Khatron Ke Khiladi (1988) Script

Hi. - Hi.



'None of the girls are wearing precious ornaments.'

Where are you planning to spend your vacation?

I'm thinking of going to Ooty. Why don't you come along?

Come, sit.

Waiter! - Excuse me.


My name is Rajesh. I'm a freelance photographer.

I want to click your photograph.


Not because it's my hobby, but it's my bread and butter.

Quick service. You'll get it delivered tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm not interested.

Kavita, get it clicked.

Kavita!(Poetry). Beautiful!

For someone who stirs the heart like poetry, Kavita is an apt name.

Believe me, I have photographed many girls but I've never seen someone as pretty as you.

I don't know about photography, but you speak well.

Go ahead. - Please come.

Please stand here.

Just a minute. Hold that look.

Look here. Fantastic!



Yes. Hold the pose.

Smile. Beautiful smile!

Keep that look. Hold that look.

I want to ask you... Where is the *** face?

What do you think of the necklace?

That's not the answer to my question.

Even you haven't answered my question.

You ***. You are my employee.

I pay you Rs 1,500 every month.

Jaichand, in the last 5 months, I gave you photographs of 15 girls who were wearing expensive jewellery.

All those ornaments were robbed.

None of your business.

You got those ornaments worth millions robbed because of my photographs.

And paid me a meagre amount of Rs 1,500 a month.

Now I will show you only the ornaments' photographs.

You value their price and I'll steal them.

We'll share the money equally.

All right!

You have grown too big for your boots.

Think about it.

If you don't agree to it, I'll find someone else.

There's no hurry.

Once I rob the necklace, I'll come to you to strike a deal.

Good bye.

The scoundrel wants to strike a deal with me!

He wants me to share the money with him.

Guards! - Yes, boss.

Follow him.

Make sure you get the necklace before he does. - Yes, boss.

Once you get it, bring it to me.

Go. - Okay, boss.






Please calm down!

Please don't!



Please calm down!

Mom! Mom! Mom!

Please calm down!

Have some milk.

Ms Laxmi, your son seems to be God's blessings to you.

He's your obedient son.

I'm grateful to God, sir.

Let's go, son.

Here. Return the rest of the money.

What are you doing?

What's this? Just Rs 10?

I'd given you Rs 20.

I charged Rs 10 for the flowers.

But... - Mister, everyone charges Rs 5... All the things in my shop are original.

These flowers are from Kashmir.

These sweets are from Bengal.

These incense sticks are from Bengaluru, and the coconuts are from Kerala.

Original things have double rate. Understand?

This is cheating!

Then, buy things from another shop from tomorrow.

But mister, what about today?

Shall I show you? - Yes.

Son, you aren't hurt, are you?

Get up.

Do you want me to hit you more?

No. Let it be, son.

We shouldn't mess with such people.

He's fighting at a holy place.

I wonder what will happen to the world.

Yes, mister. The things in your shop are original.

Let's go, son. - Yes.

We shouldn't mess with such goons. Get in, mom.

Come! Take the prayer materials free of cost.

Take these.

Take these free of cost.

Take these. - Hey!

How dare you!

Mister, everything is original.

Is this original too?

I see.

He sells things saying they're from Bengal, Kashmir and Kerala?

Mom had called you?

When she told me that you'd gone to meet a friend, I understood that you'll bring him.

Constable, put him in the lock-up.

Just a minute, dad.

He charges double the amount for selling original things.

But you must know the truth about him.

What is it?

Yes, his real name is Raghavan.

He's a smuggler. - I see.

His photograph is in the wanted criminals list.


The third photograph in the 2nd row is him.

He's the same person.

I'll put you behind the bars forever.

My name is Inspector Ramavtar. Understand?

Constable, put the *** in the lock-up. Go!

You have a good memory.

His photograph is in my police station and you recognised him. Dad, it doesn't matter whether I recognised him or you.

The main aim is, I should get medals.

You catch the goons and I get promotions.

What are you saying, dad? I'm telling the truth.

I'll leave. Mom must be waiting. Okay.

Son, have tea...

Shut up!

My son didn't beat you much, If I had been in his place...

Hello, Ms Kavita. - Hello.

I kept my promise. I was here before time.

This is the most beautiful face I have ever captured in my camera.

Have a look for yourself.

How are they? - Fantastic.

What's this?

'Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.'

'Everyone who saw your picture was left enchanted.'

So you are also a poet.

I wasn't, I became one because of you.

I was developing your photograph last night.

When it was complete, I felt as if the entire dark room was lit.

Endless emotions erupted within me, my mind gave them the form of words, and speech turned them into a couplet.

If you join me, I'll sing this couplet as a song.



Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

Everyone who saw your picture was left enchanted.

Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

Don't mind what a lover says.

Don't mind what a lover says.

You're as beautiful as the moon.

After meeting you, one's luck changes.

Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

Your beauty is as charming as that of nature.

Your beauty is as charming as that of nature.

Your eyes are mesmerising.

They are as beautiful as flowers.

Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

I swear.

You are so beautiful.

I swear.

You are so beautiful.

One doesn't need springtime or flowers when you are around.

Wherever you place your feet turns into a paradise.

Some turned into poets, some were mitten and some were spellbound.

Everyone who saw your picture was left enchanted.

Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

Some turned into poets, some were smitten and some were spellbound.

You are also a good dancer.

All thanks to you.

You're so charming that if you touch a statue, even that will begin to dance.

Don't flatter me so much that I think highly of myself.

How much should I pay you for the photographs?

What are you saying?

The moments you spent with me are more precious to me than money.


Of course.

Good night.

Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!

Nab them!

Thief! - Someone nab them!

What happened? They stole my necklace.

Give me your car keys. I'll nab them.


Such thieves are very dangerous.

Don't risk your life.

You're impossible.

They stole your necklace and you're concerned about me.

Was it very expensive?

It must be worth around Rs 250,000.

I have many such ornaments.

Please forget it.

Very good.

You did a great job.

I am very happy with you.

Good you stole it before the *** Rajesh could lay his hands on it.

That scoundrel wanted to strike a deal with me!

Idiot! - You are an idiot!


Your men only know to steal, they don't know the difference between original and artificial.

Here's the original one while the one you're holding is artificial.

What's the guarantee that you are speaking the truth?

Check it.

This is real.

You are right.

You want to buy it or should I look for some other buyer?

Wait a minute.

Keep Rs 20,000.

I'll analyse its true value later.

This settles all our dues till date.

Now what about this necklace?

I understand.

As you have learnt the tricks of the trade, you've become greedy.

Men, teach this *** a lesson.

Hit him!

My spectacles. My spectacles.

My spectacles. I found it.

Get up Hey you!

If you try to be naughty I will behead you. Understand?

Understood. Understood. - Move.

Take the dagger.

He took the necklace. I won't spare him.

