Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari (2019) Script


The elders say thatThe world is a drama company Does that mean everyone’s life in this world is a drama?

Few dramas can be understood by listening to it However, few dramas will not be understood even by watching it Few questions do not have answer Nevertheless, few questions keep arising even Though you have answered them Without our consent we would have enteredAs a character in someone’s drama We would not know which characterWe have played until the drama is completed Not sure to trust what we hearOr what we see Every drama has a start But this starts from the end I am the character of this drama

Why is he still sleeping?

When will he wake up and go to job?

He demanded for auto to earn But now he is sleeping Assuming he would make a carrier out ofI gave him all the money I had You need to scold him always is it?He will go after some time Well said mom Do you think I don’t have a better work?

Ask him to get up and go for work How much can I alone earn?If another two would have been there One could have earn for livingAnd one for family I could have worked on social welfare causes The one who could not concentrate on studiesIs talking about social welfare One or the other day I will become a leaderI will be surrounded by people Police will be deployed for my security Police will be deployed for my security Who is it?

Police They have come for your security Police?

What made them come here?

I will look into it, you please be silent Are you Krishna?Yes Sir Come to the stationInspector has asked you to come What? Islam follower Inspector you idiot Why Sir? What did I do?

Why Sir? What did I do?

You will get to know when you come there What is the matter Krishna?Nothing mother, will go and come soon Police will drop me back in the jeep You are not coming in jeep, take your auto

Collect all the details from locationSir Krishna the auto driver is hereMake him sit there Do not miss anythingOk Sir

Inform me if you find anyone suspiciousThey seem to be very powerful Sir We should not be afraid even thoughThey are powerful, law is in our control Did you understand?Ok Sir We cannot be tied up just because they use the influence We will do what we have toOk Sir I have to answer my superiorsCollect the details soon Leave,Ok sir, will move Ask him to come

Is it him?Yes Sir

Sit downOk Sir What is your name?

Krishna Did I ask you?Sorry Sir Who appointed you for the job?

What is your name?

Krishna Krishna!

What is your father name?

Subbanna Sir Subbanna!

Why did you ask me to come here Sir?

I have a head ache,Ask to get a coffee Ramanna Tea for me Sir Not required SirI won’t have tea or coffeea Stop this nonsense and just answer to my questions Ok Sir Where are those three boys?Which three boys Sir?

Don’t you know who those three are?

Not sure whom are you talking about Sir!

Will slap you if you don’t tell me the truth You scoundrel Ok See...Sir We have received three missing complaintsOne after the other saying they are missing Ok sir According to the information’s we got All the three was last seen Taking up a ride in your auto Without acting smart, Let me know what you did to themtle What are you talking about Sir?

I am just an auto driver Many of them take a ride in my auto in a dayWill drop them where they ask for What do I know what they do And where they go after the ride?

You are not aware about missing rite?

No Sir!

How much do you require to get the coffee Ramanna?

What about the report that I had asked for?

I have ordered and he is getting it Sir Not sure when it will come and not sure when you will search for it Am looking for it sir

Where did I stop?

So you are not aware of anything?

So you are not aware of anything?

No Sir What are you doing for living?

I am riding an auto Sir Oh right Since how many days?

It is a lengthy story Sir Did I ask you for a story?

Did I ask?

No Sir Should answer only what I ask for!

Subtitle Since how many days you are riding the auto?

Since 15 days Sir Since 15 days Sir What time will the SI come?

Another half an hour sir

Then since 15 years you are riding the auto Since 15 days Sir You said about some story, what is it?

Nothing Sir Tell me Sir that is!

Get up you idiot Will you or shall I whack you You sleep all the time It is 10am now and still he is asleep What is wrong with you?

Keep quiet, he will wake up Yes, he will wake up He does not hold a bit of responsibility!

Get up you stupid Mother why did you get married to this person?

I should listen to all this for the mistake of giving birth to you idiot My neighbor astrologer warned meSaying the marriage timing is not good I neglected it.

Will you stop talking such things to the small boy?

Is he a small boy?Get up you stupid Why do you not let me sleep peacefully father?

