Jungle 2 Jungle (1997) Script

[ Yells ]

[ Shouting ]

[ Man Shouting ] Ten and a half ! Nine fifty !

Twenty-five ! [ Man ] l'll take it !

How's July ? July how ? July's at 95 and a quarter.

Ninety-four and a half bid. Hey, bonehead, moron !

Moron ? Moron this. At 95. At 95. Keep your pencil to yourself !

94 and 3 quarter bid for 300. Sold, 300 !

Buy 300, yes ! 300, you idiot ? Get out of my way.

300 lots of coffee futures ? You call that a hunch ?

No, Richard. l call that an opportunity.

300 lots in this market is not an opportunity. lt's a death wish.

Oh, ye of little faith. No, no, no. Me of big mortgage.

Hi, Maddy. What've you got ? Flight 109 leaving J.F.K., 1:00 p.m., arriving Caracas at 6:22 p.m.

All right, all right. Aw, come on.

You're not still leaving, after what you did in there ? l'm getting married to Charlotte. l need the divorce from Patricia.

Toiletries, shirts, socks-- l don't believe this.

You're gonna leave me with 5,100 tons of coffee ?

Richard, l put up with you because you're the best analyst on the Street.

You give me that same patronizing little speech... every time you play one of your stupid hunches.

Yeah ? And what happens ? l'm hospitalized, and the blood pressure medication is adjusted.

Uplink. You'll overnight in Caracas, then fly to Canaima the next morning.

Thanks. See ya in two days.


[ Tires Screeching, Engine Backfiring ]

This thing might be quicker if you used both engines !

Senor Kromwell ?

Senor Kromwell ?

That'd be me, Michael Cromwell, with a ''C.''

Senor Cromwell with a ''C.'' l am Abe Botero with a ''B,'' your attorney-at-law. l am outrageously pleased to meet with you.

Abe, Abe. Let me go.

My car is right over here. Do you have any more luggage ? l travel kinda light, Abe. So, what's the deal ? Where is Patricia ?

Uh, we received this letter from your wife today.

Senora Cromwell says that she could not come to Canaima, but she wants to get you to Lipo Lipo. Wait a second. l travel 3,000 miles to get here. She doesn't show up ? What's that about ?

Abe has a saying:

He who knows what a woman wants, knows everything, but not even God knows that. [ Laughs ]

Okay. lf that's the way she wants to play it, she's not gonna get a dime.

[ Langston ] lf Cromwell should bother to call, put him through to my office !

Has anybody seen that idiot Kempster around here ?

Kempster !

Michael, you have got to get back here tomorrow.

Langston is going insane. Where are you ? l'm staying in the middle of Nightmare on Bodega Street. [ Laughs ] lf you don't get here, do l sell the coffee or do l hold it ?

No, no, no, no. Do not sell the coffee till l give you the go-ahead.

Call me on the uplink as soon as London opens, all right ?

All right. Okay. [ Langston ] Kempster !

Nah, l wouldn't do that.

Oh, and why not ? [ Chomping Sound ]

Oh ! [ Chomping Continues ]

Lipo Lipo. So nice they named it twice.

Oh, my God.

She left me for Gilligan's lsland !

Great. l'll be right back. Not long. l have an appointment.

You have an appointment ? Well, if it's the cable guy, you got plenty of time.

Okay. Hi, um-- l'm-l'm Michael Cromwell. l'm looking for Patricia Cromwell.

[ Villagers Chatter ] You know Patricia Cromwell ?

She's a doctor.

[ Chattering Continues ] No, a woman. Like me, but, but... full-figured.


-[ Children ] Paliku. Pali who ?

Paliku. Paliku ?

Where is she ? [ Children ] Paliku.

Paliku ! Paliku ! Yes, l heard you. Okay, okay.



You look different.

Michael. You made it.

Um, yes, l did.

[ Speaking Pinare ]

You look good.

So do you.

How've you been ? Better. Much better.

Weren't you supposed to meet me in Canaima last night ?

Botako's having her first litter.

Congratulations. Not her.

This is Pontspie. Pontspie, [ Speaking Pinare ]


[ Grunts ]

This is Botako.

As much as l hate to spoil this joyous event, l took an airplane from New York City. l have a boat waiting.

You remember the divorce ? Patricia ? [ Speaking Pinare ]

Patricia ! Paliku.

My Pinare name is Paliku. We pick our own names here.

Do you remember 12, 13 years ago, maybe, when out of the blue, we weren't even married a year, and you walked out on me.

And now you want a divorce, and you think l'm gonna hit you up for money.

We both want a divorce, and aren't you ? l don't want any money. Great ! We can get to Caracas now.

That way we can sign divorce papers. l can be back in New York by Friday.

Tomorrow is the Fanenteyou celebration. l have to be here.

[ Squealing ]

Ooh. lt's a male !

Ay !

As much as l'd like to stick around for the circumcision, l've got a canoe waiting, and my boatman has an appointment.

[ Speaking Pinare ]

Your boatman is gone. What ?

Wait, wait, wait, wait ! Tell him to stop !

Hasta la vista. Hey, stop ! You can't leave me here !

What you're doing is very unprofessional ! [ Grunting ]

[ Giggling ]

Oh, no. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa !

Come back here ! Hey, hey, hey ! l'm gonna need all these clothes back, right where they came from, all right ?

[ Shaver Buzzing ] Aw, this is a Braun !

[ Turns Off Shaver ]

What about my boat ? He'll be back. Couple of days.

Wh-What am l supposed to do now ?

The chief says you can spend the night with the bachelors. l'm not staying with the bachelors. Or Pontspie offered her hut.

Mm-mmm. [ Piglet Grunts ]

Bring on the bachelors.

[ Speaking Pinare ]

[ Speaking Pinare ]

Come on, come on, come on.

Hungry ? l am starving. Oh. lt's yellow-eared bat, a Pinare specialty. lt's made from the bladder.

Oh, bat bladder. Holy Kaopectate ! l don't think so.

You might prefer the kara toka. Yeah, right.

Chicken. l would prefer that. Thanks. Ready.

Excuse me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Michael, l have to talk to you.

Patricia, let's not, okay ? There's something that you don't know.

Yeah, like why you left me.

Because of the fifth phone line. What is that supposed to mean ?

One morning some guy showed up at our apartment to install a fifth phone line.

He asked if l was the receptionist. [ Chuckles ]

And l realized that l had lost you somehow. l packed my things and l left you alone. l figured you'd be happier that way.

-You thought this would make me happy? -How long before you noticed l was gone?

Why didn't you talk to me ? Talk to you ? l spent six months telling you l was unhappy. lt was a crazy time for me. l just started working at L.T.G.

[ Sighs ] Michael. l had a straddled position in sugar.

The price went up, it skyrocketed, l'm shorted--

Michael. Michael ! What ? lt's very hard for me to tell you this, so please listen.

What choice do l have ? l'm stuck here with you and the Village People... till you celebrate Banana-fana-fo-fana.

[ Sexy Voice ] Hello, you. Ohhh.

Excuse me. The real world calls.

Hello, you.

[ Computer Beeping ]

[ Typing ]

What l'm trying to say is that--

-Look, l was right. l was right ! -l wasn't exactly alone when l left you.

97 and a quarter. [ Whistles ] Michael. Michael. l'm with ya. Coffee has gone crazy. l didn't know it, but l was... 97 and a quarter, 97, 97-- l'm gonna wait till 97 and a half. pregnant with your son.

'Cause it's gonna happen. Waitin'. Papa is waitin'. Come to Papa, 97 and a half.

Sold for a tidy $300,000 profit. God, it's good to be good !

What'd she say ? Hello, you.


