Julayi (2012) Script

Visakhapatnam Rainy season...

Hello uncle, I'm nearby. Getting late! Visakhapatnam Rainy season...

Hello uncle, I'm nearby. Getting late!

Deposited it. I'm leaving now.

Brother, bank will close. Last day, come quickly.

Today is the last day, look how crowded it is!

Excuse me, please write it for me. Give. Your name?

Greetings sir. Greetings.- Appalaraju.

Your account number?

For 2% extra interest, people are queuing up to deposit money.

Are you here for a coffee? No, to invest.

How much are you depositing? 5!

For son's studies?

Son will not get even if deposit, daughter will get even if I don't.

That's why for her marriage.

What's the collection?

What's the celebration for?

With your Rs.5 lakhs, our deposit has touched Rs.1500 crores.

Will I get any gift? We'll give receipt.- Receipt?

Call chairman.

How many times do I've to tell I don't get proper signal here?

Varadarajulu sir, I'm Srinivasa Rao here.

From Parvathipuram to Visakhapatnam, 23 branches together in 40 days, we've collected Rs.1500 crores.

This is a record, sir. Good.

Won't Rs.1500 crores be of this high?

Road curves a little between Rishikonda to Bhimli, like a girl's waist, we've a 10 acre bit of land exactly there, Bittu.

If we sit there, entire Vizag will be under our feet.

I used to sit there as a kid.

I've heard there one such bit of land exactly like that in Hyderabad.

I want to sit there!

To do that we must have power.


To get power we must have at least 1000! Get it.

Is 1000 enough? We take the risk to steal it.

Should we take 500 after giving you 1000?

Your younger brother is young and energetic.

Your brother would take risk and steal it.

Who would send him to foreign?

Travel Murthy! No:1 travel agent in India.

He'll arrange your visas and passports.

He'll help you get out of India in 24 hours.

He'll deposit Rs.500 crores in offshore account in 48 hours.

Is it enough?

1000 is correct, right?

Lala, if you say car people only see tyres, brakes, sheets, and steering.

The most important thing is petrol.

It is not seen to the eye. Car won't move without it.

I'm petrol.

Never do for free the job you know well.

Never try what you don't know.

We're experts in opening lockers. Let's take money and do it.

His job is to keep us away from going to jail.

When do you want it?

Today is Friday, cash will reach Reserve Bank by Monday morning.

Better to bring it by Sunday night.

Is it a problem if I get it tonight?

Is this time enough for you?

Earning may take time but stealing won't take much time.


Today is Friday.

Cash will reach Reserve Bank by Monday morning.

Select 8 people.

They must not know each other.

Nobody must know you're the kingpin.

I want 8 young men, they mustn't know each other.

Nobody must know I'm the kingpin.

Not a note must be in the bank tomorrow other than change, Lala.

I think security will be heavy, brother.

Someone from up above should come down to stop us!

A train leaving the platform at 60 miles per hour, how fast should a 50 kg man run to catch it?

Why are you laughing? Nothing, father.

Is it a joke? The math is wrong.

What's that? Wrong? What is it?

Train will stop in platform at that speed.

Forget about school children even Superman can't catch it.

He'll fall down.

Don't tell such wrong examples, children would die, father.

Then, tell me what is right calculation?

A 50 kg man is waiting in traffic signal in a crore worth BMW car, how much time would that train take to cross the crossing?

Ask them like that, they'll have some hope of future, father.

Train from childhood, won't you let us get into cars?

Be rich at least in thoughts, it's free, right father?

Find an answer to the question by tomorrow.

The question asked by brother? No, my question.

If we run, we may fall under the train.

If you fall die, but find an answer from your dad.

Go home now, move!

You should've seen his face.

Why are you mother and son laughing so much?

Why did you ask him and got insulted? Then shouting at us!

Feed him like a bull!

Mother, I want another dosa. Okay.

Not just one, eat 10 and build your body like a wrestler.

Look at his biceps, looks like a stone crusher.

To show that he roams around in vest to impress my friends.

Great friends!

You wear shirt in home also, evil eyes!

Not a hope of coming good in life.

Sleeping late night and waking up at 10 am next morning.

He'll come good if he wakes up early.

Hen too wakes up early morning, what's the use?

People are eating it! What's your idea then?

I don't want a middle class life like yours.

One shot and life must get settled.

I can't rush to bargain sales in super market and cinema theatres.

If I go to watch a film, entire row must be empty.

Then become a goon, not just a row entire theatre would be empty.

Is it so easy to make money?

It's not a big deal to make money...

Who is it? Chiranjeevi in film 'Challenge', father.

Reduce the volume. Hit film!

Making money isn't making few bucks, I'll earn Rs.50 lakhs in 5 years, I don't have that much patience.

Give me Rs.10000, in two hours I'll make it Rs.1 lakh.

In two hours? That's my four months' salary!

It'll take 120 days. Can you make it 120 minutes?

He'll do it. He's too smart!


You don't give me Rs.100 too.

You keep quiet. He's asking to earn not to spend like you.

Hi aunts! What are you doing in rain?

Nothing, just testing the new umbrella if it is working or not.

Someone is going to lose Rs.1 lakh!

Hey Suri! Why haven't you yet come?

You go, I'll join you. Cut it.

Listen to the second part of story 'Bhairava Kona'.

Story till now, after fighting father...

I need to go urgently, can you please give me lift?

...he meets a wizard on the way...

Wizard told him about the treasure in the pond.

Prince and Wizard together went in the same direction for the treasure.

Listen now, "Bhairava Kona'...

Do you also play? Where are you going?

Ecstasy pub. Party?

No money to party or status to throw party, sir.- Then?

IPL season, a small betting.

Are they betting so much in Vizag?

What are you saying sir?

This one night money at stake in Ecstasy pub in East Vizag equals state budget.

Don't police know it?

If they know, they'd be there only, don't bother even if banks are looted.

Always playing Radio Mirchi!

My wish, I'll listen that only. Stop here please.

Be careful with money, someone may steal from you.

I'm smart, nobody can steal it from me.

No smart man would claim it.

We must, even cigarette packs have statutory warning.

Stay away from me, dare touch me, you'd die, I must announce, right?

To do all the colours, it'll take minimum a week.

He did in 5 minutes.

Why are you late?

Suri didn't come, I had to wait for him.

What's the situation?

Oh! How much did Chennai score?

Is Dhoni still playing or out?

He's still there, 45 runs in 20 balls. Then okay!

What's the betting rate? 10:12 going on!

Tell me clearly, I've challenged my father.

Very simple matter, if Dhoni hits, we'll get a lakh.

If he misses, we'll lose Rs.12000!

I've Rs.10000. I'll adjust Rs.2000.

Take down Rs.1 lakh betting at 12 paise on CSK.

Who do you think would win today, sir?

If everything I wish comes true, I would wish to become the CM, why would I wish others to win?

Mind your work.

What happened to him?

Dhoni hit a four when he was in that position, for sentiment we made him sit like that.

Dhoni hit a six!

I've had 12, am I shouting?

Keep ready my one lakh!

Bloody, he won!

How many fingers are these?

Are you so drunk unable to see your own fingers, sir?

Why are you beating, sir? I've license to run a bar.

They've money, they're drinking. What's your problem?

I've information. They bribed! I got irritated!

Sir, I'm there.

Third building, second left from main road!

It's Ecstasy Pub sir.

Sir, it seems if we raid the place we'll get money equal to state budget.

Take other staff also, you've ID Party Madhu, by then tell them to get the address.

Why are you laughing? What's so funny about it?

I didn't know I speak funny till you laughed at me.

The address you said just now,

exactly an hour earlier I told a man.

Betting in East Vizag, money equaling state's budget.

I laughed hearing my own words.

You mean the man who gave us information is a criminal?- Definitely!

Can't he be a responsible citizen?

Had he been, he would've told name and number.

Okay agreed he may commit crime, what could it be?

Good number are here and half of them are in East Vizag, what better time one would get to loot the bank near control room, sir?

How can you be so sure they're robbers?

Where would a group of people go in such heavy rain?

