Just Wright (2010) Script

When did the angel lose her wings When she flew from the realms and the darker dreams All the gold melted down and the gates were closed Daddy!

Life was revealed and the past exposed Oh, oh, oh, from back to forth Sister, oh, oh, oh...

Hey, Daddy. Hey, morning, baby girl.

Promise me, anything you don't know how to fix, you'll leave it for a handyman.

Leslie, I got this. You worry about getting to work on time.

Have fun tonight on your date. I will.

I'm getting somewhere I'm gonna be there I'm gonna be there Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming When did the angel fade from white?

Lost her place in the clouds Took her cues from the night Set apart by the fall that destroyed her grace But the heat from the flames never touched her face I rise in the day of the blazing sun Saw above all the hate in the need of blood I was pressed to succumb to the dragging down Yeah, my hand grabbed the line and I pulled me out Oh, oh, oh, from back to forth Sister, oh, oh, oh...

Hey, Leslie. How you doing?

Good morning.


Looking good. Improvement. I like it.

Just remember to keep that elbow in. Okay.

Let me take one of these plates off for you.

Now, work your way back up to that next plate now.

All right.

Hey, girl. What time is the blind date?

8:00. 8:00? What you gonna wear?

Black. Black.

See you tomorrow.

I'm getting somewhere I'm gonna be there I'm gonna be there Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming Been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming

Can I get a little help over here?

Ticket, please. Hello?

Just give it a little pull. Okay.

One, two, three!


Sorry about that.

All righty. Take good care of her now.

Hello, Denzel.


Leslie? Yes.

Nice to meet you. You, too. Thank you.

Shall we? Yeah, sure.

All right.

It was like the skies opened up and I heard the angels singing.

And that's when I knew.

A little more wine? Thank you.

So, what about kids?

As many as we can have.

Wow. I mean, at least two or three kids.

Really? As long as... Absolutely.

All those hours you work?

You have a pretty demanding career as well, though. Physical therapy.

There we go. Cheers.

Everybody I know who tries tiramisu is hooked on it.

I don't want to be the next junkie in line.

And you know what? I'm your pusher.

All right?

Open wide.

That is delicious.

We need to wash this down with some dessert wine.

I agree. Why not?

Let's get toasted.

Let's... Let's get twisted.

You want me to keep feeding you? We can do this all night.

All night?

Wow. I had such a great time tonight.

Me, too. Yes. Absolutely.

You know, next time maybe we could catch a movie or, better yet, a Nets game.

You are such an amazing woman.

I'm serious. I mean, any man that gets you is gonna be beyond lucky.

I'm just out of a very long relationship.

And, you know, my feelings are still kind of raw.

I miss her, it's... You're not emotionally ready.

Yeah. And you need to be ready.

Yes. I am so happy you get it.

See, you're the bomb.com, that's what I'm talking about.

I mean, you know, but we can still...

Hang out. ...hang out.

Yeah, I mean, you're, you're...

Good people. ...good people.

Look, I'm sorry, I'm...

Can I get a hug?

Sure. Thank you.

Yes. What kind of car do you have?

He knows.

Here you go. Thank you.

So, how about them Nets, huh?

So, how was the date?

Was he cute? Yep.

And? And he thought I made the perfect homegirl.

I'm sorry.

But you do have homegirl written all over you.

What? I'm just being my regular self.

You are not supposed to show him your regular self until you've been married for five years.

What is all this?


I was reading The Power of Now and it dawned on me, a girl doesn't just become the wife of an NBA franchise player by accident.

It takes strategy, good intel, and vision.

I'm sure that's what Eckhart Tolle thought when he wrote that book.

Say what you want, but don't be hating on your girl when she's a brand.

Morgan, what are you talking about?

These NBA players' wives?

I mean, one's got a fragrance, the other has a clothing line coming out.


I'm almost 30.

I got to start thinking about my future, like now.

You really scare me sometimes.

You know, you're crashing in my guest room.

Your BMW got repossessed 'cause you stopped making the payments.

Does any of this research involve you getting a job?

This is my job. Have you been listening?

I'm going to bed. Good night.

You still rolling to the game with me tomorrow?

Already working on my outfit. It takes good bait to catch a fish.

I must be fishing in the wrong river.


Warm, feminine, peachy.

Hey, Mom.

How you gonna get a man dressed like that?

Well, Ma, I'm going to the game.

And, no. Where's Daddy?

He's in the kitchen working on another one of your projects.

Daddy. Yeah?

I thought we said we were gonna let a plumber handle those new faucets.

Well, why waste your money on a plumber when your dad's got this under control?


Now this is how you get a man.

I told her to wear a dress.

To a basketball game?


We have just minutes to go here in the fourth quarter of the season opener at the lzod Center.

The New Jersey Nets up by 10 over the Orlando Magic, thanks much to the tremendous effort by star point guard Scott McKnight.

McKnight, one of the best point guards in the league, Iiving up to that reputation tonight.

Dribbles left, looks inside, he 's got nothing there.

He 's gonna take it himself, behind the back, he puts it up.

It is good, and he 's fouled on the play.

And that could be the dagger, even though there 's plenty of time left here in this ball game.

Any Orlando fans here in the Center...

Go! Let's go! ...ha ve got to be feeling the pain.

Code blue! Code blue! Get a crash cart in here, we losing the patient!

Hold up! We losing the patient!

Scott McKnight shot 89% from the free throw line last season, but he has been 100% tonight.

Let's see ifhe stays on his hot streak.

And he's done it. That's 11 in a row for Scott McKnight, and Dwight Howard has 12 rebounds on the night.

Look at that. Look at that!

I love the players' wives section.

Girl, the most exclusive three rows in any arena.

Leslie, you should see her bag.

She's got the new Domenico Vacca. Nobody's got that yet. Nobody.

McKnight's not gonna make that shot.

What? Hold up! Hold up! I'm getting a call.

McKnight, to his right.

It's long distance!

Shut up, lady!

I would shut up, but wait, hold up, I'm getting another phone call.

Hello. Oh, it's President Obama.

He wants to spend some money on defense.

Cross-court, stolen by Scott McKnight. Here he comes the other way.

McKnight lays it up and in.

The Nets are up by a bundle.

Uh-oh! Y'all in trouble now.

Here comes the Magic, bringing it up the floor...

It's stolen again by Scott McKnight.

Here comes McKnight, and number 19 slams it home.

The Nets are pouring it on.

Dwight Howard clearly upset, as he inbounds the ball to Rashard Lewis.

Come on, don't, don't... Don't die on me, Orlando, don't die on me.

For three. Bembrey gets a piece of it.

McKnight with the rebound, the clock winds down and that's gonna do it.

Unbelievable performance by Scott McKnight.

Time of death, 10:19.

Nets suck.

Shut y'all down. Shut y'all down, every time.

