Juliet of the Spirits (1965) Script


Shall I light the candles, signora?

No, let her light them.

Yes, I want to light them.

You're putting on the red wig. I like the blond one better.

Teresina, I'll decide what wig I want to wear.

Pardon me, signora. I just love blond hair.

But that one looks good too.

What shoes do you want to wear?

I've already got them on, Teresina.

I wanted to give you a present.

It doesn't matter. Some other time.

This one looks very nice.

No, it doesn't! I look terrible. I won't wear any at all.

I never want to see this dress again! Get rid of it!

And this too! You can have it.

Has your husband said what he's giving you for an anniversary present?

Your gift for him is beautiful.

Your husband's home. Off the bed, you.

Hurry, he's already in the garden. Let me try it on.

Quick, my dress!

I feel so excited.

How beautiful!

Is everything ready?

Light the candles.

His gift is under his napkin.

You've lost an earring!

I left it in the bathroom. Go get it, please.

Turn off the lights.

What's the matter? Is the power out?

Well, what's wrong?

You're right, I'm sorry. What an idiot I am!

And I even wrote down the date!

But I have a surprise for you too.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! It's our anniversary.

Look who's here.

Your anniversary? Precious darling!

Look what I brought you from Los Angeles.

It's a charm against spirits.

Hang it up!

It's been fifteen years, friends.

That dog has been so nervous lately. Truk-Truk!

That's Genius, the greatest clairvoyant on earth.

Dear lady, I know all about you.

Born under Aquarius, right?

Many great personalities in this sign.

Always a pleasure to see you--

Madame Pompadour also.

Believe me, astrology's a fascinating science.

Giulietta, can you give us something to eat?


They've made up.

I see red when this idiot starts chattering.

I'll cook. I'll make my famous Pilaf à la Dolores.

Do you have paprika? Red pepper. I'll help you.

No! Secret recipe.

To sculpt, cook, make love-- I live for these.

I'm Cesarino. I've seen you at the Vigor Club.

Never been there.

I've done some weight lifting.

Lift me up!

What news does this handsome gentleman have?

You already know everything. You see it in your cards.

But you're so mysterious. My cards can only go so far.

What'll we do?

Do we have to feed them all?

Of course, they're guests.

Where's signora Giulietta?

Now, don't be stupid and start crying.

You're pretty as a doll. I must speak to you.

Not now, excuse me...

Your sister's problems are easily explained.

The ancient Hindus and Egyptians knew all about these things.

Why don't you send your sister to see me?

Behave. Behave.

Genius will try the pendulum.

Empty out your mind.

Things are looking very good.

You have a great magnetic charge.

This house is strange. Who lived here?

A positive reaction, you see.

The pendulum moves from left to right.

Not now.

What's going on?

Talking behind my back?

Are you angry?

I'm sorry, darling, for not warning you.

They dropped by the office, and there was nothing I could do.

You did well. They're all so very nice.


Do you love me?

Congratulations to you both!

Long live the happy couple!

Are you married?

Would I say congratulations?

It's much more heroic to lie.

I'll see that you get a gold medal.

Does your wife know you're a hero?

Sit straight, don't cross your legs.

I'll purify the air.

No cats! They attract unquiet spirits.

You can shove your incense!

You can go to bed now.

She said she was through with seances. I'm afraid.

Well, go on.

God, I sense so many spirits!

They're all around us.

Sorry, it's the incense.

Concentrate. Empty your minds.

Yes, I feel a new presence.

One who's never come before.

Is the magnetism strong enough, Maestro?

Tell your spirit to fill the gin bottle.


Hold your breath... two-o-o.

Take longer steps. Ready, one.

There it is!

Question him, Maestro.

Spirit, can you tell us your name?

It said, "l. "

"R. "

"H. " Didn't it say "H"?

Shhh, it said "l".

"S. " "Iris. "

It's a woman.

A lovely name. I wonder who she was.

Who are you?

Very beautiful.

Right, Maestro?

That's what she said.

Do you have a message for us?

She said, "Love for everybody. "

That's a charming message. Listen, Iris--

What was that?

Interference. Is it still you, Iris?

It said no. Let's find out.

What's your name?

"Olaf. " He says "Olaf. "

Ah, you're Turkish. Isn't that right?

He says he'll Turk you.

Tell each of us something nice... that might make our lives more bearable.

For example, what can you tell our friend Dolly?

"Whore. "

No, dear, you don't understand.

He said, "Big old hag. "

That's not an insult.

Poor spirit. Go in peace.

Professor, send him away.


Who is it?

They hung up.

Giulietta, a message for you!

"Who do you think you are?

You're nothing to anybody.

Nobody needs you. "

Don't break the chain. It's dangerous!

What's going on? Is someone ill?

Turn on the lights!

She'll come to by herself.

She's receiving a message from the other side.

Go away, Olaf.

Of course. So long.

I'm here, you silly.

The maestro scares the ladies.

This little lady is very gifted... very gifted indeed.

Has my husband gone?

Just now, signora.

He didn't want to wake you.

He said he won't be home for dinner.

Your nieces are on the beach with their nurse.

Good morning.

I have to clean the pool. All this stuff clogs the drain.

Good idea, Gasperino.

Beautiful day, isn't it?

A fine thing.

He's from my town.

"For everybody. "

"Love for everybody. "

I'll bring breakfast right away.

Is that you, Iris?

Haven't you ever flown? Or listened to shortwave?

The air is full of voices giving orders.

Human voices with phlegm... certainly not spirits.

Your naivete offends scientific thought.

Certain electrical forces cause bizarre reactions.

Couldn't we be getting messages from other planets?

But I saw in Readers' Digest-- You shut up.

Forget these experiments.

As a child, I only had to close my eyes.

Me too. I'd close my eyes.

I'd see big, beautiful colored balls.

I'd see castles, dark forests, streets... faces no bigger than that... with little sparkling eyes.

They all scared me, but it was wonderful.

This went on for years.

Then it stopped.

But I only had to close my eyes.

Possibly the result of faulty digestion.

When we die, all that's left is a pile of dust, maybe a bone... in which case, watch out for the cat!

