Just One More Kiss (2019) Script


ABBY: Max, stop. We can't. She'll find us.

MAX: No she won't.

MAX: Oh, God.


We can't!

So what if she finds us?

You don't mean that.

What if I do?

ALICE: Max? Max, Where are you?

ALICE: Oh there you are, you two! Good Lord! Ten years and you are still at it? Come on! Your guests are wondering where you are.


¶I'm alright I'm okay¶

¶I will make it either way¶

¶After all the things you put me through¶

¶I still love you¶


ARTHUR: I'm so nervous. I'm not used to people actually listening to me when I sing.

Arthur! I missed your last two songs!

You snooze you lose. I uh, played your favorite.

No you didn't. "Luna's Crush" is my favorite, and you know it!

So you did hear me!

In the background, but I prefer to be right here where I can just gaze at you and just be like in awe.

LORNA: Don't layer it on so thick, Abs.

What are you doing over here all by yourself?

Married a decade. Who does that?

Lots of people.

Not in this city. And not happily.

BARRY: Lorna, I could make you happy if you'd give me a chance.

For one night maybe.

For one more night you mean?

You wish.

Henry, she doesn't remember this but one traumatically romantic evening. Lorna walked me under a blanket of glittering stars on the aptly named 'Sandy Beach' in Honolulu, Oahu. That's Hawaii.

LORNA: Oh, Is that where Honolulu is?

I pointed out the constellations-

Yeah right.

I carried her flip flops for her.

That never happened!

MAX: The four of us did go to Oahu two years ago.

Max and I did go to bed earlier than you two.

I'm sure it wasn't to sleep! [BLUBBERING]


If you all think for one second that I seriously hooked up with this schmo-

Hey, hey, hey! This schmo's got a really big reason for you to hook up with him.

GROUP: Oh no, no, no, no, no!

ALICE: You better calm down and be careful because I might just leave my husband for you!

HENRY: I dare you, Barry. She's a wildcat.

Oh God, you say the nicest things!

And them.

See, that's what I'm talking about, Henry!

Screw ten years! I'm going for forty-three! And I'm gonna start right now.

Lorna, you tight ass snob.

Alright Barry. Pull it back.

What? I'm proposing! God help if I know why? Look at that judgment just staring back at me like you're better than me. Huh?

Like you're better than everybody else!

HENRY: Get up, Barry.

JENNIFER: Abby, we're gotta get going.


Open your gift.

No no no no no, is it because of...

TOM: No, are you kidding?

It ain't a party without Barry acting like a jackass.

Jackass? What did you call me, Tom?

You're going to wear that vest, and call me a jackass?

C'mon, Barry. Let's get you some coffee.

No no, I'm good. Yeah. I'm fine.

Sorry, Barry.

Don't fucking apologize to him.

Okay, okay.

Arthur, another song?

Guys. Just stay a little longer?

It's really early still.

Fine. We'll stick around.

For you guys.

Lorna and Barry really...


No no. No way. It's his favorite pastime to make her angry.

Oh okay good. I mean, I've been thinking of asking her out, but I gotta admit, she scares me.

Maybe wait until she doesn't.

Well, if you could put in a word for me.


Shut up.



Oh, what've you got here?

Seghesio 2012.

Oh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Where's Henry?

Not doing the dishes, I can tell you that.

I miss you.

Tom wants to bet me the Falcons will win this weekend.

What? That's crazy. Take it.

Oh, I did. You should get in on this.


I am so sorry Abs.

It's totally fine.

It was our mother's.

Shit. I'm so sorry.

It's just "a thing".

Well done, Grace.

Will you give me a fucking break for once in your fucking life?

I think I'm about done with this. C'mon Barry, let's go.

I'll make sure you get home okay.

I'm fine. I promise I won't touch anything.

Barry, I love you. But when you get like this...

If she weren't such a-

If you weren't so wasted, it wouldn't matter what Lorna did.

Fine. If I gotta go, I'ma take a beer with me.

Let's go to the cabin tomorrow.

I wanna stay here for the weekend.

Just do nothing. Just rest.

You always complain there's nothing to do up there.

I do not complain! Alright, I complain a little bit. But that's because there's nothing to do at the cabin. There's too much nothing. You know I think it's boring as hell up there.

I'll keep you busy.

This family! We know too much! Too much!

I'm sorry.


Luna's crush!


Okay. Okay.

¶You are the ocean you shine heavenly¶

¶The sky is your halo, you're capturing me¶

¶Now I am like rain¶

¶I'm falling for you¶

¶Luna's Crush has lost its words¶

[DOOR KNOCKING] ¶Drowning in a sea of nerves¶

[DOOR KNOCKING] ¶Don't know what to say for the¶

[DOOR KNOCKING] ¶last time¶







What kind of balls does this take? I mean, wow.

Arthur, he was my best friend.

Yeah, A lot of good that did him!

You're really going to say that now, Barry?

Okay, cut it out! We're all hurting here.

