Kill! (1968) Script

All events and characters in this film are fictional.

A Nikkatsu Corporation Production


Original Story by Goro Fujita Screenplay by Kaneo Ikegami Why does a yakuza have a lonely heart?

Just a worm eternally wandering

He has no friend he can trust with his heart Starring Tetsuya Watari Chieko Matsubara He holds his black dagger tightly Koji Wada - Fujio Suga Kaneharu Go Kenji Imai - Goro Mutsumi Hiroshi Kondo - Yoko Takahashi If a man could make a flower bloom upon death It would be a red spider lily

Directed by Keiichi Ozawa

TENHARU TEMPURA Welcome! Welcome.

Plum tempura is ready. OK.

Thank you for waiting.

Two bottles of sake, please. OK.

Thank you very much!

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't you Mr. Matsunaga, head of the Iriezaki clan?

I am Matsunaga.

Who are you?


Please, forgive me.

Please! Don't kill me!

Help! Help!

Forgive me.

Forgive me!

Where is he? Move!


Verdict is as follows.

Defendant Masamitsu Matsunaga, you're sentenced to seven years and six months of imprisonment.



Matsunaga is finally behind bars. Yeah.

I knew it would take more than three people to finish him, but our plan worked perfectly.

It wasn't a bad idea after all.

In less than three months, the territory in Kawasaki will be ours.

Boss, do you need me?



I want you to start patrolling Kawasaki with your men.

There's a train station here.

Take your place up around here and beat up any yakuza going in and out of the station.

You don't need to know the reason.

I believe in your capability. I'm counting on you.


Brother. Huh?

Hey, boys. Come with us.

Damn it!

This is Iriezaki territory.

Can't you see this family crest?

You can't get by with that old badge any more.


Hey, brother, come with us.

Which family do you work for? None of your business.

Shut up and come with us. Oh, yeah?

If you want a piece of me, take it.

Hey, wait!

You're Goro.

You're Hanai from the Toyu clan.

What are you doing outside your territory? Well...

He's OK, guys.

I was once indebted to him. His name is Goro the assassin.

"Assassin" isn't necessary. Brings back bad memories.

So what do you need me for?

Nothing. We made a mistake, that's all.

Please forgive me. You're all slow-witted.

Say, would you like a cup of tea?

I want to explain the situation. Maybe you can help us.

No, thanks.

You're outside your territory. I can see what's going on here.

It's none of my business.

Do whatever you like.


Hey, girl.

Are you calling me?

Of course, who else?

How can I help you?

I need underwear.



Wake up. Are you slow up here?

Would you like briefs or boxer shorts? Hey...

There's no need to be so loud!


We have traditional underwear too.

Fine fundoshis, like sumo wrestlers wear. OK, I get it.

You don't need to be so formal.

These ones are fine. Give me two. Sure.

Let me through. Hey, lady, wear this.

You two are too close together.

Such a stuck-up...

How about this?

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Hey, gorgeous.

Yeah, brother. She said to enter. That's right.

Elevator girls want to give you a ride.

You know what I mean?

If you don't need the elevator, I am going up.

Hold on.

Don't be so hasty, young lady.

It seems like a comfortable ride.

I'll push your buttons. Stop it.


I want to make her cry.

Hey, move. I'm going up.

What are you doing? Who are you?

Never mind who I am. Isn't it a little too early for lewd behavior?

Take a good look at yourselves in a mirror. What did you say?

You don't have to be nice to idiots like these.

They never buy anything. They just scrounge.

You said it.

Don't you know we're with Toyu?

Hey, punk, why don't you come with us?

Very well then.

Take us to the rooftop. I'll receive your welcome under the sun.

This elevator is too small to be so feisty.

You fool.

Wait here. Do you understand?

Don't call for anyone.

Hey, you guys.

I was making a move on that girl.

Can't you just let it go?

We can settle this with money, if you want.

Shut up! Beat him up!



