Kazoku wa tsuraiyo 2 (2017) Script



Hirata residence.

It's me, it's me. You know, me.

Er, I don't know who you are.

Could you please say your name?

Oh come on, it's me!

You think I'd fall for an old trick like that?

Think again, pal...



I'm your husband's father!

You can't tell my voice after 15 years?

I'm sorry!

That really cheeses me off.

What? The police warned you about scammers? So I sound like a crook?

Forget it. No need to apologize!

Tonight? I'm drinking with Hattori, so no dinner. That's all!


What's up?

I called my daughter-in-law, and she didn't recognize me.

She thought I was a scammer. Idiot!

Serves you right.


You always say "It's me!" It sounds creepy.

I always thought so.

Shut up.

What an insult. Can you believe it?



You got angry?

Of course I did.

So I sound like a crook?

You do, you do!

Was she upset?

I'll punish her later.

Don't do that! The poor thing.

Yeah. She's a great daughter-in-law.

What's great about her?

You say such nasty things.


Shall we go?

Your two grandkids are boys?

One's a high schooler soon.

You're lucky.

Three generations under one roof.

That's rare these days.

Plus my unmarried second son.

A lively home's a good thing.

My son's been in Hakata since his transfer, and my wife is out caring for her mother.

I'm practically alone all year.

You've got it good. It beats having a nagging wife around.

How is she? Your elegant wife.

She's fine, she's fine.

Going to the culture center?

Is she ever! She goes to a writing class.

Really? You mean, she's learning to write novels?


What a joke. Her writing novels? What does she write about?

Pure love? She'll make a fool of herself!

Wasn't her younger brother Kaoru Komiya?

Died a few years ago.

The handsome novelist?

Yeah. His big sister is this guy's wife.

That's wonderful.

You never know. She might write a bestseller, make loads of money, and kick you out of the house!

I wish she would.

If she does, I'll move in here, and warm your sake.

You're expensive.

For you, I'd work for free!

Hi Granddad.

Oh, he's home.

-Hi. -I'm back.


I'm very sorry about earlier.

About what?

About mistaking you for a phone scammer.

I heard about it.

You'll pay for that someday.

Oh dear, how scary.

You'll pay!

No. No!

Have you eaten?

I told Fumie I didn't need dinner.

When you got mistaken for a scammer?


Where'd you get those flowers?

A present.

From who?

A friend at writing class.

We give each other flowers on our birthdays.

Today's my birthday. I'm sure you forgot though.

Writing class, huh?

You should act your age.

I can understand a young lady wanting to become a novelist, but an old maid? Give me a bucket.

What are you writing?

Something really hot and erotic?

The bath's ready.

Oh well.

Maybe I should give you a present for a change.

What do you want?

What do I want?

Yeah, want.

There's one thing.

Spit it out.

But no pricey stuff.

Sales tax has gone up.

We're living off our savings now.

It's not so pricey.

It only costs 450 yen.

450 yen? What is it?

You want to know?

Well, the thing I want from you is this.

I need your name and seal here.

The 450 yen is for our family register.

What's this?

A divorce form.

"Divorce Notification"


Is this a joke?

I'm serious.

Please think it over.

I'll put your clothes by the bath.

WHAT A WONDERFUL FAMlLY Kazuko Yoshiyuki Isao Hashizume Masahiko Nishimura Yui Natsukawa Tomoko Nakajima Shozo Hayashiya Yu Aoi Satoshi Tsumabuki Screenplay: Yoji Yamada Emiko Hiramatsu Music: Joe Hisaishi Directed by Yoji Yamada

Shota! Hurry up and eat your breakfast!

You've got work!

Honey, you know I only like big-bean Mito natto!

Sorry. The supermarket was out.

Then go to another store!

Buy it yourself, if it's such a big deal.

I'm negotiating with Shanghai officials.

I don't have time.

Hey, aren't natto soybeans from China?

That doesn't make any sense. Typical woman.

I'll eat it then. It's tasty on toast.

I never said I wouldn't.

-Tissue. -They're there.

Breakfast is ready.

-I'll walk Toto. -What?

I'll walk the dog!



Toto! Toto!

Toto, I envy you.

All you need is a walk to make you happy.


Shota, what's on your mind lately?

Chopin's piano pieces use a lot of heavy dissonance.

Therefore, dissonance is necessary to make beautiful music.

What are you trying to say?

Dad, you were dissonant this morning. What's wrong?

It's not easy being my age. Leave me be.

I mean to say, dissonance is necessary sometimes in relationships and families.

Be good to Mom, okay?

Save me the lecture.

You're not married.

Don't tell me...

...you've got somebody in mind?

I do. She's nice.

That's great! Bring her over.

I will.

See you later.

Mr. Shimada went to the toilet at night without calling us.

Check him regularly.

Ms. Hashimoto's back on meals. Check consumption.

Ms. Shirakawa's feverish, so no more feeding tube.

She's on an lV. Watch her.

That's all for now.

Thank you.