Yeah, we wouldn't be if this guy could hold a drink down.

Fuck you!

Max is gone, and you can't undo it.

He's not worth it Arthur.

Oh my God.

Arthur, take a walk with me.

Yeah, why don't you guys take a walk and get some fresh air?


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, Mrs. O'Connell.



How you doin' kid?

Yeah, me too.

Did I ever tell you this story? When Max met you, he woke me up at three o'clock in the morning. Three AM! Damn kid.

You guys had met at a bar, hence the late hour, and he said he'd kept you talking all night by stealing your keys out of your purse, holding them in the air until you agreed to stay.

But you know that part, don't you?

Well, he woke me up, whispering so his mother didn't hear. I think he was afraid she might put the story in one of her novels.

He said, "Dad, I met her. I found the girl."

I tried to shut him up so I could get back to sleep, but he said, "No, Dad! She's my wife, Dad I found my wife."

I told him, "I thought you said all girls were crazy."

You know what he said? "Well, I'm gonna make this one crazy about me."

I know that you know this, Abby girl, but the love you feel, and the loss, my boy feels it, too. I know he's watching us,

and he feels just as badly as we do.

This was a mistake. God made a mistake.

Henry, I...

What'd you two talk about on the way home?

Uh. We spoke about women.

I told him they're all crazy.

He was amused.

He said...


He said, 'That's what makes them so interesting.'

I told him that...

You did?

Yeah when he was, God I don't remember. Fifteen?

Seventeen? He was dating that blonde. What was her name?


That's right. Parker. Such a nut.

I told him to enjoy. Just don't marry her.

Marry someone who's got some balance.

I haven't gone to her yet. I don't think I can.

Give her time.

Are you going to stay with her?

As long as she'll let me. She took care of me when our parents died.

Call us if you need us to come back.

We can stay in the guest room.

You'd have to kick me out then. Ain't gonna happen. Do you guys need anything?

Just one thing.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

Abs? I need to hear your voice.

I don't know what to do.

Nothing. That's what you do. Nothing.

Just rest and...time. They say that thing about time. I won't bore you with the adage.

Time doesn't know me very well. I will never get over this.


BARRY: My name is Barry, and I'm an alcoholic.

GROUP: Hi Barry.

BARRY: Many of you know what happened.

I'm struggling with a lot of guilt, I feel like this is how my life is gonna play out.

I don't want a drink.

I know that for sure. The sight of booze doesn't make me thirsty, it makes me want to cry.




BARRY: I just wanna go back. Instead I have to live with this forever.





Hey you. Where are you?

I decided to stay home. Watch TV.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

ABBY: None of the stuff I'm doing is working, Jen. I just, I don't fit here.

ABBY: Here.

ABBY: In this city. In that job.

From the woman who was destined to be king of the company one day?

ABBY: Not queen?


ABBY: What they don't tell you when someone you love dies is you realize how short life really is. I was hustling all the time, for what? All that stuff we were buying, who cares about any of it?

JENNIFER: You're grieving. But you are worrying us.


You're not keeping any of this?

Isn't that a little extreme?

LORNA: You hate the country! I'm not coming to visit you.

ABBY: I don't want you to.

ABBY: We have dishes and furniture and everything we need at the cabin, so...


LORNA: I'm going to say it again.

ABBY: Please don't.

LORNA: This is not your fault.

ABBY: You said it.

LORNA: And here it comes again. What happened to Max is not your fault.

ABBY: I know that.

LORNA Do you?

ALICE: What are you going to do for money?

ABBY: Max made us take out life insurance policies right after we got married.

ALICE: I told him to do that. How much?

ABBY: Enough to live off of if I continue to invest it properly.

At least at the cabin, I don't have as many memories.

ALICE: That was Max's favorite place. He's everywhere there.

ABBY: I know.

ALICE: Oh, I see.








WANDA: Are you visiting family?


WANDA: You don't look like you're from around here and I know everyone.

No. I just moved in.

Are you a writer? We get a lot of writers up here.

I'm not a writer.

What do you do then?

Are you a gardener? We have this great volunteer gardening group that tends to all the local businesses that can't afford big time landscaping companies. Keeps the town looking pretty, you know?

Blooming all year 'round.

Does everyone know everybody here?

The town as a whole is a tight-knit group, a lot of loyalty.

That's great. Have a nice day.

You too!

Jack! Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

Wanda, where have you been all my life?

Stop it!




Is that you?

I can smell you.



Come back to me.


You don't know how good it was just to breathe you in just one more time.

I'm losing it. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm really just...


Oh my God.

You can see me?

Is it really you?

It's really me.

Oh my God.


Yeah, that's probably not a good idea. I can't catch you anymore. You're shivering.

Let's get you inside.

It's not from the cold.

It's not just from seeing a ghost either. I know what you've been eating. We have to get you inside or you'll get sick. It's okay. I'm going with you.

Am I dreaming?

You're not dreaming.

