Kaalia (1997) Script

Kali escaped from prison! Shut off all exits from the city!

Send police to the airport, at the train station ...

... To the bus station - everywhere!

Check all vehicles entering and leaving the city.

Kali does not have to leave town!

I am by all means necessary Cali!

Next ... Next ... Next, go.

Drive up close. Hold it!

Stop it! Wait, wait .., wait! Hug the curb.

What you are traveling? What is it, Inspector?

Killer Minister of the Interior Kali escaped from prison.

We check all the machines. But here is what to check?

This is garbage.

No ... no. What an abomination!

Drive through! Pass forward! What a stink!

Come on! Forward!

Latest News! Latest News!

Killer Minister of the Interior Kali escaped from prison!

Latest News! Latest News!

Killer Minister of the Interior Kali escaped from prison!

Killer Minister of the Interior Kali escaped from prison!

Latest News! Latest News!

Killer Minister of the Interior Kali escaped from prison!

Wait ... Hold on.


Where now can be Daniel?

My father, now Daniel on ...

Party ... birthday Minister Yadav Lallana.

Lallana Yadav? Yes, Father. Daniel gave ...

Me ... and a complimentary ticket but I could not go.

If you really need to see with Daniel ...

... Then I will give you my invitation Go and you will find it there.

Yes, my son. For me, really it is important to see him.

Forgive me, Father! Yes?

You can not enter without inspection. Of course, my son.

Now came the really bad times.

Earlier, when the minister was celebrating his birthday ...

... All peasants and soldiers stood with fresh roses in their hands.

Today, it seems as if it is not birthday Lallana Yadav ...

... And someone intends to kill him.

I'm sorry, Father. But the fact is, Cali that recently killed a minister ...

... Interior. And Lallana Yadav 've seen it with my own eyes.

It was decided that an all-out checking ...

... So no way to Cali could not get to the minister.

Sorry for the inconvenience - you can go through.

The Lord bless you, my son!

Mr. Minister parties always distinguished by the splendor of ...

... And splendor.

I beg your pardon! - Yes, Father? Can I talk to you alone?

Of course, my father.

Sir, are you? - These three ministers guilty of ...

Jyoti ... that disappeared without a trace! This - one.

Yes, sir!


Hello! Hello!

Hello! Hello!

Cali ... are you?

Where is my Jyoti? Where is my Jyoti?

I do not know! Believe me, I do not know!

Tell me where my Jyoti? Answer!

Tell me where my Jyoti? Speak!

Speak! Speak!

This is the second political assassination.

In one week, Potassium ...

... Finished with two ministers.

Even at such unprecedented security measures ...

... He was able to commit these murders!

In addition, he easily escaped! No one is able to grasp!

Why? Is he a superman?

Sees the ears, eyes, hear! Who was he, after all?

What, finally, the reason? Sir, Potassium ...

But please, do not excuses!

The reason for this - your elementary irresponsibility!

Otherwise, how would Potassium dared to declare the home minister ...

And kill him ... even with such measures security and crowds of police outside the house?

Yes, and safely disappear from there! Shame on you all!

No, ladies and gentlemen ... no!

The courage and dedication - not in uniform, but in the people themselves!

And as long as you do are not aware of ...

... How can we ensure public order and safety?

Now I have only one hope.

This inspector Priyanka Sinha.

Sit down, please. Thank you, sir.

Miss Sinha is - a deal killer Kalicharana.

Miss Sinha is now Kalicharan the reach of the law.

None of my men could not to arrest him.

Now I give management his case to you.

With the hope that you will take it alive.

I will make every effort for that, sir!

I did not drop the officer's honor and justify your trust!

Yes, officer! I trust you completely. I wish you good luck!

Thank you, sir!

Boss, are you? - Do you have any News about Jyoti?

Yes, it's a letter. Where?

On the envelope, no return address.

Do you have this letter? - Yes, I it should be kept. I'll get it.


Cali, wherever you may be, I necessarily going to arrest you.

It's very strange, Mahesh! It is still not!

She will be here any minute here.

Look, pal, is it really it is necessary that your daughter ...

Cut the ribbon ...? We and the waves themselves can do it.

I do not mind.

Mr. Makawao! Yes?

Only my daughter slit this ribbon!

Because it always brings me luck.

We will wait for her until she will not come.

Look - it's here!

"Hello, ma'am. ' 'Hello.'

'Welcome, my lady.' Hello. - "Hello, ma'am. '

Lady? Did you see me?

Yes, ma'am. - Then why you did not welcome me?

I was carrying a tray. No more!

Yes, ma'am. That's more like it!

"Hello, ma'am. ' - 'Welcome Mistress. '- Hello, ma'am!

Hey, Dad! - Hello, my daughter ... Hi! - I do not mind.

Daughter, come here!

Cut the tape that his charming handles ...

... And put his new beginning tea plantation! - Of course.

Come on.


Flowers - ten thousand, soft drinks - five thousand.

Chairs and tents - four thousand, Shipping - ten thousand.

Flowers - ten thousand ... What!

What is this nonsense, Nandlal Chobey?

Ten thousand flowers for written twice?

Dual ... Double payment? I do not mind, sir.

Chobey, together with the age you and increasing propensity to theft!

I put up with all this only because many generations of your family worked for us!

It's not supposed to happen like this ...

My patience ... finally burst! It is clear to you?

I do not mind, sir. What!

I would like to say, sir, look at my age!

Besides, I have a weak view these are the men and use ...

It ... for their own purposes.

A florist, for example, insolently appropriated ten thousand rupees!

But you do not worry, sir! Tomorrow I'll go to him ...

'll Find out ... and will return these ten thousand!

No! Not tomorrow, but today!

The money should be in my account by the evening!

Otherwise ... I do not mind!


I'm sorry.

Oh, my God! Where am I now take These ten thousand?

Yes! I take away from her brother Bipin!

However, I owe him forty thousand ...

What should I do? I think I have Now there was only one way out.

And it is - brother Khan!

Brother Khan?

Greetings, brother Khan! - Hey, my name - Khan, not the dog's tail!

Idiot! You borrow money, but do not think they get back!

You get the money for the wedding, took the money for a divorce!

Took the money to open a store, took the money to close the store!

But do not put the time, you moron!

What - your aunt dies, if are you gonna pay me?

Hey, I - Khan! Khan!

