Khushi (2003) Script


It'll be all right.

Welcome sir Has the midwife arrived Sitaram.


Don't be afraid it'll all be okay in a little while.

Don't be afraid be brave. Give me that towel.

Give me some water.

Congratulations. God has given you a baby girl.

Praise the Lord! Come on in, sir.

She's so lovable.

Well? My whiskers prick?

This is the world in which every man lives for just one reason.

That they find love in everyone's heart.

Love manifests itself in many ways. Between mother and son, between brothers and sisters, friends, but there's a love far removed from all these kinds of love...

A love that is born in young hearts. A love that brings joy to the heart

Born in the eastern part of India, in Kolkata... is Karan.

Born in Chamoli village of Uttaranchal state... is Virbhadra's daughter, Khushi.

Theirs is a marriage God decided in His heavens.

Despite being born in different castes and regions...

They have one thing in common...


These are the two children who are going to fall in love.

When will they fall in love? When will they unite?

That's what this story is all about.

Despite the distance between them, when will these two young hearts... get to know each other and accept each other?

Let's witness the miracle of nature.

This is the biggest sari-store in Mumbai.

You'll find every kind of sari here.

What do you think of this one? Nice

That yellow one. Show me that.

Why's she so late? She should have been here by now.

Who? Ram Singh? No. Lali!

You start ranting the moment your daughter's a bit late.

Mind your own business. And don't say I'm ranting.

Here comes Lali! Lali...

Ram Singh, hasn't Lali come? No Moron! You must have missed her in the crowds.

What crowds, sir? There's just a single railway line and a hut.

If anyone ever gets off the train, it's only to have some water.

So what crowds will there be? Strange She told me that she'd be coming.

What could have happened?

My Lali has arrived!

♪ Like the flying clouds... ♪

♪ is the kohl in my eyes ♪

♪ Like fragrant winds... ♪

♪ is my disposition ♪

♪ On my lips, plays a smile ♪

♪ Here comes Khushi (happiness) ♪

♪ I bring Khushi ♪

♪ From me flows every cheer ♪

♪ Without me, they're all fake ♪

♪ I bring the mischief of Spring ♪

♪ Khushi ♪

♪ The rains come down in a patter... ♪

♪ it wins our hearts ♪

♪ I wish I could sway ♪

♪ I wish I could kiss the skies ♪

♪ I tread a new path towards a new goal ♪

♪ Water, I could turn into a spark ♪

♪ Even a spark would go berserk at my touch ♪

♪ With my beauty, I cast a spell ♪

♪ Even the stars talk about me ♪

♪ Like a fairy in Spring... ♪

♪ here comes Khushi ♪

♪ O little girl... ♪

♪ at your feet lies the world ♪

♪ I wonder, so does everybody... ♪

♪ what is it about you? ♪

♪ When you smile, it ushers in a new dawn... ♪

♪ when you cry, it plunges us into darkness ♪

♪ I'm a carefree soul ♪

♪ I do as I please ♪

♪ Shade and the dazzling Sun... ♪

♪ it's all about my stunning beauty ♪

♪ I'm the talk of the town ♪

♪ My bangles tinkle, my anklets chime ♪

♪ Like a crazy beauty, I sway in my gait ♪

♪ I'm a bit mischievous, and a bit shy... ♪

♪ nobody can guess what it is about me ♪

♪ Like a fairy in Spring... ♪

♪ here comes Khushi ♪

♪ I bring Khushi ♪

Lali! My child!

Welcome, sir. Greetings.

Madam Lali says they're here in the village to help us.

I've made all the arrangements they wanted.

Where is my daughter donating blood? Over there.


Bloody doctor! How dare you draw blood from my daughter?

How dare you? Put that blood back in her! Go on!

Hurry! Get that syringe out which is drawing her blood.

Listen to me... Use a syringe to put in the blood.

How dare you draw blood from her? Donating blood isn't a bad thing.

Blood is blood! It isn't water. Come on, Papa.


♪ It'll give me strength. ♪

♪ I'll find a girl who wears short skirts ♪

♪ Love blossoms in my heart... ♪

♪ I see the stars and the Moon at daytime ♪

♪ I'm about to fall in love... ♪

♪ I'm about to lose my heart ♪

♪ To Tollygunge, I will get... ♪

♪ how are you? I'll ask ♪

♪ The girl will ask, what happened? ♪

♪ Come with me, I'll say ♪

♪ Samosas and rossogollas... ♪

♪ sweet yogurt, we'll feast on ♪

♪ Life is short ♪

♪ I will find a girl as a crazy as I am ♪

♪ And then will begin... ♪

♪ our love-story ♪

♪ In the boat, we sail... ♪

♪ across the vast Ganges, we sail ♪

♪ Whichever girl prefers Rabindra-sangeet... ♪

♪ will be mate for life ♪

Mother Goddess... please don't send my son faraway from me.

Don't pray like this for me. Why're you angry with your mother?

Ma's asking for just the opposite of what I'm asking of God.

God must himself be confused. Will He heed my prayers or Ma's?

What you've prayed for and what your Ma prayed for?

I prayed so I can go away to Canada and she prays that I don't go away.

It isn't just a prayer, she's been meditating.

Dad, do you mind? Not at all.

If my son studies in Canada, what would be better than that?

How true! If it was only for 5 months...

I wouldn't have said anything, but 5 years?

Just 5 years, Ma! They'll pass in a jiffy.

What haven't I done to get an admission?

I ran around for the passport and visa.

When I can stay away for 5 years, can't you do it too, Ma?

She's always crying, daddy! Obviously, my son. She's your mother.

What? You want to study further? Yes.

Oh no.

We have very few educated boys in our community anyway.

And you want to study further? Where will I find a suitor for you?

