Khumba (2013) Script



KHUMBA: This is my home, the great Karoo desert.

Nope, that's not me.

I'm not even born yet.

See that way over there?

That's a fence in the middle of nowhere.

Surviving in these parts isn't easy.

You need to be tough and flexible.

Adapt or die.

That's why we built this enclosure.

It keeps us in and them out.

Them being everyone who isn't us.

This is the only waterhole for miles and miles, and it's all ours.

Yep, zebras only.

Until I came along and changed everything.


I got it.

I got it!

I got it!


I don't got it.

All that and you still miss?


Nice footwork out there!

It's time. (PANTING)

It's happening- it's happening!

Where's Seko?

Watch out.

Here he comes!



Keeps my stripes.

That Themba is a stallion.

My brother is just a big dumb jock.

I know.

Are there no stallions in my future?

Oh, wait. Here comes Mr. Right.

Right now.

Hey, Nigel.

Suki thinks you're hot.

Well, I've been running.



NIGEL: It's happening.

Come on.


It's Lungisa.

She's ready She's ready to...


Seko, come quick.

It's time.


SEKO: That's my boy. (KHUMBA SNEEZES)

That's my boy.

He's a cute little fellow.



That's not right.

What? No stripes?

He has no stripes?

- What is he? Something's wrong with him?

How is that possible?

So different. I don't like different.

Don't listen to them.


(COUGHING) Are you all right?

Dad, what's going on? Huh?

He's funny looking.

I like him.

What do you even call half a zebra?

Zeb? I get it. Zeb?

His name is Zeb? Seriously?

You are not half a zebra.

Your name is Khumba.

Our son, Khumba.

That's nice.

He has no stripes.

Yeah, he doesn't have them.

What could it mean?

It's a bad sign.

MALE ZEBRA: No stripes, no rain.


You're looking a little out of breath.

Barely breaking a sweat.

Hey, Tombi!

I thought you were faster than all the boys!

No, just smarter.

Yeah, beaten by a girl. Woo!

Okay, water break.

Oh, yeah. Stop, Tombi. Don't.

Oh, yeah. Stop. Enough already.

What's the matter, hotshot?

Sore loser?


(SCOFFS) Why do you care what they think?

I don't.

Well, I'm never going to hang with them. No?

I'd much rather be out there!

Come on, Khumba!

You going to let me get away that easy?

I was just giving you a head start. (TEMBO LAUGHS)

(SIGHS) Whether or not it's Khumba's fault, if it doesn't rain soon, we'll have to leave, take our chances out there.



All right, boys. Do some squats, okay?

I'm not going to do them.

You guys can keep doing them.

Things are different now.

I'm just going to be watching.

Yep, don't want any stretch marks.

Some things are way too different.

Mkhulu, while we wait for the rains, maybe we should ration the water.

Yeah, right. Funny. Right.

MALE ZEBRA: Good idea, Seko. Huh?

Until the rains come, we'll only drink once a day.

FEMALE ZEBRA: Okay, everyone. Ready?

Timba, temba, burning nimba, You're so hot. Show what you got!

Yo! Yo!

(GRUNTS) Nice nose block, champ.

Hey, Khumba!

Hey, guys. Who am I? Check this out.

What happened to my stripes?

Muscle-headed lame brains.

I can't believe we're related.

When are you going to grow some stripes?

Very funny. I'll have to remember that one.


That will take the shine off, all right.

You just had to, didn't you?

Stay out of it, sis.

Go cheerlead with the other girls.


(COUGHS) One day, he'll grow into his own skin.


We won't always be here to protect him.

Themba, Themba, you're so hot.

Or not.

I may be half a zebra, but at least I'm not an ass.



Hey, buzz off.


Is it some kind of map?

What's that?


You okay, Khumba?

Hey, I'm sorry about what happened.

I don't know.

Maybe they let me off easy?

I did cause a drought.

That's just dumb.

How could one zebra make all the water go away.

Half a zebra.

Don't think like that.

I thought you weren't like the rest of them.

You trying to make me feel better?

No, Khumba, I was trying to... Well, don't.

Just leave me alone.

Don't you have anything better to do?

You think you're the only one who has a hard time fitting in?



MALE GEMSBUCK: They will never let us in.


GEMSBUCK 2: Well, we can only ask.


Can you help us?

Just don't ask me to make it rain.

Our healer needs water.

Please, she is weak.

I don't even know if I'm allowed to talk to outsiders.


