Kantemir (2015) Script

Hi, Sarah. I am, Dad.

I call again to check on you.

I am very close, Pennsylvania ... and I'm doing a Play.

Return to Theatre.


I have something for you... so call me, okay?


It's nice. eleven 00: 03: 22,752 -> 00: 03: 24.356 The necklace.

Yes, it was ...

It was my mother.

I venture to guess something. fifteen 00: 03: 36.607 -> 00: 03: 38.731 You play to Wanda.

How did you know that?


Or maybe it was because the list of characters ... the described filled innocence, beauty and charm.

Are you part of the cast?

I am your father.

John Larousse. Wendy Glenn. 2. 3 00: 03: 58.510 -> 00: 04: 00.633 You have the same age as my daughter.

The same beautiful green eyes.

Surely your father was difficult keep away the boys.

Not really.


Look at them.

Can you believe it? There are many dogs.

Well maybe they are so bored here ... who fled to the city.

You are the actors? Yes.

Great. Suban. 3. 4 00: 04: 55.128 -> 00: 04: 57.091 Is not I seen you before?

Than? Do not I seen you before?

Been to a movie or something? In some.

Great. That is fantastic.

Would you mind lowering the volume a second?


I Music Hall and Oates if that's your rhythm.

I can put it.

My fault. It's my fault.


Who are you calling? 4. 5 00: 05: 29,244 -> 00: 05: 30.765 To my daughter.

Why did not you leave a message?

When I call someone ...

I like to leave a message, so you know I called.

Brad you, right?


Tell me, Brad, do you work for production?

Yes. Working Nicholas.

What is it?

I do not know. He hired me over the phone.

This is my first role as well I'm super excited.

Just a moment. If you are all in the Work?

Ray, yes.

There are tax incentives if They put a local in the deal.

Meet the local. Do you act?

You are crazy.

We are ruined.

The place is beautiful, right?

It never has been allowed anybody to stay here.

It's like a state monument.

I heard Nicholas leased for one year.

You know how much that costs? How much?

Do I look like an agent of real estate?

That is... Amazing.

Yes. The rooms are upstairs. There are about 15.

Take the one that is empty.

Mine is the last of hallway to the left.

The one is next Available ... Like me.

My agent told me not nothing about this part.

Maybe it up best.

I'm afraid not.

All they meet down.

I'll be down right away.

Look who's here.

John and Wendy, meet the gang. Gang, John and Wendy.

Rebecca? John?

I do not understand why ...

What are you doing here? I ask you the same.

I guess I should introduce myself.

I am Lars Pearson.

I was born in Minnesota where I graduated in drama at the University of ...

University of...


During the last seven years I have acted ... in Theatre Company Kansas City Repertory.

My representation Macbeth was hailed ... by KC Metropolis as poetic and tragic.

I know you.

John Larousse're ... the demonized man.


I knew you knew. OMG.

TMZ, December 2011, went crazy on your hotel ... and an almost lances desk out the window.

That was fabulous.

That was a different person.

I'm not that person.

Forget it.


We should not work together. I'll leave.

Three months ago I'm sober.

Give a prize.

Rebecca, please.

I will leave.

I must stand by what causes me.

Is that what I am to you?

What are you doing here?

The director called my agent.

He is the one you want hire me at this time.

I will retire.

We rehearse and act.

I will not mention the past, you do not mention this.

Done deal.

A question.

How's Sarah?

Okay, John. Very good.

Are you still seeing that as Keith?

Are engaged.

You're not serious.

Sometimes you have to let her go, John.


So no one has read the script.

Is it only the list of the cast?

They said the manuscript yet It was available to the actors.

The truth is that I would not have read, if I had been given.

Work is work.

The despair is so embarrassing.

You encantabas me.

You were so good at being bad.

Well, I'm glad I left an impression.

Maybe you can help me.

How to be bad?

I think I know how.

I was thinking more if I You would get a good agent ... but one thing leads to another.


I would greatly appreciate it.

I have a daughter your age.

Are you so bored you, as I am?

Do you want more?

Come on, boy zombie.

Throw some returns to be interesting.

Let's see how we act drunk You can entertain tonight.


Do us a favor and shut up.


Who the hell are you?

