Keramat (2012) Script

And say "O my Lord! I seek refuge with Thee from the suggestions of the Evil Ones. "And I seek refuge with Thee O my Lord! lest they should come near me." (yusufali)

And say, "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devils, And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they be present with me." (Sahih international)

(Surah Al-Muminoon ayat 97 and 98)

Jabar. It's a slander.

What slander?! Mustika has told me everything!

Brother, please don't!

You covered your face but you have a beastly heart!

Please, Jabar.

Please don't, Jabar.

Dear God, please help me! Please Jabar, don't do this.

Habib, please forgive me, Habib. Habib!


Dear, soon..

Darling, what's wrong?

Nothing, but my stomach hurts Are you okay?


Zura?! Zura?!

Zura, please calm down. It's me, your husband.

My baby. This is all because of you! You! You!

Doctor, I'm pregnant...

Yes, I understand.

I'm pregnant but the devil has eaten my baby.

Listen, let me examine your condition first.

If you're pregnant, congratulations, then.

That's what you wanted,right?

Now, I want you to lie down and try to relax. Okay?

Lie down, dear.

Okay, come.

Lie down, okey.

Why, Zura? What's wrong?


It's nothing, dear. Nothing. Don't worry.


It's just a nightmare, Amir. From my point of view, it just happened to be part of your imagination.

It's just a nightmare.

Are you sure it has nothing to do with my wife? Nothing at all?

No, Amir. It has got nothing to do with her.

Or is it dejavu?

You're the one who feel all these.

You must be tired.

Listen, dejavu occurs in 1:10000.

If it really happens to you, sooner You'll be able to remember this place.

It's weird.

It can't be a coincidence, right?

I could sense that something is not right.

Moreover, you know I'm not good at drawing, right?

Can I have a look at it?

Look, I think you should go home and rest while I search for the answer.

That at your head right..

Alright. Please give me a call once you find something.

Don't worry.

Thank you very much, Najwa.

Take care.


Thank you, doctor.

I'm sorry that both of you have to come here.

I think you should stay here for the mean time.

It's fine with us.

In fact, we have nothing to do at home.

Looking at your current condition, we don't mind to keep you company.

My friend, Dr. Najwa has helped but things are still the same.

My baby.. My baby..

Zura, please eat something.

I don't want to eat!

You'll fall sick!

I'm not sick! What's wrong with all of you? I'm not sick!

I don't want to eat! I don't want! Get out!

Zura refused to eat anything.

Let's try and take her for traditional treatment.

Who should we send her to? Nowadays, shamans are all useless!

They only want the money!

Let me do it.

I managed to learn the traditional healing techniques from our Guru Before he passed away.

I need sugar cane and soil that grows in the middle of a valley.

Where can we find it? Which valley?

There's one, in my hometown.

Your hometown?

Let's go, then.

Okay. If that's the case, we'll leave tomorrow. I want both of you to come along.

You can see Zura's condition for yourself, can't you? Amir..



This is very important, Amir. Please..

I appreciate that you cared about my wife, my family and I but leave it to me for this time. Let's talk about this on the phone.


Amir, let's go! We're already late.

Amir, I don't think that this is the right time for you to go back. I don't feel at ease to let you and Zura go. Would you listen to me for this time only But why?

Let me check her first.

After that you can bring her back to her hometown.

Wa.. Goodbye. I'm leaving.

You're always like this.


Zura? Zura? Zura? Darling? Let's sleep outside, darling.

It's dusty inside here.

Zura? Darling?

Dear? What are you doing in this room? Let's not sleep in this room.

It's dusty here. Let's just sleep outside.

Dear? Hurry up, Dear!

Amir, tomorrow after dawn, We'll go look for the sugar cane at the valley.

This car broke down Look over there.

This car is causing so much problem.

One problem after another.

What is it, Nas?

I don't know. The engine suddenly..

Huh? You can't start the car?!

I can't start it.

What a beautiful hill!



I like this place.

I feel like I've been here before.

Of course. This is Zura's village.

Eh, no it isn't! My village is over there.


Zura! Zura! Wait!


Dear, Mon!


Zura! Zura!

Mon, wait Mon!

Zura! Zura!

Dear, hurry up dear.

Wait, Mon!

Zura! Wait! Zura! Nas?

This is the tree where the beginning is sweet and the end is bitter.

I could feel your vibration, Sacred Stick.

Make the sign visible.


Zura?! Zura?! Amir?!

Nasti?! Nasti?! Zura? Amir? Ish.

Mon! Where are you going? Who are you chasing?

I saw Zurajust now. She was right there.

Amir and Zura are still far behind.

Mon? Mon?

Zura? Amir? Huh?

Hurry up, Dear. We need to get out of this place, Dear.

Darling, I think we should settle here for the night,? I'm afraid We're not able to find the way out. It's getting dark.Let's settle here for tonight.


I heard Mon's voice Mon!

Eh, eh! You wait here. Let me go and find her.

It's okay.

Just wait here until I come back. Okay?

You wait here. Just for a while.

Mon?! Mon?!