Sir. - Inspector, what's the news?

You have come at the right time.

I have arrested Raghavan, the notorious criminal.

He was wanted by the police in connection with many cases, right?

Yes, sir. The *** used to wear a fake beard and sell items used for prayers outside the temple.

But he couldn't trick me. I recognized him.

He assaulted me.

With one hand, I blocked his punch, with the other, I pulled his beard and with the third, I hit him in the stomach with my knee.

He didn't know the consequences of messing with Inspector Ramavtar.

What is it?

I told him, I'm the disciple of A.C.P Tandon, who nabbed notorious murderers like Billa and Panja.

Will the verdict on Billa and Panja's be passed tomorrow? - Yes.


All the evidence and witnesses are against them. - Good.

The department is sure, they will be served with a death sentence.

Brother, Panja and Billa shouldn't be punished.

They are our main associates.

We earn millions through them.

They also help us to win elections.

Who is the judge presiding over their case? P.C. Agarwal.

Hello, Agarwal speaking.

After considering all the evidence and the arguments of the lawyers, the court has reached the decision that, Billa and Panja were present at the place where those 6 persons were killed.

But there is no evidence or witness to prove that they are the murderers.

Hence, the court gives them the benefit of doubt and acquits them.


On the occasion of Billa and Panja's freedom.


But how did this miracle occur, brother?

These rascals had killed 6 men, ..and the court released them.

Why is he laughing?

This is the miracle of my brother Parushram, Jaichand.

The court forgot to be just when he made a call.

There is no one in this world who can go against my brother.

Jaichand, money makes the world go round.

Everything is saleable, all you need is a buyer.

One thing isn't saleable.

The ultimate court!

Ultimate court! - Stop!

No one moves!

I just need Billa and Panja.

The one who tries to interfere will be responsible for his death.



Humans aren't aware of God's punishment hence, they keep committing crimes.

And the courts in our country sometimes fail to deliver justice.

So I have come up with an ultimate court that punishes criminals like you.


Death penalty.

Ultimate court!

The ultimate court has committed murders till date.

But our department doesn't have any clue as to who he is, where he comes from and where he goes.

Sir, he only kills those criminals who are acquitted by our courts due to some reason.

That doesn't mean, we'll spare him.

The one who takes the law into his hands is a criminal and it's our duty to arrest him.

Sir, we will try our best to nab him and present him before the court of law.

Let me get out of this trance. Love beckons me...

Hello. - Hello. How are you?


Hello, sir. - Okay.

Balwant, you were supposed to reach by evening.

I hope you delivered the goods properly.

The receipt is in front of you.

It took me only 6 hours and 45 minutes to return.


You are the fastest and the most trustworthy driver of our company.

Brother, he must be rewarded.

I don't want any reward.

I am content with two meals a day.

Sir, today is...

Today is my wedding anniversary.

My wife will be happy if I reach home early.

Many congratulations.

Hello. - Hello.

Where is my brother? There he is.


Hello, brother.

God bless you.

Sumati must be waiting for us. Let's go.

You go ahead. I need to go to the market.

“I won't leave you today.” Listen, I have placed new clothes on the bed. Wear them.

I am coming just like that.

"My forehead sticker will sparkle."

"My bangles will clang."

"If my vehicle breaks, let it break."

Where are you?

I am here. - Hey.

Let me go. The baby will be pressed.

How will the baby be pressed, darling?

Baby will be happy that my father has touched me.

I will become strong like my father.

And he will tell one thing more. Do you know what?

That my father cuddles my mother a lot. What?

Jaswant will come.

Jaswant is not coming today.

I have sent him out.

Today is our marriage anniversary. English.

Let me go. I am in pain.

I forgot that our baby has become our speed breaker.

Listen, I think it is not one but two. Go on.

Go on?

What is the need to run away?

Today is our marriage anniversary.

I have brought a small present for my darling Sumati. Take.

Adorn it on me with your hands.

I must have done some good deed in my last birth that I got a husband like you and a brother-in-law like Jaswant.

I pray to God, may I always be blessed.



You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

I'm so fortunate to be blessed with your love.

I'm so fortunate to be blessed with your love.

What else do I ask for? I've found my love.

I've found my love.

I don't need pearl and diamonds.

I don't need gold and silver.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me. Don't ever go away from me.

I live for you. You are the world to me.

I live for you. You are the world to me.

I want to spend my entire life in your arms.

Let me be in your arms forever.

Behold me in your eyes, forever.

Never get angry with me. Don't ever go away from me.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

Jaswant is here.

Come what may... - Move aside!

Jaswant, when did you arrive?

Something went into her eyes. I was taking it out.

Why are you standing with your eyes closed?

When did you arrive?

I arrived when you and sister-in-law were...

May I take off my hands from my eyes? Sure.

Remember one thing, whenever you come home make sure, you knock the door.

Else I will give you a tight slap. Brother!

I want you to raise your hands only to bless me.

My blessings are always with you.

What have you brought?

I have got a sari and some bangles for you and this toy for my unborn nephew.

Very good.

What did you bring for your brother?

What could I have got for him?

He is the one who always gives me everything.

Father's love, brother's affection, teacher's teachings, a sister-in-law like you, he has given me everything.

Enough! Do you want to make me cry?

Balwant hasn't come yet.

Hello, sir.

Jaswant! Where is Balwant?

I'll replace him for today.

Why? - Sister-in-law is expecting.

She will have to be taken to the hospital any time.

So, he didn't come. All right, no problem.

You may go ahead. - Okay.

The vehicle is on its way...

Jaswant forgot his driving license.

He forgot his license!

There are many check posts between Mumbai and Nasik.

He'll end up paying fine at every post.

Hold this.

I'll go and give him his license.

Be careful.

Be careful. It's very heavy.


Hurry up! - Walk faster!

You idiot! Good-for-nothing! How dare you!

Pick it up and load it.


Jaswant, I want you to deliver these boxes with utmost care.

No, sir, I won't do any illegal work.

Are you out of your mind?

Till date, you earned only Rs 700 per month.

We want you to earn much more.

You will be paid Rs 2000 per trip. Plus your salary.

If I'm caught, I will have to cool my heels in prison.

We are hardworking people who want to lead a simple life.

We won't do anything illegal.

Don't argue with me.

Do whatever you are asked to else...

Will you kill me? - Sure.

I'll go and lodge a complaint against you.

You need to be alive to do that.

Catch him!

Catch and beat that idiot.

Brother! Jaswant! My Brother!

No, my brother, no. No, Jaswant. No.

I won’ spare him.


You can’t away from me.

I won’t spare.

Brother! Brother! – No, Jaswant. No.

My brother. Nothing will happened to you.

How it all happened? – Brother.

Brother, the masters told me to transport the smuggled gold.

I refused to and said I would report to the police.

