Kala Bazaar (1989) Script


Superintendent Thakur speaking.

What is the status of my file, Mr. Thakur?

Mr. Gupta..

..your file still hasn't reached me.

What are you saying, Mr. Thakur?

It has been 10 days since I sent the file!

Work has been stalled here..

..we are facing losses worth thousands every day.

And you say you haven't still received the file.

Mr. Gupta, the thing is.. There is a new clerk in our office.

And he isn't familiar with the way we work.

The file might be lying on his table.

And until he sends the file to me..

..attested with the no objection stamp..

..I cannot do anything.

You understand my position, right?

I see.

What is the name of that clerk?

Kimtilal Saxena!

Oh Goddess!

In this world, everything is about getting a good post.

From the political leader to the ration office, you are everywhere.

Listen. Yes, Mother.

I am speaking. From behind you.


What happened?

Nothing. I sat on my name plate.

Kimtilal Saxena!

Tell me, how I can help you?

There is a plan in this file.

Of my house, and the area I want to develop.

If you will pass this plan soon. I will be grateful.

Keep this file here. I will try my best to have it passed.

Okay. Go.

Brother. What is it?

Will you open your table drawer?

Drawer? What is in it?

Do you want to live there until your house is constructed?

No, no! I want to keep something.

What do you want to keep?

I want to keep this note.

Note? Do you want to bribe me?

No, no. You are misunderstanding me.

I am absolutely right.

People like you try to buy honest government officers.

We are the servants of the people.

It is our duty to serve the people.

Take this away!

Just see!

Are we dishonest?


Where did this honest man come from in this era of dishonest ones?

He does his work, but refuses to be bribed.

Brother, you are doing such a big thing for me.

Give me a chance to serve you in some way.

So you want to serve me. Yes.

Then do one thing Yes.

Go down.

Not there. Downstairs. Downstairs.

There is a tea-seller, Kutty tea-seller.

Ask him to send a cup of tea.

Is that all? Just one cup of tea?

Yes, ask him to put two teaspoons of sugar.

One cup tea and two spoons sugar.

You are really a Godly man.

I will have it sent right away.

Mister, how many spoons sugar did Mr. Kimtilal say?

Two spoons.

Two spoons.

Elaichi. Coming.

The new clerk that has just joined. Mr. Kimti. - Yes.

Go and give this tea to him quickly, come on.

Do you have tea? (Song playing on radio) - What?

Do you have tea?


Lower the volume of your radio.

First of all, the noise of your stove.

And then the commotion of your conversation.

Shall I close down my business?

I didn't ask you to close down your business..

..lower the volume of your radio.

Don't I get disturbed when you talk?

I will break your teeth with my punch.

I will give you such a punch, you will forget your lunch.

Get lost! Get lost!

Get lost! You get lost!

Get lost! Get lost!

I am lowering the volume of my radio, so talk softly.

Get lost.

I was asking.. Do you drink tea?

No, I don't drink tea. Okay.

Here. Re.1 for your tea.

What is this?

Money for the tea!

This is not the Re.1 tea.

Then how much does this tea cost? Rs. 401.

One tea for Rs.401!

Re.1 for the tea, and Rs.400 for the sugar.

That means one spoon Rs.200.

Two spoons Rs.400.

One spoon Rs.200, it is the fixed rate.

What a cunning and sly person he is!

He has found a different way to accept bribe.

He was pretending to be such an honest man upstairs.

Look, a person is two-faced.

If you don't want that tea, then it's fine.

Elaichi, come back. No, no.

Let it be, let it be.

Who wants to come to the office every time?

Here. Rs.400.

Did you recognize me?

Not at all.

Surprising, you called me day after tomorrow, but I came yesterday..

..I mean, I came today.

Have you thought anything about my tap?

Why should I think about it? It is your tap. You think about it.

That is fine. It is my tap.

But you will have to think how to bring water in it.

I don't drink tea.

I mean, will you get me a tea?

There is no water in my house and you want me to get you tea!

Absolutely not. No.

I will not butter you up.

What is that in front of you?

The door. Then get out of the door.

Amazing man!

There is no water, and he asks me to get out.


Here. Your file is ready.

Now you can start the work on your house.

Thank you very much.

But Mr. Kimtilal. Yes.

I liked your style of drinking tea.

Only, the sugar is a bit expensive.

Don't you think? No, I don't. I mean.

The sugar is expensive but that adds to its sweetness.

The more sugar you add, the sweeter it gets.

That is all you can laugh for that much sugar. Go from here.


Come on, Kutty. Show me today's earning.

I can't believe what I see. It is all of Rs. 1600.

Open your eyes. Give me the money.

The Lord has given you a special brain.

Talk in the office, and extract the money here.

The excuse is sugar, and the money..

Sir, you are just wasting your time.

You should be made the finance minister..

..and be taken to Delhi.

To the parliament.

That is what I said. You are very big pollution.

Do you know the meaning of pollution?

Dirt. Am I dirt?

Politician. Okay.

Forget it. Keep this Rs.100.

Only 100? Will you keep the rest?

I won't keep the entire thing.

You are not the only one who has a share in this bribe money.

From the sweeper to the signatory.

I have to give money to each one of them.

Understood. I am leaving.

And listen, don't ever tell anyone about this bribe.

Otherwise, I will be arrested and you will be arrested, too.

Hey, come on.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Come on. Sit in the car.

What is the matter?

Tell me, what is the matter?

Come on driver.

He has come.

Come, Kimitilal. Come.

Don't be afraid.

I have called you here, so that we can know each other..

..and introduce ourselves.

My name is Ranvir Gupta.

I am in the construction business. I construct buildings.

And for that, getting the plan passed, getting the NOC stamp..

..everything has to be done from your office.

So you must have understood what I mean.

Your job is to cooperate with me and aid me.

I mean that is very important.


..you must have recognized Mr. Gupta.

And me, I am in the license business.

People call me Mr. Sampat.

All the licenses that are sanctioned from government offices, come to me.

And I sell those licenses to the owners of factories, shops..

..hotels, theatres, bar etc.

But, all the files for the licenses come through your office.

And only when you attest them, then I get business.

That is why, as soon as the file reaches your desk..

..quickly stamp it and send it forward.

And that is why Kimitilal, you are very important for us.

Keep attesting the no objection stamp.

And we will keep on constructing buildings.

So that in the world of builders..

..I am right at the top.

And we will keep paying you a price for our work.

It is for your benefit, and ours.

And here is the advance.

From us.


If he doesn't agree, we will all get trapped.

Who is this third gentleman?

My name is Jagan Dhamalia.

I am a very influential man.

My connections vary from Delhi to the graveyard.

My voice goes up to Delhi.

And the enemy.. to the graveyard.

Wherever my friend's work stalls..

..my work begins.


I thought all of you are honest men.

I am very scared of honest people.

But now I am not scared anymore.

"Listen to its jingle."

"This world is a black market."

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"I am round and so is the world."

"I am round and so is the world."

"I can reveal everyone's secret."

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Whether it is black money or white."

"The world belongs to the wealthy."

"Whether you gain it rightly or as a bribe."

"Your fate depends on wealth."

"The honest is poor, and the dishonest is wealthy."

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"There is corruption in God's abode. You need money for veneration too."

"You can do anything with money."

"Anything can be done on the basis of donation."

"He gets votes, the one who shows the voter notes.."

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"If I yearn for money, tell me what's wrong in it!"

"Only when the money is shown."

"The bride is sent off."

"I can make the pauper, a prince."

"I can make the pauper, a prince."

"I can coronate the donkeys."

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

Vijay, come and have breakfast.

Mother, I am not hungry.

I have made your favorite sweet.


You had me drooling on just hearing the name.

The sweet my mother prepares is simply awesome.

Eat slowly, son. Eat slowly.

Let me eat it, mother. I haven't eaten this sweet in a long time.

Otherwise the fried fritters from college..

..had given me mouth sores.

Your shirt is torn.

Give it to me. I will sew it.

Let it be, mother. It is very hot today.

This tear acts like a window.

When there is some breeze, it cools me.

Okay, okay.

Wear some other shirt and go to college.

I will sew this. Okay, mother.


All of Vijay's shirts are torn.

At least get him a few shirts to wear to college.

Not this month. I will get them next month.

God knows when your next month will arrive.

There is no such thing as fate, Shanti.

Everything is planned.

With a bit of planning, a man can change his fate.

Like, with a bit of effort..

..I am changing the color of my white hair.

Then grow new hair with some planning.

That doesn't happen. Everything has a limit.

Kamal, hurry up, son. It is time for your college.

