Jusan-nin no shikaku (2010) Script

As Japan enjoys peace, the samurai era is waning. But this calm is threatened by the growing power of Lord Naritsugu, the Shogun's sadistic younger brother.

Sir Doi realizes he will ruin the Shogunate if he gains higher political standing.

As Naritsugu's evil deeds are quickly hushed up, Sir Doi must act.

March 5, 1844, Akashi Clan House Elder Mamiya Zusho commits harakiri.

Mamiya's harakiri to the Shogun was against Lord Naritsugu.

Lord Naritsugu was born with a vicious nature.

His lust for flesh and dishonorable conduct cannot be pardoned.

What should we do?

Shogun Council Elders, Sir Doi has returned.

The Shogun orders us to settle the matter of his half-brother quietly.

We blame those that named Naritsugu an adopted Akashi son.

This dilemma drove Mamiya to harakiri...

His appeal to us for action... I'm aware of that!

But we must respect the Shogun's rule.

His justice is noble by heaven's will.

Arguing is pointless!

Shimada Shinzaemon, I presume?

In the flesh.

You're a hard man to find.

~ Juu San Nin No Shikaku ~ 13 ASSASSINS

Sir Doi.

Sorry for the late hour.

I've been a widower for years, with few family obligations.

Perhaps you've heard about the outrage.


What do you make of Lord Naritsugu?

Forgive my frankness...

He is no worthy heir to the noble Akashi Clan.

With the Shogun's consent, I suggest Naritsugu steps down.

A more suitable heir is needed.

The Shogun will not grant it.

Why not?

He has appointed Naritsugu as his senior advisor, effective on Naritsugu's next visit to Edo.

The Shogun will allow that boy to meddle in political affairs?

Incidentally, I invited someone here...

Speak with him.

I'm Makino Yukie, a subject of Lord of Owari. I serve the Agematsu in Kiso.

I'm Shimada Shinzaemon.


I heard about an incident last year between the Akashi and Owari clans.

Rumours of a scandal...

I'll tell you all. I'll keep no secrets.

In April of last year...

Lord Naritsugu of the Akashi Clan... stayed overnight at Kiso.

He is the son of the former Shogun.

Nobility must be properly served...

Our wives and daughters were brought in for his full hospitality.



Is his feast in order? Yes.

And the picture scrolls for his entertainment.

I'll fetch them.

Have your wife get them instead.


My son had married Chise only two months prior.

I ordered her to do this petty task.

And I'll regret it to my grave.

Who might you be?

I belong to the Makino Uneme family.

My Lord, please release me.



Kiso women are such mountain monkeys.

They defy me by scratching.

Are you a monkey too, servant?

Monkey necks can be so tough.

That same night...

Chise slit her throat in disgrace.

My son and his new bride slain... before my very eyes.

This is torture.

Rather than living in disgrace I ponder harakiri.

But I can't... I remember the shame my Lord Owari has endured.

Mock me for grumbling.

I continue my worthless life solely to remain a living witness to this tragedy.

As the Council Elder enacting the Shogun's justice... some things can do, others I cannot.

If I turn my back on the Shogun and find fault with his lineage, then his rule will spiral into chaos and destroy years of peace.

As the Shogun's senior advisor, I cannot do it.

Are you asking if I can do something?

Since Mamiya's harakiri protest three days ago...

I've searched my soul for a solution.

I have decided it's you.

Who's the woman?

Akashi land was once most fertile.

But Naritsugu's relentless land taxes made starving peasants hunger for revolt.

This woman... is the daughter of the peasant leader.

He did this...

He cut off her limbs.

And brought her to Edo as his plaything.

But he grew bored with her and cast her out.

Is there no mercy?

Shinzaemon, I need not mention my honour and position.

If this continues, chaos will ruin our nation and the people will suffer.

Poor woman... what of your family's fate?

He cut out her tongue as well.


How fate smiles on me.

As a samurai in this era of peace...

I've been wishing for a noble death.

Now fate has called me here.

See, my hands won't stop trembling.

It's a warrior's battle shakes.

I will accomplish your wish... with magnificence.

Shimada Shinzaemon... with your gesture, you resolve my official position.

Sir Hanbei, thank you for coming.

