Khatta Meetha (2010) Script

Say, Hey Lord Krishna.

Hey Lord Krishna.

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

Hail the Almighty.

Lord Krishna.

My Lord, my benefactor, bless me with your grace.

Please do, God.

How much more will you test me?

Why am I being treated unfairly in this house?

It's been three years.

Three years since I received a contract licence..

..from the government.

I've been worshipping you for the last three years.

Hey Lord Krishna, just one.

Get me one big contract for bridge construction.

If not that, then at least a small shopping complex.

Okay, okay. If not that..

..then at least a municipality bus-stand.

Get me something good like that.

I've been asking for the past three years..

..but what have you given me?

Only road and gutter contracts.

How will I survive, Lord Krishna?

Just think how I will live.

Lord Krishna, if the municipality..

..doesn't approve my bills on time.. will I pay my workers?

How will I pay them?

Lord Krishna, yesterday my assistant Rangeela..

..borrowed Rs.1000 from me.

And today, that glutton says they're spent.

Please tell Rangeela not to squander money like that.

I'm a poor man, I'll be ruined.

And yes, one more thing.

Please tell my workers not to hog like demons.

They've grown so fat.

Hey Lord Krishna.

Hey Lord Krishna.

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

Hey Lord Krishna.

Hey Lord Krishna.

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

He'll never reform. - "Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

He's again at it in the morning.

We'll have to plug our ears with cotton now.

As if Lord will shower him with His grace.

The poor chap is exercising his voice-box, let him do it.

But he should have good intentions..

..only then will God heed his prayers.

He thinks his biggest enemy is in this house.

His elder brother and you two brothers-in-law.

Sister Gayatri is absolutely right.

Otherwise, we would've sold this house by now.

Trigun, you would be shocked to hear the price..

..contractor Jain quoted for this house yesterday.

What's the use of saying that?

Can you sell this house?

Everyone else should understand that.

Your ancestors were kings three ages ago.

Now, we can't even make our ends meet.

I have a suggestion.

Hang this palace around your neck and sing devotional songs.

You're sensible, so, why don't you explain to him?

I've better things to do.

I would prefer reciting 'Bhagvad Gita' (holy text).. a buffalo rather than explaining to him.

I feel ashamed to enter the municipality office..

..because of my brother-in-law.

Every work that he has done..

Everyone knows that it's all a fraud.

And he wants me to conduct an investigation..

..and tell everyone that everything's fine.

The municipality isn't ready to clear his bills..

..because of his bad work.

And then my brother-in-law..

..has filed a case against the municipality.

I'm trying my best to get transferred from here.

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

Ask him to stop venerating.

And if he wants to eat, the breakfast is ready.

He had some extra complaints for Lord Krishna today.

Mother, brother's veneration is getting longer by the day.

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

God knows where his life is headed for.

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

"Chant the name of Lord Rama."

"Chant the name of Lord Shyam."

"Chant the name of Lord Krishna."

Get my bills cleared..

..and I'll handle the rest, that's it.

Hail Radhe-Krishna. Hail Radhe-Krishna.

Hail Radhe-Krishna.

Hail the Almighty.

You were only fooling people until now.

But now, you're trying the same thing on God too.

Father, once I start, I can't stop.

I get fully immersed in it.

Really? - Yes.

What did Lord Krishna say?

Will he give you anything?

It's beyond tolerance now. - What?

Last night, your father couldn't sleep until 2am.

Then ask him to sleep on time.


But how can he sleep if you all keep partying all night?

You all should remember that this isn't a bar.

Mother, you too are.. - Look.

If you want to entertain government..

..engineers and politicians then why not take them to the hotel?

Why bring them home?

This house has some respect and honour.

The school vacations will begin soon.

Bring the children from the hostel. - That's fine.

Listen. I've signed the completion certificate..

..for the new highway.

Did you receive the cheques? - No.

I collected them yesterday.

And I also paid everyone their commission.

That chief engineer.

He was asking for Rs.100,000 more.


We had already decided upon everyone's share.

Yes.. - Wonder why that idiot..

Hail Radhe-Krishna.

Hail Radhe-Krishna.

Is there anyone in this city.. haven't borrowed money from?

Hey, cheat. I'm asking you.

What is it? - What?

He asked my peon Pandurang..

..for Rs.10,000.

That poor chap might never have seen Rs.10,000.. his entire life.

That's nothing great.

It's been ages since I last saw Rs.1000. So?

You're born only to defame the family.

You have made the family proud, haven't you? That's it.

But I would like to say one thing.

Whoever I've borrowed money from.. it Chaggan, Magan or Lagan..

..but I haven't used any one of your names.

Do you have a name of yourself? - Yes, I do.

Name. Sachin Tichkule.

Address. Madhurji Manor Rajwada.

Ram Mandir, Pawar lane number 4, Taluka.

Phaltan district, Satara, Post Box number 415523.

Don't spoil my mood in the morning.

Mother. Mother. - Yes.

Give me boiled eggs.

I want two. - I'll get it.

Rao, why do you look tired?

I've been working for Suhas for the last two-three days.

I've to run around a lot. That's why.

Yes, run around and earn money.

Everything's fine until you're earning it the right way.

Rao, where's your daughter?

She's in Mumbai.

I'm trying to get her transferred here.

Because my wife is seriously ill.

She can't walk without a stick.

There should be someone to look after her.

Uncle, coffee.

Mother has asked you to come have breakfast.

No, coffee is enough. - Hello, Uncle.

Bless you, son.

One day, I'll buy a Mercedes like this one.

And you drive it.

You're working for brother-in-law as of now.

Tomorrow, you'll work for me.

Of course. Why not?

Earlier, I was your father's driver.

Now, I'm your brother-in-law's driver.

And tomorrow, I'll be your driver.

Isn't it?

"What's behind the top?"

Get lost, you rogue.

"What's behind the top?"

Where were you, Brother?

All the workers were working until seven in the evening.

We haven't paid them their dues yet.

I can't pay them every day.

Tell them to collect their pay at the end of the week. Got it? - Fine.

Boss. Listen, it's the last day of the week today.

Understand it.

If we don't get our dues by evening..

..we'll stop working from Monday.

No oxygen, goodbye patient.

Similarly, no money no work.

No, no. The work shouldn't stop.

I suggest..

Hold this.

Sell this and pay everyone their dues.

Understood? Will that do for a week?

Yes, we'll manage it until next Wednesday.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? - Working.

Your father's procession won't be passing by here.

How many times have I told you..

..not to use gravel and asphalt in the middle?

When the inspectors come for the inspection..

..and they do not find gravel and asphalt..

..then your bills won't be cleared.

They always check at the sides and not in the middle.

Just put tar coal here.

If you don't put gravel and asphalt..

..the cars will founder.

Leave something for God.

Just do as I say.

If this road holds up for a year..

..then we won't have any work next year.

All the contractors in our country lead a happy life.. remaking the same road repeatedly.

Brother, what will happen to this country?

What will happen to it?

Let me achieve something first..

..then I'll do something about the country.

And anyway, are you the care taker of this country?

Brother, the restaurant owner yells at us.

He says, "You can't eat here until you pay up."

Tell me, what should we do now?

Hey you put the tar coal.

And anyway, it takes two and half hours.. go to the restaurant and return.

Brother, if this continues..

..then it'll take us two more weeks to complete this road.

If you can arrange for everything right here..

..then we'll cook our food here and eat it.

That will save time and money.

Meaning, savings.

That's a good suggestion.

Listen, I'm going to the municipal office.

I've heard there's a new commissioner coming.

If I don't pressurize him..

..he won't clear our cheques.

And remember, less of gravel and asphalt and tar. - Yes.

And after that, flatten the tar coal softly. - Yes.

Rangeela, go get your cycle.

Let me tell you one thing, Rangeela. - Yes.

Those who choose to live honestly in this country..

..can't achieve anything.

And people praise those who resort to betrayal..

..treachery and smuggling.

I'm not surprised to know..

..that the number of ascetics is growing in this country.

When hardworking people like me fail to achieve anything..

..they become ascetics in the end.

You're absolutely right, Brother.

When I was in seventh grade..

..I became a Naxalite for a brief time. - Why?

My condition was similar to yours, Brother.

I asked my father for money for an ice-candy..

..but he refused.

So, I ran away and became a Naxalite.

Oh, God.

Brother, we're in big trouble. - What happened?

Money-lender Karodimal has seen you.

Pedal faster. Faster.

Faster. Faster.

Is he alone? - No, there are goons along with him.

There he is.

Pedal faster. Faster.

Pedal faster.

Hey.. Stop, stop.

So, are you tired of pedalling the cycle?

Brother.. Mr. Karodimal.

Oh, wow. You still remember my name.

You haven't forgotten it.

Such good memory he has.

He still remembers your name.

Sir, where will you be tomorrow? - Why?

You won't go that way, won't you?

No, I will come there.

Is it anything special? Is it anything special?


I've to return Rs.130,000 to you.

Don't you dare remind me of that again?

Aren't you ashamed?

You belong to a royal family.

Your father was a judge.

You've made up your mind to defame him.

Why don't you stick to your words?

Sir.. Leave all of you.

Is he performing here? Leave.

Go. - Yes, leave.

What are you doing? Speak softly.

You're humiliating me. I'm an esteemed contractor.

I know what kind of a contractor you are.

I've a suggestion.

I'll bring the cheque to you as soon as I get it.

What did you say the last time?

"I'll repay you in three days."

Three days.

I said three months. - Three days.

No, I said three months. - Three days, three days.

Sir, I said three months. - You said three days.

Come here, come here. - What did he say?

Didn't he say three days? - Didn't I say three months?

Didn't he say three days? - Didn't I say three months?

Three days. - Didn't I say three months? - I don't know.

Yes.. Why? Were you struck by lightening?

Sir. - Yes. - Sir, come here.

What's there? - Come here.

Wait, you idiot. - Come here.

Can't you speak in my favour?

You both are driving me crazy. - What do I say?

These people aren't going to pay you this way.

I've an idea. - Tell me, tell me.

Your daughter's getting married next week.

So, should I get her married to him to get my money?

Listen to me.

There's a marriage, so, there's bound to be work.

I mean painting, renovation etcetera.

Give the contract to him.

He'll use his own material.

When he approaches you for the money..

..tell him, "Deduct it from the money I lent you."

At least, you'll recover that amount.

He's absolutely right, sir.

You've said something sensible for the first time.

Fine, come on.

Hey, penniless.

What are you doing? What are you doing?

If I give you work, will you do it? - Yes, I will.

I've many junior workers. - Okay.

Answer the phone. - Who's calling?

You'll know that when you answer it.