Have you done soap operas and commercial detergent?

Big stars together for this work.

Allison, you are sensually bad, but you're a fool.

The dinner is ready.

Thank you.

It's strange.

I once worked with her in New York.

It was something irritable ... but nothing like tonight.

Nice Food. Thanks, ladies.

So is.

Thank you.

Does anyone know when Nicholas will make an appearance?

At least let the refrigerator full.

Perhaps we are fattening to kill us.

Is that something secret between you two?

No, it is not, Allison.

John was referring to an old and common history of theater ... on a group of French actors. Before the First World War.

They met to rehearse a cottage near Lyon.

Three days later, the found dead, they bled.

The director was fed to them and he disappeared in the mountains ... and they never found.

Good to Know.

I do not sleep soon.

It's just a silly story Theatre.

The worst thing that can happen to us is that We booed off stage.

I really doubt that happens.

There have been many personifications of this work ... but you are by far the best cast I've chosen.

Those who do not know me, I am Nicholas tomask.

Thanks for being part this production.

So we really adentremos in our characters ... desire that no contact with the outside world.

Can you give me their mobile phones?

That is absurd.

I know. It's ridiculous.

But I see actors very easily they distracted.

I did this with a group of actors in Williamstown.

It was transformational.

I perm?tanmelo.

It is the return in a day or two.

I make a quick call.

Sarah, I am.

Do not hang up.

I'm around. I'm in a Play.

Where it acts your mom. How about?

All right...

It will be difficult to locate me ... but actually I want to come see you soon.

Honey, do not mean that.

I never want to be a father to you.

Now it's different.



She reconsider.

When we release? When we are ready.

Is there no scheduled presentations?

When we are ready to act, we will act.

This is not working for me.

Can you return my phone, please?

A moment please.

Is that work?

Stay, John.

We need you.

I need you.

I never want to touch him.

Once it is enough for you.

It looks very old.

It is.

Are you open to improvisation? Because I like to.

He had a gay partner. I learned some things.

There is room for improvisation, but the story always ends the same.

What is it about? It's a love story.

Are not all are?

And the tragedy. Thus ends the love.

That's depressing.

Kantemir, a village in outside Bucharest.

What is that? Romania.


A plague ravaged the country ... killing nobles and beggars alike. 2. 3. 4 00: 17: 38.147 -> 00: 17: 41.591 He, a humble band of gypsies ...

life as an actor is earned.

She, the daughter of an ambitious merchant.

They fall in love.

A convicted and troubled romance.

Peter Kirakovsky ... controller, demanding a sociopath.

You plan to marry your beautiful daughter Wanda in royalty.

You are a liar, manipulator ... killer.

A collection of defects deepest of man.

Natasha Kirakovsky, the Peter obedient wife.

Your youthful dreams of happiness They crumble in your wedding night ... when your husband you whipped for your pleasure.

In your heart, you want to fight him.

But you're a coward.

Heinrich Otto, the strong arm of Peter.

You're a bully irrational.

Just think of bloodshed.

A stab wound I left with a severe limp.

You use it to your advantage.

People believe that the disabled are useless ... but you're lethal.

Debra Marie.

Wanda friend say you are ... but you're just an opportunistic slut.

You'll do anything for ingratiate Wanda's father.

But your greed and bad intentions ...

will be your ruin.


Chef Peter and Natasha.

You once said something reckless ... and now you follow Peter like a dog.

And you will die like the bastard you are.

Wanda Kirakovsky.

Together we dream of escaping ... living today in the scene, traveling the world.

You do not have sin one without a defect.

Pure in every sense of the word.

We are one soul ...

a life.

But you stole everything.

Ten. Feel your memories.

Do not touch it.

And proteges.

This will make the things interesting.

Wendy, no.



I warn you. Leave her alone.

You always say that.

John. Shut.

I'm sorry. I do not know what happened.

It's not me.

Yes you are, John.

Are you.


You will not be found anywhere.

You should recede.

He is furious.

That's the least of my worries.

It will be if the rope breaks.

That will be the destination.

I'm glad to see you.

I need your help, John.

Put an end to their suffering. Than?

Can not you see that you are suffering?

I do not think that's ...

A merciful death, John.

I can not stop it.

