Kara Bela (2015) Script

Kudret? What are you doing?

Having a rakı.

Dammit! And you have no shame in saying so.

You're wasting the family's livelihood on drinks?

No! It's just a glass.

I'm so doomed! You'll get tanked and beat me and the kids, won't you?

Shame on you, Ayşe!

Have I ever laid a finger on any of you?

But imagine you had. Neighbors, listen to this. Just listen!

He drinks this poison on holy days. And what's worse, he will beat us.

-Don't you have work tomorrow? -Yes, but...

-It's just a glass. -C'mon! Get up.

C'mon, up. Get up.

Get up!

-God, give me patience! -Don't do that. C'mon.


What are you looking at? Go to bed!

I'm lumbered with a drunk at this age.

He never mentions having a family and responsibilities.

Never thinks of cleaning up his act.

Irresponsible thing.

There's even cacık!

She guzzled a whole bottle, huh?


You'll be late for school. C'mon now.

Neşe! Şule! Özge!

-Here, honey. -What's that?

Milk. I put honey in it.

Milk? What am I, a child?

Şule. Here, honey. Your milk.

-Milk? Is there no tea? -Tea will take five minutes.

Ah, it's you, son. Here. Here you go.

Drink your milk, c'mon.

It's delicious. There's honey in it.

Not at this time of day. Stop! It'll give you an ulcer.

What's happened to you kids?

Dear God!

Ah, sweetheart! Come here.

Here, your milk.

What? Milk? Ugh.

Don't say that.

Why's that cover pulled up?

Did someone tamper with it?

What were they doing?

No, really?

Dad, can you give us a lift?

Get out of here, son! For heaven's sake.

She's not the school bus.

What's wrong with taking us just today? That car will rot there.

What's with the car? School is just a stone's throw away.

Use your legs. Don't get used to driving everywhere.

C'mon, guys. He's no use to us.

Look, even I take the bus to work.

It's no distance. What's wrong with walking?

Can you say a few words about yourself?

Well, I'm Kudret Ziyanoğlu.

I was born in Istanbul in 1965.

I'm a retired bookkeeper.

What can you say about your last workplace?

It was a state office.

Are you a team player?

No, I only support the national team.

OK, are you creative?

No, perish the thought.

What motivates you most at work?


Kudret, how do your colleagues see you?

As a nice guy.

What do your friends like and dislike most about you?

I don't have many friends actually.

OK, Kudret. Tell me, why should we hire you?

Well, I have four kids and an elderly father to look after.

My pension won't pay the bills any more.

I also have a wife who never stops once she starts talking.

I say I'm off to work every morning and don't get in till late at night.

If you hired me, you'd be doing a very good deed.

I'd also like to point out that...

I've done my army service.

Can't you see the bus is empty? Take a seat.

No, I'm OK like this. Thanks.

I'm not used to having a seat. Thanks.

-The soup's stone cold. -It'd be hot if you'd got in earlier.

Wherever you've been loitering till now.

Loitering? I was doing overtime.

I wait for you for 25 years, give you four children, watch my body turn into a sack of potatoes and in return, you still have the roving eye.

Am I told you'll be back late? Never!

You don't have a cell phone so I don't know what you're up to.

Whatever that may be.

Please God, take my life and spare me!

My condolences, neighbor.

Thank you. That's kind.

How did it happen so suddenly?

She said: "Please God, take my life," and passed away.

If only she'd wished something else. The woman was a saint.

Yes. Right.

Honey, couldn't you have made halva?

Is making tiramisu when someone dies a new invention?

My poor sister loved it.

-It's the perfect consistency. -OK, so you get the milk...

Dad, can I just say that's your third plate?

Asshole, are you counting my mouthfuls?

Please, Dad. I meant it for your own good.

Think of yourself, not me.

Your wife's dead. What are you going to do? Remarry?

Dad, what way is that to talk in front of everyone?

I know you. You'll go on a bender every night.

Dad, please.

-Is that what a family man would do? -I did.

Well, I went one better.

I gave you and your mom hell. I spent the housekeeping on women.

I lived it up every night in bars and clubs.

I lost everything gambling and got into debt.

I had you pay my debts.

But now I wonder if I did the right thing.

I did, though. You bet I did.

I had a ball. Good for me!

Enjoy, Dad.

-Enjoy. -Listen to me, Kudret.

You have a long life ahead. It's flying by.

Live your life while there's time.

If I were your age I wouldn't stop for a second.

But what can you do? I've reached the end of the road.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

-My condolences, neighbor. -Thank you. That's kind.

How did it happen so suddenly?

He said: "Here today, gone tomorrow," and passed away.

He must've known. The man was a saint.


-Brother-in-law? -Yes?

How about the kids stay with me for a while?

Handling four kids alone will be tough on you now.

I'd hate to upset your routine.

What routine, for goodness sake?

They wouldn't go anyway, Gül.

They're too attached to me. They won't leave me.

My son!


Do you really have to grill here? Find somewhere else.

-Welcome, son. -Thanks, Mom.

Why are you here so soon?

I didn't want to live anymore. I have no one left.

No wife, no dad, no kids.

I'm so alone, Mom. No one needs me anymore.

But son, a bottle of vitamins and cough syrup won't kill you.

-Won't they? -Of course not.

Besides, son, there are people who need you.

-Me? -Yes, you.


That girl up there is Leylifer.

She needs you badly.

But you must be at Gaziantep Castle in three days.

Otherwise, it may be too late.

Too late for what, Mom?

Stop asking questions and get going right away.

What did I always tell you as a boy?

"I wish I'd given birth to a rock instead."

-No, the other thing. -"I just plumped that sofa. Get off."

Not that either.

"Faults I condemn come to haunt me. Get studying.

Why does everyone but you get high grades? Are you backward?"

You called me a horse, vermin, son of an animal, a loser.

OK, OK. Stop. Did I never say anything nice?

Son, you don't seem aware your name means "power".

"Solidarity comes of joining forces.

Never let go of people standing by you.

Run to help them in trouble." Didn't I tell you that? C'mon.

I don't remember anything like it, Mom.

How can you not remember?

Your cousins came over once.

You wouldn't let them play with your toys.

-I told you then, remember? -No, you didn't, Mom.

What do you mean?

That's when you bashed my head with that metal car, Mom.

I still have the scar.

If I didn't say it then, I'm saying it now. Enough!

You must be at Antep Castle in three days. Leylifer needs you there.




I'm on my way, Leylifer.

Hey, need a charger?

Dammit, driving in Istanbul traffic is nothing short of torture.

