Keep Your Distance (2005) Script

[lively rock music]

And now, practically live, from the 84 WHAS Broadcast Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, it's the radio program you have voted number one for eight years running.

David Dailey!

It's the David Dailey show on 84 WHAS.

David Dailey here with senatorial candidate Mr. Bob Lentz.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Thank you, Dave. It's always a pleasure.

You know that.

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the fact that you have no negative ads in this campaign.

Thank you, David.

That's something we wanted right from the start.

It just doesn't serve anyone, so we're going to keep it that way till the very end.


[tires squeal]

[dramatic piano music]


Thank you, man.

Looks just like you.


Where is Susan, anyway?

Meeting us there, I guess.


Is this girl going to show up?

She'll show up. She had to work.

Yeah. And her name again is...

Melanie, yeah?


Melo-dee. Dee.

How do you keep 'em all straight?

This one's different, dad.

In case you're curious, the winner of today's eighth race was the number two horse, damn poor rat, which pretty much describes me given that I didn't bet on him.

Coming up next is this weekend's very soggy weather forecast, brought to you by aqua perfect.

Right after the break, we'll be back with this week's community spotlight, hosted by the lovely, the talented, and the incredibly lucky to be married to me, Mrs. Susan Dailey, if she ever gets here.

I'm right behind you.

You're right behind me. Hey.

Hey. Where were you?

I'm sorry I'm late.

I had to pull over when I heard the news about Bob Lentz.

Some repair person found videos on his computer.

Child porn. Young boys.


Saturday is opening day for the new season of Louisville youth league baseball.

We'll be there.

Yes, we will, and on sunday, the big event is the 15th annual best buddies picnic fundraiser.

I remember the barbeque from that picnic last year.


Hey. Hi.

Good to see you. Dad, this is melody.

Hi. Nice to meet you, melody.

So nice to meet you, Mr. Voight.

You didn't tell me your dad was going to be here.

I wanted it to be a surprise.

He's always doing that.

I've got a women's club dinner tonight that I can't miss, so I'll see you at home later?

I just can't believe that about Bob.

Poor Elizabeth.

I feel like I should call them.

Well, I've already tried, but they must have turned their phones off.

That's a shame.

I mean, he can forget about the senate.

Playing in Nashville next week.

This promoter digs our music, so he set up a show, and if the thing goes well, we're looking at a regional tour.

That's great. I'm real proud of you, son.

But be careful of people who kiss your ass.

They're always after something.

Mr. Voight?

You've got a conference call in ten minutes.

No, no, no. Dad, don't go yet.

[phone dialing]

Freak me out.

You know, whit, one day, you'll have your own show.

You'll learn how to deal with it.

Some wackos aren't content to simply listen and watch.

They have to interact; They have to get personal.


What is it?

Susan's perfume.

Tim? Yeah?

It's Sean. Ready?

Yeah, we're a go. Good luck, man.

[cheers and applause]

Oh, my god.

[enchanting piano music]



I love you, melody.

Will you marry me?




I can't marry you, Sean.

[crowd booing]

Sorry. I'm sorry.

You really think I'll have my own show someday?



♪ Say it ♪

♪ say it to you ♪

♪ say it ♪ No.

♪ Now you're half awake ♪

♪ half asleep ♪

♪ your mind's caught up ♪

[tires screech]

Oh, my god!

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Thank you.

That's a hit-and-run!

Hey, there, little darling.

Can you just get out of my way?

Sorry, boys. She's with me.

Yeah, um, it's this silver Taurus.


Thanks a lot.

Oh, thank you.

Um, sorry.

Uh, thanks for the ride. No problem.

You can go. I'm fine, really.


Look, if you ever need anything, just give me a call.

I owe you one.

Melody. From Chicago.

Yeah. I've been there.


Thanks. Thanks.

You're welcome.

David Dailey from the radio.

Yeah. Right.

I'll see you. Yeah, uh, thank you again for the ride.

[engine turns over]



Hey, whit.

Listen, uh, when I said I didn't think you'd ever get your own show someday, I didn't mean you'd never get on the air.

I, uh...

Yeah, I know.

Have a good weekend, dude.

Come on, son.

[sultry R&B music]


Welcome to the sealbach.

Hey, you're David Dailey.

Staying with us tonight, sir?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Thank you.

[elevator dings]


[breathing heavily]


Oh, my god.

David, wait. David.


Damn it.

I cannot believe it. Let him go.


Are... are you okay to drive?

I'm fine.

Oh, man.

What the...

[horn blares]

[tires squealing]

What the hell was that?

Wake up, buddy.

I'm sorry.

[siren beeps]


Get out of the intersection immediately.

All right. All right.

All right, I can see you.

Pull over to the left curb.

License and registration, please.

