Kalashnikov (2020) Script


Misha !! Misha !!

Misha !! Misha !! Come with us.

Here we go!

Come on, it's coming!

Let's play.


Year 1941

Closer, Kolya!

Cut it!

Left! Turn left!


Show them, Kolya! Give it!

Be patient, be patient, dear.

He woke up. - I see.

Bravo, tank driver.

Down, down, down ... down, down, stay down ...

Lie down, lie down. You have to lie down. - Gaponin!

Everything is alright. - Are my boys here?

Everything is alright. - Senior Lieutenant Gaponin!


Hello, lieutenant. Where's the 12th Division? I've been looking for her for half a day.

God damn it now, comrade captain The offensive has started. - Guys, we're looking for the 12th infantry division.

We do not know. - Lieutenant, be careful. There are still Germans around.

Understood, comrade captain.

Come on come on come on...

Please try again. - Come on! - Tighten your ass!

Let's go let's go!

Here we go!

No, it's over. I got it.

Holy shit ...

There is a village there. Maybe they have horses.

We have to go there.

What's your name?

Sergeant Major Kalashnikov.

And in name? - Mihail. - Come with me.

What is it, a new machine gun?

Yes, it's just gone out of production.

They say everyone will soon have this instead of a rifle.

This is fine.

And how does it beat?


How much does it beat?

Only the devil knows.

Let's go to the forefront. We will check there.

And you, tank driver ... keep a distance of 50 m from me.

If something happens ...

Johan! Johan! - Behind you!


Are you alive?

The automatic did not pass the test.

It jammed at the most interesting moment - Yes, I saw it.

The water came in.

It got stuck. And the bullets have frozen.

And the spring is also weak.

The striker does not reach the bullets. It was not finished properly.

Innovators ...

Do you understand these things? - Yes, in practice I am also ... an inventor Oh yes. And what did you invent?

All kinds of things.

I don't remember them all.

What was the latest invention?

The last?

Camp bed dryer.

A dryer, his mother ... You are so cool, tank driver.

Hello, dear ones:

Mom, sister, little sisters.

Even grandmother Shura, aunt Tatiana and all relatives, who are not indifferent to the fate of Sergeant Major Kalashnikov.

I'd like to let you know that my tank was hit in battle.

Some died heroically, fortunately I remained alive. I was just injured in the shoulder.

I have been in the hospital since then for treatment.

ELEC 1942 Since my injury seemed pretty serious, our doctor Pavel Ivanovic sent me home to fully recover.

And so I left for your area. Mikhail.

Are there other wounded?

You with your injured hand, come here.

Come inside.

Do you live far away, Sergeant? - Altai.

I was studying there. I come from Kazakhstan.

I worked there.

Maybe you know Matai station? - Matai?

It was before the war.

Railway depot.

True, they kicked me out of there.

For what? (ninety two)

Yes, I made things different and .... in practice, the authorities did not like it and ...

What were you doing?

Auto-arrows, shotguns ... It's been my passion since childhood.

And now, I'm thinking of an automatic.

Automatic? - A kind of automatic machine gun.

Here she is.

Now they certainly wouldn't reject you.

In reverse. Something has to be invented, comrade sergeant major, to preserve our health.

Our homeland needs your inventions now.

Matai station.

Sergeant! Where is he going?

Mom, forgive me the nonsense. I won't see you right now.

I wanted to come to you, but I didn't.

I miss you. I need to grow.

I know it's difficult for you alone without a man in the house but who will I be in front of you if I stop respecting myself?

I bow to your feet. Your Mikhail.

Where's Pavel Andreevich? - Krotov? - It's there.

Pavel Andreevich! - Who, Pavel Andreevich?

Where's Pavel Andreevich? - Pavel Andreevich! - What do you want?

Sergeant Major Kalashnikov. On leave due to injuries.

Kalashnikov, Kalashnikov ... I know that surname.

I know you?

I worked for you in 38. Revision of steam boilers.

It's all clear to me. Can you hold a hammer? - No.

Rest, rest ... I need some time. - Give us a second! - No!

Pavel Andreevich! - Rest when I tell you. I have nothing for you.

Yes. Why didn't my shipment arrive?

Where can I find those damned valves?

Should I make you a complaint? Then. Well.

I am waiting. Here we go.