Asakawa, where's Lord Naritsugu? In the banquet hall.

The Mamiya?

I told you not to trouble the Mamiya family!

I can't disobey Lord Naritsugu's orders.

My Lord!

Yes, Hanbei?

Sir Doi has humbly requested that you leave the Mamiya family alone...

Governmental orders!

Doi again! That grumbling Shogun advisor.

Lord Naritsugu!

What makes a samurai warrior?

You men mindlessly chant 'loyalty, duty'... like a Buddhist prayer.

But if servants are spoiled, then one day, they forget their duty to serve.

Servants like Mamiya make light of their master and revolt.

Punishing one's servants, who are certified as property by the Shogun...

Punishment is a master's duty.

Dying for one's master is the way of the samurai.

Dying for one's husband is the way of women.

We must protect these ways, right, Hanbei?


After debating for three days... the conclusion was 'no punishment due to diminished responsibility'.

I wish they would behead me. I would like to experience that.

The Tokugawa rule won't be long for this world, will it, Hanbei?

My Lord. Don't say such things.

You know, I will be the Shogun's chief of staff.

They won't let him get away with it.

Things worked out too easily for our Lord, don't you think?

He was given special treatment.

Though born of a different mother, he is still the Shogun's brother.

So how will Sir Doi save face?

As the man in charge of the nation's justice... he must deliver a verdict to save his honour in a scandal like this.

So, Sir Doi is plotting something?

Who goes there?

Attendant Deguchi at your service.

Gather men and spy on Sir Doi.

Bribe the gatekeepers and servants.

Get his list of visitors since Mamiya's harakiri.

We protect our Lord at all costs.

Such is our duty.

This is not the one.

Hyoudou Genba, The Office of Carpentry.

Makino Yukie of the Owari clan?



Makino was present during our Kiso visit.

So Makino met with Shinzaemon.

Do you know this Shinzaemon?

We attended the same school, even trained in the sword at the same dojo.

We were competitive classmates.

Is he that skilled?

He's not as shrewd, not as strong.

But he never gives up.

Backed into a corner, he won't budge. Won't overplay his hand.

He's a man who beats you in the end.

If Doi has picked him... then we've drawn the worst luck.

Impressive as always, Hirayama.

I'm sorry for always borrowing your dojo without permission.

You honour me by using it. Your spirit keeps the dojo alive.

A match for old time's sake?

Better to save our energy for bigger tasks, right?

There are no big or small tasks. All are equally important.

You follow me?

Guess you still lack training.

Since your teaching, I have been on the path of the sword for ten years.

As the months and seasons changed...

I lived on the money you gave me as a sword for hire... knowing that, one day, I'd surrender my life to you.

I thought a time would come when I could repay you.

Yet I have no choice but to regret...

I have not been able to repay you, master.

Your appreciation...

My small contribution means so much?

I thank you.

What a rare samurai in these times!

Oh, Kuranaga!

Kuranaga Saheita, Team Leader, from the Public Security Office I am closely connected with Shinza in a fateful bond.

I have become a great fan of him. Just like you.

I'm Hirayama.

We can't waste his spirit.

Have him join us.

I chose five of my men. They await you inside.

Mitsuhashi, get acquainted with Hirayama.

I am Mitsuhashi, at your service.

I present my subordinates, Otake and Hioki.

And my men, Higuchi and Horii.

Hand-picked from hundreds.

We are still so few.

It's hard to find skilled samurai in this day and age.

Others are samurai of little worth.

Our five lives are in your hands, Sir Shinzaemon.

I see.

Then listen up. By private order of Sir Doi... we've been assigned to take the life of Lord Naritsugu of the Akashi clan.

Next month, Naritsugu will leave Edo for the Akashi domain.

If he enters Akashi land, we can't touch him.

So we strike en route?

That's the plan. It's absurd with so little time and few men.

But these days, how many samurai use their swords in actual battle?

Not them, not us. A real challenge.

He who values his life dies a dog's death.

You've entrusted me with your lives.

I'll spend them at my disposal.

Now, we are nine.

How many other true samurai are left?

I'll take my leave.

What was that meeting?

Akashi samurai?

Now you know!

