Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) Script

Sometimes when I'm at school, people are mean to me, and I listened to her music and it was like a light just lit up in me.

We all just want to try and blend in and be normal, but Katy tells us that it's okay to stand out.

You made me think that being weird is okay.

That it's okay to be different and unique. It's okay to express yourself.

Have fun in life. You can never take it too seriously.

It's just impossible.

Her lyrics have inspired me.

They've helped me keep on going when I thought that I couldn't.

I have a dream in life, and she had a dream, and she made it happen.

I want to do something with my life.

I want to stand out like a sore thumb.

I don't want to just be like everybody else.

I want...

I want to be a leader, but then there's all those responsibilities.

Can I touch it? Yeah, you can fire it.

Will you hold that, please?

You can just stand...

Is it on? Yeah, it is now.

Hey, Sue... Hey.

They were asking if the girls might be able to wear the gold dresses for Kissed A Girl for this next run-through?

Will they be ready by then? Of course.

How much work needs to be done on her clothes before we're ready to dress?

About 15 more minutes.

15 minutes? Half hour.

Yesterday was our first fitting. That's why we're in Project Runway mode right now.

So we'll do the thing like Sue said. That'll bring it up.


We don't normally put a big arena tour together with only one week of rehearsal, but I thought we'd present you guys with a challenge.

But it's also important to have fun, so...

Let's have fun out there as well.

She loves challenging us, that Katheryn Perry.

Will you come up onstage with them spinning?

I don't know.

Yeah, probably. You might as well.

It's a big, big deal for her.

She's not done any kind of tour like this.

I don't want you to approach every single number the same.

I want you to approach them all differently.

Like when you see Katy in rehearsal, do you see what a persona she puts on for every number?

Tilt back. There you go.

I got an ass like Nicki Minaj in this one.

The vision for the tour...

It's a little bit of Alice in Wonderland, it's Dorothy in Oz.

She wants the fans to experience that fantastical world that she dreamed up.

How could you ever be too cartoony?

I feel a real connection to fairy tales.

And I think that in some ways, I live in a fairy tale.

Ready? Five, six, seven, eight.

"California Gurls" right here!


We are Katy Perry fans and we don't care how old we are!

What up? If you're a Katy Perry fan, make some noise right now!

I love Katy Perry!

One more. Okay. We're not done.

We are done. I gotta start.

High five.

It's all happening. Tour's starting.

Very excited.

There are 14,000 people out there. All right.

Let's go, baby. Let's do this.

She'll be there in four minutes.

Don't be nervous.

I'm nervous. I'm nervous. You're gonna kill it.

Ready? Everyone?

Circle. Circle! Circle the drain.

Circle the drain. Circle!


Everyone! Russ!

I'm coming in the circle. I'm coming in.

On three! One, two, three!

California Dreams Tour!

Since I was nine, my dream has always been the same.

To be onstage, in a glittering costume, and to hear thousands of people sing along with me.

This moment is my childhood dream come true.

All right, everybody, here we go. Stand by.


My goal, when I'm playing shows, is super simple.

It's just to make people smile, and to enjoy themselves. To have a heart full of hope and happiness.

And to leave that show with just a shimmer in their eyes.

It's kind of like... Shocked.

Being shot with an arrow of Katy Perry-ness.

So much excitement!

Hi! Hi!

You look fabulous. Thank you.


I'm Katy. I'm Heather.

Nice to meet you.

Magda. Nice to meet you. Magda?

Yeah. And this is?

Maya and Eli.

Oh, my goodness.

Maya and Eli? Yeah.

Do they move a lot?

There's something in your belly!


That's my daughter.

That is so crazy.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you so much.

Oh, my God.

My name isn't really... Oh, okay.

This thing blew up in a way that none of us expected.

Hello. I'm Katy.

I've been listening to her ever since I first heard her, years ago.

And she married Russell Brand.

And he's the coolest ever.

She's like this real girl who became this huge pop star. And now, she's on top of the world.

I've never been on the freeway with him!

So, everyone on the tour is very excited.

We have seven tour buses and 16 trucks on the road.

This tour is so mammoth compared to where we started off.

There's a lot of nervous energy, like, "Can we do this?"