Get up and go search for a job

Only after getting a job I will Step inside this house Father you have questioned my self-respect Will answer with a pride and that’s my promise Keep your promise for later part Get in and wear a dress and then leave

This is our area and people have seen many times since childhood Oh god,Lost all the respect

I have only two friends, One is Kaali, and the other is Thevla The good part is, These two are dumb compared to me

Raju give me 6 half tea Idiots you are 3 members and you require 6 half tea?

Don’t you feel ashamed as The balance is not cleared since 3 years Are you not ashamed to ask the same from 3 years? Even though you know that we won’t clear balance Even the scolding’s will be taken as Blessing by the lazy people like you Cow dung it seems, Get lost Raju He is asking for Balance?

Why do you act as if thereare ants in your shorts?

I have sugar pie in my short And that is why I act so Why don’t you guys search for a job? Instead of wasting time like this!

Shut up and go

What makes you look sad Krishna?

Why? What happened?

My father keeps on blabbering the same Regarding the job and that is being a headache for me We will do some work, don’t worry What do you mean by some work?

We should have something to work If you are with doing any work, Come with me tomorrow What is that work?

Mom! What is it son?

I am going for a job As I said, you will have good fortune God is on our side, go and come son I won’t believe you if you say orally Who asked you to trust me? Keep quiet and sleep Firstly work and get a salary, Later you can tell me the entire story This is what I do not like in you What can I say for you?

Mom I will go to job and come And also will get the salary and prove Ok Son, be careful and don’t mind regarding your dads words Ok, I will take a leave Ok son

Come buddy Sir NamasteNamaste Sir he is my friend Krishna Namaste sir He is the one who asked for a job?

Yes Sir Look there!

Can you work now?

You seem to look educated I don’t mind doing any work Humans have made differentiation in caste and community There is no need of differentiation in work Will do any kind of work I did not ask youWhether you know the work Can you lift the luggage?

That is not a big challenge Will lift the luggage with ease Ok then, go start the work Instead of standing here Ok Sir Will meet you in our place In the evening buddy Ok buddy What are you staring at?

Do you think the luggage will walk itself?

Remove the shirt and come Ok Fast..

Hey get up from there

I am not able to breathe as well

You are very lazy I doubt that you would have criminal mind Am I right Sir?

Why do you say so Sir?

While studying I thought education Is not important, so I dropped out While working I thought bones are important, so I left the job What else did you leave?

Left many of them Sir I left mechanic job watchman job, Office boy job and left the bar job as well Now he is doing lie job I am telling the truth Sir I doubt him Sir, He is making us a scapegoat Why does he not trust any of my words Sir?

After trying all these jobs You came for the auto driving job?

Even that is an interesting story Let me tell you that Sir you have been listening to His stories since he came here Ask him where is our boys!

I am enquiring right We are police and I am questioning him What do you think? C’mon Sir Shut up and go sit there Ramanna make them sit You go madam He is been blabbering Go there Hey go sit there sit there sir You go sit there Go and sit Not sure where they come from Who are these people Sir?

What did I do?

Yes, you continue..

What happened next?

He would have stolen it Sir We auto drivers are very trust worthy If anyone leaves behind even 10 rupees We will go give it back Due to our problemsWe will ask for extra on meter charges But you see us as thieves We know how auto drivers play around Leave that.

Tell me your story!

Nothing as such Sir!

Tell me!

Me purchasing an auto is a big story Sir He comes up with stories like this He is not capable of doing even a single job He is a such an idiot He is changing 4 jobs in a month Will he start ghee business for living?

Ask him I will get the cows milked which you have got from Village And will make butter milk and Then ghee from it for living DAD..! I am not the guy, who sells it, I am the one who eats it.

I saw so many people like you, who build building on air but he leves at slum area Did you two start it again?

Will you both be quite?

The person who could not make an elephant Made his son an lord Ganesha And left him in the house Assuming he is a tiger but to be a rat You did not listen to my Grandfather And the son did not follow you What do you mean?

Forceful dialogue!

He said something, As he said, It was a forceful dialogue

Dude I will clean up this entire slum And build a huge apartment here Will build a swimming poolIn the centre I alone will be swimming in shorts Just imagine it!