Pavel Andreevich, while I was in the hospital, I thought.

The situation on the front is not easy.

The Germans are well armed and, to put it plainly, we are densely behind.

The Red Army needs a good machine gun to win. And I have some ideas.

Really? - Yup And why don't we make this automatic here in this store? Has?

Automatic, you say? Invent it. Right here?

I remembered you, Kalashnikov.

Are you the one who built the gun in the workplace? - Exactly, it's me.

And you know, my friend, what happened When did they find that damned hand-made gun in my lab?

For two days the investigator took my soul away.

When? Who allowed it? Because? Who allowed it?

I lost 5 kg because of that hassle.

After all, he couldn't even shoot that thing.

It's that simple.

Yes, he could still shoot. So I took away a piece of cast iron.

I just wanted to perfect the shutter. I took it off so I didn't have to deliver it.

Well. And for the investigator, accept my apologies.

What about the automatic machine gun?

Let's try, huh?

You know what, inventor ...

Get out of here!

Comrade Lieutenant, the car for Lieutenant Colonel Basar is ready. What is the path?

Leave her in the commander's office first, then she'll tell you. - I get it!

Listen, did a big fish come?

Big, big. This morning they said an important inspector was arriving from Alma-Ata.

Khasanov or Basarov.

And you come from the front? How is it there? It's hot?

Like in a furnace.

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, can I?

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, Sergeant Major Kalashnikov. Will you allow me to speak?

How did you get here, tank driver?

I'm on injury leave. I'd like to speak to you, comrade colonel.

Speak, Sergeant. Hurry up. I'm in a hurry.


You know, I am convinced ...

Not that. I have been in the army since 1938.

Since the first days of the war I have been at the front. 4 destroyed tanks, 7 ... No. 8 anti-tank guns destroyed.

There could have been more. But, here's the hand ... And here's what's going on.

And sometimes we have to attack and fight with bare hands ...

And if a German comes to you with a machine gun with 80 bullets, it can shoot you in seconds and you face it with a rifle that you have to load constantly ...

"In short, Sergeant." - Yup

Basarov ... You're persistent, aren't you?

All right.

Call me Zhigalova.

Sanych, now someone called Kalashnikov will come to you, give it a corner there.

Yes, table, workbench and tools.

Yes, OK.

I have no people. That's all. I have all the specialists on the account.

Pavel Andreevich, this is a state matter.

State? And what do you think is important?

State ... What do you want, your mother, to get my steam locomotives up?

You won't have a single man and you won't even ask. That's all.

Listen, do you want me to tell you the truth?

What kind of inventor are you, Kalashnikov, huh?

It's clear. Basarov felt sorry for you.

I saw the boy on the front, wounded, signed a document to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Don't worry about working, please. Get out.


We're here ... we've heard you're making cars. Quite right?

And you need specialists. Quite right? - Yup But Pavel Andreevich said ... - Pavel Andreevich said during working hours.

And after work we can.

Zhenya Kravchenko.

Milling machine operator.

Dmitry Kuzmic, top level turner.

Matveich, Volodka, Sanya, Uncle Misha ...

You matured.

Do you mind? - No.

In general, Comrade Kalashnikov, we all have a great desire to help you in your right endeavor.

So ... - Do you have more detailed drawings?

Yes, I know, my designer is useless.

So we will do it by eye and customize it locally.

Mom, you can't imagine what great people live here in this small station. Wow.

I'm afraid to think about what I'd do without them.

If something comes out of my crazy idea, I will go immediately to Alma-Ata. They promised to help me I'm sorry I didn't give you the details, it's a secret. But very important for me first of all, and for all our country.

I bow to your feet. Stay alive and well. Your Mikhail.

Eugene, come on. - Come on.


It's here?


Excuse me

Look, where's Lieutenant Colonel Basarov?

I do not know. - Do you know the deputy military commissioner of the republic?

What's going on here?

Hello. I have to go to Colonel Basarov. - Colonel Basarov is in the front row.

Like in the front row? - Quite right.

Wait ... And who replaces it?

Why are you looking for it?

Top national issue.


Among the comrades we did it. In the store In free time.

Ah, my hand! It hurts! Call Matai. - Sit down!

Matai station, head of the Krotov depot.

Call, he will explain everything.



What is the emergency?

A tank driver, senior companion. With an automatic.