You should take long swims, buy a horse, go riding.

But, above all, tell your husband... to make love more often.

That's the best remedy against spirits and toothaches.

I know, Doctor.

This really is an apparition.

Even I can believe in this one.

I'd welcome it day and night!

Our next-door neighbor.

We don't frequent her.

You may not frequent her, but I'd love to.

Mademoiselle, get the children, please.

I'm going swimming.

Our sweet Giulietta always sees magic everywhere.

Help me, please.

I'm old.

Besides, this involves you.


Doctor, help me.

The lady over there sent us this nice fruit.

Wasn't that nice?

No, I didn't say anything.

Don't run. Come here.

Mama, this morning on the beach we saw a fish without its head.

Aunt Giulietta said it would grow back if we threw it back in.

Did you go swimming?

Aunt Sylva! We saw a fish without its head.

Don't touch. Your hands are dirty.

I wish I could have a little house at the seaside too.

You're pale!

The little one's completely white.

Didn't you take her out in the sun?

Don't you remember what the doctor said?

At least two hours a day.

Sylva, what a nice surprise.

I came with Adele and Mama for the children.


You're running around in this heat?

We're just going inside now.

You're perspiring.

Will you have lunch with me?

I can't. I have a TV rehearsal at 3:00.

It's already 2:00. When are we due at Luciana's?

At 4:00. Then we go to the dressmaker's.

The children were fun. They love it here with me.

You look wonderful.

I lost four pounds for my director.

Do you go out at night?

Nothing much to do here.

Usually I'm tired so we just stay home.

By the way, your husband has some nerve.

He wanted me to go out with him and some Venezuelan.

So I told him...

"Lovely, I'll bring my boyfriend. "

And he says, "No, it doesn't matter, some other time. "

What gives?

Isn't your husband ever home?

Every evening after work.

He works hard. Isn't he exhausted?

We're thinking of a long vacation.

Maybe we'll take a cruise, just the two of us.

Maybe Spain or Greece.

I have all the pamphlets.

This time, we're really going.

Don't forget to watch TV on Saturday.

Your little sister has a perfectly marvelous part.

Till Sunday.

Bye, Mama. What's the matter?

Nothing, just looking.

You should wear makeup. At least some lipstick.

You're right, but... we were at the beach.

Take better care of yourself.

"Move the eyes horizontally for ten minutes. "

Look, signora. Look how Elisabetta does it!

Not your head, just your eyes. Wait.

Like this.

Getting faster and faster.

Fifteen days of these eye exercises... will restore your eyes to the brilliance of two jewels.

Good evening.

Bring the tray in here.

No, dear, I'm not hungry.

What a day I had. What's on TV?

Want some pie?

No, I had a snack at the office.

Sit down here.

Are you tired?

A little.

Try to pronounce the following words.

Teresina, from now on you have to speak like that.

Constantinople, consequential, essential, success...

The constant repetition of this exercise... has brought success to some of our most popular actresses.

You know, I was on the beach today.


Nothing. I told the doctor about last night. He teased me.

Then at a certain point, l--


Nothing. It's not important.

Ladies and gentlemen, good night.

Tomorrow I have another hard day.

Call me at 7:00. Have the car ready for 7:30.


What did you say, dear?

Who is Gabriella?

Tell me, who is Gabriella?

Good morning, dear. Did you sleep well?

Don't start smoking first thing.

Tonight I have those Brazilians.

They're important clients. What are you doing?

You said to stop smoking. I put the cigarette out.

You look marvelous.

My back, on the other hand, is killing me.

Who is Gabriella?

I don't understand. Who is Gabriella?

In your sleep you said "Gabriella" twice.

Ah, there's my book. I looked everywhere for it.

You must have been dreaming.

Who is she? Do I happen to know her?

What are you talking about? I don't know any Gabriella.

You must have misunderstood.

I'll try not to be late. Anyway, I'll call you.

Going swimming?

Hello. Hello!

Oh, go to hell!

I'm sorry, but it happens three or four times a day.

I answer, they hang up.


So when he comes back from Venezuela, repentant... she says, "Some nerve you've got. "


I heard it right. He said "Gabriella. "

But he seemed so sincere when he denied it.

He likes the ladies, it's true.

Am I right, signora?

You have to be understanding.

You can't force others to do what you want.

Not me! I believe what they tell me.

If they say yes, it's yes, not "no" or "but. "

Isn't that right, signora?

You can't be domineering.

But he said to me once...

"I'll never lie to you. "

"Never. "

By daylight your house is a dream.

Ciao, Val! Watch the dog. We're full of cats here.


This perfume makes me drunk.

Look at the dew! That is dew, isn't it?

How divinely pure!

It pains the heart, it's so beautiful.

I'd like to roll naked in it.

Why don't you?

We've all become too complicated, uncivilized.

What are you doing? It's sopping wet here.

Aren't you afraid of rheumatism?

Sit here, Valentina.

Teresina, move the peppers.

What are you doing?

We're stringing peppers for the winter.

In garlands?

A wreath of peppers!

What a wonderful housewife you are!

I'm the opposite, on the other hand. It's shameful.

Why am I like that?

I feel uprooted and adrift.

Peppers, they're really nothing... but if I could string them, perhaps I'd be saved.

Come, Teresina.

Nobody's thought about lunch.

Can you stay?

Wake up, Teresina. It's almost noon.


I was supposed to meet Raniero at 11:00!

We have such fights if I'm late.

Bye, precious!

I'll see you at 5:00.

Where will you see me at 5:00?

Didn't I tell you? That's why I came.

You've got to come with us this afternoon.

Don't say no. You can't miss it.

But where?

Bishma! At 5:00 at the Plaza.

For only two days. He comes to Europe once every seven years.

He's hugely popular in America in clubs, schools.

It's the chance of a lifetime.

Hold still.

The chance of a lifetime. Do you know his experiments?

I've never heard of them.

Giulietta, what world are you living in?

He's a fabulous clairvoyant.

A man-woman who holds the secret of both sexes.

He's an oracle. He'll enlighten you.

