Jumping Ship (2001) Script

That's great, Michael. Good for you.

Yeah, I know it sounds strange coming from me, Aunt Jules, but it really feels good growing your own stuff.

It's hard work, though.

Well, I guess you've got a little farmer in you after all.

So, is Tommy all set to go?

I'd say. He's been packed for three days.

I've got to admit, Michael, I'm a little nervous.

-Australia's really far away. -I know, but I promise you, I'm gonna take good care of him, all right?

Don't worry. Excuse me, Aunt Jules.

Hey, uh, you missed a couple weeds right there, partner, okay? Thanks.

It's so hard to get good help these days.

So, where is Tommy, anyway?


Oh, he's riding up right now.

Hey, Tommy. Michael's on the phone.

I'll talk to you later, Michael.

Have fun and be careful.

MICHAEL: We will, all right? And don't worry, Aunt Jules.

I promise you, Tommy's in very good hands, all right?

I know. Here he is.

-Hey, Michael. -MICHAEL: Hey, bud.

-Are you out riding my horse again? -TOMMY: Yeah.

He's gotten really fast.

He's really living up to his name.

Who's ready for a steak sandwich?

MICHAEL: Tommy, are you ready to have some fun?

Couldn't be more ready.

-Well, guess what? -TOMMY: What?

I was on the internet, and I've decided that I'm gonna charter a private yacht to take us deep-sea fishing for two days and then on to the resort.

Just you and me. How cool is that?


MICHAEL: Yeah, I thought you might like it.

-I can't wait. -Me either, buddy.

Listen, I'll see you at the airport, all right?

-All right. Bye. -MICHAEL: Okay, bye.


How's the water?

Ah, it's great, Dad.

Wanna come in?

Wish I could, but I've got to go to work.

Nice tan, Michael.

Oh, thanks.

Yeah, I've been trying to get a good, you know, base for Australia.

Michael, my accountant just called.

This trip with Tommy, that you're taking to Australia, seems to have come in $4,000 more than you said it would.

Oh, I can explain that.

Oh, please do.

Okay, see, Roxanne is gonna be in Hawaii, right, which is practically right next door to Australia, so I said, "Hey, since you're in the neighborhood, come on down and join Tommy and me."

So, you picked up the tab?

Dad, I invited her.

Is this gonna be a problem?

Well, as a matter of fact, it is a problem.

Michael, you're spending money you don't have, and you don't have a job to pay it back.

You know, Michael, in my book, success is when preparation meets opportunity.

It's like what you're doing here has nothing to do with either one.

-Dad, look, I... -Now, don't "Dad" me.

You're supposed to be looking for a job... maybe putting your education to work.

But, Dad, I'm not sure I want to be an attorney.

Our agreement was, whatever you chose, you'd be employed by the end of the summer.

Well, I've been looking.

There aren't a whole lot of opportunities you're gonna find sitting here in this pool.

Now, you're gonna pay me back for Roxanne.

So, I suggest that when you return from your vacation, you find that job that we've been talking about, or you're gonna come work for me.

As, like, a partner in your firm?

No, not as a partner in my firm, Michael.

You'd have to go to law school and pass the bar exam to do that.

You're gonna start the way I started... as a file clerk.

It's not a punishment, Michael.

It's a job.

Who knows, you might like it.

I might even treat you to lunch once in a while.

Think about it.

Here. Need some help?

No, that's okay. I can do it.

Here, this is for you. A little going-away present.


Set it down over there.

Sure. Okay.

Don't even say it. I know what he's trying to do.

Oh, really? What's that?

Helping you unload the hay yesterday... pitching in with the fence last week, always offering to drive you into town...

He's a nice guy.

Neighbors help each other out.

Okay, what about making dinner?

Steak sandwiches?

JULES: Everybody's gotta eat.

You know what I'm trying to say.

He likes you.


I like him too.

Just because you do, doesn't mean I have to.

JULES: Tommy.

Look, I don't know how to explain it...

I just don't want another dad.

Honey... nobody's trying to replace your dad.

Good. 'Cause no one will.

Of course not.

C'mon, give him half a chance.

Maybe there's room for you and Mark to be friends.

All right, let's get going.

You don't want to miss your plane.

Thank you.

-There you go, gentlemen. -Thank you.


Beautiful, huh?

What do you think?

Is this beautiful or what?

-TOMMY: This is incredible! -MICHAEL: Yeah.

You know, I love this look on you.

I look like you.

I know. Ain't it great?

-TOMMY: Hey, Michael. -What?

-TOMMY: Smile. -MICHAEL: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Hold on.

Uh, excuse me, sir.

Would you mind snapping a picture of us, please?

-No worries, mate. -Thanks.

Get the boats in it, all right?

-Okay. -The one up? All right.

-DRIVER: That's great. -Thank you.

Hey, wait. This is for you.

-Thanks a lot. -Thank you.

-Have a good day. -All right.

It doesn't get any better than this, huh? It's off to Paradise Island!

Oh, sorry, sir. I wasn't watching where I was going.

-That's okay. -Okay.

-No worries... -Cool.


-Are you okay? -What? Yeah. Come on.

-TOMMY: What's the boat's name? -MICHAEL: You're gonna love this.

It's called The Tiffany.

I'm sure it's owned by the same family that owns that jewelry store.

Probably just charter it out on the weekends when they're not using it.

Lucky for us, but how tacky is that, huh?

Okay, now you can't miss that.


Come on.

When you said a few days on a boat, I didn't expect this.

Yeah, well, have a seat, my friend.