And then they knifed me.

I won't spare those Idiots.

No. - I won't.

No, brother. - Jaswant..

Don't do anything wrong in anger Otherwise what will happen to sister-in-law.





Look what they did!

What happened to him.

Who is he? He is my younger brother.

He worked for BR Transport Company.

They are smugglers.

He caught them red-handed.

When he threatened to inform the police, they killed him.

Please arrest them and hang them to death.

Constable, arrest him.


Why are you arresting me?

I informed you about the murderers, the corpse is lying in front of you.

On what charges are you arresting me?

We are arresting you on the charges of murdering your brother.

What nonsense?!

Why will I kill my brother?

Constable, put him behind bars.

Don't touch me!

Else I might kill someone!

Stop it. Or I shoot you.

This is atrocious! - Lock him.

Inspector, this is injustice.

Why do you commit such injustice on the poor?

I won't spare you!

I will kill you.

Don't shout. There is no one here to hear your cries.

Do you know why you are charged with your brother's murder?

Because you discovered that he had an illicit relationship with your wife.


I won't spare you!

You killed your brother in a fit of rage.


It's an utter lie!

Yes, it is.

But to intensify this lie you'll have to do something. - Sure.

Set his house on fire and make sure his wife dies in it.


If any of you touches my wife, I promise you, I will cut you into pieces.

I won't spare you!

The police report will say that his wife committed suicide, out of shame.

You go. I will manage the rest.

Constable. – Sir.

Send this corpse for post mortem. Okay sir.

Hey, Idiots.

I swear, I will kill you the day I am released.

There is bad news.

What happened? Balwant is arrested by the police.

On what charges? He killed Jaswant.

No! It's not possible! He can never do such a thing.

He has already done that.

Everyone in the city knows about it.

Who are you? For you, we are the messengers of death.

Get hold of them.

Open it. Open the door!

Burn the house down.

Oh God! What do I do now? Help!

Why did you close the door? Open the door!

Save us. Is there anyone?

Burn it. – Someone is there.

What will do now. – Save us.

Save me. My God, what do I do? Save us.

Is there anyone? Save us. Save us.

'And it is important for his wife to burn and die in that fire.' - No! No!

Save us.

Save us. Save us.


Good morning. - Good morning.

How is that murderer?

He roared like a lion all night and troubled me a lot.

Keep a watch on him. Here are the keys.

I'll take care of him. - Fine.

Hey you!

Where are you?

Sumati! Sumati!

Sumati! Sumati!


Come out!

Hit him!

Sumati, I'd woven so many dreams.

I wanted to lead my life with you, our children and my brother, Jaswant.

But those scoundrels shattered our dreams.

They ruined our lives.


People consider it to be God's will and bear the pain and lead a painful life.

I, too, want to die, but I'm alive.

Do you know why?

To punish the ones who cheat and escape.

Ranvir and Balvir won't escape.

I'm the Ultimate Court.

I'll punish them.

Since when has she been like this?

I am seeing her in this state since my childhood.

She doesn't say anything.

She goes wild with rage if there is a loud noise.

Some traumatic experience might've left an impression on her mind.

Has she gone through any such incident?

I don't remember any such incident.

She could be treated only in America.

America? - Yes.

Few such patients have been cured there.

But it will be very expensive.

I can do anything to get her treated.

It'd cost around 1 million.

Come to me when you arrange for the money.

I'll leave.

It's all right.

Bye, Rajesh.

'1 million!'

'Where will I get 1 million from?'

'Where will I get so much money?'

Ranvir, have you delivered the goods? The truck will leave this afternoon.

Good morning, dad. Good morning.

Good morning, uncle. Good morning, dear.

Dad. - Yes?

A new model of Maruti has been launched. I want that.

Dear, your uncle handles that department.

And I can't refuse you.

The car will be here in a week. Happy?

Thank you, uncle.

Hi, Kavita. - Hi, Sunita.

How are you? - I'm fine.


Good morning, uncle. Good morning.

Come and sit, dear.


Have breakfast with us. Thank you.

Sunita, where have you been? You didn't come to meet me.

Couldn't you come to my clinic to meet me? Right, uncle?

I won't interfere in your matter.

Sunita, how is your work going on?

Good, uncle.

It seems the number of mental patients have increased.

I'm afraid, you might become insane while treating the patients.

Both of you chat. We'll leave.

Brother, the truck...

Listen. Dad has called me.

I thought of informing you else you'll trouble me later.

When are you going?

Dad, I won't get married!

What are you saying?

Your late mother had fixed your marriage with their son when you were a child.

That is the reason why I invited them.


Our son is good-looking and educated.

At least look at his photograph before rejecting the proposal.

What's the use of seeing the photo when I don't want to marry?

Karamvir, did you hear that?

She listens to you. Make her understand.

Sunita, I don't understand, why you're refusing to get married.

Marriage is the destination of life.

A life companion, a settled life, children, all these are necessary, aren't they?

All these are bookish terms.

I am a psychiatrist.

Thousands of patients come to me, most of them are married women.

Do you know who is responsible for their sufferings?

Their husbands.

After marriage, men treat women as a toy.

They treat them as their slaves.

A slave and a machine to give birth to children.

Why should I have this problem after knowing everything?

There might be few such men.

But there are some men, who worship their wives till their last breath.

I haven't seen any such man.

Please uncle, no one can make me change my decision.

I have to go to the clinic. I'll leave.

Goodbye everybody.

How do I make her understand?

Daughters make their parents proud but because of her, I have to bow down in shame.

As you were so occupied in making her a doctor, you forgot to teach her family values.

You're right.

I haven't raised her as a girl but a boy.

Had her mother been alive, she wouldn't have behaved like this.

Don't worry.

Being a woman, I've understood what her problem is.

Your daughter will marry my son. I promise you.

Did you like her?

Mom, this...

Who kept this photograph here?

Don't be so nervous.

Even if you don't like her, we have chosen her as our daughter-in-law.

What say? - Yes.

What's the problem, then?

The problem is that she doesn't want to marry.

You have to convince her.

By force? - Yes.

Maybe, she wants to marry someone else?

No, son.

I'll tell you the reason why she doesn't want to marry.

You have to find a solution to it.

Continue to have this medicine but you'll have to visit me once a week. All right.

I'm sure, I will cure you in 3 months.

Thank you, doctor.

Good morning, doctor. Good morning.

Come in.

Please have a seat. - Thank you.

What's your name? - Mahesh.

Mahesh, what's your problem?

Two years ago, I fell in love with a girl, Maya.

I was a painter then. Very good.

After meeting her, I used to paint only her portraits. Really?

I didn't see anything else, but Maya.

After 6 months, we married.


She was the world to me.

She was my life.


Destiny had other plans for us.

3 months ago, Maya died.

How sad!

I was unconscious for 15 days.