We used to live alongside you zebras.

No way.

We used to live together?

Mm-hmm. Out here.

Maybe you could have some of my rations.


When I said you, I kind of meant just you.

Okay, and you and you. (LAUGHS)

You are very kind. Whoa.

It's, it's a...

A big world outside this fence.


(BURPS) Excuse me.



Intruders. Intruders.

Where's Mkhulu?

Where's Mkhulu? Where's Mkhulu?

How did you get in here?

This is only for... She needs help.

I thought it would be okay.

Huh? You let them in.

Of course.

You may discipline your own son, Tabo.


Why are you in here?

She needs to drink.

This is the zebra water hole.

The land belongs to all of us.

Come. They have been in here so long, they have forgotten that.

I... I don't even remember breakfast.



It's Phango.

He's at the fence.

He's at the fence.

Phango's at the fence. Move the fence.

He wants to get in! We need more branches.

Over here!

Come on. We've got to close the gap!

I think I can hear him breathing.

No, that's you. (PANTING)

You can't keep them hidden from me forever, Mkhulu.

Oh, no. Shh.

I can smell your fear.

I can almost taste it.

What did he say?

I didn't hear him.

If it doesn't rain soon, you will have to let them out. (GROWLS)

If someone doesn't let him in first.

GIRL: I'm scared.

We're safe in here.

Stay calm.

Are we safe? Just saying, we're safe.

I just want to be sure. Yeah, yeah?

Khumba, you put the herd at risk.

For the next week, you'll drink only half your rations.

Half rations... for half zebras. (LAUGHS)

Dad, she needed help.

She was sick. Khumba.

Like Mama.



Khumba, oh.

For you, Mama.

You're growing.

You need your strength. You have it.

(LAUGHS) You're just like your father.

I'm nothing like Dad.

I'm not like any of you.


Do you know why I named you Khumba?

You see, Khumba means skin.


They say that the first zebras to walk the Earth all had exactly the same skin with no stripes at all.

No stripes? Mm-hmm.

One day, a brave young zebra took a journey across the vast Karoo.

And deep inside a huge mountain, he found a water hole, a magic water hole.

He swam in it, and when he came out, his skin was striped.

All the other zebras admired his beautiful skin, and he was proud to be so different.

But now, they all wanted to be like him, so one by one, they swam in the magic water hole, and when they came out, they were all striped, too.


So I can get my stripes and then it will rain. No, Khumba.

Where is this water hole?

Don't you see?

I think I know. They all looked the same.

That looks like me, sort of, and those can be three peaks leading to a waterhole.

It is a map, to the magic waterhole.




Mama. I'm sorry.


Hmm? Water.


Well, hello there.

Excuse me. How are you today?

Uh... Feeling different, peculiar, left out, having trouble fitting in?

Am I right? Well, I...

That's why I'm here. I'm here to help.

My name is Skalk.

Thanks anyway, Skalk, but you couldn't possibly know...

You want more stripes, but you think there's no way in the world you could get more stripes.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I?

Of course I'm right.

Wrong. I'm going to get my stripes at the magic waterhole.

Magic waterhole? (CLEARS THROAT)

Of course, the magic waterhole.

Yep. Just got to figure out where to head.

Stop, stop, stop.

I've got the answers to all your problems right here.

Skalk's 100% natural, herb, miracle formula.

Guaranteed to bring out the natural stripe in you.

Really? No, no, no, wait. I know what you're thinking.

How could that be?

But I tell you it works... on anything. Even a rock.

Samples of my work right here.

But if you want to trek all the way across the Karoo and back, that's all right by me.

Well, maybe if you show me how it works.

Follow me.

Khumba, I'm so sorry about your... huh?


So I can have some of your miracle, natural stuff.

Normally, it's very, very, very hard to get, but act now, the miracle natural stuff is yours for the shockingly low price of, say... a little water for me and my buddies?

But I don't have any water.

I personally know there's enough water back at your herd to give it away.

Saw the wet muzzles with my own eyes.

Wouldn't hurt for you to ask.

Believe me, it could.

Right now, I'm the last zebra in the world they want to see.

Skalk? Skalk? Right this way. (SNARKY LAUGH)

You got to earn those stripes.

Good evening, madam.

What a treat running into such a lovely lady on such a lovely evening.

With a fine feather duster, I might add.

Oh, I'm not a cleaning implement.

I am an artiste.

I can't think when I last saw a zebra outside the fence.

Did you hear what he said about my feathers?

