Julie (1975) Script

The food tastes even better when you bring it for me.

What are the other kids doing?

They're playing.

She's cooking in the kitchen.


Don't you remember we're having a party?

The guard is blowing the whistle.

Don't drink too much in the night.

One tin of cheese.

Boy, come here.

Look, quickly get a strong tea.

Right sir.

Don't hurry back. Take your time and get a cup of hot tea.

Hurry spoils the job.

Little madam, please come in.


What cheese do you want?

Small, large or medium?


I mean I have cheese of ever size.

Take a look.

This is fine.

What are you doing?

Nothing. You misunderstand me.

Okay. Mummy said to add this to our account.

Who is asking for money?

You are here. So am I.

Accounts will go on.

I don't understand much English.

But I understand what you mean.

You fear somebody might see us.

But I sent out the one who could have seen.

To bring tea.

What nonsense!

Why are you screaming?

Your entire family takes credit.

And you yell at me.

Your mother owes me Rs. 500.

Another 5 doesn't matter.

Here's your cheese!

Excuse me, madam...

Such a temper for a petty matter.

Mummy asked for cheese.

What will you tell her when you go without it?

Sir, I've got tea. Piping hot and strong.

Does your Pop want strong tea?

Drive carefully.

Why don't you understand?

I understand everything but you don't.

I like you very much.

Even your temper.

Man, what are you sniffing?

This isn't the local brew. It's pure English stuff.

I'm thinking not sniffing.

There's so much difference between English and local.

The local brew is very heady.

You get over it fast.

But the foreign stuff keeps you high forever.

Brought the cheese? Yes, Mummy.

Quickly get dressed.

What's wrong?

I don't feel like attending the party.

You're behaving like the locals!

I'm dressed. Shall I come for the party?

You're very small.


I've been saying that for years.

My friend, Jimmy sends it from Delhi.

He has many friends so gets everything foreign.

We call him Jimmy.

Actually his name is McWilson.

My father too was McWilson.

What was your mother's name?

The mother's name isn't important.

Neither in India nor in England.

Was your father too an Englishman?

But he died in the war against Germany to save India.

What reward did we get for this?

In our independent India...

Anglo-lndians have no value. No place.

That is why we'll return to England.

We have everything going for us there. But here...

Earlier we could get any jobs.

I could become a Commissioner.

A Collector, an army officer...

What can I do now?

Now we can't live in India.

What will happen to us if you leave?

There's some color in life because of you.

There's a warmth, a high...

After that laughing will become a crime and...

Happiness will be dressed in black.

Wear some lipstick.

Julie has brought such joy to the party.

Are you still studying?

No problem. When you finish come to me for a job.

Time passed so fast.

That's the tragedy.

The procession of joys fly past.

Let's eat dinner.

Who finished this?

There was a party last night.

Where's your Mummy? Sleeping.

The goat got cooked in the night. Everyone ate trotters.

You're drinking early in the morning!

Softly. Mummy will get up.

Why do you drink so much?

When I climb out of the engine...

I feel I'm stepping out of Hell.

So I drink out of joy.

But you also drink when you get into the engine.

Because I need guts to step into Hell.

What will I do if not drink?

Your real darling is shut in this.

You want her in the morning and evening.

Night and day.

Why are you scolding me?

That bottle is telling the story of your drinking.

I drink like a human being. Not like a beast like you.

One day you will wreck the train.

You will die.

I don't know how many others you will kill.

Read the railway history.

You'll find out drunken engine drivers caused very few accidents.

Sober signalmen caused more accidents.

I have to go to college.

Go on, my dear.

My argument with your mother goes on.

Yes Daddy?

Will you clear the exam?

With a first class!

I promise to buy you a golden watch.

Like your mother's. Foreign.

"True is your name"

"True is your name"

"You are my beloved True is your name"

"You are my beloved"

"The world is a false friend"

"The lamp is cracked the light is extinguished"

"You are with me in every hue"

"Whether it be night or day"

"True is your name"

"You are my beloved True is your name"

"I am engrossed in you"

"I have none other"

"I am neither awake nor asleep"

"You are the dream of my life"

"The world is a false friend"

"The lamp is cracked the light is extinguished"

"I ruined every job I did"

"You rectified everything"

"True is your name"

"You are my beloved True is your name"

The fragrance of incense sticks in your house is lovely.

