Kagemusha (1980) Script

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He looks just like me.

I feel like I'm seeing double.

I have impersonated you for a long time, but he is a miracle.

Where did you find him?

At the execution grounds.

The execution grounds?

He was going to be crucified.

I thought he would be useful as a double for you.

What did he do?

He was caught stealing. He's a thief.

A thief?

And a tough one. Torture failed to make him talk.

Besides stealing, he may have also killed.

What did the prosecutors say about his resemblance to me?


Only I, your brother, could see it from the start.

His hair, his clothes, the way he talked were all so different.

No one had the slightest idea of his resemblance to our lord.

Even I, who recognized the resemblance, am doubly amazed at the likeness once we dressed him like you.

Where is he from?

As you see, he is very much like you.

I wondered if our father might have had another son somewhere.

But do not fear. He is a drifter from the north.

He could not be our half brother.

Even with this resemblance, Nobukado, he is so wicked as to be sentenced to crucifixion.

How could this scoundrel be my double?


I only stole a few coins. I'm a petty thief.

A man who's killed hundreds and robbed whole domains is hardly the one...

is hardly the one... to call...

to call me a scoundrel.

Hold your tongue!

I was going to be crucified.

My life could have ended this very day!


Threats don't mean a fart to me! Boil me, broil me, for all I care!

Very well.

Whatever you wish to say, say it.

If you will not say it, I will.

I am wicked, as you say. I am a scoundrel.

I banished my own father and killed my own son.

I will do anything to rule this country.

War is everywhere.

Unless somebody unifies the nation and reigns over us, we will see more rivers of blood and more mountains of the dead.

It is cold.

My old wound hurts when the air is cold.

Nobukado, he has spoken boldly.

He might be of some use. Train him.


Sire, we've cut off the water entering the castle.

The castle is now sure to fall.

I would like to think so.

We thought a little push would do it, but they've held out for 20 days.

They're not likely to surrender just because their water line is cut.


We breach their outer and inner perimeters, and they calmly hole up in the keep.

Someone plays the flute every night.

And he plays well.

Our men are impressed. They can't wait for night to come.

That's right.


We must let my father know we've cut the aqueduct.

Your father Lord Shingen is right here.

Except for us chief vassals, not only the enemy, but our own men believe the lord is here.

It would not do to send messengers to him.

Sire, Masakage Yamagata is here.

Send him in.

Leave us alone.

My lord, I trust you are in good spirits.


Asakura sent me a message. He is returning to his fief.

His men are weary and it is midwinter.

Nobunaga's men are tired, too.

If Asakura retreats, Nobunaga will reinforce leyasu Tokugawa and block my way.

Asakura's retreat is treason against me.

How old are you, sire?

Fifty-three, as I remember. Why?

Yet you still behave like a five-year-old child!

People gather and scatter.

They go left and right, following their interests.

You know that very well, yet you lose yourself in anger.

How I weep for you!

A man of such small mind cannot dream of ruling.

Go back to your own domain.

You are a mountain monkey.

You should be gathering nuts in the mountains of Kai!

That's enough.

What has brought you here?

We've cut the aqueduct.

Will the castle fall soon?

I wonder.

There will be rain and snow.

Then the castle may stand a little longer.

The garrison leader is a fine warrior.

He has someone play a flute at night.

I've heard about that flute.

Will the flute play again tonight, even with their water cut?

If we hear him tonight, the garrison will hold.

The castle will not fall.

But if we do not hear the flute, the castle is doomed.

Its fall is near.

I want to hear for myself if the flute is played tonight.

Prepare a seat for me at the castle.

What was that? What happened?

What? Lord Shingen was shot?

A sniper shot him.

He was badly wounded.

We don't know if he still lives? Correct, sire.

Either way, it is a perfect opportunity for our Tokugawa clan.


Even if he did beat me at the battle of Mikata, I am no coward. His death does not please me.

As a warlord, he has been unrivaled.

He is just over 50.