What are you, colorblind?

Uh, no, officer. I was having a real bad day.

Oh, god.

Listen, I left my license in my wallet, and my wallet's back at the hotel, and it's a long story.

Uh, have you been drinking, sir?

Um, officer baines, is it?


Hi, my name's David. Hi, David.


You know who I am?

Yeah, I know who you are.

Yeah, and what's your name?

Officer baines.

[cuffs clicking]

[somber piano music]


Sean, it's melody.

I've tried calling four times, and I hope you're okay.

Look, I'm sorry about what happened.

But trust me; You don't want to marry me.

Can you just call me and tell me you're okay?

Try my mobile or try me at the best western on brownsboro.

Okay, bye.

[man speaking Spanish]

Hey, dog.

How come you don't have no black people on your show?

[phone ringing]


Hello. I have a collect call from...

[phone ringing]

[phone rings]

Sean? Sean, is that you?

Hello. I have a collect call from...

David Dailey...

Stein... man... sen.

An inmate at Jefferson county jail.

If you wish to accept and pay for this call, press 3 and hold.

To refuse, hang up.


Thank you.


Are you okay?

Thank you for doing this.

Now we're even.

It's open. Okay.

Word 28: Serendipity.

The faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things.

Working on your vocabulary at 4:00 A.M.


It's more like embarrassing.

[mysterious piano music]


I'd invite you in, but my life is a wreck.

Invite me in anyway.

I have to pee.


You want to come in? Yeah, thanks.

I'll only take a sec. Okay.


Wow. Yeah.

Susan and I got this place a few years ago.

It's great. It's secluded.

All that.

But it's a 30-minute drive to downtown.

Susan didn't like that, so we bought a condo in the city.

It's more convenient.

Your wife doesn't like it here?

No, not really.

It's amazing.

Sorry. I'm nosy.

No, no. It's, uh...

I, uh, I've got a secret admirer, or a secret something.

Hmm. Look at that.

Look, about that bathroom.

Oh... Sorry.

It's straight down there.

Okay, there. I'll just be a minute.


You want me to fix you some coffee?

Um, yeah. Yeah, that would be great.


So do you have kids?

Um, no. We don't.

We can't.


Do you have any from your marriage?

I never said I was married.

Ah, you didn't have to.

Flat-out rejecting that proposal in front of all those people, it takes the kind of courage that can only come from someone who knows how it feels to be married to the wrong person.

My divorce is final as soon as we sell the house.

No kids.

Thanks for your help. I owe you one.

You owe me nothing.

Call your wife.

I'm sure she's worried sick about you.

I told you, she's out of town.

You're a terrible liar, David.

[engine turns over]

Rumors continue to swirl around senatorial candidate Bob Lentz.

The former high school history teacher vehemently denies he has ever possessed child pornography.

Some observers say this scandal will likely deal a fatal blow...

[acoustic strumming]

♪ Melody ♪

♪ melody ♪

♪ melody ♪

♪ I didn't mean to cause such calamity ♪

♪ melody ♪

♪ oh, melody ♪

♪ melody ♪

♪ if I could, I would... ♪

♪ Save a manatee ♪


I don't know. I'm still working on it.

You look tired.

Well, I didn't get much sleep last night.

Yeah, me neither.

Listen, you have no business apologizing to me.

All right, I am the one that screwed up, all right?

I should be apologizing to you.

It was stupid, and I was showboating, and it was selfish.

And I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.


I tell you what, let me take you to breakfast, huh?

Before you hit the road?

I know this place.

It serves incredible chocolate chip pancakes.

Mmm. Oh, damn. I can't.

I can't. I'm already late.

All right.

What about the show next week?

Like I said, it just depends on my schedule, you know?

Melody, if you don't want to go...

No, no. No, it's not that.

It's not that. It's just...

I just need some space right now.

Space. Yeah.



Our backs were against the walls, and it was do or die, and all I wanted to do was go out there and give it 112%.


Oh, yeah.

And thanks to my teammates and coaches.

I couldn't have done it without them.

Attaboy, Taylor.

Now, remember, guys.

You always want to thank your teammates and your coaches.

Oh, and your wives and girlfriends too.


Excuse me, sir?

[dramatic music]

♪♪ Hey.

How'd you find out?

I followed you.

How long's this been going on?

A while.

But no one knows about it.

No one knows about it?

Then what about your... about her?

Who is she?

We can count on her being discreet, okay?

Oh, yeah.

She struck me as someone capable of tremendous self-restraint.

Since we've been married, I have never been with another man, David.

I want you to know that.

Is that supposed to make me feel better, Susan?

I thought it might.

I, uh...

I don't feel like talking about this right now.

We're gonna have to sooner or later.

I choose later. David.

Hon, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't keep you.

No. No worries.