Can Katy survive a two-hour show every night for a year? She's not done that before.

I want a hot dog.

But, still, I'll eat these instead.


Hey, girl. Hey.

I met Katy, like, ten years ago.

We became friends first, then, she was like...

"You work in fashion? I work in music. Can I borrow a dress?"

You ready?

When I first started styling, I had no pull. I had nothing.

I was just a new guy. Like, who's Johnny Wujek?

And Katy's like, "We're using him."

Hey, everybody.

Our friendship built as our working career built together.

She knows my family, I know her family.

We've got each other's backs.

I get to work with Katy creatively on her looks for her tour, videos, red carpets.

She's got so many looks that she can pull off, which is so fun for us because anything is possible.

I was hired to do her makeup for an event that she was performing at.

This is back when nobody knew who she was.

Literally like a month later, I Kissed A Girl went big, and she took the chance on me and just like plucked me out of obscurity from a makeup counter, which was, like, amazing dream.

I put my two weeks' notice in very quickly.

And... Well, I'm still working with her.

Tamra is Katy's assistant on tour.

Tamra! Tamra!

She keeps Katy moving, she keeps Katy eating.

She tries to wake Katy up.

This is the first tour I've ever been on with someone.

It's my first job in the music industry.

She just wants to have fun all the time, which is awesome.

She's not much of a morning person.

It's like working with a friend.

I met her when she was 19.

She did cartwheels the first time she came into my office.

You know, landed in the splits.

I kind of feel like an older brother sometimes.

I'm very protective, and I hate to see her unhappy.

Katy's sister, Angela, she's a legit big sister.

Ange, can she bring her...

She has a job on tour.

I take care of all of the meet-and-greets, people who come to the show.

I like your earrings.

We always kind of had this deal that when she made it big, that I was gonna work with her, and we were gonna be together.

Oh, my God!



Me? Change again?



Katy! Hey! Grandma!

Oh, you look beautiful!

Thank you. You look gorgeous, too.

I love purple on you.

Do ya? Yeah. It's my favorite color.

Shall I shut this?

No, that's okay. Okay.

You look so pretty.

Thank you. I just thought...

If you didn't live in Vegas then I would probably wear something more casual.

But since you live in Vegas, I decided to dress up.

Oh. Okay.

I have a gift I want to give you.

All right. If you want it.

I want it.

This is an official tourjacket. Make sure it fits.

It's pretty.

It's nice. It's like satin.

Wait, hold on. One second.

Hold on. Grandma, calm down.

This is a medium, but this fits you perfect then, huh?

It fits in the shoulders and everything.

Yeah. Can you go like this?

And it's fine?

You don't want the small, do you?


So, what was Katy like as a kid?

A showoff.

I'm a showoff. I know that.

I know it. Attention getter.

But it's got me somewhere. This is me.

Acting silly, as usual.

Oh, no. This isn't a cute picture. Oh, Kate. Woe is me.

This is me at, like, 17 or 18.

There you are again. Rolling your eyes.

I remember I went one time to babysit, and I had to keep 'em the weekend and it was awful.



Their parents traveled an awful lot... Yeah.

To preach somewhere.

And we turned out okay.

Yes. Kind of.

As far as I know.

And, Edgar, are you receiving?

Are you tuned?

I tell you what, today, I mean, I was up in the mountains, and I was crying out in my spirit

"Oh, God, let me hear it.

"Oh, God, let me hear it."


Being a kid in my household consisted of going to a lot of church activities, and hanging out with a lot of church kids.

And anything that had to do with God was A-okay.

Come on, raise your hand. If you're a born-again child of God, you have Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, you are the sheep, and he is the shepherd.

My upbringing was Pentecostal Christianity.

We were slain in the Spirit, you know, if you put your hand on there, they go down.

The presence of God in my life was absolute.

Our parents were traveling ministers for many years and still are.

And so we would travel with them a lot.

Almost every year, every two years we'd move.

It was always a new environment, a new school.

Say "hi," Katy. Say "I'm gonna win."

Say it. Dad!

Say "I'm gonna win the book-reading contest."

I'm gonna win the book-reading contest.

I got 440 books.


Praise the Lord.

We were so engulfed in 100 % Pentecostal Christianity.