How dare you point your sword at us, novice!

Who are you?

State your name.

Hirayama. I'm a ronin.

He killed our sword masters in one slice.

I won't permit such blatant moves again.

If Sir Doi decides to, the coals we once cooled... will ignite into a blaze burning down our clan!

Forgive me for my thoughtless act.

Now it's clear. It is Shinzaemon.

Place your bets.

Odd or even.



Lady Luck is with you.

Don't talk to me.


Luck leaves when unlucky men talk.

This isn't sake!

Shogun retainer Shimada's third son.

You make a lot of money.

I thought Mizuno's reforms were finished.

What a selfish jerk!

Don't say such things.

Samurai are always asking to borrow money.

My shop is full of pawned swords.

These days, swords are only good for cutting radishes.

Well, hello Uncle!

Womanizing at your age is bad form, don't you think?

Bravo Nephew! You young rogue.

Sake bought with gambling money tastes best.

Spare me the irony.

Gambling is the only time I feel alive.

Samurai status doesn't suit me.

I too hated being a samurai, but then I realized...

I could never be a true player by playing around.

A true player doesn't try so hard.

I'm not trying too hard.

I wonder.

How's your girl?


she hasn't kicked me out yet.

Be yourself. But don't overdo it!

Lords are making their annual trips home.

Shouldn't you be busy?

Work is my excuse to gamble too.

I'm on a mission, a long shot.

Will that gamble pay off?

Pay off? It's like walking through the eye of a needle.

Quit while you're ahead.

You're clever.

But your uncle is a born fool. I go for broke and bet it all.

And if you win?

If by chance, I win...

in time, someone might appreciate me.


Betting on yourself is true gambling. Who's overdoing it now?

I'll say this, Shinrokuro...

My gamble is more exciting than yours, with the same odds.

Give us the money in your pocket!

I was hoping I'd met a ghost, but you're just a robber.





Shinrokuro, are you home?

You tease. If you're here, say so.

I'm neither here nor there.

No teasing. You're right here.

I saw my uncle.

Sir Shinzaemon?


What's wrong? Did something happen?





I'll be gone for a while.

When will you return?

Soon. But if I'm late...

I'll be at the Festival of the Dead.

Burn the honorary torch and wait.

This is my one and only pupil.

Ogura at your service.

Are your parents still alive?

Father died two years ago; Mother passed when I was five.

I come from a lowly family serving a noble's concubine.

Since deciding to live for the sword, I've waited for this day... to use my skills for society.

Allow me to join you.

I request that you take him too.

But he's too young.

Shinzaemon, you're wrong. Devotion knows no age.

A samurai's life isn't measured in length, is it?

My logic was shallow.

May we ask your help?

Than you very much!

I will surrender my life to serve you.

And who might you be?

Sahara, a lowly ronin... with no redeeming merit but my spear.

I vouch only for his skill.

Hirayama told me of your mission.

Fighting a larger enemy is admirable. I very much want to join but...

One small request.

Which is?

Pay me 200 ryo up front.

You're only joining for the money?

Let me be clear. My sympathy with your cause has nothing to do with money.

With no relationship or debts to you, do you expect me to work for free?

How will you use the money?

The first 120 ryo for lifelong debts, plus something nice for my relatives.

Thirty ryo for a tomb for my wife, who died from my hardships.

Twenty for my preparations as well.

And the rest?

To experience the 'luxuries' I never had in this life.

My kind of man. His spirit is a bargain at 200.

Now, we're 11.

Our quality outshines our quantity.

Shinrokuro is here.

I'll take the odds on your big gamble.

What do you wager?

If it's a true gamble, there's only one thing I can bet.

If you refuse, start by killing me now.

And now, we're 12!

No mercy! There's no samurai code or fair play in battle!

No sword? Use a stick. No stick? Use a rock.

No rock? Use your fists and feet!

Lose your life. but make the enemy pay!



Train in explosives.

Rest in peace.

I'll join you shortly.

Hurry up with the preparations. We depart soon.

Sir Kito! The soldiers who can't get home are starting to worry.

Leave them. This isn't the usual annual trip home.

The enemy will also be getting soldiers ready.

It's not easy to defend the road.