If he is really dead, it is a great loss.

My lord.

With Asai and Asakura in Otani, the shogun in Kyoto, the Ikkou uprising in Ishiyama, and Shingen in Mikawa, Lord Nobunaga must wage battle on all four sides.

As his ally, it is only natural that we rejoice in Shingen's misfortune.

At any rate, we should immediately send word to Lord Nobunaga.

That should not be necessary.

News such as this could not have escaped his ears.

In fact, it would be unlike him to miss a single move of Shingen's.

What? Shingen is dead?

According to our spy, there is a rumor that he was shot and killed.

Fool! I have no use for rumors.

I need facts. Is he alive or is he dead?

Bring me my stool.

There is only one thing in the world that can frighten me:

That mountain monkey.

He's been standing in my way.

His death would be a boon.

I could march to Kyoto, relaxed and at ease.

So spare no effort. Find out if he lives or dies. Understand?

My horse!


Lord Shingen is dead?

We have lost a great leader.

He was truly... a heroic man.

We came all this way and took the castle. Why retreat now?

There must be a reason.

I heard a rumor.

Our lord's been shot.

Open your eyes and look for yourself.

Lord Shingen is right over there.

To occupy Kyoto...

to fly my flags in the capital...

has been my long-cherished dream.


if something should happen to me,

do not pursue that dream.


My death must not be made known.

Keep it a secret for at least three years.

Guard our domain. Never move from it.

Do not move.

If you ignore my order and set out to attack,

our Takeda clan will be no more.

Heed my words!


is my final wish.


But I am not going to die.

I said "if".

I must be prepared for the worst.

But no...

I will not die.

The lancet holes of the castle were like this.

And the target?

Beneath the second rampart, up the steps from the outer wall.

Taking this spot as an example, that pine tree is the same distance and direction.

You saw Takeda's men prepare a seat there during the day?

They put up three bamboo poles with white paper.

I thought an enemy lord might go there to listen to the flute.

I set up my gun during the day.

Do as you did then.

I set the barrel against the corner and dropped a plumb line.

I set up my aim like this and waited for the night.


Go ahead. Shoot.

It was dark, no bonfires or anything, so I could not see.

Some time after the flute began,

I pulled the trigger like this.

Then what?

As soon as I fired, noises came from the spot where I had aimed, just like now.

Calm them.

Now we can believe that Shingen was wounded.

Not yet.

If he was, the Takeda army would have annihilated the enemy.

They would have tried to kill this sniper at the very least.


They want to keep it a secret. They would not.

They made peace when they had almost won and returned home.

There's something very strange...

about this sudden turn.

It could be a ruse.

If we press on too long, it could aggravate his wound.

We should stop for a rest.

My lord.

Have we crossed the Seta bridge?

I can see Kyoto.

Occupy it! Fly my flags over the capital!

My lord!

Our lord?

I cannot see him yet, but what a beautiful sight!

Takeda's finest, marching in perfect step.

Keep in formation!

I know it was my father's last wish, but I don't think we can keep his death a secret.

Some saw his body in the palanquin.

Don't worry. I took care of those who might talk.

But there are spies from Nobunaga and leyasu.

We must observe your father's wishes.

We must try our best.

That's right.

Nobukado impersonated our late lord many times in battle.

The enemy has never known.

We must deceive our own men too.

But even Nobukado cannot do that. The secret would get out.

He is right.

I cannot carry it off by myself.

But if we brought in another double of the lord, it would change things.

Another double?


I have prepared for such an occasion.

Take a look at him.


Remove your mask.

Where is the lord?

You were born base!

The lord doesn't often receive the likes of you!

Make way for the lord!

You saw him? Yes.

I think it's Shingen.

Let's have a closer look. It might be a double.

I'm sure it is Shingen.

Did leyasu send you?

Nobunaga sent me.

I don't understand.

I found a guarded palanquin hurrying north.

I thought it had to be Shingen, so I tailed it.

A doctor traveled with it. I thought Shingen was wounded.