Who's calling at this hour?

Yes, contractor Suhas Vichare.


Harish. - Yes.

Harish. - Coming, coming.

Open up quickly.

What happened?

The bridge that we constructed over river Nira. - Yes.

It collapsed with a bus.

Many people drowned to death.


Stop here. Stop here.

Seeing the criticality of the situation..

..the navy has been called upon.

We still haven't got the exact number of the dead.

The navy is still searching for those who have drowned.

But the rescue operation is being held up..

..because there's current running in the water.

I said no one..

Few people were returning home in the bus..

..after celebrating 'Navratri' (festival).

There were 85 passengers.

The idiots..

How many survived? - 65 people died on the spot.

20 were fortunate.

Couldn't they rest at home for a day?

Will they die if they don't do 'Dandiya' (dance form) one day?

We'll say, "The bus was overloaded."

"That's why the bridge collapsed."

Have you gone crazy? - What?

Does the bridge collapse..

..because of an overloaded bus?

Everything else is fine.

But you should've filled adequate amount..

..of cement and ore in the pillars?

I agree I added less cement.

But why didn't you fill it with enough ore?

That was your responsibility.

Yes, it's all my responsibility now. - Be quiet.


Accusing each other won't help.

And you gave a certificate that the bridge is proper.

Yes, so?

There's an arrest warrant issued in your names.

I'll handle that.

I've given that ACP enough money.

He has asked us to hide here.

But how long can we stay like this?

The bridge collapsed before..

..the minister reached home after inaugurating it.

Thankfully, it didn't collapse when he was standing on it.

Do you know anyone who you can put the blame on?

Your driver. - What's his name?

Vishwas Rao? - Vishwas Rao.

Can he be trusted?

Brother, they're calling you upstairs.

Coming, coming.

You called me, sir?

Uncle, come. Come.

See this.

Can one find a solution to any problem.. acting so cowardly?

What happened?

Uncle, it's true that the bridge collapsed.

Many people died.

But he was committing suicide for that.

Thankfully I stopped him at the right time.

Or he was sure to die.

Harish, what's wrong?

What else could I do, Uncle?

It was better than being arrested.

My honour, father's honour, the family's honour..

I couldn't think of anything else.

I swear on you.

Uncle, please help us.

Help? What can I do?

Please take the blame upon yourself for our sake, Uncle.

Just say that you planted a bomb below the bridge.

That's it.

What are you saying? - Don't worry.

Everyone's under us.

You will be arrested just for the sake of it.

We'll bail you out.. soon as the case reaches the court.

And Uncle, you don't have to do it for free.

You will get Rs.100,000 for it. I swear.

And your daughter will be transferred in a jiffy.

Rana has taken guarantee, ask him.

If the police asks why I did it then what will I..


Look, just say that you've been working for us..

..since the past 30 years.

But when you asked for a raise..

..we refused flatly.

And what did you get in return of working so hard..

..for all these years?

Only abuses.

How long could you have tolerated it?

One day, you lost your mind..

..and blew up the bridge we constructed.. frame all of us.

That's all you have to say.

What will I say if they ask me where I got the bomb from?

Then you can say..

..that you stole a bomb from the quarry .

Can't you do that much for us?

Uncle, you're a father-figure to us.

I won't let anything happen to you.

I guarantee you.

I won't let anything happen to you.

Go to the car, Uncle.

And yes, tell the police exactly what we told you.


What will we have to do next?

We need two witnesses who'll testify..

..that they saw him near the bridge before it collapsed.

Sir, there's Vishwas Rao.

Hey, wait. Wait.

Hey, come on. Come to the police station.

But.. - Come on.

We'll teach you a lesson.

We got bail.

Uncle, did they thrash you? - No, son. Everything's fine.

When I confessed to my crime, they didn't thrash me.

My daughter's transfer.. - What are you saying?

You've done such a big favour to us.

Can't we do such a small thing for you?

No, son. I trust you.

Uncle, I suggest you go inside and rest.


Switch on the fan and take rest.

Barkya. - Yes.

Get tea for uncle. - Yes.

What do you think?

This will end here? - Then?

This problem is far more serious than you think.

The relatives of the people who died in the accident..

..are asking for an inspection.

We aren't responsible for that. - Just for now.

You don't understand what he's trying to say.

If that oldie spills.. - He won't say anything.

What if someone pressurises him?

What are you saying? - I'm absolutely right.

There're many brilliant lawyers in the court.

If they ask him few weird questions..

..this old man will spill the beans in the court.

And if anyone sees him outside..

..they'll behead him.

People are furious at him.

If they thrash him, he'll spill out everything.

Oh, God. Oh, God. The problem has aggravated.

What should we do now?

What's there to be done?

He shouldn't speak to anyone.

What do you mean?

We should silence him? - Yes.

Sometimes you should resort to politics too..

..just like we politicians do.

What do you mean?

I mean.. the people you see in politics today..

..go missing tomorrow.


If you allow me, then I..


I don't believe it.

Rao can't do something like that.

It's truly a conspiracy.

There's surely something wrong.

Father, it's true.

He asked for twice the salary and we refused.

And he said, "If you don't give me a raise, I'll quit."

And we said, "Fine, go ahead."

Father, why are we unnecessarily arguing..

..when the police has said that he confessed his crimes?

The police here will also dance for money, Brother.

Some day, the truth will be out..

..regarding who made them dance to their tune.

Why did he say that?

He's crazy, and so is what he said.

Forget it.

Hey, listen.

This is a bigger problem than the bridge collapse.

Call him.

And do that properly.

I mean.. check him. - Okay, sir.

You know, these days anyone can be a human-bomb.

Go. - Okay, sir.

He's gone.

All of you please sit inside.

Tell me. - The bridge hasn't been blown up by a bomb.

And the contractor's driver hasn't committed suicide.

He has been trapped.

The government has formed investigating committees.. investigate that.

They'll do the needful.

I don't want to talk to you.

My wife and children were in the bus..

..that met with an accident.

Now, I don't have a family.

Look, I regret that.

But family of the deceased.. - Will be compensated.. the government.

I don't want that charity.

I'm not here for that.

Don't try to cover up this incident..

..and save the ones responsible.

Punish them.

That's what I'm here to say.

Why the..

Dear, if you finish your work quickly..

..then I can cook something for father.

I'm almost done, five more minutes.

Give that to me.

I wonder why they're partying for.

Mother, he's here to save my husband..

..and elder brother from the bridge case.

But if they carry out a detailed examination of the bridge..

..then we'll be in trouble.

There's nothing to worry about.

Any officer who is appointed..

..will do what we say.

He'll write down whatever we tell him to.

Anjali, come here.

Come here.

Brother, she's my sister-in-law.

She's not that great in studies..

..but otherwise she's good.

Get her admitted this year in bed.

B.Ed. The course where you learn to be a teacher.

What is your name? - Say it.

Didn't you hear?

He just said it.

Get some ice.


Get some ice. Go.

Don't you know how to behave with guests?

Go get some ice.

Keep it.

Keep it. And go inside.

Go inside. - We called her.

She hasn't started drinking yet.

Don't use the women of the house.. entertain your guests.

Why do you.. - Sit down.

Sit down. Otherwise I'll kill you in front of your friends. - Sit.

Sit down.

The idiot.

There's just one useless child in this entire family.

Thief. I won't spare you today.

Who thief? I wasn't stealing.

Are you crazy?

I was just checking whether everything's in place or not.

Give your excuses to father and not me.

You've been hiding from father for the past three days.

Who is hiding? Not me.

Whenever I return from work at night, father is fast asleep.

And when I leave for work in the morning..

..he still remains asleep.

It's not my fault. - Are you coming or not?

Father! - Fine. I'm coming.

Poor father promised me..

..that this month he'll buy a dress with the money.

But you took that money as well.

And said that you'll return it in few days.

Now, either return the money or buy me the dress.

Come to father. Come on.

Father, here's your culprit who has been evading you.

Why did you take your glares off?

Keep wearing it.

Let your father see how you look.

Wear it.

Wow, wonderful.

The umbrella, bag.. What is all this?

Like a fortune-teller on the streets..

Buy a parrot. Sit near the street.

And I'm sure you'll earn much more than you do now.

You borrowed the money from me..

..saying that you'll return it in an hour.

It's been five days.

I neither saw the money nor you.

The municipality.. the cheque..

I've lost that money as well.

But don't think I'm useless.

Sooner or later, Sachin Tichkule..

..will become an influential contractor.

And Father, I've learnt all the tricks of the trade.

You don't need to learn them.

God has bestowed them upon you since birth.

My fate has changed since last Saturday, Father.

Now, you'll see me climbing new heights of success.

Tichkule and Tichkule Company Road Roller.

Tichkule and Tichkule Constructions.

Tichkule and Tichkule Company Trucks.

We won't have enough space at home.. keep these things, Father.

Do you know that?

Will you do a favour to me? - Of course, Father. I will. Tell me.

Take my name out of Tichkule and Tichkule.

I don't want any of the curses people shower you with.

But Father, you'll be proud of me one day.

Get lost from here.

Spare my loin-cloth.

What else?

Can.. can I borrow Rs.100?

I'll return it in the evening.

He'll never reform.

Take a look there.

Look, the groom's family will be here any moment. - Yes.

Have all arrangements been done? - Yes, everyone's ready.

Nothing will go wrong.

Sir. - Yes.

It seems they've arrived. - Where are they?


Can't you drive slowly?

Sir, sir. Sir, where's the groom?

Take the garland back.

Can't you see? Are you blind?

It's the useless workers of Tichkule.

Let's go inside. - What should we do?

You get the things down and get it inside.

Collect your rent later.

I'll pay you later.


We're having the pre-marriage rituals today. - Yes.

So, be careful with your paints and polish today. - Yes.

Don't make a mess. - Not at all.

And how long will you take to complete the work?

It'll take at least five days. - Five days?

Hey, you do your work.

Carefully. - Look. - Yes.

There're invaluable things all around the house.

So, be careful.

Sir, I've the best workers in the world.

They're always careful.

Quiet. Quiet.

Sir, they'll be careful.

What did you break?

Bottle? - Curse you.

What can I do? The lower portion of the box gave away.

I will kill you. - What?

I begged the shopkeeper to lend me three bottles of polish.

What will we do now?

Sir. - Yes.

They're here. - Who?

The groom's family.

Hurry up. Clear the glass.

I don't want to see this mess here. Clean it.

What did you tell him?

Five days, it'll take five days.

Are you going to pay the expenses?

The work should get over in two days. Got it?

Hello. Hello.

This is my respected father's picture.

I start my morning by paying my respects to him.

The famous artist of Bengal Sudhir Sen..