All the girls from the apartment Will be looking at me One after the other will beIn my trap The Police will also trap you You idiots cannot even dream Guys let us go

It will go like this How to go to Nagarbhavi underpass Sir?

Which well? Nagarbhavi Subtitle Go straight, take left, and go forward take right Even forward you have bullock cart standTake right there Take right, then left and forward Bullock cart stand, it is so confusing Sir Keep going straight, you will find the address Thank You Sir I think you are in a hurry Wear helmet and keep going straight

You let know the address in a different way buddy Why are you looking sad?

I am not able to settle in any job buddy Why are you getting tensed for that?

At this age we cannot settle in any job Except one Which is that one?


Eating food Ragi ball To swallow! Do you know?

Everyone has to eat ,You to go eat You should eat thrice in a day You idiots always think the wrong way My father troubles me at home, Here you guys Let us go Why do you get tensed for all this?

Why buddy?

No fuel in tank It is always the same with you




How am I looking?s You look like a hero How come you have got ready so good today?

You look like a tender cucumber Cucumber!

He is not cucumber, He is Bitter Gourd You guys are making fun of me with the name of vegetables You say as cucumber And you as Bitter Gourd!

Look at his ugly face And the shades above his crooked nose His beard, his clothes He looks like a joker in the circus An idiotic guy Will you keep quite?c Take this and eat Do not gaze on my son Will remove gaze on you wait Son!

You have gaze of me more He will not have gaze, Looking at him others will have gaze You cannot be without insulting him is it?

My view is good and yours is not My view is good and yours is not Go and do some work You keep saying that you have given birth Do you think you have achieved something?

If you think so then go get an award for yourself Stand stiff Sunil go get an award for you as well Why do you say so Krishna?

You have given birth for two different shades For that I pray you get married soon and Have at least four kids You will get to know then how difficult it is to clean the bum You idiot, shut up and clean the bum!

You guys think giving birth to kids is a big achievement What the kids do is called achievement

I am not sure why.....

The beautiful girl smiled starring at me I am not sure why The beautiful girl smiled starring at me I looked awful Have changed completely I doubt whether I am handsome Does she have a sight problem?

I am not sure why......

The beautiful girl smiled starring at me I am not sure why......

The beautiful girl smiled starring at me

The helicopter in my heart Is making very loud sound The sky is rotating 360 degree The moment that you looked at me My heart had to take the love tablet I assume to be the fish Swimming on dry land I am not available for myself Not sure what happened to me I wish to keep the focal point With a kiss from my lips You should feel shy always I am not sure why The beautiful girl smiled starring at me I am not sure why The beautiful girl smiled starring at me

I looked at my portraitAt the mirror My comb is also fed up of me My eyes which was seeing something Is waiting for you without any reason I have lost the route to my house With all my dreams, been waiting for you I want to sleep on your lap Seeing that the moon has to creep

I am not sure why The beautiful girl smiled starring at me I looked awful Have changed completely I doubt whether I am handsome Does she have a sight problem?

How come Bangalore hasdeveloped so fast and big guys?

People migrating from other states Have come here and built a big bungalow And have been riding expensive cars We have been born and brought up here But we have not achieved anything If our grandfather was in good terms I would be driving a Benz car now Is it? How is that?

Surrounding 150 hectaresbelongs to my grandfather Is it?

Have I not said this to you? No!

I had saidNo! You had not buddy Haven’t I said this to you?

I had mentioned, remember it No buddy, you had not If you want to say it, then say it Else shut up and come You idiot, he is bluffing And you believe it like an innocent Wait until I say it, Why do you get angry for that?

Will make the kid understand!

My grandfather had the craze for playing cards With a single game he lost 100 hectares What about rest 50 hectares?

I have been searching for the papers, But have not found yet I have not found the Vidhana Soudha papers yet Hey Gaali...yes The surrounding place of your house belongs to my grandfather.

Due to roaming around inbullet vehicle and donating to all By donating! Did you eat?

Eat...! you idiots Basically go and eat thrice a day to achieve something in life You idiots, forget about searching the papers Basically go eat something You idiot! Don’t you have eyes?

