Kelibat (2014) Script

As to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph. (yusufali)

And whoever is an ally of Allah and His Messenger and those who have believed - indeed, the party of Allah - they will be the predominant. (Sahih international)

(Surah Al-Maaida ayat 56)

Apparitions can't be seen by the human eyes.

Perhaps some humans might have the sixth sense to feel their presence.

Some were able to communicate with those from the after world.

Do we believe in their existence?

Look at the words and promises made between humans.

Those spirit will always be amongst us.

Whether we want to believe it or not, these spirits live among us.

Perhaps, they also live astray amongst us.

Just a moment. Wait a moment.

That looks real.

I'm the one who accompanied you to the toilet all the time, alright?

Shut up.

Look at this. Look at that.

I don't want to see it.

You're such a coward.

Put it aside, grandmother.

Where? Over here?

Place everything here.

Pull this.

This is a lot.

Bring the broom inside.

It's so filthy!

Hurry up! It's so dirty.

Move aside. Move aside.

Where have you been?

I'm sorry.

Sorry I was late, I need to get the car.

We've been waiting for so long, do you know?

Whose car is this?

It doesn't matter.

Enough, get our stuffs into the car.

Take your own bags now.

Let's go.

Thank you.

We'll go on a short vacation for the moment.

I promise once the problem is settled, I'll get us a new house.

Father, may I know how we ended up like this?

Yes father, why did we have to auction off the house?

I couldn't get back a lot of things from our house, do you know that?

It's too complicated. We need to adapt.

For what, father? For what?

Do you know I have to attend a birthday party?

I've promised my friend.

I've to attend it. I don't care!

Father, I'm asking you a uestion!

No, my laptop. I can't write on my blog anymore!

Ari, Lia!

Both of you have to learn to accept this!

Thank you, dear.

How about the money?

My father settled the payment or the new house.

He's only doing us a favourfor a month.

Okay, thank you.

Sorry, the car's a bit uncomfortable.


No, I still don't get it. How did we become like this?

Why do we have to leave the house?

Where are we going?

Thank you, father.

You call this a car?

There's no air-conditioner.

We're only here to ask for directions, right?



What do you mean by no?

We're here.

We're here? What do you mean?!


I'll explain it to you later.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.


This must be Mak Mah, right?

Yes, I'm Mak Mah. This must be Mister Kamal.

Mother, he told us he'll take us on a vacation.

This is not a vacation.

This looks more like a museum.

I have no idea. He didn't mention anything to me about this house.

Great. First, it was the car and now this.

We'll just see...




Don't waste time.

What do you mean?

We're here.

We've arrived.

Please save my waterface.

It's okay, father. I'll stay right here.

Get out, bring your sister too.

You didn't say a word to me about all this.

I'll explain it later to you.

We've arrived.

Mak Mah, pleased to introduce you to my wife, Kalin.

Kalin, this is Mak Mah.

How are you?


How pretty.

Close the door!


The small one here is my youngest daughter, Mira.

Hi, little one.

My second daughter, Azalia.

How are you?

Shake her hands.

I'm sorry, Mak Mah. They're a little tired.

It was quite a long journey.

This is my eldest son, Azhari. You can call him Ari.

How are you?

Regarding the money...

Have you received it?

I'm settling for only the first month, is that alright?

I'll take down the bags.

You've got to be joking.

I'll explain once we get inside. Let's take in the bags first.

I'm not happy about this.

I'm sorry.

It's alright.

Who are you?

I'm Linda.

Mak Mah's grandaughter.

So, you're from the village as well?


Beautiful place, isn't it?

Look, it's full of greenery. I love it.

There's a lake, and a boat.

But this place wouldn't be completely beautiful without you.

Can I have your phone number?


Thank you.

It's alright, father. I'll bring it myself.

I'll take the heavy ones.

Dear, come here. Let me handle this.

You should.


Dear, let me show you.

We will place our main dining table here.