But look at that.

Shingen was not in the palanquin.


The party rested and then rejoined the main force.

And the doctor's assistant was killed on the pass.

It doesn't make sense.

Why did they turn back?

Why did the assistant have to be killed?

But it is Shingen.

No doubt about it.

That's right. It is Shingen himself.

Do not push your luck!

What if someone saw you just now?


He was dying before. Now he's healthy.

You don't know the truth.

Are your spies blind or old men whose senses have failed?

Shingen must have some reason for pulling back so abruptly after reaching Mikawa.

He is either dead or wounded.

Otherwise, he'd be pressing on toward Kyoto, and he'd have surrounded us by now.

Don't move!

Identify yourself!

You've disappointed me.

Of all things, trying to steal and escape.

I can play this role of double from time to time.

But not from morning till night.

It is too much.

Besides, the lord is already dead!

You lied to me! You tricked me!

Shut up!

Do as you are told!

I'm not a puppet! You can't control me!

Come, come.

There is a good reason for it.

We must keep the lord's death a secret, as was his wish.

What do you mean, keep it a secret?

We must pretend he is alive.

But these three know.

Those who were close to him had to know.

I intended to tell you too that I wanted you to continue this role.

No more. I cannot.

Do not be obstinate. It's not that.


I don't feel like it anymore, now that I know he's dead.


He asked us to conceal his death so he could live three more years for the sake of the Takeda clan!

If you cared for your lord at all, now is the time to serve him!

Perhaps you are right.

But I thought he was alive.

Then I found him dead.

Suddenly, it all seems so stupid!

He's hopeless!

We cannot use him!

There is no other way.

Only he can deceive everyone, even those in our camp.


If you refuse to play the lord's role, you will die.

Now that you've seen him dead, we can't let you live.

But if you do this for us, you will be rewarded and released in three years.

You owe your life to Lord Nobukado.

Now he is asking you to help him.


No matter what you say, he will never understand us.

When you think about it, why should he care one whit about the Takeda clan?

It is selfish of us to force him to solve our problems.

This role is for someone who is willing to die for the Takeda clan.

Release him.

Are you mad?

If he goes free, then everyone will know.

We cannot prevent that.

Tomorrow, we reach Suwa.

We will bury the lord's body in Lake Suwa as he wished.

This is no time for killing.

The next day we reach Fuchu.

It will be a sad march home without our lord.

Let us plan for it now.

What are they doing?

What's in that jar?


The jar is gone.

What happened?

I've got it.

I thought the jar contained a treasure, but I was wrong.

They would not abandon that.

And the Takeda warriors were behaving strangely.

I am sure the jar contained Shingen's body.

In that case, the man we saw from the mountain was his double?

It had to be.


Three spies were in that hut!

They saw everything! Send your men to kill them!

Go away!

We're going to tell our soldiers of his death today.

Naturally, the enemy will know at once.

I said go away!

What do you want?

You looking to be paid?


Let me help you.

I want no reward. Make use of me.

I want to be of use to him.

Use me!

I beg you!

Please, let me help!

"A jar of sake was offered to the god of the lake this morning."

What did it say?

What a disappointment.

The jar contained sake.


It was offered to the god of the lake.


Then is Shingen alive?


There will be a Noh performance tonight to celebrate the victory.

We will see if the lord is real.

This is indeed a lucky day.

Boys' Festival, and now the return of your grandfather.

Two good things in one day.

Will my father come home, too?


But you are the lord's heir, so you must greet the lord first.

I know.

Grandfather is the most important person here.

And you come after him.

Why do I come before my father?

I do not know.

Lord Katsuyori, your father, is your guardian.

You are his charge until you come of age.


The heralds are at the gate.

At once.

Now go and greet them.

The east gate?

No. You will see him in the main hall.

The lord has returned!





First enter Bishamon Hall.

Next, Fudo Hall, then pray in Izuna Hall, and finally to the main hall for the welcome home.


