Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018) Script

What a great opportunity this is for Kurt SJoane.

Stepping into the last minute. With (Indistinct) out on a back injury, this could go either way.

At this point, Renzo, I don't know what to expect.

He comes, he wins, he disappears, he's back.

I'm completely confused.

It looks like he means business.

Did you see that? Wow.

Man, you gotta love this guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Kurt Sloane.

Hey, everybody, we're here with the winner, Kurt Sloane.

Man, hell of a fight.

I want to know, what do you call that finishing move?

That was like the Hurricane armbar.

That's what they call it, the Hurricane armbar.

Hurricane armbar. I like it. I like it.

Congrats again.



When I went down, I must've blacked out.

Don't ever scare me like that again.

I had this dream.

It's really strange.

Promise you'll never leave me?

I promise.

Got a limo waiting for us out front with a full bar.

Mm. Let me grab a shower and I'll meet you there. Okay.

Kurt Sloane.

U. S. Marshals Services.

What can I do for you?

I don't know.

You could come along quietly, I guess.

What for?

Apparently, tough guy, you killed someone.

This is for Erick.

Maybe you forgot.

About 18 months ago over in Thailand.


That was self-defense.

Oh, well, that's good.

That's the kind of stuff that you want to tell the judge once you get there.

We're just all about getting you there.

Can I see that badge again?


Welcome back.

Shock and awe.

Just like you're feeling now.

The man killed Tong Po.

The odds... for an American beach boy... were astronomical.

You'll be joining him in hell shorty.


What I needed was for you to take his place as the next big attraction.

That would have been.

But you left Thailand.

Thought you could go legit.

Today is when you find out it doesn't work that way, does it?

It is time for you to defend your title in another fight to the death, don't you think?

Never again.

You're not smart enough to let me go.

You touch me again and I'll break your nose.

A sense of humor.


This guy, one more fight to the death against the current champion.

That's all I'm asking.


Step into the ring with Mongkut.

I'll pay you one million American dollars,

tax-free, hmm?

Or you'll spend the rest of your life in prison

without the possibility of ever getting out.

Just remember, the men in this prison loved Tong Po.

They know who you are.

Shock and awe.

They're making a move on you.

I got this.

You better call the prison doctor.

Tell him there's three broken ribs and a punctured lung,

a dislocated jaw, and a broken nose.

Got to work so hard To get my pay I need me some money To make it through the day Got to work so hard Oh, yeah Work to get my pay Oh, yeah Work night and day Work, work, work I'm the man

I'm a real man

I'm a real, real man

I'm a bad man

Bad, bad, bad man I'm a bad, bad man, bad, bad man

I'm a bad, bad man

Oh, yeah

I'm a real man I'm a bad, bad man

I'm a bad, bad man Got to work so hard To get my pay I need me some money To make it through the day Got to work so hard Oh, yeah Work to get my pay Oh, yeah Work night and day Work, work, work Yeah, work so hard Oh, yeah Got to work so hard

I'm a bad man

I'm a bad, bad man

I'm a bad, bad man

I'm a bad man

That wasn't too good, was it?

One day in the general population, and already in some sort of trouble.

You're not going to make it, Mr. Sloane.

At least not like this.

Behind these walls, you will have a fight to the death every day, so why not just take the money?

When you agree to fight for me, you will instantly go from choking on your own vomit to comfort, wealth, and provocative sensual amusement.

Ku rt... are you in there?

You with me on this?

When you were a kid, you get your ass kicked much?

You look so much better with that nose I gave you.

I do love your spirit.

Hate to waste it.

Hello? Honey, it's me.

Kurt, where are you? What happened?

- I've been going crazy here. I've been kidnapped, - I'm outside of Bangkok in a prison. Kidnapped?

Kurt. Kurt?

What... where are you?

(speaking Thai)

(speaking Thai)

You interrupted my meditation.

Meditation, really?

Does that help you stay calm?

I am calm, very calm.

I guess not.

I keep my fist fast and hard.

Ready to break anything that it hits.

That's their way of implementing an attitude adjustment.

I want what you got.

You took the lash without a whimper.

Over here.