Coming, mother.

Good morning, father.

How nice!

So what do you think of your father's taste?


It is imported. I don't even touch Indian goods.

You are an Indian, right, father?

By mistake I was born in India If I were born in a foreign country..

..I would have been the president there, you know.

Why are you laughing? Don't I have a chance?

Of course, you do, father.

On that note, here.

Thank you, father. I am leaving.

Listen, at least drink milk.

No, mother. I am getting late for college. Bye.

Doesn't it feel good?

Early in the morning, the son goes to college happily.

And the father gets to drink hot milk. What could be better?

Right, Shanti?

I cannot understand, you say.. Did you call me, sir?

Come, Kimitilal.

This is inspector Modak. Hello.

He has come from the anti-corruption department.


He is saying something surprising, I cannot understand.

I am not saying anything surprising, Mr. Thakur.

I have been keeping a watch on this department for the past many years.

And I have concluded that..

..there are a lot of illegal things happening here.

Ranvir and Company is illegally being given permission to construct buildings.

And only Sampat Corporation is getting licenses.

That is why I want to check the files of both these companies.

Yes, yes, that..

Yes.. Of course. Surely take a look.

But give me a day's time.

Because there is stack of files here.

We will have to find that one file from the thousands.

Kimtilal. Yes.

It should be done as soon as possible.

Of course it will be done.

Sir. Yes.

Will you have tea? No. I don't drink tea.

Not at all? Not at all!

Get the files out as soon as possible.

Yes. - Until then I will go to Ranvir and Company..

..and Sampat Corporation and check their files.

Kimti, what now?

Nothing, sir. Why are you getting worried?

Just call Mr. Gupta, and warn them about this new officer.

They are very cunning people.

(Snaps finger) They will take care of him like that.

Accept this small gift from us.

Try to bribe someone else.

My job is to apprehend the ones that bribe.

And not to take bribe.

Now I am completely sure that my investigation was right.

You have been involved in illegal business for many years.

And I have a lot of evidence against it.

At least listen to us.

I won't hear anything.

Now you will answer my question.

And what if they don't give an answer?

Then I will get a search warrant from the court.

And I will drag them to court.

Then they will have to give an answer in the court.

Get lost, inspector.

I have seen many like you.

Are you new to this area?


I am new here but I have come to uproot you.

Even your father cannot do anything.

Get lost. Come on, get lost.

What are you looking at? Get lost.

Fine. We will meet in the court.


What did you do?

We could have offered and enticed him with more money.

No use. I know such people very well.

They are the unfortunate people of India that..

..refuse to be dishonest even though they are poor.

Yes, but what now?

Think about it. We might get trapped.

No one will be trapped, Mr. Sampat.

This department is Jagan Dhamalia's.

I will take care of it.

Aunt, did Kailash go to college?

Yes, son. Okay.

Vijay! Vijay! Come on, I will drop you to college.

On this bike?

I trust my legs more than this bike. Bye.

Just a second.

Do you think your legs are more powerful than my bike?

You don't know the greatness of these legs.

These legs will span heights that your bike can't.

You philosopher, don't talk too much. Just sit down.

Your feet might tire, but not my bike.

Your bike can get punctured, but not my feet.

If you don't believe it, let's have a race..

..between your bike and my feet!

What? What do you mean?

I mean, you go to college on your bike..

..and I will go on my feet.

Seems like you have gone insane.

We will know that after reaching college, who is insane. - Really.

Then bet.

What if you lose?

Then.. Then.. Then I won't talk to Kamini all day long.

And if I reach first?

Then you won't talk to Kamini all day long.

Kamini! I accept.

Then get ready.

Hasan, come here.

Properly say 1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3.


1.. 2.. 3!

Turn around, or else I will thrash you.

Where did I get stuck in?

It.. It.. It.. It is your roof's fault!

Your roof was weak. That is why I fell down by mistake.

But, tell me one thing.

You are so grown up, and you bathe in the nude?

Aren't you ashamed?

Why? Do you bathe with your clothes on? - Yes.

No! Yes! No, no, no, no.

Get out of here.

Or else I will come out like this.

No, no. Don't come out like this.

I am going. But how do I go out?

From there. There, where?

From there. Where?

From there. Where?

You fool, from there, from there.


From there.

Get lost, or I will.. I am going! I am going!

Just watch, these are such odd times.

People run on the roof instead of the road.

Hey you!

Stop the truck!

What is going on?

Inspector, this man ran over someone with his truck and was fleeing.

Arrest him.

So, you are getting very bold? Come on!

Listen, have you seen Kamal?

He hasn't arrived.


You placed the bet very arrogantly.

Did you see how powerful my legs are? You lost!

I saw how powerful your legs are, but I got stuck.

And I fell down, still I reached before you.

If I tell you what I just did, you will be astounded.

And if you would have seen what I saw..

..you would have been astounded too.

Fine, you are great. You win.

Happy now? - No. The real happiness is going to start now.

Remember our bet.

The Kamini one.

Hi, Kamini. Hi.

She is looking so great.

Postpone today's bet till tomorrow.

Not at all.

What you squinting?

I am looking at another cross-eyed guy.

Your eyes have become fine.

Quickly hit me, I will become fine too.

Not at all. You look better this way.

Stay this way.

Hi, Kamini. Hi, Vijay.

Hi, Kamal.

She is saying hi to you.

What happened?

This is not nice, Kamal.

I am wishing you, and you are turning your back..

..instead of replying.


I am talking to you.

Why don't you answer?

How did you suddenly become so arrogant, Kamal?

That is what I am asking him.

He is being stubborn with me too. He doesn't answer anything I ask.

Bloody show-off!

How shameful!

A girl has come to you early in the morning.

You should walk up to her and say hello.

Hello. Hello.

He couldn't do that.

You said hello, and he didn't reply.

At least you could have shown your face and nodded your head.

You should never pay heed to such arrogant people.

Let it be, Vijay. Let it be.

My mood is off.

Come on. Let us go to the canteen.

Will you get me something to eat? Yes I will. - Come on.

Fine, I will show you.

Can't you see? The goal post is that side?

Get me to look straight, first.

One minute.

Keep standing like that.

Thank you.

Vijay, there you are.

I was looking all over for you.

What is it?

The professor has asked me to write 5-7 good sonnets..

..for the tutorials.

I am very scared of writing sonnets. What should I write?

Is that all? Such a small thing.

Sit, sit, sit, sit!

I will write the sonnets. You can copy it later. - Yes. Fine.

Madam. Yes.

Where is your concentration? On you.

Will love sonnets do? Of course. It will do.

Your love sonnet is real life. Go on.

Why are you screaming?

Scholars have said, you should always praise open heartedly..

..in a high voice!

But I haven't said my sonnet.

I am praising you in advance.

It goes like this.

"After gathering all the destruction of the world."

"When nothing could be made."

"Then my heart was made out of it."


Keep it up!

Keep it up!

I mean, keep saying sonnets like this.

I will. Proceed.

I haven't completed it!

No, no. I mean, another one.

Another. Okay. Listen.

"Lord, create a market of love."

"I am selling my heart, send a buyer."

What a shot!


I mean, what a sonnet!

What a great sonnet! I have gone insane.

Thank you. Thank you.

Another one.

"People say I love you."

"People say I love you."

"But you say I am mad, then so be it."

Whoever taught him to play football?

Why are you disturbing us?

You can see, Kamini and me.. That is..

Wow, Vijay! You are great.

People will learn how to live in your company.

Otherwise there are some people that..

..always mess up your mood.

Just a minute.

Did you hear? Shut up.

There is a lot of commotion here because of some miscreant players.

We will listen to the remaining sonnets tomorrow morning.

Yes. Why not?

This place, before the college starts.

Will you come?

Do you need to ask that?

Why won't I come if you call me?

If you say so, I will not go home tonight.

I will sit here all night long and wait for dawn.

How sweet of you! I will leave now.

We will meet tomorrow morning.

Come. I will drop you.

Go and play. Go play!

A toast tonight to our friend, Jagan.

Who removed the obstruction called inspector Modak..

..from our path forever.

He was threatening us about the court.

Don't laugh.

We would have met in the court.

If some other police inspector would have caught Jagan..

..instead of inspector Das.

How could anyone else have caught him, Mr. Sampat?

Jagan always involves me in all his illegal activities.

So that if he gets stuck somewhere, then I can save him.

Just like I did today.

The truth is that now I am in real peace.

Since the time I saw inspector Modak..

..I had lost my peace and serenity.

Jagan saved all of us.

Now we can really enjoy our drinks.