A suitor...? What for? To play Cricket with you Why're you talking about marriage right now, Papa?

I want to complete my MSc. I've filled in the application form.

Sign it.

Sign it, Papa.

I'll pull you by your plaits!

Who do you think you are?

You're always doing as you wish.

There are just four boys who've done BSc... in our village and the neighbouring villages.

Two of them belong to our community.

One of them is leaving for America. What for, God alone knows.

That leaves Ranvir Chaudhary's son.

I've begged him and got him to agree to live with us after your marriage.

I've called them over tomorrow for your engagement.

Called them over? With whose permission?

Whose permission do I need to take? I don't want all this.

I want to study.

My child, listen to me.

After 10 years of prayers, God blessed us with a child.

A baby-girl. If I get you married in another town...

I'll keep thinking and worrying about you.

Tell me, will I be able to live if you're far away from me?

Who's marrying and going far away? If you study any further... that's just what is going to happen! So I've called them for an engagement.

So ask them not to come. I want to study further. Please sign this.

You tore up my application form?

That's chap coming to meet me tomorrow, isn't he?

Just you see! I'll drive him away!

Just you watch!

Come to bed. I'm not sleepy. You go on.

It's 2 in the morning. Come... I'm not sleepy. You go to sleep!

Lord Hanuman... please make my daughter agree to the wedding... please make my daughter agree to the wedding...

God has heard your prayers. What? Really?

You may call them over. I agree to the wedding.

Praise You, Lord Hanuman!

This is my daughter, Khushi. I call her Lali lovingly.

After the marriage, you can call her either Khushi or Lali You can even give her a new name. It's your choice.

Do you like the boy?

I'm so happy that you've agreed to the wedding.

But if you don't like the boy, tell me. I'll find other boys.

Now tell me... do you approve of this chap?

That's chap coming to meet me tomorrow, isn't he?

Just you see! I'll drive him away!

Just you watch!

Wow! So you approve of him!

The wedding of Virbhadra Singh's daughter Khushi... has been fixed with Ranvir Singh's son Mahendra.

My glasses...

I haven't done anything. So who is it?

I'm flying to Canada?

Why're you laughing? I'm the one who's going.

You? My passport’s okay, my visa's okay

Go away to Canada. I'm going to rot here.

God... how could this happen?

Why're you crying? What happened, Ma?

I don't know... the groom's sister was crying after she read this letter.

Dear Khushi, forgive me. I'm in love with someone.

Had I told my father, he'd have killed me.

I know, it's terrible to tell the girl a day before the wedding...

What happened, Lali? What happened?

Daddy, look at her. She always sports a long face.

Look at dad, Mom. He's so happy to see me off.

But all you know is to shed tears! Let me see you off at the airport You? At the airport?

I want to see smiling faces before I leave. Not crying faces.

My darling Ma! Look after yourself.

I'll return soon. I promise.

Take a careful look at the guy wearing glasses in that crowd.

This man has nothing to do with our story.

But he's the one who's going to give the story a new twist.

Watch out... step on the brakes!

You know whose blood this is? Yes, it's Khushi's.

The blood she donated in Chamoli has journeyed far to reach here.

For Karan.

Lali! My child!

Lali, just don't worry.

I've told the priest to find another suitor for you.

You're going to be married next week.

Keep quiet, Papa. Why, my child?

How can you take such decisions without even thinking?

Do you know what I've been through? A groom has just walked out on me.

And you're already thinking of another marriage?

And I want to study further. But you...

Yes, you wanted to study further. But I stood in your way

Papa, may I study further? May I complete my MSc?

How will you study further? I tore up your application form.

You tore up the form of Pune University.

But I've also applied to the Mumbai University.

They've even called me for an interview. With your permission...

I'll leave for further studies. Bombay University?

How about my signature?

Big deal! It's just Virbhadra Singh.

Just a fowl-scratch. I've done it already.


What's happening?

I saw hands and legs in plaster... but not on a whole face!

Moron! Wear your glasses. That isn't my face.

It's over here.

Bastard, you're laughing at me instead of feeling sorry?

You said you were going to Canada.

You can't leave me and go away anywhere.

Karan! My son! Greetings.

Mother Goddess! What's happened to my son?

Mother Goddess...

Why're you angry? She's crying because you've met with an accident This accident took place because she cried.

She cried before I got into the car, so the accident happened.

Thank God she didn't come to the airport.

Had she come there, maybe the plane would've crashed.

Send me to Canada some way or the other.

Rascal! Why're you laughing? I haven't cracked a joke.

It is a joke indeed. When I broke a little toe...

I was laid up for a week. And you... you're laid down for 2 months at least Forget Canada, you can't even go to the loo for two months.

Why must he shut up? He's right.

The doctor says you need bed rest for at least two months.

Dad, what happens of my studies?

You so badly wanted to go to Canada... that you didn't apply to any college here.

There's just one way now.

The Vice Chancellor at Mumbai University is a friend of mine.

If you wish, I can have a word with him and have a seat blocked for you.

Will you go to Mumbai then?

What difference does it make when I can't go to Canada anyway?

Be it Calcutta or Mumbai.

Looks like you're a huge fan of Ricky Martin.

I follow a rule. I fit in with whoever's a big hit.

Whether it's Ricky Martin or a rusty tin.

Whenever I visit a temple... I find a lot of peace of mind.

I used to visit the temple in the village every day. I liked going there.

Look at the politician. It looks as if he's asking God for votes.

What did you say? I was only kidding

I've seen you somewhere.

No, that wasn't what I was getting at. Please.

But it's true that boys use this line when they want to befriend a girl.

But that wasn't I was getting at.

But I'm speaking the truth. I've seen you somewhere.

I get that feeling too.