Need a charge there?

Or a selfie stick? You'll get more likes.

What is that?

What kind of gesture is that?

I don't have a phone.

Say you don't want one. Why lie, a guy your age? Shame!


Chargers. Great quality chargers!

How about one of these?

Come here!

Stop running! Come here.

He went that way. There!

That way. No, that way.

This side of the bus.

No, this side of the bus.

He's coming this way! There, look!

He's crossing this side.

This way. Here. He's here.

Here, here. Right by the car.

He's opening the door. He's getting in. Here.

He's in. He's in the car.

He's starting the car. It's running.

Hey! That's my car!

Where are you going? Dirty thief.

Oh, my God! Oh, God!

We ran someone over!

Pull over, pal. Please pull over.

This is theft.

-Theft? What do you mean? -Yes.

-Yes, what? -In my eyes you're a thief.

But you're sitting beside me.

I'm not a thief.

I sell chargers.

Get out of my car and sell them. Please, I ask you.

I don't want you selling them in my car. Get out.

Why get me in trouble for nothing?

I never set foot in a police station before.

And now I'm an outlaw thanks to you.

Oh, please.

You're so overdoing it.

All we did is run from the municipal cops.

Get real if you think they'd bother to come after us.

What's with letting the guys get away? How could you?

When they mounted the pavement, we said: "They're psycho, let's keep away."

Times are bad, chief. There's lowlife out there.

-Why take on trouble for no reason? -Because it's your job!

We're the municipal police.

We let a bunch of punks rattle us?

-Did you get the license plate? -We did, chief.

What kind of car is it?

A black Renault. The station wagon kind.

Must be at least 20 years old.

Twenty, huh?

Get ready then. We're going after them.

-But, chief... -I told you to get ready!

No one gets away from us.

We'll find that man and hand over his fine in person.

Grab the coffee and donuts.

Yes, sir.

Donuts? We're municipal police.

Look at her, a brand new car! And we haven't left Istanbul yet.

See all those scratches?

All her parts are original. She's all original.

What is that?

A bluefish.

Is it original?

-Is it original? -I got some snacks. Pay inside, OK?

-The car got us a catch, huh? -The guy's waiting in there.

What? Why am I paying? Wait. What are you doing?

-Getting myself in the car. -Why? I'm going to Antep, pal.

Where are you going?

I'm going to Gaziantep.

-You're a lucky guy. -Why?

This deal with bootleg phones. I've wanted to get to Antep for weeks.

So fate's decided, it's you and me.

What do you mean? No!

-Let me come. -No. I don't know you.

-You soon will. -No, not a chance.

-I know the roads. -No, no.

I know the roads like the back of my hand.

I've got Istanbul to Antep down to six hours.

We can do it that fast?

So, where are we going?

To Gaziantep.

I know. I already told you that.

Which way do we go? That's what I'm asking.

I'll tell you in a second, but...

Was Gaziantep in East Anatolia?


I found it! Antep.

Look, here. Antep.

Guy-in-a-tie, what's your name?


Kudret, I'm Güven.

I'm starving. What do we do about it?


Look at this. Perfect. There's food. We can eat.


You think the car's OK?

Who'd touch your car? C'mon.

No, you go in and ask where we are.

I'll wait here.

Oh, come on! Who wants to touch your rust bucket?

Excuse me? My rust bucket?

Think before you speak.

This car has a name. Midnight Minx.

-You gave the rust bucket a name? -I'd love it if you didn't use that word.

-Minx. -Yes.

Midnight Minx.

Look, this is a promise.

I'll have Midnight Minx written here in giant letters when we get to Antep.


She's solid as a rock.

C'mon, let's go get some food.

Who would touch Midnight Minx?

-You say she's OK? -Sure. Midnight Minx is a big girl.

-I guess there are other cars here. -Right.


What kind of rest area is this?

Search me. And what's with the layout?

Here, this way.

If we make a quiet exit, it won't count.

Exactly. Let's go.


C'mon, pal.

Don't be taken in by her.

Here's how we exit, OK?

This place looks super pricey. We'll get seriously ripped off.

Let's go. Anyway, Leylifer is waiting.

-Who? -Leylifer. At Antep Castle.

I had a dream about her. She needs me.

Wait. Why don't you... tell the whole story from start to finish?

So... you lost both your dad and your wife.

Then your kids left and moved in with their aunt. Right?


Next thing, you had a dream about your mom. And she told you to go rescue a girl called Leylifer in Antep. Correct?


So you hit the road, huh?

She needs me. My mom said so in the dream.

This risotto thing is just like mushy pilaf.

My wife always made pilaf like this.

-Anything else, sir? -Yes. Can we ask the singer here?

Excuse me?

Can we ask the singer to the table?

What are you doing? Shame on you!

It's OK. You go.

Are you crazy?

Hey, wait. What are you boys doing?



Pardon me one second.

Lady. You can't smoke inside.

It carries a 289 lira fine.

-But I... -No buts, lady.

No buts. It's also bad for your health.

Look what smoking has done to your voice.

Security, can you escort the lady outside, please?

Wait a second, sir. Please!

We had our risotto so we're just leaving.

My God, I don't believe it!

What monsters!

Talk about bad manners.

Sorry, Kudret, but it was all your fault.

Sure. Why pick on the girl? Leave her alone to smoke.

Look, Güven. I've never had a cigarette in my mouth.

But I had half a lung removed because of smoking, OK?


You need to quit smoking at once.

Why look at me?

Smoke on the sly, do you?

I lost half a lung just from my wife smoking at home.

Look at it that way and I lost half a heart thanks to you.

That gorgeous girl, lost forever.

For heaven's sake!

You've seen the girl once. When did you fall in love?

Oh, please.

Coming from a guy who runs off after a girl he never met.

They're two different things.

-Mine's different. -How come?

I'm going to help the girl.

I am, really. Besides, your girl has no looks.

What do you mean? Didn't you see her eyes?

I didn't notice, but she wasn't that, you know...

Wasn't that what?

She was one cute girl.

There, look. See what beautiful eyes she has?

Step on it! Get us out of here!

Let's go.

Are you OK?

Yes, fine.

Please, let's go a bit faster. Just a bit faster.

OK, young lady, but why are those guys firing at us?

They're Atılgan's animals.

Who's Atılgan?

The guy who owns this place. He thinks he's Al Capone.

Psycho, it's the only reason he opened a 1930s place.

He stuffed me in there and wouldn't even let me out.

So I smashed a vase over his head and ran.

How could you let the guys get away?

We fired several rounds, but they got away.

