Kamisama no iu tori (2014) Script

2 00:00:24,210 --> 00:00:37,720


my life

is boring


do you live for?

daruma tumbler fell

Don't move

Don't move

If you move you die

daruma tumbler fell

god my boring life please give it back daruma tumbler fell

da~ ru~ can't take this, my legs are frozen hey class president, what is going on? why? why is everyone dead terriost attack? the tumbler is moving and talking! hey class president!

How the hell do I know?!

Fell! hmm? pfft

now fucker you planning on escaping by yourself?

Can't open, why? fuck out the way daruma tumbler fell

No, I don't wanna die

cool it

calm down

so, all we know at this point is fell

pfft, boring

this is the tumbler of death about how and why talk about that after we get outta this nightmare

that game is pretty boring

if you are gonna do it, do it over there cameras cant see there are games I wanna pick up too

act cool and casual when you do it but, how do we get outta this look what's on that bastard's back daruma tumbler fell

boring push and the game is over no idea who made the fucking rules but, I think this will be over when that button is pushed Alright, I can do this wait fell


let's keep cool take it easy, one step at a time that's not gonna work! what do you mean it won't work shun is right look there countdown timer what happens when it reaches 0?

Even though not 100% sure but my bet is everyone dies one minute remaining fell

fuck daruma tumbler fell

please, someone stop it fell fell fell

already impossible shun I will help you get there jump from my back, fly over these corpses what you practiced this during PE class didn't you? that's what you will do no no but hurry shun

over over over fuck yes! we did it

person who pushed the button is Shun Takahata

person who pushed the button is Shun Takahata survive survive

what the hell is this

shun, did you clean the storage room will do it tomorrow I've heard that before It's been a month I will do it tomorrow

cars parked outside the building suddenly exploded

16 civilians were killed

52 were injured and sent to local hospitals no information on any Japanese injuries or deaths local police belives it's the act of anti-government organizations investigation is on-going

morning shun

listen here why don't you go out with her? we're neighbors been hanging out since when we were kids I don't think of her that way it happens she's very popular she's not gonna be around you forever you know I know I know maybe some day

those guys, interesting...

during the rule of Louis XIV feudalism in France has reached its peak he used to say, I am the nation and was called the sun king takata here

nevermind, keep sleeping

this will be on the test


please give me back

my boring life

you are a mouse it's coming soon cat is coming mouse? cat is coming cat is coming?

Ichika shun

thank god you survived

what about the others?

I wanted to save everybody I happend to be very close I pushed the button I, killed everybody It's all my fault no, I am the same way Satake was ... (by me) shun what on earth is happening?

I also have no idea

right, call the cops

how come (no service)

you are all mice cat is coming soon coming soon let's get outta here, we have to find the police

locked here as well Ichika watch out

we can open this one two

don't bother once you're in you can't get out

186 00:17:21,160 --> 00:17:23,860 what's this?

put the bell on the cat and the game is over

what does that mean?

so, you better change who knows what will happen when we don't follow the rules hurry up and change

hurry up and do it this is an order from the president of the student committee

it's here, it's cat

food we're all that thing's food

ichika hurry get up shun, what's that

put the bell on the cat and it's over so then

there so we shoot the bell through the hoop?

9 minutes and 30 seconds left it's absolutely impossible! everybody, if we get that bell into the hoop this game is over

ok, good akimoto, pass


2nd year Yoshikawa Haruhiko basketball club star

365 days a year I have never taken a day off

500 shots a day

split my nails more than 30 times why do I practice so hard I finally understand everything has built up for this one moment

score great

the hands move too?

everybody take the costume off that thing only attacks whomever wearing the costume

help me take this thing off hurry, before it eats me

so it's not gonna eat us anymore right what the fuck did you do you told us all to wear the costume How could I have known it was a trap

fuck you, it's not like what you said...

so if there are no more rats, it will start eating people

only 3 minutes left?

there's no time

I... am gonna die look here

look here

shun somebody... while I am trying to distract it shoot the hoop fuck that, I don't wanna die like the basketball boy we're all gonna die if this goes on much longer

251 00:25:20,430 --> 00:25:22,560 my back is ichy

so ichy who?

