Kidnap (2017) Script

Look at this.

Baby cakes.

Talk to the angels.

It's one o'clock in the morning and you're wide awake.

I love you. Bless you.

What do you have to say?


There's the monkey.



You're going to fast.

Let me see.

Let me see you swim.

Are you sweeping?

Say "I love you."

Hey, sorry. I'm here alone.

Would you like coffee? That'd be great.

I'd like a hot tea. Okay.

This is so really bad.

It's fine.

This is the grossest place I've ever seen in my life.

It's fine. It's dirty.

It's local.

Mom, you said we need to leave at 11.

I know, honey. But Agnes isn't here yet.

We have to wait for her, sweetie. I promise, we're gonna leave soon.

What is that like the third time this week?

Next time it's going out of your paycheck.

Dale, where's my eggs over?

Right here. You said up. I said easy.

Give me 5 minutes. Well, I don't have 5 minutes.

I got to get out of here. Jeez.

Okay, darling.

How about you colored it up for your mother.


I'll get it later.

Crawfish Friday? Crawfish are good.

Just peel the tail back and suck all the juice out the head.

You suck juice out of the head? Yeah.

What? Yeah, you just...

Okay. Here's a Belgian waffle and bacon.

Where the hash browns?

You ordered bacon. I want it hash browns.

Okay, I can get you that. No problem. No, he's fine.

You ordered bacon. I want it hash browns.

Come on.

Tyler, eat. He's fine.

Okay. Short stack with eggs. That's grandma's.

Mom, breakfast!

I can't eat now. I just took my pills.

You know what, you can have grandma's potatoes.

I don't want hers.

Tyler, knock it off.

Okay, egg white omelet for you.

Honey. Yes, ma'am?

You remind me of my daughter.

Doesn't she look like Stephanie? Mom, I'm your daughter. Stephanie.

I'm your daughter.

Tabasco? Okay, I'll get your Tabasco.

And your eggs will be right up, sir.

Where's Agnes, Bill? Late?

You trying to be funny? No, she's not answering her phone.

She might have overslept. Can you do a double?

Can't, I got plans with my kid. Call Alan.

Okay, hot coffee.

No, no, no. I would like herbal tea, please.

Okay, I'll get you an herbal tea.

Did you guys get menus? No, but we'd like some.

Claire. What? Like we're supposed to guess?

I'll be right back. Do your job.

Okay, I'm so sorry about that. Here you go.


Is everybody good here now? He's sulking.

I am not.

You know what, can you just bring us side hash browns?

Burnt on the edges. Burnt on the edges, coming up.

We're good. Okay.

Still waiting on my eggs.

Right. Your eggs are coming right up.

Yeah, and can I actually get...

Can I switch to wheat toast instead of white toast, is that alright?

Yeah, wheat instead of white. Yep, got it.

Thank you. Be right back.

New side of hash browns, burnt on the edges.



Don't yell.


Please stop yelling. Shut up.

Yeah, yeah, I get it.

But Karla's kid sitting here waiting for her to take him to the park.

Yeah, so you can come in?

So come in.

Here you go.

All the herbal tea you could possibly want and two menus.

Is your oatmeal steel?

What? Cut.

Are your oats steel-cut? No, they're Quaker.

Should I come back... No, no.

Oatmeal with...

I'll take with with reduced fat almond.

Oh, let me guess, you only have wholemeal?

From the Outer? No, from AMP.

Why don't I just apply it directly to my thighs?

You could use some help.

Karla, go ahead and go.

Really? Yeah. Dale found Agnes.

She should be here in 15 minutes. Awesome.

Who wants to go to the park? I am!

Let's go.

Mommy, your turn.

Is daddy coming to the fair?

No, sweetheart. You're gonna see daddy next weekend.

And maybe you'll get to see Cheryl too.

Do you like Cheryl?

I don't know. I think she's nice, Frankie.

And she's smart. She's very smart.

She's gonna be a doctor. Yeah, I know.

And I want you to really make friends with her, okay?

Are you friends with her?


Yeah, I am.

She, daddy and I, we all love somebody like crazy.

Do you know who that is? Me!



We all love you.

Mommy, can I get ice cream?

You know what, how about we check out all of our options first... and then maybe we'll come back.

Okay? Come on. Okay.

Can I get my face painted?

How about we wait until the line is a little shorter?

We'll come back, okay?

Marco. Polo.

How old your boy? Six.

He obviously likes to hide.


Oh, Marco.

Oh, no.

Am I lost my little Frankie forever?

Where could he be?

There you are.

Come on, let's go see the show.

Can I get my face painted now?

Yeah, as soon as this song is over, okay sweetheart?

Frankie, I'm gonna need my phone for one second.