[ Beeping ] All right, Patricia. What did l do ? l just told you that you had a son, and you didn't even hear me.

What are you talking about? What son? Your son.

The boy sitting next to the fire over there is your son.

That is my son ?

l must have started a thousand letters to tell you, but every one of them started with, ''l know you never wanted children.''

This is nuts. This is nuts. This is unbelievable. l was confused-- This is unforgivable ! l'm not asking you to forgive me, but he didn't do anything, so don't blame him.

That's my son ?

His name is Mimi Siku.

His name is what ?

Mimi Siku.

Mimi Siku.

Roughly translated, it means...

''Cat Piss.''

He picked the name ''Cat Piss'' ? He was six years old at the time. lt's a territorial thing.

You sure he's mine ? Positive.

He's got your nose, and he thinks he's never wrong.

[ All ] Hello, you. [ Computer Beeping ]

No, no, no ! Get away ! No ! Don't touch that !

Don't touch that ! No, don't touch that !

Huh ?

[ Computer Beeping ]


You wouldn't happen to have a place where l could stick that, would you ?

Hello, you. [ Sighs ]

[ Flatulent Sounds ]

Talk about your wind instruments.

[ lnsect Buzzing ]

Oh ! [ Flatulent Sound ]

Oh, ease up on the fruit, for God's sakes.

Mitsubishi !

Mimi Siku.

Hi, uh, Mimi Siku. l'm Michael Cromwell.

Patricia-- Paliku tells me that, um, that l'm your father.

That's a nice pot you have. [ Speaking Pinare ]

Do you understand any English ?

Well, Patricia-- or Paliku-- wanted me to say something paternal to you. l gotta admit, this isn't easy for me. l don't have any regrets.

Well, l have regrets.

But then again-- # Too few to mention ## Ha !

[ Whispering ln Pinare ]

[ Speaking Pinare ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Snoring ]

Michael. [ Screams ]

You all right ? Yes. Put air bags in these things.

What do you call this place again ? The Surface of the Sun ?

Mimi said that you talked to him last night. l told him that l was his father, and he said something in lndian, and then he gave a girl a pot.

Giving a pot here is like giving flowers. lt's a love gift.

He's very popular with the girls.

Maybe he is mine after all. He is yours.

Why don't you try again ? He's going out on the river. Go with him.

Maybe l can teach him about commodities.

Based on what l learned in the bachelor hut last night, he could make a killing in gas futures.

Go. ls it the local fruit ?

Baboon ! Baboon ! Huh ?

No, no, no, no. Monkey.

[ Chattering ] Monkey.

Toona. Toona.



No, uh, Mimi, um-- Water ? Wa--


Cut, infection, death !

Oh. [ Spits ]

Hoko. Hoko.

Hoko-- bird.

Bird who can't sing: Hoko Ono.

No, no, no. Hoko is toucan.

Bird is pomoko.

You speak English ? Paliku taught me.

[ Chuckling ] So, you understood everything l said last night.

[ Sighs ]

[ Panting ] ls it much further ?

These shoes cost me $500. Whoa !

[ Hisses ] Hey, hey, hey !

Good shot !



Scared of snake ? No, scared of snake bite.



This buradu is dead, right ? Sleeping. We kill it before we eat it.

No, no, no, no. l do not eat snake.

-Lizard guts. -Actually, the snake filled me right up.

No. l make it for you. Tastes good. Oh.

Now you here, you stay with me all the time ? l'd like to, Mimi Siku, but l can't.

Why ? l have a whole 'nother life where l live.

Another son ?

No. You're the only son l have. l'll teach you to hunt. Tomorrow l've got to go to my village. l'm a trader. That's what l do, okay ?

This in your village, yes ?

Woman who hold fire up sky's butt ?

[ Laughs ] l've never had her described quite like that.

Yes, she's in my village.

We call her the Statue of Liberty.

When l'm a man, will you take me to Statue of Liberty ?

Sure. Why not ? Yeah.

When you're a man, l'll take you to the Statue of Liberty.

Wakatepe ? Wakatepe.

Sleep time.


Mimi, don't move !

Don't move ! There's a giant spider on you !

Don't move ! What's it doing ?

Oh, great ! lt's now comin' after me !

Damn, it's chasin' me. Stop, stop, stop ! l don't want to hurt you, but l will. l will crush you like... a bug !

[ Grunts ]

Mimi, don't. No, no. l can handle this.

Go to the village. Save yourself !

[ Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

No, no, don't ! Back ! Jesus !

lf you scream, Myteka attack. lf you're calm, Myteka nice.

But kukuve always mean. Who's kukuve ?

Huh ?

[ Snarling ]

[ Screaming ] This place is a nightmare !

[ Speaking Pinare ]

[ Chanting ln Pinare ]

[ Children Shouting ] Baboon ! Baboon !

Nice turtle.

[ Children ] Baboon ! Baboon !

The hair on your chest reminds them of a monkey.

''Baboon'' is your Pinare name.

Baboon ? That's the best they could come up with ?

At first they wanted to go with ''Man Who Must Be Smarter Than He Looks.'' lf we get to pick our own names, l'd like to pick this:

''Man Who's Extremely Well-Endowed.''

Sorry. lt's already taken.

[ Speaking Pinare ]

[ Chanting ]

-What's he sayin' to them ? -The chief is telling the forest that Mimi's no longer a child.

[ Speaking Pinare ]

[ Sizzling ]

[ Cheering ln Pinare ]

Are they finished ? Almost.

But to become a tribal leader someday, Mimi has to perform a special task that the chief will give to him.

He says he's very proud of Mimi Siku, and, as his father, you should be too.

Well, l am very proud of him, considering the fact... that l just found out a couple days ago l had a son, and l'm standing about four feet from a witch doctor.

[ Speaking Pinare ] [ Hisses ]

[ Speaking Pinare ] [ Villagers Cheer ]

Mimi has the task of bringing fire back from the Statue of Liberty.

[ Laughs ] Guy doesn't kid around, does he ?

[ Mimi ] You promised to take me to New York when l become a man, Baboon.

And when you're a man, l will. ln this tribe, he is a man, and he wants to go now ?

No. Tomorrow we fly to Caracas, we sign the divorce papers.

Then l get in a big, steel bird and fly back to New York City.

Yakuza. Did you promise to take him or not ?

Maybe. Mimi Siku, l have to be back on the exchange floor. l'm gettin' married. l cannot take you tomorrow.

Here, if you make a promise, you keep it.

''Tomorrow,'' ''Can't,'' ''Maybe.'' These words don't mean anything to Mimi.

You brought him down here to live with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Maybe you should have taught him better English.

This is the most important day in your son's life, and he wanted you here to share it with him, and now you're going to humiliate him in front of the whole tribe... by not keeping the first promise you ever made to him ?

Baboon, l-- l want to go.

Mimi Siku, l am-- l'm very sorry.

You made wakatepe with me.

Excuse me, Mr. Cromwell, [ Grunts ] but the young man you're with is urinating on the exit door.

Thank you.

Me happy to be with you, Baboon.

Michael ! Michael !

All right, we gotta get movin' here pretty--

Get on. lt's just a moving sidewalk. [ Chuckles ]

Michael ! Hey, Mike !

Michael, how ya doin' ? Richard, what are you doing here ? l told Langston you had a reason. You do have a reason, right ?

For what ? For holding on to the beans.

What beans ? The coffee beans.

You didn't sell them ? No. l told you to sell them at 97 and a half.

Oh, God, l'm dead ! l'm gonna lose my house ! Where will my children live ?

Richard-- Excuse me. Richard. [ Panting ]

[ Groaning ] Why didn't ya sell ?

-'Cause you didn't confirm, that's why ! -What ?