It's a great game.

Let's get out of here before we get killed, come on.


Congratulations, tremendous game, tremendous game. Thanks. Thanks, man, thanks.

Almost a decade with the Nets, the only franchise you've ever played for... Good game, man.

...but you're a free agent at the end of this season.

The question everyone wants to know, "Will Scott McKnight re-sign with the Nets?"

I prove myself night in and night out on that court.

Nets fans know what I'm worth.

Hopefully the Nets front office knows it, too.

So what you're saying is... So what I'm saying is, it's good to see you, J. All right, for sure. Congratulations.

That was great, man. I think you just started a bidding war.

I don't want a bidding war.

You know, I wanna stay a Net. Red and blue...

"Runs through my veins," you've been saying that since the day they drafted you.

Sweet Lew!

What up, man? Good game, way to shoot the ball.

Thanks, man. Hey, I'll see you All-Star Weekend.

All-Star, yes, sir.

There you are, girl. I've been looking everywhere for you.

Hey. Hey, Leslie.

What's up? It's packed up in here.

I know, girl, what's up?

Scott McKnight is having a birthday party Saturday night at his house.

I know y'all trying to be up in the spot.

Leslie, be nice.

You got the hook-up? My girl does.

We're going to meet her at the Warwick Hotel. You want to roll?

You don't mind, do you? Nah, do your thing.

I'll have them drop me off, okay? All right.

I mean, if we gonna have a charity, I need to be around the kids more.

That's the whole gist.

I want to talk to the kids. I need to be in their faces.

I need to see what they're thinking.

That's what it's always been about for me.

I mean, come on, what else should it be for?

I can't find the button to put gas in this thing, man.

This is... This is getting ridiculous.

Nah, I'm... You should talk to my mom about that.

She's running the charity, okay? You...

I think you... Excuse me. Miss?

Leslie. Let me call you back.

Leslie, right?

Yeah, Leslie Wright, with a "W." These cars usually don't have a...

A button. And you might want to spin it around.

Okay, Leslie Wright.

Smells like it's fresh off the assembly line. You just get it?

Yeah. Thanks, though, I appreciate it.

Well, you can thank me by winning the championship.

Oh, you really a die-hard, huh?

Red and blue runs through my veins.

You sound like me.

I'm a Jersey girl. Gotta represent.

All right. You know, l...

I shouldn't. What?

I shouldn't, no. What were you gonna say?

I'm sorry, I'm a little nosy and forgive me, but I couldn't help but notice a Joni Mitchell CD sitting on your seat.

Okay, yeah, I like Joni Mitchell.

Really? Actually, I really love jazz.

That's my thing.

You know that song Joni Mitchell did with...

Charles Mingus. Oh, yeah, I love that one.

Yeah, that's a bad record.

Okay, you have a good night. I better get home.

You know what, let me get your door.

I never figured you for the opening door type.

Come on, I open doors, I offer my coat, I pull chairs out.

I try to open... What's up with...

Just lift it and pull.

There you go. She's kind of old.

Good night. Good night.

Oh, my God. You know what?

You got plans Saturday night?

Girl, I did not expect to be out all night, but after the Warwick, we got invited to this after-hours, and Q-Tip was DJ-ing and then we went to this breakfast spot, but you know I don't eat in public, so I am starving.

So, you and your girls make any progress getting into Scott McKnight's party?

I wish.

Saturday night, I'll be right here with you, putting on a second coat.

That's too bad. Too bad?

Because if you're at this house, then you won't be at this house! ls this... Yes!

Yes! At Scott McKnight's party! What?

I got the hook-up. How? How?

Scott personally invited me.

Okay, since when do you know Scott McKnight?

Since last night at the gas station. Okay, boom, first of all, he's on the phone.

He's beefing with somebody about this charity event and how they better get it right for the kids.

Meanwhile, he's so distracted, he can't even open up the gas tank.

Until I hooked him up.

So, what was he like?

I mean, look, he was different than I thought he would be.

He was... He was cool.

You know, he was... He was nice, he was beyond nice. He was a gentleman.

I mean, like a real sweetie-pie.

You're not feeling this dude, are you?

Girl, you crazy. I don't do ball players. I like regular guys.

Oh, my God, I gotta figure out what outfit I'm gonna wear.

Leslie, you're the best.

Okay, keep your eyes closed, there you go.

There, finished.

Yeah. Damn. Right?

Didn't I tell you this color would look fabulous on you?

Nice going.

Oh, but you need more blush. You do.

Ma, I don't need any more... Yes, you do. Yes.

Mom, I do not need any more blush. Listen to your mother.

You are going to find a husband tonight.

Okay, that does look nice. Yes, it does.

Baby, I bagged your father 36 years ago, and he still can't believe his luck.


Oh, oh. Oh.

I have a surprise.

Are those... Your grandmother's diamond earrings.

She wore them the night she met your grandfather, and I wore them the night I met your father.

They're beautiful, Aunt J.

They are more than beautiful. These are better than a full moon.

You wear these and men will be falling at your feet.

Now, Leslie, I know that you don't like this flashy style, but I do want one of you to wear these tonight.


Really? Oh, my God.

Really? Yes.


What do you think?

I think I'm gonna go get dressed. Well, make sure you wear a dress.

Listen, it's all about the law of attraction.

Okay, I'm all for that.

You look amazing, baby girl. Thank you, Daddy.

The Deuce and a Quarter? Every princess needs a chariot.

Thank God 'cause I was not about to go in that Mustang.

Daddy, you are too fly!

Yeah, yeah, I'm the man.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Hey, watch the potholes and don't break too many hearts.

Maybe one or two.

I'm so excited.

Bye, Daddy. Bye!

Oh, my God. This is...

I hope it never end Wanna stay here Where we stand, it's so clear For a long time In the wrong line, in the wrong crowd I don 't know how That was no good I'd like to propose a toast to the birthday boy. Oh, my God.

I'm sure you've all heard this before, that some people become rich and famous and they change.

Of course they do. Whatever, Angelo.

The point is, I can tell you all first-hand that more often than not, that notion is true.

And then there's this guy right here, who's not only the best friend anyone can ever hope for, but he's also the same person he was back in high school, minus the Cross Colours and the Gumby.

He's a gentleman, a true gentleman on and off the court.

To my one and only client, happy birthday. Yo, brother.

To the Nets! To the Nets, baby!


I'm gonna go explore, okay?

Okay, I'll meet you at that other bar. Okay.

All right, who's doing shots?

Who's doing shots? Who's doing shots?

Hi. Can I have a glass of champagne, please?


Leslie Wright. What up? You made it. Hey.

Hey. What's up? Happy birthday.

How you doing?

I got you a card. That's sweet, thank you.

No money in it, though.

You look great. Thank you. So do you.

Appreciate it.

Your house. Your house is just so beautiful.

