Kapgang (2014) Script

Jutland 1976.

Remember, this is speed walking, not running.

Stretch those legs. Come on.

Great. Keep up the cadence.

Jan, get a move on.

Focus, Martin. Stretch that leg.

Great. Keep up the cadence.

You in the rear, keep up.

Almost there, boys.

Keep pace.

See you, Martin. See you, Kim. See you.

Want me to pudwhack you? Do you?

Want me to pudwhack you? Don't!

That's not pudwhacking. So what is?

Hey, what's pudwhacking? This is.

What's pudwhacking? Either you know, or you don't.

Come on. I don't know.

Who died? ♪ Love hearts ♪ Some old person, I bet. You usually hear about it, if they're young.

♪ Love wounds, and mars ♪

♪ Any heart, not tough ♪

♪ Nor strong enough ♪ See you. Yes.

♪ To take a lot of pain Take a lot of pain ♪

♪ Love is like a cloud Holds a lot of rain ♪

♪ Love hurts ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, love hurts ♪

♪ I'm young, I know ♪

♪ But even so ♪

♪ I know a thing or two ♪

♪ I know a thing or two ♪

♪ I learned, from you ♪

♪ I learned, from you ♪

♪ I really learned a lot ♪

♪ Really learned a lot ♪

♪ Love is like a flame ♪

♪ It burns you when it's hot ♪

♪ Love hurts ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, love hurts ♪

Hi, Mona. ♪ Some fools think of happiness ♪

♪ Some fools think of happiness ♪

♪ Blissfulness, togetherness ♪

♪ Blissfulness, togetherness ♪

♪ Blissfulness, togetherness ♪ Martin! ♪ Some fools fool themselves I guess ♪

♪ Some fools fool themselves I guess ♪


Your mom..., is dead.

♪ I know it isn't true ♪ Let's go inside to your dad. ♪ I know it isn't true ♪

♪ Love hurts ♪

Well, Hans, Martin is home.

Come here, Martin.

Martin, come.

Come here, Martin. Martin, come here. Come.


No, Hans, don't.

There now.

Here, Martin, darling.

There you go.


There now.

Martin, bring Jens a beer, okay?

And I'll cook us some pork chops.

Why are you wearing mom's jacket? Get out!

Do you want a beer? Get out!

Get out!

Get the hell out of here!

I thought it was the flu.

You didn't hear the ambulance? I had speed walking practice.

When the ambulance got here, it was too late, Martin.

Too late.

Can you die from the flu? I suppose so.

But this was cancer.

The doctor said he'd never seen it go so fast.

It can happen with serious blood cancer. None of us knew.

Jens isn't doing well.

Why is he wearing mom's sunglasses?

Anybody here? Yes.

Not now, Martin. It's Sten Koch.

Hello, Sten. It's just a crying shame.

Yes. Where's he hiding?

Hans. I'm sorry for your loss.

I brought us a fortifying drink.

Cheers. Martin.

May I offer my condolences on the death of your mother?

Sure, Sten.

And just before your confirmation. Yes.

It's still a couple of weeks off.

Martin will have to change the seating arrangement.

And he and Maya put so much work into it. Didn't you, Martin?

But who's going to take your mother's place?

Yes. Sometimes it doesn't pay off to be ahead of things. Grab a glass, Martin.

When you're that ill, sometimes it's for the best.

Maya was my best friend. Then it's not for the best.

We have to get your dad back on his feet.

I'll help out as much as I can. And that goes for all of us.

I brought you a bit of fun.

For when you feel up to it again.

We used them more than enough.

Thanks. It's the least I could do.

It ate her up from the inside. Sounds nasty. Yes.


Is it true that your mom's dead?

Bummer, huh?

I'm going to grab the small one.

We're heading home. Coming?

No, I'm going to stay. See you, Martin.

I just wanted to say we talked about it at home, and we feel so bad for you.

Stop by for dinner anytime. Thanks, Kristine.

Cut it out! I couldn't find you.

Are you drunk? Shut up.

Don't drive in that state. Did you buy dinner?

No, Rolf. Maya died, you know? I know Maya died.

Hi, Martin.

Hi, Martin.

Don't mind Rolf. He's not right in the head.

I'm sorry about your mother. She was the most beautiful woman in town.

My mom was a beauty. When she died, I knew I was in for a living hell with Lizzi, and I was right.

What good is that to Martin?

