Kikujiro (1999) Script

1999 Cannes Film Festival Official Nomination

Distributed by Nippon Herald & Office Kitano Produced by Bandai Visual, Tokyo FM, Nippon Herald & Office Kitano

Producers Masayuki MORI & Takio YOSHIDA

Starring Beat TAKASHI Yusuke SEKIGUCHI

Music by Joe HISAISHI


A Photo Diary

Grandma's Friends

Masao, got summer plans?

And you, Yuji?

Going to Dad's hometown near the sea.

Lucky you.

The other way?

You kids shouldn't smoke.


What about classes?

Better get serious, or you'll end up like him.

Hey, Masao! Why so early today?

School's out?

Vacation starts tomorrow.

Your grandma is fine?

What a gloomy kid!

We used to be neighbours.

Lives with his grandma.

And the parents?

Don't think he has a father.

And the mother?

Think she's working elsewhere.

Ran off with some man, huh?

You talking about your mum?

Hell, yours married 3 times!

Lay off my mother!

Same goes for mine, damn it!


What are you doing here?

There's no practice in summer.

Little mule.


It's summer vacation.

Go to the beach. Have some fun!

What are you saying?

You know your father died in an accident.

Then what about Mum?

You know she's far away. Working hard just for you.

So you must study hard.

When you grow up, you can go anywhere you want.

Masao. Hurry, eat your breakfast.

I'm off to work. Be a good boy.

Yuji, let's play.

Yuji, let's play.

See you.

Delivery service!

Got a sign stamp? Stamp?

If not, you can just sign.

Please sign here.

That's fine.

Thank you.

This all you got?

Going somewhere?

What the hell is going on here!

Did you take his money?

Tell me why!

He didn't pay up yesterday.

Give it back to him.

Right now!

It's his, remember?

Hand over more money or I'll kill you guys!

Quit playing gangster!

What's that racket? What you guys doing?

Tap dancing.

Tap? What's that?

Haven't you heard of Gene Kelly? Fred Astaire?

I'm supposed to know them?

Visit your mother?

Toyohashi is so far away. You can't go alone.

You don't have much money.

Does your grandma know?

Didn't think so.

She'll be worried.

Someone must go with you.

No fooling around, you hear? Take him straight there.

Give me another 10,000 yen.

50,000 is enough! Move it!

What's wrong?

Don't worry. I'll call Grandma.

Hurry and go. Don't lose him.


So hot, isn't it?

I just ran into Masao.

Said he wasn't going anywhere this summer.

My hubby took him to the beach. Hope you don't mind.

Sure he won't be a bother?

Oh, my husband loves kids.

Thank you. Have some.

Damn it to hell.

I lost again.

Get lost! You no-good loser.

You're bad luck.

Beat it, you clown.


Hey, baldy. Your head's blinding me, you jerk.

Go to hell! You're like a damned lightbulb!

Damn you.

Didn't you have 2,000 yen?

Where is it?

Get it out.

Hurry and get it out, you brat.

Come on.

Listen up.

Tell me two numbers between 1 and 9.

The first numbers that pop into your head.

6 and...

6 and what?

And 3.

6 and 3?

They popped up?

What I Did Last Summer

6-3 combination wins 17,660 yen.

Won at the races?

That's great.

Did he give you a tip?

Is he taking you to see Mum?

Let's go to the races tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.

The girls didn't come, damn it!

Get up, kid.

I said get up, you brat!

Got to see Mum today.

Okay, kid. Let's do it again.

Who bought you the shirt and cap?

You, mister. That's right. Me!

And here's 10,000 yen.

Okay. Which ones?

4 and 9.

Kid, don't pick the ones who fall.

Only those who finish first.

You chose the only two who fell.

Maybe you're a genius.

Anyway. What's next?

3 and 5.

That was close!

Number 3 made it. We almost won.

Your touch coming back? What's next?

5 and 3.

No problem. Crappy odds anyway.

It's nothing. Now for the real thing.

Speak to me.

7 and 9.

Now you're talking. 7 and 9.

You idiot!

Why didn't you say 9 - 7 instead of 7 - 9?

Don't mess with me, kid!

Damn, I could've won 838,000!

I would've bought you an Armani suit.

What's wrong with you?

Next race. Numbers.

4 and 5.

4 and 5.

4 and 5, meaning 4 comes first? 4 - 5.

Sure 5 isn't first? No.

4 - 5 is the right order?

You're in trouble if the reverse wins.