In all things, comport yourself as I have taught you these past days.

Congratulations on your victory, my lord.

No! He is not my grandfather.

What are you saying?

He's fought many months. His countenance may have changed.

Besides, he was wounded in battle.

A serious injury can change us.

Get closer to him.

Have a good look at him.

It's true. He has changed.

He's not scary anymore.

That's good!

That was close.

Thinking he was a mere child made me careless.

You can't fool a child.

But you dealt with him properly. Well done.

I didn't know what else to do.

That's all right.

The late lord was straightforward.

He stepped straight into others' hearts.

Remember that. Behave as your heart tells you.

That is best.

This is the hidden guard compartment.

When the lord gives an audience, guards are in attendance here.

Guards are here all night as well.

This is the sutra room.

The lord reads the sutras here.

And this is the sitting room or leisure room.

The lord relaxes here.

Beyond this is his bedchamber.

Now then, these three attendants and two pages know everything.

One of them will always be at your side.

Behave as they bid you.

You will not be suspected.


These men know who you truly are.

They're like your family.

Be frank with them.

I've chosen clever fellows for you.

I know from experience, having played the lord's double for so long...

that it's a difficult task.

It's not easy to suppress your identity and become another.

That's right.

I often wanted to be myself, to be free.

But now I think it was selfish of me.

The shadow of a man can never stand up and walk on its own.

I was my brother's shadow.

Now that I have lost him...

I don't know what to do.

Well, you will meet the lord's mistresses tonight.

These men will teach you manners.

Study the floor plan of this mansion and keep it in your head.

Don't get lost in your own house.

My name is Tsuchiya, chief attendant.

Amemiya. The same.

Hara. The same.

Amari. Page.

Tomono. The same.

Very well.

Don't be overconfident.

What kind of behavior is that?

The late lord never acted so vulgar.

How is this?

Little Takemaru was a problem, but the horse is worse.

It can tell. Only the late lord could ride it.


If the double falls off, everyone will suspect.

Lord Shingen has been ill. He must refrain from riding.

Good idea.

There are many other problems.

We must be very careful if we are to carry out the late lord's wishes.

A case in point.

Tonight he will have to meet the late lord's mistresses.

That will present another problem.

Our master suffered a serious injury.

He must refrain from mounting his mistresses, too.

Where is Lord Katsuyori?

With Takemaru.

He is another problem.

Perhaps the biggest of all.

He has never once smiled since his son Takemaru was chosen as heir.

No wonder.

He has won many battles.

Now he is a mere guardian. He cannot be happy.

And besides that, he has to call that double Father.

It's no different for any of us.

This is no time for personal concerns.

We must be united.

That is all.

I will return to Suwa Castle.

He is late.

But we cannot go any further. I'm worried.

Nobukado is with him.

Besides, even I cannot tell which is which.

He will not be discovered.

What about in bed?

Do I look like a different man?

You have not changed in appearance, but your voice has changed because of your illness.

The way you speak, too.

A serious illness can change even a man's heart.

On second thought, you do look like a different man.

Very well.

The game is over.


Actually, I am not Lord Shingen.

I impersonate the lord.

You're joking.

No, it's true.

Nobukado grew tired of the role and hired me.

Ask him.

You're so funny.

Isn't that true, Nobukado?

How about you over there?

Look closely. I am not your master.


You are drunk.

It is late. It's time for you to retire.

The master will not stay with either of you.

The doctor said he must not exert himself.

The spies agree that Shingen has returned home, and everything there is as usual.

I don't understand.

It was his chance to take Kyoto.

Nobunaga, his rival, is busy fighting other warlords.

Shingen would not miss such an opportunity.

Very well. Let's attack.

Attack whom?

The Takeda outpost in Suruga.

Attack Suruga and see how they react.

Their reaction will tell us whether Shingen is dead or alive.

You are now the leader of the Takeda clan.

No one may deny this.

The late lord... attacked and destroyed Lord Suwa, who owned this castle.