Take him down, Mama V.

But I ain't done nothing wrong yet.

Does your mother know you're out here all alone?

My mother died.

Oh. This is awkward.

I was providing adult supervision.

Skalk's going to help me get my stripes with his 100% natural formula.


Really, I know what you're thinking.

How can I... Need help closing the deal, Skalk?

Let's do it over dinner.

He's not food. He's worth a lot of water.

Let's eat him.

Come on, guys. He's our ticket to all that water the zebras are hogging. Get behind me. You, too, you little one.

Looks like we got ourselves a dog fight, Bradley.

He's going to eat you.

Sorry, kid. I did my best.

Keep your backs covered.

Well, it's too late for some of us.

Bradley. I'm getting my stripes.

I just got to swim in the magic waterhole.

Ha! Magic.

I'm so thirsty, I'd settle for any old waterhole.

Right, Mama V?

MAMA V: Where is this waterhole?

Where the mantis said, I guess.

The mantis.

He spoke to you?

KHUMBA: He drew me a map. (GASPS)

Well, I personally saw the mantis once.

(YIPES) He was very complimentary about my feathers.

Maybe not the mantis, but a mantis.

Okay, yes, a stick insect.

Point is, he liked the feathers.

Go for the hoof. That's her Achilles' heel.

She's got four of them. (MAMA V GASPS)

Enough. Mama V has seen enough.



BRADLEY: Get back in there, Mama V.

And keep your left hoof up.

Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking, that I messed with the herd.

BRADLEY: The stupendous, the larger than life Mama V, one, skanky wild dogs, zero.

Thanks. If it wasn't for you, I would have been dead meat.

Mama V is always picking up lost causes.

Hopeless cases, losers.

Ostriches. Oh!

Now, Khumba... you're saying you can get us to a waterhole?

Yeah, and it would be good to have some company.

How about you just tell us where it is, because in my book, two is company, three is... No, wait.

Two-and-a-half is a crowd.

I thought... Bradley.

(MUTTERS) Tweak the beak.

So will there be water at this water hole?

I believe that's the concept.

And is there such a thing as a magic waterhole?

The mantis is an ancient creature. And?

He knows the secrets of the Karoo.

And? And he must have chosen this little guy for a reason.

I guess that's not a good-bye hug.

You in or out, Bradley?

(SIGHS) Where you go, Mama V, I go.

Great. Go clear our tracks.

Make it like we were never here.

SEKO: Khumba!

Zuki. Zuki!

Get off me!

Khumba! Khumba!



He left.

Through here.

I'm going to go find him.

He couldn't have gone that far.

If we just follow his... Whoa, stop.

We need brave zebras like you, Tombi.

That's why you need to stay here.

All right?

Deal? Deal.

SKALK: You know, guys...

I don't know.

Sometimes I don't think you see the bigger picture.

Nice do.

Do it yourself?

Been in the bush lately?

Very funny. Can I please slurp in peace?

When exactly did you decide that you were going to hold the zebra ransom?

It was off the cuff.

A little bit of this, a whole lot of us.

You know, team work.

Yeah, we're the team.

You do the work.


Whatever happened to the pack mentality?

Hey, guys?

What's wrong, Skalk?

Abandoned by your pack?

Hey Phango. I was just having a little drink of water.

It's not even water. Just mud, really.

And it's all yours for the taking.

Don't eat me please.

Give me one good reason.

Go on. Give it your best shot.

Now you're a sophisticated, discerning gourmet type.

You are what you eat, right?

Mm-hmm. How about some organic, free-range, fresh meat?

As in heart still beating fresh?

As in young and tender zebra fresh.

Actually, he didn't look like much of a zebra.

He's half striped. (GROWLS)

But he sure smelled like one.

Half striped? Finally.

As it was foretold.

I was just passing by.

I knew there was something different about him.

Then again, half a zebra is better than nothing, right?

(ROARS) Better than nothing?

You scavenge so low on the food chain, you couldn't possibly see his power.

I've always been a half-full, half-empty kind of guy.

So sue me. Where is he?

He was attacked. A herd of giant wildebeest.

A pack of crazed ostriches. Show me.

Woo, dragging across the Karoo is hard work.

You noticed.

And it doesn't help that you can't find a drop of water to drink.

Without Phango panting on our way.

You shouldn't scare him like that, Bradley.

I'm good.

Did you know he eats his pray while there's still a heart beat?


He feeds off their fear.

That's how he gets his powers.