Marriage? It's not marriage season.

Going out? No luggage.

Monkey caps to mask faces, cutters to cut open fencing wires.

Tool box to open lockers, most important factor in all the people was fear in eyes.

Not a man was smiling!

Man is like that only when he's about to do something good or bad thing.

Why should I trust you?

Not just you, nobody trusts logic.

Everyone want magic!

That's why God men are more famous here than scientists.

Behind VCIB Bank...

Who are you?

Do you've match box?

How many in the group? About 10!

I think we've many to share.

That's why I was ordered to dump you after cutting the wire.

Who is there?

We can't open this locker!

We can! If we've the keys!

I think staff is still there inside the strong room.

They may have the keys.

Who killed them? Is it you?

Tell me! Don't shout!

They'd get scared!

If you don't open the door, my boys would knock the door of your home.

Will you open the door or want your wife to open the door?

Open the locker!

Have you killed them? Is everyone dead?

Who planned this?

Ten entered the fence but only two are remaining.

Finally only one would go out. Will you kill me also?

Ill kill the crane driver.

Stop sir...no sir.

We'll not get anything in that car.

They're purposefully using light to go.

Couldn't they escape in darkness?

Crane wires are still moving. It had lifted money, right?

Engine is still hot, it broke open the wall, right?

Heavy laden vehicle went this way.

Heavy cash!



Police are after you.

A little further up, there's a dumping yard, park vehicle there.

Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation Dumping Yard... Time Midnight...

Nobody would suspect money will be in trash.

Even if they can't stand the stench.

My vehicle is damaged, come immediately to VCIB left.

Brother, police are here.

I'll call Varadarajulu, ensure nobody sees the money at any cost.

If necessary, kill them.

You be careful, I'm coming there.

Who are you?

Kill him or else he may kill me!

Try to live for a minute, I'll kill him in 2 minutes

Archer without thumb and gunman without pointing finger are useless.


Shift the body to hospital.

Sir, money is somewhere here only.

He'll tell if we thrash him.

It's better to confiscate the cash now, sir.

Leave the place now, Ravi. You'll get into legal troubles.

Just once...

Have Ravi dropped a home.

Don't know how many murders he has committed?

They've brought him in four jeeps.

One getting down from police jeep isn't a criminal always.

One can be a VIP too!

You're very intelligence, can't you listen to elders advice?

You'd come good in life.

Why anyone else? I'll listen to you.

Can you get me the post of Prime Minister by morning?

He's killing with words, where was he born?

What bothers you wherever I may be born, bro...

What bothers you however I may look, bro...

What bothers you whatever I may do, bro...

Don't irritate me, bro!

What bothers yo if I smoke, bro...

What bothers you if I play drums, bro...

What bothers you if I wink at girls, bro...

If I hit your teeth would spill like beans...

How many buttons does my shirt has...

How many preventive vaccines have I taken...

How many holes do my pair of jeans has...

How many zeroes do my cell phone number has...

How much loans my dad owes to other...

How many rakhis does my sister has...

Stop asking such crazy questions...

I'm a purebred loafer what bothers you, bro...

I'm a loafer...

Don't know whose photo is behind the poster...

Don't know what wound is behind the plaster...

Don't know which sixer is behind which ball...

You can see only after it is hit!

Don't know what product is behind the label...

Don't know which table has a drawer...

Without touching or laying your hand, how can you Say it...

All that is white isn't biesting milk...

All that is black isn't soil...

All that glitters isn't gold...

All that fades isn't old...

Don't judge by appearances, it's wrong, bro...

Stop inquiring about me, bro...

My name is peppermint... My body is high voltage current...

My shape is trumpet... My looks are bullets...

I'm sweeter than sugar... Hotter than your liquor...

My face is bed light... Mil brighten up the night...

The town is in chaos... Affairs fill the night life...

Jigs of love fill darkness... That's my highlight...

Come loafer...

I'll show you bliss...

According you I'm useless... According me I belong to A class...

Your worry is yours and my fight is mine... Why should we clash?

I'm a mad man, what do I know? It's just time pass for you...

You can use a lens to see my seriousness...

Tendulkar failed 10th class, didn't he become master of cricket?

Paperboy to Presidency, didn't we the story of Abdul Kalam?

Whose fate takes to where nobody knows...

You're not competent enough to decide that, bro...

Next day...

This is very hot, guru!

Using helmets or putting seat belts after seeing a police man, and if they catch, without making claims of high connections, and escaping from them... follow the rules!

So now...

...listen to a song!

Rs.1500 crores are burning to ashes!

I stole it is risking my life.

Ravi! I'll not spare you!


Bittu has escaped!

He killed Prabhu and 3 constables.

You're the next target!

To protect witnesses from criminals, Do you trust me sir? To protect witnesses from criminals, Do you trust me sir?

We change their names and send them to new places. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

We call it as witness re-location program. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

You'll be away from your family for about 4 or 5 months. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

As soon as we catch Bittu, you can come back. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

You'd say something, right father? Say it father. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

I want you to come good in life, that's why I scolded at you. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

Now all I want you is to stay alive. That's all! Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

It's not your father's anger, he's worried about... Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

Nothing sir, he's frustrated for losing Rs.5 lakhs deposited in bank. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

I'll talk to him after earning back those Rs.5 lakhs in these 5 months. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

I'll go to some Australia or Dubai, send me there. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir? We don't have that much budget, Do you trust me sir?

At the most we can send you to Hyderabad. Hyderabad? Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

To put me in a bus and send to Hyderabad, Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

Why do you use terms like re-location program, sir? Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

A man who can escape from jail can't he come to Hyderabad? Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

No... 1 beg you sir. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

This will not work out, I think you'll kill me before Bittu. Do you trust me sir?

Do you trust me sir?

I've a program. Let's follow that. Okay, come.

First time my photo is coming in newspaper, tell him to take it well.

Why an expression for an accident photo?

Logic sir, I'll look serious.

Dead man has no expression.

You're right sir, I'll look dead, tell him to take the snap.

I don't know if children get maths or not if my father beats them, but if Bittu hits my father will tell everything. That's why!

But if I'm dead, Bittu would relax and mind his work.

My batch mate Seetharam is in Hyderabad. My good friend.

I've told him you're coming there in search of a job.

Stay with him but don't tell about Bittu.

He's a coward!

What happened?

He died before I could kill him.

He's very lucky.

ACP Seetharam's residence Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

In all these years of my service never got an opportunity to use it.

You blessed me like that.

Nothing is impossible for you.

Keep that bell.

How did you know it sir?

It's a bell, can't you hear the sound when you walk?

To ring the bell, like this.

If you want to steal, like this!

Sir, you're a police officer, had you been a thief nobody could've caught you. Bye sir.

You said you've to go to station to pick up someone.

Train arrives at 8.30 am! Plenty of time.

I can have breakfast too by then.

Excuse me, where's the common bathroom? That side.

Who is he? Who knows?

Oh no 8.45 am! I need to go to railway station.

No need. I'm coming from there.


I can see.

I and Rajamanikyam... He told me.

This address... I found it.

Coffee? I'll have it. - Later.

No problem, I'll come.

He's Ravi, he looks average.

Go inside and talk. Wire may get snapped.

My eldest daughter. Good sir.

I know, don't ogle at her.

I've already fixed her marriage, bridegroom is a pilot.

If you want go out with him as much as you want.

She's my wife Lalitha.

One who left angrily is Neha, one who didn't come out feeling shy is Ooha.

Then what about him?

So, yours is Ha family!

He's... Thief!

How do you know it? I can smell him.

He stole my perfume bottle.

Sorry, he's an ex-thief.

His specialty is to get caught in a minute.

Snatch chain!

Thief...thief...bloody... may you lose your hands!

Sorry, your chain got stuck in my hand.

Steal money!

Hey oldie! What's that look?

Keep the bag down!

Open the zip, you fool!

Nobody offered him a job, so I had to keep him here.

Who is she?

I told you she's my youngest daughter.

What's her age?

Were you still working then?

What are you saying before women?

Why is entire family in hall, brother-in-law?

Bedroom is not empty. Cool, brother-in-law.