He loved Suwa's daughter, and you are the result.

You are Suwa's grandson.

He could not appoint you heir.

So he compromised and made your son Takemaru his heir.

In his heart, I'm sure he always thought the position was yours.

You're wrong!

I was not a son to him.

I was just another one of his men.

He never once treated me like a son.

You're mistaken.

He wished to be buried in Lake Suwa in his armor.

Do you know why?

Since you live here in Suwa Castle, he wanted to be near you, to aid you.

I believe this shows his feelings.

Then why did he forbid me to use his banner with the four symbols for Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain?

It represents the head of the Takeda clan.

That banner represents your late father.

He forbade you to use it because he wanted you to surpass him, to fly your own banner.

What really infuriates me is the way his chief retainers make his last wishes their excuse to treat me with disrespect.

Consider that!

Even if this was his plan, how could I call a thief my father and bow down to him?

But now your name as a brave warrior is well known.

The day will come when the retainers will kneel to you.

Why are you called a mountain, Grandfather?


Everybody calls you that. Where is the mountain?

Is it because we have this mountain in our garden?

You know the master's banner.

What is written there?

"Swift as the wind.

Quiet as a forest.

Fierce as fire.

Immovable as a mountain."

The lord is that mountain.

Both in battle and at home, he is steadfast, like a mountain.

When his army advances, first the horsemen attack, swift as the wind.

Second, the lancers raise a forest of spears, advancing with silent resolve.

Third, more horsemen engulf the enemy ranks as mercilessly as fire.

And the lord is always behind them, watching over them, immovable as a mountain.

That is why our army, from general to foot soldier, can fight so resolutely.

Immovable as a mountain.

The lord is that mountain.

So we call him the mountain.

I see.

Understand, Takemaru?

Messenger from Lord Katsuyori!

What are you doing?

Lord Nobukado is coming.

You must be more careful. They could see you.


Tonight, as soon as Lord Katsuyori arrives, we will have a conference with the entire clan.

You will have only to sit with dignity and listen.

The generals will make the decisions.

Then I will say, "The discussion is over.

Let us have your instructions."

Then you will nod in satisfaction and say, "Well done. Thank you all."

Then you will stand up and leave.


Well done. Thank you all.

Then I stand up and leave.

Do not try to put on airs.

The late lord was like a mountain.

Act naturally.

And relaxed.

The discussion is concluded.

Let us make our decision.

Leyasu is unforgivable.

We beat him once at Mikata.

He did not learn, and now he is attacking us.

I will drive them all from our domain.

Only one outer castle has fallen. You need not go yourself.

We must study leyasu's moves to understand his purposes.

According to the latest word, the Tokugawa army has not only burned Okabe Castle, they have surrounded Futamata Castle and fortified their position.

We must counterattack now to save Futamata.

That castle is protected by Anayama.

It will not fall easily.

If he believes the castle is in danger, he will ask the lord for help.

Leyasu does not move capriciously.

He studies our reactions to his initial attack.

He is young, but very thoughtful and cunning.

That's why Nobunaga acts as his right hand.

He frightens me!

Our first question is whether leyasu is serious or only testing.

We must first determine that.

But... it will be too late if we wait until we know he's serious.

Attack now...

or wait and see.

What does our lord think?

Father, what are your instructions?

Do not move.

A mountain does not move.

Well done.

Thank you all.

Lord Katsuyori!

There's no other way to put it.

Lord Katsuyori behaved badly.

He knew it was the late lord's double.

But that man countered beautifully.

But we cannot approve.

He shamed Katsuyori publicly.

He went too far.

I admire his quick wits, smoothing things over like that.

But quick-witted men can easily get carried away.

He must stay within the limits of his role.

You must keep a tight rein on him, Lord Nobukado.

I understand.

But think about it.

No matter how resourceful he may be, it's a difficult assignment.

He must feel as if he were up on the cross.

Yet he handles it so well.

And all because...

one brief meeting with the late lord won his heart...

and he was saddened by his death.

