Kapo (1960) Script

Finished. Play the last few bars again.

Was it better today, ma'am? Yes.

When can I come again? Your mother said... you had to leave. Aren't you?

Papa says there's no need. We're quite safe in Paris.

The day after tomorrow then, at 4 o'clock.

Goodbye, ma'am. Give my regards to your mother.

I will. Goodbye. Go straight home.

Oh, how are you, ma'am? She's just left.

I can try, but she walks so fast.

Yes, I'll go at once.

No, ma'amHello?


Come on! Quickly!

Out, or I'll shoot!

Stay here by me. Don't go! Don't go!

Mama! Mama!

Edith! Go away! Go away!

Get on! You too!

Regional train number 4327.

Lead all the prisoners... to the main square!

Get off!

Come on!


Everyone off the train!

Mama! Mama!

Get out!

Come on!


Come down!

Hurry up!

Left!Right!... Left!Right!...

Attention, please!

No! Mama! No! Edith!

Edith? Yes?

They'll kill us all at daybreak.

How do you know? I heard them.

I can speak German.

They'll kill the children and the old people.

Two SS said that near me.

God, if only I could see them again!

Shut up!

Stop yelling!

Come here! Where are you going?

Let's escape, Pierre! And go where?

I want to see my mother and my father again.

The door's open. You come too, let's go!

It's no good.

Hold him.

Goodbye, Pierre.

And who are you? Where are you off to?

Let me come in, please! What, in here?

Don't send me away. They want to kill me!

Quiet, stupid!

You're Jewish? Yes.

Well then!

You won't need this any more.

Come. Maybe we can both be of some use to each other.


What is it, Sofia? I brought you this one.

She arrived tonight. Jewish. They've selected her... for the gas chamber but they haven't registered her yet.

All right, Sofia. Go now.

All right my hat! What do I get?

I haven't even any bread. Give me some alcohol.

No, it's bad for you. Who cares!

You're sick, Sofia. Go now, I'll give you something next time.

My block's being transferred to a labour camp. I leave tomorrow.

Bye, Doctor.

They say it's a good camp. Try to get her into our convoy.

Remember, block 1 2

How old are you? 14.

Are you here on your own? No, with my mother and my father, but they split us up.

Wait here.

You're in luck. If no one had died tonight, I couldn't have helped you.

Take your clothes off. Quickly now.

I told you to strip off.

Everything, unless you want them to spot you at once.

Hurry up!

Put this on. Come on!

Please yourself, but if you want to live, you must put... this smock on, now. We don't have much time.

Come on, hurry!

That black triangle on your smock stands for criminals.

Political prisoners wear a red triangle, like mine.

The Jews have a yellow star.

But black triangles get the best treatment.

The SS pick them as camp oversees.

They call them ''Kapo''. Beware of them.

They're mean and they can do what they like to the prisoners.

But you stand a better chance with your black triangle.

You're taking the place of a French thief.

I haven't reported her death. Her name was Nicole.

Number 10099.

You're name is Nicole now, understand? Remember that.

Come on, what's your name now?

Nicole. Nicole Niepas.

Nicole Niepas. Number 10099.

In German it's...

Remember that. And don't show this for a few days.

Wait for it to heal. I'll be right back.

I have to see if I can get you assigned to a hut.

Nicole's is out, they'd be on to you at once.

Come here!


Join the others!

Come on!

One! Two! Three! Four!

Attention, please! All the Kapos... of the blocks number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 appear... before the Commander for general roll call!

Come on! Move!

Mama! Mama! No! No!

Mama! Mama!


You've got to live, Nicole, and think of nothing else.

Just live, that's all. Come...

I managed to get you assigned to block 12.

That's where Sofia is, the girl who brought you here.

Block 12. The number is on the hut, you can't miss it.

Tomorrow you'll leave for a labour camp.

It's better than this. Nobody will know you.

Your name is Nicole, always remember that.

If they ask anything, say you left the infirmary today.

You're not Jewish any more, understand?

You hear me, Nicole?

Off you go.