There you go. Let's switch.



Can you hold on just one second?

Okay. Frankie, listen.

I'm gonna have to go over there and take this phone call, okay?

It's really important. Don't move, okay?

Marco. Polo.

Don't move.

Okay, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

He wants what?

Primary custody?

Well, he can't have that. I mean, can he?

My batteries are gonna die, Mr. Jackson. If it does, I'll call you back, okay?

Marco. Polo.

I'm sorry. What?

I can't hear you. Say that again.

Yes, yes, I have a job. I have a regular job. Yes.

Is that even gonna matter to the court?

Well, yeah, he's in real estate.

And his girlfriend is a pediatrician and I'm a waitress.

So you do the math. Marco.


Let me tell you something, Mr. Jackson.

If he thinks that he's gonna take my son away from me just because...




Excuse me, ma'am.

Did you see where my little boy was that was right here?

No, I didn't. I'm sorry.


Oh, Marco!

Are you hiding, Frankie?



Frankie. You left your toy.

Are you hiding, Frankie?



You can't find your son? No, I can't find him.

I don't know where he is. Okay.

There's a security office overpass the restaurant.

Okay, great, great. Thank you.


Has anybody seen a little boy with short curly hair?

What's his name, honey? Is it Marco or Frankie?


Should I call the police? Yes, yes, call the police.




Please stop!



Hey, hey!



Oh, God.

Where the hell is my phone? Oh, God.

Wait, wait!

Oh, God.

Oh, God, Frankie...

There you are. Oh, God.

Let him out! Let him out!





They've got my son! They have my son!

Help me! Help me!

Oh, God!

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Where is he?

Don't let me lose him.

Okay, God, I know I never pray to you unless somebody is sick.

Or somebody's dying or in an airplane.

But, God, please don't let me lose him.

But if you get me this one thing, God...

This one thing...

I will never ever ask you for another thing as long as I live.

Let them be there, God.

Oh, thank God. Oh, God, thank you.

Let him out!


Pull over!

Come on! Move!

Oh, shit!

Where are you, sweetheart?

There you are. There you are. Oh, God.

Hey, I need help! I can't hear you!

Call the police! What?

Call the police!


Does anybody see this? Please, somebody see this.

Oh, God.

Somebody has to know this is happening.

Somebody has to know.

With the latest on your traffic right now.

Getting report of a group of big rig ride on I-10 westbound near Clearview.

Overall the traffic looking good for the most part.

Airline drive right through a little farm avenue see any delay there.

Come on... Come on...


Say there's an SUV crash.

Come on...

Oh, God.


Don't hurt him!

Please, don't hurt him!

I promise I'm gonna be back.

I'm gonna come right back, sweetheart.

Okay, sweetheart?

I'm gonna have to let them take you.

Just for a minute, okay?

I promise you...

I'm gonna be right back to get you.

I'm gonna be right back to get you.

I'm right here, sweetheart.

I'm not letting you go.

I will never let you go.

Live footage of a police hunt in Jefferson Parish involving a red minivan.

Reports are that a vehicle matching the description... when on a rampage in the Kempsville area about 20 minutes ago.

I'm getting word that the police are closing in.

Looks like they found a vehicle matching that description.

From our skycam we see the minivan is pulling over.

No, no, no, that's the wrong minivan.

The suspect is coming out right now. She's arguing with the officers.

We may have an altercation. Officers have...

Okay, looks like officers have subdued the suspect.

So this pursuit has ended. No!

No, that is the wrong minivan!




Okay, so...

So even if they are not looking for you...

They are looking for me.

They are looking to find me.

And when they do...

I am gonna be right behind you.

If I lose you...

I know what's your car looks like.

And I know there had to be some mom at that park... who got a picture of you.

They saw you.

And you ran a bunch of red lights at that park too.

And there are red light camera all over the place.

And I know they would've got you too.

So it's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna write all this down so I don't forget it.

Green Hatchback Ford old 80's.

Intersection of Rosemund...

Green Hatchback Ford old 80's.

Are you cute.

- You aren't here by yourself, are you? No.

My name is Margo. What's your name?

- Frankie. Frankie.

Do you know where your mommy and your daddy is, Frankie?

My mom is here. Over there, somewhere.

- On the phone. Over where?

No, son. She's out of the car.

She's looking for you.

She's telling everyone she's looking for a little boy named Frankie.

You think that's you?

I don't know, because...

She said she...

She said he has curly black hair and his name is Frankie.

I really think that's your mom in the parking lot.

Come on, let's go find her.

Go, she's scared. She thinks you're lost.

I don't know, because she said...

Oh, God.

The police. Thank God, the police.

Come on!

Come on, come and get me!


Come up here. Come up here.