so ichy my back is so ichy can't sleep someone scratch it for me it's this guy so ichy, so ichy my back is ichy so ichy Only I can hear it what the hell

265 00:25:57,400 --> 00:25:58,540 back is so ichy so ichy that I can't sleep so that's how it works somebody help me what's happening shun if you wear the costume you will be eaten but at the same time you can understand what this thing is saying


how's this? feel good?

more more I want more scraching

more I want more scratching

more more more more someone help me do something so ichy, so ichy someone scratch it for me more more more I want more scratching

more more more I want more scratching feels so good

good now is our chance

wait a second what if it's like daruma tumbler everybody besides the one shooting will die everybody scratched the cat's back did their duties So I think everybody will survive How do you know for sure? well...

then I wanna shoot

who says you get to be the one I will at a time like this it should be ladies first fuck off pig give me let go hey now is not the time to fight you're just saying that don't you want to live? not gonna listen to you

everybody calm down if we don't keep quite, that thing... you

let go this is the order of the president of the student committee only thinking about yourself you ought to give it to me

If we can't make it go back to sleep

no chance no time for that what do we do what to do 326 00:30:04,030 --> 00:30:05,430 what to do

ichika grab the bell this way can't let them escape

one is the bell, the other is a basketball

eyes? it can tell if one is wearing the costume it let the ball pass but caught the bell so that thing acts only when it sees this way it doesn't have the time to see our chances are


guess which one is the bell

that idiot fucked up our only chance then the bell is...

real thing is right here!

how can this be? letting it see the ball is.... on purpose so it will think I had the bell

go in!

350 00:32:11,110 --> 00:32:12,310 god



we did it it's not over

still too early

this round the surviving names are Takeru Amaya

Shun Takahata

Ichika Akimoto great everybody made it the 3 mentioned above, survives survives what, what about others...

this is god's revolution in the world after, power is the only law

ones that survived are just dead ones are false I have always dreamed of a world like this thank you god thank you so much this guy is fucked up useless scrubs should die weren't chosen by god were they This is what you are thinking too right?

Shun Takahata I have never thought of it like that no

we're the same species¡ž species you can sense it only faced with death do you realize how real life is that's how you survived you were chosen

you're kidding, how do you know

nice expression

you are also waiting for a world like this

just like me


shun isn't like you at all shun is more caring and more powerful he's nothing like you

is that so


new york, washington, moscow, sydney, mardrid, london, highschools around the world have experienced somewhat of a simultaneous terriost attack we have little information on what's happening exactly unconfirmed reports indicates youth casualties to be in the tens of milions

we have just received new information just moments ago, the prime minister has just appointed an emergency response team and put the entire nation under level 4 security code

may I have your attention at this moment unknown flying cubes have appeared around the world rumors say in the terriost attacks that took place in highschools around the world the students that survived are all being held inside these cubes now the police and national guards have gathered here to put together a rescue plan but they still have to figure out how to even enter the cube

the cube currently flying over okinawa is being followed by our reporter what the heck, right at the important part

... the national guards haven't been able to formulate a plan main roads inside the city... thanks mister

joining us right now professor of human environment from tokyo university Mr. Okura Tada Mr okura this series of terriost attacks and that unknown flying cube have what kind of connecitons? these are no terriost attacks alien invasion, is what we should seriously prepare for the situation has already gone past the comprehension of us humans what the hell is he talking about however... now people are calling the surviving students "sons of god" on the internet I can see that the fad has started to deify mortals sons of god

takumi I'm leaving your meal here

hey takumi every once in a while, come out and let mom take a look shut up fuck off hag

sons of god

sons of god sons of god

sons of god

447 00:40:06,970 --> 00:40:08,950 are you ok, takahata

I had dream where I was being licked by a cat the cat's tongue feels like...

so you're fine, long time no see takase, why are you here? speaking of which, where are we?