How many times I've told you not to bring criminals to home?

My jeep broke down on the way to station, I thought you'd give me lift.

Are you going fine, brother?

Would you like to have coffee? Get him a biryani too.

Don't know who you should ask for a coffee, go in!!

Is it wrong to ask for coffee too? What's the case?

He stole a gold chain from Commissioner's house.

I've tried third degree but he's refusing to tell where he hid it.

For you too? Who is he sir?

He's Valmiki, great Cl!

Interrogation specialist.

He make even dreaded criminals to cry!

Brother-in-law, no please, we mustn't praise ourselves.

If he hasn't told you too means... I'm unable to get it.

I used belts, chains, batons, pins and safety pins too!

Since Commissioner wasn't paying for the chain, the jeweller who sold it asked me to steal it for him.

You'd have tried everything but not the pin.

Please show him flowers and girls! He's too violent!

Would anyone eat flowers? Aren't we eating cauliflower?

You'll become fate if you eat clarified butter.

Was my mother fat?

Your aunt loves you so much as her own daughter.


Neither I've a life nor my life has a boy!

Why are you still standing behind the curtain? Come out!

I'm standing outside, father.

Be careful dear, there are many colleges in this route.

Who would look at me, father? There will be some mad man!

Where uncle? Cricket betting takes place near by...


Come uncle, need Rs.5 lakhs urgently. Rs.5 lakhs?

Don't worry about amount, I've good experience in this.

With such idea only Singapore Lakshminarayana invested Rs.50000.

Didn't he get money?

Why not? He got money and I got experience.

What a figure!

What's there?

Wind must blow if you want to see her.

Whether wind blows or cyclone hits, it remains the same.

Did you see? It twinkled when she smiled!

Lightning? It'll rain too!

I want to go to her once, uncle.

No need, she'll come if we call her.

You are...?

Just a while ago there was a twinkle when you smiled.

May be because of this.

Come here!

Why are her teeth having a fence like for fields?

Isn't she cute?

He has gone completely blind. I think I'll go my own.

I got a scapegoat.

How can I reach Koti, sir? That side.

I don't have work there.

I got it.

What does your father?

He married second time.

Your mother...? She's dead.


Your step mother...? She tortures me. What else?

Lousy family!

Shall we've a tea?

It's cool raining, hot tea would be fine.

It'll be fine.

We can have tea before bus arrives.

Bus has arrived.

You didn't tell me your name...

By the way you didn't tell me your name.

O Madhu, my heart isn't mine anymore...

O Madhu, my heart is no more with me...

You're spread magic with your eyes moving like a merry-go-round...

With your magnetic beauty made Hyderabad go after you...

I've left myself and come to you, anyway my heart won't come back to me...

Even if it comes, what would I do with it?

So, keep it with you, I don't want it...

Every drop of the rain shows you like a mirror...

When my father shouts at me, every word hears like your name...

Like a little with two plaits.. Like rainbow sporting different colours...

You look different in different angle and tempted and killed me like a live wire...

Madhu boss...

Madhu friend...

Madhu future...

Is she that beautiful? Class sir!

Then, she must be dull.

Active girl sir.

Then long skirt and jacket type.

She was wearing churidhar.

Which good looking girl now wears churidhar?

What are you saying? Why do you always negative?

Can you blabber anything if you're drunk?

Bloody old generation!

I just asked if she's good looking, why is he getting irritated?

May be she's not that beautiful, why are inquiring and irritating him?

Yuck! Both father and daughter don't have any taste.

He's gone, right? Go study!

I'm seeing you here only, what do you do?

What would I do?

No jobs in software and no growth in hardware.

Goons rule real estate, low salaries in contractions.

If I commit myself in hurry, I'd be like that in 10 years.

In 20 years end up like that.

At least before bus arrives...

21C goes to your office, right?

I'm going out for shopping.

Can't she invite me? Girls will not invite.

Your waist is thin like pipe making other girls jealous of it...

Even if Lord Brahma offers personal apology, I can't forgive him...

Like a moon spilling sandalwood... Like jasmine spreading numbing fragrance...

You're tempting and killing me differently at different times...

Why do you think so much for it?

Change the daughter's make up and say she eloped with neighbour boy.

We can stretch it for another 30 episodes.

Daughter's get has changed completely.

How much did you spend on it?


How could you spend Rs.25000 for shopping?- I didn't sir.

How did he leave you without payment?

I'm ACP Seetharam's relative, you know that?

So, they left you after taking my name, right?

No. Then?

He'll come personally and pay.

So, you've pledged me, right?

Down with Varadarajulu! Stop it!

How much did you invest? 10!

Mine is 50!

Would they pay if you shout?

What are you looking at?...

Will you beat me? Come beat me.

Not just your 10 but 12 years of...

How could they let Bittu escape so easily?

Have you gone blind?...

What is this? Khaddar!

What's that? Khaki!

Ask him that question! Come on ask him! Ask him!

Next time they'll strip your uniform and beat you.

Tell that in Telugu to them!

Bittu's two men broke signals on the night of robbery, electronic cameras have taken their pictures,

we've sent those photographs too to all stations along with Bittu's.

Now we're releasing it to the press also.

It would be fine if you join me for the press meet too.

If you send us out of country, we'll not come here too.

Murthy, send them out immediately.

They're coming to guest house for a group photo session.

Making fake passports isn't easy, sir.

They didn't bring the money anyway.

Tell him to send at least his group's photos, fake names and addresses.

He wants you to submit applications, who are you sending to him?

Name is Sattar, six feet tall!

How tall would he be sitting?

I know your intelligence, that's why I sent him your photo.

He'll find you, he'll give you a cover, take it properly.

Sattar is here, get ready.

Sattar, don't do anything in haste.

Let me go away!

If not I'll kill this girl.

We're consulting high officials, they'll be here.

They'll consider your demands. We need little time.

What's the situation?

About 100 students are inside.

Is he alive?

Luckily, nothing happened!

What happened sir?

What happened? You shot him down!

I shot him. How?

Remove your glasses, can't get your expression.

Do you know shooting?

You don't need training for it, sir.

All you need is a trigger and a head to be shot.

There are handcuffs and jails too!

To remove bacteria from bathroom, you've to use acid.

You don't use scent.

Why are you discussing with a criminal threatening to kill children?

Why don't you just gun them down?

What's your comment on this incident, sir?

It was a sudden incident, nobody could imagine it.

In such situations... tell them to get his body!

Brother-in-law, tell them to get the body.- Okay.

What's this like a kid?

You should've seen when he shot him, my heart froze!

He shot him down suddenly, bloody rogue!

Evening when I dozed off, had a dream of getting President's medal.

Isn't it good if you get the President's medal?

But it was you who was accepting it.

Never used the gun in my 25 years of service.

No? I'll make you also use it, sir.

I'll not fire till I'm alive.

I'm a Gandhian, come let's have a drink.

Till now you shouted at him and want him to join for a drink now.

Just because you're scared, do we stop watching horror films?

That's a bad habit! He too is one of them.

You made a film and used my brother-in-law's poster.- Keep quiet.

We got his office travel papers from Sattar's body.

First time in life my brother-in-law is trying to interrogate him.

I don't think he's that successful, take a look!

If anyone has my letterhead, would you call me to the station?

Many hundreds come to my office seeking passports every day.

It is you who must find the criminals among them.

You shoot because you've gun and call here because you've an office.

Do you've sense? Some useless man is shouting at him, why are you silent?

He got angry, so he's shouting.

I'm frustrated now, can I beat up that Travel Murthy's man?

You bet him. I'll take care of it. Hold this.

Has my table got so many deadly weapons?

What's the trouble here?

What's this? Why is he beating him?

You don't need reason to beat criminals.

He's my man! Who said you're men? Who?

What's this sir?

Frustration sir! It seems the poor man lost his bike. He's frustrated!

Can you get back your bike if you beat him?

He'll get over the frustration, right?

What's the trouble?

Frustration sir, It seems our people are not taking his complaint.

Please look after it. He's beating up my man!

Look after that also. That's what we're looking at sir!