This is the first time we've met, but somehow I feel... as if I've known you for 20 years. True. That's how I feel too.

You do look happy.

You're here to?

Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, in our college.

In our class? No, in the maths section.

What's her name? Priya.

What hankypanky have you been up to? I've been up to no hankypanky.

It's the same old status problem. She's the daughter of a rich man.

And I was brought up in an orphanage. Why do we always have... this angle in every love-story? It's very sad!

So now? Somehow or the other...

I want to reach this letter to her. You plan on killing us, do you?

Madan, please. Give it to me

Listen, make him see reason.

If he doesn't understand, finish him. Sure.

You've had it, Vicky. Did you have to fall in love with this guy's daughter?

Khushi, my dear. How are you? I'm all right.

How's your friend doing at studies? Very well.

What are you doing here?

What's that in your hand?

Yes. How did you know? It's all over your face.

Don't you have any manners on how to behave with a girl in public?

Don't you realise what people on the streets will think?

You dress so well but you behave like a cheapskate?

You're talking any nonsense. My mouth, my tongue...

I will say what I want to. But my ears can't listen to all this.

You're hurting my feelings. Feelings, I see!

You get friendly at the first meeting and pass love-letters the next moment!

What feelings are those? So cheap!

Madam, I haven't written this love-letter to you.

My friend Vicky wrote it for your friend Priya.

He said that she has a strict father who won't let her take his calls... and asked me if I could deliver this letter to Priya.

When I arrived here with the letter, I found the watchman at the gate.

I was wondering what I could do when these cars arrived.

There were these deadly thugs with Priya's father.

I was so shocked to see them, I didn't know what to do.

That's when I saw you walking out with Priya.

Khushi! She's the girl I met at the temple.

I thought my friend's work was done. I'd send the letter to her through you.

But you, you tell me that I don't have any sense, any manners...

Who do you think you are?

Maybe you have a tongue. But you also brains to think.

We've been studying in the same college and yet we didn't know each other.

That's strange, isn't it?

Strange also that we're here together. For love.

For love? Yes. Priya and Vicky's love.

What did you think? Nothing at all.

May I ask something? Have you ever fallen in love?


Why not? Why not?

What will I say? Why didn't you fall in love?

I don't know. You don't know how to fall in love?

So you do?

Shall we leave, Vicky?

What for? For dropping me home.

You say thanks when a stranger drops you home.

We're not strangers anymore. So why be so formal?

But I've already said thanks. What do we do?

You must withdraw the words.

Students, the cultural programme at the college begins very soon!

What happened? It's open.

The way you reacted over such a trivial thing, I got really scared.

This is how friends should be. Your friend showed trust in you... and gave you an open personal letter. He must have so much of faith in you.

That's not such a big thing. You may read it, if you wish to.

Your friend gave it to you, because he trusted you.

You gave it to me, because you trust me.

And my friend has faith in me. We must never betray someone's faith.

What's the big deal? The letter says, Dear Priya...

I can't take you to the movies this Friday.

I've got to go to Nashik for 2 days, so please don't be angry with me.

I don't know what I will do without you these 2 days.

There's so much I will miss. You, your voice, your lovely eyes... your cheeks, beautiful lips, the ones I kiss... your lap, in which I rest my head. I will keep saying...

Must you read someone's letter?

It's a love-letter! Full of personal emotions.

You've let your friend down. You have betrayed his trust.

You're a dirty man...

Are you through? May I speak now?

Vicky hurt his thumb, not me. It was bleeding.

Can someone write when he has a hurt thumb?

No? So he dictated letter to me and I wrote it for him. Get it?

You need more explanation? You just need an opportunity... to fly off the handle and you won't stop.

And you even say sorry. Know what?

Record I'm sorry on a cassette a thousand times... because you use those words often and often. Okay?

What happened? The fan-belt seems to have snapped I had one fixed just yesterday.

What do we do now? We'll lock it up and walk.

The mechanic will take it away in the morning.

Khushi, what are you thinking about? Nothing.

What are you thinking about? Nothing.

Khushi, if I ask you a question will you answer me?

Whom do you like most?

The most...? My Papa. Of course.

Everyone of us loves his Papa. He's the one who brings us up.

Apart from Papa, who else do you like?

Apart from Papa... my Mummy. Who can forget Mummy.

Mummy is great. At her feet lie the heavens.

Look outside the house. Whom do you like, apart from your folks?

Who doesn't like him?

Look away from the film industry. There must be someone else?

There is... There is?

Who? Sachin Tendulkar.

Khushi, fathers, mothers, actors and cricketers are all so common.

Everyone likes them. But whom do you like specially and personally?

Khushi... wait.

What happened? Tell me the name.

And I'll say that I like him. But please don't bother me like this.

So what's the name?

Never mind.

I was supposed to come, but...

Have you seen Karan around?

Is it your birthday? No.

Something special at home? No. Why?

Your new dress and the sparkle?

Nothing of the sort. Where's Karan? He's there in the corridor.

He wasn't there. That's where I came from.

Maybe, but he's in the telephone booth.

In the telephone booth?

Please try to understand me.

I couldn't come because my friends asked me to stay back.

Hello... Madhu.

We have two or three days off again next month.

Yes, I promise.

There's still a week, right? So let me make up for it.

Were you waiting for me?

Well? You aren't looking nice today. Oh yes, that's what you will say.

Oh no, you're really looking very beautiful.

I spoke just the opposite. That's how you've always been.

I was only kidding. Why're you taking it seriously?

Khushi's looking for you.

Were you looking for me? Yes.

What for? It was something important.

But I've forgotten what it was.

Who? Who and who?

On the phone. Madhu.

Madhu who? My Ma.

Ma? Yes.

But you were uttering her name.

That's my mother's name and I address my mother by her name.