They got my son! Help me!

Pull over! No! Stop them!

They have my son in that car! Pull your car over now!

Pull them over! They got my son in that car!

My son! Help me!

Pull that van over now!

This is your last warning! Pull over!

Pull the car over now! Help me! They got my son!


Oh, God!


I'm here, Frankie!

Oh, God.

What do you want?


What do you people want?


There's not a lot of cash in here. But all my credit cards are in here too.

So you can get all the money I have.

My PIN number is 1015.


If you let him out of that car, I will stop chasing you.

I'll go away.

All I want is my son. That's all I care about.

If the cops asked, I haven't seen your face.

I don't know your license plate.

You can get away.

If they asked me, I won't know anything.

Let me tell you something.

As long as my son is in that car...

I will not stop.

Wherever you go...

I will be right behind you.

No matter what.

Mommy! Frankie.


Karla, unlock the door.

What do you want?

You got $10,000?


I'm gonna ride with you, your son is gonna ride with him... and we're gonna go get that money.

Or you're gonna kill me.

That's what he wants.

What he wants me to do.

But I told him for $10,000, we can make a new plan.

You want your boy and I want $10,000.

Karla, we have to get out of this field. Unlock the door.


I'm trying to save your child.

Open the door before he changes his mind.

Come on. You want him to kill your son?

Follow him.

Where do I go?

Just keep going straight, I'll tell you where to go.

After we get the money, I'll give him a call... and you'll get your boy back.

Okay. Okay.

I know.

Go, go, go.


So now what's the plan?

You don't really even have a plan, do you?

You have no idea what to even do right now.

You need her...

You need her to tell you what to do, don't you?



No! Stop!



Oh, God! I need help!

Call 911!

Why? My son has been kidnapped!

What? Repeat after me!

80's Green Mustang GT!

Mustang GT. Call the police right now!

Call the police now!

Oh, no.

Please still here.

Oh my God.


Oh, God.

What happened to the people that were in this car?

They have me right when I pulled him down.

He was driving like a crazy man.

Okay, did you see a little boy? Yeah, they went down that way.

Just wait, the police on their way.

That little boy is my son and the man he was with kidnapped him.

So tell the cops that. They'll be here in a minute.

Can't wait!

There's a police station up the road right in town!

My son has been kidnapped. Has anybody contacted you?

His name is Frankie, he's six years old.

And he's wearing a blue and red shirt and he's wearing little black glasses.

And this right here is something I have... a woman's voice on the exact moment that she was taking him.

She's talking on here. She's a big huge lady.

And right now he is with a man...

Okay, calm down. We're gonna call it in immediately.

What's your name, ma'am. My name is Karla Dyson.

Describe the suspect for me. He's tall, skinny, white.

He has a red baseball cap with blonde hair sticking out of it.

And he has on like a gray or blue, some kind of work uniform, I don't know.

Wait a minute.

Is nobody here with you? No, ma'am.

But we can have a hundred cars looking for them in an hour, okay?

An hour? Oh my God, in an hour? I just need you to be patient.

My son is gonna be dead in an hour!

No, no, it's going online.

Every cop in the Parish is gonna be looking for him, Karla.

Oh, God.

Issuing amber alert for a potential kidnapping.

A six years old African-American boy. Last seen wearing a blue and red shirt.

Responds to Frankie Dyson. The mother is here with me at the station.

Do you have a cellphone that I can use... so if I go out there I can call and stay in touch with you?

No, ma'am. But you can use that phone right over on that wall.

I cannot use that phone? It's right there.

Anyone you need to call?

Your husband?

Okay, my husband, yes.

I need to call my husband. 9 in the area code.

I've put out an APP for Jefferson Parish.

You just need to wait, Karla.

You've reach David Dyson. I'm away from my desk right now.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi, David.

It's me.

I am in a police station in Chester.

Frankie's been kidnapped.

Happened at the park.

The police are out doing everything they can looking for him.

And they said that all we have to do now is just sit right and wait.

That's what all these people did.

They waited.

Wait, wait, hold on, hold on. Ma'am? Ma'am?

Excuse me, did you see a man with a little boy?

Is that your jacket?

That's your jacket.


I found you, you son of a bitch!

No! No, that's not it! It's a black Volvo!



No! You are not opening that door!

I said no!

Fuck you!


Oh, God. No!


No, no, no...

Don't stop, don't stop.

I need help! Are you alright?

Do you have a phone? I got a radio.

Call 911. My son has been kidnapped!

Call 911. Okay, but I got to go this way.

I don't get a reception over here. But they went that way!

That way is a dead end.

Dead end? What do you mean?

Look out!

Damnit! Where's my shells?

You had to keep coming, didn't you?