It's up to you now. Try to live. Good luck!

Good luckGo on.

How many days will it take?

If you chew it well and close your eyes, it tastes like bread.

Don't think about it, girl. Shrug it off.

You forget everything here, except cold and hunger.

The rest is a lot of rubbish. Isn't that right?

No, I don't think so.

How long have you been here? Over six months.

Wait then. We'll see in a yearif you're still alive.

You listen to me, girl. In here the cleanest one stinks.

What can you see, Isabella? Still nothing but woods.

What kind of woods? I wouldn't know.

Looks like oak. Still god- awful Germany then.

Right, who'll give me some bread for a cigarette?

Where do you get all that stuff?

It isn't like that, you know.

There's one thing they can't take from us against our will.

Our self- respect. I'm positive of that.

What's wrong? Are you sick?

Go on, cry...

Stand up!

Back! Get out of here!

Come on! Move!

Quick! Quick!

It's stopping again. Take a look.

What can you see? A station...

But there's no name. Another train full of prisoners.

This damned war will never end!

They're not speaking German. You sure?

Can't you hear them? What's next to Germany?

France? You'd like that, wouldn't you?


Open the wagons!

Come down!



Hurry up!

Come down!

Get off!

Line up!

Stay still!

Now, move!

Come on, march!

One! Two! Three! Four!

Keep in step!

One! Two! Three! Four!

Any news from Warsaw? How are they there?

Better than you, lass... Better than you.

Good luck.


Go back!

Go now! Go away!

Line up!

Come on!

Look what you've done!

Give me another ration!


I realized from the start you were a nice girl in spite of your black triangle.

Who sent you along with us? The infirmary doctor, right?

He's a good man. He has saved a lot of girls like you.

You're Jewish, aren't you?

No, I'm not Jewish.

Attention, please! General roll call!

Line up!

Attention, please! General roll call!

Line up!

How many are the politicals? About 50 percent, but you... can't trust them. Most of them have been here at least 2 years.

They renegade? They adapted.

One's even been made a Kapo. The woman on block 10.

She was a good partisan once, then bit by bit...

I speak fluent German.

Could that do me any good? Probably.

If they make you an interpreter, you could be useful on a lot of occasion.

All in all, this is far better than Auschwitz.

Yes. We sleep better, we eat better. You've seen that.

They want to get the most out of us.

It's obviously in their interests.

But there's still the screenings nightmare.

Here too? Yes.

The SS doctor examines us every four months.

The oldest and thinnest are sent away.

A sore's enough, the slightest wound, and you're replaced.

You came to replace 100 other women.

Where did they take them? Nobody knows.

But you can be sure... there's a gas chamber there.

What's wrong, silly? Go to sleep!

I don't want to die!

Come on! Work!



No mill, no meal!

Idiot! Can't you look where you're going?

Damn you! I'll teach you to leave your work!

I'll warm you up! 1 5 days in solitary!

Hi, Carole. Hello.

What on earth did you say? I don't understand.

What are you, anyway? Russian.

She hasn't been here long. She's a bit...

Anna, the Red Army's coming, right?

Yes, yes, it's coming.


Well done, they let you go. I didn't think you'd make it.

Did they bit you up again?

Have you understood? Now go and tell them!

Attention, please! The Kapo said...

Who took my potato?

Give it back, Nicole. It's mine.

Nicole...! I gave it to her.

I traded my undershirt for it. Who cares!

It's mine! I put it on the stove a few minutes ago!

You must have eaten it without realizing.

If it really was stolen, get it back.

I'm surprised at you. You're a political!

You mean the politicals are better than us?

You heard her ladyship? She's scared though.

Yet she was in the Resistance.

I wonder how her ladyship resisted back home?

Hey, Georgette, stop that, will you!

I wouldn't brag about being here for stealing.

Come here and repeat that if you dare!

I'm coming. Attagirl, you show her!

Come on, stop that, girls! Let me go!

Blocks number 1 and 2! Wash yourself!

What a spring! The water gets colder every day.

Her ladyship expects hot water? It's melted snow.