Have you been here this whole time?

No, I came here with you.

You've been with me this whole time?

Yes. Sometimes I've gone to my parent's. It killed me to see them crying.

Abs, I can't believe you can see me.

Why now?

How come now?

I don't know.

Are you stuck here?

MAX: I don't know.

ABBY: Are they going to take you away from me again?

They? I don't know about any "they," Abby.

I miss you so much.

It's been hell without you.

I never thought I was going to see you again.

I'm here. I'm right here.

MAX: But I can never get closer than that.

No, it wasn't hard to quit.

That's surprising.

I bet.

You saw me, right? I lost the passion for it when you...

But you loved your job.

I loved the status.

You loved the money, too.

We should have gone on more vacations.

Now she says that.

Come on. That's not fair. Or kind.

I was kidding.

We should've spent more time together.

I have all the time in the world now.

Where do you want to go?

Where do you want to go?

I heard that tone in your voice. You're judging me.

How can I judge? I would've probably done the same thing you've done.

No, you wouldn't have. You would've been like your mother, strong, helping everybody get over me. I'm not strong like you.

Yes, you are. You've just forgotten.

Get some sleep, baby.

No! You'll be gone again.

Remember when I threatened to throw you into the pool at Tom and Jennifer's?

I said "you wouldn't dare".

And I said, "I promised I would."

And then you did. And you said...

I always keep my promises.

I promise you, I will be here when you wake up.

How do you know? Maybe they'll take you away from me in the middle of the night.


I don't think they're going to do that.

I promise.

Because I think I'm supposed to help you.




Hey. Have I lost my nut?

Did you only have one?

Probably not the right term.

I like it.

I don't know what to do.

How about cleaning up a little?

No! No.

Come on, I'll keep you company.

We'll dance it out.


¶Oh. I bet you're wonderin' how I knew¶

¶'Bout your plans to make me blue¶

¶With some other guy you knew before¶

¶Between the two of us guys¶

¶You know I loved you more¶

¶It took me by surprise I must say¶

¶When I found out yesterday¶

¶Don'tcha know that I heard it through the grapevine¶

¶Not much longer would you be mine¶

¶Oh, I heard it through the grapevine¶

¶Oh, I'm just about to lose my mind¶

¶Honey, honey, yeah¶

¶I heard it through the grapevine¶

¶Not much longer would you be mine baby, ohh¶

¶I know a man ain't supposed to cry¶

¶But these tears I can't hold inside¶

¶Losin' you would end my life you see¶

¶Cause you mean that much to me¶

¶You could have told me yourself¶

¶That you loved someone else¶

¶Instead I heard it through the grapevine¶

¶Not much longer would you be mine¶

¶Oh, I heard it through the grapevine¶

¶And I'm just about to lose my mind¶

¶Honey, honey, yeah¶

¶I heard it through the grapevine¶

¶Not much longer would you be mine, baby, ooh¶


Get some veggies.

Alright! You're beginning to annoy me.

Baby broccoli.

Ooh, I can sauté it.

There ya go.

Just so you know, I will be getting ice cream.

You can't stop me.

Stop you? I want some!

Baby broccoli.

You get this from your mother.

Mother knows best.

You look happy today. Got a hot date?

Me? No. It's just me and me tonight.

You're going to eat both of these?

Tell her.

Hush. Hush now, you'll make me blush, Wanda. No, it's just me.

I'll make the second one tomorrow I guess.

Your skin looks rosier.


You getting good sleep?


Here let me get that. Oh, oh, I'll get the front door!

Have a nice day.

You too, honey.

Look at this place. The best thing I ever did, besides marrying you, was buying these acres.

It's very beautiful.

You always hated coming here.

Now look at you, ordering delivery and hanging out with me for almost a month.

I did not hate it. That's too strong a word.


Okay, it wasn't my favorite thing to do, but the drive!

It's two hours!

Of me white-knuckling it while you drive the speed of light! Not comfortable.

I miss coffee.

Oh that's good. That's real good.

That's it. Live it up.

Yes, oh, hmm...

Have you seen a light?

Not yet. Think that means I'm going to hell?

I don't believe in hell. I think hell is living on Earth without you. And I don't recommend it.

But you believe in lights.

A lot of people have seen them.

So, what do you want to do today?

You want to come with me to a bookstore?

Oh shit.

Now you have to come!

I don't have to do anything. I'm not tethered to you, woman. I can sit here and stare at the pretty trees if I wanted.

Bookstore it is.


But you're driving!

MAX: You ever think about getting a dog?

Why would I want a dog?

To keep you company.

I have company. I have you.

Yeah but I can't lick your face. Sleep in your lap. Shed all over your couch.

Oh, you're making it more appetizing by the second.

Oh, I forgot my wedding ring by the sink.

You wanna wear mine?

Oh, Look! An old copy of Little Women!


I'm going to read it to you, cover to cover.

Don't you dare.

CUSTOMER: Excuse me?