If you cannot ride an auto then why do you get it on road?

Go do ghee business instead of riding auto Due to drivers like you the auto community has got a band name I wish you guys ram into heavy vehicles and die Riding and auto is also an art There is an style and way to ride it If you guys do not know that, Then take classes from me Without knowing to ride, These stupid’s come on road What are you guys staring at?

What is this Krishna?

What now?

Do you know to ride an auto?

Why do you ask in a vulgar way?

Mention clearly stating do you know to ride an auto and leave an auto Yes, that is the one You know to ride an auto is it?


You have got the Driver card during The last election with counselor influence right?

Then why do you have to search for other job Ride an auto....!

I to can ride an auto But who will provide Sir?

I searched for a week As the trend is for cabs, I did not get any Finally I decided to buy a used auto And asked for the money from my father I will leave for office Take care of children and house I will, you take care Sunil!

You were enquiring about work, Yes, Did you find any?

You will have to search If you search then you will get one Else you will be cleaning your Kid’s ass like this Wearing an torn inner wear And making them drink milk.

Though he cannot make a living He is a philosopher who can advice others!

I need some money dad Can you let me know for what?

I have planned to buyan auto and ride it If you give me money Then I will buy and used one How much will it cost Krishna?

Around forty thousand mother Forty thousand..?

Is forty thousand a small amount for you?

Where shall I borrow forty thousand for him?

Let me put an end for you scolding meAnd me getting scolding’s from you I am saying that I have decided to work, If you arrange the moneyI will purchase an auto and will earn Will give all the earnings to you Give me the money You where asking him to work Now he is saying that he will workWhy can’t you help him?

If I buy him an auto, He will earn andtake care of the house and society I get scolding’s If I don’t workAnd even if I say I will work Should I not prosper in life?Not good

Krishna Take this

Your grandfather had left me on the road With lot of difficulties and hard workI am taking care of you The reason for me to scold you isThat you would earn and make a living Due to god’s grace you have decided toEarn and make a living for yourself Take this and buy a good auto Let fortunes change for you Ok father

Is it here buddy?

Over there, oh ok What happened to Raja's AutoHe will come by evening

Greetings Sir What is the matter?

He is my friend Krishna Greetings SirGreetings If you have any auto, please give it SirHe will ride and make earnings Auto?

Auto does not have value now I have sold all autos,Due to the arrivals of cab I have decided to purchase cabsAs of now I don’t have auto Sir the one which is parked outside?


That has some problemThat is why I am not selling it to anyone Give it buddy Sir I will get it repaired Now take this Sir No no, not required Take it Sir, it is ok Sir No No, not required I will get it repaired and ride it It has some problem How much is there?Forty thousand Sir Give the keys

Thank you Sir Will leave SirBye Sir

We will leave buddyCome near Raju shop Ok pal... you guys go....


You have sold the auto, Auto has some issue rite Even I wanted to mention, But he gave the money and left Where will he go?He will come That too it is a Friday andLakshmi (money) has come

Hear the word of mind This is the voice of the admirer Win your happiness You are the slave and you are king Life is like war Our performance stays forever Life is like war Our performance stays forever Time is your charioteer Work is your fame Time is your charioteer Work is your fame

If you're lost today You are going to win Live in hope today Who are you to ask for hundreds of hardships?

Fly in the wing of difficulty You walk along the path Time is your charioteer Work is your fame

Sir if you don’t mind can I ask you a question?

Please do ask Sir Why do all auto drivers place Shankar Nag sir photo on auto?

Good question Sir For agriculture it is Rajakumar Sir For friendship it is Vishnu Sir Ambareesh Sir means Mandya Auto means Shankar Nag Sir Shankar Nag Sir means autoAuto means Shankar Nag Sir Well said Sir But we heard this dialogue is many movies Shankar Nag Sir is most valuableproperty our film industry We do not say dialogues of hisust for praises and claps We say the dialogue due to thelove and respect we have on him

What happened Sir?

Nothing Sir

Sir please stop the vehicle Why Sir?

Please stop here What happened Sir?

Your said destination is very near Take this, that is ok Please collect the change Sir?It is ok, no need

What happened to him?