Cheers to that. Cheers!


Father, will all of you keep drinking or have dinner too?

Dear, just 15 minutes.

I have already heated the food thrice.

The food has been served on the table.

If you want to, you can eat it cold.

I am going to sleep.

Think about it, by eating cold food we might get.. stuck.

No. (Laughs)

I don't want breakfast mother.

The motorcycle is not there.

That means he left for college before me.

No problem, pal. I will reach before you using the shortcut.

Beat him! Beat him! - Beat him!

Oh my God!


What did you do?

You thrashed away my customers.

You said beat him.

Oh fool, I told them to beat you.

Me! Why me?

Just like that.

Seems like the Lord has sent you for me.


Yes, that is why you always fall through my roof.

That's my mistake.

How can you make the same mistake twice?

Yesterday when you fell, I thought it was by mistake.

But today, you didn't fall by mistake.


It is said, a person gets what he is destined for.

Just like that I am destined for your love. - My love.

That is why you always fall down on me.

You belong to me, isn't it?

What are you doing?

Don't you have any shame?

Why be ashamed of my own?

What.. What.. What is the way out?

From here to here.

Oh God!

Where are you going?

To take a bath.

No, no, no. To college.

I am getting late. I am going, I am going.

I am going! Hey!

Who will mend the hole in my roof?

When I fall the third time, I will mend it.

Listen, I will be waiting for that third time.


Kailash. Yes.

Have you seen Kamini? No.

When did you realize that you love me?


One day's separation seemed like a thousand years.

But when did you realise it.

Me. Yes.

Long back! Really.

When we first met..

..since that day, my heart fell for you.

I have been absolutely crazy for you.

Then why didn't you tell me earlier?

The love that needs to be expressed is very weak Kamal.

When you can hear each other's heartbeats..

..it is called love.

Not just your heartbeat, your voices can be heard outside too.

You are whispering, but the mike is on.

That means you heard everything?

So what if he heard? He is no stranger. He is our friend.

My dear, tell me when are your two hearts uniting?

I mean, when are you getting married?

Not so soon.

First I have to complete my education.

Then I have to decide on my profession and career.

And then I have to think about what to do.

I have thought about what I will do.

What will you become?

Since my childhood I had a desire..

..to join the police force once I complete my studies..

..and become a police officer.

Applause, friends. Applause. Thank you.

And Kamini, what have you thought for yourself?

Me? Yes.

Friends, I want to be a famous lawyer.

I will let the law shine..

..and aid it in meting out justice.

I will get criminals punished and the innocent released.

But that will take a lot of time.

We will get married before that.

Then I will marry such a man..

..who won't object my studies after my wedding.

And gives me the permission to become a lawyer.

Is that so? Yes.

Then you have my permission right away.

Vijay, you found out about us.

Now tell us about yourself.

Yes, come on.

I.. am a simple man..

..born and brought up in poverty.

I belong to that part of society..

..where every happiness and desire..

..starts and ends on food.

My desire is to complete my studies and find a job that..

..will make my parents happy.

It brings happiness in their life forever.

Laughter, games and pranks.

Carelessness, youth.

Today is the last day for everything.

From tomorrow life will change.

We will all be alone.

And in the crowd of unknown faces.

In that crowd of unknown faces, we have to start our future.

We have to find our destiny.

For that, I wish everybody all the best.

And especially, my best friends Kamal and Kamini.

I would request them to come on stage, please.

Come on, Kamal. Please come on stage.

Come on.

Kamal and Kamini will soon get married..

..and become each other life partners.

Give them a big hand, please.

"In just a few meetings."

"I have chosen you amongst countless others."

"You can fall in love at first sight."

"Or you won't find love all your life."

"In just a few meetings."

"I have chosen you amongst countless others."

"You can fall in love at first sight."

"Or you won't find love all your life."

"Brushing your cheeks, you gave love to the flowers."

"You made my heart restless."

"Brushing your cheeks, you gave love to the flowers."

"You made my heart restless."

"I handed over myself to you."

"This youth lies in your hands."

"In just a few meetings."

"I have chosen you amongst countless others."

"You can fall in love at first sight."

"Or you won't find love all your life."

"When my friends takes your name."

"My heart skips a beat."

"When my friends takes your name."

"My heart skips a beat."

"You are my life."

"You dwell in my heart."

"Like the moon in the night."

"In just a few meetings."

"I have chosen you amongst countless others."

"You can fall in love at first sight."

"Or you won't find love all your life."

Come, Sampat. Come.

I wanted some advice from you. That is why I called you.

Yes, tell me.

After seeing this building I thought of something. - What?

When the municipal department is in our control..

..why don't we take advantage of it?

How is that?

If we construct four more floors on this six-storied building..

..we will rake in double the benefits.

You are right, but we have got permission for six.

And you want to build a ten-storied building?

Think about it. What if we land in trouble?

There is no question of that Sampat. No!

When Kimtilal passes the file..

..Mr. Thakur will put the no objection stamp..

..and Mr. Contractor will increase four floors..

..of the building. It will be done.

And getting the rest of the investigation done..

..and passing it, is inspector Ganesh's responsibility.

Isn't it, Ganesh? Yes, that will happen too.

See. This way we will benefit and so will they.

There is no question of landing in trouble.

You are right.

But what about the road to come to this building?

Will people pass through that filthy hamlet..

..to come live in this building?

Sampat, when we can do all this..

..can't we get rid of the hamlet?

When the time comes, the hamlet will be rid off..

..and the road will be constructed too.

Kimitilal, I can't understand..

..whether I should sign on the Nirmal building file or not.

Why, sir?

First of all, they constructed the building on government land.

Secondly, they increased the FSI themselves.

They got permission for six floors. And they constructed ten.

I have heard, they have used very cheap material..

..to construct the building.

What if there is an inquiry? Let there be.

What difference does it make?

And who will conduct the inquiry?

Our people, our inspector.

We are not the only one in this black market business.

Everyone is involved in this.

Even then, Kimti.

What if something happens to the building..

..because of cheap quality?

If it collapses, people will die.

Think about it. We might land in trouble.

You have started talking like Mr. Sampat.

"Think about it. We might land in trouble!"

Sir, nothing happened in so many years.

What can happen now?

Always remember one thing.

No matter what happens in the world, don't worry.

You always have money. Think about that!

Come on.

Fine, as you wish.

What are you doing?

I taste the alcohol for the customers.

Do you drink?


Does a sweet maker ever eat his sweets?

Similarly, one who makes alcohol never drinks.

I just taste it.

Tell me one thing.

Don't you get drunk tasting it?

Yes, sometimes I lose my senses.

You taste it too.

You will like it.

I don't want to taste it.

Your roof has been fixed. I am going.

Where are you going?

First let me see whether you have fixed it properly or not.

Why do you keep moving?

Then what else should I do?

You are always coming so close.

Go up and take a look at your roof.

You will not leave, won't you?


He has fixed the roof very nicely..

What happened? What happened? What happened?

What can happen?

You are below, and I am above you.

I had told you, your roof is very weak.

Seems like I will have to redo the entire roof.

No matter what you do, I will keep falling on you.

You will keep falling on me. Come on. Get up.

I won't get up. Get up.

I won't get up. Get up.

I won't get up. Get up.

I won't get up. Get up.

I won't get up. Get up.

I said I won't get up. Get up.

What is going on?

I.. I.. I.. That.. That..

Nothing, nothing, nothing.

What nothing? Since such a long time I have been asking him to leave..

..but he doesn't leave me.

Why are you lying?

You climbed up the roof, and fell down.

And she directly fell in my arms. Lie!

Really? I had heard about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

But falling from the roof straight into the arms..

..I am hearing that for the first time.

Shall I inform your parents?

Okay, don't blabber. Tell me what do you want?

I have come to give good news.

Good news! What good news?

Kamini's father has come to talk to my father. He is at home right now.

For your marriage! Yes!

He has done it!

How did your son dare to fall in love with my daughter?

And to think about marrying her?

And you? If this is your desire..

..stop in your tracks right now, Kimitilal!

Don't try to reach out for the sky.

The result won't be good.

Mr. Sampat, will you let me say something?

I didn't even know that love each other.

My son didn't tell you he wants to marry your daughter.

Your daughter told you.

And as your daughter has said so, it means they love each other.

And when they do love each other I think.. - Stop your nonsense!

I have come here to warn you..

..and you are talking to me about marriage?

What is your status, Kimitilal?

A mere servant! A mere clerk, that thrives on our money.

Mr. Sampat. What?

I don't thrive on your money.

