What are you doing?


I must have it now What do you want?


I want your virginity Jumped into the water

They are fighting

You still want to run?

Come, men Yes Take off his pants Yes

Don't be in such a hurry Why?

I... have a habit, I do nothing before I eat anything That's easy

Have more Eat this

Who are those people in the cage?

They are new mistresses Mistresses?

Then I'm your mistress too No

You are my queen I'll make you happy every day from now on eighteen times each day We'll love each other to death Your highness What do we do with these mistresses?

As usual Get rid of them Yes, your highness Quick... go Go

That kid has an evil look Who is he?

Of all the men I know, he is the most useless, just like half a girl The first night he came here I sent him away What's that place you sent him to?

It's reserved for men I've finished with Sooner or later, I...

This is our wedding night & you're still... asking about this & that. Makes me so anxious Come, men Yes Lower the curtain Yes Go out at once all of you Where are you going?

I want it now...

Big trouble Your highness, we have big trouble Many martial artists are marching towards our palace What? Come, men Yes

Come here, quick Give me your arms

This is a love lock, watch him don't let him get away



What? A trap? Where are you going?

Give it back Why? This secret creed isn't yours Give it back

Where are you going?

Let me go...

What are you doing with all that rope?

Are you fleeing for your life or not?

It's so high, how could we jump?

What do you want now?

We'll lower ourselves down from here It's too tall to lower us down There are 2 ways out of here one's been blocked by their trap so if we want to flee we need to be lowered quickly down So you fooled them by saying someone's looking for her You've planned this escape all along Right, but I never expected you would be with me

Who are you after all?

Why are you taking all that stuff?

I was there for a year because of the secret manual I didn't expect that when everything is ready I'd bump into you Hey, who are you?

Don't you know me?

I am the famous martial artist with thirty five characters to my name Everyone looks upon me as a king Open it

Hey What are you doing?

This is the famous love lock Normal swords cannot even scratch it What do we do? I'm tied to you for life Don't worry I have a sharp sword at home Looks like you have to follow me home

Thank you You're welcome...

I haven't yet thanked you for saving Yu Long's life You're mistaken, without him I could not have escaped Right I can go now

Young hero, my home is large and my father is hospitable Why don't you stay at my place for a few days Not a bad idea besides I have no where to go

Sir, this might... not be too convenient No, you're too kind the pleasure is ours Yu Long See to it young hero is put up in the guest room Yes... Please...

Pulling thread Lethal Flying Kick Sleep walk Kwun Lun Dan

So I practised kung fu in my sleep Yu Long, where is the secret creed?

Here Why is there only half of it?

That's because when I got it I was with Jiang Xiao Yu Then the other half must be with him That's why I used every trick to lure him to my home Let dad think of a way to deal with him

Should we kill him to get the creed back immediately?

No need. In another 2 days it's my 50th birthday Let's deal with him after that

It looks like Jiang Nan Hero is not a good person

Yin Nan Tien treasure map So he made all the fake maps Then he is the culprit behind all this

So it's even more difficult to separate the good from the bad outside Villains' Valley

Could it be him who cheated Tieh Sin Nan?

Congratulations hero Jiang, many happy returns Thank you...

Hero Jiang, do you remember me?

Miss, you are...

I am the one who paid for your treasure map to save my father, my name's Tieh Sin Nan But when I saw you last time you dressed up like a man Someone told me however my dad's not in the Villains' Valley You're lying What?

Did you hear that?

This lady is calling me a liar Miss, hero Jiang is one of the richest men around and highly charitable He has done a lot of good Someone like hero Jiang would never lie That's right...

Don't believe him... he is a villain Jiang Xiao Yu, hero Jiang So you've come too?

Not only that, but I've discovered a big secret Gentlemen, on Er Mei Didn't we suspect someone was setting us up with a fake map?

Right Now I've found out who he is Who?

It's him Him...

Jiang, you foul-mouthed villain, you dare frame me where's your proof?

Of course I have proof Come on Hold this Hold this... This treasure map It's difficult to get

Jiang Xiao Yu, who gave you these maps to set me up?

What? Set you up?

Of course, they were on you Right...

Everyone saw this My father couldn't have given them to you Right, hero Jiang is right He's right...

This map was taken from your study Who saw that?

Nobody Then how could you say that?

I have no quarrel with you why do you want to set me up?

Who are you two?

I know

The Green Fairy I am late Congratulations hero Jiang, many happy returns Thank you...

What? Is Miss Mu Yung friends with them?

No, it's the opposite I want to seek revenge in this place today

What is this all about?

He is a villain who would practically do anything I swore I would kill him if I saw him again So he is a villain who cheated you Alright, everyone...