We even took out the rear window. When they vamoosed, we decided to quit.

We figured it wasn't worth getting shot for a whore.

If any of you talks bad about her again, you get a bullet in the brain. Do you understand me?

You understand, dammit?

-We do. -We do.

You cook your own goose, but why ours?

What if the guys come after us?

Oh, please.

What's wrong with you?

The guy sees himself as Al Capone.

You seriously think he'd bother to come after us?

What kind of car was it?

A black Renault station wagon.

The thing was clapped out.

I'll find you.

Believe me, I will.

I'll teach you what it means to steal something that's mine.

My poor Midnight Minx. What hasn't happened to you?

Look at all that.


Let's go rest at the hotel and deal with it tomorrow.

I'll be right back.

Kudret, what's up?

-She's coming with us? -Yes.

What else can we do? Leave her here?

-Leave her to that scumbag? -Why not?


If she goes, I go too.

Go ahead. Go, pal.

Go. Get off my back. Leave me alone.

I have places to go. Don't hold me up.

You're wound up right now. You're being rash.

-Rash? -Yes.

-Seriously rash? -Yes. Now grab this tarp.

And let's cover the car.

See that? There's glass everywhere.

This car had nothing wrong with it, not even a scratch.


We need three rooms.

I don't have three, sorry. Only two.

-Oh, God. -One double, one single.

What do we do?

It sucks, but we won't find another hotel now.


It's OK by me.

Stop smirking. You make me nervous.

I was thinking about her.

She's beautiful, huh?

Sure, but do you really deserve her?

I tell you, that girl wouldn't look at you.

Why not? Sure I deserve her.

Don't you see?

She's just using us to shake off her fancy boy.

She'll turn on us as soon as she's done.

What can she do?

Kudret, are you saying all this to upset me?

We're sharing the same pillow here. You should be ashamed.

But really.

Why are we sharing the same pillow? Move over, will you?

Stick your head on your own pillow.

-But I was saying something. -OK, say it there.

I can hear.

OK. Well, isn't your pillow precious!

For goodness sake.

-Kudret. -Now what?

So we're sharing the same bed, right?

You know what it reminds me of?


Me and my brother used to share the same bed.

Or rather, pullout couch.

The kind that's a couch by day and a bed by night.

You'd think the bed was some superhero.

I'm not making a comparison, but... me and my brother were in the same bed during the 1999 earthquake.

I was the one they dug out from the rubble.

My mom, my dad... neighbors, friends...

They all died.

I don't know about the others, but...

me and my brother were in the same bed.

If they rescued me,

why didn't they rescue him?

May God give you a long life, Kudret.


She's beautiful, isn't she?

She is.


She's beautiful.

She's beautiful.



I'm here. Why ring the bell?

Have you seen the guy I shared a room with?

You shared a room last night?

Yes. So?


I thought he was with the lady. They left together.

-Left together? -Yes.

-How did they go? -By car.

Midnight Minx...

Midnight Minx!

Midnight Minx!

Midnight Minx!

Is that fair?

They've taken the car.

I have chest pains.

Why did you take my car?

She was here. Why did you take her?

Midnight Minx?

Midnight Minx.

Midnight Minx.

May God answer your prayers. What's up?

-Where have you been? Dammit! -"Dammit"? That is so not you.

So, anyway.

We went to get Burcu a dress.

Shades for me.

And simit for you.

Great! Ms. Burcu gets an outfit, you get shades and I get simit, huh?

Don't go out. Don't go anywhere.

Is she a bike, dammit?

You take a grand old car like her for a joyride.

I cried in front of everyone.

I just heard another "dammit", but this one was more you.

-Really? -Definitely.

C'mon, Kudret.

You have just two days to get to Antep Castle.

We should hit the road.

What? She asked where we're going so I said.

You could've just said Antep. Why do you have to tell her everything?

-So, is she coming with us? -Yes.

What's wrong, Kudret?

She has nowhere to go. She's all alone.

You want to leave her here?

Aren't we better than that?

What harm is she anyway? Let her come.

Well? Let her come.

Get in the car, dammit.

"Dammit"? OK, this time it was totally you.

Look, I got fresh simit.


What's with the bell? Yes, how can I help?

Seen this girl around, sonny?

I don't seem to recognize her.

But maybe you want to... help refresh my memory a bit.


I swear that's all I know.

They stayed last night and left. A girl was with them.

-They're going to Antep Castle. -Antep Castle?

Bravo, sonny.

Stay this way.

If they come here again, -you know what to do, right? -Call you right away.

Good boy.

Let's go.

Sonny. We're after two guys in a black Renault station wagon.

-Have you... -They stayed last night but left.

They're going to Antep. With a girl.

-I swear that's all I know. -Well, fine.


Municipal police seem big around here.

It's a small place, chief. That's why.

I guess.

C'mon, don't mess with that.

I use it to see the cars behind.

What do you want with the cars behind?

I swear, Kudret, you murder the best feelings.

Kudret, have we been this way before?

It's a dead straight road. We've been on it all day.

How could we have been this way before?

There isn't a house or a signpost around.

If we could find a town somewhere.

I've got it!

Look, there's a guy there. Right there. Let's ask him.

-Go on. -OK. Why are you shouting?

OK, I see him.

Go ask him.

Excuse me.


Do you happen to know where we are?

In the middle of nothingness.

Excuse me?

We're all in the middle of nothingness.

We have no place to go, no home to shelter in.

I see. So, are we far from downtown?

Carry straight on down here for a mile or so.

Take a left first, then a right and that's the road into town.

-Left first, then right. -Ask anyone and they'll know.

-It winds gently around. -OK.

-Thanks a lot. -No problem.

-Have a good trip. -OK.

-Have a good day. -Thanks. Take it easy.

-Kudret, the guy has a gun. -I know, I saw.

-So he's going to kill himself? -Probably.

But so what? You want to be called as a witness?

Let's not get involved.

So we just let the guy kill himself? We have to do something.

But what can we do? If he's out to kill himself, he will.

There's nothing we can do.

I saw something like this before with my wife.

The man's up on the roof.

Looks like he's going to jump.

Wait. I'll fix this right away.

Don't jump!

Give that here.

Jump if you're a real man.

Go on. Show us. Are you a real man or not?

He was a real man.

Did we get eggplant?

We did, but cherries, tomatoes, the stuff the kids like...

Everyone's time comes. There's no stopping it.

Don't be ridiculous.

Hold it.

Wait for me. I'll be back.

Sorry, Kudret, but you're being ridiculous.

Excuse me.