We used to have a swimming pool outside the house, right?

But, here in this house, we have an indoor swimming pool.

It's great, isn't it? I know you love it.


Everything's going to be alright.

It's okay, dear.

Go look at your bedroom upstairs.

Lia, come.

Mom, is this for real?

I don't know. I've no idea as well.

We'll see how it goes.



You failed to mention anything about the house to me.

You made a decision on your own.

I didn't have any time to discuss it with you.

I've told you before, right?

I'll explain everything to you later.

Okey, Lia. Let's go see the rooms.

The faster we shift these bags, the sooner we'll get to rest.


Great. There's a swimming ppol.

Mira, Mira.

While Mak Mah was...


Linda. Yes!

There's no coverage. There's no coverage.



I'm bored!




What's the matter?

My room.

Clean it up.

You have to do all this. This is your chores now!

If you don't like this room, you can choose others!

There are many rooms in this house, isn't it?

Other rooms are worse than this, mama!

Make your own decision!

Mama! Mama!

Dear, are you okay?

What do you think Does everything look okay to you?

It's only temporary. I promise.

Temporary? Temporary?

Tell me, will it be a year?

Two years? Five years?


Ten years, perhaps?

Kalin, please.


Can you please understand my situation?

I'm desperate at the moment, I'm confused and all I ask is for your understanding.

Okay, I understand you. Speak up.

What? You're desperate.

You're the one who created all this mess and ruined everything that we have.

I'm the troublemaker?



That's all you do.

We've been married for twenty years, and all you do is walk away.

You walk away, that's all you know and that's the only thing you're good at.

You just know how to walk away, don't you?

What do you want me to do?

I'm just like a fool.

Everytime I explain things to you, you'll turn it against me.

You need to win all the time!

Everything needs to follow your command.

I'm the one who needs to follow your orders!

What am I to you? I'm your husband.

The father. I'm the head of the family.

I'm trying to do what's best for the family.

You know how my business was doing well before.

I've never failed, this is the first time it ever happened.

I want to save our family, I wanted to save our possessions.

Can you help me? I'm desperate here Can you understand the situation we're in right now?

You're desperate?

Did you took money from the loan shark?

That's the reason why you brought me and the kids here, right?


We're on a runaway.

Please. I'm sorry.

Sorry, I was late.

The restaurant is uite far out.

Here you go.

What's this?

This is kampung fried rice.

I've cleaned the house the whole day, and I only get this?


You went out for so long only to buy this?

If I'm starving, I could still handle it, but how about little sister?

She's having a stomachache already.

How are we going to eat this?

Can you do something about that?

It' gross.

It's just a cockraoch, right?

It's alright.

Just sit. This place is disgusting enough.

I'll never eat this food. Ever.

I really don't understand why we need to live in such a boring place, mom.

Our toilet is much more comfortable than this, mom.

Please, I want my life back.

College and my friends.

I've to everything by myself now.

No maids, no phone coverage.

This is ridiculous, father.

We can't stay here, father.

We can't stay here.

Mom, where's Mak Wan?

What's the matter, dear?

I'd like to eat and drink.

I miss Mak Wan.

I know you miss Mak Wan.

But I'm right here for you, aren't I?

I'll feed you, alright?

Where's Mak Wan, mom?

Ari, please don't exaggerate.

I'm feeding your sister.

It's true. It stinks.

Be patient, Lia.

We have to learn to live in moderation from here onwards.

We can't live lavishly as before.


That's for you.

I can't live in moderation.

Please. I'd like to have my old life back, my friends and my college.

Do you agree?

What about Sofia's birthday party?

I have to go. I promised her.

I promised her. I have to go. I have to go!

I'd like to go back to college!

Have patience.


Do you think our children will be able to adapt?

Do you think they'll accept it just like that?

Don't you pity the children?

You and your problems, and now you've dragged the whole family into it.

Why do you always blame me?

Who else should I blame it on?!