You did not confirm. What's coffee doin' now ? lt's under 90 cents and gone limit down.

[ Stomps Foot ] l asked you-- l told you to sell it at 97 and a half, and you can't do it 'cause l didn't say ''confirm'' ?

You're an idiot ! Look, for 15 years, Michael, you say ''sell,'' l say ''confirm.''

Sell, confirm. Sell, confirm.

You confirm, and l sell. You didn't confirm, so l didn't sell.

Look, kid, l've given to the rain forest, okay ?

His name is Mimi Siku.

He's my son. What do you mean, ''son'' ?

You didn't have one when you left here three days ago.

Well, apparently l did.

He's Patricia's son.

He's Patricia and my son.

This your village, Baboon ? Yep. This is my village. lt's big.

[ Mimi Siku ] Where are all the animals ?

[ Michael ] Up in their offices, where they work.

Cromwell !

Okay. Take a look at that.

Baboon must go fight the chief.

[ Langston ] Look at this ! Cromwell, look at this.

Coffee is at 88, and it's dropping like a brick !

By tomorrow morning, it could be 85 or lower.

[ Michael ] Just wait it out. Something will happen.

The market will turn around. But what if it doesn't ?

You remember what happened in '91 ?

You can't always depend on a natural disaster. lt doesn't have to be a disaster. We can hope for an assassination.

[ Richard ] Would you take it seriously for one minute ? l'm trying to lighten this guy up. Stop it. Stop it !

Now, come on. Behave yourselves here !

Something better happen fast, or l'm gonna throw your butts out the window !

[ Langston ] What do you hotshots think about when you make these deals ?

You seem to have forgotten, Cromwell, that you... were investing the company's money.

When you invest the company's money and win, the company's behind you.

But when you screw up like this, you're both on the hook for any loss we take.

That would be over a million dollars. That's not my problem.

And by the way, Cromwell, when somebody is playing with millions of dollars of my money, l generally like them in the country.

This country ! Stop yelling, please.

This is still my office. l'll shout, l'll yell, l'll scream as much as l want.

When l made you shareholders in this company, it was to share profits, not losses !

Not losses is right ! We're not here to share losses !

We're here to share profits. Profits !

Profits ! Huh ?

Look up ! lt's an alien circle with Mickey Rourke's picture in it.

Look, look, look, look, look !

Up, up ! Look ! Look up ! Look up !

He just found out that he has a son.

[ Michael Yells ] Look, look, look, look, look !

Stop shouting, Baboon. Myteka kill chief.

Catch the damn spider, will you, please ?

Mm. l-l-l said l was gonna go fight the chief, not kill the chief.

Around here, only... postal employees kill chief. Do you understand ?

Boy, whatever you do in Venezuela, do not try the chili del fuego.

[ Michael ] And l say we should just wait it out.

[ Richard ] You're insane. Langston is right.

We have to find a buyer for the coffee, cut our losses and get out now.

Wow ! Nice shot !

Put this away.

Would you give me a few moments with Charlotte before you bring Mimi up ?

All right.

[ Bell Dings ] ## [ Rock 'N' Roll ]

Michael, you're back ! Where's Brian ? Brian, let's go.

Come on. Come, come, come.

Mmm. l missed you. You never called me.

We're here, but we're not ''here,'' okay ?

Try to think of us as, uh, furniture.

Just act natural. So, did you miss me, darling ? l missed you very much. [ Sighs ]

My pieces in the show were such a hit that lan--

Michael Cromwell, this is lan Finch-Chumley.

Good to meet you, lan. Hi, Michael.

[ Charlotte ] He's doing a profile on me for the Fashion Channel.

He'll be following me from now through the spring collection, and he'll be covering the wedding as well. lsn't that fabulous ?

There's a Fashion Channel ?

[ Scoffs ] Yeah. [ Charlotte ] Forget the camera.

Just talk to me. They're furniture.

Now, honey, did you get everything settled ?

Yeah. Yes ! Oh !

Actually, um-- Actually, Patricia was very reasonable.

So... what did you bring me ?

[ Grunts ] [ Cameraman ] Ow !

[ Richard ] So, Mimi, how old are you ?

The roots of the Yomano tree... have broken ground three times in my life.

So, l guess that would make you around--

Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen.

You know, l have a daughter around that age. Karen.

Will l meet daughter ?

Yeah, yeah. She's just up at Charlotte's now.

She's trying on her dress for the wedding.

What are you doing ? Feed Myteka.

What's Myteka ?

[ Screeching ] [ Screaming ]

Are you upset ? You brought back a child.

Everyone else l know comes back from South America with a bag of coffee.

Well, l have ten million bags of coffee. l thought l'd bring back something with a little less caffeine. l have a show to prepare and a wedding to plan.

That's months away. Honey ?

He's only gonna be here for a short while.

[ Groaning ] [ Bell Dings ]

[ Michael ] Mimi. Baboon.

What have you done with Mr. Kempster ? Excuse me. Michael.

Do you know who Myteka is ? Daddy !

Karen. Look at you. You look... beautiful.

Angel on table.

Look at me. l'm smoking. The rain forest is a very hot issue.

Being associated with this, uh, jungle bloke, it can only help you.

Where's the rain forest ?

Brian, find out where the rain forest is.

[ Brian ] Right.

[ Gasps ] Oh !

Mimi Siku, this is Charlotte, and, uh, Charlotte, this is Mimi Siku. lt's a pleasure to meet you, Mimi Siki.

Mimi Siku. Mimi Siku.

This your female, Baboon ? This is my female.

[ Chuckles ] And as his female, l'd like to invite you... to dinner tonight with Fiona Gluckman.

She's the fashion editor of Elle magazine.

Very major. She wants to see the sketches for my wedding trousseau.

And if you're available, l'd love for you to join us. ls there anything special you like to eat ?

Lizard guts.

Lizard guts ? Yes, but very lean.

Great earrings. [ Gasps ] Honey ! Oh !

Whoa, whoa, whoa ! Mimi, Mimi, Mimi.

Do you remember what we talked about, using the toilet on the airplane ?

Let's continue to do that. l will find the men's room for him, and we will see you tonight.

Come on, Mimi.

Will he be wearing the loincloth to dinner ?

[ Michael ] l'll get him some clothes.

No, no, no, no. Don't, don't, don't.

Before you pee, you lift the seat. After you pee, you put the seat back down.

Females in tribe start war over this. Many deaths.

[ Laughing ]

Oh, that's very good. Very--

Bob Montgomery. That's wonderful.

Listen. So, Bob, l'm standing with Michael Cromwell, and, you know, considering our long history together, you're the first person we wanna make this offer to.

Are you ready ? Fifty-one hundred tons of coffee beans.

[ Bob Laughs, Phone Clicks, Dial Tone ]

We're dead. Okay ? Baboon !

Ah ! He's doing a Fay Wray ! Baboon !

Michael ! Mumu ! Mimi !

Come back inside ! Statue of Liberty, Baboon.

You do as l tell you. Get this !

Come look ! No, no, no ! Come back here !

[ Michael ] Mimi, Get back in here. Cool.

Life happens around you ! [ Michael ] Move. Get outta my way.

Come on. Mimi ! Watch out, watch out, watch out.

Mimi ! Mimi ! [ lan ] Get the wide-angle lens !

[ Michael ] Get out of the way, please !

Mimi ! Wait, wait, wait !

[ Shuddering ]

[ Murmuring ]

[ Shrieks ]

Statue of Liberty, Baboon. Statue not far, Baboon.

Mimi, you stand right there.

We go now ? We'll go tomorrow, okay ?

[ Michael ] Whoa. Ahhh.