Oh, I wasn't talking to you.

She was talking to me! Hey! You got a problem. You want to take this outside?

Oh my God.

Seriously, sir. I need to know. What is the appeal of books when you can just watch the movie?

Because the film is never as good as the book which you would know if you ever read a book.

What? I read all the time. That's why I'm here.

I'm sorry. I wasn't talking to you. I was having one of those old arguments in my head. Don't you ever play out those old arguments from your...

JACK: I do that. All the time.

Oh, hi.

Hi. Sorry, I just...I just thought I should come to your defense instead of leaving you hanging out there in the cold. That's Mike. He's like that with everyone. I wouldn't take offense.

I'm Jack. I heard you're new in town!

"Jo vanished without a word. Rushing upstairs, she startled the invalids by exclaiming tragically as she burst into the room, 'Oh, do somebody go down quick; John Brooke is acting dreadfully, and Meg likes it!"

You're enjoying it, stop it. Do you want me to stop?


I'll stop.

No don't stop.

No it's done.

Come on. One more chapter.

Now I have to find the spot again.


"He longed to lay Amy's head down on his shoulder and tell her to have a good cry, but he did not dare.

So he took her hand instead and gave it a sympathetic squeeze that was better than words.

Like a homesick child whose heart was full, that Laurie forgot his bashfulness."




I think I see the light.



ABBY: Everyone keeps asking me that.

You could open a restaurant.

What do I know about restaurants?

You could learn.

If I wanted to, I would. But I don't.

You could work out of your home, helping people grow their businesses.

Use the marketing skills you have.

No way. I've left that behind me.

You saw me at the office, right?

It was too boring to stay long.


Right. Right.

You know uh, that check-stand lady?


Yes, Wanda. She said something about gardening.

That didn't sound terrible.

We never had a plant we didn't kill.

We weren't home enough to take care of them.

What a waste of time. We should have had kids.

We always agreed there was enough people on the planet.

And we wanted to enjoy our lives. But did we?

Yes. We did. We do.

But now...

No no! No. We wouldn't have spent... We wouldn't have worked less if we'd had kids. We would've just gotten a nanny. And then they would've gone to a therapist and said we didn't love them.

But then you'd have someone to love now that I'm gone.

Okay. A: That's a terrible reason to have a child. And A.5:

What children stay near their parents when they become adults anyway? And then B: I have you now. So why are we even talking about this? Especially when we can't do anything about it.

Now granted I am no longer among the living so how can I split hairs but I don't think there's any such thing as an A.5.

I made it up.

You made it up. Of course you did.

I get to make things up if I want to.


Abby! Hold on! Help! Someone! Help!

What if I just let go?

Abby, don't!

I could be with you.


It would be so easy.

No, Abby don't do it! Abby! Don't.

I should have done it.

That's not your decision to make.

What's that supposed to mean?

I don't know. It just felt wrong. It felt...wrong.

Then whose decision is it?

LORNA: What happened to you?

ABBY: I almost fell off a cliff.

LORNA: What? You okay?

ABBY: No. Yeah. I don't know.

What's in the bag?

Oh, some wine, bread, cheese. Sandwich fixings.

Good stuff like that. What do you mean you fell off a cliff?

I was hiking and I slipped.

You're not supposed to hike alone, Abs.

What are you looking at?

Nothing, I was just making sure the place was tidy for you.

Looks great. I was expecting a disaster.

She knows you.

Funny. So what's been going on in the world?

Same ol' same ol'.

Lorna, what's with the face?

I've been seeing someone.

You have? The last boyfriend you had was Sean.

Eck. Don't remind me. You hungry?

I'm starving.

But let me do it. No no. You just tell me all about it!

Um. You know him.


Really? I would terrorize that guy.

Eat him alive. Come on.

You probably would. Well, then who?

Now let me explain.

No way.

He's been sober ever since, Abs.

He goes to meetings. Takes service commitments.

He's not the same guy you knew.

Not Barry.

It turns out he was really in love with me this whole time.

And I treated him like shit and he drank more and tried harder and... it's a vicious cycle of crap.

Can you believe this shit? He is the reason my husband is dead!

LORNA: Abby.

MAX: Come on.

If he hadn't gotten so drunk, you wouldn't have been hit by that car!

Who are you talking to?

Wait wait! Don't go in there yet!

You have got to be the most selfish person I have ever met!

Are you kidding me?

I'm so sorry.

I didn't realize you were going off your rocker.

I'm not crazy.

LORNA: You were just talking to thin air! Tell me you weren't just talking to your dead husband.

Don't call him that!

Abby! You're acting crazy!

Do I look fucking crazy to you?

Yes! And pissed.

Yeah, oh I'm pissed alright because the only person crazy here is you!

How dare you bring him here!

You didn't even call me to warn me. Nothing.

You're the one who said, "Poor Barry." Think about someone besides you for a second. Max was his best friend! He's been dying over this. Do you have any idea how much it killed him that...