Let's begin.

Is anyone feeling ill?

Check name when changing lV.

Check name when changing lV.

Go to it.


What's up?

Just finished the night shift.

I'll be at Hino Public Hall for work.

Could you drop by around lunch? I need to ask you something.

Sure. How about I make us lunch?

Great. I'll be waiting. Hino Public Hall, okay?

Good timing.

We got a guest?

Shigeko's here.

She wants a divorce.


She broke a plate of Taizo's.

That stupid girl!

You'd get a divorce over a broken plate?

If that's your reason, it won't be your last.

It's not about that!

It was a plate, but not just any plate!

He bought it at an antique fair, and displayed it proudly!

I was dusting, and it fell to the floor and broke!

Then he came running, and started yelling!

What have you done? This plate cost 200,000 yen!

When he brought it home, he told me he paid 10,000!

I don't mind him buying antiques. What I can't stand is being lied to!

I never want to see his face again!

Really? Then divorce him.

Do what?

If you want to, do it.

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Get the form, put your seals on it, and it's over.

You'd...You'd say that to your daughter?

I would.


Dad! Listen to me.

You never try to understand how I feel.

Fine. I won't talk to you anymore.

I hate you, Dad!


I hate you, Dad!

Anyone home?

Mr. Hirata, good morning.

Is Shigeko here?

Er...did she say anything?

She's divorcing you.

Yes, but...

...did she say why?

You bought a plate for 200,000, but lied that it was 1 0,000.

She can't forgive that.

About that...I'm fully aware of my situation.

We get by because Shigeko is such a good tax accountant.

I can't pay 50,000 or 100,000 for a plate.

Even so, I just had to buy it!

It's old lmari porcelain. A real find!

We could've sold it for over 500,000!

You're going?

Come on, let's go get a beer.

Sure, let's do that.

-You came? -How is Shigeko?

Crying. Going somewhere?

Out with Shuzo, to get a beer.

Is she mad?

She wants a divorce.

Come on!

Even if I do say so myself, I'm not such a bad husband.

Watch the road.

I'm not a big earner, but I don't drink or smoke like you.

Or gamble. Shuzo, your seatbelt.

Or mess around with women. Or go see rakugo.

My only hobby is antiques, or old things in general.

Can't she allow me that?

Like allowing you to lie about a 200,000 yen plate?

Like I said, that's my only...

Red light!

You half-wit!


I bet that hurt.

I wanted to tell her.

Actually, it cost 200,000. Sorry I lied, dear!

But I couldn't.

I knew how angry she'd get if I did.

She's scary when she's angry!

How did such a scary daughter come from such a gentle mother?

When Shigeko gets mad...

...she's possessed!

I understand.

-You do? -Very well.

Thank you!

Get a divorce. It's for the best.

I never understood how a wimp like you could marry a woman with a voice like a broken speaker.

Get a divorce!

I could never marry a woman like her.

A woman like her?


She's your daughter. How can you talk about her like that?

Not to mention, she's my wife.

Don't you want a divorce?

I never said I did! Shigeko said that!

In the heat of the moment!

Quit whining and get a divorce!

Listen up, Taizo.

I don't have time for your crap now!

My wife, I said my wife, wants to get rid of me.

Hey! You listening?

She says she wants a divorce.

She wants my seal on the form.


Deadly serious.

Mr. Hirata, that's a big deal!

This is no time for drinking!

Let's go! I must talk to Shigeko!

You do that. Forget the bill.

I'm not going.

Yes you are! Go home!

And talk with your wife.

Excuse us. Let's go.


Kayo, call me a taxi.

-But my car... -I don't want to die!

Oh dear...

Hey, Shigeko. Wake up.

This is bad.

Mom and dad are getting a divorce!

Whose mom and dad?

Your mom and dad!

My mom and dad?

No they aren't.

Your dad said so! That your mom's getting rid of him.

Come downstairs.

Getting rid of Dad?


I just heard. You were joking, right? About getting a divorce?

It's just a bluff.

Of course! Did you have a little tiff?

You two get on too well.

That must be it. We fight all the time, so we're used to threatening each other.

They're not used to it. It was their first tiff.

That's it!

Don't scare us like that.

So you were joking?

Don't you know there are some things you can't joke about?

Listen up. Your mom's serious about wanting a divorce.

She got the form and wrote her name on it.

You can't do it! Absolutely not!

Kenichi and Shinsuke are impressionable!

If their beloved grandparents divorce, they'll stop studying and be traumatized for life!

Shinsuke will apply to junior high next year.

What do we say in the interview?

His grandparents are divorced? They'll never let him in!

Then forget 'em!

How can you be so flippant? I'll tell Konosuke!

Tell my wife. She's the one who started this.

Listen up! I, I said l, am the victim here!

The victim! You hear me? That's all!


Are you okay?

It's gone from bad to worse. Where's Tomiko?

At her culture center writing class.

This is no time to write lousy novels. What a pain.

Shigeko Kanai here!