I had no idea that other people weren't like how our family was.

We weren't allowed to eat Lucky Charms because luck is of Lucifer.

I couldn't watch The Smurfs growing up.

I didn't know who Michael Jackson was until I was, like, 14.

The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, all banned.

I think SisterAct 2 was the only movie that she was allowed to see.

Not SisterAct 1, and I don't know why.

You'd have to ask her parents.

Of course, every parent wants the best for their children.

And I guess we just sort of put barriers up.

We didn't want to get 'em involved in things that would get 'em, you know, hurt 'em in their early years.

When I was five, the guy that was preaching at the revivals, he came up to me out of, you know, a few thousand people and said, "You're gonna sing."

You know, I'd have these little ditties that would go round and round in my head.

Singing in the shower, or just singing as I was walking along the streets of Santa Barbara.

So, I asked for a guitar at 13 for my birthday.

And that's when I really started writing songs.

I did a gospel record when I was 15.

For her to be making a Christian record was basically her becoming Michael Jackson in our family.

To me, that was becoming successful.

But it was really tough because the only kind of music that I was allowed to listen to was Christian music.

One day I was at a friend's house, and she played You Oughta Know byAlanis Morissette.

And I was, like, "Wow."

She just kinda let all of her thoughts and emotions come out.

Didn't care what anyone else thought, she just did it completely honestly.

Because of that, I just started singing about everything I was going through as a young woman.

I think it took a little bit of time for my parents to adjust when I stopped singing gospel.

Next question, though, what happens when your daughter is on MTV?

I don't watch it.

You wouldn't watch me, Mom? No.


Oh you would Mary.

Katy, I'm not gonna watch if you got half your clothes off.

She ain't gonna have half her clothes off. Relax.

Do we have to have that on a documentary?

Controversial. I wouldn't bet on it.

I feel like I was never allowed to even think for myself.

And having any kind of feminist live-on-your-own, independent spirit is just of the devil.

And I, all of a sudden, my heart wants to do all kinds of things.

I wanna travel and experience other things outside of my comfort zone.

I guess I'm just probably going through a rebel phase. I don't know.

So, she moved to LA. And I was a little bit scared for her because to me, back then, you know, LA was a huge, scary, big city.

I feel like I'm a new person.

And especially being, you know, kind of on my own.

She was experiencing everything for the first time.

Her first club, her first encounter with gay people.

It was always something new, and it came through in her music.

I'm out living life for the first time, so it's exciting.

I'm Mark Hunter. I'm known as a nightlife photographer, I'm out capturing people, and I started seeing Katy coming out.

She made you feel happy.

There was just like a unique charisma that you don't see that much.

Come on!

When I first met Katy, I would see her and I'd be like, "Who is that person?

"This girl is completely mental

"and completely opposite from me in all the right ways."

We actually met at a Daft Punk concert.

She had on a blue or pink wig, and was dressed like a robot.

So she's basically the same.

Years ago, we went to a concert.

We laid on the grass and promised ourselves that we were gonna do amazing things with our lives.

"I'm gonna do this, and it's gonna happen."

And I was, like, "Me too. And I swear to God, I'll never let you give up."

She's my best friend.

So you board a private plane in Austria at midnight arrive in LA at 4:00 a.m., pick up Russell, noon takeoff, or as late as Katy prefers.

And travel 8,000, 7,000 miles.


The mandate from Katy is to tour for two weeks, and then take three or four days off to spend time with Russell.

I mean, it will make you tired, going back and forth.

It's fine right?

All right, Bradford. We can do it.

She will spend three days there and then get back just in time for the show.

One, two, three!

Buona sera!

To see Russell, Katy would fly to New York.

She'd fly to LA, she'd fly to New Orleans.

From Europe. She was committed.

One, two, three! London!

I always told him, "Look, buddy, I'm making a record.

"And then I gotta tour that record.

"Are you sure about this?"

And we decided, yeah, we're sure about this, we can do it.

I'm not always going to be on the road.

"Biggest show yet!" On three. One, two, three!

Biggest show yet!


This is Glen Ballard.

He is responsible basically for my existence.

And I met him when I was...


Seventeen and I played him a song and then he took me under his wing.

And that's basically why I'm here this evening, so...