I'm not sure that it reaches God.

But we like it.

But my house stinks.

Of liquor, stale cigarette...

Of fish, meat...

And one other stink. What is that?

It emanates from the mixture of all these.

Forget it. Is Morris on duty?

No. Holiday?

Yes. From this too?

Daddy does that duty even on leave.

Why don't you talk to him?

You're his friend.

You're also his officer.

I'm his friend so I can't behave like an officer.

Won't you give any to Julie?

It's an offering of God.

Not in the left. In the right.

Sit here.

Good Lord!!

What's wrong, mother?

I've been defiled.

My birth has been defiled.

These Christians are so filthy. They come in wearing their shoes!

They wear shoes in their house too.

That doesn't mean they're dirty. Everyone has his or her way of living.

Don't teach me all that!

Man goes to the markets.

Don't shoes get dirty?

Bare feet too get dirty.

I know my dear daughter.

Man can leave his shoes out, not his legs.

Mother, don't waste time.

Give me the prasad.

Curse God's men later.

Didn't you recognize Shashi?

Your brother grew tall so fast!

And your friend turned beautiful so fast?

Let's go.

We're getting late.

What are you doing?

Sprinkling holy water.

The whole house has become impure by that foreigners steps!

If you spray so much water the holy river will soon be empty.

Little madam...

I've got new stock in my shop.

Please come this way.

Yes, what is it?

Come inside.


Take a look. Do you want this ball point pen?

I don't want it. I have no money.

Which fool asked for money?

You only get 2 things in my shop.

Credit or love.

Why do you do this?

Today I got insulted.

I'll never forget it!

That rascal Rahim... says the account is closed.

Rahim is not a decent man.

He gives you credit but expects me to...

Why don't you understand?

Your Mummy will never understand.

But what you did was right.

Absolutely right.

After all you're my daughter.

I'll break his skull!

This concerns the house. You must not interfere.

It concerns my honor.

As if you're bothered about your honor!

If you were, day and night...

Dawn and dusk, you wouldn't be attached to that bottle!

This isn't fair.

For you every matter ends with my bottle!

What else can I do?

You stop drinking. I'll stop taking credit!

Can you give it up?

Forget it. You can't.

Why do you get angry?

I'm going to buy you a present.

Are you trying to butter me?

No. Swear on God.

I'm going to get you a beautiful present.

For me?

When I'm driving the engine...

I always think, I'm riding the engine.

But my poor wife must be walking.

So I'm going to buy you a motor car.

Where's the money for it?

No money. I have to give Rs. 500 now.

Rs. 500 after 2 months.

And Rs. 250 after 6 months.

Now you pay Rs. 500? Where will you get that?

Don't be angry. No.

I took it from your cupboard.

What have you done?

Jimmy sent it to me for Christmas!

Jimmy is not your son alone. He's equally my son!

Do you understand? Look, Morris...

I don't want that car! I want it!

I'll cry right here if you talk about the car!

If you don't talk about it I'll lie outside and cry!

Do you want to prove to the kids I'm not a good Mummy?

Are you crying?

I'll leave home and go away somewhere.

Where? Where there's no Mummy or Daddy!

I hate this house!

Richard is calling you.

Can't you hear his bicycle?

Nothing can be heard over the din.

Leave it. I'll do it.

Leave me to do this.

You make me wait for so long.

Come on.

Take a look.

Whose car is this?

It's ours.

Daddy has got a car!

Is this our car?

Yes, it is ours.

Daddy, I'll learn driving!

All right but the point is...

Who will give you a license?

You look big but are young in age.

See, what I got for you?

Mummy is angry. Still sulking?

Darling I bought you a car.

I thought you'd be happy. But you're still angry.

No Anglo-lndian in the colony has a car.

Only your husband has one. That too an imported one.

I'll write to Jimmy tomorrow and tell them we have a car.

When he comes here on leave for Christmas...

Any girl he wants will become his girl friend.

Nobody in the Anglo-lndian community has a car.

That too imported.

Pick up your glass.

No Daddy, I don't want it.

What do we do about this girl? She's hopeless!

Take a sip. Don't make Mummy angry.

Okay, Daddy. Less whisky more water.

Keep the water away from me.

Adulteration is the worst problem of this country.

