Kidulthood (2006) Script

Where are you?

Oh, yeah. All right, all right, later.

You all right, Alisa?

You girls coming to my party, yeah?

It's gonna be wicked, everyone's gonna be there.

So, I was, like, Listen, yeah, brush your teeth after you lick me out... don't try and kiss me, you get me?

That's proper grimy. I know, proper ghetto.

Moony's buff, you know.

Have you got a spare cigarette? No, I'm giving up.

Shaneek and Carleen are over there. They're watching us.

Did you finish the coursework for them?



You girls gotta come to my party. It's gonna be heavy.

Who's gonna be there? Everyone's coming.

Mum and dad are away, so anything goes.


Please come. Safe, yeah?

Hey, pussyhole, seen Claire around?

You like this, isn't it, Charlotte?

Why you calling me that? You know my name's Claire.

So that if anyone else hears, they don't think that you're, you know, Sam's girl.

You scared of him, Jay? Of Sam? No.

All right, girls. Wanna come to my party?

Are you gonna come? Surely your mum can low you, it's Friday night.

I don't know, I'm not feeling too good.

And I ain't got nothing to wear.

Okay, if I score some money to get us something to wear, will you come?

Where you gonna get that much money? Don't watch that.

What go on, bitch?

You seen Claire anywhere? No.

What? No.

What the fuck you looking at, you fat bitch? You know me?

Have you seen Claire?

Can't we kick, man? I'm not your fucking security guard.

Yes, Moony. Yo, Trife.

Where you been, man? I had a couple things to do, man.

What's wrong with these batty holes, man. Always fucking playing football.

Come in the class, stinking it up afterwards.

Hey, just light the zoot, man.

Come on, Becky. Let's go.

You know what? Them two girls over there are fucking weird, blood.

I know. What the fuck she's looking at, man?

How can you make her watch you like that, blood?

See me now, if that was me, I wouldn't have it.

You should spark in her fucking face.

Yeah, you watch. I'm gonna mash her up.

Hey, come on, let's go, Jay. All right, man.

Ring me tonight, yeah? Yeah, yeah, course I will.

Come on. Yes, man, there... and that Claire's pussy is live, man. You're gonna be late.

Let's get inside before the second bell.

Come on.

Oi, Alisa's looking tit, boy.

Why you split up with her?

I don't know, man. I dashed it, isn't it?

She just... I don't know.

Boy, you're a fool, Trife man. Hey, fuck off, man.

You're brave, blood... I would never leave that, man.

I'd fuck that everyday. Everyday, blood, standard.

What you talking about? Rub them titties all night, blood.

What you uniform pussyholes know about titties and pussy and all them thing?

And what you doing chatting about Alisa? I fucked that girl a few weeks ago, blood.

Everyday for a week when she's supposed to be your girl.

Think you're so bad, isn't it?

What did I tell you before, huh? When I call you, you must come.

Beat her, Shaneek star.

What did I tell you your name was? Big bird.

Leave me alone, please.

Get up.

Fucked her hard, blood, you understand me?

Bareback, no rubber smutting. What you gonna do? What you gonna do?

What you gonna do, man? Leave us alone, blood, man.

Who the fuck you talking to? Hold this fool.

Low it, man, low it, low it, low it, man.

What you got for me, blood?

Got nothing, blood, man. What you got for me?

Who you talking to? Got nothing man.

Don't answer me back, bruv. Got nothing, man.

Fuck you talking to, blood?

Yeah, Tribal two. Hi, that's my sister's, blood, man.

Hey, leave him, blood. Who told you to pick him up?

What you doing?

No-one fucking likes you, virgin fool.

Didn't she tell you before? Don't answer her back.

So what are you? Slag then?

Go on, bitch, tell everybody you're a virgin.


Pick up my ring and tell everyone you're a virgin.

Pick it up, man!


I'm a virgin.

You know what, blood. Hug him up like the fucking batty hole you are.

Hug him up, blood!

Hey, what you doing, man?

What, you can't fuck with mans your own age? You gotta trouble us?

Who the fuck you talking to?

Hey, where you going, blood? Where you going?

Where you going? Where?

Fucking idiot.

Smack her up. Beat her up, Shaneek. Beat her!

Look at her just fucking sitting there. Fool.

Go on, fuck off and clean your duty self up, man.

And none of you lot better say nothing or else you'll get the same... as that bitch did with her virgin self.

She ain't no virgin.

How the fuck would you know?

Because me and her fucked the day I turned you down.

Is there gonna be girls there, though? Yeah, Jay, everyone's coming.

Hey, don't be on no hype, you know.


You reaching that? I don't know, man.

Hey, what are you... Billy.

Go on. What, you out of here, yeah?

Safe. Bless, man.

Laters, Jay, man. All right, Moon.

Hey, hey, wait up, wait up.

Don't say anything. Hang on a minute.

You all right? Yeah.

Look, why aren't you speaking to me? I am, man.

You ain't chatted to me in, like, three weeks.

I've been doing better things, isn't?

I need to speak to you about something. Come on, Alisa.

Call me later, yeah?

Listen, hear what, right.

If you say anything to your fucking dad, I'll kill you, you understand?

I can make things so easy for you, you know that?

Hi, poppet. Hey.

Who's that boy you were with?

I thought maybe it was the one from before.

No, I fell. He was helping me up.

Oh, right. Only I saw him giving you a peck on the cheek.

I thought maybe it was him. No.

How was biology?


Katie, what the hell's happened to your face? Look at me.

I fell.

You all right?

Hello? Yeah, I'm Dan Fineal.

Yeah, Arthur. No, you were supposed to be there two hours ago, mate.


Get in.

School finish at four. Why you take so long?

I had to chat to one girl, isn't it?

This here is Andreas.

Nice to meet you, bruv.

This is my nephew Trevor. Trife.

You have the thing?

You see... if you don't drill the replica good... the bullet won't leave and pop!

Is it okay?

The last boy used to do this for me, was shit.

Guns always used to blow up.

But this looks good.

But I will have to test it. Saying?