Yes, Ma.

Yes, Ma.

Get cracking. The show begins in two hours. I don't have time to waste.

Remember your step?

You always teach me the same step. Because that's all I know.

What? Can you show me something else?

For the last 10 years, I've been in this college like a milestone.

My juniors have turned professors. But my friends, my cronies, I...

Enough. I get it.


Meaning... she's a friend.

♪ If not you... ♪

♪ if not you... ♪

♪ if not you... life's tough ♪

♪ If not with you, my love... ♪

♪ I can't even die ♪

♪ I get no sleep ♪

♪ If not you ♪

♪ If not you... life's restless ♪

♪ Pining... ♪

♪ overwhelms me... ♪

♪ every moment, I swear ♪

♪ Last night... ♪

♪ in my dreams... ♪

♪ I have seen you, my love ♪

♪ Laughter... ♪

♪ sounds like a wail if it isn't you ♪

♪ Finding... ♪

♪ is like losing... if I can't find you ♪

♪ In memories, I was lost... ♪

♪ all night. I could not go to sleep ♪

♪ Loneliness... ♪

♪ gnaws... ♪

♪ I have no one but you ♪

♪ Rose-gardens... ♪

♪ appear to be barren, if not with you ♪

♪ This moment... ♪

♪ seems frozen, if not with you ♪

Were you scared? No.

What's this? A gift.

For me?

What's the hurry? Open it later.

Necessary for smokers.

Where did you buy it? Akbarallys.

For how much? 5000.


An ashtray? For 5000?

It's no ordinary ashtray. It's made from French crystal glass.

It's expensive because of its intricate art-work.

It's very nice indeed.

But you could have given me another gift instead of this.

It's such an expensive and beautiful ashtray...

I'd hate to drop ash in it when I smoke.

That's exactly why I got this ashtray.

Because whenever you drop ash, you must remember me.

And you must feel that you're dropping ash... not in the ashtray, but on me.

So you must give up smoking.

Karan quits smoking?

Ask me for anything else, and I'll do it. But give up smoking? No way.

If you...

respect me...

you will give up smoking.


For the exams. I'm studying.

That's not nice. What?

That which you're doing.

Reading a book is a nice thing.

In any case, it isn't porn. It's a college book.

I'm not talking about what you're reading.

I'm talking about the thing you've been staring at.

Yes, I've been taking a good look.

Don't switch the topic. You...

you were staring at my waist.

Don't pretend! You were watching it! I didn't.

You did too! I didn't, I say.

And I say you did. You did! I caught you staring at it!

Well, maybe my eyes wandered when I was turning a page.

But I didn't have any intentions.

You haven't been here a minute, nor have you read a page... but you looked at it a dozen times! Now look, Khushi... you're mistaking me. What...? I'm making a mistake... or was it you?

Remember all those things! When I gave you Vicky's open letter... when I told you about its contents, what did you say?

One must never look at other's private affairs.

You called me so many names! Didn't you?

When I told you that he had hurt his thumb and that I had written... the letter for him, you said sorry to me.

Didn't you?

Never mind that. Let's talk about our first meeting.

When I gave you that letter Vicky wanted delivered to Priya... what conclusion did you jump to? That I was giving you the letter.

You yelled so much at me.

Didn't you yell at me? But when you got to know the truth... you said sorry. Didn't you? I know what you want.

You want everyone to praise your beauty, to be crazy about you... and say I love you to you. And when someone does that... you get worked up, you kick up a fuss... you start accusing him and say that he's after girls. Isn't that right?

Talk about me... not about other girls.

What do you know about girls' psychology? What?

We don't pretend! I don't pretend! But you do!

You do!

What did you do at the restaurant the other day?

You deliberately dropped your spoon, so you could use my spoon to eat!

You did put on an act then. What were you hiding on?

The other day, you said your car had broken down and that we'd have to walk.

And what did you ask me? Whom did you like most?

You bored me to death!

And when your daddy come to the college, you introduced everyone...

Why didn't you say it freely?

Why did you hesitate then? What feelings were you hiding?

Oh sure, despite knowing everything... why've you been acting as if you didn't know anything?

What will I take that for?

Despite knowing everything, you gifted me an ashtray.

Okay, you gave that to me as a friend.

But when I was talking to my Ma the other day... when I was showering kisses on her... why did you badly want to know the truth?

You calmed down only after you got to know that Madhu's my Ma.

You presented me an ashtray. All right, maybe that's friendship.

But the restlessness you showed when you wanted to know about my Ma... the streak of possessiveness you showed, what do I take that for?

Let's not stray from the point. Didn't you stare at my waist?

Haven't you loved me?

No. I didn't stare either.

I happen to talk to a girl and she finds faults with me!

I can't ever be friends with an egoistic girl like her!

Even if we are friends, it's never going to lead to love.

Even if we fall in love, we'll never marry.

And even if we somehow make it to the marriage altar...

I'll say that I can't marry a girl like her and run away from there!

What a girl!

You have no right to talk about my character.

I'll forget that I ever met someone called Karan.

You and I have nothing to do with each other.

She looks like a twin-sister of our master.

Excuse me, you're not our master's twin, are you?

Oh no. There are only sisters in our family.

It's the master himself. What disguise is this, Master?

What? People go to great lengths to have an album released.

I've only changed my name. From Madan to Badan Bhosle.

So what's wrong? Name an album of yours, Master.

Don't be stubborn, my love. How about humming the tune?

The tune? It's fantastic.

I've really worked hard on this song. When it's released... it's going to kick up a storm. Want me to sing it for you?

♪ The bud of the night, blossoms by day ♪

♪ She's mischievous... she wanders everywhere ♪

♪ What else will I say? ♪

♪ Don't be stubborn, my love ♪

That's a number from Asha Bhosle's hit album Jaanam Samjha Karo.