If I mix water in whisky, what will people add to milk?

Add some water.

"My heart is beating"

"Keeps on repeating"

"I'm waiting for you"

"My heart is beating"

"Keeps on repeating"

"I'm waiting for you"

"My love encloses..."

"...a plot of roses"

"And when shall be then..."

"...our next meeting"

"...'cos love you know..."

"...that time is fleeting"

"Time is fleeting, time is fleeting"

"My heart is beating"

"Keeps on repeating"

"I'm waiting for you"

"My love encloses..."

"...a plot of roses"

"And when shall be then..."

"...our next meeting?"

"...'cos love you know..."

"...that time is fleeting"

"Time is fleeting, time is fleeting"

"O, when I look at you..."

"The blue of heaven seems to be deeper blue"

"And I can swear that..."

"God Himself seems to be looking through"

"I'll never part from you"

"And when shall be then..."

"...our next meeting?"

"...'cos love you know..."

"...that time is fleeting"

"Time is fleeting, time is fleeting"

"Spring is the season..."

...that is the reason of lovers who are truly true"

"Young birds are mating while I am waiting..."

"Waiting for you..."

"Darling you haunt me"

"Say do you want me?"

"And if it is so, when are we meeting?"

"...'cos love you know..."

"...that time is fleeting"

"Time is fleeting, that time is fleeting"

"My heart is beating"

"Keeps on repeating..."

"I'm waiting for you"

"My love encloses a plot of roses"

"And when shall be then our next meeting?"

"...'cos love you know..."

"...that time is fleeting"

"Time is fleeting, that time is fleeting"

Sit in.

Mummy, hurry up. The film will begin.

Don't worry.

We have a car.

No need to hurry. We'll fly there.

Why did the car stop?

I'll check and tell you.

Get some water!

The engine is heated. It has to cooled. Get water.

Daddy's car doesn't run on petrol.

Like his engine it runs on steam.

Let her drink water. Then she'll run like a horse!

Now what?

When will we reach the cinema? After the movie ends?

No darling. I'll just fix it.

Daddy, leave this heap of junk here.

Let's walk.

I'll fix it in a minute.

There's nothing to it. Just a minute.

Hold this.

I can fix the rail engine.

Can't I fix the car engine?

The movie has finished?

I don't know.

Everyone must have gone home.

Let us go home too.

What do we do about this heap?

Take it along.

How? On our heads?

Or push it?

Don't talk of pushing it.

It's an imported car. Made in Italy. It gets insulted.

Wait for awhile. I'll fix it.

We're watching your engineering for 5 hours! Don't want anymore!

Come here and push!

Let's go.

We're hungry.

Don't send me out.

I promise to take you to church on Christmas in the car.

In a hand cart?

No the motor car parked outside. Don't worry, don't be angry.

What's this smoke?

Why don't you ask, what's the fragrance?

Look, Usha gave me these incense sticks.

Put them off and light some candles.

Candles give light in dark.

And your incense turns light to darkness!

Blow them off! Throw them away!

No, I won't throw them.

Do you know what day it is?

It's Jesus Christ's birthday.

A day of joy.

On this day too you're fighting over candle and incense.

And what are you doing?

The hangover of the night continues and you got 2 bottles!

One is for happiness.

The other is for sorrow.

Joy for Lord Jesus.

And sorrow for Jimmy not joining us for Christmas.

He's arranging for you to go to England.

You don't like my England?

Good Lord... Now what's wrong?

That Christian is coming!

I've got some cake.

Coming, Dad.

Look what Julie brought us.

Quickly cut it for us.

I baked it myself and didn't add egg.

Sit down, dear. We wait all year for your cake.

Now tell me, how is Morris?

Today is a big day.

He's brushed his teeth with liquor.

Why don't you talk to him?

I will.

Dad... Coming...

When will you return?

When you tell me to.

You don't have to go back for me.

Can't I even stay back for you?

There's a Christmas Dance tonight. Will you come?

Will you come with me?

Come with Usha.

Open your mouth, Deviki.

Consider it prasad and eat it.

It's poison for me! Poison...

It contains eggs and God knows cooked in the fat of which animal!

Julie said she hasn't added eggs to it.

You accepted it because she said it!

Throw this cake out!

Put the plate through fire, scrub it hard and...