He tried to make his way to the commander. He threatened. We blocked it.

Have you questioned him? - We were waiting for you.


It is not factory.

Hand made. - I'm in the commander's office, I won't be back today.

We will check everything tomorrow.

Go to Gorokhovaya in the workshop.

You will find Andrei Ivanovich Kazakov there.

Give it to him and tell him that Lebedev asked to examine it. - I get it.



Hi. - Hi Well?

Number 2 - not bad, Andrei Ivanovic.

However, the accuracy could be better. - Come on.

What is this miracle? - Only the devil knows.

Is it handmade.

The major brought it.

Look, a curious return mechanism. Do not you think?

You see? A completely different solution.

Do you want to try?

Why not?

And who built this?

I wonder it too.

What are you laughing at?

Don't be angry, sergeant, but you don't seem like an inventor.

You have five years of parish written on the forehead.

Are you from the village?

From the countryside.

The inventor ... - Watch out!

Major companion, there have been no accidents during my duty.

Rest! - Rest!

Well, your inventor is safe and sound.

Release it.

Surname - Kalashnikov.

You are free, inventor Kashashnikov.

Take it away. - Here we go.

Your idea is interesting, but you have to remember it:

Improve accuracy, facilitate construction ...

Have you heard of the USSR competitions for arms designers?

If you want your rifle to be produced, you have to win the competition.

We will finalize your sample and show it to General Kurbatkin, Central Asia District Commander. He is an intelligent man.

If they like your car, you will receive a call.

So, what do you think?

And what can I say?

I thought I was going to jail and now do you advise me to improve precision and facilitate construction?


Yes damn it.

Are you worried?

Here is the general.


Commanding companion ...

Who of you is Kalashnikov? - It's me!

Show your invention.

The shutter opens like this. Bullets engage and fire individually, thus, a single turn. - How many bullets per magazine?

This has 14. It fits like this ... and so it's removed.

We want to get 70 shots per magazine, but we're not ready yet.

Here we go



General companion, do you want to have tea?


What do you look like, Sergeant? Why are you wearing an old uniform?

I have no other, Major General Companion.

Tell them the general has ordered you to get a new uniform.

You're an inventor and you look ... the devil knows what. - I get it.

Remember, Kalashnikov, you are a Turkmen inventor.

We will send you to a federal contest as a representative of our district.

I will send you a letter with a personal recommendation.

Look, Kalashnikov, don't disappoint me. I believe in you.

Thanks, Kalashnikov, I believe in you.

God willing.

You will go, he said ... You are Turkmen, he said.

I can't say I haven't thought about it before.

I asked nature for a divine gift, so to speak.

I don't know where it came from, but I know for sure that this gift exists.

There is.

And here, there is a man sitting across from me that dear God kissed on the forehead.

Mikhail Timofeevich, you are our gold piece.

For your future success.

For the power of Russian weapons.

Sorry if I haven't been writing to you for a long time.

I'm spinning like a snowflake.

I fly, fly and never land.

I was really going to come to you, my family, but I am no longer master of myself.

Of course, I could go and give you a hug, but I fear it would be devastating for me.

MOSCOW 1943 And I don't really need it.

Live and hi. Your. Your Mikhail.

Go to the Shchurov polygon? - Exactly. - Leave the sergeant there. - I get it.

Want some bread?

So ... what do you have?

Show it to me.

It's yours? - Mine. - It's heavy.

120 grams is lighter than a PPSH.

120 grams ... what a result.

PPSH is too heavy.

Could it be at least half a kilo?

Without cartridges?

Without cartridges.

If they start making it, you owe me a bottle of brandy.

And if they produce mine, you will go up on the table and sing.

Do you agree?

I agree - Are you also an inventor? - Exactly.

Sudaev Alexey. - Kalashnikov Mikhail.

Will you sing. Clear? - Clear, clear ...

Do you have any more bread? - Yup




Please assist Sergeant Major Kalashnikov in all matters relating to its design activities.

Without education? - Exactly, without.

So you don't want to study? - What, I don't want to? I want it.

I mean, I'm ready. That is, if necessary, I am ready.

Here we go.

You will study right in the field.

We will put your invention into the general competition.

Your recommendation is solid. Come in!

This is where you will work. Captain!

Comrade Colonel ... - Get to know each other.