What nonsense! That's the title of a movie!

The album of the same name was a hit, but the film was shit.

What's between you and me? That's for you to decide, sir.

I'll decide later. Now tell me what do you mean to me?

Your secretary, sir. And what's a secretary's job?

You must go out in the market and find out which album is doing well... and what the get up is... so that they don't clash with ours.

What sorry?

Well, sir... No wells! That's it.

Want me to sing another song? Sure. Go ahead.

♪ What would I do, if not die? ♪

♪ You're the chosen one in thousands... ♪

♪ my love ♪

Do not be mistaken. I haven't come here for a compromise.

Why? Is that wrong?

I don't want to... with you...

I don't want any argument. I have something important to say.

During the summer vacations when we were not around... a lot of things have taken place. Vicky went to meet Priya at her place.

He mistook her father for her and awakened him.

He was caught.

Priya's father is holding her captive in the house.

Did Vicky attend class? No The love affair we promoted is now facing problems.

I'm talking about Vicky and Priya's love affair.

Did you meet Priya?

I mean, have you? Yes.

I've come from her house right now. She was crying.

I told her not to worry. To unite her with Vicky is my duty, I promised her.

And you have promised your friend to unite the two of them.

So, to honour the promise I've made to my friend... and for you to honour the promise you've made to your friend, we must...

We must?

We must get together and unite them.

We must... what I'm saying is that ...I want to make it clear.

In uniting them, the relationship we are going to share... is what I'll decide right now.

It will not be love, no friendship and no relationship at all.

Our relationship will last as long as they are united.

I hope you will do that.

That you will do it, I am convinced.

What can I say now? You've said what I wanted to.

Shall we go to meet Vicky?

You're the limit! You couldn't wait for two months.

All I want to know is what you told Priya's old man when you woke him up.

Priya darling, here I am? Or was it...

Sorry, Uncle. Wrong number?

This is exactly why I tell you not to fall in love!

Look at me. I'm such a happy man! And why?

Because I'm not in love with someone! And I don't have any problems like you.

Look at your face. You look like the perfect jilted-lover.

To hide your pain and fake a laughter is nothing but stupidity.

What? I'm talking about Vicky's pain.

The one you're feeling too.

Will it solve the problem by feeling the pain and crying? No.

Just concentrate on your studies, Vicky. As for your love... leave it to us. To unite you with Priya is our responsibility.

Can't you trust my words? All right.

But you do trust your love, don't you? If your love is true... it'll surely unite the two of you. Am I right?

If our love is true, it'll surely unite us.

Yes. Yes, yes indeed

Where's the need to walk? I'll drop you home.

You needn't necessarily be my girlfriend for me to drop you home.

It doesn't need a relationship at all. You could say... you've taken a ride in a stranger's car.

And I'll think I gave a ride to a girl who was a stranger

If you still want to walk, it's up to you.

What can I do about it?

I live in the hostel now. Not in that flat.

To distance myself from some one, I had to stay at the hostel.

I'll drop you at the hostel then.

♪ Two strangers, where are they headed? ♪

♪ Where are they going? ♪

♪ Angry with each other... ♪

♪ they appear to be, even as they drive on ♪

♪ Two strangers... where are they headed? ♪

♪ Where are they going? ♪

♪ Angry with each other... ♪

♪ they appear to be, even as they drive on ♪

♪ Awake... ♪

♪ asleep... ♪

♪ lost? ♪

♪ Ask them ♪

♪ Stop faking anger... be friends again ♪

♪ Do not break each other's hearts, that isn't a nice thing to do ♪

♪ From a distance... ♪

♪ up close... ♪

♪ they torment each other, they go together ♪

♪ Desire, hatred... ♪

♪ what exactly do they want in love? ♪

♪ Yes and no... ♪

♪ is all they say ♪

♪ What's in their hearts? No one knows ♪

♪ Longing in their eyes, to see each other... ♪

♪ they're afraid, they go together ♪

♪ Two strangers... where are they headed? ♪

♪ Where are they going? ♪

♪ Angry with each other... ♪

♪ they appear to be, even as they drive on ♪

I haven’t done anything this time. It has stalled on its own.

The wire of the spark-plug has come off.

When a stranger drops me home, I always thank him.

That's a habit of mine. Nice habit too.

Because of my native tongue, you got to know that I'm from the villages!

You want to rob me? No, sir.

Thief! I asked you to take me to Mumbai University and... you've been taking me around Mumbai!

You've been driving around the same place!

Forget it, sir. It's human to err.

Looks like you're hand in glove with him.

Please let him go, Uncle.

Come with me. I'll give you a ride.

You don't appear to be a cabbie. Why will you give me a ride?

He's the one who'll take me there. You go on.

Until you leave, no one else will be able to move from here.

The traffic's come to a standstill because of you.

I study at the Bombay University too. Come with me, I'll take you there.

You take me to be an idiot?

The moron!

Son, how do you live in this city?

Everyone here appears to be a fraud to me.

But you're a nice boy.

Guess what I like most about you?

Your smile.

Do you know my daughter? Who?

How would you know her? There must be so many girls in the college.

There's this hostel near the college. Which hostel?

Now what is the name? Mary...

Right, St Mary's Girls Hostel!

Do you know where the hostel is? Know?

I can't ever forget that hostel. Why?

There's this girl I know who stays there.

She's no ordinary girl, mind you. She has a massive ego.

What? Ego.

Meaning? Ego meaning... she thinks she's the last word.

Even when she knows she's wrong, she'll never say sorry.

This damn ego... how will I explain it? This girl... she's stubborn, a bit eccentric...

I get it. That daughter of an ass is arrogant.

Yes, arrogant!