(speaking Thai)

Every day, I want you to come down here and grab this plant.

Deadens the nerves.

Put them on your back at night.

The rest will have to do with your mind.

Can you walk? Maybe.

Come on. Behind the wall.

You'll never fight the same way again.

Trust me.



What are you doing here?

Training fighters.

Here? Why?

Because I was accused to participate in the murder of Tong Po.

Can you believe that?

And also, I wouldn't give you up.

So, Mr. Moore...

blind me.

Don't get sentimental.

It's a blessing.

How is any of this a blessing?

Being able to use my sense without my eyes, it's a blessing.

Being able to know the answer before the question, it's a blessing.

Don't look in my eyes.

You know the rule.


We have to find a way to ratchet this up and still have him in some condition to fight.

We can always maim him later.

Once we get bored with this.

Are you ready to listen to me now?

I know this guy.

I know how to break him.

I'm looking for my husband.

I think he's in the northern jail.

I also need to get to the kidnapper.

This guy's name is Thomas "Tang" Moore.

I know he's got more money than God.

Well, it's not about the ransom money.

Let me kick over some stones.

I'll meet you back here in two hours.

Okay. Thanks.

Don't worry. We'll find him.

My man, Kurt Sloane.

I still owe you two broken ribs.

I may have deserved that.

But I'm just here to talk to you.

The answer is still no.

Is it now?

In that case, I have something you might want to see.

If you touch her... I'm not the one you have to worry about.

You know what he wants.


are you ready to talk to Mr. Moore?

Did you just say yes?


What else they can do to you?

They got my wife.

I'm so excited about the fight.

This is a fight I will pay to see, well, obviously.

I have my conditions.

You may not have any contact with her or anyone else until the fight.

But we can show you she's very well cared for.

If anybody hurts her...

We die.

We all die. You die.

Not you, you.

You have to feel his thought.

The air move...

before it moves because...

you're him.

Use his force as yours.


You didn't anticipate it.

No good. Put your weight behind...


Come on.

You got to get past him first.

I have faith in your ability.

Tell me when you start to feel it coming close to you.


Take off the blindfold.

It's too late to do anything.

Well, that didn't work.

How's the training going?

He's getting it.

Oh, yeah?

He may never get it, you know.

Oh, he got it in him.

Listen, Briggs. I know his skills.

And he may never be that good.

He'd beat Mongkut guaranteed.

You mention Mongkut one more time and I'll smash your big face.

Oh, really?

You see what I mean?

He's blind as a bat.

No more jail.

You will train in the comfort of my luxurious suburban compound.

So just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I need my trainer, Durand.

And I still need to train with my prison group.

I'm here to help. Done.

I'll need a fieldtrip for an exhibition fight when I'm ready.

I love this guy.

(speaking foreign language)

You have to start to train.

Start? Start.

Start to focus... and forget everything else.

It's kind of hard.

They kidnapped your wife.

You have to fight... a big monster.

Let's laugh about it.

Let's go back to the business and get focused.

Your strength against his weakness.

It's your speed and your flexibility, dexterity.

What's his weakness?

That's a good question, Kurt.

I would like to see Mongkut's training.

How do you see anything? You're blind.

Well then you have nothing to worry about.

I just want to see him.

Meet Mongkut, a state-of-the-art, miracle-bioengineering killing machine.

A fighter bred from generationsnof fighters with the top modern chemistry.

By the sound of his breathing, he sound like a rhino, right?

His handler, graduated Cambridge, top of his class, went right to work for Mr. Moore for a cool mil a year.

What is he doing?

An adrenaline cocktail.

This is not the way you know this.

There's no drug testing for illegal underground fights, right?

This is not the martial art way.

It's not the truth.

Mongkut is a superior human specimen.

Bigger, faster, stronger than any human being on the planet.

Everything okay with your champion?

Oh, yeah. He's fine.

Oh. Yeah.

Let Kurt live.

I beg you.

What about this, I fight Mongkut instead of Kurt.

Well, it would be exciting, no?

That would be exciting.

I've got quite a following.

That's true.

One problem, you're blind.

Me being blind would be a sensation against the ugliest man in the world.