..made this picture.

We paid Rs.100,000 for this picture at that time.

It's priceless now.

Why did you leave it?

How did this break? - Father.

It fell down. - I know that.

God, what should I do with you?

You broke it.

Idiot, you broke my clock.

Do you know how expensive this is?

Chintan. - Coming. Sir.

Look at what he has done.

He broke my clock. - clock.

We'll have to recover the money from him.

Sir, how much would this watch cost?

It belonged to my grandfather. - We're saved, Brother.

It isn't expensive, it's an old watch.

It was worth Rs.50,000.


Get the dowry money. - Yes.

Coming, coming.

Chintan, don't let him go.

Tell the gatekeeper not to let him out. - Yes, sir.

I won't spare you.

I didn't drop it, Brother. He did.

You idiot.. where is it?

Wait. Wait, you idiot.

What have you done?

I didn't do it. You did.

Clean it quickly.

I'll keep a watch, you clean it. - Fine, Brother. I'll do it.

Is someone watching?

I'm keeping a watch.

I'll clean it gently.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

Hurry up. Hurry up, someone might come.

Hurry up..

What happened?

He spilled colour and ruined all the sweets.

And look at my condition.

It's 'Holi' (festival). It's 'Holi.'

Don't mind, it's 'Holi.' - Idiot.

Idiot, have you made up your mind.. ruin my daughter's marriage?

Brother. - What happened?

He has lost consciousness.

It's been years since he lost it.

Did you realise just now?

Take this idiot to the hospital.

If he dies here, I'll be held responsible, Sir, it's best that he dies.

Sir, just two minutes are left for the rituals to start.

The propitious hour is passing-by.

What a bad luck. Hell with the sweets.

Get my daughter ready for the rituals. - Yes, sir.

Get lost from here.

They were here to decorate my house.

Instead, they ruined it. Idiots.

Brother, I need money. - What for?

We'll have to admit him to the hospital.

I have a few million in my pocket.

Do you want it? Do you want it?

Throw him out on the street.

The municipality van will pick him up.

Otherwise, I'll have to pay for his last rites as well.

Go on.

Stop, stop. Stop.

Basmati (long-grained) rice.

Manage this for a few days.

You should've brought it for a week.

I stole it from home.

Why are you crying?

Has your mother's obituary been printed in the papers?

Brother, Shilpa Shetty got married.

Why should we cry?

That's her fate.

Get on with your work. Go on.

Shilpa Shetty got married.

How's everything going?

We have rations, but not a place to cook.

I should search for that as well.

Am I the broker of this village?

There's space in that house for cooking?

But the lady of the house refuses.

Don't worry, I'll convince her.

You can't. - Do you want to see?

Yes, I do.


You might not have seen me..

..but must have surely heard about me. Sachin.

About Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar? - No, Tichkule.

The owner of Tichkule and Tichkule Company.

The municipality bus-stop worth three million.

Was constructed by me.

Satyam Housing colony. Worth 100 million.

Was built by me as well.

Tichkule and Tichkule Company is world famous.

Oh, contractor.

That's what they say in Hindi.

But we don't want to construct anything here.

I'm not here to ask for work.

I'm not a beggar.

In fact, I've so much work..

..that I'm falling short of workers.

Do I look like a worker to you?

No, Sister. Actually, I take good care of my workers.

My workers are like my God.

They slog all day.

If they don't get to eat at the right time..

..they'll get exhausted and stop working.

We have all the rations.

All we need is some space in your house to cook them, Sister.

Some space.

But my manager said that you refused.

I will have to ask my husband. - Sister.

Think of me as your brother-in-law.

The workers will be relieved.

They'll bless you.

Please, Sister. Please. - Okay, okay.

You're under my oath. - Fine, fine.

But wrap it up quickly.

How long does it take to make pilaf, Sister?

They'll finish quickly.

You'll have no problems, I swear. - Fine.

Thank you very much.

We just need your blessings.

"Wherever I go, I see her there."

"There is fragrance in the air."

"You are in my mind and conscience."

"You are in all four directions."

"If anyone hovers around you.."

"..or takes your name affectionately.."

"To hell with him!"

"If anyone stares at you or casts an eye on you."

"I will make him pay."

"To hell with him."

"You are mine."

"You're my dream."

"If anyone tries to steal my dream.."

"..I'll openly say to him."

"To hell with you."

"You are in my mind."

"You are my bird."

"You are an angel from heaven."

"Dream girl. Mohini, Kamini."

"I dislike anyone looking at you."

"One day, I'll steal you from the world."

"Even if the angels meet you, it makes me jealous."

"Morning, noon and night only I get to see you."

"My message for anyone that's jealous of our love."

"To hell with him."

"If anyone stares at you or casts an eye on you."

"I will make him pay."

"To hell with him."

"I am crazy in your love."

"There can't be anyone else."

"You are mine, I am yours."

"To hell with the others."

"Wherever I go, I see her there."

"There is fragrance in the air."

"You are in my mind and conscience."

"You are in all four directions."

"You are in my mind."

"You are my bird."

"You are an angel from heaven."

"Dream girl. Mohini, Kamini."

"Why does the breeze brush against your body?"

"Why did the sunrays shine on you?"

"If they fell in love with you.."

"I'll take up enmities with them."

"You are mine and if somebody tries to talk to you.."

"To hell with him."

"To hell with him."

"If anyone stares at you or casts an eye on you."

"I will make him pay."

"To hell with you."

I said you won't be able to convince that wretch.

But you were being adamant.

What now?

They've agreed.

Then why do you look so sullen, Brother?

I've a headache.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm going home.

"I'm feeling so cold."

"My beloved.."

Rangeela. - Yes.

You didn't buy salt.

I forgot.

How will you cook now?

Now, eat without salt.

I don't care.


All you need is salt, isn't it? - Yes.

I'll get it right away. - Quickly.

Put the vegetables to cook.


Little salt.

I forgot to get it.

I've kept tea. - Yes.

Thank you.

"You're so gorgeous."

"You're so gorgeous."

There's such a beautiful girl in the kitchen.

Get back to work.

Boil the water.

You won't know what beauty is.


There's so much filth around.

Fool. - Who is it?

Idiot. - Hello, Uncle.

I'm not your uncle.

Idiot. How dare you peek inside the bathroom..

..when women are bathing?!

I just wanted some onions. - Onions? In the bathroom.


What happened?

Why are you beating him?

Who allowed him inside the house?


Only to cook food.

Now, I will cook him.

Fool. Idiot.

What are you doing?

Idiot, I won't spare you today.

What happened?

What happened?

Get out.

Run. Run. Run.

Brother. Run.

Wait. Wait.

Wait, you idiot.

Forget it. - Leave them.

Forget it. - Lets go.

Brother, stop it. - Let's go inside.

Wait, you idiot.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

What happened?

No one has eaten the entire day. - Why?

That wretch's husband thrashed everyone..

..and threw us out.

And poured kerosene in the food, Brother.

I understand who's behind it.

You didn't do anything.

I would've been thrashed as well if I hadn't intervened.

But I won't spare them.

Now, I'll show that wretch who I am.

No, Brother. It's that idiot.

Her husband beat him up.

I know everything.

And did he beat you without a reason?

There wasn't any reason, Brother.

He abused your parents and thrashed me.

You should've thrashed them as well.

I thought of you and stopped.

Come out.

Come out.

Who is it?

Send that fatso out.

Send the demon who thrashed my workers.

Tichkule's workers mean everything to him. Get that?

A single tear in the eyes of my workers.. enough to incur my wrath.

Hey, mister. - Don't you dare say anything!

Be quiet.

Send our brother out, or I'll barge inside.

Get out of here.

I haven't come here to leave.

Your husband has abused my workers.

And I will exact revenge.

I shouldn't have allowed them inside in the first place.

I'll stab you with this rod.

Firstly, you beat up the workers..

..and then you utter nonsense.

Hey, mister. We should've thrashed him some more..

..for his perversity.

I'll blind you.

Call your brother out. I'll talk to him.

I don't talk to women.

We men will discuss this.

Then come back when he's at home.

That idiot isn't at home.

Tell him that contractor Tichkule.. going to break every bone in his body.

And I'll burn him down to ashes..

..and the entire village will brush their teeth with it.

Tell him that.

And yes, you can inquire with the villagers.

Those who have locked horns with Tichkule..

..never lived to tell the tale, understand.

Come on.

Get up, Brother.

Get up. - What happened?

Looks who is here. - That's okay.

The police are here. - Police?

He barged inside my house.

Misbehaved with the women and abused them.

Didn't he do anything to you?

Had I been at home, I would've broken his bones.

We should've thrown him out of the house long back.


Your motherly emotions are at play today.

I heard that when the bridge on Neera river collapsed.. and father accused me for it.

But if he does anything, that's fine.

It's his innocence.

This is going to be one confused case.

He'll be booked under many sections.

Barging inside the house.

Attempt to rape.

He'll be behind bars for a long time.

It's a lie.

This fatso thrashed my worker. - I did.

And I will thrash him again.

Your workers are so cheap and disgusting.

They were peeking inside the bathroom..

..when women were bathing.

What will you do in a situation like that?

Kiss them?

Couldn't you do that after my death?

Father, I..

Come on.

I want to see if honesty still prevails in this country.

And I know who is behind this.

It's her.

For the first time.

For the first time, the police have come to this house.

They would've come earlier.

But you always bribed them and escaped.

I don't have money, so, I'm stuck.

Let's go. - Come on.

Hey, get back. Sit at the back.

That's just for the sake of it.

The driver is seated here.

Please sit down.


You try to act smart with me?

Don't let him escape.

Don't worry about me, Mother.

Boil the eggs. I'll be right back.

Let's go.

Is father asleep?

Why did you do such a thing, Brother?

What did I do? I didn't do anything wrong.

I didn't do anything.

How will I go to college now?

Listen to me. Listen..

The rapist is here.

Don't say nonsense.

Why? You can do it, and we can't even speak about it.

Come on, let's go.

No need to listen to him.

Listen to me..


Mother, let me explain to you.

I swear I didn't do anything like that.

I swear on you.. - You do such things that..

Listen to me, Mother. I didn't..

Brother, listen to me. Brother.

Mother, ask the maids to lock their doors.

There's a wild man in the house.



Father. Father, I agree that I don't have any money.

But I won't ever do such a cheap thing.

I mean it, Father.. - Useless, you can stoop lower.

Because you were born on an eclipse.


The highway project is worth 3000 crore.

We paid 500 crore to the minister to acquire it.

200 crore towards the party fund.

If you give everything to the ministers..

..what will we be left with? Nothing.