Yes, I went to the tax office, and spoke with the people in charge.

"Night. Rain falls gently."

"Machiko's husband's wake is being held."

"She looks relieved to be free of nursing him,"

"and also free of thought, sitting as the chief mourner."

You've set the scene superbly.

Superbly indeed.

Among the attendees is a tall, graying man.

I think we've come across him before.

"The mourners burn incense."

"The tall man stands before Machiko."

" 'Machiko, it's me. Do you remember?' "

Oh...' The word slips out from Machiko's lips."

Her youthful memories flash before her eyes.

A thrilling opening.

We call this a "flashback," and it's used often in novels.

Mrs. Hirata, what was your model?

Natsume Soseki's "Kokoro."

I thought as much.

It's a beautiful recounting of sweet, sad, and regretful youthful memories, and a wonderful novel, but you could have...Any opinions?

The ending leaves a little to be desired.

It does.

Readers will want to know what happens to Machiko and Masahiko.

But your story ends with Masahiko bidding farewell and leaving.

I'm looking forward to a sequel.

Mrs. Hirata, if I may ask, is this based on your experiences?

Of course not! My husband's still alive.

I beg your pardon.

Machiko killed hers!

What a shame.

"Dressing Room Entrance"

Excuse me.

Is piano tuner Shota Hirata working here?

Mr. Hirata? He's here.

I'd like to see him.

Please do.

Go left there, then straight ahead to the stage entrance.

Thank you.

Young lady?

Please tell Mr. Hirata I'll bring his coffee soon.

-I promised him. -I'll tell him.

I made lunch.


So, what's up?

Take a look at this.

An apartment?

I went to see it.

You're moving?

Hey, I always wanted to ask you this.

Why have you lived at home so long?

Never wanted to move out?

Or you're a mommy's boy?

No. I don't want to live there.

There's a reason I couldn't leave.

What's that?

I moved out once to go to university, but my brother told me to come back.


He and my dad don't get on. Without me, the place falls apart.

His wife;s headstrong too.

So, you're your family's buffer.

Or its glue.

Can you really move out?

We've pulled through so far, so it should be fine. And Dad's old now.

So, I want you to take a look.

At what?

The apartment.

Why do you want me to?

Why are you asking...

Oh. Right.

I left out the most important part.

I'll say it clearly.

I want...

...to marry you and be a couple. And live with you.

That's why I want you to look at the apartment with me.

I'm glad.

I was waiting for you to say that.

I'm glad.

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

I just brought the coffee I promised you. I saw nothing!

I think l;ve got cataracts.

Huh? I can;t see a thing.

You're too kind!

You...Iike it black, right?

What about her?

She does too.

My daughter made this chiffon cake. I brought some for you.

-Thank you. -No problem.

Enjoy yourselves.

Are you okay?

I'm fine! Fine!

Who left this here?

I'm so embarrassed!


Package delivery.

Thank you.


So, the girl's a looker?

She's a looker alright.

I wanted him to marry my daughter, but that girl's too pretty.

How about my son? He's got a kid though.

No way. I don't want you in my family.

That's rich. I could say the same!

Thank you very much.

-You're going? -Sorry about before.

She is a looker.

-Right? -Right.

Your documents.

I'm counting on you.

Count on me.

Please forgive me for venting like that.

No, it's to be expected. We're accustomed to it.


A divorce?

Her husband's a tightwad.

I hate people like that.

Getting together's easy, but breaking up's hard to do.

I wonder if Mom realizes that?

She bore it this long, so why not a little longer? She's not young.

Maybe something changed all that.

Like what?

Like finding another man?

That's impossible.

Can I say this?


I think your dad found another woman, and your mom found out, so she asked for a divorce.

Dad found another woman? That's absurd.

Actually, he's quite a pleasure-seeker. Unlike me.

Oh really?

Come on. Golf, horse racing, mahjong, and booze.

The booze is the problem.

That bar "Kayo" behind the station?

He's been a regular for 1 0 years. You should see him there!

You and your brother have never seen him so mellow and laid-back!

Why's that?

The owner. It's a she, and she's sexy!

I always wondered about them.

Maybe your mom found out?

But it's all just speculation.

Look into it!

Look into it? How?

That's what private detectives are for.

They aren't cheap...

Who cares about money?

Know this company?

"Numata Detective Agency"

Boss, Mr. Kanai's here.

Let me finish this.

He'll be with you soon.

About your rates...What do you charge?

Cheater chasing, right?


If it's relatively simple, it usually takes three days.

So...how much is that?

It varies on a case-by-case basis.

But for a three-to-six hour operation, I'm talking stakeouts, and shadowing, our basic rate is 60,000 yen.

That's on the cheap side.

It's 1 5,000 yen for each extra hour.

So what would the total be?

That depends on the case.

First we need a recent photo of the target. The cheater.

Then we ask for their details. Hairstyle, height, weight.

Then we draw up a contract, and a statement of intention.

That's an agreement between us that your purpose is not illegal.

