Keep Watching (2017) Script

Reporting to you live from Lynwood County where a chilling scene has been discovered by police.

The bodies of four family members were found inside early this morning in what police are describing to be a brutal homicide.

We are collaborating with various law enforcement agencies on a possible connection to a previous set of murders in Oakwood Glen.

Dozens of miniature cameras were found inside the property, hidden in household objects such as smoke detectors, bookshelves and light fixtures.

These killers are broadcasting their crimes as a live feed.

Viewers apparently had no idea that what they were watching was happening in real life.

I thought that it was fake.

You just don't expect it to be real.

I kind of feel sick to my stomach about it, but it's still entertaining.

It appears that these victims were given the opportunities to defend themselves.

This played out like some kind of deadly game.

The violence was kind of overwhelming...

Gruesome and... Graphic.

But it was okay in the moment because it was like a horror movie.

I was rooting for them. I really didn't want them to die.

The whereabouts of a fifth family member Marissa Vasquez are unknown tonight as authorities continue to search for the young woman missing since the horrifying incident.

Our working theory is that this feed is being transmitted on a time delay.

These killers are treating their broadcasts like a Hollywood horror movie, designed with one chilling purpose... to entertain.

The question that remains is will these killers strike again?

And if so...

How will they select their victims?

I keep having this...

This nightmare.

It starts the same every night.

There's, um...

There's a storm outside.

It's thunder and lightning and...

I feel like I'm not alone.

Like someone's watching me.

Someone is watching you? Who's watching you?

Her. Your mother?

Well, at first I just...

I feel her presence.

But when the lightning flashes, I can see her.

She's laying on the kitchen table.

And she's got a shroud over her.

So what's happening in Jamie's world?

And I can see all these bugs, these spiders and cockroaches, and they're just...

I'm fine.

They're just eating away at her.

Are you feeling scared?


Those are very scary images.

It's okay to be scared. It's perfectly normal to be scared.


Sometimes letting yourself be vulnerable makes you stronger.

So do you think your father has dealt with his grief well?


He came home one day with this new girlfriend.

You must resent him for that.

I don't resent him. I resent her.

That's your stepmother, Olivia.

How do you feel about Olivia?

She's so different from my mom.

I barely survived the first six months of their marriage.

Now, I gotta be stuck with her on a whole ten-day vacation.

I told you, you should have peed at the airport.

I understand that.

It's not gonna be a problem. I'm gonna take care of it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Is there some maid you hired I'm unaware of?

Coat on the rack, suitcase out of the way. Come on.

Wait, wait, wait. Steve.

Dad! Let me explain.

You're shouting. Let me explain.

I'm gonna get you the money. You have my word.

The deposit should go through any day now.

It's not like I'm trying to fuck you over!

I'm not trying to give you the runaround.

Look, I'm gonna work something out here.

DJ, no food! It's almost 11:00.

I know you can hear me.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Look, you don't have to threaten me.

Expect a check tomorrow afternoon. Two days at most.

Okay, fine.

Is it a healthy snack at least? It's gluten-free.

Really? Hey. What?

How do you eat this? It's delicious.

Something smells good. You guys have a snack without me?

What happened to the wallpaper in my room?

Just feeling it out.

We were gonna run it by you.

Um, but you didn't.

And you just went into my room?

Look, I really think you're going to like it.

Look, I understand you're mad.

Of course, we were gonna tell you first.

We just thought that we'd find something that you liked.

Funny, because I don't remember anybody ever having a problem with my wallpaper before. Right, DJ?

Right, DJ? Yeah. Totally.

I mean, actually, that wallpaper is kind of creepy.

Okay. This is really uncool.


You told me you were gonna ask her before we tested the paint.

I was going to, and then I remembered how she reacted when I asked if I could throw out her Harry Styles posters.

This is not helping here.

I mean, how'd she even see it?

Hey, Josh, it's me. I've left you like a thousand messages so just call me back when you get this.





My charger, why did you take it?

I don't know what you're talking about. I have my own charger.

I don't believe you. Fine.


So, you're not screwing with me?

No. I'm being totally normal.

You should try it sometime.

Wait, Deej, wait.

I'm sorry. Whatever.

Hey. Come on.

It's just you and me, right?


DJ, take out the trash!

My, God! Sorry. I'm sorry. Hey! Get out!

Sorry. Get out of here!


You're gonna die!


I'm sorry, dude. You definitely frightened...

So, that was too easy.

You were just like a sitting duck, man.

How you doing? I'm all right.

You survive Florida, my man?

Yeah. It was pretty boring. Hot as hell.

I went to the beach, went to dinner.

I'd rather be playing Xbox, but...

It's on already?