The doctors helped me regain consciousness.

But they couldn't alleviate the pain of her loss.

Now whenever I see any girl whose appearance is similar to Maya's, I feel like taking her in my arms.

That's dangerous.

The day before yesterday, I was at a friend's place.

Her washerwoman entered.

She looked like Maya.

I held her. Thankfully, her husband was standing outside.

To be honest, I have been beaten up quite often.

After facing so much humiliation, I don't want to live.

But I had promised Maya, I would never commit suicide.

Now you tell me, how do I lead such a life?

Don't worry, everything will be fine.

I will treat you, you will be completely all right.

Really? - Yes.

Why are you looking at me like that?

The same eyes...

The same hair...

The same lips...


My sweetheart.

Mahesh. - Where did you go?

Mahesh! - I knew you'd return.

Leave me! Please don't leave me.

Leave me! - Maya!


I am not Maya, I am your doctor.

You are a doctor and I am your patient.

Sorry, doctor.

This happens to me every time.

What do I do?

'Poor soul!'

'He loves his wife so much.'


Yes, doctor.

I know what you are going through. I will treat you.

Really? - Yes.

But you will have to do what I say.

Sure, what do you want me to do?

First of all, make yourself presentable.

Okay, I will.

Hi, Rajesh. - Hi.

Sorry, I'm late.

Did you order anything? - No.

What's the matter?

You look worried.

I want to take part in the international photography contest, but I don't know who I should choose as my model.


You are worried over such a trivial matter.

Am I not fit for the job?

You? - Yes, I'll be your model.

What are you saying?

How can a girl from a reputed family be a model?

So what? I don't want to make it my profession.

It's only for your sake.

But Kavita... I don't want to hear anything.

I will be your model.

How will you present me?

I have thought of something.

There's nothing more beautiful than a woman wearing ornaments.


Come home with me.

I have a lot of jewellery.

I will wear anything you choose and pose for the photograph.

Okay? - Thank you, Kavita.

Thank you so much.

Shall we go? - Sure.

Wow! Beautiful!

I'm dumbstruck after looking at them.

Which one should I wear first?

Wear anything. You will look stunning in any of them.

Shall I wear this one? - Sure.

Is it okay?


It seems as if an angel has come down to earth wearing stars.

Really? - Yes.

God hasn't created you to be a mortal's companion.

Human beings don't deserve a beautiful woman like you.

When you say such things, something happens to me.

Go and get back to work.

Okay, just a minute.

Look to your right.

That's it. Good.

Chin up. Fantastic.

I want you to keep your lips apart.

Beautiful lips.


There is something between us.

What relationship do we share?

There is something between us.

What relationship do we share?

Don't let anyone know about it.

Else people will start talking about it.

There is something between us.

What relationship do we share?

Don't let anyone know about it.

Else people will start talking about it.

There is something between us.

Either confess your love or deny that you're in love.

Either confess your love or deny that you're in love.

Express what's in your heart.

If you can't express your feelings let the eyes express them.

The silence conveys the message of love.

There is something between us. What relationship do we share?

I don't want to say anything else.

Let our eyes communicate.

I don't want to say anything else.

Let our eyes communicate.

Don't look at me like that.

I'm your admirer and not a thief.

There is something between us.

What relationship do we share?

Make some promise.

Make some promise.

Shower me with love.

Listen to what I feel.

Tell me how you feel about me.

I always think of you. I don't have anything else to do.

There is something between us.

What relationship do we share?

Don't let anyone know about it.

Else people will start talking about it.

There is something... There is something...

Between us... - Between us...

There is something between us. There is something between us.

There is something between us. There is something between us.


Who are you?

I'm her friend.

My name is...

You thief! No, I'm not a thief.

Thief! Nab him!

Thief! Nab him!

This is made of steel.

One kick will ruin your looks.

This is made of iron.

If I punch your face...


What happened?

Look here.

What happened?

Who was that man? How did he come here?

Do you know him?

Why are you quiet? Why don't you speak up?

Why did you take out all your jewellery?

Answer me.

That thief was trying to rob all these.

Thankfully, we reached at the right time.

Else he'd have run with all the jewellery.

You cheat! Liar! Thief!

You have betrayed me.

You toyed with my feelings.

Please listen to me... Shut up!

I won't spare you. I will teach you a lesson.

I will kill you!

Kavita... - I will kill you!

Please listen to me. I will kill you!

Please stop it!


Please don't.

Mom, please.

Mom! No, mom.

Please don't.


Mom! No, mom.




Mom! No, mom.


She is my mom.

From the last 15 years, she is as good as dead.

She has forgotten her past.

She doesn't even recognize anyone.

Whenever she hears a loud noise, she goes wild.

She can be treated only in America.

I need 1 million for her treatment.

Hence, I tried to steal your jewellery.

I'm not a thief nor is it my profession.

My mother should get well.

My greatest wish is that she should recognise me.

She should address me as son and I am ready to do anything for it.

I'm ready to steal, loot and even commit a murder.

I know I am a wrongdoer.

You may punish me.

I'm not embarrassed for what I have done.

There's nothing greater than serving your own mother.

I know how precious a mother is as I don't have one.

Till now, I only loved you, but henceforth, I will worship you.


Such patients have been treated in America.

Yes, but everyone can't bear the expenses. You're correct.

I'll have to take advantage of dad's experience.

He's not in town. I'll speak to him as soon as he comes back.

But why are you taking so much interest in this case?

I love her son Rajesh.


How come you fell in love?

Good morning, doctor.

Good morning. Come in, Mahesh.

Okay, Sunita. I'll leave.

I'm sorry. I disturbed both of you.

I'll come later. - No.

You don't have to leave.

She's my friend, Kavita.

He's my patient, Mahesh.

Hello. - Hello.

Leave, Kavita.

Else he'll think you're his wife and hold you. - What?!

Okay, Sunita. I'll leave.

Bye. - Just a minute.

Doctor, she reminded me of my sister.

You have a sister too? I don't have one.

But I feel, if I had one, she would've been like her.

Hello, sister. - Hello.

Okay, Sunita. I'll leave. Bye. Bye.




I'm your doctor.

You're a doctor and I'm your patient.

I'm sorry, doctor. It's okay. Come here.

Inspector Narayan here.

Sir, I'm Shambhu, a police informer.

I had informed you about Billa and Panja.

I know. What's the matter?

I think they have discovered, I'm a police informer.

They are roaming around my house.

I'm scared that they will kill me.

Don't worry, I will be there.

Thank you, sir.

How dare you disclose our secrets to the police!

No, Bahadur sir, I was.. Stupid, how did you dare, tell the police about us?

You think you will escape us by being a police informer.

No, Mr Bahadur, I didn't inform the police. No, Bahadur sir.

No. – Dad.

Freeze! Else I will shoot you.