-Hello. -Hello.

-Are you about to kill yourself? -That's my intention.

-Sorry, what was your name? -Efkan.


Hmm, Efkan.

OK, Efkan.

Sure you've been through a rough time.

But whatever you went through, is it worth ending your life for?

Try to see the good bits of life.

Think of all the wonderful things in this world.

-Like? -Like...

Like you, Burcu.

You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Maybe I can't write poetry in praise of your beauty.


Every poem ever written was written for you.

And every poet is a bit embarrassed, you know?

-I know. -Know that.

Because no poem can ever do you justice.

When you speak, I want to run to the stands making the shut up sign.

Just a smile from you and I swear, I'd have the whole country cheering.



Excuse me, what's going on with your friend?

Güven, what are you doing? Giving him the come-on?

What's up, Kudret? What did I do wrong?

It's not about me getting you wrong.

Don't I know you?

But your tongue's out. You're confusing the boy.

No, really?

Efkan. Look, we're going to Antep.

-How nice. -When you say "we"...

Why not come with us?

We can talk on the way. You can chill. It might cheer you up. C'mon.


You'd think this was some goddamn tourist trip!

Efkan, how are you? Feeling better?

There's nothing good in this world.

What's the difference if I'm here or there?

Well, OK. Tell us about why you're trying to kill yourself.

They took away my girl, big sis.

Big sis?

Hey, look. Who took away your girl?

Her family. Who else?

I was dreaming of a future with her but they even took away our past.

They got their girl and left.

Never mind. Don't get upset.

If you love each other that much, no one can come between you.

-Isn't that true? -It's so true.

Besides, if you can't find her, she'll find you.

Don't you worry.

So you're saying we could get together again.

-Huh? -Huh?

-Exactly. -Ha, yes. We're talking about you.

You're saying she could find me.

Yes. Silly, playing with the gun. C'mon, drop it.

-Drop it! -Drop it!

Drop it! Drop it!

Bravo, Efkan! Nice one, Efkan.

Nice one.

-I reckon it's a long shot. -Excuse me?

Look, her family took her away. God knows where she is now.

They'll have married her off to someone else by now, I tell you.

I don't want to be alive. For real I don't!

No, c'mon. It's not true.

-No, no, no. -Nice one, Kudret.

You're only encouraging him.

Oh, God! Atılgan's behind us.

-Who's Atılgan? -Who do you think? Madam's beau.

You can really break hearts sometimes.

He isn't my beau. He's my ex-boss!

Right, her ex-boss.

You said he wouldn't come after us and there he is.

OK, chill. So what? We can talk.

People do it by talking, animals by sniffing, as they say.

-What's going on? -Animals!

For shame! What are you doing?

What do you want with Minx's window?

Why are you talking to them?

Keep driving! C'mon, Minx! Step on it!

We're all going to die! I swear on it!

-We're going to die! -Hey, OK.

Chill! Give me that gun! Give it here!

Hey, what are you doing?

Burcu, wait. What are you doing?

What's the maniac doing?

Look at you.

Talk about tricks up your sleeve. Still...

Give me that gun.

We don't want any accidents. It's safer with me.


Oh, please. A perfectly good window gone.


Whose fault was that? Whose fault?

He's still on about windows.

If you keep picking on me, drop me on the corner and I'll take care of myself.



Kudret, please. Let's not do anything beneath us.


Let's get back on our way.

Bravo. Let's continue calmly on our way.

How, dammit? Just how?

I'm out of cash. We're low on gas.

-At this rate we'll lose every window. -Windows, windows, windows!

-I put my life in your hands here! -Isn't your life precious!

Too right!

That supposed suicide thing was just a stunt.

You're a total fake.

You're all talk. Give him the gun. Let him shoot.

-Where's the gun? -Just hold on.

Guys, can I say something?

Look, please. Let's calm down. I'll fix some money at the bank.

Then we'll continue calmly on our way. Look, please.


I'll be right back.

They aren't on our tail, are they?

Mr. Kudret, please say they aren't.

I can't handle another shootout.

Sure, you'd think we get into shootouts every day.

Efkan, Efkan.

Just chill.

Let him get his money and we'll go.

If he really has any money, that is.

-Step on it. -What did you do? Rob the bank?

What did you do? I thought you were getting cash out.

What could I do? Like I have money in the bank.

I went up to the counter and grabbed all there was.

How do you mean?

You just sauntered in there and robbed the bank in flip-flops, huh?

Are you sick?

What could I do? Sorry, but it's your fault too.

You set out for Antep with no money in your pocket.

Isn't that right, honey?


It's like I think I'm honey.

As if the other guy wasn't enough now you'll have the cops after us.

Oh, please.

You're so overdoing it.

All I did was nick a few bucks. You really think they'd come after us?

How could you let the guys get away?

It all happened so fast, chief, it's beyond me.

I fired a few rounds at them as they were leaving, but they didn't take a lot anyway.

It's a job for the national police, so why waste our time?

Some security!

What was the getaway car?

A clapped out, black station wagon, chief.

Good. C'mon, we're going after them.

OK if I don't come, chief?

I'm expected at home.

No one else can do descriptions. C'mon.

Can't you do an identikit?

As if you could do it yourself! And stop being a smartass.

Get going. Law enforcement, huh?

Güven, put that out of my sight.

Why? I'm counting how much there is.

It's 750 lira 25 kuruş.

No way. When did you count it?

It's my job. I can tell by looking how much there is.

So 750 lira, huh?

And 25 kuruş. Why you ever took the 25 kuruş.

What do you mean? Why waste it? It's a lifesaver in your hour of need.

So 750 lira 25 kuruş.

Wait for us, Gaziantep. We're on our way.

Nothing can stop us now!

You spoke too soon.

Hey, OK. The gas station is just there.

OK, but you still spoke too soon.

God, I set out to kill myself and look where I end up.

If you'd left me, I'd have died there happily.

Look what they've done to you. My baby.

My Midnight Minx...

Fill her up. We're going a long way. Let's not get stranded.

Ms. Burcu, please. Let me go. I won't say a word to anyone.

Don't be ridiculous. Here, let's get pancakes.

-You might feel better after eating. -You use sweet talk to kidnap people, huh?

That smells so good. C'mon.

I have personal business here.

You're like a pair of kids.

You haven't stopped needing to pee the whole way.

What are you looking at? Go!

Take it easy.

C'mon, let's go.

Chief! The guys!

Get in the car fast and step on it.

-But why? -Don't ask. Go, Kudret.

Jump in. C'mon.

Step on it!