Hell, yeah. Okay, I'm getting my revenge.

Let's do this. No, you can't push it like that.

That is against the rules. You can't do that, no!

You can't score. DJ, I'm gonna kick your...

Hey, bro. You staying a while?

I don't... Um...

Yeah, this... It's kind of a long story.

Matt? It's 11:30 at night.

Wait, why didn't you just call us at least?

I was going to call, but Sheryl kind of accidentally deliberately threw my cell phone in the toilet.

But he's gonna be out of here in three days.

Tops. Three days tops.

Hi, Liv. How are you? I'm good, thanks. Thanks for asking.

How you doing? My God.

No way. You're too hot for this guy.

This is stupid. This just doesn't even work.

We got some pizza in the freezer. The two of you.

Go get some food. Okay.

I'll set you up in the room.



Hey, Killer. Hi. Hey, there.

Now's not actually a good time to talk.

No, no, no. No, no.

You're not getting off that easy.

You gotta give me something. Come on, it's me.

Catch me up. I wanna know about your life. Go.


Olivia's trying to destroy my life.

Okay, first of all, refined sugars, that's what's destroying your life.

Second of all, Olivia is not scary at all.

If anything, she's terrified of you.

Why would she be afraid of me?

'Cause you're a teenage girl. Teenage girls are terrifying.

One look from a teenage girl will send most men off... You just did it.

You did the teenage girl look.

I'm terrified right now.

You see?

I just feel like...

Like I don't have a say in anything, you know? And it stresses me out.

It's good not to have a say in things. You just gotta chill.

Believe me, I know. That's why I self-medicate.


It's for my glaucoma. You know that.

All right, good talk, son.

You gotta get out of this funk.

Come here.


Do your homework and eat more vegetables.

And, drink more water and exercise.

That's what your Uncle Matt says.

It's really good. It's really good.

He's my brother. What am I supposed to do?

You tuck him in.

Hey, guys. Look at the camera.

Look up at the camera and smile. What the...

What do you think? Is that a butterfly?

A butterfly! A butterfly?

Did Mommy make a big butterfly, too?

Great job too, Mommy.

Hey, I got your texts. All 20,000 of them.

I was worried that on your way home from the airport you got trapped under a burning car.

Can I ask you a question? Yeah, go for it.

Do you see us staying together?

I mean, like, past senior year.

Whoa. Yeah.

I mean, I think so. Do you?


Babe, what's going on?

Nothing. I don't want to talk about it.

Talk about what?

Babe, what's going on?

Do you think even when people die they could still judge you for your mistakes?

Baby, are you talking about your mom?

It's been six years.

All right? What would she judge you for?

I gotta go.

Come on, I miss you, and you're freaking me out.

Talk to me. Like, did I do something?

Did I screw up? Say something wrong?

No. No, it's not you. I just...

Yeah, I gotta go. Jame.

Does she know I'm 35 grand deep? No, I'd be a dead man.

Thirty five grand? Look, don't...

Jesus, even the rich are poor.

Here, man, it sounds like you need this more than I do.

God, it's like we're back in senior year.

Where'd you get this shit anyway?

Same guy we got it from in senior year.

No. No, I'm not kidding, man.

Dirk, he's a lifer. No.

All right, I'm going to arrive around the corner. Watch out.

There's a guy right there.

What the hell?

Okay, sorry, I'm back, guys.

Come on. That's bull crap.

Hey, Jame?


Just wanted to see if you're okay.

Yeah, I'm okay.

Listen, I...

We shouldn't have gone in your room without your permission.

It was stupid of me.

I know this transition's been rough.

And the last thing you need is someone invading your privacy.

All right. Good night.

Night, Dad.


Five more minutes, then the game goes off and the teeth get brushed.

Can it be ten? Five.


Maybe I've been trying to change too much.

I'm just afraid I'm never gonna connect with her.

Stop it.

You're just feeling each other out.

Besides, you got lucky.

You missed the zombie years.

The piss, the shit, the puke.

You took a shortcut to the best parts of motherhood.


What the fuck?

What the fuck?




It's started.

Two to three minutes.

Yeah, okay.

I'm in here!


Did you hear that? Did you hear that?

I got it.

What's going on? Don't know, I heard something.

Okay. What's going on?

Matt, is that you?

What was that sound?



Call the police. Okay.

Dad, what was down there?

What did you see?

What are you getting? It's okay.

Just hang back, guys, okay?

The phones are gone.

Okay, get back in the bedroom and lock the door. Now.

Okay. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Jamie! Jamie, come on!

Stay up here. Listen to what your dad said.



Matty, if this is you, it's not funny.



Jesus Christ!

What the fuck?