You're my last call of the day, then I'm off to indianapolis.


Yeah. It's Saturday.


You work too hard, melody.

You need a vacation.

Oh, I can't. What do you mean you can't?

Because they'll just find some younger, better looking, morally casual version of me to fill in.

Just temporally, they'll say, but 85% of the doctors I call on are males, so you do the math.

You know, I'm having a lot of success with this marlynon, especially with treating postpartum.

Yeah, it's selling like gangbusters.

So you know David Dailey.

I've been on his show a few times.

Yeah, I just met him.

He seems like a really genuine guy.

He is.

So how are things with Sean?


Things are...

Moving too fast.

Well, maybe you'll meet a nice doctor that you'll like.

You know, god knows, you meet plenty of them.

Yeah, I don't date doctors. Not anymore.

Do you eat tofu?

No... I don't.

Tried it once. It was just nasty.

Texture problem.

I will never eat it again.

I mean, just the thought of it takes me back to that first experience and makes me sick.

So even if I hadn't eaten in days and the only restaurant for miles served nothing but tofu, I still couldn't bring myself to eat it.

I'd rather starve.

That's why I don't date doctors.

You should really think about that vacation.


[brooding rock music]

♪♪ All right, it just keeps going over.

Yeah, man. Keep on rocking.

Bring something home.

Are you playing a regular "c"?

No, man... hey!

[music stops]

Afternoon, gentlemen.

Hey, man.

Here's that effects pedal you wanted.


Here's a new one.

You need to learn this by friday.


That's ballsy.

I'm going to take a leak.

As a soon as I get back, we'll take it from the top.

Another new song by friday?

It's just well-financed.

Why don't you tell him that to his face?

No way, man. He's a gun person.


Probably use a capo, so you might want to just capo it up.

[phone ringing]

Wellington hotel, indianapolis.

Yeah, hi, can you ring melody Carpenter's room for me, please?

My pleasure. One moment.

I'm sorry, we don't have a guest by that name.

You don't. No, sir.

Thank you.

[phone beeping]

Indianapolis Hampton inn.

Hi, can you ring melody Carpenter's room for me please?

Certainly. Thank you.

Fred. Yes, sir.

I gotta talk to you about something.

Yes, sir.

Parked the car the other night and gave you the keys, you take it away.

I come back, I find this on the head of my dashboard, inside my car.

Yes, sir.

You know anything about this? No, sir.

Anybody give you money to put that in there?

No, absolutely not.

What about you? You know anything?

No, sir.

You're in charge of this whole parking lot.

You're telling me you can't help me?

No. No?

No, I don't know anything about it.

I wasn't out here. Forget it.

Hey, Hank. Thanks for meeting me.

No problem, Dave.

What's on your mind?

Something happened to me last night.

I was hoping you could keep it a secret.

Oh, that.


It's already taken care of, my friend.

Susan called me and gave me a heads-up.

Should be fine.



[pensive piano music]


I just need some space right now.

Space? Yeah.



Melody Lynn Carpenter, 31, majored in French at Georgetown university.

She signed up for the peace corps but fell in love with Scott Cooper.

That marriage lasted four years.

She refused alimony.

Works 80 hours a week.

Recently promoted to regional sales rep.

She has a mother in Florida, but according to phone records, they've only spoken once in the last six months.

A couple of speeding tickets as a teenager, but other than that, no criminal record.

Clean as a whistle.

She's a keeper, all right.

And Sean.

Is he behaving?

As far as I can tell.

I want you to keep an eye on things just the same.

[car door slams]

Hello, good people.

This is whit Harrington, live on WHAS 84.

Thrilled to tell you about our newest and most twisted radio program, [demonically] The sadist show.

Each week on the sadist show, several furry four-legged animals and my power tool collection

[demonically] Will clash in a battle to the death.

Here's a preview of this week's show, when a litter of kittens takes on my electric saw.

[tools roaring and kittens yelping]


You are a sick man.

What are you doing here so early?

What the hell was that?

Oh, it's not finished yet.

Work in process.

Um, I'll go get your mail, dude.

Got my mail. I'll get your coffee.


David Dailey. WHAS.

Hi, David Dailey here, as the afternoon host here at WHAS, you can easily deduce that I am most definitely not a morning person, but keeping the loyal listening audience in kentuckiana happy is a full-time job, meaning I need to get started bright and early each and every day.

How do I manage to get the wheels turning each morning?

Well, my wife, Susan, tried it, but nothing...

[dramatic music]


[cell phone ringing]


Melody, hi. It's David Dailey.

Hi, how are you?

I got another note.

We need to talk. In my office right now.


I'll call you back.


What is going on?

Okay, two things.

One, I don't want to hear a word on your show about that proposal fiasco at the track last week, all right?