His supernatural powers. Enough, Bradley.

Woo, well, it's been a long day.

Let's stop here.

Oh, the life of a wandering artiste.

Don't you have a home?

Oh, now you've done it.

The farm was my home, but life can be cruel when you're a breed apart, and no one understands your fab works of art.

I've been persecuted, stigmatized.

(SINGS) You might think I've been demoralized.

Oh, yeah.

But I will survive

♫ Although all my life, I've been ostracized ♫ Oh, shame. Poor Bradley.

Patronized, decaberized.

That's not even a real word.


On several occasions, I've been hospitalized.

♫ What I've been through, the doctor visualized ♫

♫ Visualized. ♫ I think I get the picture.

I know they all make fun, but when all is said and done, I was ostracized. Oh, really now, Bradley.

Oh, yeah, laugh at me.

Laugh away, make fun.

But when all is said and done, ♫ I was ostracized ♫ Some birds are just not meant to be caged, hey, Bradley?

Maybe some birds aren't meant to be let out.


And you, Mama V? What are you on the run from?

Well, it's just not that important where Mama V is from.

Mama V, don't look back.

Our eyes are only on where we're going.

Right, Mama V?

Sometimes the past is best left buried.

Now, I think it's time for some shut-eye.

Night, Bradley. Night, Mama V.

Night, Khumba.


Maybe tomorrow we'll find ourselves a water hole.

A safe one.


Dog, dog, dog. All I smell is dog.

I can fix that. I've got a natural blend of herbs and flowers.

I'll go get you some.

It kills nasty odors dead.

It works on dog, cat, dog...

Dead dog?

I'm trying to avoid that.

The Karoo may be going to the dogs, but it doesn't mean I have to eat one.

The heartburn is a killer.



BRADLEY: The Karoo all looks the same to me.

Did we pass that bush already?

MAMA V: This was on the map, right?

Yeah, I'm sure we're going the right way.

You better be sure.

'Cause me feathers go limp in this kind of heat.

(LICKS) Leave off with the mothering already.

So you don't want any of this, huh?

I'm still bloated from breakfast.


Wow, Tombi would love it out here.

Oh, hello, hello.

Bradley, I wouldn't.

MAMA V: I told you!

Hey, those three peaks were definitely on the map.

Come on, Bradley. Let's go!

Let's go, Bradley.

TOMBI: I saw it around here somewhere.

With three peaks, I think...

What's this all about? And it was right there.

Where? There?

Nigel! Here, there? I'm confused.


Oops. Nigel!

You found the map.

Yeah, sorry.

Are you sure it was a map, Tombi?

Yes, and it had to be where Khumba was going.

What's that?

There's a rustle.

Phango, he's at the fence again.

Who's at the fence?

Thembe, help me. It's Seto, quick.

He left the fence?

What was he thinking?

I... I followed Khumba's tracks into a dry riverbed.

Only Phango's tracks came out.

So there was... there was nothing left of him?

With Phango, there never is.

So Khumba is dead then.

But maybe he's still alive.

And he's following the map?

All that we can hope for is that your friend, your son, did not die in vain. Mkhulu.

Seko, wait. Are you just going to give up?

This is a sad day. Very sad.

But Mkhulu is right.

Now it will rain. Dad, how can you say that?

Everyone's thinking it. I'm just saying it.

Right? Uh, right, Dad.

Run, run!

MAMA V: Go around.

We got to go through.

And ruin our feathers?

Ostriches first!

You can do it, Bradley!

What's going on?

What is it, Captain?

Zebra crossing.

I don't like it when we stop.

Why the rush, fellows?

Migration season already?

This is an emigration.

What Kress means, madam, is that we are leaving.

I thought he was Kress.

No, man. That's Kress.

I'm not Kress. I'm Freckie.

I'm Kress.

But I'm stuck.

Could you help us get through the fence?

That's more than a ton of lifting, Captain.

Help! Hush, Bradley.

At least.

Right, team. There's only one way.

Oaks, scrum!

What's that mean, eh?

We breaking for rugby?

Aye, you, too.

Me? Yeah, get behind uh...

Freckie. Uh...

Hey, I'm not Freckie.

I'm Freckie.

Let's get on with the emigration. I thought we were leaving.

Let's get to it.

Why are you leaving?

No water. Yeah, we're in search of greener pastures.

Freckie! I'm Freckie.

You, take the left.


Ah, poor Saki.

He lost his brother to Phango just yesterday.