Are we running from the municipal cops?

-Yeah. -Why?

Well, it's complicated. Deep stuff.

Weren't you running from them when you first dumped me in it?

Why are you going into private matters?

What kind of people are you? You've taken me hostage, huh?

I fell for a pancake and that gets to me.

Just shut up!

-Great timing. -C'mon, chief.

-We've almost got them. -Hey, OK.

What's with yelling in my ear?

I'm stepping on it as hard as I can.

OK, you're stepping on it but she isn't listening.

Don't be rude about my girl.

There's nothing my girl can't do.

The end of the road!

We're trapped here. We're done for.

We'll get caught. We're finished.


Calm down. If our car can't get past, neither can theirs.

So let's get out and run for it.

-Burcu's right. Let's run for it. -No one's going anywhere.

Belt me up.

You can't be as crazy as I think, can you?

He is as crazy as I think, guys. Hold on tight.

It's a joke.

In the name of God.

So what are you going to do now?

The car seriously took off.

Get in the car.

-But, chief... -I said, get in.

If they can do it, so can we.

Whoa, what was that?

But I told you, didn't I?

That's my Minx. There's nothing she can't do.

But it's not just about the car. You need skill to do that.


Too bad about the fire.


It's crazy to try getting across this.

No one can get across.

We're looking for a black Renault station wagon.

Has anything like it caught your eye?

So, we're both after the same thing.

Why they ever put lights here?



A bear?

You aren't seriously going to do it, are you?

He is.

He's all fired up.

Guess I flooded the engine.

Hey, look!

The idiots have got caught by the traffic cops.


They're real cops, not municipal cops.

Real cops?

Right, they're national police. What do we do now?

Hey, OK. Let's calm down. Maybe it's a routine check.

Burcu's right. Let's be calm.

-What do we do, Kudret? -Wait for night to come.

They might go away by then.

-Where do we wait? -Here.

How can we wait right under their noses?

Does he think he's invisible right now?

He's waving.

-He's calling us over. -He's looking.

-Is he coming? He's coming. -He's coming toward us.

God, he made the first move.

He's banging on the window.

He wants you to open the window.

-Open the window. -What's he saying?

He's saying "open the window".

Officer, can I not open it?

With the other windows gone it makes a draught.

Open it, dammit!

Did he say "dammit"?

License and registration.

-What's this? -A pancake.

Eat it while it's nice and hot.

Are you joking?

So you insist on a bribe.

You're saying you don't like pancakes but you'll take a bribe.

Kudret, face it. You can't do bribes. Give him the papers.

But how can I?

We robbed a bank here. We'll get caught.

A bank?

Which bank?

Güven, they know we robbed a bank.

And how do they know that? Because you said so!

And suppose I hadn't?

He'd find the gun in the glove box and not believe me.

There's a gun in the glove box?

Güven. They know everything.

It's my personal gun, officer. I have the license here.

-I was on the roadside... -What are you guys saying?

OK, I'll skip the other stuff, but how did the car get like this?

Yes, you touched a sore spot there.

How did the car get like this?

It's a matter of great pain to me as the owner.

Let me explain.

We're on the run.

We're on the run.

We've been on the run since Istanbul.

It's been harassment and chases all the way.

It hasn't been an enjoyable trip, believe me.

Believe me, we're bushed.

Suppose we get back on our way?

What's the problem?

I thought he might take pity and let us go.

What could I do?

They're catching up. Step on it.

They're gone.

Lucky escape or what?

Yes, but next time won't be so easy, let me tell you.

With the traffic cops gone, should we turn back before we hit more trouble?

I can't go back, my friend.

No. I can't go back.

Just look at Midnight Minx. I can't go back now.

If you guys want to turn back, go ahead, but I have to be at Antep Castle by tomorrow night. This guy promised we'd do it in six hours.

What's with Antep Castle?

-Welcome. -Clown.

We're going to have a great time together.

Are you ready for a big adventure?


The guy's dyed his hair red. I don't like him.

Let's go, OK?

Guys like that freak me out. I just can't handle it.

Please, let's go.

But I insist you stay.


-Hey, what are you doing? -Don't look.

-What are you doing? -C'mon, don't look.

Oh, my God. Look at you.

-Thanks. -You're smiling, lover boy.

You like her a lot, huh?

I do.

I gave her a bear with "I Love You" on it.

Most important of all, remember we went on the bumper cars?

Did you notice?

I didn't ram her once.

-Well? -Well, I didn't ram her.

Would anyone ever ram the person they loved?

She'll have realized I love her after I didn't ram her.

-Right? -Well.

If you say so.

Still, wouldn't it be better if she heard it from you?

-No, I'd laugh. -What do you mean?

I can't say that.

Why on earth not?

What do you mean?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of your beloved and said you love her?

I don't know. Love... I've...

I've never been in love.

I was married before finding out what love is.

Well, OK.

Didn't you ever look into your wife's eyes and say nice things?

Of course I did.

I'd say thank you for cooking after meals at any rate.

I really find it hard to have a conversation with you.

What I'm trying to say is...

Haven't you and your wife ever have any romantic moments together?

We once had actually.

There you go. OK, let's hear about it.

In the old days we used to... look at each other for hours... and never talk, you know?

She seems to be asleep.

Thank goodness.

Go. Let's take her through.

You wild boy!

A romantic wild boy at that.

I came here the day it opened.

It was packed to the rafters.

The crowds were incredible.

Then a clown came on stage.

We all started watching.

I was young at the time, of course.

It was then that I saw the girl.

She was beautiful.

It's like...

She was like from another world.

At one point, she smiled at me.


Then suddenly my head started spinning.

I felt like I was falling into a bottomless well.


I guess.

When I opened my eyes, there was no one there. Everyone was gone.

I looked everywhere for the girl.

But I couldn't find her.


Then what did you do?

I started coming here every night.

In the hope of seeing her again.

Then I became friends with the clown.

I told him my troubles.

He took me on and trained me.

I began to perform every night.

I hoped she might turn up and see me.

But she never did.

But I've never given up waiting.

OK, but... have you never given in to despair?

Never wanted to die at the idea of not seeing her again?


But if I die, I'll never see her again.

Listen, kid.

If you're breathing, it means there's still hope.

THAT SHIP WILL COME ONE DAY Come here. That's it.

Here, have some of these.

Good girl.


What's up? Aren't you happy to see me?

Get off me! Get off!

Get off! Güven! Güven!

-Help! -Was that Burcu?


-Burcu! -Burcu!


Stop! Wait for me.

Kudret! Kudret!

Get off me!