4 - 5? Better buy the reverse, too.

Stupid! You weren't even close!

Haven't I been good to you?

And you're good for nothing!

I'm running out of money!

Think hard! 1 and 2.

1 and 2? You sure?

3 and 4.

Make up your mind. 1 - 2 or 3 - 4? Which is it?

5 and 6.

1 - 2, 3 - 4, 5 - 6! All in order, dummy?

I should trade you in.

Guess I'll just buy all three combos.

You're no genius. Not even close!

Give me back those clothes! And my 10,000 yen!

Get out of my sight, you brat!


And this?

Where'd you find this? On the floor.

The floor?

You're a whiz kid after all.

This is yesterday's, you moron.

Hand over the 10,000.

Scary Man

Hey, this is tough as hell.

Is it dog or cat meat?

That would cost you more.


Where's the kid?

He was just here!

He left with some man.

What kind?

Middle-aged. Bald. Suit.

Where'd they go?

That park.

Sonny, you want to see Mummy, don't you?

Take these off, and I'll take you to Mummy.

Take these off, and I'll take you to Mummy.

Hurry up. I'm a busy man.

Don't have all night. Hurry up.


Don't go off with strangers, okay?

Hold this. I'll be back.

Yeah, and now what?

Take them off.

Yeah, and then?

You know.

You dirty old pervert!

Oh, come on. Bastard!

Please. Come on. Cut out that crap!

Come on, kid. Don't cry.

I was mean.

Now, I'll really take you to your mum.

Stop crying.

It'll be okay.

A leak now?

The damned meter is running!

Damned cabby.

Wasting my money!

I might as well drive.

What's with the smoke?

Hold on, kid.

Must be the wrong gear.


What in the hell?

This can't be safe.

Hey. Wake up.

Time to go, kid.

When we get there, you got to introduce me.

Show Mum the nice man who spent so much money on you.


Mister is Strange

A room for me and the kid.


Yeah, right, stiff-neck!

Without a reservation...

You tight-ass! I've got money. Damn you!

A room, now!

Hey, kid.

Look good on me?

Really? You get some, too.

Won't you swim, Mister?

Don't you know how?

What do you think? Of course I do!

Okay, kid. Check this out.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Let's go.

That man.

He's not your father?

Then why?

He's taking me to my mother.

Studying again, kid?

I don't understand this.

Well, let's see...

Oh, my God. I'm beat.

I need a massage.

Come on, kid. Give it a shot.

That's it.

Not the head, dummy!

Sorry, off-limits.

It's prohibited.

Sorry, no fishing.

It's prohibited.

That's too much! It's robbery!

It's high season. You also bought glasses and swimsuits.

It's still too much!

Your taxi's waiting, sir.

Send it away! I'm broke!

You'll have to give us a lift.

I can't leave here.

It's you who took all my money!

You're giving us a ride, joker.

Let's go.

Where's that brat?

Kid, we're out of here. Come on.

We're waiting. Be there!

It Didn't Work Out

Would you get out?

No way.

We're here.

Shut up.

You'll find a ride here.

Where are we?

Many cars stop here.

Just ask for a lift.

No-good bastard!

Come stay with us again.

Buy something nice. Thank you, sir.

That's my money, damn it!

Rotten crook!

Okay, you go ask.

Try those trucks.

Sir, could you please take me to Toyohashi?

Sorry, not on my route.

What's the matter?

Sir, could you please take me to Toyohashi?


I need to sleep.


It didn't work out.

Hey, you!

Take me to Toyohashi!

Who the hell are you?

A hitchhiker, damn it!

I'm on duty, loud mouth! The way you talk!

Who'd give you a ride?

Your face just isn't right. You got to look sadder.

That's better. Now, look sad.

There's someone now!

Please give me a lift to Toyohashi.

Not going that way.

And we're on a date.

Give him a ride. Poor little boy!

No way. Give him a ride.

Come on. Get in.

Much obliged, ma'am.

Please spare me a moment.

Cutie, come here.

Put the coin in the doll.

Time's up. Another one.

Time's up. Here you go.

It broke down.

These are angel's wings.

Fly like a bird. Go on. Fly.

Keep Off The Grass

Be good, cutie. See you.

No cars pass here, damn it.

We're off... Rat!

This isn't so hard.

That stuck-up chick!

Boy, it's hot.

Don't sit here, you sweaty pig!

I have my rights.

Bus passes here? Now and then.

You must be a farmer.

No, no. A banker.