People down there so far from us. l'd like to keep 'em that way, okay ?

[ Shuddering ] l'm gonna die up here.

Nothing bad happened, Baboon. l just hate heights. [ Panting ]



Pinare secret: Don't look down.

[ Michael ] Just for the record, it's not that big a secret.

[ Richard ] Yeah ! [ Sighs ]

Don't you ever, ever, ever do that to me again !

When l tell you to do something, l mean it. Do you understand me ?

Mimi Siku sorry.

[ Sighs ] Come on. Come on. Come on.

Mm, sorry.

l was just worried about you out there. l really was. All right ?

Well, um, we should go.

Baboon scared ? Yes, Baboon scared.

Baboon not know he could be so scared.

Baboon's pants a little damp.

-[ Woman ] Charlie, this is fabulous ! -Mimi, get down.

When l saw the shoulders on this gown, l plotzed.

[ Charlotte Chuckles ] l said to myself, ''Fiona, this-- this is the future of fashion.''

Oh, no. Remember what l told ya ?

Forks go on the left side. This side.

Small fork on the outside. Take your knife, put it over next to the spoon.

The blade-- The blade in. Perfect.

Yeah. Might wanna work on that one too. ln Lipo Lipo, we eat with hands. ln New York, New York, we eat with forks.

When are we gonna eat ? l'm famished !

[ Snorts ] A little champagne ?

Gino, why don't you show her the bridesmaids sketches ?

Show me, show me, show me, show me.

Oh, l'm loving this !

Ah !

What is taking so long with the food ?

[ Michael ] l'll give them a call. l don't eat meat, l don't eat dairy or nightshade vegetables, and, of course, l don't touch preservatives.

Obviously. [ Grunts ] [ Thump ]

Cat fat. Mm-hmm.

We eat cat. Excuse me ? [ Laughing ]

[ Doorbell Rings ] That must be the food.

[ Fiona ] Oh ! Finally. [ Charlotte ] Gino, Louis.

[ Man ] Coming.

We are not going to eat the cat.

[ Growling ]

Cat's job, feed people. No, not here.

Here, cat's job is to sleep and lick crotch.

[ Fiona ] Oh, Charlie, it smells so good ! l can't stand it !

Of course, this is much too much for me.

Did they forget my tiramisu ?

[ Gasping ]

[ Fiona ] Oh, God ! This much tasty.

Your female makes good food, Baboon.

Oh ! [ Body Hits Floor ]

[ Gino ] Oh, Louis, you are such a cliche.

[ Fiona Retches ]

[ Charlotte ] You had no right to change the rules. [ Michael ] What rules ?

When we talked about having children, we agreed that you would be my child and that l would be your child, and now l find out that you've had a child all along.

Wait a second. Are you saying that l knew that l had a child ?

Well, if l had a child, l certainly would have known.

Hello ! You're a woman. Of course you'd know. You're there when you have it !

There's no magical bond between a father and son that spans the continents.

The only reason l know l have a child is because you insisted--

So now you're saying that you having a child is my fault ? l don't think so, Michael. Mimi's just visiting. l wanna show him a good time.

After that, he goes back home, and we can go back to being the way we were-- entirely wrapped up in ourselves.

Promise ?

[ Mimics Sound of Blowgun ]

Ow ! [ Grunts ]

[ Michael Groans ]

[ Groaning, Grunting ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Snoring ]

My little darlings.

[ Woman Coos ]

Ah. Ooh. Are your little bellies empty ?



Ah. Bonjour.

We are all so happy today, n'est-ce pas ?

[ Screaming ]

What's goin' on up here ?

[ Crying ] Did you-- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go !

-Go ! Go ! [ Hysterical Shouting ]

Mimi, you can't do this. You do not kill birds around here for breakfast. lf you're hungry, ask me. l bought some stuff for ya.

This is what kids love. Cap'n Crunch.

[ Woman Screaming ] What is ?

This is cereal. lt's just corn, brown sugar, yellow #5 and zinc oxide ?

They've added a sunblock to it.

You pour this on this, and that's your breakfast. Enjoy yourself.

Charlie. Come on. Wake up, sweetheart.

Wake up. Charlie. Bloomingdale's burned down.

[ Snorting ] What ?

Mimi's having breakfast out in the kitchen. l will be home before lunch.

Bye. [ Gasps ] Wait. l can't watch him. Women's Wear is coming to the loft.

You don't need to baby-sit him. He'll be fine.

Now go back to sleep.


Mimi, l gotta get goin' here. No. No !

This isn't-- No. No, it's not your fault. l didn't mention that you usually put this in a bowl.

When we go to Statue of Liberty ?

Uh, tomorrow. Tomorrow ? l know l told you we were going today, but l can't today. l-l-- The Baboon's makin' some very big trades today.

Me go trade with Baboon. Baboon go alone. l'd like to be around you, but, but l'm obligated to go.

What means ''obligated'' ?

Obligated. lt means... when you do something that you don't really wanna do.


Baboon obligated. And will you promise Baboon one thing?

You won't shoot any more animals ?

And don't eat the cat. l'll bring food home.

[ Speaking Pinare ]

Myteka ? Myteka ?

Myteka ?

Myteka ?

[ Whispering ] Myteka ?

[ Whispering ] Myteka ?



Myteka ?

[ Moaning ]

[ Screams ] Nice pushibushi.

That is the last pushibushi you're gonna see around here, you little savage !

[ Beeping ]

[ Ringing, Answer Machine Clicks ]

[ Michael On Tape ] Hi, we're not here right now. Leave a message.

We'll call you right back. [ Answering Machine Beeps ]

[ Michael On Phone ] Charlie. Pick up. lt's me.

You're probably in the bathroom, making yourself look beautiful.

Um, l don't want you feelin' trapped by Mimi.

Try to open up to him. Just don't leave him alone with the cat. l'll see you soon. l love you. Bye.

[ Screaming ]

Michael, don't hang up! Don't hang up ! There's a spider !

[ Screeching ] [ Shrieking ]

This can't be happening ! This is a penthouse apartment !

# There's nothing to gain when there's nothing to be lost #

# There's nothing to gain if you stay behind and count the cost #

# Make a decision you can be who you can be you can be #

# Tasting the fruit Come to the liberty tree #

# Someday #

Help a guy out. Spare change for food ?

Help a guy out. Spare change for food ? Uh.

Eat. # Changin' your ways #

# Making those surrounding you # Hmm.

# Changin' your ways More than any man can do #

Right !

# Find your brothers and sisters who can hear all the truth in what you say #

Much night fun. Honey, come on.

Mom ! # They can support you when you're on your way today #

# Your day lt's your day #

Right there. That way ?

Right there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah !

# We're gonna break it down #

# Let 'em out, let 'em out Let 'em out, let 'em out #

# We have to shake it down Shake it all around #

[ Michael ] lt's got to be 15 years since l really looked at that statue.

Yes. Uh-huh. 11:00.

We'll be there. Okay.

What ? Oh. Hung up. l found us a buyer.

# Painted faces in the strangest places #

# Tastin' the fruits of our roots #

# Ha, ha, ha, ha This is also deja vu #

# Or tell me is it really true Hit me like a puzzle #

# l ain't got a clue ls this really my imagination #

# That l'm confronted with these altercations, yeah #

# Gotta shake the tree Gotta shake the tree # [ Grunts ]

Honey, go get help !

# Leave it up to me #

## [ Vocalizing ]

# We are shakin' the tree #

[ Grunts ] # La, la, la, la-oh #

[ Shutter Clicking ]

## [ Vocalizing ] [ Siren Wailing ]

# We are shakin' the tree #

## [ Vocalizing Continues ]

[ Siren Wailing Continues ] l should take some pictures of Mimi.