He could change your life.

Is he a Hindu? Hindu, Chinese, what does it matter?

Bishma belongs to the world.

Some meetings are predestined.

Maybe he's here for you.

I can't go. Suppose Giorgio phones and I'm out?

You'll be sorry. Don't expect me.

There's a power outage.

Where is Bishma's apartment? The meeting is on the terrace.

Show these ladies upstairs.

We have to take the stairs. The elevator is stuck.

Let's go back, Valentina. Has he already started?

I don't know, signora.

Come on. Did you prepare your questions?

What questions? I've nothing to ask.

When I was a girl, Papa used to tell me... this hotel was for--

At last! Did you get lost in the dark?

He foretold everything.

That night I dreamed of His Excellency, but without his uniform.

What could it mean?

Cherish your wife as part of yourself.

He who loves his wife loves himself.

Love one another... for better, for worse... for richer, for poorer... in sickness and in health.

What are you looking at?

There's a wedding party.

How delightful.

That's the second step... but it's still not true illumination.

So, what is this?

The Single Spirit. That fruit is only appearance.

But the real Buddha is beyond such differences.


That's the third step.

At this point the truth is both far and near.

So, then, what is this?

Isn't it an apple?

No, dear, you don't understand.

You have to see beyond material form.

The Master himself will tell you.

It's an apple... just a humble little apple... small and red... and bruised on one side... but at the same time it's the Buddha... and the Single Spirit.

Things return to being things... but the Enlightened sees at the same time...

Oneness and Manyness... appearance as well as substance.

Do heaven and hell exist? Who are you?

A painter. An American painter.

Let me see.

Cut off my head!

Come on, cut her head off!

It's one of Lao-Tse's fables.

Go on!

Behold, the gates of hell are opening.

And now, the gates of paradise.

What's the matter?

Don't disturb him.

He's in communication with his god.

The lady called Giulietta may enter now... but only she.


How is he?

He wants to see me alone. Go away!

But I brought you! Fine, but he wants to talk to me!

Where is he?

I don't know. In the bathroom, maybe. Wait outside.

We have an appointment--

Giulietta, do you know the Kama Sutra?

The sexual act is a conflict.

To be happy you must behave as if in battle.

The battleground of passion is your body... and of the body, the shoulders... and the place between the breasts.

The sounds to emit in love... that procure pleasure: the sound hin.

The great sigh.

The sound put.

The sound fut.

The sound plat.

We can add sounds...

Like those made by pigeons...

and green sparrows... and flamingoes... and quails... and storks.

Sounds that can be employed... according to the occasion.

Different kinds of bites are... the dark bite... the swollen bite... the point... the line of the point... coral and jewel... the torn cloud... the wolf bite.

Love is a religion, Giulietta.

Your husband is your god... and you are priestess of his cult.

Your spirit, like this incense... must glow and smoke... on the altar of your body in love.

If you have any questions... the master will answer.

No, nothing really... only--

Since last night, I feel I've lost everything.

I'm afraid my husband has another woman.

Why don't you learn to please your husband more, Giulietta?

I do please him.

Remember me?

I was born like this, a woman of passion.

Am I beautiful?

Speak frankly. Am I beautiful?


I think so too. You've seen my hair?

I never comb it. I caress it.

I love to caress myself.

I have the whitest skin.

If I'm in a bad mood...

I go to the mirror.

I turn around, I study my back, and I'm happy again.

Did you buy those stockings?

No, what stockings?

The black net stockings.

Woman all want to be sirens... but don't know their trade.

Love is a trade? I didn't say trade. I said art.

I heard you very well. You said trade.

That of a prostitute? Good advice!

Who is it?

Olaf, go away! Iris! Nabur!

Grow beautiful like me! Like me!

Refined femininity.

You're beautiful, Giulietta. I want to kiss you.


I want to go. Help me.

Calm down. I want to go.

It's not advisable to invoke our mysterious inner forces... without proper preparation.

It can be very dangerous.

But these spirits are generous and kind... even if they sometimes play tricks.

Good-bye, signora. Did you receive good advice?

Yes, thank you. You're pleased?


Good luck!

What did he say? What did you see? Out here we heard--

There's another message.

Something new will happen this evening.

Something new and beautiful.


It quenches every thirst in those who drink it... even that thirst which is never confessed.

They call it the drink of oblivion.


That's not his voice.

It's a spirit speaking.

Did you hear? Something extraordinary.

He said she'll have an extraordinary encounter this evening.

Aren't you pleased?

Did you see her yourself? I thought so.

Did she say, "l am Iris?" No, but I felt it was her.

I felt the same sensation as the other night.

That's strange.

Who could she be?

Perhaps Grandpa's bareback rider.

My grandfather was a professor, and he fell in love with a beautiful dancer.

What a pretty little girl! What's your name?

Tell her your name.

Did you see how brave this young lady is?

Your number was wonderful. My most heartfelt compliments.

A beautiful woman makes me feel more religious.

Who knows why? I always imagined... they ran off in that funny circus plane.

Professor De Filippis, in God's name!

I order you to come down immediately.

I'm your principal.

You'll answer to me... for your unpardonable conduct!

The principal had him kicked out of every school in the kingdom.

He vanished.

After two years, he came back, cheerful as ever.

Mama didn't want him in the house.

I saw him secretly at Christmas.

Such stories he told! He frightened me a little.

The bishop said he was in league with Satan.

I was still little when they took me to his funeral.

Mama didn't cry.

She wore a beautiful black dress.

What a stupendous woman your mother is!

Yes, my mother's very beautiful.

One night I got out of bed and saw her. She was like a queen.

Perhaps she was going to a ball with Papa.

Rosa aurata.

A name like a line of poetry.

I grew it once.

My garden in Cordova was famous.

You're very fortunate.

Flowers thank those who care for them.

One can see these plants are showered with love.

To give so much every day... you must be full of love.

Is this all right, signore?

Is this what you wanted?

Yes, thank you.

Three slices of lemon... three of orange... sparkling water.

Now, a glass.

Here, signore.

Not a champagne glass. An ordinary one.