I take rightly deserved money for the work I do from you.

No matter what, you are still a servant.

You can never become my relative.

And remember that Kimitilal.

Remember that.


I am a servant.

Then I will show you.

What a servant can do, the owner can never do.

No, Mr. Thakur. No!

After today, none of their files will be passed from this office.

But Kimitilal, do you know what the consequences of that will be?

I have thought of everything.

You just stay away from this matter.

This is my personal matter.

It is the question of my family prestige.

It is a war between the rich and the poor.

Now let's see who wins.

What are you saying, Ranvir?

You want me to get my only daughter..

..married to a mere clerk's son?

Why? Why?

The situation calls for it, Sampat.

Son, daughter, child, love.

All this belong to the poor.

The rich and influential only love their status.

Even great kings and emperors..

..have let their daughter marry peasants.

Just to save their position.

You are facing the same situation, Sampat.

And you have to do that.

I can't think of what to do.

Think about your loss, Sampat. Only about your loss.

If the files are not passed, we will suffer losses worth millions.

All our wealth will be over.

We will be burdened with loans.

Then what will you do with your child?

Then even a poor person won't marry your daughter.

Did you understand what I want to say?

I can understand.

I can understand everything.

Then what do you think?

Do you want to suffer loses?

Or get your daughter married to Kimitilal's son?


I want to get her married!

"Don't slip away from our side."

"Beauties, sit close to us."

"Our beauty will be tarnished."

"Sit away from us."

"Someone let the beauties know."

"The lovers will go on a strike."

"Someone let the beauties know."

"The lovers will go on a strike."

"All the demands of love."

"All the demands of love."

"The lovers will make you accept it."

"The lovers will make you accept it! The lovers!"

"The lovers will make you accept it! The lovers!"

"The lovers will go on a strike."

"They will make many false promises, but.."

"They will make many false promises, but.."

"The lovers cannot do anything."

"They will make many false promises, but.."

"The lovers cannot do anything."

"By locking horns with the beauties.."

"By locking horns with the beauties.."

"The lovers will die an untimely death."

"The lovers will die an untimely death. The lovers."

"The lovers will die an untimely death. The lovers."

"The lovers cannot do anything."

"If we go on a strike, the makeup factories will close down."

"Without the makeup, your face will look unattractive."

"Lipstick, nail polish, eye-brow, powder, kohl."

"All the beauties will go mad if they don't get it."

"The mirror will laugh on them."

"They won't be able to face themselves."

"They will hide their faces."

"We swear on love, if we surround them."

"We will stop the traffic coming in the beauties alley."

"They will be compelled to be faithful."

"They will be compelled to be faithful."

"When the lovers will come after them."

"When the lovers will come after them. The lovers."

"When the lovers will come after them. The lovers."

"The lovers will go on a strike."

"Our beauty does not depend on makeup."

"The moon, stars and flowers will adorn the beauties."

"Our beauty is a mirror, why should we look in the mirror."

"Those who don't have a heart, cannot see it."

"They can never have our love."

"They cannot appease us giving us the excuse of makeup."

"If they don't surround us, their desires won't be fulfilled."

"Their pier will pass through our alley."

"If they come after the beauties."

"If they come after the beauties."

"The lovers will perish."

"The lovers will perish. The lovers"

"The lovers will perish. The lovers."

"The lovers cannot do anything."

"Show me your charm!"

"Or else we will declare war."

"We are very difficult."

"Don't think we are easy."

"If it wouldn't have been for lovers."

"How would you have felt so proud?"

"Beauty and love is dependent on us."

"We will defeat you, in the game of love."

"If you cross your limit, you will be jailed."

"We will be stubborn even in the jail."

"No one could ever survive this game."

"Forget this anger."

"Come in my arms."

"Take an oath, you will be faithful to us."

"It is the matter of two hearts, why are we fighting."

"It is the matter of two hearts, why are we fighting."

"Nobody won or lost in this game."

"Nobody won or lost in this game."

"With the beauties in the jamboree."

"With the beauties in the jamboree."

"The lovers will always be in harmony with them."

"The lovers will always be in harmony with them."

"The lovers will always be in harmony with them."

The wedding was very grand.

The best thing was that you separated your son..

..by taking a flat for dowry.

You separated your son by giving him a flat. - Yes.

No problem, no hassles.

What a mind! What a brain!

If you ever sell this mind, first ask me.

What will anyone do with a bald head?

Baldness is a symbol of richness.

The balder you are, the richer you get.

You will lose your hair, and gain money.


The balder you are, the richer you get! - Yes.

He is completely bald, he should have been a millionaire.

He has been a sweeper all his life.

You shouldn't be so bald that your fate slips..

..and falls off your bald pate.

There should be some hair for grip.


Liar, he just blabbers. What is it?

A gentleman has come to meet you. Who is it? Call him.

Come. Sir is calling.

Greetings, Kimtilal. Greetings.

How are you? How is your family?

The children have grown up, and I have lost my hair. What is it?

It is a holiday today. I thought you would be at home.

So I brought the file here.

Please put your no objection stamp on it.

It is a little urgent.

Are you.. Are you mad?

What is this place? Your house!

Do I carry the stamp in my pocket?

It doesn't seem so, but you never know.

What a.. What a strange man!

Listen.. Where did you go?


What are you doing?

The file has come, you will need the tea.

How many spoons sugar? Quiet!

Look, take.. Bring your file to the office.

We will talk there. Go from here. Come on go.

I am going.

Take this along. Leaving the file here.

Fool, he doesn't understand. What do they think before..

You would have earned some money on a holiday.

Unnecessarily you sent him back.

I will slap you!

You should do office work only in office.

If someone sees you in the house, then you are done for.

I got it! I got it! What did you get?

The IPS application that I had given. It has been accepted, father.

That! I knew it would get accepted.

You knew it! How?

No.. You had passed your exams with such good marks.

I was sure you would definitely get it.

Okay. Bless me!

Mother! Your mother has gone to the temple.

Surely give this good news to mother when she returns.

I will go and meet Vijay.


Kutty, he thinks he got this job..

..because he passed with good marks.

He doesn't know what I had to do for getting him this job.

You mean to say you had to give sugar there too.

In this world, sugar is very important Kutty.

Without it, neither life nor tea seems sweet.

Congratulations, pal!

This is called two friends having same fate.

We spent our childhood together.

Same school. Same college.

And now both of us are going for the same job.

I pray to God that we share every happiness and sorrow of life.

Come on. Get ready quickly. We have to leave.

No, Kamal.

Our fates were similar till now.

From today our fates have changed.

What do you mean?

Meaning, you will go for the training. Not me.

Why won't you go?

Because my application has been rejected.

Your application has been rejected. Why are you joking?

No, pal. I am not joking.

Time and circumstances has played a joke on me.

How can that be?

You have more marks than me.

You secured 89% and me, just 78.

There might be some other reason.

Then come on, let us go and find out.

No, Kamal. I tried my best.

Now it is of no use.

Then even I won't go for the training. I will leave this job.

Kamal, there is no difference between you and me.

When you return from the training..

..I will feel as if I have returned from the training.

I have become an IPS officer.

You go!

Parents do a lot for their children.

And children can fulfill it in only one way.

By fulfilling their desires.

And your parents? What about their desires?

Like me, my parents are used to tolerating sorrows.

The day of happiness is more painful.

And there are no worries.

Anyway, if not this job then I will get some other.

You go, and concentrate on your training.

Considering that you are getting this training..

..for your friend, Vijay.

All the best.

Al the best to you, too.

All the best.

Mother, you went to ask for food again.

How many times have I asked you not to!

Son, this is the offering of the Lord.

You weren't getting a job.

Eat this offering. You will get a job.

I have prayed to the Lord for you.

Did you offer anything?

Offering? Do we have anything to give as offertory?

You don't get anything without donation, mother.

Neither the Lord's mercy, nor a job.

Only one thing goes everywhere. Bribe!


Vijay, where are you going?

He must be going to look for a job.

I heard that your application was rejected.

Yes, you are right.

So what if it was rejected in one place?

There are other places, too.

Yes, there are a lot of places.

But after 15 years of education..

..the certificate that the university gives us..

..doesn't guarantee us a job.

Because without giving a bribe, in the world today..

..poor people like us cannot get a job.

No, Kailash. You are absolutely wrong.

You should have hope in your heart..

..to win over your sorrows.

Hope is the biggest strength.

And that is called life.

And if your hope dies, so does your life.

And that is why, we should keep hopes alive.

I think we should keep on trying.

Good luck. Keep on trying.

When you accept defeat, come to us here.