I'll kill you.

You better not. You'll get hurt.

Listen, this is no place for you to act foolish.

Otherwise you won't live long.

I hope you're satisfied. Bye.

Um... Fool!

Why didn't you wait for me here?

What are you doing?

He's late. I wonder what happened.

Be quiet and wait.

Did you bring your gun?

Idiot! You didn't load it. Let me see.

No way, brother.

This is mine. I bought it from an American guy.

I wasn't trying to take it from you.

How many bullets do you have? Three.

You are so stingy. What if you miss?

I won't.

I don't want to waste my bullets.

Hey! Yes, sir.

Be quiet. Keep your guard up.


One more, old man. Sure.

Do you know of a cheap and decent inn around here?

I need to stay here for a while to look for a job.

Let me see...

Old man, I am collecting dues. Sure.

Here is the one for this week. OK. Oops!

Old man, give him one more on my tab.

I'm sorry.

I've never seen you around here.

This is Iriezaki territory.

You better not make any foolish mistakes.

Foolish mistakes? That's the reason I ended up here.

You missed a big opportunity.

If you get acquainted with the Iriezaki clan, you'll get a job in no time.

Thanks, but I don't want to be indebted to anyone any more.

You're right. One mistake and you could lose your life.

Hey, what happened?

Kajii got shot. We were surrounded by a whole gang of them.

So you're running away? No, I'm not!

I'm calling for help.

You idiot! What are you doing?

Your partner is in the same clan, isn't he? If you abandon him now, you'll be punished for it. More than just having your finger cut off.

Come with me.

You bastards...

Why don't you fight fair?

Hey, someone is coming!

Run! Wait!

Hey, shoot him!

Hey, let's get out of here!

Damn it! Wait!

Take care of him first.


Brother! Brother! Be strong!


That's enough.

He got shot! Kajii got shot!

Brother! Brother!

Be strong!

Be strong! Brother!



Kajii! Hey! What are you doing?

He needs a doctor now! Go get one!

Hey, Nakamura, bring a towel!

Please come in.

Hurry. Sure.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Our men owe you.

Thank you. Not at all.

When I got there it was already too late. Sorry.

How have you been, Goro?

It's been six or seven years since we were in prison.

You got paroled right before I did.

How come you didn't visit me after that?

Not even after you came here. Why avoid me?

When I was leaving, I said a lot of things.

That I was tired of being yakuza, that I would become an honest man, never see you again.

That even if I saw you I wouldn't talk to you.

Remember all that?

Yeah. I remember.

But, judging by the way you look...

Yes, nothing has changed, and neither has my decision.

I still have the same plans.

You haven't changed, Goro.

You are still stubborn.


I will be right back.

How is Kajii?

Hi, Doctor.

It's only a matter of time now.

Thirty minutes to an hour.

I told the nurse to do her best.

Can't you do anything?

If you try to take him to the hospital, you'll get in trouble with the police.

I'll send him back.


Oh, Goro.

Where are you going?

You look busy, so I'm leaving.

No, don't go. I will look bad if you go without letting me thank you.

And I want to hear about tonight's incident. No need to thank me.

And you can ask him about the incident.

This young man fought with him from beginning to end.

When I got there, everything was over. Right?

Uh... Excuse me.

He has guts after all.

By the way, Goro, I have something to discuss with you.

Do you have a minute?


If you're asking him to help us, you're wasting your time.

But brother... He just warned me too.

Right, Goro? Yes...

By the way, Goro...

Will you stay here at my place tonight? Yes.

I'll leave the rest to you. Sure.

Hey, have you seen Isao?

He went the other way. What's going on?

He had a fight with the Toyu guys. I heard he was really brave.

Now that he's got the bosses' attention, he'll be treated well.

Really? I want to hear the whole story. Did anybody see Isao?

Isao! Isao!


This is it. OK.

Welcome home.

I brought Goro, the guy I used to talk about.

This is my wife.