Eh, Mon!

Mon? Mon?

Mon?! Mon?!

I'll choose one of you.

To inherit this mantel that will be passed from generation to generation.

It's like picking up a diamond or ajewelry.

That's why I'll test both of you.

To measure Which one of you will inherit all my knowledge and abilities.

And that chosen one is you, Nasti.


Let him be.

That is why I didn't choose him.

He's impatient.

Listen to me carefully.

Only if you have Habib's stick, the sky will bow down to you, the world will worship you, all in the sea will follow your decree.

No one ever lay a hand on it, other that the owner.

This is the place.

But where's the sacred stick?

Arrgghhh! Damn it!

Why, Abi?

When the sacred has opened, life is the price.

Where's the address, Wan?

I got it.

Go and get the address as fast as you can.

Okay, doctor.

It's so tiring.

Are you okay?

(VO- Jabar! Don't, Jabar! Pleaase let me go, Jabar!

What slander? Mustika has told me everything!

It's a slander, Jabar! Jabar!

Jabar, please let me go.

Don't do it Jabar!

Dear God, please help me

Go away, Mustika.

Habib? No! Ahhhhhhh!


Dear?! Dear?! Dear, Allah! Dear?

What's the matter, dear?

Darling. Darling.


Dear? Why, dear?


Dear, let's go home. Dear, quickly! Let's make a move, dear.

I'm so exhausted.

Are you sure you're okay, brother?

Let's go.

Let's go, dear.

Let me pick it up. Let me.

Let's go.


Doctor, are you okay?

I'm fine. Probably because I'm not getting enough sleep.

What research are you doing today.

I can help you find the material.

Mmm...where can I find any historical books on black magic, supernatural or mystic?

Level 2, shelve M Shelve M, Level 2. Thank you.


Do you have a pen?

This is not an ordinary stick, nor a miracle of Moses but belongs to a human with irreputable honour.

It possesses red flow and dark soul To own it is virtual, thus surrender to a decree..

Thank goodness the villagers are willing to help us.

I've no idea how far we need to walk if there not here.

Luckily they want to sent Mun to the clinic.

If not, I don't know what will happen to Mun.

Dear, I think we better head back to Kuala Lumpur today.

Okay, in a minute Nas will...

I don't wanna wait for another minute!

When I said now, I mean now!

Okay, we're going back today.


Nas, let me go and settle the problem with the car.


What a nice stick you have there. Where did you get it?

I feel weird.

Do you remember the painting I gave to Dr. Najwa?

Cane field, that's the place.

Then, this stick. This is the stick.

Can I have a look at it.


Nas, let's go back to Kuala Lumpur.

But you need to find someone to fix the car.

This is the sugar cane that you need to cure Zura.

I need to inform Dr. Najwa about what had happen.



Wa, do you still remember the painting that I gave to you.

I have the same stick with me right now. Exactly the same.

There are lots of trees. Then there is a mound, And there's something looks like a head of stick.

Right now, I'm holding the stick. The same stick.

Mir, you need to come back. The stick...

Wa! Wa!

Hello, Mir!



I said no!

I want to go back tonight!

Are you listening I want go back Kuala Lumpur tonight! Do you you understand?

What is this?!

Where did you get it?! Nonsense!

Shut up! Why can't you stop talking?!

You're lucky I don't slap your face.


Dear, Mun...




Who's the devil!

Mun, get up.

I don't want to stay in this house! Do you understand!

I want to get out from this house.

Look what happened to Mun!

Look at her condition!

I don't want to stay here.

Nas, you're still practicing those magic?

You told me you've thrown them all away!


Habib, wait. Habib...

That is all I'm asking for. Please fulfill it.

It's dangerous for us to be here together.

There's no one, dear.

Just the two of us.

Someone is watching us.

Who is it, dear?

The One who knows sees everything and knows everything.

There's nothing we can hide from Him.

I'm asking only for this once.

I promise you, this will be the first and the last.

I just want to see you face.

From the look of your eyes, I know.

I just want to satisfy my heart.

I hope I won't get distracted by lust.

Dear Alright then.

It's true, dear.

But with a condition.

You must see it from the water surface.

Don't see my face directly.

It's so dangerous.

Habib, alright.

Mun, what is this?

What took you so long?

There lots of things need to be changed.

You're giving too many excuses.!

I'm hate staying in this house.

This is all your fault, such a troublesome.

I told you, I don't want to come here!

But you won't listen to me!

I'm sick of this! This is all because of you, you know?!

I told you I don't want to stay in this house.

I'm tired of listening to you.

You're too slow, do you know that?!

I feel so stress!

Can't you see what had happen to me and Mun?!

I can't stand it anymore!

What is wrong with you?!

Do you want me to beat you with this stick?!

Cool down.

Stay away from my family affairs!

Take care of you own wife!

You're disrespectful to me.

You're rude to me.

Today you'll find the answer.

Maybe if I hit you with this stick, Then you'll know how to respect me.

Nas, it's me, your brother.

Are you trying to kill your wife?


Zura, what's wrong, Zura?