-Güven! -Burcu!

-Güven! -Burcu!




Kudret, Midnight Minx! Kudret, quick!


Sorry, I can't do it.

Can't do what? C'mon!


Leylifer's waiting for me.

I can't back out.

Sorry, Güven. That's it from me.





Every day, when I was a kid, I'd pray for God to give me a bike.

One day I realized that wasn't the way God worked.

And the following day I stole a horse for myself.

A horse?

I begged God to forgive me.

I never had a bike.

But you're the bike I never had.


You're the biggest psychopath I've ever met.

Nothing about me is yours. Why don't you get that?

Do you hate me that much?

-Yes! -Pull over.

Open the door.

-Get off me! -Come here.

-Get off! -Come here.

Get off my arm!

Get off my arm! What are you doing?

Take the gun and shoot me.

Do what?

If you hate me this much, shoot me and show how much you hate me.

She shot him for real!

Let the girl go!

-Let her go! -Güven.

Don't worry, Burcu. We're here to rescue you.

Not that she really needs it.

She shot the guy in the arm. His suit's wrecked.

Efkan, give me a hand. Don't just sit in the car.

Get off me!

When did that happen?

-Get off! -Burcu, are you OK?

I was fine until you came.

OK, don't think that. We'll handle it.

Listen here.

Let the girl go! Bastards!

Well, well.

You have guts, huh?

-And if I don't let her go? -If you... don't let the girl go...

I'll rip your mouth apart.

-What did I say? -Doesn't work. Smash it in.

-I'll smash it in, OK? -Stop mumbling. Say it louder.

-The guy's waiting. -He's waiting?

I'll smash your mouth in.

I admire your guts.

But, you know, guts is no remedy for death.


Hold it.

Hold it, old man.

It's not that easy.

That's really funny.

But you know what?

You don't have the guts to pull that trigger.

-Don't you? -No.

-Not at all? -Nope.



We'll get you to hospital. Don't worry.

Even the closest hospital is miles from here.

Everyone and everything is miles away.

But you came to my amusement park.

Quiet. Don't tire yourself. Please!

Make the confession of faith.

Listen, don't ever give up waiting.

If you really love her, never give up.

Come a bit closer.

See? He made his last joke.

Get off me!


I loved you, Burcu.

I really loved you.

Kudret's here.

Get in the car, kids.

C'mon, Efkan. C'mon.

I have a score to settle here.

What did you want with my Minx?


What's minx about her?

You're gonna answer for every broken window.

I see you're all the picture of courage.

But you don't have the guts to...

Dammit! You'd think one shot might hit.

Just my luck.

Go for it, go!

Hey, c'mon! Stop!

Quick, in the car.

But boss, we have a problem.

Dammit, the guy hit the gas tank.

With all that show over firing, you could at least have aimed properly.

Even in the army I had an office job.

What would I know about aiming?

I was aiming at the car actually.

-Oh, sure. No way. -I swear I was.

-Too bad about the fire. -Thank you, chief.

We're after a black Renault station wagon.

Have you seen one around?

I think we're after the same thing.


Why have we come here?

We've been to hell and back.

And we got rid of the guys chasing us. So let's get some food.

-Nice one. Great idea. -Fantastic.

Excuse me over there!

OK. Thanks.


Thanks a lot.

It was nothing. All I did was call the waiter.

No. I mean thanks a lot for everything.

You saved me from Atılgan.

You took me in when I had nowhere to go.

That's not all either.

I've been a total failure all my life.

And dumb enough not to realize who I've left behind while chasing my dreams.

But thanks to you I've felt useful for the first time.

How can I explain?

It's like... feeling you belong somewhere for the first time.

Thanks, Kudret.

Me too.

I was insanely in love and had no desert to roam.

So I took to the road.

Then you came and found me.

If our paths hadn't crossed, I might now be lying dead on the roadside.

Thanks, Kudret.

I want to thank you, too.

It's the first time a customer has been nice to me.

When did you sit there?

I didn't want to interrupt the emotional moment.

OK, my friend. C'mon, get up.

Bring us a menu. Don't do this.


You too, don't be like this.

OK, we're on our way.

The car's going anyway. Let's eat and get to Antep ASAP.

There's no need to get sappy.

Mafia, police, municipality.

What kind of triangle is that?

Get down, guys. There's a traffic stop.

You search inside. I'll check outside.

So, what do we do now?

What do we do now, what do we do now?

You get the cops onto us, then it's "what do we do now?"

You'd think they'd built Voltron. Let's surrender and get good behavior.

Is there a problem?

No, pal. Don't come in. Knock first.

We don't know what to eat yet.

Give me that menu. We'll shout when we're done.

Come with me.

Go. You go, too. You offload everything on me.

C'mon, let's see if they're around here.

I say we make a run for the back door.

Well said.

Great idea.

Let's shoot for the back door then.

-We'll just have to see. -C'mon.

-Let's go. -C'mon.

Everything's super pricey.

Close that. We'll eat later.

Are you guys following me?

Take a look around the place.

C'mon. Don't just stand there.

C'mon. Let's find them pronto and get out of here.

I can't get up, dammit. Get me up.

Help. My knees have locked.

Atılgan and his guys are coming this way.

The municipal cops are still here.


Can't she come up with some good news for once?

What are you doing?

-I think it's unlocked. -It will. Give it time. Go.

Oh, my God. We're trapped here.

We're stuck here. They'll catch us, I swear.

Please, let's surrender and get off on good behavior.

Good behavior? Forget it.

Kudret blew up the guys' car.

Oh, it's me who did it now, huh? Weren't you thanking me in there and talking about belonging? What happened?

Oh, my God!

OK, alright, let's calm down.

Don't panic. Let's think straight first.

Yes, guys.

We can't get out of here.

Why not? One, there are cops outside.

-Atılgan's coming in the back door. -Two.

-The municipal cops are inside. -Three.

-OK. You can panic. -Go ahead.

So we can't get out of here.

God, we can't get out of here. We're stuck.

We're trapped in some backstage room God knows where!

Stuck with these crappy costumes.

Plus, what is this? Who in hell would wear it?

What kind of head is this?

They aren't inside, chief.

So where did they get to?

They've hardly flown away.


Over here! C'mon, faster. Closer together, c'mon.

Take off those masks.

It's not them, chief.

-Who the hell are you? -The restaurant mascots, chief.

Move on. Move!

So where are these guys?

That water is freezing!

Chief. It's them. On stage. It's them.

They've seen us! Run for it!

Dammit, boy! Look where you're going.