I wanted to tell you about the girl, but you've spoken about her family!

She's just a girl, you know. If she can be so arrogant... am I any less? Oh yes

Oh yes!

Oh yes!

That's the block. Thank you very much I live in Chamoli, son. If you ever visit the place, do meet me.

See you.

Lali! My child!

How are you? I'm fine Why're you so late? What will I tell you?

On my way, I got into a fight with a cabbie.

It was a terrible fight and this nice boy really helped me.

He... one moment!

Hello son... hello!

Come here.

Lali, come here.

As I was telling you, I got into a fight with a crazy cabbie.

And a decent boy came along and helped me. He's the one.

This is my daughter, Lali.

Have some coffee before you leave. Thanks, but I've got to go.

Oh no. Back in the village, we don't let a guest go away without... extending our hospitality. If you leave without having coffee...

I'm going to feel bad. Tell him to stay, dear.

Please have some coffee.

I'll go and lock my car. All right. Let's go.

I don't want to get married. Why not?

When you wanted to study further, I agreed with you.

And now that I want you to get married, you must listen to me.

Come, son. Have some coffee.

I just don't agree! Why not?

Look at her, son. She's not listening to me.

You must listen to Papa, mustn't you? Do you know what he's saying?

And this is between the two of us. You aren't interfering.

You'll get a slap, Lali. He's a guest... is that how you talk to a guest? What wrong have I said, son?

I'm looking for a groom for her and she's refusing me.

When a girl keeps refusing to get married, what does it mean?

It means there is someone else she loves.

I'm not against that. All I want is for you to have a nice wedding.

But how should the suitor be? He must be just like this boy.

Clean-hearted, innocent eyes... a handsome young man.

If there is someone you love, tell me about it.

I'm not in love with anyone.

If you really don't love anyone, you must obey your Papa.

Papa, I'm willing to get married. Wow!

This is amazing!

I've been trying for so long and she just wouldn't agree.

You spoke to her just once and viola! She agreed!

Looks like we share the same birth-sign, son.

I had a problem with the cabbie and you solved.

And this problem of her marriage you have solved too.

I'm happy to have achieved what I set out to do.

Lali, I'm leaving by this evening's train.

Do look after yourself, okay?

Come on... drop me on the way

Lali, I forgot to tell you something very important.

There's a girl he knows who stays here.

They have a fight going between themselves.

Never mind, Uncle. Please... Now wait a moment.

Won't I do anything for all the help you've extended to me?

What will people say?

She's a very arrogant girl, Lali. As he said, she's very stubborn too.

Not just stubborn, she's... a bit mental, eko... what word did you use?

Never mind, Uncle. Forget it... Give me the word! What was it?

Yes! Ego! She's possessed by ego!

Like spirits taking possession of people's bodies... this girl is possessed with ego!

Ask the girl not to fight with him, dear.

He's a very nice boy. Even my Papa believes he's a very nice boy.

Bring the two of them together. Okay?

Will that be enough or do you want me to stay over for your help, son?

No thank you, Uncle. You've done so much!

That's all right... See you.

She's a fool to get into a fight with a nice boy like you.

It isn't her fault. It must be her father who... has really pampered the arrogant girl.

What has come to be? And why?

Don't think about it...

Think, how could that girl blow such a little thing out of proportion?

I can't get this. This little part of the female anatomy...

Don't remind me, please! Everyone gets to look at it.

What went wrong if you looked at it? In Mumbai, girls expose their legs.

This is just what I can't understand!

Your friend Shibu has come all the way from Kolkata to solve your problem.

And I'll solve it too.

Look at this. Once this goes in, your woes will vanish.

No thanks. I don't drink. I don't want it.

Drink it up... listen to me. Just a little... come on.


I'll now sing a hit song for you.

You'll find happiness.

Shut up! You make me sadder!

Drink some more. The more you drink, the more your problems will vanish.

You didn't approve of the Bengali song, did you?

I'll sing a song from Mumbai for you.

♪ Everyone wants a slender waist ♪

♪ If only your heart could win over the waist ♪

Fun, wasn't it?

The song's over, so is the booze.

You have a smoke...

I'll get lots of booze.

When you drop ash in this ashtray you must know it's not the ashtray... but me it's falling on. Oh yes!

What are you staring at? This way.

This way... look here.


What are you staring at with your big...

no, with your two small eyes. What are you looking at?

All I did was to look at this little waist.

Who do you think you are? You're very beautiful?

Your face is like a chameleon's, a pencil-thin nose...

and your body? It's all right.

Your waist is the only thing one can look at.

This little waist.

Draped in a black sari, that little area... is like a lemon. No, lemons are yellow.

In reds and yellows, if it's shown up in a romantic light... naturally, I will look at it. If you mind... you mustn't show it at all.

Just as your face is a part of your body, so is your waist.

I look at your face, you don't mind. I see the waist, you mind. What for?

Tell me, darling. Speak.

Not just your body, I'm going to take a look at your whole body now.

You have no right to stand there before me!

You have no right to touch it!

I came here to discuss something important with you.

But neither are you in the mood to listen, nor am I in the mood to tell.

Khushi, I've done nothing. It's my Bengali friend.

He forced me to drink.

If people smoke and drink, why must I care?

It isn't necessary for me to know why you had liquor.

Want some?

I came here because I thought you were a nice human being.

But you're worse than I could ever imagine.

If you'd listen...

♪ You're a performer... ♪

♪ you can't make me dance ♪

♪ When it's your turn... ♪

♪ you'll beat a hasty retreat ♪

Master, that's Altaf Raja's tune. Altaf Raja? A foreigner?

He's a famous qawwal. This is a tune from his famous album.

How's that possible? It is.

You must've heard the tune and pinched it But this is a three-year old tune. What a thief!