Should I blame Mira instead?

What's wrong with you?

According to you, you're the head of the family.

So do what's best for this family!

Does this seems the best to you?

What's the matter with you? What's your problem?

Just say that you're broke.

If we're too poor, I can use my savings to continue college, not a problem.

We're in front of the food, aren't we?

Why do you have to say that?

You're the one who did all this.

Mom, how do I open this?

I don't know.

How do you open this?

Where's the cup?!

Please, nobody gets us!

Mira, don't eat that.













Why are you screaming?


My daughter.

My room smells.

Azalia. Azhari.


Why are you so late?

I've told you to wake up early, didn't I?

I know.

How do you feel today?


Let me look at you.

Today you're going to help me with the house chores, alright?


Here you go.

If you help me to do the house chores, I'll teach you how to cook.


Yes. Really. You have to learn it.


You should try it.

But I'm still in my school years.

There's nothing wrong in starting early.


You're not a little girl anymore, aren't you?

Where's your brother?



I've told you to hurry up.

We've got many things to do today, don't we?

I'm tired, mom.

Yes, we're all tired.

But there's so many things to do.

I couldn't do it all by myself. So...

Thank you.

Listen up.

I'd like to ask a favour from the both of you. Please.

Try to understand your father's situation.

Please, alright?

Ari, hurry up.

So now, your father's already waiting outside, in his car.

Accompany yourfatherfor groceries.

Yes, you should go.

Can I follow?

You go ahead.

No. You're staying with me.


Where's Ari?

There he is.

Why are you so late?

You're following as well?

I'd like to purchase the topup.


I'm tired, mother. It's troublesome.


I don't want you taking it out on him. Pity him.

You've lost respect for your father, haven't you?

Don't treat yourfather like that. Hurry up.

Okay. Okay.

You have to go.


I'm going, alright?

Go, right now.


It's so hard to even do the groceries.

Father, give me a hundred.

A hundred? What are you going to do with it I need it to buy topup for my handphone.

I don't have that much money.

I need to use it for groceries.

Here, take this RM20.

Father, only RM20?

You're so different now.

Hi, Ramlah.


Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

It's a sin not to answer it.

This fish is all that's left?

This is all that's left.



Place it here.

How much?

All together's RM12.

You're doing fine?

I'm fine. How about you?

I'm okay. The only thing not fine is because I couldn't call you.

Why's that?

IT's uite hard to get a reception here.

It's hard to get reception, it smells. That's the village life, right?

Do you have the topup of RM10?

I'm sorry, it just finished.



You couldn't get a topup here.

There's really nothing here.

What type of food is this.

How am I supposed to call Sofia?

Hi, miss. What did you buy?

Don't touch me.

Give us a chance.

We just wanted to be friends.

Excuse me.

Don't bother me.

She's speaking in Eglish.

Such a stuck-up.

Move aside, village boy.

Mother, mother.

Yes, dear.

What's the matter?

My coin box is broken.

There's no money.



Yes. I'm listening.

Where's my money?

You promised me last week. This is more than a week already.

If you can't pay in full amount, the interest will do.

Please give me time until next week, I promise I'll pay.

Don't lie to me again.

If you lie to me, you'll know the fate of your wife and children.

Please don't harm them. I promise I'll pay them.


Hi. May I use the toilet?

The toilet? Sure.

Where is it?

It's at the back, alright?

Okay, thank you.

This can't be called a toilet.

Come here!

Get inside.

Get in!

Help! Help!

What's the matter?!

Somebody saw us.

Somebody saw us. Run!




Where were you?

What happened?


What have you done?

No such luck.

You're slow to take action.

You're the same.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

You're all from the village, aren't you?

Yes, brother. We're all from here.

You're such great guys, aren't you?

That's a normal thing. We're tough guys.

What a shame you've misused that greatness.

You were bothering my daughter just now.


I've got much trouble as it is.

Don't give me any more trouble.

Get it?

We get it.