And that comes straight from the top.

Got it. Wasn't planning on it.

Good, good.

Kevin? Yeah?

What's the second thing?

All: Congratulations!



When are you coming home?

I didn't even know we were nominated.

Susan also tells me that you've just been named to the Winston foundation board, huh?

You two are a public relations dream team.

I wish I were both of you.



Hey. Hey.

Sorry about earlier.

There's an opening for the sunday graveyard shift.

I'm hoping my new demo will get me the gig.

That's cool. Congratulations.


[dramatic piano music]


Coming up in the next hour, we're going to be discussing the Bob Lentz situation, and please keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, in this country you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

Okay, we've got to pay a few bills.

We'll be right back.

Doesn't matter.


Whether Lentz is innocent or guilty, it doesn't matter.

Sure it does.

I mean, I know this guy, and I'm sure that he's innocent.

What he is is screwed.

Serves him right.

You know, he flunked me in U.S. history.

[cell phone rings]


Hey, melody. It's David.

I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you earlier.

I'm dying to hear about your theory.

Well, I need to see the new note for it to even qualify as a theory.

Well, I'll meet you. Tell me where.

How about your place?

Okay, let me give you directions.

I remember how to get there.

Okay. Bye-bye.


[dramatic music]


[knock on door]

Hey. Hey.

You made it. I did.

Come on in. Thanks.


God, I didn't notice all the skylights before.


Thirsty? You want something to drink?

Oh, yeah, thanks.

Look, three notes, three red letters.

My guess is they're going to spell something, or someone, eventually.

Do any of these combinations mean anything to you?

Letters that might spell something.

Or someone. Or someone.


Well, I'm glad you didn't try to explain that to me over the phone.

You didn't seem to mind me coming over.

I don't.

You must deal with idiots like this all the time.

I mean, why is this any different?

Well, let's just say this put my marriage under a little stress.



Just, when you called me from jail, I thought, "why me?

You don't even know me."

But now I get it.

Something's going on with your wife.

You can't talk to her. Can't talk to your friends.

If you fix things, you'd just assume they never knew about it.

So you can't really trust anyone, can you?

Except someone you have no history with who doesn't know you well enough to betray you.

Do you just sell drugs or do you prescribe them too?

[dramatic piano music]

♪♪ I don't want a divorce or a separation or anything crazy like that.

Neither do I.

People give up too easily these days.

I like our life.

I love this city.

We're a team. We're a damn good team.

And I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep us together.

Now, uh, I think that we should start seeing a therapist, preferably somebody out of town so we don't end up on the front page.

A therapist?


For our, uh...

Sex life.

After ten years of marriage, it's clear we've grown a little tired of each other.

The only problem with our sex life is, it's limited to you and me.


[crowd shouting]

Mr. Dailey! Over here, Mr. Dailey!

Mr. Dailey!

How long have you been engaging in deviant sexual behavior?

Are you setting a good example for the children?

Is your wife's female lover a prostitute?

How long have you been a pedophile?

I object to that question.

That is a complete fabrication.

I have nothing more to say except that I'm innocent of all these charges.

We're going to talk about that.

That's a bad thing. Yeah, that's bad.

[laughs] Sorry.

So listen, Sean, about your show on friday.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

I don't know what to do. My calendar's a mess.

I'm supposed to be here all day.

I mean, if it was in Louisville, I promise you I'd be there, but I just don't think there's any way I can get to Nashville.

And, listen, I think we need to... it's so bizarre.


Actually what it is is cool.

It's very cool.

Well, I'm glad, I think.

The show on friday, it's here.


Yeah, they just moved it yesterday.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Come on, Sean. The promoter moved it.


It's at headliners at 11:00.

Here, call and check it out for yourself if you want to.

No, no. No, I believe you.

So you'll come then.

Yeah, of course. I'll be there.

I got to get back to band practice.

I'll see you on friday. Okay.

[engine turns over]

[phone rings]


Hello, hey. Man, is this Gus?

Yeah, yeah. Who's this?

I'm actually... beep!

Hold on a sec. I got another call.

No, no, no.

I'll give you $500 not to take that call.

Look, slick, we book only the best acts.

We book 'em months in advance.

We got standards. We got a reputation.

You can't just stroll in here, expect to take that stage this friday night.

I only want to play one song.

It ain't going to happen. I don't care who you are.

I don't care who you're related to.

[phone rings]

Yeah, headliners.


I was wondering if Sean voight was playing there friday night.

Yes, ma'am. He is?


[upbeat rock music]

♪♪ Bye-bye.

You're driving home with David Dailey and friends on 84 WHAS.

Up now on the show, I'm happy to introduce a very special guest, ridiculously special in fact, Dr. Floyd Beasley, author of do whatever you want!