Glen Ballard everyone.

Thank you.

I think it's probably 2001, someone knocked on my door.

And I said, "Hello. What do you want?

"Are you a writer?" She said, "Yes."

I said, "Do you want to play me a song?" She said, "Yes."

Bingo. Two great answers.

Opened the guitar case and she played a song for me.

And it blew me away.

Right away I said, "I wanna sign you. You're it."

People don't knock on my door every day.

The last time someone did that, honestly, it was Alanis Morissette.

In the five years that she was with me, she wrote over 100 songs.

She was writing, writing, writing, writing, writing.

Singing, singing, singing.

Recording, recording, recording.

And developing this vocabulary as a writer.

She was really, really smart, and she was really, really fun.

And she knew how to write a song that communicated all kinds of things.

We were with Island Def Jam for a little over a year.

She had everything it took.

But I couldn't get the label to pay attention to that.

So we took one to Columbia at that point.

I was approached by one of the senior executives at Columbia.

She showed me a music video that she had shot with Glen Ballard.

It was for a song called The Box.

And I just fell in love with her instantly.

When we first signed Katy, she had been kind of kicking around for a couple of years.

She had been signed to a gospel label in Nashville, which failed.

She had been on Island Def Jam.


And now she was kind of banking on this deal with Columbia Records to pan out.

There was some concern about how to give her a shot in the market, and how to give her a point of entry.

So they came up with this idea to hook her up with these producers called The Matrix.

This is The Matrix.

The genius producers have finally become a band.

At the time, they had just had huge success with Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

So it was a perfect opportunity for her to get some traction.

Right away they had A&R people telling her who she should be, who she needed to be.

One was Avril Lavigne.

Really go for it, you gotta be really angry on this chorus.

I'm Avril Lavigne!

You know, she was still in that phase of soaking everything in.

But after a while, it just started to get annoying.

It was people talking about, "She should be the next Kelly Clarkson,"

"She should be more like Ashlee Simpson."

You know... And the whole time she just kept saying, "I just want to be the first Katy Perry.

"I don't want to be the next anybody.

"I just want to be the first Katy."

She was being asked to go write with these people.

She hated the music. Katy had a very different vision.

Whatever happened to just writing a really good song and letting it be a great song and having emotion?

Listen, I have two lovely albums of my own sitting in top drawers in my bedroom, gathering dust right now, that were full of wonderful, poetic, sweet material that no one gave a... about.

The label, they didn't understand her clothes, they didn't understand her personality, and they didn't understand her point of view.

It wasn't a good representation of who she was.

And it fell apart.

Sandy, I'm gonna lay it on the line to you.

It doesn't feel right and we're sick of doing this record.

The record wasn't gonna come out, and she was signed to the record company and nothing was happening.

I remember one of the heads of the record company saying, "You know, we really can't drop her

"because she'll probably go sign somewhere else and become a big star.

"And we just can't have that."

I just thought they should just let her go, it was like holding somebody hostage.

It was probably her most desperate moment.

GlowGaze.Com Nothing was going my way.

People saw me as damaged goods.

I think the lowest point in her life was when she called me, her 16-year-old brother, and asked me for money.

Like, "Sorry, I don't even have enough money for myself."

I was feeling lost.

I would ask myself "What happened to that 13-year-old girl

"that was playing the blue guitar?

"Is she still there? Am I still that person?"

She continued to write. She continued to play shows.

And, I think, you know, it was encouragement to see the fans respond.

Being at these record labels and being told, "That's not the right song.

"That's not what people want to hear."

The audience was telling her something different.

"You are doing what you should be doing.

"Keep writing those songs."

I cared about her too much as a person to think that somebody could actually just crush this girl's life.

They just crush her dreams for their own ego.

And I just remember thinking, "I can't work here anymore.

"They're not gonna do anything with her.

"Let's see. Let's see if we can get her over to Capitol."

So I stole all the files. I stole all the Katy files.

I just grabbed them and I put them under my arm and I just snuck out.

I hired Angelica Cob to run our publicity department.

She said to me, "You've gotta meet this girl, Katy Perry.

"I think she's a real star. You should get together with her."

Hello. I bet you're wondering where I am at right now.

I am in the office of Jason Flom.