Then bring it to the kitchen.

Why do you have to say this to Julie?

Of course you have to.

They love to defile our religion.

They've increased their numbers and reduced Hindus by feeding cake!

What a point your mother has found!

She can become a Member of Parliament for this.


Give me another piece. For Shashi.

Here, eat this.

It's great.

It would taste better if it had egg.


Or your mother will have to wash her ears with holy water.

Uncle, I'll take leave.

Wish Morris on our behalf.

I'll do that but stop him from drinking.

Misra ran my engine without a whistle.

What are you doing here?


What's wrong with you?

Let go.

All right.

Won't you dance with me?

I'm not in the mood.

What's wrong with you?

Come in. The program is about to start.

Hello son...

We have the lantern dance in the institute every year.

But this year something will happen for the first time.

We all will dance and...

"These nights, new and old..."

"These nights, new and old..."

"...come and go..."

"And tell us a story"

"These nights, new and old..."

"...come and go..."

"And tell us a story"

"These nights..."

"Somebody is coming"

"Somebody is going"

"All hearts are awake"

"All eyes are sleepy"

"Silence talks"

"These nights, new and old..."

"...come and go..."

"And tell us a story"

"These nights..."

"What ambience..."

"...as if a bouquet rises from the buds"

"Sleep wanders through the avenues of the eyes"

"A procession of beautiful dreams"

"These nights, new and old..."

"...come and go..."

"And tell us a story"

"These nights..."

"Who knows when the wind will blow from which direction"

"Remember all year long"

"Don't forget it"

"Meeting in this night"

"These nights, new and old..."

"...come and go..."

"And tell us a story"

"These nights... new and old..."

"...come and go..."

"And tell us a story"

Your song was superb.

You sang and it went straight to my heart.

Your dance matched it well.

Why are you ruining the piano?

Have you seen the time?

Why didn't you dance with Richard last night?

No reason.

How is that?

I think they might have had a fight.

None of your business.

Julie, you are talking to me not Eileen.

I saw everything last night.

What did you see?

I saw tears in Richard's eyes.

I saw everyone in the Anglo- Indian community laughing at us.

Couldn't you find anyone but Shashi Indian to dance with?

You forget that Richard is one of us, from our community.

What happened last night must not be repeated.

I don't like it.


Everything is fine by the grace of Allah.

Why did you call out to me from behind?

I wanted to meet you.

People are saying the wrong things about me.

Madam Julie slapped me.

Actually madam lifted her hand and I was in the path.

And it fell on my cheek. Otherwise that's not a slap.

You know I run a small shop.

Space is less.

I probably touched madam's frock while walking past.

Sir, you slapped me?

I lifted my hand and you were in the way.

This is no slap.

That's all right. But I wanted to say something.

You owe me some money. When will I get that?

When I have some spare money, you'll get it.

Sir, that's all right but why did you stop frequenting my shop?

Let that continue.

You stopped giving us credit. We stopped coming to your shop.

Everything will be fine by the grace of Allah.

"Who knows when one falls in love?"

"The customs of the world build huge walls"

"Neither is anything in your hands nor in mine"

"What does the heart do when one falls in love?"

"Who knows when one falls in love?"

"Like the cloud bends over the mountain..."

"Like the waves rising from the sea..."

"Similarly my fantasy stops at one vision"

"Like the cloud bends over the mountain..."

"Like the waves rising from the sea..."

"Similarly my fantasy stops at one vision"

"The traditions of the world..."

"...can't stop my reverie"

"Neither is anything in your hands nor in mine"

"What does the heart do when one falls in love?"

"Who knows when one falls in love?"

"Let me lose myself in your eyes"

"Let me make the universe a painting of you"

"If I had my way, for you I'd tear open my heart"

"Let me lose myself in your eyes"

"Let me make the universe a painting of you"

"If I had my way, for you I'd tear open my heart"

"Your love courses in my veins along with blood"

"Neither is anything in your hands nor in mine"


I'm leaving.

So soon?

I'll return in 4 months.

So late?

4 months will fly by.

If you need money, send a letter promptly.

Shashi is leaving today.

Is that so?

Are you leaving?

Yes. Have you come to see Daddy?

Is he driving the train?

No. Then?

Came to see off a traveler.

Remember 3 things...

Take care of your health...