Look, Mr. Sinha.

According to the plans, this highway is straight.

But if we benefit from it..

..we'll divert this road towards the pond towards your land.

We aren't earning as much as you think.

What nonsense.

We know how much you make and how?

Anyway, forget it.

When we divert this road towards the land..

..which you've bought from the farmers.. duping them and paying them only Rs.1000 per acre.. will cost Rs.20,000 per acre.

That's why we suggest you.. give us only five percent of your profits.

And we'll do this work for you.

Listen, that is too much.

Look, we aren't doing this for you.

We're doing this only for Sanjay Rane.


Why does the government construct roads and highways?

So that people travel and carry goods faster.

And the country progresses faster.

Now, if we divert this road towards your land..

..then you'll benefit from it.

So, if you're benefiting from it..

..then let us reap some benefits as well.

If we benefit, the country will progress.

Who cares about the country's progress?

We're the country.


Stop, stop. Stop.

Reverse it, reverse it.

Yes, stop.

Hello, Anjali.

Are you going to the college? - Yes.

I'm heading in that direction as well.

Come, I'll drop you.

No, I'll take the bus. - Come on.

No, it's okay. - Come, come.

Come, I'll drop you. - Leave me.

What the..

Let's go.

What happened, Anjali? - Nothing.

That's fine. I've discussed everything with the minister.

Your issues will be presented in the next assembly.

What are you doing for tomorrow's rally?

We've made the preparations. - You're working on it.


What are you doing here?

I needed to talk to you about something important.

Not in front of everyone. - Yes.

I'll be right back.

Come on.

It's a big thing.

You saved my brother.

No, it's my duty to do social service.

But that doesn't mean you can flirt with my sister openly..

Hold her hands. That isn't social service, isn't it?

Harish Tichkule isn't her only brother.

Sachin Tichkule is her brother as well.

And whenever a hooligan tries to flirt with a sister..

..her brother has some duty.

And that duty is this.

Get up.

I know what your business is.

Hooliganism, murder.

But don't try to use them on me.

Or I won't spare you.

And don't be too stubborn.

Don't forget that I've nothing to lose.

And your politician brother.. trying to create a political image for you.

But when the people outside find out..

..that you were beaten up for flirting with girls..

..your image will be tarnished.

Don't tell anyone anything outside.

And I won't tell anyone that I slapped you, understood?

Don't say anything.

Comb your hair.

Do you have a comb?

Take it out.

That's fine.

Look smart.

With a smile, take your glasses.

We'll go out with a smiling face.

We're friends. Friends.

Come, come.

You do remember everything, don't you?

We were discussing an important issue.

So, I apologies for the delay.

Okay. Okay, goodbye.


Sir, the rally.. - Quiet.

Get out of here.

Do anything you want for the rally.

I don't care.

What happened?

You scoundrel.

You were born to defame me.

Why do you peek at women through holes?

I was just seeing whether she was a woman or not.

This scoundrel peeks at women taking a bath.

And lies to me. Makes false excuses.

Yes, Brother, we wanted to tell you about this before.

He's a real pain for us women.

He always asks "What's behind the blouse?"

It's your grandmother.

If you ever stare at any woman again..

..I'll blind you.

And also if you look at your mother.

Get lost from here.

Meet me somewhere..

Look the other way.

Everyone back to work.

Hey fatso, come here.

Do you have money? - Money.

I've. 20 paise, will it do?

No, I've to pay the workers for their food.

We had opened an account at Ram Bharose hotel.

But he closed it because we didn't pay him.

Later we opened an account at Shiv Shakti eatery.

But he stopped it from today.

How much do you have to pay him? - Around.. 3000.

3000. I've a gold waist chain.

It's my own.

I think it will do until next week.

Gold chain. We can manage almost a week with that.

Give it. - Just a minute.

It's inside the underwear.

Is this your waist chain? - Yes.

My parents gave this to me when I was born.

I just stole it from mother's cupboard.

We can manage only three days with this.

Only with half the rations.

Manage it for three days. - Fine, sir.

Did you hear, Brother..

..the new municipal commissioner has arrived today.

That's great.

I'll go see him before the others defame me.

And collect my cheque. - Yes.

She forgot her way.

Hey, come here.

Come here. - Yes.

Listen. - "What are you hiding in there?"

Let's go.

Hey, listen.

I heard that the new commissioner has arrived. - Yes.

Let me meet him. - I'll have to ask.

Just go inside and praise me.

Just say nice things about me.

That's all, okay?

Will I get something? - I will.

Go inside. - Fine.

Go, I've done your job.

I owe you, I'll pay you later.

Contractor Sachin Tichkule, come in.

Mr. Tichkule, you might know..

..that this country attained freedom 62 years ago.

Yet some people are living below the poverty line.

Do you know why?

Because of people like you.

That's hampering the progress of this country.

The roads and public buildings of this country..

..are not means to earn money.

Mr. Tichkule, do you want to take a seat?

Sit down.

I'll sit down, madam, you continue.

You've built three bridges at M.G. Rd, Bhagat Singh Rd, Station Rd.

You bribed some engineer.. your work done and got your bill cleared.

But a heavy bullock-cart passed on that bridge..

..before you could encash that cheque.

The bridge and the bullock cart fell in the drain.

That's why we stopped your payment.

And you approached the court.

You might win at the court..

..but tell me are you doing the right thing?

Ganpule madam, how long have you been at this post?

Why do you want to know? - I want to.

You wouldn't talk like this if you had any experience.

In this country a municipal commissioner.. not a very high-ranking officer.

Listen, madam, keep the pen down.

Let me explain.

The expenses to build the bridge was Rs.100,000 And from that I've to pay Rs.25,000.. the party that runs the municipality.

I've to pay around 10-15,000 to find out the tender amount.

If I find out the tender amount..

..I've to shell out another 10,000 for the contract.

Then I've to give 15,000.. the engineer for the completion certificate.

5000 to ready the bill.

And a similar amount to the accountant for my cheque.

Adding everything amounts to 75,000.

And I'm left with only 25,000.

And you want me to build a strong bridge in 25,000..

..and help in the progress of the country.

And what will I get in return? Nothing.

I don't want to mortgage my father's watch..

..and my mother's nuptial necklace.. build the bridge and help in the progress of the country.

Before you tell me the duty of citizens, let me tell you.

Take a look outside.

There's a stack of files outside.

There's dust on it.

If you manage to clear half of it..'ll realise how many are dead..

..and how many have committed suicide.

People like you encourage corruption for your own benefit.

So appoint honest people.

Dismiss these corrupt people.

Let me tell you, madam.

Only dishonest and cheat people can live peacefully.. this country.

I don't want to argue with you.

I don't have anything to do with what you're saying.

I just want to say that the municipality.. short on funds.

That's why you should withdraw your case.

Fine, return my cheque.

That will take some time.

Then how will I survive?

If you don't withdraw the case..

Don't try to threaten me?

I don't understand one thing.

How can you stoop so low?

You were a follower of Gandhi..

..and used to talk about justice and righteousness.

What happened to that?

Justice to the teacher, down with the management!

Teacher's been framed, the management is the culprit!

They accepted bribe and then defamed the teacher!

My dear students.

Last year the management fired three teachers..

..stating that they're over-staffed.

And the same story is being repeated this year as well.

And this time our teacher Gita Bhosle is being targeted.

Two years ago she gave money in the name of donation..

..and got this job.

She even mortgaged her house to give the money.

And now they're being fired stating that..

..they're over-staffed.

This exploitation should stop right now.

We should together revolt against this.

Our revolution will mean non-violence and peace.

We've to come together and get her justice.

The principal has given a warning..

..that if we go on strike we will be punished.

That's why I say that all the students should unite as one.

Then ask the management to rusticate all of us.

You talk to all the students.

I'll go talk to Gehna and ask her to explain all the girls.


Talk to her only about that and nothing else. - Why you..

Gehna, wait, wait. - You carry on, I'll be right with you.


How did you like my speech?

By looking at your eyes I can say that .. didn't sleep the entire night.

What do you mean?

This is bound to happen..

..if you keep memorizing the speech all night.

The I suggest that you write the speech..

..memorize it all night and say it in the morning.

I don't want to be a leader. - Oh no, I don't want to be a leader too.

But I'll always be the first to lead..

..a struggle against injustice and dishonesty.

My father is a follower of Gandhi.

And I will follow that path as well.

Help me out in explaining the other girls.

The girls ruin the strike every time.

Everyone has a different point of view.

Each one things differently.

Sachin! - Coming.

They don't allow me to talk peacefully. - Okay, bye.

Listen, I'll drop you home in the evening. - Okay, bye.


Look after yourself.

Tell him about it.

Hi, what's going on?

The management is completely shaken.

Most of the students have agreed on not giving the exams.

That's good news.

Now when the university questions the management..

..they won't have an answer.

So the management will have to fulfil our demands.

But there's a problem.

What happened?

A group of girls want to give the examination.

That'll be a problem.

If any student gives the examination..

..the other students will follow him.

And our strike will be ruined.

And do you know who's first? - Who?

Your love, Gehna Ganpule.

No, she won't. I will talk to her.

Gehna. Gehna. Gehna.

Yesterday I restricted you from giving the exams.

Sachin, I can stop attending class..

..but not the examination.

That's my right. - No, you cannot go inside.

Everyone knows that you love me.

So you can't humiliate me like this.

How can this be a question of honour?

Some like studying while some don't.

If I don't give the exams I will suffer the loss.

I don't belong to a wealthy family like you.

My father has worked very hard for my education.

If he asked why I didn't give the examination..

..then what will I say?

Because of the strike? - No, for principles.

What principles?

Those who run this country don't have any principles..

..then why should we students be concerned about principles?

I'm going in the class.

If you go inside the class..

..all these girls will follow you inside.

That's not my problem.

That means you won't listen to me. - No.

I said I can't go inside. - I will go.

I said you can't go. - I will go.

I alone can't change this country.

I only care about how I can make my ends meet.

There are other ways to survive.

You look fit and fine.

You can be a farmer.

Become a porter.

Sell fish.

These are much better job then what you're doing now.

Shut up, don't speak nonsense.

Mind your tongue.

Don't try to threaten me with your post.

I'll take this case ahead.

I'll approach the supreme court if required.

I'll have this municipality office dug and turned into a pond.

And you'll be swimming in it.

We'll see. - You can see.

Hey, file.

Who ate the pilaf?

Who will pay the bill?

Many girls come to the eatery, isn't it?


He'll ask for his fees. - Sachin I'll be right back. - Sachin.

Who was that?

I was just thinking about you.

You'll live for 200 years.

Tell me.

The court was supposed to pass its verdict on the case today.