What kind of waiter are you?


Midnight Minx.

Guys, this way. Keep it low-key. C'mon.

C'mon. OK, c'mon.

-C'mon, Kudret. -What about Midnight Minx?

Forget Midnight Minx. We need to scoot.

I can't leave her here.


Get a handle on yourself.

I can't leave you here. C'mon.

They're there!


What's going on?

These heels are killing me.


We've got rid of them. They won't find us.

They won't find us, but will we find our way?

We're stuck in the forest. There's no telling where we are.

I say we spend the night here and figure things out when it's light.

-Kudret? -Kudret?

Where are you going?

To Antep.


Let's go in daylight. We'll never find the way in the dark.

I will, pal.

I'll find it.

Get off my back, dammit. What is this?

You don't stop plaguing me. Enough!

-But that's shameful. -Why?

What's shameful?

You go on and on that we're best friends.

What makes me your friend?

Look, kid.

I finished school, joined the army and was married off as soon as I got back, you know?

Then I worked like a dog. I never stopped.

Life went on outside, but I never knew it.

There you go.

First my wife died, then my dad.

All my life I did what they wanted.

Everyone sniffed at me.

I was invisible to them.

Even my kids...

They left me, you know?

You can't know what that means.

The only thing I had, the only place I didn't feel alone was my car.

Midnight Minx.

And they took her from me because of you.

So don't come with me, pal. Just don't.

I'll find my way.

That was heavy talk, though.

Sure it was.

The man's right.

He's been through hell because of us.

He lost his car too. That's what really gets to me.

He was in love with his car.

He even gave it a name.

Midnight Minx.

In that case, we'll go get Midnight Minx back.

I don't know about you guys, but I'll take that risk for Kudret.

Burcu's right.

How come? It was my idea, not hers.

But she's so cute. Burcu!

Call her. Bring her back. No more adventures, lovebirds.

Don't get lost in the forest. Don't leave me here.

The fire's still burning here.

You won't know what to do. Wait, I'll help. One second.

It's crazy chasing someone this long.

So don't run away next time.

What could I do? It threw me, you suddenly confronting me like that.

Then you left the guys and started chasing me.

Be grateful I didn't shoot. Look at you.

-Doesn't it suit me? -No, it doesn't.


OK, we made it this far, but how do we get the car out?

It's OK. I have a great plan.

Just don't panic.

Look, they're coming.

Didn't I tell you?

What are they doing?

-So let's get out and grab them. -Wait.

One of them isn't there.

That mustachioed dwarf who blew up my car isn't there.

-There's no one there. -What, no one?


You'll give us all away.

OK, but they'll get the car.

Let them.

Let's see where they go.

We'll swoop when they least expect it and bring down the whole gang.

You call that a gang?

What's he doing?

-What are you doing? -What am I doing?

Why break that window with all the others broken?

Don't question my plan. Hold this.

I'll just break this, stick my hand in...

The door was open anyway.

-Look. Can you do it? -Who?

I've spent my life watching movies where they hotwire.

Just hang on.

Yeah, right.

No, wait. Wrong wire. Wait. That one's eliminated.

I'll crack it. Just two minutes.

Hello, friend.

Sorry to disturb you, but I'm not staying. I'm in transit.

I just need to slip by there.

Can I go quietly on my way?

Hey, it's started.

Don't mind me busting a gut here. You just go ahead and sleep, OK?

Forget respecting hard work.

Chief, they're going.

Over there, they're going, chief.

Step on the gas!

But why?

Why me?

Is life always gonna kick me in the teeth?

Isn't that Kudret?

Midnight Minx.


Midnight Minx.

Yep, Midnight Minx.

What did you think?

You thought we'd dump you halfway?

C'mon, give Midnight Minx a hug.

Midnight Minx.

What a soulful guy.


Burcu, come here.

No way.

-What's the problem? -C'mon.

My arm!

What happened to you?

A bear bit me.

He scratched me here.

I had a hard time getting away.

Forget that for now.

There's a girl who needs you to be at Antep Castle tonight.

Let's not keep her waiting.

Ah, the wires.

I couldn't find the key so decided to hotwire it.

Like in the movies. Hence the tangle.

The valet put it there? They'd nick it and we wouldn't know.

It's no place for a key. So if you knew about the window... and all that.

Enjoy the trip.


Well, it's a bit over six hours, but we made good time, didn't we, Kudret?

So? What do we do now? Go up to the castle?

You wait here. I'll go up alone.

I need to face my fate.

Why's he being like that?

There was nothing fun about that.

I agree.

I'm kind of curious.

What's Kudret doing at the castle in the middle of the night?

It's all about his dream.

What? What dream?

You don't know a thing.

He had a dream about his mom who told him to go to Antep Castle

-and rescue the girl there in three days. -So all this craziness is because Kudret dreamed about his mom telling him to go to Antep.

We got in serious trouble. We could've died.

Why drive, dammit? Take the plane.

Why do you say that, Efkan?

Good for Kudret for going after his dream.

Burcu, I don't want to sound bleak, but he's sure to return empty-handed.

Can you be a tiny bit positive?


-Registrar? -Yes?

I recognized you right off. This way, it's in here.

-We're expecting you. -No, no.

There must be some mistake.

No, there isn't. We're expecting you.

-Not me. -C'mon. Bride, groom, they're all here.

-We're late as it is. -Please.

Stop saying "please", will you?

Look at the guests. Hundreds of them. We look like idiots.

-But I... -C'mon.

Next you'll have me leading the dance.

Forget the dance. Just marry the couple. Please!

The band's done in from playing.

C'mon, before it's a weddingless wedding party.

But I'm not the registrar.

What do you mean?

I called you "registrar" and you answered.

But when you said it... I'm a retired bookkeeper.

So I answered without thinking. But weddings? What do I know?


I'm here.

What's going on?

Dad. The man's winking at the girl.

Hey, who are you winking at?

But I'm not. I'm not winking.

I know her from before. We're friends.

Honey, do you know this man?

No, it's the first time I've seen him.

The first time?

You were in my dream.

-Dad! -OK, he's crazy. Throw him out.

Throw him out. For God's sake!

I'm not crazy. Mom said she needed me. I've come a long way.

I call him "registrar" and he answers.

Don't do this!

Aren't you better than this?

I'm your father's age.

I've had it with waiting.

Here's Kudret.

Is he?


What happened?

Nothing. She didn't recognize me.

Either mom sent me here for nothing or I got here too late.

I don't want to say I told you so, but I told them.

I said acting on a dream was crazy and you'd return empty-handed.