Papa, the train has come in!

Is my fault only that I love you?

I too love you.

But this isn't the love of a woman for a man.

We can be friends. Good friends.

Don't ask me for anything more.

I understand.

I can only be a friend.

But he can be everything.

Who? The one...

...you run after like a dog!


Go but listen to me before leaving.

He will bite, eat and suck you dry.

Then he'll throw you away like a dry bone!

Mummy, hurry!

How are you?

Where's Daddy?

He's on the Express.

I acme by the Express train. I didn't know Daddy was on it.

Why didn't you send us a telegram?

I did send it.

I sent a cable before I left.

Are you well?

We missed you a lot in Christmas!

Do you know Daddy had bought a car?

It's lying outside like a live corpse!

You forgot your Dad!

How can I forget you?

You've drunk more than ever.

I'll drink even more.

To the joy of Jimmy returning home!

I've got a great job in London.

That is why I came to see all of you.

I'll look for a house on reaching London.

Then nobody needs to live here.

I'll call all of you there.

All my Daddy's relatives are there.

I'll go home!

Go home...

Go! I won't go.

Why not?

This is our home.

I was born in this country. I grew up here.

You'll die...

I've come for a short while.

For God's sake, don't fight.

Come here.

When you leave...

God knows whether we'll meet or not.

Don't listen to him. He's pissed out.

I'll drink even more. To the joy of Jimmy homecoming.

I got you a foreign whisky.

What is it?

But little. Yes...

What are you doing in the kitchen?

Can't you see I'm cooking.

But don't tell anyone...

...you saw a railway officer grating in his wife's kitchen.

Isn't aunt home today?

We're here because she isn't.

She's an untouchable for 4 days every month.

She won't enter the kitchen.

It's time for college. Go.

I'll do the rest.




Little madam...

Have you forgotten the slap that you've come home?

I remember it. That is why I'm here to apologize.

Why do you involve sir?

Everything is fine by the grace of Allah.

I asked what brings you here?

Sir, don't misunderstand me.

I haven't come for the money.

I'm here for joy.

Everything is well by the grace of Allah.

I said, sit down.

Sir, I'd sent an order to Bombay for soap, oil, cream and powder.

By mistake they sent me this gift.

I'm giving it to you.

Look, what Rahim got for you!

Sir, it's prohibited for me.

So I got it for you.

I don't' need this.

Like you, I can't drink all day long!

Rahim got this for us with great love.

A good Christian can never break anyone's heart.

That is why I'm drinking this.

Drink, sir but don't' stop patronizing my shop.

Or this poor man's shop will have to be shut down.

We will not let your shop be closed.

Good day sir.

I'll walk you out.

This is as far as I come.

Good day.

Come on.

Yes, darling. Wait...

That's enough. You've had a lot.

You're talking like your Mummy.

Why do you stop him?


Let him drink till he falls!

What a great thing to say!

For this, let's have a dance.

We will dance.

Come here...

What's wrong?

Blood! Blood!

Your legs are trembling.

How will you report for duty?

I was bed-ridden for so long...

That is why my body has fallen weak.

A couple of days at duty...

...and my body will be fine.

Saw the outcome of drinking?

I'll never drink.

Better late than never.

Your medicines...

When did you come?

Just now.

Where's Usha? Nobody is home.

Meaning? All have gone out.

For a wedding. They'll be away for 2 days.

I must leave.

Please let me go. Somebody might come.

Now nobody can come.

I've traveled 2000 miles to meet you.

Can't you walk two steps towards me?

Let me go.

Leave me... Please...

You don't seem pleased to see me.

That's not true.

I'm so happy to see you...

I'm scared...

Your hands are cold as ice.

I'll warm them up.


Please let me go.


Don't you like it?

I like it very much. That is why I want to leave.

Go if you want to.

I too will leave after 2 days.

These 2 days might never return to our lives.

You will return?

Yes but you might find another boy friend by then.

The one I found...

...is you.

Let me go...

On one condition.

Will you come to see me tomorrow?

Will you?

Have you drunk liquor?


A little.

I felt very lonely sitting here by myself.

Haven't you ever had liquor?

Yes but I hated it.

But in this house... in this place...

Here you are.

Have a drink today. For my sake.

Kill your heart.

No, you don't know this is venom.