You have to feel sorry for him.

What is it?

A dream.

A million enemies surrounded me.

Musket Company 3, forward march!

Tell leyasu this:

While I fight Lord Asai, he should ride out himself to challenge Shingen.

Sending a token force won't tell us whether Shingen is dead or alive.

I didn't know the priests were still here.

They return to Sakai today.


One of them was a man of medicine.

Send him to pay Shingen a sympathy visit.

A visit from an enemy camp might be difficult.

Idiot. You think I don't know that?

Use Nobutora.

The geezer's at loose ends in Kyoto since his own son Shingen banished him.

They can't turn away a messenger from him.

He has servants who know Shingen well.

With one of them along, we can learn the truth.

Settle down!

Amari and Okudaira have turned coat!

Noda Castle and Nagashino Castle have fallen to leyasu!

Here goes, Takemaru.

You're good, Grandfather.

Another war?

Are you scared?

No. But you'll be gone. I'll miss you.

Noda and Nagashino have fallen. Where is leyasu?

He and his men have surrounded Futamata Castle.

Katsuyori's gone to battle!


On his own, without consulting us?

Where did he go?


Takatenjin Castle?

Not a bad strategy.

If he takes the castle, leyasu will be threatened.

Only if he takes it.

Even his father failed to take it.

I don't think he can.

Leyasu has a chance to attack him from the rear.

You may go.

We have no choice.

We must send our troops to show his father is behind him.

That's right.

When leyasu sees Shingen's banners, he'll stay away.


A messenger has arrived from Master Nobutora.

From Father?

What is the message?

Your father has sent a foreign physician to pay our lord a sympathy visit.

This way, please.

He says Father sent him... but I'm suspicious.

Someone else is behind this.

They sent a doctor to see what they could find out about our lord.

But if we send them away, it will raise suspicions.

Very well.

We'll let them see the double.

Maybe this will dispel enemy doubts about whether Shingen is still with us.

All right.

We'll leave that to you.

The rest of us must prepare to march!

Fall in!

I'll take you to him.

I'll take your sword.


His horse isn't needed!

Please wait here.

Well, well, Taguchi. Long time no see.

Is my father well? Yes, sir.

It was good of you to come.

Since Lord Shingen fell ill with a high fever after the battle of Mikata, it seemed prudent to pull back.

But he's now fully recovered.


I'm pleased to find you well.

This boy is my heir, Takemaru.

I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

Thank you.

The lord has no ailments now, but since you are here... approach.

I understand my lord was wounded at Kawanakajima by Kenshin's sword.

Has the wound healed well?

Indeed. All that remains of that wound is the tale to tell.

It's nothing.

May I take your pulse?

It's such a shame.

I'd like to sit a while and hear all about Father.

But as you can see, we're preparing to march.

Indeed, my lord.

MAY, 1574

The lord's banners in the rear!


Do not move.

No matter what happens, stay calm and do not move.


Not again!

He stands behind me at every battle!

He treats me like a child!

Let him.

We will take over this castle with our own hands and show the chief retainers who's who.

Tell the men on the line to break into the castle tonight!

No, burn it!

Wind Company, present!

Forest Company and Fire Company, present!

Fire Company, on guard!

Forest Company, on guard!

Wind Company, forward!

What's that sound?

A group of horsemen are coming this way.

Why would our flank guard move?

Whose flags are they?

There are none.

Were those shots ours or theirs?

I cannot tell.

Now I see!

Enemy musketmen!

Horses, back!

Make walls of those lances.

Battle formation!

Forest, on guard, forward!

Wind, on guard, flanks!

Fire, on guard, rear left!

Fire, open to right!

Flank guard, right!

Company 3, on guard, rear!

Company 1, right!

Fire, Company 3, right!

Wind, open to left!

The enemy! A raid!

Keep calm.

Let them go!

Come back!

Enemy on the left hillside!

Enemy on the left. Attack!

Enemy's retreated!