So, how much will that come to?

With regard to that, the head manager will explain.

Where the heck is he...Boss!

Hey, sorry for the delay.

Tough luck, huh?

Your wife's cheating? We get that a lot.

No she isn't!

It's my wife's father! My father-in-law!

I want you to find out if he's cheating!

My wife wouldn't cheat.

That's absurd! How dare you!

Come on! Put on a jacket and grab a cab. It only takes 30 minutes.

I'll pay for the cab.


Oh, really...

Some friend you are.

Forget it, it's okay. Bye now.

Mr. Hattori can't come?

His wife's got a cold. He doesn't want to leave her.

That rotten liar. He's just too lazy to come.

You can't force him.

He's not young anymore either. Going out's not so easy.


It's just me then.

I'll drink with you.

Kayo, you're the only one who's kind to me like that.

Wait a second.

Thank you.


See you next time.

It's cold out.

Come on in.

What can I get you?

A beer to start?

There you go.

Have a warm one.

Who texted you?

My daughter-in-law. "Don't drink too much, and come home soon."

She's got some nerve!

No, she cares for you, that's all.

She's driven me to drink.

Don't say things like that.

Hey Kayo. Am I that bad a husband?

I don't think you are.

What doesn't she like about me?

When I was in my thirties and forties, I got lonely when I was posted away from home. I strayed.

Who doesn't, right?

When I returned to head office, I worked hard.

I was dedicated to supporting my family.

So what has she got against me?

I haven't done anything wrong.

Mr. Hirata, even if what you say is true, that alone doesn't make you a good husband.

Why not?

It all depends on whether your wife feels loved by you.

If you love her, you've got to make sure she knows that.

If I love her?

How could I love that old bag?

Don't be nasty. She's your wife.

I gave up on her already.

The only one I love now is you, Kayo.

You're a bad man.

Shall I make something?

Hey! Is that you, Numata?

It must be.

What the heck? Is that you, Hirata?

What a coincidence!

How long's it been?

Since that class reunion?

That's right! 20 years! Or is it 30?

Fancy meeting you here! Come, come.

What a surprise.

You're acquainted?

From our high school days.

We even played doubles in tennis!

Is that so?

Anyway, cheers.

You must be pleased.

I'll never forget this one time.

There was a babe in the tennis club.

Don't bring that up.

Pale skin and long legs. We were all taken with her.

After graduation, she went and married this guy here.

Oh my.

We couldn't believe it.

How's your beautiful Yuriko? Is she doing well?

She ran off.

She ran off?

20 years ago.

That's priceless!

Don't be so rude.

But it's so funny...Sorry.

Have a drink.

I see. So Yuriko ran off, huh?

What's she doing now?

Living happily. She married some rich guy. Dammit!

Mr. Hirata, some food?

Keep it coming! It's on me tonight.

Numata, it's great to see you. Really great.

So what do you do these days?

You were with Otani Corp, right?

Then a couple of subsidiaries. Now I'm comfortably retired.

At least, I'd like to be, but it's complicated.

You retired too?

I envy you.

I...couldn't make ends meet.

I do lots of things.

Like what?



Numata Detective Agency?

What? You're a detective?

Don't say it so loud.

You're a detective?

That's hilarious!

Kayo, he says he's a detective.

Isn't that ridiculous?

A big conspicuous lunk like him? And he's clumsy.

He was always a bungler.

I was.

It's the worst job you could do.

I'm with you on that.

You know, huh?

Have this while it's hot.


Let's do this, Mr. Detective!


Kayo, go get my bottle.

Lock the doors! It's a private function!

Go! Go! Hirata!

Go! Go! Hirata!

You shouldn't stay out drinking so late.

Didn't you see my text?

I did!

I read my caring daughter-in-law's text alright!

-Careful! -I'm fine.

Honey, I'm home.

Your shirt.

Thank you.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

The bath's ready.

That was a surprise.

What was?

I bumped into a high school buddy of mine at the bar.

We had fun reminiscing about hitting on girls at tennis club.

Was that fun?

Yeah. It was fun.

That's nice.

Hey honey.


You were teasing me about getting a divorce, right?

You were, weren't you?

No. I'm serious.

Will you have a bath?

You probably shouldn't. You're drunk.

Hello dear.


I'm exhausted.

The managing director took me out.

He did?


He thinks I'm great.

We even did karaoke.

I've got bad news.

What's that?

Your mom says she wants to leave your dad. She wants a divorce.

Taizo and Shigeko came over.

They were fighting and talking divorce as usual, but they stopped when they heard about Mom and Dad.

It sounded like a joke at first, but your mom seems serious. What do we do now?

What did Mom say?

I can;t ask her about that.

Tomiko, do you want a divorce? No way.

If it's not a joke, it's bad news.

What do we do?

They've gone senile.

Ignore them!

They cheese me off!

You're still up?

From school.

Hey Mom, is Shota getting married?

Why ask?

Yesterday, he said he'll move out soon, so I can have his room.