There are a lot of ways we absently use words connected to death in common conversation.

I was trying to forgive him, Lorna.

I know. I should have called and warned you. Maybe you need to talk to him. Maybe it would help you move on.

Tell him not to come inside.

Too late.

I will do whatever you want, but think about this. You both need to heal.

Go get another bottle of wine from the store. Then come back.


She can't see you.

MAX: Nope.

What if I'm crazy?

I'm real.

I thought you were sober.

I am. I'm just being chivalrous.

Come on, Abby.


I'm just acting out of habit.

I wasn't always that bad.

No at first, you were fun. Later, not so much.

Baby, why won't you look at me? I'm really here. You're hurting me.

I never print out photographs anymore. I didn't know he printed this one.

I'm so sorry Abby.

Every day I wish I could go back and take a fucking taxi, put the drinks down, anything.

I knew it should've been me.

I know you think that, too. I want you to know you're right.

It should have been me.

I am so sorry, Abby.

He just had to go and cry, didn't he?

It wasn't your fault.

It was the fault of the driver who hit him.


How have you been spending your time up here?

It's pretty lonely.

You make any new friends?

I've been fine.

That didn't answer my question.

I have an idea.

LORNA: What have you been doing up here?


Yeah, except for the rage, bottle throwing, and talking to yourself, you look better.

Abby, ask Barry about the fishing trip. Tell him he let the big one go because he felt sorry for it.

Abby, How have you been spending your time?

Do it. Ask. Ask him. I can prove I'm real! Ask him.

Lorna stop pressuring her, okay?

I'm sorry, I was just asking.

It's not that.

Tell them.

I can't!

Can't what?

Why not? Just ask him about the fucking fish, Abigail! Let me prove I'm real to you! Goddammit I can't stand you not looking at me! Don't make me go through that again.

And what if you're not! They're going to think I'm crazy and who's gonna have to deal with that? Me! Not you, because you're not even real!

That burger's already burnt, babe.

ABBY: Oh Shit.

I've been talking to Max. He's here.

I think. I know you're not believe me, but he's right there.

He's here? Do you think Max is here, honey?

Don't talk to me like I'm five years old.

Honey, I'm just-

What's up with the honey's, Lorna?

Just ask Barry about the fish!

Barry, when you went fishing that day, did you throw the big fish back because you felt sorry for it?


Max just told me that.

Yeah, but he could have told you that when he was still alive.

I'm not saying that you're nuts, I'm...

No, you're right. He could have.

Tell him to ask you something only I would know.

Oh my God, what if I'm crazy?

Tell him!

Abby? Look, it's okay. We'll get someone to see you.

I'm afraid I'll find out you're not real! Please don't take this from me!

Baby, you've gotta trust me on this.

Tell him to ask you something only I would know. Please.

I promise you I'm real.

He wants you to ask me something only he would know.

Uh, okay. Let me think. Okay?

Come on you bastard. Make it fucking good.

Have you got one?

No. Give me a second. Let me think!

Okay I got it! But close your ears.

No way.

Look, you know I wasn't always a good guy.

Ask him which married woman I had sex with on the bathroom sink in my office.

Helen and Jennifer.

Helen and Jennifer?

Holy shit!

That's two women.

It was a trick question.

I don't know who Helen is, but Jennifer?

Jennifer of Tom and Jennifer?

They were going through a rough patch.

Wait, Abby, he could have told you that when he was still alive!

I guarantee you he did not tell me that!

Tell him he said that Jennifer tasted like strawberries.

He said Jennifer tasted like strawberries?

And not just strawberries. I think he actually said

"organic strawberries lit by an afternoon sun."

Organic strawberries lit by an afternoon sun.

Holy shit!

He would never fuckin' tell you that! Because you girls would never keep that shit to yourselves!

Organic strawberries-

I didn't mean anything by that, baby. That was way before us and I was in love with you.

Well, if she was so damned delicious, why'd you give it up?

Because I was in love with you.

LORNA: Watch it.

Baby. It was before us. And I'm in love with you.

What do I taste like?

You're real.


He's looking at you, Barry.

Where is he?

He's standing right there.

Max, God, buddy.

I'm so fucking sorry.

I'm so sorry!

Please, please forgive me.

I forgive you, Barry.

He says he forgives you.

I've gotta go.


I'll be back. I just need a moment.

What'd he say?

He's gone.

You okay?

I gotta go for a walk.

You want me to come?

No. I gotta go alone.


He's real.

How long have you seen him?

I was a mess. I might have starved to death if he hadn't shown up.

Why didn't you call me?

But for how long, Abby? Can you spend the rest of your life with the ghost of your husband?

Why not?

Because you need someone to touch. You're a human being.

You need that! Believe me, I went without it for a fuck of a long time. It's not healthy.

No offense, but you don't know what I need.

I just want you to be happy.

I am happy. Just stop talking.

I'm gonna go make dinner. We need more to eat than wine and cynicism.