You can never have enough pictures of your kids.

We have, like, 400 albums. l've never looked at them, but they exist. lt's good.

Come on. Let's go. [ Phone Ringing ]

Michael, you have a call. l told you to hold all calls. Richard, it's the police.

What ?

On top of everything else, didn't l tell you to wait in the apartment-- l want to see Statue of Liberty. l said we'd do that tomorrow. You too busy for Mimi Siku ! l want to see Statue to Liberty, l go. l've got a life here. l can't change everything just because you showed up.

Then why you bring me here ? l was obligated.

You obligated be with me ?

[ Sighs ]

Mimi. Mimi ? Mimi !

Mimi, come here ! Stop !

Come back here ! Whoop ! Mimi, l didn't mean that !

You said ''obligated'' ! l didn't mean that. Now, stop ! Look out !

Mimi, come on ! [ Tires Screeching ]

Get out of the street ! Come on ! Get out of the street ! l want to go home. You not want Mimi Siku here ! l want you here. l'm sorry.

Look, stop, stop. Look.

Sorry l said that stuff. l was just angry.

You always angry at me. ''Don't do this ! Don't do that !''

This is New York. This is a dangerous jungle.

Mimi Siku not scared. Mimi Siku a man. No, you're not a man.

You are an adolescent.

Adolescent ? Yes. An adolescent.

You don't have a wife. You don't have a family to support.

You are free to do whatever you want.

You're an adolescent.

What ? No, no, no, no ! l am not an adolescent. l'm a man. l'm a man too. Not here you're not a man.

You're a 13-year-old boy running around in a loincloth. l'm a man too !

Okay, okay. You're right. You are a man.

But you're gonna have to learn what men do in my jungle.

And you have to learn how to breathe when you run.

Okay, first lesson. Ooh !

You wanna go some place in my village, all you gotta do is wave your arm.

Wave your arm.

[ Tires Screeching ]

Magic. Magic if he understands English.

Fulton Fish Market on ''ze'' double. Okay. [ Speaks ln Foreign Language ]

W-Where is he ?

Richard, this guy gets very upset when you're late.

Yes, well, he's gonna be here. He's obviously delayed--

Here he is ! Okay.

-Get your stuff. Get out the other side. -Thank you very much.

You call this a tip ? Mimi, watch traffic when you're comin' around.

-What took you-- -We're meeting this guy at a fish stall?

No, he is above a fish stall.

Much better.

Ooh ! l love what they've done with the place.

Let me tell you something. This guy has a lot of money.

He's the king of caviar, and he's gonna save our asses.

So you just play your hunches and let me play mine.

Okay, okay. Now, listen up. [ Grunts ]

When you get to the top of the stairs, ring the bell once, knock twice, then ring three times.


Don't forget.

What happened to his fingers ?

He rang four times. [ Laughs ] Good luck.

Ring twice, knock once, ring three times, okay.

Oh, boy. Okay, um, okay.

So it is-- What ? What ?

Ring twice. Ring twice. [ Buzzer Buzzes Twice ]

Knock once and then ring three times. You sure it's three ?

Yes, it's definitely three times. [ Buzzing Three Times ]

Okay. [ Clears Throat ]

Okay, that's wrong.

So what we do-- Ring three times. l'm not sure--

Knock once and ring twice. No, it--

Yeah, yeah. We're gonna get shot.

Uh-uh. lt's gonna be fine. lt's gonna be good.

That really worked great. l remember differently now. l got what it is.

All right, Mr. Wizard. Take over. Ring twice.

Take over. You knock once.

And ring-- No ! You do not ring 4 times.

[ Man Speaking With Russian Accent ] Open damn door !

[ Man Continues ] Chort vozmi !

[ Door Creaking ]

Hi there. l am, uh-- Hi.

Don't say a word. l know, l know.

Let me introduce my comrades to you.

Stand up. Thank you. Sit down.

Come ! We talk beans.

Sit, sit.

Coffee on market now 83 cents one pound. l pay you 85 cents one pound.

Why you take trade ? Shh ! Uh, Michael.

85 cents more than 83 cents ? Yes, it is.

Tell wild child to shut up ! Hey !

He's just a kid. Listen, he's an unusual kid.

Not now, Mama. So we have a deal then ? l want guarantee the price not drop below 75.

You got it. Wait a minute !

There are no guarantees. This is speculation. l know speculation. [ Laughs ]

He knows speculation, for heaven's sake. When can we expect payment ?

This is lovely.

Look, Richard, it's cash.

Oh, my.

Take !

Look, um, would it be possible to talk to my partner in private ?

Of course.

Richard, let's go. Ooh ! lt'll just take a moment.

[ Door Opens ]

Richard, are you out of your mind ?

Now we're laundering money for the Russian Mafia ?

Yes, we are. And we'll iron it for them too.

Him big buradu. Yes, he is.

Come on, Mimi. Let's go.

You cannot walk away on this, please. No deal.

Think about this for one second ! Just get us out of this.

All right. Oh ! Problem ?

Oh, no. No, no. Not at all. Uh--

Mr. Cromwell had to take his son home.

But he thinks you're a stand-up guy, Mr. J.

He feels that-- My name is...

Alex Vasili Sergei Fyodor Jovanovic.

Not Mr. J. [ Gasps ] lt's a good name.

We have deal ?

[ lmitating Russian Accent ] We have deal ?

[ Articulating ] We have deal ?


Here you go. Thanks, buddy.

Now this is America, huh ?

## [ Calypso ]

Mmm ! Tastes like lizard guts.

Oh, lizard guts.

# Tell them goodbye #

## [ Continues ]

Many tribes in your village, Baboon.

Yeah, l guess there are. ## [ Continues ]

Music. What ? What ?

# And turn it around #

# Now, baby #

# lt's my life #

# Do what l want # # Oh, yeah #

# l take what l want #

# Show me some time #

Come on, Baboon ! We dance ! l don't dance in public.

Come. l'll show you.

# lt's my life l do what l want #

# lt's my life l'll give what l want #

# lt's my life, oh, yeah l'll do what l want #

# lt's my life #

# l'll do what l want, baby lt's my life #

# Give me what l want now lt's my life #

# Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah #

# lt's my life #

# lt's my life l can do what l want #

# lt's my life lt's only my life #

# Na, na, na, na #

# Na-na, na, na, na-na #

[ Laughs ]

# lt's my life l can do what l want, yeah ##

Pretty cool. l haven't danced like that since l was a little kid.

Oh. You'll get used to those shoes.

Huh ? Here. Why don't you give her the flowers ?

Charlie, how'd that interview go ?

You home, Charlie ? Michael, l'm in here !

Charlie ? l've been in this bathroom for hours !

Make sure you open a window. Michael !

Michael, l'm being attacked by a giant spider !

Oh ! l can see it ! Move away from the door !

Move away from the door !

Grab this thing. Come on. Come on. Do something ! l'm doing something. l'm gonna fight it. Stay away from the door !

Look at that. Oh, it's a big one ! lt's a big one !

Be careful ! l'm gonna put it in the wastebasket.

Don't come out here yet. lt's still moving.

Put the thing back in its box. What ?

[ Michael ] lt's as big as an ox !

You bad girl, Myteka. Stay here.

[ Sighs ]

To him it's like a pet.

No, no, no. A dog is a pet, Michael. A cat is a pet !

Although for your son, a cat is a dietary supplement as well.

We'll just keep him out on the balcony.

How do you know it hasn't already laid eggs in the apartment ? l'll have the place fumigated.

What if they miss one and it crawls into my ear... while l'm sleeping and lays its eggs in my brain ?