Now you're on your own, kid. You've only got yourself to rely on.

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning. Oh, you took down the flag.

Good boy. The butcher called to say it was still flying at half-mast.

I'm glad you've got some sense left, now that your dad is a mess.

Know where he is? No. The priest's waiting.

I've been thinking about you and Jens all night. Grab the other end.

I don't know what the hell God's up to. He deserves a good beating.

I don't get what the hell he's up to.

Did you sleep here? Yes.

Lizzi and the priest are waiting.

I can't, Martin.

Come on, Dad. Come.

Come on.

Come, lift up your arm.

There. Come on.


Slander Omme Electrics, Lizzi speaking. Hello, Mona.

It's very sad. I'll be sure to tell him.

There now. It's going to be alright.

Let's have a schnapps.

Up with the arms. Use your arms boys.

Good. Great, boys.

Hi Martin, good to see you. Hi. Hi.

Stop staring!

Ground contact. It's speed walking, not running.

Keep up. Chop chop!

Great, boys.

What? Nothing.

Who's there?! Martin.

Hello, Martin. We've all been so sad. Haven't we, Kim?

May I offer my condolences?

Thank you.

Lift up your legs.

What's that? A graph?

It shows the development of Kristine's tits the past year.

Are you picturing her right now? Sure.

Look, they started out like jelly beans in December.

They developed into grapes, and now, at the end of April, they're almost the size of apples.

Is it true you kissed?

Who told you that?

Long Jan said you kissed by the swings.

I wouldn't say that.

I bet she likes you.

Before long you'll be dating.

And soon you'll be screwing.

Have you done it?

I've practiced at Pelli's.

The guy who lives upstairs from Mrs. Lindhardt.


Want to come some day? I don't know.

Know how to spurt?


Don't tell anyone.

We're not homosexuals like your uncle.

He's not a homosexual. He lives with a man. You told me.

Only because of the housing shortage in Copenhagen.

Is he coming to the funeral?

He's one of the pallbearers. So ask him if I'm right.

They're going to go off the chart soon.

Are you in love with her?

You have dibs because your mom died.


I went to see Kim.

I thought I'd take a shortcut.

And Kim was doing fine?

Aren't you going to the inn? How do you know?

My dad met your dad. He was there to book at table.

Can I stop by some other day? Sure.

What, Martin?

Long Jan says you and I kissed by the swings.

Nasty thing to say.

What did you say? I told Kim it was a lie.

Are we going to kiss for real?

Aren't you at all sad? Sure, but I'm not a baby anymore.

You only say that because you're really sad.

Pull yourself together and mourn for your mother and help your dad.

Then maybe, after our confirmation.

But there must have been signs. You must have known.

Why did Maya always wear sunglasses near the end? We never knew why.

Why, Hans? And what does the doctor say?

Why doesn't anybody tell us anything?

She was so skinny near the end. God, was she skinny.

You'd think she was starving herself. Poor girl.

And now our Maya is dead and gone, and we can't even get to see her.

We haven't even been asked, and now she's being buried here in the village.

Why can't she be buried with us? Because you aren't dead.

Oh, how will it all end?

I don't blame your brother for not coming. He's ashamed of your father.

Hans isn't to blame for Maya's death. What do you know?

Really, what do you know?

Excuse me.

Your father needs peace and quiet. That's what he needs.

It's going to be a nice funeral tomorrow, I'm sure.

Sorry I'm late.

Martin, I didn't think we'd see you today, what with your mom and that.

The funeral isn't until one.

During Danish class. I didn't bring a note.

You just go when you have to.

Come and get a mackerel.

Dip it in egg and coat it in flour.

Thank you.

Let me help you. You don't need to.

Kim, really.

You've hardly beaten your egg. Beat it briskly.

It's not like you to be lazy. Kim is thinking about my mom, too.

We're all affected by it.

Let's hope she's 100% dead. I heard about a woman who woke up in the coffin.


Oh! Come on.

Get Keld the janitor.

Let's push her to the office.


He's called Janitor Keld.

I'm not attending your mom's funeral.

My dad is. He was on the school board with her.

The rest of us don't want to impose.


♪ Love Hurts ♪

Martin, cut it out.

Cut it out.

How old are you again?

Maya Østergaard is dead.

I said it in the church, and I have to repeat it to believe it.

Maya Østergaard is dead.

Martin. Martin, are you okay?

When faced with grief and despair such as this, we fall strangely silent.