You're kidding.

With a face like that?

But I really work at a musical instrument factory.


You make gongs? No, no. Pianos.

With that face? No way.

I don't make them. I'm a security guard.


You take cuts from thieves?

Me, never!

I need to take a leak.

So noisy.

You even farted!

Was it loud? Damn loud.

No one's come by! Won't be long.

Stop panting. I'm hot.

Oh, there he is.

See you.

That's no bus, you old fool!

Dumb hick!

Here, kid. Eat this.

Where'd that come from?

Hotel made it.

Eat up.

What about you?

Well, I'm hungry, but...

You eat. I'll be okay.

Grown-ups have to make sacrifices for little children.

I have to pee.

Mister, it's not working out.

Then take a seat and rest.

Hell of a bus stop. Must be 30 years old!

Tap dancing is easy.

I've got a plan.

Oh, here comes a car.

It's all yours. Make it good!

A car? Is a car coming?

A car. Where's the car?

A car! Kid, ask for a lift.

Please, sir, would you be so kind and take this blind man to Toyohashi?

I'm on duty now.

And this is a new car. Still not used to it. I'm sorry, I can't.

New car? This piece of junk!

Stupid decoration!

You're not blind at all.


You just can't pull it off.

I better do it alone, okay.

Mister, a car's coming.

Who's this?

My mother.

Looks really sweet.

I don't know.

You've never met her?

So he's just like me.

Got it? We both help out with the flat tire. That'll get us a ride.

Put it over there.

Wrong spot! Bit closer. About 20 cm.

Run for it!

Asking politely is easier.

Shut up, smart aleck.

That jerk! Dumping us out here!

Where the hell are we now?

Shouldn't be hard.

It's parked. Piece of cake!

Go find a nail. A big one.

That won't work.

Needs to be pulled off.

I'll take you anywhere. I'm easy.

Don't you work?

Oh, I travel all around. I write poetry and songs.

I plan to write a novel.

The house is just down this way.

Let's not get excited.

Oh, got to pee. Wait there.

I was thinking. Once you meet your mum, you'll stay the night, right?

What about me?

You can stay, too.


Not a good idea.

Your mum's pretty.

I might get friendly with her.

Could end up marrying her.

Then I'd be your dad.

How would that be?

You'd have to call me Daddy. Try it. Call me, "Daddy."

Say it, you little shit!

Let's go.

Too much!

Angel Bell

That's the place, but...

What's your mum's name?

Satoko Sugiyama.

Yoshimura Family

Come on. Must be the wrong lady.

The address is right, but...

Not the right lady.

Let's go.

Your mum must have moved.

I'll go ask that lady. Just wait here.

What's that blue thing?

That? It's an angel bell.

What's that? Good luck charm.

Hand it over.

I can't.

And why not?

A gift from a girl.

A girlfriend? Is it the skinhead?

He's not my girl!

I want it! No way.

I'll steal the bike. That wouldn't be nice.

Your choice!

It's just like I said, your mum moved away.

In case you'd come looking, she left this bell for you.

It's an angel bell.

If ever you're sad or in trouble, just ring this bell. An angel will come to help.

Go on. Ring it.

An angel might bring your mum.

See an angel?

I don't see anything.

Then you got to ring louder.

An angel will come.

I don't think so.

Mister Played With Me

Time to head home?

Come on.

Mister Fell Down The Stairs

But that was a hit!

What the...?

Get in closer.

What in the hell?

These corks are useless. We need rocks.

Okay, shoot.

It's just no use!

Okay. Try it again.

This time, shout, "Bang." Say, "Bang."

Got it!

Never fell before.

Well, it just did, so we want it.

If you had shot it down, it would be yours. But it's not made to fall.

Then it's a rip-off.

Rip-off? That's what these fairs are about.

So buy it back.

How much?

20,000 yen.

That's too much. It's only worth 2,000.

2,000 wholesale?

So make it 3,000.

Fork it over!

Okay, I'll pay. Damn right, you will!

It's busted. That's life.

You're just not doing it right. You have to scoop them up.

Hold on, man!


You can't do it that way.

I paid, you jerk! I'll do what I want.

Let's move on.

What did you pray for?

Tell me, kid.

Can't tell.

We need to talk, wise guy.

What about?

Seems you make trouble.

What's it to you?

Damned smart-ass. Let's take a walk.

Kid, wait here a moment.

Touch so much as a hair...

I'll crush you and your family.

Try it, big mouth.