It seems he's looking at it!

I got it sir, he's beating him up wantonly.

You're supporting him.

Neither it's frustration nor my foot! This is realization!

I'll take care of you!

That's it sir! You think I'm a boy and can't do anything, right?

Can't do anything? You've almost killed them.

What have you done about the passports, Murthy?

What can I do sir? Finding my letterhead with Sattar, police are turning heat on me.

I can't help you in this matter. Sorry sir, please leave me.

Somebody is trying to stop me. Who is he?

He has become a headache to you, I'm sure he'd be epitome of pain.

Why is his photo here? Do you know him?

I came to Hyderabad from Vizag for helping to arrest him.

In Rs.1500 crore crime, he's accused number one and are you the witness number one?

With police vigilance around going out of India...

He mustn't go out of this country at any cost.

If I get scared and stop, I may never escape.

Why are you so stubborn?

It's stubbornness but ego!

Why do you want to take the risk?

It's not risk but ego!

He made me to garland my photo and offer obsequies while I'm alive.

Would I spare him? I'll surely catch him.

Nobody can catch me.

I'll slip out like sand from a clenching fist!

If I clench my fist, even sand can't escape and die in my hand.

Call Home Minister and tell them not to touch Travel Murthy.

DGP. tell your boys not to touch Travel Murthy.

Why are you torturing Murthy? Leave him. It's all over!

I'm telling you to drop the matter here itself. Got it?

Our DGP!

Travel Murthy is great man, if possible felicitate him but don't call him to station.

If we get evidence that Murthy is helping Bittu to get passport, what can DGP also do?

Morning he'd do Yoga and evening he'd take a walk.

How can I know what would he do if get evidence?

Is it so easy to get evidence against him?

What? Madhu works with Murthy's office!

So what? If we hold Madhu keycard, we can get information of Bittu's ticket and how it'll hand reach him.

If we get those documents, we can arrest both of them.

Why would she give the key card?

Give me two water tanks and a Bluetooth, in 3 days, she'll do as I say!

Neither rain will stop nor bus would come till we finish the tea.



Bus has been stopped.

We can hold it for 10 minutes only.

Why did you stop the bus sir?

Why? For public safety!

All of you please co-operate with us. Think he's a terrorist.

Just assume! Please sit down!

If anyone talks I'll blow this bus to smithereens!

Throw away your cell phones.

Throw means outside not on him! Will you kill the boy?

Isn't it good if a terrorist dies?

Now he's not a terrorist but a thief!

Now he'll burn down the bus and threaten you with a knife.

What would you do?

What will you do man?

I'll cut his hand and douse the fire.

You can blow it like this and hand him over to police too.

You've that option too, you know? Sit down.

Rain will stop now...stop... it has stopped!

What about my bus?

Driver, Commissioner's daughter will board the bus at next stopping.

Doesn't she have a car? Gone for repairs.

An officer in red shirt will help her to board.

Doesn't he have a uniform?

Gave it for washing!

Bus must move once he signals.

If people are so violent, how can the poor criminals live?

I'm also thinking about it.

Look, your bus hasn't come yet. Your luck!

Do you know what luck is? Luck is what you wish!

What you desire is future!

Really? Why not try it?

Make a wish!

I don't like to go in a bus!

Look, bus went away. That is your power.

Power? Do you know how much trouble we took to stop the bus?

Make another wish!

I want to ride on a bike.

Bike? Is it chocolate? How can I get one now?

Don't tell him not to commit on colour.

Keep this. Just Rs.10?

No change sir. I too don't want change.- No sir...

Pay Rs.200 and run over the lemons, nobody can stop you.

If I pay Rs.20 and stamp it with leg, would God apply my bike's brakes?

Mad man! Can a swimming pool have Tsunami or God come to save you?

That's why we're here. Do you've the RC book?

If you want this back, there's a boy in red shirt next street, give the bike to him and come tomorrow. Why should I give him?

Split the bike's parts saying it has a bomb, as usual say sorry to him, and give those parts to him!

Wrong sir. Why?

He can't carry all the parts, keep the engine with you sir.

Which colour shirt he's wearing? Red!

You're the red shirt guy, right?


What if it rains now?

Rain again? No way! We sent the tankers.

Your office is in Abide, there will be cyclone not just rain before we reach.

Find water tankers in Abide, boys! It must rain there now!

Good bike is there... Girl is beside me...

Cool breeze is blowing... It's pulling me...

You've little mad... And I like it...

I've fallen for you... you're my king..

Bike is speeding up... Beauty is devastating...

I'm going mad... don't attack me with your sensuality...

When I see your sexy waist... I lose my control...

If you sit on the pillion, my front wheel goes up in air...

A little red from lips will make your bike to ride without petrol...

On seeing the sensuality of my body, won't it speed off thousands of miles...

Your smiling face broke my heart...

Your perfume overwhelmed my nose...

Youth has hit like typhoon... Kissing mood is in the air...

Just say yes and see, you can't stand my speed...

Are you a beautiful page from the legendary Kalidas' poetry...

Are you the intoxication that has come out from Devadas' wine bottle...

O handsome man, you're strong and well built like Arnold...

You're fast like the bullet coming out from the gun of James Bond...

Your springy black hair moved in air... My heart jumped in joy around you...

Heart beats in a rhythm... Time to change gear of love chariot...

Virgin mesmerism is hovering over me... It's quite natural in love...

What's that?

Acid to bend the window grills.

Welder to cut the bent grills. Glasses?

To keep away fire sparks.

What for this? For good grip.

This is plastic explosive, am I right?

What for this? For attitude!

Whatever it is, thief is a thief! Yes.

He seems like master thief! Come in!


Got anything?

Bittu and Madhu's tickets are booked for tomorrow's flight.

To Dubai via Mumbai! For Madhu?

Is she an accomplice in the bank robbery?

Cool sir, she doesn't even know to ogle. How can she rob a bank?

Shall we arrest Travel Murthy? He may tell something.

To catch the rat, you must bait with an onion.

Come straight!

If we arrest Murthy, Bittu will escape. We must first catch Bittu.

Let's put Murthy's office under observation.

If Bittu comes tomorrow, let's arrest both of them together.

Who ordered it and why are you delivering it to me?

Bittu? Where's my passport?

Just a minute!

I've arranged a family too for you, your wife has epilepsy.

To get sympathy in airport security check.

Bombay flight is at 3 pm!

Dubai flight leaves by night from there. Your tickets.

Who is my wife?

I didn't order it.

What happened, Madhu?

What else? Dieting, eating less and fainting!

It has become fashion.

What are you looking? Help to take her to hospital.

What's that?

Someone would've ordered pizza, delivery bike. Zoom it.

Box should've pizzas, why clothes are there?

Didn't you get it? Bittu was here, uncle!

Where's Madhu?

She fell sick and they took her to the hospital.

Who? The pizza delivery boy?

That's him! He took Madhu to escape!

He has a ticket for 3 pm Bombay flight.

Stop...tell where are you going?

Why did you stop here?

We must go to the right.

Your job is over with handing over the passport.

It's my problem where I go and how!

But to go to Dubai... I can travel from Bangalore too!

I'll board a flight tonight from there. What should I do now?

Never ask the other man in life, what should I do?

You must have clarity yourself.

Stop...stop...we must take right. Why are you tensed?

Police have swarmed the airport.

I'm sure he wouldn't go to the airport.

We've his car number. Where can he go?

Black colour Merc, 444, trace it immediately

It's going on Chennai Highway, take a U turn. Let's get him.

No sir. He sent few people to East Vizag and some to West during the bank robbery, He robbed the bank in central Vizag.

He's using the same pattern.

Few people would go to airport, few would be roaming on Chennai Highway, he would be whistling his way to Bangalore.

How can you be so sure?

I'll make him say hello to you in 5 minutes.

Look there, Bittu's vehicles. How can you be so sure?

Though we've given them so many directions, how could the police get so much intelligence to catch us?

I don't get it!

Hey, you're jumping lanes!

Breaking traffic rules.

Watch out!

Drive carefully, we may die!

Why are you banging him? We may die man!

This car man!