So, listen, come see me when you finish school tomorrow... and we can discuss business, all right?

Cool. Yeah.

Now get out.

Me just a joke with you.

Me see you tomorrow, yeah?

Don't be late, you know. I won't, I won't.

Later. All right, Trevor.

My little gun driller.

Hi, Katie.

Hi, love. Hi.

Is she okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's fine.

Oh, that. She fell over at school.

Christ, Arthur's really fucked up my day.

Under the seat.

Oh, shit.

Curtis, I've forgotten the change, man. I've left it back at my place.

I'm really sorry. I'll bring it round to yours later, yeah?

Fuck it, I fuck, I fucked up. Look, take it back, we'll sort it out tomorrow.

Cool. Cool.

You sure?

Go on.

Cool. Cheers, man.

See you tomorrow. Cool, man. Cheers.

I think she's being bullied at school.

Did she say that? No. But...

Well, don't worry about it. She's a bright kid, she'd tell us.

Have you seen my address book anywhere?

Don't worry about it? What sort of thing is that to say?

Aren't you worried about your own daughter?

Have you asked her?

There you go. She's fine.

Lenny, could you get your sister to turn that shit off, please.

It's been playing for ages. Doesn't bother me.


Katie! Katie!

Katie! Katie!


We are number one for hp-hop and n London.

And around the country, Sky Dgtal, Telewest and Dgtal DAB Rado.

Blly-Bob Thornton, Angelna Jole's ex-husband... has sad that she's not that good n bed.

Hey, mum, I got it, yeah.

What go on, coz? Yes, blood.

What's happening, man? Like the trim still, man.

Hey, what you want, though? Hey, come say hello to my mum, blood.

Morning, Jason. Morning, Mrs. Hector.

I hope you two boys use this day to remember that poor girl... and not for foolishness.

Yes, mum. Course, Mrs. Hector.

Go on.

That's right, blood, do what your mum says.

Shut up, man.

Yeah, blood... school called here this morning.

Told my mum the whole year had the day off.

This is proper sad, man. I know, man.

I was just about to leave my yard, like had my uniform on and everything.

Listen, blood, Sam and them girls always picking on her.

Yeah, but Sam troubles us too, blood... and we ain't committing suicide over it, are we?

If anyone should fucking die, it's him man.

Can't believe someone I pressed is dead.

So why didn't you tell me then, man?

She asked me not to say nothing, isn't it.

Thought people would call her sket and thing.

Plus her dad caught us... Hey, you got a zoot?

No, I got a roll up, though. Jacked it off my mum.

Spark that, man.

Blood, weird thing is, though... her dad came by late last night.

That's how I found out she was dead.

In her suicide note, she said something about Sam troubling her.

But I was always nice to her. A note?

Well, did she mention me?

I never see you chat to her anyway, man.

Blood, don't watch what I do, man.

You ain't always with me, and you never knew I pressed her either.

You come like some secret agent or something, man.

Let me have two draw of that, man.

Hey, listen bell Moony. I wanna duck out quick.

The whole day?

Don't lie, blood.

Yeah, I'll have to take a cab still.

Moons, just hurry up though, man. All right, bless.

Hey, blood, you see Katie, yeah? Yeah.

Do you reckon she would have banged me, like?

No, man.

Why not?

I think I'm buff.

Blood, I beg you, play the fucking game, man.

Oh, fuck's sake.


Yeah, who's that? It's me.

You didn't call me.

Did you hear? Sad, isn't it?

Look, what are you doing today? Gonna jam with Moons and Jay.

Might go up West End later. Gotta check my uncle, why?

No, just tell me now, man. I'd rather see you.

You don't need to see me, you ain't my girl no more. What is it?

What the fuck do you mean you're pregnant?

Oh, my days!

You can't be fucking pregnant. I thought you'd get the morning after pill?

It's not just up to the girls, you know.

Yeah, of course I'm sure.

I've been taking tests all week.


I want us to get back together.

Later, fuck that. After you fucked Sam a few weeks ago?

Yeah, he told me he bare backed you. That's even worse man.

You never knew I knew that, did you? But we do know!

Hey, and don't bother trying to explain, man.

You know what, for all I know the baby's his.

Fact now that I think of it, I know it is, and you know it too.

Yeah, blood, she's loose, man. Cut her off, man.

What? I slept with Katie last year.

Me and you weren't even together, so fuck off!

Standard, blood. You get me. I told you about that girl, man, she's a sket.

Pregnant, though. It's a bit deep, still.

So what you gonna do? I don't know, man.

Fuck it, it can't be mine.

I just don't need this shit today.

So what, can man's come and reach your uncle with you, blood?

No, I think he wants to see me alone, still.

So, what did he say?

He said he's going out.

And that fucking Sam told him we slept together.

So why didn't you tell him what happened?

He didn't give me a fucking chance.

You know what, yeah, fuck him and this fucking baby.

All right, girls? Mum, don't you knock?

Oi, none of your lip.

I know you're upset, but that's no reason to be cheeky.

Do you want a drink, Becky? No, thanks.

Right, I'm off to work. Lis, I want you back by midnight.

Oh, mum! One, then, on the dot.

And if you think you can't get back here call your dad and he'll pick you up.

All right? Okay.


I know you're upset, but there's nothing you could have done.

Now, I'm sad for that other girl's parents... but all that really matters is that you're all right.

Are you all right?


I'm fine.

Good. See you later, darling.

I love you, Lis. Love you.

Yo, D. Guess what, man, I got the day off school.

And I'm going to that party tonight as well.

Yeah, I know. Your school belled a while ago.

Hi, Lenny.

I'm sorry about your sister, bro.

Tell your mate Trevor I said thank you.

See you.

So, you gonna help me or what?


I still can't believe Katie killed herself.

So, what do you wanna do?

You know what...

I wanna get fucked up.

I wanna go shopping for tonight, that'll make me feel better.

And if Trife don't want me, I'm sure someone else will.

I meant about the baby.

Lose it, if I'm lucky.

Well, at least you're thinking straight.