Why do you jump into a running auto?

Go to Malleshwaram, it is quite urgent I won’t come to Malleshwaram Why don’t you come?Should I call police?

No need to call Give fifty rupees extra on meter charge Why should I give? Should I call?

Why do you keep saying so as if you are born to it Shut up and sit ok Go go!

Rukku's house..!I think nobody is there.

Door is locked,where she could have gone...?

I felt like a breeze backside here Just sit without creating nonsense No...

Really I felt a breeze Do not break my head please This is what will happen if you act like a mental

Felt like someone slapped me This is what happens if you irritate me Really I felt it Get slapped

Felt like my hairs got straighten My hair....It looks to be good I felt the breeze This happens to be a mental case I asked you not toget into the auto

Stop the auto I don’t need to drive in your auto Why is it?

Take the change No need, u keep it Take the change Not Required...

Auto! Will you come to Rajajinagar?

No Sir, I won’t!

Why don’t you?

I won’t come Sir!

Should I call to the Police?

What Police?

Will poke from down, knock from topWill feel breeze from back Will you come? Can you sit?

Why do you scare me? it is ok, do not come Why don’t you come?

You have to come, that is itI don’t need you and your auto Come sit down It will poke it seems,Breeze from back it seems Nonsense, go from here..

Where do you have to go Sir?Jayanagar Please get in

When did you buy the auto son?Purchased it today Priest!

Is the business going good?It is going good Many fare rides since morningI think I have purchased it in the auspicious time

Where did you Purchase the auto from?Bought it from a know person called as Ranganna

Stop it near the next streetOk Priest

How much is it son?Rupees 50 only Take itLook son!

Do not ride this auto hereafter There is an issue with this There is an issue Chanting: Om NamahShivaya

Look he is here


Auto ride, new job!How was it dude?

It was good,Give one tea for boss as he is tired Why Krishna?What happened?

You seem not to be satisfied on day one Nothing like that dude People who came for fare ride,Was starring at the auto awkwardly One says air is blown, One says it thrashedOne says someone poked I did not understand anything I bought the auto today itself, One priest said do not ride as there is an issue Is it so?I don’t know why

Dude I think there is a devil in auto!

Do not make fun at darkWho is the biggest ghost than us?

Is everybody who ride in your auto speak with like that?

Yes buddy Buddy I think something is there in your auto!

Now u eat! hey i just said go home and take meal as we all eat Do not get angry wait I will look at once

Hey, hole! Dude there is a small hole in your auto In that small hole wind blowing that’s it buddy No devil presence in your auto don’t panic u scary guys

Krishna stop vehicle hey buddy (idiot)stop vehicle why are not stopping vehicle

what guys, get down from auto Dude we have to go to non-veg feast at sarojamma aunts house You also join with us Its morning non-veg feast will go and eat I am on the way to meet my girlfriend, you IdiotsGet down from auto That’s fine, you drop us there so that we will go have You will go to any placeIf someone invites you for non-veg feast

Wind blowing from backside You are the one who said that the wind blows from the hole.

Now what happen to you buddy? Same breeze What happen to you peoples talking about hole, air?

Dude felt like air blowing from backside!

You said the air is blowing from the hole yesterday.

Hey stop please stop Why what happen?

Dude you said small non-veg feast at aunts houseWhy are you guys running away now?

No, need friend

Hello Rukmini madam You wonder how I got your name?

Your name has to be Rukmini when my name is Krishna

Are you going to factory? I know everything about you Please come Please come so that I can drop you!

Where are you going to? What time you will leave for factory And I know what time you will be back

I Am talking sponteniouslyBut you are not uttering a single word How would I talk if you are talking sponteniously?

Yes, you are right, I am very talkativeWhen you are in front of me, I cannot stop the flow

I need one help from you Not to worry; I will do anything for you You just give signal from your eyesI will do it without any delay Will do it for you then you tell me how am i Will let you know later What some other time You just told will tell you something rightnowbut again your asking some other time!

Here itself?Yes

What you are searching?

Can we exchange phone number Rukku?