He'll be taking your calls at 555-0198, so give us a ring.

This is a self-help book?


It's for coping with addictions like drugs, alcohol, food, and sex.


Let's see what our first caller has to say.

Mary from Covington, you're on the air.

Yep, hi.

I'm curious, shouldn't sex addiction be called orgasm addiction?

Well, no, not necessarily, Mary, because just like there's many different kinds of drugs, there's many different kinds of sex.

Well, I understand that, doctor, but different drugs do different things.

When it comes to sex, everybody wants their bell rung.

Huh. Whit, what do you think?

I wouldn't know, Dave. I'm still a virgin.


Well, let's see what a sex addict has to say about this.

I see we have one on line two.

Excuse me, shouldn't we be talking about my book?

Mary, why don't you stay with us?

We're going to do a little three-way with Steven from Fern Creek.

You're on the air. You claim to be a sex addict?

Yeah, I got to have sex several times a day, preferably with as many partners as possible.

That doesn't make you an addict, darling.

That makes you a whore.

Oh, Mary from Covington...

Stephen, do you have a rebuttal?

Yeah, whatever. Click!

[dial tone] Hello?

Well, I guess he went to go do his thing.

What we mustn't escape here is that sexual addiction is a very important reality in today's society.

No, it's yet another misdiagnosis in an over-medicated pro-victim society that conveniently ascribes its indulgences and deficiencies to fabricated afflictions.

Wow, that was a lot of syllables.

Okay, if you're scoring at home, and Stephen, we know you are, probably with your vacuum cleaner, that's Mary from Covington, 41;

Dr. Beasley and Stephen, goose egg.


Zilch, zip.

Oh! Ahh!


We're supposed to be promoting my book right now.

Well, aren't we, though?

[feigns laughter]

Go be funny to a chair. This interview is over.

Okay, fine.

Hey, do whatever you want.

We'll be right back with something that can't possibly top that.

Mary from Covington, wherever you are, you made my day.


What the hell was that all about?

Oh, relax, Kevin, it's not like we had hookers swallowing kielbasas in here.

Do you think that I enjoy kissing your ass, David?

Let me tell you, I do it because I have to, because you're the star.

But let me explain something to you, pal.

You are not bulletproof.

When you make the station look bad, you make me look bad.

That is not something you want to do.

I'm sorry, Kevin.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what got into me.


Neither do I.





I'm talking to you! Smack!

Who are you? What do you want?

What do you want from me?


Boombozz pizza.

We just opened right across the street.

I'm sorry.

Freakin' nut case.

Do you own a gun?


I'm co-chair of the Kentucky anti-violence coalition.


Don't worry.

I'll be fine.

Ah, maybe my theory's crap.

Um, melody, the very first note wasn't just a note.

Inside was a hotel room key.

And in the room, I found my wife in bed with another woman.



I'm the first person you've told about this.


Look, maybe we're thinking about this the wrong way.

I mean, maybe someone's trying to help you.

The only thing anyone is trying to do is...

And you know what?

It's working.

No, look, if they wanted to screw you, they would have taken this information public by now.

This person knew your wife was cheating on you and they found a discreet way to tell you and prove it to you.

So it definitely counts as cheating even though it's with...

I don't know, the same gender?

What the hell do I know?

But isn't two women every man's fantasy?

Maybe it's not cheating if they invite you to join them.

And life's supposed to be about the journey, not the destination, right?

That'd be a hell of a ride.

Yeah, well, see, that's...

Kind of the thing.

Wait. You're kidding.

I mean, I was when I said that.

When I was 18, I couldn't get that thought out of my head, and now, if i... if I don't go through with this, does that make me gutless?


I think it just makes you human.

[alarm blares]




Sorry I'm late, dude.

Traffic was totally un-mellow.

Have a seat.

Check this out.


This looks great.

Look, whit.

I talked to Kevin this morning about the sunday graveyard shift.

Oh, really?

It's not gonna happen.



These things take time.


I'm 27.

You got your first break when you were 21.

That puts me, like, six years behind schedule.

I got lucky.

If Terry hadn't retired, who knows when... but you're never gonna retire.

Maybe you should think about another station, maybe even another market.

You're young. You're single. You could go anywhere.

What exactly did you tell Kevin anyway?

Now, wait a minute, whit.

You submarined me, didn't you?



Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Sean voight band.