Lesson number one, you always get what you deserve out of life.

Can I help you, sirs?

Yes, you can. (CHUCKLES)

You can start by taking those bags down to our cabins.

And we just traveled like halfway around the world and we're dying of thirst, so how about popping open a couple of sodas on your way back?

Oh, and put a couple of those little umbrellas in it, 'cause we love those.

I'm sorry, sir. I think you're on the wrong craft.

This is a private yacht, not a charter.

If you could perhaps tell me the name?

This is The Tiffany, isn't it?

No, sir.

The Tiffany, I believe is over there.

That's yours.

-G'day, mate. -Hey.

G'day, mate.

They're so friendly here.


JONAS: Frakes.

Two Platinum cards...

Beverly Hills address...

This kid might be worth something.

That's what I thought.

Pulled up in a limo, heading out to Paradise Island.

That place isn't cheap.

What's up?

Our next project?





JAKE: Yeah? What?

Is this The Tiffany?

Yep. This is her.

Please tell me there's more than one.

No. No, this is her.

The one and only.

All right, I'd like to talk to the Captain of the boat, please.

JAKE: That would be me.

Jake Hunter's the name.

You're the Captain of this... heap?

Well, she might need a new coat of paint, but she's as solid as the first day she was put on the sea.

And who did that, Noah?

-C'mon, Michael. -No, Tommy, if this was a horse we'd shoot it to put it out of misery.

There's no way we're getting on this boat. I want my money back!

Um... You have a non-refundable deposit, sir.

I'm sure that's something my attorney can work out.

C'mon, Tommy, we're outta here. What a scam!

Well, good luck finding anything else, Mr. Woods.

Charters are filled kinda fast around here.

And just so you know, I'm leaving in an hour, whether you're on my boat or not.

Yeah, okay, thanks. Great.

Come on, Tommy. I'll find us something better.

C'mon, let's go.

JAKE: Okay, forward, aft.

Port is left side, starboard is right.

The bathroom is called the... head.

The kitchen is the galley, where you will find the fridge, and it is a help-yourself fridge.

Up here is the Sky deck.

To my right over here is the cockpit, where you will find me most of the time.

The lower deck is where we do all the fishing.

The emergency channel is 39.

Life-jackets are stowed in the compartment that says

"Life Jackets."

And nobody touches my mug here.

He's not a Captain, he's a Warden.

David, listen, man, when I asked you to ask your dad if he could get me a job, I was hoping it would be more, you know, at the executive level.

I don't wanna... I don't want to drive a tour tram.

Okay, all right.

You know what, don't worry about it. I'm just gonna call someone else.

It's fine. Thanks. Bye.

JAKE: I think we should settle up on the other half of the payment.

I don't want to get too far out.

Are you kidding me?

The way we've been misled?

I shouldn't pay you at all.



JAKE: Okay, you know what?

You don't have to play the missing wallet trick on me.

Relax, will ya?

I probably put it down in my "luxury suite" below deck.

-TOMMY: Could you have lost it? -MICHAEL: No, no, no.

Because when I paid the limo driver, I had my wallet, so...

Oh, no.

Look, It's not my fault that I got pick-pocketed, all right?

But don't worry, I'm having the money transferred to the island, and I'll pay you as soon as we get there. I'm totally good for it.

Give me your watch.


You heard me. Give me your watch.

I want some kind of collateral.

MICHAEL: Are you nuts?

I could buy this boat with my watch.

You either give me the watch now or I'm taking both you guys back to port.

All right, all right, fine.

Take it.

If you put one scratch on it, I swear...

What are you gonna do? You gonna call your lawyer?

MICHAEL: Dad, look, I'm gonna lose you any minute.

Can you just please just cancel all the credit cards and wire the money directly to Paradise Island for me?

Yeah, all right.

And, Dad, I'm gonna pay you back as soon as I get home. All right?

Okay. Thank you, Dad. Bye.

Pry any sympathy out of him with a crowbar.


You'll get your money as soon as we get to the island, all right?


And you'll get your watch back.

Yeah, great.

Who's steering the boat?

It has an autopilot.

That works.

Hey, Jake, think we can do some fishing soon?

Sure. Why not?

I'm going to get changed.


Who are you, the Crocodile Hunter? (CHUCKLES)

Please, I don't think the Crocodile Hunter shops on Rodeo Drive.

MICHAEL: Yeah, my friend Jennifer told me to give you guys a call.

Yeah, she said your management company is opening up a music division and needs someone to run it.

Yeah. Yeah... (SCREAMS) Whoa! No!

What? No, not you!

It's just a... just a great job opportunity.

Can you hold on? I'm so sorry.

Experiencing a little technical difficulty right here!

What? I'm sorry about that. (CHUCKLES)

So, uh, let's talk music.

I've a lot... (SCREAMS)

-Michael? -MICHAEL: What?

Hello? Hello? Could you hold on just one second?

-Hey, Michael? -Not now, Tommy.

Hello? Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Hold on! Hold on! No. Yeah. (SCREAMS)

Hey, Michael?

Hello? Hello?



-Hello? -Michael?


I was only gonna suggest that you unplug the headset and use the phone.

Hey, you guys should reel in.

We're gonna be hitting some cross currents, could get some pretty big swells.

TOMMY: Reel in, Michael.

TOMMY: Wow, huh?

These waves are huge.

They just go up and down and up and down...


Mike, you don't look so good.



You want a bite of my egg sandwich?

That's okay.

What happened to your hand?

I just busted open an old blister.

See if... "Captain" Jake has any bandages for you.

-Hey. -Hey.