We've got the whole day off, we might as well do something... constructive with ourselves.

I know where we can score some wicked draw.

I'd get so fat if I kept this.


What the fuck, man?

What's fucking taking him so long, man?


Fuck off!

Fucking hell, man!

Come on.

Fuck, man.

Look at this girl's pussy. Looks like her guts are hanging out and shit.

Man, that's nasty, man. I hate that shit, ugly pussy.

Still poke it, though. No, that's not for me, star.

I won't fuck no girl, yeah, unless she's got a DV?


Designer vagina, man. Neat tucked in lips and shit.

It's the way forward, blood.

So, who's this guy again?

Rupert. I met him at some rave. He gives me weed and shit for free.

Is it? Safe.


Let's roll, man.

Yes, Jay, what's cooking, bruv?

Yeah, like the trim, rude boy. Bye, mum.

What took you so fucking long, man? There weren't no cabs, isn't it.

I've been havng a good week, actually. Come on n.

So, Rebecca, who's your lovely friend?

I'm Alisa. Alisa? What a pretty name.

Ladies, this is my friend Hamish.


Go and take a seat on the sofa, take your coats off, make yourselves at home.

How much do you want this time?

As much as you wanna give. Not a problem.

But I want some E's today and maybe some coke.

The weed I can do for free, but, coke and E's is gonna cost.

I haven't got no money on me.

Who needs money?

Get your knickers off then. In your fucking dreams.

What, you're not gonna let me fuck you? No.

What about a blow-job then? Fuck off.

Wank? Keep talking and you'll get a smack.

Oh, come on, Al, we'll make dollars when we sell it.

Do you wanna shop or what?

Yeah, but... Stop being such a boring bitch then.

But I'm not gonna suck it, okay?

What is that?

How old are you? I'm old enough, blood.

"Blood", you're too young to buy these beers.

What? Oh, shut up, man. Oi, come back.

Come back! Come back or what, man? Shut your mouth.

I'll have you arrested! You ain't gonna do shit, man.

Get out of my shop. What?

You're banned! Man, I'll leave when I wanna leave, man.

What? Come.

Dickhead. Fuck off.


I ain't fucking with her no more, man, after she got banged by Sam.

Fuck that, you get me? She's any girl to me now. Fuck her.

Bloods, I wouldn't care whose baby it is, yeah, but I'd still bang that.

Hey, bloods, where's yours?

Had to dash it at that guy, isn't it, man.

He was shook, though. You're a bad man.

Let's dust, man.

I ain't standing on the corner like a fucking rent boy all day.

So what, which way are we going, bruv? Let's roll this way, isn't it.

What's wrong, man? What are you looking at?

Sam lives over there.

You wanna get your GameBoy back? Yeah.

Yeah that, I'm on that, man, let's do it. Come, come.

Let's not be stupid, man.

So, what are we gonna do? Sam's gonna be at school, blood, yeah?

Only our year's got the day off.

We'll just go up there, say we're his friends... and we're picking it up, isn't it? Simple.

Or, we ding the bell, get through the main door... and boot down his fucking front door, isn't it.

No, man. That's some police shit.

Look, blood, there's three of us alie... we'll just go up there, yeah, ask for it back.

And if he's gets brave, blood, we'll handle it at school together, isn't it.

Standard, let's roll. But he rolls deep, man!

Hey, fuck it, man, let's do it. Oh, shit.

What the fuck is he doing at home, man? He's gonna kill us.

Hey, don't worry, man, he's gone. What if he comes back, though, like?

He won't, man. What's wrong with you? What you scared for, man?

I'm not, man. I think we should just duck, man.

Just shut up, man, you're scared. I'm not.

Hello. Hi.

We're Sam's friends. We've just come here to pick something up.

Sam's not here. He's just gone to the shop for me.

Yeah, we saw him downstairs, he told us to come up and wait for him.

He just left, right?

Hey, that must be his room.

That's where your GameBoy is. Is that my GameBoy, bloods?

Oh shit, shit, oh shit.

What if he comes back now?

What the fuck are you lot doing here?

Sam jacked my sister's GameBoy, yeah, I'm just here to take it back.

Hold this boy. Hey, Moons, hold him. Hold him, man.

He told me he bought that, he's such an arsehole.

Yo, what's out there?

Balcony, where he stashes his weed and shit.

Come and take this boy outside, man.

If he's such an arsehole, why are you with him?

I don't know, he's older, more mature.

Then why you cheat him?

Blood, you can't take his weed, man. Fuck that, man.

Hey, Jay, man, we got him. Just give me one minute, man.

I don't even know why you're with that boy, man.

Look... you could be my girlfriend.

It's just, he sad f I leave hm, he'll tell everyone I was a sht fuck.

No, no, I know you're not shit, I bet you're cold in bed, man.

I don't know...

He says I'm not that good and I've only slept with him, so...

Yeah, well, let me be the judge of that then, isn't it.


What, has he got any rubbers in here? Yeah, in that drawer. Why?

Not now, Jay, man, his mum said he only went down the road.

Maybe you lot should go. You know what, don't watch that, man.

Oh, no, no, no, low it, man.

I'm sorry, yeah, this don't normally... It's okay.

It's because you're so buff, yeah, and like you're good, man.

In fact, yeah, you should leave that pussyhole and be my girlfriend.

What do you think, yeah? What if he beats me up or something?

No, he ain't gonna do that. Look, you know what, darling.

Come with me. Come. Are you done?

One minute. You fucking know about it.

You let the side down!

What's up, man? You don't even know about sex live, man.

What the fuck you lot doing in my yard?

Look, blood, you took my GameBoy, man, I just...

Are you dizzy, blood? You're gonna come up here like you're bad.

You see, yeah, I'm gonna fuck you up, blood.

And you, see, you, Claire, I'm gonna shove this bat so far up your pussy...


Hey, fuck you, you fucking prick.

Fucking idiot! Hold on, hold on, man.

Oh, shit!

Come on, lets go.

Run, blood!

I can't believe what you lot just done.

Hey, fuck him, man, he deserved it.