We're heart-stricken, to have such a loving person torn away.

And in her prime, too.

Now it's up to us to lend meaning to the meaningless.

By rallying round the bereaved.

By giving them a little of our love, help and support. Encouragement.

What if she isn't dead?

What if she isn't dead! Martin.

Martin! Martin! Martin! Maybe she isn't dead!

She isn't dead! Let me go! Martin.

She isn't dead! Martin, come here.

Come here, Martin. Come here, Martin. Martin.

Maybe she isn't dead! Martin. Let go of me!

Let go of me! I mean it! She isn't dead! Martin.

Let go of me! She isn't dead!

Come on, Martin. Come here, boy.

Let go of me, Christian! Martin, your mom is dead.

No, she isn't!

Maya Østergaard. Ashes to ashes...

She isn't dead! No! She is not dead! Martin!

Martin! Let go of me! Martin, come on.

Come on, now we go.

Excuse me. Sorry.

There now. Calm down. Breathe, Martin.

I've got him. Easy now.


How about a cup of tea?

We haven't got time for that. Dear Martin, take it easy.

We'll join the others soon, but I want you to settle down first.

Or don't you drink tea? Yes, at Kristine's.

Come here.

At our house I'm the only tea drinker.

Jørgen wants his coffee.

And I think I'm the only tea drinker at the department store.

So, Kristine... is that a girl you like?


Martin! Martin, wait!


Thank you all for coming.

Good, Martin. Come and sit down here.

Okay, buddy. Thanks, Christian.

And now I'd like..., for us all to sing Maya's favorite song.

Suddenly I don't remember the name of the song.

Why don't I remember it?

She thought it was such a beautiful song.

Lizzi, help me out. Dear Hans, it's...

Hell, you don't know either!

I don't remember either now. I'm really sorry.

Don't be upset that you forgot. Thanks, Mona.

It's right on the tip of my tongue. Martin, do you remember?

♪ Silent heart, sun is setting ♪

♪ Sun sets o'er the moor ♪

♪ Animals go home, from the fields ♪

♪ The stork stands in the nest ♪

♪ Silent, silent heart ♪

♪ Sun is setting ♪

♪ Silence over the moor path ♪

♪ And along the winding roads ♪

♪ A belated humblebee ♪

♪ Buzzing all alone ♪

♪ Silent, silent heart Sun is... ♪ Hans has got such a lovely voice. Yes, and you've got a lovely butt.

No! Oh damn!

Rolf... get a grip.

You're gorgeous, Anne-Marie. You deserve me, not that wuss of yours.

Stop it, Rolf Blix. This is Maya's funeral.

Shame on you. You hot little...

Rolf, go home. You're too drunk to be here.

Those who are out of line have to go home.

Take it easy, Martin. I'm just having fun with Anne-Marie.


Get out!

Dad, help me, please. Martin. Martin.

Sure. Martin is right.

This is no way to behave at their mother's and my wife's funeral.

Keep your paws off my wife. Now you man up.

I could get your wife pregnant four times before you could spell cuckold.

Come on then! I won't stand for this!

Alright, alright! I'm going.

Let's go!

You saw how Hans didn't shed a tear.

He already found someone else, and I know who.

Did you see her? Magda!

Why bury Maya here? He already forgot her.

There's no one else. He has cried. You see?

You're too young to understand.

Martin's about to be confirmed. He understands more than you know.

Now the boys have somewhere to go.

I put clean sheets on your bed. Are you coming?


I'd better seat grandma next to me at my confirmation.

You're a hell of a lot more mature than she is.

She says you already found someone else.

What do I always say about grandma?

She talks before she thinks.

Is anybody here?

Hi, Martin.

The door was open, so. Hi.

You nearly jumped into the grave? Where did you hear that?

The whole town.

I'm just kidding.

But I'm glad you weren't afraid to show your grief.

I just wanted you to know that. Thanks, Kristine.

Want to walk me to school?

Can I have a kiss?

Martin. They only just put your mother in the ground.


But you're doing good, Martin. Very good.

We're almost there.

Okay, a hug then. But no tongue.

Aren't you going to get it? My dad will get it in his office.

I can't concentrate. No.

Sunder Omme Electrics, Martin speaking. It's Mona from Solbakken.

Thank you for yesterday. Is your dad in?

See you.

Hello? No, he isn't in.

Hello, Martin? Yes, what?