You have a bandage?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. yeah.

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Tiffany, this is Island Patrol. Come back. Over.

Yeah? Hey, Butch. What's going on?

Don't touch that.

BUTCH: I haven't seen you in a while. Everything all right?

JAKE: Yeah, everything's fine.

BUTCH: Wondering if you're up to some lobster diving tomorrow?

Sorry, Butch, I can't.

I have a charter.

BUTCH: You do?

Yeah. Listen, I'll talk about it when I get back.

Over and out.

Friend of yours?


What the heck happened to your hands?


They just get kinda beat up on the ranch.

Oh, the ranch.

I get it now.

You own your own ranch, I suppose?

No. Not really.

Not anymore.

We couldn't afford it, so we just run it now.

Have I done something wrong? Because you're sure acting like it.


I'm just having a bad day, I guess.

I've had a few of those.

Thanks for the bandage.

No problem.

JAKE: Hey, Tommy.

It's called a sextant.

The sailors used to use it to follow the stars at night.

My dad and I... found it while diving by a wreck.

You and your dad were treasure hunters?

Yeah, sort of.

Did you ever find anything else?

Yes, we did.


A long time ago.

-Really? -Oh, yeah.


Well, my dad and I, we were diving by this sunken Spanish Galleon, and we came across this gold coin, tucked between two pieces of coral.

It was just perfectly laying there.

When my dad plucked it out of there, there were seven more underneath it.

-That must have been so cool. -It was.

It was so cool.

Where's your dad now?

He's around.

Wish mine was.

He died a couple of years ago.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Hey, you know what?

Come here a second. You've got something behind your ear.

-You serious? -Yeah, let me get it.

Yeah, it's right... it's right there.

-Oh! -Is that it?

That is it. I mean, that's one of them.

Here, check it out.

-This is so cool. -Yeah.

Where's the rest of them?

My dad and I, we invested them, you know.

Jonas, find out his credit limit?


It's unlimited.


JONAS: So, what's the plan gonna be, boss?

It's quite simple, really.

Pick up the guy, get a ransom, then feed him to the sharks.

JAKE: You know, we did some research on that coin and found that it was on a merchant vessel, sunk by pirates.



MICHAEL: Storytelling one of the perks on this trip?

You got any of those seasick pills?

JAKE: No. Sorry, we're all out.

But if you're gonna hurl, do it over the side.

And not into the wind.

Don't worry about it. There's nothing left, trust me.

Hey, Michael, look what Jake and his dad found.

Pretty cool, huh? They found it in a sunken ship.

That's cool.

TOMMY: So, there's really pirates around here.

Oh, yeah.

They hit these merchant vessels, hide out in the islands.

Of course, no one will go after them because of the... cannibals.


There's no cannibals, Tommy.

Headhunters, people who eat people, love to shrink heads.

I'll go lie down.

He's not doing so well.

What a shame.


You know they're still around.

Aren't you worried about them hitting your boat?

No, this isn't exactly the type of vessel they're after.





-Hey, Michael! -Yeah?

You're missing all the fun. Come on.

Look what Jake rigged! You gotta try it! It's a blast!

Wasn't that nice of him? What did he do, get struck by lightning?

What happened to your neck?

Hey, you're awake!

Yeah. Oh, and, um... look what I found down there in the bathroom, seasick patches.

Thought you said you didn't have any.

Oh, you said pills, not patches.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Next time I'll be a little more specific about it.

Hey, I hope you boys are hungry.

We've got fresh fish omelets with melted cheese for dinner.


-Yeah! -Be careful!


My mom gives me soda when my stomach's upset.

Thanks, buddy.

I'm actually feeling a little bit better now, though.

You know, this kinda reminds me of the ranch.


How's that?

You and me together.

Thanks for this, Michael.

You're welcome, buddy.

I'm glad we could do it.


He seems really lonely.

Yeah, I think the Grinch had more friends than that kid.

I'm kinda hungry.

You want something to eat?


My stomach's been through a lot today. I think I'm gonna give it a little break.

You go on, though. Okay?

I'll meet you up there.


TOMMY: Feel better.

MICHAEL: Roxanne. Hi, it's Michael.


No. You know what?

I don't think that meeting in Australia is gonna work out.

Yes, and I am a work horse, uh-huh.

That's right, available to you 24/7.

Um... Yeah, sure. No, I'll get a resume right off to you.

I appreciate the opportunity.

Thank you. All right, bye-bye.

What am I gonna do, Tommy, huh?

My dad said I have to get a job before the end of the summer or he's gonna put me to work as a file clerk in his office.

-Okay. -Anyway, I have three weeks left, one of which...

I'm with you.

Why are you looking now if you had all summer?

You know what, you are absolutely right.

I left it to the last minute, and I am trashing our time together, so, um... tell you what I'm gonna do.

I want you... to hold this for me.

-Really? -Yeah, just take it. All right?

I'm gonna be fine.

I'm not gonna make any more phone calls on that thing until we get home.

All right? I promise.

-Deal. -All right.

Tell you what, I'm gonna go grab the camera, take some photos. You put that in my suitcase, all right?

-All right. -All right, buddy.

Oh... where's the camera?

In the wheel house.


Where's the wheel house?

Where the wheel is.


TOMMY: Oh, no.

MICHAEL: All right!

So, time to take some photos.

You ready?

Uh, Michael...

Hey, are you okay?

You're not getting sick, are you?

-No. -Okay. All right.

Well, get ready, buddy.

Smile for the camera. Say "Cheese."

I can already smell the money.

Get going!