"I've forgotten everything"

"I remember nothing"

"But I couldn't forget this..."

"Julie, I love you"

"I've forgotten everything"

"I remember nothing"

"But I couldn't forget this..."

"Julie, loves you"

"Don't go so far that it will be difficult to come close"

"Don't come so close that it will be difficult to go far"

"Listen to me, let me go"

"Touching your body felt like..."

"Caressing an ember"


"I love you"

"My love might die thirsting in agony"

"This evening might malign both of us"

"Then should I give up?"

"Should I break my promise?"

"It hardly matters"

"Julie loves you"

Get up.

Stay back.

No. Let me go.

Stay for the night.

I'm your shadow.

I go everywhere with you.

But why? Don't be angry.

Your Mummy asked me to get you.

Won't you sit on my cycle?

Was everyone in Bhattacharya's house?

Why do you want to know?

I want to know. All the doors and windows were shut.

Do I have to answer all your questions?

Your mouth stinks of whisky.

Does it matter to you?

Are you the police or a prohibition officer?

Suppose your Mummy finds out?

Do whatever you please. Don't chew my brains!

Don't be angry. I'll drop you.

There's a word in the English dictionary, thank you.

And listen...

When are Mr. Bhattarcharya and family returning to the city?

I feel sorry for you.

You stay by yourself these days.

You don't talk to anyone.

You don't play or laugh...

Nothing, Mummy.

Whom do I tell?


Madam, everyone has gone to the railway station.

Are you feeling well?

Kill me, Mummy!!

What happened?

What happened?

Tell me baby, what happened?

Tell me, what happened?

I... mother...

Who committed this sin?

I told you not to go around with these Brahmins!

As if you listen!

You cut off our nose and gave it to me in my hand!

What have you done?

Couldn't you find any other beast?


Do you have any idea of what you've done?

You made me misbegotten!

You made your Daddy a bastard!

I cry for the day I gave birth to you.

My darling, what have you done?

What have you done, my child?

What have you done?

What are you doing?

Writing a letter.

To Shashi.

That's my private letter.

Nothing about you is private after turning into the city tramp.

You take that rascal's name! Write letters to him!

Will he feel mercy and marry you?

I'll wring his neck if he comes before me!

What do I do if not marry him?

First wipe your tears.

Then listen to me.

Only you and I know about what's happened.

Nobody else must hear about it.

Not even Daddy.

He will die if he hears.

Smile a little.

Use some make-up.

People use make-up for show.

You use make-up to hide.

Back to your true colors!

Opened another bottle!

I'm sad in my heart.

I don't know why.

You drink when you're happy.

You drink when you're sad.

Is there any time when you don't drink?

It's been 25 years since your mother married me.

For the first time she spoke to me so politely and sensibly.

I'm always sensible.

But are you in your senses?

I'm sending Julie to Bombay for a job.


Won't Julie complete college?

Your father's pay isn't sufficient.

And your mother doesn't have a machine printing currency.

No, Julie will go to college.

I'll give up liquor and smoking.

I'll give up one meal but I will send Julie to college.

You're forgetting Jimmy has gone to England.

He's not sending us any more money orders.

So what? I'll sell my car!

I'll find a customer.

Customers come daily and offer the price of a handcart.

Don't they know my car is imported?

Julie will go to the convent. And pick up a job.

We have no other option.

Ask Julie what she wants.

I'll do whatever Mummy says.

Come in.

Look how beautiful this flower is.

Why are you so scared, anxious and lost?

What's the matter?

What's wrong?

Tell me.

I am really lost.

I have lost everything.

What are you saying?

I am pregnant!

When you had gone out of station for a wedding...

I stepped inside this house.

And I got ruined for life!

I got ruined!

My destiny has done all that happened.

Swear by me you won't tell this to anyone.

To nobody!

Mummy is taking me to another city to save me from disgrace.

I couldn't' have left without meeting you.

It's me, Margaret.

I was waiting for you.

Come there.

Not you. You stay here. I'll get back.

No, I can't help you in this!

It's a matter of our honor.

The honor of the entire Anglo-lndian community.

You don't have to do anything.

Only introduce Julie to a doctor.

What? To abort the baby?

Yes, aunt.

No, this is a great sin!

I came to you with high hopes.

Now what?

What will happen?

Aunt and I have made a plan.