Could you ask him to call me?

Yes. Good morning.

Martin, wasn't that your dad? Uh... hang on.

It's Mona the hairdresser. Hi, Mona.

You're welcome. We thought it went well, too.

Sure, we'll fix it. No, don't worry about it.

No, life goes on, and you can't do without your fridge.

I'll send a man round.

Well, if you want me to come, naturally I'll come.

Great, boys. Keep your feet down.

Well done. Speed it up, Martin.

Frequency! And the rest of you slowpokes, catch up!

Come, come, come, come, come on!

Come on, boys! Chop chop! Chop chop!

Alright, Martin! Alright!

Alright, boys. Well done, Martin.

Martin, have you got a minute?

If you win the Sønder Omme March, you can go on to become the champion in your age group, if you're willing to commit yourself.

Yes. Sometimes you dawdle to walk with Kim, but he's no match for you.

I forgot my towel.

What's up?

What do you want?

Let's do that thing again, only more.

Not here, Martin.

Let's do it tonight.

Shouldn't you focus on Kristine Hjort?

We aren't going out yet, so let's practice first.

Tell her you won the race, and you'll be going out in no time.

What does 'confirmation' mean? To say yes.

To what do we say yes? Group 1? To God.

To what do we say no, Group 2? To the Devil.

And how do we do that, Group 1 and 2?

With the creed. It kills four birds with one stone.

We say no to the Devil, we confirm our faith in God, in the Ten Commandments and the Double Commandment of Love.

How does that go? Yes, Lina.

You shall love your God with all your heart, soul and might, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Can anybody tell us how we rid ourselves of our sins?

We ask God for forgiveness. Yes, yes, Martin.

That is why at your confirmation you confirm your faith in God.

God confirms you are his children, so you won't have to carry your sins alone.

God helps you.

Hi. Hi.


Oh, you're not living off fast food? We like it.

I should have made you a steak, but I can't now.

Need a hand?

Oh no. Rolf is away on holiday, you see.

So..., I'm celebrating.

We pour vodka on the sauna and that kind of stuff.

You're too young, of course.

Bon appétit. Say hi to your dad. Yes.

I want to talk to you, boys.

Your mom handled your upbringing.

I don't know the first thing about it.

So I thought, you're big boys now.

Let's agree that we're three adults now, and we'll look after ourselves from now on, all three of us.

JYou're getting off easy.

But Jens, you keep saying you want to make your own decisions.

You don't even feed us properly!

But you love fast food.

Yes. Yes, and Jens it's time you took off those glasses.

That's for me to decide, because I'm an adult now, right?


What if... Stop defending him, Martin.

We could take turns in cooking. I can't cook, and neither can you.

I have cooking class at school. No.

We could buy frozen dinners and heat them.

I hear there are some really good ones on the market.



What are you going to do with them?

I'm going to burn them on the heap of stones.

I can't keep them.

You could give them to the amateur theater at the inn.

No, then Frede the paramedic and Mona the hairdresser, would goof around in mom's clothes.

Are you going to do it yourself?

I daren't ask Jens to.

I'll do it.

Then I'll buy you a beer after your confirmation.

So, are you going out?

She owes me a kiss.

We could go to Pelli's.

Ever been there before?

Your mom just died.

I'm up for it.

Okay, let's do it. Coming? It was your idea.

Let's go.

Hi, Jan. Kim?

Alright already.

Hi, Martin. You've never been round here before.


I was sorry to hear..., about your mom's death. She...

She was a very beautiful woman. Thanks.

You'd have liked some of that, huh, Pelli?

No. Anyway, she's dead.

So, Jan, you want a massage? Don't spit.

I'm not. You're drooling over Martin's mom.

Creep! Don't, Jan.

Sit your asses down. Yes, do.

There are lots of mags. So you want a massage, Jan?

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

A little massage, huh, Jan?

Yes, yes, yes. Uh.

Naughty, huh?

My mom saw your dad at Mona the hairdresser's.

When he left, Mona went around in panties.

He fixed her fridge.

[I heard my parents talking about it. Man:] Whispering like girls!

She's horny. You can tell from her hard nipples.

So, Martin, want me to pudwhack you?

No, Jan! What are you doing? Jan, stop it!

Be careful. Let go of me!

You two in love? Like two pussies? Stop it! Stop it!

Come on, Kim. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it Kim!