Inspector! - Shut up!

Inspector Narayan, you'll repent arresting me. Shut up!

Stop threatening or I will silence you forever.

How dare a *** like you threaten me!

You can't even imagine the consequences of going against me.

What will you do?

You will ask your brother, Parshuram to get me suspended!

Parshuram will teach you the lesson of your life!

Shut your mouth!

No, I won't leave him at any cost.

Inspector, I have got the bail orders of Bahadur Singh and his associates.

Give him the papers.

You may go through them.

Constable, release them.

Welcome, my dear Bahadur.

Don't be angry.

Let's go from here.

Don't give him a chance to imprison you again and nullify the bail.

She didn't come there?

I don't know where she has gone.

All right.

I was waiting for you.

Why? - Sheela hasn't returned yet.

There's nothing to worry about.

She must have gone to some friend's place.

I have called all her friends.

They didn't see her in college after recess.

She must have gone for a movie. You worry for no reason.

There is no need to be so anxious.


My daughter!

How did this happen? No! Sheela!



My dear!

What happened to you?

My dear.

What happened to you?

Inspector Narayan, according to the post-mortem report, your daughter was killed at 3 in the afternoon and Bahadur was released at 5 pm.

I agree but people like Bahadur have many people working for them.

Sir, please issue an arrest warrant for Bahadur.

Cool down, Inspector Narayan.

How can we issue an arrest warrant in his name without any evidence?

Not even if a responsible policeman asks you to?

He had threatened me at the police station yesterday.

Doesn't my statement hold any significance?

If not, then it means that we policemen have no authority.

A policeman risks his life and arrests a notorious criminal.

Instead of his efforts being recognised, he gets his daughter's dead body soaked in blood.

If this is what a policeman gets in return for his hard work, who would like to shoulder this responsibility, who will stand up for people's protection?

Who will mete out justice?

You will get justice.

Ultimate Court! - Yes, it's me.

You shall meet your end today.

I'm not scared of death.

A brave man doesn't resort to a gun to kill someone.

Does a brave man send his goons to kill an innocent girl?

Who are you talking about?

Inspector Narayan's daughter.

What proof do you have?

The court of law argues over evidence.

The Ultimate Court only passes its verdict.

Now prove your bravery.

He is dead. Who is he?

How did he fall from the terrace?

'Hail Ultimate Court!'

Who is this Ultimate Court? What measures have you taken to nab him?

I will report against you to the Central Government.

Till yesterday, he used to kill ordinary people, but today, he killed my brother.

I am a minister.

I'm a representative of the people.

If the police can't protect my relatives, then what's the use of having this department?

The police is alert. We will arrest him soon.

How will you arrest him? You don't even know who he is.

For the sake of humanity and justice, I announce a cash reward of Rs 500,000 for the one who nabs him.

'On Saturday, the Ultimate Court killed a man named Bahadur.'

'Minister Parshuram has announced a reward of Rs 500,000'

'to the one who nabs him.'

'Rs 500,000.'

Good morning, Mr Karamvir. Good morning, Mr Tandon.

Did you read today's newspaper? Yes.

A reward of Rs 500,000 has been announced on you.

Rs 500,000.

When law becomes helpless, when the hands of the law are bound, that is the time when you mete out justice.

I am proud of you.

I thank you for your help.

As long as I'm alive, the Ultimate Court will give justice.

Why have you brought me here?

A serene place like this will help you alleviate your mental stress.

Your mind will be at peace.

Is this also some kind of treatment? Of course.

I have got something for you.

Aren't you a painter?

Engross yourself in painting, so that you don't think of anything else.

Mahesh, what's the matter?


Why are you crying?

This is the same place where I had met my wife for the first time.

Oh my God!

I came here to paint.

After fixing the canvas when I looked at her, she was standing right here.

I couldn't take my eyes off her.

I felt as if, God has instilled life into a beautiful painting.

I approached her, she smiled, so did I.

I told her, I'm in love with her. she looked down and softly said, 'I love you too.'

I was over the moon. I took her in my arms.


Mahesh! What are you doing? Maya!


I am your doctor!

Yes, you are a doctor and I am your patient.

Why does this always happen to me?

I don't understand, what to do.

Don't worry, I think, I brought you to the wrong place.

Let's go elsewhere. - Sure.

If you spend time at such beautiful and serene places, you will forget everything about your past.

Why are you standing there? Come here.

Isn't this place good? Didn't you like it?

How can I dislike this place?

This is the same place where I tasted elixir for the first time.

Elixir? - Yes.

There was lightning in the sky, a cool breeze blew.

Our emotions got the better of us and we got lost in each other.

It was first love for both of us.

My lips touched hers.

I still feel the kiss.

Our love...



What happened to you? How are you feeling?

I am losing my senses.

You look like my wife.

My wife!

My darling!

I love you.

I love you so much. I love you, the most in this world. My darling.

I need you. Love me. Love me a lot. Kiss me.


Leave me.


My heart is on fire.

My heart is on fire.

It yearns for your love.

Our love has blossomed even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.

Our love has blossomed, even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.

It didn't take too long for us to fall in love, even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.

Our love has blossomed even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.

I lost my heart to you.

I lost my heart to you.

You touched me and I seemed to have lost my heart.

You seem to have cast a spell.

You seem to have cast a spell.

Even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.

We will fulfill the promises we made to each other.

We will fulfill the promises we made to each other.

Everything has... Changed for us.

The world seems to be... A different place to us.

Let all your desires flow.

Let all your desires flow, even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.

Our love has blossomed, even the rains can't douse the fire of our love.


You are a doctor and I am your patient.

Hello. - This is Sunita here.

Sunita! What's the matter?

Why do you sound so worried?

Uncle, I feel as if I am in love.

You are in love?

That too with a married man.


A married man?

Yes, uncle.

I want to marry him.

You will have to convince dad.

What are you saying? You want to marry a married man?

It's not possible. You will marry the man of my choice.

Understand? - No, dad, I won't marry anyone else but Mahesh.

Who is he? Where did you meet him?

He is my patient.

All right, so you love your patient.

His wife died but he still loves her.

He sees his wife in me. - What?

Did you hear? He sees his wife in her.

In the future, he might see his wife in some other girl and would start loving her.

No, dad. I am sure it will never happen.

Sunita, do you trust him? - Yes, uncle.




I had fixed your marriage with him.

And he is a bachelor.

He had decided that he'd first win your love and then disclose his identity.

Congratulations, my boy. Thank you, sir.

So, you all played a prank on me.

You cheat!

You are a doctor and I'm your patient.

Seek the blessings of your in-laws.

God bless you.

How dare you!

You want to marry a thief?

He isn't a thief. He needed money for his mother's treatment.

You will find many such paupers on the streets.

We like to be associated with only the people of our status.

We will get you married into a very rich family.