I asked if he's getting married, and he went red.

What do you think, Mom?

Just be quiet.

What's up?

I can't think about that.

This family's got a bigger problem.

He's not the victim, we are!

Who's a victim?

You were there?

I was here.

Er, can I help you?

You okay?

Can't a miserable old man get some ice around here?

No! You've drank enough already.

Pretty please?

Your doctor will tell me off.

Screw my doctor!

Gimme ice, I said! Ice!




Shut up! Quit barking!

It's changed a lot around here.

We're old-timers now.

Until I left school, there was a train crossing over there.

Now it's an overpass. Dreary, isn't it?

Your mother's a valued customer.

Is she well?

She's well.


Yeah, very well.

Thank you.

Hello there.

Dad! Shinsuke! Get a move on!

Dad poops so slowly.

I'll be late.

I'm on my way!

-Shall we go? -Yeah!

Hey, where are you going?

Ken's baseball game.

You can't! Today's our family meeting.

Huh? A meeting?

What for?

I told you last night. Were you too drunk to listen?

That's not fair.

Shigeko keeps nagging me to talk about Mom and Dad.

She said you have to be here. I told you last night!

I have to?

You have to!

You're the man of the house.

-Shin? -Yeah?

You two go by yourselves.

Sure. No problem.

There goes my chance to spend time with them.

Shin, I'm sorry.

Cheer Ken for me.

Here. Lunch money.


See you!

Take care!

Dad can't come. Family meeting.

Huh? Really? That's great!

Dad's shouting is so embarrassing.

Go! Go! Kenichi!

Lucky he can't come!



From Dad. Lunch money.

Yeah? Awesome.

-Fried pork? -Yeah!

Ken! Got a game today?

-A tournament. -Good luck!

What position?


The bench!

He's the waterboy!


Hirata here. I'd like to order broiled eel on rice for lunch.

Oh boy. I'd like seven please.

Good idea.

Make it your best eel, with soup.


A couple together for 50 years won't break up so easily.

You're overreacting.

I was looking forward to watching Ken's game.

It was a rare chance for some quality time.

All this talk of divorce is stupid.

I bet this all started with your squabbling.

Wouldn't it bother you? If Mom and Dad divorced?

It's just a tiff, so ignore it. "Let sleeping dogs lie."

Right, Toto?

But your mother seems to mean it.

Get outta here. You two always end up threatening divorce.

Same thing.

Okay, time for a break. These are from Shigeko.

Oh, good to see you.


Where's the couple?

What do you mean, "couple"?

Shota's bringing his girlfriend today.

His girlfriend?

He told me not to go to the culture center today.

Then he left home early. To pick her up.

He found a girl!

She shouldn't come.

Why not?

We took time out of our busy schedules today to talk about your divorce, as your children.

Shut up, Taizo!

Oh dear. You heard?

Shota getting married is important, but you and Shuzo should sort out your divorce first.

Even if I do divorce Shuzo, I'll always be Shota's mother.

So Mom, you're serious?

This way.


Shigeko and Taizo.


Er, this is...

I've heard.



Come in.

Thank you.

They're here. The couple.

Wow. The gang's all here.

This is...

...Noriko Mamiya.

She's kind of my...er...


She's your fiancee?

Nice to meet you.

My mother.

Hi there.

My brother.

And his wife.

And that's my sister and her husband.

Did you all come for me?

We didn't.

Come here.

Come sit down.

-Here. -Thank you.

Um, I brought this.

Thank you.

What's the character for your name?


Oh, that's nice. Very resolute.

So Noriko, where are you from?


Are your parents well?

They are.

They must be worried, with their daughter in Tokyo.

Actually, my dad's in Fukuoka, but my mom's in Tokyo.

Really? Why?

They divorced.

Hear that?


I didn't know about this, but everyone's here to discuss a family issue.

I knew something wasn't right.

I'd better go.

We'll do it again.

Don't go! Please stay here.

You'll be part of this family soon.

Right, Konosuke?

Is that okay?

It's okay.

Dad, remember that person I told you about? I brought her.

Hello. Sorry to come so suddenly.

What could you possibly like about this weirdo?

Just ignore him.

He's always rude.

Everyone, let's sit down.

We haven't met like this since the New Year's before last.

That's right.

Last year, Konosuke had his hemorrhoids removed.

Have they come right?

I've got blind piles. They make it hard to sit!

Shut up, you!


What's going on, Dad?

With what?

With what? You know what.

You know why we all came.

I didn't ask you to.

We're not happy to be here either.

A family meeting on such a fine day?

Work meetings are bad enough.

Why do I have to go to one at home as well?

This isn't one of your pointless work meetings.

Pointless? That's going too far.

What's pointless?

You say the same thing.

Work meetings are pointless. Nothing gets decided. Scrap them.

When did I say that?

You always say that!

I said some, not all...

This is no time to argue! What's so funny, Dad?

Some, not all.

You didn't say that!

Calm down. Calm down.

Don't laugh!

Calm down.