We can't take any that will hold the others back.

Use any means necessary.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Lord Naritsugu departs tomorrow.

Finally, he makes a move.

So where's our best point of attack?

How about the Toda boat crossing?

They'll send half their men first.

The others will stand guard as Naritsugu crosses.

Their troops split... Better to attack then.

No, they'll be on full alert. Won't make any wrong moves.

Let's keep them anxious and running, never knowing where we'll strike.

That's a good point to consider.

Shinza? You here?

It's Kito Hanbei of the Akashi Clan.


Hanbei. I knew you'd come.

Glad to see you.

I thought you had left already.

If we had time, I'd enjoy a match of go.

I still lead in wins.

Leave our score aside until we meet again.


For years I envied you: a man from a good family, close to the Shogun... appointed to his elite guards.

After you moved up, I commanded the same post.

To catch up, I joined Lord Naritsugu.

He earned a fortune when he was adopted by the Akashi.

That led me into this situation.

What an ill twist of fate.

Perhaps we both embraced fate.

A samurai leads a helpless life.

Mamiya should've committed harakiri in front of his Lord.

I once had that intention... but I could not betray his father, the former Shogun.

I lost my chance to move ahead.

I regret not beating you.

I was unable to commit harakiri.

As a samurai, I'll do what must be done for the people.

For the people?

A samurai must do but one thing. Serve his master, correct?

What an ill twist of fate.

It's a long road to the Akashi domain.

See you there.

Bet on it.

Bring me two women tonight.


Uncle, three days have passed since Naritsugu left Edo.

Where do we make our stand?

How will Shinza make his move?

We kept you waiting.

The verdict is out. Brothers, we take Lord Naritsugu at...

Ochiai in the Mino province.

OCHIAI Kiso is ruled by the Tenryo to the north and the Owari to the south.

The border lies on this river between Fukushima and Kiso.

Naritsugu offended the Owari by killing Makino's son in Kiso.

We can enlist Makino's help at Kiso.

Ask him to sign a non-transit act using Lord Owari's name... to ban Naritsugu from passing.

He'll join us due to the murder of his son and daughter-in-law.

And then?

The entourage will stall at the border.

But stubborn Naritsugu won't dare return to Edo.

He'll avoid all Owari territories.

Sending his entourage through Owari land...

Naritsugu and bis bodyguards will take this route, travelling south to Iida.

From Iida to Okazaki, then boating up river...

And meeting up with his entourage here.

Or so you would think!

Don't overlook the Naegi Clan of Mino, positioned between the Owari lands.

Naritsugu has already sent word to all the clans along his route.

He'll be a laughing stock if he skips the tiny Naegi Clan, as if on the run.

Naritsugu's pride will be his downfall. He'll take a boat up the Nakatsu River.

There are only two possible routes.

The Kiso Pass or the Kamizaka Pass.

Either way, he must pass via Ochiai.

We'll fortify Ochiai and strike hard.

What if they forgo appearances and don't pay respect to the Naegi clan?

There's a chance they may not stop.

But I wager they will.

With 12 men challenging a bigger enemy... no matter how much we plan, we must have faith in luck.

We pick here and risk it all.

With heaven's will, the dice say Ochiai.


Kuranaga, you're best suited to get Makino's assistance.

Leave it to me. I'll get that road blocked.

Take Ishizuka with you. I'm grateful.

Let's get moving.

Excuse us.

Mitsuhashi, ready the horses.

Ready and waiting, sir.

Go on ahead and negotiate with the Mayor of Ochiai.

Give him these orders from Sir Doi.

Understood. How should I proceed?

Ochiai has many inns. Buy them out at 50 ryo each. 3,750 ryo in total.

Buy them all out.

Yes, sir.

Get battle supplies for our plan as well.

I'll spend the money like there's no tomorrow.

See you there.

I'll take Horii with me.

Let's ride!

Fast and hard to pass the enemy!

I'm hungry.

I want a bath!

I want a woman.

You Shimada Shinzaemon?

In the flesh.

Are you Akashi henchmen?

Don't follow them!

Anyone hurt?

That Hanbei, he drew first blood.

Probably put coins in the hands of these broke ronin.

Not a real attack. His aim was to break our strength.