Aren't you going to wash, Nicole?

That's what they want. That's just what they're after.

To cancel us... turn us into animals.

We have to hold out.

By washing? That too.

It's a way to make us feel like human beings.

To stop ourselves turning into brutes.

Come here! All of you!

1 1 321! 3826!


1 21 30!




I've got through three screenings. Last time...

I had a sore on my foot. They didn't notice.

Luck, that's all. If they don't like the look of your face... being healthy won't help you.

Does the grey still show? No, don't worry.

I have good hands, good feet. Why worry about my teeth?

You'll see why, you'll see.


You know you have to go. You're all right.

Shove her out, or they'll take it out on us.

Good luckbe brave.

Attention, please! All the Kapos... of the blocks number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 appear... before the Commander for general roll call!

Do I look less pale, now? Yes, that's a lot better.

You think I should take the bandage off?

Sure, they'll see that first thing.

921 5!

Stand up straight and smile. And stick your chest out.

If it shows a bit, all the better.

Hide your hands. They're not that stupid!

What hope have you got like that? 10099!

That's you. Smilesmile.

Attention, please! All the Kapos...

appear before the Commander!

Get dressed.

Left! Come!

Interpreter! Come here!

FeetYour feet!

The other one.

Goodyour handsHands!

Turn them over!

Left! Go!

Next one!


Attention, please! All the Kapos...

Here she is! Which is the good side?

Left or right? Tell me! I couldn't find out.

Left or right?

I tell you, I don't know. It's easy to find out.

We'll just ask where they sent the oldest women.

Well, Ninette? Left or right?

Why are you asking me? Maybe I made it.

Sure, maybe you did. But was it left or right?



Don't cry. They won't send you away.

You'll see, Red Army come in time.


I fooled them! Look at my hands!

I made it!


I showed you!

One! Two! Three! Four!

Stay back!

Hey, you! Line up!

Drop dead!

Well, aren't you going to say goodbye?

Now you're scared of saying goodbye to me, you bitches!

Cowards! They've turned you into a bunch of sheep!


You too! Cowards!

Damn murderer! Scumbag!

Scumbag! Scumbag!

You don't scare me anymore! I know where you're taking us!

Vultures! Brutes! You'll die too!

They'll kill your kids! Your damn mothers!

Damn your mothers!

You, you and you! Come with me!

In step!

Hitch her up!

One! Two! Three! Four!

Take the lime!

What are you doing?

Her socks...


Hey, you!

I have to send another girl to the SS.

I'll take her after roll call.

Tell number 10099. It's worth her while, tell her.

But she's a child! Exactly.


Alice wants to make you a ridiculous proposal.

She'd like you to go... to the SS tonight. You don't want to, of course.

You don't, do you? Why not?

What has she said? Nothing.

But you have no experience. Have you ever been with a man?

No. No?

But if I go, will they give me something to eat?

Nicole! Ask her that.

Ask her!

Anyone play cards with me?

No. Play on your own. and good night...

Look what I brought you! Like her?

What can you do with that?

Are we supposed to adopt her?

She's pretty, isn't she? I had her cleaned up.

But she weighs 60 pounds! I like them like that.

Right, baby? Come on...

Have fun then!

Did it come out? The hell it did!

How did it go? Just great.

I was right. She's a virgin.

She was a virgin!

Hey youWhy are you still here? Scram!

Excuse me, you said you'd give me something to eat.

What did she said? She wants to eat.



Attention! The Camp Commander... wishes you all a Merry Christmas.

Now sing!

How is it you've come today too?

Your mates sent for me.

Guess they changed their minds. They're in town getting drunk.

Why didn't you go with them? I don't like drinking.

What do you like, Karl? Just the war?

Where were you last Christmas?

In Cracow. And you?

Here. And before that?

In Paris. Do you like Paris?

It's just another city... only a bit noisier.

It was good the first day, when we entered.

And the Champs Ekysees, the day of our parade.


Do you mind... not being at home?

Because it's Christmas? Nonsense!

What things are important for you?

My country, I think. Only my country is important.