This cheeses me off!


Let's hear from Mom first.

Yes, yes. Good idea.

Mom, I was shocked to hear about this today for the first time.

Do you really want a divorce?

What happened? Why didn't you talk to me about it before all this?

Up till now, I thought you were happy with your life.

I thought your only worry was my unstable income.

I thought you'd be pleased when I introduced Noriko to you.

I never thought you'd tell me you want to divorce Dad!

This is no time for you to cry!

Come on Mom, talk to us.

Yes. It's for the best.

Alright. I'll explain.

Lately, l...

It's hard for me to say...

I've grown sick of your father.

For example, in the morning in the washroom, he gargles loudly.

After that, he farts loudly.

When we were newlyweds, I thought he was manly.

I was happy were we so comfortable together.

But lately, I've come to hate it.

Your father takes off his briefs and socks and leaves them inside-out.

I hate that. I've told him many times, but he never changes.

-You listening? -He makes a mess.

He leaves the toilet seat up, and the lights on.

He eats noisily, and throws his chopsticks down.

Hey, that's...

I used to love your father.

But that love wore down, layer by layer.

Now I only feel stress when I'm with him.

I understand how you feel.

Dad should apologize.

Like hell!

-You're always so... -Wait a minute.

As the eldest son, Konosuke should speak. Please.

So Mom, from now on, you want Dad not to leave his briefs and socks turned inside-out in the washing?

No, that's not it!

You leave yours inside-out too. Is it hereditary?

Of course not, stupid!

Stupid? I've always hated you doing that too!

-Then say so! -Another row? Stop it!

We're here to hear from Mom!

Shota, what do you think?

Mom, you've put up with so much for so long, without complaining.

Your father always worked hard to support you, so I didn't want to hurt him. I had to indulge him.

That's the way I thought.

Now you're all grown up, and he's still healthy.

Now I want to be free of him, and live the way I want to.

That's all, as your father likes to say.

Tomiko, you have to be pragmatic about this. Pragmatic.

If you divorce, how will you make a living? Where will you live?

He's right.

I'll be fine.

One of my writing class friends lives in a mansion in Denenchofu, alone.

That friend has asked me to move in.

It's a lovely place, with a big lawn and a red roof.

Mom, don't be fooled! It must be a scam.

They're after her assets.

Oh please. I've got no assets.

If you divorce, you get half of everything.

I don't want it.

You're daydreaming.

You don't understand the real world.

You've got to eat. You need money for that.

That's not a problem.

Really? Why?

My younger brother Kaoru died young.

The novels he wrote are popular now, and the royalties get deposited in my account. I can live off that.

A mansion in Denenchofu, with a large garden and red roof.

Two elegant elderly people living together. It sounds dreamy.

Don't talk rubbish!

I was just being honest.

I understand, Fumie. It can't be easy taking care of this big family.


You always take her side, Shota.


I'm doing what I can to keep this family together.

You left, so you've got it easy.

Huh? The way you talk, you sound like you want them to divorce.

I don't want that!

You do! I know you do!

Calm down.

Young lady, you must be shocked.

I bet you don't want to marry into this crazy family now.

No, I don't think that way.

Marry into this family is archaic. She's marrying me.

I didn't mean that.

After listening to everyone, I started to envy you.


I said earlier that my parents got divorced.

Actually, what really happened was, my mother packed her bags and left without a word.

I have a brother, but we're not close.

I never had a chance to get together like this and talk as one big family.

So you're saying, your father was abandoned by your mother?

Simply put.

The poor guy. I know how he feels.

Is he a company man?

He is.

We're the same!

We worked all our lives for our families.

Packed trains. Mean bosses. Tough targets. Lonely transfers.

We persevered for our families, then when we finally get freed from our drudgery, this happens.

I've done nothing wrong.

You go on about yourself, but did you ever try to understand how Mom felt all these years?

Exactly. You're missing the point.

Tomiko is well aware of your effort, but still wishes to go her own way.

Right, Tomiko?

Get off your high horse.

You big bloodsucker.


Why would you...say that?

You leech off Shigeko.

Shuzo! Don't say that!

Sorry. Okay?

That was bad.

Shuzo! No more holding back now.

Do your worst!

You say you've done nothing wrong.

What about that bar? Near the station?


Kayo! The bar!

Yeah, I know it. I like to drink.

So what if I've got a favorite bar or two?

You and the sexy bar owner are suspiciously close.

You say "Kayo, you're the only one I love."

You have outrageously lewd conversations.

I have incontrovertible proof!

Get a load of...this photo!

Taizo! How long have you been spying?

Well? You...dirty spy!

Dad! What's wrong?

Get him to bed!

Wait, please!

Stay out of this!

Go over there!

Listen everybody! Okay?

She's a nurse! She works at a hospital!

She's used to this, so trust her!

That's best!

Don't move him.

Mr. Hirata? Mr. Hirata?


-Not you! -Oh.

If you can hear me, squeeze my finger.

Oh, not hers.