No, Kim! He's thinking about Kristine Hjort. ♪ Kristine, Kristine, Kristine ♪ Kristine Hjort's tits. Stop it! Her wet pussy. Stop now!

He's got a boner! Too much for you? Be careful. Stop it!

I mean it! Stop it now! What the fuck is this?

Give me that.

Let go of Martin. Are you bossing me around? No, no.

Ordering me around? No, no.

Want me to pudwhack you? No, not that, Jan.

Wait... No pudwhacking.

Stop it Jan! He doesn't like it! You bet your ass he does!

Yes, yes... Gross!

Martin, get a paper towel. Go downstairs for a paper towel.

Oh, yuck.

So, do you want to come back some time?

Yes. See you.

It was your idea to go.

Now you know what pudwhacking is. Yeah, thanks.

Have you ever been in love?

With more than one at the same time?

You can only be in love with one at a time.

Let's do that thing again.

I can't anymore today. Come on.

Go to Kristine Hjort. Catch her before she starts masturbating in bed.

That looks good. Do you take milk?

Was it tough to get rid of the clothes?

Kim and Long Jan helped.

You're pretty.

You're the only one who's never teased me with my braces.

Sorry, but have you puked?

Not really.

Because of your mom?

I have to go to the bathroom.

Ever seen birth-control pills before? Are they yours?

No, they're Nina's.

Diaphragms are a nuisance, coils hurt and boys hate rubbers.

And the pill makes you fat. I have heard.

Yeah, well Martin, it's not an issue yet.

Want me to rape you?

Silly boy.

Want me to pudwhack you? What's that?

[How about a pudwhacking? Kristine:] Stop it. Hey, you're ticklish.

Ticklish, huh?

Kiss me.

Gently, Martin. With feeling.

Are you my girlfriend now? You move too fast.

Kim say my dad is seeing Mona the hairdresser.

Kim says so much.

If I hear something, will you go spying with me?

Maybe they're just friends.

See you.

Bye, boyfriend.

Did you screw?

Tell me when you have. Tell me!

Hello, class. Sit down, back there.

The school calls me Miss Friis, but you can call me Helle.

I will be substituting for Mrs. Simonsen.

She has had a healthy boy. Isn't new life great?

I moved here from Viborg, and I live opposite the electric store.

Your dad can take her instead of Mona the hairdresser.

Would you like to share that with the rest of us? What's your name?

Uh... Kim.

I just told Martin that you're neighbors.

Hi, Kim. Hi, neighbor. Hi.

Lizzi is my friend, so I've heard all about you, Martin.

Are you done soon?!

Who did that? Who took mom's stuff?

I did.

Don't do it without telling me. Dad told me to.

Did you want mom's old perfume? I wanted to do it with you.

I'll go get her clothes then.

What the fuck?!

Did you do that too?

Did you? I burnt them. Damn!

You didn't think I might want to do it with you?

But dad said... But dad! Is that all you can say?! Is that it?!

Stop! Stop it! Jens, Jens, stop that!

Jens, Jens. Come on.

Get out! Jens, calm down.

This won't do. Get out!

Jens, calm down.

Get out!

Get out.

Come on.

Come on, Jens.

Take this, Jens. It's mom's, and it will make you sleep.

Drink some water.

There. Sleep tight, Jens.

Good night.

Get on. You took your brother's moped?

He isn't home.

♪ Ooh, my little pretty one, pretty one ♪

♪ When you gonna give me some time, Sharona ♪

♪ Ooh, you make my motor run, my motor run ♪

♪ Got it coming off o' the line, Sharona ♪

♪ Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind ♪

♪ I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind ♪

♪ My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! ♪

♪ M-m-m-my Sharona ♪

♪ Come a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh? ♪

♪ Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona ♪

♪ Keeping it a mystery, it gets to me ♪

♪ Running down the length of my thigh, Sharona ♪

♪ Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind ♪

♪ I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind ♪

♪ My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! ♪

♪ M-m-m-my Sharona ♪

♪ M-m-m-my Sharona ♪

The car's here.

Let's go home. Scared, Kristine?

Kristine, I'll go first. In case they're doing something really gross.

Martin. Martin.

If you call that screwing, I'd rather not.

What else do you want to call it?

Martin, you saw he was inside her. Yes.

Martin's dad isn't screwing. He's just unhappy.

You can screw and be unhappy. Shut up, Kim.

Anyway, screwing is a nasty word. It's called doing it.