So that we can be in touch over the phone You dont have to call, I will call and recharge to your number

Oh..! I forgot to switch off lights

(Back ground "Anajaniputra" movie song playing)

Hello rukku madam Krishna here, Yes tell Krishna Nothing madam just casually called you Suddenly my brain will remember you and my heart rings like bell Just to talk directly with you What do you doing madam?

Nothing I know you are on the way for work How would you know everything?

I know everything without my knowledge since my childhood days It is like magic Is it?

If u want to test u just feel something with your inner voice I will find easily U don’t tell anything to me, you just think of it, will find that one I need papu!

What? you need papu?

Papu means panipuri, Papu stands for panipuri?

Am getting late for work, will talk to you later

I know she was feeling shy to ask baby, That’s is the reason she asks for panipuri

He respects his mobile more than us when girl enters into his life In my life, I do not have space for love You are expert in flirting with girls!

If girl enters your life, you will make us useless Buddy I won’t do like that, I won’t get marry, you do not worry Remove hand from my lap

For my sake please marry as soon as possible Do not tell I won’t get marry Am not Gay, Oh then you are transgender?No..

Oh then you that??hey get lost...

Going early today Rukmini madam?

Please sit in auto Get in....

I want to tell you something Rukmini Ask me what?

You are not asking, but I did not stop telling you

If you are not in my life, my heart and auto looks empty I have an idea, Shall we get marry?

I will take care of you well I love you, as all lovers in the world should feel shy! if am not able to get all your desires, atleastI will try to fulfill all your dreams come true If your tears comes in your eyes, it should not be tears of sad, It should be tears of happiness Please accept my proposal

If you accept my proposal,You, me and our babyWill be happily roaming around the world in our auto Please tell something if you smile like this, i will become mad

You are my world; you are the meaning for love language Your smile is your acceptance; world will becomes more color full Am holding jasmine flowerwreath wait for you to knot When you come and join me will forget whole world You are my world; you are the meaning for love language

I will see you in my dreams whether its day or night what should I do I will walk with you whether it is rainy or sunny Even, the sky will fall, and I will not leave your hand We are like milk and honey bee then am your king you are my queen will keep you in my small heart

Every moment in the ticklish mind, happy it is to be Days are roling let us give you a smile and will spread the joy on your path Let's see you in the cord of your memory your love is the light I love in light

You are my world; you are the meaning for love language our smile is your acceptance; world will becomes more color full Am holding jasmine flower wreath wait for you to knot When you come and join me will forget whole world You are my world; you are the meaning for love language

What happened Rukku?

Rukku what happened?

Rukku what happened?Shall I stop the vehicle?

Rukku, please tell what happened?

Please say something!

Rukku, please tell what happened?

Please say something!

You cannot speak?

You cannot speak?

You cannot speak?

Is she dumb?

What are you saying?Are you kidding?

Who was speaking to me from these many days?

Madam I am talking spontiniously but you are not talking?

How would I talk if you are talking sponteniously?

Yes I am very talkative When you are in front of me, I cannot stop the flow

I need one help from you

Hello rukku madam Krishna here,Yes tell Krishna What are you doing madam?

I know you are on the way for work How would you know everything?

Brother I need that vehicle you parked outside Sorry there is some problem with vehicle That is the reason I won’t sell to anybody

Do not ride this auto hereafter There is an issue

Hey, stop please stop Its ok, keep the change...

I felt like a breeze backside here Felt like someone slapped me

hey stop, stop why what happen?

Your auto ride is like death race get lost Sir I told you know he was big drama player, just telling stories here First he said comedy after love now he was telling horror story It is not story, it was real life am not telling lies sir Please stop sir its not story If you listen next story you feel more exited Ok tell what happen next?

I have told you know sir that he is lying We are telling you the truth but you did not listen to our words,And you should ask him properly Please cool down and take your seat What is going on here?

Who are these?

In his auto those three persons missing sir Did he said anything, No, we will ask him now Take him to my cabin Sir calling you let’s move What is there in my face, Walk along with me?

Why are they all here? Clear the crowd Ramanna send them outside What he was telling?

He is telling there is a ghost in auto

Auto can really come on you?