The strongest man in the world.

Yes, of course. Forgive me.

But you see, a blind man fighting it could make a fortune, no?

That's a really exciting prospect.

But, of course, I don't really need the money.

Cancel this fight.

You really thought you could appeal to my better nature?


You'll have to learn how to fly.

The strongest man doesn't always win, but the smartest one does.

Not bad.


I'm a friend of Liu's.

What? She told me you were here.

Then they took her.

I'm here to help you.

Okay. Higher than that.

High, kick high.

Higher than that. He's six-foot ten. Come on.

Higher. Again.

He will kill you in a second.

Death has its benefits.

You will save a lot of expenses. I killed Tong Po.

Mongkut is four times Tong Po, Kurt.

You will lose.

There might be another way.

All I need is a third guy to cause a disturbance.

Well done.

Hey. Smoke? Yeah, sure.

We just caught a break.

The new guard over there. He knows where she is.

The dragon on his arm is in the video.

You got to go now, do this thing tonight while he's on duty.

Time for that fieldtrip.

I have to clear it with Mr. Moore.

I'd get on that.

(speaking foreign language)

The money.

Master Durand, it's always good to see you again, mate.


I know you.

Kurt Sloan, isn't it?

Yeah, I remember you from that awful shellacking you took last time you were here. Right.

Yeah. I'd trust you'd never tried that again, huh?

You know, Joseph King by name.

Joe King by nature.

Ah, you've heard that before.

So, word on the street has it that you're fighting Mongkut.

Have you always been suicidal?

Do me a favor.

Can he fight your best fighter?

So you're back to get your ass kicked, huh?

Well, going to have to see your money first, mate.


Thank you.

Holy moley. Look at that.

Easy money just walked in the door again.

Come with me.

A moment.

Remember... we're not here for that.

Yeah. Be careful.

I got this.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a brand new challenger.

Well, technically, he's an old challenger with suicidal tendencies.

Let's welcome this misguided, unfortunate soul, Kurt Sloan, ladies and gentlemen.

A brave young warrior, willing to risk it all to last just two minutes in the ring with the one and only sole survivor, the beast, the widow maker, the bringer of pain, Moss.

I hate violence.

I need to go to the bathroom. Yeah.

I need your phone.

(speaks foreign language) I need the phone.

(speaks foreign language)


Dad, is that you?

All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right.

Fight's over.

Kurt wins.

Nice bloody scam, mate.

You come in once and make an utter fool of yourself, and then come back and mop the floor with my best fighter?

Come here.

My take.

Next time, we should be partners.

Maybe next time.

I guess all the training paid off.

(speaks foreign language)

What the fuck is that bullshit?

Move. Move. Move. Move. Move. Move.

About time, pops.

Whoa, it's my son, Travis.

Time to go. Go save your wife.

Trust me, I'll take care of this.

- Come on. Let's go. Go. Go.

Where the hell are we going?

That's up to you.

You know where she is.

I know where who is?

You're standing right next to her in the video.

- Where is she? Is that what this is about?

All right. Listen, let's go to the river.

North road.




Wipe out.

So how many guys hiding behind these cars? I'm telling you, this is it.

- No more bullshit. Let me go.

I'll show you.

You're going to need me to get in anyway.

Might want to start getting a little more specific.

- Where we going? Penthouse, top floor.


You're going to regret this, buddy.

I'm telling you, man.



Put your gun down.

Drop your knife.

You okay? Yeah. I'm good.

Are you sure you're okay? Yeah. Yeah.

I'm fine. I'm fine. She can shoot.

Let's go.

Put them down.

You know you should not be here.


Honey, wake up, honey.

Honey, wake up, wake up.

Call an ambulance.

Call an ambulance, right now.

Wake up, wake up.

Please, wake up.

You tell Moore, I'll fight that son of a bitch anywhere, anytime.

They told me that... if she comes out of the coma...

What is this "if"?

Don't even think about it.

I don't believe in church, you know?


I pray like a fool for you to come back.

He loves you, he needs you.



You scared me.

Now you know how I feel.

I'm gonna fight him.

I know.

So what's his weakness?

A glass jaw.