Need something?


I was wondering if you had any Pellegrino?

What's that?


You guys got your labels for everything, don't you?

What's up with you, huh?

You know, for a guy who's in a service-oriented business, you really have a serious attitude problem, you know that?

I bet you don't get many repeat customers, do you?

The water's in the galley, Mr. Wood. Help yourself.

I just don't get it. I came up here so we could talk...

-Shhh! -Hey, don't shush me, all right?

No, just listen. I hear something.


Oh, it's not good.

MICHAEL: What's going on? What are you doing?

We're about to be hit by pirates.


JAKE: Island Patrol, this is The Tiffany. Come in.

How do you know they're pirates?

Well, they're coming up in an inflatable, made no radio call.

I'm sure they're not coming for the Pellegrino. Trust me.

Island Patrol, Mayday! Mayday!

-MICHAEL: What do they want? -JAKE: Do you want me to stop and ask?

TOMMY: Hey, guys. What's going on?



-Um... They're catching up, dude. -I'm at full throttle, okay?

MICHAEL: Hey, I'm just letting you know.

JAKE: Island Patrol, come in!

JAKE: They must be out of range, they're not answering.

JAKE: Grab the wheel!

Come on. Stay down.



Whoo! Way to go!

Hey, that was good.

So now what? 'Cause we're never gonna outrun 'em.

See that island over there?


JAKE: You're getting off.


JAKE: Yeah, it's the start of the Belgrass Island chain.

I'm gonna try to lose 'em and come back for you.

No. No. We are not getting off the boat.

You don't seem to understand something.

These guys don't take prisoners.

They take what they want from you and then throw you to the sharks.

Now get aft and grab some life jackets.

Come on. Get aft.

FRAKES: You two are idiots!

Fix that later! We're losing them!

DANTE: All right!

All right.

MICHAEL: Come on, come on!

When we get to this point, I want you to jump off, swim to shore and find cover. Hopefully they won't see you.

You gotta wait for me until I get back.

-All right! -Okay.

JAKE: All right, go!





TOMMY: Michael!


Over here!

-Are you okay? -Yeah.

Where did you go?

I was just lookin' around.

Don't leave my side again, all right?

What time is it?

You think Jake made it?

I don't know. Come on.

Hey, you think those cannibals Jake was talkin'...

No, no, there aren't any cannibals.

TOMMY: The pirates were true.

Come on.

What do you reckon?

What do I reckon?

I reckon they couldn't outrun us, so they scuttled the boat.

What do you reckon, Jonas?

Do you reckon they scuttled the boat?

We're gonna search every single one of these islands until we find them.

Is that clear?

He's too big a score. (SHOUTS) Is that clear?

Let's do it.

TOMMY: I've never seen anything like this.


Not a soul in sight.

You think someone will come and look for us?


Your mom?

My parents?

They think we're at a resort for a week and don't want to be bothered.

We never should have gotten on Jake's boat in the first place.

That was the first mistake.


You can't blame him.

No? Why not? It's his boat.

He's the Captain. He's the one who told us to jump off, that he'd come back for us.

Because blaming someone doesn't solve anything.

Oh, did Jake tell you that, too?


My dad did.


We're gonna be okay.

I promise.

What are we gonna do?


I told your mom I'd take care of you, right?

So... that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take care of you.

You hungry?

MICHAEL: Okay, buddy.

-What do you think? -Yeah, that's great.

I mean, you know, it's not the, uh... it's not the tree house you built at the ranch, but it's solid as a rock, and... it's gonna protect us if it rains.


Come here.

Look at this view, huh?

You know how much this view would cost if we were in Malibu?

MICHAEL: Here we go. Nice little fishy.

If we get one, how are we gonna cook it?

You like sushi, right?

Never had it.

Never? Ah, you're gonna love it. It's great.

It's real good for you, too.

Very high in protein.



What am I doin' wrong?

I don't know?

But I could sure go for one of Mark's steak sandwiches right now.

Who's Mark?

Just some guy my mom likes.

Your mom's seein' someone?

Well, that's cool.

You don't like him, do you?

What difference does it make?

We may never get off this island.

Come on.

TOMMY: You know, Michael, I was reading in Australia... they have these snakes called one-steps.

They bite you, and one step later, you're dead.


TOMMY: They've also got spiders that can jump 10 feet, and saltwater crocodiles.

The locals call 'em man-eaters.

Tommy, you couldn't have read up on edible plant life or something?



Come on.

Okay, I'm gonna hoist you up. Ready? One, two, three.

Get it, now.

Grab 'em.






Oh, come here.

-TOMMY: You okay? -MICHAEL: Yeah.

-TOMMY: You all right? -MICHAEL: Yeah. Get up. Get up.

(YELLS) What was that?!


I don't know.

-What's that? -What?

I don't know.

Stay behind me.

I think these mean someone else was here...

Hundreds of years ago, I'm sure.

Are you sure?


Be careful.


You know, we might just want to stay in here, Tommy.

TOMMY: Really?


I mean, it's dry and...

it seems pretty safe.


Can you help me up, please? Pull, pull.

-Pull! -I am.

-Aah, oh! -Okay, okay.

All right, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. I got it, I got it, I got it, ow!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Let's go.

How long do you think those shrunken heads have been there?

I'm not an anthropologist, Tommy. How would I know that?

-Well, Jake said cannibals like... -Shhh.

-(ANIMAL NOISES) -What is it?

I don't know.



Where's that coming from?

I can't tell, all right? Just stay behind me.

I don't want anyone to shrink my head, Michael.