We'll have to have them come back and spray again.

This is serious ! We have to move ! [ Doorbell Rings ]

You're blowing this out of proportion. Oh !

lan. Great. l've really missed you. ls Charlotte all right ?

Look, if something dramatic has happened, it should be on film. l have a shoot tomorrow which l was unable to prepare for... because l was trapped in the bathroom all day by his son's pet spider.

So l'll be spending the night at the loft to make up for lost time.

So the appearance of little Mowgli is straining the relationship ? lan, you're furniture, and furniture doesn't talk.

Furniture may not talk, Michael, but it listens, better than you do. l'm an artist, Michael. You look at something and see what it is. l look at something and see what it can be... [ Elevator Bell Dings ] and who can wear it.

Charlotte. [ Sighs ]

You all right ?

Charlotte's mad.

She doesn't like me. No, no, no, no.

Come on. lt's not you at all. lt's me.

She's afraid of change.

Why did Paliku leave you, Baboon ?

[ Sighs ] Boy, um--

l probably took her for granted.

So now you're with Charlotte ?

Yes, l am.

Many females in your village, Baboon.


Why you pick only one ?

Well, when you pick one to love, it's very different.

[ Clicks Tongue ] lt's like there's a big picture of her in front of your face at all times.

And the picture's so big you can't see any other females.

Well, l try harder to make Charlotte like me.

[ Birds Twittering ]

[ Woman ] Hi ! Hello, Jan. You look nice today.

Thank you.

This... is Mimi Siku.

Mimi, this is Mrs. Kempster. l think you know Karen. lsn't he adorable ? Mom !

[ Shouting ] Hello, Mimi Siku ! Jan. l am so happy that you've come to our house...

Jan. in the country to spend the night !

He's not deaf. Although he might be now. l can't thank you enough for letting him spend the night. l've really got to spend some time with Charlotte. lt's our pleasure.

Everything he needs is in the knapsack here. He sleeps in a hammock. lt's in there. He'll set it up somewhere around the yard.

Okay ! ls Richard home ? He left early for the office.

[ Man On Radio ] Over in the Comex, coffee continues to plunge... from its high of 97 1I2 less than a week ago. ln trading today, the price of futures was at 68.95. [ Phone Ringing ]

[ Man Continues, lndistinct ] [ Ringing Continues ]

-The blue chip indicator rose slightly-- -[ Ringing Continues ] ln other news-- [ Ringing Continues ]

What kind of a dumb name is Mimi Siku ?

Don't be rude. He probably thinks Andrew is a dumb name.

So do l. l think Mimi Siku is a nice name. You would.

These are my father's fish.

That's a poe--

Poe-- Uh-- lt's a poecilia latipinna. They're from the Amazon.

We call it rishi.

Rishi ? Yeah.

Oh. l like that name better.

At least l can pronounce it.

Oh ! Hi. Do you like fish, Mimi ? l'm cooking fish for lunch.

''We call it rishi.'' [ Jan ] Fish.

Oh ! This not fish.

Not taste good. lt's frozen, Mimi.

You have to cook it first. Oh ! Poor thing.

Be honest. Which do you like best for the flower girl's dress ?

[ Phone Ringing, Beeps ] Yeah ?

Michael, it's me ! Richard, not now.

Charlotte and l are just about to-- Look toward the kitchen.

Come here. Come here. Come here. Come here.

Great. Okay. All right, Richard. Thanks.

Bye. [ Phone Beeps ]

Excuse me just for a second, please.

What ? What ? What ? l made the deal. What deal ?

Uh, with Jovanovic. After you left, l made the deal.

Are you outta your mind ? Yes, yes. l am. l am outta my mind. Squid ? No, no, no.

How did you get the certificates out of the vault without my signature ?

Well-- [ Shouting ] You forged my signature ? l'm sorry. l was afraid we would lose everything.

What did you do with the money ? lt's here. Here !

[ Quietly ] You're walking around New York City...

[ Shouting ] with a million dollars in a suitcase ?

Not so loud. Would you-- lt's good.

Hi. The worst part--

There's a worst part ? Oh, yes, there is.

Coffee fell below 75 this morning.

Let me think. Let me think. Yes.

[ Snaps Fingers ] Come on.

We will go to Jovanovic. Tell him we made a mistake. Give him the money back.

Charlotte, hi. Richard, what you are doing here ?

There's a very big problem... with the coffee trade. Don't tell me. You're leaving.

This is very important to me. And l'm not ?

Of course, you're important.

You are the most important thing in the world to me, except for this other thing l gotta do now.

This better be an emergency. lt is. We're gonna die.

[ Karen ] Does anyone know where Mimi is ?

Mom, Mimi's doin' something bad.

Oh !

Well, um, isn't that interesting ?

Me cook real fish. You taste ?

Try everything once, l always say.

Oh. Hot. Okay.

That is very tasty. Where'd you get the fish ?

Mom, Tarzan's eating Daddy's fish.

House pond.

House pond ?

We'll manage to survive this, okay ?

Easy for you to say. l got kids to feed. So do l.

But mine want Nike and Nintendo.

Yours wants blowguns and Meow Mix.

Beluga. Best caviar in whole world.

Oh, yes, yes. Bar none. Delicious.

The best. Very good.


No, not without toast points. Tempting, tempting.

Taste ! Yeah, all right.

Right out of the fish. [ Together ] Mmm ! lt's so fishy. Very fishy. Eggy.

[ Russian ] [ Both Spitting ]

Morrison tell me coffee now below 70, no ?

We were as shocked as you are.

Ow. Much lower than 75. lt was wrong to sell you the coffee futures. We want to buy them back.

How much ? [ Michael ] The same.

A million dollars.

You lose money ?

Oh ! Don't worry about that.

We value your friendship is what it is.

And our fingers. Very good. l do not know.

What's not to know ? You're cleaning up here.

You are shrewd men. [ Michael ] No, no, no, no.

Believe me, shrewdness is not in the picture.

l told you. Time heals everything. [ Engine Starts ] lt just-- Oh, the door's locked.

Well, that's a statement, l guess. Okay, so-- l'll keep these certificates at my house and--

Don't worry about me. l'm sure there's a train l can take. lt's not like it's a dangerous neighborhood or anything.

Hi. How ya doin' ? [ Moans ]

And this is supposed to be a bribe ? ls it working ? lt's pretty effective.

[ Chuckles ] l'll get some champagne.

And l'll change into something more comfortable.

## [ Jazz ]

[ Charlotte Gargling ]

[ Bell Dings ] [ Cat Groans ] [ Gasps ]

[ Purring ] Huh ?

[ Meows ] Oh, no !

Oh, girl. l'm sorry. l didn't mean to do that.

That was an accident. Come on. [ Purring ]

Oh. Oh. Ah.

Coco, Coco. Come on. Coco ? Coco ? [ Purring ]

Michael, l was thinking about taking tomorrow morning off.

Yes, that's a great idea. Whatever you'd like to do.

'Cause then it would be just you and me, wouldn't it ?

[ Purring ] Coco ?

Coco, Coco.

Here. Snap out of it. Come on.

Come on, Coco. You're killin' me. Wake up !

[ Purring ] Coco, it's a mouse ! Go get it !

[ Thudding ] Oh.

Coco, Coco, Coco. Coco ? Coco ?


[ Sighs ]

Jan !

Now where is this champagne ? [ Michael Meowing ]

Let's go in the kitchen. [ Meows ]

You're so feisty today. [ Meows ] lt's nice to see you and Coco getting along so well.

She's fast.

What do you say we take the champagne and drink it in the bedroom ?

## [ Continues ] ## [ Humming ]

So, uh, let me just get this clear in my head.