Hey, you know he fucked Alisa, isn't it?

No, I didn't.

Sam's gonna kill me.

He ain't gonna do shit to you, man. You know why?

Because you're my girl now, you get me?

Yeah, man, let him come, man. You see my uncle I'm checking today?

He's a proper bad man. And if Sam thinks about doing anything... my uncle will murk him on the spot, standard.

You keep talking about your uncle that's gonna do this and that, yeah?

But we ain't even met him, man. I mean, what... are you sure my man even exists, like?

He comes like the invisible man or something, blood.

Yeah. Hollow Man, rude boy. I'll slap you, you know that, Moons?

Just wait till we need him and he'll be here.

If he's there, I'm there. I'll jook some up, blood. I don't business.

Shut up, Moons man, you ain't gonna do shit, man.

I can't believe you swallowed that guy's spunk.

I hate it, it tastes like salty egg whites.

Yuk, but what if he's got something?

You can't catch nothing like that. All the acids in your stomach kill it.

Did you like wanking that guy? No.

Was you wet?

Yeah, a little bit. A little bit?

Yeah, but his thing's so small, man. I bet you was mad wet, I was.

Well then, why didn't you just fuck that Rupert friend... and I wouldn't have had to wank him.

You just said you liked it. Anyway only my man gets the pussy.

Unlike you, obviously. You sure you know whose baby it is?

Don't try it, Becky. Yeah, well, I couldn't have that in me.

If I was you, I'd want to rip it out with a coat-hanger.

Fucking hell, man! What, blood?

Didn't I tell them no onions?

Yeah, you did, man, you did say no onions, blood, man.

Didn't I say no onions?


Oi, what's going on? We got money, relax yourself.

Drive, man.

So, what, are me and you on or what now?

Yeah, yeah, I'm your girl. Yeah?

Yeah. Come here.

Well, I gotta go home. I'll see you tonight, yeah?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, take care, yeah.

Coke head baby.

Whatever, man, it'll be gone soon.

God, I ain't changing no fucking nappies for it.

Look, yeah, there's an abortion clinic number here, do you wanna bell it?

Not now, man. Not today. Look, can I use your toilet?

Are you gonna do a shit? Because if you are, then, no.

That's loose, man, I don't do that in other people's houses.

Well, hurry up, we need to get the money for the garms.

Yeah, she's banged up, babes. Yeah.

All right, see you soon.

Who was that? My man.

Listen, lads, where you off to? Oxford Street, man.

Well, why don't you walk? It's only down the road.

Because we wanted to catch a cab, man.

Why don't you shut your mouth and mind your own business, blood?

Well, to be honest might have to drop you off at Marble Arch... because the traffic's... What's wrong with you?

Yeah, man, yeah, Trfe and them two lttle pussyholes.

Yeah, man, yeah. No, no, don't reach, don't reach, I'm cool, yeah.

Listen I swear down, blood, if I see them before you see...

I'm gonna bang them up. I'm gonna bang them up.

I'm gonna bust their heads, do you understand me?

Listen, if you eye them, yeah if you see them, you just ding me, yeah.

Can we go and get something to eat? No, I don't wanna look fat for Mark.

But I'm starving, though. We'll get a pizza when we get to his.

Cheers, mate. That's nine pound twenty, mate.

You know what, mate, I got passed by five black cabs today.

Well, that ain't my fault, mate. Just because I'm black.

Ain't that ironic, though, like? Black cab don't take black man.

So, what's your point? My point is that... it becomes a vicious circle.

Well, what's that mean? It means...

Come back!

Come on. You little black bastard!

Now I'm hungry.

Why did you bring me here again?

We give him some dope and he gives us money for our dresses.

Can we get it and go, please, because I'm really tired... of listening to you two fuck. Look...

I didn't know he was gonna be so old.

He's twenty-eight. He's an actor.

That's almost twice our age.

I know, but he thinks I'm eighteen, though, so...

You were good, baby.

You lot want anything else?


Hang on, hang on, I thought she was pregnant?

Yeah, she is right now, but she's getting rid of it.

Go on, Lis, it's good. Okay.

So how much do you want for all this? Three hundred?


All right, I'll go get it.

Right, I'll be back in a minute, yeah?

So, you like what you see, huh?


So what do you come upstairs for then?

I wanted to see if she was all right. She was fucking great.

I bet you are as well. Fuck off!

You're sick.

You know she's only fifteen? Yeah, of course I do.

I found her student card.

She thinks it's her little secret.

Do you know what my little secret is?

Go on, have a guess.

I'm a fucking bastard.

You know, I've never fucked a pregnant girl before... but, with you, I think I'd make the exception.

How about you fuck yourself?

You should take the chance while you can, you little slag.

What did you just call me? I called you a fucking little slag... because you're fifteen years old and you're pregnant.

Probably some little black fellow who hasn't hung around.

But that's cool, because I like you.

So when you've decided to dump it... why don't you come back and see me?

You won't have to get jealous of me fucking your mate... because I'll probably fuck you too.

You know... you're not right about everything. What's that, then?

You're not a bastard...

you're a cunt.

Right, ready for round two, baby?

Boy! This shop is heavy.

Good afternoon, sirs. Can I help you?

Yeah. Where are your hats, rude girl? Downstairs, sir.

It's here? It's over there.

This is what you want, isn't?

What do you think?

You know what, blood fuck that guard, man.

You know what, can we kick, man?

I'm sure they've got better stuff down the road anyway.



Come on, come on. Come with me. Come on.

Get the fuck off me, man! What you doing?

You're in a lot of trouble, mate. For what?

Stealing that hat. I had it on when I come in, man.

What's he taken? The cap.

He had it on when we came in, bro.

Hey, pipe down, please. And I'm not your bro.

Oi, fuck off, blood, about pipe down. Get off me, man!

Listen, I told you, I fucking had that when I come in.

Don't swear at me. And what the fuck you gonna do?

You better watch it, the police have been called.

Hey, call them, man. I don't give a fuck.

I'll tell them, too. I had the hat when I come in.