Really sir, When it comes to us, we are scared He was creating story sir How it is possible auto travels on air? Ask him sir Its true incident sir it’s not movie story!

Do not you know she does not speak?

Really, I do not know sirEven am also got to know in that time Has the ghost talked to you over the past few days?

Yes sir it may be Still why you riding same auto?

Do not have any other option sir

Why my fate is like this !

SubtitleIs there really a ghost in my auto?

There is no ghostIn case there is no ghost who else talked with me like Rukku?


I did not understand anything!

I was happy when I was not working, Problems started when am started to work Hey, devil You did not get any other vehicle for die?

Government launches new buses daily, why do not you choose those?

Why you choose my auto?

Why should I get frightened when I am a boy?

No devil After my birth now my father bought me auto to settled in life If I did not drive Auto, my father shouts at me I won’t stop driving auto even ghost in my auto

Have you seen him?

Yes sir Where you saw him?


Will you come to J P Nagar?

Ya get in

Will pass urine and comeback sirOk

We cannot get the happiness even we spend lot of money

Oh, what happen auto shaking automatically!

Where you are boss? where is that person? where is that person?

Getting fear

Did auto tremble? then boy aslo missing!

No, sir he was not there in auto He said it was flying then trembling and now dancing!Ask him what next Sir? what is this sir?

We are not here to listen your comedy track, Tell where was he?

Sir I feel the ghost has tortured him and hence he is adsconding due to fear.

You think you are very smart? Remove your clothes Remove your clothes!

Why sir ?

Dont you have concern as we are asking, You think we are jobless?

Sir believe me am telling truth sir Do you think we are jobless ?

Sir Am telling the truth Tell me the truth Sir please trust me!

Reveal the truth Sir, Trust me sir There is ghost in my auto Sir please don’t beat me Sir believe me am telling the truth You do not know the power of police Do not try to get to know Tell the truth what you did to him?

Sir believe me even other two persons also facing same issue sir Yes sir

I dont know anything else sir,Please leave me

Make him sit here Get up Get up and stop buidling up stories.

Sit down, Give him water sit down You look like a innocent guy We will come to know whether you are telling the truth or not You are not suppose to go any where without informing us Have some water

Now you take leave from here Whenever we need you must come here

Why sir ? what happened ?

Nothing I am not able to understand Something is suspicious here More than the fact that he is telling the truth or lie There is something which he is not aware of

Get into auto Rukku

Krishna, What did police say?

What else do they ask for?Do you know about those three missing persons?

Does that mean they got to know everything?

No they did not get to know anything you dont worry I have built up a story as such of an movie I have told them there is ghost and spirit inside the auto I think they believed my words If they have not, again I will make them believe

What I had said to police was different and the real scenario is different

Rukku you seem to be tensed?

What happened ?

Nothing as such Krishna Wont you let me know?Let me know?

I need an help from you Krishna!

Will do anything for you, let me know Stop the auto here

Let me know what has to be done?

What happened Rukku? why you are looking so ?

My friend Radha was molested by few goons!

We have filed a complaint in the police station but they have failed to arrest them Will you help me to find them?

We will search them You seem very casual with your words Rukku Rukku Rukku Rukku what happend?

If the same thing had happen to me?

Would you have neglected this Krishna?

Would you have taken it so simple?

Would you have remained idle?

Why are you getting so angry Cool down!

Will search and handover them at policeget into auto, lets go

The hungry eagle is hunting with cruelty The body is torn into pieces and eaten Lion with lust has come up with the cruel face All the ruins are destroyed The hungry eagle is hunting with cruelty The body is torn into pieces and eaten

The mirror seems to be happy looking at the face Many dreams to be blossom remembering the smile What will the flower expect which has lost selfrespect?

The dream that was dreamt was lost and disappeard in soil

Rukku what happen?

Rukku what you are doing?

What did you do to him?

Hey buddy

He is dead!

You told we need to search andhandover them to police.

If we handover them to police, what would they do?

They will put them behind bars for few days and let them go So?

Do you know how they murdered Radha?

What ! they murdered Radha?

Yes Krishna

They molested and murdered Radha!

Do you know how cruelly they tortured and killed her?