That was hundreds of years ago. Nobody shrinks heads anymore.


All right, all right. We're gonna get outta here, okay?

Slowly... and quietly, you got it?


Let's go, let's go, go, go, go, go, go!

Come on, don't look back. Just keep on movin'. Go!

Come on. Move it!

-Aah! -Hah!

You... you think... you think this is funny?

Yeah, yeah, I do.

-You're okay? -Yeah, I'm okay.

-How you guys doin'? -Yeah, well, that wasn't cool, you know?

You almost scared this kid half to death here.

Yeah, I can see that.

I'm really sorry about that.

You know, I thought I told you guys to stay put on the beach.

Where the heck are we?

Uh, we did, okay? But then we needed a few things... like food and shelter.

Michael built a shelter on the beach over there.

Oh, on the north side?

-Yeah. -Oh, man, that's where the wind comes in.

Yeah, we know. It got blown to bits.

Hey! This is my shirt.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it is.

I, uh, found it in your suitcase. It washed up.

This is a $400 shirt.

You... you... you just tore the sleeves off it?


Guess it's only worth 200 now, huh?

TOMMY: Wait a minute. Washed up?

-JAKE: Yeah. -Where's the boat?

I had to scuttle her.

S... scuttle it? What... what does that mean?

I, uh, I sank her, guys.

You sank our boat?

Yeah. I couldn't lose 'em. Had to do somethin'.

What are we gonna do now?

Yeah, Jake, I mean... what happens now?

All right, back off, okay?

I'm building a raft.

-Oh, my... -I figure we'll lie low for a while, give the pirates enough time to move on and forget about us.

Okay, and then we'll get in a freighter lane.

Someone might see us. It's a good plan.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

We don't need a raft.

-Oh, are we gonna swim back? -No, no, no, no.

You found my suitcase, right?

-JAKE: Yeah. -Well... well... well, Tommy... Tommy put my cell phone in my suitcase.

It... it... it's got a satellite hookup. You can get service anywhere.

We're saved.

-Uh, Michael... -MICHAEL: Where is it?

It's at camp, but I... I didn't see a cell phone.

No, that's probably 'cause he put it in one of the zipper compartments.

Which zipper compartment did you put it in, Tommy?

Your phone fell overboard.

Oh, boy.


-No. -I'm sorry, okay? It was an accident.

It fell out of my pocket into the ocean when I hooked this really big fish.


All right. Great, great.

That's... that's... that's just... that's just great.

Now we may never get off this island.

Hey, I said I was sorry, all right? It was an accident.

Oh... oh... oh... I'm sorry, Tommy. I thought you could handle it.

I mean, come on, man.

I told you to take the phone and put it in the suitcase. How hard is that?

You know what? Just relax. We're comin' apart here, man.

-Lighten up. -Hey, don't... don't you tell me to lighten up, Captain Kangaroo, all right?

Because if your boat... if that's what you want to call it... had a decent motor, the pirates wouldn't have caught up to us, all right?

We wouldn't have had to scuttle it, and we wouldn't be in this predicament right now!

Hey, you know what, Woods? If you want to blame somebody, blame yourself!

It wasn't me or my boat that got us into this trouble, all right?

It sure as heck wasn't little Tommy over there.

No, it was you, man. You're just a rich guy with your labels out for everyone to see.

You're a great big beacon.

Gimme a break. You know what?

If we get off this island, I'm gonna sue you for negligence.

Oh! Oh, you know what? That's fine.

But until then, I'm the Captain, and I'm in charge.

-Ha! I don't think so. -You know what?

You go back wherever you came from. Just so you know, I got food, water, and shelter that can stand up against the wind.

Yeah, that's fine with us. Come on, Tommy.

Come on.

Tommy, listen to me.

I promised Aunt Jules I would take care of you, and that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna take care of you. Now, come on.

Come with us.

I can't eat any more coconuts.


Yeah, okay. All right.

I see what's goin' on here.

You think you're gonna be better off with this kid?

Fine. Good luck.

JAKE: If you wanna join us, we'll be on the other side of the island, right past the cove.

-TOMMY: Michael. -MICHAEL: Don't worry about it.

You're gonna have to learn to trust me.


TOMMY: Hey, Michael!

Ah, you know what?

He'll turn up.

He's stubborn, but he's not that stubborn.

TOMMY: Your camp's incredible.

Michael doesn't know what he's missing.

JAKE: Yeah? He wouldn't drink it, anyway.

It's not Pellegrino.

I've been pretty much combing the beaches, is looking for anything I could find that's washed up from my boat.

That's a lot of stuff.


It sure is.

This okay to eat?





Why'd you do this to me, Tommy?


WOMAN: Hello.



You're that, uh, supermodel...

Heather Hitt.

That's me.

I don't believe it. We're... we're saved.

What are you doing here?

I'm shooting an ad.

On a yacht around the point up there.

I was just out for a jog.

How about you?

I'm shipwrecked... or at least I was.

This is so amazing.

I thought I was gonna be stranded here on this island with two other guys for the rest of my life.

Are they as handsome as you?

Well... no, but that doesn't matter, right? I mean, you're still gonna help us out?

Yes, of course.

You poor thing.


Thinking you'd be living here the rest of your life.

Well, now, if it was with you, it might be a different story.

You are so cute.

Are you single?

Very. Yes.

I have to ask you... do you believe in love at first sight?

I do now.





More lobster?

No, thanks. I'm stuffed.

Couldn't eat another bite.

You know... my mom would have loved this place.

She always wanted to come to someplace tropical.

Why hasn't she?