I feel the same way takase shouko, classmate, junior high when I woke up I was already here

is it?

we haven't met since when? since my transfer in 8th grade about 3 years?

you look well probably shouldn't have said that under current situation

takahata what is happening to us why is this happening to us I really have no idea

but as long as we are safe

and I got to see you again

can you guys keep it down over there

I am using Hermannvon Helmholtz's energy theory to try to analyze the current situation


this is Taira from a private school and Taoka from a girl's high school both of them are survivors of daruma tumbler and beckoning cat,

Taira Taoka Takase


therefore, The rooms are assigned based on the 50 sounds of people's names I reckon so I am assigned to the same room as you guys proves it's not based on intelligence what were you just dong? stop givnig me shit

what's wrong if that's the case, Akimoto and Amaya might be in the same room we were from the same place, let me go look damn it, locked again anyone, anyone, anyone there stop it, you're embarassing yourself

...appeared around the world...

...highschools around the world many terriost attacks have taken place

... this is no terroist attack...

498 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:00,000nobody is coming to save us

current national guards don't have the capability to enter the cube to save us then what do we do?

Need I say? just wait.

for for the start of the next game

you think there will be more games? instead of saying "will there be" I rather it's "hope to be"?

I can't wait to get rid of you dumb fucks

.. internet calls the surviving students sons of god I can see that the fad has started to deify mortals sons of god

name suits me sons of god

open the door with the key and it's over

it's here

let's play together

Taira, let's play great what do we play

talk about games then we must play bird in a cage after the song, you must guess who's behind you within 10 seconds cover your eyes can't cheat interesting then... let's begin


bambo cage bambo cage little bird in a cage when? when does it get out? morning and night the crane and the turrle have slipped right behind you, is whom?

it's Akemi wrong! pity! I am Hanoko bye bye wait

that's done, next

next next who wants to play? who next next Taoka, let's play no, I don't want to, I don't wanna play what? boring... then, let's kill her alright, let's do it I, I get it, play, I wanna play it's ok, if you don't like it, don't force yourself no, I love it.

I, am so anxious you want to play that badly? what can I say let's play

559 00:48:03,730 --> 00:48:06,190

561 00:48:09,000 --> 00:48:11,460

directly behind you is whom?


time is up no

stop it!

that's done who's next

Takase let's play

I wanna play with you

let's start already yes yes, you're good what's this guy thinking? so funny he's an idiot, idiot Takahata let's start


581 00:50:38,840 --> 00:50:41,310

use their voices use their voices directly behind you is whom?

time is up alright, die now Kenichi

behind me is, Kenichi

over the time limit already, out! no, should be just right looks like it what are you saying didn't you say the time was up it's cuz of this thing

time is up I recorded it when Taoka was playing

time is up I played it when the time was almost up so I can fool one or more of you guys to talk

then through your voices and your fixed position in the circle I know who's behind me alright, now die looks like you are the real idiot


it's wonderful, thank you for saving me

hand hand so lonely without friends, I can't play hey, hand hand

you are all friends? so nice, so nice. pfft

saved if you're not holding someone's hand that guy will attack


hand please don't let go of my hand

of course


feels nice doesn't it

no let's go

ichika shun

so lonely

good good thing we made it thanks

Amaya? no idea though we started out in the same room but after he defeated the dolls, he took the key and left by himself


long time no see


what is this is that

7 people inserting 7 keys at the same time also turn at the same time how many you got just 4 of us we are short one what do you mean? looks like we need 7 people and use 7 keys at the same time to be able to proceed how many keys you got? we have two we also have two that means we need 3 more keys and 1 more person or we can't open this door let's wait a bit longer maybe someone else will come there's no time for that, how long have you been playing this

2 minutes left we have to go find it it's not possible only 2 minutes, aside from 1 person we have to collect 3 more keys

Amaya awesome! we will survive to the next round but we have one too many

not a problem

I am only using him as to not be attacked by the doll he's useless

hey your friend? is it safe? traveling with such a maniac

aren't we friends, takahata

get a move on I know let's go Amaya



takahata shun akimoto ichika amaya takeru Oku Eiji maeda kotaro Sanada yukio takase shouko 692 01:01:46,530 --> 01:01:48,100 above 7 names

survive survive change into your own clothes survive survive

How did my clothes get here?

over here come over here quickly come here

Do not stop please, everybody disperse make way everyone shooting with cameras please empty the streets so I was asking where and how did that video get there there's no way into the cube right? the press has made contact with the aliens? sons of god

sons of god

sons of god

where is this place? shower house?