Teresina, get a big glass.

Three spoonfuls of sugar.

Shall I give him this one, signora?

Will this do? Thank you.

In Valencia, they add cloves... but in Cordova, we prefer a more delicate flavor.

Please, try it and tell me how you like it.

Lovely. What's it called?


They say it quenches every thirst in those who drink it... even that thirst which is never confessed.

In fact, they call it the drink of oblivion.

You'll have to stay with us at least a week.

You've introduced yourselves?

I've often spoken of José. Do you remember? I was his guest in Spain.

When? Last year, in Castile.

A wonderful palace. What paintings!

He has two Goyas... or were they Velasquez?

Neither. Riveras.


Imagine, he wanted to go to a hotel.

Where could you find such peace and quiet as we have here?

What counts are smooth movements.


A good bullfighter must have a pure heart... and clear thoughts, like monks or dancers.

He raises some of the best bulls in Spain... and at night, this fool lights up his garden... for solo bullfights!

What courage! But isn't it dangerous?

No, signora. It's all a question of style and poetry... and poetry is never dangerous.

My best friends are bullfighters.

They compose music and write poetry.

They hate to see blood.

The style of bullfighting in Cordova has an unimaginable harmony.

May l? Please.

Wait a moment.

I might have something better.

Will this do for a cape?

There's the bull... dying in his own illusion.

It's not the sword that kills him... but our magic in evading him.

I send him to the void with illusionary blows.

One false step, like a bad rhyme in poetry... and then there is mortal danger.

Please, signora.

A spontaneity born of calculation.

A pure heart, clear thoughts... movements exact to the inch.

Thus the monster is defeated.

You didn't see what José brought me from Spain.

I'll get it. It's magnificent.

Surely you admire García Lorca?

Destiny plays odd tricks.

I was in Madrid, hesitant to leave.

I had a foreboding.

Now that I'm here, I'm happy.

What's left in life, if you take away the harmony of such an evening?

I'm indebted to you for such happiness. I hope it continues.

For so little?

It can be everything.

Yes, a sudden decision... meeting an old friend who lives by the sea... a lost calm found again.

Everything becomes clear and plausible.

Giulietta, what is it? Come here.

Isn't it a wonderful gift?

A magic telescope.

Last year there was a terrible mess at their villa.

They give parties, which she organizes.

The police became involved, and they wanted to deport her.

I've heard fascinating stories. It's true, she's a beautiful woman.

You're going to go to sleep already? I wanted to talk to you.

Did you say something?

It doesn't matter.

Good night, dear. Good night. I'm going to read a while.

I had them change the color of the seats.

That red color reminded me of a cardinal.

So now it's black, with tobacco-colored seats.

Do you like that?

I told the guys, "It's for the most beautiful woman in the world. "

I really didn't wake you?

What were you doing?

Of me? What were you thinking?

Good night, you little monster. Till tomorrow.

I'll wake you up. Bye.

I forgot to ring the wake-up service.

It's a good thing I remembered in time.

Who did you call?

I told you, I requested a wake-up call.

You want some? Come on. Let's go to bed.

Who were you calling?

What's wrong with you? Come on.

What is it?

Let's come back some other time... or you go alone.

I don't behave that way. We have an appointment.

But treating him like a thief-- But he is a thief.

Hasn't he stolen your youth, your peace of mind, your trust?

He's the worst of thieves!

But setting a spy on him... who listens to everything, sees everything.

It would be like living with a third person.

Isn't there a third person already?

Trust them.

Put yourself in their hands, like going to confession.

They'll see to everything.

Hello. Follow me.

Excuse my unexpected attire.

Professional demands require certain transformations.

We serve anybody who needs to know, to find out.

But I ask you... are you sure you won't be sorry later?

Think, before it's too late.

In these cases, I recommend a little trip... a second honeymoon.

Think ahead to the joy of a marriage still alive in your old age... of the sweetness of two white heads on the same pillow.

In time, suspicions melt away.

Tomorrow you'll laugh at what upsets you now.

I don't think one can laugh at one's own suffering.

Anyway, my sister must know the truth.

So right. I'm at your disposal.

What does this gentleman do?

He organizes parties, rallies--

What does he do? I've never really figured it out.

Perhaps public relations? Exactly.

He arranges receptions... premieres, fashion show openings.

Do you have a picture of him? I'll show it to our psychologist.

Now I have a very delicate question.

Rest assured, nothing said here will go beyond this office.

For example, when he looks at you-- Excuse me.

Would you please take off your glasses?

My glasses? Yes.

Thank you. Does he blush when you look straight in his eyes?

Does he always have an alibi ready?

No, I don't think so.

Have you ever caught him speaking a foreign language on the phone?

Caught him? He speaks foreign languages with certain clients.

Do you have nicknames for each other?

What does he call you in intimate moments?

Excuse me, I don't see--

Come in, Valli. I need to see you.

I don't see what relevance this might have--

Every detail is important, my dear lady.

We mustn't neglect even the smallest detail.


Dr. Valli, our esteemed colleague.

Would you show him the picture of the subject?

Is it really necessary to leave them here?


Forgive me this most deplorable indiscretion.

My questions are not yet finished.

Have you found lipstick on his handkerchiefs?

A woman's perfume, not your own?

A whiff of beauty cream?

Hairs on his coat?

And-- forgive me-- scratches on his body?

No, never.

Let's hear what our psychologist has to say.

From the photo, I'd say we're dealing with a man between 38 and 45... not easy-going, though apparently docile.

Cold rages. Success with the ladies.

One must be careful, for he could lose his head, yes.

Suppressed fears. Great need of his mother.

Who doesn't need his mother?

Dearest lady, from this moment on... every minute of our days and nights will be dedicated to you.

Right, Valli?

In one week you'll know everything your husband does in a day.

Our zoom cameras make secrecy an outdated concept.

Doors and walls mean nothing to us.

We'll show you your husband as you've never known him.

You'll penetrate that shadowy zone... where you've never been able to enter before.

Are you certain you want to know?

Woe be unto him who tolerates a sinner... for he becomes an accomplice in his sin... and will burn with him in eternal flames.