What's going on?

What happened?

Why is your clothes all torn up?

The village boys, mother.

I'm sorry.

I've told you over and over, we can't stay here!

I'm sorry.

Over and over, mother!

I'm sorry.

Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

Why won't anybody listen that we can't stay her anymore!

Just forget it!

What's your explanation?

We're the outsiders, so it's not our place to be arrogant.

You say it's normal?

What's normal?

It's not normal for me.

If somehting happened to my daughter, if I was killed, is that normal to you?

What can you do?


If it's all normal in your head, that means you've gone crazy!

Don't think negatively.

I'm being negative.

Another thing, you've wrecked Mira's coin box, didn't you?

You've got to be joking!

Stupid place!

Stupid rat!

I really can't stand this place anymore.

Me too.

Why do we have to stay here?

All stucked in this house.

Eat up.

Father, I'm talking to you.

We never had this problem before when we're at the city.

Nobody came and harassed me.

And now, this happened.

Father, we don't want a life like this.

We don't want to live like the poor!

We want to live lavishly.

We don't want to be like you!


Eat up, Ari.


Eat up, Ari.

Father, answer my question.

Honestly, are we really broke?

All this while, you were my idol.

You were my idol, do you know that?


No. I'm not as foolish as you are.

Never. I'll never be like you.

You're expresionless.

We have to leave today!

Father, my coin box's broken.


We've become poor.

I can't take this anymore.

You're such a loser.

I have to leave you.

I'll take the children with me.

Kalin. Please.

I want a divorce.

I can't do this anymore.

No. No.

I wish for you to die and rot here.

May you die here!

I didn't ask for it to become this way.

This shouldn't be happening.

This shouldn't be happening!

No! Please.

Thank you, father.

Thank you!

If you should know this, you're a loser!


Listen here, dear. Listen to me.

I did all this for you.

For Ari.

For Mira.

All of you need to trust me on this.

I don't understand it, mother.

One day, you'll thank me for it.

What happened to us, mother?

We'll be alright without him.


You've said it, you're the head of the family!

So do what's best for the family!

You're broke, aren't you?

All this while, you were my idol. You're my idol. But now?

No. I'm not as foolish as you are.

I want a divorce.

Kalin. I'm sorry.

I realized I've put everyone in trouble.

I dragged you and the children into my own problem.

But I never asked this to happen.

Please talk to me.

I only ask for another chance.

Give me time to recover back what's lost in the family.

I've nobody else in my life.

I only have you and the children.

If you take those children away, I'm left with nothing.

I beg of you, Kalin. Please.

I'll never squander the chance that you gave me.

I really love you.

Only for this time.

Lia, that's a jala pancake. Not a jail pancake.

Jail means prison.

I know that.

Mother, it tastes like Mak Wan's cooking.

No, this is better than Mak Wan's.

It's my cooking You're right.

I've got rid of the dead rat inside my room.

The dead rat?

The foul smell I've been telling all of you.

But it's quite weird. The smell still lingers.

They do smell, dear.

Are there dead bodies that smell nice?

You've told us before that if we smell something,...

Enough. There's no need to think about that.

But father, our bathroom's leaking.

I can't sleep in peace.

That's normal, Ari. We're still new here, we need time to get used to it, right?

A large wooden house as this, once you're afraid you'll hear all sorts of sounds.

That's just your feeling.

About the bathroom, I'll fix it.

Drink up, dear.

Mira, do you like living here?

I do.

Mira has no problem at all.

Drink until it's finished, dear.


I felt like something's watching me.

You're in the same boat, too?

Seems you're a coward, too.

The one who follows you around are your own shadows.

See. What Mak Wan told us was true.

There are...

There's no need to mention about Mak Wan.

Mak Wan's not here.

Let's eat.

Let's taste Lia's jail pancake.

Linda? Linda!

Wait for me.

Linda, I'm really sorry about the other day.

I've tried to call you many times, but you know that there's no coverage here.