Worthless! You do not give debts on time!

When I sent to you my people You hid behind his wife's back!

My name - Khan, not the dog's tail! It is clear to you?

Khan, brother, business is very bad.

I need two days.

Hey, Mafia, come over here! Come on! Come to me!

Yes, sir! Give him another two days.

Now you have two days.

If you ask me again deferment, I love you so ...

'll Beat ... boots that posineesh!

I'll stick your head in the washing the machine and turn it came?

My name - Khan, not the dog's tail!

Hey, bring all the money from the diplomat!

Hey, send some tea! Send tea!

Here, brother Khan! So, while it's here where?

Idiot is hiding!

Hey, brother Khan, welcome! Greetings!

Hey, Nanda! Sit down, man, sit down. How are you?

What's the matter, man, what happened?

Wow! It is the hand or hammer?

Wow - just iron ... Iron! Wow! There are no words!

Well, what do you say, man? The whole thing - the blood Khan.

Brother, here's a little more growth ...

And then ... ... Well, what to say!

What kind of growth are you talking about this? What is it?

Is today Khans can boast of growth?

Look at Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Faisal Khan ...

Salman Khan ...! Where's the growth?

Today Pathan have weight!

Small .. small .. small .. Brother, wait a minute. Come a little bit in the wrong direction.

In the other side. What is it?

Brother, look a little higher. Even higher!

Here ... That's it! What's the matter, man, what's up?

Hey, brother, you now look absolutely like Amitabh Bachchan!

Bring me some tea for him! The guy Bring a special tea!

It's done! It's done, my friend! It's done! - What has been done, man?

Your job is done! I'm now go and talk about you in ABCL!

What the ABCL? Production company Amitabh Bachchan!

Brother, just yesterday they told me said that for their new movie ...

... They need a very good actor, they need a new hero!

And who is better suited for this purpose, What are you, brother?

I'll go and make arrangements What about your main role!

Only, my friend, there is one small problem.

What's your problem, man?

The thing is, my boy, before committing to have such a good cause ...

I ... would like to solve the problem.

What is the problem? Brother, my problem is ...

... I need twenty thousand rupees.

Come on, man! Some twenty thousand!

Take it, man! Beriberi! Here you go. - Wow, great!

Take it, man! Take it away! Wow! Twenty thousand!

Thank you, my friend, thank you!

How cool! Now I'll go and do your job. - Excellent!

My name - Khan, not the dog's tail! Of course!

Tell me when you return the money?

Tuesday. Well, well, go.

Yes. Hey!

What's up, bro? Tell me something.

Yes? Do I look like Amitabh Bachchan?

Yes, absolutely! Hundred-percent Amitabh Bachchan!

The truth? Of course!

Well, then give me the money Wednesday! On Wednesday!

Wow, great! Thank you, brother, Thank you!

Brother, can I give you some advice?

Brother, always keep your head up that's it. - That's it?

In this position you will be in exactly like Amitabh Bachchan!

See you there!

Idiot! My name - Khan, and is not an orphan (Lawaaris - one of the hits Bachchan)!

Oh, sir, look at how they long live!

We have just remembered about them - they are right there and there!

And here, too, five of them!

Hey! Ranjit Singh!

Who are you guys and what you want?

Hey, we need a diplomat! Do not smack the crap!

Do not you know who deal?

We're talking to a millionaire which has a lot of money!

Silently lend us a diplomat!

Do not expect! Never! Will you give - where did you get away!

I do not mind. Sir, it is not necessary worry about money ...

More ... than about his own life! Give please diplomat!

Come on! - Shut up!

Do not move!

Who are you?

Thank you very much! What is your name?

I am looking for. Looking for? What?

Well ... I'm looking for a job. Looking for a job?

Then consider that you found it. What's that?

I am accepted? - Yes. From today you - my chauffeur and bodyguard.

Well ... - Do not even hesitate! Just get behind the wheel.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, Potassium, come on.

This - my home.

Whichever room you like or, consider it theirs.

Agreed? Well, look around.

Dad! Dad! Who is this guy? What happened?

What's the matter, my daughter? Who is this man?

And it took him in my room?

My daughter is - our new employee, Potassium.

He probably went by mistake in your room.

You know, if he is today not arrived in time in time ...

... These bandits have robbed I killed him.

It's true, my daughter! If you now Your dad was alive ...

... It is only thanks to Kaliya.

Today it will be your driver and bodyguard. Agreed?

I do not mind.


And, look! Yes?

Bring his name in the list and accrued his salary from today.

Okay? I do not mind.

Come on ... come on. Yes. Hey, come on!

Come on.


Listen, you'll receive two thousand rupees per month.

The rest of you can catch up, Selling wheels, lights ...

... And other parts, right? I do not mind.

I. .. Why are you standing there? Go and sit in the car.

Priya has to go to school martial arts.

Take it, then no problem brought home.

Against the rest I do not mind. Go! Go-go-go! Go already!

Look, when you came yesterday in my room ...

I ... just came out of the bathroom Taking a shower.

Seeing you so suddenly in the room ...

... I dropped the towel.

You ... saw anything?

Hey, I'm talking to you!

Hey, come visit me in five evening.

Hi, Priya! Hey.

What is it? You look upset!

I'm just furious, girlfriend! But who are you pissed off?

My driver! - Your driver unworthy of myself with you leading?

Today damn shoferishka I poplyashet!

Let's break his arms and legs under the pretext of self-defense!

Excellent! When he arrives? By five o'clock.

Yes ... Yes, let's go ... Come on ... Come on ... Come on ...

Brother, where Khan-bhai? The house.

In the house? Yes.

Come on ... come on!

Great! King! King!

Brother Khan!

Greetings! Hello, hello!

Hey, what the hell? Where have you been, man?

Well, my friend, I went to negotiate with the director about you!

Well? Arranged? Yes, that's the director.

Here's our director Raj Suntop! This is it - the director?

Hey, do not fall down, man! He looks like on any conductor, man!

Brother, looks can be deceiving!

He fought for a place in the sun many years!

That was that. But his brain ...

... Well, there are no words! They are literally No - because he is cooking pot!

I have something so personal ...

And ... did not understand about his brain, man!

He took something already? I took a lot of things!

Punjabi I took 'Oye Kudi Kithe Jaari Hai '...