But you can.

I wish I could ...

I wish I could help you, but ...

Nicholas, listen, I ...

I want to thank you for giving me a chance.

I know that today my name is tainted ... and I promise you I will work hard for you in this work.

Yeah, I guess you feel the need to redeem yourself.


You've been stuck in a destructive cycle, right?

How many times were you in rehab?

Four, right?

So why you hired me?

I need a good villain.

Well that is not the character description.

Would you have done the work if you who would you interpret that?

I bet you are tired of playing the bad.

So we lied my agent and me?

John, accepted the paper without reading the play.

But I think you're the perfect person.

I count on you to give your full potential.

What about the animals?

Help him or leave.

There's nothing I can do.

I'll be rehearsing with Wendy.

Let's sit down.

It is you, the actor.

The Gypsy.

But how did you know who I am and where I live?

I asked.

I must admit, I was very excited... to have another chance talking to you.

Do you mind my company?

Not at all.

But my father ...

I understand.

I'm a gypsy.

You should know my place.


No, wait.

Wait. 3. 4. 5 00: 25: 54.855 -> 00: 25: 56.415 Help me with this.

What are you doing?

I go to a more private place.

You do not have to do it.

Last night you were fabulous on stage.

I felt that for me were acting alone.

Well ... Once I saw your eyes, it was so.


Rasgu?aste like a thorn.

It is a small price pay to see you smile.


They're beautiful, right?

They are very friendly.

Come on.

I've never ridden a horse.

It is easy.

Look, you just have to hold on to me. I will do all the work.

I promise you I will anything happen.

Wendy! Where are you going?

Do you get on a motorcycle with someone you hardly know?

You should think about it.

Will you accept it?

It is a drunk rundown.

People make fun of him behind his back.

They laugh.

That was the Work.

You did not believe it I meant, right?

Well, Johnnie, you win.

I'll take a walk another day, right?

I'll see others.

I see you then, Wanda.

I would not do that, get on a motorcycle with a stranger.

Usually not.

This place does not feel normal.

It's so different from what I'm used to.

Its beautiful... exciting ...

And dangerous.

You mean this place or to Nicholas?

Just use your Common sense, right?

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Come on.

Let's go for a coffee.


I decided to give you one last chance.

You're drunk, Allison.

And excited.


I've been there.

Need help.

I can give you some numbers if desired.

Are you going to scold me or catch me?

Please leave.

You know what I long to do?


Call those tabloids tabloid ... and tell them how John Larousse angry again.

Maybe you invent something.

Maybe they get paid much.

I am yesterday's news.

Then I'll do it for spite.

Get away from my way, innate village.

I need fresh air.

Do not worry about it, Mr. Kirakovsky.

I'll take care of it.


It will be a pleasure.



Hello Beautiful.





Do not.



Listen to me. I know what I saw.

His body is in the half a kilometer forest.

We need flashlights and Somebody call the police.

John, stop.

Allison took a movie. I had to let him go, that's all.

Good for her.

He said he received a call.

We may find someone to replace her.

He did it.

Just a moment. Said the dog did it.

Yeah, yeah, okay. The dog they wanted me to kill him.

You smell like liquor.

Someone poured liquor on me.


Just give me the damn phone.

Do not.

Allison's room is empty. They are not your bags.

But I found this in John's room.

Do you mind if I serve? Rebecca, I swear to God ...

Be glad I went. You got along poorly.

You know, no matter what everyone thinks.

Does not matter.

I bring you back if necessary.

Damn liar.

John, stop. All go together.

That is better? Yes.

It's cold out here. Anybody got colder?

My legs are two ice cubes.

Shut up, Brad. It's okay.

John, with all due respect ... but this bottle was almost empty when I found her.

You're drunk. Shut.

I'm sober and here we are.

It is next to this tree.

I was here.

I see nothing, John.

Where did you hide?

You know, right?

You helped.

Your accusations are boring drunk.

I do not know what your game, Nicholas, but I will not tolerate it.

Come on, guys, let's go inside.


Enfr?es not want you.


Come on, John, do not be like that.


I really need you.

I wanted you to be the first to play the role.

Act One of Kantemir.

I hope you're ready for test tomorrow morning.

So let me read your work.