Act professional. Act professional.


I think someone's coming.

When an artist who's destined for stardom walks in a room, they walk and talk and wear their clothes differently than normal people do.

And I was immediately taken by her presence.

Soon after that, the skies opened up.

Capitol believed in her vision, and they'd called, saying they want to sign Katy.

Girls? Senoritas?

There were three songs being debated to be a single.

The right song had to be chosen.

Ultimately, it was Katy's call.

And I'm hearing my song on the radio for the first time ever in life, in Dallas, Texas. Whoo!

I'm just so excited.

I have never heard my song on the radio.

It was one of those magical records where the minute it went on any radio station, everybody had to have it.

She was really connecting with the fans.

It was a great introduction to Katy.

I Kissed A Girl, in the number-one spot for seven weeks.

Things were moving so fast, we hardly had time to celebrate.

This is our bus. It's a double-decker.

It's amazing. I can't believe that.

I have been on a fast rocket, holding on for dear life.

People think that she was an overnight success.

She really wasn't.

You know, she was working at it her whole life.

Come on!

Shake it!

When Katy decided that I Kissed A Girl was gonna be her first single I said, "Have you told Mom and Dad?"

And she said, "No, but can you?"

I went, "Katy!"

I was a little concerned, yeah, 'cause I thought, "My ministry, "after 30-something years, is over."

But you know what? Never had a problem.

I think people love the idea of a good girl gone bad.

And they think my parents have disowned me.

But that's not the story at all.

Hi, Mom. Hi, honey.


How did you like it, Mom?

It was great.

What's your favorite song? I Kissed A Girl?


We just love her. No matter what she was singing about, or no matter what she was doing, she's just a blessing.

I really do believe in God.

Probably don't believe in all of the same details that my mom believes, but I have a spiritual relationship with God, and it's one-on-one, and it's continually evolving.

They can... They can probably go up a bit.

Let me go and check with the powers that be.

They have to go up because they're...

Why can't they just go up to those two spots?

I'm pretty sure... I'm pretty sure they can.

They're invading the screen so much. You know?

I think it's a general misconception to people to think that she's just a puppet.

You know, like, "Oh, she doesn't actually do any of this herself.

"People just do it all for her, "and she just goes in there and sings the songs."

That's not the case with her at all.

Mate, do you know if it's possible to raise the reveal clouds once the reveal is done?

The two outside clouds?

Yeah, the two outside clouds.

I'm just at front of house with the boss and she's asking if they can go higher once it's done.

Katy is the Chairman-CEO of Katy Perry.

She earned it. She had the years where she kinda had to go with whatever everybody else wanted, and now she doesn't have to do that anymore.

Watching the career take off, it would seem like every day was some big new development.

I remember talking to her on the phone and she had said a few things, I had said a few things, then it kinda got silent and she said, "I met someone."

The first time Katy met Russell was on the set of Get Him to the Greek.

Then afterwards I remember her saying, "He's cute."

He really wanted to hang out with me but I was like, "No, no, no, no.

"You gotta take me to dinner. You gotta wine and dine me."

On our first date we went to a really cute little restaurant in New York and just talked for, like, two-and-a-half hours.

There was just like this immediate connection.

Her career was blowing up and her love life was blowing up.

Everything was just go, go, go. And it was so intense.

I feel like they fell in love so fast it was just like they're magnets.

This is probably the best show you've performed.

Well, yeah, I think it's because I like to show off in front of my friends and family. Yeah.

And your husband. And my husband.

Hubby, when you're here, I do better!

Hi. Hello, sausage.

That was amazing.

Yeah? Yes.

I'm tired.

I'm not surprised.

They definitely fell in love really quickly and very deeply.

She always talked about a fairy-tale kind of situation and I think she really found that with Russell.

See you everyone.


What, you got your meet and greet? Yeah.

Bye, darlin'!

I think, and maybe this is just the fantasy idea I have in my head, but I think, honestly, that I found the love of my life.

But it took a while.

I love you. I love you, too.

See you, Ange.

Way past your bedtime.

I know.

Hello, welcome. How are you?

Hello. Oh my goodness.

Hi. Hi.

Hello. Hello.

How are you?