People may die!

Please stop for a second, I'll get down. Please slowdown, I'll jump out!

I'll get killed!

Will you kill me for her?

Can you? Will you dare?

Is it like killing my brother alone?

Did you or your bother build temples to live for 100 years?

Bloody bank robbers!

Any brother to you would die at 25!

You'll also die in near future.

Are you an astrologer to predict my death?

I'm telling your future now, I'll make you carry the bodies of your entire family.

Your shoulders must be strong. Don't worry about far away family.

The girl at the end of your gun barrel is my life.

Your gun has ten bullets, even if one bullet gets into her, if I don't shoot you dead before you fire second bullet, I wasn't born to my father, you bloody bastard!

Eater's name is written on every food grain.

But the bullet that kills you will have my name.

Bittu, I'm Ravindra Narayan, your wake up call to death!

I'll kill you... Don't just threaten me, bloody!

You fire one bullet, Mil put entire magazine into you.

Are you mad? The girl is with him, he'll kill her.

How long can we be mute spectators fearing death?

Fire...fire...let me see! Don't provoke him.

He's wantonly provoking you. Why are you talking to her?

He's very intelligent man. I'm smarter than him.

Kill me I say!...

You'll not leave me...not leave me.

They left me marooned on road. Send me a car.

Why did Bittu kidnap her? I don't know.

Did you get Bittu?

No sir, we've put a red alert.

Did he see you?

It's not safe for you to stay here, must shift your base.

Where to sir? Guntur or Anakapalle?

How would you feel with a rain coat facing Tsunami?

I feel the same now when you Say that.

I don't get it one thing for my common sense, a thief runs away, police catch him, why is the reverse happening here?

Thief is catching me, should I be on run for helping police?

Police need time, right? How much time you need sir?

I got him in 15 minutes and you let him off by morning.

I got him in the middle of the road, you couldn't catch him.

Do you know the difference between him and you, he doesn't care for life for money, but you don't even get up from your seat for the salary.

The madness he has, I've much more than him.

Let him hide inside earth, Mil gun him down at point blank range.

He must wet his pants on hearing my name Ravi Narayan.

If I kill him police will not his body also as evidence for postmortem.

I'm sure about one thing, I'll stay here only, put my address in newspapers, let me what the hell he can do...

What's your connection with Bittu?

I don't know anything.

He said he was the girl's relative and then kidnapped me too.

Why did he leave after kidnapping you?

I'll tell you after consulting my lawyer.

What the hell will you consult, my foot!

No need to discuss, just write and get his sign.

Do you want me to untie the knot?

I don't know uncle, I didn't think about it.

Maximum is 3 minutes. If not?

After that anytime is same. Right, dead body will co-operate.

Police are conducting a big sting operation for this girl.

It seems her office under camera observation.

That's why her kidnapping news reached immediately.

Why isn't she getting up, mother? May be she's dead.

Doctors are not telling for money.

How do you feel now? Whatever it is you're very lucky.

By strange coincidence Ravi came to your office, and surprise I was there too and saved you.

It happened coincidentally!

How is Madhu now?

What's your problem? Toothache? Can I see Madhu?

What have you done about it? I mean the sacred thread.

I'll talk to you later.

How is my daughter?

What's your problem? Toothache?

Can I see her?


Lost money! Lala is dead!

I think Ravi will get us too.

One push with this will get your brain out along with fear, Koti.

Did you see those numbers?

One, I must to kill Ravi's family.

Two, I must kill him.

Three, we must escape from this country.

If you irritate me, I may have to kill you too.

My wish list would become 4, but 3 is my lucky number.


Already finished?

Uncle Brahmam! Called me sir?

Return the stolen Beer bottle and cashew nuts.

How do you know it?

His shirt is wet with bottle's wetness.

Cashew nut masala is on his night dress.

Give me some.

You're so smart, why did you cross swords with Bittu?

I didn't sir, he's shouting at me.

He has voice he'll shout, he has a family, so he fears.

What's your plan anyway?

Very simple sir, I've simply 3 targets!

I must bring parents from Vizag and keep them safe here.

I must convince Madhu again and bring her back on track.

Let's kill Bittu, sir! He's irritating me too much!

When are you proposing to do this?

Generally smart guys plan and do it.

Too smart guys like me plan while doing it.

What son? Have you started?

I've booked tickets in Garib Rath.

Tell neighbors to keep an eye on our house.

No need to tell them, they'll always watch our home. Tell neighbors to keep an eye on our house.

No need to tell them, they'll always watch our home.

Take a taxi to the station.

Taxi is expensive, auto is enough.

Father, don't show your stinginess here. Just do as I say.

Tickets? I've, get in.

Is it a great plan to buy ticket and board train?

Now Bittu's group would get down before my home.

They'll see the door locked.

They'll ask the neighbours.

Though we share common wall, we don't know a bit about them.

People with money or gun don't take no as answer.

Garib Rath leaves in an hour, one bag, two suitcases, 3 passengers.

They went to the station in taxi.

It you remove the gun, I'll walk to my home.

Where are you now, father?

If we take left, we'll reach station in 10 minutes.

Take right and hit highway and come to Hyderabad.

What? To Hyderabad in car?

Yes, in car! He'll ask our property.

Seetharam will pay it, come.

Me? Why should I pay? Go to Hyderabad.

Like Pavan searches for Bhumika in the film "Kushi'

Bittu's men will be searching for my parents in station.

This is what you call planning.

People have a knife or gun, you've removed the pin and sitting on a grenade.

Why did you let him into your home?

More over you're feeding him with Beers and cashew nuts.

What are you planning to do with Bittu?

Sir, you got drunk and forgetting the order.

My darling Madhu...

What have I done? Why are you so angry on me?

Will you provoke him to kill me?

That was drama, just like that. He won't kill you.

You used me after telling white lies.

Don' use that word, people may mistake you.

I'll beat you with my slipper.

Isn't there control to your tongue? Will you say whatever you feel?

You mean...pleas you tell me sir.

I made Miss Worst to Miss World girl, look, every man is ogling at her.

Do you know how many dreams I had for you?- What dreams?

Like we're married...

Like having two sons Bobby and Bablu.

Make one as daughter, it'll add colour to life.

Two moustaches and beards won't be fine. Get lots!

I started wearing jeans for him.

To avoid disturbance in future to kiss I removed glasses and wearing lens.

Didn't I do anything then? Is it my mistake?

You're saying as if I did the mistake.

Not you or me, he'll tell us, please tell me sir.

I kept aside to eat without disturbance.

You both are fighting over something.

Can you please start again?

Bloody deaf!

Madhu, no need auto, I'll drop you. I'll drop you on my bike.

Yes but I want same bike, same colour, and the same man must bring it.

Shall I close my eyes? What are you saying?

Do you want the bike again sir?

Go...go.. Want me to go that side?

I'm going on urgent work, if you want, take it.

Why did you give your bike that day?

A police officer in the next street threatened to break it.

Why did you smile then?

Like this? He told me to smile and give.

This wasn't my mistake.

Trust me, Seetharam made me do it under threat.

Please listen to me.

Had it not rained then, I wouldn't have talked to you or had tea.

Water tank is here only!

Why are you looking embarrassed? Was rain also a plan?

How can I plan rain? Tell me the truth.

Oh God! How did it rain when I wished?

Don't get angry, my honey eyed beauty...

Don't frown, O jasmine...

Like police car siren... Like an ambulance horn...

Why are you making so much noise like you've swallowed a loud speaker?

Don't add chilly to the love wound and tie a thread to my heart...

Don't let it fly as you wish here and there...

Hey don't leave me hanging...

Hey don't trash me and run away...

Hey don't leave him hanging...

Hey don't trash him and run away...

Without you accompanying me when I went to temple...

God himself sent me back...

Pub has no entry board if I go there without you...

Mirror too scolds me if sees me single...

My shadow is confused unable to recognize me...

Like salt less food, like dance less Chiranjeevi film...

Without you I don't have any life...

Hey don't wash and dry me...

Hey don't squeeze me out...

Hey don't wash and dry him...

Hey don't squeeze him out..