Bhojpuri on ... - 'Saiyan Panwa ...

... Khakar Panch Maale Se Muh Par Thuk Deen '!

In Rajasthan I took 'Baya Bage Susriye '.

In Gujarat - 'Derani Ane Jethani ...

... Dandiya Kheline Mari Gaya '!

Bengali I took 'Ilish Macher Jhaal Kha '.

And in Hindi - 'Kab Tak Jhele Hum Aapko '.

And 'Daulatwale Jobaniya Le Gaye'!

So you're still not been removed films in Madras? So take off, man!

Well, you seem to be more talent, man!

And what's your movie plot? Tell me a story, man!

It's a great story, man! Tell me!

In an alley dog ??whines. The clock ...

On the wall ... show midnight: tick-tock ... tick-tock ...

Suddenly, the lights go out! No lights, no wind ...

The hero, sleeping on the bed, high temperature.

He gets up from the bed and undressing naked.

What did you open up, bastard? Door.

The house door - there, in front!

There is character - all wet.

Water dripping from her body.

Drip-drip ... Drip-drip ... Drip-drip ... Drip-drip ... Drip-drip ...

Suddenly the eyes of the hero and heroine meet.

Charming atmosphere! Beautiful, sensual!

So you're going to undress me in his film?

Yes, you will have to undress. - Oh, no, guy! Just do it, man!

Try to understand, man!

The fact that my back and ... below - a lot of scars.

A pile of scars! It will look not that guy!

Mr. Khan, let's have agree! The people of the same shaft ...

Tumble down ... to look at your scars! Your film will be a huge hit!

Do you really think so? Of course!

So I have to be naked?

Look here! Look, you just need to be naked!

You will have to get naked or on the set of the movie ...

Or ... this can not be avoided after its failure!

Okay, okay, man, all right! I agree, man!

Yes ... Yes, brother Khan, he has note that ...

In our time ... nudity in films demand!

Is that true? What are you saying, man?

Listen to me - and we heroine too undress.

Being naked in our time very fashionable! - Yes!

Look, as long as you are not fully razdenesh heroine ...

... She can prevent release of the movie!

Yes! What are you talking about, man?

Yes! Mr. Suntop is right, brother!

Now you only have to give me fifty thousand rupees to ...

... I could go and find you chubby, nice little character!

Hey, Mafia, give him fifty thousand, man!

Why do not you listen, man! Thank you, brother! Come on!

Hey, Suntop! So you're saying that I look like a hero?

Mr. Khan, the success of the film affects fortune, not rock.

If fortune smiles at you, then you will have ...

... Bungalow on the corner.

And if you do not care for fortune, then you have to ...

... To beg on the streets.

Brother Khan, again you have forgotten! What I forgot, man?

Cheer up, Amitabh Bachchan! Mafia, come on!

Hey, idiot, I'll write my destiny! The hands!

I swear to God, life - this is one puff a cigarette!

Help! Help!

Save me! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Here are some fun now! Look carefully!

Anita, do not go!

Hey, Potassium, come here.

Go and fetch a ball!

Today he will not find it!

Too many thinks of himself!

Go and fetch the ball.


Go and bring it back!

Are you deaf, did not hear? Go and fetch a ball!

So you do not go, you scoundrel!

Listen, lady, you can be very rich, but it does not ...

You ... right to treat with people!

I am your servant, not a slave! Not repeat this mistake again!

Or do I have to seriously talk to you.


"Your call drew me - and here I am. My heart is given to you forever. "

"Your call drew me - and here I am. My heart is given to you forever. "

"This is a reality or a dream, my love?"

"We're now a whole - correct me if I'm wrong. "

"This is - reality, my love."

"Your call drew me - and here I am. My heart is given to you forever. "

"I accept it, I believe it! I live in your heart. "

"I accept it, I believe it! I live in your heart. "

"I contend that we love to each other. "

"Today my heart is dancing joy, like crazy. "

"I also want to look at love, sparkling bright colors. "

"I belong to you, my heart from now on - is yours. "

"Now what? Look what will Now, my love! "

"Your call drew me - and here I am. My heart is given to you forever. "

"It was difficult to imagine that the way our love will be so. "

"It was difficult to imagine that the way our love will be so. "

"You are - in my arms, you belong to me. "

"How did you guess the desire my heart? "

"You can not imagine many things, but my mind did not deprive the Lord. "

"You know and I know, my love! Do not go out of my life! "

"I'm not one of those who can easily betray, my love. "

"Your call drew me - and here I am."

"My heart is given to you forever."

"Your call drew me - and here I am. My heart is given to you forever. "

"This is a reality or a dream, my love?"

"We're now a whole - correct me if I'm wrong. "

"This is - reality, my love."

"Your call drew me - and here I am. My heart is given to you forever. "

Why do you still do not have fee? - Excuse me, ma'am.

Pay as soon as possible.

I'm sorry! Yes?

There is a girl named Jyoti? Jyoti?

Yes. Yes, there is.

Please invite her! Well, I will invite her.

Invite Jyoti. All right, lady.

Madam, you called me? Yes, Jyoti. This gentleman wants to ...

... Meet you. - Madam, this is not Jyoti that with which I need to meet.

If there is any girl with that name, then ask her.

I'm sorry, but it is - the only Jyoti in our hostel.

I'm sorry. It's okay. You can go.

I know that both of you are very close to Cali.

Do you know a lot about him.

Tell me, where can now be Kali?

Madam, I'm just fine employee in his office.

All I know is that he noble and humble man.

He could not kill anyone.

And what do you know about Cali?

My boss - a very good man.

He was not interested in anything but ...

Jyoti ... and his work. Jyoti? And where is she?

Even I do not know where is Jyoti.

But ten days ago here came from.

Letter? Where does it come from?

I do not know from where. Where's the letter?

Letter? Oh my God ... I do not even know where it could podevalis!

Madam, guaranteed! Hey!

Where is brother? There - go ahead.

Hey! Go careful ... careful ... good. Look out!

Brother - a very good man.

Brother, welcome! Hey.

Nanda, where have you been, man?

Brother, meet! This is - Rambha. - Hey!

Hey, Rambha! Rambha ... Rambha!

Wow! This rosy straight from the tin face! Just like the dried fruit of Kabul!

Hey Mafia conductivity ka Rambha in my room.

Right now, I'll eat with pistachio almond and come again. - What?