Lyuty senior engineer Vasily Fedorovich.

And this is Sergeant Kalashnikov, a talented inventor from Kazakhstan.

New competitor. Give it a separate area, and full support in everything. - I get it! - Run, sergeant.

Here we have the Shpagin laboratory. - Shpagin?

Why are you surprised? The front needs a new machine gun, so now all weapon genes are gathered here.

This is Korovin, this is Rukavishnikov.

There is also a laboratory by Vasily Alekseevich Degtyarev.

Deg ... That Degtyar?

That one.

Wait ... you mean ... my machine gun, against theirs.

That's right, sergeant. To everyone's credit.

You will have conditions like the others.

Turner has too much to do. So you will have to wait for your turn.

Yes, they assigned you to me, so please send me all the drawings of your project.

Drawings? - Exactly.

Well, I have no drawings. - So start drawing them. Can you draw?


Come on, settle down. I will come later.

Enjoy your meal.

Are you Kalashnikov?


Ekaterina Moiseeva.

Lenya asked to help you with the drawings.

I accepted this additional work but, with one condition: do not harass. - Excuse me?

I finish tomorrow at 8. Okay at 8:30?

Arrange. - I hope we understand each other.


Hey, Sergeant!

Hi Major Comrade.

Is your rumble there? - Exactly.

So are we behind you?

And who am I?

It is the group of Degtiarev.

And which of them is Degtiarev?

Brother, the master doesn't go to shootings.

Look, it looks like your toy is stuck.

Yes, yes


I came as agreed. - Hi

Weapons to inspect!

Check your goals.

I do not know how to thank you.

Don't worry, they'll pay me for these reviews.

Wait up! Do not go. I will be right back.

Here it is. Take.

It's sugar Take it, take it!

Also, see you today.

Tomorrow they will announce the results. Maybe I'll never see you again.

So accompany me.

A ball.

I haven't danced in 100 years.

Me neither.

Can you give me this dance?

Shouldn't you ask my knight? I don't think the sergeant will mind.

Anatoly. - Ecatherine.

Sergeant major.


Thanks Because?

For insisting on coming here. I love to dance.

And the elderly lieutenant companion offered to take me home.

And he also asked me who you were to me.

And what did you tell him.

I told him we were working together.

Ekaterina, sorry.

Can I accompany you home? - I'll take you today.

Really? And it seemed to me ... - It seemed to you.

Do you want to ask me?

Get out!

I won't go away.

I'm not a brainless fool, I won't leave you ... You act like a fool.


So tomorrow they will announce the results?

What will you do if you don't win?

I return to the front line.

I wish you good luck.

And thanks for the sugar. My daughter loves sweets.

Yes, I have a daughter.

And the husband?

Is it on the front?

I don't have a husband.

Sergeant Kalashnikov! Let me congratulate you.

Good morning major companion. Do you want me to start singing?

What is it, my friend? Just kidding.

I'm a little drunk right now.

I go to Tula to supervise the launch of my automatic.


So ... Come on, don't be discouraged.

You lost. Who does not happen?

For some reason I believe in you.

There is something about you ...

Here we go

Kalashnikov, you will still show us who you are. Stay healthy.

Who do they ... - It doesn't work for me, comrade colonel. - Be quiet!

You understand, Kalashnikov, there are no random people here.


Explain to the sergeant major what his new assignment is.

He will perform at the guardhouse for three days.

A competition has been announced for the development of a new light machine gun.

We want you to start working in Kazakhstan.

There they know you and appreciate you. And you will continue to test, updating our design office.

Well, do you agree?



Yes I agree.




Kalashnikov ...

General companion ... - I know.

I have received a telegram. What went wrong?

I failed. - Weren't you good enough?

Not enough.

And will you be good enough for a machine gun?

Have you lost trust?

Well, Kalashnikov, so you won't get anything ..

This requires great resources. Money, people ...

And you shrug.

Hi. Tell Sasha that Yulia Anatolyevna is waiting for him.

I have read your letter probably at least 10 times.

It turns out that not only do you not know how to draw, but you also write with mistakes.

Apparently, in your childhood, you preferred invention to school lessons.

Do you write that you are waiting for a meeting with me?

I don't know what to answer, comrade sergeant major.

I'll write, maybe ... build your machine gun as soon as possible and come.