I'm sorry you had to sleep on the couch. I forget the sofa bed broke.

It's fine. The couch itself isn't broken.

Is he here?


He was here. I woke up and found him watching me sleep. So I guess I'm glad you came. At least now I know I'm not bonkers.

Glad I'm good for something.

Barry. You have to forgive yourself now.

Can you?


So what have you guys been up to?

We went to a bookstore. I read a book to him. Little Women.

Shut up.

The whole thing.

No, no, no.

Truth. Other than that we've just been spending time together. He's here, you know?

Wild. But...

Don't. I already heard it from my sister.

No doubt.

She's a ball buster.

Apparently you don't want your balls.

Oh I do. She loves them.

I'm sorry I went there!

Hey. Morning. Woo! It's freezing in here!

I'm gonna go chop some firewood.

Oh, thank you! I was wondering how I was going to do that now that...

The uh, best thing about not drinking? I can swing an ax around without the hangover. Woohoo!



That's not the best thing, but it's something! How'd you sleep out here? Was it terrible?

No, it was fine. How'd you sleep?

When you were hiking, was Max there?

Yes, why?

And you fell.

What, do you think he pushed me?


Give me one good reason to move on because I sure as hell can't think of any.

Don't you want to touch him? Feel his arms around you?

Kiss him?

You're killing me.

I just want you to be happy. Truly happy.

I am happy, damnit. No, I can't touch him. But I can see him. I can hear him. I can laugh with him. I am so very, very sick of you trying to make me feel badly about this.

I'm sorry. I'm not trying to hurt you.

I'm trying to-

Look, don't take this the wrong way, I just really want the place to myself again. Go worry about me from home. Because This? This I don't need. I'm going to take a shower.

Max? I don't know if you're here or not, but if you are, listen up.

Stop being selfish.

You don't know anything.

Fucking bugs.

She's going to be an old woman living in this drafty cabin all by herself holding onto the man she lost in a freak accident? It''s not healthy.

If you love her, you'll do the right thing.


BARRY: Hey, open up! My arms are full.

Good thing someone's here to chop wood.

It sure is cold in here. Can you feel it?

Man, it must have dropped twenty degrees last night!

Max, if you're here buddy, I love you, man.

I miss you.

And about what I was saying. I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

Okay, I'm not.

We'll leave you two alone now.

So weird.



Babe, I'm going to the store and get some eggs and stuff. You wanna come?

Okay it's been several long days of the cold shoulder and since you're not talking to me, you can't argue with me, either. I don't know what happened when they were here, but if you think you're helping me by staying away, you're not.

I need you, handsome. Please come back to me.




Morning. Sorry I startled you the other morning at the bookstore.

You have a little something.

I, uh, what?

You have a little something on your face.

Oh no, is it bad?

You should be mortified.

Like when the bird pooped on my head Freshman year mortified?

Was that high school or college?

That was high school.

Oh, then yes definitely.

Oh dear. There? There? Yeah. Eh. Well.

Hey check this out. So I had potted plants over there and I came back and they're gone! So I'm thinking people liked 'em enough to steal 'em or birds absconded with them to Belize.

Absconded to Belize?



That's my best guess.

Are you a gardener?

Landscaper. So yeah, you could say that.

There's this moss I saw growing on the cedars up here that's like tiny feathers or something you'd see swaying in the ocean And then I was walking along this rock that's light grey almost to the point of being white.

That's conglomerate quartz. It's beautiful.

Conglomerate quartz.

Have you been to the waterfall?

Hm, hm.

Perhaps I could take you sometime. Because you're a moss enthusiast. There's a moss that grows on the rocks down at the bottom, it's so green it's almost blue. You'd think you're in Scotland.

Is that where you're from?

Yeah, my family is from there. So...

Abby? Well, what a surprise!

Alice! Henry!

What are you doing all the way up here?

Well, I didn't want to show up at your place empty-handed and Henry wanted to use the bathroom.

You didn't have to tell everyone that.

No, I meant out here, not here at the grocery store.

Abby knows you're a human being, Henry. Everybody has to go. I don't see what all the mystery is about.

How I wish you did.

Hi I'm Jack McCaffrey.

McCaffrey? Scottish?

Yeah, it's funny. We were just talking about that. My family's from there.

I'm an O'Connell, Henry, Irish through and through. My mom was first generation American, but her accent never washed off on me.

Pity that. I'm Alice O'Connell.

Hi Alice, very nice to meet you. Are these your parents?

Almost. She's married to our son.

Oh. That's great.

Was, honey.

Well, she's still married to him in my mind. Excuse me.

He's not doing so well, We're going on a vacation, driving further up north to get away and you know...rest. Heal a bit with some fresh scenery. I thought it'd be a good idea to pop in and see how you're doing, but the second I mentioned the cabin, Henry was beside himself.

Didn't talk to me for two hours! Can you believe that? I let him be, of course. I really don't know what to do for him.