[soothing rock music]

♪ I understand ♪

♪ that you are a man ♪

♪ won't stir up memories of your past ♪

♪ somebody new ♪

♪ or somebody who ♪

♪ you can build something with that will last ♪

♪ you may be surprised ♪

♪ that I realized ♪

♪ that I'm not the man for this position ♪

♪ yeah, I'm letting go ♪

♪ and I thought you should know ♪

♪ I hope you will respect my decision ♪

♪ and if I quit that easy ♪

♪ and if I just walk away ♪

♪ how would you really feel inside ♪

♪ would you really be that happy? ♪

♪ Would you? ♪

♪ Would you wonder if ♪

♪ the man that you've been wishing for ♪

♪ had already come true ♪

♪ and been standing right in front of you? ♪


♪ yeah, been standing right in front of you? ♪


♪ I understand ♪

♪ that you have a plan ♪

♪ someday soon you want to start a family ♪

♪ well, the task's done ♪

♪ so look all you want ♪

♪ but you won't find a better father than me ♪

♪ oh, man, I have my own dreams ♪

♪ and I'll stand by you ♪

♪ when it seems no one even cares ♪

♪ I'll be your best friend ♪

♪ I'll be with you till the end ♪

♪ baby, I'm already there ♪

♪ oh ♪

♪ if you quit this easy ♪

♪ just let me walk away ♪

♪ how would you really feel inside? ♪

♪ Would you really be that happy? ♪

♪ Would you? ♪

♪ Would you wonder if ♪

♪ the man that you've been wishing for ♪

♪ had already come true ♪

♪ yeah, been standing right in front of you? ♪


♪ been standing right in front of you? ♪


♪ I been standing right in front of you ♪


♪ standing right in front of you ♪

[soulful guitar music]



What the hell was that?

That was for you.

Come on, give it up for the Sean voight band.

[engine turns over]

[engine rumbling]

I don't want to end up like Bob Lentz.

The guy leads a respectable life then gets condemned by one scathing rumor.

Yeah, it's a terrible thing.

He denied it.

No one believed him.

So whether or not he did anything wrong becomes irrelevant.

Someone knows about you, Susan.

I never followed you.

Someone tipped me off.

Not possible.

Someone knows about you.

So a rumor will start eventually, and it'll spread quickly because it's a sizzler.

It'll likely destroy my credibility just like Bob Lentz.

So if I'm destined to be convicted of a crime I didn't commit, why not go ahead and commit the crime?


You decide.


Sunday night out at the house.

Oh, you hate that place.

Yeah, I really want you to feel comfortable.

Thank you.

What the hell did you do with $5,000 in cash?


It was for the guys in the band for the show on friday.

I don't even understand what difference does it make?

I mean, considering how much money's in the account.

Sean, I thought you were getting paid to play.

There never even was a promoter, was there?


I put the show on for a girl.




Did it work?

[chuckles softly]

Yeah, it did.

Well, she's a nice young lady.

Great set of home wreckers.

[both laugh]

[gentle acoustic guitar music]

♪ I heard a sad, sad story about you ♪

♪ how you lost your way ♪

♪ now you've lost everything ♪

♪ and I don't know what to say ♪

♪ but you've been lost ♪

♪ such a long, long time ♪

♪ when you come back around ♪

♪ please tell me ♪

♪ I'll be there waiting ♪

♪ when you come back around ♪

♪ please tell me ♪

♪ I'll be there waiting ♪

♪ when you ♪

♪ when you come back to ♪

♪♪ Hello?

David, it's melody. Hey.


I'm thinking about taking a vacation, maybe Europe.

Oh, that's amazing.

So much history, so many different cultures.


I'm just dying to go to Paris, Madrid, Rome... you better send me a postcard.

You get enough mail as it is.


I think we've seen the last of the notes.


Why do you say that?

I got the message.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes to save my marriage.

Life's about the journey, right?

[stammers] Yeah.


So what about you?

I mean, will that make you happy?

There's no "i" in "team."


But there are two in "integrity."


You are a mess.


Yeah, you don't know the half of it.


I majored in French;

I have never been to France.

I love animals; I have no pets.

I sell pharmaceuticals, and I think our society is over-medicated.

Hey, melody.

And I divorced my husband for having an affair, and now i... you know what? Um...

I should go home, which, of course, isn't really home.

It's another friggin' motel room, because I own a house but I don't live in it.

Melody, hey, take it easy. Sorry.

No. Sorry.

It's okay.


You're amongst friends.

Melody, would you like some more ice cream?

[Melody laughs]

Aren't you the best? I'm sorry.

[cell phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[cell phone ringing]

[cell phone ringing]



He had battled depression in the past and apparently found the weight of a sex scandal too much to bear.

Funeral services will be held... click!


[engine turns over and revs]

[tires squeal] Stop!

[engine roars]

[engine turns over and tires squeal]

[tires squeal and engine roars]

[horn honks]

[tires squeal]


[engines roaring]


You are not gonna lose me.

You are not gonna lose me.

[engines roaring]


Damn it!

[brakes screech]

[tires squealing]

[engine grinding]


Get out.

What are you gonna do, shock me?