I composed the tune three days ago, and he stole it three years back!

No more qawwali for me!

How did you know it's Priya without even looking at her?

The fragrance! I can tell every beautiful girl from her fragrance.

Where's this stink coming from? Lay off!

You like my wig, don't you? Here you are.

Remember, the cultural programme at the college is fast approaching?

Join Karan immediately and start your rehearsals.

No, Master. Why?

I can't participate in this function. Why not?

I've told you. I'm not participating.

Mukesh, make a team of Karan and Roma and send them on the stage.

You have my blessings!

Who's Roma? You don't know Roma? Roma!

A new student in the first year! She's kicked up a storm in the college.

The students are crazy about her and go around her like blind men.

What for?

Could you help me cross the road?

You've crossed the road. Small road.

What? You've helped a blind man.

Thank you so much. You are large-hearted.

Slipped out of my hands! Damn it!

What is the matter? Priya has sent a letter.

You can give it to Vicky. It's not for him.

Is it for me? No.

It must be for you then. No.

If not for me, you nor Vicky... It's for the two of us!

You read it.

I love Vicky so dearly...

I don't think anyone in the world loves anyone as much.

You must think why every lover in the world says that.

It's because they have true love for each other.

And the suffering of separation those truly in love go through... only I know about.

I'm pining to meet Vicky. Please bring us together.

Yours, Priya.

What are we to do now?

Priya has a friend called Shehnaz, right?

How are you, Rukhsana? I'm fine.

Be careful, Vicky.

The two of you chat, I'm going to bed.

Who's this girl?

It's Shabana. Shehnaz's friend.

Is she coming here for the first time?


I see. Go ahead and chat with Rukhsana...

I'll take Shabana around the house.

Come on, Shabana. Run away, Vicky!

Car number 906. Is it yours?

Yes. Karan?

Let me do it.

How are you related to the girl? I...

Help me with the injection. All right.

In the waist.

Give it to her in the arm. This is meant for the waist.

No, give it to her in the arm. The one for the arm... is given in the arm, the one for the waist is given in the waist.

You don't know anything about this waist, doctor.

This waist has caused a very big problem already.

If I go into details, it'll take at least 2 hours.

Your duty hours will be over and when the next doctor comes...

I'll have to explain to him! Have mercy on me... and give it to her in the arm.

That's all right! You can give it wherever you wish.

Give it to anyone. To her, the nurse or yourself...

I've seen nothing, I will see nothing.

God, why did You make this waist? Why?

♪ My heart, my love... ♪

♪ I've given to you ♪

♪ My love... ♪

♪ what have you done? ♪

♪ When our gaze met, I realised... ♪

♪ I'm crazy about you ♪

♪ It's something my heart knows ♪

♪ You're the one I've taken for my beloved ♪

♪ On your lips, is a smile. Your eyes hold an intoxication ♪

♪ The sight of you makes my heart sway ♪

♪ I love you all day and night. I find peace only after meeting you ♪

♪ Your dark tressses lend a fragrance to my being ♪

♪ All I wish to say is that it's your arms I must stay in ♪

♪ Don't ever forget this promise ♪

♪ Don't make me cry, now that you make me smile ♪

♪ Don't make excuses... ♪

♪ don't ever hide anything from me ♪

♪ My heart, my love... ♪

♪ I've given to you ♪

♪ My dream, my desire... ♪

♪ is to adorn your arms with bridal bangles ♪

♪ These lovely meetings, I love the way you talk... ♪

♪ Should you consent, my love... ♪

♪ I'd bring the bridal palanquin to your house ♪

♪ I spend my nights pining. I dream of marriage ♪

♪ My world of love, you must embellish... ♪

♪ never leave me ever ♪

♪ Keep your promises ♪

♪ Always hold me in your arms ♪

♪ My heart, my love... ♪

♪ I've given to you ♪

♪ My love... ♪

♪ what have you done? ♪

What is it? What?

I tried several times to meet you at your office.

But you staff wouldn't let me. So...

My name is Karan.

Vicky's my friend, sir. His past is nothing... at present, he's a student and he has a very bright future.

You don't know that, but I do.

At my age, my father was even worse off than Vicky is.

At this age, even you... don't take offense.

You used to be a small-time thug.

But I tell you, at your age...

Vicky will be far ahead of you, me and even my father.

Apart from all this, he has a very kind heart.

When a boy falls in love with a girl... and he finds the girl without any problem... imagine how happy it'll make him. Please don't separate them.

Please unite them.

Your two minutes are up. Let's go, Gotya.

Did he have nothing to say?

Your two minutes are up, he said. And left.

All right. Even if he said nothing... couldn't you guess what was on his mind?

What? I ask... couldn't you guess what was on his mind?

If one knew what's on everyone's mind, there wouldn't be any problem at all.

We have these problems because we don't know.

What do you mean by these problems? These problems. Period.

All right. I must leave now.

Did you call?


What for?

To talk. That's what we've been doing.

No, there's something else I want to talk about.

What is it about?

She knows... why must she ask what it's about.

The arrogant one!

It's about what you think.

I'm thinking about nothing. You wanted to talk to me.

So tell me what you want to.

Is that what you called me to say? Yes.

Your intoxicating eyes...

your lips...

there's a huge list I have of you.

Roma, can you fall in love with me?

Can you really like me?

However... the possibility of me falling in love with you...

does exist. Thanks

I don't you well, you see. Let's see each other for a few days... and then I'll decide about it. It'll take a bit of time, okay?

What's a bit... take all the time. All my time is now yours.

I feel as if something is stirred in my heart for you.

Your lovely tresses... your rose-like lips...

and this lovely neck and...

I'm not calling you because you have a girl in your arms.