My husband was in an accident.

I'm so sorry.

You didn't know? I thought since you two were friends that she would've told you.

We're not friends. We just met.

Oh, well! I didn't mean to dampen casual conversation with unexpected depth. Excuse me.

Are you guys going to be staying overnight?

In that small shack? No! We just thought we'd whiz by, see and how you were doing, maybe stay for a cozy little dinner? Who am I kidding?

Of course we'll stay for dinner!

It's been so long since I've seen you guys, alone.

Well, I then better stock up on some delectables.

Nice to meet you, Jack.

Very nice to meet you, Mrs. O'Connell.

She's an author. Hence the unusual vocabulary.

Ah, but of course.

Uh, I've gotta go. I've got some things in here that are going to thaw if I don't get them to the fridge-

Yeah, please. By all means. Hey, it was good seeing you.

I just realized I should probably tell them I'm leaving.


Alice! I'm going to see you guys back at the cabin.

Bye, Abby.

[IN BAD ACCENT] I'm Scottish. Look at me.

Nyah nyah blah blah blah.


I have a new urban fantasy novel. It's been in the top 100 sales in Kindle for a week now.

That's great, Alice!

It's good. Not bad, not bad.

Who was that man we met today?

The landscaper?

Jack was his name.


I'm just glad he wasn't British. Scottish I can handle.

I'm not interested in Jack. You don't have to worry.



I'm just being honest.

Well, quit it.

There's only one man in my life. You guys know that.

Abby, honey. You're gonna have to let go of the rope someday.

What's your book about?

It's about a woman moving on.

No, it's not. And she can take all the time she needs. What's the rush?

Looks like I'll be driving tonight.

We already agreed on that. With my night vision, you need to-

You know I was hoping that someone would be able to help me with navigating.


It's like you don't even feel it that we're here in our son's home.

You don't even show you care that he's dead.

Where is that coming from, Henry? Is that why you're glugging that like it's water? Because we're here?

Some people don't handle grief the same way you do . They don't mope around and act as if they died, too. They try their very best to rise up from the ashes and live a good life. To honor their son so that if by God he is watching us, he doesn't have to hurt anymore. Do you think if Max were here that he'd want to see the pain you hold onto like some badge of love?

Do you? Do you think he wants to see his father hurting like this because if he does, he's not the boy I raised.

And don't you dare ever, ever insinuate again to me that my heart didn't shatter when he died.

Because every day I want to see him.

And I can't. And every day I want to say goodbye to him in a different way than the way I did that night at the party.

I want to say, Max, you are the best person I have ever met.

And I want to say I can't believe what an amazing man my little boy grew up to be I want to hold him!


I am so sorry.

What can I do? You can't tell them. They'd never-

I hate to kick you out of your own bed.

It's totally fine. I slept on the couch when Lorna came to visit.

It's really comfortable, actually.

Lorna came? How is she?

She's well.

How are she and Barry doing? Are they still happy?

You know about that?

Barry came to see us a number of times after that night. He was a wreck.

I think he always felt that Max was the better man, and maybe he was.

But Barry has a good heart and he's very loyal.

He is that.

I've known that boy since he was fourteen.

He confided in me that he loved Lorna a long time ago.

And here we just thought he loved messing with her.

Oh, he wanted to mess with her, alright.


Let's just hope that he can maintain his sobriety.


They're behind the frame, Dad.

Dad. The photograph.

Dad! Get up. They're right here!

Dad, they're right fucking here!

You sure this is okay, kiddo?

Of course. I don't mind the couch.

You've always hated that couch.

I used to mind the couch, but now it's growing on me.

Well, I really appreciate it. I just want to sleep until my eyes look normal again. I can't go out like this.

I like the company.

It must get lonely here.

I'm not lonely. I'm fine.

HENRY: Night, kiddo.


Something wrong?

I just wanted you to know, Max knows how much you love him. How much you miss him.

How do you know that, Abby?

I just have a feeling. You know we're watched over by the ones we love the most after they've moved on. I believe that.

Well, I hope he isn't watching us.


I hate to think there's something great out there waiting for him and he's stuck here with us.


HENRY: Alice.

ALICE: I mean it's true!

And to see my outburst tonight.

I can't think of a worse torture.

I haven't seen any light, Mom.

If our boy is still around, I'm sorry I want him to stay here.

I don't have anywhere else to go.

Well, that's just selfish. I'm sorry.

I'm not doing anything!

Is it selfish that I don't want to leave?

Max has been set free from this. And there's more than this. There is!

How do you know?

Well, I don't believe that.

I just know. And you know it, too.

Goodnight Henry.

Goodnight, Dad.

Goodnight, Abby.

Well, that was awful.

I know you're here.







Hey, handsome.

You done playing hide and seek?

I was working some things out.

Without me?

Without you.

That's not exactly fair, is it?

Neither is my staying here.

Neither is your leaving here.


No! I heard you tell you dad you have nowhere else to go!