I'm glad you think so.

I wish I could take the credit for it, but I had a lot of help.

If it was up to me, there'd be futons, flat screens in every room.

Well, it's a palace compared to my place. Yeah?

I just bought this fixer-upper.

My father's helping me out, but he's not quite the handyman he thinks he is.

Girl, I am so sorry, but I can't stay.

What? Yeah, I just got a call from Safe Horizon.

They need me.

Scott, this is Morgan, this is my god sister. We grew up together.

Hi. Nice to meet you. Hey. How you doing?

You can't leave this party. It just got started.

I have to. One of the volunteers at the homeless shelter I help out at just called in sick, so it's urgent.

Bartender, can I trade this in for a Hennessy? Double.

You got it. Thank you.

You know, I volunteer at different spots myself.

Yeah? I wish I had more time to do it, though, you know?

Oh, I got to stop back at the house and get some games for the kids, okay?

So, you two live together?

Temporarily. It's a long story.

How can I get in touch with you?

Oh, Scott... It's Scott, right?

I'm sorry. I've tried the whole dating-a-ball-player thing, and it's not for me. But it was really nice talking to you.

You ready?

Am I ready?

Y'all out? Yeah.

Happy birthday. Thanks.

Thank you for inviting me. Enjoy your birthday.

Y'all get home safe. Thank you.

You know, the objective is not to make them leave. How'd you mess that up?

I ain't mess nothing up.

You so owe me. I'll so make it up to you.

Was he looking at me when I walked away?

Yeah. I mean, a volunteer from a shelter?

Well, you said he was different, so I gave him different.

The girl next door?

The girl that'll be living in this big-ass house.

I'm bagging this one, girl, I can feel it!

Wait a minute, you didn't even give him your number when he asked you for it.

Yeah, which is probably the first time a woman's done that to him since he got to the NBA.

Trust me, I'll be hearing from him.

Here we go. Okay.


The new windows are in. Light fixtures are next.

Wow, Daddy, you were right.

It does make a huge difference.

What'd I tell you, I got this, girl.

Oh, oh, uh, how was last night?

I knew it.

Your prince saw you and bam! He hit the...

And then he saw Morgan and forgot I was even there.

But, hey, I'm used to it. I mean, why wouldn't he? She is beautiful.

You're beautiful.

Oh, Daddy. That's why all the really great guys think I make the perfect friend.

It'll happen, you just got to give it time.

When, Daddy? I'm 35 years old.

I mean, when am I gonna meet that one amazing guy who thinks I'm the one woman he can't live without?

He's out there, huh?

Okay. Well, when you find him, I'll be at work.

There you go.

And make sure he got all his teeth.

You got it.


Just needs a little tweak.

Just a little tweaking.

You do live here.

I was thinking I might have the wrong house.

Hi. How'd you know I live here?

I know people.

Scott McKnight!

How you doing? How you doing, sir? I'm good... Hey, how you doing?

How are you?

Oh, this is my dad. Lloyd. Lloyd.

What are you doing here?

I was hoping to see Morgan.

Well, don't you just stand there, come on in.


I'm sorry. Forgot that was like that.



Come on in.



You have a visitor.

Oh, my God. Coming.

This is a nice house. Well, thank you.

It smells like you've been doing some painting.

Yeah, I guess... I guess I could open up a window, huh?

You okay?


It needs just a tweak.

Okay. Oh...


You know, I gotta get to Home Depot, yeah.

Get a "W" tonight. Yes, sir.


Let me go get Morgan for you. Okay.


Just a second.

I'll be right there.

What do you do?

Oh! I am the chief physical therapist at a rehabilitation center.

You must be good.

Yeah. I've been doing it 12 years.

Could do it in my sleep.

But I like to stay up on the latest information, so the books.

Very cool.

Scott McKnight?

What are you doing here?

I know I only talked to you for a couple of minutes at the party, but I just had to see you again.

I'm headed to work, girl. I'm late. Okay.

Nice seeing you. Call me. Bye.


I have an away game tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.

Have dinner with me?

Scott, it's like I told you at the party.

I've done this before, and... But not with me.

But you don't even know me. I want to know you.

I don't even know you.

Leslie does. She'll vouch for me. I'm a perfect gentleman.

Just dinner?

Just dinner.

Now usually, I don't really rave about jewelry It's foolery, but something about the way you look on my arm And all on my neck like you're my charm So, so fresh when we step out midnight Up in the spot we chillin ', sit tight Now when I'm gone you can be gone with me If you don 't go, damn right, you miss me I wanna fly, fly, fly through the moonlit skies Into the sunset on the shores of another land Y eah!

And I want you by my side I'm asking, don 't know why I can 't tell by your smile you're the tra veling kind of man Your lips won 't quit They keep me rockin ' in kiss after kiss Your smile, so wild So sweet and coy It's just like a child We can keep going, JFK to wherever We can fly to any type of weather But from what I see, you better be here with me Come on, Scott!

But that don 't mean that I can 't focus Especially if I think you the dopest Maybe one day we could see what happens Let's keep it classic I wanna fly, fly, fly through the moonlit skies Into the sunset on the shores of another land I wanna fly, fly, fly...

What's up? You made it!

It's the only way I'm gonna see you.

It's been, like, three months. I know.

Look at your hair. Scott hates weaves.

Well, that's different. Come on, let me show you around.

Isn't it incredible?

Yeah, girl, it's like you been on tour, like you play for the Nets.

Well, I gotta stay close to my man.

I mean, these women out here are treacherous.

I hear that. You have no idea.

Anyways, let's go upstairs, and I want to show you around, give you a tour.

And this is the master bedroom.


And we're thinking about putting the nursery over here, so the baby can be close... Baby? Are you pregnant?

Oh, no, but we plan to start a family right away.

Morgan, you've known Scott for, like, three seconds.

Already you trying to get pregnant?

We're in love. And when you're in love, you know, you get married. You start a family.

You? In love?

He changed me, Leslie.

I know it's hard to believe, but he made me want to be a better me.

Morg, this is me you're talking to, remember? I know you.

Look, I'll admit it, okay.

I went after Scott for all the wrong reasons.


But he got inside my heart.

You're serious?

You happy for me? Of course.

Well, let me show you the rest of the house.

Wow. So this is how y'all been living, huh?

What's that? Oh! No idea.

It's Scott's personal space and off-limits.

I just hope he's not into anything weird, you know.

'Cause always the brothers with the secret rooms you gotta worry about.

Yeah, I heard about them secret rooms.

Can I have your attention, everybody?

Hey, take the music down. Take it down, everybody.

Take it down.

First, I want to thank everyone for coming out, helping me celebrate being voted to represent the East in the All-Star Game.

Five years in a row!

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Great friends.

Great mom.

And the icing on the cake, thanks to some trouble at a gas station, I'm getting to wake up next to the most beautiful woman on the planet.