You hit me You don't love me anymore.

No, Zura. I didn't do it on purpose.

Please forgive me.


Dear, I want to go home.

I don't want to stay here.

We're going back today.

Bring her inside, brother.

It won't let us go back.

Let's get inside, honey.

Dear, I want to go home, dear.

I don't want to stay here.

We must go back to Kuala Lumpur.

Once the car is ready tomorrow, we'll go home okay.

I promise, honey.

I'm scared, dear.

How many time do I need to tell you?!

The stick is mine!

Dear, stop fighting Nasti, don't hit your brother!


Dear, I'm scared.

Nas, get up, Nas.



Dear, please help me. Dear...


Don't do it Zura.

It's me, your husband, Zura.

Oh God, please help your servant who's in need.



Please follow me.

You can't stay here.

This place is not safe for you.

Hurry up.



Ustaz, what happen to my brother?

Is it because of the sacred stick?

Let's bring your brother there.

The stick is not sacred.

But it's the owner who's sacred.

He was an honorable man.

Everything that he put he hand to became fortune.

That's why, nobody can beat him, though he's not exist anymore.

That's a normal process that we're going through to clean ourselves from the black magic.

Purification of black magic?

I don't understand it, ustaz.

Maybe you forgot about this all this while.

That every single alphabet from the AI-Quran It has it's own Angle..

So did the spell that we learned.

There will be a guardian.

Be it a genie or a devil.

But I learned it for the sake of protecting myself and my family.

That's the game of the devil.

At first, everything looks good and deceiving.

Ask from Allah.

He is the best guardian.

Yes it is.

What we're doing, what we're asking.

We'll still seek permission from Allah.

As far as I'm concern But the dangerous things are the believes and faith.

A ritual practice will encouraged the demon to accompany you and demand for something.

In Islam there no such thing as being friend with the evil spirit.

But what I have with me is a \x22karin\x22 Not a genie, servant, or companion.

What's the different from others?

Everyone has one.

Our body will rotten.

But this things will live until the afterlife.

Karin exist depending on what a person practice in life.

That is why, if a person knew about other person's past, It is because its karin told him.

Who came in various form.

Let's go to the mosque.

You can go home after the Asar prayer.

Remember, a house without prayer and AI-Quran recitation Is like a grave.

I'm sorry about what happen yesterday.

Since I was little, I always troubling you.

I never listen to you.

It's okay.

Does it still hurt?

I want to apologize as well.

I don't know why I can't control myself, I get moody easily.

I've no idea why.

I think, it's because of...

You've to get rid of it.

About this stick,

I think I've chemistry with this stick.

I feel stronger with this stick in my hand.

Let's bring it home.

No, we can't do that.

Remember what ustaz said.

We must return it to where it belongs.



I'm so sorry. I've did so many bad things to you.

Forgive me as well.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

Nas, I don't want to hear about this anymore.

Let's go home.

Actually, I've something to tell you.

Inevermind, we'll discuss it on the way home.


Dear! Nasti!


Dear, Mun is missing.!

Mun is missing?

How did it happen?

She was at the mosque with me, then she suddenly gone.

She looks like she's being possessed.

In a minute, she's gone.

Can I borrow your motorcycle.


Where are you going?

I think I know where to find her.

I'm going with you.

It's okay, you bring your sister back to the mosque.

Let me find Mun.

Once I found her, we're going straight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Alright then.

Be careful, dear.

Remember, wait for me at the mosque.

Don't go anywhere.

I'll go find her.

Let's go.


Zura, who brought you here?














Please forgive me, Habib.

It's Nazmir, remember Allah, Munirah.

Habib! Please forgive me, Habib.

Mun, it's me Nazmir.

Punish me, Habib!

This is all my fault.

Punish me, Habib!

This is all my fault.



I never hold a grudge towards you.

I've forgiven you, long ago.

Thank you, Habib

Mustika, listen here.

I never hold a grudge towards you.

Habib, forgive me.

Thank you, Habib.

Goodbye, Habib.





Nas! Look what happen to Mun.

I don't want to keep you anymore.

I don't want you to disturb my family like you did to my brother.

Nas, remember Allah!

I don't want the things that happen to my sister-in-law happen to my wife.

My baby...

You're dead!


Please forgive me.

I'm sorry Nas.

Nasti, you're a murderer!

You killed my baby.

He's murderer. He killed my baby.


I've told you to throw all those evil things away.

Forgive me, Nas.

Zura, what happen to you?

Nas, get up.

Mir, what are you doing?!

You killed Nasti!

You killed Munirah!

Not Nasti!

You need to know a secret!

Get up, Mir!

Wa, lookout!


Let everyone die!

Zura, wait. Don't do it!

Selawat Nuril Anwar: (Ustaz Abdullah Fahmi - Selawat Nur (Official Video))

O Allah pour His Mercy on The Light of all lights, Secret of all secrets, Cure for grief and confusion, The Key of door of easiness, Namely, our beloved Prophet Prophet Muhammad the Chosen One. and His holy family And noble companions As much as blessings and grace of God.