that what was that

Hi everybody I love white

white is my favorite color

what I hate bad people so don't lie speak the truth speak the truth and it's over meaning? super easy right

please everybody answer the questions truthfully if everybody told the truth the game is over but if someone is lying then someone will be sacrificed keep that in mind sacrificed? here comes the question


what's your faviourite food is that it? these kinds of questions? we would win so easily my favourite is sushi I like lamien meat sweet potato curry egg rice crepe

stop lying who's lying!? give me the liar within 2 minutes otherwise I eat everybody

2 minutes

2 minutes

who's lying confess right fuckin now it's not you? it's not me I didn't lie where's the proof what are you thinking wanting proof...

How can you prove things like this

what are you looking at where's your proof let me see it just wait a second, calm down I'm very calm the one pretending to be a good studnet is the most suspicious I know shun likes curry about me I can eat egg rice 3 times a day no problem you must be the one lying what

1 minute left





55 no way time is running out


you said you love sweet potatoes right right right? right right right must be something wrong with you if you love that what's wrong with everybody loving something different take it easy wrong problem is right here kind of makes sense what time is almost up who is lying

what it's you

let's just say you

no it's not me I am truthful

I love sweet potatoes

this is what happens to liars keep that in mind next question I

love takahata shun yes or no­¡ no no that's depressing... yes­¡

what about the girls?

we go back a long ways have been through a lot If I have to say it yes­¡ well, why is it... feels like you're so reluctant ¡˜

I am also, yes

very popular this kid what do you think of yourself?



never liked myself

you guys lying again who was lying

2 minutes left

2 minutes

who is it fucking stop it maybe

you you were trying to kills us you said you like shun isn't that weird?

to love andt to kill is the same thing is it not?

takahata aren't you the one lying people who doesn't love themselves probably don't exist

say something

it is suspicious

originally if everybody answered truthfully, we can all survive no need to lie at all who and why is this person lying? finally figured out what the problem was? that's because we have friends amongst you guys pretending to be human trying to kill all of you therefore lying on purpose if you don't find this person soon everybody will die

that's annoying the bad person who's lying I love white amongst us someone is of of them

1 minute left


58 no more time wait a second both of us go to the same school so? we've known each other for a while takahata­¸ and ichika and amaya­¸ are all going to the same school and know each other in other words¯èªª enemy among us is

no she.. that's right you the only one who doesn't know anyone no I didn't lie we went to the same junior high she can't be the enemy that's even more strange the chances of running into such a person what isn't that an obvious trap I trust Takese don't be fooled by girls



13 if you don't hurry when time is up, everybody dies who's the mole understand?






5 it's her stop that stop

stop I didn't lie


really do love takahata

please don't let go of my hand

what a pity she's a human afterall

then next question wait one second why, it's going so well, don't interrupt

I know

who's lying I know

finally figured it out huh


the real liar is

it's you

I saw that in the very beginning what do you mean this game has been rigged from the start saying there's a mole among us was also a lie takese takese's blood told me the truth

you are no white bear

you figured me out


hot so hot hot too hot too hot

like the rules said, by telling you the truth you are no white bear you are a horrible

horrible black demon bear

game over takahata shun amaya takeru ichika akimoto oku eiji maeda kotaro

5 mentioned above survie survive

stop running

I wonder what's coming up i'm guessing some game that starts with "ma" ma what, you haven't noticed? names of all of our previous games followed a word relay word relay? yes word relay first of all, it's daruma manekineko

dolls kokeshi after that it was the bear shirokuma

really yes so what's coming next has to be ma-something for example...


you guys, managed to make it here

this is the last round

so let's have a good time together this the last what are we to do finally this is it

kick the can and it's over kick the can yes, rules are simple the demon starts by retrieving the can from the top of the castle put it in the designated spot meanwhile, everyone besides the demon hide after the demon has placed the can he then will go look for the hidden ones if he finds someone, sees his face call out his name, stomp the can then the demon has caught a person ones that were caught are jailed right here in this cell if someone kicks the can before he is caught he can save whomever is in tha cell however, kicking will explode the can