And with so many of my good friends here tonight, I thought what better moment than to ask the woman I love...

Oh, my God.

Morgan Nicole Alexander, will you... Yes! Yes, I'll marry you!

Oh, baby.



See that?

Oh, my God!

Mom. We're going to be a family.

Honestly, man, congratulations.

I mean, you did well. She is gorgeous. Like, l...

Thanks, man.

I know you want me to be your best man. Yeah, okay.

I'm serious. I mean, I mean... Angelo.

Would you excuse us? Yes, ma'am.

Gotta go check on the wife anyway. All right, brother, congrats.

Thanks. I'll see you in a minute.

I know. I know. What do you know?

I should have told you before, but I just... Why? You're a grown man.

Grown men do what they want to do.

But you're still my baby, so I need to ask.


You sure you're not moving too fast?

You've only known her a little while.

She's different, Ma.


Really. She's very special.


Don't worry so much.

Can you be happy for me?

Come here.


We welcome you to the lzod Center, as we get ready for the NBA All-Star Game.

Hi, everybody, Marv Albert, Kenny "The Jet" Smith, "The Czar" Mike Fratello, and we are just moments away from the opening tip-off.

The stars of stars are right here in this building.

You have the premiere center, Dwight Howard, prolific scorer, Dwyane Wade.

But the majority of the people here want to see Scott McKnight.

You're unbelievable

And you're so unbelievable

I just wanna make jams To pack the clubs 'n ' stadiums With people of all types While makin ' the crowd hype Five minutes left in the fourth quarter and the East is up by 12.

Well, they gotta go to McKnight. He's been killing.

Twenty-six points, eight assists, four steals.

He's been phenomenal.

Here's McKnight, off the spin... And he's down.

Looks like a knee.

That doesn't look good. Marv, I think that's hurt.

He's hurt... He's hurt for real.

Yo, Scott. Scott, you all right?

He may have hit a wet spot.

I don't like the way that knee buckled.

Let me tell you, generally, guys don't get up from injuries like this.

I hate to say it. It doesn't look like he's gonna get up.

Scott! Come on.

Come on, baby, get up!

You'll be all right.

ls he gonna be all right? I don't know. I don't know.

Come on, Scott. Come on.

Hi. What's the story, Dr. Taylor?

Well, you suffered a torn posterior cruciate ligament, which is one of four ligaments critical to the stability of the knee.

With some hard work and a little bit of luck, we might have you back in action by training camp.

Training camp? No, we're in contract negotiations.

I gotta have him ready for the Playoffs.

Look, you need to be prepared for the possibility that Scott's NBA career could be over.

There's just no way to be certain. His career could be over?

If rehab doesn't work, there's no way he can play in the NBA on an unstable knee.

He needs to begin rehabilitation immediately, and I mean aggressively.

You okay, baby? Easy, easy. Here you go.

Careful. So, I got a physical therapist coming by the house tomorrow. I hope he's good.

No, it's a she. Bella Goldsmith.

Tim said she specializes in sports injuries.

Bella Goldsmith, she's the best in the league.

Yeah, they call her "The Miracle Worker." We're not leaving anything to chance.

Good. I'll call you later.

Morgan, you take good care of him. All right.

You'll have your phone on, right? Always. Always.

Okay. Take it slow, baby.

This is your lT band here. Mmm-hmm.

So you really want to stretch this, maybe foam a little.


Hey, baby. Hey.

Hey, this is Bella Goldsmith, The Miracle Worker.

I don't know about all that. Hi. Hi.

Bella. Morgan, his fiancee.

So, I have a romantic dinner planned for us.

And then we can do whatever you want afterwards, okay?

Yeah. We'll figure it out. Hip down.

Breathe. Well, I'll leave you guys to it.

Yeah, that feels good, right there. All right.

I'll just...

I can do this for you, but you have to do it on your own, too.

All right.


There we go.

Leslie, if you could have seen this girl.

Bella Goldsmith is one of the most respected people in this...

If I hear that one more time...

Look, some women have gay-dar. I've got ho-dar.

And I don't care how respected she is.

He's up in the family room. The job is basically yours.

Nelson already cleared it with the Nets.

You're not staying?

Charity event.


Scott's mother's here. Be prepared.

The woman's a pill.

Good luck!

Because of that speed, Marv, it's very difficult to keep him in front ofyou.

So defenders really have to try to be physical with him and they frequently pick up fouls.

Not good.

Hey, I didn't even know you were here.

You know, having your leg bent like that and not elevated while you're chilling at home is the worst thing you could do for a torn PCL. Didn't your doctor tell you that?

Yeah. And where is your ice pack?

Here, let's get this up.

Easy. There we go. ls that better? Yeah, that's a lot better.

Morgan told you the job's full-time, right?

Full-time, live-in, and my boss is cool with me taking a leave of absence, so we're good to go.


Baby, they keep calling from the office... Hi.

Hi. They keep calling from the office, honey.

They want to know about that game where you broke all the records.

You should know that, Ma. You're the president of my fan club.

You must be talking about Randolph versus MLK, 1993?

Sophomore year, he scored 23 points in the first half, another 32 in the second half, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, nine steals, breaking the high school record for double digits in a single game.

I've been a basketball fan since before I could walk, so.

When you finish with him, come to the fan club. We could use you.

You play bid whist?

Neighborhood champ, six years running.

So what're you saying?

I'm saying, with all due respect, Miss Ella, you don't want none of this.


I like her.

I might have to teach her a little something something, but I like her.

So, when will this knee be working again?

Well, you gotta give it time to heal.

(GROANS) It hurts.

I've seen you take an elbow from Dwyane Wade and you can't take a little deep tissue?

You didn't tear your knee.

Wow, Scott McKnight, two-time league MVP, guaranteed future Hall of Famer, is a big old baby in real life. Who knew?

Relax. There we go.

I don't believe this.

All right. Okay. That should be good.

There we go.


Are you okay? Hey. Put your weight on me.

I'm all right, I'm all right.

There you go. Yeah.

Good? Yeah.

I'm straight.

These things take time.

I can't believe Morgan got me into this.

Sometimes I feel like I'm over my head.

Come on, Leslie.

You got your undergrad in athletic training.

You can do PT in your sleep. What are you worried about?

I have an NBA player's career in my hands.

Did you get the books? Yes.

Everything you asked for.

Yeah. All right, perfect.

Here she comes now, the most beautiful woman in the world.

Just ask her.

Hi. Hey.

Sorry I'm late, guys.

Hi, Peter.

It's Paul, actually, but that's close. Oh.

I'm sorry. Hi, Paul. Hi.

I'm sorry I'm late. It was just traffic and shopping.

It's so much fun to hang out with you guys, you know?

All the talk about muscle conditioning and the human body, it's like the Discovery Channel, and who doesn't like Discovery Channel, right?