What if you lose the war?


But if you do lose?

Your turn, Karl.

We can't get news from the front any more.

Morale is pretty low, even among the politicals.

I told the women in my hut to sabotage the work.

They just laughed. It's the same in the factory.

We need the right arguments.

They'll listen to talk of escape. Let's talk of escape then.

That's useless, since escape is impossible.

It's not useless. Look...

They're as thick as thieves now.

Are you nuts? That was a wollen shirt.

At least two more packs, or I'll have it back.

Okay, I'll try tomorrow. How about some more jam?

Civilians go for that. Karl says nothing must be... wasted because his mates at the front are starving.

Rubbish! What does he care about his mates at the front!

He'll have forgotten by tomorrow.

All right, I'll try again. Nicole!

Hurry up! Go inside!

The block leader's leaving. I might get picked to replace her.

If so, they'll need a new Kapo for this hut.

I could put your name forward. Tell your friends... about all I do for you. And get busy!

If one of them steps in, it's your lucky day.

Good evening, Miss! How are they at the command post?

What do you mean? Just asking how they were.

Mind you own business in future!

Line up!

Prisoners, attention!

You are prisoners of the German Reich.

You work for the German Reich and in return the Reich feeds you.

It's a clear- cut relationship.

Whoever betrays this relationship is punished.

The prisoner 871 1 sabotaged the factory work, by attempting to damage the machines.

The prisoner 871 1 was caught in the act.

Sabotage is punished with death.


Translate! Translate!

It is right...

It is right that such criminals should hang. Is that clear?

Yes, Sir!

Now proceed!

Hey, you! Look up!

15 days in solitary and 3 months on half rations.

Is it time? Five minutes.


I've applied for the front again.

Even one- hand men should be needed now. I hope so!

Don't you like it here? No, I'm bored.

Why, do you like it? I do now.

I eat well, I sleep well. No work, no screenings.

Is that all you care about? What else is there?

When are you going to eat that?

At night, or else I can't sleep.

You know it's less nourishing when it's stale?

And the effort not to touch it, that's bad for you.

It weakens you, you know that?

You're still on half ration, huh?

The Russians sing now. One of your songs.

We don't know what we're allowed to sing.

Whatever you know, just sing it well.

''Holy War'' Don't be funny.

You want to get us killed? We don't know anything else.

''Holy War''. Let's sing!

The Russians!

You were right... The Red Army's come.

One momentShow them the empty bunks! Go on in.

Come onCome on...

My boys...

My boys!

Well? Aren't the rest of you going to hug us?

Where have you come from? Say something to us.


Quietquiet! She's right, they'll hear us.

Hold on.

Show us the bunks that need dismantling.

We'll answer your questions while we work, okay?

It won't be long. The Allies have landed in Normandy.

The Germans lost Stalingrad, the Red Army's at the Dnieper.

Couldn't they counter- attack? No, not any more.

The whole front's on the move. You'll see.

And the Red Army will get here. What?...

The Red Army will get here. Yes...

They'll get here and free us all.

Is that really true? Sure!

They brought us here to build fortifications, because they're... retreating and we'll see them all run away from here.

We'll skin him alive and dunk him in vinegar.

Who? Faust!

You'll do what?

Nothing. I was joking. Watch it!

And you men, get on with it!

Who's that? Our Kapo.

Don't you have them?

No, we just have a hut representative.

You're not scared of a kid like that?

You'll see, sonYou'll find out what a Kapo is.

Is he Faust? Yes.

What does it says? ''Touch Faust and you die''.

The SS wrote that? Yes.

They're nice to cats. Are you nice to everyone?

Nonot everyone.

Come on, get your mates. It's roll call soon.

They haven't called us yet. I'll take you.

Attention, please!

Roll call! Roll call! All the Kapos must... count the prisoners and wait for new orders!

Come on, you, get moving.

You ate the lot! Give it back, you bitch!

Give it back! What's going on?

She stole my bread! Nearly half a loaf I'd put by!

She scoffed the lot! Bitch! Scumbag!