Hey, check your cameras, man.

Nisha, would you call the police, please.

This young man has taken this hat and is now causing a commotion.

Is that all he's taken? Yeah.

But he was wearing that cap when he came in.

Are you sure? Yes, because I greeted him.

Thank you!

I'm not sure that he was. I am sure. Sorry.

Move out the fucking way and let us out, man! Yo, blood.

Are you gonna fucking apologise, coz? Just leave, please.

Hey, hold up, man. What?

Do you know what? You want your hat so much, take it.

Fucking prick!

I'm stinging. Were you watching? I bet you could hear, isn't it?

So, three hundred squids, yeah, babes. We'll split it down the mids.

You got shoes, right? We can't be looking like no tramps.


You are looking forward to tonight, yeah?

I don't know, yeah, probably.

What's the matter, then? You look like someone just...

Exactly. Look, I've been thinking about stuff.

Me like this, Katie killing herself.

I mean, that is why we got the day off.

I don't know, maybe we shouldn't go to the party.


I don't know. It's like, it's weird. It's strange.

She was so tall and pretty... I wish I was that tall.

You know, I reckon she could have been a model.

I knew she was troubled, but...

I never thought it was that bad that she'd have to kill herself.

Well, it's done now. Nothing we can do.

I could have stuck up for her. So why didn't you?

I don't know.

Well, she's dead now. Get over it. I am.

Don't you ever think about anything but yourself?

Yeah. Clothes, shoes, money, sex.

Wait, sex involves me though, don't it?

Do you think Moony likes me?

I don't know. He's so fine.

I won't fuck him unless he eats me out.

Do you think he will? I don't know.

So when you gonna get rid of this baby?

Lis? Just leave it, Becky, yeah?

Saint Martin Girls. What you lot saying?

Oi, do you hear about that big bird girl that committed suicide?

Proper sensitive, isn't it?

She got so upset. We was only joking with her.

Didn't look like a joke. Lis, shush.

She just got a bit feisty, that's all. She needed a little bit of slapping.

But we was only playing with her. We never meant her to slit her wrists.

She hung herself. Whatever. She's dead.

Because of you. What?

She killed herself because you and your friends bullied her... till she couldn't take it no more.

You killed her. Shut up, you sket.

You killed her. Fucking shut up.

You killed her.

Listen, right, if you don't fucking shut up, you're gonna join her.

Look she don't mean it, yeah. Please, don't beat us up. She's pregnant.

You're that girl that Sam fucked.

Wait till I tell everyone about this ho.

You know what? Yeah, tell them.

Tell them Alisa's pregnant and she's keeping the fucking baby.

What? I ain't scared of you.

If you're gonna do something to me, then do it.

Go on.

I got bigger things to worry about than what you can do to me.

What's the matter?

You should bang her up, star. I should, shouldn't I?

What the fuck were you thinking, Alisa? They could have beat us up.

So? You're so selfish.

What if my face got scarred or something?

And what the fuck are you talking about "keeping the baby"?

You're not gonna have an abortion now?

Just leave it, Becky. So, what, are you like pro-life now?

No, but a girl we both knew just died... and I didn't do anything to stop it.

But I can do something about this. So, okay... what about school?

What if you'd have got raped? Would you have an abortion then?

I don't know. Yeah, probably. You have to get rid of it.

Who's gonna help you? I don't need any help.

You all right? Yeah, it's morning sickness.

It's not morning though. Look, I need to speak to Trife.

Let's go and buy our garms. And then we'll find him, okay? Come on.

Curtis lives up there.

What, is that it? I think so.

You think so?

You think... you think so?

Do you think I've got time for what people think now, Del?

Is this the place, bro? Yes, it's the place.

But you gotta do this on your own, bruv.

I'll wait for you back at mine.

You're gonna go now, is it? I can't be seen here, man.

What would you do, man?

What would you do, man?

That was a forty five pound hat, bloods. So?

You could've give it to me for tonight, like.

Blood, it wouldn't have fit your big African head anyway, man.

Oh my days!

You man, you man, you man, check that gash over there, blood.

Shit, check the back of, rude boy. She's bathing as well, you know.

See, that's what I want, blood. I want a rich bitch like that.

Yeah, so, so what, who's on it? Me, yeah?

No, blood, that's me, man. I saw her first, isn't it?

My size.

My size. Hey, darling, I'm...

Hey, girl, I'm talking to you, man.

I'm chatting to you!

I don't think she's on it.

Blood, can't chat to a girl like that, man.

You think you're nang, blood? Why don't you show him how to do it, then?

Fuck it. Let's duck, man.

He don't wanna check for that because he's still on Alisa, isn't it?

Man, I'll show you now I can chat to that girl, man.

Go on then.

Why is he always on our hype, man? He thinks he's big, man.

Hey, can I help you? Do you work here?

No, sorry, just making conversation.

I wouldn't buy these trainers, though.

Seriously, I wouldn't. Why not?

Well, the front always comes off.

Plus, those are the old ones. New ones are upstairs.



Want a zoot, blood? Yeah. Come, we get out of here, man.

You know I could have got the number though, isn't it?

So could I, blood. I don't think so, blood.

You look smart... What do you do?

Smart. That's a new one. What... like smartly dressed?

No, clever, intelligent. Thank you.

I'm an architect.

Rings? You married?

Yeah, my... husband's been away a while.

If I was your husband, I'd never leave you.

And I don't need Viagra, you know.

Thank you... that's useful to know.

Don't you get lonely by yourself?


Yeah. I do.

Actually, sometimes I could use a bit of company.

I'd keep you company. I bet you would.

How old are you? How old are you?

Twenty-six. You?

I'm twenty-three. You're not twenty-three.

All right, I'm twenty-two, but I'm mature, man.

Twenty-two? Really? All right, I'm twenty, I swear.

It's not like I'm trying it on or anything.


Because I wouldn't want to disappoint you.

My girl puts onion in my burger.

But, blood, man, you shouldn't have thrown it, though, isn't it?

She didn't do what I asked.