Captain Lobov National Security, I'm looking for Kalashkin.

It's me. It is not Kalashkin, but Kalashnikov.

Sergeant major ... I thought you would at least be major.

Is it the same shit?

This shit, as you call it, is highly anticipated on the front.

I had it in mind.

Don't worry, Sergeant, we'll deliver your toy in total safety.

Wait here




Mishanya, right?

Quiet little one, this is my brother! - Vitka! - Hi brother.

And you ... what the hell are you doing here?

Mishanya, how are mom and sister?

Mishanya! Mishanya!

Why are you silent, Mishanya?

I see that people appreciate you. And, well, I was unlucky.

Say hello to mom on my own. - Your documents.

Your documents.

What's the matter, Sergeant?

Who was that?


A woman on the platform had this.

Do you know how much I paid for it? This!

She fled the fact that everything was smoking after her. Come on, give us a break.

Thank you, I don't want to, comrade captain. - It wasn't a request.

What is it, a front soldier doesn't want to drink with an NKVD officer?

I did not say this. - You didn't say it, but you thought it.

Incidentally, here, in the rear, we don't do crap.

An ideological enemy, sergeant, is more terrible than a German.

He disguises himself, pretending to be on your side ...

And when you turn around, you relax ... stab you in the back.

Holy shit ...

Hey sergeant, how long do we have?

I don't know - How don't you know? You said a kilometer and a half.

Where did you take us, sergeant?

I'm sorry, comrade captain, maybe we shot the wrong way.

Maybe you intentionally shot the wrong way?

What do you mean? - Just like I said.

The one at the station called you brother.

I, Kalashnikov, honestly earn my bread.

I smell an ideological enemy within a mile.

Who are you Sergeant Major Kalashnikov.

You camouflage yourself well. For example, build a machine gun.

You won't fool me.

I will ban you, counterrevolutionary, to the point ...

Who do you call a counterrevolutionary, bastard?


Sergeant! Sergeant!

Have you lost interest?

Have you lost interest?

Of all my shortcomings, the only truth is that I am the son of a farmer who fell out of favor.

I am convinced I know which side to be on, and I'm not responsible for my brother.

I last saw it in 1936.

He is alive and I am grateful to you for this.


Following the results of the competition, the commission decided:

None of the submitted submachine gun samples will be accepted for production since none meet the customer's technical requirements. - How is it not satisfactory?

Silence, comrades, silence.

The competition is over, but ... the war is not over yet.

Therefore, each of the finalists will have the opportunity to continue your work on new weapon models.

From me. You are dismissed.

Comrade doctor, write that I am suitable.

Please, I'm a tank commander. I don't need this hand.

The important thing is to see the goal well and be able to give the command.

Do you know what kind of view I have? Bottom line.

I, M, W, I, N, B, N, K ...

Clench your fist.

Now stretch out your arm.

Stretch out, stretch out. More more.

Here ... lower it.

Comrade Captain ... - Go away, Sergeant.

Go away I tell you.

Misha! Kalashnikov!


What did the doctors say to you?

I see.

Let's go smoke.

I haven't passed either.

The thing is simple. I can not run. I suffocate quickly.

I looked at the drawings of your machine gun.

There is potential there. There is.

I like your approach to the business world.

Even Rukhov does not object that he works with us in the office.

Of course, under my guidance. If all goes well, you will have your own department.

Don't be in a hurry to answer. Think about it.

Think carefully.

I believe in you We all believe in you.

And you believe in yourself?

Sometimes I imagine how I would live if not I had got off the train at Matai station.

I would probably live well.

Now is the mushroom season.

I'd like to bring a whole basket of mushrooms from the woods.

And the whole family would come together to clean them.

You, mom, would have scolded my sister for not removing all the skin from the hat.

And if Vovka hadn't died, he would have come up with various excuses just to escape.

And you'd be sorry for him and let her go.

Misha! - I wish I was sitting there with you, even for my whole life. - What do you have there?

Where is it?

Come on, show it.


Are you building something new?

Will you help mom? - I can not.

Misha ...

Mom, you came. This is Misha.

Hi Galina Fyodorovna. bye Bye

I didn't get bread today.

And Misha brought a whole loaf.

Where are you from?


So are you temporarily posted here?

Here's what it looks like.

And when you're done, you'll go back to your home in Altai. - Mom!