When are the two of you, going to do it?

Oh, shut up. It's none of your business, Kim.

How about you, boys?

When are you..., going to do it?

Funny, huh?

I think I'm right about what Martin's dad is doing.

He's being consoled.

If that means taking your pants off, you can console me anytime, Kristine.

It's time you slept upstairs again, Hans. You'll get ill down here.

I know. Martin keeps telling me, too. He even made my bed.

I went to see Mona again last night. Oh no, Hans.

I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself.

Men need a pussy in bad times as well as good.

What's wrong? Ow! Ow!

Ow! I sat on the sauna heater last night.

Ow, ow, ow, Lizzi.

It burns. Half my ass is bacon. Look.

Rolf will throw a fit when he comes home to that ass.

Christ, Lizzi.

As long as you can laugh at other people's misery, it's not all bad.

Did you know men need a pussy in bad times as well as good?

Who says that? Lizzi.

Are you going to do something about Mona the hairdresser?

I don't know.

You haven't got the guts.

Sit down.

I'd like to get a perm. Let's make an appointment then.

Monday at 3 p.m.? Fine. Bye. Goodbye.

Mona: Come and sit down, Kristine.

It's Martin.

Sit down, Martin.

You need a trim before your confirmation, huh?

You don't want it too short, do you?

I want you to stop. Too much?

Stop calling my dad.

Your dad's personal affairs are none of your business.


Want me to tell her?

Thanks for stopping by.

Well done, Martin.

I've got something for you.

My confirmation is a week after yours, so you're invited.


I want to do it for real with you.

As soon as we've both been to church.

I promise.

I haven't really asked you how you're doing.

Kristine and I are dating.

Congratulations, Martin. Thanks.

I want to invite her to my confirmation. And Kim too.

Theirs is a week later. Good idea.

It's a good idea.

Did you bill Mona the hairdresser?

She has to pay you for fixing her fridge.

Yes. I'll send her a bill tomorrow.


seeing as you've got a girlfriend... we don't want her to get pregnant.

I don't know, how serious you are, but...


You're welcome.

Here comes the sauce. Eat it while it's hot.

Well? It's good.

Sure, it may need a little...

I've heard the stories about me, and I don't know if you have.

But anyway, they aren't true.

I know what you're up to.

It's not like you think. Not anymore anyway.

Like a true angel Lizzi has given me the address of a woman in Vejle.

And... she takes care of that kind of thing without any talk.

You just get it over with. No feelings involved.

I mean, I still love your mom.

Her name is Jytte, and you give her some money, and that's that.

I'm a man, and I have needs.

So she's a hooker?

Yes, she is. And she can't help it, Jens.

I'm telling you, and that's that.

Do you want a hooker for a mom, Martin? Jens.

I'm finished! I'm going to stay at a friend's.

Are you coming to see the stone? The cutter's placing it tomorrow.

And what about Martin's confirmation?

It's crooked. Maybe a little.

We should be able to come here without thinking it's crooked.

Come, help me. Grab hold of the other side. Okay.

Ready for another go? One, two, three.

Oh, damn!

What are you doing? Righting the stone.

You're teaching your son to fool around on his mom's grave? Typical!

I object to all your accusations.

I loved Maya dearly and you know it.

You already found someone else! I've heard the gossip at the inn.

[Now, Magda. Grandma:] Keep out of it!

Believe what you want to. I won't tolerate any more of your trash.

Stupid bitch!

Give him the envelope.

We're giving you your present now, Martin.

Welcome to adulthood. Thanks, grandpa.

[Grandma:] And now we'd like to be alone with our daughter, thank you.


I've got something for you. Wait.


It's for my confirmation. Kristine is coming too.

Then you're invited to mine too.

I'm going to Kristine's.

I'm sick of speed walking.

Walking around on two legs looking like an idiot.

It's just not me. I know.

Let's do it now.

I can't do that anymore either. But it isn't anything.

Sure it is. It is to me.

To me too.

It's a whole lot.

I'm home alone.

That was almost for real.

I could have put my wiener inside you.

And you could have done it to me.

I pretended you were Kristine. Did you do that too?


Let's recite the creed together.

We forsake the Devil and all his evil deeds and everything about him.

We believe in God our Father, the Almighty, creator of heaven and earth.

We believe in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord, conceived by the Holy Ghost, crucified, dead and buried.

He descended into hell. The third day he rose again from the dead.