Call an ambulance.

Cushion please.

What should we do?

Please clear the way for a stretcher.

Hold his legs.

We're moving you. One, two, three!

What should I do?

Get off your back and help!

Send an ambulance!

Mr. Hirata? Mr. Hirata?

My father collapsed. He's seventy...How old is he?

He's old. And unconscious.

Address? Whose? Oh, this place?

Please, this way!

Ambulance! Coming in.

So many shoes.

Coming in.

Thank you.


His lD and insurance cards? In this drawer.

Tomiko, this is a divorce form!

You already...

Never mind that now. Hurry, won't you?

I need to rest. I'll be down later.

Is it too tight?

Mask's okay.

One, two, three!

Here we go.

Please lift and hold his arms for us.

Thank you.

Coming through.

Clear the way.

His lD and insurance cards.

Shoes on.

His head's clear.

Shuzo, I'm so sorry!

Don't cry. Suck it up!

But Shigeko, what I said might have killed him.

He's not dead!

-ldiot. -Oh, right.

I'm so sorry.

Mr. Hirata? We're taking you to hospital.

Won't be long.

How bad is it?

It could be a stroke or hypoglycemic shock, but he's getting immediate treatment.

In a way, he's lucky it happened with us all there.

Excuse me.

You're his son, correct?

I am.

That's odd. This says your father's 47.

He doesn't look young.

My father's 73.

May I see?

"Name: Konosuke Hirata." My brother wrote his own name.

How dumb is that? Thank you.

Making a left turn. Please stop.

Thank you.


I'm off to Shanghai tomorrow.

Bad timing.

Can't you reschedule?

If the worst happens, you'll be stuck there.

Osaka or Nagoya wouldn't be so bad. But Shanghai...

What if the worst does happen?

If it does...And I mean if...

If Shuzo doesn't make it, he'll be sent back to us tonight. His body.

Back here?

They'll bring him in like this, to here...

Here;s better.

Tomorrow night's the family wake.

Praise be to Buddha. Ding!

Then what?

We arrange a funeral venue, and have the wake the next day.

The following day, the funeral. Cremation. Gather the ashes.

That'll take three or four days.

I'll ask my boss. We're going together.

Oh boy. Why's this happening now?

Hirata residence.

Shota? You're at a hospital?

Okay, what's it called?

This was all so unexpected.

It's not over yet.

It's not. Don't give up hope.

See you later.

See you.

Hello? Unashige here!


Premium eel on rice for seven.

Thank you.

I saw an ambulance. I wonder what happened?

Maybe an old person collapsed.

That's too bad.

How much?

All together, that's 24,500 yen.

Sorry. The price went up again last month.

It's called...


Thank you! See you next time!


Hello? Grandma?

It's the seventh inning. Ken's a pinch hitter!

If he gets a homer, it'll be an upset! Know what I mean?

A hit!

Way to go, Ken! A home run!

Ken! Go for it!

He's rounded second!

Ken! Go for it! Ken! Run!

Ken! Go for it! Go for it!

Ken! Go for it! Ken!

He did it! It's a home run! Wow! It;s an upset!

Grandma! Did you hear?

That's great. Congratulations.

They're lifting him! He's laughing!

He looks happy!

He's awesome!

Any news?

Not yet.

You're late. Where were you?

A funeral home.

It's close to home. About a 20-minute drive.

How many people would come to Dad's funeral?

He only retired recently.

My colleagues would come too, so maybe 250 to 300?

That many?

Stop that funeral talk.

Dad's still breathing.

What did you hear?

His MRl and CT results aren't bad.

He should regain consciousness in a few hours, but if he doesn't, there might be something else wrong with him.

I don't trust his doctor.

He looks like a rakugo performer from TV.

I bet they made him do the night shift. It's a Sunday too.

We're lucky Dad was admitted right away.

Lots of people die in ambulances because hospitals won't take them.

We were just talking about that.

It's lucky he collapsed when the whole family was there.

It could have happened at night, walking home from that bar.

Anyway, at least our faces were the last things he saw.

But it wasn't a happy gathering.

It was just like him though, to yell at us before collapsing.

Will he ever yell at us again?

Excuse me...The doctor wants you all to come.

Let's go.

Be strong!

No wailing, you got me?

I know that.

You're his children?

I'm the eldest, Konosuke.

Thank you so much.

Mr. Hirata?

Mr. Hirata?



Want to sit up?

Slowly now.

I just saw a preview of the afterlife.

Just as well you had a nurse with you.

Fast action saved the day.

You're a bit dazed now, but it'll pass.


Feeling dazed?

Always have.

If I may.

We'll watch him for a few days.

"Aoba Funeral Home"

It's too early for that yet.

However, alcohol's off the menu.


That's easy to say. Harder to do!

I hate you!

I hate you, Dad!

I thought you'd died!

Don't make me worry so much!

Hey! Shut up and let me sleep! Nurse!

Yes sir.

"l wanted to be"

"A big brother to be proud of"

"My strain and strife was all in vain"


Moving out?