You should have gave the burger to me, blood, man.

Man, I don't like onions. Hey, what happened, man?

She's a cock tease, man. She's on it, and then she ducked, isn't it?

That's a bit weird. White girls usually fuck you for a browns.

I knew you wouldn't get that, rude boy. Standard.

Shut up, man. I'm still gonna bang that when I go see her.

How are you gonna bang her, blood and go see her when she kicked out.

Are you stupid or something?


I got this, and I'm gonna bring it to her.

Hey, blood, hold him, hold him, hold him.

Jay, I beg you, pass it back, man. Hey, Moons, Moons, Moons. Hey, Jay.

Blood, she got plenty dollars in here, you know. And she's a...

Boy! What the fuck are you doing, man? Where are you going?

Leave it. Leave it out, he's a youth. Or what, coz?

Or else I'll bust you in your head you fucking white pussyhole!

What? Blood, you think because I'm white, I won't knock you out?

Is that right, blood? Yo, let me take my hat off.

How about white boy, skinhead nutter, mate?

Does that work better for you, dickhead?


Shit. That's really good though, cousin.

What, man, you think that scares me?

Man, you don't even know me.

Low it low it, come on, come on.

Just get out of here, man. You men got murked, like.

What the fuck is wrong with you, man? What are you talking about?

You! Starting fights in the middle of the street, man.

I was backing you up, blood.

That's not what I'm talking about, blood.

If we plan something together, that's cool.

But that was under control until you started, man.

You can't just start arms house in the middle of the street.

What's wrong with you, blood? Just cool it, Jay, man.

All right, man. So where's the purse?

Wait, blood. I told you, yeah, I want the fucking cards, isn't it.

No, man, who fucking took it? Give me the purse!

Blood, man, you want, you want the cards, yeah?

Yes, I want the fucking cards. You want the cards.

Hey, Moons. Moons. Hey, blood, don't fuck about.

So what, you can share your girl with Sam... and you can't even share the purse with us, blood.

You fucking prick.

Get the fuck off me! Fuck is wrong with you, blood?

We're gonna split that or not? All right, that's what it's got to?

You know what, take your fucking purse, you like it so much.

You're a dickhead, man.

Hey, blood, don't take it out on us... because your girl got pressed by next man.

If you was somebody else, I would have stabbed your claret, rude boy!

Stab me then, blood! My uncle'll kill you!

You and your fucking uncle, man! If my man's even real.

You know what, blood, if he is real, yeah, you better go to him, isn't it?

Because, blood, you ain't got no-one no more, man. You ain't got Alisa.

You ain't got that sket no more.

And we ain't backing you no more. Come, Moons, man.

Hey, who the fuck you chatting to, man? Without me, you two ain't shit!

And Alisa, I can have her if I want, but I don't need her.

I don't need pussyhole friends like you, either.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, blood.

Remember, we might call you Trife but your name's Trevor.

Remember that, blood. Come, we jet, blood.

Claire, honey, Sam's here to see you.

Thanks, Mrs. Parkinson.

I'll leave you kids to it.

Where are they? Who?

Don't try to boy me off, them three little pussyholes.

I don't know.

I'm only gonna ask you this one more time.

Where are they? I don't know.


Listen, yeah. My mum nearly broke her arm.

You better start talking, or I'm gonna bang you up, you hear me?

When we get to school, I'm gonna tell everyone what a rubbish fuck you are.

And how bad you smell. If you know what I'm saying.

Please, don't, I really don't know where they are.

All I know is that they're going to that party tonight.

That's where they're gonna be.

So why weren't I invited?

Because no-one that's going likes you.

Sam, stop, please. I'm sorry.


Claire, baby, are you all right?

Yeah, mum, I'm fine.

Me and Sam are just talking.


Use a condom, sweetheart.

That brings me to my next question.

Whose girl are you?

Because I don't even know why I bother with you.

You're ugly, you're a shit fuck, and you're with me, like sixth-form top boy.

If it weren't for me, who would even look at you?

I don't know.

Why did you sleep with Alisa? Why'd you fuck that fucking Jay?

In my drum as well!

I don't know. I'm sorry.

It's all right, it's all right.

It's just... I do everything you want, whenever you want me to.

So why are you mean to me and all that? I don't understand.

Come here.

Okay, so Plaza, yeah? In an hour.

All right, then. Bye. Right, see you then. Bye.

Come fuck on, man.

Look, what you need is some retail therapy, yeah?

Alisa says to meet her in the cafe thing downstairs in one hour.

What, did you tell her that Trife ain't here?


Are you a fool or something, blood?

You don't think she really wants to chat to you, do you?

I don't know.

You know, fuck it isn't it, I'll tell her, I'll give her a piece of my mind, man.

You get me?

Oh my God, that dress looks dark on you. Is that the one you want?

Yeah, I think so.

Well, I got all these. I can't make my mind up.

We are gonna be the hottest girls there tonight.

Everyone else is gonna look like tramps compared to us.

Hi, madam, can I help? Is that the dress you like?

Yeah. It looks great on you.

Well, if you pull your hair back like this... it will accentuate your fabulous figure.

Thank you. Nice figure?

Not for long. She's knocked up.

Congratulations. My wife is pregnant.

Wife? I thought you were a batty man. Excuse me?

Ain't you gay? No.

There's nothing wrong with it. I know, I'm just saying.

All right, calm down, Yankee. I'm Canadian.

Same thing. Excuse me, how much is this one?

This one is a hundred and thirty pounds.


Well, I want this one. How much is it?

This one is two hundred and ten pounds.

Lis, can you not find another one? I really want this one.

We've got three hundred between us. Yeah, and you said you'd split it.

Look, who got the money?

I'm doing you a favour in the first place by getting you one.

Come on, soon you'll have a big fat belly anyway.

You won't be able to wear it.

You've still got ninety quid. I'm sure you can get something nice.

Don't worry, honey.

I'll find you something to make you look even more fabulous.

Trevor? Yeah.

He'll be with you in a sec.

You're a handsome one, aren't you?