That doesn't mean I should make you wait around for me.

I'm not waiting around. I'm just here. I'm just-


There's nothing wrong with that, Max.

Come on.

I don't care what anybody else wants! I want you.

You seemed pretty happy flirting with that lumberjack guy.

I was just talking to him! You had that light in your eyes.

I had no light in my eyes!

If anyone knows that light, it's me.

I was just being nice.

You should be. You should be nice to men who like you and can hold you and make love to you.

Oh God, you're killing me.

And can grab your hands when you're about to fall off a cliff.

I'm begging you Max.

Hug his parents. Chop wood.


You should have a man who can be a man.

I'm not a man anymore.

I can never touch you again.

Kiss you again.

Feel your legs wrapped around me again.

Please don't do this!

You know how that makes a man feel, to not be able to touch his own wife?

Stop saying these things neither of us want to hear.


Why can't I keep her? You gave me this chance to be with her again. How come I know it's wrong to stay?

Fuck! You are killing me all over again. And that guy...

is that what you want? What are you trying to do? Torture me?

Stay away from us.

Leave us alone.

Where are you going?

To the bridge.

Where I proposed to you?


Abby, you're not wearing shoes.

I don't need them anymore.

You're doing this?

I'm going to make it so I can touch you again.

You can't do this, Abby. It feels really bad.

I don't know why I know, but you shouldn't do this.

That's just the remnants of your human existence talking.

No. It's more than that.

I have to.


Abigail! Don't get in that fucking car. I mean it!

Make me.

Help me! Help me!

Dear God, help me. I know this isn't right. What do I do?


Guy's got taste. Hey!

You need to get off your ass and go to the bridge and you need to go now.

Listen you fuck, you need to get your ass off the couch and go save my wife!

You heard me. You can hear me, can't you? Somewhere in there, you can hear what I'm saying to you.

Look, we're losing time here. You have to get up, get your keys and go to the bridge.

Jack, I'm beggin' you. Go to the bridge.

Go to the fucking bridge.

Go to the fucking bridge, Jack!

Go! Go now!

That's it, run. Run you bastard, run!

ABBY: Max?



ABBY: Max?

Abby. Abby just wait a few minutes!

Come on, look at me. Please climb down.

God damnit, Abigail, climb down now!


Come on, look at me.

Where are you?

Abby, I'm right here.

Can't you hear me? Look at me. God damnit, let me talk to her! What are you doing? What?

Is this her decision to make or something?


Oh God baby just don't! Don't! Oh God, don't jump. baby I am begging you.

Let me talk to her!

Oh God. I don't want to die.

I don't want to die. I don't want to die.

Abby! Abby!


I got you. I got you.


I'm going to sleep on the sofa.

But if you need anything, at all, I will be right there, okay? And I left you some water.

It's right over there, so.


No, no, hey, hey, hey.

No, don't do that. Don't do that. I don't blame you for what you were trying to do.

There was a time I thought of stepping out, too. I've been there. Hell, I think we've all been there at some point or another, depending on how much heartbreak we've had.

I lost my wife three years ago to Leukemia.

Oh Jack. I'm so sorry.

Yeah, me too.

Me too.

It hurt, it hurt really bad for a long time.

But you have to believe me when I say that I understand.

Because I do.

I do. But with a little bit of time Abby, it won't hurt as bad.

You learn to see the beauty in life again.

I'm rambling. I'm rambling.


Get some sleep.

MAX: Abs?


You just had to go and be a good guy.

I'm taking a gardening class.

Shut up.

No I actually really like it. There's something very meditative about getting my fingers dirty with raw earth.


Did I hear dirty and raw?

Yeah you did.

LORNA: Is that Jack?

Yeah it's him.

Hey, tell that guy I'm still not sure about him.

I will not. Ignore Barry, but you can tell Jack that I said he's turned you into a bumpkin. Next thing I know you'll be listening to country.

Oh we're listening to it right now.

Shut the fuck up.

I'm kidding.

I'm listening to classic rock all the way.

Listen I have to go. We're going to go to the store and get a book on mulch.

That sounds gross.



JACK: Ready to go?


Let's hit it.


Max? Are you here?

I just thought I'd try one last time. I'm so sorry I couldn't jump, I just. If you're listening. I love you.


Goodbye Abigail Lyons.

You made life worth living.

I did what you want.

So why am I here? She can't see me anymore. You blocked me out. So why am I still here?



I'm here, Dad. I'm here.

I miss you.

I love you, Dad. I love you so much.

I love you. Let go.

Hold on. Just one more.

I love you so much, Ma.

Thank you for being so strong.



I've been waiting for you.


You were here, but then you went there so you could come back here, now. Don't think about it.

You'll remember soon.

It's a little fuzzy for people when they first come through. Time isn't the same here.

What about?

Jack's with Emma now. We kept each other company during our living years. Thank you for that.

So, you and me?

Soulmates, idiot. I hate to tell you but, you're stuck with me.