There was not even a single pieceof cloth remind on her body.

Her deadbody was in that condition

To understand what pain she had gone through,You should see the cigerette marks on her body

These Monsters did not spare her body even after her death!

One after other like cruel wild animals

I have seen that in my eyes and you have not

Look at me shivering just by talking about that topic I am stummering Have you noticed ?

Radha has suffered a lot of pain

Hey Rukku She had beautiful dreams

You know?She was in love She wanted to marry him Had an intension of leading an happy life with her Husband, kids in a small house.

She had dreamt of spending her life with him till her last breath

That dream of her has remainded as a dream

Tell me Krishna!

Shall we forgive them, without killing?Should we?

More how many of them are remaining?

Two of them!

The clutter is in the middle of the wayI had to struggle to come in i am here to destroy the complicated you You are in disguise mode and must be Punished for your guilt and sin When I am holding your breath These are the last days for your wicked mind

Do you know why I had to lie so much?

Rukku has to lead her life happily without being punished

Stop the auto here Krishna!

Why Rukku?

Wait, will drop you to your home!

No, I will go by walk from here You go home and take rest Okay

Krishna we got some information about those three missing person’s They had involved in some illegal activities and gang wars We are suspecting those opposite gang Has involved in this matter.

Had anyone followed your auto when they were travelling in your auto?

I dont remember Sirand moreover I did not observe Murder case girl file

Sir whose photo is this?

The girl who was molested and killed recently.

Her name is Radha

Krishna you are the eye witness in this missing case We need your presence when we call you


It is painfull to hear the word that you have left me?

Let me know how should i believe it?

Will hold your hands until last breathe Will you come with me?

If you go far away from me,Will keep searching you without fail!

You're Rukku's friend Radha?

Are you still alive?

What are you saying ?

Are you not dead?

What are you saying.?Have you gone mad?

Do not make me fool, am already confused Rukku said that you're dead!

Who is Rukku?

What you do not know Rukku?

What are you saying?

Everyone are trying to cinfuse me Rukku said that you are dead!But you are alive!

The police is showing up Rukku's photo and are saying as Radha. Am totally gone mad!

You are the one for me You are the real meaning for language of love Hey Rukku

Hey RukkuWhen did you get inside the auto?

What is going on here, am very confused Rukku Each one of them are saying differently You said Radha is dead!

But she is still alive I happen to see her now She says that I am not Radha, my name is Ramya.

I mentioned that Rukku said that you are dead In returnshe is asking me who is Rukku?

The Police is showing up your photo and are claiming as a Radha They mentioned that you are dead!

I am very much disturbed and confusedNot sure what to do!

Let us do one thing Rukku!

Let us go to Police and will explain them,They will understand!

Enough of all these lies, I will accept and surrenderI will take the punishment Rukku

Not to worry,Do not accept that Radha is your friend I will take care of the rest!

Krishna please calm down, Why are you so tensed? nothing has happend.

I will make you understand I need to tell you something

I am not Rukku, Radha!

Rukku what you are saying?

Yes Krishna, I am Radha!

Do you remember that one day an auto collides with you while you were walking on the road

I was in that auto at that moment

The auto collided with you while they where kidnapping me Krishna That auto is none other than this auto They forcefully closed my mouth With lot of difficulty I shouted your name Krishna

But you did not heard my shout

If you had heard my shout, we both would have been together.

Our dreams would have come true

I need to tell you something,before that you have to say one thing Do you like me?

Even I like you so much, I tried to inform this to you on many occassion,But I couldnt I am saying it now,I like you very much

Do you know what my dream was?

To get married to you Live in a small home you me and our kid we all together to make small family Live happily until our last breath

On the same happy moment I want to hold your hand till my last breathe But all my dream has remained as dream

Not to worry Krishna If we have another birth we will meet up Let us love and get together

I lied and fought hard to save her My Rukku is no more with me!

I had to script a drama to save my Rukku I had imagined I am the script writer of that drama,But without my knowledge I had become the role play.

Though Rukku was not there,It was like she was always there for me When I feel like she is there with me,But she is not seem to be there I cannot survive without her!

I will get together my Rukku even at the cost of my rebirth