Take vengeance.

I am the Lord of justice.

Yes, I want to know.

It's my right.

I no longer know who he is, what belongs to me... or what I mean to him.

I must know what he thinks, what he does.

I want to know everything, everything about him.

But I haven't gained weight, signora.

Haven't you? Any more and you'll break the platform.

Giulietta, do you like Nadir?

What lengths I went to to find an archangel... and he was right here all along.

He's the doorman's son.

Oh, there's chocolate in the refrigerator. Have some.

You haven't seen these new works, have you?

Seeing them is not enough.

You have to touch them. Go ahead.

I get a shock when I touch them, as if they were alive.

Michelangelo told his Moses, "Why don't you speak?"

I want to tell these powerful figures...

"Make love to me!"

I mean it!

My art is deeply spiritual. You don't think so, do you?

I want to restore God's physicality.

I used to fear God.

He crushed me, he terrified me.

Why? Because I imagined Him theoretically, abstractly.

But He's really the most beautiful body that ever was... so that's how I try to portray Him.

A physical God, made of flesh... a perfectly-formed hero... whom I can desire and even take as a lover.

I, on the other hand, when I was little... thought God hid behind a big door... that was always closed... covered with dust... in the little theater in the convent.

The play that year was about a martyred saint.

I was chosen for the part.

What innocent eyes you have, Giulietta.

You look like the saint herself.

Did she see God?

Yes, when she flew to heaven in the flames of martyrdom.

Promise you'll tell me everything.

Ask Him if He loves me.

For sure? Yes, Laura, I'll ask Him.

Come on, Giulietta, it's your cue.

Arrest her!

Bring her before me!

Your religion is against the laws of the empire!

But we are merciful and inclined to pardon.

Do you renounce your faith... and bow to the emperor?

No, never!

You prefer a martyr's death? You accept martyrdom?

Yes, I accept it.

There is still time, if you wish to save yourself.

Not the salvation which you intend.

I wish only to save my soul.

The emperor's orders.

Burn the Christian!

That's enough!

Shameful! Indecent!

Give me back my granddaughter! Giulietta, come down from there!

Obey your grandfather. Come down from there!

Professor, in the name of God!

Come to your senses! Stop this shameful behavior!

You're the ones who must stop.

I am perfectly in my senses.

Burning this child! Are we among cannibals?

Bring down that contraption.

Bring it down! You beasts!

Go home, children. Get away from there! Scat!

You nuns should fry on the grill, but you're afraid to show your legs.

What are you teaching these children?

Are you trying to drive these poor innocents to insanity?

Roast each other on your old grill!

I order you to desist! Come down!

Remember, I'm your principal.

You must obey me!

Your conduct is abominable!

Oh, shut up, Abominable.

And what about you! Have you nothing to say?

You let them do anything? You like being roasted?

Stupid girl!

Giulietta, did you see God? Answer me.

Did you? Answer me!

Signora, I implore you, pardon this outrageous incident... which dishonors our school.

Please accept my most abject apologies.

Where did that cat come from?

It's not one of ours. I don't know.

But did you see what big, bad yellow eyes it has?

He's from the villa next door. He's gorgeous.

Stop. I want to catch him.

He went inside.

Gasperino, help us catch him.

Signora, I don't get along with cats.

Careful, signora. He might scratch.

Can we keep him?

They're terrible critters. They bite and scratch.

They're not dangerous.

What a big fat kitty you are!


"Suzy. " Your name is Suzy.

The gate is open.

What a pretty house you have!

Hello. Excuse me, signora.

Health and wealth to you all!

May God make you ever more beautiful for His glory!

Signora, have him tell you the story about the Barletta convent.

Come here.

Am I good?

You're an angel! Till tomorrow.

Mama, take Alyosha away. I need to talk on the phone.


You see, signora? He goes on like this all day.

He's a good boy... but he's committed the folly of falling in love with my daughter.

His powers of seduction are all on the inside.

One can't see them on the outside.

Woman are seduced by beautiful appearances, Alyosha... and you have none at all, not even a little!

Pretty kitty!

There's my vagabond! I found him in my garden... and thought I'd bring him back.

You're so kind.

He's so pretty, someone might steal him if you don't watch out.

Did you hear that? They'll steal you!

Shut up! Take him away!

Where were you?

Did you thank signora... Giulietta.

What a pretty name! I'm Suzy. Did he give you any trouble?

No, he's very good.

But he's a big drunk. He likes champagne.

Oh, the phone!

A lady from next door brought the cat back.

Of course, all my friends are pretty.


What a bully Please, excuse me.

It's really time we were acquainted.

I don't want to disturb you.

Have a drink. A little champagne? Thank you.

None for you!

Can you stay for lunch? Thanks, but I really can't.

We'll send them all away and I'll cook. What do you like?

I can't open it. Alberto!

You're gorgeous, all sweaty like that.

Don't worry, I'm not after anything.

I'll tell Suzy what you did.

Some lovely champagne for signora Giulietta.

Paolo, come here!

Just a little for you, eh?

You know what happens when you drink. You go mad.

Please forgive the mess.

I'm remodeling the house.

I want brighter colors. Would you like a tour?

What luck!

I'm sure you'll give me wonderful advice.

Welcome, Giulietta!

Once I dreamt of you in a kind of church.

You were up front, at a desk like the teacher's desk.

And I was in the last row, dressed as a nun.

You said, "Show me how you walk!" So I walked like this.

You flunked me. How I cried!

I woke up in tears.

Come to our party Saturday, and bring your husband, of course.

I've watched you both from my window and grown fond of you.

I would love to be able to love one man that way.

This is my grandmother.

She hasn't slept in five years.

She's always up here. She sees everything.

Granny Olga, this is my friend Giulietta. Do you like her?

What's wrong, my dear?

She scares me when she says things like that.

She only has to look at you and she knows your secrets.

Everything passes. Good-bye, signora.

How is she?

A little better, I think, but I heard crying all night.

Excuse me a moment.

Arlette, it's me.

Arlette, please.

Giulietta, come here.

You haven't touched anything on your plate.