Now everything is clear I never expected that someone like me who has never created any enemy would be set up by such a villain Yu Long, give me my sword He is a great liar

Regardless of which I will get rid of this evil being

Jiang Xiao Yu, you meddle too much in others' affairs Stop We of the Jiang family never let other people down If it were not for the grudge which Miss Mu Yung bears I could let him go free I'll hand him over to you I already said if I saw you again, I would kill you

Sorry, you can't kill him Hua Mu Juet He is Hua Mu Juet of Yi Hua Palace

This is a present for hero Jiang Nan's birthday from the princess of the Yi Hua Palace Thank you...

Best wishes to you on your special day Thank you...

Master Hua, you know them too?

Yes, I have looked everywhere for him

Who is he?

Why do you stop me from killing him?

Sorry, that's because I want to kill him personally Strange, everyone I meet today wants to kill me I never expected that coming to the birthday feast I'd see you here There are no cliffs for you to jump off this time You are a strange person Every time when someone tries to kill me you come to the rescue Then afterwards you try to kill me but you never tell me why I don't understand either because I don't know myself What's going on?

Hurry... put on the lights Put on the lights... Hurry Hurry, put on the lights What's going on?

I don't know either Put on the lights Don't...

Put on the lights... Hurry...

Where are Xiao Yu Erh and Tieh Sin Nan?

Xiao Yu Erh's gone I'll go find him Wait Did you conspire with Xiao Yu Erh?

Once you appear, he's gone I never lie Wait for me here, I'll go find him Go Let's go Where've they gone?

It's you If it were not for the seven of us how could we put out the fire and save you out from all these people simultaneously?

I've rescued Xiao Yu Erh

Who... who is he?

Tieh Sin Nan, how come it's you?

Who are they?

Oh, my little emperor you are flirting with women Siao Mi Mi, don't be jealous Let him tell us where the treasure was hidden Yin Nan Tien will be here any minute by then, you and I would be killed What? Has Uncle Yin recuperated?

We wouldn't have been forced to leave Villains' Valley if his wound were not healed Uncle Yin has recovered

Big brother, I think you'd better listen to my words Let me kill him and eat him and get the map from his stomach Bullshit Alright, you have two options Either you take us to look for the treasure or let Li eat you Let them enjoy her

Laugh, laugh louder

Don't move Xiao Yu Erh, what do you think?

You'd rather she died or take us to look for the treasure?

Don't kill her She is pregnant with my child You two have...

You know You just have to let her go & I'll lead you to treasure Deal. As long as you take us there, we'll let her go Thank God Let's us talk in private before we separate Wife, my poor wife Hey, what are you doing?

After my death take good care of my son He is the only descendant from three generations As soon as Uncle Yin arrives come immediately to Er Mei to rescue me Got that?


You've got that You've to bear this in mind Yes I'm going We are now going We hope that we can be there before dawn Let's go Remember that

Is it here?


It's here What's going on?

Where's the treasure?

Xiao Yu Erh, don't play tricks anymore Where's the treasure?

Speak Where's the treasure? Speak I... I don't know either

I've got it, this treasure was very peculiar When the sun comes out the sunbeam will fall on the place where the treasure lies

Then we have to wait till dawn Of course otherwise I won't know where it's been hidden Is he telling the truth?

We have no choice but to believe him He has exhausted his bag of tricks Let's wait for one to two hours

Uncle Yin, you have to come to rescue me before dawn I wonder if he is telling the truth

They must be discussing about how to kill me before dawn It's a pity that I'll die here The tomb of the greatest hero Jiang Xiao Yu

What do you want?

This is called pre-emptive attack Guess it's too much dividing buried treasure in 7 parts

What's going on?

Don't blame me, you've said earlier either you live or I die

Bai Hai Sin, you are going to die We've been together for so many years You are too ruthless to be a human being We are not human beings anyway

Don't move See where you can hide?

Why's that? Have we not agreed already?

But Bai Hai Sin and I have agreed even earlier

It's unexpected that you two...

We are not human beings either

Hey, fatty, do you want us to kill you or will you kill yourself, come out I beg you... Please... don't kill me Don't kill me, I'll give up the treasure Please... Please... let me go Please...


One is prone to fail at the time when one is complacent with one's success You might have forgotten that the Smiling Dagger has 3 poisonous spears Siao Mi Mi, kill him for me If I want to kill him, I wouldn't be here It's me who has asked him to kill you

Ha Ha Er, your poisonous spears work Sure, this is my last move of course, it must work Siao Mi Mi, after you've got the treasure is it true that you'll never leave me?