Come on, take it. Oh, no, my friend!

Khan, brother, it is not so, as you think!

She - your character? The heroine!

Ah, so it - the heroine! I beg your pardon!

You idiot, why me earlier do not say?

Hey, Mafia, Bring me potato snacks and ...

Tea ... for my heroine! What? Potato snacks?

Yes. - Hey, brother Khan, why you disgrace yourself?

She - the heroine, not some helpers!

If you want to treat it, it really not a potato snack!

Book kakih-nibud cakes well, or a pizza. Really?

Where I live, all this do not get it, man.

Better than we had in the evening descend by Linkin Road ...

There ... I'll buy her a pizza, get her a visa.

Hey, baby, you're to work with me?

Why would not you? For the sake of its own career, I was ready to work with anyone!

Look at her! Yes, I absolutely do not mind!

You do not need to worry brother! It will stick to the full!

She is very talented, and Even her clothes ...

Capable of much ...! Well, I'll find out myself, man.

What? - Game ... Game! I'll see it in, man!

So, my friend, I have introduced and with the director ...

... And the heroine. We can say the issue is completely solved!

Now, let me just two thousand rupees ...

... So I could arrange the start of filming!

Hey, Mafia, give him two hundred thousand rupees, man! You can go, boy!

Brother! Yes?

Do you remember what I told you? What is it?

Amitabh Bachchan! Yeah, I do not mind!

'Mafia, go!'

Look, one of us will turn to you great couple.

I do not even need to talk about it God himself knows it!

Hello, Malhotra. - Greetings, Pratap Singh, welcome!

How are you, friend? Yes, my friend, everything is great!

Please, have a seat. I beg you. Please.

How is business?

Business is very good, Pratap Singh, just great!

What are you doing here? Well, I'm ... No, no, nothing.

Okay, Bring the car. I need to to travel on business.

Where to? Bring the car first!

You - a completely insensitive man!

Sitting next to you are so beautiful young girl!

And you - like clams!

I do not yap language, when I'm driving.

Well, then proceed as follows - I myself I will talk to you.

And you will only need to nod, okay?

You know, I had a girlfriend Rita.

Very beautiful, intelligent, educated.

And suddenly she fell head over heels in a deaf guy.

But, alas ... This deaf and dumb guy could not understand ...

Feelings ... my girlfriend. Love after all do not ask when it come!

But only by love led by the torments of love.

One day, throwing all modesty, my friend ...

... Showed the world their feelings for this guy.

"What would any guy I love, he is the best. "

"What would any guy I love, he is the best. "

"Of course, not for the sake of a short novel I will choose him for a lifetime. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"What would any guy I love, he is the best. "

"What would any guy I love, he is the best. "

"Of course, not for the sake of a short novel I will choose him for a lifetime. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"Tell me something: what it is, in the end? "

"Be crazy and you will see next the same crazy girl. "

"Tell me something: what it is, in the end? "

"Be crazy and you will see next the same crazy girl. "

"Do not walk away from me like this ... like this ... that's it. "

"Do not create barriers between us - Come closer ... closer ... closer. "

"I'm ready to be with you all rest of my life. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"The heyday of youth does not come again and again. "

"Let me go straight arrow of love in my heart. "

"The heyday of youth does not come again and again. "

"Let me go straight arrow of love in my heart. "

"I am adamant about, sweetheart ... beloved ... Beloved. "

"I sacrifice my life for you ... for you ... for you. "

"Take my love, I'll dance in your arms. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"What would any guy I love, he is the best. "

"What would any guy I love, he is the best. "

"Of course, not for the sake of a short novel I will choose him for a lifetime. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

"Times may change, but I do not change my my companion, my love. "

Well, what kind of person?

The girl did not hesitate to recognize you in love!

And you are so rude to her?

This means that you do not love me.

You love only Jyoti!

I know what you're looking for Jyoti! And just like Jyoti!

And I'm an idiot, despite all the it is, I love you!

What do you know about Jyoti?

Jyoti's like my daughter!

Yes, Jyoti's like my daughter!

After the death of his brother and daughter-I was all for it.

Jyoti, my dear, you sing! You do, probably hungry.

I will not eat anything until the returns uncle.

The master collector, probably, a lot more work.

He would come home late.

It is not important. I will eat only when he arrives.

O, my God! I have not ever seen this kind of love between father and daughter!

I had heard what you said. Perhaps, the whole system is rotten.

But the pages of the Constitution can not be rotten to the core!

Why do not you punish those officials who take bribes ...

Abusing their position ... and oppress you?

Mr. manifold, we can to do it.

Then why not do it?

Because this country is governed "Servants of the people."

Is the official corrupt or honest ...

Simple man ... has no right to ask him about it.

Even if we send the complaint, nothing will happen.

They change the Constitution and send to jail the plaintiffs.

Mr. collector, the last five years this is what happens because of our land!

All right. Now, please, go ahead. I 'll do my best to help you.

The law can not be justified. You certainly will achieve justice!

Now go, please.

Good-bye, sir! Good-bye, sir.

Call me Daniel!

Daniel, tomorrow morning I need all folders with documents on the ground, right?

Yes. Sir, maybe, baby Jyoti had returned from school.

You need to go home soon.

All right.

Greetings, sir.

Sir, Bhawani Singh sent you this car.

What for? I do not know, sir.

I do not need it. I and so have a car.

Get him out of here!

Who brought it all?

One uncle came here. He and left it all here.

For me - toys, and for you ... the car!

This is not right - to take such gifts!

I'll bring you these toys even better.

Uncle, I want to eat!

Oh! My daughter wants to eat, but no you did not feed him?

Now I myself will feed you! Come on!


Jyoti, my dear! Yes!

I need to do some work. I'll be back soon.


Greetings, Mr. collector! Welcome back!

You are here to thank me?

Well, of course! You have sent such an expensive car, though, this one did not ask.

It was just a little gift In the name of friendship between us.

What do you expect from me?

People go and give bribes. But I invite bribe to his house.

This - my style.

What do you mean?

Collector! We need that patch land of 500 acres.

Oh! So, you have decided for this bribe me?

The collector, this is not a bribe. This is - a little gift from us to you.

This is - your first mistake.

If you do something again like, I'll make you ...

A merry life ... that you Fire does not find out!

Collector, it is only about 500 acres of land!