If you play cricket, I'll buy each ticket paying a lakh...

If umpire gives you out, I'll seek vengeance on him...

I'm the crore people waiting in queue for your smile...

Though you make me cry, I'm the lone joker to make you laugh...

Liquor is there for heart fails...

People are there as love failures...

I was fresh like fruit but you've made a patient...

Hey don't tear me into pieces...

Hey don't kill and bury me...

Hey don't tear him into pieces...

Hey don't kill and bury him...

Dear... Father!

Calm down dear! Is he teasing you?

You feel tortured, dear? Yes father.

Did anyone smile at you when you had clip for teeth? No!

Did anyone see when you wore glasses? No!

Did anyone recognize you as girl when you wore churidhar? No!

Look now, how many fans you have!

Why are you talking to him? Who are you man?

What's this nuisance before my home? You don't know about me, if I beat, for the effect you better ask him.

Body aches will be for many days.

Will you please give me some coconut oil, aunt?

I saw people drinking water if thirsty, I'm seeing only you having oil.

May be from Kerala.

It is shining!

It fires too!

Hey pig! At least stop crying while eating!

Give some to your sister too, she looks like a famine country's model.



If you act smart using this as ruse, I will...

What were you saying till now...

Shut up!

How would you look after Madhu from now? Like an angel!

Will you show the offering and eat it yourself?

Look after her like human.

If there's any difference in the treatment.

I'll gun you down!

Think about me, please.

It went off by mistake, please don't forget about me.

To catch Bittu, Travel Murthy must come out.

If Travel Murthy is to come out, Uncle must in.

Do you know whom you dared to arrest?

I'm drunk like you in day time, I've arrested knowing well.

Shut your gob and sleep.

Why did they arrest you?

I'm accused of making fake passports. What's wrong in it?

What's your case?

They arrested me for making come true a mother's wish.

Mother's wish?

Yes, a mother told her son if you're mischief a devil will catch you.

He didn't believe it.

He came out.

If what his mother said doesn't come true, he'll never come in life.

So I took the risk and kidnapped him.

Strange the boy's mother slapped a case on me.

For kidnapping her son.

Are you planning to make a hole to wall and escape?

We'll shift you to sub jail tomorrow, the plates as well as the plates are thicker and stronger. Try there!


I want a bag full of papers and a dozen pens.- Why?

To write my autobiography. You?

Can Gandhi and Nehru only write autobiographies in jail?

Do they only have souls? Don't I have it?

I too have a soul and it has a story.

I don't have paper and pens, get it for me.

Give few papers and pens from Writer. It seems he'll write autobiography.

What? I want a cup of tea, sir.

I'll beat you with slippers.

Writer's block sir. Can't write now.

He'll irritate us like this, let's go out.- Okay sir.

Not just you, we'll also come out following you.

If it is open both of them can escape!

Don't be excited, let's walk casually.

What's that? Phones.

Who is he? Fans!

Can't he give it straight? Why did he a take a round?

Fans have emotions only, no logic.

Call me by evening, my number is in it.

He'll call from the phone you gave him, right?

Surely sir. He trusts me.

If he doesn't use it, it's difficult to catch Bittu.

Ravi is alive!

I'll not go from here till I kill him.

He must get dejected in life and commit suicide.

You can't even touch him.

You asked for men, van, crane and took lakhs of money from me.

I created a family for you and spent lakhs to get you passports.

When Sattar died, I paid compensation to his family and got the papers.

You couldn't go to airport and catch a flight.

I've spent more than Rs.1.5 crores on you.

This coffee is extra expense to me and bonus to you, have it.

Why is he angry?

You haven't anything till now other than this sign language.

Had I trusted Ravi he would've looted the bank in 15 minutes.

A 25 year old young man is giving you a run for your money.

Go and lick is underarms.

Sitting here shamelessly!

If a man ogles a woman when her husband is nearby, do you know how bad she'd feel?

When you praised him before me, I had the same feelings.

Sign language? Do you know what did I tell her?

I told her I'll stab you.

Never pass comments on impaired. Wrong, it's wrong.

If I say sorry now, she may not hear it. Save my life.

My heart is broken.

I don't care whether you live or die.


Rs.1500 crores!

I'll give it to you, save my life.

Money...do you've money? Yes.

Money is there!

But we saw money burnt to ashes.

But I saw it getting burnt.

Only the trailer burned, I had shifted the money earlier.

Where have you hidden the money?



He's dead, Bittu.

Can I make a call? Do it.

I suspected he'll not use the phone, so I planted a transmitter on him.

I'm Murthy here, sir.

Getting bail is difficult, so I escaped.

It's all commotion here.

It's very difficult to send Bittu out of country.

First know with whom you're talking to, Murthy.

Where's Varadarajulu?

He's out of coverage area.

I came out with great difficulty to talk to him.

You're not that smart. No sir. I managed to escape.

The man who made you escape, the man who is making you talk...

I'm telling him,

I want to tell you a small story, Ravi.

Everyday my father used to come drunk and beat me and my brother.

I managed but Lala was very young. He used to cry a lot!

One night a thief smashed my father's head and took his purse.

He was hit strongly and my father died.

After that my brother never cried in life.

One thing nobody knows, even my brother too.

I was that thief.

I killed my father for beating him.

You killed him, what would I do with you?

I'm leaving it to your imagination.

Let's have a tea break.

Do you've sense or not?

He's warning you, don't you've any fear?

There's trap in fear, we mustn't fear anyone.

Let's take on him. No...

If hope can cure a cancer patient, fear would kill an ulcer patient.

He threatened to kill you, aren't you scared?

Death has no feelings, just sharpness.

I'll also kill him, he boasted and I didn't.

That's the difference.

Uncle! Did you see Madhu?

Everything is blur with your shot, I don't see anything.

Uncle, I'll not bear her anymore, I'll use force!


Stop! You don't know about me, don't neglect me.

Yes, I don't know about you, I don't know if your love is true, I don't know if your name is true or not.

You want my details, right?

My name is Ravi, my father is Narayanamurthy, my mother is Kameshwari, my sister is Raji...

Nobody is giving direction to Seetharam's house.

We're searching for 3 hours now.

Father, I mean... My father!

What timing is yours!

Did you keep them in next street?

They made an entry as soon as I said about them.

They're my real parents.

Hello, he's shameless! Shouldn't you've it?

Who is she?

Do you've to accept to be his father if he asks?

Do you've any resemblance with him?

He's after me. Mother, don't talk mad.

Your mother is very homely. Why is she talking too much?

Your character has no dialogues, keep quiet.

I'm warning you, I'll beat her.

I'll talk to her... Why are you begging her?

You took money, right?

Money...- Money?...- Money? Haven't you?

Have you gone mad, Madhu?

I know my son is cheat but I think he's not so cheap to change parents.

One more thing, I've complete faith in my wife.

Don't try to spoil it after 25 years of marriage.

It may be a bad word to you but he's my son. She's my daughter.

If you marry him, she's your half husband.

She'll rip out your skin, she's not as good as she looks.

Where's Seetharam's house?

Take right and go straight, father.

We'll go straight, you be straight.

Oh my God!

Should I love you really? I'll beat you.

If you lie always and tell the truth once, this will be the result.


Hold this.

What for? You're not staying put in one place, so.

Please listen to me.

I love you so much. I'm mad about you.

Please listen to me. Marry me.

I'll look after you like a princess.

One more thing.

This is little risky matter, keeping it for safety.

It has come this far, so I'm telling you shamelessly.

I'm waiting eagerly for our first night.

We must work hard and have children like this. Okay?

Don't cry, please smile.

I'm scared...I'm going.

You home has gate, I've doubt to jump over it...

Streetlights don't burn in your lane, I'm new to the area...

There's a dog before the gate, which barks me to stop...

It has big teeth and makes me scary...

There's a beggar before your home, he's wearing a holed shorts...

I look like a joker to his eyes...

If you wake up and jump from balcony...

Let's rock in love...

Let's celebrate our marriage...

There's a coffee house in Koti, it's famous for cappuccino...

If your hot lips touch the hot coffee cups...