I don't need any wealth. I need love.

I want to live my life with the person I love.

Shut up! You are still naive.

You don't know what's good for you.

I'm an adult and I have the right to take the decisions of my life.

I will hit you if you keep arguing.

No matter what, I will marry Rajesh.

I don't understand what he did to cast a spell on her.

He hasn't cast a spell, she is obsessed.

And there's only one way out of it.

Where is your friend? She should be here any minute.

Hi, Kavita.

Sunita, what took you so long?

The registrar has been waiting for so long.

I've brought another witness.

He's my fiance, Mahesh.


He's your patient, isn't he?

Yes, sister. I'm the same patient.

Meet him. He is... I understood.

He's your patient.

Congratulations, brother.

Let's go. The registrar is waiting.

Yes, let's go.

Who are Rajesh and Kavita?

We are.

And the witnesses? - We two.

What relation do you share? She is my cousin.

He is my brother.

Sign here.


You have come to get married.

Hip, hip hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

People in love are like free birds.

The lovers understand each others' feelings.

Feelings. - Feelings.

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

People in love are like free birds.

The lovers understand each others' feelings.

Feelings. - Feelings.

Feelings. - Hip, hip hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

I promise, we'll never separate till our last breath.

I promise, we'll never separate till our last breath.

It's the path of love, sweetheart.

It's the path of love, sweetheart. Once the lovers fall in love...

They never leave their partners alone.

They never leave their partners alone.

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

The world is cruel.

They create obstacles in the path of the lovers.

The world is cruel.

They create obstacles in the path of the lovers.

I'm in love.

You're so beautiful.

The people in this world are so cruel.

So cruel.

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

People in love are like free birds.

The lovers understand each others' feelings.

Feelings. - Feelings.

Hip, hip... - Hurray!

Hip, hip... - Hurray!


'A special announcement.'

'This is the picture of Jwala Singh, a dacoit.'

'He escaped from Jodhpur, stealing diamonds worth 200 million.'

'It is believed that he is coming to Mumbai.'

'About 25 years ago, he was a police officer.'

'Because of his illegal deeds, he was dismissed from his services.'

'He has committed 10 murders and 15 robberies'

'The police is looking for him.'

Inspector Amarnath!


You are great! - Wow!

I have seen various diamonds and precious stones, but ***, nothing can beat these diamonds.

I want to flee from this country as soon as possible.

I want you to keep these diamonds worth 200 million and give me 100 million.

It will be done.

I'll arrange for the money and your departure.

But you will have to hide here for a couple of days.

The police is on the look-out for you.

What can the police do when you are with us?

Till the time, you are with him, no *** can touch a hair on your head.

That's all right but if you try to act smart...

Rest assured, I won't disclose anything to anyone.

I am the minister's most trusted associate.

I have to trade in this city. I am not a fool to go against him.

What say? - I trust him.

I have made arrangements for your stay.

I'll come to meet you tomorrow evening.

Okay. - Mr. Dacoit.

If you want, shall I appoint some men to guard the guest house?

My three men are equal to thirty men, Jaichand.

I know. - Come, Jaichand.

Yes, Mr. Diamond. I mean Mr. Politician.

They are very big diamonds.

I will sit on the other side.

Hello, Mr Rajesh.

What brings you here?

You are the only person I can bank upon, in this hour of need.

Please have a seat.

What can I do for you?

I am repenting the day I refused your offer of a partnership and you fleeced me of Rs 20,000.

Now I want to be your partner.

I don't steal anymore.

If you won't steal, how will you arrange for the money that you need for your mother's treatment?

I keep the information of the people who might be useful to me.

You might have stopped committing crimes but stealing stolen goods is not a sin.

What do you mean to say?

Have you heard about Jwala Thakur?

The one who stole diamonds worth 200 million?

You are right.

I want you to steal those diamonds for me.

I will pay you 20 million.

Give it a thought.

All your problems will be solved at one go.

'Rajesh, what are you thinking?'

'You will never get such an opportunity.'

So, what have you thought?

You are right.

It's not a sin to loot a robber.

I am game for this deal.

One, two, three.

Guards, you may go.

What are you saying, dad?

I made a note of the number of the car, Jwala escaped in.

The policemen at the check post informed that his car was seen going towards Powai.

There are bungalows of many influential people at Powai.

There's only one place where he can hide and that is Parshuram's guest house.

And if he isn't hiding there, Parshuram will get you dismissed.

That is the reason why, I am not taking any action.

I want you to give it a try.

If we find Jwala there, consider that I will be promoted to the post of Commissioner.

It's very risky, dad, To help you be the commissioner and to get Jwala arrested, I'll take this risk.

Hello, Karamvir speaking.

It's me.

Jwala is hiding at Parshuram's guest house at Powai.

Thank you very much.

Jwala is hiding at Parshuram's guest house.

Ask our men to hide around the guest house so that they can keep an eye on those who visit there.

We'll go there later.


The client will pay the money by tomorrow evening.

What about my departure?

Tomorrow night, at 12 midnight, a motorboat will pick you from Madh Island.

There is a ship waiting for you in the international waters.

I must say, you are more powerful than the law.

But not the Ultimate Court.

Who are you?

The Ultimate Court for those criminals who escape the law.

But for you...

Did you recognise me?


Yes, Amarnath.

You had arrested me on the charges of murdering my brother.

You had ordered my wife to be burnt alive.

You ruined my life.

Today, I will make you pay for all your sins.


Please pardon me!



Balwant, please don't.


Ultimate Court!


Are you the Ultimate Court? No.

The *** Ultimate Court killed both of them.

What are you doing here?

Me? I...

So you are his associate. You were helping him.

No. I was here for the diamonds.

Diamonds! Where are they?

Even you came for the diamonds, right?

Sorry, friend, I am not going to divide them.

Shut up! Give me the diamonds.

It's better that you stay out of this, else I will forget, you are my friend.

Do what I tell you to or... All right.

You want the diamonds, right? Here.

Take them.

Hurry up!

Let's go.

He went into the van.

Follow that van.

I know you are very smart. That you'd steal the diamonds.

Give me the bag.

I want the money first.

Guards, give him the money.

Throw him out.

Open the door.

Come out!

What is the matter?

So, you are Mr Jaichand, who buys all stolen jewellery?

I'm just an ordinary businessman.

Please ask him to move the gun away from me.

Give me the bag of diamonds else I will kill you.

No! I think we both should enter into a partnership.

Shall we share the diamonds equally?

We don't like to share. It's my bag.

Where are the diamonds?

Where are the diamonds?


Where are the diamonds?

Speak up!

Please don't hit me.

I swear! I don't know where they are.

That ***, Rajesh tricked us all.

Think of something.

How will we get the diamonds?



Mahesh, what's the matter?

Where is Rajesh? He is not here.

Who is inside?