I do not think so.

What is this?

My damn.

Help me, John.

Save me.

Kill me. Than?

Interesting day.

You're a very interesting man.

I'm anxious to see what holds for us tomorrow.

Good evening.

I'm hungry.

You have been drinking ... Last night?

Were you drunk? Do not.

But I feel that I have a terrible hangover.


Come on.

I've been sober for almost three months.


Well, nine weeks.

I rounded it.

Perhaps abstinence, why you think you saw something.

Rebecca, what I saw was real.

She was dead.

If Nicholas was our phones ...

Allison knew how They gave him a movie?

How could he know?

Perhaps he answered his phone.

She was waiting for the call.

John ...

You know how it makes you look.

If you come to know that I was fired from here ... if people believe that you can not do a work ... the paper will not save your career.

But if you replaced, It will ruin what's left of you.

You were always good at giving advice.

And you were always wrong follow.

What is that?

You must make you see. Yes.

Now you are a dermatologist?

A psychologist?

How many more "?logas" I need?

You could list, but we would be here long.

Hey, could you read the first act?


Allison's character dies raise the curtain on the first act.

The character of Lars killed.


He killed her in the forest such like what happened last night.

Nothing happened last night.

Yes good.

How about this?

My character Wendy warns go riding with Nicholas.

Exactly the same happened last night, but with a motorcycle.

What do you say? Are we living the Work?

Listen to yourself.

You need help, Peter.


It is Peter in the Work.

Not so bad, you know?

You scared me.

If you like to you gave it a try.

Someone was murdered here last night and it seems that nobody cares.

Are you sure?

You should trust him.

Do you know how long 24 hours,?

I feel much longer.

What do you want? My permission to go with Nicholas?

I'm not your father.

He just wants me to be happy.

I understand. I see what you're doing.

Act Two, right?

Here. Let's see.

Page 28.

You say, "I just want to be happy."

I say: "He's a gypsy.

They carry plague.

And you, my child, will not see him.

If you do, it will be the last Once you see your gypsy. "

You would not.


Better yet.

Have this.

It will protect you.


Wendy, look at me.


It is not the memory.

Is the collar, you He liked in the train station.

You remember?


I love him, Father.


Wendy, is only a damn Play.


When you two They became so gentle?

Peter, you must calm down.

Not Peter. John.

You are Rebecca, I'm John.

Our daughter is Sarah.

She hates me and you He wants you. Do you understand?

I know.

I got tired. I'm outta here.

I need the keys of the truck, Brad.


What, no more silly jokes?

Is the mouse got your tongue?

Wendy, we must leave now.

I can not.

Your eyes.

Your eyes were green like my daughter.

Now they are blue.

There have always been blue. Do not.

Yesterday they were green.

They were green yesterday.

I not think I should leave.

I knew you'd feel that way.

You should stay, Mr. Kirakovsky.

That's not my name, Lars.

You can not leave.

Not until the story is finished.

Act Two.

The good news keep coming.

Look, there is no electricity.

That lamp was not even here.

At the front gate says "Kantemir".

That was not when we arrived.

These games Theatre, this He has surpassed those games.

This quarter has always been the same.

No, not you.

Rebecca, sorry.

Look, you have not been paying attention. I do.

It's bigger. Than?


Read the description of Peter Kirakovsky in the list of characters.

Piercing eyes, intellect sharp and strong physical bearing.

A jagged scar down to his cheek.

Now do I think?

Do not? What about the small Brad?

Sputtering not all the time.

He believed to be Buchaccio.

No, that is nonsense.

Look at my face, Rebecca.

Look around.

He has changed. Is different.

We must seek to Nicholas.

We must look now.

Act Two, Scene One.

"Peter discovers Nicholas near the barn. "

"I warned you to stay away.

Lower Horse ".

"Nicholas smiled.'ll to catch me first. "



This is the scene where you persecuting me.

I'm not here to rehearse. I talk to Allison.

I thought that we had already settled.

Do I believe that is filming at any location?

I want to see the script.

Do you want to see it? Yes.

Come & Get It.

Peter rides his horse and chases ... fast approaching.

Peter yells: Stay away my daughter or I'll kill you ...

"Can you try get me. "Nicholas responds ...