You don't.

Can I get you something to drink? Yeah, I'll take some champagne, please, thank you.

Girl, I could not stand another minute in that big house with him doing nothing but...

Being with your man? Who won't hang out.

Well, didn't he just tear his PCL?

So he can't have fun?

That's why I had to go out and do some shopping, a little retail therapy.

I got some great things.


Here, Patrick. Touch it. Oh, I'd love to.

Hey, you know this guy?

Hey, World.

What you doing with this? What up?

What, what's up?

Hey, do this thing, man Hey, hey!

How you feeling, man? I'm good, man. How're you?

I'm good, man. So, what's up, man?

What you doing here?

Man, I just came to do this commercial, man, but first I had to come check on my big homie, man.

Yeah, yeah, it's getting better, man.

I'm gonna be good.

Thanks to Leslie. That's what's up, but I really didn't come here to talk about your leg.

Well, what's up?

Well, there's a rumor going around that's saying the Nets aren't going to re-sign you.

What? The Nets without Scott McKnight?

No. Come on, man.

I mean, I'm always gonna be a Net.

All right. That's what's up. Yeah, for sure.

I'm good. New Jersey, baby, we're coming to see you.

Y'all are not ready for the Magic. I'm gonna be ready.

You gonna be ready? You know who I'm gonna hand it to?

Who? Your boy Jameer.

I don't know. You got this pizza here and them chips.

I don't think you're ready to see me on that court, now.

Yeah, you gonna see.

Hey, you heard from Morgan?

I've been trying to reach her all day.

Last time I checked she was shopping.

Hey, baby. It's me.

Call me.

...is McKnight still a franchise player?

Turn that up.

... with that kind ofinjury, the Nets, they can 't count on him.

And the last thing they need to do is pay someone to sit on a bench for half the season.

So, Golic, you think the Nets might not re-sign Scott McKnight at all?

Franchises want to win championships.

I'm sorry, but with the kind of injury McKnight has, the Nets can 't get rings, not with him as their franchise player.

His days in a Nets jersey are over after this season.

All right, let's get one...

You okay?

See, see, I knew there was something about that girl.

Coming up in here, pretending to care about my son, when all she really cared about was herself.

Well, he doesn't need her.

And he doesn't need you.

I swear, I had no idea about this.

You leaving, too? Leave now.

I'm leaving, but I will be back.

Yeah, right.

Have you lost your damn mind?

I take a leave of absence from my job to help your man, who you just dumped, and you don't even give me a heads up? I'm sorry.

But how do you think I feel?

I was really starting to like him.

That's all you have to say? And with a note?

It was better that way. You know he would've only tried to change my mind.

Why, Morgan? Why'd you do it?

Why? Because I want to be somebody!


And it ain't gonna happen being the wife of some has-been player with some bullshit contract Iiving in some podunk city.

You wanted to know why, now you know.

You can't possibly be this messed up.

You do you, and I do me, okay?

I've been watching you "do you" your whole life.

Using people, hurting them. Discarding boyfriends like old shoes.

Well, we all can't be Saint Leslie Wright.

You got problems.


Scott, can I come in, please?

I'm coming in.

Scott, from the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry.

Morgan didn't even... ls this part of your job?

No. Then just stick to your job.


Come on, you got to eat something.

I made you some food.

You need to eat.

...their display of underwater art stands as a testament to the complex brilliance of even...

Baby? ...the simplest organisms that inhabit...

Baby, Angelo's on the phone.

Dwyane called twice today.

...for even the carnivores...

Baby? ... who prey on jellyfish rely on the darkness...

Well, he can't come to the phone right now, but can I have him call you later?

What... What the... Get up!

Leslie, what are you doing? Get up. You're coming with me.

What? I'm not going no...

Man... You coming with me!

I'm not going any... Okay, okay!

I gotta get dressed.

No disrespect, but I really think it's time you get a new whip.

It just needs a little work, that's all.

Seat belt. Come on.

I don't wanna write this down I wanna tell you how I feel right now I don't wanna take no time to write this down I wanna tell you how I feel right now He can't dribble.


Tomorrow may never come For you or me life is not promised You all right, man?

Tomorrow may never show up How'd you know?

I'm a fan.

I haven't been here in years.

This court kept me out of a lot of trouble.

Every day, practicing for hours, dreaming that one day...

Watch that, watch that.

Every time I come to the Rucker, I'm just amazed at the raw talent that some of these kids have.

And how no matter how good they are, most of them will never make it to the NBA.

But not you.

See, you're blessed.

You made it. Your dream came true.

Hey, that's Scott McKnight!

Well, I think you've been spotted.

Yo, what's up, man?

All right, what's up, yo?

Good, good. Watch his knee.

That's the one you hurt, right? That's the one?

I've seen your handle over there, I see your handle over there.

Just playing hard, man, trying to get back there, you know?

So, what you doing in the hood?

We need you back in the league.

Yes, sir. I'm coming, man.

You really think you could get me back by the Playoffs?


We got up to eight weeks.

But you're gonna hate me by the time I'm through with you.

We're on the game, yo.

Come on, let's go play. Let's get to the game!

All right, y'all better show me some game. Some real game.

Show him how it's done. I'm gonna dunk on you, Scott.


He's talking about he's gonna dunk on me?

Is that a smile?

Wow. So we go to work?

Maniac, maniac

Seven, six, five. Come on, trust your leg.

Trust your leg, push it out. Three, two... Give me 100%.

You okay?

It's all right. A little bit of pain is to be expected, but you know what, you're working your way back.

You got the Playoffs coming up.

You're doing better today than you were doing a week ago, better than you were doing a week before that, better than a week before that, so every day, progress.

The knee's about healed, now it's time to go to work.

It's gonna respond, don't worry about it, I'm telling you.

Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.

Let's go.

Oh, when I move there's something about the way I get down Come on, come on. Quick stepping. Quick step, quick step.

Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Hopped on the boat when the boat left the dock Being hot right off when we seemed to stop But seeming to stop is what we were not Seeming to stop is what we were not Oh, when I move there's something about the way I get down that makes the people say Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Oh, your feet on fire Your feet on fire Your feet on fire Rock it out. Lock it out. That's what I'm talking about, Scott McKnight!

Feel good? Yeah, I feel good. Let me get some water.

Feel tired? Yeah, I'm... I'm straight up.

Water, that's for rich people.

Come on, I ain't got no water. All I got is guts. Let's go!

You realize how good you are at this?

You know, you ain't got to sweat me or nothing about it.

Nah, seriously, you're doing great work.

Well, it's not often I get to combine my love of basketball with my job.

Maybe this shouldn't be a one-time thing.

What're you talking about?

I mean, why not work your program full-time? Take it to the pro level.

The NBA? Why not?