Tough luck! Now go to roll call.

What am I going to do? Go!

Is it true?

I couldn't stand it any longer. Let's go, it's roll call.

Let me be, Nicole. Let's go.

See? Washing every morning didn't do you any good.

Leave me here, please.

You preached so well. Leave me here.

Remember? You kept repeating it to me.

''We mustn't let ourselves go, we must react''.

And look at you now!

Exactly like all the rest. One! Two! Three! Four!...

But it's natural. You preached a load of rubbish.

Now what's got into you? Where are you going, silly?

Kapo, come here and bring three prisoners!

Come on, Boris!

Get moving, Boris!

Come on, try! I can't do it.

On your feet! At once! Get to work!

What are you doing?

Come here, you filthy prisoner!

Come on! Go on working!

Come nearer!

See that?

Stay here and rest.

They won't notice if I go. Thank you.

They say our advance stopped and they are counter- attacking.

They'll be in Moscow by June. That's what they say.

Meanwhile they just shot another man and we've waited 3 months!

What do you want to do? Anything, while there's time.

Before we get to be like them. Hey! Wait!

Could you take this to...

What are you doing there? Damn you!

Read it! It's for my mother! It's forbidden!

Give me the address. Alma Rudnicka, Hoza 1 2...

Bitch! You're like an animal! Hands off, you idiot!

Letters are forbidden, and speaking to civilians! Who are you? One of them?

Why do you do it?

Just because. What happened, Nicole?

If they saw you, you're dead. What did he do?

He wanted to send a letter home. I tore it up.

Stand here and don't move.

All night. Stand to attention.

If you lean forward, there's the high voltage.

If you step back, the sentry will get you.

If he moves, shoot!

Good nightcomrade!

This is how they should dress us Kapos. Nice, isn't it?

Look! They're going steady!

In other lagers Kapos can wear civilian clothes, did you know?

We should ask to do that too.

Nice! What did you give for them!

Not much, three packs of cigarettes.

What are you waiting for?

Want a cigarette? Catch!

Go on, have a smoke!

Pick it up, I won't shoot you.

I won't shoot! Go on!

Don't you like smoking?

You need it to move a bit, to rest your muscles, or else you'll never make it. You can't make it.

Come on! Don't you trust me?

You won't make it.

You'll never make it. You'll croak anyway!

Sentry post number 7. Changing of the guard.

Is he still alive? That one's a stayer.

Want to bet?

No, not like that. Let's wait and see what happens.

Okay. Come!

Attention, please!

All the prisoners... in the main square!

All the prisoners... in the main square!

Attention, please!

All the prisoners... in the main square!

All the prisoners... in the main square!


One! Two! Three! Four!

Join the others! You must work!

In step!

Come on, quickly! Join the others!

Here, bread and margarine.

Go on, blow your whistle! Call your pals!

You think a bit of bread is enough to put everything right?

Hey, that's artillery!

That's our men! Hear them? 100 kilometers.

Less than 50! It's a matter of days now.

The war's over, Nicole.

We'll go home, we'll go back to our old lives, we'll forget.

Come on! Get on with it!

Wonder how it will feel to be free again?

To do whatever we like... anything at all.

They celebrate in my town when any of us go home.

They welcome us with music and flowers.

And we dance all night... we singwe shout...

Nobody sleeps that night.

Do you like dancing, Nicole?

Yes, I used to love it.

Run for it, Sasha! There's only one German on the bank.

I'll distract him, so you can run to the river and get away.

But why? It's only a matter of days now.

They’ll have to let us all go.

Nowho knows what they'll do.

There won't be another chance. Today's the last day... they'll bring you out to work. Get moving!

With two hands! Hurry up!

What about my mates? There'll be a reprisal.

Why worry about them? Come with me, but be careful.

I don't know the area. They'll catch me.

The partisans are over there. We hear shots now and then.

Let's wait for him to move away.

What will you do?

Me? What can I do? I'll stay with them.

Don't you want to get away? And go where?

But where will you go when the war's over?

I don't know, I haven't thought.