"But you never put end our love. "

Peter furiously whips his horse.

The lawn is covered dew and his horse falls.

Natasha hears screaming.






Get out of me.


John, you're not Peter. You're not yourself.


I'll take care of However, Mr. Kirakovsky.

So what are you waiting for?

What happen?

Your father.

We checked in three days to escape the plague.

And me?

This has nothing to do with you.

The pest has been here for months.

It's me who is away from you ... no plague.

It's just your excuse.

Let's run away together.

We can travel through the countryside acting in plays.

We can write our history and act for ourselves.

"Heinrich travels to camp Gypsy to kill Nicholas.

It is a fight breaks out and kill Heinrich. "

He will be next.


You hit your head.

You must sit, Peter.

No, I ... I must stop Nicholas.

He is a good man, Peter.

Rebecca ...

Natasha ...

do not put me to the test, wife.

Tell me now.

Where is the gypsy camp?

Where will you meet?

What do we have here?

Heinrich, no. What my father has said, no ...

Do not you want to see.

You do not have to do this.

Do not do it! Do not! Do not!

I will not leave you.

That makes?

Do not!

It's not your scene, John!

Go away!

What we're doing?

I do not do anything!

Now, go away!

We killed him.

You go home.

Act as if nothing had happened.

They'll think I killed him.

I will leave ... tonight.

I will not leave you.

Look... if we get caught, we're dead.

So we will flee together.

They never find us.

Promise me you'll never leave me.

Promise me you'll always be together.

I swear.

I swear by my life.

Lars is dead.

Leave that drink.


John, damn it.

You can not prevent she loves Nicholas.

Your alcoholism ruin your happiness, as ruined mine.

Rebecca, I am.

Please come with me.

Please. Where?

We must read the whole script.

If somehow we are living his damn work ... we need to read the end.

If we die in history, really die.

You're drunk, Peter.

I got to lose.

Peter no!

Father. Do not.

You will have done something. All of us.

Hello, Peter.

Catch it.

You're ahead. Does not matter.

I'm not here to testing a fight scene.

Even you are not in your character.

I'm impressed.

Nobody could fight against it so long.

Perhaps the end is not so questionable as I thought.

I'm here to see the script.

No, John.

This is the part where you you challenge me to a duel.

There will be no duel.

Do not hurt him.

He'll kill you, Peter.

Rebecca, I'm John, for God's sake.

I will not kill you.

Not yet.

There can not be a hero without a villain.

I'm not the villain.

You are always the villain.

How you longed represent hero and here you are again.

There was nothing that you could do about it.



I'm disappointed.

You're an excellent swordsman in the Work.

Fight it all you want. We're just puppets.

Why did you ask me to kill you?

What do you think was the dog?

I was testing you.

Come on, Peter.

Stay in character.

Kill me.

If you kill me, you'll be free.

Your freedom is all that I have.


Who did this?

Come on, Peter. Do it. Just me.

Why? Just me.

Why? Listen to me, Peter.

You have to kill me.

Stop fighting with me and listen. Wont let me.

Bring the book. How do you think this is all about?

Kill me, my torment ends.

Come on, Peter, do it.

Just me. It does not allow me to do it.

You are crazy.

What the hell are you?

Wanda brings the book.

Wendy, no!

I give it.

You want answers?

I will give you.

Touch it, John.

Wanda's father, Peter, was so angry ... he killed her when he returned barn that night.

Then I killed him in a duel.

Hui, a man wanted to nothing except his memory live ... and in the desperate hope to resurrect somehow.

But there was a way.

It was a way to give it back.

There was a man in the old Gypsies called Osferoff stories.

They said he had lived a thousand years ... and was made of blood and magic.

I looked at the deep forest ... and I brought the Work I wrote about our tragedy.

He knew I would I was going to do the work.

Wanda knew all about.

His beauty ... his innocence ... our love...

his death.


It would any thing back to life.

I said I wanted to be with her forever.

"Forever is a long time," he said.

"Are you sure what Is this what you want?. "

"More than anything," I said.

"More than anything in this Earth and beyond. "

He nodded ... and said he would grant me my wish.

All that remained was the price.

Osteroff fulfilled his end of the bargain.