Not me. He got Percy.

I'm Percy. I'm right here!

But that's Percy.

Percy's dead, man.

Hello, I'm alive!

Ah, just scrum!


A little tighter, Saki!


Ah! Can you feel our power?

Hey, Percy! You're alive!

Yeah, yeah.

Ah, I love a good scrum.

Hey, Freckie!

I'm Freckie!

That's me. I'm Freckie.

Bye. Goodbye.

Stay well, eh? Look after yourself.

Hey, Percy.

You're alive, Percy. Yeah, yeah, me, too.


Leave some water for the rest of us.

Oh, you got mud in my mane.

You got mud in my girl's mane?

(SIGHS) You want some, too, huh?

I can fix that.

Fight, fight, fight!

Hey, watch it. With some fervor.

Hey, knock it off.

Where's Mkhulu?

What is going on?

Not enough water to go around.

Who almost finished the water?

Well... I'll handle this, Mkhulu.

I'm in charge now.

Someone has to be in control.

What's happening?

Not so tough, now, are you, big fella?

Zuki, you're spooking Nigel.

Dad, the waterhole is empty.

Khumba's stripes had nothing to do with the rains.

We need to leave.

We're leaving? Khiriki?

And get us all killed?

Now Phango has had a taste of zebra, do you think he'll stop at just one?

Oh, but we're staying. Staying.

Ow! No, no biting. Only throwing!

I have seen the magic waterhole.

(SINGS) Hallelujah!


I've got to hand it to you, Khumba.

You sure are one of a kind.

(SINGS) This is incredible. I'm feeing the magic.

I'm feeling the magic.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Oh, lovely.

My wandering days are over.

What's everybody looking at?

Who are they?

Hey, hey!

Welcome to Ying's Animal Sanctuary.

We're the most diverse species in southern Africa!

I'll take refuge in this man made... natural waterhole, where all worries of Phango are far from the mind.

Escape with the sublime fusion of authentic African experience.

Come celebrate the magnificence that is you!

Don't mind if I do.

Yeah, you that is our drinking water.

So neat. Check the coat!

What is that, Dad? Wow!

I never...

So Afrozan!

He washed his stripes off.


A natural variation.

Something wrong with being different?

Nothing wrong at all, Miss.

I'm the only endangered species in here, you know.

Can't be too many of you around, are there?

They're going to love you!

That's enough now.

Being unique comes at a price, though.

Everyone wants a piece of you, right, mate?

Now, the show is at five o'clock sharp.

So if you want food, play to the camera, be on time, and on your game.

Oh, thanks, but... we ought to move on. Oh, man.

We're just passing through. Really?

Yes, right there. Ooh, child!


(SINGS) If them farm birds could see me now, left behind on the ostrich farm year after year, while they got to go to La Abattoir.

Bradley, an abattoir is a slaughterhouse.

It sounds French.

It must be fancy.

Come on, Bradley. We have to keep going.


Hey, I'm grooming for stardom here.

Mama V. This waterhole is safe from Phango, little one.

But it's not the magic waterhole. BRADLEY: Magic?

How much more magic could one zebra need?

KHUMBA: We need to keep heading for those three peaks. There?

Or there?

Or there?

There? Or there, there, there?

Oh, look. There!

I'm not giving up.

I knew it. A fellow survivor!

I know it's out there.

Ay, that's the way to... Yeah?


No, wait!

Places everyone, places! Wait up.

Time to shine.

MEERKAT FATHER: Stand up son! MEERKAT BOY: My neck hurts.

I got to pee!

You got to go?

Ah, nope. Not anymore.

Wait! Stuff's about to get real!

What were you going to tell me?

Hey, if you recognize the map, just tell me where to go. BRADLEY: Yoo-hoo.

Yoo-hoo, over here.

Pick me, pick me! Ow!

MAMA V: Bradley! (SCREAMS) No!




KHUMBA: Bradley, are you all right?

Prettier than a peacock.

Get out! Get out while you can!

MAMA V: Run Khumba, run!


Mama V. Run!

They're after you!

Mama got you!

Come on, Khumba!

Go Khumba!


BRADLEY: Are we going to La Abattoir?

KHUMBA: Mama V! Khumba!


Please, oh, please, don't take him.

These boys are all I have left.

Well, you've crossed the line.

This bunny is going to hippity-hop on your butt!

Eat my carrots!


There is only one who knows the way.

The Crags. Seek the black eagle... if you dare!