Why are you following me?

I'm not following you.

I'm just checking up on you.


I get paid to check up on you, melody.

[engine turns over] What?

[engine revs and tires squeal]

How do you know my name?



I think the only thing that Bob was really guilty of was not fully appreciating the gifts that life had bestowed on him.

He leaves a great deal behind:

A loving wife, four wonderful children.

They are his legacy.

And as a tribute to his memory, I would encourage all of you to reflect on your legacy.

What would you like to leave behind?

How would you like to be remembered?

What will you pass on to future generations?

[stark bagpipe music]

♪♪ So we're still on for tonight?


Are you all right with that?

Yeah, sure.

9:00, right?


Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself.

Hi. Hi, sweetie.

How are you? I'm okay.

Sorry I didn't answer the phone last night.

I was beat.

That's okay.

What's in the bag?

A proposal.


Oh, no. [chuckles]

Bad choice of words.

Wait. What is it?


Just open it.

It's not what you think, I promise.







[clears throat]


Look inside that one.

Oh, my god.

But these are for tomorrow.

Yes, they are.

That way, if you say yes, you won't have time to change your mind.

I can't.

I mean, I can't accept this.

It's too much.

Sure you can.

No strings attached.

I gave you both tickets 'cause I want you to go even if you don't want to go with me.


Oh, um...

Can I have an hour to think about it?


Can I buy you dinner? No.

[both laugh] Go away.

All right.

I'll see you in an hour.


[laughs lightly]




Hey, whit.

Anybody home?


I talked to Kevin this morning about the sunday graveyard shift.

Oh, really?

It's not gonna happen.



I don't know.

Don't you think it's odd that he knows about all the places I've always wanted to go?

Well, maybe he likes you.

It sounds like he listens to you too.

But it's just... I don't remember telling him about those things.

Well, maybe I did.

Do you like him?


I mean, he's cute.

He's creative.

He's persistent.

Then what's the problem?

I don't trust him.

Trust comes with time.

My advice?


If you are holding out for something better, it might not ever happen.

And if it doesn't, you're gonna kick yourself for not having done this when you had the chance.

On January, 26, 1985, Bob snakeskin was killed when his car veered off the road and plummeted into a 400-foot ravine.

His reaction time was slowed due to the fact that he was eating a pizza.

He was trying to save a little time.

Now he's dead.

Friends, don't let friends drive hungry.

[cell phone rings]



Yes, I'll go with you.



Look, it shouldn't take me too long to pack.

We are gonna have the best time.

I know.

I know. It's gonna be amazing.

[car door slams and echoes in phone]




[car door slams and echoes in phone]

You still there?



Don't move.

Damn it.

Damn it.

I forgot to give you this.

Just stop it, Sean.


How long have you been spying on me?

Spying? [chuckles]

[stammers] I came in the wrong entrance.

And I saw you over here, and I wanted to give you this.

Guess I could have waited till tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow, Sean.


Oh, no. You said... you just said yes.

No, what I said was no, Sean, two weeks ago.

Listen to me.

Will you wait... will you just listen to me?

I'm not a stalker, I promise.

I followed you once, to the ice cream place.

You know what? And I saw you with David Dailey.

Is that what this is about for you: David Dailey?

There's nothing going on between us, Sean.

And you know what?

It's none of your business anyway.

Don't tell me it's none of my business, okay?

He's been after you from the day you met, and he's not the Saint you think he is.

What are you...

[stammers and chuckles]

Just stay away from me, Sean.

Just listen to me one second.

Please, leave me alone!

Don't touch me.

You're making a big mistake, melody.

[engine turns over]

Here's to Louisville.

[engine revs]

[tires squeal]

Oh, no. Come on.

You have got to be kidding me.

Hi, Kevin. It's David Dailey.

Listen, I'm calling about whit Harrington.

I think you should give the kid a chance.

[phone ringing]

[whispering] Come on. Come on, come on, come on.

Message 0528.

The wireless subscriber you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.

[banging] Damn it.

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder crackles]

The national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for...



Counties in Kentucky that's effective until 10:00 P.M. eastern daylight time.

Residents in the areas are encouraged to stay indoors as periods of high winds, lightning, and heavy rains are possible.

Once again, the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for east Jefferson, oldham, and Shelby counties in Kentucky, effective until 10:00 P.M. eastern daylight time.

Residents in the areas are encouraged to stay indoors as periods of high winds, lightning, and heavy rains are likely.

Stay tuned to 84 wh...

[thunder cracks]


[loud thunderclap]

Thud! [glass shatters]


[rain pattering]


You're early.

I wanted to surprise you.

Mission accomplished.

[thunder rumbling]

911 emergency response.

Yes, hi.

I'd like to report a person who might be in danger.

His name is David Dailey.