I'm Goro Fujikawa. I'm Moriyama's wife.

I heard you looked after my husband. Let's not be so formal.

Come in.

Isn't it cold outside? Please, excuse our mess.

Chief, could I wash up?

Oh, it's over there.

Sister? I'm almost done.

Who is it? Sorry!

Sorry, Yumi. I didn't know you were visiting.

I asked her to bring me something.

Oh, employee discount. Thank you as always.

Why don't you stay a little longer?

I have to get up early tomorrow, but I'll come over soon.

I am very sorry.

What's going on? You two know each other?

A little. Thank you for the other day.


We're OK here. You can walk her home.

OK. Excuse me.

I'm OK, Minako. Just to the corner over there.

She's my wife's sister.

She works at a department store near the train station.

I told her she wouldn't have to work if she lived here with us.

I guess she doesn't like me too much, or rather, my job.

For an honest lady, that's normal.

Because she and her sister are...

By their nature...

Sorry, I left you unattended.

What is it? Sorry, but...

Is it about your sister slapping me today?

It's OK. I'm sorry for her behavior.

Yumiko was being harassed by yakuza-looking guys today.

Goro saved her from them, and he...

I was pretending that we were together, but she slapped me hard.

It's no laughing matter.

They are Toyu's men. They're invading our territory.

They're risking their lives out there. Oh, no...

Goro fought them off and he pretended to be her boyfriend to stop them from harassing her again.

Please forgive her. It's OK. It was for the best after all.

They'll leave her alone after seeing that slap.

I am so sorry. I will tell her later.

It's OK. Why don't you get dinner ready? Oh, my. Excuse me.

Chief... What is it?

Sorry for saying this, but you shouldn't be so bossy.

She's not like a typical yakuza wife. I feel sorry for her.

You can see that.

She felt she owed me for a small favor, and she ended up here.

She was from a good family, no match for someone like me.

When I think about it, I sometimes feel...

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

I'm making the rest now.

You don't have to do this. It's OK. Go ahead.

Here. Let me know if you need anything. OK.

Please make yourself at home.

I don't want her to know anything about the injury or death in our clan.

Thank you for being considerate.

Don't mention it.

But... Don't lecture me.

I am a sub-chief of the Iriezaki clan. I'm taking care of things while the boss is away.

I am not a free man like you.

This clan, which has been around for three generations, and all the men and their livelihoods are on my shoulders.

Taking care of them is the only thing I live for.

Have a good rest.

Go back to sleep.

Goro is cleaning the storefront.

No, I can't let him... It's OK. Let him do it.

That's Goro.

Good morning.

OK, I'm going.

Goro, did you say you were looking for a job?

If you like, why don't you stay here until you find one?

Yes, you should.

I'll be busy with the restaurant, but please make yourself at home.

That's really nice of you.

I appreciate it, but...

Goro, you won't owe me anything for that.

And I won't help you with your job or money.

That's fair, right? I appreciate it.

I accept your kindness. Thank you for letting me stay.

So you are going to Tokyo today?

Yeah, I will visit the bosses of other clans and talk to them about the issue.

I have to resolve this peacefully.

I'm going. Have a safe trip.

What's wrong, ma'am?

Are you feeling sick? I'm OK.

Please don't worry. It'll pass.


You are...

Oh, I see.

Chief was too shy to tell me he was going to be a father.

He didn't tell me anything. I haven't told him yet.

It's not a good time. I don't want him to worry unnecessarily.

Not a good time? You should tell him.

He will be so happy.

I hope he'll be happy, but I'm afraid he might not be.

I want a child.

Even though my husband is yakuza, I want a child.

Hit it! Let me see.

It went through. Too bad.


What a hit! You're good!

Is she your woman? Oh. Yes.

Her name is Sanae. This is Goro, the guy I told you about.

Here, brother.

Cash these in and get out.

There are a lot of Toyu guys around here.

Fight the pain! Feels good!