Neither have I called you because you're drawing pictures on her body.

I haven't called out to disturb you.

We've got to be at Priya's place at 7:30. You remember that?

Karan, who's she? A friend? A friend? Oh no, no chance at all.

Is she a lover then? Lover? How disgusting!

To be my lover, a girl needs extra qualities.

So who's she?

She's Khushi. There's nothing else I know about her.

Karan, just 15 minutes to go for 7:30. May we leave now?

When will you meet me again? Again?

At lunch? Not lunch. At dinner.

At night. Candle-light. Sunday 10, at my place.

Shall we?

Today's Sunday. So?

It was you who said it...

Yes, I did, but...

Whoever you are with, why must I care?

Sorry, I'm late.

What happened? Last night... nothing.

What did Priya have to say? She says forget it.

Forget what? Love.

Whose love? The love Vicky had for Priya.

Priya asks to forget it.

And what did you tell her?

When she herself isn't interested, what can I do?

What is it with girls? Flirt when you want to, dump the guy when you wish.

Have you girls ever considered what it does to us guys?

You're acting like a very decent guy?

Do you think I don't know the truth about you?

Were you breathing heavily last night, or weren't you?


Were you breathing last night, or weren't you?

Breathing? I was breathing last night and the night before that too.

And I breathe every day... and well at that.

It's good for the health. Is it bad to breathe?

Maybe it's bad to look at this... but why's it bad to breathe?

How will man live if he doesn't breathe?

Am I the only one who breathes? Everyone does. Every single day.

Your parents do, so do mine. Because they breathe... you are here, I am here... so's the dog.

He breathes every day. Nicely at that. Right puppy?

See? If you call that bad, what can I do?

The breathing I spoke about is different from the one you allude to.

It's all the same. If breathing is wrong, everything is wrong.

I'll leave if you talk like this.

I know the suffering of one truly in love.

Priya's words, weren't they? So how can she ask us to forget it?

What does it mean? We have to talk.

Today's the last day at college. It's time to separate.

So come forth and take my blessings.

You been in a crowded train?

So many of them have gone into coma for you.

I'm in a coma too. Embrace me and revive me from the coma, Roma.

Priya's wedding has been fixed.

What are we to do?


Mr Zorawar Singh... over here.

Where are you going? To fetch your daughter?

She's with us right now. She's marrying the man she loves.

From the look of it, it appears as if you want to give me a thrashing.

Don't even think of it. Pray to God... that I come to no harm. If something happens to me... you'll be the guilty one in the eyes of the law.

I've made arrangements, you know.

You're picking up something to throw at me.

Forget me... you can't even touch my image.

Spend a month in Mahabaleshwar before you return to Calcutta.

Dad has found a job for you over there. Okay?

Spend your lives together. Be happy.

There are problems between you and Khushi, isn't it?

You know why man faces problems? Because he hides his feelings.

If you speak your heart, you face no problems.

But I don't know why man doesn't understand that.

He loves someone, but he pretends to hate her.

He hates someone and he pretends to love her. What for?

Poor heart. Why do we burden it with a thousand worries... and make life unbearable for it? If you love her... tell her that you love her, or tell her that you don't.

God has given you eyes to see, ears to hear... and a heart to love.

So forget about egoes and fall in love.

Love each other.

I've told you how I feel.

You've been a great help in uniting my friend with his beloved.

Thanks to you too. In uniting my friend with her beloved...

you've been a great help. Thank you.

This is Seema here.

I'm leaving today. Okay.

I'm leaving and you're just... I have another tension, Seema.

Sir, the taxi has arrived.

Karan? He has left for VT Station.

Which train is it? Howrah Mail at 7:15.

Is Khushi there? She has left.

Where to? Bombay Central.

Which train? Golden Temple Express at 7:10.

Karan? No one has arrived yet.

Was there a girl called Khushi here? There's no one.

Maybe he has gone to Mumbai Central to meet me.

Maybe she has gone to VT Station to meet me.

And what if he hasn't?


A girl called Khushi will come here. Please give her this letter.

A boy called Karan will come here. Please give him this.

Karan? Yes?

I've been wanting to tell you something for a very long time.

You know? I love you, Khushi.

When we were together, this is what I wanted to say... but I never could, I don't know why.

And now that I want to speak, you are not with me.

We said so much to each other when we fought... but we couldn't say one single word to get together. I'm sorry, Khushi

When I freed my hand from yours after thanking you...

I felt something strange stir in my heart.

I don't know what it was. But I need you, Karan.

I now realise that the fights we had was all part of our love.

I need you, Khushi. To love me, to fight with me.

You're a lucky girl to have found a father like yours.

Ever since you agreed to the wedding... all he has done is to look out for suitors.

He decided to have Lali married the day she returned from the city.

Everything is ready. The bridegroom, the garland... step forward and be garlanded.

Lali! My child!

You're back! Welcome!

Go and get ready quickly. But Papa...

Just don't worry, my little girl. The boy I've chosen this time... is neither running away nor leaving behind letters... and he's not in love with another girl either Why're you chanting Papa? Go and get dressed quickly.


Lali, take a look at your bridegroom.

Take a look at him.

You left this note for him in the train... and he turned out to be faster than you.

He halted the train and took a flight to get here.

He has told me everything.

Karan's parents will also be coming here for the wedding.

Are you happy now.

This is how two hearts met and accepted each other.

They're celebrating their ninth anniversary. and they're still fighting What is surprising is that. they haven't one or two kids they have 17 children in 8 years.

Twins every year But how does it still add up to 17.

Confusing, isn't it. They didn't fight for a year. and they had triplets.

Khushi's expecting again. Twins or triplets I don't know.

I'm just looking on and praying for them.

May Karan keep giving Khushi this happiness all her life.