She couldn't afford it.

You know, I don't even remember my mom.

My parents got divorced when I was pretty young.

That's when my dad and I came down here from Seattle.

So, your dad ever get remarried?


What about you?

What's your story?

Your mom never wanted to get remarried?

I don't know.

She likes this guy now, though. His name's Mark.

Do you want to hold this right here?

Just put your...

So, um... you like him?

He's not my dad.

Is he trying to be?

I haven't really given him much of a chance.

My dad died a year and a half ago, Tommy.

And the coins, we didn't invest them.

Had to use 'em to keep the boat afloat.

It's okay if you don't want to tell me about your dad.

I know how it feels.

It's a hard thing to say.

Sometimes, when I'm on the boat, I feel like I can hear him.

And just for that split second, I want to answer him back.

I... I know it sounds really weird.

No, it's not.

See, my dad and I built this bench on our property where we used to go every day and watch a herd of wild horses after chores.

That's where I hear him.

Maybe it's the same with you and your boat.


Not anymore.

-Anything? -Not even a footprint.

-Thought I saw footprints. -They were ours!

Great. Get on the boat.

There it is.

TOMMY: That's not bad.

And, uh, out there by the reef is an underwater cave.

That's where I caught the lobster.

When can we look for Michael?

Oh, Michael, yeah.

Next year okay?

How about after lunch?

I hope he's all right.

Listen, your cousin might be arrogant, self-centered, conceited, snobby, but he's not stupid.

He's gonna be all right.







I knew you guys would be checkin' up on me.


-(ANIMAL SCREECHING) -Come on out here.

Let's just talk it out, okay?







Aah! Aah!


You found your bag.


Aw, yeah.


This stuff is perfect for the sail.

What's that?

My mom must have put it in here.

It's from Mark.

Well, are you gonna open it?

It's a little wet.

Yeah, it is wet.

Is that him?

TOMMY: It's my dad and I on that bench.

Hey, you know... this is a really cool frame.

I bet you Mark carved it himself.

He likes working with wood.

It looks like it took him some time.


What do you say we go spear fishing and catch our lunch?


Come on. Let's go.

-Thanks. -Sure.

-JAKE: Want this cushion? -TOMMY: Yeah, bring it.

Hey, hey, stop... stop... stop... stop.

Don't move, don't move.

Be very patient. They'll come to you.

Just be patient. They will come to you.

Here they come.

Stop moving.

Look, they can feel the vibrations.

It spooks 'em, so look, just stay still.

See this one over here? It's comin' right to me.


See? That easy. Whoo!

How'd you do that? What do I do?

JAKE: Go down like this.

Hey! I got him!

-Yeah! -I got him, yeah!

Yeah! So psyched!

JAKE: It's that easy.



Hey, Jake.

MICHAEL: Get out of the water! Get out of the water!


How you doin'?

Get out of the water!

-Yeah, sure. -Good.

Yeah, here comes the payback.

MICHAEL: Get out of the water!

Get out of the water!

Tommy! Jake! Crocodile! Crocodile!

Come on! Get out of that water!

-Come on! -TOMMY: Jake, be careful!

Come here! Come here! Come here! Come on, Tommy!

Come on, buddy!

Come on, swim.

Come here, come on.

Come on.

Did you see the size of that thing?

It must have been, like, 20 feet long.

-(MICHAEL COUGHING) -And you just nailed it, Jake.

That was awesome.

I don't know how awesome it would have been, if...

Michael hadn't seen it comin' first.



You comin' with us?

Is that an invite?

Wasn't that why you came back?

Michael, we have fresh lobster, fruit, tons of water, and stayed totally dry.

You're coming with us.

If it's okay with the Captain.



I just want to tell you I'm sorry about the phone thing.

I overreacted, okay? It wasn't your fault.

There's nobody I'd rather be shipwrecked with.

All right?

Well... except maybe Heather Hitt.

-It's okay. -All right, come on.

TOMMY: Who's Heather Hitt?

Here we are.

Home sweet home.


Ho, ho!

Oh, my... my clothes!


My clean clothes! (LAUGHING)


Oh, these clothes smell good. Mm.

JAKE: Hey, don't touch that, okay? We only have one of 'em.

Hoo-hoo! Yes!

JONAS: We've probably checked out a hundred islands, Frakes.

We're not gonna find them.

FRAKES: You can quit anytime you want.

DANTE: Nothin' like a bit of island hopping.

FRAKES: Shut up.

I never understood why Gilligan... didn't hit on Ginger or Mary Ann.

You know what I'm sayin'?

I mean, Mrs. Howe, you know, I...

I totally get that, but...

Are you okay?

If no one finds us...

it's gonna be really hard on my mom.

I hope she knows how much I love her.

And how much I like Mark.

How come you never told her how you really felt?

-'Cause I feel guilty. -Tommy...

TOMMY: I do.

I don't ever want to forget my dad, Michael.

MICHAEL: You're never going to.

You like Mark for the same reasons your mom does.

I'm sure he's a great guy.

And your dad was a great guy, Tommy...

but nobody is ever gonna take the place of your dad.

Don't you punish yourself, okay?

He wouldn't want you to.

Come here.

I promise you something.

We are getting off this island.


We have to...

'cause I still gotta get a job when we get home.

You guys know how to sew?

I'll tell ya, that is one expensive sail.

Now all we need is a mast and a rudder.

Come on, guys.


So... you know, there's only about, uh, 4,000 trees on this island.

We had to climb to the top of Mount Everest here to find the perfect one?

I told ya, we need one that stood up against the elements.