Return to original battle formation!


They died protecting you.

Imagine you are already crucified. Do not move.

What's that?

Enemy on the right.

The banner bears the mark of Hon.

It's Heihachi Honda, one of Tokugawa's bravest generals!


Far enough!

Pull back!

Do not move!

Companies to left!

Good work.

According to their report, far from being dead, Shingen is in the best of health.

So it would seem.

Bring me wine. Right away, sire.

For some reason, I cannot help feeling that Shingen is dead.

I have the same feeling.


I do not know.

Something tells me so.

We both want Shingen dead. It would help us greatly.

So we anticipate his death.

We want to believe he's dead.

Maybe that is all.

The color is like blood, but this is European sake.

What's the matter?

Do you not like it?

Well, then.

I need to go put down that religious uprising in Ise.

I have much to do.

Raise the curtain!

On your feet!

I arrived too late to help you.

This gold expresses my regrets.

I will leave Takeda to you.


Nobody can deny that you took Takatenjin Castle.

Even your father failed to take it.

You're wrong!

It is true I took the castle.

But the credit does not go to me.

It goes to the phantom of my late father that frightened the enemy away.

Try as I might, I cannot escape my father's shadow.

The chief retainers are to blame.

They use the lord's double to make you look small.

Where's the mountain?

In the garden, with Takemaru.

This will not do.

I told you one of you must always be with him.

I am sorry.

He's now accustomed to living in this house.

He has become sure of himself since Takatenjin.

He's doing well.

It's as if our late lord had possessed him.

And he's charmed Takemaru, too.

The child loves him.

It makes me sad to see it.

That is so.

It's a cruel thing to do.

Someday Takemaru will learn the truth.

It will not be long.

The three years the lord wished us to hide his death are already more than half gone.

When the day comes,

Takemaru will not be the only one to be pitied.

What will happen to the double?

A shadow cannot exist without the person.

When it's finally known that the person is gone, what will happen to the shadow?

Where is your grandfather?

He's amazing!

Only he can ride that horse.

Lord Shingen!

Lord Nobukado, he has no scar!

The wound he got at Kawanakajima.

So he is an impersonator after all.


This man is not your grandfather.

He's an impersonator.


How foolish.

He could deceive men, but not the horse!


I am to blame.

Not at all.

It's a miracle the secret has lasted this long.

We owe it all to you.

Lord Katsuyori has arrived.

The play is over.

Lord Katsuyori is our master now.

From Nobukado.

He appreciates all you've done.

And this is with the compliments of the other generals.

Take it.

Well, then...

Keep well.

Go away! Get out of here!

I want to see Takemaru and say good-bye.

Takemaru? What impudence!

How dare you!


APRIL 1575


What's that?

They conducted Shingen's funeral?

That's just like Shingen.

For three years after his death, he successfully deceived me.

Even the 50 years of a man's life Are short compared to that of this world Life is but a dream

A vision An illusion

Life, once given

Cannot last forever

Life, once given

Cannot last forever

Katsuyori has left his domain with 25,000 soldiers, heading for Nagashino.

What? The mountain has moved!

My lord, what do you think that light is that's barring your path?

A rainbow.

You're wrong!

It is your late father's instructions not to proceed.

He's telling you to stay in your domain and guard it.

Those were your father's last words.

If you do that, nothing can harm us.

Harm? An ominous word.

Since the time of our ancestors, the Takeda have never run from a fight.


MAY 21, 1575


Wind and Fire... this will be the end of our clan.


I will go first.

Wind and Forest... we will meet again where Lord Shingen is.


Takeda will be no more.

Once the mountain has moved, it is finished.


Tell the gunners to shoot the horses first.

The Takeda cavalry cannot fight without horses.






Cinematography by TAKAO SAITO and MASAHARU UEDA Production Design by YOSHIRO MURAKI Music by SHINICHIRO IKEBE

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Directed by AKIRA KUROSAWA THE END Craving big poker? Feast your eyes on Venom.