I've got a child.

Lay off, you guys.

Hiding behind a kid.

You pathetic scum.

What's up, little man?

I'm waiting for someone.

Shouldn't be here all alone.

Demons will come... and get you!


Sorry. I fell down some stairs.

Maruya Pharmacy


Thanks, kid.

I'm so sorry.

Hi again.

Big Sale 1 Ear - 200 Yen, 2 Ears - 500 Yen Really? ...

Must have been tough on the boy.

That stuff happens all the time in books.

Let's camp out here for a couple of days.

Octopus Man


Fatso and Baldy ride again.

Why not?

Well, no talk about the bell to the kid.

No fish there, you know.

No fish?

Not in that place.

Then, damn it, you goons, you'll be the fish.

Got a bite. Must be a big one.

I'm not a good fish.

Didn't show.

Okay. Octopus on standby.


You know Daito-cho?

Yes, it's not far from here.

How do you know?

I'm from around here.

Kid, I'm taking a spin.

Have some fun with him.

Let's go.

Take me to Daito-cho.

Make it fast.

Let's play a game.

Hide the stone. I guess the cup.

Go ahead.


That one.




Which one? That one?


So, which one? Which one?

This one!

Stone changed to candy!

This way, please.

Good afternoon.

Shall I get her?

No, never mind.

Your mother there?


How was she?

None of your business. Get lost!

What about you? It's a long way back.

Mind your own business. Beat it!

Bow and arrow's ready.

Aim like this. Got it?

This is the target. Aim at this can.

Hold it here. Like this. Then pull.

You could have waited!

Shame on you!

Come and play.

For the boy's sake.

All right, damn it.

Here we go. Drums, start.

Indian, enter.

Baldy, who gave you your cue?

Okay. I'll say a UFO landed. I bring the kid over.

You enter, say you're an alien. Kid'll love it. Try it.

Masao, I am an alien from outer space.

Tell me, why would an alien know his name?

Just say, "I'm an alien." Okay?

Rehearse it.

Today, you're an alien.

Tomorrow, you're a demon.

For the kid's sake. Let's go.

The Big Dipper.

You know how it came to be?

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a great drought.

In a village, there lived a little girl.

One day, this girl went out in search of water.

She needed water for her mother, sick with high fever.

But no water was to be found.

Exhausted, the little girl fainted on the roadside.

She woke to find her wooden dipper filled with water.

Overjoyed, the girl began her journey home.

She crossed a puppy, dying of thirst.

This made her sad.

So she gave half the water to the poor puppy.

Her dipper turned into silver and began to shine.

It became a beautiful, sparkling dipper.

I am an alien from outer space.

Yup, an alien from a galaxy far away.

Yes, sir. I said I'm an alien from outer space.

An alien waiting on supper!

Come on, you Earthlings. I'm an alien from outer space!

Morning, chief.

Where did that come from?

From that field.


The fruit of hardworking farmers! How dare you!

You'll never be big shots.

Better when it's cold, you morons.

I should chill you guys.

Too many seeds, damn it.

Okay. Turn around.

Once more.

That's good.

Go straight.

Little to the right.

Now, straight.

That's it.

Stop. Stop.

Two steps right.

Yes, there.

Watermelon 2, ready?

One-two-three. Freeze!

Oh-oh, Mr. Heavyweight.


You're the only heavy one around here, Fatso.

Problem, Fatso?

One-two-three. Freeze!

Oh-oh, Mr. Nice Guy.

Oh, did I move?

You're Mr. Baldy, idiot!

Next game: Naked Statues.

What's that?

Don't know that game? No, sir.

First, get your clothes off.

Then put your clothes back on, without getting caught moving.

Get ready.

What's wrong? Get moving!

Here we go!

One-two-three. Freeze!

Hell, Baldy. You didn't have to take everything off.


Let's get out of here!


What are you doing?

We're off to Tokyo tomorrow.


Over there. The Big Dipper.

Fatso. Baldy. So long.

Good-bye, kid. Be good.

Where are you?

Over here!


What's your plan?

Osaka, then south to Kyushu.

Be good, kid.

We have to part here, too.

Let's do it again sometime.

Take care.

Thanks, Mister.

Take good care of your grandma.


What's your name anyway?


Now, scram!


KAZUKO YOSHIYUKI as Masao's Grandmother



1st Assistant Director HIROSHI SHIMIZU Casting by TAKEFUMI YOSHIKAWA Production Manager AKIRA YAMAMOTO