Katy, I'm Christine. Good to meet you. Nice to meet you.

I'm Jim. Hi, Jim.

What's up? I'm Katy.

Do you live close by?

I live in California, in Sacramento.

Are you 27?

Am I 27? Yeah, but do I look...

How old do I look?

Sixteen. Thanks.

Good job.

Perfect. Good answer.

I know I look 16, and I act like I'm 16, too.

Do you like hotels?

Do I like hotels?

I have no choice but to like hotels

'cause I live in hotels all the time. Yeah.

What? What's your favorite song?

My favorite song?

Like the one that I sing? Yeah.

Firework. What's your favorite song?


Oh, wow. You're a really big fan.

You know all the songs.

You got a lot of questions out of me.

That's more than any reporter.

"You are the cutest boy

"I have ever met."

Do you want some candy?

Yeah, of course they do. They're not Martians.

Wait, one last thing.

Do you want to come on stage?


Her fans are so important to her.

She goes above and beyond to make sure that her fans have access to her life.

I can't believe she's right there! I'm gonna die!

She knows that she wouldn't be where she is without her fans.

Do you want to be on stage? Yeah!

Do you guys want to go on stage tonight?

Oh, my God, thank you so much!

You're welcome.

Oh, my gosh! It's Kitty Purry!

Is Katy Perry's sister here?

Because we heard that...

Is it true that she gives out backstage passes to people in cool costumes?

Would you like to be on stage tonight?

Yes! Yes!

Wanna go on stage tonight?

Yes! Yes!

Love your tie!

Are you her sister?

I gotta go pee!

Kitty! Shall we have some people come dance on stage?

You forgot your pants. I know.

Oh, I want that hot dog right there!

Hot Dog! Gingerbread Man! Peacock.

Gingerbread Man and Peacock.

These two, these two!

Her! And her!

And Leaf! Come on, Leaf!

Holy hot dog!

Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness!

What did you have for lunch today? Chick-fil-A.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Taco Bell.

What are you eating right now? Pizza.

Looks savory, that. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.


That's, like, really not appropriate right now.

Super appropriate.

She's in the perfect position for it.

Heinie hiccup.

She's so gassy.

I need a mask.

You need one with more bass.

More bass?


Could smell that one, couldn't you, Todd?

It's fine. We're starting.

Come see me when you're done, okay?

Sorry, Kim!

Wait, will you tell me what was there?

Dennis has not... It's not, like, official out there, but Dennis just tipped us off.

You did it. Your fifth number-one single. Last Friday Night.

Is that a record? It's a record.

Damn! It's a record.


Katy Perry has just made pop music history doing something The Beatles never did, Elvis hasn't done it, not even Madonna.

Not even Madonna?

Only Michael Jackson, until this week, believe it or not.

The first woman in the history of pop music... to have five songs from one album hit number one on the chart.

She can write a killer tune, do you know what I mean?

Like, a lot of albums do have a lot of filler tracks on them, but every song on her album is a hit single.

As a special award of achievement.


Thank you.


Congratulations. Oh.

If I could see your face right now.

I'm really happy.

You just can't tell.

You look like a Hershey Kiss.

To equal Michael Jackson, someone that's so iconic, on your second album, to have that many number-ones is pretty fricking cool.

Pop stars don't come any bigger than the brilliant Katy Perry.

Katy Perry!

Katy has always been very true to herself, and I think that that's why people relate to her.

Katy Perry is the hottest pop star in the world right now.

She has a very specific vision in her head.

And her vision's a little crazy.

Hi, I'm Kathy Beth Terry and this is my bedroom.

But it's come together in an amazing way.

Best party ever!

It took us five years to get a record out.

But we never gave up because she never gave up.

It's hard not to get emotional because her careerjust blew up.

I'm in the middle of the biggest tour, the biggest success of my life.

And the ability to be able to share these experiences with so many people, my family, my friends, my fans...

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

That's what makes me really happy.

My sister, not only does she work hard on tour, she likes to play hard on tour.

Tomorrow we go to the water park.


Oh, my God!

I feel great. I'm really, really excited about my sister, who is scared of heights.

Oh, my God. Look at Angela's face!

Angela, it's really fun.

Oh, my God!

Wait, here we go.

How you feeling, sister?