You thought that l wouldn't notice ? Those fish cost thousands of dollars. l think what we have here is an intercultural misunderstanding.

Why don't you tell that to my yellow dwarf cichlids ?

Because they can't hear any more !

Fish taste good. Well, let's hope so, Mimi.

You just downed $10,000 worth of sushi.

There's still one left.


My most loyal fish.

Remember how he used to always follow my finger across the glass ?

Now l'm gonna have to go like this.

Everybody, go to bed. lt's late. Give me this.

No. Come on. All right, keep it.

Mimi, you go to bed too. You know, l mean--

Come on. Come on. lt's one thing to--

You have no idea what this kind of-- Yes, l know--

[ Richard Continues, lndistinct ]



Wait. Now.

[ Laughing ] Ah !

You Pinare now.

Choose a name.

Choose for me.


What ?

Ukume. What does it mean ?

lt means... sound of rain on river water.

Ukume. lt's pretty.

Jan ! Jan !

You're goin' to camp. End of discussion.

Dad? But Mom, we didn't do anything. Not understand problem.

Look, l'll tell you the problem, Mimi.

You started a wildfire in my yard. Ya ate my yellow dwarf cichlid... and now you're putting the moves on my 12-year-old daughter. [ Phone Ringing ]

That's just not true. Oh, well, there. See ?

Maybe you're overreacting ? l was putting the moves on him.

Tell me l didn't hear that !

[ Ringing Continues ] Honey, maybe we should be grateful... that this happened at home. [ Ringing Continues ]

[ Karen ] Mom-- Hold on !

Nothing happened !

You know what, Karen ? You're still goin' to camp !

An all-girls camp !

Yes ! My name's not Karen any more. lt's Ukume. First dibs on Ukume's room.

[ Sighs ]

Oh, now, this makes me feel a whole lot better !

Karen ? Karen, honey ? l still don't understand the problem. Not now. He might bite you.

Hello ? Richard, it's Morrison.

Yeah ? Let's just go away. l had another visit from Jovanovic. Yeah ?

-Then you haven't seen what's happening? -Seen what ?

Price of coffee is soaring. Jovanovic thinks you screwed him.

He may be coming for the certificates. You mean he's angry ?

[ Growling ] -[ Michael ] You slept like a log last night.

Charlie ? Hmm ?

How would you feel about Mimi being in the wedding ? [ Coco Grunts ]

-l thought he was gonna be gone by then. -[ Phone Ringing ]

Remember, it's just you and me. l remember.

No business, no Mimi. What is it, Richard ? l can't--

Stop, stop, stop. What ?

[ Coco Moans ] Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Don't panic, please.

Should we go out for breakfast or stay in ?

Michael ? [ Moans ]

Okay, everybody ! Change of plans !

Jan, you take everyone out for a big breakfast ! Bring a change of clothes !

[ Car Horn Honking, Tires Screeching ] l told you. Karen, we don't have time for this. l'm not goin' to an all-girls camp.

Karen, open this door right now !

Calm down. What is goin' on ?

[ Clears Throat, Whispers ] ...with a big knife !

Karen, open the door right this minute !

[ Richard ] You get the car ready. l'll take care of her, okay ?

Go, go ! Please, please ! Go ! Go.

Andrew, clear the door.

[ Grunts, Groans ]


[ Knocking ]

Karen ! Open this door.

Karen, open this door right now. Do you hear me ?

Your father's very mad. l'm not coming out !

[ Horn Honking ]

[ Body Thudding Against Door ] [ Richard Groans ] l'll get matches. We'll smoke her out.

Andrew, get back here. l can handle this.

Karen, this is getting really, really boring !

Open it ! Come on ! Any word from the Russians ?

Not yet. No, no. Karen ! Open up !

What's goin' on ? Karen locked herself in the bedroom.

Come on, honey. Open this door, or you know what's gonna happen ?

Andrew is gonna smoke you out ! Cool ! l am kidding. Get back here. Calm down.

Please, calm down. Where's Mimi ? l don't know. He's probably in a bar hitting on a cocktail waitress.

What ? Karen. Your son spent the night in his hammock with my daughter.

Okay ?

Was there a pot involved ? No, there was no pot involved.

You have nothing to be upset about.

There is nothing to be upset about ? No !

Come here.

There's no reason to be upset, huh ?

How about the fact that your son ate my prizewinning fish, including Winky.

And the fact that the Russian Mafia is due here any moment. l guess you're right.

[ Groans ] That's a pain that's here to stay.

Screaming's no way to deal with a child.

You've been a father for 3 days, you're giving me lessons ?

You sound like an idiot. l'm a parent, therefore, l'm an idiot. l have spent every day for the last 12 years worrying about my kids.

About their safety, about their happiness, their crooked teeth.

No offense. None taken.

None of this means anything, because in the next few days your son will be gone.

Open this door ! Karen ! Open up ! l've gotta get her out of here.

Look, two shoulders are better than one, right ? Come on.

Baboon is here. He made peace.

[ Both Screaming ]

All right !

[ Groaning ]

Oh. Awesome fall, Dad.

Thank you, Andrew.

Okay, we gotta get Jan and the kids in the car before Jovanovic gets here.

Andrew, meet me downstairs.

Are you okay, Daddy ? l'm fine. Let me lean on ya, honey.

Mimi, come on downstairs. Coming.

Anybody can land on their feet. [ Bones Cracking ]

Okay, Andrew, let's go ! Where are we going ?

French toast sale going on. Oh !

Good morning.


[ Car Door Closing ]

Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Give me coffee certificates.

You don't think l would keep certificates around my house ?

Don't make me lose temper.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Dad keeps everything in the bookcase.

Andrew ! Ow !

Behind the Bible and Judith Krantz.

Thank you, Andrew. [ Chuckles ]

[ Books Thud On Table ] Oh. Scruples.

[ Clicks Tongue ] Could not put it down.

[ Clears Throat ]

Oh !

All right, so, uh, you have your certificates.

And l would appreciate it if you would just take them and leave my house.

Sit. Sure.

First, l teach never to make fool of Jovanovic again.

Rope him down.

''Rope him down'' ? l have an idea.

You'll need these. What ? What ?

Ow !

Couldn't we discuss this over a lovely cup of coffee ?

[ Jovanovic ] Quiet ! Or Jan could whip up some borscht.

You make a fool of Jovanovic... No. in front of my comrades and my community.

You waste my time. You try to cheat me.

Oh ! Now... you must pay.

Ooh !

Sit still, coward.

Now, l teach you... never... never to make a fool of Jovanovic again.

[ Richard Gasping ]

Eeny ? [ Richard Gasps ]

Meeny ? Uh-uh.

Miney ? No, need that one for traffic.

[ Jovanovic ] Mo ? [ Myteka Squeaking ]

Huh ?

What ?

[ Gasps ] Eee ! Spider ! l hate spiders ! [ Gasping ]

Kill spider ! Kill spider quickly !

Not me ! Spider !

Don't move ! The spider could kill you.

Kill spider. Shoot, boy. Go ahead.

Don't worry about mess !

Get him, Mimi ! l'm coming, Daddy !

Aah ! [ Laughing ]

Hurry ! Hurry ! Hurry !

Aah ! Get away !

Don't you do that to my son !

[ Richard ] Show 'em what the Kempsters are made of !

Bite 'im, Andrew ! Use those crooked teeth !

Crap ! [ Snoring ]

Shoot again, Baboon ! Shoot again !

Ah !

Aah ! Good boy, Andrew !

[ Screaming ]

Daddy ?

Don't shoot.


[ Man Grunting ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

[ Gasping ]

Baboon, when thumb doesn't work, Pinare do this.