Wow, things aren't usually so wild around here.

You stay long time?

Oh, yeah, stay.

Not a minute longer.

Let's get out of this zoo!

We'll make a rule.

Take pictures... not zebras!

I don't get my dad.

Even with Phango, we have a better chance out there.

I don't know why I stay, either.

There's nothing left for me here.

I miss him, too.

If I was half as brave as Khumba, I'd just go.

You're right, Tombi.

I've been hiding inside this fence for too long.

All of us have.



BRADLEY: Last night, I had the most incredible dream.

Cameras everywhere, and I was the star of the show.

At a glorious waterhole.

Then you two grabbed me and dragged me all the way to here.

Mama V, did we just run away from the very thing we've been looking for as long as, let me see, forever?

You know, he's a lot nicer unconscious.

I heard that.

Or did I dream it?

What is a dream?

What's real?

Is life just a big stage, and are we all just...

Bradley, snap out of it!

Boys, enough!

Don't look back, only forward, all right?

We don't even know which way is forward.

What is forward?

Who even knows where we're going?

I don't!

The black eagle knows.

And we know that because...

Because he has a bird's eye view.

You're mocking me because I'm flightless.

Let's put this to a vote.

All in favor of abandoning this wild goose chase...

Bradley, watch your step! (SCREAMS)

You two stay put. I'll go on ahead.

Oh, grand, grand.

You'll get a magnificent view of our death plunges from up there.

Does everything have to be a huge drama for you?

Well, why not? I've been waiting in the wings me whole life.

Bradley, be careful!

Don't worry. We'll meet you back here.

I swear, if you two kill yourselves, I'll kill you both.

Be careful, Khumba!

And you, Bradley, you just try to keep your mouth shut!

Sorry, Mama V. We can't hear you!




Who dares pass through th... th... the Crags of Death?

Crags of Death. Crags of Death. Crags of Death.

Oh, dear.

Take care. Y-y-your laughter will incur the wrath of the wings of doom.

Wings of doom. Wings of doom. Wings of doom.

We're just here to see the black eagle.

Wings of doom. Wings of doom. Wings of doom.

No creature gazes up on the wings of doom.

Wings of doom. Wings of doom. Wings of doom.

No one can even look at the black eagle?

Don't say his name!

(CHANTING) Wings of doom.

Okay, so the bunny didn't mention this part.

Okay, okay. We got it. We got it.

We won't say his name again.

No, Khumba. The beat's all right.


Only the initiated may sound the sacred gong. Ra!

Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Wait, don't do anything rash.

He's got a rash. He's got a rash!

I'm coming, Bradley!

Wings of doom!

Wings of doom!

I'm an ostrich. I can't be spread eagle.

He only said spread eagle, not...

Black eagle.

Wings of doom. Wings of doom. Bradley!

Wings of doom. How was your flight?



Oh, no.

Wings of doom. Wings of doom. Wings of doom.

(DEEP VOICE) Who dares disturb the mighty black eagle?

Ascend. (SQUEAKS)

To the doom.

(ALL SQUEAKING) To the doom.


Tabo, it's time we put our differences behind us.

Please, Dad.

We all need to.

We're leaving, and I hope you're coming, too.

The herd needs both of us.


No one has ever gazed upon the mighty black eagle and lived.

But I...

Why did you come here?

To see the freak of nature for yourself.

The only white black eagle?

Well? I'm lost. I need your help.

And why should I help you?

Answer me!

Well, because until I find the magic waterhole and get my stripes, the zebras won't have any rain.

Is that what you tell yourself?


Look, I came here because... because I don't want to be different anymore.

And I think you know how that feels.

The place you seek is Ngow Mountain.

I don't get many visitors.

To get to Ngow Mountain from here, you'll have to pass through the Valley of Desolation.

Then the Abandoned Farm.

Go around the Salt Pan, and you will find...

The magic waterhole.

Phango's cave. Phango?

There was a time when he was the outcast of the litter.

Born blind in one eye.

Abandoned by his own kind.

Little did they know that his blindness would give him a sense of smell like no other leopard before him.

And he would grow up to be a great hunter.


He got his revenge, but it seems that isn't enough for him.

So he keeps on killing.

Having everyone live in fear of you doesn't change who you are.

Now leave me alone.

Hmm, well, looks like dinner is going to be late.

Why did Khumba have to leave?

You want to know the real reason why Khumba left?

Because he's in a class all his own, mate.

And so am I!

I don't need this to prove it.