Where do your parents live?

Deadthey're dead.

Go now, Sasha! No!

I can't do it.

Attention, please!

The Blocks number 18A, 24B and 1 3C... go immediately... to the Commander!

Attention, please!

18A and 1 3C... go immediately to the Commander!

Look! They're pulling out!

Get off! Get off!

Stay back!

Go away!

Come on! Quickly!

Stay back! Back!

Look at them! They're worse than animals!

Animal sense when they're about to die, but this lot... Die?

Yes. Who told you that?

They transfer us to Germany to a suitably equipped camp.

Seems they can do away with over 5000 a day.

Not you, silly! They'll make us auxiliaries in the Wehrmacht, with a uniform, pay, and a clean police record.

Good. You had me scared for a minute.

Coming with me? No, I'm busy.

Georgette! Here she comes!

Excuse me, Kapo, I was on cleaning duty today and I found this.

This is how I found him. Poor Faust!

He was so sweet.

You know they're going to kill you too? All of you!

Sasha! Come here.

What's up? Sasha...

Tuesday? Yes, the day after tomorrow.

We've got to try. You know it's sheer suicide!

We can't escape from this camp!

We can't escape from the gas chamber either.

We've got to find a way to cut the high- voltage line.

We must prepare some tools to cut the fence.

I'll sharpen some stakes, but it'll take 3 days.

Too long. But they watch us!

What do we do about the high voltage?

The powerhouse is near the camp gate.

A Brit worked in there after that woman killed herself.

We've got to talk to him. I did. He's willing to help.

But he said we can't get near the powerhouse and the high voltage is never off.

The powerhouse is locked? Sure.

We need an imprint of the lock.

You go and get it, clever! Hush!

Maybe they're moving out.

Are they really going?

Yes, yes, they are. Quiet, I can't hear a thing!

Maybe they're leaving and they'll let us go.

You, you, youand you.

Get to work! Come on, idiots, move!

The imprint of the lock.

Thanks, Nicole. How come you all trusted me?

We weren't wrong, were you? Do the women know about me?

Not yet. Load the truck!

Move! There's no time!


I want to tell you another thing.

It isn't true I'm a thief. And my name isn't Nicole. lI'm a Jewish.

Nicole! See you later... at the washhouse. They'll be too busy to notice.

Yes, Sir!

Yes, Sir!

Will we make it, Sasha? Yes, you'll see.

We'll make it, Nicole.


You'll really take me home with you?

Sure, you'll come with me.

What will your family say?

Let's see...

My father will look at you silently, then he'll say to me: ''Who is this, Sasha? Your stuff?''

He'll shake his head and go, saying he's busy.

He won't like me then. Very much, but he won't say it.

Some old people are like that. My father was the same.

My mother, though, she'll start crying.

She'll ask if you're hungry, if you're thirsty.

If you're warm enough, if you want a rest.

And if you answer no to all her questions, she'll smile and she'll say to me...


She'll say: ''She's a nice girl, Sasha. Well done.''

I'm not a nice girl, and your mother won't like me. I'm different.

I... Nicole.

You still haven't told me what your real name is.

Edith. Edith, listen. That's what... my mother will say and I'll say: ''Sure, she's a nice girl.''

And she'll leave it at that. We'll be able to go out, and I'll show you my town. You'll like it, you'll see.

And in the evening we'll dress up and go out again, the two of us together.

We'll go wherever you like. All right, Edith?

We'll go dancing, Sasha. Yes...

What time is it? 6:25.

She'll be here any minute.

The stakes? Ready in the workshop.

Yanko's coming soon. I can go, Salomone.

No, Igor Borovin and Yanko Milovic will go.

We have work to do here.

So, by 10 at the latest, if all goes well you and Yanko... will bring the guns here. Nicole goes to the powerhouse.

By 10:1 5 he shorts the circuit.

At 10:20 the Brit has to check the power's off.

There's no need to check, we'll hear the siren.

What siren? When the high voltage... is turned off, the alarm sounds.

The powerhouse is next to the sentry post.

in front of the main watch- tower.