I guess I could see myself hanging around a bunch of hot, sweaty guys.

That ain't cool.

Eleanor? That hooptie has a name?

Hey, don't talk about my Mustang. That was my grandfather's car.

He wanted me to have it when he died.

I'm sure the invention of the first automobile was fascinating back in the day.

You got jokes.

Well, keeping Eleanor with her dimple.


The dent in the driver's side door.

My grandfather had a dimple on his left side, so just like Eleanor.

That's why you never got the door fixed.

Well, I looked into it, but every body shop said the same thing.

To fix the door, you gotta lose the dimple. I'd rather keep the dimple, sore shoulder and all. Come on, let's go. All right.

Two more sets. You're not gonna let up 'cause it's Friday?

No. Correct. Leslie.

They were mad thick.

Like Coke bottle glasses?

Like headlights. Oh, my goodness. No.

They called me "four eyes" and "Mister Magoo."

Now, see, me, unlike yourself, I was popular in high school.

Why you... No, 'cause you know what, I was cool with all of the nerds, cool with the jocks and thugs, you know.

But the girls did give me a little bit of drama

'cause the guys always liked having me around them.

Look at... You was... You was that girl, huh?

You know I wasn't that girl.

I was a good girl.

I know you're a good girl. You want to get something to eat?

Yeah, let's do that.

Yeah, man. What you gonna have? What you want?

I think I want a whiting sandwich.

Let me get some cocoa bread, too, bro.

What you know about cocoa bread?

I know about cocoa bread, girl.

I thought you'd be eating sushi and Mediterranean food, olives and...

I wouldn't know my father if he walked right past me.

Sometimes, during the game, I look into the seats, wonder if he's in one.

Cheering for me.

That must be a trip, huh?

It is what it is.

There you go.

Bless you. Thank you.

Take your book.

You know, I'm gonna keep taking books.



So, you know I gotta ask you, right?

Ask me what?

Well, you haven't been out on one single date since you been here.

I haven't seen your cell being blown up, or you texting people back and forth.

So, what's up? Okay, all right, I'm single.

But you're great.

You're funny. You're smart. You're attractive.

Why are you single?

I just haven't found what I'm looking for.

What's that?

The one I can't live without.

Live with that. Cutting that.

Deal with that. You still gonna get set.

You might be getting a cold.

I don't get sick.

I could have got that. I know.

But now I'm gonna take care of you.

That's not bad.

I got skills.

You probably been taking care of everybody but yourself your whole life.

Not really.


Take a little more.

Mmm. I don't really want none.

I need you to get better. We need you to get better. Okay?

Good. You want some tea?


I'm here, okay?

If you need anything.

I have to get to Cartagena.

Cartagena? Angel, you are hell and gone from Cartagena.

Cartagena 's over there on the coast. Bless you.

Please, I need your help. Thank you.

That's my new career. It's very late.

Lady, half a year's work just flew south for the winter, all right?

My jeep is totaled.

Now, anyone who loves to cook needs to pay attention because today we are giving away all our trade secrets...

A keystone to any chef's kitchen.

The Mandolin is made with stainless steel...

I got ball, I got ball, I got ball.

Okay, here's a play that we'll see what he's got.

I think it's amazing he's back so soon after that kind of injury.

Okay, so far, so good.

Come on, Scott, pick it up, let's go.

You know, he's gotta be a little... Little stiff maybe, a little stiff.

Yeah, a little stiff right now.

With Game 7 tomorrow, do you think he's ready to play?

Did you see that?

Come on, man. Come on, man.

Come on, Scott! Show us you're ready.

Normally he's so instinctive, he always sees that.

So what's it gonna be?

We need him, Rod. We need him.

Yeah, we got no chance without him, I'll tell you that.

I'm sorry, why'd you stop?

'Cause I suck.

I just started to play this thing again a few months ago.

Wow, this is smooth.

How many rooms you got in this house? A lot.

Well, go ahead, try it again.

I'm much more comfortable on the court.

Aw, go ahead and play it.

I know that song.

The more I see you

The more I need you Ah.

How's that part go? Oh, yeah.

It grows, it grows

We weren't that bad. No, we could be a lounge act.

Take this thing to Vegas.

Hey, what are you doing up this late, anyway?

It's 3:00 in the morning.

I should be asking you that. You the one with the game in 16 hours.

What if I get on that floor tomorrow and then it's just like... You won't. You won't fail.

What if I do?

What if my knee goes out on me?

What if I can't play anymore?

Who would I be without basketball?

Scott McKnight. You'll still be you.

Basketball is what you do. It's not who you are.

And no matter what happens tomorrow, you're still a champion.

You're still an extraordinary human being.

And you'll still be Scott.

What's that?

You don't know about that right there? What is it?

That right there is my surefire

"eyes closed from half-court 'swish' slam dunk" cheer-up remedy.

It's cheering you up already, it's working.

Try one.

Marshmallows and chocolate chips? I don't think so.

You might like it. No. No, no, I'm good.

Just try one.

All right.


lncredible. Told you.

And I do feel better. See, it works.

Let me get another one of those. No, you can't.

No, player. No, player, that's all you get.

Don't be stingy now. No, no, the rest of these is mine.

Stop playing.

You better get some rest.


It is Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Hi, everybody. I'm Marv Albert, along with "The Czar" Mike Fratello, Kenny "The Jet" Smith.

One of these teams, the Nets or the Miami Heat, will leave the lzod Center as kings of the East and will go up against the Western Conference champion.

Heat! The big story, Scott McKnight will be back in the lineup and what perfect timing for the Nets. Nets!

Now, if they have any chance to make it to the NBA Finals since 2003, it all rests on the shoulders of their franchise player, McKnight.

I called you, like, five times, man. I know. I got your messages, man.

Thanks for hollering at me.

Come on, man, you'd do the same to me if I was going through the storm.

Yes, sir. You good?

Yeah, I'm good, I'm good, man. All right.

You know, if I wasn't good, I wouldn't be here.

You better be good 'cause my game wouldn't be the same if I couldn't take you to the hole.

There you go! Let's go, let's go!

(CHANTlNG) Defense! Defense! Defense! Defense!


You okay? I'm good, I'm good.

Be right back. Okay.

You are playing like you're afraid this knee is gonna fail you. Well, it won't.

Leslie, I'm all in... Listen to me!

Anything you need to do, anything you want to do, you can do.

Believe in yourself.

You will not fail.

Come on, let's go to work.

One, two, break! Together!

Let's go. Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go! ls he all right?

Come on, baby, come on!

Come on. Hit me.

Come on, man.

Yes! Yes! That's what I'm talking about!

That's what I'm talking about, baby!

Twelve seconds left here in the fourth quarter.

The Nets are down by two, 106-104.

It has come down to this.

The Nets got to. They gotta get back to that pick and roll.

Neither team with a timeout left or a foul to give.