We belong out there with Khumba!

Who's with me?

Freedom! Woo!

That was wild.

That is what I am talking about.

Come on, kids.

This isn't part of the show.

Road trip, everybody!

If we follow Khumba, we might just find ourselves a clean waterhole.

All right, keep together. Let's go.

We're leaving? Come on.

For-for real now.

We're leaving. That's it, boys.

Come on. One hoof in front of the other. We're leaving!

Let's go. We're leaving!

Close your mouth and keep moving, Nigel.

It's beautiful!

I've been such a fool.

There's no fool like my fool.

Come on, pick up the pace.

Head for the peaks.

You know, it's a good thing Tombi doesn't take after me.

My grandmother moves faster than you.

Let's go. Come on.

That's my girl.

BRADLEY: So what you're saying is... the black eagle is actually white?

You thought you had problems.

(MAMA V HUFFING) There's something I need to tell both of you.

This looks dangerous. Let's keep moving.

Are you sure the eagle said to go this way?

He said we go through the Valley of Desolation.

Valley of what? Desolation.

Oh, that's nice. Yeah, that's lovely.

Because after trekking across the Karoo and leaving the world's finest watering hole, and barely escaping execution by deranged rodents on the Crags of Death on the way to a so-called "magic waterhole" there's nothing that hits the spot quite like a Valley of Desolation!

Anything else you're not telling us?

Well, I...

Can I just say one little thing? Sure.


Oh, look. A farm.

And if that's the farm, boys, that must be Ngow Mountain.

Let's rest at the farm.

We can talk there.

Do you think there will be any ostriches?


BRADLEY: It's a bit of a fixer upper, isn't it?




Anyone home?

BRADLEY: Creepy.

And you're not helping. (MUSICAL SAW PLAYING)

Any requests?

Drink, Mama V. You have to drink.



Get off my farm, you freaks of nature! Freak!

Freak, freak!

We need water, ma'am.

My water! All mine!

Freak, freak!

Good enough to eat.

Speak for yourself!

BRADLEY: This Karoo lamb is way past her sell-by date.

MAMA V: She's gone around, Bradley.

Little one!

Just go. Head for the mountain!

Who in their right mind would go there?


Mama V, Bradley, shut the gate behind me!

He's going to get you.

He's going to get you. Who, Khumba?

I was going to tell you.

SHEEP: He'd love to sink his teeth into a young zebra.

Yes, he'll like that. I'm sure. Who, Khumba? Who?


SHEEP: He ate my dear husband, didn't he, Nora?

What is she talking about?


Phango! Phango!

The waterhole is at his cave.


What were we thinking?

Following you to a magic waterhole, so you can get your stripes?

And they call me loony.

I let him take her.

My child, my baby.

It's not your fault.

I couldn't protect her.

I'm sorry. I should never have dragged the two of you into this.

If it wasn't for me, she'd still be alive.

BRADLEY: You couldn't have stopped Phango.

No one can.

Certainly not a freak like him, right, Nora?

What is it anyway?

I don't think he knows what he is, Nora, do you?

No, I don't. What are you?

Well, what are you?

ZEBRA: When are you going to grow some stripes?

Oh, wait. He can't!

SHEEP: Certainly not a freak like him, right, Nora?

TOMBI: I thought you weren't like the rest of them.

I hope Khumba's all right.

He's all that crazy to face Phango alone, is he?

Maybe we should go back and look for him.

I'm sure any minute now, Khumba will pop out of nowhere and surprise us. (ROAR)

Mama V. Where is he?

Mama V!

Come on, Mama V.

It's no use running.

This isn't happening. This isn't happening.

Tell me where he is.


Why don't you go right?

This way!

No, the other right. (ROARS)

Come on, Mama V.

Oh, bad choice.

Where is he? He was with you.

You mean Khumba?

Oh, that's weird.

He's heading to you.

I mean was heading to you.

Oh, he's long gone.

Of course.

To where it all began.

We have to warn Khumba.

Even if it means facing Phango?

Maybe going back is the only way to move on.

Are we going forwards or backwards now?

I'm confused.

Whatever. From now on, we're sticking together.


Many, we lost souls haunt this salt pan.

Come child.

This is no place for a zebra.

Zebra? I don't see any zebras.

How many more stripes will make you a zebra?

I'd settle for five.


I love out here. I can breathe.

There's no allergies. Completely stuff free.

My nose is clear.

(SNUFFLES) At least 90% clear.