First time you killed as well?

killing a man is a first.

There's only one road, but we don't know where they'll strike.

If they attack harder next time, we could get hurt.

Let's accept Hanbei's welcome.

And we'll vanish as well.

Hioki's got some new friends!


We'll travel northwest along the ridge, and cut through the valley.

Over the mountain to Owari territory.

I had strict monastic training when I was young in the mountains.

The mountain brings blessings but it's true nature is fear itself.

I see.

We are nobodies.

He's right. No titles, no affiliations. Nobodies.

A buyout?

That is our wish.

I won't go against Sir Doi's orders.

But convincing the town will be hard.

Our deposit. Not enough?

The forest grows thicker.

Hirayama, we're lost.

Perhaps we should have detoured at that cliff?

That can't be. But...

Who are you?

A bandit? Or a raccoon goblin?

Do I look like a raccoon?

Couldn't lower me down, idiot!?

At least thank me.

You from these parts?

Do I look so? Insolent!

I ain't no ghost or bandit.

I hunt beasts from mountain to mountain.

Any men with you?

Gone. 'Cause I laid my hands on Upashi.


The boss's woman.

So he punished you. Fools are the same wherever you go.

Hold your tongue!

Got a name, son?

Kiga Koyata.

My ancestors were defeated warriors, legitimate samurai stock.

What's so funny?

The name's Shinzaemon. And these are my men.

What are samurai doing out here?

A shortcut made us lose our way.

I'll be your guide, if you've got food.



What's that?

Don't like bugs? Watch...

Don't be a little girl!


Let's go.

What now?

Leave the rabbit.

We have important work to do.

More important than roast rabbit?

Sir Hanbei!

What is it?


Lord Naritsugu's passage is banned.

What? His passage is banned?

What's the matter?

You fools, will you stand idly by at this humiliation?

Lord Owari is from the top three clans.

But I am the son of the former Shogun, and brother to the current Shogun.

Cross over!

Watch and learn.

We must go through Owari land. Can our Lord swallow his pride?

Let's see if he gets his way as he usually does.

Who are you?

Identify yourself.

Out of my way... or I'll kill you without mercy.

Last April... in Kiso, you killed my son...

Makino Uneme and his wife. I am Makino Yukie.

Does daddy monkey have hard bones, too?

My Lord!


Leave this.

Let's go back

Owari only banned Lord Naritsugu.

His entourage can enter. They are Akashi members.

I see.

The rest will guard our Lord.

Skip the Naegi Clan visit and go to Okazaki.

Sir Kito...

If people hear Owari blocked us...

If we don't visit the Naegi, our Lord will be ridiculed.

Let them laugh.

Within a year, our lord will be second-in-command.

You risk his life and the Akashi clan by visiting the Naegi.

You seem most afraid of Shinzaemon.

What can a weak Shogun servant do?

Since paying off the ronin, there's no sign of him.

Perhaps he fears our clan and ran?

Don't you see? He's the one who blocked our passage.

Do you cling to your life so as to make me a laughing stock?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I hear any samurai would chose death over making his Lord a laughing stock.

Choose the foolish path.

It's more fun that way.

Let's go, Hanbei.

Move out!

We've had enough.

Oh, the road.

The road!

It's a straight run to Ochiai.

Fast work, Mountain Man. Much faster than I predicted.

Koyata, thanks for leading the way.

This... is for your help.

I don't need anything, but could you take me with you?


You're not hiding. You're hunting, right?


Am I wrong?

It's not hunting. It's battle!

Battle? That's great!




What do you want?



He's tough as steel.

What do you want?

He said he won't return to the hills, how about getting his help?

A man who has battled wild animals... might be more useful than any unskilled samurai.

I agree.

He's tougher and smarter than he looks.

Without him, we might still be lost.

Take me, Boss!

I'm not the boss.

Shall we take him?

Wow, Boss!

I said I'm not the boss.

Welcome. Been expecting you.

You've prepared well.

Progress couldn't be better.

Did it work?

Makino stopped them perfectly. Naritsugu diverted his troops.

Well, well.

Our long shot paid off.

How many men with Naritsugu?

Seventy men.

And Makino?

He left nothing to chance. He chose the path of harakiri.