Do you want to hear a good idea?

Sure. This is from Baz Halpin.

I think... I think we need to have Kathy Beth Terry come on stage during T.G.I.F., but I don't think it can be you, 'cause I think we want to make the world think it's a different person.

Oh, hells to the no.

Come on, Angela.

Angela! Angela! Angela! Angela!

You would have to triple my pay.

Oh, it's so her!

Yep, we're related.

I feel like I might pee.

Or puke. Or poop.

Everyone! Please welcome Kathy Beth Terry!


Go Kathy, go Kathy! It's your birthday, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

Come on, let me hear it!

Pick it up and eat its face.

I've heard Katy talk about Tokyo so much and I have never been.

I'm pretty excited.

This establishment serves tea and coffee while you hang out with cats.

They charge you to sit with cats.

Oh, my gosh, this one is wearing a little shirt.

It's licking my hand.

Does this officially make us cat ladies?

We look like freaks.

I love you.

I love you so much.

One, two, three. Japan! Japan!

She's crying. Don't cry.

Where's my relationship days?

Can I see a calendar really quick?

The next three days I have off... are tenth, eleventh, twelfth.

That's like 18 days apart.


Isn't he coming to you?

Well he should... but he's not.

It's real...

Cray-cray. (Crazy)

Katy is constantly trying to make these little side trips off the tour when everybody really is supposed to be resting

to fly to where Russell is and make it work, make it matter, show that she cares, because she does.

And it's just, with everything else going on in her life and her careerjust exploding, she is running herself ragged.

Just trying to keep my marriage alive.

You look fantastic. Thank you.

And I would think that you would look haggard.

You know...

I mean, you should be exhausted.

Well, you should see me with all this off.

No, but like you were just, you were all over the place and working like crazy.

I guess it suits you, huh?

And now, what will you do when you finish this tour?

How will you celebrate?

I'm gonna take a long nap.

I'm just gonna sleep for a long time and enjoy my husband.

Yeah, he's adorable. I just love him, you know that.

Oh, thank you. He's mine.

Yeah. Okay.

That's okay.

My husband just sent me a picture of a McDonald's.

I think it's the one by La Brea.

And the address is 1133, which is our numbers.

And... we should name our first born Ronald.

When I decide to become a mother, I wanna be a mother.

Are you gonna get pregnant?

But right now I don't think it's the right timing for me.

Oh, yeah, I think she'd be an amazing mother. Yeah.

She's... I mean, I think that her devotion to her career would carry over with her devotion to a family.

I think that she would just fully immerse herself in it.

I don't think that she should be a mother right now.

A baby can't have a baby, and I'm still a baby.

You got like, a lot of people waiting.

Do you want us to check back with you in fifteen?

I'm just so tired.

Should we just go ahead and push everything to after for sure?

Honestly, your show's most important.

If you think that another little power nap would help, we can clear everyone out of the room and just give you a quiet 15.

Well, then we wouldn't be able to do a meet-and-greet, though. You know?

It's either now or never.

Being in love is the dream, and then the reality of making it work with the marriage is not like the movies.

There's a lot more compromise, a lot more sacrifice.

You know? Or else it just won't work.


It took me forever to put all this on. I'm so sorry.

You look fabulous. How are you?

What is this? I feel like it's a dance floor.

We didn't realize what was going on in her personal life at that time.

Where's security? Security!

I think Katy shielded most of us from the reality of what was happening.

This next song goes out to all the lovers here tonight.

Being one of her closest friends, it's hard to see the stress, the frustration, the doubt.

You could see how difficult it is for two people with crazy-busy careers on opposite sides of the world trying to just make it work.

She never cries.

She's been like this for 20 minutes.

I can hear you still.

I know.

What's with these tears, Katy?

I don't know.

So are you gonna do this show?

I'm trying to figure out what's going on here.

I think she feels depressed. Yeah.

Oh, look what we have. A trinkets box.

Let me see that.


That's not meant to make you upset.

What is that?

It's the necklace that she got for her birthday from Russell... and the day after she got it she thought she lost it at the venue.

Are you okay?

You doing okay?

You have a lot on your mind right now?

You have two options.

You can cancel the show, or you can do your best.

Where's she at?