You didn't attend it?

That's why I was coming to see you.

What happened?

We lost. - No, Sachin Tichkule won the case.

No. - Yes, the municipality accepted defeat.

I don't believe it.

And Sachin Tichkule triumphed.


What the..

I don't believe it. - Me too.

It's the first time. - Quiet.

Their lawyer said that don't have money.

So the judge asked them to handover their road roller.

My road roller.

Happy days are here.

Listen everyone.

Come here, come here.

Come here, Vaishali.

Come here.

We're going to have our own road roller.

We won't have to borrow it from anyone now.

My fees. - Yes, yes.

Now Tichkule will be famous like the Tata's.

T for Tata.

And T for Tichkule.

Tata Tichkule.

My roads will be like concrete as well.


Forge him, Brother.

This is the time to celebrate.

So call the villagers and make merry.

"What behind the blouse?"

"It's the colour of celebrations."

"Play the band. Keep playing."

"Everyone's celebrating. Keep celebrating."

"Whether that's the right path, or is this the one.."

"But I won't stop."

"It's the colour of celebrations."

"Play the band. Keep playing."

"Everyone's celebrating. Keep celebrating."

"Whether that's the right path, or is this the one.."

"But I won't stop."

"Everyone seems lost."

"The heart sways."

"The news has spread far and wide."

"You've achieved a big feat."

"Everyone seems lost."

"The heart sways."

"The news has spread far and wide."

"You've achieved a big feat."

"The wealth's here, everyone will get their share."

"Everyone will be broke."

"There'll be a huge commotion right now."

"Whether that's the right path, or is this the one.."

"But I won't stop."

"Beloved, everyone knows.."

"Take a look at me."

"The sun looks just like a lamp."

"The past is forgotten with the night."

"Let's start anew."

"I've done what I wanted to."

"The boy will smile and so will the girl."

"Pandu will dance, and so will Dhondu."

"He will sway and so will she."

"Whether that's the right path, or is this the one.."

"But I won't stop."

Father, give me your blessings.

Where are your feet?

Father, give me your blessings.

What are you going to do now?

I promise father..

..that one day he'll speak proudly of me.

And that day has arrived, Mother.

The road roller of Tichkule and Tichkule company..

..will be arriving in this house.

And those who would mock me..

..better know that Sachin Tichkule has begun his ascend.

Father, give me your blessings.

If he sells that road roller before it rots.. least he can repay his debts.

If you don't have a good face..

..God says that he should say good things.

I'm going for a good thing.

Its better that you don't jinx it.

Father, give me your blessings. Just a minute.

Father, give me your blessings.

First bring it home then I'll give you my blessings.

Why should I waste my blessings?

Good thinking, father.


Mother. Keep the veneration platter ready to welcome me.

Yes. - Fine.

I'll get the road roller. - Yes, leave.

Take only my photo, just mine. - Fine, fine.

Fatso. - Yes.

Listen to me. Get hold of a cheap painter..

..and get Tichkule and Tichkule company written on it.

Come on.

And in red. - Red.

Come on. - All the formalities are complete.

You can take the road roller now.


I don't have any problem with any of you.

But tell your superior officers.. - Fees.

Not to play games with S.R. Tichkule.

Did you see what happened?

Did you see what just happened? - Fees.

How I got possession of this road roller?

Similarly, if anyone tries something similar with me..

..then I'll take the entire.. building under possession..

..and write Tichkule and Tichkule company on it.

Understand. - Fees.

This is a government office.

Don't create a racket here.

I was only expressing my feelings.

Do that at home.

Take the roller and get out of here.

The total expenses includes your bail at the police station..

..was Rs.11,000.

Rs.5000 for the bribe.

Rs.300 was the food.

Is this yours? Is this yours?

Move your leg. Move your leg.

I've a suggestion take a mattress an lie down on it.

Get out of here.

Get out.

Get out.

Total bill 8,900.

And there are other costs.

Rascal, I asked you to break the coconut and not my back.

What can I do when you came in between?

Give it here, I'll break it.

Here, you break it.

God, save it from any evil eye.

Why you..

Hey, you think you're too smart. if I..

The coconut slipped from my hands.

Please leave and get a new window affixed.

I'll have the money sent to the station. Let's go.

What the.. Let's go.

Brother-in-law, you didn't come to see the possession.

It wasn't a musical show that I should be watching.

It's a fitting reply to everyone who thought I was lazy.

Come one, come all.

Come and watch the possession.

Come and see how the common man won..

..and the municipality lost.


Madam. Madam. Madam.

I'm taking your road roller.

You should be ashamed.

Any Indian won't do such a cheap thing with his country.

Madam, who is an Indian here?

You will find Americans in America.

Germans in Germany.

Frenchmen in France.

And Englishmen in London.

But in India you will find Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati..

..Bengali, Malyali, where's the Indian?

In this country there's only one place..'ll get to see patriotism..

..and that's during the India-Pakistan match.

And you won't find patriots anywhere else.

Everyone wants to earn money.

Lead a healthy life.

And that's all.

Goodbye, madam.

And yes, it's a great coincidence..

..that you joined post here when I started ruining the municipality.

You lost the case and were defamed.

And I apologies for that.

Please forgive me.

Okay, madam.

Okay, goodbye.

The total comes to.. - Give the key.

Have a seat.

Give me the key. - Brother, you can't drive this.

You can't drive this on a car licence.

You need a different driver and licence to drive this.

Do you know anyone?

Brother, I know a driver.

He's my neighbour.

Shall I get him?

Go get him. Go quickly.

At first, I asked everyone for Anshuman.

But they said, "There's no Anshuman here."

There're many Anshumans here.

They'll tell you if you ask for award Anshuman.

Award Anshuman? - Yes, there's a story behind it.

Have you heard it? - No.

Do you know the valley? - No.

Girgardan valley.

Girgardan valley?-That valley is like..

I was going towards the slope..

..with a road-roller as big as three elephants.

And the road was covered with snow.

The road-roller would sway about.

To this side and that side.

And there was a ravine on both the sides.

If you look down, you'll feel like you're sitting in an aeroplane.

What are you saying?

It's true.

Those who walk on that path tie a parachute.

Do you know why? - No.


If someone falls today..

..he'll reach the bottom three days later.

And suddenly, the brakes of the road-roller failed.

Then the roller started swaying.

But I didn't let go.

One mistake and it's all over.

I swear the engine was running like a rocket.

And I couldn't stop because there was ice.

And then? - Then an idea struck me.

I stuck my hand on the steering wheel and spun it.

The road-roller..

What happened?

You must have fallen off the road-roller.

Who says that?

The people were screaming.

The road-roller struck the tree.

The tree fell in the ravines.

And the road-roller stopped at the side.

On the side.

Balanced like this.


The people were watching.

And I carefully came at the sides.

Then the PWD minister.. awarded me.

Right there?

Not there, he awarded me after three-four days.

I see.

He visited my home and awarded me.

Patted my back.

And said, "Anshu, you aren't Anshuman but Hanuman."

He must've said that looking at your face.

Are you mocking me? - No, no.

I'm lying. - No, no.

No, I'm lying. - No, no. Not at all. - No, I'm lying. - No, no.

You don't believe me, do you? Turn the cycle. - Yes.

Go find someone else.

Just a minute. Just a minute. - Get lost!

We believe you.

Come on, come on.

Turn the cycle.

So, this is it?

This turned out to be much more timid than I expected.


It seems this boy has grown old.

What kind of a man have you brought here?

Timid. Boy, what is he saying?

Pass me the keys.

Give him the keys.

Here.-Give it with your right hand. - Here.

Total expenses.. - I know, I know.

Total expenses are Rs.10, 452.55.

And Rs.99 was your rickshaw fare.

Correct? - You remember.

Yes, I've a record of what I've to give and take in this.

And once this thing starts chugging on the road..

..I'll pay you every cent.

I'll have your money sent to your office.

I'll fix it right away. - Okay.

Hey, fill some diesel.

I just filled it with diesel. - Then there's surely no problem.

I'll fix it right away.

Hey, Loadkar. - Yes.

Pass me the screwdriver. - Yes.

Give it quickly.


I'll fix it right away. - Yes.

What's the problem?

I don't see anything.

Hey, fool. If this thing starts up..'ll flatten you like a pancake.

Move aside.

Move, move.


Where do we have to go? Give me the address.

Give me the address.

I'll ride it too. - Move. Move, all of you.

Get down, get down. - Let's go.

Idiot, get down.

None of you will get to ride it.

All of you will follow me on foot.

Okay. Only I will ride it. Understood?

Let's go.

Why did it stop? - Just a minute.

I'll ride it.

Come on.

Why do you switch it off whenever I climb up?

Where did you get him from?

This thing stops the minute you climb on it.

Bad luck, get down. Get down.

I'll fix it right away.

Yes. - Move aside.

I'll fix it right away.

Now, I know what the problem is.

There's a problem with the spark-plug.

Loadkar. - Yes.

Pass me the wrench to open the plug. - Here.

Oh God..

Oh, God.

What the..

I've become completely black.

You weren't fair when you came here.

What's wrong? - The gear-box has broken down.

I'll fix it right away.

"I'll fix it right away. I'll fix it right away."

You've been saying that since you came here.

When will you fix it?

Have you heard of Girgardan valley?

I'll tell him that story later. - Tell him.

Do you work? - What story is it?

Now, I know what its real problem is? - What is it?

We'll have to take its gear-box out.

Gear-box. That will take time.

Then pick up the roller on your shoulders..

..and carry it like a dead-body.

Stop it.

Tell me what I need to do.

Call the mechanic and get the gear-box out.

Do as he says. - Fine.

Listen, get the welding machine along as well.

There are few holes that we need to plug.

Brother? - Do as he says.

Do you want anything else?

Order for few cups of tea, fritters and pilaf.

The tyre pressure looks right to me.

But if we can take the tyres out..

..we may find out what the problem is.

I think it's best to dismantle each part and transport it from here.

Loadkar. - Yes.

Open up the engine and check..

..whether there's a mouse inside.

I've checked. - See there.

Gangya, take a look whether it has a carburettor.

The idiot..

Hey, why are you shining the light on your face?

Do you want me to give you a shave?

Are you in a saloon? Get lost! Get lost!

Point the light there.

Excuse me.

Just a minute. - Yes. Check properly.

What do you want?

Nothing. It's 4 o'clock in the morning.

How long will it take?

I'll fix it right away. I just found the problem.

That's all I've been hearing.

"I just found the problem."

Why don't you sit on my lap?

Hold that.

You haven't taken it away yet.

Did you say something?

I said you haven't taken it away.

Would it still be lying here..