Fight! One, two, one, two...

One, two, one, two...

Sorry for making you worry, again.

Nobody is worried about a thug like you.

A fire and a yakuza fight can both start with a single match.

But you have to be a full matchbox to be useful.

Don't forget that if you strike, you will start a fire.

Brother, you must be disappointed with me because of yesterday.

Something was wrong with me last night.

I won't be a coward next time.

You don't understand. Even I'd be scared if someone shot a gun.

Honestly, my teeth would chatter. It's only natural.

Listen, last night you saw how foolish yakuza can be.

If you want to live long enough to flirt with that girl, you better think seriously.

Good-bye. See you tomorrow.

Sorry, did you wait long? No.

Something's wrong? No, nothing.

I'm just surprised by how differently you're acting now.

I'm sorry. I didn't know you very well before.

What about now?

I talked to my sister on the phone today.

She said you weren't as bad as I thought.

What were you going to tell me?

It's about your sister.

Do you know she is pregnant?

But how can that happen?

It will be their first child, but he might not feel happy about it?

I feel sorry for my sister.

If this was a normal situation...

But he's in trouble right now.

I don't know what will happen.

Do you think the feud will get worse?

What will happen then?

He will wear a red kimono or a white one.

What do you mean?

If he wins, red prison clothing.

If he loses...

You understand.

My brother-in-law is terrible.

This is the life of yakuza.

We have to fight even when we don't want to.

We have to kill those we don't even know.

Nobody can stop it, and nobody can run from it.

That's the kind of people yakuza are.

You too, Goro?

Yes, that's right.

I can't remember how many times I wanted to quit.

But there's nothing I can do.

And this is where I am now.


If you have someone you love, you too will...

No. I can't.

I don't have anybody.

I can't love anybody.

Let's go. OK.

KANTO TOYU GROUP KEIHIN BRANCH Does it look OK? Give me that wrench. Here you go.

I hope you know what will happen if you put your sign up in the wrong territory.

Boss's orders. I don't have a choice.

Complain to our headquarters.

You don't understand.

The yakuza way is to settle first and then give the reason later.

I can see you'll follow orders, whatever they are.

It's our lives you're risking.

My boss is not even concerned about the Iriezaki clan.


The strong devour the weak...

That's not just the yakuza way, but the whole society's way. Am I wrong?

OK. If that's what you believe, I have nothing to say.

Do what you like.

But the ones who will benefit from the expansion are the ones giving the orders.

If you lose your head over a deal that's too good to be true, you'll end up used, or even dead.

That's also the whole society's way. Remember that.

Oh. Where have you been? Just over there.

Boss, when did you get here?

I just wanted to see your work.

This is not bad.

We start collecting money right away.

Cabaret, Turkish bath, restaurant, bowling...

Get the dues from all of them.

Take over Iriezaki's territory completely.

If you manage to take over this territory, I will let you take care of it.

Until then, you have to manage at your own expense.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Give it all you've got.

This is an opportunity people drool over.


Do you know him?


This is Katsura, from the Iriezaki clan.

Why don't you sit down?

I've heard the story.

Yakuza nowadays have to have foresight to be successful.

For that, you are clever.

I look forward to working with you.

At any rate, Iriezaki family is beyond our reach and we can't do anything about it.

I was so done with them.

We will make you work hard, but depending on your performance, you will be rewarded with some territories.

Keep that in mind and work hard.

It's my pleasure.

For now, stay with Iriezaki and keep an eye on them.

Let me know if they're up to something.

The left one is the headquarters' number, the right one is for nighttime only.

Well, then...

I think I will go soak in a bath.

Hey, is there any Turkish bath with good massage around here?


Are you OK? You are pushing too hard. Be quiet!

I'm gonna get back at him! Get back at who?


Sorry. The guy who made fun of me.

Next time I'll show him. I hope he'll be surprised!

You better accommodate him. He's the boss of the Toyu clan.