Hands under the table play the game of love...

Is yours coffee drinking face? I know your bloody idea...

Wearing sleeveless dresses and miniskirts showing knees...

Your hungry looks are a big nuisance...

No Chitti, I got a naughty thought...

I want to hold you before everyone and give a French kiss...

To rock my force and my style...

There's a theatre in old city that plays old love films...

Watch a reel munching popcorn and pass the interval with a vegetable cutlet...

Let's learn the alphabets of love watching duets every 15 minutes...

Stop narrating tales, don't try to fool me...

Corner seat in empty theatre and one coke with two straws...

You'll get mischievous exploring all over me...

Hey not like that, how am I to manage her?

Do Jesus and Allah have to come back again to convince you?

If you come to watch my matinee show...

She' thin like a stick, how could you like her?

Zero size, that's the latest fad.

She scolded me. She slapped me.

He would've done something to make her so angry.


What would they think if you enter my bedroom?

My father and step mother are coming to fix marriage.- Now?

She doesn't know you're the bridegroom. I told my father only.

You must manage my step mom. Are you mad?

Manage your step mom? Do you know what you're saying?

I'm unable to manage for what you had done already, go.

This is not the right time. Go...go away!

Shall I go away?

I didn't mean you to go literally.

It was big trouble yesterday.

Moreover you don't know about my father.

If he comes to know this, do you know how angry he would be?

My father is...

Tell me...

Tell me!

Wear clothes, my throat has gone dry.

Why did you come here?

As if you're great Aishwarya Rail!

I came here following your daughter.

Are you planning her marriage in my absence? I'll kill you.

Do you know this is a great police officer's house?

Then, who is the groom?

Is it him?


I like him.

Ravi, chemistry is working out between me and her.

What's this nastily? She's my mother-in-law.

She's her step mother, right? So what?

Okay, since you're feeling so much, we'll elope after your marriage.

I want to talk to the groom.

I like you so much.

When you talk to me, my palms are sweating.

Tell me. What did you like in us?

You've made me raise my head high!

What do you do?


You've already stolen a heart!

Don't know why I felt like looking into your eyes.

Whether this society accepts it or not, I don't care if you think I'm overdoing it, I'll marry her. You...

Leave my hand. Have you gone mad?

You came here to fix your daughter's marriage and having affair with servant.

Servant? He's the groom, right?

I'm like his son, how can he be the groom?

He's the groom!

I'll not accept. Why?

I was married to an old man, so she should also marry an old man.

What have you done?

Slapping the cheeks which should be smooched with kisses.

He steals everything and she slapped him.

That's not enough for him. He deserves more.

Don't park the car, I'll come back immediately.

Haven't you yet gone to Vizag?

I came to say good bye. Just for fun.

No, I've to go.

No way, come and sit. No, getting late to flight.

You too look busy.

It's about Ravi's engagement.

I'll take leave.

Sir, I'll send him off.

How far the case has come?

We're serious about the case, talked to Varadarajulu too.

Don't underestimate Bittu, it's good to be brave.

But it's wrong to be careful, right?

Where? I forgot my phone.

One minute, I know where the phone is. I'll get it.

Uncle, give the phone.

Which one is Ravi's family?

Leave me!



Take them quickly!

If you tell anyone I'll kill you. Father!


Brother...brother...brother... Get in...






I'll kill you, bastard!

Hubby! Father!

How dare you fire at my father? Leave me...

Brother! Leave him son!


Leave me, your father is alive!

Call ambulance!

Sir, my father.

Don't worry, nothing will happen to him.

You come with me. Come to the station.

I'm talking to him, right?

This phone has the trigger that set off to kill ACP.

They'll interrogate for formality, go with them.

How can I leave my father? I'll take care of him. You go.

Where is Ravi?

Come, let's go to the hospital.

What happened, sir? Nothing to worry.

What happened to my father?

I said nothing to worry.

I can take it, sir, tell me.

Come with me, I'll tell you.

Taking as if he's in a hotel? He's an accused.

I'll bring him back in an hour. Rules don't accept.

This is my station. I'll take care of it.

Tell us what we should write then.

Write I'm taking my son on my personal guaranty. Is it enough?


Your father wants to see you.

BP is highly fluctuating.

Don't tell him about your arrest or Raji's kidnap.

Had you not taken Rs.10000 that day, we'd be watching a film on TV at home!

Your mother would've made pakodis,

your sister would be up to some mischief.

That's wealth!

It is 10 million times valuable than your one lakh rupees.

You know the logic that train speeding at 60 km/s won't stop at platform, don't know that no bank would give Rs.1 lakh interest in 2 hours.

If that really happens, I should be in hospital at 80, but your father would is in hospital at 50.

If that comes at speed, this too comes at speed.

When I think I don't see much difference between you and Bittu.

You want lakhs and he wants crores.

Difference is in numbers only not in thoughts.

Father! Got angry?

Then show me!

You wrote a calculation in March and failed the exam.

You got the same question again in September.

What would you do? What have you learnt meanwhile?

Show me the difference between March and September.

What do you want me to do, father?

Dharmaraju played a game of dice only once, it ended in the battle of Kurukshetra.

For betting Rs.10000 one night, you had to fight risking life.

Battle...go and battle.

I don't want just my Rs.5 lakhs!

Like me many clerks, teachers, supervisors, saved money for daughters' marriages, sons' education, and to build homes after retirement.

It's hard earned money with dreams.

Show me...bring back Rs.1500 crores and show me.

Tell me then that you're different from Bittu.

I'll bring it back, father.

You don't worry about this case, I'll prove you didn't kill ACP.

You can't. Why?

He's not dead. Not dead?

What did ACP tell on phone when he came to your home?

Don't park the car, I'll be back immediately.

It means driver was in the car.

If ACP had died as you think, there must be two bodies in the car.

How many? Two!

How many were there? One!

Then, the dead man is... Driver!

While coming out do you know what did he say.

Just now talked to Varadarajulu on phone.

Varadarajulu died yesterday and he claims to have talked to him now.

Is Varadarajulu dead? How do you know it?

We saw on TV while coming out of the hospital.

Ex-MLA of Vizag East and Co-operative bank Chairman, Paidpalli Varadarajulu was murdered in his guest house.

When did Rajamanikyam get into this?

May be he got a clue about the money when we were in the dump yard.

If my guess is right, ACP would've gone the same night to dump yard for money.

I'm sure he would've seen the money.

As soon as Bittu comes out, each one of us can take Rs.500 crores.

Let's talk to lawyer and send Bittu permanently to jail, take Rs.750 crores each.

But they wouldn't have expected Bittu would escape.

Bittu would've come to know the game played by ACP and Varadarajulu.

That's why he killed Varadarajulu.

Why did he leave ACP then?

ACP knows where the money is!

If he kills him, how can he know where the money is!

That's why he would've bargained with him.

You knew he's villain because of bomb blast, but how did Bittu come to know about the link between ACP and Varadarajulu?

Bittu thinks just like I think.

But this time he was 24 hours earlier than me.

That's why my father is in hospital.

And my sister is with him.

I'm in a lock-up.

But still I'll spare that bastard.

I'll make him bite the bullet. How?


Who would dare stop you?

Settle the issue once for all...

Who is hiding behind the mask? Find him quickly...

Leave behind your worries, break the barricades...

Unmask them...

Are you one of the four or one in a crore?

Rip out the mystery face behind the shadowy mask...

Settle all the accounts...

Brother of Vikramarka in determination...

Take them to task...

Catch him...catch him...

Rs.1500 crores!

You'll not forget my Rs.750 crores, right?

Take it right now.

He asks money and when given doesn't know how to take it.

Looking at him I understood one thing, not only earning money is difficult but carrying so too difficult.

Is he dead?

Call Bittu!

Why is he calling at this hour?

He's not calling someone has made him call.

Fix three containers.

Load one of them with money.

Before they find out which container has money...

We can board a ship and leave the country.


There's an airport Tuticorin in the Southern end of India, Strange name, right?

Srilanka is just 10 minutes from there.

You come in the ship along with money.