He took full blame, left no evidence behind.

He was a mighty samurai.

We must achieve our mission for him.


Got dinner!

Who is he?

He dropped in when we entered the forest.

Dropped in?


Oh, wrong side...

I'm Tokubei, the mayor of Ochiai.

Sorry for the trouble.

No trouble at all. We're very blessed to be receiving such money.

I guess money talks wherever you go.

Do as you please. Rip the town down, burn it... it matters not to me.

But then you can't live here.

Once you've finished your business here, you won't need the town.

So we'll just rebuild.

If you need anything in... the female department, for an extra fee...


We're gambling our lives for the nation doing important work.

Please mind your manners.

Me and my big mouth! Forgive it as a country man's joke.

We're only renting you inns. Be gone when you're done.

We don't require special attention.

Men, rest up.

Show me around.

Hiroyama, Shinrokuro, follow me.

Everyone, this way please!


Any fine women?

Very fine and young and...

Please come this way!

Set a trap here using this rock wall.

This alley is a hard nut to crack.

Shinrokuro, what do you see?

Looks like an ordinary boarding town.

It is.

So we'll transform it into a town of death.

Mitsuhashi, get busy with the preparations.

Send Ishizuka to keep watch.


Miss home?

I miss Upashi.

Is she that fine?

Like no woman you've ever seen.

Soon, this quiet town will become a bloodbath.

Go home alive while you can.

I've got no home.

This is our fight. You're not a samurai.

Don't trifle with your life. Got it?

Damn samurai!

You and your honour and causes!

I'll show you!


This is Hell.

Otake, hang in there! Are you all right?

Hey, bring me another girl! Get the money from Shinrokuro.

I beg your pardon but that's every girl here.

You've wasted them all!

Town girls are a bit soft. They have no consistency to them.

Hey, you! One more time!

She's dead tired! Please stop!

What a splendid member...

How charming.



Lord Naritsugu passed through Komagane along the Ina road.

Then he vanished.

Back to Edo?

Not possible with Naritsugu in control.

I'm concerned he'll cut through to the Sanshu road and skip lida.

Without visiting the Naegi clan?

Stand down.

Now, the playing field is level.

Hanbei is trying to ascertain our next move.

We wait here. Prepare for battle.

Batten down that side.

Yes! Put it there.

If they don't show today, they must have gone to Okazaki.

Another route?

Waiting is killing our chances.

Let's abandon Ochiai tonight.

We can cross the pass to the Sanshu Road.

Shinzaemon, it's time to decide!

Too soon.


Do you know the secret to fishing?

Wait until the fish swallows the hook.

Reel it when it swallows. It's simple.

But if you reel in too soon, the fish will escape with the bait.

So you're saying the Akashi are close?

With Hanbei at Naritsugu's side, there is a chance...

They might skip the Naegi.

Their numbers are not like ours.

Even if they went off the road... seventy men cannot travel without being noticed.

They must be in one place, awaiting our next move.

And if this is so?

They'll come if they think its safe.

We wait until the fish swallows the hook.

They're here!

They're here!

They're coming!

The Akashi men are coming!

From where?

Along the Ohira Road. But there are not 70.


Many more. Over 200!

Two hundred?

Hanbei! He bought time and summoned troops from other areas!

Twelve men can never defeat 200.

So what! As for the fish that takes the hook... the bigger, the better.

Heavens will brought us all together.


The time has come to lay down your lives for the greater cause.

Are you ready?

Ready to die?


Take your posts!


Asakawa, wait here.

Let me through.

Move out!

How much longer to Nakatsugawa?

Tell me how far!

What's the matter?

Oh, no!

My Lord!

Turn back! My Lord!

What fun. I'm going in, Hanbei!

My Lord! Follow him!


You can get past this way.

This way, this way.


I presume you are the Akashi entourage of Lord Naritsugu.

By the order of His Shogun's subject Shinzaemon... we commemorate your passage with arrows!

My Lord!

My Lord!

Leave the horses. Protect our Lord.

My Lord.

Come this way.

Please wait.

Secure the interior.

Secure the interior.

Hey, secure the interior.

Enough petty tricks.

Only 130 left!