Forgive me, I have no doubt that you are a good person.

I love your daughter. I want you to become my wife.

Katya, marry me.

Victory! Victory!

Victory, brothers!

What happened? - Victory!

Thing? To win? - Victory! Victory!


Victory, brothers! - Victory! - Victory! - Victory ...

Congratulations on your victorious achievement The Great Homeland War.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Victory! Victory!

Do you think they will close the office?

What the hell are these machines for now?

I know what we will do now that peace has come.

An electric meat grinder.

Thing? It is a very important thing for every family.

Put on a piece of meat, press a button and the meat is minced.

I'll call it the K-1 meat grinder.

"K" like Kalashnikov?

"K" as Kalashnikovs. The idea is mine.


Hello, comrade colonel.

Ah, Kalashnikov, come in, come in.

Congratulations on the victory. - You too.

Why aren't you in a gala uniform? At 12 there is a formation.

I have never had one.

I have a question - Let's hear it.

After putting so much effort into it, are we going to throw it all away now?

It contains all our spirit, our hope.

Why are you laughing?

Here you are, read it.

It arrived today.

Commander-in-Chief: Provide armies and fleets with the most advanced shooting weapons.

Actually ... I wanted to read it to the whole collective.

But I'll tell you personally.

You can continue the work.

But now you will have your department.

Watch this.

Do it again.

Hi comrades. - Hi Alexey Ivanovich.

Damn you, Kalashnikov ... you are making progress.

I'm trying. - I heard you're working on a new machine gun. - Yup Lenya, let's take a look.

AMK. - Do you already have a champion?

No, but if they approve the project ...

Simpler, it must be simpler.

Each furrow more, the grooves cause unnecessary difficulty of use.

The car must be as simple as a shot.

Exactly, like a shot.

Your PPS-43 is brilliant.

Have you seen the order on the development of the army? - Yup.

A competition will be launched next month for the development of a new machine gun.

And this means that my, as you say, brilliant PPS will soon end up in a museum.

Progress, Kalashnikov, does not stop.

So will we compete again?

If you win, you will get a bottle of Armenian cognac from me.

Why are you angry? You only go there for a year.

That's not the point. - So?

Carpeting ... Weapons factory ... Who takes care of everything there?

General Degtyarev. - Degtyarev? - So? - He's my competitor.

Do you think they'll let me work alone? Forget it.

He'll give me a desk and a hammer, so we'll make his machine gun.

Misha, you'll make it. You are persistent. - Yes, persistent?

And you're also the best weapons designer in the Soviet Union.

You believe? - I am convinced.

What about the best in the world?

Too much imagination.


Documents. - Stop!

Continue - Come on, come on!

Comrade Kalashnikov, hello.

They assigned me to you. Zaitsev Alexander.

We will work together if you don't mind.

Don't you mind?

I'm not sorry.

I've been here for two weeks, but don't worry, I'm already used to it.

True, the managers still don't remember me.

They believe me an assistant. But it doesn't matter, I'm not touchy.

And who is this?

Comrade Degtyarev himself.

Well, what a limo he has.

A personal gift from Comrade Stalin.

Do you know him?


No, Comrade Degtyarev.

No. I think we'll see you soon.

Katya. Something is going on. I'm happy.

Inside, hidden, but still lucky.

I share it with you in secret.

Everything seems to add up.

"I literally agree."

Everything falls into place, as if it had always been there.

Sudayev was right: everything must be simple.

Just like a shot.

I thought, and the solution came suddenly.

Bah! It's like they hit me with an ax on the head.

I sleep, you know, bad because I'm worried.

I am terribly frightened.

The tank was not as frightening as here.

But I'm happy at the same time.

We are waiting for the first batch.

Everything is alright?

Thing? - At the shooting range.

But now they are testing Vasily Alekseevich's models.

So, we'll shoot a little.

What are you hitting?

Kalashnikov builder. I want to test my sample.

Today, General Degtyarev's models are tested.

I told you.

All right.

Good day Yes, yes, yes ... I will remember it.

Thing? Oh yeah. All I can do is put you on the list for Wednesday.

It is the day after tomorrow. Yes, you can test the day after tomorrow.

Since you don't understand, I can't sleep in peace, until I check how it works.

Builder companion, until Wednesday on Polygon is available to General Degtyarev.