I spend eternity living our history ...

watching her die.

She die.

Every time.

The work was cursed with blood ... and through the blood lives again and again.

Nicholas, tell him to give me the book.

Destroy them, I promise.

It is not so easy.

You must break the cycle.

Finally can you be a hero?

Run, Wendy!

The book. Everything is in the damn book.

Osteroff was right.

The animals do not fill their thirst in the same way.

John, out here!

We must get out of here.

I will not let you kill them.

I will not kill you.

You not listen, right?

I'm not the villain.

Look. I'll show you.

No. Can not be. It is not true.

I fear all will die at the hands of him.

And all this happen tonight.

No. Not so.

You were so close to free.

So promising.

Buchaccio, bring.

You do not have to do this.

Do not!



Seal it.

Open the door, Brad!

Open the damn door!

You're not Brad, right? You Buchaccio.

Buchaccio, I say to you, open the door now.

It is the book.

It's the damn book!

I will destroy you!

No, no.

No need nights like this.

Do you work in the game tomorrow?

Too bad. Vera will.

She was anxious to see you there, but you will not be there.

I bet that one lucky will take home.

Maybe I could be the lucky one.

I know you like cops.

You do not care, right?

I'll be glad when the Work is done ... and not have to come here.

Rebecca! Open the window!

Open the damn window!

Rebecca, listen. I will not hurt you.

All of them out here. You must trust me.

Rebecca, I can not hold this forever.


Why should I trust you, John?

Because they are all here crazy, and I know insanity.

We will not leave until we burn the book.

Make yourself useful. Open the gate.

They can not do that.

Can they do that?

Salta. Come on!

My ankle.

Come on, no time. We can not stop.

Are you going somewhere?

Go to hell.

I'm already there.

We must hurry, John ... before the book put you under the spell.

Peter does not kill Nicholas in the Work.

It's time to end this.


Wanda, come.

Join us.

Definitely should not do this.

Come on. You've come this far.

My story ends.

It's the only way you can win.

Father. Do not pray more.

Do not kill him.

You you looked like this.

God help me, this is your last chance.

She's not your daughter. Fight it, John.

Go back to your room, daughter, and wait for me there.

You can not kill him. Yes.

If I can.



Back Natasha.

John, I'm Rebecca. John is not there.

No, that's why I chose them.

You have a daughter.

The life you had It was completed but never love.

So I thought the book ever He would have the power to control them.

But clearly I was wrong.


I'm Rebecca. You promised not to hurt me.

For the sake of Sarah, do not hurt me.

By Sarah.


Now I can end your pain.

It is too strong.

I know you do not want to do this.

You know what I want.

John, do not let him win.

I do not have to.

Got your lighter?

I lied when I said they had left.

Well, we all have our demons.

I regret that mine ruin our family.

I'll get the book and you burn.

Quiet, boy.

Maybe that's part of the Work.

They are actors, right?

Do not!

Well, bring the tongs. They're in the trunk.


OK sweetie. It's okay.

Everything will be fine.

I do not think so.

It's okay.


If it is okay.

You kept your promise.

Hold on, Rebecca.


It is enough, John.

Nicholas. You did the best you could.


Wendy ...

I know you want this it is true, but it is not.

None of this is real.

He does not love you.

He loves another.

Yes he loves me.

Nicholas, awaits.

Listen me.

Give me a minute.

If you really and truly You want this to end ... fighting it.


If you really loved her, fight now.

Look. Look at Wendy.

Look at her.

Do you want to die as Wanda?


I told you. I told you.

I'm not the villain.


The book.

He'll kill you, John.

A new cycle begins with whoever possesses it.

So bad.

Burn until become ashes.

Burn it as dust.

Wendy, come here.

We must burn the book.

Get out of me!


Rebecca, will bring.



Wendy back!


Keep it away from me!

Keep it away from me! Wendy, give me the book.

Stop right there!

Wendy, we must burn the book. He killed them all.

Give me the damn book!

Chris, what the hell?

Are you okay?

He killed them.

He killed them all.

I brought out with others ... and he began to stab me.

And all the while shouting ...

"I'm the hero. I'm the hero."

It's okay.

I think we have enough.

You need sleep.

You will be fine.

I know.