Know what I'll do? I'll phone signora Artemia!

She won't stand for any nonsense.

Come on, sit up.

Sit up, or I'll tell Roby to go away.

Don't worry.

She's a friend of mine, and she loves you. Right, Giulietta?

Of course.

Here, drink a little of this.

Why won't you believe that we all love you?

I'll come back and see you later.

What's wrong with her?

She tried three times to commit suicide.

The last time we saved her by a miracle.

I called and called, but no one answered.

We broke down the door. What a mess!

She's ill-fated in love. I keep her here now.

Like Laura, a school friend of mine.

She jumped into a canal. She was 15.

They said it was an accident... but it was suicide. She did it for love.

Take this one. It even has feathers.

What are you doing here? I'm fed up!

But I told him. I said, "She'll be furious. "

Didn't I tell you?

How dare you come sneaking up here?

Taking my things!

He only took a slipper!

This is my house, and I give the orders here!

Otherwise I'll send you back to the streets where I found you!

This one was in a whorehouse. You know you'd like to be in one.

And why not?

The dirty tales she tells.

All made up, naturally.

We're only joking, of course. What else can we do?

Giulietta, how are you?

Iris keeps her promise, you see.

Suzy is your teacher. Listen to her. Follow her.

I mustn't encourage your fetishism, Alyosha... because this is fetishism, pure and simple.

Momy explained it all to me. But here, you can have this.

It can't be easy being a fetishist.

For a Russian, it must be terrible.

Come look!

How many times I've watched you in your garden.

Come here, Giulietta.


Do you have a mirror on your ceiling too?

Like it?

I had it put there. Momy was delighted.

It's like having another couple along.

What must you think of me!

But, you know, men like funny things.

Come on in, the water's warm.

Another idea of mine.

After we make love, we plunge in here.

It's wonderful!

Come on, Giulietta. Take off your clothes.

Once Momy slid down headfirst and he almost got stuck.

Come on, dive in!

I burn my candle on both ends. I deny myself nothing.

Look, what's up there?

I eat, dance, play... and fight.

I especially like to fight.

We'll go take some sun.

Up there... it's much better than the beach.

It's my private sun. All mine.

The switch is on that tree.

We're going up there? Certainly. Flip the switch.

In Greece there's a hilltop monastery.

The monks ride like this.

Send it back.

Do I raise the switch?

That's it! Now it's your turn.

Ready? Yes.

Don't be afraid.

If you're dizzy, close your eyes.

Give me your hand.

No, thanks, I can manage myself.

They can look all they want.

They'll never find us.

We've thrown them off.


Those two boys following us. Didn't you see them?

Yesterday there were two lovers in those bushes.

How they made love!

I felt like applauding, they were so wonderful.

From here it seemed so delicate, so festive.

Is your head still spinning? Let's have something to drink.

The sun's at its zenith, the loveliest time.

At this hour you cast no shadow.

Ah, rainwater... with two minnows in it.

Sit down. Take off your clothes. We'll sunbathe nude.

No, thanks. I'm fine like this.

Granny makes strange perfume out of resin and flowers.

I'll let you try them out.

They make men drunk.

An engineer once--

What were you telling me about your marriage?

Oh, no, nothing.

Don't you trust me?

Yes, but-- Well, then? Tell me about it.

You've never thought of marrying?

I always thought marriage should be like this.

I would be all his, and he would be all mine.

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but Giorgio was my first love.

I fell in love the moment I saw him... and wanted nothing else but to live with him.

When he proposed, I was so happy I almost didn't believe it.

He became my entire world... . my husband, my lover... my father, my friend... my home!

I didn't need anybody else.

I thought that was right, and I was happy.

Could they be at the beach? They've vanished.

There they are, up there!

What are you doing? See? They found us.

Naughty boys!

We have something important to tell you.

Do you know them? Never saw them before.

Tell me more about your marriage. It's such a beautiful story.

I was engaged once at 13.

Oh, I dropped it!

Excuse me, Suzy, but it's late. I'd better get home.

What, you're going already?

Send me down, please.

Bye, Giulietta. Come up whenever you like.

Hello. How are you?

You're leaving? Stay with us. No, thank you.

I'll get off at the first floor.

"Among the trials was that of the labyrinth... which was the worst.

The labyrinth was a great palace which, once you entered... you could never leave again.

You wandered and went in circles until finally you were lost. "

Teresina, what's wrong?

I'm depressed.

May I leave a little early today?

"But Jack the Giant-Killer, who wasn't afraid of even the devil himself... said, 'I'll enter the labyrinth. '"

Yes, you can go, Teresina.

"But what will you give me if I succeed in coming out again?"

But I really don't like your new habit... of leaving every day between 3:00 and 8:00.

"So they crossed a forest full of golden apples... so many apples shining so brightly... that even at night the forest was full of light. "

Is the lady of the house in? This is she. Who is this?

Eagle Eye Detective Service.

Just a moment, please.

Go play outside. I'll be right there.

Can you visit our office this afternoon?


No... I don't know.

Have you already found something?

We've had seven days of hard work.

You'll appreciate our labors.

Can't you tell me over the phone?

Frankly, it's not our custom to do so. Of course not.

We'll expect you in our office.

I'll do my best to be there.

Good afternoon, signora. We've done it!

I can honestly report our results are brilliant.

I think we'll reveal what you want to know.

I understand your anxiety, dear lady.

But believe me, there's nothing final or irreparable.

Please, make yourself comfortable.

If you knew how many couples have reconciled right here--

A drink, signora?

True love requires a total knowledge of each other.

Even Saint Augustine said so.

Don't consider this a sad occasion. No, thank you.

The exposure may not be perfect on these images... but you can imagine the working conditions.

These are the first three days of our investigation, the 23rd to the 25th.

If you'll allow me, I'll read you the report.

"On the 23rd, the subject went out at 7:30... dressed in a white suit.

We trailed his car to a florist. "

Needless to say, we have all the relevant information on the woman... who received the floral arrangement, which is at your complete disposal.

There she is!

Captured while entering a restaurant.