When you have his heart racing,

you make your move, but the timing has to be perfect.

So what's the move?

The kill shot right to the jaw.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the original Muay Thai Temple.

It all started here over 2000 years ago.

The villagers sent their children here to study.

And the teachers were masters of martial arts.

And all the spirits of all the Muay Thai fighters who were taught here, and fought here, and found their mastery here.

Their spirits are here with us tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to bring out the man who brought us the biggest upset ever.

And I was so amazed in this fighter's ability to withstand the punishment and waited for his moment.

Some say it was pure luck...

Kurt Sloane.

But today, we will find out if that luck holds because here tonight, to avenge the mighty Tong Po, weighing in at...

400 pounds, he has killed over 20 opponents in the ring.

Let's hear it for the man of the hour, the biggest man of any hour, the one, the only Mongkut.

Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut, Mongkut.

An application was downloaded on your cell phones.

You cannot bet during fight times.

At the end of each round, you can place another bet, but you cannot change your original bet.


Ladies and gentlemen, make your bets.

You've been well-trained, don't forget, flexibility, dexterity, and momentum.

And remember, the kill shot.


I'm so happy to hear that your wife came out of her coma.

I just want you to know that if I kill you, I'm going to keep that sweet ass warm at night.

To your corner.

Round one.

Oh, shit.


Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!

Kurt, you have to feel the air move before it moves.

That's right.

Kurt! Coconut! Coconut.

Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!

Come on, dad.

Let's hear it for Kurt Sloane.

As he may not be here with us much longer.

Kurt, wake up.



This was a really bad idea.

I know.

I don't stand a chance.

Thought we we're gonna make this quick.

I have an idea.

Don't let him hit you.

I told you... stay away from him, okay?

Yeah, good tip, dad.

Moore wants us to finish this up.

He's really big.

I know.

Get out there, put this guy down.

Let's finish this.

'Cause these are advanced rounds, with the blades to the elbows, to the knees.

Round two.


Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!

He's dead.


Kurt! Kurt!

Kurt, come on, please.

You can't. Please. You said you wouldn't leave me, you said you wouldn't leave me, Kurt.


We have a winner.

The greatest warrior in the world.


I would like to see his face again.

Take me away from here.

Holy shit.

Oh, my God.

To the greatest fighter in the world.

Time for the third round.

No, this is... this is over.

Do I look dead to you?

The only way I'm going down is if you ugly me to death.

Come on.

Take it easy. Do something.

Fighters, to your corners.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're not cashing any payments, this fight is not over.

Double or nothing.

At this moment, make your bets, double or nothing.

The blindfold.


And now, for the third round, back from the dead.

Kurt Sloane wants more punishment.

Fair game.

Go, kill him.

(speaks foreign language)

You have to feel his thought.

The air move, before it moves.



The strongest man doesn't always win, but the smartest one does.

Bring it.

Kurt, ground the big man to the ground.

Come on.

Your brother was brave, your brother was a warrior unlike you, such a coward.

If you keep coming with the drive, the desire, and the will to win, I'll make you immortal.

This is your destiny.

Believe in yourself.

The kill shot.

The kill shot.


Shock and awe.

Durand, he's not that big.


All right.

Lift your hand, Champion.

Trying to focus.

We're having fun?

Durand, I'm trying to focus.

Well, trying to focus, like, to have a baby, you know?

Just do it.

Your wife was kidnapped, your wife was kidnapped, and now you have to fight a big monster.

And your wife was kidnapped, and no, you have to [Bleep] a big monster.

More than that, he's six-foot-ten, higher than that, six-foot-ten, come on.

Higher. Again.



You son of a bitch.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's about to go down.

It is time for your main event of the night.

And now, introducing your challenger, fighting out of the blue corner, he is a Muay Thai black belt, his record, perfect eight victories, zero defeats, fighting out of Venice Beach, California, introducing...

Kurt Sloane.

And now, across the cage, fighting out of the red corner, his record is twenty-one victories, zero defeats, one draw, in all twenty-one wins, coming by way of knockout, fighting out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, he is the undefeated defending Light Heavyweight Champion of the World...

Shogun Rua