If you care about your future, you better cooperate.

But we already have customers in.

We'll have this entire place for two hours.

I don't care. Kick all the customers out. Sure.

Hey, you. Go back to the branch office.


Hey, get out.

Get out, young man. The Toyu clan is here.

You got a problem?

Hurry UP!

Hisao, no! Don't be stupid.

Be quiet.

Ah! Hey!

Something terrible is about to happen! What is it?

An Iriezaki thug.

Take him somewhere and finish him.


Brother! Who are you?

Are you the boss of the Toyu group? I am Goro Fujikawa.


Are you one of Iriezaki's men too? No, I am not.

I don't get involved in yakuza feuds.

I want to protect the lives of young people like him.


I will take responsibility.

Please let him go.

He is Goro the assassin that you hear so much about.

OK. Let him go.

Then we'll deal with you instead.

Brother... Fool!

Go home.

Damn it. I won't get monkeyed around any more.


OK, it's your turn. Do it!


Honey, don't die.

Don't die, Isao.

Open your eyes, open your eyes, Isao!

Isao. Isao.

I wasn't good enough after all.

I'm no good.


Just like you said,

one match...



What are you going to do, brother?

A man representing our clan attacked our enemy's boss with a knife.

It can't be settled peacefully.

Are you going to just sit and wait for them to do something? Brother!

It would be disastrous for our men.


Now it's sink or swim.

We will destroy their branch tonight. Then...

We'll launch the attack at 1:00 a.m. Get everyone ready.

Get ready! Go!

Hey, 90, 90! Yes, sir.

You, go to the kitchen. You, bring medicine.

Move quickly! Go to the front.

This way, this way.

Don't be so slow. Hurry up!


Hello? Yes, it's me.


Boss, it's Katsura.

They will attack our branch at 1:00 a.m. tonight.

Humor him.

I trust you.

Give my regards to the president.

You were listening... No, I wasn't.

I didn't hear anything.

No, please let me go.

Ah! Brother!

Help! Help!

Someone help!


He's stabbed! Get a doctor!


How was it? It's weird.

I don't see any of Iriezaki's men in town.

What about bars? I looked around bars, stations...

But I didn't find any of them there! Calm down!

OK, I got it. Wait a minute.

It's Hanai from the Keihin branch.

He senses the attack is imminent and is asking for reinforcements.

Hello? Yes, it's me.


Are you scared? Huh?

What? You aren't?

I haven't heard from him anyway.

If you are so concerned, I'll send help.

Listen, you all are soldiers of a suicide squad.

Don't forget that spirit.

You aren't really sending help, are you? Of course not.

They need to die in order to justify a raid.

I shouldn't have said it, but they act like a suicide squad.

Suicide squad...

Here you go.

Welcome home.

Is Goro home yet?

No. I haven't seen him since he left this morning.


Could I have some stew? Sure.

When he comes home, tell him not to go out.

So you are... Yes. I'm going out.


If you need something, tell me tomorrow. I'm in a hurry.

Something happened. That's why you are taking those...

Oh, these?

Police have been hassling me, so I'm taking them to my office.

Anyway you shouldn't leave customers alone.

But why don't you want Goro to go out?

What's wrong? Are you feeling sick?

Are you all right, Minako?

Yes, I'm OK. I've been having stomach trouble lately.

That's not good.

Don't work too hard. You should take a break.


Oh, Yumi.

What's wrong? You have a stern look on your face.

My sister is having a baby.


Are you OK?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

It's our first child.

Is there any reason you didn't tell me?

Tell me. I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

I want the reason.


It's your fault she couldn't tell you.

My fault?

Because I'm yakuza, you didn't want a child?

No, that's not it. Then what?

I know your clan is in trouble right now.

I was afraid that you might tell me I couldn't have one.

In fact, you're about to put your life on the line just now.

You can't hide it from me.

I'm not that naive any more.


Please forgive me.