What happen? You told me to reach.

Debbie look after you?



Me like the work you did on that thing.

This... is for you.

See, I told you I would, man.

If you want me to do anything else, I'm...

Just cool yourself, man.

What's that?


You want some? I'm cool, man.

Go on... take some.

You grow fast, man.

Anyway... me like the work you did on the gun.

It's easy, I can... Don't speak, just listen.

You know... all you need in this world is money... and if you know how to get it, you laughing.

You seen that nice TV in my front room? Yeah.

You got one? No? But you'd like one, of course you would.

Curtis, I've got Keith on the phone. He wants you to...

Tell him that I talk to my nephew. Tell him wait.

But he's already on the phone. He says he's...

Me said tell him wait.


why you don't come work for, with me?

Trust me, I want to, man. Fucking had enough of everything else.

So, what do you want me to do? Just a few little things.

That sounds like something you can do?

Sounds live, man. I'm there.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Me did sell the last of the bad guns to some youth.

Me have more of the replicas for you to drill in the back.

In the meantime...

you did so well with this one that me think you should have it.

So where is he? I told you.

When he switched, yeah, we just kicked out and left him, man.

And don't bother trying to call him, because his phone's off.

Look, I really need to speak to him.

Listen up, everybody.

Me say listen up.

This is my nephew Trevor.

Real family member that will be joining our family from now on... so, treat him nice.

What going on, bro?

What's up with this baby shit, man? Is this true or something?

Of course it's true. Who's gonna lie about being pregnant?

Nuff people, man. Well, I'm not lying.

All you do is lie.

And now you've been caught out, you're trying to drag Trife back into this.

Try and fuck up his life, isn't it?

Look, I think I should be speaking to him about this, not you.

You are talking to me.

And what exactly are you gonna say to him?

"I'm sorry, Trife I fucked another guy while I was with you."

Because it don't matter because he knows now.

I'm gonna tell him the truth.

Listen, Trevor.

Come, I want you to handle something for me.

You're bad, isn't it?

You behave yourselves, yeah?


You see, this is the reason me want you to come work for me.

Curtis. Shut up!

You see this fucker?

Him take my property, but my money never come back.

Where the fuck is my money, nigger?

I can get it for you, man.

It's at my place. I told you I was gonna bring it round later today.

Hey, shut your mouth, blood.

If he wanted it when you decided to bring it and not when he asked for it... you wouldn't be tied to a fucking table, would you?

What are you waiting for?

I'm sorry. Please, I'm sorry.

You know what, boy?

I want you to get my money today.

I will. But before you go...

I'm gonna make sure you remember that you don't fuck with Curtis.


I want you to carve a C from the corner of him eye to the corner of him mouth.

Me? Yes... you.

I want you to carve a blood clotline... from here to here.

Carve the fucking line.

No, let him.

Cut him.


Man, please!





Trevor... come.

Come here.



The best thing you could do right now is fuck off... and get an abortion of Sam's baby.

Because he don't want you, and Trife don't want you either.

What, has he said that?

Who wants a sket like you? Has he told you he don't want me.

Yeah. Now fuck off, isn't it.

What's up with your girlfriend, though? Fucking Sam.

No wonder Trife dashed her, man, she's a fucking ho like.

I know. I couldn't be like that.

Only give my things to special mans like you.

Yeah? Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah.

Becks, can we go?

Where, to the party? No, I just wanna go home.

Well, I'm not ready.

Becky, please, can we just go? Look, go if you wanna go.

Don't come to the party tonight, be a boring cow. I'm staying with this lot.

You know what, just do what you want, yeah?

Fat cunt.

I fucked that grl a few weeks ago, blood.

Every day for a week when she's supposed to be your girl.

Why aren't you speaking to me?

So this party, where is it?

You're not still gonna go, are you?

You saw what they done to my mum. Where is it?

Nice invite.

I don't think you should go. Why not?

I just think this thing with them lot should stop or someone's gonna get hurt.

Your mum's all right and you got me.

Stay here tonight, we can fuck all night.

Promise me you'll stay.

All right, I promise.

I just wanna go home and check on my mum, make sure she's all right.

Cool. I'll see you later. Yeah, I'll see you later.



Wait. Alisa!

What you doing? I'm going home. I only live over there.

Your hand's bleeding, are you okay? Oh, shit.

Yeah, yeah.

Have you been crying? No.

You look like you have.

Are you coming to Blake's party?

Oh, no, I'm really n in the mood.

Come on, come with us.

I don't know.

You look like you need to be around some friends to cheer yourself up.


I promise I'll do anything I can to get you smiling again.

And how are you gonna do that?

Come on, come with me.

Okay. Let me just go home and get changed, yeah?

But I'm only gonna come, like, if I can hang out with you.

H, ths s Alsa. Please, leave...

Trife... enter, my friend. While the parents are away and what not.

Want some of this? It's Cuban.

Where's Alisa?

She's inside. I think she went into the garden.

Bruv... blood, sorry, man.

I'll see you later.

Sorry, bruv.

What you doing? So, what, he's your man now?

No, but at least he's been nice to me today. Look, what do you want?

I wanted to say hello, isn't it.

Hello. How you doing?

If you wanna say something to me, then say it and leave me alone.

Hey, what happened to your hand? I got it cut.

Are you all right? It's fine.

No, are you all right?

So what do you do today? Nothing that would interest you.

Look, Lis, can we go somewhere a bit more private, please?

So, what, where is he, then?

I don't know, I just saw him come out here.

I'm going back in, man. This is...

I don't know why I come to your party, man.

So what time you staying till? Cool, baby, we just got here, like.

True, it'll probably get better later.

Would be better if Blake weren't such a chief.

Look at him trying to friends up Jay.

I mean... I'd consider this a success, wouldn't you?

Jay, did I mention how sharp you look.

Go away, Blake.

I know you tried to speak to me earlier and I didn't want to listen... but I wanna talk to you now.

Look, don't worry about your little life, Trevor, I don't need your help.

And I'm sorry you had to hear what you heard from Sam... and I understand that you don't want me... but I thought you ought to know that I never slept with...