..if I had taken it away?

This is your property. - Yes, it is.

And now, it's standing on our property.

If you don't move it right away..

..then I'll be forced to charge you rent.

Order away. - Brother.

I'll have it sent. - No, Brother.

No, madam. We'll move it right away.

And if you don't..

..then I'll charge you Rs.10,000 a day.-Why just 10,000? - Brother.

I'll send a million. Your problem will be solved. - Brother.

We'll seize the road-roller if you don't pay the rent.

That's enough.

Try and do it. - Yes, I'll see too.

Fine, go ahead. - Brother. Brother.

Are you scared?

And if you can't move it..

..get some wood, burn it and immerse the ashes in Ganges.

At least, you will earn some merits.

Oh God..

Get down.

Since you arrived you've been saying..

"I'll fix it right away, I'll fix it right away."

When will you fix it? - I can't guarantee that.

If you don't trust me..

..then pay me Rs.5,034 and allow me to leave.

Rs.5,034? What for?

For making a mess of it?

Not for making a mess..

..but to open up every part, understood?

Who asked you to open it up?

Who asked you to open it up? - See that.

Who asked you? - See that.

It's my mistake. - No, it's my mistake.

No, it's my mistake. - No, it's my mistake.

No, it's my mistake. - No, it's my mistake.

Just a minute.

Look, don't create a scene here by arguing with me.

This thing's a real pain and so are you two.

They came to me, they needed me.

Isn't it?

What's done can't be undone.

Get this thing out of here at any cost.

Ask this madman to fix it and get it out of here.

Who did you call mad? Who is mad?

I'm mad. - Who did you call mad?

I'm mad. - No, I'm mad.

No, I'm mad. - No, I'm mad.

No, I'm mad. - No, I'm mad.

Just a minute.

Just a minute.

There's just one way.

What? Should I carry it?

Brother, we'll get an elephant to tow it.

I can't endure anymore expenses. - No.

I can't endure anymore expenses. - No.

I can't endure.. - Listen, listen.

We don't have any other option.

I'll go get an elephant.

Don't fight.





Heave-ho. - Careful, careful.


Where did you get this elephant from?

You could've at least brought an elephant from the circus.

Hey come on, move!

Hey, stop it! - What's going on?

Hey, stop it!

Hey, stop it!

Hold his leg! Pull him!

Give me the cycle. Give me.

Hey, try to stop this.

Move aside. Move aside.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! - Take this. - Stop!

Where is it going?

Let me die.

Stop that thing. Let me die.

A very good..

What's the score?

If we had little more speed..

..we would've crossed over to that road, I swear.

Shut up! - Why did you..

They see that..


Brother, get up.

Brother, get up.

Why are you adding to father's troubles?

What happened?

Did you demolish someone's home?

Yes.. when?

I don't know when and where? Take a look outside.

There's a fat man standing with the police..

..creating a ruckus.

I was just thinking why the police took so long.

I suggest you go stand out..

..I'll be right there.

Come on.

Come on, quickly.

I'll settle all the scores with the police today.

Look. A decent man can't live peacefully.

Come on.

I'll teach them a lesson.

I'll teach them a lesson.. - Brother. Brother.

That they'll never find me.

Brother. Brother.


Father. Father.

Brother leapt over the wall and fled. - Fled?

He has lodged an attempt to murder case..

..against your son.

I'm ready to apologise on his behalf.

No, apologies won't work.

You'll have to pay him compensation.

I'm ready for that as well.

Fine, you'll have to come to the police station for that.

Just.. just.. just a minute.

I fail to understand if he really is your son.

I do understand that..

..God has created only one of his kind.

And then destroyed that mould.

Brother. Mother is calling, come eat your food.

I don't want to eat.

You didn't bulldoze their house intentionally.

And father has paid the compensation as well.

Come on.

I had a bad name but not a blemish.

But after sending father to the police station today..

..I've done that as well.

Whenever I try to do something right.. always goes wrong.

Just think that you're going through a bad phase.

Everything will change.

And one day, my brother will become very famous.

And everyone will be proud of you.

My heart says that.

Now, come and eat.

Look, if you don't eat then I won't either.

Which vegetable is it?

Ganpule madam, can I come inside? - Yes.

Madam, Tichkule wants to convey some of his grievances.

Madam, the municipality has made some mistakes..

..and so has Tichkule.

But I don't bottle up my grievances.

Because that's not my nature.

Excuse me. - I'm busy.

Tichkule is busy as well.

But I seized the road-roller because the court asked me to.

I didn't do it to vent my anger on the municipality.

What do you want from me?

Please carry out the inspection and..

Pay the rest of my money..

My workers are very poor.

I can't do anything.

Go talk to the engineer.

What did she say? - She said I should talk to the engineer.

But he won't agree. - Of course he will.

Didn't I tell you?

Grease his palm.

But will he take it from me?

He'll accept it from anyone.

I just saw Bhooleshwar here with a big bundle.

Yes. - And he returned empty-handed.


But how do I do it?

Give him whatever's in your pocket first..

..and then talk to him.

Brother-in-law, can I come inside? - No.


Brother-in-law, for a minute forget that..

..we're brother-in-law.

Don't remind me.

The commissioner has asked me to talk to you.

What is this? - Bribe.

Bribe? - Is it less? Take this too.

Who told you that I accept bribe?

Who told you?

The.. - Did you come here to slander me?

The commissioner asked you to inspect my road, that's all.

Call the police.

I'll have you arrested..

..for trying to bribe a government officer.

Hello. - But, listen to me..

He was caught accepting bribe. - Disconnect the phone.

Disconnect the phone. - Call later.

What's this commotion?

Madam.. - I..

This rascal says.. - I..

That you suggested him to bribe me.

When did I say that? - Lying.

Everyone heard it.

Did you hear? - Yes. - Everyone heard it.

Call the police right now.

This man is a real pain.

I don't want the police to come here.

Take your money and leave.

Don't let him inside again, inform everyone. - Okay.

But there's Rs.100 less.

It's in your pocket.

Get out of here.

Where did you throw it? - It's down there.

It's all there.

This corrupt man is your relative?

It was my bad luck, madam.

I didn't know that he belonged to that family..

..otherwise I would've never accepted the alliance.

Father, we're already facing so many problems.

And on top of that, that spoilt-brat.. defaming our family name.

That's why I was suggesting that..

..we get Anjali married as soon as possible.

I was thinking after Anjali finishes her study this year..

By letting her complete her studies, allowing her to work..

..and using that money for making your ends meet..

..won't benefit you in anyway.

This boy loves Anjali.

And also likes her.

And what do you know about Sanjay Rane.

He's no ordinary man.

Any rich family will be ready to give their daughter's hand.. marriage to him seeing his fame and honour.

The money that I had is over.

Now it's your duty to handle her responsibility.

We'll do as you please.


What's this? Did you buy a rickshaw? - No.

So what's this?

Rickshaw fare, Rs.250.

From now on you'll go on the cycle to get food, go on.

I won't go on the cycle, Brother. - Why?

I can't reach the pedal.

Then you'll walk all the way.

Come on, get lost.

You're not feeding us here..

..but you will invite us for the feast, won't you?

What feast? - Your sister is getting married..

..and you didn't even invite us.

Who told you? - The printing press owner.

I met him in the bus.

He said that he's printing the marriage cards.

Your sister is getting married to Sanjay Rana.

Don't you know?


Go and wash your hands, son.

I want to talk to you two.

I don't have money, I quarrel, people abuse me..

..all that's fine.

But I want to know am I not your son?

Isn't Anjali my sister?

If she is then why do I learn from outsiders..

..that she's getting married.

Why can't you two tell me?

Tell me.

Son, your brothers-in-law and your brother have..

You're getting her married to a man..

..that's a hooligan and a murderer.

Stop lecturing.

We don't need a brother..

..that only has feelings towards her sister.

Your ancestors left this house for me.

I'm just a namesake king.

I never earned a penny by wrong means.

Whatever I got after the retirement..

..I used it to get my daughter's married.

And you squandered away whatever was left.

But, Father, money isn't.. - It means everything.

That's my experience.

Your brother and your brothers-in-law..

..have immense wealth.

Their children study in big schools.

And they spend lavishly when they come here for holidays.

They live a better life, son.

Your mother is a maid here..

..and my opinion doesn't have any value here.

If we don't listen to them..

..then Anjali will never get married.

But, Father, did you try to find out Anajali's opinion.

I don't wish to know anything.

The only thing I have left is this house.

And my last wish is that I can die peacefully here.

But, Father.. - I'll do as you say.

Go get the money..

..and get your sister married wherever she wants.

Those who don't have a penny..

..shouldn't talk about principles.

Eat something, go.


Sir.. - What is it?

Sir, I want to tell you something.


I want some money.


Last night my mother fainted.

I took her to the hospital. Corporation hospital.

They said, they'll have to operate her.

One minute. Hello? Hello?

Yes. Renuka. What will you send in lunch?

Don't send rolled bread, but send rice to me.

Okay. One minute. Don't disconnect.

Hello, Mr. Ramchand. Yes, tell me.

I've got your list.

I'll check and see if I have these things in the shop.

Don't disconnect. One minute.

Gopi, just see if these things are available in the shop or not.

Hurry up. Tell me soon.

Yes, your mother fell unconscious.

Yes, she fell unconscious. I took her to the hospital.

She has to be operated.

They said they want 5 bottles of blood.

When I returned..

..after buying 5 bottles of blood from the blood bank..

..they said that I'll have to deposit Rs. 5000 on the counter.

When I wanted to pay Rs. 5000 on the counter..

They want small nails.. but we have bigger ones.

Okay, we don't have small nails. - No.

Hello? Look, we don't have small nails, will big nails do?

How will I mix nails in the rice?

Oh Renu, it is you?

What are you doing with Ramchand?

Do one thing, send egg curry with rice.

Okay? And.. don't disconnect.

Hello. Look, we don't have small nails, but we have egg curry.

Hey.. Mr. Ramchand. Please, forgive me.

I mean, we don't have small nails, will big nails do?

Fine. It will do.

Yes, don't disconnect.


Your mother fell unconscious.

When? - You said, last night your mother..

Sir, sir.. my mother fell unconscious.

Oh, your mother fell unconscious. - Yes.

I took her to the hospital.

I didn't have Rs. 5000 to deposit, so I called my friend..

He said he has only Rs. 4000. So, I told him to give that.

We have 10 liters of paint box and don't have 5 liters, will it do?

Okay, I'll ask him.

Sir, my sister is getting married. I want money, please.

Okay. Wait a minute. Hello Ramchand..

We have 10 liters of marriage and don't have 5 liters..