Where's my son?

Where's my son!

Terrence Vicky? Is that who you are?


125, Route 77.


Let's see.

Continue on route 77 for 2 miles.

Your destination will be on the left.


He ain't here.

Yes, we got another one and now everything is gone to shit!

Okay, then the price just doubled because this mother has become a problem.

I told you Terry ain't here. I had to hitch a ride back.

He's out taking care of the problem.

Just remember, you are just the middleman.

It'll be a $100,000 or you get nothing.

911 operator, what's your emergency?

I need help.


Ma'am, are you there? Ma'am?

Ma'am, we're here with you.

We're keeping the line open, we're gonna get you some help.

Do not hang up.

I'm gonna place you on hold while we triangulate your location.

I'll be right back with you.

Ma'am, I'm back. Is it safe to talk?

What is your emergency? My son has been kidnapped.

And I'm in the house where I think they're keeping him.

We think we found you. Can you verified your address?

Yes. 125, route 77.

And do you know if there's anyone else in the house with you, ma'am?

I don't know, I'm not sure, but...

But the woman that took him is out in a barn or some house.

It's near where I am.

I've already contacted the dispatch officers.

They're on the way.

You need to find a safe place to wait until they're arrive.

Okay. How long is that gonna take?

They'll be there very soon.

I just need you to stay on the line with me, okay?


Is that gonna be like 5 minutes? Between 7-15 minutes, ma'am.

Oh, God, 15 minutes... That's a long time.

It's alright, ma'am. The police are on their way.

I need you to get to a safe place, stay here on the line with me now, okay?

Would you let me know when you find a safe place to hide?

Ma'am, are you there?

Ma'am? Ma'am? Hang up, hang up.

Oh, God.


Terry, are you back?

Terry, was that you on the phone?








Where are you, sweetheart?


Where are you, honey? Up here.

Mommy, mommy.

Hi, sweetheart. I'm scared.

Where have you been? Yes, I'm gonna get you down.

I'm gonna get you down, honey.

Are you the police?

What is that, Frankie?

I'm Lucy. I'm Libby.

Oh my God, there's...

There's three of you up there.

Mommy, give me a help. Okay, honey, look...

I'm gonna get you down, okay?

Come up the ladder. I can't.

I can't, honey, because the ladder is locked.

So you're gonna have to come down through this hole.

But first I'm gonna have to get... No, no, Frankie, don't.

No, don't put your legs down, honey. You can't fit through there.

No, just wait a second. Grab me.

Put your legs up, Frankie, so mommy can hit with the shovel.

Put your legs... Grab me.

Okay, Frankie, listen. I'm gonna be right back, okay?

No, mommy, wait! You wait right there.

Frankie, Frankie, put your legs back up in that hole, okay?

We're gonna have to go fast.

Get your legs back up in that hole, Frankie, right now!

Mommy, mommy... Frankie!

Okay. Okay, come on, Frankie. Come on.

Come on, girls. Come on. No, I'm scared.

Come on, you have to come down. I want my mommy.

Okay, okay, okay.

We're gonna play the quiet game, okay?

I need both of you to be very quiet, don't make a sound, okay?

I'm gonna come back. I'm gonna come back for you, okay?

Go get her! Get her!

Come on.

Come on.

Okay, Frankie, we're gonna have to hide.

You sit right here, okay?

I'm gonna go get the girls, okay?

We'll get them out of here.

Hi, you guys, I'm back.

Come on, it's time to come down now. I want my mommy.

It's okay, sweetheart. Come on down.

Come on, honey. I'm here to help you. It's okay.

What the hell is going on here?

Who the hell are you?

Who are you? I live next door.

I heard gunshots.

Where's Margo?

In the water. What?


She and her husband kidnapped my son.

I've lived next to the Vicky's for 14 years.

They ain't kidnappers. You turn around.

I called the police, you know.

Who's up there? Those are kids. More abducted kids.

Yeah, they're up there in that hole.

Dear Lord.

We have to get them down.

Hey, you two.

We're gonna get you down from there right now.

I wanna go home! We are gonna go home right now.

Both of you.

Just come to the opening.

Come on, girls.

Come on.

Wait a minute. I never told you how many.

And I never told you they were girls.

You took the wrong kid.

Oh, sweetheart...

This is Julian Buescher with an unbelievable story... breaking out of Jefferson Parish right now.

Three suspected child abductor are dead... and a woman is reunited with her son tonight.

After what police called it an unprecedented civilian pursuit.

Amazingly, the mother got into her own vehicle and chase the suspects.

A police spokesman has confirmed... the break of an overseas child abduction ring.

Arrests has been made in Paris, New York, London and Dubai.

This mother is one incredible hero.