What you paid for my life... was a real bargain.

The enemy is not large! Don't panic.

Show them the spirit of Akashi samurai!

Trade your lives to protect our Lord.

My Lord!



Kill! Kill them all!


Fire? No, no!

My Lord! I found a way out!

No! It's a trap.

My Lord.



Go, go!

This way, my Lord.


Ogura, kill the men that get past me.

Don't leave one alive.

Yes, master




Your samurai brawls are crazy fun.

It's no brawl!

Why are you samurai so arrogant?

Why are you samurai... so arrogant?

Higuchi, you okay?




You fought well. A true samurai.



Go! Finish the job.




Our mission... finish it!





You fool!


You think the age of war was like this?


It's magnificent.

With death comes gratitude for life.

If a man has lived in vain, then how trivial his life is.

Oh, Hanbei.

Something wonderful has come to my mind.

Once I'm on the Shogun's council, let's bring back the age of war.

I'm Kuranaga Saheita.

Lord Naritsugu...

I've come for your life.

Sir Hanbei... protect our Lord.


My Lord!


Who are you?

Kito Hanbei

Who are you?

You're no samurai!

So what?

Do only samurai matter in this world?

I thought samurai would be fun... but you bore me.

You're useless. Even more useless in great numbers.

This man speaks the truth.

His reward is my short sword.

If we can get past that...

Remain focused. Victory is ours!

Keep our Lord safe. We'll win!

My Lord!

Let's run.

Hanbei, victory is not yet ours.


Hanbei, I have no qualms with you.

You will not pass.

I'll trade my life to protect my Lord.

I must do what must be done.

Are you so hungry for my Lord's life?


I gambled my life in this senseless war of power and politics.

If he joins the Shogun's council... you know disaster will befall the people!

Am I wrong?

So what then?

Both you and I were born samurai.

Ours is not to wonder why.

Ours is... to obey our fate and die.

If you were my ally... if you were not an Akashi retainer... wouldn't our task be easier?

Don't lecture me!

No matter how low I go, Hanbei Kito is a samurai!

I won't hand over my Lord's head so easily.

Shinza... to pass, you'll have to kill me.

That I shall do.


Such elegance in fighting one-on-one.

How I missed crossing swords with you!

Hanbei... in the dojo, we were an even match.


see you in Hell!

Some call it elegance.

Some call it cruel and unfair.

I like it.

How could you kick his head?

He gave his life for you!

Kick my head if you want.

For the Shogun, for the people, for the many who died untimely deaths... for Makino Uneme and his wife... for his father Makino Yukie... and for my men scattering Ochiai.

For that... innocent, nameless young girl... with severed arms and legs...

I shall take your life!

Ruling is convenient... but only for rulers.

The people must live to serve.

Even so, a time comes when servants rise up against their lords.

You're on top thanks to support from the bottom.

Don't you see?

Your mistake is believing that your decorative blade is not just for show.

Nonsense. It's not for show!

Decoration is for show.

Be silent like the decorative man you are.


How is this for show?



It hurts!

That's unexpected.

Can you feel pain?

Am I dying?


I'm scared. So scared.


I don't want... to die.

I'm scared.

My Lord... prepare yourself!

So death comes for us all.

Allow me to thank you, Shinzaemon.

Of all the days of my life, today has been the most exciting.

You're welcome!

It's over.

The big gamble paid off.


being a samurai... is truly a burden.

Do what you want... with your life.

Are you immortal?

You got the Lord's head without me?

Our fight is over.

That ain't no fun.

You hurt?

Compared to fighting a wild bear, these wounds are nothing.

All in all...

I want my Upashi.

I don't like towns swarming with samurai.

I'll go home, sweep Upashi off her feet... and live far away!

Live your life.

'Til the next life!

What are you going to do?

Whatever I want. Been a samurai long enough.

Become a bandit.

The greatest bandit in Japan. Jump ship to America, make love to women.

Now you're talking.

Say 'hi' to Upashi for me.


In May 1844, it was reported to the Central Government... that Lord Naritsugu fell ill and died.

Some 23 years later, the Shogunate system was abolished.

The modern Meiji era began.




ICHIMURA Masachika

Directed by MIIKE Takashi