[ Groaning ]

Oh, that's gotta hurt. Ooh !

[ Groans]

[ Gasps, Groans ] l'm startin' to really like that spider.

Please, don't punch spider at me any longer ! l'm going. l'm going.

[ Car Starter Cranking, Engine Sputtering ] l have many enemies but none like that spider.

Drive !

## [ Russian ]

## [ Singing ln Russian ]

# Hey ##

Karen, time to come inside, baby !

[ Mimi ] l want you to have this.

Well, Mimi, here's all your stuff.

Better get goin', huh ? Your dad's waiting.

Bye, Michael. Bye, Mimi.

Come on. l'm gonna take you someplace.

[ Car Door Closes ]

[ Car Engine Starts ]

[ Michael ] Come on. Come on. Come on. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Come on.

Last time l was here... l bought that for your mom. l want to go back home.

You sick ? No.

You sure ?

All right, um, but we got to come back here in a couple of days. Tell you why.

Fourth of July. lt's like that Fanenteyou celebration of yours.

But here it's big. There's boats everywhere and thousands of people.

And at night, they shoot off fire in the sky like you've never seen. l fail the chief, Baboon.

How did you fail the chief ?

Didn't get the fire from the Statue of Liberty.

The fire isn't real.

The fire's in here.

Chief knows that. l miss Paliku. l want to go back home.


All right.

Ouch. Oh. Almost forgot.

You'll be needin' this.

You keep it. No, Mimi.

No, no, no. Here. lf you kill a fly, you will be a real Pinare.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

You know, l will practice.

That way l can come down and hunt with you.

[ Chuckles ]

You'll never come to Lipo Lipo.

[ Woman ] American Airlines announces the final boarding call... for Flight 935 to Caracas, Venezuela.

Time to go. Gate 48.

All passengers-- Thanks for the blowgun.

Mimi, got you somethin'. lt's for you, but l want you to open it in the plane.

Don't open it now. l also got ya... this.

Fire from Statue.

Fire from Statue. Pretty cool, huh ?

Be careful with it though.



[ Clears Throat ]

[ Michael ] Charlie, l got a great idea.

What do you say you and l get the hell outta here ?

Tomorrow. Just the two of us.

Head out to our favorite spa, that big suite. Get to know each other again.

That's not good for me, darling. Me neither. l really want to film all that, but l've got an appointment with my chiropractor this weekend.

You know my back affects my work. Oh, l know.

We could do it a week Friday. That's not good for me. lt's good for lan.

Whatever's good for lan. l suggest a following Wednesday.

Wednesdays are good. [ lan Continues, lndistinct ]

Cromwell ! Coffee's up another two points.

My boys, l never doubted you for a minute.

We go to the trading floor with those certificates and make money.

Money is honey.

[ Shouting ]

Oh, look at those prices !

Boys, we're gonna clean up.

[ Fly Buzzing ]

[ Buzzing Continues ]

l ever tell you about cocoa in '73 ? Many times.

There l was with 800 lots of cocoa, back in the days before greed became a dirty word.

Now, l don't have to explain that to you, my boy.

You're a professional.

But that Cromwell, he's a disaster waiting to happen. l don't know what's going on with him.

Between me and you, Cromwell has become a colossal pain in the--

Ooh !

[ Moans ]

Yes !

Yes !

Uh, George ? Uh, get him something--

Michael ! Where you goin' ?

[ Mimi ] ''Not only did he learn by--'' [ Patricia ] ''Experience.''

''Experience, but...

''instincts... Good. long dead, became alive again.''

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Beeps ]

Baboon ? l nailed a fly.

No ! You don't believe me ? l'll show you. When ?

Right now.

Baboon !

Baboon !

Baboon !

[ Laughs ] Oh !

Oh !

Look at you.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Now you're a Pinare, Baboon.

Will you stay with me in Lipo Lipo ?

For a while. lf you teach me how to hunt.

Oh. Got you something.

Maybe you can use this. [ Together ] Oh !

The real deal.

How's Karen ? l don't know. Why don't you ask her yourself ?

Now that's a very big bug. [ Aerosol Spraying ]

Honey, this isn't one of those topless tribes, is it ?

Don't even think about that, Andrew. l can't, Dad. l'm too nauseous from the boat ride.

Ukume ! Ukume !

Mimi ! Mimi !

Karen ! Ah !

[ Grunts ]

Looks too hot. [ Grunts ]

[ Whispers ] Too hot. [ Grunts Emphatically ]

[ Villagers Grunt ]

[ Villagers Grunt ] [ Moans ]

[ Villagers Grunt ]

[ Villagers Grunt ] [ Gulps ]

[ Villagers Grunt ]

[ Villagers Grunt ]

Aaah ! Look at my hand !

# Mmm, it starts in the heart #

# Mmm, way down in your soul #

# Mmm, it starts in the heart #

# Mmm #

# Brick by brick and stone by stone #

# We all find a way to build a wall #

# And all they get is more alone #

# Can you see the stones have got to fall #

# Oh, yeah #

# We can let them stand #

# But then nobody wins #

# We can work together #

# Find somewhere to begin #

# lt starts in the heart #

# Way down in the soul #

# That's the only place #

# The seeds of love can grow #

# Then you realize #

# That we're not that far apart #

# We gotta build a bridge #

# lt starts in the heart #

# lt starts in the heart # # Oh, yes, it does #

# Oh, way down in the soul # # Mmm, yeah #

# lt starts in your heart # # Ah, yeah #

# l look at you You look at me #

# Can't you see that l am on your side #

# Though we sometimes disagree #

# We can find a way to make it right #

# Though the road is long #

# And it isn't always clear #

# l know there's some way Yeah #

# To get there from here #

# lf we get there #

# lt starts in the heart #

# Way down in the soul #

# That's the only place, yeah #

# The seeds of love can grow #

# Then you realize #

# That we're not that far apart #

# lf you wanna build a bridge #

# Oh, Lord lt starts in the heart #

# The road l'm seeing in my dreams #

# Will only come if we believe #

# Starts in everything you say #

# ln the smile and every way #

# Starts the moment that you see #

# There's more to life than you and me #

# Love is not a mystery #

# Starts the moment we believe # # lt starts in the heart #

# Way down in the soul #

# That's the only place, yes #

# The seeds of love can grow #

# Then you realize #

# That we're not that far apart #

# lf you wanna build a bridge #

# Come on #

# lf you wanna build a bridge #

# Ah, it starts in the heart # # lt starts in the heart #

# Way down in the soul # # Way down in the soul #

# Starts in your heart # # lt starts in your heart #

# Way down in your soul # # Way down in the soul #

# That's the only place # # lt starts in the heart #

# Ah, yeah # # Way down in your soul #

# Seeds of love can grow # # lt starts in your heart #

# Mmm, yeah # # Way down in your soul #

# That's the only place # # lt starts in the heart #

# Ah, yeah # # Way down in the soul #

# Seeds of love can grow # # lt starts in your heart #

# Mmm, darlin' # # Way down in your soul #

# lt starts in the heart # # Oh, my heart, my heart My heart, my heart #

# lt starts in the heart # # Oh, darlin' #

# Way down in my soul # # Yeah #

# lt starts in my heart # # Way down in the soul #

# lt starts in the heart # # Oh, yes, it does #

# Way down in your soul # # Mmm, yeah #

# lt starts in the heart Mmm #

# Way down in the soul # # lt's the only place #

# lt starts in my heart #

# Way down in my soul #

# lt starts in the heart # # Starts in your heart #

# Way down in your soul Mmm #

[ Villager Speaking ln Pinare ]

[ Villager Continues ]

# Way down in your soul #

# lt starts in the heart #

# Way down in your soul ##