You will stay here till your delivery.

You don't have to be frightened.

You won't face any problems.

Aunt will look after you.

And I'll come visit you every week.

But you don't write letters.

Aunt will inform us about you.

Don't leave me alone.

Let her go, my child.

Forgive me, Mummy!!

Mummy, forgive me!

Mummy, forgive me!

God made mother only for forgiveness.

To love us.

I'm not your mother.

But I'm like your mother, isn't it?

Mummy is back!

Julie has found a job.

So I left her there. When will she return?

When she gets leave.

When will she get leave?

This house doesn't seem like home without Julie.

All the family members are here.

Yet I feel I am absolutely alone.


What salary will she get? Enough.

Did Julie say anything in regard to the watch for me?

I'm totally exhausted.

I'd like to rest a little.

My child, you haven't slept?

I'm not sleepy.

I got you a cup of milk.

I'll arrange to take uncle to the hospital.

The one God loves a lot...

He calls him early.

Aunt, what's the matter?

What happened?

God called him...

Your Daddy!

Whose letter is it?

I'll open it, not you.

What are you looking at?

Is it from Julie?


Hearing about Daddy's demise...

Julie is in shock.

She has fallen sick.

Now she is fine.

She says she wants to leave her job and come home.

I'll go and bring her back.

Your Daddy remembered you a lot before he died.

It was his wish...

...to give you a golden watch.

He even bought it.

But he couldn't give it to you personally.

We'll leave this place today itself.

I've told everyone you're quitting your job to return home.

Hurry up. Get ready.

You won't take anything.


I've arranged everything.

Aunt will take the baby to the orphanage.

My baby is not an orphan.

He will go wherever I go.

He will stay with me!

You don't have to say anything.

You're worried about the shame.

Then I won't come home with you!

I'll take him somewhere else.

I can't live without him!

I can't live!!

My baby!

I can't live without my child.

You are worried about your life.

Your mother is worried about the entire family.

If you take him with you...

...you will be maligned.

Who will marry Eileen?

Your Daddy...

All Anglo-lndians will curse and abuse his name!

Go with your Mummy.

Give me the baby.

God looks after everyone.

Go with your Mummy.

My baby!

One minute.

I'll come in a minute.

My baby is hungry.

He's crying for milk.

Eileen, come! Julie has come!

That's enough.

Don't disturb her. Don't trouble her.

Pick up all this. Go in.

Is your child fine?

I'll come and see you later.

Daddy, forgive me.

Forgive me...

Forgive me... please...

Why don't you nurse the baby?

Hunger has dried up the milk in my breast.

Your slip is wet.

I know what job you did in the convent.

But the secret you wanted to hide has been exposed.

Now that it is out...

Why can't I go see my baby?

Why can't I see him?

Do you want to see your son?

Yes, Mummy.

You can meet him.

Really? Is that possible?

After I am no more.

Only today I found out you're back.

Yes, I am back.

You... you...

Have you come alone?

Yes. And the baby?

I will have to tell you.

Whom will I tell if not you?

Where I've left him...

Send him in.

You are aware...

Jimmy has gone to England.

And Daddy is no more.

There are many mouths to feed at home.

But no earning member.

Mummy has sent me to you.

Do you have a job for me?

Job? There's no job.

But I can give you some work.

No need for thanks.

Will a start of Rs. 300 be fine?

Rs. 300?

You're very nice, uncle.

And you're very pretty.

What are you doing?

Why? Don't you want work?

I want work not this!

How strange. Fashionable girls like you are feeling shy.

If honor and shame belongs to men like you...

You are a stigma for the nation and community!

You flashed Rs. 300...

And want your friend's daughter.

Tomorrow somebody might buy your daughter for the same.

How would you like that?

You're looking at me as if you've never seen me.

Have you forgotten me?

How can I forget you?

Then come and sit in the car.

I want to say something to you.

You want to say one thing to me.

I have lots to say.


What's the point?

We'll think about that later.

I can't hear any more.

You can't bear to hear.

I went through it all.

The child is so unfortunate.

He has a mother.

Also a father.

But he's lying in an orphanage!

Look at me.

I'm not one of those who loves and ditches.

I've decided to marry you!

Yes. Do you accept?

I accept.

But your parents might not agree.

I'll convince them.