Dad! Please come back upstairs.

Jamie, go back upstairs. Everything's gonna be okay.

Dad, please. Please, come back upstairs.

It's okay, sweetie. Get back up there.

I can't see anything.

What's going on down there?


Dad! Dad!

Adam! No!

Get off of him!

Get off of him, please! Dad!

Jamie, get back here!


Come on, go, go, go!

We have to help him!

No, we have to help him! Jamie, just come with us!

This way, we gotta go! Get in!

What do we do? Lock the door. Look the door.

Help me. Come on.

Is it okay?


No! Hold it!



Is he gone?

My God.


Check under the bed! Jamie, I'm scared.

It's gonna be okay. No, no, I'm just scared.

Where are the phones?

What are you doing? Where the hell are the phones?

We have to help him! We wait for the...

The phones were right here. Where are the phones?

We gotta go downstairs, and we have to help him!

There's somebody downstairs.

Our only priority right now is to get out of this house.

Do you understand? How are we gonna do that?

Check the windows. See if we can get out through that side.

We can't jump. It's way too high.

What is that Back away. Back, back, back.

We have to get out of here. We have to get out of here.

Help! Help us!


Help us! Somebody help!

What is it? Nothing, nothing.

What Get back, get back, get back!

My God. What's that?

What is that? What is happening?

You don't understand.

It's ridiculous. It's like...

Jamie She treats me like a child, but yet she's closer to my age than to my dad's.

I don't know.

I don't know.

She's a total gold digger. They were watching me...

And the grossest part is, I think my little brother has a crush on her.

What the hell is this? I don't know. I don't know.

You know, my dad acts like I'm the one with the problem.

But really, he's the one in total denial.

What is this?

He's the one that's responsible for all this.

Is this a prank between you and your friends?

This isn't funny, Jamie! No, I don't know how they got these!

How'd it get on the screen? I don't know. He's filming me!


Sometimes, I wish it was him.


It's okay. My God.


Turn it off.

It's okay. It's okay. Turn it off! Turn it off!

Who's doing this? I don't know!

Jamie, I'm scared. Okay. Okay, look...

All right. All right, we just stay calm.

We're gonna get out of this house.

Okay? Just help me look for something sharp.

Something we can protect ourselves with.

There's nothing here.

I can't find anything.

I can't find anything. Come on, keep looking.

I found something.

That's good. Just hold on to it, okay?

Come on, Jamie, here. We'll just take the glass, okay?

All right, listen. Come here. Listen to me.

We're gonna walk out of that door right now. Okay?

Just stay together. Are you sure?

Everyone's gonna be fine, I promise. Just stay together, okay?

You know what, it's gonna be fine.

It's gonna be fine. Come on.

Come on.

Help me.

Stay together. Yeah.

Nobody's here. It's just us.

What do we do? I don't know.

Come on, stay together. Come on.

I hear something. Was that you?

My God. What is that? What's what?

I hear something. It's okay.

Keep calm.

Do you hear that? What is that? I hear something.

Just stay together.


Someone is watching us.

My cell phone.

Wait, wait, wait!

Where is it? Shit.


Jamie What is that?

Where is it?

No, no, don't touch that! Don't touch that.

Olivia, someone's planning this.

"Kill or be killed."

They want us to fight back.


It works!

What do we do?

My God!

Just stay close, all right?

What is that?

It smells like gas.

Where's Jamie?


Jamie, come here.

Come on. Get down, dude. Get down.

Run. Run!

Adam! Dad!

Go! Go! Go!

We can't get out! We're trapped!

He's here. Run!

Go! Run!

No! No, back up! Olivia!

Stay back! Get back in the basement! Get back!

Olivia, come on, hurry! Olivia! Stay back!

Shit, shit, shit...

Okay, let me look.

My God, somebody... We need to get out of here.

Somebody could be in here.

No! No!

It's locked!

We have to try and find a way out of here.

The windows!

Okay. Okay. Okay. No...

My God. No...

What are we gonna do?

Find something to pry it open with.


"What would she do?"

Was that your mother's?

Help me!

Damn it!

It's okay. It's okay.

Hey, guys? Do you guys hear that?

Guys, guys, do you hear that? It's okay.

It's the police!

It's the police, guys!

What? Hey!

Help us! We're in the basement!

Help us! We're in the basement!

Down here! We're here!

Hey! Downstairs in the basement!

This is the police. We've received reports of a disturbance...

We're down here! We're down here!

Downstairs! We're downstairs!

Wait. Help us!

I hear them. Hey!

Hello! We're down here! Help us!

We're in the basement! Down here!

Help! Help!

This is the police. We've received reports of a disturbance, and we're searching the home.