Rajesh's mother.

What's the matter?

Come with me.

What are you doing?

Pardon me, I am taking his mother with me.

Ask Rajesh to meet me, with the diamonds at the ruins on the hill.

What diamonds are you talking of?

His mother is unwell.

Neither can she speak nor can she recognize anyone.

Rajesh won't spare you if anything happens to her.

Get inside!

I will teach him a lesson. Open the door!

'Open the door!'


Please come here quickly.

What's the matter?

Who is she? - She isn't well.

You take care of her, I'll be back in a while.

But son...

She is Sumati. - You are right.

Sumati, where were you all these years?

It's me, Laxmi.

Don't you recognise me?

What happened to you?

Why are you so quiet?

What happened to her?

Where did you find her?

You know her?

Yes, dear.

She is an angel.

You are in this world because of her.

What do you mean?

She is your mother.


Yes, son. We have only raised you.

'Before your birth, some goons had set her house on fire.'

'To save herself from the fire, she jumped from the window.'

'But her clothes caught fire.'

'As she couldn't think of anything else, she jumped into the water.'

'We found her lying unconscious near the river bank.'

'And she was pregnant. We took her to the hospital.'

'Where she gave birth to twins.'

'We brought her, homeless and helpless, to our house.'

'Your dad discovered'

'that her husband had gone far away from the city'

'and the police believed that he might have died.'

'She was shattered.'

Listen. - Tell me.

I have thought of something.

You have? - Yes.

We have been married since so long.

Even the doctors have said that we might never have children.

It will be difficult for Sumati to raise two children.

Why don't we adopt one of her children?

She will be unburdened and we will get the joy of parenthood.

What are you saying?

She is a helpless and a destitute woman.

You want to take advantage of her misery!

I didn't say that.

But that is what your words meant.

Motherhood is the most precious thing in this world.

A woman can do anything but she can never stay away from her child.

How could you even think of something like this?

Go to bed.

What happened to you?




What's the matter? I don't know where she is.

Don't cry. Please come to me.

'Brother, no man can live an isolated life.'

'My house was set on fire, my husband went missing,'

'I was lying on the banks of the river in an unconscious state.'

'Had you not supported me,'

'I'd have died without giving birth to my children.'

'As you consider me your sister, I want to make a request to you.'

'God has given me 2 children while my sister-in-law has none.'

'I'm willingly giving my child to her.'

'Please accept it as a sister's gift.'

'If I stay close to my child, he won't love his foster parents.'

'So, I'm leaving.'

'May God bless you all.'

'It means, Rajesh is my brother.'

I'll be right back.







Rajesh, I'm in here.

Open the door.

What's the matter? Where is mom?

Mahesh locked me in this room and took your mother along.


He said, you will get your mother only if you meet him at the ruins on the hill, with the diamonds.

Mahesh, you've invited your death by taking my mother.





How dare you abduct my mother?

I will kill you!

Just give me a minute. At least listen to me.

Tell me.

Let me speak.

Please listen to me.


Listen to what I have to say, you may kill me later.

You don't know, but we are brothers.

You are lying!

Trust me, brother. I swear!

Come home.

And still if you don't believe, you may hit me as much as you like.

Come with me.




Are you all right?

Mom, he is Rajesh.

Rajesh, she is my mother and he is my father.

They have nurtured me.

Mom, he doesn't believe that we are brothers.

It's true.

20 years back, both of you were born in our presence.

We didn't have a child.

So, your mother gave one of her sons to us.

Yes, Rajesh.

Mahesh! - Rajesh!

My brother. Rajesh, my brother.

How will we find that ***, Rajesh?

My goons will definitely find him.

We will have to. The newspaper says that Parshuram and Jwala were killed by the Ultimate Court.

The police didn't find any diamonds there.

We know that the diamonds are with Rajesh.

Let's kill Rajesh and distribute the diamonds amongst ourselves.

But we first need to find that rascal.

Why did you hide the camera here?

I clicked a very important photograph, that of Ultimate Court.

What? Ultimate Court!

Let's develop it quickly.

I'm very anxious to meet him.

Here you are.

Is he the Ultimate Court? - Yes.

Do you know him? He is Sunita's uncle.

'So he has a split personality.'

'He should be handed over to the police.'

Praise the Lord, sir.

Hello, sir.

Greetings, sir.

Hello, sir.

Praise the Lord, sir.

Mahesh, there he is.


What is all this?

No one has ever escaped the hands of law, Ultimate Court.

Ultimate Court! Are you out of your mind?

You are insane to have killed so many people.

We have proof.

The owner of such a big estate, a benevolent man for people, is actually a murderer.

You are a killer in disguise of a messiah.

I wish you knew what you were doing.

I mete out justice to those who don't get justice.

It'd be foolish of you to think of killing me as there would be no one to help the poor, after I am dead.

There is no greater protector than the law.

We will hand you over to the law.

Don't glorify the law in front of me.

What did the law do when the police arrested Billa and Panja?

Where was the law when Inspector Narayan's daughter was being killed?

Inspector Amarnath accused me with false charges and imprisoned me.

He even set my house on fire.

In that fire, my wife died along with my unborn child.

What was the law doing then?

Where was it?

I had taken an oath for the sake of my dead wife and child, I will kill those criminals who escape the hands of law, till my last breath.

And nothing in this world can stop me from fulfilling my promise.

No one can stop me.

No one can stop me!

I will annihilate everything that's an obstacle on my way.

Don't worry,

I won't kill you, because I kill only those who commit atrocities on others.

I won't commit a sin by killing the two of you.

I know you have a negative of this photograph, with the help of which you can take me to the court of law.

I know how to make use of the loopholes of the law.

I'll escape punishment in the same way as Billa and Panja had.

Listen boys, now don't try to ever come in my way.

Mahesh, I think he is a good man.


If everyone takes the law into his hands, there will be no significance or requirement of the law, the government and the country.

I will definitely drag him to the court.

I will also ensure, he doesn't escape the hands of law.

What's the matter?

I don't understand.

There are no injuries or damaged nerves.

I think she has gone through some mental trauma because of which her brain has stopped functioning.


What happened? - Sumati!

Doctor! - Sumati, please!


Sumati, you are alive!

Sumati! Sumati!

Stop, Sumati!

Sumati! Sumati!

Listen to me!

What has happened to you?

Sumati! Listen to me!

Sumati, look at me. I am Balwant.

I'm Balwant, your husband.

Doctor, what happened to her?

What? Is she your wife?

Yes, doctor. She is my wife.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

Come to me whenever I call out to you.

You bring a smile on my face. Don't make me cry.

I can smile. I can't cry.

Never get angry with me. Don't ever go away from me.

Without you, I was leading a lonely life.

I kept praying for you all day long.

Please sit beside me for a while.

I will once again sing the song of our love.