I'll come in the flight. What about her?

Devayani will handle her.

The phone call he made went to Vizag Industrial area godowns.

If he had picked the call, we could trace the exact location.

We must go to Vizag immediately.

Vizag? We'll reach by midnight even if we rush.- Yes.

He would've left the country by then.

Let's take a helicopter. Helicopter? Are you mad?

When robbers can use flights and ships, can't we police use helicopters?

They'll not allow us into airport too.

They will! Who?

Your future son-in-law!

He's a pilot, right?

I've already fixed her marriage. Groom is a pilot.

Why would he give us? I'll talk to him.

Like this?

I'll beg him.

If necessary I'll fall at his feet.

Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad How dare you beat me!

I don't have any connection with this incident.

Will you please talk to my daughter. It'll ease your pin.

If you talk about your daughter again, Ill kill you.

Are you happy now? Marriage was also fixed.

You spoilt it.

Why do you feel so much? Does he own the helicopter?

He's just a driver.

Shut up! Enough of what you'd already done.

Where are we to search for them?

Search the road from industrial area to port.

Which vehicles?

Only containers can carry so much cash. Look there!

Three vehicles are there!

Which one of the three has money?

Simple sir, the one carrying money has weight, it's tyres would get pressed!

Orange one has money!

Tell me where it is heading!

I'll tell you what to do after getting down.

Your sister is with him.

He won't harm my sister till money reaches port.

A helicopter is landing!

Can you hear me, sir? Tell me, Ravi.

Follow the orange vehicle, sir. Just a minute.

Got it. Where is it heading?

East! Who is the driver?

I'm sure the money is in that vehicle. Don't leave him.

How would you stop him from reaching the port?

Leave it to me.

Where are you? On beach road.

Where exactly?

My bike is broken down.

I'm climbing the steep of St.Anns! Listen carefully.

Go immediately and ring the final bell in St.Alphonse school.- Why?

Just follow my order!

Has orange colour container reached the pace?- It has!

Children are crossing the road.

Road is blocked and vehicle has stopped.

Fast!- It's reversing!

It is taking right. It's going towards MPS side.

Who is that side?

Padhu has gone there to get his car repaired.

Call him, he's there only.

Who is right before you?

Buddy, he looks like a wrestler!

What are you doing? Having tea.

Throw it on his face! May lead to fight!

Throw it on his face!

How dare you throw tea on my face!

People are beating up each other for throwing tea on face!

Send additional force immediately.

Is the vehicle taking right or left?

It is taking the right side. Sure?- Yes

He's going very fast, he'll reach the flyover in 10 minutes.

If he gets into the flyover, he'll reach the port directly.

Stop him! He won't reach.

Always hearing radio Mirchi?

My will and wish, I'll listen that only.

Where are you? In studio.

Say there's traffic jam on flyover leading to port.

But that road is free, right?

Didn't you ever tell a lie?

Traffic update to listeners, traffic is little heavy on flyover to harbour, if possible try to avoid it, if not wait in the traffic, listening to the super hit song.

He has taken a U-turn to right.

Where are you taking him?

It'll keep on roaming till Bittu is finished.

Though he has the steering, he'll drive as I command.

Take right!

Right again!

Depositors Relay Fast 40th day

Have we reached the port?

Depositors Relay Fast 40th day

You made them bring it to the place from where they stole!

Catch him!

Hey Stop!...

Rs.1500 crores!

Didn't let you take even a rupee!

Coming, I'm coming to you!

Where are you going, Ravi?

Bittu would be heading to port, I'll meet you after killing him.

Go to the port!

This is not an auto to turn as you Say!


Bittu, your man hasn't come yet.

I'm coming there.

How could you do that?

Like this!

Kill him...

Will you kill me and help him to get down?

I'm his fan!

He must always be on top!


Come... Come...

Feeling breathlessness!

He has Asthma too!

Will you kill? Don't you care about human life?

Intelligent like us mustn't fight. We must discuss.

You can kill him.

Leave it, do as you like it.


I said let's discuss, why did you shoot me?

Leave me...leave me.

I'll tell you where your sister is! No, don't tell!

Don't provoke me, if I get angry...

When the first light of the Vizag is switched on, I'll kill your sister.

Kill her!

Have you gone mad? I'll really kill her.

Will you kill her? Come on kill her!

Even a thief like me got angry for losing brother.

She's your sister! So what?

Don't you've sentiments? No! I'm a beast, I'll eat when I'm hungry. If I get angry I'll kill!

Did you get him?

Please save me!

Got him...got him...stop... Please save me.

Please save me sir, he may kill me.

I forgot to bring handcuffs.

Rubber band is enough! I'll not run away!

No need to put him jail like keeping trash in a locker.

Jail costume, omelette on Sunday, biryani on Wednesday, Govt. would lose money. I'm pure vegetarian, sir.

If you kill him, you'll get into trouble.

I'll get into trouble only if his body is found.

Let's bury him, no one would know other than us.

Why are you looking at me?

Let's finish him too!

One bullet two bodies!

Don't think sir, I'll get better proposals than him.

He's a mad dog. How dare you call me a dog!

If you say so I'll kill you like a dog. I'm not used to guns too!

It's not an achievement for you to kill him, it should not be.

Leave me for once, I'll kill him.

I'm telling considering you as my eldest son, listen to me.

Drop the gun!

Rogues like him have no rules. Only good people have all the rules.

No Ravi!

Indeed it is an achievement for me to kill him!

You're right, criminals like him mustn't live.

He would've shot you.

No way, to shoot his gun must have bullets, right?

You mean his gun...? Empty!

Did you play the drama with an empty gun?

Did you expect me to kill him and go to jail? No way sir!

Where are you going now? To my sister.

May be she'll harm your sister hearing the sound of helicopter.

No sir, she's deaf and mute. She can't hear.

Hold this, don't eat!

Raji, it's me!

Why did you hand over me to the girl?

Is she bothered about hand only?

Isn't she bothered about whose hand it is?

Why are you beating me? Why are you laughing?

I took so much risk for you, she devil!

Why did you take so much time?

She has a gun too!

Did you eat the peanuts or keeping with you?

Is it time to eat peanuts? Fool!

Throw the peanuts on her face!

Hold her hand with the gun.

She's not leaving it. Give her a tight punch!

Are you still there, sir?

Did you study astrology?

How did you know your sister is here? He told me.

When the first light of Vizag is switched on, Ill kill your sister.

First lamp to be switched on in Vizag is...


How could you guess it in so much tension?

Anyone can answer while in class.

Only the one who writes in exam would be the topper.

Going to attend interview?

How much would you get?

If I get the job, it's Rs.25000.

How much time would it take to earn a lakh?

4 months!

What would happen if you earn a lakh in two hours?

I'll face problems, father. Good! Go!

You gave me Rs.5000, right?

Watch out I'll make it Rs.50000 in an hour.

Did they give Rs.5000? Yes.

They will give.

If you take it, you'll lose your skin!

Listen to me, return the money to them.

Take Rs.100, evening go to watch a film. You'll come good in life.

I'm unable to travel in bus.

Please buy me a Scooty immediately after our marriage.

There's a match today evening, I go to bet without attending the interview.

I'll buy you a car not just a Scooty!

No please, I'm ready to walk to my office.

You please attend the interview.

...like that Prince killed the demon and distributed the treasure to people, and was returning to his kingdom, till now you heard story "Bhairava Kona' in the program.

This program is from Akashavani Vizag Kendra.

Then Say...


Catch the pulse of way of life...

Catch the victory of heights...

Forget worries and break the barricades...

Everything is yours...

Catch the speed of life...

Catch the fun and frolic of life...

Look my friend, open the window of happiness...

If you don't reach the goal set by yourself...

It's a crime...

Use the time well...

Catch the heart with your heart...

Catch what you missed yesterday...

Catch what is in store for future...

Zero has no value...

Put a number before it...

There's victory hidden somewhere...

Find the way to catch the route...

You've the talent... Play to the end...

You're the bat and you're the ball...

Undeterred focus is the secret to success...

Become the bow of Arjuna, aim the arrow and catch success...