Of course, I love you forever

I knew that your secret weapon is lethal I haven't been shot by your poisonous spear You... you two...

We two are the real partners

Can't imagine after being together for so many years you are now killing each other Mind your own business See, the moon is going down west and the sun will soon be rising If you still can't find the treasure you too have to die No. He won't die here Yin Nan Tien That's right, it's me

Uncle Yin

Xiao Yu Erh, are you alright?

My kung fu is so good, of course I'm alright He's called Xiao Yu Erh That's right, he's the son of your sworn brother Xiao Yu Erh Why have you brought them here?

Someone in the martial arts world has made up some fake maps saying that you've hidden treasure here There's no such thing at all The treasures I had, belonged to your father & had been taken by your dad's housekeeper Jiang Chin Who made all these fake maps?

Jiang Bei He the hypocrite What? Jiang again

Hero Jiang Miss Mu Yung, how are you?

Fine Any news from Master Hua?

Not yet Do you feel lonely waiting here all by yourself for Master Hua You... I admire you very much

You must be dreaming

Your kung fu is good But it's still no better than mine

Your kung fu is not bad But it's still no better than mine Master Hua, please stop...

Bastard, you've made us lose face

Master Hua, I apologize Senior I apologize

Senior, you... I

I have already shot the Jin Sze needle into your pressure point Once you move the needle will follow the flow of your blood Within 7 steps, it will get into your liver's veins and you will start laughing In no more than an hour you will die of laughing Jiang Bei He, you are so ruthless

Miss Mu Yung, it's been rumored that Yin Nan Tien has returned to the martial arts world, I have a grudge against him so I must take you away as hostage Because you are the daughter of Yin Nan Tien's mistress Having you with me will make him more scrupulous Let's go

Still want to fight?

Have you forgotten that you cannot survive 7 steps?

Master Hua, my pressure point has been numbed and I cannot move, you can't save me You'd better wait until we've all gone and think of a way to save yourself

Hua Mu Juet, do you really want to die by laughing?

Master Hua, please Please don't move the last step

Don't worry, everyone has one life Even the Hua Mu Juet is no exception

Master Hua... Dad, we don't have much time we'd better kill Hua Mu Juet Take Mu Yung Ching away If we kill Hua Mu Juet I'm just afraid that the Yi Hua Palace Princess will...

Don't worry, we can... blame it on Yin Nan Tien Good idea, let's go

Hua Mu Juet, the only good thing I do in my whole life is to allow you an easy death

Master Hua Xiao Yu Erh That's right, it's me Hua Mu Juet, go on laughing

Master Hua How do you feel?

You shouldn't have beaten me all the time

Dad, you handle him first I'll take care of Hua Mu Juet

Don't be afraid, you've stopped laughing Yin Nan Tien That's right, it's me It's quite unexpected that after 1 8 years we meet again Uncle Yin, do you know him?

Yes, he's Jiang Chin, the one who took away your family treasure and betrayed your dad No wonder you've made so many fake maps so that martial artists will fight against each other, while you can divert other people's attention simultaneously hoping no one'd know where the treasure has been hidden Give me back my father's treasure

Jiang Chin, don't try to escape

Dad, take me with you...

He doesn't deserve to be a father

How's he?

He's been wounded by the Jin Sze needle Only by your internal power can it be forced out

Xiao Yu Erh, release her pressure point

It's none of my business Uncle Yin asked me to do it, don't blame me for this

Thank you How's he doing?

Thanks for saving my life Don't mention it...

Alright, you've your life back Xiao Yu Erh, who is he anyway?

He's Hua Mu Juet of the Yi Hua Palace What? He's from the Yi Hua Palace?

Uncle Yin, don't kill him Why? Your father was killed by them But he's saved my life twice

Unfortunately, he has to kill me though he's saved me Why do you have to kill him?

I also wish to know We from the Yi Hua Palace have to obey orders of the Yi Hua Palace Princess It's her again; I'm just going to find her Alright, I'll let you go but tell her that at tomorrow noon Xiao Yu Erh and I will wait for her at the Man Hua Wood You'd better ask her why she wants to kill Xiao Yu Erh What? You want to know why Yes, I've also heard that people from Yi Hua Palace has killed his father, is this true?

Hua Mu Juet, you've grown up in this place you should know the rules of the Yi Hua Palace There's no such thing as should or should not the only thing matters is whether I like it or not But I can't kill the one who saved my life He's the one who saved your life?

I killed his father. If you don't kill him

...he will kill me!

Hua Mu Juet, do you really want to know why I asked you to kill Jiang Xiao Yu?

Alright, I'll tell you after he dies

A Miss Tieh would like to see you

Miss Tieh, what's your business here at this late hour?