..of marriage, will it do?

Who spoke about marriage?

You said you want to get your sister married.

I told my sister's wedding.

You said it? Sorry. Sorry. - Paint.

We have 10 liters of paint box, will it do?

Okay. Don't disconnect. I'll tell you right away.

Okay, send it to them.

Yes, your mother's wedding.

My mother fell unconscious.

I spoke about wedding.

Is it your mother's wedding?

Not my mother's but my sister's.

Just now you said your mother fell unconscious.

My mother fell unconscious. I took her to hospital.

Doctor asked me for money.

What confusion is this? I don't understand.

Sir, we don't have the lock. - What? - We only have the latch.

Okay, I'll tell him.

Hello? We have the latch?

How do I put key in the eggs?

Oh Renuka, it is you? Stay on line. One minute.

Ramchand, I don't have lock, but I have the egg.

Shall I send you that?

Latch. Latch. - Will the latch do?

Okay, I'll send the latch.

Stay on line. Send that.

Yes, what's your problem?

Sir, my sister's wedding.. - Sir..

I want money.

I am ready to mortgage anything.

You'll mortgage.

Hello Renuka, stay on line, I'll tell you.


Ramchand.. stay on line, I'll tell you.

Sir.. - You mortgaged your mother in the hospital?

She fell unconscious. I took her to the hospital. Bought blood.

Gave money to the doctor.

What's your problem?

She was operated. - Yes.

Mother died.

Hello Renuka, whatever you made, send it.

Yes, okay.

Okay, your sister expired.

My sister didn't die. Its her wedding.

Give me money or I am leaving.

I didn't come to hear your nuisance.

You are trying to act smart.

How many times you've taken credit from me.

He's showing attitude now.

Gopi. - Sir. - Nab that idiot. Don't spare him.

He's taken credit so many times..

..but he's showing attitude to me. Ravan.

Idiot. Fool.

Yes, your mother fell unconscious.

Your mother fell unconscious!

To hell with your money and your job.

You go to hell. I am leaving.



Those government officials will be here any instance..

..for the inspection.

Once the inspection is done we'll get the cheque.

And once we get the cheque we'll pay him is money.

Now go. - Don't forget.

"Don't forget."

Brother, can I get some advance.

You scoundrels have ruined me by taking advance.

Now take whatever's left. - Brother, brother.

The engineer and commissioner are here.

Looks like they're here to inspect the road.

What the..

Tatya. - Yes, sir.

Get the spade.

Start digging in the middle of the road. - Here?


Stop, stop.

Hey, you can't dig here.

You continue digging.

I want to see the layer of tar. I want to measure it.

But check on the sides if you want to. Look here.

I know where I've to look.

You continue digging.

I built this road with such hard work.

You can't damage it.

We're checking the cheap work that you..

You continue digging. - No, Brother.

I've a suggestion.

Dig a big hole, and stuff me inside it.

And write down with tar..

.."Sachin Tichkule lay down his life while constructing the road".

Write it. - We should've done it long ago.

At least we would've saved the country.

Take a look. Gehna madam.

I don't see any gravel or asphalt in the middle of the road.

You'll see it if you take a closer look.

I'll need binoculars for that.

I swear I've put it.

Maybe it foundered inside the ground.

How many times did I tell you..

..not to run the road roller on it too many times.

Now the material has foundered inside.

Look, madam.

There's only dirt below the tar coal.

It's such a shameful thing.

Didn't you carry out an inspection when he was working?

That's why the roads in the country are not constructed properly.

I feel ashamed.

In the rains these roads will be washed away.

I won't tolerate this.

Stop all the assignments given to this contractor.

Ganpule madam, Ganpule madam, listen to me.

What about my workers?

What about my bills?

What about my cheques?

Madam. Madam.

This won't work.

You'll have to stop cheating.

Tell that to some idiot. - That's what I'm doing.

You've grown too arrogant. - Mind your tongue.

You don't know me I'm a hooligan.

I don't have anything to lose.

The sky's my roof and the ground's my home.

Remember, Tichkule is filled with fury..

..whereas Ganpule is timid.

You might be Tichkule or Pichkule..

..It doesn't make any difference to me.

Forget it, madam.

Don't argue with this hooligan.

Come on, drive the car.

Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law at home.

Fine, then I won't let you leave.

Rangeela, lie down, lie down Run, run, run.

Lie down.

After you, after you.



They reversed the car. - Where?

Rangeela.. What will we do now?

Gehna, the house keys are on the table.

Take it along when you leave for the office. - Okay.

Come on, come on, we're already running late.

Yes, I 'm coming. - Let's go quickly.

Listen, come to the office and say whatever you want.

I'm not here to see you.

I'm not here to see you.

Is Mr. Ganpule at home?

He's out attending someone's marriage.

I was here to see him.

He's not a man but a great soul.

His heart is as big as his body.

My workers were suffering from hunger.

That's when he lent them money and helped them.

And yes, I've stopped aiding the country in its progress.

I would rather beg on the streets..

..then ask people like you for work.

At least I'll earn a penny.

I want to tell you one.. - Who do you think you are?

What do you think?

One fine morning you'll change this country..

..with your honesty and integrity.

Tell me is there a single honest contractor here?

Tell me.

That's not my problem.

We've engineers to carry out investigation.

We've the accounts department.. look after the accounts.

We've the clerical staff to ready the bills.

After all these processes..

..the bills come to me for my signature.

And its my duty to hear their opinion.

Don't think that I am doing anything against you to avenge you.

The biggest curse in this country is bureaucracy.

Forget it, what do you care?

I'm leaving this city.

But I can't be unfair with brother Ganpule.

I need to repay him the money I borrowed.

I'm returning him, give it to him.

And also tell him that I'll always remember his kindness.


Vigilance department.

We've the serial number of the notes that you have.

What? I didn't understand.

Look, madam, we've received information that..'ve accepted bribe from contractor Sachin Tichkule.. clear his bills.

But he asked me to give this money to my brother.

Say that in the court.

But that's cheating.

We've smeared these notes with phenophilin powder.

Now this powder must have smeared on your hands as well.

It's a conspiracy.

Believe me, please.

Please immerse your hand in this.

Sorry, madam, we'll have to arrest you.

Arrest her.

Municipal commissioner arrested to accepting bribe.

Brother. - Police raided Gehna Ganpule's house.


Brother. I've good news.

Who did you flirt with now?

No, no, it's really good news.

You'll be shocked to hear it. - Tell me.

The municipal commissioner committed suicide.

Brother, she's counting her last breath in the hospital.

The doctor said that no one can save her now.


Stop, stop.

Gehna Ganpule, please.

Which room?

She's in room no. 104.


How is Gehna? - She's out of danger.


I never imagined that the matter will become so serious.

I'm not here to apologise.

Because what I did isn't pardonable.

I was blinded for a moment.

But there can't be a bigger punishment for me..

..than what you've done.

You know I could never achieve anything in life..

..after I separated from you.

And after few years when we met again..

..the conditions were so unfavourable.

The truth is I feel very inferior after meeting you.

After that incident in college I was rusticated from the college.

I was bad luck for my family.

After that I left this city for a brief while..

..and wandered around in Mumbai.

I Thought I'll return after I achieve something.

But I couldn't do anything.

Because I was using honest means.

In the end a kind man saw that..

..was lying unconscious on the streets.

He said "Son, you're too honest.."

" cannot achieve anything, return to your village".

After that I decided..

..that I won't get anything but difficulties with honesty.

That's why I became a fraud.

I cheated.

But I couldn't be successful at that either.

I'll admit to the judge that I cheated you.

There was a time when I was in love.

Every morning I would get up happily..

..with the thought that I'll meet you.

Not just that I never stopped thinking about you..

..after we separated.

What you see is a fake.

I'm still that old honest Sachin.

There's much more that I want to say.

But it doesn't make sense.

I just want to ask..

..can you forgive your old Sachin.

"I've bowed a million times."

"Made a million wishes."

"And then you were conferred to me."

"I loved you, prayed for you."

"And then you were conferred to me."

"You please my heart. You're my first karma."

"How can I not be in love with you?"

"When I wasn't in love with you.."

"I wished to be punished."

"And then you were conferred to me."

"I've bowed a million times."

"Made a million wishes."

"And then you were conferred to me."

"You know what's in my heart."

"Every time you read my eyes.."

"You get angry too soon."

"And it's easy to placate you as well."

"You know what's in my heart."

"Every time you read my eyes.."

"You get angry too soon."

"And it's easy to placate you as well."

"You know that I spend my nights smouldering like the lamp."

"I stayed awake at nights."

"And prayed for your company."

"And then you were conferred to me."

"With your love, make your loyalty unforgettable."

"Everyone says just like I belong to you.."

"Show me that you're mine."

"You're like my shadow."

"Every moment I feel that you're immersed in me."

"I destroyed myself, I wished to be yours forever."

"And then you were conferred to me."

"I know you love me."

"I wished for such attitude."

"And then you were conferred to me."

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Where were you, Brother?

Your phone's switched off as well.

What else can I do?

My creditors keep calling me every second.

And my debtors don't answer my call.

So I'll switch off my phone.

Your sister called on my phone.

She wants to meet you.

Now see what you want to do.

Is madam at home? - Who are you, sir?

Tell her that her brother is here?

Sir, there's no one at home.

Madam and sir are out attending a marriage.

When will they return? - They'll be late.

Fine, tell her that her brother was here. - Fine.

Let's go. Quickly.


Who will tell brother?

Will you? - No, I can't tell him.

He's here.

Brother, where were you?

We've been searching for you.

Why, what's wrong? I went to Baramati.

I was supposed to get some money from there.

I went there to get that.

What happened? Why do you all look so sullen?

What happened?

Brother.. brother.. - Speak up, what is it?

Your sister.. - What happened?

Anjali.. - What's wrong with her?

What happened? -We don't know.

All they said was that the stove exploded.

What has happened to my daughter?

Why, God? Why?

What has happened to my daughter?

Come, Sachin.

He's Azad Bhagat. And he's Sachin.

How do you know him?

We met few days earlier.

He's a thief, I know him.

He stole something at my sister's in-laws house..

..and fleeing and I saw him.

He'll dupe you.

Hey, get up.. - Sachin, you're mistaken about him.

What you say is right but he isn't a thief.

He's a victim of the bridge incident at Neera river..

..which was built by your elder brother and brothers-in-law.

Azad is here seeking my help.

To expose the corruption going on here.

Take a look.

Where did you find this?

I carried out an investigation myself..

..and through the newspapers I found out.. much the government has spent in the last 10 years..

..for construction and redevelopment.

I'll request the court to form an investigation committee..