Why don't we come in.

You're still mad, aren't you?

If that's the case,...

Linda, Linda. Please!

Please believe me.

Why did you take a photo of me instead?

Linda, I'm sorry.


You're here just to take the photograph?

It's for my keepsake.


It's all wet, dear. Be careful.

That's a lot of water.

Where did the leaking come from?

Ari says it's from the bathroom.

The bathroom?

Why is there so much water here?

It's full of wate over here.

Here it is.

This is the source.

It's alright, I'll fix it.

Oh dear. What a mess.

What's going on?

It's flooded!

Why did you turn it off too late?

I'm not much of a plumber myself.

I thought you knew how to fix it.

That's such a strong smell.

Kalin, please.

Help me, help me.

Take it out.

Get my tool box out.

Who's that?

What's the matter?

I don't know.

Sounds like there's someone knocking at the door, but there's no one.

What's that?

Who's there?

Hold the door.

Who's there?!

Who's that?

I can't hold on much longer. I can't.

You. Are you okay?

What's going on?

The television room. To have the movie-like experience, perhaps.

Let's see what we have on.


This is ridiculous.

Where is it?


Where's the switch.








Who's there?



You're dreaming.

Enough, get some sleep.

The next time before you sleep, don't forget to wash your feet.



What are you doing here, dear?

Are you sick?


Is father unwell?


Mother, I'd like to get my toy form the toy room.



Let's get the toy, shall we?

Inside the toy room, right?

You're so hevay.

Ler's walk instead.

Sing along with me.


I want a divorce.

I can't do this anymore.

This is the saddest day in my life.

Mother says it's for the best.

I'm sorry, father.

I'm sorry.

You've done nothing but to trouble me all my life.

Giving me trouble!

I'm sorry, Ari.

I'm sorry.

Have you gone crazy?

Why did you do all this?

You're the one who drove me crazy.

You've never made it easy for me your whole life, right?

It's better if you die!

Look at me carefully.

Take a good look at me!

I'm sorry, father.

You're bored with your life, right?

You're bored with your life, right?

I'm sorry, father. I won't do it anymore.

You're bored long enough.

I'm bored of you for the longest time, too!


Why are you sick?

Let me check.

Mira. You're not asleep yet?

What are you up to, dear?

Father, are you feeling sick.

Let me check, alright?

Please check for me.

I can hear your heartbeat, do you know that?

I've got a problem with my heart.


Come here, dear.

I'm really sorry.

I was the one who broke your coin box.

I couldn't afford your milk anymore.

I did many wrong things.

I've done many wrong deeds.

Tonight, I've got a special milk for you.

You have to drink this before you go to sleep.

Open up, dear.

I'm really sorry, dear.

I don't want you to leave me.

I don't want to lose you.

Put it aside, grandma.

Where? Over here?

Just place it here.


What's with all this garbage.

Enough, bring the broom in.

Hurry up! It's so dirty!

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

This must be Mak Mah, right?

Yes, I'm Mak Mah.

So, this is Mister Bahar?

Yes, that's me.


Thank you.

Mister Bahar, this is the chalet that I've mentioned to you before.

The chalet has been long abandoned so this is how it looks like.

Hope it's comfortable for you.


How was the journey here?

Was it easy or tough?

It was easy for me to arrive here.

Wait a moment. Let me introduce you to my wife, alright?

There's people.

Let's go.

What's this place?

Mak Mah, let me introduce you to my wife, Nurin.

How are you?

I'm good.

This is my youngest daughter, Nabila.


This is my eldest son, Rashid.


Hi, handsome.

This is my second daughter, Ika.

How are you?

I'm good.

I'd also like to introduce to you my grandaughter, Linda.

She's the one managing over this place.

Let's go inside.

Mother, I'd like to take a picture.

Please help to take a picture for your sister.

Why did you take a picture?


I'm sorry.

You're here just to take a picture?


It's for my keepsake.