Wow, no stuffy nose. Dad, are those storm clouds?

Would you look at that?

Okay, keep together, kids.

Migrating? I don't know what that is, but we're following Khumba.

Huh? My son!

You've seen him? He's alive!

Why do you think we're going to Ngow Mountain?

No! Phango. (GASPS)

I'm going ahead.

Everybody, follow the bunny.

A bunny. You think I'm just another bunny hopping around munching carrots, dropping bunny raisins everywhere?

This is it.

I'm here to get my stripes.

I hope it's more than five.

Maybe there's something else waiting there for you. (CHIRPS)


Intruders! Get off my farm!

Get off my farm!

Hey, Freckie.

How do you think they tell each other apart?

I don't know, Captain, but if they're heading for greener pastures, let's roll!

Are you feeling old, cranky, all alone with no herd to call your own?

Freak! Hey, now, wait.

I know what you're thinking.

But I'm no wolf in sheep's clothing.

But you and me, we can make a great partnersheep.

Sheep joke.

Where's the rest of your pack?

Well, we grew apart.

Creative differences.

I didn't have much of a sheep mentality myself.

Who's he?

Just like she said.




Stand back!

Mother V is cleaning house!


What? Too much?

So, where's the hell cat?

Uh... in there?

They're about to have company.

Um, need a little help, madam?

We're in a herd going somewhere.

It's like we're all a big family.

(SHOUTS) But I don't know those guys.

Oh, stripes are making me dizzy.

Keep together kids!

Endangered species coming through.


Any sign of Khumba?

He's up there.

I have to find a way through.

It's just a few flames.

We're not going to let a barbie stop us. Ow!

That's hot! Oh, wow.

Okay, okay, keep together, kids.

Hey, Percy, you smell that?

Smells like chops burning.

He'll be okay, Tombi.

Yeah, he's tougher than he looks.

Is he really up there?

Come on, Khumba. I know you can do it!

There you are. (GROWLS)

In the flesh at last.


And when they came out, they were all striped.

But then... they all looked the same.

But you're not the same, are you?

They hardly get my pulse rate up.

You are the one I've been waiting for. (GROWLS)

It was foretold that a half-striped zebra would be born, and make one of us the most powerful leopard that ever lived.

But I killed my own clan so that I could have you. (ROARS)

You I'd savor slowly.

One stripe at a time.

Whoa! (GROWLS)

You are the half, the half that will complete me.

You can't change what you are, Phango.

There's only one way to find out.

Dad, look. What's happening?


Oh, I think that's my cue.

No, Khumba!

It's too late. Run!

Look, look!

It's the water!

What is that?

Look at all that water!

Where is it all coming from?

Look, it's Phango!



He's going to eat Khumba!

You're getting under my skin, Khumba.

MAMA V: Hold on, Khumba!

Oh, hey. Oh, no, Khumba!

Surrender to your destiny.

Killing me won't make a difference, Phango.

Well, eating you will!

Watch out!


Don't look, kids. (CRASH)

Nice knowing you.

He's... he's dead?

He could have survived.

No, he's dead.

Khumba, no!


Khumba? Khumba?



He's alive!

My son.

Boy, you scared me to... (LAUGHS)

He's alive. Khumba's alive.

He's alright.

That's my mate. Fellow survivor.

Way to go, little buddy, pull through.

I thought I'd lost you, too.

He's alive! Yay!

Khumba, yeah!

I'm spitting on myself.

It's wet. Oh, it's rain!

He did it. He sure did, my girl.

Four is definitely a crowd.

Does this mean we're friends again?

You think I'd let you get away that easy?

You okay?

More than okay.

I wouldn't change a thing.


Just like the old days, hey?

Heads up, Tombi. Game on!

Nice play, sis. Not bad for a girl, huh?

You got to keep your eye on the ball.

Nice one, Khumba!

Stay clear of that horn.

Pass it!

All right!


Come on. Pom-poms higher!

Nora incoming!

Oy, tackle Nora. Or, we all get another timeout Come along, little ones.

Let 'em stay.

I'll sing you one, if you sing me one of your songs.

Hit it, boys!

Your ball, Nigel! It's your ball.

It's coming to me. It's coming straight for me.

Got it.

Come on, mate.

Go for it, Nigel.



Out! It was in.

Are you kidding me? It was totally in. Out!

Or in. Or out.

I don't know.

KHUMBA: You know, some things do change.

But not always in the way you expect it.

And it helps having a little push in the right direction.