"Until you don't have a high recommendation."

"Degrees are of no use."

"Education is not respected..

..if you don't have wealth."

"When deceit will take control."

"What will happen to the country then?"

"Money talks."

"Money talks."

Poor people can't get a job.

They don't want certificates or good marks.

They want money. They want recommendations.

Kailash, Vijay is drunk. What are you saying?

I cannot support my family.

I cannot support them in their old age.

I.. I cannot do anything for my parents.

I cannot do anything.





What is this?

You.. You are drunk today?

Did I give birth to you to see this day?

Did I bring you up to see this day? Answer me!

Why don't you say something? Tell me!

Why did you drink?

Tell me.

Why did you drink?

I couldn't find a job, mother.

But I found alcohol to hide myself in its intoxication.

That is why I drank it, mother. That is why I drank.

All your dreams are shattered.

What is the matter, Shobha?

Why are you crying?

What else can I do?

You did everything to look after your son.

Today, he has accepted defeat and is drunk.


Is Vijay drunk?

Today he is drunk.

It is possible that he might lose all hope..

..and swallow poison in the future.

No, Shobha. Don't say that.

What can I do?

My love for my son is restless.

My son is drowning in sorrows.

And should I not say anything? Stay silent?

Aren't you aware of his sorrow?

Can't you do anything for him?

What can I do, Shobha?

Girdhari, I heard Vijay is drunk.

Yes, there he is lying drunk.

That is a very shameful thing.

I didn't expect that from Vijay.

But why did he do that?

Because even after passing with good marks..

..and after a lot of efforts, he didn't get a job.

And do you know why?

Because corrupt and dishonest people created hurdles..

..for decent people using their wealth.

They have snatched their rights.

I can't understand what you are saying.

You can't understand?

People like you, have pushed millions of people of India..

..into the sea of sorrows!

By giving false sympathies, by snatching their rights..

..you have turned this country into a poor man's hamlet!

Are you in your senses or are you drunk like your son?

I am not drunk.

People like you have forced the youth of today to get drunk.

People like you have immersed society..

..in sorrows using your corruption.

Don't I know what you do all day in the office?

I am familiar with every deed of yours, Kimtilal.

See, this is not the era to do good deed.

I thought, as a good neighbor, I will express my sympathy.

Now his son didn't get a job, he is accusing me for it.

You are the reason for his failure.

Corrupt Kimtilal, you.

Mind your tongue, Girdhari! Come on.

Do you see what this fool is saying?

Stop talking, and let's go home, come on.

Just see, no one could have ever thought..

..a silent man like Girdhari will spill his wrath.

Sir, he wasn't just spilling his wrath.

There was fire in his eyes.

And if he is not stopped, then one day he will ruin us.

Just think about that.

If the police or the anti-corruption officers..

..get any evidence against us..

..then we will have to spend the rest of our lives in jail.

No, no. I don't want to be jailed at this age.

But.. what can I do.

I cannot fire him..

..because he still has some years to go before he retires.

And if I fire him, then we can be defamed.

Who is asking you to fire him?

I was saying that if you leave this matter to me..

..I can easily handle it.

Excuse me!

Is your name Girdhari Lal? Yes.

You are? Inspector Shane.

From the anti-corruption department. What is the matter?

Do you work in this office? Yes.

Does this umbrella belong to you? Yes.

Open it. What?

I say, open it.

Arrest him.

The court has received a request for Girdhari Lal's bail.

He committed the crime of accepting bribe..

..working in the government office.

And was caught red-handed.

The court accepts the application.

And the court acquits him on the bail of Rs. 5000.

Who is giving his bail?

Judge, I will give the bail.

What is the matter? What are you looking at?

Is there is a show here?

Is he a thief?

Amazing! You don't leave any chance to see some play. The fools!

They consider an honest man, a thief.

Go from here.

They gather around needlessly.

Vijay, take your father home and take care of him.

I will come later.

Mother, father has returned.

Seems like mother has gone to the temple.


I will go and call her.


Mother, father has returned.

Yes, mother. Father has returned. What?

Come. Come on, son.

Father! No!

No! No! No!

What did you do, father?

Father! What did you do, father?


Look what he has written.


'I never did any illegal deed in my life.'

'I never desired what was not mine.'

'Vijay, I didn't accept any bribe in the office.'

'If you know me, then you will surely believe me.'

'Whether people, police or law believe me or not..'

'..you will believe me.'

'Someone has betrayed me!'

'Someone has made me a criminal and tarnished my image.'

'That is why I am giving up my life.'

'To know the name of the person who has tarnished honesty.'

'Please forgive me!'

'Yours, Girdhari.'

Father, whoever has falsely accused you..

..I will not spare him!


If this was a false accusation against uncle..

..I am with you in this investigation.

Sir, what torture is this?

My hair has turned white.

For the past 25 years I have been coming here..

..and complaining at each table.

There isn't a drop of water in my house.

But no one listens to me.

There will be soon.

The digging work is going on.

Everyone comes here for their work, but no one offers tea.

Shall I bring tea for you, sir?

Yes. How many spoons sugar?

No sugar.

Surprising! Sometimes two spoons, sometimes four spoons.

And sometimes no sugar.

What do you care.. What is your name? - 211.

Tell me one thing, couldn't your mother think of any other name?

My mother died after giving birth to me, sir.

I didn't know who my father is.

This is the bed number on which I was born.

I was born on a bed too.

But if I was named on the bed number..

..I would have been defamed.

What was the number? Six? No! 420.

What will you have? Nothing.

I just wanted to ask.. did you find out anything in my father's case.

Yes, Vijay. I asked everyone in the office.

I investigated it thoroughly.

All the evidence points out that.. That.

Vijay, it seems like he had accepted bribe.

Kamal! You.. are saying this?

Not me, Vijay. Everything points towards that.

All the evidence is false. It is all made up.

These builders can spend money and create false evidence.

Kamal, I have known my father closely.

He would smile through his problems.

He would encourage others.

He would stay hungry and keep his children hungry, too.

But he didn't accept bribe from anyone.

Do you mean to say this is a conspiracy? Yes, Kamal.

My father's death is evidence enough, Kamal.

Corrupt and dishonest people can live..

..even after being abused and insulted.

But those who are honest..

..can never tolerate any abuses and negative comments.

Either they set the entire world ablaze..

..or give up their life.

Like father did.

I accept it, I accept it, Vijay On emotional grounds, it is all correct.

But as far as the police is concerned, I am helpless.


Your police department is helpless without evidence.

But I am not helpless.

I will make them talk my own way.

And I will find out truth.

Look Vijay, I don't want you to take a wrong step driven by emotions.

Otherwise, my duty will interfere with our friendship.

Fine, Kamal.

If that happens, then you do your duty.

Sir. Sir.

For the past many days you have been coming here..

..and staring at this building.

What is there to stare at in this building?

There is truth trapped in one of the corners of this building.

I want to set that truth free.

You, here!

Yes, uncle.

Since father has passed away..

..I don't know why I always come to this building.

And today, I have come here.

You must be thinking of your father.

Yes, I do.

But more than that, I think about that person..

..who compelled my father to commit suicide.

Let it be, son. What has happened has happened.

Forget everything! Forget it!

I can never forget that. Never, uncle.

All of you, tell me one thing.

You have known my father for a long time.

Could my father ever have accepted bribe?

No, no.. He was a great person.

Like an angel.

No one will believe that you father could be bribed.

But.. helplessness and poverty..

..cause angels to stagger too.

It is possible that your father.. No, uncle.

Some on has trapped my father.

And it is my duty to find that person!

And for that, I need your help.


Get me a job in this office.

Job? Fine.

I will talk to Mr. Thakur.

All my certificates are present in this file.

They should be sufficient to get me a job in lieu of my father.

There was no need for the certificates, son.

Kimtilal's recommendation was enough.

But the thing is that, son, I have already given..

..that job to someone else.

To someone else?

But that post is still vacant.

Why don't you tell me clearly that..

..you don't want to give me the job?

The listen carefully.. your father was caught red-handed..

..in this office accepting bribe.

I can't give his son the post in this office.

Thakur! Don't yell.

You cannot change the truth.

Your father was a corrupt man.

You scoundrel. Rascal.

You dare falsely accuse my father. Leave him.

My father? Have you gone mad?


One day, I will find out what the truth is

Good that we got rid of this trouble.

If he would have come in this office..

..our lives would have been in trouble.

What is this, mother?

This is for you, son.

I don't have anything other than this jewelry.

Go and sell it.

That day, when you came drunk..

..you were yelling and saying..