..on the basis of these evidence.

We've both studied law.

And this is the right time to put it to use.

I need your help.

Take a look at these files.

There are many shocking facts.

The frauds done in the name of constructing roads and bridges.

We've evidence and the names involved.

I'll lodge a affidavit in the court on behalf of the municipality..

What? How did she get evidence?

Where's the red file? - I lost it.

Why do you keep a record of these things?

Everyone has taken his share.

Won't anyone ask for his share tomorrow?

We've to maintain a file for everything.

After all I'm working with a bunch of thieves.

Everyone knows who the thief is.

The World Health Organization gave..

..50 billion for the drainage system of this city.

What did I get from it.

The central government took 25 billion.

And the PWD got the rest.

Then ask the PWD minister.

The chief minister arrived..

..and raked 10 billion from it in the name of party fund..

..and left without a trace.

What? What did he do?

Trace. Left without a trace.

What about the remaining 20 billion?

Tell me. - That..

I spent it on.. your mother's marriage.

Asking me.

Everyone has taken their share.

And now you're accusing me.

We only got 25 crores.

And we invested that in our business as well.

Yes, we know.

You did such cheap work..

..and billed us for 250 million.

When you ask us for funds during elections..

..where do you expect us to get it from?

If you had done half the work that you earned..

..the public would've been happy.

We borrowed 30 billion for the irrigation of this area.

Where is the money?

They say it's been all spent.

You haven't built a small drain.

We did build a drain.

But the cement was washed away as soon as..

..we channelled the water through it.

Why? - Why?

Because the minister asked us.. buy cement from his sister-in-law's father.

And she supplied us limestone instead and duped us, isn't it?

That's a load of crap.

I made the biggest mistake by giving these scoundrels the contract.

I should be thrashed for it.

Forget that.

12 billion was given for the pipelines. What happened to that?

It's all in place, dig it up and take a look.

What do you want me to dig up?

You've installed two feet pipes instead of eight.

Not even wind..

And this engineer is involved in that scam as well.

Yes, I'm involved.

Yes, I'm involved.

But how did we construct the farmhouse for you in Nainital?

Do you know?

The money that we saved..

..after installing two feet pipes instead of eight..

..we used it in making the farmhouse.

Do you have any accounts for that?

Enough. Enough. Enough. Enough.

I always knew that you'll cheat each other.

That's how you all are.

That's why I had kept a record of everyone's transactions.

You had.

Now the municipal commissioner has that file.

If the court investigates..

..everyone will be in trouble, remember that.

If they catch me I won't spare anyone.

I will expose everyone in front of the media.

No one will be arrested.

And that commissioner won't file any case either.

Just don't spill the beans yourself.

I know what I need to do.

Good morning, madam.

She's the madam.

And he's Mr. Deshmukh.

He'll handle your post from now.

But I wasn't told anything about this.

I don't know that.

This is my appointment letter.

You've been transferred madam.

To I don't know where.

You'll receive a letter at home.

Happy send-off.

If the truth is exposed many influential names will be unmasked, That's why they got me transferred.

The new commissioner won't help you in anyway..

..because he's their man.

I don't want anyone's help.

I've filed a complaint.

On Monday morning the evidence will be in front of the judge.

And many influential people behind bars.

I've complete record.

Truth and honesty is still alive in this country.

But you changed your way thinking they don't exist.

But Sachin has one chance to reform his life.

You'll have to help Azad.

Okay, Azad, I'll see you in court on Monday. - Yes.

Thank you.

Hurry up.

Save me.

Who are you?

Hey! -I'll kill you.


Stop the bus.

Kill him. - Let us go.

Kill him.

Stop! - Don't kill him.

Stop the bus, stop the bus.

Kill him. - stop the bus.

Stop the bus, stop the bus.

Stop the bus.


Come on, run.

Run! Run!

Come on, hurry up. Get inside.

Come on, hurry up!

Move. Move. Move.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Excuse me, excuse me.

The operation theatre is busy, wait here.

The evidence is at my house.

They shouldn't get their hands on it.

You don't worry about that.

Its important get the evidence to the court.

You will have to do it.

For the people and for you.

There are some things..

..that I may not live to tell you later.

I went to your sister's house in search of evidence.

Remember that night when you saw me.

No, sir, you have it.

I take very less. - I've been waiting for it.

Do you want me to make one for you?

You're back.

Go on. - Go on, it's your turn now.

I'll make her sweat.

Hold this, hold this.

Make one for me too.

The wretch broke it.

What happened?

Either she committed suicide.

And if she survived then they must have murdered her.

Hello. - Sir, they know where you've hidden the red file.

Shift it to a safer location quickly.

Who are you? - Sir, I..

Hello. Hello.


Something's wrong?

Someone called I don't know who it was.

He said that they know where the file is.

I don't know who knows and how.

It can be a lie but can't take risk We've to move that file from there.

Come on.

They were here a moment ago.

Where are they?

Where did they go?

Tell Vikas that I collected the bag.

And I will call him. - Fine, son.

Come on.

Run, run.

Catch him.

Nab him!

Don't let him go.


Stop! - Don't let him escape.

Don't let him escape! - Catch him. - Brother, pass it.

Brother, pass it.

He has the bag.

Catch him.

Leave me.

Let go off me!


This way. - Yes,

Move, move.

Hey, nab him.

Catch it! - Why are you barging in my house?

Nab him.

Nab him.

Take this!

Snatch the bag from him! - Let go off it!

How dare you hit him!

Move aside!

Let go off the bag! - Snatch it from him.

Let go off it! - Don't leave it!

Hey, he met with an accident.

Nab him! Nab him!

Judge sir, you've housed a traitor.

If we knew that such scoundrels live here..

..we would've never sent our sons here.

I say that you shoot him.

You severed the very hands that fed you.

You couldn't be successful like your brother and brothers-in-law.

And you sent them to jail out of jealousy.

Are happy after ruining me and my children?

You should have poisoned us instead.

Shubhadra. - Let her speak, Mother.

Does anyone else want to accuse me?

Have anything to say?

Because now I'm going to speak.

Does anyone else wants to speak?

Mother, where were their tears..

..when my sister's corpse was being taken away?

No one was saying anything then?

Why weren't my sister and sisters-in-law sad then?

Because you loved your husband more..

..than my sister.

Or maybe you knew that your husband..

..was responsible for Andale's death.

Shut up or you'll rot in hell.

It won't because everyone would abuse me..

..when I kept quiet.

"Thief, useless, rapist."

You didn't let me speak during my sister's wedding.

If I had mustered some courage..

..then my sister wouldn't have died.

Your husbands are still alive.

But my sister is dead.

You didn't lose what I and my parents did..

..when she died.

My brother and brothers-in-law..

..earned millions through scams and fraud..

..and built that bridge.

And when it collapsed many died.

But did you lose what those families lost?

What happened, Sister-in-law?

Did the cat get your tongue?

When the people and press..

..were about to expose the truth..

..they quietened them with money and power.

And poor uncle.

They used him as a scapegoat.

But even after using all the tricks up their sleeve..

..their husbands couldn't escape.

They were arrested.

Because they were cursed by those grief-stricken people.

It's their curse..

..and not your son's revenge.

Stop it, son.

Yes, Mother.

Anyway, I've decided that I won't stay in this house.

If I stay here after ruining your son and daughter's life..

..they'll think that I did everything intentionally.

I did it for this house and property.

Still.. I apologise for the difficulties I caused all of you.


Where are you going?

No matter where I go, how I live..

..but I'll never tarnish the honour of my father.

I promise you, Father. - No, son.

I've done justice to many innocent people..

..and punished the guilty after hearing the arguments.

And.. after testing you my heart says..

..that I haven't passed a wrong verdict until now.

Son, anyone can wail if they like, let them be sad.

Let lives be ruined.

But what you did was right.

Your father is proud of you son.

You're leaving this house and this city.

And without a motive.

I need some peace for a while.

I don't know what I'll do next.

Everyone knows what you are.

Even in the office.

And everyone wants you to start work anew.

And they're pressuring me to give you work.

You'll give me work because they're asking you to.

You asked me so many questions, except for one.

Why I didn't get married?

Yes, I forgot.

Fine I'll ask you now.

Why didn't you?

I always knew that I'll meet you someday.

I was just waiting for that moment.

Because I know that my life will be incomplete without you.

Is that so?

So when are you changing your name?

From Gehna Ganpule to Gehna Tichkule.

Come on, let's decide right now.

"I'll not just give lecture, but give you food too.

I'll give you clean drinking water too."

"I'll make good roads. No one will be poor."

"No one will sleep on the footpath."

"I'll take India to new heights."

What happened? - I am allergic to bullshit.

"Bullshit. I am allergic to bullshit."


"I am allergic to bullshit. - Come."

"I am allergic to bullshit."

"Minister's lecture. - Bullshit."

"He'll give food to everyone. - Bullshit."

"We'll drink clean water. - Bullshit. - Bullshit."

"Minister's lecture. - Bullshit."

"He'll give food to everyone. - Bullshit."

"We'll drink clean water. - Bullshit. - Bullshit."

"We have the power in our hands and legs."

"We are not less than anyone."

"O thorn of the country, listen to me. Why do you fill your pockets?"

"If he gets a chance, he'll sell the whole country."

"O thorn of the country, listen to me. Why do you fill your pockets?"

"If he gets a chance, he'll sell the whole country."

"On the road. On the road. Everybody on the road."

"Come on the road. No matter what they say."

"On the road. On the road. Everybody on the road."

"Come on the road. No matter what they say."

"Elders asked me how will this country run."

"First, I didn't tell them anything and thought for a while."

"Elders asked me how will this country run."

"First, I didn't tell them anything and thought for a while."

"I am not worried how this country will run..

..but I am worried that it shouldn't continue to be the same."

"O thorn of the country, listen to me. Why do you fill your pockets?"

"If he gets a chance, he'll sell the whole country."


"I am allergic to bullshit. - Come."

"Come. - I am allergic to bullshit."

"I am allergic to bullshit."

"Minister told me that everyone in our country has the..

..independence to say anything."

"Minister told me that everyone in our country has independence."

"I told the minister.."

"We have the independence to speak, but not after speaking."

"New roads and bridges will be built. - Bullshit.

We won't get stuck in the traffic. - Bullshit."

"The work will be done on time. - Bullshit."

"We have the power in our hands and legs."

"We are not less than anyone."

"Come. I am allergic to bullshit."

"O thorn of the country, listen to me."

"Why do you fill your pockets?"

"If he gets a chance, he'll sell the whole country."

Mr. Tichkule, it is time to wake the people.

Don't wake them up, they are sleeping for an important purpose.