I will once again sing the song of our love.

I will once again sing the song of our love.

I will make you recollect all the moments that we have spent together.

I will make you recollect all the moments that we have spent together.


Look here.



Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.


Did you recognise me? Of course.

You're Laxmi and he is...

Mr Ramavtar.

How is your son?

What are you saying?

He's not my son. He's our son.

He knows everything.

Both the brothers have met each other. Really?

Both the brothers?! - Yes.

Rajesh and Mahesh are brothers.

They're twins.

And they're your would-be daughters-in-law.

Kavita and Sunita.

Where are our sons?

Call them.

Sumati, they've gone to catch a criminal, Ultimate Court.

What are you thinking?

Our sons have gone to catch a criminal.

I hope nothing happens...

I'm scared.

Bring my sons.

Don't worry, Sumati.

The Ultimate Court won't harm our sons.

Here you are.

Let's go and give this photograph to the I.G.P.

I want you to give it a second thought.

Is it right to go against Ultimate Court?

Why are you scared?

Even when I was alone, I was never afraid of anyone.

Now that you are with me, we can face the whole world.

Let's go.

I am happy to know that you have a brother too.

What do you want?

Money means everything to me.

Give me those diamonds else I will kill both of you.

You won't get the diamonds.


Because they are with Ultimate Court.

Ultimate Court!

If you don't believe us, have a look at this photograph.

He killed Jwala and took the diamonds along.

He is Balwant, our old driver.


He isn't Balwant, he is the rich man, Karamvir.


It means all three identities belong to the same man.

This *** gave us a slipper in the bag.

Don't trust him.

We will make him reveal everything at our den.

But first we need to think of something to nab the Ultimate Court.

Take them.


The 3rd court will.. stupid..

You Idiotl

! I will kill you!

Let me get untied.


Uncle, they both aren't here.

Where must have they gone?

You go home. We'll look for them and bring them to you.

Don't worry, I'll try to find them out. Fine.


Ram Singh!

Dr Prakash! Dr Prakash!

Dr Prakash! Dr Prakash!

What happened to you?

Who was here?

Few goons came here looking for you.

As they didn't find you, they took Sumati with them, despite all my efforts.

Goons? - Yes.

Who were they?

Ultimate Court, I will tell you.

Who are you?

I'm the messenger of Balvir and Ranvir.

Your old masters.

Are those *** still alive?

Of course, they are alive.

Shall I tell you something, they abducted your wife.

You scoundrel! What are you saying? Where is my wife?

Stupid! Tell me where are they, or I will kill you?

What are you doing?

Let go of my neck, or my wrapper will open.

I don't open your wrappers, Idiot.

I kill people like you.

What is the use of killing me?

Think about it, if I don't go back to them with your answer, the *** will kill her.

God help me!

What do the *** want to know from me?

Good to hear that.

You had stolen their gold bars.

Reach the Ghodbunder Fort with the gold at 5 pm tomorrow.

You will get the instructions once you reach there.

Don't forget to bring the diamonds that *** Jwala had brought.


You ***, I don't have any *** diamonds with me.

You don't!

Rajesh and Mahesh said that the diamonds are with you.

Rajesh and Mahesh! Where are they?

Even the *** are abducted by your enemies.

They said, you have those sparkling diamonds.

What can I do?

As you know, Ranvir and Balvir are very greedy.

For the sake of diamonds, they can even kill their own mother.

If you don't come there, I'm afraid, they might kill your wife.

Hit him!

You ***, because of you, my daughter revolted against me.

I will kill you in such a way, that it will send shivers down everyone's spines.

Think about your own self, that scoundrel, Ultimate Court will be here any minute.

Don't worry about him.

He can do us no harm till we have his wife with us.

I think it'll be better if you keep the old woman here.

He is faster than lightning.

We can control him only if we threaten him to kill his wife.

Consider that old woman as our shield.

Bring her here. - Hurry up!

Leave me. - Move!

Let go of me! - Mom!


Mom, I am Rajesh.

Didn't you recognize me?

I am Rajesh and he is Mahesh, my brother.

Yes, mom.

Rajesh! Mahesh! My sons.

Leave me!

Rajesh my son. – Idiots.

Leave our mother!

Leave our mother!

Rajesh. Let me go.

Let me go to my sons.


My dear son.

Rajesh! My dear son.



My dear.



What is all this?

Mom, are you all right?

Have you recalled your past?


Your dad reminded me of everything.

My dad!

Does it mean Ultimate Court...

It's the new name of your father.

His real name is Balwant.

Am I right?

Aren't you the devils who had set my house on fire?

You are right.

We killed your brother-in-law.

And accused your husband.

You ruined our lives. I will kill you!

Tie her up!

Don't even dare to touch her!

I must say, you are really great.

I thought we had only his wife, but we also have his sons.

Now we will make the ***, Ultimate Court walk on his knees and beg in front of us.

My sons!


Don't move else I'll shoot them!

Rajesh! Mahesh!

What are you waiting for? Save them!

If you try to act smart, both your sons will be killed.

Give me the gun.

What are you waiting for? Tie him up.

Tie up the ***.

No. Let me go.

You broke my hand. Don't you remember?

With this hand, I will make you reveal where the diamonds are.

Tell me.


And you have broken this leg too.

Now I will break your bones with this leg.

Tell me where the diamonds are. Tell me.


Beat the Idiot! – Tell me.

Beat. Beat him.

Talk! - Let him go.

Tell me.

Let him go.


I will tell you where the diamonds are.


Don't tell them anything!

Those diamonds belong to the government's treasure.

Don't let these *** take it.

We can't bear to see these *** manhandling you.

Let them do whatever they have to.

Listen to me very carefully, till I don't kill the three of you, I won't die.

So, you won't reveal anything.

I know how to get you talking.

Now ask him where the diamonds are. Ask him.

Let me go.

Leave me!

No! No! Please!

Please don't kill me!

Balwant, please don't kill us.

We will give you all our wealth. Don't kill us.

Please forgive us.

Should I forgive you?

No one has ever escaped the Ultimate Court.

Today I will kill you and fulfil the aim of my life.

My brother, Jaswant's soul will rest in peace.


Balwant, don't!

Someone please give me the diamonds.

Ultimate Court, surrender yourself to the police.

Inspector General(IG), I have a request.

Please annihilate sinners like Ranvir and Balvir, so that no other Balwant turns into an Ultimate Court.

I surrender myself.

Mr Tandon, arrest him.

I'm sorry, sir.

I don't have a right to arrest him.


Because I have helped him in many of his endeavours.

So, I surrender myself to the law too.

Inspector Ramavtar. - Yes, sir.

Arrest both of them.

Sir, if you permit, can I meet my family members?





Take care of your mother.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.

Never get angry with me.

Don't ever go away from me.

You added colours to my life and made it meaningful.