He lives off of Boone trail road.

What is your relationship with Mr. Dailey?

Hello? [garbled speech]


We haven't been properly introduced.

Hi. I'm Lindsay.




Let's get you out of these clothes.

Come on.

Um... [chuckles]


She'll tell us what to do.

No, who are you?

I already told you that.

Why her?

I'll do anything for Sarah.

I love her.

Love. [chuckles]

Do you love me, Susan?

Of course I do.

All this talk about saving our marriage, you never once mentioned the word "love."

'Cause we don't need to.

Actually, we do.

At least I do.

You're just nervous, David, come on.

Ever since we met, you called the shots:

Where to go, what to do, who to know, where to live.

And you know, you always sound great saying it.

You sound right.

Even when you're wrong, you sound right.

But this, whatever this is, this isn't something you're sharing with me.

You know, I said I'd do whatever it takes to save our marriage, and I just realized it's not worth saving.

Tell me what you need. I'll do whatever you want.

I want you to leave, both of you, now.

We agreed to stay together.

We agreed to forsake all others.

Are you suggesting we get a divorce?

I'm not suggesting.

I'm insisting.


[rain pattering and thunder rumbling]

[thunder crashes]

[rain pouring and thunder rumbling]

Please think about this.

The power's out.

You'll have to open the door manually.

I could help you with that.

[rain pattering and thunder rumbling]

[tires squealing]

[thunder crashes]

[rain pattering and thunder rumbling]

Dailey, get out here!

I'm gonna kick your ass!

[indistinct shouting]

[high-pitched electronic whine]

[rain pattering and thunder rumbling]

Sean, put the gun down.

You don't tell me what to do, melody.


[zapping and grunting]


[sliding rumble]





What are you doing here?

Sorry to bust in on you, dude, I was working on a surprise for you, man.

Yeah, I bet you were.

Oh, my god.

What are you doing?

Just sit and breathe.

I wasn't gonna shoot him, melody.

I was just trying to scare him.


Everybody's got to retire sometime.

You son of a [...].

Smack! Ooh!


This should put an end to that.

Love, grace, might, respect, and finally hope.

Things that you, Dave, are gonna lose.

I'll see to it personally.

What do you want from me, melody, huh?

I mean, I'm trying to give you everything.

You... look at me, and look at him.

I have.

Just go to Europe, Sean.

Stay awhile.

Good-bye, Sean.

This scandal will define you.

Oh, yeah.

It will be your legacy.


It worked that way with Bob Lentz too, right?

Very good, Dave.

Actually, I brought Lentz down with a lie.

I'm bringing you down with something infinitely more powerful:

The truth.

Why'd you go after him?

He didn't flunk me.

He molested me.

He made me [...].

That's why.

He... i never meant for the guy to off himself.

You're bluffing.


But I had you going there for a second, didn't I?

[knock at door]

[thunder crashes]

That would be melody.

I believe she's here to clean up my mess.

I should leave you two alone.

Your taste in women, Dave, much to be desired.


[knocking at door]


Are you in there?

Put the guns down.



But can you open up? I'm soaked.

What are you doing here, melody?

It's a long story.

I doubt you'll believe it.

What do you want?

For starters, getting out of the rain.

Okay. Sorry.

Here it is.


"The wicked is snared in the work of his own hands."

[rain pattering and thunder rumbling]

Crazy bastard.

I tried to help him.

It's okay.

I mean, you know who it is now.

It's finished. Yeah.

What happened in there tonight?


You didn't go through with it?

It's over.

What are you gonna do?

Get divorced, quit my job before they fire me, declare bankruptcy, move to Cleveland.


It's been a long time since I've been alone.

I'm kind of looking forward to it.

You're a terrible liar.

[chuckles softly]

[siren wails]

Louisville police are searching for 27-year-old whit Harrington.

He's being sought for questioning in connection with the Bob Lentz child pornography scandal.

Harrington's boss, radio talk show host David Dailey, this evening provided police with a taped confession in which Harrington admitted to sabotaging the Lentz campaign.

[gentle rock ballad]

♪ Thought I finished my hard times ♪


♪ thought I'd seen the end ♪


♪ then I met your heart ♪


♪ now everything just depends ♪


♪ you see my face ♪

♪ full of hard living ♪

♪ it's all from taking blame ♪

♪ and none from giving ♪

♪ the way down ♪

♪ yeah yeah ♪

♪ way yeah ♪

♪ yeah ♪

♪ the way ♪

♪ yeah ♪

♪ yeah-yeah ♪

♪ away ♪

♪ someday ♪

♪ someday ♪

♪ someday ♪

♪ day ♪

♪ keep your distance ♪

♪ keep your distance ♪

♪ keep your distance ♪

♪ keep your distance ♪