Alas, the hat brim prevents identification of the person.

What I always recommend to my clients... is a certain detachment from what we show them.

Our point of view is objective and hence limited.

The reality might be something else... more innocent.

This is Lake Bracciano, isn't it?

No, it's a field near Castelli.

"On the 24th... an afternoon drive on the Appian Way.

They were parked in the fields from 4:20 till 6:00. "

The lady's name is Gabriella Olsen.

She's 24 years old, a model by profession.

While we change reels, let's see some slides.

I took these myself.

We recorded their conversation... when they stopped in the park.

You mistake me for someone else.

When we met you had--

You should be flattered by what I'm telling you.

I'm showing you like an idiot how jealous I am.

What would you change in me? You're perfect.

The interpretation of this is up to you.

"As agreed herein, the evidence remains sealed in our keeping... unless specifically requested by the court or the judge. "

You gave us 100,000 lira for our expenses and equipment... transportation, per diem, extras, overtime and so on.

Here's an itemized invoice for you.

Believe me, we gave you very special treatment.

Thank you.

Good day.

My compliments, signora.

My coworkers join me in saying... we hope this situation ends happily, and as you wish.

Look, it's your charming neighbor.

I knew you'd come. How are you?

Did you pack your husband off to bed?

Listen, Suzy, when will we begin?

He's not home yet. My husband is always late.

He works so hard.

So I came alone. He trusts me completely.

He shouldn't!

You already know my mother. Don't wake her.

She'll start singing!

He can rely on the advice of the prophet for his moves!

Momy, this is Giulietta.

Thank you for honoring my house.

Do you realize who he is?

That's my boyfriend Momy.

He's 65 years old... but he wants to make love every day.

And he does!

What's the matter? You look so sad.

Me, sad? I'm perfectly fine.

In fact, I want to enjoy myself.


I feel like hugging everyone.

I want you to be happy.

Attention, please. This is the most secret part.

Now, the deceased has captured the winds... and each maiden becomes a symbol of purification.

This is the old Egyptian rite... for the passage from life to death.

I'm the goddess of vice.

An hour with me might kill you... but you'd have touched the heights and depths of pleasure.

This is my hour!

I reach my peak of desire at 11:00.

It's a game we play in Lola's honor.

We create the atmosphere of a brothel.


Then you look into his eyes.

This one, with the beautiful big nose.

The gentleman hasn't chosen yet?

Lola, is this all right?

That's perfect.

I make an offer: a week in Japan. Shame on you!

All right, then, two weeks. Tightwad!

But in Japan! It's too little.

Kneel down! What's your name? Hildegard.

No, your name is Sex. What's your name?

No, now your name is Womb. What's your name?

No, now your name is that of the goddess.

Now you are no longer yourself.

You are the door, the earth.

And now the resting place of the goddess.

You're very pretty. Are you a model?

Do you know a certain Gabriella?

Who? Gabriella Olsen.

I know her.

They say she's very pretty. Yes.

Much prettier than me?

Very pretty!

And something of a whore, right?

You can tell me.

For me, it's become almost a compliment.

Do I play the part well?

Isn't she perfect, Lola?

That's my godson. Isn't he handsome?

Giulietta, I'm up here.

Come on.

Go away!

What do you want?

He's waiting.

He wants you.

The champagne.

Suzy is your teacher.

Listen to her. Follow her.

Perhaps I drank too much.

What are you doing?

I'm hours late, huh?

How are you? Have you seen Giulietta?

No, I haven't seen her. Where are you going dressed like that?

To your confirmation?

What are you doing? She's psychoanalyzing my wife.

Is the American doctor here?

Now go and concentrate. Stay in there and try to remember.

I want to see what happens when it's your turn.


I know you're afraid. No, Giorgio, for goodness' sake!

To every psychodrama each person must bring the truth.

We must create a climate of absolute verity.

I'm really not very good at this.

Try and relive for us the time you scolded your son-in-law.

Will you be the son-in-law?

He's too old! Thanks for the compliment.

Let's try this handsome young man.

He'll be much better.

Excuse me. I was reading his palm.

The future doesn't interest me... only what happens to me today, right now!

Forgive me. I won't do it again!

Signora, they're waiting for you.

I'm coming.

That's enough! Leave me alone. Leave me alone!

Shameless liar!

I'll never believe you again.

Go away!

Go away!

Who are you talking to?


Who were you talking to? Nobody.

Come on, Giulietta, we're all waiting.

Doctor, let me do a psychodrama.

There's a shady episode in my life.

You want a drink? No, thanks. I don't drink.

Dr. Miller's been showing us a new game: psychodrama.

You relive your worst moments, projected onto another person.

Interesting, huh?

What a strange crowd you have here, today.


Your housecoat's pretty.

Your eyes are red. You've been crying.

I find these games extremely boring.

Don't take a plane on the 27th.

Ah, the mistress of the house!

How pretty you are!

Of course, with such a pretty mama.

Want to bet it's a boy?

Remember, I predicted it.

Giulietta, psychodrama is not a game.

Why don't you try, little sad face?

Quiet, it's Giulietta's turn.

Maybe Giulietta doesn't want to. Yes, I want to. I'm fine.

She wants to.

It's a marvelous experience. You'll feel psychologically liberated.

Like seeing yourself in a mirror right there in front of you.

You'll understand your problems in no time.

Tell us about the most painful episode of your life.

Recreate for us the people, the circumstances.

Is it true?

Can you really help me?

There, they've started again!

Go away!

Go away!

What were you saying? Nothing. It's just a game.

Give me that.

Try to smoke less... and have faith in your doctor.

Can't you see them?

Can't you hear them?

Take your revenge!

Forgive! But whom should I listen to?

Make yourself beautiful. Life is all sacrifices.

Be more feminine, we'll teach you.

My life is full of people who talk, talk, talk.

Go away, all of you!

It's water.

When I want purity and absolute sincerity...

I ask for water.

We need simple things to live.

Things which hide nothing.

Water is like a truthful gaze.

Never be afraid of the truth.

The truth sets us free.

What does it matter what others think, anyway?