I give you a lot more!

As long as you have the power, you need to make money!

As soon as you lose your power, you become like a widow ...

Which ... would be glad to fasten jewelry, but he can not, because ...

... She has no husband!

It seems you are well aware about the needs of widows?

But here, it seems to me, this a man until you have met.

Do not force a man to do anything against your will.

Otherwise cry over their destiny, like the widow!

Here you go.

What is this?


What do I do with this toy?

Press the button.


Pratap Singh, never try Buy Kalicharana honesty.

Or do you, and the land shall be left, to hide it from me.

I'll crumble at such small pieces that your people ...

They have to be considered ... in the morning until the evening!






Where have you been?

If you still do not appear, I would just die!

Uncle! Though you forgot, but I remember it!

Today's your birthday!

So I went to buy for you this gift.

Thank you!

But where did you get so much money?

Uncle, I gathered something in the bank.

Here's the money I bought.

Do you like the gift?

No one gave me such a wonderful gift ever in life!

Good morning, sir! What is it, Daniel?

The Minister has invited you to rice mill.

Rice mill?

Yes, I talked to people of the ministry.

Your offer will be accepted.

I. ..

Oh! Welcome, Kalicharan collector! Welcome back!

You invited me here, sir?

For a start - please sit down.

Mr. collector, I want 500 acres of land have been re-written in my name.

All clear! These people have already offered me about a bribe.

Having failed, they decided to and drag you into this.

I will not be inhaled. I am here on their own.

You only need to sign the document.

Mr. Minister, Getting Started in this post, I made a vow ...

Names ... Gandhi and Nehru.

If I can do in life at least 10% of what they have achieved ...

I'm ... going to assume that life not lived in vain.

But now I see that such Leaders like you ...

Hope and profane ... aspirations of the people.

You trample on their rights!

But I will not allow it!

The collector, leave pushing speeches of leaders such as we are!

Just silence sign this document which provide ...

Bread and butter ... and you and us.

Collector puts his signature on document in the folder when it is opened ...

... And when it is closed.

Now tell me, what kind of document I have to sign?

Folder of your life, full of atrocities?

Or a folder of your death, which is in the hands ...

... Such an honest man like me?

You talk too much, the collector!

Now listen to what I tell you.

Up until horseback strong her feet are swift as the wind.

But when her legs were broken, then it does not even power ...

... To get rid of flies, crawling on the back.

Today, you have power.

So your signature is worth something.

Take away your power - and you will be completely useless!

Even your five signatures on the document will have no value!

In this land will stand the poor house!

I'm not going to let their dreams have been destroyed!

The collector of today will be ruined someone's life.

Or those poor, or your own.

Look over there!

Uncle! Jyoti!

Let go of her! Uncle!


Let go of her! Do not draw the my daughter in our war!

Uncle! - Otherwise ... Other - what will you do?

You razrezhesh us to pieces, or will burn us alive ...

Or in public ... you pick with our clothes?

Enough is enough! This makes no sense!

Come on, sign the papers! No!

If you do not sign, then this knife leave a mark on the girl's neck!


Uncle, help me! Uncle!


Sign it!

Uncle, save me!

Sign it, Kalicharan!

Please save me, uncle!

Uncle, help me!

Uncle! Uncle! Uncle, save me!

Uncle, please save me!

Please help me, uncle!


Excellent! Collector, you made it easier my task by signing here.

Uncle! Uncle!

My dear friends, you probably think ...

A partner ... in this transaction over the land.

But no! This is not so!

There is only one owner this land! And that's me!

Minister, you - just a pawn in a political chess game.

A pawn can move only into two cells ...

Yes ... and then - only forward.

But I like a horse that could move a few of cells ...

... Wherever he wants and when he wants to!

Look out! Look carefully!

Not only yours, but also our three It is here written.

How can this be?

You became a minister with my help.

I know you too well. So that I prepared everything in advance.

This is a hoax!

That you lied to us all!

But I will give you for this award.

Long live the minister! What have you done?

And what did I do? I am absolutely did not do anything!

This collector killed minister.

No ... no ...

Ah, got it! Forgive me, please!

Kalicharan, catch me if you can!


Auntie, take me to my uncle! Auntie, take me to my uncle!

Take me to my uncle! Please do not cry.

Please do not cry!

Jyoti, my dear!

Uncle Daniel?

Uncle Daniel, please save my uncle!

I can not stay without it!

Alas, it is not in my power, my dear.

And who can do it? Who can save my uncle?

You see, Lallana, here it is - politics!

I finished the interior minister. I planted a header over the bars.

The land is now owned by the three of us.

And now we're happily drink whiskey.

If I was not the leader, is all of this would be possible?


Indeed, the policy for us - heaven on earth!

Yes, it is. - But you could drawn into politics with great difficulty.

Remember, Lallana, when I asked you take part in the elections?

What did you say then? Only fools climb in politics!

But I did not know then that the policy This is a business ...

... Where everyone can get the milk, even having a cow!

Not only milk, but also oil with cheese too!

Sir! Sir! Sir!

What is it?

Sir! I - Jyoti. I beg you, drop to your feet!

Lord, please save my Uncle! He is not a murderer!

You know it well! He can not kill anyone!

Oh! This girl from the house of the collector Kalicharana?

Are you sure your uncle can not kill anyone?

My uncle is like the Lord!

And God can not kill a man!

I can not sacrifice even their lives for the sake of her uncle!

If you are able to release him, I until the end of days will be grateful to you!

Oh, really? Then you have to do something.


You have to drink it.

Okay? All right.

I drank it, as you asked.

Now you release my uncle?

Yes, we will release it.

Sir, Jyoti went to the Minister - ask that you let go.

But she still did not come back. Uma never know what might happen!

I am very worried, sir!


Why are you making a fuss?


Now tell me, can I to respond to your love ...

Myself ... if I am in This position?

Can I rush into this maelstrom with his head instead of ...

... In order to solve their problems?

No, Priya, no! I very much have to do now.

I need to find Jyoti.

I'm trying to restore my honest name.

I'm looking for the future that ...

... Became my dark past.

I do not deny your love.

But now I'm in a position where they I can not be sure ...

... Even in their own security.


Cali! You are surrounded on all sides!

Give yourself over to the police!

Stop right there!


'For you, I sacrifice myself.'