Getting married.

Really? Congratulations.

That's great, getting married.

You're not yet?

Huh? Who, me?

I'm not the marrying type.

"Today's another day to cry..."

How long's it been?

This house was built when I entered grade school, so 20-some years?

Has the area changed?

Fewer people passing by. Lots of empty houses.

Their owners are in nursing homes.

"For Sale"

You're all packed up.

A wedding gift.

You don't have to do this.

It'll be tough without you around.

Kenichi can do heavy chores. I taught him.

I meant your mom and dad.

It'd be nice if things stayed as they were, but it wouldn;t be fair on Tomiko.

I wanted to talk to Dad about that, but it's too late now.

He's at the park with Toto.

-The park? -Aoba Park.

He sits on a bench and smokes, although his doctor told him to stop.

I'll go there.


Thank you.

Noriko, congratulations.

I really envy you.

Please call me anytime.

You're off?

Well, please look after this weirdo.

Yes. I will.

Hey. Be good to her.

Dad, what'll you do now?

About what?

You know what. Mom, and getting a divorce.

What'll you do?

I've thought about that since I woke up in hospital.

If she hates me that much, a divorce is for the best.

Dad, do you really think so?

I have to.

It's what she wants.

Have you discussed it? You haven't, have you?

Shut up.

My mind's made.

It seems like such a waste.

Dad and Mom breaking up like that.

Mr. Hirata?

I know this is rude of me, but I'll say it as your daughter-in-law.

At that family meeting, Mrs. Hirata told us why she wanted a divorce.

Shouldn't you tell her how you feel about that?

That you'd be lonely without her.

That you need her.

If that's how you feel, shouldn't you put it into words?

If you do that, but she still says she wants a divorce...

I can't tell her.

She should know already. Words don't matter. Feelings do.

Words do matter!

You must put your feelings into words!

Enough. I don't need to hear your lecture.

Get going. Look, the law's here.

Okay, see you soon. But the way I feel is...

Get a move on.


This is illegal.

Sorry. My dad and I were talking.

We're going.

"At an airport in Paris, a kindly man helps our lost heroine."

"Thanks to him, she is able to end her European holiday."

"Six months later."

"ln Ginza, she runs through the rain toward the subway."

"Someone holds an umbrella over her."

" 'Hey there. I thought I recognized you.' "

They walk together to the subway, say a few words, then part."

She goes home, enveloped in a warm sensation.

Does she feel love for the gentleman, Mrs. Okano?

I...don't know...

It seems to me they're about to embark on an affair.

I think readers will expect that.

It's never happened to me. Plus, I'm married.

Is he at home all day?

He is! Twenty four-seven!

Isn;t that awful?

You're incorrigible. How about this?

If you can only write from experience, you'd have to indulge in affairs, prostitution, and even murder.

Am I right?

What's important is...

...your imagination.

That is to say, writing a novel is the act of sharing your imaginary world with your readers.

-Excuse me. -Go ahead.

Does that mean you imagined the raunchy scenes in your novels?

Or did you live them?

That's for you to imagine.

He dodged that well!

I'm home.

What's wrong?

Tomiko, listen to this!

They played catch in here, and broke the Baccarat vase!

Oh dear. That's too bad.

You little rats!

Nice pun.


Get some newspaper.

-Which day? -Any day!

I'm home.

Please believe me, I want you to be happy.

Sincerely. I mean it.

What are you watching?

Yasujiro Ozu. "Tokyo Story."

It's strange. We have children of our own, but you have done the most for us, and you're not a blood relative either.

Thank you.

I thought it over, and signed the divorce form.

I just need to stamp my seal.

Your control sucks.

Your catching!

Enough! Shut up and clean up!

Well, that's that.

You stuck by me for years, so I owe you something.

If you really want my seal on this, I feel...

...obliged to do it.

I'm a bit confused, but that's too bad.

What's it been, 40 years? No, 45.

So...what's there to say?

I'm glad I married you. I really feel that way.

Thank you.

That's all.

You really...

You really feel that way, dear?


I do.

I stamped my seal.

Forget this. Hearing those words was enough.

I'll stick with you till death.

I can't say whose though.

I'm home.

Hi Dad!

Hi Dad!

I got soaked.

Couldn't grab a taxi.

Mom and Dad?


Any news on their divorce?

Don't ask me.

You said that so coldly.

They're your parents. Why don't you ask them?

Hey. Is everything okay?


On the day I retire, please don't ask me for a divorce.

Pretty please?

Who knows. We might not last that long.

"The End"

Executive Producer: Junichi Sakomoto Producer: Hiroshi Fukasawa Screenplay: Yoji Yamada Emiko Hiramatsu Music: Joe Hisaishi Cinematography: Masashi Chikamori Art Director: Tomoko Kurata Lighting: Koichi Watanabe Editor: lwao lshii Sound: Kazumi Kishida Titles designed by Tadanori Yokoo

Directed by Yoji Yamada