With the Heat up two, they can't give up a three.

For the Nets, they've got the ball in the right man's hands, Scott McKnight.

Here is McKnight for three. Yes!

Yeah! Yeah! Yes!

A game winner for McKnight!

And the Nets, they're headed back to the NBA Finals!

Twenty-two points, McKnight, coming up with the game of his life.

You think about it, that knee injury and how much fortitude he had to play with, just to be on this court, great effort by McKnight.

I don't think that one person watching this game tonight would have thought Scott McKnight would be back on the court, Iet alone hit the winning shot.

Scott! Scott! This way, Scott!

Scott, over here! Scott, over here! Scott!

Scott, over here! Scott!

Scott, phenomenal game, man.

Phenomenal. Thanks, man.

You know it was a team effort, Stu.

Yeah, but you were in a zone all your own.

Well, you should have him on the show, then.

Yes, yes. You gotta come do my show.

Love to, man. Okay?

Son, oh, I'm so proud of you. Thank you, Ma. Thank you, Ma.

You were great.

Thank you.

You're welcome. No, really.

Thank you.

She deserves a bonus, right? Yes.

How about dinner someplace really nice?

You better be packing something in that wallet.

I'm not one of those salad-eating chicks.

I like her.

All right, and these people like you. Let's go.

All right, all right.

If we leave here in the next 10 minutes and take some side streets, we could probably beat the traffic.


You are so beautiful. Thank you. So are you.

Shall we? Yes.

I can't believe you got Terence Blanchard. Wow.

I told you, I know people.

I had such a good time tonight. Me, too. Me, too.

What is this? What...

You'll see.

No, you didn't! Yeah, I did.

No, you didn't! Yeah, I did.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, look at my car!

That's not it, though. What?

Check out the inside.



What? Butterfly doors? It's the only way I could keep the dimple.

Eleanor. Look at you, girl.

Everything's new.

Yeah. You got a sunroof.

I got a sunroof.

When you ride out, you can let the sun just shine on you.

I love it.

Wow, man, it's brand new.

Yes, this is brand new for you.

I don't know what to say.

Just say you'll let me be your first passenger.

Of course.

I just can't believe this.

I'm so happy.

What can we scrape together From our love-worn emotions?

Handfuls ofhate And the bittersweet devotion Who will find me under this mean sleep?

How could the clouds tease us into thinking it might rain?

I had a mean sleep over you And it hurts coming back to life


Enjoy, huh?

Something different in the air today It's like a new world's blooming under my feet I'm walking on air Never a care Wherever I want I'm already there I'm mystical, magical, highly unnatural, super delicious...

And sweet Sweet Cloud is clear I got a birdsong right in my ear Butterflies kiss my eyes...

Hi. Hey.

What are you doing here? I want to talk to Scott.

Come on. Let me in.

Scott's not here.

Oh, I'll wait for him.

I missed you.

You have a glow today.

Has everything been good?

Hey, baby.

I know you're probably wondering what I'm doing here.

Yeah, you shouldn't just come by without... But, please, Scott, what I have to say is long overdue.

I am so sorry I left you that note.

But I didn't know what to do, I was so confused.

My mom died when I was three.

My dad left the day after my fifth birthday, and somehow I knew I'd never see him again.

And I never did.

And I was terrified, terrified of loving someone completely, only to watch them walk out of my life one day.

So, I'd run.

I wouldn't have left you, Morgan.

I know what it feels like to be abandoned.

But I know me.

And I would have left you way before that ever happened.

That's why I went to get help.

Scott, if there's an ounce of something you still feel for me,

please give us a chance.

I love you.


We're meant to be together.

I think you should go.

I need time to think.


Tell Leslie I said goodbye, okay?

Where you going? Home.

Leslie, why are you leaving?

You tell me why I'm leaving.

Three months ago, this was the woman that I planned to spend the rest of my life with.

She's gone through a lot to be with me.

Leslie, the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you.

You are so special to me.

I know I'm special to you, Scott.

A very special friend.

You are. Well, that's not enough for me!


You here?

You want to talk about it, baby girl?

I'm fine.

I like to see patients get better, but I hate to see them go.

But I know it must feel kind of weird being back here after the last few months you've had. Like, living in a mansion!

Come on, man, a mansion with Scott McKnight, of all people.


It all had to be, like, kind of surreal, right?

I mean, it was kind of surreal.

You know, Scott McKnight is a really good...

He's a great employer.

But working with him did help me realize what I want to do next.

Did she just say next?

Yeah. Where are you going?

I want to be an athletic trainer in the NBA.

I didn't know they had women trainers in the NBA.

Well, not that many, but they do.

I think I should at least give it a try.

All I hear is courtside tickets Coming my way Will you stop thinking about yourself?

Well, I'm just saying.

But since she brought it up, you're gonna get some tickets, right?

You know what? Y'all should be together. Y'all deserve each other.

I mean, I'll sit with him at the...

I mean... You're gonna hook us up. Damn.

Mr. McKnight, Miss Alexander.

Chef Morimoto asked me to take extra special care of you.

Can I start you off with something to drink?

Morgan? Champagne.

Dom Perignon? Cristal?

Oh, no, no, no. What are your sakes?

May I suggest our Honjozo?

That might be nice. And your Junmai?

We have a great Daiginjo.

Is that the one with the melon?

Melon, honeysuckle fragrance, and a rich texture. Superb.


Then the Daiginjo it is.

So, I know this may be premature, considering we just got back together, but I just couldn't help myself.

What are you talking about?

Okay, well, after I shopped at Bergdorf's today, I swung by the Plaza and learned that if we wanted to have our wedding there, there's a Saturday in September just opened. The 15th.

Would it be too optimistic to reserve it? Just in case?

'Cause the next opening's not for, like, a year and a half.

You were right.

Way premature.

Look, you just came back into my life.

What I mean is, I'm happy you're here, so we could try to work things out... Are you in this, Scott?

'Cause if you're not really gonna give us a second chance, I deserve the right to know. I... Morgan. Morgan.

After all that's happened, I need to take this slow.

And I need you to be okay with that.

Here you go.

Hey, babe.

Would you mind if I closed the door?


Aw! Thanks, sweetie.

You have three unheard messages.

Hello, I'm calling for Leslie Wright.

Leslie, this is Aaron Nelson, head athletic trainer for the Phoenix Suns.

Scott McKnight tells me you 're the reason for his quick recovery.

I could use a pro like you on staff. Can you call me?

My number is 602-555-0867.

Look forward to speaking with you.

Hey, Leslie. Elton Brand with the Philadelphia 76ers.


Our GM would typically make this kind of call, but I insisted that he let me do it.

We need you, Leslie. We want you to be our new trainer.

You have got to be kidding me.

Let's talk about it. Hit me up on my cell.