Congratulations! Mr. Khan, congratulations!

O, brother Munna! How are you? Where have you been?

I then took one Zagazig murder. That's it and doing.

I waited up to five hours, killed him and now is back.

O, my friend! What are you talking about?

Give the brother Munne drink, please!

He must be tired after murder!

Eat something?

And do you have? Yes, everything is there.

All that your heart desires!

Very good! Great! Yeah, come on.

All of them - the members of my band.

Mr. Khan, very good! You made all of us, members of the gang, be proud!

Thank you! Who is the "Miss Universe"?

This is my character.

Somehow it came to the Dongria.

Brother! Let the first shooting the film runs out.

Then I'll bring it to the Dongria.

Who are you? - Hey, smart guy!

Before and I was like you.

I also took money for ammunition those who then killed!

Anything else you want to ask or enough with you?

What did you say? Oh! Stop it!

No need here to fisticuffs!

You can find out the relationship and then. Go to the house! Go!

What are you talking about? He - my brother!

The hero, please sign check for a million.

Why do you ask only one check?

A friend, give him the checkbook!

My honor is at stake! Really I need the money?

Let's have split the coconut, and let her dance begin!

Come on!


The Chief Minister, I'm at this party in order to have fun ...

... And not to be killed.

Make a Kaliey anything otherwise I'll go from here.

Party - like a stone at the base of building ...

... And not a stone in the road, which can kick anyone.

When someone kills a minister, then perhaps he should have been ...

Be ... to ensure any claim.

Are you saying that Kalia - not a criminal ...

Although ... he made so many!

Committed. But why did this happen?

If it was so important to meet collector, the Minister of Interior ...

... Perhaps would invite him to her in the home or office.

Why then this rice mill?

There are many obscure the fact prompting ...

Kalicharana become a collector ... Kaliey.

We will be able to figure out just when the arrest Kaliya.

Suppose that the law goes its own way.

Those who do iniquity; should be arrested.

You can all go.

He does not care that I'm going to leave the party.

His only concern is how to Kaliya catch alive.

He wants to find out all about our past cases.

Am I to become a leader then to go to jail?

He will be able to send us to jail, only if it remains the head of government.

Forget it, Bhim! Remove him will not be easy!

Before he finds Kaliya, and expose us ...

I'll post the ... Chief Minister to the light!

He was too honest, you idiot!

Sir, Calia managed to escape, despite the fact that the inspector Priyanka Sinha shot him.

Did you hear what he said?

Now we need to do what needs to be done.

Hira! Yes, Sir!

Potassium is hiding and wounded.

Naturally, he will have to apply to the hospital for treatment.

Under the guise of doctors search me all hospitals in the city and find him.

And then shoot him on the spot!

Kalicharan was injured when running away.

Of course, he will need treatment in hospital.

Under the guise of doctors check all urban hospitals.

You need to bring alive Kalicharana by all means!


Oh, my God!


Cali! Cali, get up!

Get up, Cali! Cali!

Come on up! Get up!

My God!

Come on! Let's rather go hospital.

Hello! Yes, the hospital JJ.

Near the hospital Woman In Black blouse and ...

Green pants talking ... something with the doctors.

Please, I need to talk with her, please!

It is very urgent!

Well, madam.

Potassium can come here. You have to to be constantly on the alert. - Madam!

You receive a call. Well, now.

I'm sorry! Right.

Hello! Inspector Priyanka Sinha said ...

Out of the hospital ... Vijaya!

Potassium forcibly broke into the hospital to ...

... He treated the wound. Please Come here at once!

Who is this?

Hello! Hello!

Guys! Let's go!

Come on! Come on! Well, madam.

It is now your patient? Now he's fine.

Doctor, my friend gunshot wound!

Please come with me! Where is he?

There - in the car. Please, let's go!

Come on!

Do not worry. We will help him.

Where Potassium? We do not know.

Follow me!

Go back!

O, my God!

Get out! Get out!

Cali! Come out!

Come on, let's go faster!

Come on! Come on!

Some ran here, and some - there, ma'am.

You go there.

The rascals! Follow me!

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I just gave my heart."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I just gave my heart."

"O, a beauty! Whatever you did, that's right. "

"At last you have believed me."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I just gave my heart."

"What can I say heart? What does it say? "

"You must know that."

"I'm still innocent - where did I know that? "

"I only know that I love you."

"I only know that I belong to you. "

"Sometimes I think, what have I done?"

"I give my heart and lost my dream and happiness. "

"O, a beauty! Whatever you did, that's right. "

"At last you have believed me."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I just gave my heart."

"Tell me, why do you call I insensible? "

"I just said that. As with that? "

"Love does not give up without a fight ...

... Such a pleasure. "

"Darling, you're absolutely right."

"While we are arguing ...

But ... my lover - only mine! "

"I love him more than anything else."

"What did he do to me?"

"O, a beauty! Whatever you did, that's right. "

"After all, I loved you."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I fell in love with the unconscious man."

"I just gave my heart."

I was on the street thanks love for cinema.

Khan! Oh, Khan!

Come over here!

'This is the same man.'

But how can you be shining shoes?

This - my family business.

You became a director in order to I was on the street?

It's very simple. One man gave me Rs 1000 that I became a director.

If someone offers me 2000 rupees, and I'm his father.

All matter is closed! Come on, get out of here Give me a breath of fresh air.

Now my client has to go up.

Polishing! Two rupees!

Will you teach me the craft, friend?

Why not? Take this card. Look up the correct address.

Come tomorrow morning at 9:00.

I will teach you the craft cleaner.

You - a dancer, but you robbed me ...

... Under the guise of my character?

You, too, I just robbed!


Oh! I saw you on TV yesterday!

It was the first image from the set your film - "Son of a beggar."

I also made a movie - "Son of a bitch."

And both of us - filmmakers - began now destitute.

Let us go and ask alms.

Answer me! Who sent you, Kaliya to kill?

Water! Water!

Here you go.

So do not you think? I'll kill you both!

I will not say anything! Do what you want!

Oh, really? Constable!

Smoke a cigarette before you die.

If a spark from a cigarette falls at you, you'll burn alive.

All the best!

The constable, after they starve, send an autopsy on the body.

But it seems that they want to say something.


Minister Pratap Singh, Bhawani Singh and his men ...

Welcome, Ms. Inspector!

What brought you here?