..that one doesn't get a job without a bribe.

And for bribe, you need money.

Sell this jewelry.

And the money that you get from it..

..give it as a bribe and get a good job.

No, mother, no.

Don't say that.

Do you want me to sell this jewelry and bribe someone?

Meaning, I should give away..

..my father's hard-earned money to an evil man?

Wash his dirty feet with my father's sweat?

No, mother, no.

It doesn't suit you to say something like this.

It seems as if God is helpless and permitting one to commit a sin.

Then.. then what shall I do, son?

I cannot see your restlessness.

I will find peace, mother, when I find father's murderer.

You don't know, mother..

..I cannot sleep all night long.

Every time I turn over, I can see father's corpse hanging..

..as though he is yelling to me..

"..son, get rid of the tarnish on my image."

But what can I do, father?

I only see closed doors. Closed doors.

What can I do, father, what can I do?

Enough, son. Enough.

Come here quickly.

Let's call Kailash.

How did all this happen?

What can I say, son?

Whenever Kaushaliya would meet me..

..she would always say that..

..she could not see Kailash so worried.

"He wanders around looking for a job."

"Hopelessly, when he comes home tired."

"He gets more worried about feeding us."

"My children and I have become a burden on him."

Vijay, I think to rid her son of these worries..

..she mixed poison in the rice..

..and killed herself and her children.

Look, this is the poison bottle.



Not just Kailash's mother..

..but every poor mother has committed suicide.

The siblings of every jobless man have committed suicide.

This is a slap from the black-marketers..

..on the face of poor people like us.

And we have to give a fitting reply to it.

Till today we kept tolerating their atrocities separately.

But now, we have become one.

And now it is going to teach the corrupt a lesson.

Hello. - A graduate called Rajiv had come in your company for a job.

But instead of giving him the job..

..you gave it to your brother-in-law.

I am the owner of the company.

I can appoint anyone I want, or reject anyone.

As far as education is concerned..

..Rajiv rightfully deserved this job.

Not your brother-in-law.

If this job is not given to the person that deserves it..

..the consequences will be grave.

Are you threatening me?

I am not threatening you, Mr. Bansal.

Just warning you.

What is the matter, Prakash?

Sir, look ahead.

What is the matter? Why did you stop the car?

Get down from the car. Why?

I said get down from the car.

Who are you?

We had warned you.

If the job is not given to the deserved..

..the consequences will be grave.

Take off your clothes. Clothes?

Take them off.

Take them off.

Take your pants off, too.

This too.

This too. Yes, take it off.

Run. Run.


Hurry up. Hurry up.

How can I hurry up? It is moving.

I have lost my balance.

Kutty, what are you doing?

Keeping my respect in lock and key.

Shut up. What nonsense!

Haven't you read?

Black-marketers are being stripped.

That is why I have locked my loin cloth.

Who can strip me?

Don't laugh.

There are possibilities of you getting stripped too.

That is why wear steel pants.


Black marketers! Down with them!

Black marketers! Down with them!

Oh God, women have gathered too.

What will happen now, sir?

He is the most corrupt man of the society.

He sells everything at a high rate.

No, no. Don't strip my clothes. Strip off his clothes!

Strip off his clothes! No! No, don't strip my clothes!

Thakur, are you completely sure that..

..it was Vijay that stripped your clothes?

Yes, of course. This is Vijay's doing.

He had come to me for a job.

At that time I evaded him somehow.

But now if he comes to the office..

..along with me, you will be stripped too.

He shouldn't get this job at any cost, Jagan. - Jagan!

No matter what you have to do for it Think before doing anything.

What if we land into trouble?

No one will land in trouble, Mr. Sampat.

Don't worry.


Don't be scared anymore.

The police are searching for such people.

Go and lodge a complaint with the police against Vijay.

And they will take care of the rest.

Because of brother Vijay, all of us have a job now.

Brother Vijay. Hail!

Brother Vijay. Hail!

Just because all of you have got a job..

..your faces are glowing.

Now all of you will become rich men.

You will have bungalows, cars, lots of money.

I am very happy today. Cheers!

Why are you so happy? Why?

They have got jobs. Strange.

When all of you become rich..

..I will become rich too.

I will have a 5-star bar too.

Instead of this cheap alcohol, I will have English alcohol.


And then all of you will come to my bar in your cars.

Wearing suits.

Look, your cars are coming.

Look, your cars are coming.

"You are flawless, you mean the world for me."

"After having you, I won't desire for heaven."

"You are flawless, you mean the world for me."

"After having you, I won't desire for heaven."

"I want to drink from your lips."

"We don't care about the glass."

"I want to dwell in your eyes."

"I don't care about the palaces."

"It doesn't listen to anyone else."

"The heart has been mesmerised by you."

"You are flawless, you mean the world for me."

"After having you, I won't desire for heaven."

"My glass bangles shine like diamonds."

"That's the effect of your love."

"I am lost in your dreams."

"I am not aware of myself."

"When you came before me, the heart lost control."

"You are flawless, you mean the world for me."

"After having you, I won't desire for heaven."

Kamal, why are you standing outside? Come in.

I have urgent work with you. Tell me.

Not here, alone.

Come on.

Tell me, Kamal. What do you want to say?

Vijay, there has been a complaint lodged against you.

The incidents that are happening in the city these days..

..stripping the rich people and mill owner's clothes..

..are you the head of this revolution.. I mean this group?

If I say yes?

Then I will have to arrest you.

No, inspector Kamal, you cannot arrest me.

Do you know why?

Because you don't have any evidence against me.

Maybe not now. But what if I do someday?

Tell me one thing. Why do you play such dangerous game?

Kamal, we cannot even eat anything without a job.

Our rights are being snatched from us because of corruption.

We have to use other means to get it.

We have to snatch back our rights.

You can't get it otherwise. I don't agree to your argument.

There are many people who find a job.

How do they spend their life peacefully?

Meaning, people like you.

Yes, like me. People like me.

People like you will get jobs.

You will get every luxury of life.


What is the difference between you and me?

That is the question I am asking you for the first time, Kamal.

Your father, and mine, worked in the same office..

..for so many years.

On the same position, and the same salary.

Then what is the reason..

..there was nothing lacking in your house..

..and in our house, sometimes we slept on an empty stomach?

In childhood, you would play with expensive toys.

And I.. didn't even get clay toys.

In the exams, your marks were less than mine.

But you got the job, but not me.

Why? - What do you mean? What do you want to prove?

That my father accepted bribes all life long?

Try to analyze the truth yourself.

You will get your answer. Vijay!

How dare you accuse my father of accepting bribe?

Your father used to accept bribe.

That is why he was caught red-handed in the office.


You are accusing my father.

All the happiness in your life..

..is brought by bribe money.

Stop it! What are you doing?

Instead of facing the truth, do you want to die fighting?

Both of you should be ashamed.

Vijay. What is all this?

What has happened to you?

Have you come to ask me..

..whether I took advantage of my post and accepted bribe or not?

Yes, father.

Then listen. I will tell you everything clearly today.

Because I can lie to the world but not my only son.

The truth is, son, all my life..

I didn't accept bribe.

Bribe money is worthless for me.

If you don't believe me, then ask your mother.

No, don't ask her I will tell you myself.

Because if you ask her, she will remember her past.

She will start crying. Yes.

Son, the peace and serenity of this house..

..is the result of my years of hard work.

When the entire world would sleep..

..I would toil all night and earn money.

Your mother knows my sorrows.

Because she has been a part of my sorrows.

But I never let my sorrows get to you.

But today, my own son is suspecting me.

I am sorry, father.

I couldn't stop myself from asking, father.

I am really sorry, father.

Forgive me, father, please.

It is fine, son. It is okay.

It happens.

But if my tears washed away your doubts..

..what could be better?

No problem.

Go, son. Go home.

Kamini must be waiting for you.

No problem, go. Go.

"The Municipal Corporation informs the residents here.."

"..this hutment has been stated illegal."

"If this hutment is not vacated within a month.."

"..we will have to legally vacate this hutment."

You scoundrel, if you break our hutment, where will we go?

To your mother's parents' house, or your fathers'?

Thrash him, and break this board!

Hey girl! Why you..

What is going on? Vijay, they want to break our hutment.

They say it is illegal.


Who says it is illegal?

The Municipal Corporation.

We have received orders to break down this hutment..

..and make a way for Nirmal building.

Nirmal building?

Who passed this order? Municipal superintendent, Thakur.


Come with me.

Where are you going?

Stop! Move!

What is going on?

How did you come in without permission?

Who passed this order? Which order?