Makes 'em hard and sturdy up here, boy.

This one's been through a lot.

And now we're gonna have to carry it all the way back down to the beach.

We could swim it back.

Yeah, right.

Aw, come on.

It's less than 100 feet.

People jump from heights way taller than that.

I think that's true, Michael.

All right. Well, let's see you do it, then.

Well, sure, but you're gonna have to go first.

-And... And why is that? -'Cause I don't think you'll do it.

And I'm not about to climb all the way back up here just to grab the mast and carry it all the way back down.

Let's just forget about it, guys.

I'll do it.

So, do it.

Trust me.

No, I'm not gonna do it, 'cause I got nothing to prove to you.

And I'm not letting Tommy do it, either.

Sure. Okay, well, let's go. Let's get this tree down.

Time to make a mast.



Tommy, you hear that?



-I do, yeah. -It's a plane!

It's a plane.

-MICHAEL: Hey! -JAKE: It's a plane!

-Hey! -Hey... the flare!

Hurry, Michael! Go, go! Hey! It's a plane!

Hey! Down here! Down here! Hey!

-What's going on? -There's a plane.

-Hey! -JAKE: They can't see us here.

TOMMY: What?

JAKE: They can't see us.



Too easy.



What are you doing?

Oh, no! You idiot!

It's a commercial jet flying at 35,000 feet!

Oh, we needed that for when we went out to sea.

Maybe a freighter would have seen it, now it'll just be blind luck if somebody sees us.

Maybe you should've put the flare manual out on the reading table.

Oh, you don't go blame me for your ignorance!

You know, he was just trying to help.

No, you know what? This guy's pathetic!

All right? Pathetic! He knows nothing about anything.

I mean, you want to wear a Captain's hat?

First, learn how to run a boat!

Top to bottom, inside and out, everything about it!

You have to work for it! Hard!

You know, this is just great coming from a guy who sank his own boat.

You know what, stop it! That boat is full of sweat and memories that I've worked for my entire life.

What have you ever worked for?

Come on, Michael, tell me.

What have you ever worked for?

-Come on, Jake. -Stop it.

Tell me, Michael.

That's just what I thought.

MICHAEL: You're right.

I've never worked for anything.

Is that what you want to hear?

I'm 23 years old, and I don't know what I'm good at.

I wish I was more like you two guys.

You know, the way Tommy is with his ranch, and you are with your boat.

You both have found something.

I never had to.

Well, all right, then.

Listen, I'm sorry I blew off so much steam back there.

Hey, we're all ready to get off this island.

Yeah, that's for sure.


I'll rig this vine, and we'll be out of here in the morning.

Hey, Jake! Look!



You hear that?


Hey! Hey!


It sounded like a bird.

No, no, no. That was no bird.

You see... it's the pirates.

Look, see the boat?

If they find our raft, we're in trouble, man.

Let's go, go.

Listen... take the inflatable and circle the island. I'll check things out here.

All right.

Whoo! Got you, sucker!


-I got one! -Get to the raft! Get to the raft!

-Whoo-hoo! Whoo! -Get to the raft!



You see this thing?

The raft!

Get on! They found us.

-The pirates are coming. -Pirates?

What... what about the camp?

JAKE: Forget the camp. We don't have enough time.

MICHAEL: All right.

JAKE: Tommy, Michael, now! Get on!


Be careful.

-Put the life vest on! -JAKE: Drop the sail!

Put it on!

-Hold on. -JAKE: We got to move.

MICHAEL: Get that life jacket strapped on.

All right, okay. All right, guys.

Okay, here comes one!

Hold on!

MICHAEL: Over here.

-All right, hold on. -JAKE: Tommy, Michael.

Oh, I don't believe it!

What are we gonna do?

-I don't know. -Can't we go any faster?



What are you doing?


-She's gonna shoot us! -Get off! Get off the boat!

-Jump off the boat! -Go, go, go!

Good shot.


Come here!

We'll swim underwater to the lobster cave. It's right over there.

-I gotta get this vest off. -Michael!

-I can't get the vest off! -We don't have time!

-It's you they want! -There's no way!

Listen, I know you'll come back for me, all right?

Just go, please, go.

Tommy, we'll come back.

-Just go, Michael. -I'll come back for you.

I'll come back for you! I will!

-Frakes is gonna be mad. -TOMMY: You'll never get him.

Shut up, kid.

Go down and have a look. They gotta be here somewhere.


So, what are we gonna do now?

I don't know.

But I know they're not going anywhere without you.

So, you're telling me they're dead?

They didn't come up, and we looked for them.

We waited there almost an hour.

I don't know, Frakes. What do you reckon?

How about a cave? The reefs are full of them.

They'll be back.

What makes you think so?

When they hear you screaming in pain, they'll come running.

Trust me.

Any ideas?


You still got that gold coin?


Gonna clean all the scum off that deck, aren't you, boy?

How do you know he'll go for it?

Because I know a lot of greedy people.

I just hope it works.

You gotta promise me something.

You have to promise me that if something goes wrong, you take Tommy and you get him out of here.

Don't wait for me.

I promise.

I'm sorry about your boat.


I hated that boat.

-You hated that boat? -Yeah.

I thought it was your life.

Oh, no. It was my dad's life.

He chose it for the both of us.

Don't get me wrong.

I love the sea and everything.

It's just...

I think I stuck with her for so long...

'cause my dad loved her.


anyway, uh...

Tiffany, she's been sinkin' for a long time.

And I've been hangin' on to her for all the wrong reasons.

You know, I...