All right. I know you never meant to hurt me and blah, blah... but before you carry on there's some things I need to get off my head... and if I don't, I'm just gonna forget.

Look, Trevor, you don't... Wait...

I'm on that, boy.

Excuse me, you came with me.

No, there's a difference. You came with me.

But don't worry, though, babes, like... there's enough Moonies to go around, isn't it, like.

So safe, yeah?

Yeah, Danielle, what's going on then, man?

I see you at school the other day. I wanted to come and talk to you... but you're always with your friends, man.

You can still come up to me. No, but I don't like...


Danielle, I'm gonna come chat to you in a sec, yeah?

So, with both your little buddies doing there own thing... is there anything that you wanna do?

Like what?

Like me.


Do you want to fuck me?

No, not really, I got a girl.

So? I won't tell her.

I thought you liked Moony?

No, I like you.

He's a bit of a fool.

That's one of my best friends you're talking about down there.

Look, do you wanna fuck or not?

You can put it in my arse as well. It hurts, but I don't mind.

No, low it, man. Hey, Danielle.

What I wanted to say s ths.

I know we were only going out for a couple of months... but it was fun, dred. You made me feel like feel good, you get me?

I mean, not just sex. I mean, your things feel good and everything, but... you.

It was you.

But I didn't know what to do when you started wanting hugs and that in school.

I started thinking about what the boys would think and them stupidness there.

When I broke up with you, I realised I was stupid.

I told everyone, "I ain't going back out with her", but...

I wanted to.

When I found out you fucked Sam, it hurt me.

Look, Trevor... Wait.

That hurt me.

That's why I said what I said today.

I've seen some shit today...

makes me think about life.

You're one of the best things in mine.

So even though it's some next man's baby...

I wanna be with you.

And I wanna look after you both.

I wanna change for you.


I love you.

Why you laughing? I said I love you.

Trevor, I never slept with Sam. What?

I've been trying to tell you.

He lied. He told everyone I went to his house.

He said I might as well go... because he was gonna tell everyone he fucked me, but...

I never, I swear.

So, the baby...

You're the only one I've slept with. It's yours.

What's wrong? Shit.

My mum's gonna kill me, man. Mine too.

Listen, listen, we're gonna work, yeah? We'll stay together forever.

I'm not sure we will... but we're gonna have this baby, so, we should try.

Yeah, pussyhole, what now?

You think you're a man? Get up. Sam don't!

No... you think you're bad? You wanna act like a big man?

I'm gonna beat you like a fucking big man!

Where's your two boys? Because you three pussyholes are finished tonight!

We can work something out, I swear to you.


Sam, man, fucking hell, what you doing? Shut the fuck up!

Moony! Jay, look, Sam's beating up Trife outside, right now!

So, what, are you gonna back us or what? No, he's your mate, blood.

You pussy!

You must have lost your fucking mind fucking with me.

We can work something, I swear to you. Hey, Jay, don't, man.

Hey, blood, get the fuck off him, man.

I'm sorry.

Come on then... Come, come.

Hey, low it, man, low it.

Yeah, you are.

You wanna disrespect my mum? You wanna fuck my girl?

You're not fucking real, blood, you hear me?

Stay down!

All you fucking pussyholes, yeah.

Any of you fuck with me, this is what you get, you understand, blood?

Just leave us alone, Sam.

Everyone knows you never fucked me.

What are you gonna do, beat us all up?

Who'd wanna fuck you anyway? Look at you.

Shut up. Suck my dick, you fucking bitch.

Hey, don't fucking touch her! Fuck you! You fucking prick.

Fucking dickhead.

Trife, get off him, please.

I thought you were gonna change?

Listen to your bitch, Trevor.

Trife, Trife, man!

Something's wrong with Trife!

Are you all right, blood?

Someone call an ambulance, man.

Hey, pussyhole!

Blood. Blood, low it, man, Trife's hurt.

Low it. He's bleeding. It's gonna be all right, coz?

Call a fucking ambulance! I've already called one.

What you gonna do, blood? What you gonna do?


Who the fuck is Sam? Hey, you better tell me who the fuck Sam is, now, man!

You better start fucking talking because I know he's fucking here!

Who the fuck is Sam?

Baby, baby, listen... we'll go out on the weekend, yeah? Me and you, we'll do something nice.

Tell me now!

Blood... Sam's not here, you know, he's not here.

He's Sam!

What the fuck you talking about, you fat bitch? Just...

I don't know who you are, coz, I don't know.

Do you know my little sister Katie?

Oh, shit, it's really bad. Oh, fuck.

Trife, you're gonna be all right, though, coz.

Better shut the fuck up, man. Shut up!

Get down on your fucking knees, man. No, come on, bruv.

Get down on your fucking knees now. Put your head on the stone. Fucking cry!

See, man look at this, look at this shit.

I fucking found this shit yesterday, look at this shit.

Sam says he's gonna fucking kill me, so I'm gonna save them all the trouble.

I'm not even... fuck... I'm not even scared any more.

Anything's better than here. And it fucking goes on, you cunt.

She was fucking fifteen, man.

She was fucking fifteen. I never done nothing to her, blood.

Give me one fucking good reason why I shouldn't fucking blow your head off.

You give me one. Why you shouldn't die.

Give me one fucking reason why you shouldn't die!

Because he's not worth it.

Baby, baby, it's really bad!

Oh, fuck. Trife!

He's stopped breathing! What? Man, where's the doctor?

Trife? Trife?

Let's go, blood, feds.

Come on.

Pussyhole! You're the pussyhole, man.

No, blood. No, blood, blood. I beg you, please!

Fuck! Fuck! Come on, let's go!

Shit, man. Fucking hell, Derek. Fuck! Come on.

No, man.

What the fuck are you lot doing, man? Fuck off!

Fuck you, you didn't do shit to help, man.

Fuck off and leave him, blood, man. Why you around watching now?

None of you did shit to help, man. Fuck you lot...

Get off me, blood. Get the fuck off me, blood!