I want to know what is your feud with Kaliey?

And why should we quarrel with him?

He - the enemy of the law and our country.

Thugs you sent Kaliya kill ...

Now ... I have custody.

I forced them to tell the whole story.

Tomorrow they will go to court and give ...

... Evidence against you.

Why do you have to be at odds with us, madam?

As in other countries, our India is on the threshold of the 21st century.

Come on! Make Money! And let We also make money!

Do you see the state in which India is our ...

... You want to bring in the 21st century?

They had gold as guarantee smooth operation.

Every child gets one on his legs, but our country ...

... Even at the age of 47 years still depends on other states!

Because leaders like you polio crippled her!

I - the leader and can not turn back, wherever I want.

But if you turn the wrong way, is no turning back.

Do not even dream to put us on dock, Inspector!

We very much we weigh. We were with a large You can hardly budge!

When someone pursues law, even the heavyweights are ...

... Easy going and get away so that only the heel sparkle.

What is the law? What kind of law are you talking about?

Do you even know who you're dealing with?

If I desire, then all of your heat uniforms suddenly cool!


Let Dushasan who undressed a woman in the "Mahabharata" ...

And ... remained the same, Draupadi changed!

Today Draupadi is strong enough to win ...

Dushasanom victory over ... and save his honor and his life!

Bear this in mind!

Sir, why did she come here?

She came to insult us. What?

Vikram, if not to achieve its translation, we may have a problem.

It is impossible. Although the growth it is not large ...

... But strong enough.

Okay, I'll do it transfers and without the help of the law!

Put it away!

I say, take away!

Take it away!

Get up!

Run! Come on! - Wait for me!

Brother, my daughter will be very good take care of Jyoti.

More than their own daughter.

And I'm happy because Tax Inspector ...

Married ... inspector of police.

I am very sorry that your brother ...

And daughter ... killed in a car crash.

Priyanka, I want to you about something talk.

No ... Mom ...

I am now in a position ...

I just ... I can not think of a own wedding!

Now I only have one purpose in life.

Jyoti marry and get her life.

Until then, I can not even think about your own marriage.

Fate played a cruel joke with me.

I lost my Jyoti.

I escaped from prison to track down Jyoti, not hide here.

Now to find Jyoti - my job. You have to surrender to the police.

I'm sure I will go with you for justice.

Until I find Jyoti I I can not give up.

But I promise you that on that day, When I reach the goal ...

I give up ... the police immediately!

Kali, I have evidence against all the ministers, the fault ...

Which you had to ... to suffer so much.

I will expose them all, to save you.

I promise you that!

And now you have to give the police.

Sorry, Priyanka.

There are no bullets.

Until I find Jyoti, no power The world can not stop me!

O, my God! If instead of I went into film production ...

... Drug trafficking, it would be Now happy.

What a bastard did it?

Who is it?

Brother, please forgive me, I did not mean it!

Keep the change yourself - you can have a drink tea for this little thing.

Oh! In which you are able to?

Oh, I get it! You are likely to Take pictures in a ...

Character role ... is not it?

Hey, man, it's all because of you!

You give me two rupees? Do you? Humiliate a person?

I had a chicken farm - things were going well.

I was a bakery - things were going well.

I was engaged in clandestine - and then everything was hunky-dory!

I started to fight the moneylender - and then it all went like clockwork.

But I've lost everything when you have pulled into the movie business!

Brock, you threw me out!

Everything will be all right, Khan, brother!

You will not be on the street! Have patience!

Today I spoke to Subhash Ghai.

And who is this? This is - the great director!

Today I talked to him, and he agreed ...

... Give you a role in his film!

Now you only have to pay you I'm 10 thousand rupees.

Hey, little shit! Yes, I love you right now pokromsal to 10,000 pieces!

Come with me.

Yes, good. Come with me!

Right now I'll show you something. Where are you taking me?

That's here. Clear.

Look inside.

Do you want me to look inside? Yes.

What do I see there? I do not understand!

I'll show you right now!

From now on no one would not dare laugh at me!

You've done so much that I just lost?

I threw you into a deep well. Bastard!

I do not understand why Kalia Priyanka helps?

After all, Priyanka a warrant for his arrest!

I'll tell you why.

Look at this! What is it?

Look carefully!

Sir, this is - with an engagement photo Potassium and Priyanka inspector.

Oh! So these two - husband and wife?

That's right. Now I show this picture ...

Mr. Commissioner ... and I will say - that's the reason ...

Priyanka ... so far Kaliya not arrested.

Brother Vikram, you're done great job.

I will continue in the same vein, if Your blessing will always be with me.

You can be sure of that!

Inspector Priyanka Sinha! You it feels ...

... Not as a criminal, but as a her husband.

Officer who neglects his job responsibilities ...

... There is no place in this department!

So, I'm relieving you from your work!

Here and Now!

"I do not belong to him, or anyone else. "

"Only God knows to whom I belong."

"I do not belong to him, or anyone else. "

"Only God knows to whom I belong."

"I - the beauty is revealed in love."

"I do not belong to him, or anyone else. "

"Only God knows to whom I belong."

"My eyes are so beautiful."

"Do not look at them - drunken."

"All the beauties of the world ...

... Pale in comparison to me. "

"O, show us your style!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Come closer!"

"No, no!"

"People say, what would I have been I'm good. "

"What this girl is doing, man?"

"This is a thrill!"

"I agree that I am not drunk."

"But I do not in themselves."

"This is - a mistake the night."

"This burns youth."

"Hey, what do you bring?"

"Yes, Yes, Yes!"

"Do not approach closer look?"

"No, no, no!"

"In my raging flames."

"I - the beauty is revealed in love."

"I do not belong to him, or anyone else. "

"Only God knows to whom I belong."

"I do not belong to him, or anyone else. "

"Only God knows to whom I belong."

"I - the beauty is revealed in love."

Cheers! Cheers!

I was drunk joyful atmosphere party.

Shakes not only my body, but my tongue too.

But I still have not received the full satisfaction.

Why? Now the inspector Priyanka removed from our path.

Although it suspended, Potassium is still alive.

After the dance with the girl I came to mind an idea.

What? Do Kaliya has a girlfriend named Priya.

If we get it, he is sure to come to release it.

Sir, if only in this case, then tomorrow it will be us.

Ma'am, you're under arrest.