This is the police. We've received reports of a disturbance, and we're searching the home. I don't understand.

This is the police. We've received reports of a disturbance...

This is the police. We've received reports of a disturbance...

This is the police. We've received reports of a disturbance... and we're searching the home.

What is it? Speakers.

They're screwing with us.

They wanted us in the basement.

We're all gonna die.

Okay, listen to me, all right?

I need you to be strong for me. Can you do that?

Can you be strong for your brother and for me?

Hey, guys?

I found this on the driveway.

It... it had a bow on it, too.

Did you guys hear that?

What is it? It's coming from over here.

My God. Josh.

Go get him. Josh.

Josh! Josh...



Where's he going? Jamie.

Josh! Jamie, you okay?

Jamie... Josh, go around!

Hey, are you... Jamie, you down there?

I'm here! Jamie, what's happening?

Jamie! Jamie!

Josh, keep coming! Trying to get this stupid door open.

Are you all right? Let's go, come on!

Josh, look behind you!

Why won't this stupid door open? Jamie!


No, Josh!




Why are you doing this?

God damn you!

Leave us alone!

Help! Help us!

Why? Why...

Guys, there's another window. There's another window.

Guys! Guys! All right. All right. Come on.

Come on.

Olivia! Wait.

It's okay. Olivia, where are you going?

Okay, listen to me. All right. I want you to be strong for me.

We locked ourselves in here. They can't get in here, okay?

I'm gonna go outside and find some help.

It's gonna be fine. It's safe. Just wait here.

I promise, I'll come back. Okay? I'll come back.


I'll come back for you both.

I promise.

Are we gonna die?

I don't know.

My God, you're alive. We have to...

Okay, wait, wait. God. Get out of here.

Come on. Hurry. Hurry. Pry it off.

Run! Run!

Run! Get out!

Wait! Help!


Come around back.


Don't worry.

She made it out. I know she did.

DJ, you can still go to the bathroom.

Don't worry. I'll keep a close watch.

Just go use the sink.




Jamie, the door's locked.

I can't get out.

Come on. Come on. Come on.


I can't open the door.


What's happening?

Jamie! Jamie! Help!


Who are you?

Fuck. You okay?

Okay. Come on.

Jamie. Your arm. Come here.

What is that?

I keep having this nightmare.

It starts the same every night.

There's a storm outside.

It's thunder and lightning and... Stay here.

Then I get this feeling...

That someone's watching me.

When the lightning flashes, I can see her.

She's laying on the kitchen table...

And she's got a shroud over her...

And I can see all these bugs, these spiders and cockroaches, and they're just...

Eating away at her.

What is it?

Olivia. No.

What is it?

Nothing. It's just a mannequin.

They're just trying to scare us.

It's my nightmare.

DJ, run!

Come on! Let's go.

It's okay. Don't look. Come on, go.

Is he going to find us?


Stay here.

Who are you?

Why are you doing this?

Because it's fun for them.

Fun for who?

The people watching.

Just tell me what you want.

To cut you open and see what's inside you.

We've been watching you a long time.

We know your darkest thoughts, Jamie.

We see the anger you hold back.

For your mother. Your father.

You used that to stay alive.

And now we all want to see how far that will take you.

There's a shock value to that that's endlessly entertaining.

I couldn't help it.

I had to know how it ended.

Use this gift, Jamie.

The only way you're going to survive is if you become the darkness inside you.

Please, whoever's watching this, please help us! We live at 2-1...


Remember when you asked me if we were gonna die?

And I said I didn't know. Yeah.

I do know.

The only other person who's gonna die here tonight...

Is him.

Listen to me. No, Jamie.

DJ, you have to trust me. No.

It's okay. So this is what we're gonna do.

Get the fuck out of our house.

DJ, now!

Come on, go on!


Get off of me!


Get off of her!


Jamie! No!

Burn in hell, fucker!

Okay, DJ, help me. Come on!

Come on! DJ, let's go!

Come on, Jamie, come on.

We're almost there. I can't keep going.

I don't think anyone's coming. It's okay. Come on.

I can't do it. All right, come on.

Come on, Jamie.


Come on.

Come here! No! Stop! Please!

Get off!

DJ, look out!

No, please! Jamie!

DJ! DJ, are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Leave us alone!

Why are you doing this to us?

Why are you doing this to us?

Why are you doing this to us?

Why are you doing this to me?

The rules have always been very simple.

What is this?

Kill or be killed.

It's your turn now, Jamie.

We're not going to hurt your brother...

As long as you do exactly what I tell you.

Don't listen to him, Jamie.

You will provide the excitement for our next family, Jamie.

You will give the audience the reason...

to keep watching.