I am here to kill you There are two cups here One of them has poison If you choose the one with poison you'll be the one to die otherwise... it will be me Why should I choose?

Are you afraid?

Don't you have confidence?

Do you fight only if you feel confident?

If you fight only if you know that you will win then this is not a duel this is murder Why are you willing to fight for Xiao Yu Erh?

You love him?

Xiao Yu Erh is more fortunate than I am There's still one person in this world who is willing to die for him

Regardless of whether this wine is poisoned it's your own choice This is a fair duel Yes, I believe so Wait You can't drink this wine


It's poisoned This is meant to be a duel to the death Even if it's poisoned, no one can blame me I blame you for putting poison in both drinks You can deceive others with this trick but not me No matter which one he chooses, he is going to die If I did this it was in order to save you I don't appreciate it you use such dirty tricks to save me Get lost Xiao Yu Erh, why aren't you convinced that I am willing to die for you?

Why didn't you check to see whether there's poison in both drinks before you threw her out?

Do you really believe that there're so many good people in this world?

Yes I do It's weird; she is willing to die for me but I called her a liar She wanted to poison you but you are still putting in good words for her There's no explanation for everything and I don't know why we've to have a duel Like you, I don't know either

You're leaving?

We have to meet for the last time tomorrow

People tell the truth at the last hour before their death or do things they've always wanted Tieh Sin Nan is willing to die with Xiao Yu Erh because she loves him Xiao Yu Erh doesn't want you to die because he loves you You still don't know why you have to kill him Still that same old story I hope I don't have to fight with Xiao Yu Erh tomorrow

But you... why?

Because of you

I'm afraid that you might get hurt in the duel tomorrow

The duel starts at noon, why are you here so early?

I couldn't sleep, what about you?

I haven't slept either It's strange that ever since I left Villains' Valley I've been very happy But in the last couple of days, I've changed There are so many things that I don't understand Why do I like you?

Why do I have to fight you?

I know

Because he is Hua Mu Juet and you are Xiao Yu Erh, you two live for today's duel

So you are the princess of the Yi Hua Palace who wants him to kill me

Hua Mu Juet, kill him

Princess You've been brought up by me. C'mon, draw your sword

Jiang Xiao Yu, I was brought up by her I must listen to her

Now you know why you have to kill me Princess said she'll tell me after you die

Xiao Yu Erh You... Xiao Yu Erh

Xiao Yu Erh Xiao Yu Erh...

Why didn't you wait for me?

Yin Nan Tien You've killed him

Uncle Yin, forgive me I am from the Yi Hua Palace I must listen to the princess of the Yi Hua Palace What? You again Princess, you can tell me now why I have to kill Xiao Yu Erh Of course Retreat Yes

Why did you ask them to retreat?

For the reputation of the Yi Hua Palace I can only tell you about this it cannot be passed on to the martial arts world What is it?

Eighteen years ago I fell in love with the number one scholar Jiang Fung but he eloped with my maid Hua Yuet Lao and hid in the Man Hua Cliff, and bore 2 children Later they were betrayed by Jiang Chin To take revenge for this, I killed both and separated the two brothers I brought up one, and gave one to Yin Nan Tien so that when they grow up, they'll fight against each other Only by this can I have my revenge and get rid of my hatred for your family What? Xiao Yu Erh is my little brother You are such a ruthless woman

Hua Mu Juet, it's your turn because after I've told the truth even if you don't kill me, I will kill you

It's you

Hua Mu Juet He's Jiang Chin, the housekeeper, who betrayed your Dad Your father was killed by him

Now you understand why I have to tell you the secret of 1 8 years ago because I know that Jiang Chin and I will definitely kill you today

Last night, I took Uncle Wan's potion so I could stop my pulse Only by doing this will you tell the truth and lure Jiang Chin here

Xiao Yu Erh. Watch out her Yi Hua kung fu Don't touch her body She is old and ugly I believe no man wants to touch her

Jiang Chin, you'd pay for what you did You ruthless villain, where can you hide?

You old bitch, you are so ruthless how can you crown yourself with such pretty name as the princess of the Yi Hua Palace You should call yourself an evil old hag You must be tired of living

No matter what I will have you stab my chest

Hua Mu Juet

Xiao Yu Erh Uncle Wan, what is it?

I've examined these 2 cups One is with poison and one is without Last night Tieh really risked her life to save me Xiao Yu Erh She is now at the lakeside You'd better clean up yourself get changed before you go to her Okay

What are you doing here?

Nothing much, I just want to tell you that I'm so sorry that I took off all your clothes that day and made a mistake What?

Besides, you are not some second-hand commodity You are so bad...