The SS will run up, but she'll have knocked out the system.

And then? Everyone can get away.

But not Nicole. They'll kill her.

She doesn't stand a chance!

What do you want to do then? Get us all killed?

You like life, don't you? Like anyone who's alive.

Would you do it? That's a silly question.

You know I'd never get near it. They'd stop me midway.

But if you were her, would you do it, Salomone Reitman?

Maybe... Maybe!

And you're a man. You have an idea, you fought.

But Nicoleshe's only 1 6.

She knows nothing about these things. She's suffered so much.

It's not up to her to die. I'll go, Sasha.

Let me try. That's impossible.

I've seen Anna. She says the women are going berserk praying, crying, talking about rebelling.

A few nearly lynched an SS who walked in, but fortunately...

Where's Anna? She's waiting near the fence.

Tell her to pass it on about the escape.

The orders stand except the signal will be given by a siren.

When they hear it, they have to run to the fence.

Come straight back, it's nearly time.

There are 2000 women in the camp.

They've all suffered and they have a right to live.

And us? You say we fought and we have an idea.

What do you mean by an idea?

It's 6:40.

What are they doing, Sasha? Are they standing for me?

It's settled then. Let's go.

Can I have a word with you?

You mustn't tell her anything. Swear you won't.

She'd refuse. Why should she agree to do it?

Swear, Sasha. Yeah. Why should she agree?

Her life in exchange for so many others.

But it is right to reckon like that?

No. Well then?

Yes, it's monstrous, forcing men... to reckon like that.

But in this case, it becomes necessary and even right... to kill someone in order to save many others.

We're killing her, you know that?

No, Sasha, it's not us.

We're not the ones to blame.

Come onswear.


I swear.

Aren't you busy now?

We have 5 minutes left.

Come, there's still so much to say.

We must decide how we'll find one another.

I thought about it all night, you know.

As soon as I've cut the power, I'll come here.

You'll wait for me, Sasha? Yes, sure.

And we'll escape together. But if we miss each other...

There, see the tallest tree down there? Can you see it?

The tallest one of all. Yes.

We'll meet there.

I want to tell you something too.

The first times we met...

I wasn't thinking about escaping, you know?

I didn't say all those things to persuade you to help us.

It was only because I was falling in love with you.

I love you... I love you so much!

You can feel it, can't you?

Yes, Sasha.

Thank you for everything.

Noyou mustn't thank me.

You see, things happen that we can't do anything about.

There should be love and happiness for everyone and instead, we're forced to kill and hate.

Will you understand? What? I don't understand.

Sasha, it's time.




Yes, Sir.

They're not sending the trucks.

We have to eliminate them. But it takes too long!

Have them start digging a pit at once.

Hide these documents!

Thank you.

Good luck... Good luck, Yanko.

Attention! Attention! General roll call!

We'd better go back.

Come on! Get on with it!

Just our luck! Why is that?

HQ didn't send the trucks.

We’ll have to bury them too, afterwards.

Nice, huh? Alice, come here!

Get moving! Are you sleeping?

Hurry up!

I'm off then, Sasha.

And remember, the tallest tree.

Edith? What is it, Sasha?


As soon as you cut the power... the siren will go off.

They'll come and they'll kill you.

That's how it is, but I have to ask you to go anyway.

None of it's true any more then?

You must go.

What should I do now? What should I do?

You must go.

Youyou want to get me killed?

You must go. You must.

The lives of everyone depend on you alone.

Yours too, right? Yours too! What's going on, Nicole?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

When do we go? When it's all over.

Where to? Germany.

The war's over now.

They conned you, Karl. They conned you too.

What will you do now?

I don't know. And you?

I don't know.

Living isn't all that necessary.

Trueit isn't necessary.

Go on working! Traitor! Scumbag!

She'll go. I'm sure she'll go.

You'll see, she'll go.



They conned us, Karl.

They conned us both.

Take this off me.

The land of Israel is enlightened...

God is Israel...

God is the light.

Lord, my Lord... you who break the chains of the slaves...