Leslie, this is Tim Walsh with the New Jersey Nets.

Nets! Listen. Great job with Scott.

Incredible job, in fact.

We want you to be an assistant athletic trainer with the Nets organization. No.

Would love to talk with you about it. Give me a call, at my office.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

My God.

There he is.

It better be good. Oh, it's better than good.

I just got off the phone with Nets management.

Your new and improved contract looks like it's gonna close.

That's great.

What's great are the terms of the five-year deal.

Yeah, it's a good day.

Yeah. Got a new client.

Leslie. Leslie?

Yeah, after the work she did with you, she's become a hot commodity.

Five teams offered her a training position, including the Nets.

She's working with the Nets? No, she turned them down.

But she's seriously weighing an offer from the 76ers.

I'm gonna go try one of those protein shakes.

All I told them is I would come see their facility, and then I will make my decision.

So the prospect of you moving to another town, not knowing a soul, is better than staying here and working for your beloved Nets?

Ma, the thing is... You're running from something.

I'm not running from anything.

I just... I just want to explore my options.

You fell in love with that man, didn't you?

Janice, leave the girl alone and let her get out the door.

Baby, that kind of man...

Any man too blind or too stupid not to realize how special you are... Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.

I'm just saying... Daddy. Daddy.

It's fine. Don't worry.

The girl who's "supposed" to get a guy like that, she got him.

I love you. I love you.

Call y'all when I'm there.

Our guest today, "Great Scott," Scott McKnight, star of the New Jersey Nets.

Much respect, my brother, we appreciate you taking the time to join us today, man.

Yeah, thanks for having me, it's good to be here.

Scott, man, some year.

Some year, man.

A career-threatening injury in the middle of the season, everybody counted you out, including your own team.

Not even your own doctor thought you'd make it back before the end of the season, but you did.

And now the Nets are the Eastern Conference champions.

How in the world did you do it?

Two words, Leslie Wright.

The physical therapist that helped you out, right?

He just said Leslie's name. Hold on, hold on.

She did more than that, Stuart.

A lot more.

You know, she saw something in me that I didn't even see in myself.

She believed in me so much, she practically willed me back to the game.

Yeah, it was a lot of hard work, but even when I was in pain and wanted to quit, she wouldn't let me.

Instead, Leslie, she made me laugh.

Somehow she made the worst three months of my life the best three months of my life.

I wouldn't be here without her.

She sounds special, man.

Yeah. She is.

I'm sorry, man, there's someplace I need to be.

Wait... Scott...


Wait, Scott, wait. I'm sorry, babe. This is not gonna work.

No. Scott, I know.

I understand.

She's in Philadelphia.

Thank you.

And if that's not enough, the best practice facility, great coaching staff, me and Andre lguodala.

So, what do you think?

Let me have a day or two. That's fair.

Thank you. All right. Hope to see you.

All right.


Leslie, I want to talk to you. What are you doing here?

Look, I know you didn't want to see me, but I need... You're right, I don't. Why are you here?

For the same reason I'm willing to leave the Nets.

I'm in love with you. I know that now.

No, what you know now is that the woman that you were gonna marry is not the woman you thought she was.

So now here you are, looking for Plan B.

Huh? You want your best friend, your cheerleader, that was there for you when the chips were down?

Well, guess what, Scott, I don't want to be Plan B.

And I won't be that, even for Scott McKnight.

Listen to me, Leslie, listen. You're not my fallback plan.

I'm not here 'cause things didn't work out with Morgan.

Be stubborn all you want, but I know you.

You don't know me. I know you love me.

I know those feelings didn't conveniently fade away

'cause you're mad at me.

And you have every right to be.

But I'm not leaving these grounds without you.

I'm not waking up another morning without being able to look at you next to me.

Leslie, you're just right for me.

And if I have to move to Philadelphia or to Cleveland or wherever I got to go, I am.

You're kidding me, right? You're kidding me.

You're gonna make a call while I'm pouring out my heart to you?

Tim? Leslie Wright.

Is that offer still on the table?


Well, you have a new Nets trainer.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Scott McKnight sucks! Sit down, sit down!

My husband will flush your whole squad.

Yeah, right. Sit down!

Wow, girl, I didn't know you could still talk trash and work for the team.

I'm not talking trash. Scott will flush their whole squad.

Speaking of which, I better get back to work.

Well, thanks for inviting me. Any time.

All right, go do you, girl. Bye.

Let's go, let's go!


Right here. Camera, right here.

Why're you the only Net smiling when you lost by six points?

'Cause I'm the only Net that has you. Oh, baby, you so sweet.

I don 't even care no more That's my word, that's for sure I don 't even cry no more That's absurd, I'm so cured I'm so secure with who I is Oops, who I am And I'm a champion for sure, boy I'm a champ Oh, yes, I am But what I thought about When those people put me down They can laugh for now But watch it when I turn this thing around I know, I believe Ain 't nobody gonna do it but me I'm fly, no lie I'm the truth Baby, ask me why I'm a champion I'm a champion I'm a champion I'm a champion I'm a champion I'm a champion

I'm gonna blow your mind I'll hold you close Oh, so close Squeeze you tight Squeeze you tight The next time that I see you I'm gonna tell you I love you Cross my heart Cross your heart And I hope to die The next time that I see you I grew up talking Chi-Town slang Never played soccer but loved the kick game Love chicks with thick frames and big-lipped dames Might see 'em on my arm 'cause I charm like thick chains Same section, all girls they be dressing for checks That's when she stepped in front of me Light skin, long hair Like the school days Wanna be a big ol'... Whoo! Let's just say she was blessed She had got it from her mamma God ga ve her the rest I'm gonna blow your mind I'll hold you close Oh, so close Squeeze you tight Squeeze you tight The next time that I see you I'm gonna tell you I love you Cross my heart Cross your heart And I hope to die Hope to die The next time that I see you We conversating Talk about life and stuff Told her that tonight was just right for us Boldly, she told me, "Oh, you 've got moves "

Her friends said, "Really, no, he 's a good dude "

Could it be things go the way that they should?

From the unexpected love can be understood And in the real game, only love can win I've got the win, 'cause I fell in love with a friend I'm gonna blow your mind I'll hold you close Oh, so close Squeeze you tight Squeeze you tight The next time that I see you I'm gonna tell you I love you Cross my heart Cross your heart And I hope to die Hope to die The next time that I see you

I'm gonna blow your mind I'll hold you close Oh, so close Squeeze you tight Squeeze you tight The next time that I see you I'm gonna tell you I love you Cross my heart Cross your heart And I hope to die Hope to die The next time that I see you

I'm gonna blow your mind I'll hold you close Oh, so close Squeeze you tight Squeeze you tight The next time that I see you I'm gonna tell you I love you Cross my heart Cross your heart And I hope to die Hope to die The next time that I see you

The next time that I see you