Start, Todd.

Katy! Katy! Katy!

You can do it. You're gonna get through it.

Come on, honey. You got this.

Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy!

Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy!

Guys, be aware, this could be going away. Stand by.

I'll advise you as I find out.

She ready? Yeah.

All right, everybody, here we go.

Let's stand by, house lights, stand by on all three.

Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy!

Sometimes we say "forever" but it's easier to say than to do.

And this is called The One That Got Away.


Can I tell you something?

This song...

Do you know what? I wish I could speak Portuguese!

2011 was a blow-out year for Katy Perry's career.

But professional success could not keep her personal life together, and by the end of the year, it crumbled.

This morning, pop star Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand announced it was over. They're filing for divorce...

Brand called it quits on his marriage to Perry, filing for divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences.

In recent weeks, there had been speculation that something was wrong.

Proving once again that not all matches have a fairy-tale ending.

Granted, it is Hollywood and relationships are bombarded by temptation and different traveling schedules.

Certainly, the two of them are all over the globe...

Let's remember, Russell still has his reputation.

Regardless, it must still be a very difficult time for everyone involved.

In the very beginning of me getting into the industry, I would, you know, be out and about, and I would hear girls, or actresses, or musicians, or whatever, you know, they would say, "Oh, no, I don't want to be in a relationship

"because I don't wanna have to choose between

"being in a relationship and having a career."

And I thought to myself, "When I get to know that...

"When I find that person, "that's gonna be my, you know, life partner, "I won't ever have to choose.

"Because they'll be accepting of me

"completely, for who I am."

Not... Not me being able to just like do whatever I want, necessarily, but they won't be threatened or have weird motives or whatever.

They will be accepting of me, the things I love, the ambition, what I aspire to be, what I want to create, they'll be accepting and supportive.

And then I started to realize, "Oh, my God.

"That's not true, that's...

"Like, that fairy tale that I had is not true for me right now."

Yeah, but you still miss him.


I don't want to cry.

Okay, again, everyone, this is a closed rehearsal. A closed rehearsal.

I'll tell you the truth, is that...

I mean, I'm a romantic and I don't...

I kinda believed in this fairy tale.

I mean...

And in some ways I think that's always been to my advantage, because, like, if you can believe in something great, I feel like you can achieve something great.

I have that same belief system with everything.

From career to my life, my personal life, everything.

And I will do everything it takes to not fail.

And I did everything it took, but it still failed.

The bad that comes along with the good is a journey, and I learned so much from that journey.

Hi, sister. Hi, sister.

That's your dress?

This was the one.


A little low back. Yeah.


Let's go try it on. Okay.

And you have a... You have your veil?

Well, we haven't decided on the veil, but this is the one that I tried on, so...

Well, if I see something I like, I guess I should put it on hold.

Yes, it is an unfortunate time for her, but it was really sweet and I'm really happy that she was able to come out and be a part of it.

To me she's not a celebrity or a pop star, she's my sister.

That's pretty. Let me know whenever you're ready.

Do you need any help?

It's beautiful.


That is so beautiful.

Yeah, it's really beautiful.

This is going to sound like the cheesiest thing ever, but I feel like I've got a second chance at a brilliant life.

And me... Mind you, I already have a brilliant life.

All I need to do is, like, remind myself that I have it.

I'm a firework. Simple as that.

It makes me feel that I could be anyone I want.

Katy Perry inspires me because... She just does.

I mean, look at her. She gots it all.

I love the fact that her lyrics are from life experiences.

She tells you to just sparkle, and, like, be the light.

Stay strong and stay with your vision.

You're an individual, and you're you. You can't be anyone else, because everyone else is already taken.

Sing! Come on!

Let's go!


Let's go!

I think she definitely still has a message of love, and there's no judgment, there's no misconceptions or anything like that, just love.

She speaks for her generation, and she writes these lyrics.

They're from her diary.

This is the next phase of her life, and she's connecting with her fans.

It's undeniable, the connection.

She's not ready to slow down, and I don't know if she ever will be.

Come on!


Now, put your hands up!

Y'all ready for one last surprise?

It's time to get wet!

Sweet dreams, Los Angeles!

Sweet California dreams!

How was the concert, Grandma?


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