To vacate the hutment.

Who are you to ask that?

We are the public.

We pay the tax.

To make way for Nirmal building..

..you want to make these people homeless?

Good that you arrived, son.

Look, what Vijay is doing.

Why are you quiet?

Answer me, how much bribe were you offered? - Vijay.


Kamal, I had told you.

There is something wrong in this office.


Take a look at this order yourself.

They say that the hutment in which they stay is illegal.

They want to vacate it.

I ask you.. how can this hutment be illegal?

The corporation has given a number to all the houses.

They have ration cards and electricity.

Then how can this hutment be illegal?

Wow, sir! I am really amazed!

If every poor person fights for their rights like you..

..then no one can snatch their rights.

The matter has been taken to the court?

What are you saying, Mr. Thakur? How did that happen?

If the hutment is not vacated..

..and the road to Nirmal building not constructed..

..I will lose millions!

I don't know.

I want that hutment vacated at all costs. Understood?

Mr. Ranvir, the hutment will be vacated..

..and the road will be constructed too.

How? Will you kill the judge?

This department belongs to Jagan Dhamalia, sir.

Whether it is the judge or the leader of the hutment, Vijay.

It is the question of vacating the hutment.

It will be done.

Sona, the Municipal Corporation has taken back their orders..

..of constructing a road here.

Now no one will ask you to vacate this hutment.



Vijay, look.

Kamal has brought this order.

Now no one will vacate our hutment.


"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Come on, come on, come on!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Today we will break open all the locks."

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Come on, come on, come on!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"The pot dangling from the sky is watching."

"The unity that's between us."

"We have decided it."

"We will break this pot."

"Only the one that can risk his life, can break this pot."

"Only the one that can risk his life, can break this pot."

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Come on, come on, come on!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Difficulties encourage you more."

"You find your destiny only after falling."

"People are standing on each other."

"Together they are so strong."

"Those who support others."

"Only they can battle the circumstances."

"Those who support others."

"Only they can battle the circumstances."

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Here he comes!"

"Govinda has come!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Come on, come on, come on!"

"Let us go all together!"

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Today we will break open all the locks.'

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Gopala!"

"Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!"

Tell me, who are you?

Tell me.

Who has sent you?

Whom do you work for?

Whom do you work for?

Tell me, whom do you work for?

You say you fired the shot at Vijay.

But what if the bullet had hit my son?

Then what? He would have died.

What nonsense are you talking, Jagan?


There is a lot of money involved in black market.

And do you know why?

Because in this black market, everyone is unknown.

Neither the law nor the truth.

Neither relations nor children.

What.. What do you mean?

Should I sacrifice my son for money?

We have children too, Kimtilal.

When the time came, we sacrificed our children for business.

Didn't Sampat get his daughter married..

..to a mere clerk's son like yours Isn't that sacrifice?

Then your son holds not value.

There is no need to get so surprised.

You are deep rooted in this black market like us.

That is why it is good for you is you keep doing your work quietly.

What kind of a tape recorder is this?

When I press the play button, it records.

And when I press the record button, it plays.

What can I do, dear?

All the parts are now available in the black market.

The label is of made in Japan.

But the parts are available at every other shop.

Don't worry, I will try! Come in the evening and collect it.

Greetings, father.

Dear, you?

What is the matter, father?

Did office close early today?

Yes. The office has closed forever for me.

What do you mean?

I have resigned from the job! What?

You did the right thing, father.

I always kept telling you to retire.

And anyway, Kamal has started earning now.

There is no need for you to earn now.

Father, I am getting late to go to the court.

I am leaving. Okay. Go.


What terrible news you gave me in the morning?

You have resigned from the job?

So what?

I had to retire someday.

You retired, but I am ruined.

Why? What is your problem?

You ruined me!

This tea business was just a cover up.

My real earning was from your bribe money.

When you were new in this office.

You used to charge Rs. 200 for one spoon sugar.

And I used to get 1% commission in that.

After that, you increased your bribe..

..and then one spoon sugar cost Rs.1000.

By passing the buildings, and giving licenses..

..you made a lot of money!

You are lying to me.

When I increased my bribe..

..you increased your commission to 5%.

You earned at least Rs. 5000 a month.

What happened to all that money?

The money is finished.

And you ended the game today.

You should have at least given me a 15-day notice.

15-day notice! Do I care about the entire world?

Do whatever you want to. I am going.

I am going, too. 211! What is it?

Pack everything, and close the shop.

That is it. How can you close it?

I need a 15-day notice.

You need 15 days' notice too.

Inspector Kamal.

Sir, Nirmal building has collapsed.

Kimti! Kimti, you have trapped me.

Nirmal building has collapsed. What?

You ruined me.

No, no, Mr. Thakur. Don't worry.

Look! Look, if I am trapped..

..I will become the prosecution's witness and trap all of you.

I will reveal..

Mr. Thakur! Hello! Hello!


You won't say anything.

You won't survive to say anything.

Hello! Hello!

Hello! Hello!


Save me!

Save me!

Come, and take my child out.

My child is stuck.

Did you see, Kamal..

..the consequences of bribery?

It took the lives of so many people.

What do you mean?

Yes, Kamal. This building had the permission for just six floors.

But they constructed ten floors.

Do you mean to say the Municipal Corporation?

Yes, the Municipal Corporation that killed my father!

I didn't get any evidence for my father's innocence, Kamal.

But you can get evidence for these innocent deaths.

From the Nirmal building file.

I knew that you have that file. That is why we called you here.

Did you see that? We escaped from being caught.

Give us that file.

Because there will be a lot of inquiries regarding that building.

The CBI will do a lot of investigation about that incident.

That file can be very dangerous evidence against me.

That file is my life.

Mr. Ranvir, that file is my life too.

If I hand over that file too you.

Then I will face the same consequence as Thakur.


Jagan Dhamalia is the ultimate name in the crime world!

His evil deeds can never be seen by anyone.

And he kills people like you.

Mr. Jagan Dhamalia..

..your lives rest in my hands.

If you try to kill me, then all of you will not survive either.

Did you understand?

Kimti! Kimti!

Whether you have the file or Ranvir..

..it is the same!

Just the law shouldn't get their hands on that.

We will take care of the rest.

Explain that to him.

The case will go on without the file.

And as time passes, the noise surrounding the case will die too.

As it always does.

Then shall I take your leave.

Kimtilal, remember one thing.

If you try to act smart, and go against us..

..then you will receive your only son's corpse.

What is the matter?

You are looking very worried.

Nothing just..

Is the tape recorder repaired? Yes.

I will check it.

Kamal. I want to give you good news.

What good news?

I received an offer, and I accepted it.

Without asking you.

What offer?

Public prosecutor Mr. Prasad has given me an offer..

..to join his group.

He is such a big lawyer, I immediately accepted it.

Did I do the right thing?

"Remember, Mr. Kimti."

"When you were new in this office.."

"..you used to charge Rs.200 for one spoon of sugar."

"And I used to get 1% commission from that."

"After that, you increased your bribe.."

"..and then one spoon sugar cost Rs.1000."

"By passing the buildings, and giving licenses.."

"..you made a lot of money."

"You have accumulated a bank of money, I don't have anything."

"When I increased my bribe.."

"..you increased your commission to 5%."

"You earned at least Rs. 5000 a month."

"What happened to all that money?"

"The money is finished!"

Father's voice in this tape recorder?

Lipsa subtitrare... 38, sec.

"When I increased my bribe.."

"..you increased your commission to 5%."

Will you still say your intentions are clear?

That day I questioned you as a son.

And you covered up your crime by lying.

But today, I have come with evidence.

All your deeds are recorded in this, in your own voice.

Would you still like to say something in your defense?


I have to say.

But not in my defense.

I want to narrate the truth.

I have accepted bribe all my life.

I have aided black marketers all my life.

But for whom? Just for you, son.

For.. For me?

Yes, just for you.

Otherwise, what have I brought for myself with the bribe money?

I still wear the same old pant and shirt to office.

I still take this old cycle to the office.

What did I buy for myself?

From my youth till my old age..

..I toiled so hard in the world of black market..

..and earned illegal money just for you.

I never told you that I need wealth or luxuries.

You would have told me if you were there.

This story of bribery started before your birth.

If I hadn't bribed that greedy doctor in the hospital..

..neither would he have operated on your mother..

..and nor would you have been alive.

And bribe, which is called donation these days..

..if I hadn't given that donation..

..you wouldn't have been admitted in any good school!

If I hadn't given that donation in the college..

..then you wouldn't have got admission in any good college.

The respectable life that you are leading in society today..