Meet me at the river bank tomorrow.

Everything will be fine.

Everything will be fine.

Didn't I say everything will be fine?

Everything will be fine.

Did your Daddy agree?

He's gone on a tour. I wasn't scared of him.

I was worried about mother and she has agreed.

Really? Yes.

Come love, mother wants to meet you.


I've been waiting for you.

Come in.

You don't have to stay to hear women talk. Go out.

Come in.

You don't have to take off your shoes. Come in.

Sit down.

Sit down. Come.

Shashi told me everything.

I have no objections.

Why did you stand up? Sit down.

I won't find a bride as beautiful as you in this world.

I'll marry you off with such splendor that...

The city will watch agog.

I'll adorn your hands from here to there...

...with bangles made of elephant tusk.

Why are you crying?

When I took your wrist in mine, I thought of Usha's hands.

Her wrists will remain unadorned all her life.


After this marriage...

Nobody from our caste will come forward to marry her.

Anyway, forget about Usha.

Sons and daughters are born from the same womb.

But we mourn the birth of a daughter.

But we rejoice at the birth of a son.

I can bear the tears of my daughter.

But I will celebrate for my son.

This can't happen! No!

I can't ruin Usha's life to make my own!

I can't!

What happened?

Mother, what did you tell Julie?

I told her just what I should have.

I embraced her, loved her and said I'm in favor of this match.

I don't know what happened that she suddenly started crying.

And ran out.

What is it?

Tickets for all of us to go to London!

We'll leave this Hell and go to our country!

We'll all go.

Today if Daddy were alive...

He'd say...

I'll drink to this. Get the bottle, man!

I'm in place of your Daddy.

Today I'll open the bottle.


Say whatever you have to, to me.

I want to ask Julie something.

This is the answer to every question of yours.

I know that this witch has spoiled my innocent son!

The Anglo-lndian driver's daughter is behind all this!

Julie had sworn me...

But today I must break the noose and tell you...

...who spoiled whom!

That poor thing is no witch.

He's the demon! Your son!

Your son who made that virgin a mother.

And ran away to Calcutta!

I'm ashamed that this coward is my brother!

Is this true?

Johnny said you're selling all household items.

I can get a better price if you try.

What are you saying?

Won't I try for you?

Your own community helps you in times of need.

Nobody else.

I'll call you there the moment I reach London.

I don't like to see tears in your eyes.

Why do you worry?

I still love you.

I'm ready to marry you even now.

Assume I'm not aware of all that happened.

I like you...

In every form...

...in every color.

I don't like any other girl in the world.

I'm not worthy of you.

Thank God we got rid of this junk, for good money.

This was my duty.

I hear you're settling in England.

But what's the hurry?

You've forgotten your husband's Provident Fund and Gratuity.

You can send it to England.

Yes, I can.

But I need your signature on some papers. - Now?

We have a train to catch.

Then a plane...

There's enough time for that.

It will just take a minute.

My home is on the way. I'll be waiting.

Lunch tastes even better when you bring it.

What are you doing inside?

I've been screaming for so long!

Won't you come to see us off at the station?

I'll say my farewell here.

I don't like farewell scenes at the station.

Can you answer a question of mine?

Don't you feel any sorrow leaving your home and nation?

I never considered India my homeland.

We're getting late.

How can Julie leave without meeting Usha?

You know my daughter, Usha?

Yes. But you don't know him.

This is the latest and youngest member of my family.

My grandson.

The son of my son.

He had to stay in an orphanage for a few days.

Thanks to the foolishness of his parents and customs of society.

My baby!

You shouldn't have done this at this time.

I am a scoundrel.

This child can't speak.

But he's saying that God sends man to earth.

Scoundrels like me make them Hindus and Anglo-lndians.

Do one deed before leaving.

Take this child in your arms.

And tell us his caste!

Is he a Hindu?

A Christian or a Muslim?

What is he? Indian? Or Anglo-lndian?

Your skin is white.

But is your blood also white?

Your family's blood courses through that child's veins!

Can't you recognize your blood?

Your train has pulled into the station.

I swear by Daddy, I'm sorry.

Forgive me, Julie.

Forgive me.

I'm such a sinner!

Walking away from you.

Forgive me.

You gave me a new life.

I won't leave you and go anywhere!

I won't leave you!