I've been also blaming people for things I don't have.

You should take this back. I'm sorry.

Keep it.

No, no, no, no. I can't do that.

Not because I could go out and buy another one.

I want you to have it.

I don't know what to say.

You don't need to say anything.

Come on, we got a lot to do.

Frakes, you better come and see this.

Good morning.

Could be. That just depends.

Are you okay, Tommy?

So, where's your friend?

I don't know.

-I got a deal for you. -Oh, he's got a deal for us.

He's got a deal for us, guys.

So, what's the deal?

Well, you seem to be a financially motivated person.

So, let's talk bottom line.

You think I'm worth a lot of money, don't you?

Wow, a psychic.

Well, I don't know if my family would pay a dime for me right now.

But what if I had a way... to get you 10 to 15 million in gold coins?

Would you leave us alone?


Okay, I'm listening.

I found a whole ton of those right here on this island.

But you won't get any of it unless you promise me you're gonna let Tommy go.

Why don't you just tell me where they are, pretty boy?

Because I won't.

Tommy and I figured we'd be dying on this stinkin' island anyway.

So, by shooting us... you'd just be putting us out of our misery.


This is what I'm gonna do for you.

I'm gonna let him go... but you're gonna tell us where it is.

If it's what you say it is, then...

I don't have to waste my time with you.


You have to swear to let us go. I want your word.

-Don't listen to anything... -FRAKES: Sure.

You have my word as a gentleman.

All right, then.

Tommy... just keep walking along the beach.

It's okay.


All right, let's go.

You stay with the boat. I don't want those kids anywhere near it.


Aah! Oh.

Ah, miss me?

-FRAKES: How much further? -MICHAEL: Not far.

Stay there, Tommy.

We found it by accident.

The gold's in there.

I'm not going in there!

It's a death cave.

Oh, give me a break.

Those symbols, Frakes... they call them "the gatherers."

They were the cannibals that cut off the heads before they shrank them.

Who cares?

These places are haunted.


Hey... you don't help, you don't get a cut. Got it?

JONAS: I don't like this.

FRAKES: Shut up.

All right, where is it?

Right up ahead here.

It's right up there around the corner.

Around where?





I'd like a pizza to go, please.


Aw, gee, I see some scum I forgot to wipe off.

Tommy, let's go!




Keep your eye out for him on the shore.


MICHAEL: Guys! Hey!




TOMMY: Michael!

Michael, over there!


What are we gonna do?

What do you mean? This guy's got a gun.

We're gettin' out of here. We'll come back with some help.

We can't leave him.

I promised I'd get you out of here.

-Well, break it. -I can't! I promised!

Hey! He didn't give up on me, Jake, and he wouldn't give up on you.

He needs your help. Please!

Michael! Everest!

Michael, go to Everest!


Trust him.


Come on.

Are you all right?

Oh... whoo-hoo-hoo!

Ah! Oh, ho, ho, ho.


Well, tough guy... we did it, huh?




Let's go.

TOMMY: I can't believe we made it.





Oh, man, thanks.

Island patrol, this is Jake Hunter. Come in. Over.

BUTCH: Good to hear your voice, Jake.

We've been searching for you guys for days.

JAKE: I lost the Tiffany, Butch.

Everyone's safe, but listen... I got a location on some of that pirate scum you've been looking for.

Maybe you should pick it up.


JULES: Tommy!


JULES: Tommy, oh.

GLENN: Hey, Michael.

Hey, Dad. How are you, man?

I didn't mean what I said about Mark.

Honey, don't worry about it.


You think you could ask him to make me another frame?

I kind of lost the last one.

I'm sure he'll be glad to. Oh.

-GLENN: Michael... -Hey, Dad.

Oh, I'm so glad you're all right.

Yeah, I feel... I feel good.

How's mom?

Well, she's just worried sick waiting for us to call her.

Okay. All right.

-Hey. -Oh, hi.

-MICHAEL: How are you doing? -Well, I'm okay.

Oh, hey, um, guys, I want you to meet someone.

This is, uh, Jake Hunter. He's the Captain of our boat.

He saved our lives.

Well, Jake, it's a real pleasure.

I can't thank you enough.

-Yeah, thank you... -Sure.

...a lot.

All right, let's go make that call.

Come on, Jake. Join us for dinner.

Come on.


Hey, Michael. Where have you been?

Let's just say that, um... preparation has met opportunity.

I hope you guys don't mind, but I created a little job opportunity for us.


What is it?

We're gonna rename that boat, uh... the Tiffany II...



MICHAEL: They gave us a reward for turning in Frakes.

So, I did a little negotiating.

See, they were gonna put this boat up for auction, so I offered to buy the boat with our reward money.

We are all gonna be partners in the charter business.

Are you serious?


I mean, you said it yourself... charters sell out here all the time.

And, uh, Dad, I was hoping that, um... that I could pay you back the money I owe you out of my share of the profits.

That sounds great, but... does that mean that you're planning to move to Australia?

No, I don't think I'm gonna need to do that.

I was actually kind of hoping that, uh... the file clerk job was still available.

Because, uh, you know, if I'm gonna be a lawyer...

I better learn about it right.

Inside and out, top to bottom.

-Top to bottom. -Top to bottom.

Besides, I think it would be kind of cool to do lunch with my dad

-every now and then. -(CHUCKLES)

That sounds great, son.

So, we really own it? It's really ours?

As long as we all agree on it.

It's gonna be a three-way partnership.

What do you guys say?

I don't know what to say.

Well, I say yes.



Absolutely yes.

Then a partnership it is.