-Didn't I? -Just shut up!

-Great timing again. -It's OK.

Let Efkan speak. He's right.

Leylifer doesn't need me.

Did you say Leylifer?

-Leylifer? -What's going on?

Efkan, what's up? What are you doing?

What's going on with him?



You're something else. Why run away?


Do you know the girl?

Know her? She's the light brightening my night.

Taking her away was bad, but now they marry her to another guy.

Right. I hate to say I told you so, but I said they'd marry her off, didn't I?

Kudret, this isn't the time.

So, what do you do from now on? You stop talking like a know-it-all.

C'mon, Kudret. The guy has enough troubles.

Save the life lesson for later.

-What do we do now? -It's too late to do anything.

Shame. I'd have given them a gold coin.

-Leylifer! -Hey, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

-Grabbing the girl and eloping? -Forget it.

Just when I find the girl I love I let them marry her off?

Forget it!

So this is why mom sent me here.

Don't you worry, my friend.

I have a plan.

Wait! Just a second.

Please. Just a second.


Ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests.

This wedding can't go ahead.

Because this girl and this fellow love one another.

Are all you guys crazy?

You know you said you had a plan?

-Is this it? -No, of course not.

Just watch. The real blow is coming.

Go for it.

Come on. Let's not separate the lovers.

That's the big blow?

Now what?


Kudret, you think you're invisible again?

Let it go.

On Antep Castle They hung my death warrant Alas alas alas They hung my death warrant The chiefs of Urfa and Mardin They signed my death warrant Alas alas alas They signed my death warrant The lover shall die Run!

-Dad! They're getting away! -I can see!

Hold this.

Hold this. I'm done in.

My spleen. Give it back.

Who the hell are you?

Busting my wedding and stealing my bride!

They cut me off in both directions Alas alas alas Shut up!

Want me to shoot you all one by one?


I can't live without Leylifer.

If you have to shoot, shoot me.

Wait! No! Wait!

This boy is madly in love with Leylifer.

Let the lovers be together for once.

Shoot me!



Burcu's wrong this time. Don't shoot her!



I'm madly in love with her.

Shoot me!

-Güven. -What can I do? I love you so much.


Don't! Just a second.

Please. These kids are young.

They're in love.

Spare the lovers, gentlemen.

I'm on my own. Shoot me.

Guys, they're going for Kudret.

It's their best bet.

They're going for me?

If anyone wants to come forward, I wouldn't object. Ask, will you?

-No. -Let me ask. Wait.

She's tired. I'm just back into life. We can't force the girl, either.

No, no takers.

-No one? -No one.


-You? -I'm fine as I am.

-You can't be. Come here. -I'm fine.

C'mon, for goodness sake.

-Kudret. -You can't be fine.

It's not that I don't want to. I'd swap but it's shameful to you.

For goodness sake.

-They'll talk about you. -Really?

Enough! Quit the shenanigans.

Tell them to shoot. Screw it. Let them shoot.

You think so?

Do you want to live forever? Be done with it.


What else could've happened to me?

So go ahead! Shoot!

His brain will come this way.

What happened?

The gang's bigger than we thought.

You call that a gang?

Dad, there are cops among them. I'm starting to get scared.

Should we smooth things over?

What do they want?

Watch your mouth! There's a municipal police chief here.

And you watch yours with a commissioner around.

Don't get me wrong. I was thinking of us both, chief.

We're not here for you.

I just have to get back what belongs to me.

Give me the girl and no one gets hurt.

Everyone wants the girl!

Give us the money and we won't touch any of you.

Great. Next it's the jewelry.

Chief, the guy we want is the hawker. Let's not mess with them.

Right, chief. We aren't armed either. What's tear gas...

OK. Zip it.

There's no going back now.

I'm not going anywhere before giving them that fine.


No, I meant I wanted the gun.

I'll have that one, too.


What is this? Animals! You aren't even listening.

I have a question for you, don't I?

The guy had a question but he's in a lot of pain.

Guys. This has dragged on too long.


A pen is the most powerful weapon of all.

We aren't violent people anyway.

Let's drop our guns.

-What's he saying? -Just a second!

Would you mind shooting the guy with the pen first?

I'm speaking to both groups.

Please, I ask you.

Him, there. Look. Holding the pen.


What's going on? He's saying good stuff.

We could be facing death here and he's still giving messages.

Expect fireworks here any second. But keep out, please.

So what? What do I care?

I'm not the old Kudret, Güven.

I know how to handle my problems now.


-OK. Can I ask you something? -Sure.

How do we get out of this fix?

What do we do?

We do the honorable thing.

The honorable thing?

Step on it. C'mon, Midnight Minx!

Hey, OK. I think we're far enough away.

Let's just calm down.

Those maniacs there will get into a shootout.

They can do what they like as long as they stop chasing us.

Oh, please. C'mon!

You think they'd get out of the shootout and come after us?

This is different.

I know how to get rid of them.

Thanks for everything.

You're welcome. It was nothing.

What more could you do? You brought lovers together.

Anyway, to help bring about love is better than love itself, they say.

She held my hand when she said that.

She's right there. She can hear.


That's all down to you too.

Thanks, Kudret.

C'mon, don't overdo it.

OK, alright.

But it's me who should be thanking you.

You gave meaning to my life when it had no meaning.

Thanks to you guys, I...

It's like I'm starting everything afresh.


Let's have it, Güven.

Are you sure, Kudret?

Positive. Give it here.

Farewell, Midnight Minx.

C'mon, Kudret. Come away.

You know what, Kudret? You were made to lead the wedding dance.

Well, let them chase us all they like, but will they find us?


They won't find us, but... how will we find the way home?

I'll get you to Istanbul in six hours on foot.


Those six hours all over again.

How much cash do we have left?

Wait, let me check.


Want a hand?

We have 25 kuruş.

You went through all that cash?

What could I do? We got gas, pancakes.

Anyway, I told you.

Twenty-five kuruş are a lifesaver in your hour of need.

Well, anyway.

Antep's pistachio country. If only we'd got a kilo now we're here.

My kids love pistachios, you know?

So we'll get 25 kuruş worth.

Like you can get 25 kuruş worth!

-Kudret? -Huh?

I tell you what, Kudret.

You shouldn't have put a match to that car.

You think so?

It was a needless stunt. Why did you do it?

We could've painted her.

-Right. Like in the dance. -Right.


-Where are you going? -Come back.

C'mon. It's done now. Too late to do anything.

-There you go. -Are you pulling my leg?

She's ashes now.


You still have them?

Let's hear you, girl!