..you need money for that, it doesn't come for free.

I do not believe what you are saying.

How do other poor parents bring up their children?

Go and ask those poor parents how they bring up their children.

Go to every village in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Take a peek in every poor man's house in every city.

Ask the poor parents' what they do every day..

..to bring up their children?

Then they will tell you, they come to life every morning..

..and then die every night.

Ask them how many of their children get degrees.

And if they get a degree, then how many get a job.

Then they will tell you, one in a thousand.

And that too, with a lot of difficulty.

That is why, son, if you want to live a respectable life..

..in this world of corruption..

..then you will have to sell your soul..

..and murder your conscience and honesty..

..and give in to corruption.

Only then can you lead a life that you are leading.

I don't want such a life.

I hate such a life.

You couldn't have even got married.

Mr. Sampat was not ready to get his only daughter married..

..to a mere clerk's son.

I stopped his files.

As bribe, I asked for Kamini's hand in marriage for you.

Shall I tell you more?

The uniform of the law that you are wearing..

..has been bought by my bribe too.

Otherwise, Vijay who is more capable than you..

..wasn't selected, and you were.

Can that ever happen?

That is why, son, all my life all the sins that I committed..

..all the black marketing I did was for you. Only for your happiness.

Yes, you did it for my happiness!

The building that collapsed and killed many people..

..you did that for my happiness too!

You and your friends murdered them for me!

Today, I hate myself because I am your son!

I feel as if.. I didn't do anything in life.

Everything that I got was snatched from others!

Nothing belongs to me!

I cannot return all this.

But I can repent for it by arresting you.

I didn't know that the uniform that I am giving my son..

..will be worn someday to arrest me.

Anyway, it is our fate.

Here, fulfill your desire.

Kamal, will you arrest your father?

Let him, Shanti. He has to learn a lot of lessons in life.

Remember one thing, son.

If an honest man is caught, no one comes forward to save him.

But if one cheat is caught, then thousands rise to save him.

Come on.


Judge, it is so strange.

The lawyer that is prosecuting me is my daughter-in-law.

And the inspector that arrested me is my son.

This is the new generation.

I wish them all the best.

Mr. Kimtilal, did you work in the Municipal Corporation..

..as a clerk? Yes, I did.

Then it must also be true that the files would come to you first.

Yes, most of the files would go through me.

Then you must have passed the Nirmal building file too.

Answer me!


Then how was that file passed?

Who attested it?

How would I know?

Often some files would go to Mr. Thakur directly.

He would attest them and pass them.

It is possible that Mr. Thakur passed this file too.

That means Mr. Thakur was corrupt too.

He was a black marketer too.

Just a minute, just a minute.

What do you mean by he was a black marketer too?

Do you mean I am a black marketer too?

That I am corrupt too?

What do you want to say? I don't want to say anything.

You have confessed it in your own voice.

And the evidence is..

..this tape recorder!

Lawyer, what evidence do you have that..

..this is my voice.

We have evidence.

Such evidence that will prove that this is your voice.

I swear on the Lord that I will tell only the truth.

Judge, I just need a guarantee..

..I will speak the truth.

They won't strip my clothes, will they?

Order! Order!

Don't worry, Kutty. You are completely safe here.

No one can harm you.

Tell me, you heard two voices in this tape recorder.

One of the voices is yours, isn't it?

Yes, it is my voice. It is nice, isn't it?

Yes, it is very nice.

Now tell me, whose is the other voice?

Why are you quiet?

Speak the truth, Kutty, or else..

No, no. I will tell the truth.

That is sir's voice.

You are lying, Kutty. That is not my voice.

Is it my father's voice then?

You have grown so old, still you lie.

The Judge has guaranteed that no one will strip off your clothes.

Then why are you afraid?

Kutty! You are trying to trap me by testifying against me.

I know, you have recorded your voice..

..in the tape recorder, it is not my voice!

Don't try to trap me.

Imitating my voice.

Exactly like my voice.

You will trap me someday by imitating my voice.

Did you hear that, Judge?

He admits that I can imitate his voice. I can trap him.

Can't it be that someone else has imitated my voice..

..and tried to trap me?

Judge, now I ask you a question.

Can the law consider someone a criminal..

..on the basis of a voice recorded on a tape recorder?

The accused is right.

On the basis of the voice on the tape recorder..

..he cannot be considered a criminal.

If you have any other evidence or witness..

..that can prove him guilty..

..then you can present him the court.

There is one witness!

He is small, but he knows everything.

Sir used to take bribe, and give me commission..

..he knows everything.

Who is that witness?

211! A child.

He is a very nice boy.

He used to work in my shop.

He knows everything about sir's corrupt ways.

Fine. Bring that boy to the court tomorrow.

Only after hearing his testimony..

..will the court give its decision.

Constable, did you find out anything about 211?

No, Mr. Vijay.

But Mr. Kamal has appointed me on duty here.

As soon I find out anything about him.

I will inform Mr. Kamal.

What is this? Have some more, son.

How did he come here?

Greetings, sir.

He was hungry and was asking for you.

That is why I brought him here.

Yes, sir. I like you very much.

I don't have anyone in this world.

My tea-stall closed down too.

I was hungry, and I didn't have a place to sleep.

That is why I came to you.

That is very nice, son.

Tell me one thing. What was this sugar between Kimtilal and Kutty?

Did Kimtilal accept bribe in the name of sugar?

Yes, sir.

One spoon sugar means Rs. 500.

And two spoons sugar means Rs.1000.

And sometimes Mr. Kimti used to take six spoons of sugar.

Will you say that in court? Yes, sir.

Come on. Sleep now.

This sir's photograph, here?

He is my father.

Your father was a very nice man, sir.

I felt very bad the day police arrested him.

They found money in his umbrella.

But that money was not his.


Mr. Kimti had kept that money in his umbrella.

Are you telling the truth, 211?

I swear on sir.

And I had seen it with my own eyes.

"Mr. Kimti first looked around."

"And then, quietly put the bundle of currency notes in his umbrella."

What is the matter?

We have come to take this boy to the court.

But Vijay was going to bring Kamal along..

..to take him to the court.

They have directly gone to the court.

Mr. Kamal has sent us to bring him to the court.

Come on. Yes, come on.

You here? They were saying that you left for the court.

Who? The inspector that took 211 along.

He was saying that you sent him.

I sent him?

Which way did they go?

Leave me! Leave me!

Leave me! Where are you taking me?

Leave me!

Leave me!

Scoundrel, you wanted to testify in the court before a judge, right?

Now you will die and give your testimony to the Lord.

No one moves.

211 come up.

Catch him!

I will take you to the hospital!

No, sir. Take me to the court and not the hospital..

..so that I can tell everyone the truth!

No! No, 211.

You are under my oath!

Take me to the court.

You are under my oath!

Whom do you work for?


You? Why did you shoot?

Why did you kill him?

He was about to attack you. That is why I shot him.

You are lying.

You murdered him.

The court has waited for a long time.

But the witness still hasn't appeared in the court.

That is why the court gives its decision that..

..all the decisions presented against Kimtilal..

..were weak.

And so this court acquits Kimtilal..

..and releases him.

Congratulations, Mr. Kimtilal.



That.. That.. That..

211! 211! 211!

Vijay! Vijay!

What happened to this child?

Come, son. Come.



He is the selfish man..

..who sold others' lives for his own benefit.

Being a criminal, he evaded the law till today.

He proved others guilty and compelled them to commit suicide.

This corrupt black marketer had that innocent child murdered.


He is absolutely right.

The court that the people usually forget.

He.. He punished me for my sins.

But.. I am happy that..

..I was punished by the son of a true and honest man.

Judge! I want to tell you something.

I am a criminal. I am the culprit.

All my life I have been accepting bribe..

..and black marketing.

But me, and thousands of people like me..

..are just ordinary people in this corrupt world.

And by getting rid of us, it won't end the corruption.

And if you really want to eradicate corruption..

..you will have to eradicate those top level people.

And I will tell you who those people are.

I will tell you.

Those scoundrels and rascals are these people!

They have spread all over the country.

And every poor person is entrapped in their quagmire.

Because.. Because every poor man of this country..

..is fighting the battle for his life alone.

There is no unity between people.

If the people are all united..

..then it will become such a strong bond..

..that neither poverty nor helplessness..

..nor will anything else ever be able to break it.



Arrest them!

Father. Father.

No! What has happened?

What has happened?

What has happened?

Tell me, Kamal.



Forgive me, Kamal.

But because of my arrest, the people are uniting.


"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"

"Money talks!"