There's a proverb in my country: "l am mine own roof and hearth.

My words are my food.

My thoughts are... my drink.

Thus I am happy. "

Are you real or not?

What do you advise?

What should I do?

I can't advise you. I only want for you to live fully.

Where's Giorgio?

Giulietta, you know what he said?

I'm sorry, signora. I forgot to tell you.

Your husband left.

He didn't want to interrupt your dancing.

He said to say good-bye to the guests. He had somebody arriving from Brazil.

He may not be home for supper.

But he said he'd call.

Giulietta, listen to my advice.

Proof of adultery is no longer required.

Circumstantial evidence is enough for the law.

I speak now not as your lawyer... but as a friend who cherishes and loves you.

Is there any chance for me?

You must consider these things.

I'm bold enough to think I know your trouble.

I may be able to help you.

You identify too much with your problem.

These great trees make the most impressive symbol of this way of living.

Deeply rooted in the earth... yet the branches stretch out in all directions.

Their growth is spontaneous.

This is the great and simple truth you must learn:

Be yourself, spontaneously... without fighting your desires and passions.

Don't you feel how nice it is here?

Sometimes one must speak out loud... even if it's a stranger who's listening.

Stretch out on the grass.

Relax. Don't be afraid.

Look at the sun through the branches.

All is at peace. All is serene.

But you, you're not at peace.


I don't know.

What are you afraid of?

May I answer for you?

You're afraid of being alone... of being abandoned.

You're afraid your husband will leave you.

But, really, that's what you most want.

You desire with all your might to be left alone.

You long for your husband to go away.

I want Giorgio to leave me?

Precisely. Without Giorgio, you begin to breathe, to live.

You become yourself.

You think you're afraid.

But in fact you fear only one thing:

You're afraid of being happy.

Signorina Gabriella Olsen.

She's not here, but she should be back soon.

Excuse me, I was just cleaning up a bit.

She phoned around noon to say that she'd be out for lunch.

She's out a lot these days.

Please sit down. May I offer you something?

Excuse me, but I have to finish packing her suitcases.

The poor girl has waited so long to take this trip with her boyfriend.

Everything was all ready.

But he calls at the last minute and says, "We can't leave now. "

Not out of meanness, 'cause he's a real gentleman.

I've never seen anyone so in love with signora Gabriella.

And I must say she deserves it.

I shouldn't say this, since we're related... but they're so sweet together.

He says he feels at home here.

He chose all these things himself.

All in good taste.

Yes, I'm packing your suitcases now.

There's a lady waiting to see you. I don't know.

I don't know her.

Shall I put her on?

Would you like to speak to signora Gabriella?

I certainly do.

Just a moment.

Go ahead and pick up.

The telephone is behind you.

Hello. Who is this?

I'm Giorgio's wife.

Delighted to meet you, but did we have an appointment?

No, but I want to talk to you.

May I be of help? Can't you tell me on the phone?

I'll wait here. I'm in no hurry.

It's no use... I mean, for you to wait.

I have a busy afternoon. I'll be late.

Are you afraid?

Afraid? No.

But I don't enjoy gloating over the defeat of others.

And I don't think we have anything to say to each other.

Good-bye and good luck.

I'm not moving.

I have to go now.

I think signora Gabriella will be very late.

I'm sorry, but--

Good evening, signora.

I'm fixing supper for signor Giorgio because he has to leave.

Our happiness...

Put the bags in the car.

... has only one name.

I'm going to Milan. I'll eat and run.

I'll fix it for you. Don't bother. Teresina's doing it.

Did you add salt?

What did you make for a vegetable?

Some salad.

It's ready, sir.

Is the car trunk unlocked? Yes.

I'll put the bags in.

This is the first time you've packed your bags yourself.

You haven't forgotten anything?

No, I don't think so.

Will you be gone long?

I don't know, a couple of days.

I'll call you.

Shall I close the windows?

May I go out for a while?

Listen, Giulietta, I may be gone longer.

I don't feel very well.

I saw the doctor today. I didn't tell you.

Do you want some fruit? Yes, thank you.

Perhaps work has tired me out lately.

The doctor said nothing's wrong... but a rest would do me good.

Frankly, I need some time alone.

At last we have the pleasure of meeting you!

Giulietta has told us so much about you.

You're much better than we imagined.

Mama, this is Giulietta's fiance.

How do you do?

I think you've heard malicious gossip... mean tongues, rumors.

Yes, it's true, I've had a friendship with this person... even a deep friendship, but nothing more.

I assure you, nothing final or irreparable.

The truth is... I don't know.

I'm going through a moment of uncertainty, of confusion...

I want to be alone.

Well, good-bye, Giulietta.

I'll phone you.

Yes, of course.

I'll call you as soon as I get there. All right.

I'm not sure when. Perhaps tomorrow.

Ah, put my mail aside.

Of course, the mail.

Giulietta, do you remember me?


Do as I did!

Here everything is gray stillness and silence.

Come with me, Giulietta.

A long sleep.

No more suffering.

It's not true!

None of you exist! Go away!

Very tasty!

You don't exist! Go away!

It's your friend Laura who killed herself for love.

Buy a horse, take long rides and swims.

Is there any hope for me?

Without Giorgio, you'll begin to breathe... to be yourself.

Spent the whole evening with me, the whole evening with me.

I can't get down. I can't land.

It's your fault, Giulietta.

A long sleep...

Mama, please help me!

I hear crying.

It's the wind.

They're calling me. Don't move.

Obey your mother. I must go.

Don't you move!

Who is it? Who are you?


Don't open!

Obey me!

You no longer frighten me.

Look who's here! My little beef patty!

Where'd you leave your grill?

Let's say good-bye to those bores.

My cutie's waiting for me.

We have to go too.

Take me along!


This is an old plane... going nowhere.

It was only meant to come here.

Good-bye, Giulietta.

Don't try to hold on to me.

You don't need me anymore.

I'm nothing but another of your inventions.

But you are life.

So long, beef patty!

Who are you? Friends.

Who are you? True friends.

Now, if you like, we can stay.

Do you want us to?

Listen! Listen well!