I can't ignore my duty right now.

It's all right. I'm not going to stop you.

But, for our baby's sake, please don't put yourself in danger.

I know.

Hello. This is Moriyama's residence.

Goro? May I speak to Goro Fujikawa?

What? He isn't home?

No, he's been out since this morning. Shall I take a message?


Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hello.

Please tell him that Hanai called when he comes home.

I'm beginning to understand the society Goro was talking about.

I believe I am. Please tell him so.

Thank you.

Here they come!

You are all dead meat! Let's get them!

I'm sorry for making you worry, Yumi.

I hope it's just my imagination, but could it...

It's OK, sister. I'm scared too.

I will stop by his office and let you know.



Oh, it's you. What are you doing out at this hour?

Did something happen? My brother-in-law went out.

He was carrying a katana. He was acting strange.

I see. What is it?

If you know something, tell me.

No, it's not something you should worry about.

I will walk you home.


Damn you! Damn the whole Iriezaki family!

I'm gonna shoot you!


Don't shoot.

I will let you go. Don't kill me.

Don't shoot.

Go. Hurry, get out of here!

What are you saying? Damn it! I will shoot you!

Chief! Watch out!

Brother! Oh, brother, hurry!


Wait. Goro is... No time for him.

Hurry! Goro!




Goro! So much blood. Let me get a doctor...

No, you can't. They will find me.

Don't worry about me. The chief...

But you are injured badly. I have to treat it.

I can do it by myself. By yourself?

Boil some water.

If you have a pair of scissors, sterilize them.

And get some alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

I am happy that my brother-in-law survived.

My sister will be so happy.

I don't think she's happy.

Yakuza cannot make people happy.

Is she unhappy?

I think happiness is something you cannot see from the outside.

One might look unhappy, but he or she could actually be happy.

Isn't that all that matters?

And my sister could be...

Give me the scissors. They should be ready.

Look away. It will make you sick.

Give me some gauze.

I Will do it.

Will you...

Let me do it.



Oh, who is it?

It's me. Wait a second.

What is it?

Katsura, the guy who betrayed Iriezaki, called us.

He is asking us to send him help.

How convenient. What did you tell him?

That I would at our earliest convenience.

What would you like to do?

Well, they say if a person betrays someone once, they will do it again.

Shall we give away his location to Iriezaki?

Go ahead. Make Iriezaki happy.

Give it to me! That bastard!


Welcome back.

OK, Kenmochi.

I'll wait for three days. I'll be expecting good news.

I understand. I will do my best to restore honor, Tsuruba.

Iriezaki is giving up. He's asking for a settlement.

We have three days to answer? That's right.

The feud isn't over until I answer him.

They think it's settled.

Now is the chance.

This time kill them all and exterminate the clan.

My dear...

I gave you a hard time. What about the fight?

We don't have to worry any more.

Tsuruoka will offer a reconciliation.

They will take half the territory, but there's nothing we can do.

At least we survived. I'm glad.

I'm really glad.

Hey, Minako, why don't we go to the shrine?

We can get a charm for an easy birth.

Here we go.


Let's buy one.

Would you like one?

No, they look scary.

What's the matter?

OK, we won't then.


My dear...

Sister! I'm OK, Yumi.

We will return his body after the autopsy.


I'm Komachi. This way, please.

Would you like to order anything?

The music's too loud. Do something about it.

Play some oldies. Really?

I said, play some oldies!

Yes, certainly.


When twilight is near My sorrows are endless My troubled heart is reflecting Goro!

I miss you Your lips are unforgettable My tears flow out And my thoughts deepen like the night

The footsteps echo But where shall I visit Tracing my heart I miss you My thoughts are confused How many painful nights should I spend hopelessly

Leaving shadow Disappearing shadow Nothing can support my weary head I miss you Twilight fading

Stop it. Let her go!

Go ahead. Come over!

I miss you Your lips are unforgettable My tears flow out Twilight wears on