But for what crime?

We have information that you have a relationship with Kali.

Inspector, you at least know whose daughter arrested?

I do not know and do not want to know!

I have a warrant for her arrest.

If you want to ask about something ...

... You can ask the Minister Pratap Singh.

Madam, Please come.

Do not worry, baby, I immediately call your dad.

Please, come soon.

Come on!

Please. - Do not worry! Do not worry.

Go ahead! - Hello! Sir, the police Priya arrested!

What! Why?

Sir, because Priya has directly related to Kali.

What was the name of the inspector?

I do not know his name, but he said, that the arrested ...

It ... on the order of your friend Pratap Singh.

Sir, please do something!

So Pratap!

Pratap Singh! Flyers for Your campaign ...

... Were printed on my money!

Your policy - just a servant girl such business as we are!

We have in hand all the levers!

If we are satisfied, we let Government to rule for five years ...

... Otherwise we will send it down overnight!

You dare to say anything against me?

I do not speak against it! I just I warn you, Pratap Singh!

You do not say!

You're not doing me a favor giving money!

In return I gave you a license and resolution.

And do not forget, now in power My Government!

Talk to me with respect!

How dare you arrest my daughter?

Oh, Mr. Malhotra! You are wrong!

This was done only for Kaliya to lure into a trap.

I was told that your daughter in love with Kaliya.

So we thought that if we will arrest Priya, then ...

Potassium ... immediately come running to her rescue!

Then we could easily deal with it.

But he never showed up.

Do not worry! Now I'll call Inspector ...

... And ask him to immediately Priya released.

Call him now!

Come on! Yes, I'm calling it!

Hello! Inspector Vikram Datta listening!

Open up Priya. What?

Yes, I'm asking you to let go of Priya.

Got it!

Madam, you are free to go.


Kali, the police became something way we know that we know each other!

And what do we see each other often.

They arrested me and then just as suddenly released.

I think it was conceived by the police in order to find me.


I know you're here!

Go to the other side!

Give it up or I'll shoot!

Yes, sir!

Follow me!

Oh! Welcome back! Where are you going?

Look, I am haunted by the Police!

Do not worry about the police! We deal with them!

Please come in!

No! Do not you understand? Police want to arrest me!

Sir, this is - my territory! Come inside - everything will be in order.

You do not have to take over!

Oh! We do not need to understand anything We only listen and speak!


Listen! Listen!

Listen to me!

Let us rather, sir! Do not be shy!

What happened?

Where are you talking about it?

This is my daughter ...

Hey, wait a minute! Where are you going? Hold it!

Let me go! That's my daughter!

Let me through! Hey, how can I let you go?

Sir, this is - the public house!

They were someone's sister or daughters before they got here!

And here they are - only prostitutes!

Leave her alone!

Let me go!

She - my daughter! I miss ...

Jagger, Mangu! Here!

He takes it! Do not let go of it!

Where did you carry away her? Let her go!

No! Let her go!

Get away from my daughter!

I'm telling you ... Get away from my daughter!

Let her go!

Sir! Sir ... my daughter!

Give me back my daughter!

Let go of my daughter! Let go of my daughter!

Sir, sir ... my daughter!

What other daughter? It belongs to everyone!

Go! Do their job as quickly as possible and go!

Go! Do their job as quickly as possible and go!

Go! Do their job as quickly as possible ... and go!

Go! Do their job as quickly as possible ...

Go! Do their job as quickly as possible and go!

My daughter's life is destroyed, Priya ...

My daughter's life is destroyed!

Go! Do their job as quickly as possible and go!

As it happened, dear?

Uncle! How did this happen?

I went to ask Pratap Singh ...

Bhawani Singh ... and set you free.

And then they sold me the wrong house.


Bhawani Singh, today I am completely pay off to you for your sins!

I will kill you within days. Save yourself if you can!

Who is this?

Kali. Kalicharan!

Hello! Hello!

Listen! Yes, sir ...

If you see the Kaliya here, kill it on the spot! - Yes, Sir!

Greetings! Please come.


Welcome, sir!

My dear voters! Greetings to you!

I apologize for the fact that after you voted for me, I come to you only 5 years later.

It's not that I forgot about you!

The fact that over the last five years I attacked five times a heart attack.

But I'm not dead! I'm alive!

And not just because I was going through treatment in America.

In fact, I am alive only because that to me your blessing!

Bhawani Singh!


This is not love and blessings these people!

This is because the authorities have your government!

Otherwise, even a pig would not have been survive five heart attacks!

The only thing you crave, is power, right?

You do not care about someone's love, respect or value!

Is not it so?

Today your power as you and kill!

This can not be!

No one dares to kill brother Bhawani Singh!

It's all a lie! You're lying!

Tell me everything that you said it not true! Say it is - a lie!

Brother, it's true!

And Kalia is going to kill you during the day.

Take your positions!

Go! Yes, sir!

Sir, the Government has sent me for your safety.

Security? Protect me?

Inspector, I'm not a widow of some Minister ...

So ... I needed bodyguards!

Potassium can not even touch to me!

I know exactly what to do!

Potassium! Catch me if you can!

Potassium! Help me!

Cali ...

I knew you'd come here!

Uncle! - That's cooked here a present for you!

Uncle! Kali!

Uncle, save us! Kali, save us!

Despite the fact that I sold it in a public house for the money ...

... You're still madly in love with her!

Creature, you're exhausted all his soul!

I'll cut you into as many parts that the soul of my brother ...

Bhawani Singh ... rest in peace!

How can you threaten me that, scoundrel ...

If it is ... I'll cut you to pieces!

The judge will break his pen, signing a death sentence!

I was once a collector!

I will not let you get away with it even at the cost of his own life!

What are you saying?


Save them if you can!

Uncle, help us!


Cali, please, save us!

Cali! Save us! Uncle, help us!

Do you?

Who gave you the right to wear the uniform?

I lost my uniform because of your betrayal!

But my honesty gave me back this form so that I could put handcuffs on you!

Come on, come on!

Save us!


Hold on to me tight!



No! No!

No! No! No! No!

No. No.




"Your call drew me - and here I am."

"I love you."

"Your call drew me - and here I am."

"I love you."

"It's a beautiful dream."

"You and I - we're together."

"My heart is given to you forever."

"That's right, my darling."

"Your call drew me - and here I am."