Give me a takeaway permit.

I will go to the woods, to the quarry.

Let me check if I did everything right.

I can not help you.

Taking away weapons from here is prohibited.

Can you get me some ammo? - Ammunition? Because?

Hey, you fool! What are you doing Stop shooting immediately!

Misha ...

Put it on the ground.

Put the weapon down!

Who shot?

To the left.

General companion, Sergeant Major Kalashnikov was brought to his order.

Send him in.

Major, you can go. - Yes sir!

I remember you, Kalashnikov.

So the competition in 1943 was won by Sudaev.

But I remembered your machine gun.

Obviously, as a combat champion, he was, to put it plainly, lousy, but like a piece made by hand from a piece of iron in a shed, he impressed me.

Is it true that you didn't go to school?

That's right, I didn't go to school.


Sit down, sergeant major, sit down.

I'd like to see your new machine gun before the test starts.

General companion ... - Don't be afraid.

I know designers don't like showing each other their designs.

Do not worry. I won't steal your brilliant ideas.

My machine is already assembled and they are going to take it to the training ground.

I'm just curious.


Every detail is in its place.

I think sending my assault rifle to the test doesn't make sense.

This construct is more promising.

The construct of Sergeant Major Kalashnikov has a great prospect.

General companion, what should we do with your model?

Block him.

So that nobody sees it. - Yes sir!

Bulkin model.


Proceed to the test.

Focus on the target!

Delay: not expulsion of a cartridge case.

Example of dementia.

Ready - Proceed to tests.

Focus on the target!

Ignition failure: shutter lock.

Kalashnikov model.

Focus on the target.

It works perfectly. - Continue the test.



Well? - The tests were successful. - Sure.

Why are not you happy?

I'm happy.

I'm pregnant

Put me down! Put me down! let me go let me go

MOSCOW, Kremlin 1949

Rewarded? - Hello.

Compliments. - Thanks Compliments. - Congratulations, Sergeant. - Thanks Voronov. Beware!

Voronov Artillery Marshal.

Good morning, comrade marshal.

Kalashnikov! - Hi, comrade marshal.

What is your mood like? - Fantastic.

Fantastic is good. Well done.

The first prize is never forgotten.

Have you decided where to spend your money?

I haven't thought about it, Comrade Marshal.

Colonel, I bring the sergeant with me. He'll get it back tonight.

Understood, Marshal comrade. - In the car.

Go on.

It is time, Kalashnikov, to be promoted, to advance from the rank of sergeant to the rank of officer.

What kind of education do you have?

Marshal companion, unfinished. 7th level.

You are just like Lomonosov: you came from Moscow to Arkhangelsk on foot.

Where are you from? - D'Altai.

Have you been missing for a long time?

Long time, I'm afraid I won't recognize my mother when I meet her.

So you should go. - Who will let me go now?

I thought, I won the competition, I will go on vacation ... and it turns out that I have work to do for the next 10 years.

We serve the homeland, sergeant.

We serve the homeland.

It's beautiful in Altai right now, isn't it? - Gorgeous.

Regiment, line up! Beware!

Front view!

Artillery Chief Marshal Companion, the combined regiment of rifles is deployed.

Regimental commander, Major Ivanov.

Good morning comrades!

Good morning, Chief Marshal Companion.

Congratulations on successfully testing your new weapon.


We are proud of our exceptional designers, the creators of powerful modern weapons that helped us defeat the enemy.

The names of Lieutenant General Degtyarev, the builders Tokarev, Simonov and Sudayev, they will remain forever inscribed in the world history of arms.

But today I would like to introduce you to a young man, but a very talented inventor, winner of the Order of Stalin, Sergeant Major Kalashnikov.

His AK-47 assault rifle represents the future of the world of weapons.

Thanks for your service.

We serve the Soviet Union!

Compliments. Your vacation order will be signed tomorrow.

Go home, son.

Say hello to your mother on my behalf.

Rest. - Rest!

His machine gun was produced with well over 200 million copies and became a symbol of the 20th century armaments.

It has been an honor for many presidents and to photograph themselves with it in their hands.

The Shahs, emirs and sheikhs were very happy to receive the popular "Kalash" as a gift.

He only wanted one thing in his life:

That the homeland in which he was born and raised was adequately protected.

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov this movie is dedicated to him.