He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Almighty.

Congratulations. Thanks.

Thanks a lot.

Congratulations. Thanks.

Hell, you're going to be rich, boy!

I want to say hello to the young man. Hi, Lizzi.

Congratulations, Martin.

Let me see. Looking good.

Here you are. Thanks.

Wow, you lost the sunglasses.

And you're donning yours. Well, Rolf came back, and then...

I won't let that spoil the party. Congratulations. K.

So Martin, this is from Jens and me.

Oh. Oh. Oh, my God!

Thanks a lot. You're welcome.

We can't wait to play it loud. I can!

You got the braces off.

Cheers! Cheers!

We're drunk and full of spunk!

You can drink some more red wine. Thanks.

Okay, Hans? Sure.

Are you hanging in there?

Is that why you invited me? No.

One more week, and then...

I won't give you a long speech, Martin.

So much has happened, but today we're celebrating you.

You're a talented speed walker, one of the fastest and the best on your team.

We're all looking forward to the Sønder Omme March.

You're a big support to me. At our house you need to move fast too.

And that's as far as I got.

This is a terrible time for all of us.

And I don't know... how we're going to get through it.

But Martin, when I look at you, I see your mom, too.

I see her courage in you.

A courage..., I myself lack.

I see your determination to get the best out of life, even in the darkest hour.

I admire that, Martin.

I'd like to thank you for that, Martin.

Thank you for being you.

Long live Martin! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

And the long one.

[Cheers. All:] Cheers. Congratulations. Cheers, Martin.

I'm going ahead to the house.

Go get her, Martin.

You're a man now. See you at home. Yeah.

I have to go to the bathroom. Yes.

Are you going to grill bar?

Martin? Yes.

Let's go to your house.

I'll be right over. You go ahead.

Are you okay? Sure.

About time, Martin!

Martin! Your friends say they never tasted whisky before, but they can't get enough! Here you go.

With ice it's on the rocks. I'm going to grab a soda.

Martin hurry. I want a hug.

Martin, we forgot to buy sodas, so you'll have to grab a beer. Okay?

Are you happy? Enjoying your party?

Don't mind me. I can't stop crying.

That's our song, Lizzi. Yes.

♪ As long, as I will love you ♪

♪ But you are a rolling stone ♪

♪ You don't have enough in one ♪

♪ Therefore, you have to go your own way ♪ Family photo! Cheese!

Martin. Martin, come here. Come over here.


Come over here.


Some party, huh?

Want to go home? No.

Want me to clean you up at my place? Yes.

Oh no.

Come along.

Hey, we've all been there.

Here are some clean clothes.

I told your dad you were here, and he's stopping by in a minute.

Is that okay?

You sure entered adulthood in style, huh?

Just remember, you're still a boy too.

Kim and Kristine said to say hi. They were looking for you.

Thanks for the help. No, that's nothing.

Can I go see him? Of course. He's in there.

He just needs to rest. Yes.

♪ This is my life ♪

♪ This is my time ♪

♪ You show me the light and I go there ♪

♪ Give me the wine ♪


♪ Bitter and sweet ♪

Go, go! Go, Martin! Go, Martin! ♪ And a little bit of bread, that's all I need ♪ Martin! Martin! Martin!

♪ No I don't want the gold from Xanadu ♪

♪ I think I leave it all to you ♪

♪ Oh-wow-wow, this is my life and I don't care ♪

♪ This is my street ♪

♪ Oh-oh Are you restless feet ♪

♪ Carry me on to anywhere ♪ Bravo, Martin! Bravo!

Alright, Martin!

♪ Take the fear ♪

♪ Take it away ♪

♪ And give me some hope for one more day ♪

♪ I saw a ghost behind the door ♪

♪ When the kids were coming home from the war ♪

♪ Oh-wow-wow, with broken dreams and nothing more ♪

♪ I, I heard a woman singing her song ♪

♪ And it was good and warm and strong ♪

♪ Oh-wow-wow, she made me cry I don't know why ♪

[Woman singing: ♪ Oh-oh. Oh-oh... ♪]

♪ Oh, I heard a woman singing her song ♪

♪ And it's good and warm and strong ♪

♪ Oh-wow-wow, she made me cry I don't know why ♪

♪ No, no, no, I don't want to bring you down ♪

♪ I think it's good to be here ♪

♪ Oh-wow-wow This is my life and I don't care ♪